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twisted pleasure (got me feeling breathless)

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Ian was an inebriated mess. He hardly got as drunk as he was right now because it fucked with his meds and made his blood all toxic, but tonight he had every right to get completely sloshed.

His husband was just as drunk as he was, dancing – prancing – around the stuffy room like nobody was watching. But Ian was. Ian watched him closely, his heart swollen and filled with adoration and pure, unadulterated love for the man before him. They’d been married for a whole year today, the first anniversary of many.

Ian smiled drunkenly at the thought. His husband. His man. His. His. His.

Lip slid in next to him and bumped their shoulders, “Hanging in there?”

“Hhm?” Ian’s gaze didn’t leave Mickey. He watched him chug another beer down.

“You’re not gonna pass out on me, are you?”

“No.” Ian couldn’t hide his smile. He felt fuzzy and electric – sated, if anything.

“Good. Just checking up on you.” Lip sniffed. Ian got wasted on three beers max, and tonight he had downed at least six.

“We might need a lift home.” Ian said. Lip was the only sober one left. Everyone else was drunk or at least on their way to tipsy.

“I charge just as much as an Uber would, so,”

“Fuck you.” Ian playfully shoved him. He couldn’t remember the last time he felt this happy and cozy and stress-free. He needed tonight – the drinks, the party, a carefree night with his family – but now all he wanted to do was take his husband home and thank him in the way he knows best. Loving him until the sun came up.

It was barely an hour later when the night began to wind down. Debbie had taken Liam and Franny home after Fran had fallen asleep on her shoulder, and Tami had left about half an hour ago with a sleepy Fred.

Ian was sobering up after downing several glasses of water and making sure Mickey was staying hydrated too, and after bidding their goodbyes, they climbed into the car with Lip as their designated driver.

Ian hopped into the passenger seat but Mickey immediately began to bitch and complain, wanting Ian to snuggle up next to him in the backseat. Lip couldn’t help but tease them for being such massive saps.

“Oh, shut the fuck up, Phillip. You’re just bitter and jealous.” Mickey muttered as he buried his face into Ian’s warm neck.

“Yeah, okay. No sex in the backseat, alright.” Lip said, but it was too late. Mickey was already halfway onto Ian’s lap, lips attached to his husband’s, kissing and moaning and grabbing at one another as if there wasn’t somebody else in the car with them.

Soon, Mickey’s knees were on either side of Ian’s thighs and he ground down onto his crotch, making him groan loudly into Mickey’s open mouth. Ian could feel himself chub up in his jeans as he greedily grabbed at Mickey’s ass and kneaded the soft globes with purpose. He wanted Mickey out of his jeans immediately.

“Hey!” Lip yelled from the driver’s seat, desperately trying not to glance in the rearview mirror, afraid of what he might see. Hearing it was enough to have his imagination running wild, he didn’t need the actual footage. “I said no sex in the car! Guys, stop!”

But it was like they couldn’t hear him. Lip heard a belt being unbuckled, and then, “C’mon, pull it out, Gallagher. Lemme see it.”

“Lip’s right there.” Ian whispered, thinking that Lip couldn’t hear him, but he could.

“I don’t fucking care, take it out. Just wanna see it.”

“You are such a fucking barbarian.” Ian growled lowly, attaching his lips to Mickey’s again.

“Already used that line, Gallagher.” Mickey said in between kisses. “Pull it out, baby. Show me what I’ll be riding tonight.”

Ian bucked his hips upwards which pulled a sharp moan from Mickey. He was leaking in his jeans, wanting nothing more to be freed and have Mickey’s tongue licking him clean.

Lip tried to block out the horny couple and get them home as soon as he could, but then he heard a zipper being undone.

“Ian, I swear to God if you pull your dick out right now, I’m leaving you both on the side of the road and you can hitchhike.”

Mickey sighed as he climbed off Ian’s lap. “Fucking buzzkill.”

