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Noble Trash Point of View

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Puzzle City, where the final battle is against the White Star and the sealed Gods. Cale fought against the White Star along with the taerang-wielding Alberu and Choi han. During the final and greatest strike, Cale managed to stab the White Star with the dagger that the world tree had given him. As if not giving up White Star tried to blow himself up and said "at least I'll take you to death with me you bastard". Cale belatedly dodged it and boooooomm.........



Alberu and Choi han ran towards Cale to save him.

"ah...finally I can rest....well resting in another least the White Star is dead and the world will be fine...damn, who would have thought that bastard would blow himself up ...I think I heard my hyungs and Choi han scream....well, they are strong so they will be fine....ah, am I going to die? What about the kids when I'm gone? crying and won't eat...well, Ron and Beacrox will definitely take care of them....everything will be fine right? unless something crazy can't be right?how about if my family is going to destroy the world? surely the kids will say that they will destroy the world. hmmm...maybe Eruhaben-nim will overturn some mountains...Cage will definitely do something crazy to the Death God. pity that god… well, I guess my hyung will take care of everything so I can rest easy.”

booommmmm............the sound of an explosion was so big that people had trouble standing because of the strong wind.




people shouted the name of the hero, who was the closest person to the explosion. They saw the royal crown prince Roan and A swordsman running towards the hero. Yes, that's right they were Alberu crossman and Choi han who was Cale's closest person. They ran towards Cale without paying any heed to the explosion.

"Grandpa let me go. I, I, the great and mighty Raon Miru will help humans, don't hinder me"

"Shut up here little one, Choihan and Alberu have gone there they can definitely help him"

"but...but...what if human"

"Don't talk like that little boy, you believe in him right? If you believe in him he will definitely come back safely, so stay here"

Eruhaben was busy preventing people from running to save Cale, it wasn't that he didn't want to save him, but it was too dangerous, so he had to leave it to Alberu and Choi han.

The explosion had started to subside and Eruhaben and the rest of Cale's group were running towards the origin of the explosion.

Eruhaben clenched his fists trying to hold back the anger that was so great that he wanted to turn this world upside down. When they were upstairs they did find Cale. However, in OFF state.

Ron gripped his dagger tightly to calm his anger, but that didn't seem to be working. his hand was slowly bleeding from gripping the dagger too hard, how could he not be angry, the puppy that was now too small to be considered a puppy was sitting up covered in blood, not the slightest blood like when Cale used his AP, it was a lot and probably a lot of blood. there until it forms a puddle.

Ron looked around, he also found Choihan and Alberu, No...or rather their corpses.

He naturally knew that the two of them had already arrived at Cale when the explosion occurred, he could imagine that the crown prince was in front of Cale while thrusting a spear into the ground while blocking Cale from getting hit by the explosion, the proof that Alberu's corpse was in worse condition than Cale's. He also looked at Choihan's sword, he... that's right... Choihan's sword gripped by his right hand, that's right... only the sword gripped by his right hand was left. His entire body wasn't even there, Choihan sure pierced the White Star's body with his sword to prevent the explosion from expanding.

Just as the corpses of the White Stars disappeared into dust particles, so the corpses of the three of them left only the remains of their bodies.


Another explosion occurred as Raon started to massively accumulate his mana causing an explosion


Everyone couldn't help but agree… they felt such anger that they felt compelled to wipe out this world dunia


Eruhaben began to speak in a low, firm tone.


All attention immediately turned to Eruhaben who incidentally was the oldest living being and was a dragon who had been with Cale for a long time.


Ron, Beacrox, Rosalyn, On and Hong, Raon, Bud, Hannah, Saint Jack, Witira, Archie, Paseton, Mary, Dodori, Mila, Rasheel, Toonka, Litana and everyone else there who had caught up with Cale's group waiting to see what happened. would say the dragon.


Wushh ... silence began to fall over everyone, they have started to think clearly. If they destroyed this world wouldn't it be like wasting Cale, Alberu and Choihan's sacrifices?!

On and Hong slowly started to cry while hugging Ron's body. Raon was also crying while being hugged by Eruhaben. One by one people started shedding their tears seeing the children being raised by Cale crying hysterically.

They knew they had won against the villains, the White Star and the Sealed God, however, the atmosphere was not joy at having won the battle, but sadness because their heroes sacrificed for the peace of this world.

The next day Cale, Alberu and Choi han's funeral was held


The funeral went smoothly, many people were present at the funeral. Starting from important people such as the nobles, Cale's group and the dragons, his family and friends, the ordinary elves and the dark elves, even some vampires also participated in the funeral such as Duke Fredo, the blue wolf tribe, the tiger tribe, even the the pope to the common people participated in the funeral.

The funeral was held in the dark forest, behind the black castle the funeral ceremony went smoothly. They were not afraid of coming dangers such as wild beasts or enemy attacks, because the funeral was held behind the Dragon God's castle and there were also dragons on standby for the worst.

There were even very strong people there, even the creatures from the other races who were Cale's allies were there. The people present at the funeral couldn't help but be surprised by the presence of the many races there. They didn't really care about it because they knew that everyone here came for the release of the heroes.

The Cale Family and the Royal Family agreed that the funeral would be held in the forest of darkness. Normally the heroes and royal members would be buried in a special place, but at the request of the remaining members of Cale's group the funeral was held in the forest of darkness.

Cale's coffin was filled with Cale who was wearing his military uniform, Alberu's coffin was filled with Alberu who was wearing his royal clothes and also taerang, while Choi han's coffin was only filled with the sword that Cale gave him which was the only thing Choi han left.

The funeral went smoothly from start to finish, accompanied by the sobs of children and other people.

After the funeral was over everyone went home leaving Cale's group members behind. They entered Cale's Villa Rock which was under the black castle. They began to reminisce about their time with them. They also go to a room where they often spend time together

"I... I... I will eat well, shower well and sleep well"

"I will save well and not waste money"

"We will do our best so that humans are not sad there"

The kids started talking in the room, starting with Raon then On and Hong. The adults in the room couldn't help but be saddened by their words.


The eyes of everyone in the room turned to look at the person who opened the door loudly. Yep... that person is Cage. The only person from Cale's group who didn't attend the funeral. At first they thought that Cage was late, but they knew that Cage wasn't the type to be late. They also tried to contact Cage, but Cage said he would not be coming to the funeral.

They don't know why Cage didn't want to attend the funeral, they thought Cage was too sad to be able to attend the funeral. But what happened now? people who were not present at the funeral came and opened the door so loudly that it made a sound. They were even more confused because Cage came with a big smile which didn't fit the sad mood in the room.

"What cage huh?what happened and why didn't you come to the funeral?" asked Eruhaben because everyone was still dumbfounded by what had happened.

"I'm glad you asked Eruhaben-nim" replied Cage in a cheerful tone

"Erm, why didn't you come to Cage's funeral earlier?" asked Rosalyn who was getting more and more confused by the sudden development of the atmosphere

Without answering Rosalyn's question, Cage walked straight to the table in the middle of them. Then Cage took out a book and placed it on the table. A book ? what book is it ? what is the book for? that was roughly the question that was on the minds of everyone who was still confused by the sudden arrival. As if he couldn't stand the silence, Beacrox asked

"Cage for what ma-"

"Let's do it !" interrupted Cage

"I still don't understand Miss Cage, what do you mean?" asked Ron in a creepy tone

As if he didn't care about all these questions, Cage repeated his words again.

" Lets do it !"

Cage then opened the book and the book gave off an ominous aura, then Cage smiled in a sinister manner and said

"Let's kill death"

As if understanding what was going on, one by one the people in the room began to smile in the same way as Cage.

" Of course "

Along with Eruhaben's answer, the atmosphere of the room began to turn scary, so that if someone entered the room, that person would think that the place was a criminal's headquarters.

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Cold...that was the first impression I got after I died. Wait.... I'm dead right? well... estimating that white bastard's attack I would be dead, after all I can't move my body right now. However, where am I now? am i in heaven? I don't think so, it's cold. Does this mean hell? I think I've done a lot of good things before I die , then why am I in hell oi... is it because I used to be the scum of society? Come on, what's wrong with being the trash of society? I guess that's not so bad, rather than being a burden to parents right? Well... my family is rich so there's no way I'm a burden.

So, where am I now? Why is it that when I'm dead I'm still suffering? why should i be cold now? Ah, I miss my soft bed, my warm blanket, and Ron's lemon. Wait, how can I remember that horrible old man. So, what should I do when I'm dead. hmm... are people supposed to still have consciousness when they're dead? I don't think so? Then what happens to my body now?

Come on think... hmm, I'm lazy to think, what should I do? right, let's just sleep





wait... I'm dead. Why can I still hear my hyungs and Choihan's voices? oh..I've read this when I was still Kim Rok Soo, I think this is a flashback of life. I'm touched my hyungs and Choihan tried to save me, they must have survived the explosion right? well as long as they don't do anything weird they'll be fine



wait why are their voices still there? Aren't they tired of shouting my name all the time? let's just let it go



"Dongsaeng let's wake up"


Tsk... come on this is getting annoying, I just want to rest in peace. Is my request too difficult?


"Dongsaeng come on ba-"

"I'm dead don't bother me"

oh...they stopped yelling at me. let's continue this rest in peace.

“Cale are you okay?”

"I'm dead so stop worrying about me"

"Cale-nim you're not dead yet, you're still talking to us"

What? I haven't died after the explosion? amazing. Wait.. if I'm not dead that means

I immediately opened my eyes and yap my hyungs and choihan were in front of me, I immediately got up and checked my body parts. yep, everything is still complete and not blistered, even the scars from the battle are not there. I think Saint Jack must be trying hard to cure me.

I saw my hyungs and Choi han, hmm they are both fine they also have no scars, well I have to thank saint jack later. but wait where am I, it's very dark here, luckily I'm with my hyung and choihan.

"Wonderful, Your Majesty, wherever you are you are always a light to our Roan kingdom. You are truly the sun shining in the darkness so we don't know-"


"Your Majesty it's not funny where we are now why is it so dark here, luckily you as our sun shine so bright-"

"I do not know"


"I do not know"


"I don't know where we are now"


“Cale-nim, we were already here when we woke up”

"Here? in this dark place? how did you guys get here?"

“I don't really understand but when I was trying to save Cale-nim along with His Majesty I suddenly woke up in this dark room, I didn't see anyone here except His Majesty at that time. When I tried to approach His Majesty suddenly His Majesty Your Majesty woke up then we walked trying to find a way out then we met you here"

"And you know the first word you said was I'm dead and don't bother me it's so annoying you know my dear dongsaeng"

" you guys were trying to save me from the explosion and then ended up here and found me like that?"

“You are really smart Cale, as expected of the young master of the Silver Shield, the hero of the western continent, the future star of the Roan kingdom who is very strong.


“Cale-nim do you know what's going on and how we got here now?”

"I thought we were dead and ended up here now"




“Cale-nim you can't just say you died like that”

"But I said we died"

"Choihan is right dongsaeng honey you can't say I'm dead and don't bother me just like that, don't you know how many people are worried about you hmm?"

"Your Majesty an-"


"That's right hyung. You can't just run towards the direction of the explosion just to save me you know"

"And you also can't just forbid the Crown Prince to help you while you just throw your body at the enemy and fight alone and try to sacrifice yourself just like that"

"Your Majesty is right Cale-nim you can't just sacrifice yourself"

"Okay fine I understand me after all, we're dead now, right?"

"But why are we here together?"

"I guess because we died together?"

“Cale-nim you should use the word together more often than alone you know.”

'I don't think dying together is a good word' I thought after getting tired of arguing with these stubborn people.

"Then what should we do now?"

That's right, after hearing Choi han's words I thought

"What should we do when we're dead?"

Suddenly I felt that my surroundings were vibrating, I then looked at Choi Han who was one of the causes of the shaking

"Choi han what are you doing? I know you're angry but can you not-"

"I didn't do it"


"Not me"

'Who is it, then?' I thought, suddenly the shock came back, then all around me broke, more precisely the dark room broke so that it showed white light from the shards seeing that we started running trying to get out of the room and yep... not that easy and we fell to the ground. in the white light.


" head" I started to gather my consciousness and started to look around. Hmm... it's a little soft, is it on the bed? What time is it now ? I looked at the clock beside the bed.

"'s still 5, let's go to sleep again"


"I'm still sleepy don't wake me up"

"Dongsaeng dear get up, we've fallen down"

Instantly I immediately got up and sat on the bed. Wait for the mattress? didn't we fall

"You're right our hyung ja... who are you?"

I asked the little boy next to me, I think he is the same age as On, his hair is blonde and his eyes are very pretty blue..wait...


"Yes it's me"

"Hyung are you shrinking?" gosh my hyung turned into a kid of On's age? and he is very very very cute gosh, I feel like pinching his cheeks but I stopped because of what he said next

"You've turned into a stupid little kid too"

"Huh?" I immediately stood up and walked to look for the mirror and.... wow I'm so handsome... no that's pretty... I started to touch my face and pinch my cheeks and yep it hurts and means this is real. I still have my most important face.

"Hyung where is Choihan?"

"There" while pointing at the bed in the corner of the room and I saw beside the bed little Choihan was sitting in the corner of the bed repeating the same thing

“How can I protect Cale-nim with this body? how….how…how”

Yeah, it's rare to see Choihan act like that and now he looks so cute or pity? I have no idea

“Cale do you know what happened?”

"I think this is what that Death God bastard did, he's the only one I know who can do something like this"

"God really does as he pleases"

"You're right Choihan, it's nice to have your energy back"

"And he immediately cursed God"

“That's because he imitated you Cale” Alberu said in a voice so small that Cale couldn't hear it but Choihan could hear it.

"Where are we now?"

"Cale-nim, I think we're in Korea" said Choihan as he opened the window and showed big buildings with Korean writing.

"I think we reincarnated like that white bastard, but in a different world"

“Really Cale, how did you know that?”

"Erm, I guess because I can see the memories of this body"

"You're right Cale-nim I can see it too, in this memory Cale-nim you were always being bullied and I couldn't help you that's why I was desperate just now"

"I think you're right I see here you cry in my arms every time you get bullied"

"Hyung that's not funny"

"You're right, I see, I think our names are the same as before the only thing that changes is our age, hmm I'm the oldest I'm 12 years old"

"I think I'm the youngest, I'm 10 years old"

"I'm thankful I'm a year older than Cale-nim"

“Here we are all orphans and live in an orphanage, but it seems the administrators are corrupt so we are forced to find our own food and we are often told by the older children to buy food with our own money but we always don't get any food” explained Cale

"It's amazing from being a Crown Prince to being a children's errand boy? I guess my rank has fallen too much"

"But you are still the number one sun in my noble heart you know ma-'


We looked at each other, then nodded

'There's no mistaking this voice, that bastard's voice'

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< I am the God of Death >

< I guess you guys guessed it but I'll just reiterate >

< You are dead, however, I brought you back to life >

“I know the part where the question is why and how did you know” Cale said in an impolite tone

< Ehem okay, I'll explain >

< Your family is so crazy >

“I know that part too, don't tell it bit by bit and just say it all right away” Cale replied who was already impatient

"Dongsaeng dear, how about you listen to what he has to say before you finish talking" Alberu said in a very soft tone while thinking 'my dongsaeng is oppressing a god'

While seeing that Choihan said in his heart 'as expected of Cale-nim he isn't even afraid of gods when it comes to his family'. And Cale naturally didn't know about this because he was busy with the Death God's words

'what did my family do? did they start destroying the world so the gods tried to stop it?'

'no no if it is related to the god of death there is only one possibility, Cage'

< Cage did crazy things to me >

'I knew it'

< He's trying to curse me, not kill me rather >

< I never expected the book I left behind to be used to curse myself >

'I feel a little sorry for this god'

< He threatened me and told me to revive you, but I couldn't revive you in the same timeline as before, so I sent you here >

< I told him you were alive but not there, it seems your family doesn't have a problem with this as long as you are alive, and since I told him that he stopped bothering me >


'My family has gone mad'

'I knew for sure Cage would do something to the god of death but I never thought it would go this far'

'I think I underestimated my family'

"So I guess we can live as usual comfortably in this world right?" asked Choihan

< I don't think so >

"What are you doing?" ask Alberu

< This world is about to come to an end >

"Are you crazy?" said Cale who had been silent and observing

'I died saving the world from the apocalypse and now, am I going to face the apocalypse again?'

'I thought the first words my dongsaengs would say after they finished were swear words'

'As expected of Cale-nim'


“And why does it have to be this world?”- Cale

< Since this world is quite similar to your old world, so I think you will adapt well here >

“Tsk…then at least please tell us the information about that apocalypse”- Cale

< Hmm... I guess that part is okay, the apocalypse will come in about 8 years >

"So you want us to prepare for these 8 years?" - Alberu

< Of course, I don't want you to die again so I can rest in peace >

'I thought that being lazy is what everyone wants the most, even the god of death wants to rest' thought Cale

< Then, see you next time, take good care of yourselves >

After saying that the voice of the god of death was no longer heard. Alberu and Choihan then thought about what to do to prepare themselves for the apocalypse. Meanwhile Cale...

“Alright, I've had enough of the talk earlier, I'm tired so I'm going to sleep, don't wake me up” Cale said and he fell asleep right away.

"How can he sleep in this atmosphere? At least he can help think, can't he?" - Alberu

“Your Majesty, I think we should wake Cale-nim up”- Choihan

“You're right” Alberu and Choihan went straight to Cale and woke him, of course it wasn't that easy to wake someone up, but in the end Cale was forced to wake up because he couldn't stand the noise around him.

“So, what should we do from now on?”-Alberu

“I guess we should sleep first” - Cale

“Cale-nim, you can't sleep anymore now, it's already morning, isn't it your highness?” - Choihan

“First we have to correct our way of speaking. Choihan, don't call me Cale-nim, people will find it weird, you should just call my name” - Cale

"He's right, don't call me Your Majesty, I'm no longer a prince or crown prince" - Alberu

"So how do we call each other?" - Choihan

"Because I'm the oldest, I guess I'll be a hyung" -Alberu

“Alright, now let's get out of this orphanage” - Cale

"You're right, we can't be here forever, after all I can't stand this place, butdo we have money?" - Alberu

"I don't know, how about we look for him in this room" - Choihan

The three of them looked at each other then nodded, they then scattered around the room to look for some money. Choihan looked under the bed, where as Cale searched the desk drawer.

Alberu walked around the room and his eyes focused on the only wardrobe in the room, he tried to open it and...

“Cale…Choihan…come here”- Alberu

“Hyung, what's wrong with you, did you find anything? why is your face like that?” Cale said while looking at his hyung strangely, Alberu made a happy face with his evil smirk that made him feel scary.

Cale and Choihan then walked towards Alberu and when they arrived in front of the cupboard, they made expressions similar to Alberu's.

"It seems that the God of Death is a good god" - Choihan

“So generous, I was a little touched”- Cale

“You should apologize to him next time Cale, at least he isn't that bad” – Alberu

In front of them was a cupboard that contained Cale's military uniform, Alberu's royal armor and taerang, and also Choihan's sword. Cale immediately took out his military uniform and reached into his pocket.

“What Cale are you looking for?”- Alberu

"If my uniform is here it means my spatial pouch is here which means my money is here too right?" - Cale

"Wasn't your spatial pouch held by Raon?" - Choihan

“You know I'm rich right? I have a lot of money so I keep it in various places.” Cale searched his spatial pockets in all of his shirt pockets.

A while later Cale managed to find it then immediately opened it. cring...cring...cring... gold began to fall in enormous quantities and made a very beautiful sound.

“Cale-nim, that's gold, that's a lot” Choi han looked at the money Cale took out from his spatial pouch. He was so surprised by the amount of gold there was that he addressed Cale using the word-nim

“Wow Cale, you are so rich” Alberu said while looking at the amount of money that was taken out with a surprised look.

"I'm thankful that the Roan Kingdom's currency uses real gold so we can exchange it for the currency here." - Cale

"I see, now that we have the money to survive in this world, now all we have to do is leave this orphanage" - Alberu

"You're right, now we just need to get out of this place and then we go to-'


Choihan's voice was cut off by a knock on their bedroom door. Cale immediately put back the money he had already taken out into his spatial pouch. He also stuffed his military uniform, Alberu's shirt, Taerang's and Choihan's sword into his spatial Pouch. After entering all that, Alberu walked towards the bedroom door and opened it.

In front of their bedroom door, a group of children were standing there

"Hey, what are you doing huh? why did you take so long to open the door" said a boy who was about 15 years old, he seemed to be the leader.

“Come on hyung don't make that scary face, Cale will cry again and it will be very noisy” said one of the children from the crowd.

'what? I'm crying because of this little kid's words? well, the old Cale might soon cry and hide behind Alberu, but, but that's not me ok, how could I be scared of this little kid?' Cale thought in his heart, trying to survive to hurl swear words at the bunch of kids in front of him

“Hey, why are you guys still here, quickly go and buy us some food” the leader of the kids said then threw the bag at Cale.

Choihan immediately stood in front of Cale to protect him as usual and stared at the group of children as if he was going to beat them up.

Cale tugged at Choihan's shirt and shook his head as Choihan looked at him.

'I can't let him kill those poor kids' thought Cale

Choihan could only sigh and stare at the leader of the group

"What about the money?" asked Choihan

"just use your money"


"At least you guys must be hiding some money from us right?"

"Right, use the money and buy us food"

"What kind of bullshit is that?"

“what?” the leader of the group immediately looked at Cale who had been behind Choihan

“Aren't you the ones who need that food? why should we buy it? and again using our own money instead of yours”-Cale

"Hoo, you dare to fight now huh? Is it because your two hyungs are here to protect you huh?"

Cale just let out a long sigh looking at the leader of the group, Cale thought that he had to maintain his patience to deal with these kids and control Choihan so he wouldn't attack him.kill the children.

"Why don't you just ask the caretaker for money, why do you have to take money from us?" - Alberu

"Huh? Do you think that person will pay attention to us? all they care about is money, he will only treat us well if someone comes to adopt us or when the mayor comes to visit, after that he treats us like parasites that live around him"

"If you want to ask him for money, why don't you try it yourself?"

Alberu then looked at Cale and Choihan. They looked at each other with a 'let's do it' expression.

"Okay we will go to the caretaker's room" - Alberu

Alberu immediately walked towards the administrator's room based on his body's memories. Naturally Choihan and Cale went along with Alberu as well. While the group of children earlier looked at them with pitying expressions. They finally stood in front of the door of the nursing home's room, they looked at each other and nodded.

Knock... Knock... Knock...


Hearing the voice they immediately opened the door of the room and entered the room of the caretaker of the orphanage. As expected, the room was 10 times nicer than the other rooms. Many expensive-looking items such as flower vases and statues were displayed in the room.

In front of them was a man who was around 50 years old sitting on a soft chair that looked very expensive looking at them with an expression as if asking 'what do you need'

"Orphanage caretaker, we want to get out of this orphanage" - Alberu

"Okay," said the caretaker with a satisfied expression

'Is it really that easy for us to get out of here? why don't you guys just get out of this place you bastards' thought Cale.

"Thank you for taking care of us all this time, the caretaker of the orphanage, we hope that in the future we can meet again with the caretaker, we hope you don't forget us just as we will not forget you" said Alberu using his fluent tongue

We were immediately asked to sign several letters stating that we were no longer part of the orphanage and that the orphanage had no relationship with us anymore. Of course we immediately signed it happily, happy to be out of that place

We immediately left after signing some of the documents. When we came out the children who had disturbed us were still waiting in front of our room. Choihan immediately showed his resignation letter from the orphanage. The children stared at the letter in disbelief, they then looked at us as if they didn't want the person they often ordered to move.

We immediately left the orphanage without taking anything other than our bodies and the clothes we were wearing, we didn't bring anything because we didn't have any important things to carry. Everything we needed was already in the spatial pouch I brought with me.

With that we are now out of the orphanage and homeless. yep now we have no place to live to. But... we have a lot of money we can exchange.

"Now where do we go next?" - Alberu

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"Now, where do we go next?" - Alberu

"Since it's already morning how about we eat first?" - Choihan

"Shouldn't we exchange money first?" - Cale

"Where should we exchange it?" - Alberu

“First we go to the jewelry shop and then exchange some of these gold coins for the currency here” - Cale

“Cale-ni… ekhem Cale why did you exchange only part of it?” - Choihan

“I don't think it's unreasonable for little kids to sell a lot of gold coins at once, they think we must have stolen it from some place and will report us, well those coins are stolen stuff too anyway” - Cale

"You stole it?" - Alberu

“I stole him from that white bastard's base, he's a bad guy so I guess it's fine” – Cale

"Good job, now let's go exchange some of that money and then we'll eat" - Alberu


Cale, Alberu and Choi han were standing in front of a jewelry store that wasn't too big but still looked good, so they went inside. Inside the shop they met an old man sitting behind a glass table.

"Hoo, is there anything I can help you with little one?" said the old man kindly.

“Good morning grandpa” Cale said in a cheerful and excited tone with a deceptive smile that made Choihan and Alberu think 'he'll do it again'. Choihan and Alberu looked at each other and nodded after deciding to leave everything to Cale.

"Good morning little boy, are you lost?" asked the old man. His first customers this morning were 3 very cute little children, one of the little children also greeted him with a cheerful and excited tone that made him wait for what the child would say

"That's erm... d-can we sell something here?" Cale asked in a tone that expressed that he was nervous

"What are you going to sell me little boy?" The old man patiently waited for what the child in front of him would say

"Erm... I want to exchange my coins for money"

"Let me see your coin"

Seeing that the old man was very patient with his behavior, Cale smiled in his heart, then Cale reached into his shirt pocket as if he was looking for his coins. Cale also decided 'let's try one coin first'. Cale also took out one gold coin of his and placed it on the glass table. Seeing the coin, the grandfather was very surprised and asked

"Where did you get it boy, I don't accept stolen goods"

"That..i was my grandfather's legacy, I accidentally saw a box then opened it and it contained the coin. The coin was shining very beautifully so I thought it was a good thing so I brought it here to sell it because I don't have any money" said Cale was nervously and with a sad expression that made the old man feel pity and trust in him

Meanwhile Choihan and Alberu were trying not to shake their heads at Cale's behavior.

"I see, it seems that your grandfather really loves you because this coin is 100 percent real gold"

"Re-really? Grandpa wants to buy it then?"

"Of course little one, this coin is very good after all it is a real coin so of course I will accept it. This one coin I value around 100,000 Won, that's a lot isn't it? I'm sure you found a lot of these coins in your grandfather's box, you can sell everything to me if you want

'What is 100,000 Won? oh my gosh if i exchange all my coins here i will be very very rich. but can that old man really buy all my coins? I have a lot here… I don't think so, I don't want to be too flashy to attract the attention of thieves. for now let's just sell 10 coins'-cale thought in his heart

"I only brought 10 coins with me, will grandpa buy all of them?" Cale said while tilting his head as if confused

"Of course I will buy it, wait a minute I will exchange the money" said the grandfather to the little boy in front of him who was still confused and surprised, then thought 'My customer today is very cute'

The old man went into the room behind the glass table. As if feeling a gaze from behind him Cale immediately turned around.

“What is it?”-Cale

"It's okay" - Choihan

"Dongsaeng dear, if you become a cheater I'm sure you will be very successful"

Ignoring the two people Cale immediately turned to see the old man back while carrying money in a small bag. Cale immediately received the money then walked out of the shop.

“Thank you grandpa”-Cale

"Sure sure, please come next time"

They left the shop feeling satisfied, then


"I think we should eat soon"

they then go to find a nearby place to eat and eat there


After they finished eating, they went to the bank and opened a new account. they decided to only make 1 account first because the money is still a little.

After creating an account they went to buy everyday clothes. They then change their old clothes and immediately replace them with the clothes they just bought.

And as expected of a handsome person, many people in the shop were amazed to see them, although Choihan was just like the average person there but he was still attractive with his innocent look. The ones that attracted the most attention were Cale and Alberu

Starting from the different hair and eye colors of Korean people, making people think that they are foreigners. Moreover, they give off an aura that makes people around them stare at them.

Even the cashier who worked in the shop treated Cale and Alberu with courtesy and respect. The workers there thought that Cale and Alberu were the sons of rich and honorable people based on their aura, and thought that Choihan was their bodyguard.

Of course it's not wrong, both of them are rich people and former nobles, although they are no longer nobles now, but their noble aura is still there. Choihan was indeed their bodyguard, because from the start he had been in charge of guarding Cale and Alberu.

Seeing Alberu paying for their clothes using a credit card convinced them even more that they were important people, especially since the contents of the credit card were not small. After finishing the payment they walked towards the outside door of the shop. Many people were blocking the door because they were busy looking at Cale and Alberu. Choihan immediately walked in front of the two of them to repel the mob.

"Look at those two very handsome and beautiful"

"I think the red-haired boy is prettier than my daughter"

"Why is one child different from the others?"

"He must be their bodyguard, you know."

"You're right in the kid movies rich families have at least one bodyguard they grew up with and he must have been trained since childhood."

"oh look them out"

"gosh he's standing in front of the two of them to make way"

"He is their bodyguard"

"Where are they going? I'm not satisfied with seeing handsome people"

"I want to introduce it to my daughter"

"I want them to be friends with my children"

-------------------------------------------------- ---

"Cale" - Alberu


"Did I do something wrong? Why are people watching us?" - Alberu

“I don't know, maybe you shine too much hyung”- Cale

Choihan couldn't help but smile at their conversation. Because Choihan's senses are more sensitive than ordinary people he can tell when people are busy talking about the two.

"Hmm, where do we go next?" - Alberu

“We're going to buy a handphone” - Cale

"Hand phone? what is it?" - Alberu

"It's like the communication ball we used before, but it doesn't require a magician to connect it so everyone can use it, you can also take pictures with it, well using a handphone is actually easy maybe one day you can use it properly"

Cale explained at length but he saw that Alberu wasn't paying attention to what he was saying.


"Hyung why don't you listen to me"

"What is that?"


"Is that a car?"

"Means of transportation"

"Where's the horse?"

"Not needed"

"Then how does that thing work?"


" there a teleport device?"



Throughout the journey Alberu kept asking questions like a child who had just left the house for the first time. He kept asking about what it looked like; cars, bicycles, buses, even traffic lights. And Cale continued to answer him patiently whereas Choihan only chuckled and felt nostalgic for the place.

Arriving at the handphone shop, they were again the center of people's attention. Seeing that Cale quickly chose which handphone he thought was good, Cale then took the 3 handphones he liked and took them to the cashier. The cashier was surprised but immediately prepared it and mentioned the price to Cale.

Cale was taken aback by the price that was displayed, but the expression Cale showed was a relaxed one. Cale immediately finished the payment then left before the crowd started to gather.

“This thin thing is that expensive?”- Alberu said in disbelief

"Cale is it okay I received this valuable item?"- Choihan said while holding the cellphone in his hand while shaking

"This cost almost half the money we exchanged earlier"

"It's okay, I'm rich"

"I didn't think it was noon, let's find an inn first, I'm already tired"

Chapter Text

“Cale, where are we?” asked Alberu when he saw them standing in front of a very tall building.


"What is a hotel?"

"Place to stay"

"I think this is too good to be called an inn"

"Of course, because that's the name of the hotel"

"Come on in I've ordered it for us"

“Cale, I know you are rich but isn't this a waste of money? I feel like that place is very expensive.”

"I've ordered it for a month, besides this is a strategic place, it's close to shopping centers and also schools, there are places to eat that are also incorporated there. So, no need to travel too far if you need something"

"Haah... well okay it's up to you"

They then walked towards the front door of the hotel. While standing in front of the hotel door, suddenly the door shifted automatically. Alberu was amazed at that but showed no expression on his face.

As the Crown Prince, he was educated to always hide his facial expressions. Because he was used to it, sometimes his habit of showing his expression appeared without him noticing, for example at this time. Well, even though these days he can express as he pleases in front of Cale

"Welcome, is there anything I can help you with?"

A hotel clerk dressed as a butler greets the three

“I have booked a hotel under Cale Henituse's name”

The employee was surprised but quickly guided the three of them. The employee guided them to the receptionist who was on duty

"Is there anything I can help you with, young master?"

'young master? how nostalgic' Cale thought

“Reservation on behalf of Cale Henituse”

The receptionist immediately checked the order and then told the price issued. Cale then settled his payment and waited to be given the room key. After the payment is complete, the receptionist gives the card which is their room key. Their room was on the 28th floor with room number 286.

Cale then took the key then walked to find the elevator. Cale pressed the button then waited. While waiting for the elevator to come Cale and Alberu were again in the center of people's attention because they were so conspicuous. Feeling the gazes that saw him Cale wished that he could quickly leave that place.

“Cale, what are you waiting for?” - Alberu


"What's an elevator?" - Alberu

"The point is you don't have to climb stairs and you'll get to where you're going right away."


Ting…the elevator doors opened and Cale, Alberu and Choihan got inside. As the door started to close Cale saw someone running towards the elevator, seeing that Cale opened the door again so that person could enter.

"Thanks for waiting," said the man

“It's fine” Cale replied with a smile

" Which floor?" ask that person


The man immediately pressed the 28 button and we waited quietly in the elevator.

Ting...the elevator doors opened after reaching the 28th floor and Cale, Alberu, and Choihan walked out of the elevator leaving the man behind.

"Hopefully we can meet again son!" said the man with a smile

The elevator doors closed again and we looked for our room. We opened the door and saw that the room was very spacious. We looked around the room. 3 rooms, 1 living room, 1 bathroom and kitchen. The room is very complete there is even a refrigerator there.

"It's 2 o'clock, let's eat" - Choihan

"I'm going to take a shower first" - Alberu

“I'm going to sleep”- Cale

Alberu went into the bathroom and took a shower. After that Choihan took a bath and Cale was the last one. After that they went downstairs looking for a restaurant

When they entered the restaurant again they became the center of attention. Even though there were many very diverse strangers there, Cale and Alberu remained the center of attention because their auras made anyone present definitely notice them.

Sensing those gazes, Cale immediately rushed to find a seat to quickly order food. A waiter walked over to them and showed them a seat. Then they ordered food. While waiting for the order to arrive, the three of them played their cellphones without paying attention to people's gazes.

Such was their daily life for a month, becoming the center of attention of many people. Even Cale had been offered to be a model but Cale vehemently refused. Once a few days they also went to the jewelry store to exchange Cale's money. That was how they had been living in the new world for a month. Alberu was able to keep up with the times, even now Alberu knew more about Korea than Cale.

During that month choihan trained in their room with Alberu and Cale? For a month the most activity Cale did was play his cellphone while lying on the bed. He said he wanted to enjoy a lazy life before the apocalypse. That was their daily life until one day....
Cale disappeared.


"I get lost" Cale looked around him, he felt foreign to this road. Cale stopped walking and tried to contact his hyungs.

“Tsk ran out of battery” Cale looked at his phone which was no longer on. He thought about taking a taxi home, but after reaching into his pants pocket he forgot that he didn't have any money with him.

"How do I get home?" Cale started to think hard. 'on foot? no, i don't know this area, selling handphone? no, lots of important stuff here.' Cale thought then decided

“My hyungs will definitely look for me” and that was how Cale waited for Alberu or Choihan at that place for 1 hour. The sky was getting dark and Cale grumbled that his hyungs weren't looking for him. Cale was so busy cursing his hyungs that he didn't notice someone approaching him.

"Hello, are you okay?"

Cale looked up to see the person who asked him

The person is similar to his adult but Korean version.

The person looked at Cale who didn't answer his question, then the person squatted down in front of Cale and asked.

"Are you lost? where is your house? I'll take you home"

Hearing her words Cale looked at him warily in fear that he would be kidnapped

"Ah.. you don't need to be afraid of me I won't kidnap you, I saw you were lost and waiting for someone. Are you waiting for your hyung?"

Cale just nodded his head

"Then I will help you return to your home. By the way my name is Kim Dokja, what's your name?"

"Cale. Cale Henituse"


After the incident Cale disappeared, he was not allowed to go out alone without being watched.

A new school year begins, Cale, Alberu and Choihan also go to school in this new world

[8 years later]

-------------------------------------------------- --



"Did you also fall asleep during today's lesson?"


"Are you still skipping classes you don't like?"


"Hahhh... dear dongsaeng you can't do that you know"


"Don't answer just hmm"


"Hahh... dear dongsaeng do you know the teachers always report to me that you often fall asleep and even skip class you know"


"Cale, I'm here talking to you not as the student council president but as your hyung you know, you can't just use the student council room as your bed you know, even though the other members don't mind but I feel like using my power at will you know"

" know even though I often fall asleep in class or skip class I'm still an outstanding student you know? The proof is that I'm always ranked in the top 5 and you're always the first of course"

"You're right, you are smart, but you can't be like this anymore"

"Hyung, why should I study when this world will be destroyed? Isn't that a waste of energy?"

"You're right, it's been 8 years since we were in this world. This year should have been the apocalypse if the god hadn't lied to us"

"Isn't that so, instead of studying we'd better be prepared when the Apocalypse is about to arrive, I even carry my spatial pouch all the time you know"

"Then what did you prepare? Choihan took martial arts extracurricular with me while you?"

"Extracurricular nap hyung"

"There's no such thing as an extracurricular nap!"

"I'll make it later, I'm sure many students will enroll in that extracurricular. Besides, Hyung, I always carry my spatial pouch which contains the weapons, food, clothes and medicine you need you know?"

"Haah fine, I give up, I won't be able to win a debate with you."

