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Balance Restored

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Seven weeks. Seven weeks consisting of fourteen visits was the amount of time that it took for Naruto’s pining to pay off. He didn’t know if he was proud that it didn’t take longer or perturbed that it hadn’t come sooner.

He’d been given his coworker’s regular client after there was a sudden request from the client for a new pool guy.

When Naruto had asked Kiba what the hell happened, he just told him that there was some misunderstanding and that he didn’t want to talk about it, so Naruto left it at that, his deductive reasoning painting a clear enough picture.

It wasn’t odd for Naruto and Kiba to switch regulars every now and then.

Naruto blamed it on the overused and cliché porn plots, but Kiba was a good looking, young pool boy. Unsurprisingly, there were a few jealous husbands that didn’t appreciate their wives having new eye candy.

The blonde figured that he was given the Uchiha house because he was gay and did very little to hide that fact.

He was always professional, but within his first few visits it usually came up in conversation and the husbands were put at ease, but not the Uchiha’s.

It took Naruto quite some time to properly meet Mr. Uchiha.

He’d done his fair share of admiring and by fair share, he meant that he spent more time staring at the guy than he did the chemicals used for balancing out the pool.

Naruto was at the Uchiha house twice a week, and it had taken until the third visit for Naruto to actually see him.

He’d been talking to Mrs. Uchiha, per usual, when Mr. Uchiha stepped out of the back door and into the backyard before noticing there were people in it. He immediately retreated back into the house, but it’d given Naruto just enough time to see that Mrs. Uchiha had landed herself a god amongst men.

Tall, maybe pushing six foot two, a deceptively pretty face with defined features, what looked to be a well toned physique, and money, if their house was anything to go by.

Naruto stood, slack jawed as he stared at the door the man just appeared in when Sakura let out a shrill giggle.

“Don’t mind him, he isn’t a very social person.”


Naruto was used to talkative clients, it’s part of what kept him at this job despite the manual labor in hot weather. He loved to talk to and meet new people, but of course it would be his shit luck that the hottest guy he’d ever seen was the quiet, mysterious type. Oh, and married.

Sakura was a sweet lady, albeit a bit too sweet.

Everytime Naruto pulled up to their house, she was ready at the back door with a cold bottle of water and some fresh baked cookies.

Naruto didn’t mind the free cookies, they were fucking As delicious, or the conversation to keep him the right amount of distracted to make the job move along swiftly. He just thought that there was something off about how sickly sweet Sakura was.

He himself was an effortlessly cheery person, and this woman managed to put even him to shame, but it seemed forced somehow.

Naruto spent his days around a decent amount of rich house wives that put too much effort into seeming perfect, so he could spot a front when he saw it.

That being said, he was still courteous and talked to her whenever she came outside, which was almost every time that he was there.

When she told him about how swamped she’s been with helping her best friend plan her wedding, braggadociously mentioning that she was to be the maid of honor multiple times, Naruto found himself being excited at the thought of her being too busy to ask him a thousand questions per day. It was odd, considering that Naruto liked everyone, but he just couldn’t force himself to genuinely enjoy her company after one too many shallow comments from the disingenuous women.

Naruto looked forward to his days at the Uchiha house where he could just go through the motions in silence, something he rarely enjoyed, but then his fascination with the husband amplified.

When Sakura wasn’t home, he noticed that Mr. Uchiha actually showed himself. Whether it be searching through the kitchen for something or lounging about in the living room, he always seemed to make himself scarce only when his wife was around.

The blonde would not so subtly change his position every time he caught a flash of black hair through the windows so that he could sneak prolonged glances.

The man was fucking gorgeous, and thanks to him walking around shirtless after a run, Naruto knew that he was the shit his wettest of dreams were made of.

Mr. Uchiha never came outside and spoke to Naruto, so the blonde was determined to come to him if it meant getting a better look and finding out what his voice sounded like. Naruto had a feeling that it was deep and kind of raspy, which would only fuel his obsession more.

Naruto didn’t give himself enough time to talk himself out of it when he gently rapped on the French doors that lead to the Uchiha’s living room while Mr. Uchiha sat and read a book.

When black eyes landed questioningly on Naruto, he froze and almost scurried off, but before his legs could catch up with his brain, one of the doors was being opened.

There was no greeting or smile, only an expectant look as Mr. Uchiha leaned against the door frame and crossed his sculpted arms over his equally sculpted chest.

“Um, I uh, drank all of my water and was wondering if I could fill this up?” He wanted to wince at the lame excuse, but hey, it worked.

Mr. Uchiha nodded and stepped aside to let Naruto in, and while Naruto could see where the kitchen was, he was left standing there as he waited for Mr. Uchiha to lead the way.

Most people didn’t leave someone that they didn’t know unattended while in their house, but all the guy did was stand there silently, his gaze unnerving the blonde.

“I don’t think we’ve met. I’m Naruto,” he said as he extended his hand and gave the man his signature grin that always did the trick.

“Sasuke,” was all the man said as he shook Naruto’s hand, making Naruto notice that Sasuke’s pale complexion complimented his own, darker one, quite well.

Shit, his voice is even deeper than I thought it’d be.

“Waters in the fridge,” he said, not exactly in a dismissive tone, but definitely with an air of finality.

That was the only conversation, if you could even categorize it as such, that Naruto had with Sasuke, but after that, the blonde started to feel eyes watching him as he worked more and more.

As his visits continued, he’d catch Mr. Uchiha’s cold gaze fixed on him more and more, but the man never snapped his head away like any normal person would. He would always just smirk when their eyes met and slowly turn back to whatever it was that he’d been doing.