To Lip’s relief, it didn’t take more than another ten minutes before he was pulling up at Ian and Mickey’s place. He made sure they got to their apartment in one piece before leaving them be, thankful he didn’t have to listen to them dry humping any longer.

With Lip finally gone, Ian was free to pull it out like Mickey had wanted, and quickly, Mickey was trapped between Ian and the wall, their mouths finding their way to each other again. They kissed franticly, grabbing at each other like one of them would disappear if they let go.

Ian pinned Mickey to the wall with the hips, grinding against him like a cat in heat while Mickey reached for Ian’s zipper again, opening it up and dipping his hand into the waistband of his boxers.

Ian slid his hands down to cup Mickey’s cheeks again and giving them an earnest squeeze before trailing his hands to Mickey’s thighs and swiftly hoisting him up. Mickey wrapped his legs around Ian’s bulky waist and squeezed him tight. They could fuck right here. Right against the wall. Mickey didn’t care where they did it, he just wanted it good and hard and deep.

Ian rubbed up against him and Mickey whimpered, throwing his head back.

“God. Fuck, Ian. Just put it in me already.”

“Mhm?” Ian latched his mouth against Mickey’s neck. He wanted him to beg for it. Loved when he begged to be filled up with Ian’s thick cock.

“C’mon, man. Need it.”

“Beg, baby. Wanna hear you beg. Tell me how much you need it. Tell me how good it makes you feel.”

Mickey moaned loudly. “I need it, Ian. Please, I need to feel you pulsing inside me. Wanna be a good boy for you. Wanna take every inch.”

“Tell me how good it makes you feel. C’mon, Mick, tell me.”

Mickey nearly sobbed. He was aching in his boxers. He needed it so bad, so, so bad.

“So good!” He wailed desperately. “You make me feel so good, Ian. Fill me up so good. Aching without you inside me. Need it like I need air. Need you to fuck me so good I can’t even speak. Please, Ian, please. Let me have it.”

Ian finally gave in dropped Mickey to the ground. They stumbled into the bedroom, impatiently grabbing at each other’s clothes and tripping over their own feet before finally collapsing onto the bed, limbs tangled and completely naked.

Ian reached for the lube but paused when he heard a distant mewl coming from behind the shared wall. And then another and another with a steady thump-thump rhythm of a headboard hitting against the wall.

“Oh, for Christ’s sake.” Mickey grimaced and fell back into the pillows. The neighbors were going at it loudly.

Ian failed to hide his grin. “Is it weird that it’s kind of turning me on?”

Mickey raised one perfect brow. “Yeah, it’s weird. It’s fucking gross, man.”

“We can be way louder than that though. Show ‘em who’s boss.”

“Yeah?” Mickey liked the sound of that.


“Well then you’re gonna have to make me scream, Gallagher.”

“Oh, I plan on it.”

Ian lubed up two fingers and pressed them against Mickey’s twitching rim, making his back arch off the bed. Ian teased him, trailing his fingertips in circles around his hole, but not making any move to breach the entrance.

“Just put ‘em in, Gallagher.” Mickey groaned. “Wanna get this part over with so I can ride your cock into the sunset.”

That was all it took to have Ian shove a finger inside him, then a second, and a third. When Mickey was open and ready, Ian crawled between his legs and pushed his thighs up to his chest. After lubing himself up, he rubbed his messy tip at Mickey’s entrance, teasing him like he did with his fingers.

Mickey threw his head back, close to sobbing, desperate for it. He would beg all night for it if he had to. He just wanted a good, earnest dicking.

“Oh, God, please, Ian. Please, fuck me. Please, dom top daddy, make me scream.”

Ian growled as he slid into his lover, feeling his hungry, greedy hole swallow him up like a vice. Mickey dug his nails into Ian’s stout back, leaving a trail of red lines and crescent shaped indents. God, Ian felt so good. So good he could pass out.

