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Our Akward Love (Junichirou Tanizaki x Reader)

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(Y/N) POV:

It was a normal day. I worked together with Atsushi to solve a Mission we got from our boss. "Hey (Y/N), I heard that they opened a new Tea House at the street before our Agency. Would you like to go there together with Tanizaki?" Atsushi smirked at me. "No you dummy, I don't want something from that softie." I said. He looked at me and smiled wider. "Yeah yeah sure (Y/N) and Dazai don't love Suicide."

I turned my head away from him. He is right I like that cute idiot. I mean he is always so kind and sweet to anyone...How is it even possible to hate him? Well I don't want to admit it but my heart start to race everytime I see him. But I don't want him to know that. Well not yet.

We arrived at the Agency, our dear workplace. The first thing we saw was Kunikida. He strangled Dazai again. Poor man his life isn't easy... "God damn Dazai. Stop being such a jeark and work on your Tasks!" Kunikida screamed. The said man just laughed it. "Sorry Kunikida but I worked at a new way to commit suicide." Kunikida just strangled him harder. We both watched them in amusement and laughed. Well...till I heard noises from behind us...

I turned my head around and saw Tanizaki and Naomi. Naomi cuddled with him and touched him (again) everywhere. "My dear Brother would you be a sweetheart and buy me some chocolate Cake? Pretty please." She whined in an annoying sweet sugar coated voice. How I hate that! Sure I like Naomi she is very kind and caring but it really makes me mad to see them like this. Even though I know that they both are Siblings. I know it is wrong to feel this way but to be honest I just can't help myself.

Naomi noticed us and smiled sweetly at us."Oh hello (Y/NNN) hello Atsushi! Was your Mission successful?" Atsushi looked at me and then back to her. "Y-yes the Mission was successful! We got a lot Informations about our target." Tanizaki smiled at us."Oh really? That's great you two!" I looked at my feet and blushed slightly.

Then the door opened. Yosano stood there with one of her wicked smiles."Ohh Atsushi, (Y/N) good that you are here!" She walked in and looked at me with an dark glimmer in her eyes. "My dear (Y/N) you please do me a favour?" I looked at her and nodded."Yes sure how can I help you?" Her smirk got even wider. "I heard that a new Tea House opened not far away from our Agency. Would you be a darling and buy me some Cake? I heard the Cheesecake there is really good. Ah and Tanizaki since you have nothing to do right now you can go together with (Y/N)." Tanizaki looked at her and scratched his cheek . "S-sure but why me?I m-mean I would love to go but uhm...." " Ts ts ts Tanizaki....You can't let a Lady go alone especially not in this City ! And (Y/N) would be really happy! Right (Y/N)?"


She suddenly turned her head to me. My (E/C) eyes widened and I felt my cheeks burn. "Yosano stop that!" I told her. Naomi laughed because of my reaktion. "That's an good Idea. Brother you could buy my chocolate Cake there! Pleeeaaasseeeeeeee." He looked at her and nodded. "Well then let's go (Y/N). We were about to leave as we heard screaming Dazai from behind. "Have fun you two! And Tanizaki take good care of (Y/N)-Chan." I send Dazai an evil glare and we walked out of the building. - - - - "H-Hey (Y/N)?" "Yeah Tanizaki what's up?" He looked at me with red cheeks. "Uhm I want to ask you if y-you would like t-to have a tea with me at the Tea House? I m-mean just if you want to of course." I nodded my head and he started to smile widely."Thank you (Y/N)..."

As we arrived that Tea House, we bought the Cake Yosano and Naomi wanted. We sit together in a small, well decorated room with flowers and a small fountain. I ordered an Earl Grey and and a (F/C). Tanizaki ordered a Green Tea and and a chocolate Cake. We eat silently until Tanizaki said something. "Say (Y/N) Yosano said that would be happy if I go with you. Is that true? And If it's true would you tell me why?I- I mean only if it's okay for you to..."

I coughed heavily."Y-you know Yosano. She is talking much especially embarrassing stuff like that. I-It's not like I wanted t-to spent more time with you or something like that. "Tanizaki smiled sadly."Yeah I understand. Sorry that you have to be here with me. I-I don't want to bother you (Y/N)..." I was shocked by his statement. Why should I think something like that? "What? I-I don't mean it like that. Y-you don't bother me in any way! It is just...w-well you know...n-no forget what I said!" He looked at me confused. "Hey (Y/N) is everything okay? We are Friends and you know that you can tell me everything!" I looked away, my cheeks burning again. Should I really tell him that I like him? I mean what if he laugh at me? I took all the confidence I've got and looked him straight into his eyes. " You know you are really annoying sometimes but it's true I am enjoying to spent time with you. I really like you Tanizaki...I really do"

He looked at me with wide eyes and red cheeks."You like me? L-like a crush ? W-wait a love me? ME? Really?" I rolled my eyes. "Argh yes you dummy!" He stared to laugh at me and I puffed my cheeks."What is so funny?" He looked lovingly at me "You know I love you too. I thought you are in love with Atsushi so I didn't try to you know...make a move..." He scratched his head nervously. I laughed "Atsushi? No no no sorry he is a great guy but he is just a good friend." "I am glad to hear that (Y/N). We both enjoyed the rest of our time together.


As we walked back to the Agency to give Naomi and Yosano the cake they want, Tanizaki suddenly stopped walking. "Uhm (Y/N)." He scratched his Cheek."Is it OK for you i-if I kiss you?" My Eyes widened. He want to kiss me? My poor Heart jumped in my Chest like crazy . I nodded in agreement. He slowly got closer. He stroked my (H/C) coloured Head gently and smiled. Tanizaki then grabbed my chin and kissed me softly. His lips felt as soft as I imagined them in my daydreams. It also was my first Kiss and I am really happy about the fact that he stole it from me.


After a few seconds that felt like an eternity we parted. He smiled brightly at me."Thank you (Y/N)...Thank you for everything.I-I am so happy!" He nearly started to cry because of happiness. I blushed madly at his words ."W-why do you thank me you dummy?! I mean I did nothing special." He laughed again. "You did nothing special? Thats not right my little grumpy darling ." I puffed my cheeks again. "Yeah Yeah you too..AND don't you dare to call me that ever again!"


I would never have imagined that we would get together. Thank you Yosano and Naomi.