The blonde felt as if he were being taunted or played with, but it only served to pull him in even further as the visits progressed.


Naruto would like to say that he was professional, but honestly, this was just a job to get him through college. He liked it, but he didn’t care all that much about it, not enough to not wear clothes that his employer would deem as impractical or inappropriate to capture a certain man’s attention.

He’d catch Sasuke’s eyes on him more and more as he worked, smirking to himself as the man’s wife sat only a few feet from him while her husband practically devoured him with his eyes.

Something about it felt nefarious and only made him look forward to his days at the Uchiha’s even more.

Naruto pulled up the Uchiha’s house, almost regretting wearing form fitting, sienna shorts that cut off above the knee. They made his ass look phenomenal, but they weren’t the most comfortable things in the world, and he did not look forward to having to bend over a pool all day in them.

He was grumbling to himself about how he should have brought a pair of gym shorts to change into after he left, but plastered on a forced, but polite grin when he walked into the yard and saw Sakura lounging on one of the chairs in her swimsuit.

He’d worn these uncomfortable shorts for nothing, seeing as how Sasuke seemed to avoid his wife at all costs and never came out back when she was there.

“Hi, Naruto!”

Kill me.


Naruto groaned as he loaded up his work truck, sore from having to bend down in odd ways due to the shorts, but was thankful that he had finished up a little early so that he’d have some time to run home first.

He’d just sat down in the driver’s seat when he noticed a folded up piece of paper tucked under the wiper blade.

A blonde brow raised in confusion before he stepped out and lifted the windshield wiper to retrieve the paper,

He waited until he got back into his truck to unfold it, but in looping scrawl were the words, Next time it's just the two of us, come find me for some fun. -S.

Wide, blue eyes stared at the paper, rereading its contents to ensure that he wasn’t going insane, but there it was in literal black and white.

The blonde was absolutely giddy at the implications as he backed down the winding driveway.


On Naruto’s next visit to the Uchiha house, he prayed to whatever entity resided up above that Sakura wasn’t home today. He doubted that he’d be able to keep up his cheery front with her if she was. He was far too eager to find out just what the note that he’d found on his truck entailed.

Naruto braced himself for potential aggravation as he opened up the side gate, but the preparation had been useless, because no Sakura in sight! At least not yet.

He gave it a few minutes to make sure that she really wasn’t home, not wanting to rush in and ruin things, spending that time convincing himself that he wasn’t immoral for being more than willing to sleep with a married man.

The way that Naruto saw it was that he was single, so it really shouldn’t matter. If someone wanted to cheat on their significant other, they’d still end up doing it at some point. Having their first option reject them wouldn’t change the fact that they were willing to commit adultery, so why should Naruto feel guilty?

It wasn’t his responsibility to respect the sanctity of marriage because he was not but in one. Well, at least that's what his friend, Ino, had told him when he’d brought up his moral dilemma to her the other day.

He thought that she made some extremely valid points, plus he really just wanted to see if his assumptions about Sasuke were correct, morals be damned.

When twenty minutes had passed and there was still no sign of Sakura, he began trying to muster up the courage to go and search for Sasuke.

It didn’t help that the note was incredibly vague; no specific room or location, just come find me.

Naruto didn’t want to just wander around the house, even though he’d technically been invited to do so. Something just felt wrong about it, so Naruto sat tight and did the job that he’d been hired to do until he caught a glimpse of Sasuke.

As Naruto approached the end of his routine, his anxiety began to grow that maybe nobody was home and that he’d have to wait and go through another bout of anxiety all over again. He was about to lose all hope, but then a flash of dark hair appeared as the back door was opened.

Naruto could both feel and hear his damn pulse pounding in his ears.

His breath caught in his throat when Sasuke came down the steps of the deck, running a towel through his fluffy, wet hair as his white t-shirt clung to his still damp skin.

This should be fucking illegal. No one just looks like that!

Naruto hadn’t even noticed the bottle of water in Sasuke’s outstretched hand until the man he’d been shamelessly ogling shook it to get the blonde’s attention.

“I noticed you didn’t bring your water with you this time, do you need some?”

It took a moment for Naruto’s brain to catch up with his ears, accepting the offered water a bit too eagerly.

“Yeah, thanks!” Naruto wanted to cringe at how jumpy and excited he was being.

It was borderline pathetic how eager he was to be under a married man that he’d barely ever spoken to, but holy shit, how could he not when the man looked like that?

The hopeless romantic in Naruto swooned at the fact that Sasuke had noticed that he’d forgotten his water, but he shut those thoughts down quickly when the man’s wedding band caught the light as Naruto took the water bottle.

“The Missus out wedding planning today?” Naruto asked as he stepped probably a little too close to take the offered water.

Smooth. Yeah, gotta be casual, Naruto. Don’t make it too obvious.

“Probably,” Sasuke practically scoffed out.

There had been a small part of Naruto that somehow doubted that Sasuke was actually willing to cheat on his wife, but after seeing his blatant disdain for the very idea of her, he was convinced.

But then Sasuke turned back to the deck and began walking back to the house.

Naruto panicked, thinking that him bringing up Sakura had ruined his chance.

“Thanks!” Naruto called out, hoping that Sasuke would turn right back around and just fuck him senseless, but the man only gave a curt nod in acknowledgment before retreating back into the house.

Naruto sulked at his missed opportunity, but his sulking morphed into determination as he watched Sasuke walk back to his house.