"Good, now let's go home Choihan may be waiting in front of the school" I walked towards the door and opened it then

Bang... I slammed the door really hard in surprise. 'This person is always standing in front of the door while hiding his presence as usual' After calming down I glanced at my hyung, he was calm as usual as if he knew that Choihan was standing there, I finally opened the door again.

"Choihan!" - Cale

"Have you been waiting long?" - Alberu

"I just got here" said choihan while smiling innocently

“Haah let's go home” - Cale


The three of them walked together out of the school building while talking about the school event that would be held tomorrow. As usual, seeing handsome people walking together made people unable to take their eyes off them. During these 8 years they had gotten used to people's excessive stares and decided not to care about people looking at them.

Before they headed to the hotel, they went to the shop across from the school which sold all kinds of animals. The three of them entered the shop and caused the shop to become full suddenly because people were still following them.

They went around inside the shop and take a look at the animals in the shop.

“What should we buy?” - Choihan

"I think the easiest to maintain" - Alberu

“How about a dog, he is easy to care for and if trained he can become a guard dog to take care of Cale” - Choihan

“How about a snake, if trained it can instantly kill anyone trying to harm Cale” - Alberu

“I guess the easiest fish isn't it?” - Cale

“Fish can't protect you Cale” - Choihan

“Hey, we're looking for animals just for tomorrow's event you know?” - Cale

"But I guess it's fine, keep some trained snakes to take care of you" - Alberu

"I guess a puppy is fine too" - Choihan

“What if the animals bite me later?” - Cale

"You're right, I think the safest fish" - Alberu

“Cale, you can still use the fish tank to hit people who are bothering you” - Choihan

“I'm only here to look for a normal and harmless animal for tomorrow's school event and not a killing device you know”- Cale

“It's just for Cale's precaution, after all what if someone bothers you later? You can't use your ancient powers right now, can you?” - Alberu

“Won't you guys always be by my side to protect me? Who can bother me if you're by my side?” - Cale

Hearing no answer from the two of them I assumed that they both agreed with it, then I chose 3 ornamental fish that were quite interesting to me then paid for them and went home.

Chapter Text

After finishing making the payment, Cale, Alberu and Choihan immediately exited the shop. In Cale's hand there was a black plastic covering the fish inside. They then walked to the subway and boarded the train.

The atmosphere in the train carriage was not too full so they could get comfortable seats.

“What time is it?” Cale asked

"06:50 am" - Choihan

"Looks like we've been there too long choosing which animal to buy" - Alberu

“Didn't I say from the start that we should just choose fish?” - Cale

“Fish can't protect you Cale” - Choihan

"I don't think snakes are that bad" - Alberu

“Enough, stop it, didn't we talk about it earlier?” – Cale

“Cale, you should have bought something that can keep you going when the apocalypse comes!!” – Choihan

"I guess the Death God is lying this time, it's been 8 years since then and the apocalypse hasn't come yet-

At that moment, the subway lights went out, and the inside of the carriage darkened. Surprised by the sudden change in circumstances that Cale didn't have time to finish his sentence

Kiiiiiiik-! The subway shook violently and emitted a metallic sound. It caused Cale to scream and grab Choihan's arm. Then I heard someone else's voice stirred. Choihan gripped my arm so tightly that I paid more attention to the pain in my left arm than suddenly stopping. It took a dozen seconds for the train to come to a complete stop.

Then I heard confused voices coming from everywhere.

"Uh, what?"

“W-What is this?”

In the dark, one or two smartphone lights come on. Choihan was still holding onto my left hand tightly as he asked, “W-What happened?”

I pretended not to care. "Dont worry. It's not a big deal."

“Yeah, it might be a distraction from the carriage. Engineers will make an announcement soon.”

When I finished speaking, I heard the engineer's announcement, -Informing all the passengers on the train. Notify all passengers on the train.

The harsh environment became calm. I sighed and opened my mouth, “Look, it's no big deal. Now the apology will air, and the power will return to fire..."

-E-Everyone run… Run…!


There was a beep, and the broadcast was turned off. The inside of the carriage became a mess.

“Ca- Cale? What is this …?"

A bright light flashed from the front of the subway. There was a loud drumming sound followed by a pop. Something was heading this way in the dark. It was just a coincidence that I looked at the clock at this time — 7:00

Tick, it feels like the world stopped. Then I heard a voice:

[The 8612 planetary system free service has been discontinued. ]

[The main scenario has started. ]

This is when I feel guilty doubting the words of the God of Death


Dokkaebi. The first time he appeared, someone must have said something like that. 」

I don't know why but the sentence suddenly popped into my head. Stopped subway, dark room… These details give me a sense of deja vu. The subway had stopped before, but that was rare. I feel this is the beginning of the apocalypse.

At this time, the door of the 3807 carriage was wide open, and the electricity returned. Alberu muttered beside me, “…Dokkaebi?”

My head is ringing. I trembled restlessly as I recalled the words of the god of death that I knew and the reality before they overlapped.

With two small horns and wearing a small straw mat, that strange and ethereal creature was floating in the air. 」

Too strange to call her a fairy, too evil to call her an angel, and too calm to call her a devil. 」

So, it's called 'dokkkaebi. 」

The creature started to open its mouth and started to speak

& # @! & # @! . . . 」

[& # @! & # @! . . . . ]

Fiction and reality overlap.

"What is this?"

“Augmented reality?”

In the midst of people chatting, I was thrown into another world alone. This is definitely a dokkaebi. Alberu's voice that got me out of my mind. “Sounds vaguely like Spanish. Should I talk to him?”

I was a little surprised and asked, “…Do you know what that is? Are you going to ask for money?”

“No, but…”

It was then that I heard the correct pronunciation of Korean. [Ah. Ah . Does this sound good? Ah, I'm having a hard time because the Korean patch isn't working. Everyone, can you hear my words?]

When the commonly spoken language is spoken, I can see people's relaxed expressions. The first to go up was a big man in a suit. "Hey, what are you doing now?"

[… Hah?]

“Are you filming? I have to go because I have to hurry to the audition.” He seems to be an unknown actor as his face is unknown. If I were a director, I'd vote for him for his overflowing ambition. Unfortunately, the presence before him now was not the director.

[Ah, audition. Correctly . This is also an audition. Haha, there is a lack of data. I just logged in when at 07:00 ]

"What? What are you talking about?"

[Now, now. All of you, relax in your seats and listen to me. From now on ]

My chest is stuffy.

"What? Get off the train quickly!”

"Someone call the captain!"

“What do they do without the cooperation of the citizens?”

“Mother, what is it? Cartoon?"

There is no doubt about it . This is a development I know of. I don't want to get involved in this… but there's no way. The people present wouldn't listen to the tiny, cute-looking CG creatures. The only thing I could do was stop Alberu who was trying to get up from his seat.

“Hyung, it's dangerous, so stay here.”

"Hah?" Alberu's eyes widened. I spoke in a moment of confusion, but there was no way to explain what I understood. To be precise, I do not have to explain.

[Haha, you are so loud. ]

There was a presence with a stronger persuasive power than anyone else right now.

[I told you to be quiet. ]

I closed my eyes slowly as the dokkaebi's eyes turned red. Something exploded, and the subway went silent.

"Uh, uh. Uh…” There was a big hole in the forehead of the unknown actor who had to go to the audition. The man who had spoken several times fainted on the spot.

[This is not a film shoot. ]

There was a cracking sound once again. This time, it was the one who spoke of the captain.

[It wasn't a dream. It's not a novel either. ]

One, two… Blood spurted into the air as the heads of several people began to explode. They were all people who protested against dokkaebi, as well as people who screamed or went wild. Those who caused the slightest commotion had holes in their heads. Suddenly, the subway became a bloodbath.

[This is not the 'reality' you know. Do you understand? So everyone shut up and listen to me. ]

More than half of the people present here died. Pieces of blood and bodies filled the subway. Now, people don't scream. Like a primitive ape in front of a powerful predator, everyone just watched the dokkaebi in fear. I was shocked and held tightly onto Choihan's shoulders who were shaking like preparing to attack at any moment.

This is real. The strange message that entered my ears, the dokkaebi had appeared in front of me, and the carriage that had become a bloodbath…

[Everyone, your life so far has been pleasant. Right?]

'Fun? Do you think dying after saving the world from the apocalypse, then coming back to life so that you can experience the apocalypse once again is a happy life? ' Cale thought

In the special needs seating area, an old granny meets the eyes of the dokkaebi.

[You have lived too long for free. Isn't life too generous? You were born and not paid to breathe, eat, poop and reproduce! Ha! You really live in a good world!]

Free? No one on the subway lives free. People are trying to make money in order to survive. However at this moment, no one refuted the dokkaebi's words.

[But now the good days are over. How long can you continue to live for free? If you want to enjoy happiness, it makes sense to pay the price. Right?]

The people who were panting couldn't answer. Then at that moment, someone cautiously raised a hand. “D-Do you want money?”

I wondered what kind of person could speak in the midst of this situation, but surprisingly, I knew his face.

"Isn't that Department Head Han of the finance team?" - whispered Alberu

"Who is that ? “ - Cale replied

No doubt. It was Han Myungoh, the department head of the finance team. Why is this man taking the subway?

“I will give you money. Take it. Please note that I am this kind of person.” Department Head Han took out his business card as people cheered him on. It was a savior atmosphere against terrorists. “How much do you want? The big one? Or two?”

He offered too large a sum for a department head in a subsidiary. There was a rumor that Han Myungoh was the youngest son of the leader of an affiliated company and now I think it might be true. I can't carry that many checks in my wallet.

[Hmm, you gave me money?]

“Th-That's right! The cash I currently have isn't much but… I can give you anything if you let me out of here.”

[Money, good. A plant fiber that many people agree on. ]

The department head's expression brightened. It was the phrase 'Indeed, money is everything'. So sad.

“Now, this is all I have—”

[That only applies in your space and time. ]


In the next moment, a fire appeared in the air, and the check in the hands of the department head caught fire. Department Head Han screamed.

[The paper has no value in the world of the macrocosm. If you do this one more time, I'll blow your head off. ]

“U-Uhhh…” Fear once again spread across the faces of the people present. It's easy to read what they're thinking because it's like a novel.

'What will happen now?' thought Cale

[Phew, the debt piles up when you're noisy. Good . Rather than explaining it a hundred times, wouldn't it be quicker for you to make some money yourself?]

The dokkaebi's horns rose like antennae, and its body soared to the ceiling of the carriage.

A moment later, a message sounded.

[# Channel BI-7623 is open. ]

[The constellation has entered. ]

A small window appeared before everyone's empty eyes.

[The main scenario has arrived!]


[Main Scenario #1 – Proof of Value]


Main Difficulty : F

Clear Condition: Kill one or more creatures.

Time Limit: 30 minutes

Compensation: 300 coins

Failure: Death


The dokkaebi smiled faintly as they became transparent and disappeared into the next space.

[In that case, good luck to everyone. Please show me an interesting story. ]

Chapter Text

People reacted differently after the dokkaebi disappeared. Some people tried to get out of the train while others called the police.

While people were busy screaming trying to save themselves, the three of us remained calm. If anyone were to see us now they might think that we've been through this several times.

Well I don't think it's wrong. In the past we fought the ruthless and powerful White Star group. So, little things like this don't bother us too much. After all, we already know the apocalypse will come in 8 years, so why panic?

“So, what are we going to do now?” – Alberu

"Simple. Feel free to do as I say. Got it?”- Cale

“Sure, as usual I will follow your orders well. What should I do? - Choihan

“Shut up” - Cale

Finally, I slowly controlled my breath. I also need some time to get all of this right.

I watched every scene carefully. It's like Neo in The Matrix, suspicious of reality. Observing, asking, and finally being convinced… I have to admit it. I don't know the reason, but there's no doubt about it the apocalypse has come.

Let me think… How am I supposed to survive in this new world?

“Come on, everyone! Everything is quiet. Start breathing calmly." Someone stepped forward exactly five minutes after the dokkaebi disappeared. He was a strong man with short hair, one head taller than average.

“Have you calmed down? Please stop what you're doing and watch me for a bit."

People cry or make calls stop. After everyone's eyes gathered on him, the big man opened his mouth again, “As you know, in the event of a national disaster, a small disturbance can result in a large human loss of life. That's why I will now take control of the situation."

"What, who are you?"

“National disaster situation? What do you say?"

Some people recover late and are very much against the control of the world. Then the young man took out an official government card from his wallet. “I am currently an army lieutenant serving in unit 6502.”

The faces of several people became relieved. “A soldier, he is a soldier.”

“I just received a message from my unit.”

People gathered in front of the soldier's smartphone. I was able to read the contents without difficulty because I was close.

– A level 1 national disaster situation has occurred. All the troops gathered quickly.

I could hear gulping all around me. It was a national disaster situation. I'm not surprised because I was expecting this.

“Soldier-nim! What happened?"

“I've tried contacting my unit, but…”

“The Blue House! What is the Blue House doing? Please contact the president quickly!”

"Sorry. I'm just an ordinary soldier and don't have a hotline to the Blue House," Lee Hyunsung explained.

“Then why did you take control?”

“For the safety of all citizens…” As Lee Hyunsung calmly responded to the absurd questions

… Then how is this situation? My mind became confused. I would know more clearly if the god of death wasn't stingy with information

“The prime minister is making a speech! This is truly a tier one disaster!”

Everyone turns on their smartphone at someone's shout. Alberu turned his screen towards me.

“… Cale, look at this.”

No need to enter search terms. It was because the first result for all the portal sites was the 'Prime Minister's Speech. 'Of course, I already know the content of the video.

-To all my citizens, unknown terrorists are currently active in an unspecified number of areas, including Seoul.

The content of the speech is simple. The current government will use all means and methods to fight the terrorists, and there will never be negotiations. Thus, everyone should be confident of continuing with their lives…

I didn't think much of it, but now I was a bit surprised when I heard those words. Terrorism… Yes, that would be more convenient.

“But where is the president? Why is the prime minister making a speech?”

"The president has been beaten."

"What? Is it true?"

"I am not sure. Naver's comment—"

"Damn, that means it's fake!"

Of course, I know it's not a fake comment.

“Uwaaaaack! What?"

People dropped their phones as gunshots rang out from all over. It comes from their smartphone. Chiiiik, there was a loud noise, and blood filled the screen. After a while, the people held their breath when they realized what had happened.

“P-Prime Minister…”

The prime minister has died. His head exploded in real-time. There were several gunshot-like sounds before the screen went silent. The next thing that appeared on the screen was the dokkaebi.

[Everyone, I already told you. This is not a game like 'terrorism. ']

People were at a loss for words as their mouths fell open like stupid goldfish.

[Do you still not understand? It won't work. Do you still feel this is a game?]

It felt very unpleasant because the tone was so relaxed. Subconsciously, I clenched using all my strength.

[Haha, according to the data, the people in this country are really good at the game. So, why don't I try increasing the difficulty?]

beeps. A large timer appeared in the air. At the same time, it began to decline rapidly.

[Remaining time is reduced by 10 minutes. ]

[There are 10 minutes left. ]

[If the first kill doesn't occur within the next five minutes, all the lives in the carriage will be wiped out. ]

“W-What is this? Is this a joke?”

"Didn't you hear the message earlier? Hey, you didn't hear it?"

“Soldier-nim! What are we doing now? Why didn't the police come?”

“Everyone, calm down and listen to me—”

The dokkaebi's words caused the situation on the train to become so severe that Lee Hyunsung couldn't fix it. I could feel Alberu gripping my collar tightly. Still, I couldn't shake off the oddity of this situation.

“T-There was a murder over there!”

A view of train car 3907 could be seen through the aisle window. The assassin's skin on the carriage was white.

People clung to the iron door, but that was not necessary. The enemy didn't exist in the first place.

[All types of access to the train will be restricted until the scenario is completed. ]

Along with this message, people were thrown back from the iron door like they had hit a transparent barrier.

“W-What is this?”

Once again, the voice of the dokkaebi rang out, [Haha, some places are quite fun while others haven't started yet. Okay, this is a special service. I'll show you what would happen if nothing happened in the next five minutes. ]

A giant screen appeared on the subway. The place that appeared on the screen was the classroom. The girls in their dark blue school uniforms trembled. One boy bit his fingernails and muttered, “…Is that Daepong's school uniform?”

Beep beep beep beep An unpleasant beep is heard. Then the high school girls started screaming.

[The allotted time has run out. ]

[Paid settlement will begin. ]

After the announcement ended, the heads of the high school girls sitting in the front row exploded. One by one, one by one more… More and more heads exploded. High school girls scream and run towards the classroom door or window.

“Ahh, uh, how—”

The cleaning supplies were broken and his fingernails were torn, but the door wouldn't open. Nothing can get out. The heads of the high school girls kept on exploding. Then a high school girl strangles her friend, who dies with a groan. After a while, the only thing left on the screen was the last student to look around.

[# Bay23515 Channel. Daepong Girls Middle School, Class 2 survivor: Lee Jihye. ]

The girl figure on the screen disappeared. Then the dokkaebi said, [How is this? Interesting?]

The dokkaebi spoke with a smile, but the people didn't look at the screen anymore. People who make eye contact gradually move away from each other.

“Shit! What is this?"

Even Alberu let go of his grip on me. However, he didn't walk away from me. My hands were freed. I immediately pulled the two of them towards the end of the carriage, to a place where no one was there.

“What are you going to do Cale?” - Choihan

“Do you have a plan?” – Alberu

“Let's kill something”- Cale

“Alright, we finally started moving. So who are we going to kill?” – Choihan

"Fish"- Cale

“Cale, why are you still carrying that fish around in a situation like this, isn't it his job to kill one creature hi-ahh” Alberu

“Right, the task is to kill 1 living thing, not a human. Aren't fish also living things?” – Cale

“Cale, you really are the star of our family, even in a situation like this you still shine so brightly in finding solutions, you really are a hero-” – Alberu

“Enough!, now take one fish each and then kill” – Cale

The three of them immediately took one fish from the small aquarium that Cale brought. They looked at each other, then nodded and squeezed the fish in their hands.

[You have achieved the feat of 'First Assassination'!]

[100 coins have been obtained as additional compensation. ]

Chapter Text

[You have killed 300 living beings.]

[Kill History: One fish, 299 eggs.]

[You have killed a non-resistance living being, so the number of coins you earn is reduced by half.]

[15,100 coins have been obtained!]

[You have a total of 15,100 coins.]

[The achievement 'Mass Murderer' is obtained through overkill.]

Various messages bombarded their ears

“What the hell!? I just killed one fish, why are there so many notifications?” Alberu looked confused

“That fish carries eggs, maybe those eggs belong to living things too,” Cale replied

"What are these coins for?" Choi Han asked and they heard the message again

[A large number of coins have been obtained! Would you like to check the coin usage tips?]

"yeah!" the trio answered without any hesitation

A screen appeared in front of them. There is an explanation of how to use the coin. The three of them felt like they became game characters. While they were still reading the explanation, they heard more messages.

I raised my head and stared blankly at a grandmother. Maybe this grandma will die.

“Cale, shouldn't we stop this?” Something started to happen where Choihan was pointing. There was a groan.

A young man crouched down in front of the old woman. "Damn. I'm in a bad mood, and this old lady keeps moaning and moaning! Can't you just shut up?"

The young man was a male student leaning against the entrance. She is thin and has dyed white hair. His name was written on the badge attached to his uniform — Kim Namwoon. It's a name I know.

"Didn't I tell you to shut up? The restless Kim Namwoon grabbed the granny's collar. The helpless grandmother's legs staggered, and Kim Namwoon's palms moved in the air.

Slap Slap

In normal times, someone would run to stop this, but now no one is moving. It wasn't long before the slap turned into a punch.

“S-Save me. Save me …!"

I could hear the sound of a loud fist hitting the flesh. Several men around Kim Namwoon hesitated, but none of them wanted to come forward. To his surprise, the first person to act was Han Myungoh. “Young man, for you to treat an elder like this…!”

However, all he got was a voice mixed with ridicule, “Master, do you want to die?”


"You still don't understand the situation?"

“What nonsense is this brat saying?”

Kim Namwoon just laughed at the cursing Han Myungoh. He pointed at the ceiling of the subway carriage with his finger.

On the ceiling, a holographic screen rotated.

[W-Let go of me!] [Aaaack!]

[Die! Die!]

Not just train cars or Daepong High School. This is a live video of people dying across the country. Kim Namwoon continued to speak, “You still don't understand? Troops didn't come to save us, and someone had to die."

“W-What are you saying…?”

“We have to choose someone to die for.” Han Myungoh couldn't answer. Her open wrist hair stood on end. Of course, I know what you're thinking. You have to kill your compatriots to live. It was something only bastards would do. But you know, this is a situation beyond our control. Out of our control. We will die if we don't kill. Who will blame us? Will you die in the end because of your morals? ”


“Think carefully. The world you have known so far has just ended.”

Han Myungoh's shoulders shook. It wasn't just Han Myungoh. Cracks were visible in the eyes of the others present. It was a scene where their vague sense of morality collapsed. Kim Namwoon put a wedge in the gap.

"The new world needs new laws."

This time, there was no stopping him—not Han Myungoh, the others… or even Lee Hyunsung. The warrior's fists trembled as he stared into the air with a confused expression. Maybe he too had made up his mind.


“Huh… Hard to kill. Are you just watching? Do you want to be left behind? "

People trembled at Kim Namwoon's words. Their facial expressions were as easy to read as sentences in a cheap novel.

“If there are no killings in five minutes, everyone on this carriage will die.”


The emotions in people's eyes changed.

"If grandma doesn't die, we will die in five minutes..."

They now have the most primitive emotions that living things have.

“Yeah… this bastard is right. If we don't do this, everyone will die." The first man rushed towards Kim Namwoon. He kicked the old woman who had passed out and curled up.

“Did you forget? Someone has to die! So we can live!”

“Ah, dammit… I don't know.”

The second and third, the people standing far away from the grandmother, the cowardly surviving men, the university students recording this with their phones, the mother of the child, and Han Myungoh… They all tied up the grandmother, aiming for her death.

"Die! Quickly die!”

They were like guards working together for the death penalty. Like guards pulling levers at the same time so they don't know who killed the prisoner, these guys passively kick and punch grandma.

… And I witnessed all of this. I was like someone watching something happen in another world.

At that moment, Choihan got up.

I grabbed it reflexively. "I told you not to move."

The arm I was holding was shaking. Choihan clenched his fists to hide his trembling. “I know I know…!”

"You can't save everyone you know"

Choihan's eyes trembled with anger. Even so… I realized it. Despite being in another world, Choihan still has a good personality.

“Choihan, have a seat.”

However, the one who can change this story is not us. We are not protagonists in this world.

"Hah? But-"

“Do as I say, just this once. I won't interfere after that."

After forcibly placing Choihan in his chair, I took a deep breath and turned around. I saw someone who started to advance towards the grandmother.

“… Dokja-ssi?”

'Docja? , where have I heard that name? '- Cale

when I see people, who intend to attack grandma. I don't stay silent because I'm afraid or Kim Namwoon and people, nor do I approve of their inhumanity. I only care more about myself and my family here. So, this time, I'll just be a bystander…


"Ack! What?"

An explosion filled my ears, and the carriage shook. People screamed as smoke rose from the right front corner of this carriage. Alberu grabbed my hand and held me from falling. It's already started. So I moved. I saw that person called Kim Dokja, past the screaming people and sat down to grandma.

"What? Eeeeek!” Kim Namwoon collided with me and fell to the ground with a scream. At first glance, it seemed like he was saving the grandmother, but that wasn't his goal.

Where is he going? I looked around quickly. Someone falls on Dadi because of the explosion. It was the little child crying in the midst of this hell… the child holding the insect-gathering net earlier.

"Excuse me for a moment,"

He took the net from the boy. He took one grasshopper and placed it in the child's hand. Then he turned towards the people.

“Everyone, stop. You can't live if you kill grandma." His voice was very clear due to the temporary silence after the explosion. One by one, people began to stare at him.

“Just say you killed grandma. What is next?"

Their surprised faces looked good.

“Grandma's death will be recognized for the so-called dokkaebi and some time will be bought. Then what's next?"


“If what the dokkaebi said is true, each of you should kill one thing. So, who are you going to kill after grandma? Are you going to kill the person next to you?”

People who thought of something backed away from each other. Horror filled their eyes. In fact, everyone knows… Grandma is just the beginning. Kim Namwoon noticed the shaky atmosphere. “Haha, what are you all worried about? Then kill him next! Coward. Don't worry about your turn in advance! The odds are the same!”

I thought Kim Namwoon would say something like this. With a slight wave of his hand, the person cut him off.

"There's no need to bet like that. There is a way for you to survive, even if you don't become a murderer."


“W-What is that?”

People became very agitated, and Kim Namwoon's expression changed.

“Did you forget? The condition scenario is definitely not to 'kill someone'.

Most of them were still confused, but some people noticed something.

[Kill one or more living creatures. ]

Right. From the start, the word 'person' was never specified in the content of the scenario. Kill one or more living things…

In other words, any life is possible. A shrewd person shouted at the collection net in my hand, “Insects! Insect!"

Grasshoppers and locusts hopping around in the collection net. Seeing them, people's eyes shone. He nodded. "That's right, bug."

'That's why I hate muscle brains like them'- Cale

“G-Give that to me! Hurry up!”

“One! I only need one! "

“This is crazy!, they are like dogs begging for food” - Alberu

"Isn't the dog cute, you can train it to be a guard dog" - Choihan

"I think snakes are better. It can instantly kill people with its venom" - Alberu

While everyone was busy looking for the locusts spread by that person, the two people next to me were still arguing about the right animal to kill people. Hahahaha.....

[The allotted time has run out. ]

There was a loud sound, and Kim Namwoon's head exploded.

[Paid settlement will begin. ]

Starting with Kim Namwoon, people's heads started to explode everywhere.

One two three four …

The exploding heads were like fireworks announcing a new era. I watched the scene so calmly, Alberu and Choihan also watched it calmly because we've seen things worse than this.

Well, I guess I'm used to it because several times I saw the beacrox torture our enemies very cruelly and Ron, the cruel old man also often cut people very cruelly with a smile. Tsk... How can I think of those two ruthless people at this time?

Chapter Text

After looking at the people lying in the train carriages, I thought. There must be something that will be our opponent in this apocalypse. In my first life, there were monsters that came from all over the world.

In my second life we fought enemies of various races and we ended up fighting monsters too. Ahh... I'm sick of monsters. Normally I wouldn't do this, but this one was an exception.

Then I held my hand like Clopeh usually did then,

"Please, just this once, let it be an alien invasion, zombies, falling meteors, dinosaurs or even gods. Please, anything but monsters, I'm bored and sick of fighting those monsters" I clasped my hands and prayed to anyone who want to hear my voice and answer it

Seeing this Choihan and Alberu could only stare at Cale with a faint smile.

'As expected of my dongsaeng. He'd rather fight gods than monsters' - Alberu

'I will fight whatever comes to protect Cale and Alberu'- Choihan

The subway stops about half way past the Dongho Bridge.

“Oh my god…”

The few survivors stood and watched the scene unfold outside — Seoul being destroyed and buildings collapsing. A monster reminiscent of a giant snake was eating the wreckage of a fighter jet that crashed into the Han River.

“W-What the hell…!”

I immediately recognized their identity. Ichthyosaurs. The monster commonly called sea serpent, one of the ichthyosaurs looked at the carriage.

“I don't think your prayers were heard by Cale's gods”- Choihan

"You should have learned from Clopeh before you died" - Alberu

“Haaaaaaaaa, I really hate that god”- Cale

“U-Uwaaah! It will come!”

People screamed in fear. However, I just looked apathetically at the approaching ichthyosaur. These people can't be a threat. The ichthyosaur circled around the bottom of the Dongho Bridge and disappeared into a bubble of air.

[Compensation settlement was delayed due to an unforeseen scenario check. Please wait . ]

Compensation settlement should have started by now, but only error messages floated in the air.

[A number of constellations admire your scenario. ]

[The constellations have sponsored you 500 coins. ]

“A constellation? What is it?” – Alberu

[ Wow amazing . ]

Dokkaebi appeared in the air.

[What actually happened here? I was just watching the other trains…]

There was a mixture of excitement and surprise on the dokkaebi's face. The twinkling stars floated above the dokkaebi's head. I counted the number of stars. One, two, three… Twenty, twenty-one. Twenty-one in total.

[For 21 people connected to my channel… Haha, isn't this pretty good? Gosh, thanks for the sponsorship. Astrological sign. Haha everyone! Are you properly showing off your worth?]

[The number of victims is quite high? The person in the next carriage was a lunatic as well… Seems like things were quite interesting today. ]

The dokkaebi manipulated something in the air. A moment later, a list of survivors appeared.

[Congratulations from 3434 Train to Bulgwang, Carriage 3807: Kim Dokja, Lee Hyunsung, Yoo Sangah, Han Myungoh, Lee Gilyoung, Cale Henituse, Alberu Crossman and Choi han. A total of eight survivors. ]

Kim Dokja POV

Eight people. There are more survivors than I thought. I saw the faces of the victims one by one.

Lee Hyunsung has a good physique and excellent motor skills, so it is hoped that he will survive. I even wish Yoo Sangah survived to some extent. In addition, there was Lee Gilyoung. If my guess is correct, Lee Gilyoung is the name of the boy standing next to me. The crushed locust liquid was still in the boy's hand. He squeezed the grasshopper I gave him.

The boy looked at his mother, who had lost her mind. The boy's mother had left him to join in killing his grandmother. The boy had just witnessed everything from start to finish. I hesitated for a moment before touching the boy's shoulder. That's not stupid sympathy. Simply put, this…

It is true. Hypocrisy.

"Son." The boy slowly turned his head and eyes, I could see the fear of death he was experiencing for the first time in his life. It was an unavoidable instinct. This boy does not mourn the death of his mother. He was only afraid of his own death. It's natural. He's human. "Do you want to live?"

The boy's eyes trembled with worry. His body trembled with an irresistible force. Then little by little, the boy's head moved.

"Then let's go together."

Lee Gilyoung moved slowly and approached my feet. Yoo Sangah watched me with an impressed expression. I accidentally caused another misunderstanding. In fact, it was meant to be seen. However, the target was not Yoo Sangah.

I saw 3 other names I didn't know.
Alberu Crossman and Cale Henituse, both of their names were a bit strange and didn't look like Korean names. Their hair color is even blonde and red.

Very weird. Well, I'm weird myself, another person whose name is Korean. His name is Choi Han. I looked at the three of them with a confused look.

'I guess they're still students, how can they be so saintly in a situation like this?,They look like they've been through this many times'

'There are only 5 locusts here, do they kill people without anyone knowing? '

I saw in the corner of the carriage there was an aquarium wrapped in black plastic. 'Fish well, I guess they're lucky'

[Several constellations are impressed by your good deeds. ]

[The constellations have sponsored you 200 coins. ]

I can't think that it is a low step, but I also want to live. In light of the upcoming big event, it is important to draw the attention of the constellations now.

“W-Will you let us go now? Did you not get what you wanted?” Han Myungoh, whose clothes were torn, shouted half a dozen steps away.

Department Head Han Myungoh. He is a lucky human. I couldn't help but wonder: Why did Han Myungoh ride the subway when he had a lot of money? This is the guy who showed off the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class not too long ago.

[Hrmm, let go? Aren't you looking out? Do you really want to go there?] Dokkaebi chuckled. [Somehow that's awesome. Actually, I didn't expect much from this train but you made it through the first scenario. This proves that even bugs deserve to survive. ]

His words made us realize our position. Maybe we were like grasshoppers in his eyes.

[Now, shouldn't there be a reward for overcoming adversity? As a reward for the first scenario, you are entitled to a sponsor of the constellations'. 'Wow! How about that? Aren't you looking forward to it? Hmm, all of you are not enthusiastic. This is really a big problem. ]

The reaction was natural — I was the only one here who knew what a 'constellation' or a 'sponsor' was. Sponsor of the constellations. The meaning is clear. One of the main events of Ways of Survival, 'Sponsor Selection' is about to begin.

[Hmm, everyone has a confused expression. I can easily tell you. Right now, you are very weak. If you're thrown into an imminent scenario, you'll be killed when you encounter a weak mole, let alone a 'crutches. 'With compassion, there are some great people in the universe who pity you and want to sponsor you. Do you understand what I said?]

Lee Hyunsung finally couldn't take it anymore and opened his mouth, “What are you saying? Who is sponsoring who…”

[Hmm, my words just entered dirty ears. Isn't there an old saying in South Korea? Better to see it once than to hear it a hundred times. So hands on experience. Well, the less fortunate may not get the chance. Hahaha!]

I am tensed. From now on—a good choice here would make my future survival easier.

“Dokja-ssi? Two strange choices suddenly appeared before me…”

"I don't know even if you ask me."

This was naturally a lie to avoid suspicion. By the way, there are two options. Yoo Sangah was quite lucky.

“Do it comfortably. Think of it as an aptitude test.”

“Ability test…”

“After all, no one knows the situation. Why not do it comfortably?”

" Oh I understand . "

Yoo Sangah covered his mouth and started to stare into the sky. It was a profound expression, as if he had discovered something strange. The others suddenly fell silent. Everyone read the choices in front of them. I also have my own choices to look at.

[Sponsor's Choice]

-Please select your sponsor

-The sponsors you choose will be your strong supporters.

Cale Henituse POV

Sponsor Choice]

-Please select your sponsor

-The sponsors you choose will be your strong supporters.

1. Black Impermanence

2. The personification of dawn

3. The embodiment of murder

There are three options like a puzzle. That means there are three constellations that want to turn me into their incarnation.

"How many sponsorship options do you two have?" - Alberu



What is this? Why did Cale feel like he knew who these three were? Are they really those damn bastards?

"Are those three god damn gods?" Alberu muttered

It seemed that Alberu thought the same as him. Then suddenly another screen appears

[Skill 'chat' activated]

[Opening message]

God of war: Does this really work?

Sun God: we should sacrifice so many possibilities just to create this skill for them

God of Death: Don't worry, I believe it works

Alberu Crossman: What the--

Cale Henituse: What is this!?

Choi han: Can we kill them?

Chapter Text

Cale Henituse: What the hell is this!?

Sun God: This is a skill we created for the three of you. With this skill you can chat with each other without anyone knowing. You can also chat with us

God of War: For the record, this skill is only owned and can only be used by the three of you. By the way, you can't always chat with us

Choi Han: Huh? Why?

Sun God: The three of us are not beings from this world. We cannot let our identity as beings from another world be known. Not yet

God of War: But, you three are different. You reincarnated and became a part of this world

Alberu Crossman: Now that you say that, Cage must have done something to you again right?

God of Death: That's true but, we'll explain it another time. Now we will tell you why we contacted the three of you with this skill

Cale Henituse: About you who want to be our sponsor?

God of Death: yes

Cale Henituse: why do you want to be our sponsor?

God of Death: You more or less understand how this world works, don't you? You need sponsors if you want to survive

Cale Henituse: And why should we choose you?

God of Death: Don't you want your strength back?

Choi Han: Huh?

Alberu Crossman: What do you mean?

God of War: If we become your sponsor, we can give you your powers from the previous world in the form of skills

Sun God: Apart from that we will also give you other skills too

Cale Henituse: Not bad, you turned out to be quite useful too

God of Death: Of course we are useful, we are Gods. We will always support you as best we can so that you can survive in this world.

Alberu Crossman: Besides can you restore our power to how it was before?

Sun God: Of course not. But, we can't just give it to you. You have to go through the sub-Scenario to get it back.

Cale Henituse: Alright then, this is great we will choose the three of you to be our sponsors

God of War: But, we can't give you your full power at once. Your body can't handle it. Especially Cale, you know you are weak right?

Cale Henituse: I realized

God of War: Good, for now we will set your strength at level one or level two then you have to make it level up yourself and Cale, you need to strengthen your body. We know you hate working hard, so just invest your coins into your stats

Sun God: Once you're strong enough, we'll give you a Sub-Scenario so you can get your previous weapon back

Alberu Crossman: No problem. Then I will choose the Sun God, Cale, you choose the Death God, and Choi Han will choose the War God

Cale Henituse: Why is the God of Death my sponsor?

Alberu Crossman: Do you want the God of War?

Cale Henituse: I will choose the God of Death

God of death: ....

Sun God: Well then, our time is almost up. After this, we are temporarily unable to contact you with this skill or we will be arrested. But we will still give you coins by indirect message.

God of Death: Oh, and although we can't message you with this skill for a while, you can message us. Yes, we will always watch your actions through the channel, so maybe you don't need to message us kami

Cale Henituse: If I can send you a message, doesn't that mean I can curse you at any time with this skill without anyone knowing? This is good. I already like this skill

God of death: ....

Sun God: well the time is up we have to go. Oh, and when you use this skill, you don't have to speak or type, just think about what message you want to send. okay, see you later

[There is one minute left to complete the Sponsor Selection.]

Cale took a deep breath, he glanced at Alberu and Choi Han. The three nodded to each other and chose their sponsor

Kim Dokja POV

[Sponsor Selection has ended. ]

[ You have not selected a sponsor. ]

Sponsorship contracts are never a fair deal. If my expectations are correct, there is a way to be strong without constellations. Maybe it's a way to become stronger than the strongest sponsor's incarnation.

[Haha, is this true… isn't there one interesting option? Good . There will be another opportunity. ] The dokkaebi's crescent moon eyes stared at me for a moment. [Now now, everyone has completed the selection. Rest here for a bit. I have to prepare the next scenario. See you in 10 minutes!]

After the Sponsor Selection is complete, the dokkaebi disappear. He told us to rest, but these 10 minutes are very important. In 10 minutes, I need to sort out this situation and prepare for the next scenario.