Ian didn’t start out slow, didn’t give Mickey time to adjust. He just started hammering into him, pounding his husband straight into the mattress, pivoting his hips, wanting Mickey to feel every last inch. He wanted him sore in the morning.

Mickey let his hands trail to Ian’s ass, gripping it and encouraging him to go deeper, faster, harder. Just. Like. That.

“Give it to me! Just like that, Ian! Right there, right there, Ian! UH!”

“Keep moaning my name like that.”

“Ian.” Mickey whimpered. He almost couldn’t breathe. Ian took Mickey’s bottom lip between his own and sucked him swollen.

“Again. Scream it, baby. Let the neighbors know who’s giving it to you good like this.”

Ian! Fuck. Yes.”

“Like that? Huh?” He rotated his hips in an unhurried and steady circle. “That feel good?”

“Yes. Yes.”

“You like when I go slow, baby.” Ian sped up a little. “Or do you want it fast?”

“Anything you want, daddy.”

“Anything I want, huh?” Ian smirked and hooked his arm underneath Mickey’s arched back. He flipped them over suddenly so that Mickey was on top.

“I want you to ride me like you promised you would.”

Mickey lifted himself up on shaky knees and slid back down, trying his best to bounce with trembling thighs, fucking himself on Ian’s thick chub and aiming straight for his prostate.

Yes!” Mickey cried out as he rocked back and forth, up and down, taking every last inch of his husband’s hulking cock.

Ian reached around and grabbed Mickey’s ass and spread his cheeks apart, forcing Mickey to take him deeper.

“Fuck, tear me apart. Split me in half! Destroy this hole, daddy, take it.”

That sent Ian into a frenzied heat, planting his feet flat on the bed bucking his hips upwards uncontrollably, aiming right for his husband’s sweet spot, and all Mickey could do was slump forward, fist at the sheets above Ian’s head, and take it.

Mickey cried out, screaming Ian’s name over and over again, in between the voluble sounds of skin slapping against skin, giving the neighbors a run for their money.

“Ah, fuck!” Mickey mewled loudly, “Please! Please, give it to me, give it to me. Don’t stop… Ian! More, more, slap my ass, claim me. Please, just don’t stop!”

Ian spanked Mickey’s ass cheek and gripped it tightly before slapping him again. He sat up a little and wrapped him arms around Mickey’s back, holding him close to his torso and giving him no room to move as his hips drilled straight into him at a furious pace.

“Take it take it take it just like that, baby. Swallow me up just like that, Mick.”

Mickey couldn’t get another sound out. It was all caught in his throat as he tried to catch his breath, mouth hanging open as he grabbed onto Ian’s shoulders and dug his nails into his flesh. Ian was going to look insane the next morning – all scratched up like he got caught in the middle of a wild catfight.

Ian hugged him close and Mickey’s cock rubbed between their abdomens, leaking profusely like it was about to blow. Ian could tell that Mickey was close by the way he was clenching and unclenching around him, sucking him in like a vacuum.

Ian’s hips started to stutter and Mickey sounded like he was crying.

“Keep fucking me, Ian. Boutta blow, keep fucking me, stay inside.”

Ian did what Mickey asked and kept his hips moving. “You feel so good, baby. I love you so much.”

Mickey blew at the words, shooting white ribbons between them as he came down, clenching around his husband as Ian finished inside him, spilling staccato bursts of cum as Mickey milked the last of his orgasm out of him.

They collapsed back onto the bed, still wrapped tightly around each other, holding on like they’re afraid to let go. Ian made no move to pull out, enjoying the feeling of his husband’s spent, messy hole still desperately gripping him.

“I love you.” Mickey whimpered into Ian’s neck. He was definitely crying. And trembling slightly from the aftershocks of his orgasm.

Ian held him tighter and Mickey wailed at the overstimulation of Ian’s belly rubbing against his spent dick.

“Sorry.” Ian apologized and placed a soft kiss to Mickey’s temple but he made no move to let him go. He wasn’t letting go this time around.