The blonde made sure to do his job correctly, but he was hastey in the completion of his remaining tasks so that he could hurry up and set out on his goal. He would be getting dick before he left.

Excitement thrummed throughout his body and competed with his nerves for prominence as he approached the door, his hand shaking when tapped on the glass.

Sasuke had been reading in the living room, so Naruto was able to see the confusion on his face from the interruption, but Naruto was undeterred as Sasuke got up and opened the door.

“Can I help you?” He asked after opening the door, neither rude nor welcoming.

“You really made me come find you?” Naruto said with a teasing sense of indignation as he flashed Sasuke a salacious grin before stepping forward the short distance needed to close the gap between the two of them.

Naruto didn’t give himself enough time to take notice of Sasuke’s shock before he crowded the man and tilted his head up the slightest bit to press their lips together. Sasuke’s soft lips parted in surprise as his body went rigid, which Naruto took as his opportunity to experimentally swipe the tip of his tongue between them.

Sasuke’s eyes were almost comically wide, but when he felt the soft muscle barely trace against his, his mind turned off and had him chasing more of the incredible feeling of Naruto’s skilled tongue, their lips moving in tandem.

The blonde was now pressed fully against Sasuke with his head tilted to deepen the heated kiss, groaning into the man’s mouth when he felt a large hand gently trail down his back and grip his ass very ungently.

Realization came violently crashing down onto Sasuke.

Where there should have been soft curves, there was well toned muscle, a raspy groan in place of a high pitched moan, and the sickly sweet smell of perfume was replaced with a gentle sandalwood.

As soon as he felt Naruto press his hardening length into his own, Sasuke pulled away, though saying that he had to rip himself away would have been more accurate. He had momentarily allowed himself to be swept up in his attraction, but now his head was clearing.

“What the hell do you think you're doing?” Sasuke bit out, trying to come across as angry, but only managing to sound shocked as he took a big step away from the blonde that he’d just been aggressively groping.

A brief look of confusion and hurt flashed on Naruto’s face.

“Getting cold feet because I’m a guy?”

Naruto’s smirk was a forced mask of confident bravado as he internally began to panic.

Sasuke was tempted to scoff.

He had never held much stock in his own sexuality; going for whoever piqued his interest was just what he’d always done regardless of what was between their legs.

Naruto being a man was not the issue.

“What makes you think that you can come into my house and just throw yourself at me?” There was a sharp edge to the words as Sasuke’s eyes pierced into Naruto.

Naruto’s confusion transitioned into concern, but quickly ended up as irritation.

“You’re the one who left that note on my truck to come and find you, but you almost never come out back. Where the hell else was I supposed to go?” Naruto retorted, not appreciating the insinuation in Sasuke’s words.

“What note?” Sasuke bit out. “I didn’t leave a note on your truck.”

Blonde brows furrowed as Naruto’s confusion returned, suddenly worried that he’d made a huge mistake.

Sakura’s name also started with S.


Blue eyes were wide and apologetic as he dug into the pocket of his shorts to retrieve the note responsible for causing this mess, handing it over to the man to try and prove his innocence.

Sasuke snatched the paper out of Naruto’s outstretched hand and read it, his jaw clenching in fury before he regarded Naruto with his unreadable gaze once more.

“Do I look like the type of person to sign my name with a heart?”

The rage that Naruto had seen flashing in his eyes was gone, apparently not being directed towards him, which relieved Naruto, but now he felt the need to defend himself from Sasuke’s unimpressed tone.

He wasn’t stupid! Maybe just a bit oblivious.

“Holy shit, I am so sorry! I’m gay and I thought it was obvious, so I didn’t think that Sakura was even a possibility,” Naruto explained as he also took a step back, feeling like a complete idiot.

Now that Sasuke had pointed it out, a cute little heart did seem to be unfitting for him.

He just never gave much thought about women finding him attractive since he was not attracted to them. He’d never bothered to acknowledge Sakura’s flirting because he thought that she knew he was gay; it’s not like he ever bothered hiding it. However, when he thought back to their conversations, he realized that he’d never mentioned his preference for dick.

God damnit, I’m screwed!

“I swear that I never led your wife on or anything like that!” Naruto rushed out, figuring that is where Sasuke’s anger was coming from.

Sasuke’s already tight jaw got even tighter, making Naruto worry that he was only making things worse. He’d put both of his feet in his mouth, and didn’t see any possible way to remove them, yet his mouth just kept forming words.

“And I’m sorry if I offended you or something, I-, I just always see you looking at me and well, you’re uh, you’re hot as hell-,” Sasuke’s smirk did not go unnoticed, “-and I thought the note was from you, so I- um, yeah,” Naruto’s rambling trailed off awkwardly when Sasuke’s expression remained unimpressed.

He figured that Sasuke could fill in the remaining blanks without Naruto’s less than eloquent elaboration.

“Relax,” Sasuke said, his tone full of mirth which only threw Naruto for another loop. This guy switched moods in an instant then would go right back to unnervingly blank. “It’s not your fault that my wife has no sense of decorum.”

The man’s seemingly black eyes were no longer cold when he carefully regarded Naruto, as if he were solving some sort of conundrum that Naruto held the elusive answer to.

The blonde’s head cocked to the side, still wondering if he was going to get his ass beat or not. This would be an odd way to start if he was, but he didn’t have a clear answer quite yet.

“Sooo, you’re not pissed?”

In hindesight, it’d been a dumb question; how could the guy not be mad when his wife shamelessly propositioned the pool guy, but he wanted to be sure that he wouldn’t be attacked the second that he went to walk away.