"Let's gather together." The survivors gathered at my words. The first to reach out was Lee Hyunsung.

"Hello, I'm Lee Hyunsung."

"Kim Dokja."

“Nice to meet you… although I don't know if these words fit the situation. As I said before, I am a soldier… well, I must say that I am a soldier.

"You can't contact your unit?"


"Ah, Dokja-ssi."


“I want to say thank you. If it wasn't for Dokja-ssi, we would all have died.”

"No, that's not the case."

“Even if I live, I won't be able to live as a person. Thank you very much. And… I'm embarrassed. Lee Hyunsung bowed deeply.

My mind is a bit complicated. In fact, Lee Hyunsung will survive even if I do nothing. Then someone grabbed my shoulder.

“Haha, our contractor did one big thing. Dokja-ssi, you know my name?”

I could tell who it was without looking back. I took a hand from my shoulder and said, “I know, Han Myungoh-ssi.”

“Huh, Han Myungoh-ssi? Shouldn't you call me Department Head?"

Han Myungoh was still trying to use his position in this situation. He truly is the king of authoritarianism in Mino Soft.

"This is not a company."

“Huh, look at this. Are you planning not to go to work now? Where did you learn basic etiquette?”

As soon as I saw Han Myungoh's angry face, I once again realized that the world I knew was over. The man in front of me was the 'predator' of the world before the scenario started and I was just a predator's prey. It's definitely like that.

“No matter how I think about it, your actions are too much. Yes? If you have bugs then you should have told me. Why did you throw it like that?”


“Dokja-ssi, you have to be nice to me. How much time is left on your contract?”

Suddenly, it became ridiculous. In the world I lived in before, I was too fragile.

“Han Myungoh-ssi.”, All attention was on the red-haired student who suddenly spoke


“Shut up.”- Cale


“You still don't understand the situation? Didn't you get hit by that bastard before? Mino Soft? Do you think the company still exists when the end has come?” - Alberu

"I never thought there was anyone more stupid than Toonka" - Choihan

'Who else is that person with a foreign name? '-Kim Dokja

Han Myungoh's face turned red and veins appeared around his face. He didn't know who Toonka was but he knew that those words were mocking him

"Hey kid, don't you know who I am? I'm the head of the finance team's department. How dare you make fun of you. Do you want me to destroy your family?"

"Hey old man, don't you know who I am? I am the biggest shareholder of your family company. How dare you mock me. Do you want me to destroy your family?

replied the red-haired student who was unexpectedly the biggest shareholder of our company.

Han Myungoh's face was pale and beaten. I turned my gaze to the other person. Since I already said it, I have to keep it.

“Han Myungoh-ssi you need to wake up. As the dokkaebi said, this is no joke.”


Indeed, no one raised their hand. Easy for South Koreans to understand. Due to the high penetration rate of smartphones, there is not a single person who doesn't play RPG games. Even if they didn't play the game, they would read a fantasy novel at least once.

Lee Hyunsung sighed, “It's like a novel I'm reading while on duty, but I still can't feel it. This really wasn't a dream?"

"This is reality,"

My loud answer made Lee Hyunsung's eyes change slightly.

[The character 'Lee Hyunsung' feels a faint trust in you. ]

[Your understanding of the character 'Lee Hyunsung' has improved. ]

Lee Hyunsung nodded. "It's good that you're sure. So what do we do now? dokja-ssi,

"We have to go," I answered without hesitation.

“W-go? Are you crazy?"

“Dokja-ssi, I don't think so…” This time, Yoo Sangah joined in. Looks like everyone still hasn't woken up.

"Then how long are we going to stay here?" Actually, my argument doesn't make sense. Outside there is a paradise of monsters. However, I know. Now, we have to get out of here. “Have you thought about your parents? Do you think your parents are safe in this mess?”

Indeed, Confucianism is still strong in South Korea. Even Lee Hyunsung and Han Myungoh's expressions darkened at the word 'old man.

I grabbed Lee Gilyoung's shoulder, whose head was down. The first person to wake up was Yoo Sangah.

"Go. I will go."

“N-No! Didn't you hear what that said? Rest here! If we move our heads will explode!” Han Myungoh shouted in despair.

"Let's take a majority vote."

Yoo Sangah raised her hand first, followed by me and Lee Gilyoung.
Alberu and Choihan seemed to be waiting for Cale's decision. However, it got there.

Lee Hyunsung said, “…I have to go to my base but it seems dangerous to move in this situation. There's also a warning."

“Shit, you all went alone! I'm not going! I'm not going! I'm not going outside!"

I don't care about Han Myungoh but the problem is Lee Hyunsung. I have to take Lee Hyunsung with me no matter what…


The thick iron plate made a loud noise.

“W-What?” Han Myungoh's screams were ignored as the iron door made another deafening sound.


Someone was trying to break down the door from outside. This was an unexpected situation so I had to think. Is this the next scenario? Not . The dokkaebi haven't come back yet. Then…

My brain is moving fast. Small hairs stood on end and short chills assaulted my body. That's the man.

“W-What? Everyone stop it!” Han Myungoh shouted and moved towards the door. Lee Hyunsung moved in that direction too, but I stopped him.

"You can't stop it."


"We have to go,"

I looked at the iron door with heavy eyes.

"Hah? But…”

"If we don't leave now-"

The only survivor of the 3707 transport. I am well aware of who is outside the iron door.

“We will all die before the next scenario arrives.”

Yes, the man finally came. The 'real' protagonist of this story.

Chapter Text

Cale POV

"We have to go"

After hearing Kim Dokja's words, Alberu and Choihan immediately looked at Cale. The two of them knew that whatever Cale's decision would be the best decision for now. So, they waited for Cale to make a decision.

Neither of them thought that leaving now was a good idea. They were also sure Cale wouldn't suggest to--

“Let's get out of here” Cale raised his hand

Alberu nodded, "Alright, let's go out--wait, what!?"

Alberu and Choi Han were shocked. Cale, someone who hated pain and troublesome things and really didn't want to meet monsters, chose to leave in this situation? The world is coming to an end. Wait, it already happened

“I know I sound crazy but, we have to go out in order to gain an advantage” Cale's words made Kim Dokja flinch.

"What do you mean by profit?" ask Choi Han

“I don't know either.” Cale stared at the iron door to carriage 3707. “I don't want to meet anything behind that door.”


Right after Cale finished speaking, the thick iron plate let out a loud sound. The iron door to carriage 3707 is slightly damaged.

"W-What?" Han Myungoh's screams were ignored as the iron door let out another deafening sound.


Someone tried to break down the door from behind it. Now Alberu and Choi Han also don't want to meet anything behind that door

“W-What? Everyone stop!” Han Myungoh shouted and moved towards the door. Lee Hyunsung moved towards him as well but Kim Dokja stopped him.

You can't stop it.


"We have to go."

Kim Dokja stared at the iron door with heavy eyes.

"Huh? But..."

"If we don't leave now, we will all die before the next scenario arrives."

Kim Dokja looked directly into Lee Hyunsung and Han Myungoh's eyes and said.

“Do you want to die because of the person behind that iron door or do you want to try your luck outside the train? Which one will you choose?” – Kim Dokja


"Dokja-ssi, is there any guarantee that the person behind the iron door is the enemy?"

Cale sighed as Lee Hyunsung asked “he is a survivor of another carriage. Do you think other trains have grasshoppers or fish like us?”

At this moment, the two of them came to their senses. The survivors of the other carriages must have gone through the same thing as them. They won't have any luck finding 'insects'. They hurriedly checked the door

It's broken!

"Shit, we can't go this way!"

While listening to Lee Hyunsung and Han Myungoh's cries, the three also checked another door. No more barriers so the door can now be touched

In addition to the doors connecting the passageways, there are a total of eight access doors on the subway.


The iron door looks like it can barely last for a minute

“Dokja-ssi! This-"

He found a working manual switchgear.

"Not!" The open and close device works fine but the door doesn't open at once. Their door opened about a fifth before stopping like a jam. “…It seems to be broken here too.”

"What about other places?"

“This seems to be the only place where we can escape.”

"Lee Hyunsung-ssi, use your skills and then open the door. Just imagine and you can do it" -Kim Dokja

"I don't really understand but okay"

“What? This guy has real power!

“There he is! Truly great!”

"Come on, come down!"

Kim Dokja handed Lee Gilyoung to Lee Hyunsung.

"Lee Hyunsung-ssi. Carry the child on your back."

"I see."

The eight of them started running. But, Cale suddenly stopped. He felt it again. This time he felt the dokkaebi coming back. And the prediction is right on target

[...Ah, this really is. I knew this would happen. Didn't I say it before? I told you not to go anywhere, Damn! The scenario isn't ready-]

Dokkaebi looked angry as he floated over the Dongho Bridge.

“Wow! I knew this was going to happen! I told you not to come out!”

Han Myungoh wrapped his arms around his head, as he thought he was about to explode. But not to worry.

[Sigh... it can't be helped. You really are a lucky human.]

It was because the second scenario started the moment the carriage door opened.

[The second scenario has arrived!]

[Second Scenario - Escape]

Category: Sub

Difficulty: E

Clear Condition: Cross the broken bridge and enter Oksu Station.

Time Limit: 20 minutes.

Compensation: 200 coins.

Failure: ???


"Dokja-ssi, something is strange. It says 'broken bridge' but the bridge is still...

"Don't worry and just run! Immediately!"


In fact, the woman was right. The bridge has not been damaged. In other words, 'the bridge will break!

"Dokja-ssi, come quickly!"

"I come."

"Wait! Choi Han, what are you doing!? Put me down!"

Cale who was suddenly picked up by Choi Han shouted in surprise.

"We'll go faster like this" replied Choi Han

“Dongsaeng just calm down and let Choi Han carry you. It will be easier for you too” Alberu ran beside Choi Han

Cale sighed and allowed himself to be carried by Choi Han. At least he doesn't have to run

“By the way, Choi Han, what level do you have for strength, stamina, and agility?”

"Umm... I only checked it for a while but I thought if I concluded it was more than twenty?"

'He's still a monster even after we didn't get our old powers' Cale thought

Lee Hyunsung ran ahead with the kid. Followed by Choi Han with Cale and Alberu. The next one was Han Myungoh and then the woman with Kim Dokja in the back.

"Oh, what is it?"

At this moment, Han Myungoh's scream rang out. There was a huge whirlpool in the middle of the Han River, giving off splashes of water.

And a giant monster was in the middle of the splash. A giant snake or maybe an ichthyosaur. The thing is, the ichthyosaurs were twice the size of what they saw through the window

Ku ku ku ku!

The Han River surged like a tsunami and the ichthyosaurs moved. It chews at the foot of the bridge.

The bridge is broken!

“Run! If we run then we can get through!”

The remaining distance is about 200 meters. Cale started to count. If the calculations were correct, they could cross before the bridge collapsed at their current speed.

[There is no fun if the game is too easy.]

Of course, this is a story when there are no variables.

[Scenario difficulty has been adjusted.]

[Scenario difficulty: E -> D]

The sound of the dokkaebi's laughter was heard.

[Is there any fun if you just run away? Let's create a little atmosphere!]

[The evil thoughts of the dead have returned.]

[The surrounding earth is filled with black aether.]

[The demons have awakened!]

There was the sound of something chasing them from behind. The woman muttered to herself.


Zombie-like bodies came in huge waves. Some of them were people from the same carriage as them.

"We just need to go further! Immediately!"

They move faster. Alberu glanced at the zombies then spoke to Cale

“Cale, you must be happy that your wish has come true. Now that we are having a zombie attack, what are you going to do?” Alberu started to tease Cale.

Cale looked at Alberu then replied

“What am I going to do? Isn't it obvious? You fought them and I ran away”

"You little bastard"

The distance to the ichthyosaurs was now less than a hundred meters. Fortunately, Lee Hyunsung carried Lee Gilyoung and had crossed the safety line with the three. The problem is with them. Han Myungoh screeched.

"Y-You bastard!"

There are too many zombies. If there were only corpses from the subway, they might have managed to escape. The problem is...


Drivers who died on the bridge became demon people. The road that Lee Hyunsung, Choi Han and Alberu passed was filled with zombies. Kim Dokja looked among the zombies on the road and the approaching ichthyosaurs.

"Everything down." Shouted Kim Dokja

Too late.


The legs of the bridge shook violently as the ichthyosaur's huge mouth bit into it.

Ichthyosaur scales shone through the dust flowing down the Han River like rain. The fishy smell of blood and water filled the area.

Once the dust cleared, the surrounding scenery became clear. Pile of crushed concrete and cut steel. Carcasses of demons bitten by Ichthyosaurs through broken bridge legs.

The bridge is broken.


Tap tap

Choi Han entered Oksu Station with Lee Hyunsung, Lee Gilyoung, Cale and Alberu. He put Cale down after making sure his surroundings were safe.

"Everything is alright?" Choi Han and Cale nodded at Alberu's question

"Wait, what about Dokja-ssi and the others?" Lee Hyunsung turned his head.

They saw Kim Dokja and two others struggling because they were surrounded by zombies.

They heard a loud noise and dust appeared making them unable to see around. Once the dust cleared, the scene around me became clear. Pile of crushed concrete and cut steel. Zombie carcass bitten by an Ichthyosaurus through a broken bridge leg.

Lee Hyunsung and Lee Gilyoung shouted for Kim Dokja while Alberu and Choi Han were busy checking if Cale was injured.

At that moment, a voice rang out in the air.

[Someone has received constellation assistance.]

[The constellation scenario 'Deus Ex Machina' has been activated.]

They couldn't see what was happening on the other side, but they knew someone had helped Kim Dokja and the other two. They waited, and after a while, Han Myungoh crossed the barrier with the woman but there was no sign of Kim Dokja.

"Why only the two of you? Where is Kim Dokja?" asked Cale.

Han Myungoh didn't answer and just looked away. The woman glanced at him with an annoyed look then explained everything to the others.

"So you're saying, a bridge appears but only a limited number of people can cross the bridge. Then, since there's only three of you, this bullshit takes you, across the bridge and leaves Kim Dokja?" asked Cale.

The woman nodded. Han Myungoh who didn't want to be blamed, shouted

"It wasn't my fault! It was Kim Dokja's fault for looking at me like he wanted to leave me!!"

"Actually, if I were in Kim Dokja's place, I would think the same."

“Yeah, yeah whatever. So what are you going to do? Give money to those monsters so they don't eat you? You know, you're really annoying. Be thankful no one here is going to throw you at the monsters.” – Cale

"You-- Huh!"

Han Myungoh who was intent on attacking Cale stopped. An invisible force began to suppress him. It was something that gave him goosebumps. The pressure made it hard for him to breathe, as if something was choking him. The pressure came from Choihan and Alberu.

"If you want to live, just shut up and don't do anything that will get in our way. Oh, and stop whining too. That's so annoying."

The three of them left the current Han Myungoh.

The others examined the barrier to find a way to destroy it and help Kim Dokja or at least, could see what was happening on the other side.

"It's not working. I don't see anything," said Lee Hyunsung. "It looks like something like a barrier on the subway is blocking us."

"Do you think we can destroy it?" asked Choi Han.

“I don't think so. This barrier is very strong for our current strength,” Alberu replied.

Chapter Text

"Let's wait until the time is up," the woman suggested.

Everyone nodded and moved away from the barrier.

"For now, let's introduce ourselves.
My name is Yoo refuted. I work at Minosoft." He introduced himself first.

"I am Lee Hyungsung. As I said before, I am a soldier."

"I'm Lee Gil Young"

"Nice to meet you all my name is Alberu Crossman you can call me Alberu"

"Sorry, are you not Korean?" asked Yoo Sangah.

"Maybe not. I'm an orphan and I don't know anything about my parents, but I've lived in Korea since I was little."

"Oh I'm sorry"

"Don't worry about it"

"Then what about the other two?" asked Lee Hyunsung.

"They are my younger brothers. Not because of blood, but we have always been together since childhood so I think of them as my brothers."

"Nice to meet you guys. My name is Cale Henituse."

"Are you two foreigners?" - asked Yoo Sangah

"It's more or less like that. The three of us came from the same orphanage 8 years ago, before we left there to live independently"

"Nice to meet you. My name is Choi han"

“How can you become the biggest shareholder of our company if you are an orphan?” asked Han Myungoh who felt like he had been deceived by Cale.

“That's because I'm not you Han Myungoh-ssi. I'm not the type to rely on my family ties to gain a high position and abuse power as I please” – Cale replied while sarcastically

Cale felt like something bad was about to happen. But before he said anything, Alberu had already spoken.

"Of course Cale can do it. He's Cale Henituse's dear dongsaeng. He's very smart and heroic, always helping someone in need, always getting good grades in school--'

“Stop” Cale told Alberu to stop

Of course Alberu ignored him and continued to speak “even after doing all the good deeds, he never brags. He is truly a kind and humble person. Truly, he is the star of our family”

“Hyung, none of that can compare to you. The sun of our family.” Cale gave up on stopping his hyung. Instead, he launched an attack "you are always the student council president and get first place in school"

Cale and Alberu started talking to each other while Choi Han sighed and the others watched dumbfoundedly.

Suddenly, a barrier shook everyone who expected it was Kim Dokja but they were wrong. Instead of Kim Dokja, a man in a black jacket walked in. He has wide black eyes with double thin eyelids and thick eyebrows. Her hair was black and slightly wavy, cut short. He has tan skin, a pointed nose bulge, and a strong jaw. In short, he is very handsome

While observing the man, Cale only had one thought in his mind

He is the protagonist

Cale really didn't understand why he kept thinking like that. Is this world the world of a certain novel too? And this man who had just appeared was the main character of the novel?

No, wait a moment

Cale shook his head. Even if this world is a world from a novel, then what? It won't change anything. What Cale needed to do now was endure to the end. She will not get involved with this man.

Plus, if his feelings keep telling him that this man is the protagonist, let's just shut up somewhere and let him save this world. Right, he will.

By the way, why did he keep having feelings telling him about this and that? There's no way those god damn gods gave him such a weird skill right? Good!?

'Tsk, let's check later. The problem now, where is Kim Dokja'

Cale usually didn't care about people he just met. But her feelings keep telling her that she needs Kim Dokja to survive. For now he will follow his feelings.

The man who had just appeared was observing everyone at the station. After a long silence, Lee Hyunsung asked the man.

"Excuse me, who are you?"

The man glanced at Lee Hyunsung then replied "I'm Yoo Joonghyuk"

Before Lee Hyunsung could ask again, a notification popped up

[Main Scenario #2 - Escape]

[200 coins have been obtained as a basic pass reward.]

[The completion of the additional compensation will begin.]

Even after the notification was finished, Kim Dokja still hadn't come. Before anyone asked, Yoo Joonghyuk spoke first.

"If you wanted to know about the man named Kim Dokja, he wouldn't have come now."

"What did you do to him?" Cale asked.

"I threw him off the bridge."


"But he will come back"

'No wait, who did he throw from?'

Cale took a step back. He knew this man wasn't normal. Not only that, he also looks strong. Even Choi Han was standing tensed beside Cale.

Choi Han had the same feeling as when he faced White Star for the first time. A feeling where the opponent was much stronger than him. This Yoo Joonghyuk was strong, maybe as strong as he was back in Roan or maybe even stronger than him back then. But he was pretty sure Yoo Joonghyuk was too strong for him right now.

Choi Han was nervous. What if Yoo Joonghyuk turned out to be their enemy? Should he invest coins into his stats now?

But despite his expectations, Yoo Joonghyuk didn't do anything and said a word "Follow me" then started walking without looking back.

At first, everyone was hesitant to follow him. but after they saw Yoo Jonghyuk walking without hesitation as if knowing where to go, they started to follow him. Especially after they saw the notification again.

[You have entered the territory of the second main scenario.]

[The land in the scenario area is heavily polluted.]

[Be careful with your breathing and move underground as fast as you can.]

Cale was confused. Isn't the second scenario over? They have already received their reward. More importantly, the notice said that the land was highly polluted. That is, there is poison and it may be in the form of a mist because it tells you to breathe carefully, then moving underground quickly means the underground is safe. For now, the best option was to go to the underground station and relax there until Kim Dokja returned.

After a while of walking, everyone except Yoo Joonghyuk was confused because the air was clean and not polluted at all. Or maybe it hasn't been polluted

Cale glanced at Alberu and Choi Han beside him. They were currently staring at the screen in front of them

[Additional gifts]

'I don't think the gods are completely evil. See they even gave us an extra gift' I accepted the gift right away.

[Additional prize: ??????? ]

To hell with those gods.

One day Cale would really hit
their backs. Meanwhile, Alberu took pity on those gods then stroked Cale's head.

"I don't need your pity, hyung"

"You bastard.. and here I am trying to be a good hyung"

Before Cale and Alberu started a fight, the others approached them.

"Sorry, what were you doing just now?" Yoo Sangah asked carefully.

The three of them stared at him until Alberu answered the question "We received something from our sponsor"

Before he could explain further, Yoo Joonghyuk suddenly stood beside them and stared at the three intensely. Cale flinched when Yoo Joonghyuk looked at him and narrowed his eyes.


Suddenly, Choi Han standing in front of Cale completely blocked his view. Choi Han looked at Yoo Joonghyuk with a murderous gaze while secretly investing a few coins into his stats. Notifications keep popping up every time he invests his coins

[6,700 coins have been invested into 'stamina'.]

[Stamina Lv. 9 -> Stamina Lv. 18]

[Your stamina level has increased drastically!]

[10,000 coins have been invested into the 'power'.]

[Power Lv. 9 -> Strength Lv. 20 ]

[Your power level has increased drastically!]

[Your endurance has increased tremendously!]

[Your power level has drastically increased!]

[Your body strength has increased tremendously!]

Choi Han and Yoo Jonghyuk continued to stare at each other. Suddenly, the air around them turned cold and filled with killing intent. Alberu and the others did not dare to approach the two of them after seeing their gazes. Meanwhile Cale whose gaze was blocked by Choi Han, clueless started cursing

What really happened !?"


Name: Cale Henituse

Age : 18 years old

Constellation Sponsor: Black Impermanence

Personal Attributes: Reincarnator (Legend), Strategist (Common), loved by nature (Rare), Loved by the gods (Legend)

Exclusive Skill: Chat Lv. 1, Premonition Lv.3, Incite Lv. 5 , Indestructible Shield Lv.3, Vitality of the Heart Lv.2, Sound of the Wind Lv. 2, Aura dominance Lv. 5, Fire of Destruction Lv. 3, Super Rock Lv. 2, Sky Eating Water Lv. 2, Blood-drenched Rock Lv. 2, Record Lv. 1, Instant Lv. 1, Embrace Lv. 1


Overall Stats: Stamina Lv. 2, Strength Lv. 2, Agility Lv. 2, Mana Lv. 18


Name: Alberu Crossman

Age : 20 years old

Constellation Sponsor: The personification of dawn

Personal Attributes: Reincarnator (Legend), Weapon Expert (Rare), direct descendants of gods (Legend)

Exclusive Skill: Chat Lv. 1, Swordsmanship Lv. 2, Highest Grade Swordsman Lv. 5, Mana Absorption Lv. 3, Fighting Sense Lv. 2, Star of Healing Lv. Max(1× usage)


Overall Stats: Stamina Lv. 7, Strength Lv. 6, Agility Lv. 8, Mana Lv. 9


Name: Choi han

Age: 19 years old

Constellation Sponsor: The embodiment of murder

Personal Attributes: Reincarnator (Legend), Swordsman (Rare), Dragon Slayer (Legend)

Exclusive Skill: Chat Lv. 1, Sword aura Lv. 3, Sword skills Lv. 4 , Sword of Disaster Lv. 5,


Overall Stats: Stamina Lv. 18, Strength Lv. 20, Agility Lv. 8, Mana Lv. 4

Chapter Text

'What's really going on right now'

That was Cale's thoughts as the people around him were in a state of fear with the tense atmosphere that could turn into a battle between Yoo Joonghyuk and Choihan.

Cale who was unable to see anything due to being blocked by Choihan's body could only remain silent.



Cale's grumbling voice that sounded from behind Choihan made Yoo Joonghyuk unable to finish his sentence


" ... "

"Choihan, get out of the way!. You're blocking my view"

Cale's grumbling voice didn't quite match this tense atmosphere. They didn't know if Cale was acting like that because he didn't know what was going on or because he was too confident. Either way, this tense atmosphere could turn into a battle at any moment.

“Choihan!!” Cale repeated, seeing as Choihan didn't hear him.

“Ahh” Choihan immediately realized that Cale was calling him. He was taking Yoo Joonghyuk too seriously to not listen to Cale.

“What do you need Cale?” Choihan answered finally

"Get out of the way. You're blocking my view"

“Can't” Choihan said without turning to face Cale

“Why?” Cale was confused because this was the first time Choihan had not turned to face him while speaking to him.

“I need to protect you Cale”

"Of what? "

"Of all the things that put you at risk," Choihan replied, looking at Yoo Joonghyuk sharply.

Hearing his answer, Cale could only grumble behind Choihan. Meanwhile, Yoo Joonghyuk only returned Choihan's sharp gaze with the same sharp gaze. The people who heard Choihan's answer could only see between Yoo Joonghyuk and Choihan. Choihan's answer just now was like an indirect declaration of war to Yoo Joonghyuk. People began to retreat slowly seeing the atmosphere that could turn into this battle.

Plok... Alberu clapped his hands once to get everyone's attention on him.

'How fierce' Alberu thought as Yoo Joonghyuk's gaze fell on him. Finally after all the attention was on him he began to speak.

"I don't think this is the right time to start a fight. Therefore, let's continue our journey" - said Alberu in a calm tone.

The people who heard it felt more relaxed. Alberu who was the former Crown Prince was naturally very used to this kind of atmosphere. So, he could solve it quickly without causing serious problems.

[Some constellations admire your courage!]

[The constellations have sponsored you 100 coins. ]

Yoo Joonghyuk opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but immediately closed his mouth and walked forward first. The people who saw him immediately followed him.

Yoo Joonghyuk POV

He was shocked. Originally, the people on train 3807 were going to kill each other in the battle royale, with only Lee Hyunsung and Kim Namwoon surviving.

' Only Lee Hyunsung and Kim Namwoon could survive in that carriage. '

' But Kim Namwoon died and the others survived. '

' How did they survive? '

' Who are these people? '

' Digging information. Then if I find a disturbing element... Kill it. '

' Kim Dokja is not a regressor. '

' He's not the one to change the future. Because I '

' That's because I started killing them, unlike the other turns. '

' Kim Dokja is indeed a strange person. But those 3 students were even weirder. '

'They even receive gifts from their sponsors'

' The constellations are not good creatures'

' A newbie can't be so calm. '

' They weren't normal to be able to adjust to this changing world. '

' The black haired student even looked at me with a murderous aura'

'From the look on him he's already killed people'

' He probably killed Kim Namwoon. '

' He has gone beyond being useful to being dangerous. '

' The yellow-haired student was also strange. He even drew everyone's attention to him and solved the problem appropriately'

' Judging by the armband on his right arm, he must be the student council president at his school, he must be used to being the center of attention'

' But the world has changed. It's strange, even though he looks scared at my gaze he's still relaxed'

'He must have run into assassins or something like that'

'That red-haired student is even weirder'

'He's not even affected by what happened'

'Maybe he is too confident because he is protected by the 2 students in front of him'

' Why are they protecting such a burden? '

'The future has changed'

Kim Dokja POV

Geumho Station was originally a place that would grow into the territory's base after being organized by Yoo Jonghyuk. In his first regression, Yoo Jonghyuk broke through the second main scenario with the Geumho Station group, allowing the people of the group to occupy a place in the new era. Even so, it was the first half. In the third round of regression, Yoo Jonghyuk was different. Yoo Jonghyuk's 3rd turn was the monster who monopolized everything.

“…Even so, he is someone who will do the basic cleaning.”

"Hah?" The man who guided me was surprised.

"I'm only talking to myself. It's a habit."

[The racial 'Secretive Plotter' likes your monologue. ]

“Yeah… anyway, this way.”

The people from the Cheoldoo Group, who were supporting each other, stopped moving. We descended to the bottom of the dark platform and found a place where there was still light. I heard people buzzing as we descended the stairs.

“Cheoldoo Group! People get hurt!”

Several people rushed to support Bang Cheolsoo's group. There is more than one system then I think because people move regularly. Meanwhile, I saw familiar faces crash.

"Oh my god. Dokja-ssi! Dokja-ssi!”

Fortunately, nothing seems to have happened. I greeted the person, “Yoo Sangah-ssi.”

"I am happy. Really, I'm very happy!” Yoo Sangah stood in front of me with a happy expression. I was shocked and offered an awkward handshake. There were many scratches on the back of Yoo Sangah's hand, indicating that she had been going through a tough time in the past four days. I heard a sound and something stuck to my leg.

"You are alive." It's Lee Gilyoung.

I stroked the boy's head and asked, "Are you okay?"

Lee Gilyoung nodded. She must be hungry because her cheeks are really thin. I took out a chocolate bar from the bag and placed it in Lee Gilyoung's hand.

“I know you're still alive, Dokja-ssi. Hah…” Finally, I looked at Lee Hyunsung. The muscles of the upper half seem to have become denser. Maybe Lee Hyunsung had protected everyone. "I am really, really sorry. At that time, I left Dojka-ssi…”

“It was an unavoidable situation.”

“Phew, I'm glad Yoo Jonghyuk-ssi was right.”

… Yoo Jonghyuk? Why is that name heard here? Lee Hyunsung watched after a while and said, “That, Yoo Jonghyuk said that Dokja-ssi might still be alive…”

“…Where is Yoo Jonghyuk now?”

"He's not here now."

Not here?

“Yoo Jonghyuk-ssi left the station yesterday. So…”

I was able to determine many things before Lee Hyunsung finished speaking. I see . Really like that. He is a person in a hurry.

"That reminds me, there's one more person."

“Ah, department head.”

Yoo Sangah didn't finish speaking because a group of men suddenly interfered. Nonetheless, that is a good thing.

“Everyone, step aside!”

I don't need to hear an explanation to see what happens right away. Three or four men armed with hammers or pipes began to surround me. There was a familiar face between them.

“Y-You…!” Han Myungoh left me at the Even Bridge and now he looks like he's seen a ghost. Han Myungoh definitely joined this group. “E-Get rid of that person! He's a very bad person! He shouldn't be here!"

A thief is always the one who feels the pins and needles. Han Myungoh started exclaiming wildly. However, I noticed that the other men looked at each other and didn't move easily. There is something strange. Han Myungoh was placed in the middle yet they didn't listen?

“Haha, Han hyung. Everyone has to get along so why don't you stop?”

“Ah, th-that…”

"You're new."

The man split to the side and a path was formed. A slender man appeared among them. I can tell just by looking into his eyes. This guy has a sponsor.

"Nice to meet you. Can I ask what your name is?”

"Kim Dokja."

“Dokja-ssi. So. I'm Cheon Inho."

Cheon Inho? It felt like a name I had to remember. I put strength into the hand holding the thorn. It looks like this person is the leader of the Cheoldoo Group. He lost half of his men to me so he came here to make trouble.

“I heard stories from the people you came to. You fought monsters and saved my group members.”

… What?

“Everyone, please collect! We have a brave new group member!”

Hearing Cheon Inho's words, people started to turn this way one by one. That's when I knew. It was impossible for Han Myungoh's charisma to muster this much power. Cheon Inho is the real leader of this group.

"Whoa! This is food!”

Hungry eyes fell on the convenience store bag. Then Cheon Inho spoke as if he had been waiting, “He sent it right to us. He is a rare good person.”

Those words made all eyes look at me like I was a savior. The mother who was holding the child and the old man who had injured his leg looked at me earnestly.

Cheon Inho… I think I remember. Yes, there is this person in the Geumho station group.

[The constellation 'Secretive Plotter' is very excited. ]

In this shattered world, the real danger wasn't people like Bang Cheolsoo. Humans moving while feeling hopeless are completely harmless to me. The truly dangerous people are those who use the despair of others as fertilizer for power. Just like this guy.

“Welcome to Geumho Station, Kim Dokja-ssi. "

Cheon Inho laughed inside while looking at me. He chuckled as he shook my hand. Cheon Inho will never know. At this moment, his future has been determined.


I turned around to look at Cale who was whispering in a small yet, audible voice.

'But, he's probably right this guy is the scum of society'

Chapter Text

Kim Dokja POV

Despite Cheon Inho's intervention, the constellations did not ask for a reward scenario. In other words, it wasn't the best time to deal with him.

About half a day, I focused on understanding the Geumho Station situation. It was Lee Hyunsung who mainly provided information. "Currently, there are 86 people at Geumho Station. Ah, I think now 87 people with Dokja-ssi."

"It's less than I thought."

“Yeah. When that scenario broke out, only those close to the station and everyone on the train survived. Everyone didn't say it, but maybe in the first scenario…”

I don't need to be told any further words. I can see it from people's expressions. Those who survived had trampled on someone's life. All the humans here are killers.

"Right now, Geumho Station is divided into two groups. Actually, it is one group and the rest."

Lee Hyunsung looked at the people with a dark expression. There are men armed with iron pipes or other instruments. It was clear which was the ruling faction.

"Trust me! The group president is working hard and everyone will be saved soon." The youngest son of the Hankyung Group, Han Myungoh shouted.

"Hyung-nim is right, everyone. Don't lose hope. We will be able to lead." The one who hugged Han Myungoh and practically led the group was Cheon Inho. They are a mainstream group. '

'Mom, I'm bored... I can't play games on the phone?'

"Wait a minute. The rescue team will be here soon."

"The government will act. It is not easy to destroy a country."

Then the people who are protected by the mainstream group and want to continue their life are the marginalized group. 'Their will is too weak to be a killer. Even if 100 assassins were gathered together, they would be divided between the weak and the strong. Maybe they think that they are not killers. They all believed it was inevitable.

Lee Hyunsung watched the main group inciting people and said, "The distribution of food is determined by the mainstream group. The shops and restaurants in the area have been robbed... edible food is now almost gone."

"I see . "

"That's the reason why some people from the mainstream group were sent above ground to fetch food. Heewon-ssi, who you brought, come with them."


"Ah, that's the name of the woman Dokja-ssi saved."

"Is Heewon-ssi the only one who didn't come back?"

"No. Actually, some people went out this morning, but only people from marginalized groups didn't come back."

"They didn't come back?"

"Yes." Lee Hyunsung's expression became sad again. He thought he roughly knew what was going on. I grabbed Lee Hyunsung's shoulder. I know for sure after actually touching it. He truly is a sword of steel. His strength will soon surpass level 10.

"Dokja-ssi." It wasn't Lee Hyunsung who called me. I looked back and saw Cheon Inho from the mainstream group. Yes, I think he will be back soon.

"May I talk to you for a moment?"

"Okay, let's talk."

"You seem to have a distaste for complicated things, so I'll get straight to the point."


"Join our group." It was an expected offer. "I can offer Dokja-ssi a high position in our group. I want to lead the group together with you."

"Why me?"

"Shouldn't you know why?" Cheon Inho glanced at the injured Cheoldoo Group member. "Dokja-ssi is a hero who saves people from monsters. A hero needs such a place."

"What exactly do you want?"

"I need someone to be a hitman." Hitman? "Until a few days ago, someone else was doing the job. He was buying food alone and hunting in the tunnels. To be precise, we took it unilaterally."

I don't need to ask. This is the story of Yoo Jonghyuk.

"So you need someone to take his place?"

"I think your strength is proven with Cheolsoo-ssi."

"Sorry, but I can't take responsibility for anyone. I don't want to join your group."

"Hmm. Is that so?"

"Most importantly, the way you run the group doesn't suit me."

I saw the healthy members of the Cheoldoo Group and the sickly looking members of the marginal group. In particular, Jung Hee Won looked at Cheon Inho as if he was his sworn enemy.

“Is that so? It's fine. However, if you change your mind, come back at any time.”

"It will not happen."

"Haha, remains to be seen."

It didn't take long to figure out what Cheon Inho's words meant. As the members of the Cheoldoo Group retreated, the rest of the group approached as if they had been waiting. It was people from the marginalized group. They caught me and raised their voices.

I heard a funny voice from somewhere and looked back, saw Yoo Sangah and Lee Gilyoung looking at me. Their faces are like baby birds waiting for the mother bird, making me laugh.

"That reminds me, it's late. Aren't you hungry? Take these one by one." I handed over the food from the shop one by one.

"Ah. Really? Can I?"

"This time it's free. But next time, you have to pay for it."

"H-H-How much...?"

"Don't you all have coins? It's 10 coins for one."


Confusion filled Yoo Sangah and Lee Hyunsung's faces. They looked like they didn't expect my words.

"Of course. I'll pay now. I don't need to be free." Surprisingly, the one who spoke was the woman who had been lying on the bench. He regained consciousness. "I'm Jung Heewon. Thank you for your help this morning."

"It is nothing." I thought it was just a funny mask but I could see that it was prejudice.

"Yoo Sangah-ssi, Lee Hyunsung-ssi. Everyone, please wake up. This is not the time to make this display. This food, he got it by risking his life. Are you hoping to get it for free?" There was hardly any expression on the face that spoke without hesitation.

“Ah…” Yoo Sangah blushed like she just woke up. "I'm too petty, sorry. Of course we have to pay… that's true. I don't like free stuff either. I hate depending on other people."

“I also agree with Yoo Sangah-ssi. I will pay coins from now on.”

I was a little surprised by the unexpected reaction. Indeed, just because it's the apocalypse doesn't mean there's only one type of person. I replied, "If you insist ... I understand. Does everyone know how to exchange coins?"

