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Old Baby Boy

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Trevor arrives home after work and locks the door and clumsily toes off his shoes. His tail is wagging as he’s always excited to be his Little baby boy self once inside his own home. He leaves his keys and cell phone on the coffee table in the living room, then heads upstairs to baby boy nursery room and strips off his big boy work clothes. He’s standing naked with just his black dress socks on. He grabs a diaper from his dresser drawer and puts it on. It fits snugly around his waist, as he goes downstairs to the kitchen. He takes out a bottle of milk from the fridge and heats it up in the microwave for a couple of seconds. He takes out the bottle and puts the top on, then shakes it twice. He holds it in his hand as he goes to the living room.

He lounges on the couch as he drinks his bottle of milk. He wishes he had his own Daddy to take care of him, feed him, change him and play with him. The image of his friend and neighbor, Dave Walker enters his thoughts as he has been having very naughty big boy dreams and fantasies about Dave Walker being his full-time Daddy.

He finishes his bottle of milk and tosses it on the carpeted floor. He runs his hand down the front of his diapered bulge as his cock is hard from thinking about Dave. He grabs a couch cushion and starts humping it as he’s fantasizing about being Dave’s big baby boy and being spanked and fucked by his new Daddy. He shoots a load of cum inside his diaper then pisses himself. He lays down on his back on the couch, his diaper all wet with piss and cum.
“Daddy Dave. Change me please. I’ve been a very naughty baby boy. Spank me! Please, fuck me!!! Daddy!”
He jolts awake as he fell asleep a while ago. The doorbell has been ringing and he gets off the couch to answer it. He walks to the front door, his diaper still wet and he’s in need of a changing. He’ll wait till his son, Todd comes home from work to change his diaper. He opens the door and he blushes as Dave Walker is standing outside his house.
“Hey, Trevor. I just wanted to check up on you. And I wanted to see if you wanted to go out for drinks?”
He stares at Dave, who’s looking handsome and mouthwatering in dress clothes.
“I-I would like that. We should go. Let’s go right now.”
He steps forward but Dave stops him, placing his hand on his shoulder.
Dave smiles at him gently.
“I don’t think you want all the people at the bar to see you dressed in your diaper. Don’t you, Trev. You need a change of clothes, baby boy. You want me to change your diaper and then I can help you put on your big boy clothes.”
He nods, “Yes, Daddy. Can you please change me?”
He blushes more as he feels Dave’s hand ruffling his hair. Dave comes inside, closes the door behind him and locks it.
Dave puts his arms around his waist and he gets pulled and lifted up into Dave’s strong arms. He wraps his legs around Dave’s stomach as he gets carried upstairs to his nursery room. He snuggles his face against Dave’s chest.

He licks Dave’s neck and moves his hips forward, rubbing his diapered bulge against Dave’s chest. Dave whispers in his ear, “You’ve certainly been naughty tonight, Trev. Wetting yourself. Were you playing with your cock?”
“Mm-hm, Daddy. I was playing with my cock, I’m sorry.”
“Baby boys don’t play with their cocks. Daddy is gonna spank you as your punishment.”
“Ok-Okay, Daddy.”
Dave sets him gently on the changing table that’s next to his big boy crib and gives him a gentle but stern look.
“Yes, you’ll get a spanking after I change your smelly diaper.”
He nods as he’s excited and thrilled that Dave is going to change his diaper.
Dave stands over him as he’s laying down on his back with his legs up in the air. Dave removes his diaper, the smell of piss and cum wafts in the air.
He blushes as Dave removes the dirty diaper from around his waist and tosses it in the trash can on the floor by his feet. He watches intently as Dave wipes up his ass, cock and balls and thighs with baby wipes then applies baby powder.
“On your hands and knees, Trev. Time for your spanking.”
He gets on his hands and knees on the changing table as he feels Dave’s hand smack against his ass cheeks five times each. He’s a crying mess afterwards as he turns around back on his back.
Dave hugs him tight, being lifted into his arms again. Dave murmurs sweet, soothing words as he feels his left hand softly caressing his ass cheeks. Dave then puts baby cream on his sore ass cheeks as he continues to cry.
“You took your punishment like a good, baby boy Trev. I’m proud of you.”
“Daddy, I wanna stay home and drink big boy juice. Will you stay with me Daddy?”
“Of course, baby boy. Let’s put your diaper on.”
Dave sets him back down on the changing table and puts a fresh new diaper around his waist, strapping it on tight and all comfy. He leans forward and kisses Dave’s cheek.