“Not at you,” Sasuke answered as his eyes continued to rove over Naruto, making the blonde suddenly insecure.

It wasn’t a lie. Sasuke held no malice towards the daft blonde, only his wife.

He knew that Sakura slept with other people, he just didn’t particularly care. Sasuke simply married her out of convenience, not love.

He’d always thought that you were supposed to settle down and get married, just because that is what most people did, and while he wasn’t the most fond of Sakura, starting over in a whole new relationship after college seemed even more unbearable. He opted to take the easy route and just stuck with her like she’s always wanted. His abismal tolerance for human interaction made it the obvious choice.

Sasuke saw very little issue with her fulfilling her need for reassurance and affection elsewhere, considering the fact that he was unwilling to be the one to constantly provide it.

He never cared when he would see the subtle signs of her infidelity, because she never brought up the fact that he didn’t truly love her. It was a fair and balanced trade in his opinion, but now she’d crossed one of his only lines.

When she kept things discrete and was stealthy in her endeavors, Sasuke had no issue in turning a blind eye, but to be willing to do so in his house? The house that was solely in his name, that he paid for entirely on his own while never making her go out and get a damn job?

He’d provided her with her ideal lifestyle and played the role of loving husband for three years and she goes and disrespects him like this?

I don’t fucking think so.

“Then am I okay to uh, go?” The apprehension in Naruto’s voice amused Sasuke as he folded the note back up and held it between two of his fingers. He approached the clueless pool boy with a predatory grin.

If Sakura could go and have her fun, so could he.

Sasuke never cheated on Sakura because he very rarely felt desire for anyone, but something about those innocent blue eyes paired with his bold actions from earlier made desire flare within Sasuke.

He was intrigued, and Sasuke was rarely ever intrigued.

“You can if you’d like.”

Naruto hesitated before taking the note back, unable to make sense of the drastic and sudden change of atmosphere.

“What?” It was far from smooth, but Naruto wanted to be sure before leaving.

Am I getting dick or not?

It definitely seemed as though Sasuke was coming onto him, but Naruto damn sure wasn’t going to make the mistake of assuming again.

“You said that you noticed me looking at you. You may not be the most intuitive, but you are observant,” Sasuke stated, basically admitting to his previous starring.

They were now as close as they had been before Naruto initiated their kiss, but now Sasuke was the one with the upper hand, while Naruto was left at the man’s mercy.

“My wife may lack basic respect and consideration,” he started as his fingers trailed up Naruto’s neck with feather light pressure, causing a shiver of arousal to shoot down the blonde’s spine. “But I can say for certain that she does have impeccable taste,” Sasuke finished in a low whisper as his fingers went under Naruto’s chin to tilt his head up, his words fanning out against Naruto’s slightly parted lips.

Naruto’s eyes shone with unbridled excitement as realization dawned on him. It was an unexpected, but not unwelcome turn of events.

Naruto took a moment to take in the man’s inhumanly perfect features up close.

That she does.

Blue stared challengingly into black, Naruto somewhat unwilling to make the first move after his blunder, but Sasuke almost seemed to be toying with him as the man leaned in at a torturously slow rate.

Naruto’s already thin patience for the man waned as he threaded his calloused fingers through the soft black hair at the back of Sasuke’s head and pulled the bastard in, their lips moving instantaneously against each other.

There were no fireworks, only raging lust behind their lips, Sasuke’s tongue sliding up against Naruto’s insistently as the blonde pressed the entirety of his body up against Sasuke’s.

Naruto was so lost in the feeling of the other man’s skillful tongue that he didn’t realize that Sasuke’s large hand was back on his ass, gripping him so fiercely that he was almost lifting Naruto as the smaller man was pulled in even closer. The flagging erection Naruto had been sporting during their brief interlude was back in full force, aching heavily behind his zipper as it was pressed into Sasuke’s.

Excitement and pride thrummed throughout his body at the prominent bulge twitching against his own.

It wasn’t until Sasuke’s other hand was trailing up his chest, underneath his shirt, that Naruto pulled away from the heated kiss. Unabashedly throwing his head back and groaning when one of his nipples was teased by the pads of Sasuke’s roaming fingers.

Sasuke seized his opportunity and traced his tongue over the exposed column of tanned skin, almost making Naruto yelp in surprise, but it registered more as a whimper which fueled Sasuke further.

The hand that was under Naruto’s shirt now tweaked at the sensitive nipple as Sasuke left gentle, open mouthed kisses to Naruto’s neck. The barely there touches of lips paired with Sasuke’s heavier breathing had Naruto teetering on the edge of frenzied and desperate. He completely toppled over that edge when he felt a soft gust of air being blown against the glistening trail Sasuke had left on his neck right as Sasuke used his nail to scrape his almost oversensitized nipple.

Naruto would never admit it, but had Sasuke not been gripping him so fiercely, his knees surely would have buckled with the violent shudder that wracked through him. He had his pride, and he had his desire. It seemed as though his desire would be the one controlling Naruto’s actions, because he did something that he almost never did.

He pleaded.

“Please,” the delectable blonde breathed out as he ground his aching hard on into Sasuke’s for some sense of relief.

He’d never been so turned on in all of his twenty three years of life, and the man had barely even touched him.

Naruto was losing his damn mind, but he couldn’t be bothered to give a single shit.

He wanted this man.

“Sasuke, please,” he moaned as Sasuke’s hips began meeting his and the teasing kisses to his neck grew more eager and rough.

Sasuke let out a low groan out from deep within his chest and the sound sent what felt like the last drops of blood in Naruto’s brain rushing straight to his already impossibly hard dick.