"Yeah. I studied a few days ago. Touch each other's index finger, um, and..."

"Please state how many coins you would like to exchange." . Good thing their resistance wasn't bigger than I thought. I'm not doing this to earn some coins. At first, this judgment may seem harsh but one will soon realize that this choice is correct.

['Lee Gilyoung' has paid you 20 coins. ]

“Huh? You gave me more than 10 coins?”

"This is the price for a chocolate bar during the day."

Lee Gilyoung's expression while speaking was quite good. Perhaps the fastest to adapt to the new world are not adults but children. It is easier for children to violate common sense.

"Will Dokja-ssi stay with us?"

"Oh, that..."

"Hey, are the rumors true?"

"Do you really have a monopoly on food?"

"Are you going to eat it all when there's enough to share with everyone?"

"We all live here! How come only you have it?"

"Hand over the food to Inho-ssi! He will distribute it fairly!"

I know what's going on. I could see Cheon Inho's smiling face behind the people. His lips moved.

'Select. '

Will I feed and become a hero? Or will I be the villain and monopolize alone? If I choose to be a hero, I will fall into the Cheon Inho game. After the food was distributed, I had to hunt for food with the group members and would one day be stabbed in the back. On the other hand, I would be ostracized in the group if I monopolized the food alone.

[The eyes of several constellations are shining. ]

[The constellation 'Secretive Plotter' has snorted. ]

When the crowd got hot, Cheon Inho came forward.

"Ahh, everyone. Calm down. There seems to be a misunderstanding. Kim Dokja-ssi is not that kind of person." What is this? Bait? "Kim Dokja-ssi decided to work with us. The food he brought today will be handed over to the mainstream group and will be distributed fairly. He also promised to continue working with us-"

Of course, he was sure I would choose him. Hard to hear anymore.


"Of course I'll give you food." I saw Cheon Inho's lips curled up. But one must listen to the end. "However, it is not free."

Unlike Yoo Jonghyuk, I won't throw everything away to advance. But I will not be responsible for everyone. Food is provided but it is not free. People were confused as if they didn't understand the words.

"W-Wait a minute! It's not free?"

"I'll tell you. I don't mean to monopolize food. But I won't give food to Cheon Inho's group. I'm not UNICEF and I don't trust them," I smiled at Cheon Inho. "I'll make a deal with you. I'll sell you food for a fair price."



"Uh, how much... money?"

In the distance, I could see Cheon Inho's face stiffen. I laughed when I faced him.

"No, I only accept coins.

After a while, only the people in the marginalized group that I had a relationship with came back.

"That... D-Dokja-ssi. Is this a good choice?"

"Sheesh, is there anything free in life? Dokja-ssi, you said it well. I feel refreshed." Jung Heewon rejected Lee Hyunsung's concern. After I made the 'trade' declaration, many citizens turned their backs on me. Maybe they were disappointed.

"I agree with Heewon-ssi. The people here are too docile for a mainstream group."

“Right. Bitch girls… Geumho Station is currently in the palm of their hands. People are treated as cows and sometimes taken to slaughterhouses. Just like me this morning.”

Jung Heewon's body shook. Actually, it wasn't me, but the mainstream group that had a monopoly on the food. They monopolize food under the pretext of 'fair distribution' and give it to people who are domesticated. Humans are the weakest when they believe someone is protecting them. Once authority is established in a one-sided relationship, people begin to depend on it.

"I agree. That's why I believe that Dokja-ssi's declaration today is very meaningful. People need to have the will to do things themselves. However..." Lee Hyunsung looked at the food. "Nothing for sale. 50 coins for one, isn't this price too high? Why don't you make 10 coins like you did with us...?"

Then I looked at the 3 students in the corner of the room. Yes, it was 3 students who were in the same carriage as him. It seemed they weren't in Cheon Inho's group maybe because of Han Myungoh. I walked towards them.

"Hello, have you eaten? I brought some food here. But you have to pay for it in coins. You have coins, don't you?"

"Of course. Ah... We'll just take these three cakes" replied Alberu while pointing at the food he brought.

"Alright, a total of 30 coins"

['Alberu Crossman' has paid you 150 coins. ]

“Huh? You gave me more than 120 coins?”

"Didn't you tell everyone earlier that you sold it for 50 coins for one thing?"

Alberu's expression as he spoke was very calm. I looked at Cale and Choihan who were equally calm. As expected the fastest to adapt to the new world were not adults but children. It is easier for children to violate common sense.

But why didn't Cheon Inho recruit them when they looked like they had a lot of coins? Was it because Han Myungoh forbade it? It doesn't make sense to think so. People only pay attention to mainstream groups and show no signs of looking like this. People still need time. I thought calmly, "Let's wait a little longer."

Then night came. The sound of a huge monster sounded occasionally from the ground and people often had nightmares. Lee Gilyoung and Yoo Sangah fell asleep first while Jung Heewon fell asleep.

Lee Hyunsung said, "Dokja-ssi should sleep too. I'll be on guard."

"No. It's fine. Lee Hyunsung-ssi can sleep first."

"But you will be tired."

"I have to work."

Work to do?"

I pointed behind Lee Hyunsung. Strangely, there are shadows of people. That is not

“That… are you still trading food?”

Finally, people started to move.

Chapter Text

Hypocrite (2)

Cale POV



“Why did you overdo the coin?”

"Because I'm rich?"

"And why is that a question?"

"Because you are richer than me"

“Cale, you can take my bread too if you want more.”

"You can take it Choihan. You should eat too"

"But you need it more"

“Choihan is right Cale, you can take mine too”

"Stop hyung, Choihan. You should eat too"

“But you need him more Cale””

"You have to eat so you can take care of me understand"

"" Good""
-------------------------------------------------- -


"Why don't you finish your bread?"

"I have no appetite"

“Cale are you okay? Does your stomach hurt?”

"No, it's just that I miss beacrox cooking"

"Ah, you're right the food is really good. It's even better than the palace chef's"

"I don't really like that person but the food is really good"

"I'll save this bread for later"

The air split open and a familiar figure was revealed. Screams came from everywhere. The nightmare of humanity that opened this tragedy.

[H-How are you all? Haven't you been free for a while?] The dokkaebi.


People panicked at the appearance of the dokkaebi. It's never a good thing when this guy shows up. This dokkaebi is different from the early ones which is responsible for all nearby channels, it is not pure white hair, this dokkaebi has black fur.

[M-My friend who was originally in charge of this channel is currently undergoing disciplinary action… S-So, I take responsibility for this scenario. ]

The dokkaebi's shy tone is very impressive.

[T-Then everyone. D-Don't you look so peaceful? B-That B-hyung, he's pretending to be arrogant just to set the level of difficulty of this scenario…]

"W-What are you saying? Say what you want!"

[H-Hic. Do not be angry. Every one . Anyways, I came for you guys...]

"For us?"

"T-Then give us some food!"

[F-Food? Aha… if you want food…]

After his words ended, the dokkaebi moved their hands.

[Scenario fine has been added. ]

[From now on, food supplies are limited. ]

[All existing food supplies have disappeared. ]

"U-Uhh! What?"

People with emergency food screamed. Whether it's from the mainstream group or the marginalized group, everything called 'food' floats in the air.

[Hehehe . Then everything. You can't Y-You have to figure out how to solve the scenario. ]

Canned food, biscuits, calories, etc. The emergency food gathered by the people was crushed with a single move from the dokkaebi. People's expressions became gloomy when they saw the food disappear.

[Y-You want to eat? After all, Earth trash...]

His tone was weak, but he was more ruthless than the other dokkaebi.

I saw my bread start to rise and then just disappear. Not disappeared into my stomach but disappeared into the air.

“As I thought you should have finished it earlier Cale”

[Everyone, let's have fun from now on. Hehe ...]

It was followed by a system message.

[Scenario fine has been added. ]

[The 'cost of living' clause has been added. ]

[From now on, 100 coins will be deducted every night for survival costs. 'If you can't pay the 'survival fee', you will die. ]

[The penalty of 'survival cost' will be maintained until the second main scenario is removed. ]

I laughed when I read the message that popped up. Yes, now it looks like the apocalypse

-------------------------------------------------- -
Kim Dokja POV

After a while, several people from the marginalized group, myself included, stood in front of the tunnel leading to Yaksu Station.

The Cheon Inho party member who joined us was Department Head Han Myungoh.

"D-Dokja-ssi." If you don't mind, I'll go..."

"I see. Let's go together."

Han Myungoh was surprised when I responded quickly. He thought I would refuse. Lee Hyunsung had a worried face but I had an idea. However, the surviving party of the five people from Carriage 3807, which consisted of me, Lee Hyunsung, Lee Gilyoung, Yoo Sangah

"Can I come too?"

"...Is it okay even if your body doesn't fully recover?"

"It's fine."

There's one more. Including Jung Heewon, there were a total of six people at the party. That's a lot for a small party. Of course, the number of people is not much in front of the impending crisis.

I've also asked Choihan, Cale and Alberu. They said they wouldn't be coming because they had to look after Cale and they didn't want to be a burden.

Well, that's fine with me and I also think they'll be fine. Yoo Sangah told me earlier, it seems their sponsor really cares about them.

I think it's very rare for constellations to pay much attention to an individual unless they really interest him.
I guess I'll have to check their status window when we get back.

Cale POV

“Cale are you sure not to follow him?”

"Yes, our current strength is not as strong as it used to be. So, now our main priority is to restore our strength to how it used to be"

"You're right, didn't the gods say they would give us a sub-scenario to restore our powers? When did they give it to us"

"I don't know either, that's why we're just observing the situation now."

[There are 20 minutes left until the settlement is paid. ]

[Set up a survival fee. ]

I was late noticing the time. Correctly . It was then. It's amazing that the word 'paid' sounds so scary.

"Coins, coins, please!"

"I don't have enough coins! Please, some coins..."

"I'll give you a million won - no, ten million won! Who will sell 100 coins?"

Coin prices soared. It is funny . There is a ridiculous premium on money that has no value until the start of the crash. There were people smiling as they watched from afar. These people already have enough coins. It was Cheon Inho and the Cheoldoo Group. Several women flocked towards the gang members and shouted, "Y-You said you were going to give me 100 coins beforehand!"

"Hrmm, is that so? I don't remember."

"What ...?"

"I'd think again if you let me put it in one more time. How about it?"

Then a system message appears.

[After a while, the survival completion will begin. ]

"S-Save me! Save me!"

In this world, coins are power. Someone with coins can get good stuff or good stats. Coins are everything.

"Oh, Dokja-ssi! You came just in time." Cheon Inho smiled when he found us. I had a hunch that Cheon Inho spoke in a loud voice, "Dokja-ssi has a lot of coins! How much? You are probably the richest among us, right?"

Ahh, I pity him he just arrived at this place but immediately ran into troublesome trouble. The crowd looked towards Kim Dokja


"Who has that many coins?"

It didn't take long for all eyes to see Kim Dokja. Cheon Inho... He's a really great guy.

"W-are you Dokja-ssi?"

"Please save me!"

"Haha, Dokja-ssi. I don't have any coins to help all these poor people, but… isn't Dokja-ssi different? Are you just waiting and watching?"

I sighed softly, having seen this trick once or twice before.

[The constellations of the absolute good system have defined Cheon Inho as 'evil'. ]

I've had enough of him.

"S-Save me!"

"Please save me!"

People were crying with the saddest expressions in the world.

[Hahaha! This story is fun. For reference, there are 10 more minutes!] Bihyung spoke in a voice full of joy. Choihan looked at me as if waiting for my order, I looked at my hyung who was looking at me with a strange expression.

Seeing this I just shook my head, after I made my decision they looked back at the crowd a little more calmly.

“From the first time Dokja-ssi appeared here. Didn't you sell food for coins? If you didn't make them buy food at that time, do you know how many people could survive now?”

"Yes! He's right!"

"Damn it! Give me back my coins!"

Yoo Sangah and Lee Hyunsung tried to defuse the crowd, but the people had already lost their minds.

Finally, a member of the Cheoldoo Group came forward. "You bastard! What are you doing? Kill him! Why are you hesitating when you can snatch the coins after killing him?"

Kim Dokja cut off the man's arm, and rolled on the ground with the iron pipe.


“U-Uh…” Everyone turned pale when they saw the members of the Cheoldoo Group being overwhelmed with a single blow.

"When I came to Geumho Station a few days ago, there were 87 people here." - Dokja


"How many people are left now? I don't think there are more than 50 people. Do you know why?"

"Y-They came out as scouts and monsters-"

"Monsters? You still believe that?"

[Hahaha! There are 7 more minutes!]

People started to move. Overall, they were people who had already killed.

Unfortunately, they were no match for those in the Cheoldoo Group. There were a large number of people left in the Cheoldoo Group, and their fighting strength was extraordinary due to all the coins they had earned through human hunting. Or at least, this would be a problem if it weren't for me.

The arms and legs of the Cheoldoo Group members, who were accusing kim Dokja, flew off. It was a scene of total slaughter. Of course, Jung Heewon wasn't the only one fighting. Yoo Sangah, Lee Hyunsung, and even Lee Gilyoung protected their respective positions, but none were as active as Jung Heewon. Like a person born to kill, Jung Heewon kills and kills. If kim Dokja cuts a man's arm, Jung Heewon stabs his heart. If he cut his leg, Jung Heewon cut his throat. He took care of everything Kim Dokja left behind. Jung Heewon moved without hesitation, like someone who had longed for this moment.

"They immediately slaughtered everyone after they came back from the tunnel"

“Cale, can I help out? I thought it would be faster.”

"Can I come too dongsaeng? I really hate people like that"

"Why do you want to kill people so much? Don't we already have more than enough coins? You can't kill people as you please, it's illegal"

"I don't think the laws that were in force in the past didn't work properly during the apocalypse, so I don't think it's illegal, is it?"

"Haaahh, don't kill people as you please, at least do it for humanity"

The area was covered in blood.

[All the constellations on the channel feel intense excitement. ]

Finally, everyone stopped moving. The fight is over. However, they couldn't feel it. The times when they ate roast beef, felt the meaning of life, joked as they walked, and enjoyed peaceful moments all seemed like lies. This damn scenario...

Yoo Sangah cried. Lee Gilyoung closed his eyes. Lee Hyunsung bit his lip so hard it bled. Jung Heewon exhausted his physical strength and sat in a pool of blood.

Yes, this is the truth of the world.

[Survival value will be determined. ]

There was a popping sound all around us. Those who had coins survived, while those who failed to get coins were now dead. No one can save each other.

Chapter Text

The massacre scene finally ended after so long. During the massacre, all we did was stand still and observe. At first I was confused as to why no one dared to attack us. But after I saw my hyungs and Choihan, I understood why people didn't attack us.

The people who wanted to attack us were immediately frightened by the gazes of Choihan and Alberu. I think those people already know that they will die instantly if they attack us.

I thought that since neither of us wielded any weapons, we would become easy targets for those coin hunters. But, as I expected of Choihan, he's still dangerous with or without a gun. And that's how I went through that bloody event quietly without doing anything.

That's right, I was the only one who went through that bloody event quietly without and did nothing because my hyungs and Choihan had already kept the pests away before approaching me.

I guess I should be grateful that they haven't killed a single person yet. Remember. Not yet.

I honestly don't know how long I can hold them back. They could suddenly move without waiting for my orders and then slaughter everyone for me. Therefore...

"Let's go now"

"Are we finally moving?"

“Where are we going Cale?”

"Let's just get out of here first"

We ended up leaving the place quietly. We walked on the railroad track.

[A new sub-scenario has arrived!]


[Second Scenario – Food Procurement]

Category: Sub

Difficulty: E

Clear Condition: Directly hunt monsters that can be used as food and cook them.

Deadline: None

Compensation: 500 coins

Failure: ???


As soon as we set foot in the tunnel, a sub-scenario flew in. Food acquisition. Those are the sub-scenarios that we have to go through before entering the second main scenario.

[Several constellations are anticipating your performance. ]

The darkness of the tunnel became clear before we even moved 10 steps. I lit the tunnel with a flashlight but the outline of the surrounding area is not visible at all. It was evidence of the curtain blocking the light. The real thing is behind this curtain.

“Cale, wait a moment. It's really dangerous from here." Choi han, who was walking beside me, stopped first.

“Will it take long? Do I need to help you?” Alberu asked

“No need, you can keep Cale there.”

“Cale, give me my sword”

"Give it to me too"

Cale then opened his spatial pouch then took out a sword and Taerang and gave it to its owner.

"Good, now I can fight properly."

“Cale you just sit there don't use your power and just leave everything to us understand?”

Cale also followed Choihan and Alberu's instructions to stay put. But after a while he got bored. But not because Choihan took too long to clean up the monster. Choihan took care of all the monsters in an instant, even Alberu got no share.

'Hahhh.... If only there was food while watching this show, it's a shame the dokkaebi had already destroyed all the food there'

'Wait. Is the food that was in my spatial pouch still there? '

Cale then immediately checked his spatial pouch and, 'gosh, gosh, it's still here, looks like this time I have to thank those gods.'

Cale then took out the snacks that were in his spatial pouch.

"Hyung what do you want"

“Wow, Cale you finally brought out your food. I thought you had forgotten.”

"Of course I didn't forget, I just thought that the dokkaebi had wiped out all my food"

Cale and Alberu also ate the snacks available in his spatial pouch while watching Choihan slaughter the monster without helping him in the slightest.

After a while Choihan returned to us smiling innocently and covered in monster blood. Choihan immediately looked at us and the food in our hands confusedly.

'What? Is he angry that we didn't help him? Is it because I didn't feed him? Ah whatever it is, the important thing is to talk to him first'

"Good job choihan. Are you hungry?"
He's been staring at our hands holding the food, he must be hungry right?

“Cale, why were you buying food earlier when you had your own food?”

'Ah, apparently because of that'

"Choihan, I didn't buy it, Alberu did it"

Choihan then looked at Alberu in confusion. Seeing that, Alberu finally answered him.

"I bought it so they don't suspect us. If they find out we have our own food then they will definitely come straight to us like pests to get our food you know"

"But you overestimated 120 coins just to buy that food"

"It's okay, shouldn't we also build a good relationship with that person named Kim Dokja? He seems like a good strong person and seems like he knows what's going on because he always anticipates what will happen"

"You're right, I feel like he knows what the future holds."

"Then shouldn't we have followed him earlier?"

"I just feel like we'll definitely see him again"

-------------------------------------------------- -

We were halfway through the railroad when the system message popped up.

[Main Scenario #2 – Meeting]


Main Difficulty : E

Clear Condition: Cross the tunnel and meet the survivors at the main base first.

Deadline: None

Compensation: 500 coins

Failure: ???

The message made me realize that it really started. Unlike the first main scenario, the second main scenario had a 'main base.' Choihan asked, “Main base? Where is it?"

Answer not required. Another message immediately appeared.

[The next main base is 'Chungmuro.']

“Is that Chungmuro? Only three more stops…”

It was like that at first. Then the moles appeared. There are about 30 moles. Alberu stiffened and muttered, “…We have to go through these three stops.”

Choihan stepped forward. “I will take the vanguard.”

“I'll take the back road, then. Cale, you stay in the middle and don't do anything.”

"Sure." After all, I didn't intend to fight from the start and would leave everything to hyung and Choihan.

Alberu's total stats were quite high but he was able to use Taerang more flexibly through steady skill training.

Finally, no need to talk about choihan. Compared to Alberu, his total stats were quite high offset by his ample skills. With the exclusive skills possessed by choihan and the experience he has he will not lose to the rats.

The last mole fell. Alberu held the sword beside him and started to sweat.

“Huh… this seems to be enough.”

In fact, it shouldn't be easy to clean. No matter how simple the pattern of the moles was, fighting 30 of them was difficult. I will not be able to exterminate them myself . The party became stronger.

We advanced further through the tunnel. Finally, a new platform appeared in front of me.

“Yaksu Station. By the way… no one? No, that's not it."

Yaksu Station was filled with corpses and corpses of moles.

"Continue. There are two stops left.”

We keep going. After all, the distance from Yaksu to Dongguk University was less than 1 km in a straight line. Once we arrived at the entrance of Dongguk University Station, we encountered another group of moles and chased them away.

We only moved a total of 2km along a simple path, but the battle was tough enough with our current skills that the party was exhausted. Not to be more precise I was exhausted.

I wondered how I could do nothing but observe to be so exhausted. Compared to me, Choihan is relatively fine, he just looks like he's done his morning workout.

As for Alberu, he looks a little sweaty but not as bad as me doing nothing, at least he's still hunting monsters. Seeing my state Choihan and Alberu decided to stop.

"We will rest here."

“Huh… there's still one more hitch. We should go there and relax…”

“No one knows if we can rest or not once we get there.”

Everyone was silent at Alberu's words. Of course, monsters weren't the only danger in this world.

Chapter Text

“Get ready. We'll be in Chungmuro soon."

I saw a dark tunnel. It had been 20 minutes since we returned to walking and Choihan was in front of us to allow us to move forward safely. Considering the fact that Dongguk University to Chungmuro is 1 km in a straight line.

[A new sub-scenario has arrived!]


[Sub Scenario – Welcome Prison]

Category: Sub

Difficulty: D~F

Clear Condition: Escape from Welcome prison within time limit.

Time Limit: 1 hour

Compensation : 300 coins

Failure: ???


[Sub-scenario – Welcome prison has started!]

Alberu asked, “Welcome prison? What is this?"

“I don't know what it is but, please keep your mind straight.”

Before my words were finished, the mist overcame me. The mist that immediately filled the tunnel blocked my view. The surrounding party members were nowhere to be seen. When I looked around, I could only see a distorted scene, as if I was taking drugs.

“Uwah… I feel bad!” Choi Han screamed. It was rare to see Choihan scream like that.

Cale Henituse

A voice I don't want to hear. The forgotten voice sounded in the scene like drugs. If I'm like this, my other party members will be worse off.

“…Something feels weird. Cale! Are you there?"

“Cale! Cale!”

In this distorted vision, the voices of my party members are gradually fading away.


The warmth shining on Cale's face tickled his eyes. It feels like the morning sun.


It was at that moment.” Cale opened his eyes.
He could see the ceiling of his room at Henituse Estate. He opened his eyes while on the bed.

Cale closed his eyes. It is enough.
Cale thought about the contents of the test once more.

'The moment your greatest fear will greet you. '

Cale's pupils shook as if they were waves.

“… A cruel test. ”

His eyelids trembled. He didn't really know what kind of expression he should have right now.

'Wow, Kim Rok Soo is terrible. He didn't even shed a tear. '

'I know? All of his friends and sunbaes died, but how could his expression not even change? '

'The expression doesn't change? I did see him frown a few times. '

'He's terrible. Terrible bastard. I wonder if he knows what sadness is. '

Cale jumped off the bed.

"…It sucks . "

Cale was starting to feel angry. On the other hand, his body became extremely cold as if he had been enveloped in cold water.
Cale didn't know this, but his fingertips were shaking.

There was a thick book in Cale's hands.
He clenched tightly against the book, but it was so thick it was hard to even leave a dent.

He had taken this book from the library in Lord's Castle.
under his feet.

However, Cale just continued to look ahead and there was no emotion on his face.
Cale stopped walking.

“… Haaa. ”

He could only sigh.

“…This must be a fake and crazy test, but…”

The book fell to the ground.


The fallen book opens.

<… The final battle against the White Star. The Count's Estate was destroyed when the White Star invaded Henituse's territory. >

Cale could see the destroyed Henituse Estate.


Count Deruth, Countess Violan, Basen, and Lily.
Deputy Butler Hans, chef Beacrox, and butler Ron.

None of the people related to the Count household were in this trial world.

Everyone related to Cale had died.
Cale was the only one left.
It is severance pay.

He is separated from the world.


The late autumn wind turned the pages of the book.

<…Choi Han and Rosalyn, the two of them worked together to fight the White Star until they were hit by a white light from above. However, the people of the Western continent who were under the lighting were able to survive thanks to their sacrifice. >
<…There are no more necromancers left on the continent. Mary, the last necromancer. He's the last. >

Many names are skipped when the pages are opened.
Active, Hong, Lock, Beacrox, Eruhaben, Jack, Hannah, etc.

All pages with crumpled names.
There were a few minor injuries on Cale's finger.

He gets the piece of paper while squeezing or quickly turning the page.
His eyes are red.



The wind stopped and the book stopped on the last page.


<… He indicated that he wanted to keep track of his friends and family who were with him in the final battle on his estate. The current ruler of the Roan Kingdom, Robbit Crossman, decided to honor the wishes of the hero Cale Henituse rather than create a monument to keep these items left behind by the deceased. >
<…However, no one knew where the mentioned Cale Henituse Estate was. He secluded himself in his territory after the last battle and never appeared again in the world. >

'I have to quickly finish this test. '

Cale had his reasons for completing this test. No, he wanted it to end.

Cale picked up the book.


The words caught his attention.
Cale changed direction.

He felt as if he knew where everyone would be.

Super Rock Villa. The place that Cale wanted to live in once it was all over.

Dark Forest.

That's where he's headed.

“…I hate this.”

He hated tests like this. Even though he had already passed tests like this he still didn't like it.

His shoulders slumped.

"… Really tiring. ”

Cale patted his shoulder with his hand.

Harris Village.
Cale went to Harris Village. He had left alone without telling anyone, so there might be chaos in the Lord's Castle right now…

“It's all fake. So it doesn't matter.”

'Does not matter. '
'It's fake. It's not real. '

Cale repeated the sentence to himself as he looked in front of him.

He could see a high stone wall in front of him.

This stone wall was created to separate the Forest of Darkness and Harris Village, as well as to protect the Henituse territory from the mutant monsters of the Dark Forest.

If… If Raon was here right now.

'Human, human! Shall we go to our house? Will we see everyone? I want to see everything! '

Cale started to frown.

“I have to buy him an apple pie. ”

Cale thought about the things he would do after completing the test as he stood in front of the castle walls.


Cale quietly observed the small rose gold lightning above his palm.

"… Very weird. ”

The rose gold light of the Fire of Destruction was definitely in Cale's palm, however, he couldn't hear the voice of the prostitute no matter how hard he tried.

This was the same for the Indestructible Shield, the Terrifying Rock, and the Sound of the Wind.
Neither of them responded to Cale.

Cale raised his head.

Swoooooosh- Swooooooosh-

The wind gathered at his feet.
His body immediately rose into the air. He could see the lush forest as soon as he flew over the stone wall.

Dark Forest.

Cale sighed as soon as he saw the green forest.

“This place is the same. ”

Cale could see the Forest of Darkness which was almost exactly like the one in his memory.
His body quickly began to move.

He moved towards the cave entrance.
He put away the Sound of the Wind as soon as he got there and slowly started walking into the cave.
The book was still in his hand.
Cale started to speak.

“…The first place the White Star appeared in person during the final battle was the Henituse territory, and then, and then-”

"Damn. ”

Cale couldn't help but curse.
He opened the book.

He couldn't remember its contents.

He made a guess and turned the page.


The voice of the former team leader Cale Lee Soo Hyuk appeared in his mind.

'Hey, newbie. How can you remember anything you want to remember after seeing it once, but never remember anything you don't want to remember as if you had amnesia? '

Cale walked through the path of the cave that was illuminated by magic light as he browsed through the book.

He couldn't read this book well.
He couldn't remember the contents of this book well.


Tap. Tap.

Only his footsteps could be heard in this cave.
His footsteps slowed as he continued to walk.

He had fled from the Lord's Castle to the Dark Forest and even to the entrance of this cave faster than anyone else.

However, when heading towards the place that should be at the end of this cave… Cale's footsteps towards the Super Rock Villa continued to slow down.
He kept thinking about what would be waiting for him there.

Of course, Cale knew he had to leave.

He knew he had to finish this test as soon as possible.
He knew that there were people waiting for him in the real world.

“…But still.”

Cale stopped walking.
His voice was calm.

"I can not be like this. ”

Cale clenched his fists. His face had no emotion on it. He slammed with his hands closed.


Cale slammed his thighs and legs that had stopped moving.
He then continued to talk to himself.

"I can not be like this. ”

Chapter Text

Welcome Prison (2)

He slowed down.
He slowed down at every moment of pressing. He slows down when there is a lot to do. How could he stop here?

This was not something Cale Henituse, Kim Rok Soo should have done.

Pow, pow!

He continued to slam his tired thighs that didn't want to keep walking. However, his expression remained stoic.

'Kim Rok Soo, I… I.'

He heard his former team leader Lee Soo Hyuk's voice in his mind.
It was something he remembered even though he hated it.

"Will you close your trap?"
'Shut up what? Well, looks like I'll keep my mouth shut forever. '
'…Please don't talk nonsense either. '
'I'll say what I want to say. Kim Rok Soo, hey Rok Soo.'
'…What is that?'
"I leave it to you. Got it?'
'…I thought you were telling me to be lazy?'
'Hey, have you ever seen something in the world go the way you wanted it to? You, cough! Anyways… I, I leave it to you, Rok Soo. Hey Rok Soo. Take care of everything for me. '

'Damn. '

Cale stood up straight again.
He then started walking once again.
His pace that had slowed down before stopping had returned to their normal speed once again.

The voices of people in other departments talking without knowing he was there were flashing through his mind.

'Hey. That Kim Rok Soo didn't even cry when the person who saved his life died. How can one be emotionless? '

'…Who knows . At least team leader Lee Soo Hyuk chose a good successor before he left. Kim Rok Soo is very good at his job. '

'He may be an emotionless bastard, but at least he's good at his job. '

The emotionless Cale walked towards the end of the cave.

The thing he was most afraid of.
Cale knew what it was, however this time it was a fake.

"Because it doesn't matter. ”

Cale said that to himself as he continued walking.

Tap. Tap.

He walked in the rhythm of the set as he continued without hesitation. Cale could finally see the end of the path.
Light that was brighter than the dim magic lamp that was periodically located within the path could be seen.

Cale walked towards the light.

“It looks the same. ”

Exactly the same.
It looked exactly like the last time Cale saw Super Rock Villa.

That was why he was able to walk into the villa with a more relaxed attitude.

He then opened the bedroom doors one by one.

"Ha ha ha-"

He then started laughing.

“…Ha, geez. ”

He couldn't believe it.
It was an empty laugh.

Saint Jack's prayer room and bedroom.
Master Hannah's bedroom sword.
Necromancer Mary's laboratory and bedroom.
Rosalyn's Laboratory.

Click. Click.

Cale's laughter became louder every time he opened the door.
It's same.

Their room was exactly as Cale remembered.
Yes, there is a slight difference.

He looked at the Sun's Punishment on Saint Jack's table. The cracked holy thing sat there.

Hannah's sword master was gently placed on top of her bed.

One of the many black robes and black bone wyverns was in Mary's laboratory.

Rosalyn's magic staff and the high-grade magic stone that Cale had given her, but she couldn't finish using were on her desk.

Cale paused for a moment and looked at the book.

<… The majority of the people who were hit by the intense White Star attack and its subordinates lost their lives and their bodies disappeared without a trace. >
<… That's why it's hard to make graves for these many great heroes. Nothing to bury. >

"Ha ha ha-"

Cale's empty laugh echoed throughout the villa. He opened his mouth to speak.

"This is their grave."

This huge plaza was located under the Dark Forest. This is their grave.


Cale opened the door to another room.

The rooms where Lock and his brothers lived appeared in front of him.
Cale stroked the Wolf King's diary that he gave to Lock before continuing to walk.

Click. Click.

Beacrox and Ron.
He saw the scary father-daughter duo's room as well.


He looked over Ron's bed. An arm is placed on it. It was the prosthetic arm Mary had given him. It seems to have remained after Ron died.
Cale closed his eyes before opening them once again.

He then continued to move.


He then entered Eruhaben's room.
After that…


Cale could see the sword he gave Choi Han when he opened the door. The sword was broken and only part of the hilt remained.



back . back .

Cale continued to turn the pages.



Pat. Pat.

Cale lightly tapped his thigh with his fist.
He was frustrated.


Cale opened his mouth to speak.

"Who wrote this?
What's with this description? '

He wanted to say those things. However, nothing came out.


He took a deep breath.
Cale verified that he was able to breathe properly before closing his mouth again.


Cale closed his book before continuing to walk.
There is only one room left now.

'My room. '

Cale headed to the top floor of the Super Rock Villa. He had to walk upstairs because he was using the entire floor as his bedroom.
Finally, he was in front of his room.


Cale took a deep breath.

Pat. Pat.

He tapped his thigh with his fist as he walked in.
The first thing he could see was the pen and sword he had given Basen and Lily.
The next things he saw belonged to Count Deruth and Countess Violan.

They seem to have fought hard too.
That's why only their belongings remained.

Cale from this world seemed to have brought his family members' belongings here as well.

Cale understood that feeling.

This was a place that only he knew about now.
This is where he plans to stay with everyone once it's all over.
He understood why Cale would turn this into their grave.

“Ha! This is here too.”

Cale snorted after seeing the video communication device he was using to communicate with Alberu Crossman on the table.


Pat. Pat.

Cale patted his thigh again.
It was so he could keep going.
However, he soon stopped walking again.

Cale looked over his bed.

“…This is driving me crazy.”

He really felt like he was going crazy.
There are three piggy banks on the table.
He didn't have to ask who this was.

Raon, On, and Hong.

Three children's piggy banks are on the bed.

His hand that was patting her thigh stopped in midair.

“… Fuck it.”

Cale suppressed the emotions that came out of his heart.

The piggy bank is about half full. Cale looked through his pocket.

"…Why don't I have any money?"

He wanted to fill their piggy bank, but he had no money.
Cale sat on the edge of the bed.

Pat. Pat.

Cale patted the pages of this book this time.

"What do I have to do to get out of here?"

His voice was calm as he asked the question.
However, his eyes were bloodshot and his shoulders slumped.

When he was most afraid.

He thought he would pass the test once he faced that moment.
That's why he went to Henituse Estate and came to Super Rock Villa.

He saw all traces of the past.
He thought that would be the way he could advance into the future.
Cale needed to go to the people who were waiting for him.

It was at that time.

Swooooooosh- Swooooooosh-

He could hear the wind. Cale turned his head.
The wind knocked on the window.
Cale walked over and opened the window.

Swoooooooooosh- Swoooooooosh-

He could hear the wind.
The wind brushed his face.

Cale's expression turned strange.
He could tell the flow of the wind.
It blows from top to bottom.
It seemed like he was telling her to follow him.

Cale, who had a tired expression on his face, similar to the tired expression on Kim Rok Soo's face that made his team members worry about him, started to speak.

"You want me to follow?"

It was at that time.

'Can you hear me?'

Cale gasped.
He had heard this voice before.

'Can you hear me?'
"Can he hear us?"

It was Choihan and Alberu's voice

They all asked if Cale could hear them.
Cale looked down.


He stepped on the window sill and stood there.

Swoooooosh- Swooooooosh-

The wind blows from top to bottom.
It seemed to be moving to Cale. Cale looked back. He could see a lot of stuff sitting there.

“Can you hear me, Cale?”
"Hey, can you hear me?"

He could hear voices talking to him.

Chapter Text

“Haa, so annoying. ”

'I don't know any martial arts to be able to land safely from this high place.
Choi Han wasn't here to take me either.
Raon is also not here to use flight magic for me. '

Cale started to smile. He threw the book into the room.


The book fell on the bed.

Cale then kicked the window sill.

Swoooooosh- Swooooooosh-

Wind began to surround his body.
He's heading downstairs.
The Sound of the Wind surrounded his rapidly falling body.

Cale closed his eyes.

[You have met the requirements to clear the sub-scenario!]

Cale heard a familiar voice after hearing the message.
'Can you hear me? Cale, can you hear me? You can hear me, can't you?
Hmm? Reply me.'

Cale smiled after hearing these voices in his mind.

“I can hear you. I can hear you loud and clear.”

His voice was strangely light. However, Cale grumbled as he opened his eyes.

"He opened his eyes!"
"We have protected you!"

He could hear their voices. He saw Choihan and Alberu beside him. Huh, thank goodness. Looks like they've also passed the test.

"How long have I been trapped?"

"Soon, it seems like I'm the only one who's unaffected by the test. Maybe it's because I have the light that he can negate the effects of the test. Looks like you had a bad test. Choihan even ran towards me and attacked me with his sword. Luckily Choihan was able to escape the illusion. after I shot him. But unlike Choihan who directly attacked me you instead mumbled some words like Raon, On and Hong. Haaahhh, looks like you had the worst test."

"Then you also shot me using Taerang just like Choihan?"

"Of course not, are you crazy. I'm fine shooting Choihan because he's strong but you're weak so I can't do that"

"Then what did you do?"

"Of course I shot you, but I didn't put much force into the shot so you didn't wake up right away"

"Haahhh, whatever it is thanks for waking me up from that nightmare"

“A-Are you okay?”

The person who recovered the fastest was Choihan. Choihan heard the story of him trying to attack Alberu and it seemed he was very surprised and lowered his head.

“I almost got into big trouble. I also want to thank you two.”

"It is nothing."

“I have a headache…” Cale's head was pounding. Alberu stroked Cale's hair. Cale pretended to be fine but he was probably the one who had the most terrible trauma in this place.

“Cale, you better start using coins to increase your strength.”

First… the physical is important.

[4,200 coins have been invested in stamina.]

[Stamina Lv. 2-> Stamina Lv. 12]

[Your endurance has greatly increased!]

I also increased my strength.

[3,800 coins have been invested in power.]

[Power Lv. 2 -> Strength Lv. 10]

[A stronger power will come from your muscles!]

For agility, it was enough to be able to dodge.

[4,000 coins have been invested in agility.]

