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Rough Jealousy

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Mariska hardly has to time open the door of her apartment before Chris comes barreling in, huffing. He turns to look at her and his normally bright blue eyes are darker than normal. She knows he’s pissed off, but she sees arousal floating in there.

She closes the door, and turns to look at him, folding her arms under her breasts. He stands there, seething, and she rolls her eyes after he stands in silence, looking her for several minutes. “Are you gonna say anything, or are you just gonna stare?”

“You’re going to stop flirting with Dean. Now.” There was something dark about his voice as he gives his command.

“Who do you think you are telling me what I’m going to do?” She takes a step towards him, not afraid in the slightest. “In case you forgot, you’re the one in this little arrangement who’s married. I’m free to do as I please.”

He squints at her like she’s lost her damn mind. “The fuck you are.”

She had been flirting with Dean Winters since the show began, but it was never anything more than a few glances, a wink here and there, maybe a few flirty words.

The last couple of days however, she’s turned it up to 10. They were now touching each other on the arm, the back. She had even whispered something in his ear, and made him laugh. Chris was sick of it.

Ever since they found out that Olivia was going to hookup with Brian in this episode, Mariska and Dean had decided to become buddy buddy. Chris was also pissed that the bar the characters had supposedly left from before their hookup was named after him.

The last straw had been them filming the last scene of the day and the episode. The one where Olivia wakes up in Cassidy’s bed. He wasn’t needed for the scene, but he sure as hell wasn’t going to leave.

Mariska was topless, save for a few flesh colored pasties over her nipples, and Dean was shirtless. They were under the covers to start out, and he was slightly on top of her. She had to kiss him, and Chris watched as Dean messed up several takes, and Chris swore he was doing it on purpose to keep having to redo it.

Chris wanted to wring his neck. He’d known Dean before he ever met Mariska, the both of them being on OZ together, but Mariska was his damn it. After several takes, he watched Mariska move her leg slightly before whispering in her loud whisper “down boy” before giggling.

He had to leave before he hit something. Chris wasn’t typically a violent guy, but watching this was making his blood boil. As he walked out, he heard the director yell, “that’s a wrap.”

“Are you jealous?” Mariska’s voice brings him back to the conversation at hand. Her eyebrow is cocked, and a smile is playing on her lips.

Mariska has him right where she wants him. She doesn’t actually care about Dean, and Dean even knows it, but it was kinda fun watching him sulk and see the fire burn in his eyes. The same fire that’s burning in his eyes right now. He’s the only person she’s sleeping with, and plans to keep it that way, but it’s good to know she can make him jealous.

He closes the little bit of space between them, a devilish smile on his face now. Suddenly his hand is in her hair and he’s got a handful, tugging her head back to look up at him. She lets out a moan, and he chuckles. He just knew she would be into rougher shit than he’s been doing to her.

“You like that huh?” Before she has the chance to answer, he gives her hair another yank, eliciting a louder moan. “You’re mine,” he leans down, biting and sucking on her neck, knowing he’s gonna leave marks.

She whimpers, needing more from him. She reaches for him, wanting to run her hands over his body, but he stops her. “Say you’re mine.” He commands.

“I’m yours. All yours.” He grabs her jaw and pulls her in for a kiss and one hand undoes the button and zipper on his jeans.

Chris puts a hand on her shoulder, and looks into her eyes. “Get on your knees.” She does as he says, dropping to the floor, and looks up at him. “Good girl,” he grins, running his thumb over her bottom lip. “Are you okay with this? With getting rough?” he asks before going any further. Mariska nods, and he smirks.

“Out loud please.” He wants to make sure he has actual verbal consent, and that she’s not just nodding because she’s scared.

“Yes, I’m okay with this.” He can tell by the tone of her voice that she doesn’t feel pressured. If he had any doubts he would stop right now.

He pushes his jeans down to his knees. “Open your mouth.” She does as she’s told. He strokes himself twice before placing the tip of his cock into her waiting mouth. She wraps her lips around him and starts to suck, her head bobbing back and forth while she looked up at him with wide, innocent eyes. She stars off with a slow pace as before before picking up speed and intensity. After a few minutes he fists her hair, holding her in place. “Stop.”

She stops all movement, his cock still in her mouth, and looks up at him expectantly. “Let me fuck your mouth.” He lets go of her hair, allowing her to move.

She releases him, and sits back on her heels, before opening her mouth once again. He takes a step forward and grabs her jaw, placing the tip of his dick on her tongue and grabs onto the back of her head. His thrusts start off slow and planned, letting her get use to it, before he speeds up and goes harder, hitting the back of her throat, causing her to gag around him and her eyes to water. He does this every few thrusts, backing off but continuing with his pace before giving another hard thrust.

He sees her starting to struggle, and she’s starting to gag more often. He slows down, before coming to a stop. He pulls his jeans back up over his ass and slightly over his dick, but does nothing to button or zip them. “Stand up.”

She does as she’s told, and keeps eyes averted to the floor, one arm wrapped across her torso, grabbing onto the bicep of the other. “Look at me.” She lifts her eyes to meet his gaze, and she can see the mischief in them.

“Take that tight little ass to the bedroom.” She makes no effort to move. “Now.” His voice come out darker than he intended, but it gets her going, and he follows her in.

