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Hope the Future tunes with Reality

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Naegi Makoto may have won the lottery to become a student of Hope's Peak Academy. Still, he and several others had to live in the reserve course dormitory with two other students to pacify the Reserve Course(?)


One of his roommates looked like his long-lost older brother, tired-with-life mom friend Hinata Hajime. Hajime enrolled due to the grant offered to him by the school to participate in a special project. Too bad said project succeeded in their first attempt and no longer needs him. However, Hajime was a smartass when pissed and managed to grab a scholarship for himself.

While Hajime was a year higher than his current year, Saihara Shuichi was a batch lower than him. Shuichi was a part-time student, occasionally asking Hajime for notes when he skipped class to finish work. Shuichi was the  reserve   detective  in the strictest sense of the word. After the Reserve Course made a riot for equal rights, the school redefined the  Reserve Course 's objective.


[Reserve: retain for future use.]


Shuichi could have been an Ultimate Detective, but he lacked something . Whether it was fame, skills, or accomplishments, the reserve _____ wasn't exactly much of a big deal. However, once they fulfilled the criteria, the  reserve _____  becomes an  Ultimate .

If Luck could be measured, Makoto has a good feeling he'll be kicked to  reserve luck  student with how crazy Komaeda Nagito's talent was. In fact, Makoto doesn't believe he's lucky. He's just an ordinary student whose luck rose highest during Hope's Peak Academy's annual lottery.




"Cut yourself some slack." Then, as if Hajime could hear his internal monologues, the 3rd year reserve course student spoke as he continued to answer the module. "You're not just the Ultimate Lucky student, but you're also the Ultimate protagonist."

"Ultimate protagonist?" Makoto blinked, lowering his game girl. "I am not."


"Befriended everyone in the Main course campus, constantly optimistic, speaks like an idealist and neverending levels of trust..." Hajime elaborated, never looking away from his textbook. "The final nail to the coffin is your talent. Your luck is your plot armor."

"I don't think we can have two titles at the same time..." Makoto knew there was someone with multiple talents, but Kamukura Izuru was given only one title to describe his talents. "No, no, no. We can only have one title for simplicity's sake."


"If you say so, protag." Hajime, who finally accepted his false title as Makoto's older brother, closed his book and set it on the table. "Usually, you'd be out hanging out with your friends this weekend, but you aren't. What's up?"

"You know how ordinary I am, right?" Makoto returned to his last thought before Hajime interrupted him. "And you know I like Kirigiri-san, right?"


"Did you get your bisexual awakening?" Hajime stood up, stretching his arms before heading to their communal kitchen.

"N-no!" Makoto stuttered, remembering Shuichi's gay awakening after the detective realized he was in denial. Then again, Makoto has considered his classmates to be fairly good looking-


"I really think you're bi but sure. Whatever." Hajime began mincing garlic and onion for dinner.

Hajime, Shuichi, and Makoto agreed to pool their resources and have Hajime deal with the food to cut expenses.  Hajime relented because he always cooked his meals before coming to Hope's Peak . When buying school material or other items, Shuichi is their man with how much the detective criticizes and compares prices in the market.  Shuichi frequently traveled to different parts of Japan to solve cases, but that still wasn't enough to earn him an Ultimate title.  Makoto? Makoto is the guy who convinces the duo that life is worth living.  Hajime and Shuichi found the reserve course, in general, to be taxing.  Makoto also gives the duo information on what's going on in the Main course, which is different from what the school feeds the reserve course.

"Did you confess and get rejected?" Hajime broke his line of thought, already turning on the stove and pouring the rice from yesterday into the wok. "Or are you debating on confessing during the Summer party?"


"I... The latter." Makoto glanced at the table and at the invitation letter, he showed his roommates yesterday. All Main course students are to participate since VIPs and news reporters will be attending the charity event. "I uh... Failed to ask her out. She was busy today."

"You chickened out." Hajime corrected. Makoto heaved, aware he was delaying the inevitable. Thankfully, he has a roommate who's really empathic despite his prickly demeanor. "And you don't have anyone to go out with to the party. You two are already friends, so just ask her out on the event itself."

"That's not easy, Hinata-kun." Makoto raised his hands, unable to flip the metal table. "Not only will her father be there, but also her grandfather. What if I mess up and her whole family rejects me?!"


"Better now than never." Hajime flipped the rice in the wok. Setting down the wok, Hajime scanned the kitchen while holding the wooden spoon. "For a second there, I thought you realized you have a harem."

"What? No. Why do you keep thinking I would have a harem? I'm not that popular." Makoto filled the thermos and started heating the water for the tea. "I was actually... Hoping if you two would like to come with me tomorrow?"


"Our exam starts next week, and you want us to attend tomorrow's party?" Hajime opened the fridge, getting sidetrack. "Saihara will have to buy the groceries soon."

"Your exams are next week?" Makoto almost forgot the Reserve course has a different examination schedule compared to the Main Course. "Why is Saihara-kun still working?"


"Dunno. He's going to sacrifice sleep to study everything." Hajime scoffed, grabbing frozen gyoza packets. "If Saihara's going, I might as well come with."

"But you told me you guys have exams?" Makoto set their teapot on the table, opening the cabinet to see what tea leaves they should try today. He trusted his gut, grabbing a random pack and placing some leaves inside the teapot.

"Yeah, but you and Saihara are my kouhai," Hajime admitted, prepping the pan. The brunette set the gyozas in, grabbing a lid to cover the skillet pan. "Saihara and I can also be your chaperone in case something bad happens to you."




"I'm back." Shuichi opened the door, wearing his uncle's agency uniform. He entered the room, closing the door. "Ah... I can come with you, Naegi-kun."

"Wait. You were listening?!" Makoto looked up after he filled the teapot with hot water. He needed to wait and let the leaves steep. "How long?"

"Not long... Hinata-kun's words gave it away." Shuichi removed his cap, removing his uniform to wear something casual. "I know you enough to be aware of your actions."


'I wonder if Kirigiri-san also sees me in the same manner?' Makoto set the teapot aside, preparing the chopsticks and teacups for the tea.

"What's the dress code?" Hajime set the bowls filled with fried rice and served the gyoza on a plate. The duo sat down, waiting for the tea and Shuichi to return.

"Formal masquerade party." Makoto glanced at their closet, recalling to only see an array of reserve course uniforms from either roommate.


"Want me to help you rent one, Hinata-kun?" Shuichi offered, finally sitting down.

"Nah. I'm good." Hajime contemplated, "But seriously? A masquerade party? In the middle of Summer?"

"Maybe... They want to *yawn* protect the VIPs' identity?" Shuichi yawned. Both Makoto and Hajime agreed that the idea sounded right.




"If that were the case, Saihara has to buy the groceries tomorrow afternoon," Hajime warned, letting Makoto pour tea into their teacups.

"Wait. Why not morning?" Shuichi gave a silent thanks to Makoto.

"We're studying tonight for the midterms," Hajime explained, and Shuichi almost dropped his teacup. "Unless you want to make a fool out of yourself by sleeping in the party. Just imagine if he-"

"I get it. Don't say  his  name." Shuichi set his cup down, grabbing his chopsticks.