[Agility Lv. 2 -> Agility Lv. 11]

[Now you can move faster.]

“Choihan, please take care of Cale. You rest now, leave the rest to me.”

“…Yes, yes!”

"It's not over yet."

[You have met the requirements to receive a gift from your sponsor]

"Oh hyung look at this"

"Haah, you're always passionate about gifts"

"Looks like the gifts that the gods used to give us can only be opened now"

"You're right, maybe now we can open it because we have completed certain conditions"

"Whatever it is, let's see this gift first"

A screen is visible in front of Cale
[Would you like to see gifts from your sponsors? ]

"Of course "Yes" after all who would refuse a gift "

[Opening gifts]

+ Presents currently available

[Black Quartz Earrings]
* The impact of magic attacks is doubled.
Fatal Temptation - An attractive scent can be emitted from these earrings.

[Black Quartz Ring]
* Inflicts negative emotions on all living beings in the vicinity within a 50 meter radius. The bracelet can change shape, the more negative emotions build up in the bracelet. Current nightmare: 0/100.

'That damn god of death. If you want to give a gift, at least give a normal gift, and why can a pair of earrings give such a fatal temptation??? At least the effect is good, it can multiply my magic power.'

'Oh, look at this ring. It is said that it can have an adverse effect on all living things around it. Hmm, it feels like I can do mental torture, I guess that's all that's good.'

Meanwhile Choi...
[Opening gifts]

[Lantier's Cloak]
* 20% damage reduction from stabbing, slashing and throwing attacks.

* There is a 10% chance to fend off enemy attacks.

* Various resistances will increase depending on the climate.

*In case of being overtaken by your enemy, your strength stats will be doubled

* Can neutralize any poison

Meanwhile Alberu just stared at the item in front of his eyes. Well, I guess this time he was a little unlucky.

'Well, I think the Taerang itself is already a versatile weapon. '

+ Presents currently available.

[Angelina's Quick Gloves]
* Normal attack speed increased by three times.

[Guardian's Necklace]
* It gives the wearer a strong will and defense

[Tears of Angelina (×3) ]
* special items to hide reincarnator attributes

'I think the last item is the most useful of all right now. This saves us from the risk of revealing our reincarnator attributes.'

After they finished looking at the item, they immediately wore the item.

“Wow, Choihan, you really fit in that robe” - Cale

“Thank you Cale, you look really handsome with that pair of earrings too” - Choi han

"Ohh, look at our beloved dongsaeng. You look so handsome even just by adding earrings on your ears. Usually you look handsome but now you look very handsome, as expected of our star family."

"Gosh, hyuung how can I compare to our family's sun. As usual you are so bright that I don't need a flashlight in this dark place. You know hyung your good looks are so annoying to me, you shine too bright to blind my eyes"

“Hoo, is that a compliment or a curse?”

"Both hyungs"

"I think you two look good to each other"

"Okay, stop this."

"Weren't you the one who started it first hyung?"

“Alright, alright I'm guilty of telling the truth. Anyway, I'd like to give you this item. This item can help us to hide our reincarnator attributes.”

Cale and Choihan immediately received the item. The item was instantly absorbed into their hands after they received it and turned into a bracelet-shaped tattoo on their wrist.

"Well now it can help us to prevent our true identity from being revealed. Because if it is revealed it will be very troublesome.

[You have met the requirements to clear the sub-scenario!]

[You have earned 300 coins. ]

Monsters appeared as soon as a clear message appeared. They are liquid masses, reminiscent of ectoplasm. Grade 8 Specter. Alberu immediately transformed Taerang back into spear form. Fortunately, the battle itself was not difficult. Creepy and strange Specters are destroyed.

[Stone Specter. ]

Alberu stuffed the fallen stones into my pocket. Suddenly a sword loomed in the darkness, but it was a pure threat, with no intent to harm.

"Who are you?" Under the dim light of the entrance, a man wielding a long sword stood up his appearance clearly visible.

"This guy …!" Choihan who had sharp eyes recognized him first. I know him too.

It's because he's the one who managed to make Choihan go against my orders, so he's definitely dangerous. He is Yoo Joonghyuk.

“…Did you guys beat the ghosts?” Yoo Joonghyuk found the stone in Alberu's hand and was shocked. "How did you catch them?"

I feel the breeze in the subway tunnel where there are no trains running. Seeing Yoo Joonghyuk's hair fluttering in the wind, I came to my senses again.

[Main Scenario #2 – The meeting has ended. ]

[Compensation will be settled. ]

Yes, we have finally arrived. This is Chungmuro.

Chapter Text

"Who are you?"

“…Did you guys beat the ghosts?” Yoo Joonghyuk found the stone in Alberu's hand and was shocked. "How did you catch them?"

Yoo Joonghyuk was surprised to see this surprising change. In his third regression, he had experienced many strange things, indeed he had moved faster than the previous regression. That's because he started killing them, unlike the other turns.

Seeing that no one answered his question, Yoo Joonghyuk looked at the three. He felt as if he had seen the three of them before.

'Ah, the one who protected that weak student. Looks like the two guys protecting the weak student have got their weapons.'

Yoo Joonghyuk then set his sights on Cale who he recognized as a protected weak student.

'Tsk, he's not even trying to get his own weapon'

Meanwhile, Cale who felt Yoo Joonghyuk's gaze fixed on him grew nervous.

'What? Did I do something wrong? ' Cale got goosebumps then took a step back.

Choihan who saw Cale take a step back immediately stood in front of Cale and pointed his weapon forward.

"What's your problem here?" Choihan asked while looking at Yoo Joonghyuk with a sharp gaze.

Yoo Joonghyuk who saw Choihan's sharp gaze immediately looked at him with a sharp gaze. He then thought 'Looks like I haven't checked this person at that time'

[Sage's Eye skill activated]

Name: Choi han

Age: 19 years old

Constellation Sponsor: The embodiment of murder

Personal Attributes: Swordsman (Rare), Dragon Slayer (Legend)

Exclusive Skill: Chat Lv. 1, Sword Aura Lv. 3, Sword Skills Lv. 4 , Sword of Disaster Lv. 5,


Overall Stats: Stamina Lv. 20 Strength Lv. 22, Agility Lv. 18, Mana Lv.12

'As I expected, he is strong. How about this blonde student'

Name: Alberu Crossman

20 years old

Constellation Sponsor: The personification of dawn

Personal Attributes: Weapon Expert (Rare), direct descendants of gods (Legend)

Exclusive Skill: Chat Lv. 1, Swordsmanship Lv. 2, Highest Grade Swordsman Lv. 5, Mana Absorption Lv. 3, Fighting Sense Lv. 2, Star of Healing Lv. Max(1× usage)


Overall Stats: Stamina Lv. 18, Strength Lv. 16, Agility Lv. 21, Mana Lv. 15

Yoo Joonghyuk was really surprised this time. In his third Regression he found two people who each had one legend attribute. And one of them is a direct descendant. Looks like he got lucky in the regression this time.

But he still wondered why these two strong people were protecting this one weak student instead?

Yoo Joonghyuk decided not to look at Cale's status because Cale did look really weak, so he thought why wasting energy just to see the status of that burden.

Protecting the load at a time like this would only be a hindrance to getting stronger.

Yoo Joonghyuk was still confused but there was one thing he knew. 'I have to carry both of them and separate them from the burden'.

Yoo Joonghyuk has already decided

"Hey, you two come with me and leave the burden off"

After Yoo Joonghyuk's sudden statement the air around them turned cold. Choihan looked at Yoo Joonghyuk with a gaze that was sharper than before, he also gripped his sword tighter than before.

Choihan had already decided. 'I have to kill him. How dare he say that Cale was a burden. I will not forgive him'.

Choihan was about to attack Yoo Joonghyuk straight away, but Alberu's voice caught his attention.

"Ha ha ha." Alberu's cold laugh caught the attention of Choihan and Yoo Joonghyuk.

“You. want me. and Choihan. to leave Cale? Ha. What kind of bullshit is that”

Alberu turned towards Yoo Joonghyuk and looked at him with a cold gaze. Meanwhile, Yoo Joonghyuk is getting more and more confused by this situation.

"That's not bullshit. I want you to follow me and leave the burden that follows you." Yoo Joonghyuk looked back at Choihan and Alberu to reassure them.

“Too bad, but we won't leave Cale behind” Choihan answered Yoo Joonghyuk with a stern look as if to reassure him not to separate the two of them from Cale.

"Hah, I didn't expect you to turn me down because of that burden. Fine if that's what you want. I'd better get rid of the burden."

Yoo Joonghyuk immediately ran towards Cale without noticing Alberu.

"Want to ignore me? That's a bad decision"

Seeing Yoo Joonghyuk who was running towards Cale without caring about him, Alberu was carried away with emotion. It wasn't because Yoo Joonghyuk didn't care but because he wanted to attack Cale.

Alberu immediately swung his spear at Yoo Joonghyuk. Yoo Joonghyuk who felt the spear pointed at him immediately turned around and parried the stab.

Choihan and Alberu dragged their feet in opposite directions from each other. Yoo Joonghyuk turned his body once and swung his sword at a diagonal angle.

They didn't use aura or mana.

They had decided to fight against each other only with pure swordsmanship and spears. Yoo Joonghyuk's clothes made a flapping sound in the air. The sword also emitted a sound from the air. Choihan started chasing these voices with his ears.

'I think I understand.'

By making decisions based on visuals, sound and intuition, Choihan would dodge Yoo Joonghyuk's sword and Alberu would deliver the blow. However, Alberu's spear couldn't hit the target. Instead, it collided with something solid.

It was Yoo Joonghyuk's sword.

It seemed he was also taken aback by the two's steps. He opened his mouth lightly and then turned his body.

"Looks like you two are used to fighting together."

For the third attack, the footing changed.

'He is…'

Choihan muttered inside. He raised his senses to read Yoo Joonghyuk's next move. Choihan swung his arm.


Against an ordinary opponent, he would make an attack long before the third attempt. However. . . only a dull crashing sound could be heard, just like before.

'… Someone strong. '

Choihan muttered those words inside. It looks like they are stating that the warm-up is over. The three of them tightened their grips and quickened their speed.

The three conversed through their swords and spears. They glared or gritted their teeth and started swinging their weapons.

Their swing is so fast that they are invisible. The only thing other people could confirm from their movements was that they could hear the sound of something swinging through the air. It was to the point that it was impossible for them to check what was being swung to where and at what speed.

Cale watched their duel with empty eyes.

As if he was blown away, Cale watched as the three of them swung their swords, pierced with spears and twisted their bodies.

Near their chins and toes, their swords grazed past them very closely. Once again, like a snake, Alberu's spear began to entangle in a strange way.



From the next blow, the sword and spear made a loud cracking sound. They tilted their heads to the side to avoid it and started swinging their weapons again.

'As I thought, he's amazing. I think I can understand a little why other people complain so much about my swordsmanship. ' - Yoo Joonghyuk

Yoo Joonghyuk had never experienced a duel this long in his entire life. He thought about how people said he was ridiculous after encountering swordsmanship. Yoo Joonghyuk looked at Choihan and Alberu.

'They are amazing, but…'

The way he swung or the type of footing he used was very different, perhaps because he had lived in a different world than his. However… he was balanced in terms of skill.

"I thought it would be good to end it here. '

Yoo Joonghyuk decided to end this duel now. He started breathing a little differently so he could move the mana in his body.

Yoo Joonghyuk wrapped his sword in red light as he watched the two return. Alberu also coated his spear with blue light. Meanwhile, Choihan started to use his jet black aura.

Yoo Joonghyuk then drew the sword to his back and charged in.


Unlike the dull sound so far, it was a more solid crashing sound that reverberated throughout the area.


Cale's body wavered.

'Tsk. At least if you want to fight, fight calmly'

Chapter Text

Their swords were wrapped in sufficient numbers and they swung and collided. The collision caused a whirlwind that swept through the area.

Cale gasped for air and opened his eyes narrowly that he had tightly closed earlier.

The whirlwind continues.

It was so strong that Cale used his wind power to keep from being pushed

Once again, the blue light spears seemed to draw two lines in the air, and… Once again, they caused a loud booming sound and whirlwind.

'What is this…'

Cale blocked his face with his arm and narrowed his eyes so he could see what was happening in front of him.



The exchange of punches was no different from before in speed and intensity. In fact, they are significantly faster. Cale held his breath and narrowed his eyes.

They poured mana into their weapons and swung away.

From the clash of swords and spears, the station shook and some of the walls started to crack

Yoo Joonghyuk watched his swords fly through the air without finding their target and occasionally colliding with the opponent's swords and spears. He blankly watched as such moments continued. He realized this wasn't a dream. He was impressed. He was only fixated on Choihan and Alberu. His sword clashed with Alberu's spear once more and muttered inside

'I think I'll have to exchange blows for days if there's no time. '

Yoo Joonghyuk looked at Alberu who parried his sword. He started attacking Alberu first aggressively.

It seemed that Alberu was aware of this as well. He grimaced his face a little.

Yoo Joonghyuk pushed Alberu away.


Alberu was pushed back. At the same time, Choihan had some free time and attacked Yoo Joonghyuk. At that moment, Choihan detected the gazes of the people watching him. He moved his eyes looking at Cale who was pushed away by the strong wind they caused.


Choihan's eyes stared at Cale. Choihan hesitated for a moment.

"He's caught off guard!"

That's a split second. However, among skilled swordsmen, the gap in defense like this was huge. After finding this, Yoo Joonghyuk used the [Air Steps] skill and headed towards Cale. As the name suggests, a skill that allows the user to turn air into an invisible step that they can walk. Exclusive skills for the strongest return from Murim.

Yoo Joonghyuk stabbed his sword at Cale, aiming for his neck.

'… I win!'

Yoo Joonghyuk thought he had actually penetrated Choihan and Alberu's gap in defense. He was sure of the victory. At the time,

“As I thought, you are sharp. ”

His tone sounded like he thought it was a close call. He dodged the spear by moving aside. He put strength in his arm and bounced Choihan's sword from his hand.


Yoo Joonghyuk lost the sword from his hand. Confused how this happened, his face moved towards Choihan.

"How did you do that?"

Yoo Joonghyuk was sure he won. However, in an instant, Choihan shifted his position to the side. He asks about it.

“In an instant, your move…”

When he aimed for the gap in his defense, he couldn't read his movements. He muttered in a confused tone. Choihan replied,

“If I was my old self, the game would have been decided by that gap now, but…”

Choihan pierced the ground with the sword he had. He shrugged and added,

“I am different from who I was from my past life. ”

"Huh? What does that mean?"

"Do you still not understand? It doesn't matter how fast and strong you are, as long as I know what you're aiming for it's easy to see."

Alberu answered Yoo Joonghyuk who was looking at Cale who was still standing in the same place.

"Haah, this is my loss." Yoo Joonghyuk quickly accepted the reason why he could lose.

“Then can you guys tell me why you want to protect that person?” Yoo Joonghyuk asked while looking at Cale.

"That's because he is my precious family"
Choihan replied in a somewhat harsh tone. He was still angry at Yoo Joonghyuk wanting to kill Cale.

"But isn't he weak? He will only hinder your journey and become an obstacle for you" Yoo Joonghyuk asked them again, he still couldn't understand.

"Hah, looks like you can't understand it with such convoluted sentences. Let me tell you in an easier way"

Yoo Joonghyuk's forehead creased at Alberu's words. He didn't know why but he felt like those words were mocking him, but he still waited for Alberu's answer.

"That's because our Cale isn't a burden. Keep that in mind."

'Hah? What? Not a burden? The person who looks lethargic is not a burden? '
Yoo Joonghyuk looked at Cale with a look of disbelief.

Seeing Yoo Joonghyuk's gaze made Cale slightly offended. 'I know I'm weak but should he look at me with that look? He looked at me as if I was a parasite stuck to a strong tree'

Cale then looked at Alberu and Choihan. The two of them were still glaring at Yoo Joonghyuk. 'Haah, I think I'll have to solve this myself'

Cale then advanced towards Yoo Joonghyuk who was sitting on the ground. He looked at Yoo Joonghyuk's face. Cale was annoyed at him. The threatening face Cale was making had no one backing him up, not even Mana. But it was enough for Yoo Joonghyuk to hold his breath.

'What is this? This atmosphere? '

The relaxed atmosphere around Cale when he was silent behind Choihan was gone.
In that place was a cold aura that made Yoo Joonghyuk gasp.

"…I tried to endure easily. Why is this again."

Cale opened his mouth.


It was his instinct to run away from a terrible fear.
Run away from here immediately.
That's what his body said.

'What, the power. . . '


'What? What is this?'

Cale was currently using the [Aura Domination] skill.

Alberu and Choihan stopped their activities and saw what was happening here.
Glancing at Cale who had been like this before.

'As expected of Cale' the two of them thought that way.

Yoo Joonghyuk just sat there, not speaking a word.

“Why did you have to separate me from them huh?”

"Let me …"

Cale spoke as he looked at Yoo Joonghyuk with a cold gaze while being surrounded by a domineering aura.

"... live in peace!"

As he continued his words, Cale emphasized very firmly. 'Let me live in peace, what's so hard about it? '


Cale spoke as he brought his face closer to Yoo Joonghyuk's.
Yoo Joonghyuk couldn't answer, and just stared at him with his jaw dropped. He seemed to be quite surprised by what had just happened.

"I'm only going to say this once, so listen carefully."

Cale let his killing intent seep out. Yoo Joonghyuk just held his breath.


Even as a 3rd party, the killing intent felt extremely strong.
How does it feel to be the one to go to?
During his regression so far, Yoo Joonghyuk had met many strong people, but it was the first time he had received such intense pressure.

"Oh yes!"

Cale's call snapped Choihan out of his thoughts. The obvious killing intent that could be felt from Cale was now gone as if it was just an illusion.

Seeing Cale who had already turned to face Choihan and Alberu, Yoo Joonghyuk used this opportunity to check Cale's status.

[Sage's Eye skill activated]

Name: Cale Henituse

Age : 18 years old

Constellation Sponsor: Black Impermanence

Personal Attributes: Strategist (Common), loved by nature (Rare), Loved by the gods (Legend)

Exclusive Skill: Chat Lv. 1, Premonition Lv.3, Incite Lv. 5 , Indestructible Shield Lv.3, Vitality of the Heart Lv.2, Sound of the Wind Lv. 2, Aura dominance Lv. 5, Fire of Destruction Lv. 3, Super Rock Lv. 2, Sky Eating Water Lv. 2, Blood-drenched Rock Lv. 2, Record Lv. 1, Instant Lv. 1, Embrace Lv. 1


Overall Stats: Stamina Lv. 12, Strength Lv. 10, Agility Lv. 11, Mana Lv. 22

What is this? Load? What was I thinking before? How could I think like that before?

Load? Nonsense. He might be able to fight me alone.

What's with his personal attribute [Loved by the gods] anyway. No wonder he received a present earlier. The constellation will not reward someone who does not interest him.

But he wouldn't accept that attribute for no reason would he? Is he a priest? Or maybe he was a filial piety? He may have prayed sincerely before. No wonder he was loved so much.

And one more thing, [Loved by nature] what the hell. Is he the protector of the forest or something? Almost all of his exclusive skills relate to nature. Even my exclusive skills aren't that many.

What should I do now? . To build a relationship with someone, first impressions are important. And what I just did. Against them? Even want to kill him?

My first impression of them was quite cold. My second impression, hmm... Forget it. Whatever it is, let's try to build a good relationship on the third impression.

Chapter Text

After speaking with Yoo Joonghyuk, Cale turned around then went towards Choihan and Alberu. Cale then checked their state. As expected of both. They were fine not even the slightest bit injured, they were just sweating like they had been exercising and not from fighting.

Choihan suddenly pulled Cale behind his back while brandishing his weapon. Yoo Joonghyuk who was sitting down immediately got up and walked towards them.

Of course Choihan was immediately suspicious of what Yoo Joonghyuk was going to do to Cale. Meanwhile, Yoo Joonghyuk thought 'I think my impression of them is very bad'

Seeing the tension, Yoo Joonghyuk finally spoke up.

"Follow me"

Seeing that the three were still speechless, it was possible to hesitate to follow Yoo Joonghyuk after what he did.

"You want to go to Chungmuro station don't you? I'll guide you."

Cale, Choihan and Alberu looked at each other, then nodded.
'We'd better follow that person first while gathering additional information'

We followed Yoo Joonghyuk and entered Chungmuro. Cale looked at the shattered screen door from the platform and said, “…This is a chaotic atmosphere.”

When we got off the railroad track 3, we saw some people sitting.

[You have entered Chungmuro. ]

[The third scenario is in progress. ]

[#GIR-8761 active channel. ]

[#BIR-3642 active channel. ]

From Chungmuro onwards, the scenario size increased and the dokkaebi channel increased. That naive Bihyung will have a hard time from now on.

Several middle-aged people saw us and waved. “Oh, Joonghyuk-ssi. You brought someone new?"

"Yes. “I think everyone here respects or even fears this person.

The middle-aged people looked relaxed, unlike those who had experienced a disaster. It was natural since they were wearing army uniforms. It's definitely different from Gumho Station. It really starts now.

“But did your friends come through the tunnel? How great… Don't they have a lot of coins?”

Then one of the middle-aged men turned to Cale. "That little boy over there, what's your name?

“Would you like to rent a room cheaply?”

“…Room? "

“Haha, you don't know the system here yet? This place-"

Yoo Joonghyuk cut off the middle-aged man's words. "Go! Don't try to trick the newcomers."

“Uhuh, they should know anyway. This is what people do for a living…”

"If you don't want to get hurt, then get lost."

The old man paled at Yoo Joonghyuk's words.
The middle-aged people turned around. They disappeared into transit line 4, and Yoo Joonghyuk put away his sword.

“I brought you here, so be careful from now on. I'm not a babysitter,” Yoo Joonghyuk spoke nonchalantly.

'What exactly does this person want? Doesn't he know how to leave a good impression on someone? ' Cale thought as he looked at Yoo Joonghyuk with a frown on his face.

I looked around. Chungmuro — this was the stage of the third scenario, where completely different rules were at play.

“S-Shit! I'll kill you if you come close…” A man was in the middle of the platform for subway line 3, waving knives around and threatening people. At its feet is a tile measuring 1 pyeong (3,306 m2). It emitted a green light that stretched into the air.

Alberu asked, “…Why did he do that?”

"I do not know." I can guess, but there's no need to scare him now. There were many people sitting with knives in subway 3. Unlike the middle-aged man before, the faces of the people here were filled with despair. Yoo Joonghyuk called out to a boy who was squatting in the corner, “Hey, over there!”

"Eh? Yes, yes!”

"Where's Lee Ji Hye?"

The boy looked at us with confused eyes. "…Who are they?"

"Just answer my question"

"Kuuuk, I don't know, earlier he went with the person who claimed to be Yoo Joonghyuk-ssi's friend."

“Is that person named Kim Dokja?” asked Yoo Joonghyuk.

"Right, he said that was his name. But who was the person with you?"

"They are my people"

Hearing Yoo Joonghyuk's words, the eyes of the people on the platform became bigger. They looked at us in amazement and amazement.

“…Yoo Jonghyuk-ssi's friends?!” The boy ran towards us and shouted. It was a boy. “Are you really Yoo Jonghyuk-ssi’s friend?”

I couldn't lie when I saw the boy's clear eyes. At least, it would be a problem if I was an ordinary person.

"Not. I'd prefer that you guys don't lump us together with him in one sentence. " Choihan answered firmly while looking at Yoo Joonghyuk with a sharp gaze.

Seeing that, the people on the platform became scared. Afraid that Yoo Joonghyuk would be angry with that sentence and even kill him. Too bad they don't know what happened earlier.

“I'm sorry gentlemen but there seems to be some misunderstanding here. First we're not friends with that guy.” Alberu tried to clear up any misunderstandings here. Then Alberu looked at Yoo Joonghyuk before opening his mouth.

"And secondly, we are not your people. You just came to us, then fought with us even tried to kill my dongsaeng and now you say we are your people?"

"I'm sorry. That earlier was completely my fault." Yoo Joonghyuk had no other choice. If he wanted their trust, he would have to lower his pride a little and apologize to him.

Seeing this the people there were even more confused and amazed. They think.

'They fought with that person and are still alive?? '

'I just found out that person can apologize'

'Who exactly are those people? '

Seeing this Cale thought hard.
'Recently, I don't seem like an 'ordinary' person. At least, that's what happened here.'

* * *
I heard about Chungmuro from Yoo Joonghyuk.

Of course, I didn't listen very well. Yoo Jonghyuk's psychopathic heroic story is not interesting.

They must have been blown away by Yoo Jonghyuk. A presence with overwhelming power had saved them suddenly. It would be strange if they didn't follow him. But the boy didn't know that he survived not because Yoo Jonghyuk was a good man.

“Now can I ask you a few things I'm curious about? Alberu started asking to gather information while I was locked in my thoughts.

"Yes. Just ask."

"How's the food supply here?"

"Jihye is hunting and I'm going to cook"

“Wait you can cook?” Cale asked with a look of disbelief in his eyes.

Seeing this, Yoo Joonghyuk's pride hurt a little. Actually he is a good cook. Having said that, he answered Cale in a slightly arrogant tone.

"Of course I can"

"Who is Lee Jihye?" Alberu asked, he was curious who could hunt the monster.

"The student I raised"

"Then how's your drinking water?"

"We give food or coins to the 'Landlord Alliance' upstairs instead."

“…Allied Landlord?” I sat up straight. Now the story gets interesting.

“They are the landlords in charge of the Chungmuro area. They occupy the top floor, and we call it the Landlord Alliance.”

"What kind of people are they?"

"They're just landlords."

"Sorry, hyung."


"I want to go to the toilet."

"Is it urgent?"


The timing is a bit unpredictable. It was even more confusing because Cale usually didn't say something like this. Then I noticed that Choihan was standing next to the blushing Cale.

“You have to go downstairs for the toilet, but it won't be easy to get into.”

“…Did something happen?”

"Yes. I think it's better to take a look… I'm going up, do you want to go with me?”

"Let's go." I'm the one who said it. Of course, it was to go to the bathroom. I have to go up and check a few things. I went up to the third dungeon level with Choihan and Alberu.

“Oh, I heard there are new faces. Did you come to see the room?” A middle-aged man standing near the escalator for line 4 whistled.

Yoo Joonghyuk just looked at the person with a sharp gaze and instantly the person fell silent.

"Oh, what a shame. Be Careful." The middle-aged man waved his hand without hesitation.

Alberu watched the middle-aged man move away and asked, “That… By the way… what exactly is 'space'? I don't think it's the same as the space I know."

"Very easy. “Alberu pointed at the square tile. The tiles are also on the platform of lane 3. They are green tiles that are 1 pyeong in size. Looking at the details, I saw something written in the air on the tiles.

[Green Zone 0/1]

“The scenario name is ‘green zone,’ and these tiles are called rooms.”

Near the tile, two men are fighting with each other on the tile. It was Cale who asked this time, “What is it? Why are those people fighting over it?”

“You will know once you arrive at the second dungeon floor.”

As we went up to a higher floor, there was more fighting in the room. The room number is different. There are small rooms labeled (0/1) and large rooms labeled (0/7). The last number may be the room capacity. I looked around carefully and asked, “The third dungeon to the first dungeon are all areas of the Landlord Association?”

“…Yes. They are a small army, but the Landlord Association has gained the most from it.”

All of Chungmuro's infrastructure was located in the second and first underground floors, but one alliance occupied all of them.

There were more rooms in B2 than downstairs, and there were no groups of people fighting. As a replacement,

[Green Zone 7/7]

We passed the people and headed for the bathroom.

“Uh… Why stop here?”

Our footsteps came to a halt as we approached the last hallway to the bathroom. Like a traffic jam, dozens of people gathered in the passageway.

Suddenly a student came towards us screaming.

“Master, it's that person. He's pretending to be Master's friend,” the student shouted loudly as he pointed at a man. It seems that the student is the student that Yoo Joonghyuk talked about if I'm not mistaken his name is Lee Jihye, right? .

The main character, the lone hero of a drama, walks by his side. He looked at the man Lee Jihye pointed at with extremely sharp eyes.

The man waved at him and said casually, “Hai Jonghyuk. ”

Ah, where did I hear this voice from. Then I looked closely at the man who was talking to Yoo Joonghyuk.

Kim Dokja?

Lee Jihye looked at us like she couldn't believe it. I don't know why he's staring at us, maybe because we're with Yoo Joonghyuk so he thinks we're his friends? There was a tight tension in the air.

“These people don't believe I'm your friend. Can you tell them. "

Yoo Jonghyuk watched the person and slowly opened his mouth. However, Kim Dokja's words were faster. "Oh, right. It would be better if you let me use the bathroom!”

Finally, Yoo Jonghyuk took out his sword.

Chapter Text

Kim Dokja POV

After the massacre at Geumho station was over, we left from there.
The people who went with me from Geumho station were Lee Gilyoung, Yoo Sangah, Lee Hyunsung and Jung Heewon.

However, the party who survived Carriage 3807, Han Myungoh fled somewhere when the massacre took place. Well, I don't really care about that guy.

The problem is the 3 students who survived from the same carriage as me. When the incident at the station was over, I didn't see the three of them. I don't know if they were alive or dead during the massacre. But somehow, I feel they must be fine.

Whatever it is, I'm sure if they survive we'll meet again. I couldn't check their status because they weren't part of the novel. But I believe they are strong people. At least the students named Choihan and Alberu were strong people.

The student called Cale, for some reason even though he looked weak, I actually felt a threat from him. He seems to be the calmest of all the people I've met. He is more like analyzing the situation before acting.

Whatever it is, let it go first. What's more important now is to go to Chyngmuro station. When we came to Chungmuro station we were greeted by Lee Jihye's sword.

One of the important characters in the novel. He was Yoo Joonghyuk's student and was probably the first reason Yoo Joonghyuk went to Chungmuro station in such a hurry.

After all, if Lee Jihye was here it meant Yoo Joonghyuk was here too. It's about time I connected with that person. And that's how we got into Chungmuro station.

We were briefed on the existence of the landlord here. I can feel it instinctively. One of the 10 Evils is here. I tried to find the members of '10 Evils' through the description of the novel, but it wasn't easy because they all seemed to match. Did their impressions become similar after becoming landlords?

I shook my head when someone grabbed my leg. It's Lee Gil Young. I sensed some danger and was about to grab his shoulder when someone pushed Lee Gilyoung.

"Ah." Lee Gilyoung lost his balance and fell.

[The character 'Lee Gilyoung' has invaded private property!]

Suddenly, the atmosphere turned cold, and several 'Landlords' Associations'

There was a whooshing sound, and a mini turret that resembled a gatling gun rose from the ground.

The loaded towers all point to the same point. The confused Lee Gilyoung stood up and moved to my side. The man saw me and laughed. “Ah, so you are the guardian. Then shouldn't the guardian pay 500 coins instead?"

I smiled at the hand that the man boldly reached out for.

… So funny, Yoo Jonghyuk. You let this jerk go?

"I want to talk directly to Gong Pildu" I replied. I know the person in front of me is not Gong Pildu so I have to speak directly to this landlord.

Then a middle-aged man who was sitting and reading a magazine looked at me. Indeed, this was how he was portrayed in the novel. Her stomach was half-open, and I could see the hair on it. This is Gong Pildu, the representative of the Landlord Alliance.

[The character ‘Gong Pildu’ is attracted to you. ]

After all, I seem to be the type to be popular with the bad guys. It's the same with Kim Namwoon.

I laughed and raised both hands. “Please calm down. Isn't it obvious for the tenant to come to the landlord?"

“Is it for the room?”

"Yes. Please let my friend and I sit in your green zone”

This is a must. In order to safely clear the third scenario, we have to stay in Gong Pildu's green zone. However, Gong Pildu's answer was as expected. "Not. The alliance did not accept outsiders. I would think about it if everyone paid 500 coins a day.”

500 coins a day? It's like selling coins. It is more expensive than Dokkaebi Bag.

"It's a bit difficult, so I'll give you information instead."

"What information?"

“Information about Yoo Jonghyuk.”

'Yoo Jonghyuk. 'The complexions of the landlords changed with that one name.

“Yoo Jonghyuk? Yoo Jonghyuk caused a commotion not too long ago…”

"You! What is your relationship with that person?”

“Pildu-ssi! Isn't this suspicious?"

There was a reaction. I thought that Yoo Jonghyuk had already caused trouble with the Landlord Alliance. Actually, I'm a bit unsure about this. According to the original story, Yoo Jonghyuk from the third regression had to fight against the Landlord Alliance now. What is she doing? Gong Pildu looked at me with suspicious eyes. “What is your relationship with Yoo Jonghyuk?”

“We are friends separated by life and death.”

“…I don't think so?”

“After all, we are friendly.”

"How can I believe that?"

"Don't believe me. Have you nothing to lose?” I threw away the bait.

Maybe Gong Pildu should take my advice. It was because right now, Yoo Jonghyuk was the only person who could threaten the balance of power in Chungmuro.

[The character 'Gong Pildu' has activated 'Calculation of Profit Lv. 2!]

"Why won't I accept the loss?"


“There is no guarantee that you are not a scammer. I can't ignore my years of experience. In my experience, people like you run away to avoid paying rent at the end of the month.”

It was so accurate that I felt wronged. Still, it was hard to push him here. “If you don't believe me, it can be helped. There might be some damage. "

Gong Pildu's expression became complicated. I turned around without hesitation. It is important not to show remorse. That way, he would regret it even more.

“Gong Pildu-ssi, wait a moment. If we fight then you won't escape the damage."


"It's better not to fight us now."


"If we fight now, you will die here,"

Gong Pildu's expression hardened. Even if I don't add anything, Gong Pildu will notice the presence of a man coming down the escalator from B1. It would be strange if he didn't know considering that the man was giving off enormous momentum.

"My best friend is coming."

It's Yoo Jonghyuk. I didn't expect that troublemaker to be happy.

“Master, it's that person. He's pretending to be Master's friend," Lee Jihye shouted loudly as she pointed at me. The main character, the lone hero of a drama, walks by his side. He looked at me with very sharp eyes.

[The character of 'Yoo Jonghyuk' is very disturbed. ]

There was a moment of dizziness, and I began to hear his thoughts.

How… Already? 」

I waved at him and said casually, “Hi Jonghyuk. ”

·······. 」

" Are you alright? Your face looks good? ”

·······. 」

Lee Jihye and Gong Pildu looked at us like they couldn't believe it. They never expected that I would become Yoo Jonghyuk's friend. There was a tight tension in the air.

“These people don't believe I'm your friend. Can you tell them?”

Nonetheless, I know Yoo Jonghyuk. this kills easily but he keeps his promise.

[Several constellations paid attention to Yoo Jonghyuk's character answer. ]

[The Demon-like Judge of Fire Constellation is observing Yoo Jonghyuk's loyalty. ]

Other than that,

·······. 」

Yoo Jonghyuk watched me and slowly opened his mouth. However, my words are faster. "Oh, right. It would be better if you let me use the bathroom!”

Finally, Yoo Jonghyuk took out a knife.


I can't help but be surprised by what happened just now. The three students who disappeared from Geumho station came with Yoo Joonghyuk.

Yoo Joonghyuk is not careless in choosing people. He chooses people who are strong or have the potential to be strong. If Yoo Joonghyuk chose the three students, it meant that they were strong enough for Yoo Joonghyuk to acknowledge them.

But somehow the expressions the three students showed to Yoo Joonghyuk were not friendly ones.

Choihan even looked at Yoo Joonghyuk with a murderous look. Alberu and Cale were more like they didn't care about what was happening and just walked into the bathroom leaving Choihan on guard outside.

What surprised me even more was Yoo Joonghyuk's depressed expression seeing the three students.

'What really happened? '

I thought that since they came together they must have become comrades. But it wasn't. Choihan instead looked at Yoo Joonghyuk with a murderous look while Yoo Joonghyuk avoided his gaze as much as possible.

After a while, we were safe to use the bathroom and descended onto the pathway 3 platform. It was thanks to this fellow companion. I smiled widely. "Nice to see you, you."

“…You are still alive.”

In conclusion, Yoo Jonghyuk didn't call me his friend. He only pointed his sword at Gong Pildu in response. Fortunately, Gong Pildu didn't want to clash with us and let us go.

I asked, "Do you expect me to be killed?"

"I thought it would be good."

I became angrier when I saw that mischievous face. It made me want to bump into him and hit him in the jaw, but I couldn't.

[Exclusive skill, Character List activated. ]

[There is too much information about this person. Character List converted to Summary List. ]

Full version.

[Change the character information of 'Yoo Jonghyuk' to 'full version. ']


[Character List]

Name: Yoo Jonghyuk.

Age: 28 years.

Constellation Sponsor: ???

Personal Attributes: Regressor (3rd round) (Myth), Pro Gamer (Rare)

Exclusive Skill: Sage's Eyes Lv. 8, Hand to Hand Combat Lv. 8, Advanced Weapon Training Lv. 5, Strong Martial Lv. 5, Mental Barrier Lv. 5, Crowd Control Lv. 5, Reasoning Lv. 5, Lie Detection Lv. 4 … (Omitted) …

Stigma: [Regression Lv. 3]

Overall Stats: Physical Lv. 24, Strength Lv. 24, Agility Lv. 25, Magic Power Lv. 23.

Comprehensive Evaluation: This person's comprehensive evaluation is too long to contain.


It doesn't look very good in novels. However, having seen it in person now, I know how extraordinary it is. We were about to enter the third scenario, and Yoo Jonghyuk's total physique related stats were around 70.