Naruto’s pleas fell on deaf ears as Sasuke only pulled Naruto’s hips harder into his own, essentially controlling the blonde’s movements. Controlling all of him, really.

He could do nothing but take it, wanted to do nothing but take all that Sasuke demanded, but when Sasuke’s hand slipped down into the back of his shorts, his heart rate was almost deafening.

There was an experimental squeeze to the bare flesh now in Sasuke’s grasp, but his hand didn’t stay stationary for long. His hand sliding further into the confines of Naruto’s shorts, only stopping when he reached the cleft of his ass.

Naruto’s breath hitched as one long finger dipped down and teasingly pressed against his twitching entrance.

It was all too much. Sasuke was too much.

Naruto felt fucking drunk on the man after only being touched.

“Fuck, Sasuke, stop,” Naruto warned as his breathing became shallow. “Stop or I’m gonna cum.”

Apparently Sasuke had heard all of Naruto’s pleas before, he’d just simply chosen to pay them no mind.


Sasuke pulled his head away from where it had been laving the blonde with attention and regarded him with half lidded eyes and a salacious smirk.

“Already?” An appreciating squeeze to the firm and almost obscenely rounded muscle of Naruto’s ass as his other hand withdrew from under the blonde’s shirt.

“I’ve barely touched you,” paired with a forceful meeting of their hips. “You’re so sensitive.”

Naruto wanted to roll his eyes at the smug tone, key words being wanted to. He couldn’t make himself do it under the man’s intense gaze, and while it should have irritated him, it only fueled his excitement.

Naruto may prefer bottoming, but he was always the one in charge, but something about Sasuke’s dominating aura made him want to follow someone else’s lead for the first time.

He’d finally met his match.

Naruto only managed a ragged breath as he tried to use the reprieve from the barrage of multiple stimulations to even out his breathing, but was able to get out, “Then touch me more.”

He punctuated his plea with a deliberate roll of his hips, blue eyes almost rolling back in ecstasy at the feeling.

A sharp intake of breath, and then that salacious smirk grew into something more predatory before Sasuke dove back in for another deep kiss that consisted mostly of tongue.

Naruto tried to chase the man’s mouth as he pulled away much too soon for the blonde’s liking, but was stopped from doing so when his shirt was gracefully peeled off of him without warning and discarded somewhere off to the side.

Black eyes roved appreciatively over firm, defined muscle, one of his brows raising when he saw the unexpected tattoo adorning Naruto’s abdomen.

A long, elegant finger ran down the expanse of Naruto’s newly exposed chest, stopping only when he reached the button of the shorts clinging to Naruto’s hips and hooked his finger inside.

“Is that what you want?” Sasuke breathed out, low a rumbling, his breath ghosting over Naruto’s parted lips where they were barely separated.

Naruto dropped the note that’d been crumpled in his grasp and shut his eyes as he gave up his last bit of pride and whispered, “Please.”


“Sasuke, please just fuck me!” Naruto cried out, unable to handle the half full feeling that Sasuke’s fingers provided any longer.

His head was turned to the side as it was pressed into the luxurious bed, his back arched obscenely as his ass was raised and his knees spread wide. The position left him completely at Sasuke’s mercy, though he exhibited none.

Sasuke had three fingers thrusting in and out of Naruto’s tight ass, purposely only crooking them to hit his prostate every now and then, effectively making Naruto lose his sanity.

Every time that he’d get close to cumming, Sasuke would press into that sensitive bundle of nerves just long enough for Naruto’s cock to twitch, the telling sign of his impending climax, only to stop moving entirely.

Drool was beginning to pool on the comforter that Naruto’s cheek was being pressed into by Sasuke’s hand, between his shoulders.

When Sasuke withdrew his fingers Naruto let out an involuntary whine as his hips attempted to follow the man’s touch, pulling an amused huff from Sasuke.

“How badly do you want it?” Sasuke taunted as large hands firmly gripped tanned hips and Sasuke’s still fully clothed erection was pressed against Naruto’s ass.

Naruto repressed his shiver in the form of a shaky exhale, knowing that if he didn’t enunciate properly, the smug bastard would only tease him further and make him repeat himself until he was pleased with Naruto’s state of desperation.

He craned his neck to get a better look at Sasuke sitting back on his knees with an almost arrogant smile.

The prick knows that he’s good. Two can play at that game.

Naruto’s hazy eyes cleared and glinted mischievously as he trailed his hand down his front to grip his leaking cock, letting out an exaggerated sigh as he did so.

“So fucking bad, Sasuke,” Naruto moaned as he gave an enticing wiggle of hips and began pumping his cock.

He was putting on quite the show, not even close to being relieved by his own touch, but wanting to make Sasuke snap much like the man had done to him.

He was through with being denied what he suspected was the very large cock hidden behind Sasuke’s light gray sweatpants.

When Sasuke’s grip on Naruto’s hips tightened, his well trimmed nails left half crescent imprints into the hard flesh.

Almost have him.

“But if you won’t give it to me,” Naruto began, his other hand going behind his back to his lube coated entrance. “I guess I’ll just have to take care of myself.”

It was an empty threat, and they both knew it.

Naruto’s voice held a smug and teasing lilt, but the distaste that he held at that thought wasn’t entirely concealed.

Sasuke watched on in amusement as Naruto’s own fingers traced around his puckered and dripping hole, his lust boiling over right before Naruto could dip the tip of his finger in past the tight ring of muscle.