She stands in the middle of the room, and stares at him expectantly. He comes up to her, and kisses her roughly. His hands roam her body, slipping under her shirt, before pulling it off. He flicks her nipples through the material of her bra before rolling and pinching them between his fingers. He’s so tempted to rip it completely off her body, but figures that might be a bit too far right now. He skillfully unhooks it with one hand, dragging it away, before moving his mouth where his hands had just been. Chris grazes his teeth over the sensitive bud, and she lets out a moan.

She holds his head to her, and he works on getting her out of her jeans. All that was left on her was her black lace panties.

Chris runs a finger over her center, feeling how wet she already is for him. He can feel the throbbing in his cock, and he needs to be inside of her. Now.

He takes the offending piece of material off, before practically running out of his jeans, and ripping off his shirt. He removes his shoes and sock, tossing them carelessly behind himself.

“Get on the bed,” he growls, “I want you on all fours.” He leans forward and bites and sucks on her neck once again before letting her go.

Mariska crawls onto the middle of the bed, and waits for him. He walks over to the end of the bed, and leans forward, yanking her back by her hips, to the spot he wants her.

He slides his hand up her back to her head. He grabs a fistful of hair before he tugs slightly.

“You’re such a good girl.” His voice is raspy, and deeper than usual. She can’t help but moan, and she’s already so wet. She just needs him to fuck her.

Releasing her hair, he pushes her head down, so her face is buried in the blanket. Slides his hand up her back, before plunging a finger into her. Feeling just how ready she is, he lines his cock up to her entrance, and grabs her hips firmly, before slamming into her.

Her moans are muffled by the blanket, but he can still hear them clearly as he pounds into her.

She’s starting to get closer to the edge, and he can feel it. He raises a hand, and brings it down on her ass, hard. He watches as her flesh turns red, and he squeezes.

“Don’t cum yet.” He continues to fuck her, and he raises his hand to spank her once again. “Do you understand?” He asks.

She nods as best as she can, and lifts herself up just the slightest bit to get some fresh air not hampered by the bed. His hand comes down on her ass again.

“I said, do. you. understand?”

“Yes,” she whines.

Mariska moans as he hits that spot she likes so much. “Yes! Fuck,” her eyes are rolling, she’s quickly falling towards her orgasm. “Faster.”

Instead of doing as she asks, he slows down, and he grins as he hears her whining.

“Tell me again that you’re mine.” He growls.

“I’m yours.” She tries to move back, to speed up his agonizingly slow pace, but the grip he has on her keeps her from being able to really do anything.

“Damn right you are.” He speeds up just slightly.

He reaches under her and rubs his fingers around her clit. Mariska’s moans get louder and more high-pitched. He can feel her getting ready to let go. Chris speeds up his thrust, and adds power behind them, as he continues his ministrations on her clit. He leans forward, placing his other hand on one of her breast, pinching and rolling her nipple between his fingers.

“Cum for me, baby.” He whispers, and that’s all she needed before she’s pulsing around him, gripping as he cums inside of her.

They stay like that for a few more moments as their breathing slows down, and he lowers her down so she doesn’t just fall.

He gets into bed, and slowly, but gently hauls her up next to him, wrapping his arm around her. Her eyes are starting to flutter closed, and he knows she’s tired. Hell, he is too. It had been a long day on set, and then this.

He caresses her cheek with his thumb, and kisses her forehead. “Such a good girl,” he mumbles against her skin.

He runs the hand wrapped around her along her side, and she stirs a little, squirming from the ticklish sensation.

“Why don’t you go get cleaned up and take a shower. I’ll strip and remake the bed.” She nods against his chest, but makes no move to get up. He tickles her side again, and this time she slowly gets up, and makes to way to the bathroom.

Once she’s up and in the bathroom, he gets up as well and strips the sheets off. He starts to put the new fitted sheet from her closet on the bed when he hears the shower turn on. He finishes making the bed in a few minutes, and then walks into the bathroom. He can see she’s standing against the wall with her forearm braced between the wall and her head, and just letting the water cascade over her.

He steps in behind her, and wraps his arms around her waist. He pulls her back against him, and leans down placing his mouth next to her ear.

“Did I hurt you? Are you okay?” His concern is evident in his voice. He’s never seen her this zoned out after they’ve had sex.

She nods against his chest. “‘M fine.” turning around, so she is facing him, and wraps her arms around his waist. She yawns as she snuggles into him more. “Jus tired.” Her words starting to slur together.

He reaches up and grabs her shampoo, squeezing a dollop into his hand before working it into her hair. She moans in contentment against him, and normally that sound would send sparks through his body, and he would be ready for round two. Tonight though, he’s content with being just like this. He massages her scalp, as he works the shampoo into a lather. He then moves them towards the shower head, and rinses her hair. He forgoes really washing either of them or conditioning her hair, knowing she’s going to shower when they get out of bed in the morning.

He keeps them under the water for another minute or two, before shutting it off, and grabbing the towel she had set out. He detaches her from him, and she whines at the separation. “Just for a minute, baby.” He knows she’s half asleep, and not super aware of what’s going on.

He dries her off, and walks her to the bed, pulling back the covers. He sits her down as he grabs a t-shirt from one of her drawers, slipping it on her. “Lay down.” He instructs, and she does.

He grabs another towel for himself and finishes drying what little of him is still wet. He grabs a pair of basketball shorts he keeps at her place and puts them on before crawling into bed next to her.

They have tomorrow off, and he’ll take her to his place, but for tonight, he curls into her, and just enjoys her cozy little apartment with her by his side.