' this is crazy. '

Damn, this is the main character buff.

“Do you have anything to say?” Yoo Jonghyuk asked.

Yoo Jonghyuk's growth rate was steeper than the previous three regressions. The fact that his growth was so fast meant that he was taking a huge risk… What was this fellow, who had only returned three times, doing? Something made me nervous. I have to dig, sooner or later...

"I asked if you had anything to say."

"No, I was just looking."

…He's more tenacious than I thought. 」

What tenacity? He has a serious chuuni disease.

However, being naughty is not good. Should I kill him now? 」

“I was joking,” I laughed hastily. Yoo Jonghyuk turned his head as if he had no interest.

[The constellation ‘Golden Headband Prison’ is disappointed in you. ]

After all, I didn't want to alienate Yoo Jonghyuk right now. In order to clear many scenarios, Yoo Jonghyuk was the person who was needed. Even if we are not real friends, it is worth using it thoroughly.

…Why does it sound like I'm making excuses?

“It seems that you have made a friend.” Yoo Jonghyuk looked at the people behind me with emotionless eyes.

[The character 'Yoo Jonghyuk' is a little disappointed in you. ]

'… What? Why?'

"Didn't you also bring your own friend?" I answered Yoo Joonghyuk back.

"We are open friends"

For some reason when Yoo Joonghyuk said that his expression looked very complicated. It's the first time I've seen such a troubled expression on his face.

"What happened?" I asked. There's no way he'd do anything stupid right.

"I attacked them, even tried to kill one of them. I thought they would follow me but they didn't."

This stupid muscle brain. It's not that stupid way.

"Well, how can anyone follow you after you try to kill them?"

"But you want"

This bastard. He's gone too far.

"It's because I'm different. I'm a worker whereas they're a student. You can't match everyone in your standards"

"But they are stronger than you"

“What?” I looked at Yoo Joonghyuk with an expression of disbelief. Noticing my gaze he was looking at me too, I thought he might be angry that I was staring at him like that.

But all he did was sigh and then open his mouth. I silently waited for what he would say. But what he said exceeded my expectations.

"I went against two of them. Then I lost"

What??? Yoo Joonghyuk lost???? From a student??? Well he said he lost to both, that means two of the three students went against him. I can already guess who will go against him.

It must be Choihan and Alberu. But what is this??? He lost??? The main character can lose to the side character??? Did the novelist make a mistake in making the character Yoo Joonghyuk??? I do not think so. So far.

Then I looked at Choihan who was standing with the two students who had come out of the bathroom earlier. I know he's strong but I don't think he can beat Yoo Joonghyuk. I've decided.

'I have to connect with them. At least if Yoo Joonghyuk intends to kill me at least they will protect me. Yes, let's have a kind and friendly approach'

Then I looked at Yoo Joonghyuk. I am thinking. 'I won't make the same mistake as him'

Chapter Text

Building Owner (3)

Choihan was waiting for Cale and Alberu who were going to the bathroom. And he didn't know what to do. So he just kept quiet.

No, to be more precise, he remained silent while observing Yoo Joonghyuk and Kim Dokja.
Actually the only person he was wary of was Yoo Joonghyuk, but since Kim Dokja said that he was that person's friend, that person must be just as bad, right?

You know, you're going to be friends with people who are just like you. Just like Cale and Alberu, their traits were more or less the same so he had to keep an eye on the two.

A while later Cale and Alberu came out of the bathroom.

"Sorry to keep you waiting so long"

"It's okay Cale"

"Okay let's go now. This is still someone else's land you know"

The three of them immediately left the place. They also saw Kim Dokja talking to Yoo Joonghyuk. They then saw Yoo Joonghyuk walking towards them.

"Have you done?" Yoo Jonghyuk asked.


"Let's go,"

"Why should we come with you?"
Alberu asked who was very displeased with Yoo Joonghyuk's words.

"The next scenario is coming, so let's go, I'll find a place for you guys"

'Suspicious' Cale thought.

Choihan and Alberu looked at Cale waiting for the decision that came out of his mouth.

'Well, we don't have much information about this place. So for now...'

"Let's follow him now"

Cale said which made Alberu and Choihan, even Yoo Joonghyuk shocked.

Yoo Joonghyuk thought they would definitely refuse his invitation but he didn't expect that the person he wanted to kill earlier accepted his invitation with a smile that looked holy? upfront.

Yoo Joonghyuk then thought.
'He's a good guy'

Meanwhile Choihan and Alberu were just trying not to sigh at the smile on Cale's face. They both looked at each other then nodded

'He will do it again' they were both sure of that. Well they wouldn't doubt that Cale had already made up his mind, because they knew Cale always made the best choice. So currently the three of them were following Yoo Joonghyuk.

Meanwhile Cale was thinking.

'If it's as I thought, this person knows what will happen in the future. I'm still not too sure about that, but one thing is for sure for now. Everyone who has been here before is afraid of him.'

'Isn't it luck for me, he is powerful and influential here. So let's take advantage of him first'

"Okay, let's go now"

Lee Jihye flinched at Yoo Jonghyuk's call. Lee Jihye, who was late following Yoo Jonghyuk, looked at me with confused eyes.

[The constellation 'Bald General Justice' is impressed by your chivalrous spirit. ]

[100 coins have been sponsored. ]

Of course, that's completely misleading.


[There is 1 hour before the third scenario is activated. ]

“We also need to find a room.”

As our party rose, the people around us gasped.

“DD-Don't come any closer!”

In particular, the man with the knife protecting the one-man room at No. The 3 line platform shows high vigilance. However, another person rushed towards him before we could get close.

They attack indiscriminately. As soon as the man was pushed out, the mark on the green zone changed. Owners have changed.

[Green Zone 1/1->Green Zone 0/1].

The men engage in a bloody fight over the room. Someone was stabbed in the thigh while someone had a broken nose.

"Do we have to do that too?" I asked, well maybe this is a little naive but I want to avoid killing as much as possible.

I had just finished speaking when Bihyung appeared in the air.

[Now now, shall we start the third day of the main scenario? New faces have arrived today, so isn't that fun? Ha ha ha!]

There are three dokkaebis in charge of Chungmuro's scenario. It seems that Bhyung is temporarily his representative. It was a natural consequence of being the smallest of the three channels. Then the third scenario arrived in front of us.


[Main Scenario #3 – Green Zone (Day 3)]


Main Difficulty : C

Clear Conditions: Occupy the 'green zone' on the station and survive the monsters that appear every night in the middle of the night. This scenario will last 7 days.

Duration: 8 hours.

Compensation: 1,000 coins



[Simple. Occupy the green zone ahead of others. Of course, you can take someone else's green zone. By the way, you have to hurry. If you don't have a green zone after the scenario starts, you will have a terrible experience. Haha, then everyone should give it a try!]

People's expressions hardened when they heard Bihyung's words. Meanwhile, the screams of the people continued.

"Die die!"

“I-I'm not doing this because I have a grudge! I have to survive…”

Maybe this is what everyone is aware of. The struggle in front of us is no longer a story.

Alberu asked in a calm voice. “Surely we don't have to fight like these guys right Yoo Joonghyuk-ssi?”

"You don't need to fight. I'll take care of it."

'See how useful he is at times like this'

We walked past people fighting for rooms. No one tried to fight us while we were walking, they were even scared. Naturally it was because of Yoo Joonghyuk who was with us.

We walked in and found a room that accommodates a maximum of three people. Yoo Joonghyuk who was in front of us stopped walking and looked at the three people in the room.

The people in the room were immediately frightened to see Yoo Joonghyuk, they knew they would not win against Yoo Joonghyuk.

Yoo Joonghyuk then pulled out his sword and pointed it at the people.

"Go or die"

Of course both are bad choices. If you leave you have no more room to occupy so you have to fight against other people for the room. At least it was better than dying right away at Yoo Joonghyuk's hands.

The three of them immediately left in fright and the three of us went straight into the room.

[Green Zone 3 / 3 ]

Yoo Joonghyuk smiled with satisfaction seeing us who had entered the room. None of us was grateful for his help and Yoo Joonghyuk certainly didn't mind that.

Yoo Joonghyuk then turned away from us.
"Jihye go back to your room"

"Ah... well"

Lee Jihye was still shocked by what had just happened.

'What has happened, how can master behave like that to them. Who are these people'

Lee Jihye observed the three people. They both looked like students but from the way the master behaved he could tell that these people were definitely not ordinary people.

Seeing Yoo Joonghyuk who had left there, Lee Jihye decided to ask the three people.

"Excuse me, who are you really?"

"Didn't that person tell you?"
asked the black-haired student in a harsh tone.

Lee Jihye thought, 'Didn't I start the conversation politely? Why did that person answer me harshly? What exactly did my teacher do to them to make them behave like that? But right now he had to answer it first.

"I don't know, my teacher hasn't told me about you guys yet"

"Hmm.... Let's just say we're people who accidentally met him" replied the blonde haired student in a polite tone.

"Ah, fine then" Lee Jihye replied then left the place

He thought on his way. 'They have no intention of telling the truth about their true relationship. The relationship between them and my teacher must be very complicated.

And that's how the scenario for the day ended.

Kim Dokja POV

Now it's time to change the owner of Chungmuro.

There are now 11 green zones remaining. The number had decreased a lot after yesterday's scenario. That's a close number to carry out the plan.

I was walking up the escalator when a knife suddenly reached my neck.

[Ghost Walk. ]

"I'm disappointed, Ahjussi."

Lee Ji Hye. A proud girl with outstanding fighting skills. He was not chosen by the Duke of Loyalty and Warfare for nothing.

“Ahjussi, don't you know what will happen to those women if you make a deal with them?”

"I know."

“Do you really know? Yesterday, wouldn't you rather die?"

I shrugged.

“Throw away the sword. Let's talk."

“Talk? You came to find me on purpose.”

Lee Jihye put away her sword. I followed behind Lee Jihye. Lee Jihye walked from B1 to the ticket barrier at the entrance. We seemed to be walking for a while.

"What do you want to talk about?"

"But why are you standing there?"

“Master told me to defend this place.”

“… Defending?”

"That's why I can't let you pass."

Lee Jihye touched the ticket gate and pulled her hand around her neck. I saw the aisle outside the ticket gate. There is an exit number that leads to the ground. But not all numbers point to the ground. At the time,

…That Yoo Jonghyuk, surely he didn't try that route?

If Yoo Jonghyuk wanted to protect this place, there was only one reason.

While the scenario was unfolding, he had secretly tried to attack Chungmuro's 'hidden dungeon'. Hidden dungeon attack. It sounds good. In fact, it's not bad if the main character becomes stronger.

The problem was that this dungeon was a place that Yoo Jonghyuk couldn't clear until the end of the third regression. Looks like I need to get this over with quickly.

"I need your help."

"My help?"

"Today, I will destroy Gong Pildu's party."

"… Are you serious?"

Lee Jihye looked at me as if she was trying to see my heart.

[Your understanding of the character 'Lee Jihye' has improved. ]

“Ahjussi isn't strong enough. You won't be able to get rid of them."

“Even if you help me?”

Lee Jihye's head jerked like her pride was damaged.

It is reasonable. Lee Jihye had already challenged Gong Pildu on the first day she came to this station. Then he ran away. If Yoo Jonghyuk didn't show up to save him, he would have died.

"I have a way. I can do it if you help me. ”

“…Master told me to stay here. ”

“If you don't help, most of the people here will die. ”

"People will die after all. ”

“Did Yoo Jonghyuk say that? ”

Lee Jihye's eyes trembled.

“The boy we spoke to yesterday is dead. Do you understand?

" …I know . "

"Maybe he can live. Then today, he will rush to us to tell us about Yoo Jonghyuk.”

"That …"

“Yoo Jonghyuk killed him. He can save her."

I feel complicated when I speak. I noticed that I wasn't much different from Yoo Jonghyuk. Subway, Gumho Station… I ignored the people I might be able to save because my safety was at stake.

I don't know the 'human' Lee Jihye but I know the 'character' Lee Jihye. This girl was Yoo Jonghyuk's loyal subordinate. But that is a story for the future, not now. He admired Yoo Jonghyuk's strength but he was fundamentally different from Yoo Jonghyuk.

Lee Jihye opened her mouth a few minutes later.

“If I help, people can live?”

“Not everyone, but some will survive.

" What should I do? ”

“I will start at 7 tonight. "

I told him the plan. In order to carry out this plan, Lee Jihye needed to do the things I told her.

Lee Jihye stared blankly and opened her mouth.

“Are you sane? Are you really going to do this?”


“…Honestly, I didn't think it would work. I will tell you beforehand. I don't think I can help."

"The choice is in your hand,"

He said this, but Lee Jihye would definitely move on. He was the one chosen by the Duke of Loyalty and Warfare.

[The Constellation Secretive Plotter loves your cunning. ]

[100 coins have been sponsored. ]

[Sponsor Lee Jihye likes you. ]

[100 coins have been sponsored. ]

Now I just have to find one more place.

Let's go meet those three students.

Chapter Text

Now there's just one more hurdle. I still have to talk about tonight's mission to the three students. Who knows if they want to help.

Not too hard to find them. After all they look very conspicuous.
Starting from their blonde and red hair, moreover they look like they are being guarded by Yoo Joonghyuk.

I found them in the passenger seat and walked straight to them. They seemed to notice my presence and looked straight at me.

I could see Cale sleeping and leaning on Alberu's shoulder, whereas Choihan was beside the sleeping Cale. They were relatively calm for everything that had happened until now. I knew they weren't just anyone.

Ah, looks like I've been staring at them for too long. I could see Alberu and Choihan looking at me like asking for an explanation.

“I will end the third scenario today.”

I paused for a moment to see their reaction. Seeing them silent I continued

"I'm going to destroy Gong Pildu's base, that's why I'm asking for your help"

They were still silent and looked at me like I was crazy. I didn't really care so I continued

"My other group members will destroy all the green zones in this station while Lee Hyunsung and I will destroy Gong Pildu's headquarters. Oh, I also asked Lee Jihye to help me"

I saw Alberu smiling at me, and for some reason I felt his smile was suspicious.

"We will start our plans at 7 pm tonight. We will gather on platform 3. I will be waiting for you guys so I hope you guys can help me out"

Seeing them unresponsive I finally said goodbye to them and left.

Now all preparations are complete.



“Oh Cale you are awake”


Alberu looked at Cale who was rubbing his eyes with one hand while gathering his consciousness. Ughh, I think he really wants to immortalize his very cute dongsaeng.

Ah, Alberu forgot that he still had his cell phone with him. He took his cell phone then opened the camera and Cekrekk...

'Damn I forgot to turn off the sound'
At least he turned off the flash so it wasn't too embarrassing.

Alberu was ready to restrain Cale who wanted to delete his photo from his cellphone. But...

"Eumm, hyung what are you, hoammm..."

How could he still yawn at a time like this.

"Ah, it's nothing. Kim Dokja came here asking for our help in destroying Gong Pildu's headquarters"

Cale felt that somehow his hyungs seemed to be diverting the conversation. Cale then looked at Choihan who was beside him. Choihan only smiled seeing the confusion on Cale's face.

Choihan then glanced at Alberu who was coding him not to talk about what happened just now.
It was rare to see Cale doing anything cute or even cute anyway, so he left the photo alone for now.

“That's right Cale, just as Alberu said, Kim Dokja came asking for our help”

“Why?” Cale asked while tilting his head.

"I don't know, but he said he would end the third scenario today"

"How does he know how to end the scenario before the time runs out?"


"You are right"

“So how is Cale?”

“Hmmm, when do they plan to do it?”

"7 o'clock tonight"

"Meaning soon"

"So how about it? Shall we go?"

"Hmm, if Kim Dokja knows how to end that scenario, then he knows something in the future right?"

"You're right, even at Geumho station back then, he acted strategically. Now I see this suspicious"

"his cell phone"

"" Hmm?? ""

"What do you mean Choi?"

'Damn was he going to tell Cale about me taking the photo earlier? '

"Kim Dokja always looks at his cellphone before doing something"

"It means"

"He knows something about the future through his cellphone"

"Looks like it"

"What about Yoo Joonghyuk"

"Why? "

"He seems to know about the future too"

"Why are you so sure now, wasn't it just your guess before?"

"I don't know, I just feel like he's like us"

"" NOT! ""

Cale was surprised to see Alberu and Choihan who were shouting at him. They're not usually like this.

"Cale I respect you but, I don't like being lumped in with a creature like him"

“Wow, this time I agree with you Choihan and Cale, have you forgotten what he did to you before?”

"He helped us find a room?"

"No! He tried to kill you dear dongsaeng"

"That's not what I meant, I just feel like he looks like us"

"In terms of? "

"Erm, how should I explain it. It's a little complicated"

"Just explain what makes us look like him"

"You know something like reincarnator"

"Hah? "

"So you think he's a reincarnator like us? How can he know the future if we don't know. Are gods favoritism?"

"No, he's not a reincarnator"

"Hah? "

Confused expressions appeared on the faces of the two. They were waiting for Cale to continue.

"You two know this but I'll explain it again. There are several types of living things that exist in the world.

First there are Reincarnators, people who are reincarnated in the same world or go to another world like us and the White Star.

The second is a Transmigator, that person transmigrates by possessing another person's body, like me who used to be Kim Rok Soo.

Third there is the Tribulator, the world tree calls it that way. That person only had one very long life like Choihan. And if he died he would most likely become a god.

Choihan's not becoming a god was most likely related to what Cage had done. By reincarnating Choihan it was likely that he would no longer be a Tribulator.

And finally there is the Regressor, the person who repeats his life when he dies. If he died, he would start all over again. That's all I know, I also don't really know how to explain. The world tree never explained it in detail to me"

"So what do you mean"

"Right, most likely Yoo Joonghyuk is a regressor"

"Wow, your dongsaeng is really very clever, I never even thought of that"

Alberu and Choihan were completely amazed by Cale's intelligence. They knew that Cale was very intelligent, but they didn't expect Cale to be able to guess a person's life.

They only thought 'as expected of Cale'

"So, what about our original goal. Are we helping Kim Dokja?"

"Of course, shouldn't we help each other when people are in trouble. Moreover, he asked us to help him, so shouldn't we help him?"

Cale answered Choihan's question with a smile like saint jack. But they both knew that if Cale smiled like that, it meant it was time for a scam.

Kim Dokja POV

Finally the promised time.

I gathered on platform 3 with a party. Each member checked their weapons. Lee Hyunsung seemed to have handled it properly.

“I did as Dokja-ssi asked.”

Since the weapons they used were very old, I asked Lee Hyunsung to make a new weapon. The ingredients were from a grade 8 underground species, the groll that was killed in the struggle last night. Blades and spears are made by cutting groll horns. They are not long enough but they are appropriate as a temporary measure.

Jung Heewon smiled as if he was satisfied.

"Isn't this much lighter and more durable?"

“Ah… Dokja-ssi, Hyunsung-ssi. Thank you very much."

Yoo Sangah bowed. Groll horns can't be used to make blunt weapons so only Lee Gilyoung still carries weapons from moles. Lee Gilyoung silently stared at the ground. This sulky child.

"Let's wait a little longer"

"What are you waiting for Dokja-ssi" Lee Hyunsung asked Tanya

“Do you still expect those three students to help us?”

Jung Heewon asked in a doubtful tone. He didn't really know the three of them because they hadn't met in the first place. Because of that he was confused as to why Kim Dokja was waiting for them.

"I don't know, I also don't know if they want to help"

"But it's almost 7 o'clock. We need to get out of here soon."

Kim Dokja stared towards the end of the platform. Hoping that the three students or at least one of them would come to their aid.

Looks like they didn't come, but this plan had to be implemented anyway.

"It won't be easy. This situation could be more dangerous than yesterday. Are you all ready?”

The party members nodded.

"Then we shall begin."

Kim Dokja turned towards their destination and how surprised he was. Not just one, but the three students were coming towards them.

He shouldn't expect too much, they just walked towards him, who knows they didn't want to help him but just wanted to pass by that place but accidentally met him.

First, calm down first and then greet them in a friendly manner.

"I didn't think we would meet here, do you guys agree to help us?"

'Come on, come on'

"Of course, why are we here if we don't want to help you" Alberu replied with a gentle smile

"Alright, then since everyone's here let's start this plan"

Chapter Text

From now on, it's a battle against time. We must work as quickly as possible before the Landlord Alliance notices the situation. Jung Heewon, Yoo Sangah and Lee Gilyoung disappeared to their respective floors for their missions, while I started climbing the stairs with Alberu, Choihan, Cale and Lee Hyunsung.

I think we can definitely destroy Gong Pildu's base easily. Previously I was a little nervous when I wanted to attack Gong Pildu's headquarters. But now, I'm going with two people who can beat Yoo Joonghyuk.

Who can stop us now?

Lee Hyunsung spoke in a voice without confidence.

“Dokja-ssi, I'm not sure. "

… He is the core of this operation. He shouldn't be talking like this. I purposely answered in a strong voice.

"It will be fine."

However, Lee Hyunsung's face was still bashful.

“I think people are counting on me more than they should. I'm not sure I can do well."

“Hyunsung-ssi is a reliable person.”

“…Thank you for saying that. Experience. When I was in the army, I never earned someone's trust like this. ”

It was the first time I heard this story. That reminds me, I didn't really know about Lee Hyunsung's army life. How to Survive only mentioned it in passing.

"After this is over, I want to hear Hyunsung-ssi's story."

I said it casually but Lee Hyunsung was more shaken than I thought.

[The character 'Lee Hyunsung' has started to open his heart to you. ]

[Your understanding of the character 'Lee Hyunsung' has greatly improved. ]

“Sometimes I feel weird when I talk to Dokja-ssi.”

"Hah? Why …?"

“It seems that you have known me from a long time ago… I can't explain it well…” Lee Hyunsung scratched his head and left. “Ah, I didn't mean anything strange. I just …"

"I know what you mean."

"Thank you. I also want to know about Dokja-ssi's story."

"My story?"

"Yes. I've never seen anyone like Dokja-ssi before. I'm curious about what you were doing before this happened."

Somehow, I feel a bit strange. The 'supporting character' of the novel I was reading was curious about me. I feel a little uncomfortable and feel itchy.

"That's not very interesting."

If Ways of Survival didn't come true, would Lee Hyunsung live in the same world as me? Or did the novel suddenly emerge as reality? I do not know. One thing is for sure. Lee Hyunsung is now a 'living person' in front of me.

“Oh, Yoo Jonghyuk's friend. Have you come to negotiate?”

At this moment, a number of middle-aged men came forward. Chungmuro Landlord Alliance.

“Hmm… you didn't bring the sword girl but brought the three people who were with Yoo Joonghyuk huh? "

Talking middle-aged man holding a woman's hair. He was part of the group that was in the five-room green zone just yesterday. The man laughed at my gaze.

“Ahh, this friend doesn't see the country… This matter is none of your business.”

“S-Save me. Help me!"

The woman looked at me pitifully. In my head, the constellation 'absolute kindness' started screaming. But I waited. It's because I have someone who will act instead of me.

"Let him go."

It was Lee Hyunsung.

"Who are you?"

Lee Hyunsung looked at me after the middle-aged man's question. Looks like he's asking permission. I nodded.

[The character 'Lee Hyunsung' wants to practice justice of his own free will. ]

[The character 'Lee Hyunsung' will evolve soon. ]

The allied members took out their weapons and gave off an overwhelming momentum. I checked the time. It's time to get started. I increase my stats with my coins.

[1,200 coins have been invested into 'physical'. ]

[Physical Lv. 15 -> Physical Lv. 18]

[Your physical level has increased dramatically!]

[1,200 coins have been invested into 'power'. ]

[Power Lv. 15 -> Strength Lv. 18]

[Your power level has increased dramatically!]

This is maximum efficiency with minimal investment.

[Coins Owned: 20,450 C]

I have another place to spend the remaining coins.


Small explosions were heard throughout the subway. Big and small commotions followed. That's the signal.


Lee Hyunsung nodded. We dashed forward towards the people in the front row. The confused alliance members shouted.

"Do you !"

[The exclusive skill 'White Pure Star Energy' has been activated. ]

love it!


The arm of the middle-aged man holding the woman's head flew away. The middle-aged men froze at the sight of the blood that appeared. Lee Hyunsung and I ignored them and continued running. The middle-aged men caught up with us too late.


The screams of the people were heard behind us. Alberu, Choihan and Cale fought all of them.

I've asked them to look after the underlings while Lee Hyunsung and I will fight Gong Pildu.

No one died at that time. Choihan fought them with the sword still in its scabbard. Alberu attacked them with the blunt tip of the spear.

As for Cale, I don't know what he was doing but every time he moved his hand towards the person who was trying to attack him, that person was instantly blown away.

"So strong" I think I know why Yoo Joonghyuk lost against these guys.

“These madmen! Stop them!”

A corridor on B2. It was Gong Pildu's private estate.

[You have invaded private property!]

“Surround them!”

The alliance members waiting at the front found us. Several alliance members were missing, so the number was less than expected. 20 on the back, 12 on the back. However, there are still a lot of people.

Well, I have no intention of dealing with all of them.

Just as I was about to clash with the alliance members, Lee Hyunsung moved in front of me with a steel shield.

[The character 'Lee Hyunsung' has used the stigma of 'Great Mountain Push Lv. 1. ']


Lee Hyunsung used his incredible muscular strength and they fell like dominoes.

[The character 'Gong Pildu' has activated 'Armed Zone Lv. 4!]

Towers began to rise from all over the area. The turret is charged with a red magic bullet and ready to fire. There are five mini towers. The level of the Armed Zone has risen again.


I caught up with Lee Hyunsung and at the same time, I received his shield. As soon as the solid shield entered my hand, the shocking shock of the bullet pushed me away.

Kwang! Kwaang! Kwaang!

It was heavy, as if I was hit by a cannon. The arm holding the shield was in pain. Level 19 magic power is strong. But I have to endure.

[Unbroken Faith's compensation effect has increased physique to level 20.]

[A step higher toughness has protected your body. ]

“A rogue tenant is here.”

Beyond that voice, I heard Gong Pildu's gruff voice.

Our legs were bound by powerful magic bullets while the alliance members were still chasing us. The durability of the iron shield fell. Now it can only block a dozen magic bullets in the future.

Gong Pildu spoke like it was interesting.

“I thought you didn't come here to pay the fine. What happened?"

“Now I will stop being a tenant.

“How interesting. Do you want my land?”

"We will see. More than that …"

[Some of the stats of the intruders were reduced by the effects of Gong Pildu's private estate. ]

… It's already started. This was why Gong Pildu's strength was terrifying. The special effect of the Armed Zone is the 'private land debuff. '

Red magic power began to condense on the tower.

[The character 'Gong Pildu' is preparing a 'reinforced magic bullet. '

As long as the combo of 'private land' and 'armed zone' is not damaged, there are very few incarnations that can deal with Gong Pildu.


Just as the enhanced magic bullet was about to be launched, I heard the screams of people from far away. The injured landlord alliance member rushed to this side.

“P-Pildu-ssi! Soil…!"

There were signs of them being injured by something sharp. Lee Jihye has moved. Now is the time. I saw Lee Hyunsung.

“Hyunsung-ssi, now.”

Lee Hyunsung's eyes trembled.


Lee Hyunsung raised his fist high. He looked agitated and irritated, but there was also a strong determination not to back down.

[The character of 'Lee Hyunsung' has evolved. ]

There was a dazzling light and a silver aura began to appear around Lee Hyunsung's bdoy.

I was a bit emotional when I saw it. Lee Hyunsung's 'character evolution' is one of the scenes I like the most in Ways of Survival. That was the reason why Lee Hyunsung's Steel Sword was called one of the strongest supporting characters. That is-

[Due to character evolution, a new stigma has been unlocked. ]

When it came to 'one hit', Lee Hyunsung was considered one of the strongest in Ways of Survival.

[The character 'Lee Hyunsung' has used the stigma of 'Great Mountain Smash Lv. 1. ']

Pale magic power gathered around Lee Hyunsung's fist and in a few seconds, Lee Hyunsung's arm became large enough to surpass common sense.


Lee Hyunsung's fist fell to the ground.


There was a loud sound and shards of the floor shattered in the air. The alliance members shouted.



Dangerous cracks spread across the ground and the tower's position began to rotate. The magic bullet was fired at the wrong place. The explosion spread and a cloud of dust rose. Then after a while.

Ku ku ku ku!

There was a great tremor and B2's ground began to crumble.

[The green zone has been destroyed. ]

[Gong Pildu's character's personal land has been destroyed. ]

I looked at the crumbling ground and smirked at Gong Pildu.

"Let's go back to the times when we didn't own our own land."

Chapter Text

“Cale are you okay?”

"I'm fine, I've used my coins for my stats so I'm fine."

Cale was currently blowing away the people arriving at him using his ancient power of wind. No, now it's the Sound of the Wind skill.

Cale just stayed in one place and moved his hands right and left sometimes up and down. Every time Cale swung his hand people were thrown according to the direction Cale's hand was pointing at.

People might have thought Cale had the power of telekinesis, but Cale was only using his wind power to send them away.

Choihan and Alberu fought with ease while protecting Cale.

The two of them surrounded Cale while fighting the people who came at them.

The people there knew that the three of them were people who were with Yoo Joonghyuk.

They all knew that Yoo Joonghyuk was a very strong person, but they didn't expect that the people he was with were as strong as him.


There was a loud sound and shards of the floor shattered in the air. The alliance members shouted.



Dangerous cracks spread across the ground and the tower's position began to rotate. The magic bullet was fired at the wrong place. The explosion spread and a cloud of dust rose. Then after a while.

There was a great tremor and B2's ground began to crumble.

[The green zone has been destroyed. ]

[Gong Pildu's character's personal land has been destroyed. ]

The operation was a success.

Kim Dokja POV

A group of people scattered all over the place seemed to be running in this direction. I asked Yoo Sangah who was running in front.

"Is there a place you can't destroy?"

“I destroyed them both!”

“I didn't realize the room could be damaged like this. We hit the ground hard and it crumbled…”

Jung Heewon followed.

Yoo Sangah, Jung Heewon and Lee Gilyoung let out a small green zone. Most of the green zones were suitable for three or fewer people, apart from Gong Pildu's green zones. There are some ambiguous scales but there are separate people who handle that.

[Hey! Can't you hear me? What are you doing now?]

On the other hand, Bihyung was still shouting across from 'dokkaebi communication'.

'What are you worried about?'

[Have you forgotten? I don't have the only channel on Chungmuro. Do you really not know what will happen if you do this?]

Of course I know. Perhaps the constellations in the channel with Gong Pildu would be in a frenzy now.

'What channel does Gong Pildu use?'

[… Biryu Channel. BIR-3642. ]

'Biryu is the one who came when you were a little busy?'

[Correctly . that. ]

'How is the subscription configured?'

[This is the main channel for the 'find entertainment' group. ]

The dokkaebis whose main purpose is to seek entertainment. That's why their broadcasts are radical. Very nice . Then the response in the line will be much hotter than expected. Everyone must have eaten sweet potatoes properly.

I descended the stairs of the transfer corridor to line 4 and saw a welcoming face. The blade moves in the air.

"You destroyed them?"

"Yes. That is easy."

Lee Jihye's role was to take the green zone containing five to eight people. It was a difficult task for Jung Heewon to do alone. Indeed, he was Yoo Jonghyuk's disciple and was the incarnation of a sage hero. Now there are no more green zones left in Chungmuro.

Lee Jihye then looked towards Cale, Alberu and Choihan.

"Oh, you're here too" he greeted

"Of course, shouldn't we help each other?"

"Now what? Those jerks will come running wild. Oh, there they are."

Lee Jihye's expression contorted as she looked behind me.

"I won't help you this time."

"I don't need it,"

Jung Heewon pouted when she saw Lee Jihye back off.

"What's with him?"

Come to think of it, Jung Heewon didn't know about Lee Jihye. But there was no time to tell him.

[Haha… you're screwed right now. ]

A message sounded along with Bihyung's words.

[Bounty scenario has occurred!]


[Bounty Scenario – Murder Commission]

Category: Sub

Difficulty: C

Clear Condition: Channel constellation #BIR-3642 has requested to kill a certain person. Please kill 'Kim Dokja' from Chungmuro Station.

Time Limit: 10 minutes.

Compensation: 2,000 coins.

Failure: None


I think this situation will be revealed. That would be a lot of fun. Now all the incarnations in the region will gather on the lane 3 platform to capture me. Jung Heewon asked by his side.

“I will receive 2,000 coins if I kill Dokja-ssi now?”

“Why, are you going to kill me?”

"Aye, maybe. If you give me 200,000 coins then I don't know."

Does this girl know how much 200,000 coins are worth?

I looked at the three students. They don't seem interested in bounties. I should be grateful for this. At least if they really wanted to kill me, it wouldn't be that hard.

“Dokja-ssi. Get behind me."

Lee Hyunsung stepped in front of me. Jung Heewon stayed beside me while Yoo Sangah and Lee Gilyoung moved to block any access. It was a defense that formed around me. Jung Hee Won smiled.

"Now I can pay my debt."

“Dokja-ssi, we will try to block it somehow.”

There are people who show hostility around us. Angry landowners and tenants were blinded by the bounty quest. I watched as Lee Gilyoung held a gun and opened my mouth.

"Do not be nervous,"

I stroked Lee Gilyoung lightly.

"We don't have to fight them."

Hearing my words I could see Cale smiling meaningfully. I don't know why, but I feel that he knows something about me.

'Damn, am I caught now'

[All the green zones in this region have been destroyed and the main scenario has collapsed. ]

[Difficulty is adjusted automatically according to the remaining scenario schedule. ]

[Scenario content updated!]


[Main Scenario #3 – Emergency Defense]


Main Difficulty : B-

Clear Condition: All the green zones in this region are destroyed and the monsters that will be created in the remaining days suddenly go wild. Survive against the flood of monsters for the remaining time.

Duration: 8 hours.

Compensation: 1,000 coins.



Originally, there were three days left in the scenario.

Now the monsters that were supposed to be created during the remaining time of the green zone scenario would appear all at once. In other words, it's simple.

[Emergency defense has begun!]

The defense game has started.


The people who approached me started screaming. A monster scream was heard from outside the screen door. The monster party moved like a wave of anger.

"Crazy! What is this?"

The lane 3 platform quickly became a mess. People's faces became speculative as they watched the monsters coming from all sides. The bounty scenario was completely forgotten.


Several grolls ran and bit a few alliance members. Annoyed people shouted.

Now is the only chance. I shouted to my party.

“Go to the transfer route!”

I started jumping the transit stairs with my friends. By the time we reached the top level, people were blocking the way.

" What? Get out of the way!”

"Do you want to fall?"

I kicked a few followers and took out a knife. People were shocked by the Pure White Star Energy blade and retreated.

"You don't understand the situation yet."


"Even if you show up, you won't be able to survive."

There was a feeling of despair in people's expressions. No more rooms. Now there is no more safe zone from monsters in Chungmuro.

"What should we do?"

"What else? Fight."

“Don't say crazy words! This is all because of you! If you don't destroy our room…!”

I triggered the Blade of Faith and used it on the transfer ladder.


The center of the stairs fell with a big sound, along with people. It's cruel but necessary.

"Crazy! Quickly find another ladder! Hurry up!”

Well, I don't think that's going to happen.

Lee Hyunsung was already running. I destroyed the transit ladder we climbed and there was only one ladder left. Next, the sound of arguing and something breaking rang out on the other side.

“Shit! Whoa!”

The screams of the people trapped on the 3rd row platform were heard. Lee Jihye approached me and asked.

"Ahjussi. This is not what you told me. If you leave it like this…”

"I know."

I looked downstairs which was a mess. If I leave it like this, they will all be killed. Whether it's from monsters or using each other's bodies as stepping stones to climb to the top.

This is not what I want.

[The exclusive skill 'Bookmark' can now be activated. ]

['Character Bookmark' is activated. ]

[Available Bookmark Slots: 3]

[Displays a list of available bookmarks. ]

[People Listed in Bookmark Slot]

The Demon Delusion Kim Namwoon (Understanding 35).

Lee Hyunsung's Steel Sword (Understanding 65).

Demagogue Cheon Inho (Understanding 20).

I activated the third bookmark.

[Bookmark number three has been activated. ]

[Bookmark skill level is low, shorten the activation time. ]

[Activation Time: 5 minutes. ]

[Your understanding of the character is low, so only part of the character's skills are activated. ]

[Incite Lv. 2 has been activated. ]

Suddenly, it felt like my tongue was coming to life on its own. This is how Cheon Inho feels. I looked down. Amidst the chaos, I could see a middle-aged man.

“Hey Gong Pildu. How long are you going to stand there?”

Gong Pildu glared at me.

“Don't you have to act to live? If you move, everyone can live.”


“P-Pildu-ssi, please save us!”

Gong Pildu's expression changed. I feel good. This is how Cheon Inho will feel at Gumho Station.

“The third scenario is not as difficult as you think. Once everyone gives up on the room and participates in the defense, there are enough people to deal with the monsters."

[The sponsor behind Lee Jihye agrees with your discretion. ]

[The constellation 'God of Maritime War' nodded. ]

“Now there is no room for you to run to. Forget about whether you are a landlord or a tenant and fight back. Or you will all die.”

The more urgent the situation, the more the Incite effect will increase.

“Damn, this damn man…!”

“Pildu-ssi! Please help us!"

The alliance members gathered around Gong Pildu. If he escaped here alone, the Gong Pildu Alliance's Landlord would collapse. In the end Gong Pildu made a decision.

“Dammit… Everyone is gathered here!”

People downstairs started to gather around Gong Pildu.