There was something incredibly erotic in the way the boisterous blonde begged and pleaded, something that made Sasuke want to savor each and every cry. He wanted to pull every desperate and choked noise imaginable from the proud man. Take him apart bit by bit until he was ruined and only able to be satisfied by Sasuke himself.

It was an unfamiliar, almost animalistic desire to possess Naruto’s entire being.

The very thought of his wife thinking that she could leave the beautiful man satisfied pulled at that desire and made it flare even more.


“Stop,” Sasuke said sternly as he released his hold on Naruto’s hips and sat back on his haunches once more.

“Don’t touch what belongs to me,” he said smugly.

Sasuke never got this way; didn’t see any point in jealousy, but he didn’t see how he could stop the raging feeling until he’d satiated both himself and the blonde.

Naruto’s eyes fluttered open and gave Sasuke a teasing, ‘oh really?’ look laced with amusement and desire.

“Come here,” Sasuke all but commanded as he slipped his own shirt off, not missing the darkening of the vibrant blue in Naruto’s eyes.

Naruto wished that another word came to mind, but he scurried over to Sasuke while still on his hands and knees, no shame whatsoever in his eagerness.

Two of Sasuke’s fingers came up under Naruto’s chin, forcing him to take his hungry eyes off of Sasuke’s sculpted abdomen and look the man in his eyes.

“Show me how badly you want it,” Sasuke drawled out as his hand gripped at the thick outline of his cock through his sweats.

“Suck my cock,” Sasuke said, more than requested as he pulled his aching length from its confines, making Naruto’s eyes flash in shock.

Sure, he was a bit of a size queen, but fuck. This man had even Naruto questioning his limits.

Naruto tilted his head up, his shock evident on his expressive face.

“Too much for you to handle?” He was smug in his teasing question as he wore a proud smirk.

A scoff passed Naruto’s lips, even though, yeah, probably.

Sasuke raised a challenging brow down at the man and guided his length to plush, kiss swollen lips.

Never being one to back down from a challenge, Naruto parted his lips and circled his tongue around the swollen and reddened head, pulling a low groan from deep in Sasuke’s throat.

Naruto looked up with wide eyes as Sasuke visibly swallowed, admiring the sharp cut of the man’s jaw. Watching as that jaw only got tighter the deeper that he took Sasuke in.

When Naruto began feeling his eyes water from the stretch of his throat as Sasuke’s cock began nudging the back of it, he was amazed to see that he still had a little over a quarter left of the length to go.

Determination coarsed through him as he pushed himself further down onto Sasuke’s cock, his tongue rubbing against the prominent vein running along the underside as he went.

Tears collected at the seams of Naruto’s eyes the further that he went, willing his throat to relax and accept the large intrusion.

He tried to push himself down on the last bit that was left unsheathed, but accepted defeat when his throat spasmed around the pulsing cock.

As Naruto pulled back towards the tip to allow air to replenish his burning lungs, Sasuke clicked his tongue in mock disappointment, but allowed the short reprieve.

“Almost,” he teased as he threaded his fingers through soft, blonde locks. “Try again.”

Before Naruto had the opportunity to do just as Sasuke had said, there was an insistent pressure at the back of his head, pushing him further down the cock in his mouth.

Blue eyes went wide as his nose was pressed against groomed, coarse black hair, Sasuke’s cock sliding past the barrier in his throat.

“Fuuuck,” Sasuke exhaled before looking down at Naruto with his mouth spread wide, struggling to accommodate his size and tears running down his whisker marked cheeks.

Fucking beautiful.

He pulled his hips back until just the tip remained splitting those sinful lips.

“Work my cock.”

Naruto took a few seconds to regain his breath through his nose, his eyes glaring up at the prick for his little stunt that begrudgingly left Naruto aching and leaking even more.

The look of satisfaction on Sasuke’s face told Naruto just how much he was enjoying himself, and it made pride swell in his chest.

He wanted to be the only one responsible for the man’s pleasure.

Without further ado, he began hallowing his cheeks and sinking down to about halfway, his tongue swirling as he went. He would swipe at the slit to gather the precum every time that he reached it, causing Sasuke to shallowly buck his hips into the wet heat of Naruto’s mouth.

Naruto held nothing back, including the lecherous sounds of his ravenous mouth.

Sasuke would groan with each twist of Naruto’s tongue, his grip on blonde hair growing tighter with each pass, careful to maintain his grip close to the scalp so as to not hurt Naruto.

It wasn’t until Naruto began to deepthroat most of him and fondle his balls that Sasuke began to lose himself and let out rumbling moans of approval.

“Your throat is so fucking good,” Sasuke groaned out as his hips twitched forward after a particularly hard suck.

Naruto lit up at the praise and upped his vigor even more, moaning unabashedly around the thick cock as he began twisting his head to add in another sensation. The deep moan that he earned made the aching in his jaw and the burning of his throat all worth it.

The blonde felt Sasuke’s balls tighten right as the man used his grip on the blonde hair to pull Naruto off of him with ragged breaths.

The composed man was gone, now kneeling in front of Naruto with disheveled hair, rose tinted cheeks, and feral eyes.

Naruto wasn’t even afforded the opportunity to gloat at a job well done before Sasuke was on him again, pressing their chests together until Naruto’s back was against the bed with Sasuke’s body slotted in between his spread legs.

A frenzied kiss swallowed Naruto’s shocked squeak as Sasuke pushed down his pants and kicked them off, their lips never separating.

“Are you ready to take me?” Sasuke breathed out against Naruto’s lips.