“Daddy. I wanna watch my favorite show, Paw Patrol. Please.”
Trev has his arms outstretched and looks up at Dave with puppy dog eyes.
“So adorable little Trev. You look like Brooks when he wants to be picked up and sit on my lap.”
Dave smiles down at him and he gets picked up in his arms and gets carried downstairs. He wraps his arms around Dave’s neck and his legs around Dave’s waist.

He’s set down on the couch by his Daddy Dave and gets handed his baby bottle which is filled with beer. The TV is on and Paw Patrol is airing despite it being night time. Dave has a bottle of beer in his hand and takes a few sips. Dave sits beside him as he drinks his beer from his baby bottle and resting his head on his Daddy’s chest. He stops sucking on his baby bottle and looks up at Dave.
“Daddy. Undies time.”
“You wanna watch Daddy strip down to his underwear.”
He nods enthusiastically with a grin.
Dave loosens his gray tie and pulls it off from around his neck, then unbuttons and shrugs off his purple dress shirt. Dave unbuckles his black belt then unbuttons and unzips his dark gray pants. Dave toes off his black dress shoes and bend overs to remove his black dress socks too. Dave finally pulls down his pants and steps out of them, kicking them aside. He stares longingly at his Daddy Dave, who’s wearing white Hanes briefs with a orange waistband. His eyes are locked on to Daddy Dave’s noticeable bulge in his white briefs and he’s moaning and panting as pleasure courses down his spine and his tail is wagging back and forth.

He gets off the couch and walks over to Dave and hugs him tight, burying his face against Dave’s chest and licking his neck. His diapered bulge is rubbing against his Daddy’s briefs clad bulge.
“Daddy, Please fuck me. I wanna feel your big cock in my big baby boy hole.”
He feels Dave’s hand smacking his diapered ass.
“Sorry for cursing, Daddy.”
He looks up at Dave as their eyes lock on each other with warm affection. He whimpers and gives Dave puppy dog eyes.
“You wanna have naughty play time with Daddy. Is that right, Trev.”
He nods with a eager smile on his face as his tail is wagging even more now.
“Let’s go upstairs to your big boy room!”
He gets carried upstairs to his big boy bedroom. Dave sets him down on his back gently on his big boy bed and removes his diaper. His cock is rock hard and already leaking pre-cum. Dave leans and licks the pre-cum off his cock head as he shivers with pleasure. He almost touches his cock but stops when Dave gives him a stern look.
“Baby boys don’t touch their cocks. Only Daddy can touch his baby boy’s cock.”
He nods as Dave removes his briefs and climbs onto the bed. He has his legs up as Dave kneels is kneeling between them. Dave puts lube on his own cock, and he feels his daddy’s big cock slide into his ass till it hits his prostate sending a thrill of pleasure down his entire body. He moans and groans and grunts as Dave begins to fuck him. He puts his arms around Dave’s neck, pulling him down for a long, passionate kiss.

Trevor screams out in pleasure and says, “Daddy!”
as Dave cums inside his furry ass. Dave lays on top of him murmuring sweet words to him and pulls him into a warm yet sweaty and sticky embrace. He has his head against his Daddy’s chest. Dave puts his briefs back on then helps him into a clean diaper. He gets carried to his nursery room and gets put into his big baby boy crib. He’s laying on his back as his Daddy smiles down at him.
He falls asleep a few minutes later and he sees his Daddy Dave sitting on the rocking chair smiling at him warmly before he goes to bed.
He murmurs to Dave, “I love you, Daddy.”

He wakes up the next morning with a wet diaper, yawns and looks up at his Daddy Dave when’s asleep on the rocking chair. Trevor sits upright as he grabs his pacifier, putting it in his mouth and clutches onto his stuffed wolf with his left hand. He gazes lovingly at his Daddy Dave as he desperately wants to get out of his crib and get down on his knees to give his Daddy a good morning blowjob like a good baby boy he is.
“Daddy. Daddy.”
Daddy Dave opens his eyes, yawns and stretches his arms.
“Trev. Baby boy, you’re up early aren’t you.”
Daddy Dave chuckles and gets off the rocking chair. He jumps up and down in his crib as Daddy Dave looms over him with a warm grin.
“You want uppies, baby boy?”
“Uppies, Daddy. Uppies.”
He gets pulled up out of his crib and gets carried in his Daddy’s big, strong arms.
“Looks like I gonna change your wet diaper, Trev. Then I’ll cook the two of us breakfast while you watch your cartoons. Do you want pancakes and sausages?”
He nods eagerly as he presses a wet kiss onto Daddy Dave’s cheek.
“And some orange juice in your baby bottle, baby boy. How does that sound?”
He nods again as he hugs his Daddy even tighter.

He gets his diaper changed lovingly as his Daddy Dave cooks breakfast while he watches the new Paw Patrol movie as he plays with his toys on the floor in the living room.