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So I received a message from the wonderful Whoo a week or so ago with this wonderful fanart of Namjin!! I couldn't not show this off so here it is!! Isn't it just the best!!! I've added the link here if you ever want to check it out from the original source.

(I did copy and paste the image off his/her tumblr and I've heard that sometimes links can change so if the image ever disappears/the link doesn't work, do let me know and I'll update it. Alternatively, if anyone knows any better way to insert images into a03 do let me know as well!) 

Anyway, thanks so much Whoo for taking the time to send me the image! I love it to bits <3

A/N: I know I haven't been the most responsive of authors this past year + but I am trying to change that this year. If you've commented etc I will try to get round to it soonish!