Naruto let out an affirmative hum and pulled the man’s hips into his by grabbing his ass and pushing Sasuke forward, not wanting there to be any room for misunderstanding.

He was ready, and couldn’t stand to wait anymore.

The both of them groaned into their kiss when their bare erections made contact, sliding together with ease due to the copious amount of precum dripping down Naruto’s length.

Naruto whined at the loss of contact when Sasuke pulled away, reaching over to the side table, unintentionally baring his neck to Naruto.

The blonde craned his own neck and pressed his lips to the pale column of flesh heatedly, dragging his teeth in between kisses.

Sasuke focused on rummaging through his nightstand for a condom, but found it difficult to focus on anything but the pleasant spark of arousal caused by Naruto’s mouth.

Relief flooded Sasuke when his fingers felt the condoms, quickly retrieving one and putting it between his teeth and pulling it to open it.

His leisurely pace was long gone, having not just driven Naruto to the brink of insanity.

Sasuke spit the top portion of the wrapper off to the side, alerting Naruto of what was going on, and while he was excited to be filled beyond his wildest dreams, he felt disappointment pool within him.

“You don’t have to-,” Naruto started as he hastily pulled off of Sasuke’s neck. “I’m clean,” he finished, the first traces of embarrassment since this had all started, appearing.

Sasuke’s movements halted as he looked at Naruto with wild amusement in his eyes.

“Yeah?” Sasuke said with a coy tilt of his head. “Want me to make a mess of you when I shoot my load deep inside your tight ass?”

There wasn’t a chance in hell to repress the shiver that shot down Naruto’s spine at such filthy words spoken in that lovely baritone.

He forced himself to maintain eye contact as he nodded, his arousal flaring when Sasuke didn’t hesitate to toss the condom off to the side.

Sasuke flashed Naruto one last lecherous grin before grabbing the lube they’d left at the foot of the bed, spreading a generous amount on his throbbing length and giving it a few pumps for good measure.

Right as it seemed like Sasuke was about to completely ravage Naruto, the infuriating man stopped and asked, “Are you flexible?” with a mischievous grin.

“Very,” Naruto challenged, his breath leaving his chest when he was suddenly folded in half, his thighs being pressed against his stomach by Sasuke’s grip on the back of them.

Sasuke gave Naruto absolutely no chance to adjust to the new and sudden position as he lined himself up with Naruto’s exposed and twitching entrance.

He regarded Naruto carefully to make sure that he really was prepped enough, but when the blonde only looked at Sasuke with hazy, half lidded eyes, he put his weight behind his hips.

Naruto let out a wanton moan as the flared head stretched him beautifully, Sasuke clenching his jaw as his sensitive tip was enveloped by the impossibly tight heat.

When Naruto showed no signs of pain or major discomfort, Sasuke pushed himself further in, groaning at the perfect grip that Naruto had on him.

He moved at a slow pace until his cock was fully sheathed, his legs pushed out straight for leverage as he used his hold on Naruto’s thighs to keep his hips elevated, ensuring that he’d hit his prostate with minimal searching.

“Fuck, Sasuke,” Naruto breathed out as he adjusted to being stretched so full.

Fucking huge.

“Fuck me, please. Don’t hold back,” Naruto breathed out desperately with his head turned to the side and his arm resting over his eyes.

He’d never felt so full in all of his life, and he was being driven mad by the gentle pressure on his prostate.

Sasuke would’ve waited a few more moments, fearing that he’d cum far too soon for his liking if he dove right in, but when the blonde punctuated his plea by clenching around Sasuke, he couldn’t resist.

With a steadying breath, Sasuke pulled his hips back until only half of his length remained then thrusted back in, gasping at the feeling of Naruto eagerly sucking him back in.

Naruto let out a choked moan as Sasuke’s cock made pinpoint accurate contact with his prostate, his body tensing at the almost overwhelming sensation. Had it not been for Sasuke’s relentless grip, he might’ve bucked the man off of the bed.

“Holy hell!” Naruto cried out, as his heels dug into the tops of Sasuke’s shoulders, trying to ground himself somehow from the insurmountable pleasure coursing through him.

Sasuke pushed Naruto’s legs further against his chest, providing him with a more drastic angle and began to pound into the blonde at a rate that left Naruto breathless. He was unable to do much else but let out approving moans and clench down harder on Sasuke.

“God yes, right there!” Naruto practically sobbed out as he lifted his arm off of his eyes, not wanting to miss the visual of Sasuke as he absolutely wrecked him.

And what a visual it was.

His brows were furrowed in concentration as his lips were parted to take in panting breaths and let out deep moans every time that he relentlessly pushed his hips forward.

“My name,” Sasuke gritted out after a particularly hard thrust. All he got in return was a choked gasp.

“My. Fucking. Name.” Every word being punctuated by a brutal thrust directly to Naruto’s prostate.

He watched as Naruto’s folded over stomach would protrude in time with his thrusts, making something within him snap when he realized that it was his cock pressing up against him because of how deeply he was fucking into the blonde.

“Say it,” Sasuke demanded as he held his hips against Naruto’s ass and deeply ground himself into him.

“Fuck, Sasuke!” Naruto cried out.

“You’re so fucking tight,” Sasuke breathed out, feeling an inordinate amount of pride at hearing Naruto call out his name like that.

Sasuke was practically on top of him as he thrust into Naruto without abandon, the aching in his legs from maintaining their angle completely forgotten in favor of the promising heat of euphoria coiling in his abdomen.

Another moan was pulled from Naruto’s throat, followed by a whine when he tried to move his hips to get that last bit of friction needed to send him barreling over the blissful edge.