“I need some time to install the new Armed Zone. Everyone just wait!”

The key is the Gong Pildu Armed Zone. However, its weak point is that Armed Zone takes time to install every time it moves.

Blood splattered everywhere and people screamed as their limbs were torn apart.


As expected, the first to leave the formation were the tenants, not the alliance members.

“Yoo Sangah-ssi.”

"Yes. Please leave it to me.”

I don't need to explain. Yoo Sangah already understood what he needed to do.

His Binding Thread stretched and started to save those who couldn't fight anymore. After all, their mission was to buy time for Gong Pildu to deploy the Armed Zone.

“U-Uhh… t-thank you.”

The tenants hang from the threat and are pulled up.

The rescued tenants trembled as they wrapped around their injured area. Meanwhile, several people with guns were staring at me intently. I smiled at them and said.

"Oh, you want the prize?"

[The time limit for the bounty scenario has expired. ]

[The gift hanging on Kim Dokja has been destroyed. ]

"Sorry, it's too late."

"I-I'm sorry."

The tenants looked embarrassed as they put away their weapons. I heard Gong Pildu's voice roaring from below.

“Out of the way!”

[The character 'Gong Pildu' has used Private Land Lv. 3!]

[The character 'Gong Pildu' has activated 'Armed Zone Lv. 4!]

There was a mechanical sound as five towers rose from the ground. The red magic bullet condensed in no time and started shooting.


Kwang! Kwaang! Kwaang!

The moles screamed as they were hit by the bombardment of magic bullets while the gates stopped. A group of people shouted.

“As expected of Pildu-ssi!”


It really was Gong Pildu. In a defense-type scenario, there was no incarnation that surpassed the player's combat effectiveness.

10 Evil is not simply called.

“All of you damn trash disappeared!”

The restless Gong Pildu was fired randomly. Lee Hyunsung spoke in admiration.

"That's a tremendous stigma. Is it okay when the magic power consumption is so big?”

“That is a good stigma so it will be fine for a while.”

“Should we help…?”

“Gong Pildu alone is enough. If we go down then he will get distracted and stop shooting.”

The Defense Master sponsor behind Gong Pildu was truly a match for this kind of scenario. As long as he supports Gong Pildu, Gong Pildu will not die here. As long as sponsorship continues.

I sat down and spread my legs.

"We'll suck on some honey for a bit."

“…Is it time for personal care?”

Lee Hyunsung sat down with me and the party members started to relax one by one.

Jung Hee Won asked.

"Thank you. I'm not getting enough sleep… can I sleep now?”


10 minutes later, Jung Heewon was lying on the ground and snoring. I said yes but I really didn't

“A-Aren't we too relaxed?”

Yoo Sangah sounded worried. Indeed, it would be confusing. So far there is no such 'scenario'. In fact, all we did was survive on the brink of crisis.

"Think of it as standing in the right line."

“Then there…”

"They got the line wrong."

The confusion at the lower levels had almost subsided because of Gong Pildu.



He should have lived a better life.

“Fuck it! Fuuuuuckers!”

In the midst of the endless procession of monsters, Gong Pildu's scream resounded

Chapter Text

"I'm sorry but I have to go for a bit. ”

" Hah? Now? ”

“There is a place I must go to immediately. Hyunsung-ssi and Yoo Sangah-ssi, please stay here. You don't have to do anything. Just throw Pildu potion to the end of the scenario and relax. ”

Jung Heewon asked, "What about Gilyoung and me? ”

"You will come with me."

" Where?"

“Mm… hard to explain but there are bad people.”

"Bad people?"

"Yes. A bad person who disappeared to eat stuff alone, regardless of whether the person died or not. From now on, I will hit him in the back of the head.”

That's very difficult. Jung Heewon thought for a moment before asking.

“…Is he worse than Gong Pildu?”

I pondered for a moment before answering.

"He's much worse."

"Then let's go."

“I will explain the details later.”

I moved in with Jung Heewon and Lee Gilyoung. Then someone grabbed my shoulder. It's Lee Ji Hye,

"Wait, where are you going now?"

Anyway, this is good.

"Very nice . You can come along."

" Where are you going? "

“Yoo Jonghyuk is in danger.”

Lee Jihye laughed like she thought I was joking.

“What nonsense are you saying? Master in danger?”

My expression remained serious and Lee Jihye's laughter immediately disappeared.

"… Are you serious? No, how did you know this?”

How do I know? Maybe I am the foremost in the world, not the second highest authority who knows the master.

I checked the time.

“That bastard, he went to the hidden dungeon at Exit 1?”


"And it's been 11 hours since he came in?"

“Uhhh…” Lee Jihye spoke blankly.

I remember that Yoo Jonghyuk 'had raided the 'hidden dungeon' of Chungmuro for eight years. He failed twice and succeeded six times. The problem is that both failures are concentrated in the initial regression. 8th and 11th turn.

During the 8th regression, Yoo Jonghyuk died in Chungmuro's hidden dungeon.

But the current Yoo Jonghyuk was… the third turn.

I looked at the three students. I have to take them for the worst. The problem was that their relationship with Yoo Joonghyuk was very bad.

How could they possibly help him. Who would want to help the person who tried to kill your family members.

But there's no harm in trying. I can't let that damn regressor die now. I made up my mind and walked towards them.

Sensing my presence they looked at me with an indescribable look. To be more precise it was Cale who was looking at me like that.

“Is there anything we can do to help Dokja-ssi?” Cale asked kindly with a small smile.

"Do you want to come with me?"

“What do you mean you want us to join your group?” Alberu asked with a suspicious look.

"Ah, no I want to go somewhere quite dangerous, so I'm inviting you guys, who knows you might want to come with us."

"Exactly where are you guys going?" asked Choihan, for some reason every time Choihan spoke for some reason it felt like talking to Yoo Joonghyuk.

Do I have to be honest? Make it less likely for them to follow me? At least it's better to be honest now, than later they know what's going to happen and then get mad at me for not telling my true intentions and then kill me. No, that's a very bad idea.

"We will go save Yoo Joonghyuk"


The air around them was very cold. Kim Dokja even got a death glare from Choihan.

Ugh, it felt like he was suffocating by something invisible. Somehow this time his fourth wall skill didn't react to Choihan's killing gaze. He even thought 'Is my skill broken? '

Suddenly the suffocating feeling that Kim Dokja had just felt disappeared as if it had never happened before.

Kim Dokja then looked at Choihan. Choihan was stroking his head which seemed like he had just been hit by Cale.

"Ah, I'm sorry about earlier. Choihan often behaves a little too much when it comes to me"

"Ah, it's okay" Kim Dokja couldn't help but think.

'Little you say. He even fought against Yoo Joonghyuk for being related to you. And you're still saying that's a bit too much? Are you kidding. '

Kim Dokja was already lost in his thoughts so he didn't realize that he had been silent all this time.

Looking at the silent Kim Dokja, Cale finally spoke up.

“Excuse me Kim Dokja-ssi, do you still need our help?”

Hearing Cale's words, Kim Dokja immediately snapped out of his daydream.

"Ah, right, you're right, we still need your help"

"May I ask you a question?"

"Sure, tell me"

'He can't possibly ask who I am or Yoo Joonghyuk can he? '

“Why do you want to help Yoo Joonghyuk?”

'Oh, about that. I think because of what'

"Because we are lifelong partners"

“Oh~” Cale replied with a small smile.

'This is very suspicious' Both of them thought like that.

"Okay, my hyung will go help you"

"No! I don't want to help that person. Wouldn't it be better to just let him die."

Alberu was surprised at his dongsaeng's request. 'I know he's a good person, but can he not be too nice? Why would he want to help that person? '

Alberu looked at Cale with a look of disbelief, while Cale only gave a small smile. Alberu looked at Choihan asking him for help.

But what did he see? Choihan was holding back the happy expression on his face. It seemed he was happy that he wasn't the one appointed to help Kim Dokja.

But as usual, Choihan couldn't hide the expression on his face so now his lips were twitching with laughter.

“Haaaa, Cale, I don't know what you mean but I really don't want to help the person who killed you before.”

While Alberu had a small fight with Cale, Kim Dokja watched in silence as he didn't know what to do.

"Hyung, listen to me it's for the sake of goodness.."

"Not!!! "


" NOT!!! "




Alberu, flinched to see Cale address him as 'Your Highness', he had not heard for a long time.

"Your Majesty, Hyung, listen to my explanation first. I didn't send you for no apparent reason"

Cale looked at Alberu with a meaningful smile.

'Ah, I see' Alberu finally understood why Cale had told him to go follow Kim Dokja.

Cale had him keep an eye on Kim Dokja. He should have known about it earlier. He saw Cale was now smiling like he usually smiled. Now he was also smiling at Cale. Seeing this Choihan could only stay silent, afraid of messing up Cale's plans if he acted.

"Alright, Dokja-ssi I'll go help you"

"Ah, well, come with me, we will gather with the rest of the team"

With that Alberu joined in Yoo Joonghyuk's rescue plan.


I'm lucky, at least Alberu is willing to go help us. I've only seen him fight once when we went to destroy Gong Pildu's base. I know he's strong, judging from his fight back then it's certain that he didn't use all his strength back then. I wonder how strong he is.

Just now Cale called him His Majesty didn't he? Is it because he's the student council president that he calls him that? No, it was different from the usual compliment. I could see the longing look in his eyes.

I don't know, let's think about that later. Now what's more important is saving that bastard.


"Ah, Dokja-ssi, we've been waiting for you for a long time, I thought you were joking." Jung Heewon greeted me worriedly, beside him was Lee Jihye who seemed to be waiting for my explanation.

"I went to pick him up first"
Kim Dokja slightly stepped aside showing Alberu who was behind him.

"Hello, it seems we meet again. Hope we can work well together this time."

"Ah, the person brought by the teacher" Lee Jihye was surprised to see the person who came with Kim Dokja. She only knew him as one of the people who were with Yoo Joonghyuk.

“I forgot I haven't introduced myself to you. Some of the people here may already know my name, but I'll introduce myself one more time. My name is Alberu Crossman.”

"Nice to meet you"

"Okay, let's finish the introductions here now we have to go save Yoo Joonghyuk"

“At this rate, Yoo Jonghyuk will die today.”

If my guess is correct, our damn regressor will be on the 'Sunfish route'.

Chapter Text

After a while, we moved towards the entrance of the 'hidden dungeon' on the first dungeon floor. I walked beside Alberu and behind Lee Jihye, Lee Gilyoung and Jung Heewon while looking at my smartphone.

… In the midst of a splitting headache, Yoo Jonghyuk came to his senses.

'Give up on this life. '

This was the end of Yoo Jonghyuk's eighth life. 」

Impossible. This hasn't happened yet.

… Damn, why did this person do this only in the third life? If he moved as carefully as his second life, he would pass the mid to late scenario.

I raised my eyes to see Jung Heewon who was looking at me.

“Dokja-ssi, what are you looking at?”

“… Ah, calendar… This situation has made me lose my sense of date.”

Actually I thought it might be more interesting to look at the calendar. Sometimes I wonder how I finished reading this novel.

Alberu who was beside me just looked at me with a faint smile. Damn, did he notice anything.

Jung Heewon looked at me suspiciously before turning to Lee Jihye.

“Then… are you saying your name is Jihye? Do you also use a sword?”

"Yes. I like the sword."

"Right? The sword is the best. This sword has a good taste.”

“… Unni also knows the taste?”

Jung Heewon smiled when he saw Lee Jihye's sword. It was a luxurious sword that clearly flowed smoothly. Maybe it was given by Yoo Jonghyuk.

“Your sword looks good.”

“Ah, Master gave it to me. Unni…?”

“…I-I like mine too.”

Jung Heewon looked down at the horn blade and then peeked at the sword on the other person's waist.

I didn't do anything wrong but I feel sorry. I had no choice but to hang something on Lee Jihye.

"How about you? You're a spear user aren't you? Isn't it difficult to fight in a narrow station using something long like that?" Jung Heewon asked trying to familiarize himself with Alberu.

"Ah, it's not that difficult if you can use it properly"

“Wow, you're so arrogant but that looks cool. Erm… how should I call you, you're only a few years different from me aren't you?”

"You can just call me Alberu"

"Alright Alberu, I want to ask how you got close to my teacher"

Alberu paused for a moment after hearing Lee Jihye's question, then after a while he walked again.

"Hmm... how to explain it. He suddenly came and we fought."

“Wait a minute, you fought against my teacher?”

Lee Jihye and Jung Heewon were very surprised to hear that. They knew Yoo Joonghyuk was a strong person, so it was certain that Alberu was a strong person too.

“Ah, I didn't fight it myself. I fought it with Choihan.”

"Still it's great, fighting my teacher with just two people."

“By the way, why did Yoo Joonghyuk go against you guys?” Jung Heewon asked

“Ah, he tried to kill Cale”

""Hah? ""

They were both very surprised by this. If Yoo Joonghyuk had tried to kill one of his friends, why did he still go to help Yoo Joonghyuk? Is he trying to kill Yoo Joonghyuk now?

"Well, even though you've fought my teacher you're still not as strong as him are you?"

“But they both won against Yoo Joonghyuk.”

Kim Dokja suddenly spoke and immediately shocked everyone there except Alberu.

“You guys, won against the teacher?”

Lee Jihye looked at Alberu in disbelief, knowing that her teacher was the strongest. He didn't expect anyone to be stronger than his master.

The atmosphere of the trip became a bit heavy hearing Kim Dokja's statement. Unable to stand this atmosphere Jung Heewon tried to lighten the mood.

"Ah, forget about that. Your weapon is very unique, may I know where did you get it from?"

That question drew all attention to Alberu. They were also curious where he could get the spear from, while the average weapon people had was a sword.

"I got this from my sponsor"

"Wow, I'm so jealous of you, why isn't my sponsor as good as yours?"

[The constellation 'Maritime Admiral' is curious about your sponsor]

[The constellation 'Demon Flame Judge' is curious about your weapon]

[The constellation 'Secretive Plotter' is curious about your identity]

“Hey, why are you talking to Heewon-ssi but ignoring me?”

“Uh… that, I'm a bit weak for an older woman,”

Lee Jihye answered in a trembling voice and Jung Heewon gave her a headlock, as if Lee Jihye was cute. There seems to be a connection between a 'demon slayer. ' Lee Jihye barely escaped her head and asked.

"By the way, why did you save Master?"

"We are friends."

"Don't talk nonsense."

"He's a useful man."

[The constellation 'Secretive Plotter' wonders about your heart. ]

Come to think of it, not only Lee Jihye but also the constellations must be wondering about my actions. He is a man who would kill me if he had the chance. Strange that I would run to save him.

[The constellation ‘Judge of Demon Flames’ likes your wish to rehabilitate a fallen friend. ]

[100 coins have been sponsored. ]

this is a misunderstanding with me. But the Demon-like Judge of Fire… unlike Angel Uriel's expectations, I had a very personal reason for saving Yoo Jonghyuk.

It was to prevent him from 'retreating' after his death.

Regression after death. It sounds good. The 'regression stigma' that is triggered every time you die. The protagonist has the ability of deception.

The problem was that this ability gave rise to complicated thoughts in the surrounding players.


"Oh yeah?"

Lee Gilyoung, who was holding the hem of my shirt, looked at me with worried eyes.

"I guess we're here?"

[You are approaching the outer region. Be careful not to leave the scenario area. ]

This message appears. It does not matter. Chungmuro's hidden prison was treated as an 'inside' area.

We turn the corner and Exit 1 appears. The dungeon entrance of an ominous color greeted us.

[You have found a hidden dungeon!]

[This dungeon has been discovered by someone. You can't get the first discovery achievement. ]

[A new hidden scenario has arrived!]


[Hidden Scenario – Underground Theatre]

Category: Hidden

Difficulty Level: A-

Clear Condition: Defeat the Prison Theater master.

Deadline: None

Compensation: 4,000 coins



The surprised Lee Jihye hesitated and stepped back.

"… What is this? Prison Theatre?”

Lee Gilyoung looked shocked. Well, this must be their first time discovering a hidden scenario. Jung Heewon also spoke.

“Cinema as a dungeon… sounds romantic.”

Romantic. This was simply because he had no idea how terrifying the cinema was. We entered the theatre. The familiar multiplex lobby greeted us.

[You have entered the Prison Theatre. ]

We tensed up as we entered the gloomy dungeon. It was a multiplex consisting of nine floors, from B1 to the 8th floor.

“Hyung, the poster is torn. Who would do that?”

"I am not sure."

I say this but I really know the truth.

The essence of this 'Prison Theatre' were the 'posters' on the walls. Maybe Yoo Jonghyuk beat every poster when he got to the top. His intention was to wipe out all the gifts.

Except for the ripped poster, nothing unusual was found on the B1. No items and no monsters. The only exception was the elevator which was crushed in one corner with a broken door.

Albert asked.

“Isn't this a dungeon? Why is there nothing?”

"Something will appear."

“…Do you know something?”

"A little."

"How? There is something suspicious about Ahjussi. Is this your second life?”

That's the master. But he has lived three times.

Then Jung Heewon said, "It's because of the sponsor behind Dokja-ssi."

" … Is it true? "

I ignored the two women. I was more worried about Alberu who had always been smiling like he had found something interesting.

I was trying to move to the ground floor when I was caught by Lee Gilyoung. The cockroaches on his head were moving wildly. Lee Jihye drew her sword at almost the same time I covered her mouth with my hand.

“Shh, there are other people besides us.”

I sighed as a small voice started to sound. Only upstairs. Then… the lobby? I first thought it was Yoo Jonghyuk but it wasn't Yoo Jonghyuk's voice.

I heard people talking. We took the escalator and approached them. It seemed that four people were gathered in the lobby on the 1st floor.

Lee Jihye whispered, “Who are they? I never saw their faces in Chungmuro.”

"Maybe they came from the side door."

“Earth side? Isn't it filled with poisonous mist? Besides, the scenario-”

“Different stations have different scenarios at different speeds. Someone finished the scenario faster than our station. If there is a weak poisoning, they can eat the flesh of the underground species. ”

I say this but I am confused.


There was no information about such people in Yoo Jonghyuk's life. At this point, Yoo Jonghyuk and I should be the only ones who know about the hidden dungeon.

What causes the variable? Needless to say, I need to find out.

"Then let's go in."

A blue spotlight floated over the men who spoke. A bright light surrounded them and then they disappeared.

“…What happened to them?”

Jung Heewon asked me but I didn't answer. Instead, I looked for posters on the walls. It's torn, that too… by the time I reach the end of the wall, only one isn't torn. I read the words written on the poster.

Steven Spielberg, Samuel L Jackson, Jeff Goldblum…

it was Yoo Jonghyuk… he left this one alone? As expected from the third regression.

At that moment, the light came back on. This time, the spotlight is on us. Alberu looked relaxed while the surprised Lee Jihye and Lee Gilyoung stepped back, but there was no way to avoid it.

I asked Jung Heewon, “Heewon-ssi like movies?”

"Of course. Do you usually like it?”

“You might hate it after this.”

[You have been hit by the projection light. ]

[Playback will start. ]

The surrounding landscape began to slowly change. It was not a simple illusion that the Fourth Wall was not activated like before. The old linoleum floor became covered with green underbrush, while the reception desk and popcorn stand turned into a lush rainforest. The ceiling turned into a cloudless blue sky with no end in sight. Lee Ji-hye muttered in a small voice.

"Where is this place?"

Lee Jihye screamed and hacked at the surrounding trees and bushes, but nothing changed. Lee Gilyoung started looking for insects with a calm expression.

I tried to touch the nearest tree. The texture is hard and moist. It was a real rainforest from the Mesozoic era. This is a different realism from the ghost Welcome Prison. This is the power of the theater master on the 8th floor of the dungeon.

"It's a movie."

“… Ridiculous things really do happen.”

A novel has become a reality. There's no law that movies can't come true either.

Jung Heewon is a fast and understandable adapter.

“Ahjussi, what movie is this?”

"You'll find out soon enough."

“…Can't you tell me? Wait a minute, what is this kid doing…?”

At this moment, the bushes moved and something jumped out in front of Lee Gilyoung. An insect resembling a giant praying mantis. The size is about 40cm. Lee Jihye was scared and screamed.

"Hey, kid! Back off!”

However, Lee Gilyoung responded calmly.

“This is not a praying mantis. It was a Titanoptera from the Triassic period.

" What? ”

Lee Gilyoung stretched out his hand to the titano. The insect didn't resist touch and after a while, Lee Gilyoung and the bug." body wrapped in blue light.

Lee Jihye watched with a stupid expression.

"What is this?"

"Fabre. "

It's great that I brought Lee Gilyoung. This guy's ability might allow us to pass through the gate more easily.

The giant praying mantis moved its huge mouth and Lee Gilyoung nodded. I don't know what is involved but they are talking. After a while, Lee Gilyoung paled as he spoke to the praying mantis.

…What is that?

Lee Gilyoung hastily turned to me.


As he spoke, the sound of the earth shaking rang out. It seemed that something was coming with incredible speed, destroying the huge palm trees.


The snout of a giant reptile emerging through the rainforest was covered in reddish blood. Several bloody men ran in front of him. Those were the people who entered before us.


“S-Save me!”

Lee Jihye stepped back and spoke to Jung Heewon.

"I know what movie this is."

"… Yes, so do I."

A body that was over a dozen meters tall and its skin was tough. Violent muscles dominate the whole body. The strongest predators of the Mesozoic Era are right in front of us.

At first glance, it was similar to a class 7 monster. The difficulty level was terrible considering this was the 1st floor of that dungeon. But my heart is beating fast. The more difficult the hidden dungeon, the better the reward.

I took out a knife and said, "Prepare to fight."

Maybe Yoo Jonghyuk just skipped this film because of its content. The main prizes of the Dungeon Theater were related to movie content. Yoo Jonghyuk probably thought there wasn't a decent reward in a movie where dinosaurs appeared. But he didn't know.

In this film, a very important gift is hidden.

"… Are you serious? Are we going to fight that?”

“We have to beat him to get out.”


"This is a long film. Did you forget?”

The T-rex is approaching fast. The island's central laboratory was visible behind him. And the escape helicopter is on the roof of the laboratory.

This is a movie. A film made by the lord of the Prison Theatre.

Therefore, there is only one way to escape from here.

"Let's make a good ending."

Chapter Text

As those yellow eyes looked at us, a deafening roar echoed in our ears.


[Class 7, Tyrannosaurus Rex has recognized you. ]

['Tyrannosaurus Rex' has triggered the skill 'Fear the Predator'!]

[The exclusive Fourth Skill has blocked the effect of the skill 'Fear the Predator'. ]

“Everyone, get out of the way!”

The Tyrannosaurus started attacking us with its tail.

The petrified Jung Heewon and Lee Jihye regained their spirits. I fell back with Lee Gilyoung beside me.

A long tail flew across the forest in front of us.


Gunshots echoed through the area. I looked in the direction where the voice came from. How surprised I was to see Alberu standing there holding an elegant looking white long rifle.

'Where did he get it from? '


Gunshots are heard again

"What are you doing there? Do you want to die? Get out of there."

Alberu's voice woke me up and I immediately grabbed Lee Gilyoung and left the Tyrannosaurus' attack range.

The people running fell on their backs and coughed up blood. Fortunately, Jung Heewon and Lee Jihye were far from the danger zone.

I shouted to Lee Gilyoung who was lying next to me.

“Gilyoung fell back, while Heewon-ssi and Jihye-ssi scattered left and right!”

Then a message appeared.

[The character 'Lee Gilyoung' has activated the skill 'Dinosaur Book'!]

… Hah?

"Tyrannosaurs were agile for their size, but they were vulnerable because of their narrow field of view."

"… What?"

“I saw it in a book when I was a kid.”

"When were you a kid?"

“…Younger than I am now,”

I stared blankly at Lee Gilyoung. This is not the time to get over it.


[The exclusive skill 'White Pure Star Energy' has been activated. ]

I started waving the colorful swords to attract T-Rex's attention. Lee Jihye and Jung Heewon are not tankers. I don't even need to mention Lee Gilyoung. Therefore, I am the only one who can take the risk here.

“While I am attracting his attention, attack the rear—”


Gunshots rang out again in the area. It broke my concentration.


The Tyrannosaurus scream sounded again, but it wasn't his fear skill. The tyrannosaurus was injured in the area of its head.

Several holes were seen on the head of Tyrannosaurus. The Tyrannosaurus' footsteps slowed and then finally fell and died.

I wasn't done talking when I saw Lee Jihye and Jung Heewon already behind T-Rex. They noticed quickly but unfortunately before they could act the T-rex had already died in Alberu's hands

[You have successfully become the first to hunt the 7th grade species 'Tyrannosaurus Rex!']

[You have earned 1,000 coins as compensation. ]

“Ah… he's really strong, he even fought him alone”

“Kim Dokja, are you sure our strength is needed here?”

Jung Heewon panted heavily as she spoke with a disappointed, happy and sad expression on her face. Lee Jihye belatedly ran to me.

"Wow, you really are as strong as my teacher, now I know the reason why my teacher can lose to you two"

“But where did you get that gun from?” Jung Heewon asked.

"That's a secret" Alberu replied with a small smile.

"But was the Tyrannosaurus killed in this film?"

"No but isn't this more fun?"


“The genre is fantasy, action and adventure. This is enough.”

At this moment, a system message popped up in my head.

[The theater owner is satisfied with the final change of the film. ]

Jung Heewon shouted as if it didn't make any sense.


Yes. Dungeon Theater's strategy was not to see the true ending. '

If so, Yoo Jonghyuk wouldn't be able to beat this dungeon. It was to create the desired ending for the 'theatre master' at the core of this dungeon. Please note that the theater owner is an extreme psychopath.

“Do you understand now? We just need to destroy it.”

In other words, if we remove all obstacles to the end, the film will end naturally.

[Now you can move to the next floor. ]

[Goes to the helipad above the research lab. ]

"We'll be moving in a bit. We have to get a prize.”

Jung Heewon was drooling as she watched the T-Rex being cooked over the fire.

“…Can we eat this?”

“We can eat it because it is cooked with magic fire. The uncooked parts can be cooked with the Magic Power Stove.”

We sat side by side around the legs of the T-Rex. As we cut the cooked T-Rex meat bit by bit, the steam rose. Lee Gilyoung shouted.

"Fresh meat!"

Lee Jihye hurriedly rushed over and grabbed the stab first. The rest of the group, including myself, also took the large chunks of meat. Meat this size? It was a luxury that couldn't be dreamed of when I was an office worker. Lee Jihye closed her eyes while enjoying the taste. Then he muttered in an excited voice.

“Ah, the best taste in the world…”

It was really delicious.

The fat literally wraps around the muscles, making them different from moles. That feeling every time I ate a little… If Yoo Sangah were here, she would have been crying.

After I ate meat, my stamina started to recover. The meat of advanced species has this special effect. However, in some cases caution is required. Jung Hee Won sighed.

“Phew… I ate well. It's really delicious but I'll cry if I eat it again."

Alberu was still glaring at the flesh in his hands. He looked confused before finally looking at me. I wonder why he hasn't eaten his meat. Is that bad? I do not think so. So what?

Gosh. Perhaps. Doesn't he know how to eat it?

Ugh, I really envy rich people. He'd probably never been served meat this big without a plate and knife. It's a shame, but in this apocalypse you can't eat at five-star restaurants like you used to. So you should be more used to this kind of food now.

I saw him slowly opening his mouth and then biting into the meat. And....

'Damn, so elegant'

I don't know how he can do it. He eats the same food as us, even the way he eats the same as us. But how could she look so elegant just by taking a bite of that meat?

Alberu slightly raised his eyebrows as he took a bite of the meat. But he still ate the meat quietly and silently. He eats very neatly and doesn't mess up like Lee Jihye.

Seeing Alberu eating so neatly and elegantly made Lee Jihye improve her eating attitude and eat better.

Alberu wasn't too surprised when he ate the meat. It tastes good but not as good as the food made by Beacrox.

'I think I know why Cale misses Beacrox's cooking.”

We rested in peace and then headed straight to the laboratory in the center of the island.

We met a few raptors on the road but they were easy after the T-Rex.

There are many flasks and ampoules in the laboratory. There is a small incubator containing dinosaur embryos and collected blood samples. There is only one thing missing.

My eyes caught some items as we entered the inner corridor.

[Physical Enhancer Ampoules]

[Magic Power Ampoules]

[Agility Enhancing Ampoule]

[Strength-Enhancing Ampoules]

As expected, it's here. I started packing the ampoules. Just like Ichthyosaur's Core, this comprehensive stat growth item was only available in the initial scenario.

Not just one or two ampoules. There are almost 20 bottles. If this is the case, my stats will be able to level up explosively. In anticipation of this hidden scenario, I saved the coins instead of investing them in my stats.

This ampoule is only available when the corresponding stat is less than level 30.

“Ahjussi, what did you find now?”

…Ah, this ghost-like girl.

"What? Physical Enhancement Ampoules?”

Lee Jihye's eyes shone as she reached for one ampoule.

“Are you trying to eat this alone?”

“Eat everything? Of course I will share it.”

“Unni, look at this! Ahjussi…!”

The other people at the party were getting closer due to the chaos. Jung Heewon was surprised when he checked the item information.

“Oh my god… what is this stuff?”

“…This is a hidden scenario,”

I spoke with some discontent. Damn, this is kind of hard. I didn't catch the T-Rex alone so taking all the items pierced my conscience...

[Some constellations are not happy with the situation. ]

Lee Jihye saw the Strength Strengthening Ampoul and opened her mouth.

“Can you give me a Strength Enhancement Ampoule? I'm a bit weak."

This damn girl...

"Hah? Heewon unni, can't I have it?"

“Um, Dokja-ssi was the one who found it so it was her decision…”

“How about we give a third of it to Alberu. Wasn't he the one who defeated the T-rex alone.”

"You're right, he should be rewarded for that."

Alberu finally got 6 Ampoules out of a total of 20 Ampoules.

Frankly, it didn't matter if the other party members accepted them but giving them to Lee Jihye was a bit of a waste. He was part of Yoo Jonghyuk's group.

[The constellation 'Fire Demon Judge' wishes for your justice. ]

Justice… yes, let's pick the most impartial game I know of.

I smiled and made a suggestion.

"What about rock paper scissors?"


"There will be one winner at the end,"

Greed filled Lee Jihye's face.


“Well… I'll do what Dokja-ssi wants. But is that okay? It could have been a mistake.”

"Then doesn't that mean he's unlucky?"

Lee Ji Hye asked. He was excited at the thought of getting his share of the stuff.

“Let's start with the Strength Enhancement Ampoule.”

I took out the Strength Enhancement Ampoule and said to Lee Jihye.

"I'm good at rock paper scissors. Will that be okay?”

"Oh, is that so?"

I smiled at Lee Jihye.

[The exclusive skill, Omniscient Reader's Point of View stage 1 has been activated!]

[The character 'Lee Jihye' has prepared 'scissors. ']"

Chapter Text

[The first 'Final Credit' has been achieved. ]

[Actor: Alberu Crossman, Kim Dokja, Jung Heewon, Lee Jihye, Lee Gilyoung. ]

[You have earned 500 coins as compensation. ]

I felt dizzy and we appeared on the ground floor again. After we escaped, the film fixed to the wall was torn off. It's proof that we safely cleaned it.

We headed straight to the second floor via the escalator. From the second floor, the remaining space was cramped because it was a full theater. Jung Hee Won asked.

"No changes?"

No matter how long we waited, the surroundings on the second floor didn't change. The camera is not visible and the screening also does not start. Taking a closer look, all the posters on the second floor were torn. Lee Jihye noticed something.

“Is it only the films with the posters intact?”

All the posters on the third floor were also torn. Yoo Jonghyuk had swept properly. It was lucky because there were a lot of dangerous films on the third floor.

There was a system message when we entered the fourth floor.

[You have entered the fourth floor. ]

The spotlight dropped without giving me time to look at the poster. Jung Heewon gathered both hands and prayed.

“Please don't become a ghost movie…”

I glanced at Jung Heewon and he gave me an excuse.

"Ghosts cannot be killed with a sword."

… This is the reason.

[Playback has started!]

The background changes and when we open our eyes, the sea breeze blows in the bow of the ship.


Salt tasted in my mouth and an open horizon stretched out before me. I was mesmerized by the sea view. I've been working every day and it's been a few years since I've traveled anywhere.

"What is this movie?"

Next to me, Jung Heewon was wearing a full length dress.

The sound of violins sounded from the inside of the yacht and there were the sounds of excited people. It was a very romantic atmosphere from a movie…

Oh, I know what this movie is.

Then Lee Jihye's voice was heard. “Oh, speeding up suddenly…”

I looked back and saw that Lee Jihye was vomiting. Jung Heewon rushed over and patted him on the back. After vomiting for a long time, Lee Jihye said.

"Uh, I'm seasick."

"It's okay, just throwing up."

… I've been wondering this since a while ago. Why did the Duke of Loyalty and Warfare choose Lee Jihye? No, I read novels but I don't want to know.

“But Unni… is this the movie? The sinking boat."

"It seems so."

“Then… maybe Unni is ‘Kate Winslet?'”

Lee Jihye looked at Jung Heewon's dress like she was envious, then she looked at me.

“Then Ahjussi is… DiCaprio? Uweeek!”

For some reason I felt fierce when I saw him vomit after saying that. At this moment, Alberu appeared from behind me.

Alberu was wearing a formal attire. This outfit is a bit familiar…

"Damn so handsome"

Anyway, everyone gathered.


* * *

After a while, we kidnapped someone we thought was the villain of the film. But the theater master did not respond. It wasn't enough to kidnap him…

I hesitated for a moment before opening my mouth.

"In that case …"

"Let's kill him"

Lee Jihye drew her sword and aimed it. It was on a man who was struggling while his body was tied up.

The knife descended and pierced the man's chest. Blood flowed profusely. That's very realistic. Then the system message sounded.

[The theater owner is satisfied with the final change of the film. ]

[The stern of the ship will lead to the next floor. ]

“See, I did it right. Right?"

Lee Jihye shouted triumphantly.

The answer is clearly not wrong. The theater master acknowledges this and the constellations will award coins for our actions. We will survive with these coins.

It is a way of life that destroys this world.

[Second 'Final Credit' has been achieved. ]

[Actor: Alberu Crossman, Kim Dokja, Jung Heewon, Lee Jihye, Lee Gilyoung. ]

[You have earned 500 coins as compensation. ]

We couldn't get the gift items from Titanic. Thus, we headed straight for the next floor and followed the system message guide.

[You have entered the fifth floor, the reward room. ]

Once we climbed the escalator, the prize room finally appeared.

“Prize room? Isn't this a scary movie?"

“This is an exhibition hall. It's the place they used to show the original film props."

Actually, I know this, but I'm acting stupid again.

Various film props appeared in the glass tube. The equipment and costumes used by the main characters from various films, stage accessories…

The funny thing is that they are no longer props.

Everyone had already picked up the tools they wanted except Alberu.

"Hey, don't you want to take something?" Lee Jihye asked

"No, I already have good stuff"

Indeed, although I don't know what kind he has, but the white gun he carries is definitely better than all the weapons here.

Now the preparations are complete.

Since there were no significant changes in the dungeon, it was clear that Yoo Jonghyuk was still alive. If we move quickly through the sixth floor, we might be able to meet on the seventh floor. In the worst case scenario, if he fought the boss on the eighth floor… at least he was still alive.

Now, let's go and get our buggers back.


We passed the auditorium and ran down the hall. The posters on the 7th floor are Korean movies that were popular in the past.

Damn, please let it all rip...

However, unlike what I expected, the final poster is still intact.


[Playback will start. ]

Blue highlights covered the party and the scene changed. My head spins and a salty smell enters my nose.

The stage is the sea. But… this time it wasn't a cruise ship. There's the smell of artillery.

As I turned my head to the wobbly boat, I heard someone's voice.

“Everyone, get down—!”

I reflexively fell down and there was a bombardment of gunfire all around me. Tang tang tang tang― Several soldiers fainted while bleeding.

“Protect the ship―!”

The soldiers wearing old military clothes rushed around. A light breeze blew when the war broke out. The turbulent Myeongnyang Strait swirled and there was the sound of distant drums.


There is no Korean who doesn't know this movie. That's because this film has been watched by most South Koreans.

Jung Heewon looked up at the horizon and muttered.

“This… how can we win?”

The end of the Dungeon Theater will only open when the master is satisfied.


300 Japanese warships filled the sea. I hastily confirmed the strength on our side. However, this is a film based on historical facts. There is hope.

"…What is this?"

There is only one Panokseon where there should be 12. I hastily grabbed one of the sailors around him and asked.

"Where's the commander?"


“Admiral Yi!”

Naval sailors don't know anything at all. My chest went cold. It's different from the movies I know. The theater master changed the story.

In no time, the enemy narrowed the distance. This is ridiculous. How can we win the Battle of Myeongnyang without the help of the Duke of Loyalty and Warfare?

I looked around and hastily exclaimed.

“Lee Jihye!”


The explosion sounded again. We can't do anything now. I immediately ran towards Alberu, the only one who was still calm at the moment.

"Oh hello Dokja-ssi, looks like we're having a hard time now"

Dokja was silent for a moment, he didn't know what to say to Alberu. He didn't expect such a bright greeting at a crucial time like this.

No, he shouldn't be concerned with that just yet now. If he was still calm even at a time like this, then he had a way of surviving this situation.

“Alberu, can you hold them for a while, I need to find Lee Jihye, I didn't see her for a while.”

I don't know what was on my mind at that time. Asking him to withstand all attacks himself even if he's not a tanker. I don't know why, but I have a feeling he can definitely do it.