It didn’t go unnoticed by Sasuke, who for some unknown reason wanted to give Naruto nothing but the best; not wanting him to wish for a single thing to be different, so he reluctantly pulled himself out of Naruto.

Naruto let out an indignant whine at the loss, but was quickly put at ease when Sasuke flipped him so that his face was now pressed into the comforter at the foot of the bed.

“Ass up,” and a harsh slap to said ass was all of the explanation that Naruto got. He fulfilled the request, arching his back and spreading his legs much like how he’d been when they first got to the bedroom.

Sasuke’s hand even took the same place on Naruto’s back, between his shoulders, before slamming back into the blonde, making him jolt forward and practically scream as his prostate was hit dead on.

“Fuck yes, Sasuke! Harder!”


Sakura walked into her living room, being sure to stop by the mirror in the entryway to check that her hair was still in good form.

An entire day of trying on dresses for Hinata’s wedding left her feeling disheveled, and she hated to be anything less than pristine. She’d also seen that Naruto’s work truck was still parked by their back gate.

She’d been disappointed that she might miss the gorgeous pool boy, especially after leaving the note under his windshield wiper. She just knew that he’d jump at her the second an opportunity arose.

Unfortunately Sasuke was home as well, but Sakura figured that Naruto would at the very least want to discuss the note.

She gave her reflection a satisfied smile, still confident in her appearance, before pulling the plunging neckline of her shirt down a bit more and heading to the door leading out to their backyard.

The clacking of pink stilettos stopped right after she’d walked past the staircase and heard the muffled sound of someone… crying?

A thin, pink brow raised out of curiosity. Sasuke didn’t cry; didn’t really show any emotion other than irritation.

Suddenly an unmistakable cry of her husband’s name carried out throughout the staircase, making Sakura’s eyes go wide.

Confusion morphed into fury as she looked around for any signs of the skank that her husband seemed to have dragged to their home, stomping her red bottoms across the wood floors when her eyes landed on a white shirt laying in a heap by the couch.

She snatched up the fabric, but saw a faded, familiar logo. Though the shirt was inside out, she recognized it from the sides of Naruto’s work truck.

Not far from where she’d found the shirt was a crumpled piece of paper that was balled up. Had it not been for the S peaking out in her scrawl, she wouldn’t have known what it was.


Her ego was bruised beyond words as she ascended the stairs and made her way down the hallway, following the impassioned cries of the blonde that she’d spent weeks flirting with.

Sakura stopped dead in her tracks when she heard a deep, drawn out moan that held familiar qualities.

It wasn’t a sound that she had first hand knowledge of, seeing as how Sasuke was near silent while in bed with her, but the low timbre of it definitely belonged to her husband.

Over glossed lips fell open in shock as she stealthily approached the door to the master bedroom, slowly turning the knob and cracking the door open, her jaw damn near hitting the floor.

“Oh my god, don’t stop!” Naruto cried out as his face was being shoved into her bed while her husband pounded into him from behind with incredible determination and passion.

She’d never seen Sasuke in this kind of state.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, I’m so close! Holy shit, yes- I’m gonna cum!” Sakura couldn’t look away as she saw the blonde man’s body tense up.

“Keep fucking yourself back onto my cock- fuck, just like that,” Sasuke grunted out as Naruto’s hips continued to meet his thrusts, shocking the absolute shit out of Sakura.

He sounded like an entirely different person than the man that she’d known since high school and married.

A scream of Sasuke’s name ripped its way out of Naruto’s throat as his body went rigid, making Sakura let out a gasp.

Naruto was so caught up in the best orgasm of his life that he hadn’t heard a single thing outside of their slapping skin and Sasuke’s moans, but not Sasuke.

Black eyes snapped up to where he’d heard the noise, narrowing dangerously as his eyes locked with those of his wife.

A smirk stretched it way onto his face as his hips started to lose their rhythm.

“You want me to cum, Naruto? Fill you up until you’re a leaking mess under me?” Sasuke growled as he leaned down next to the blonde’s head but maintained his steady gaze on Sakura.

She was frozen where she stood. Afraid that things would somehow be worse if she moved.

The look in his eyes wasn't anything that she would have expected after clearly having found out that she had propositioned another man. He didn’t look angry or even spiteful; he looked proud and territorial, almost challenging. As if he were laying his claim and telling her, He’s mine.

The muffled pleas of Naruto could be heard by Sakura as she watched her husband flash her one final smirk before he buried his head in Naruto’s neck and let out a drawn out moan as his hips twitched and deeply pressed into the man below him.

Sakura jumped at the almost growl like sound and quickly shut the door right as she heard a breathless, satisfied whimper.

She stood in shock with her back pressed against the door as tears of frustration and rejection stung her eyes.

She wanted nothing more than to barge in there and give them both a piece of her mind, but the look that she’d seen in Sasuke’s eyes instilled genuine fear into her and compelled her to stay where she stood. She wanted to leave, but then what?

She’d have nothing, and she doubted that Sasuke would do anything to get her back.

It wasn’t until she heard a blissed out Naruto garble out, “Fuck, please tell me we can go again,” that she was able to take a step away from the door like it had scorched her.

Her breath hitched when she heard Sasuke chuckle and respond with, “You think I’m ever letting you go? Sakura won’t be coming back.”

The last thing that she heard before running away was Naruto’s hoarse laugh being cut off by a kiss.

The words raced through her head and drowned out the clacking of her heels as she ran down the stairs.

You think I’m ever letting you go?