Alberu frowned upon hearing Kim Dokja's request. He was reminded of Cale's battle in the Henituse territory. At that time they also had to fight their enemies at sea. Alberu smiled remembering that. He then spoke.

“Haahhh, Cale should be the one coming with you”

Kim Dokja was confused by that, why did Alberu mention Cale's name at a time like this. Did Cale have the power that could destroy all of these ships?

"Back off"


He was confused as to why Alberu was telling him to back off, but he did it anyway.
He then went behind Alberu while observing him.

Alberu gripped the gun in his hand firmly. He had to do it. He then took a breath.


The sound of the wind rang out around Alberu. But they see it differently.

Under where Alberu's feet were standing, there was a circle made of light and surrounded Alberu's body.

Now Alberu's body was surrounded by gold dust. It was a very beautiful sight and did not fit the precarious situation.

Alberu pointed his gun up.

[The character 'Alberu Crossman' has evolved. ]

There was a blinding light and a silver aura began to appear around Alberu's body.

[Due to character evolution, a new stigma has been unlocked. ]

Alberu suddenly spoke in a voice the ship's occupants could hear.

[I command you as Angelina's guard]

[To annihilate all my enemies]

All the magic power that had gathered around Alberu just now transferred to the tip of the gun that was pointed upwards.

[Exterminate! ]

[Shining Javelin]


After the shot Alberu pointed upwards had been fired. Suddenly, the clouds began to turn golden in color.

'That's so pretty'

That's what everyone thought, suddenly a light appeared which one by one fell from the sky and went towards the enemy ship.

'It's still beautiful'

Suddenly. Booooommmm.........

The sound of ship explosions began to be heard, enemy attacks were no longer visible.

All that could be seen was the light slowly falling and destroying the enemy ship.

Everyone on board was looking at the one person who made all this happen.

Alberu Crossman

Everyone immediately saw the person who was sitting limply after releasing the terrifying attack earlier.

[The character 'Alberu Crossman' has used the stigma of
'Shining Javelin' Lv. 1. ]

Chapter Text

Kim Dokja POV

There are still 12 ships left.

Alberu was already exhausted from the attack just now. Suddenly....

A beam of light emerged from the tip of Lee Jihye's sword.

[The character 'Lee Jihye' has activated the stigma of 'Ghost Fleet Lv. 1!]

Water vapor rises in the area. Water was sprayed everywhere and 12 ghost ships appeared in the sea.

"Revenge on the enemy."

The drum stopped as if it was a shame. The shells flew towards the ghost fleet. However, the ghost fleet was intangible and suffered no damage.

"Die in this place."

Finally, Lee Jihye's fleet began to advance. The 12 ships moved through the water, creating countless ripples. The white barrels started shooting and the ships blocking the way collapsed helplessly.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa!

The girl who doesn't cry leads the battlefield.

[The theater owner is satisfied with the final change of the film. ]

[The fourth 'Final Credit' has been achieved. ]

[Actor: Alberu Crossman, Kim Dokja, Jung Heewon, Lee Jihye, Lee Gilyoung. ]

[You have earned 500 coins as compensation. ]

We climbed the last ladder.

"Everyone, get ready."

[You have entered the eighth floor, Heavenly Garden. ]

The eighth floor of the theater is the roof. It is a small dome reminiscent of an opera house. As soon as I stepped on the green grass of the roof, I found the back of the regressor I was looking for.


When I thought of all the people who would suffer if he died, my anger surged. Luckily, the back of his head was good enough to hit.

“Hey Yoo Jonghyuk!”

I ran to Yoo Jonghyuk and hit him on the back of the head.

The cold sensation numbed my fingers. Damn, I really want to beat this guy. But…

There's something strange.

“…Yoo Jonghyuk?”

This guy, he didn't look back. A gray-white aura flowed from Yoo Jonghyuk's body. The aura felt unpleasant and caused my hair to rise.

I instinctively took a step back. Taking a closer look, the aura connected with an old man sitting on a chair on the eighth floor. I knew everything the moment I saw this old man.

[The 'Theatre Master Simulacrum' has been revealed. ]

… Damn, it has become like this. Yoo Jonghyuk emitted a whitish aura and slowly turned towards me. It was the worst situation.

[The 'Theatre Master Simulacrum' has taken control of the character 'Yoo Jonghyuk.]

Goosebumps covered my whole body. Great killing intent emerged from the person who had lost his mind. There was no 'character' in the world that could stop this person now.

I could barely open my mouth.

“W-Wait a minute!”


I saw Alberu standing in front of me while holding Yoo Joonghyuk's sword with his spear.

Seriously where did he get all these weapons from?

"Get out of there"

Hearing Alberu's firm voice I immediately left and headed for Lee Gilyoung.

Yoo Joonghyuk swung the sword at the spear that was almost right in front of his face.

'W… What…?'

It really was in the blink of an eye.

'What just happened?'

Alberu looked like he was still standing in the same place. His clothes waved lightly in the air. It felt like a sharp light had just swept across the area. That's all that other people can feel.

So far, it didn't matter how they swung their swords and spears at him. However, this time, silently, a thin line was drawn on Yoo Joonghyuk's sword.

Everyone there didn't know what Alberu and Yoo Joonghyuk were doing exactly. They were both too fast.

Until now, cutting it or trying to deal blunt damage only resulted in the sensation of passing through empty air.

Kim Dokja saw a glimmer of hope. With hope in his eyes, he began to try to follow the movements of the two.

"Shit, too fast"

Lee Jihye, Jung Heewon and even Kim Dokja were stunned to see the two of them fight.

Not as young girls and boys, but as swordsmen… their desire to witness and remember moves was more important than anything else.


It seemed like Lee Jihye and Jung Heewon couldn't keep up with his movements anymore. They just opened their mouths empty.

“… Tsk. ”

Now, their two weapons clashed in midair. Alberu clicked his tongue suddenly and quickly turned his body.

Dragging the tips of his feet to the ground, he made a circle with it and swung the spear at Yoo Joonghyuk's sword that was still floating next to him.

Alberu then looked at the people behind him.

"What are you doing there idiot, quickly kill that theater master."

Realizing their mistake, they immediately ran towards the theater master and handed Yoo Joonghyuk over to Alberu.

[Master Simulacrum' has strengthened his control on the character 'Yoo Jonghyuk. ']


Yoo Jonghyuk's sword shook.

[The character of 'Yoo Jonghyuk's Splitting Heavenly Energy' has developed!]


Alberu felt the change that had occurred to Yoo Joonghyuk. Then he began to coat his spear with golden light. His entire body was also covered in that light.

He suddenly disappeared from Yoo Joonghyuk's sight and appeared behind him.

Yoo Jonghyuk was taken aback by the sudden attack and took a few steps back. He instinctively felt that it was something extraordinary. But it's too late.

An enormous magic power appeared and all of the burning ether coalesced. Alberu swung it towards Yoo Jonghyuk.

The ether fire took the shape of an arrow and began to bombard it. It was an attack that couldn't be used for a long time due to insufficient magic power. However, this is enough.



Many red wounds appeared all over Yoo Jonghyuk's body.


[The 'Theatre Master Simulacrum' is very wary of you. ]


Kim Dokja's scream echoed in the room.


As he shouted, there was a huge crack in the Sky Garden's ceiling.

The black dome surrounding the roof shattered.

[Class 6 insect king, Titanoptera has appeared!]

It was an appearance that caused goosebumps. The monster that fought the poisonous rhino the other day. This monster came here in response to Lee Gilyoung's Diverse Communication. Lee Gilyoung laughed.

“He, hehe… Titano…”

Titano? Don't tell me… it does look similar but it's definitely not.


The huge praying mantis flew towards the theater master. Then Yoo Jonghyuk blocked it.

[The character 'Yoo Jonghyuk' has used 'Strong Self-Defense Lv. 4' ]


There was a big sound and Yoo Jonghyuk's body was pushed onto the roof floor. Yet Yoo Jonghyuk was still standing.

Ku ku ku ku!

…He really is a ridiculous monster. He could do with a grade 6 species with his current abilities? Yoo Jonghyuk even launched a counterattack.


Titanoptera screamed from the heavy blow. Surprisingly, Yoo Jonghyuk was on par with a grade 6 insect lord.

Using that opportunity I immediately killed the theater master. Just as the Blade of Faith was about to pass through his neck, a dazzling light came from his body. It was like a ghost touching a heavenly light or punishment for breaking a taboo.

He was crushed without a trace.

I looked down at my hands and felt confused.

…What just happened?

['Theatre Master Simulacra' has been killed for the first time. ]

[You have earned 9,000 coins as compensation. ]

[You have met the requirements to clear the hidden scenario!]

[You have earned 4,000 coins as compensation. ]

These messages go up. I looked back and saw Yoo Jonghyuk passed out after being released from the theater master's control. Fortunately, he didn't die. The same was true for Lee Gilyoung, who forcibly used Diverse Communication.


I rushed over and hugged Lee Gilyoung. Lee Gilyoung lost strength and passed out in my arms.

[The barrier surrounding the Dungeon Theater has disappeared. ]

The barrier covering the ceiling disappeared and I saw the insect king.

Surprisingly, he turned around and started attacking us.

The bugs started launching attacks on us.


Gunshots rang out in the room and crushed Titanoptera's head.

I looked at Alberu who was now holding his gun. I'm really curious this time, how did he get that gun, and where did his spear go.

[You have successfully killed the Class 6 Insect King, Titanoptera]

[You have earned 1,000 coins as compensation. ]

The sound of notification again rang in Alberu's ears. Feeling unimportant he ignored her and looked at Kim Dokja.

It is over .

"…Are you alright?"

Jung Heewon and Lee Jihye staggered.

"I am fine. Heewon-ssi?”

"I am fine. Fortunately, Jihye is safe."

[The end time for the third main scenario is drawing near!]

Maybe it's time for the end.

I looked around the roof and saw dawn coming, brightening the day. If Lee Hyunsung was here, he would recite the 'homeland' prayer.

Jung Heewon groaned.

“Ah… Seoul.”

The ruined city area was illuminated by the faint light of dawn. I heard intermittent explosions from far away. Now no more toxic fog. The poison rhino is crushed under the collapsed building. I can see people fighting amongst themselves. They were probably the group that ended the scenario before us. The entire landscape is trapped inside a huge dome.

It was a huge barrier that seemed to break.

Currently, Seoul is isolated in a transparent dome.

Jung Heewon said, “Really… it's all over.”

It was a scene that had to be acknowledged once again.

From a distance, a meteor shower appears to be falling. The meteor shower was originally the forerunner of the main scenario. However, the number of meteor showers is more than ever.

That means the 'hall' will open soon.

Meteor showers may fall all over the world.

Jung Heewon admired him.


Jung Hee Won doesn't know. A beautiful looking meteor from a distance will create nightmares for those where it falls.

Now an even greater disaster is coming.

Lee Gilyoung gathered his little hands and muttered something. Jung Heewon and Lee Jihye were silent for a while. Maybe they were praying too.

It is funny . Hoping for a creature to be the source of nightmares, maybe only humans do this in the entire universe.

After a while, Lee Gilyoung opened his eyes and looked at me.

“Hyung didn't make a request?”

I looked at Lee Gilyoung and answered.

“I have made a request.”

"What is that?"

“Gilyoung, you shouldn't have asked that.”

I watched Jung Heewon, Yoo Jonghyuk and then Seoul collapse again.

"I want to see the epilogue of the novel,"

Lee Gilyoung looked at me in confusion.

I silently looked up at the sky. There was a slight crack in the sky above Seoul. As soon as the sun rises, the dokkaebis will open a new hell.

Chapter Text

After we finished saving Yoo Joonghyuk, we immediately left except for Lee Jihye. She stayed there to take care of Yoo Joonghyuk.

Jung Heewon went first with Lee Gilyoung leaving me with Alberu.

On our way, no one spoke. There was no awkward atmosphere created, but we still decided to keep quiet.

For some reason it felt like I had the feeling that Alberu noticed something strange about me.
But why did he remain silent? Is he still confirming something from me? But how did he know?

I was daydreaming along the way so I didn't realize we had arrived.

I could see Cale and Choihan walking towards Alberu. It seemed they were worried about him.

"Hyung, why are you taking so long?"

"Ah, I'm sorry it's been longer than I thought"

'Longer than you think?' I was still lost in thought so I didn't notice Cale's gaze that was directed at me.


"... "

"Kim Dokja-ssi"

“Ah, I'm sorry, I was thinking about something so didn't listen to you. What's wrong?”

“Are you going to continue here? Shouldn't you return to your group?”

'Ah, I got kicked out'

"Em, you're right, I have to go back now."

Even though I said that, I didn't leave that place right away. Now that I think about it, every time I do something involving the three of them.

Alberu and Cale must have always smiled in the same way. The first time I didn't find it suspicious. But somehow I feel their smiles are a bit similar to mine. 'Shit'

“Dokja-ssi, do you have something you should tell us?” Cale asked with a small smile.

Damn, that smile again. Now that I see it clearly, it does look a bit like my smile. Should I just ask them?

In the end I had to do it anyway, now or never.

"I want to ask you guys"

"Sure, feel free to ask. As long as we can answer that"

Alberu answered my question with a smile that was even wider than before. It seemed he had been waiting for this.

"How much do you guys know about me?"

Damn. Stupid. Stupid. What kind of question is that. That's embarrassing. Damn, I have to get out of here now.

"Ah, I'm sorry, I better go now."

I immediately turned around and started to walk away. Before finally I was forced to stop.

"Dokja-ssi, you know about the future don't you."

Damn. I immediately turned to look at Cale who just spoke. He smiled so thinly it almost formed a grin.

“What do you mean? How can I know the future.”

I somehow managed to reply to his words by keeping a calm expression on my face.

But I can't seem to keep my calm expression any longer. I saw Cale's smile slowly turn into a smirk.

Damn, he looks even more evil than the theater master we fought earlier.

"There's no point in lying again Dokja-ssi. You know the future from your cellphone, don't you?"

"What do you mean, I don't understand. My cellphone? How can I know the future from my cellphone?"

'Damn, am I going to get caught now? '

"You can't lie to me, Dokja-ssi. Every time you look at your cellphone, after that you definitely do something drastic right?"

"I don't always do drastic things like that. I guess that's just how you feel."

"Haaah, okay I'll explain slowly so you understand.

When the apocalypse first happened, weren't you the first to take safe action?

Weren't you the one who suggested we leave the carriage immediately?

I'm also curious how a normal person can still live after falling from a bridge under which there are monsters.

You also handled the food problem at Geumho station properly. Normally an ordinary person wouldn't sell all their food to other people, moreover some time after you sold all that food, dokkaebi started appearing and all the food was gone and only you benefited

Even at this Chungmuro station, you even know how to end the scenario before the time runs out. You can even make Gong Pildu submit to you.

Even after that you can guess where Yoo Joonghyuk is, which even Lee Jihye who incidentally is a student doesn't know where he is.

You even know that he's dying and needs help. I was wondering how you actually got all this information. Luck? I do not think so.

Doesn't that just mean that you know the future right? And it's all written on your phone. Am I wrong?"

'Damn, I really got caught. And all the explanations are true and make sense. How can I lie to him'

"I think you're wrong, it's because of my sponsor. It's a kind of power that can sense danger to a certain degree"

"Ohh~ too bad it seems I was wrong this time"

“It's not your fault Cale, you can't guess everything right”

Even as they comforted each other they still smirked in the same way.

'Shit, have I done something wrong? '

"Alright Dokja-ssi, forgive us for accusing you. Actually I'm a little curious about your strength, how about you show some of your power now"

'No, I do not want.'

I don't even have that kind of skill. How good it would be if I had that skill now. But it looks like I don't need that skill right now to detect danger.

All the hairs on my neck tightened, as if telling me to get out of there. This time I really felt an enormous danger.

I could see Cale's hand pointing at Choihan. Naturally I also immediately looked at Choihan.


Choihan, who had been silent all this time, slowly raised his right leg.

His right foot hit the ground, and the ground began to sway and creak as if there was an earthquake.

“…I'll be gentle. ”

Because of Choihan's words, or rather, because of the huge momentum behind Choihan, Kim Dokja found it hard to breathe.

“This depressed feeling…”

"Is he going to kill me?"

Bowed down, I began to raise my sword and show my hostility towards others.

“Are you going to fight me alone?”


“You are too arrogant. ”

Seeing Kim Dokja, Choihan just smiled innocently and lifted his chin. But unlike Kim Dokja who was staring at him, pulled his chin and started using his brain.

'Shit, I'm stupid. Are you going to fight me alone? Did I expect all three to come together against me?

Damn, I'm going to die now'

“Even though he is on par with Yoo Joonghyuk…”

“I have a chance to win. He doesn't really know me. ”

“Even if he's as strong as Yoo Joonghyuk As long as I use a move he doesn't understand, I can handle it. ”

Kim Dokja thought the outcome of the battle depended on time. Just as he was about to start fighting and swung the sword in his hand forward…


Choihan suddenly approached Kim Dokja.


Let alone the bending of the legs, Kim Dokja didn't even see Choihan jump. Looking at Choihan, who was smiling innocently in front of him, Kim Dokja clenched his teeth.

Kim Dokja swung his sword everywhere so as to make the place covered in dust.

"No, don't panic. It's a fight depending on time. Just survive and fight. Calm down and stay away from him. ”

“If it can be a long-term battle…”

"Sure enough, he's hiding? Where is he going? ”

Kim Dokja couldn't sense Choihan's presence in the dust, then Kim Dokja immediately widened his senses and started looking for Choihan.

Where is he going?

Kim Dokja started to concentrate on finding Choihan. When he found that Choihan had been standing in the same place, his eyes almost popped out.

"Why are you there?"

Choihan who had just appeared in front of Kim Dokja, stood in his place, as if he had not started a fight, and his expression was easy.

“It seems you have seen my movements. ”

Hearing Choihan's self-talk, Kim Dokja knew that the attack he launched earlier didn't work well

“I must praise you. Being able to see my movements shows that your eyesight is good. ”

Choihan suddenly praised Kim Dokja and then silently bowed his upper body.

“…I will be serious this time!”

Kim Dokja felt very confused when he heard the attack mentioned by Choihan. At this moment, the ground at Choihan's feet suddenly fell and his body shot out like an arrow.

“After he came to me, he… he would hit me too. Yoo Joonghyuk sometimes does that too. ”

After Kim Dokja confirmed that Choihan would strike first from the middle, he concentrated his sword aether there and then prepared to use a quick and easy lightning aether to counterattack.

"He came. ”

Just like the previous attack, Choihan shortened the distance between him and Kim Dokja in an instant. Seeing Kim Dokja, he smiled gently and swung his clenched right hand.

“Sure… he uses fists. ”

While focusing on defense, the tip of Kim Dokja's sword began to glow gray as Choihan's right hand moved.

He thought his defense could stop Choihan's first attack.


He's wrong.

Kim Dokja opened his mouth.

"What is that…"

His fist didn't hit Kim Dokja's defense.

“Humble yourself. ”

Choihan's fist pierced through his defensive net and stopped in front of his stomach, and the shirt he was wearing was wrinkled like a whirlpool.

As the airflow caused by Choihan's fist twisted his face, Kim Dokja remembered what Choihan was muttering to himself.

“…I'll be gentle. ”

Kim Dokja felt that if he really moved, Choihan's fist wouldn't stop in front of his shirt, but had already pierced his stomach. Thinking of this gave Kim Dokja the chills.

Once again, Choihan disappeared.

Where is he going?

Not knowing what to do he finally grabbed his sword and widened his eyes and stabbed the sword forward.

"Because you attacked first! So this is self-defense!"

Kim Dokja shouted in his mind. When he thought that Choihan would be stabbed by his sword, he increased the strength in his hand.

"You're quite strong."

The situation after that was completely different from what Kim Dokja had imagined


Choihan who was bent over his upper body, escaped from Kim Dokja's sword while grabbing Kim Dokja's sword.

Choihan reflected the tip of Kim Dokja's sword that had been held in Choihan's hand.

“That sword is very sharp. ”

Choihan acknowledged that Kim Dokja's sword was quite sharp and then gave advice to Kim Dokja.

“But this is the only advantage of the sword, and the sword is too straight. ”

When Kim Dokja failed to stab Choihan, Choihan gave advice to Kim Dokja and arbitrarily avoided attacking that person.


Using the sword he just dragged as a handle, Choihan's body twisted in the opposite direction to the one he had just spun.

Kim Dokja determined not to fail to stab Choihan again, swinging his sword once more.

“Swords are not only straight!”



Choihan kicked Kim Dokja's stomach and leaned his upper body forward as if he was doing acrobatics. Instead of turning the sword, he punched the ground instead.


With the sound of something breaking, Kim Dokja's body balance was broken. Kim Dokja who was planning to swing the sword again, started to struggle at this time.

At the same time, Kim Dokja who was just punched by Choihan fell to the ground.

“I'm not at the level to be able to fight Choihan. ”

“He… was once compared to Yoo Joonghyuk…”

Kim Dokja who fell to the ground frowned and looked at Choihan.

Choihan ignored Kim Dokja's gaze and just walked slowly towards him.

'Damn, am I going to be killed now? '

Choihan is now standing in front of Kim Dokja who is sitting down holding his stomach in pain. He then slightly bent down and picked up something.

'What? He didn't kill me? '

Kim Dokja was confused by this situation. After beating him so badly, Choihan didn't even kill him. What does he really want.

Slowly but surely, he raised his head and looked at Choihan. How shocked he was when he found out his cellphone was in Cale's hands.

'Damn, now I can't dodge anymore'

Chapter Text

Slowly but surely, he raised his head and looked at Choihan. How shocked he was when he found out his cellphone was in Cale's hands.

'Damn, now I can't dodge anymore'

Kim Dokja slowly stood up using the sword as a stick to support his body. He looked at his cellphone that was being held by Cale anxiously.

He carefully observed the expression on Cale's face. He could see Cale's brows starting to furrow, Cale starting to open his mouth.

"What is this"

Cale said with an expression of disbelief.

'Shit, looks like he's already read it. '

He could also see Alberu's face staring at his cell phone with an even expression. While Choihan looked at him indifferently.

Cale slowly started to raise his face and looked into Kim Dokja's eyes. His smile slowly thinned and was replaced with an evil grin.

“Kim Dokja-ssi, I didn't expect you to have something like this.”

"... "

"You see, this kind of information is not good if you keep it to yourself, you should share the information with others. Isn't that right, Kim Dokja-ssi?"

Cale asked with a smirk, and Alberu with a smile he often showed, whereas Choihan tried not to shake his head.

'What should I do. Fight them and take my phone back? Not. It's suicide'.

'Damn, if they actually spread it that would be bad. The future might actually turn in an uncertain direction. '

Kim Dokja doesn't know what to do anymore. He finally did his last chance. Negotiate.

"As you can see. I know almost everything that happens in the future. But you see, even if I know the future, I can't change everything.

Therefore, I did not spread the information. It's too dangerous, many people might misuse that information and do evil things.

And it's also too dangerous if the future changes too much, it will be difficult for me too. Therefore, I beg you to return my cellphone, please. "

'Please give me back my cell phone'

"Like you said Dokja-ssi, it's too dangerous for too many people who know the future and too many people out there to misuse this information. That's why I can't return it to you. Can't you also misuse this information Dokja-ssi ? "

Damn, I can't fool smart people. Well, it's impossible to deceive him. Therefore, let's be honest with him.

"Okay, I'll be honest with you. I may have misused the information several times for my own benefit. But it was all so that I could survive. You might say I'm a hypocrite, but at least I want to survive in a ruined world. this. I don't want to die"

Now I really reveal it. I looked at them now and waited for their reaction.

Cale slowly tried to cover his mouth with one hand. But it looks like he can't hold it in anymore

"Ha ha ha ha"

Cale laughed really loudly, even to the point of holding his stomach. Alberu slowly held onto his shoulders, trying to stop Cale from laughing.

“Cale, stop it”

"Hyung, but he, he pftt. Hahahaha"

“Cale, stop laughing, you're starting to look crazy now.”

“Huhu, hyung did you see just now. He admitted it directly.”

"Yes, yes, your plan worked, are you satisfied now?"

"Of course I'm satisfied"

Seeing the two students' warm conversation made Kim Dokja confused while Choihan just shook his head slowly.

“Oh, Dokja-ssi it seems you still don't understand, do you?” Alberu asked in place of Cale who was still laughing lightly.

"What do you mean? "

Alberu grabbed the cell phone that Cale was holding and threw it at Kim Dokja.

What? Why did he return my cell phone?

'That guy beat me just to take my phone, and now he's giving it back as if nothing happened? '

Kim Dokja looked at Alberu with a confused look as if asking him for an explanation.

“You see, Dokja-ssi. We can't see it.”

"What? "

"It's empty"

"What? "

"It's blank. We've opened it but there's no writing. There's no way we can read a blank screen right?"

“So, Cale laughed because-

"That's right~ he laughed because you admitted it yourself directly"

Ha. I thought I could trick them. Turns out I was the one who was deceived here. It is very difficult to deceive fellow con artists.

"So you can't read anything written on my cellphone?"


Ha. Ha. Ha. Am I really the lucky one?

"Well, then Dokja-ssi, since you know the future, how about you answer some of my questions first"

Kim Dokja turned his attention towards Cale who was no longer laughing.

“Is this world a novel?”

Do I just answer the question? After all, I've admitted it myself firsthand.

"Right, as far as I know this world is a novel"

Hearing my answer Cale just nodded his head.

"In that case, is the main character Yoo Joonghyuk?"


"I knew it"

"Did you expect it beforehand?"

"Of course, it looks pretty obvious. Who else can be that strong if not the main character"

"But you guys once defeated the main character. Are you also the main character of a novel? Aren't you guys just as strong."

“Haha, of course not” Cale replied thoughtfully. 'I'm not the main character, it's Choihan'

"So you're going to free me?"

"Since when did we take you captive Dokja-ssi?"

"Haha you're right," said Kim Dokja, scratching his head. 'Shit, am I being stupid or something? '

[Main Scenario #3 – Emergency Defense has ended. ]

[You have earned 1,000 coins as compensation. ]

They all fell silent for a moment at the notification floating in the air.

“Dokja-ssi are you not leaving?” Cale asked with a small smile.

"Ah, you're right. I'd better go now."

Kim Dokja immediately turned from his place and started to leave.

"Ah, I wanted to give you guys some information."

Kim Dokja stopped walking and started talking without looking back.

"The fourth main scenario is about to start. It's completely different from now on. So be careful"

Kim Dokja continued his journey again and slowly started to disappear.

"Tsk, what kind of information is that? Isn't that going to be announced directly by the dokkaebi? How stingy"


[The fourth main scenario will start in 5 minutes!]

"Looks like it's going to start soon"

“You're right Cale, didn't Kim Dokja just say it would be different from the previous one? What if it's really dangerous. My current strength isn't even comparable to my past strength.”

"It's okay Choihan, you're strong enough now"

“But Cale, didn't the gods ever say that they would slowly recover our strength with a sub-scenario?”

"Are they lying again?"

"I don't know, how about we try to contact them first."

The three immediately tried for the gods by using their 'chat' skill.

Cale Henituse : Hey, where are you guys, keep your promise, didn't you say you would give us a sub-scenario?

Alberu Crossman : Does this really work?

Choihan : I think they are weaker than usual because they haven't contacted us since then. Is there a way to kill them now?

Cale Henituse : Don't kill them

Alberu Crossman : Cale, are you okay? Rarely do you defend them

Cale Henituse : I mean don't kill them now, we still need them to restore our true strength.

Choihan : As expected of you Cale.

Alberu Crossman : Of course, our star family is very good at seeking personal gain.

Cale Henituse : Gosh, it's nothing compared to you hyung, our family's sun that shines on our family from the darkness that is~

God of Death: Are you guys done talking about it?

Cale Henituse : Of course, we've been waiting for a sub-screenplay from you guys for a long time, but you guys haven't given it to us yet.

God of Death: Has it really been that long?

Sun God : It seems time is running very fast there.

God of War: Time flies very fast during war.

Cale Henituse : So, keep your promises now.

Alberu Crossman : Didn't you guys say you would help us?

God of Death: Indeed we have promised to help you. But it's not that easy to use our power in that world

Sun God : We have to muster up enough power to be able to access the system in your current world.

God of War : Because of that, we haven't contacted you guys long enough to conserve our strength and focus on making sub-scenarios.

Cale Henituse : So you guys were able to give us the sub-scenarios already right?

God of Death : Haaah, Alright we will give you a sub-scenario now



Category : Sub

Difficulty: ???

Clear conditions : Will be notified more later.

Deadline : ???

Compensation: Restore some strength,???

Failure: ???


Cale Henituse : What the hell is this why there are so many question marks.

God of Death: You have to meet certain conditions in order to see it more clearly.

Sun God : Alright then, see you later.

God of War : Good luck.

[ Skill 'chat' has ended]


“So, how are we supposed to start this scenario if the information isn't clear?” Cale said in a frustrated tone.

"Didn't it say the information will be further informed later?"

“Hahaha, but when?”

[You get a message]

[Open message]

[Go to the end of the fourth platform to start the sub-scenario]

"See, you just need to be a little patient"

"Haaah, let's go now"

They walked towards the end of the fourth platform at the station.

However, when they arrived at that place all they found was a wall standing straight in front of them.

“So, is this the result of my patience? Meeting a wall?” Cale said while looking at the wall in front of him sarcastically.

"Haah, I thought it would be like this"
Alberu muttered his words while walking along the wall, but unfortunately he didn't find anything.

“Is there anything I can help Cale with?”
Choihan who had been silent all this time finally spoke up, he himself knew that he was not as smart as Cale and Alberu, that's why he had been silent all this time and followed the two of them.

“Hmm, Choihan. Try hitting this wall with a bit of your strength.” Cale said while emphasizing the word 'a little'.

"Alright, please step back from there"

Cale and Alberu immediately backed away from it and Choihan immediately clenched his fists and smacked the wall.


Choihan's punch was heard.

crack, crack, crack, crack.

Cracks appeared louder and louder all around them.

"Didn't I tell you to use a little of your strength?"

"I'm sure I hit him with a bit of my strength, I didn't know it would turn out like this."

“Wait, Cale, Choihan looks like this situation is a bit familiar”

"You're right it's like back then"

"So soon-

crack, crack, crack, crack.

The floor below them began to crack and they fell from it. Again.


"Ughh, my head. Damn, it hurts so bad. Why is it so noisy in there"

Cale slowly tried to open his eyes and see where he was.

He looked around him, he felt both foreign and not. Where is he now.

He looked beside him, his hyungs and Choihan still hadn't woken up. For the first time he got up ahead of them. Looks like he has to take care of them for now.

Rustling.. Rustling...

He heard footsteps approaching him. He began to prepare for whatever was to come.

He hoped it was an enemy or a monster approaching him. But....

It's a human

Cale was very surprised to see the person in front of him. The person who came was as surprised as he was. They stared long enough to confirm their identities. They finally started to open their mouths at the same time

"Kim Rok Soo"

"Lee Soo Hyuk"

Chapter Text

It was a quiet day at the shelter. After their victory against the rankless monsters and the departure of Cale and Choihan, they started refining the shelter. They also began to form several groups and began to spread out.

Because Kim Rok Soo doesn't have as strong a power as he used to, he ends up going with Lee Soo Hyuk and Choi Jung Soo. Initially many questioned the reason behind the disappearance of his power.

But when they thought of the absurd power he had that suddenly disappeared, they thought that all the power he used had a price.

They remembered the time he coughed up blood while using his powers, they remembered the struggles he fought against that monster and finally lost his powers, the more they remembered him, the more they respected him.

Many ability users were amazed by his sacrifice, they even remembered what he said back then

“I have lost most of my abilities”


"I'm still alive"

Not a single person died. It's like a miracle.

“It's peaceful”

Their commander smiled brightly with a relaxed expression on his face. That's why no one could say anything to him even though he just told them he lost most of his abilities. After he said he wanted to rest they let him go.

Their commander's personality seemed to change again. It was like halfway between his old self and his behavior as a commander. Well, that's okay.


Choihan has left


It was perhaps the most shocking news after the case of Kim Rok Soo's loss of power to everyone who heard it. Who doesn't recognize him. A mysterious strong person who comes out of nowhere and leaves again as if he's never been there.

They wonder where Choihan went. But the answer they got was not what they expected.

“He just went back to his place”

They wonder, where did he go?, isn't this the place?

Well….at first they questioned where it went, but as time went on its existence began to be seen as just an illusion. Only a few people and leaders do not forget it.

Time keeps running…..

Until one day, an enormous wave of power appeared out of nowhere. Many speculated that it was a sign of the appearance of a rankless monster.

To check the origin of the power wave, a team was formed to go look for it, and the group was led by Lee Soo Hyuk.

They rushed off in the direction of the wave. Even though they didn't know where it was they could feel the center of the wave. The closer they got to the center of the wave the stronger the aura became.

They were getting closer to the center of the wave, however, as they wanted to go further they felt a huge earthquake.

The earthquake only lasted a few seconds, but the surroundings were already destroyed by the impact of the earthquake. After the brief quake ended, the aura of power they had felt earlier had completely disappeared.

Lee Soo Hyuk gave the order to help the people who were trapped by the earthquake first and he himself would proceed in the direction of the aura that had disappeared earlier.

Lee Soo Hyuk slowly walked through the area, on the way he also found several people who had been hit by a building and immediately helped him. He handed the injured person over to the other members and continued on his way.

He was getting closer to the origin of the disappeared aura. He was anticipating the appearance of a monster or anything that gave off that kind of aura.

He's getting closer...

He saw something lying on the ground

The 'something' he saw started to awaken

He approached him slowly

He was shocked by what he saw.
A man with red hair and a school uniform

The man looked at him with a surprised look as well.

They stared at each other long enough to make sure what they saw wasn't an illusion and in the end simultaneously opened their mouths to speak.

“Kim Rok Soo”

“Lee Soo Hyuk”


Cale POV

'Wow, what is that bastard god doing'

In front of him was Lee Soo Hyuk who was running towards him after their previous conversation.

Well, could that be called a conversation? They just say names don't they?

It didn't take long for Lee Soo Hyuk to stand in front of him.

For the first greeting in a long time…….

For a less awkward greeting…..

Cale slowly extended his hand

Lee Soo Hyuk looked at his hand requesting a handshake before starting to chuckle.

“You really are a punk, handshake? Again?"

Lee Soo Hyuk opened his arms and hugged him tightly

“You bastard, why are you offering another handshake huh? Don't you learn from experience?"

A rough hand patted Cale's back. It then ruffled his hair.

"Really, you really are an unlucky bastard. I'm really grateful to see you again"

I felt my shoulders getting wet. Is he crying?

"Are you crying?"

"No, you're wrong, I'm just a flicker, there's a lot of dust here"

"Why did you hug me right away? Aren't you suspicious of me at all? What if I was a monster that instantly killed you the moment you let your guard down and got close to me? "

“I am strong enough to dodge surprise attacks”

"How are you sure it's me"

"Because I really know a bastard who offers a handshake instead of a warm hug to someone he hasn't seen in a long time"

'Well, am I that bad? I don't think I've ever hugged anyone since I haven't seen each other in a long time. Those who hugged me first, I guess'

I remember the children who always ran to me and hugged me.

I really miss them.

“Hey, can you explain to me what happened?” Lee Soo Hyuk's voice woke me from my daydream.

He was looking at the unconscious Alberu and Choihan next to me before turning away from them and looking back at me, with an angry look? What happened? Where did that loving look go?

I looked at him with a look as if to say 'Why are you scolding me'

Lee Soo Hyuk stared at me with a fiercer gaze than before as if he didn't understand why I was staring at him like that.

‘Hey, what did I do wrong?’ I thought about it carefully

'Lee Soo Hyuk almost never scolds me, unless it's related to my health and self-harm behavior.'

'unless it relates to my health and self-harm behavior'

‘my health and self-harm behavior’

'self-injurious behavior'

'harm myself'

'Ah, if he can see my fight through Cintamani , that means'

'I think he saw me die'

I nodded after understanding the situation. He must be wondering why I'm still alive.

I looked at him and started to open my mouth

“I can explain”

"Then explain" Lee Soo Hyuk answered while looking at me with his gaze softened a little even though he still looked firm.

I thought for a moment before explaining.

'I died because of that damn white star, my Hyung and Choihan died trying to protect me, then my family threatened the god of death and we came back to life in a world that was about to end. Going back to school as usual, facing the apocalypse and then finally being transported here?’

Wouldn't it be long if I told it clearly? More importantly, isn't that a waste of energy? Well, in short'

“I died then rose again and ended up here” I summed it up nicely.

I nodded satisfied with my summary.
I looked back at Lee Soo Hyuk.

And why does he look angry?

'Isn't that right? Then why is he staring at me intently, as if I made a fatal mistake? What is wrong?'

"Is something wrong?" I asked

"You bastard, how can you say that calmly.... Haaahh"

Lee Soo Hyuk put his hand on my shoulder and held it tightly and looked into my eyes intently.

"Listen to me you little bastard. Don't. Never. Never do something crazy like that again. And don't talk about it like you're talking about the weather not your death."


"But... "

"No buts"

I looked at Lee Soo Hyuk calmly then removed his hand from my shoulder.

"Hyung, I know you're angry, but you didn't see it either, it wasn't my fault, it was the white star bastard's fault. If he hadn't blown himself up, things wouldn't have turned out like this."

"I know that bastard is wrong but you are also wrong"

"What did I do wrong?"

'What did I do wrong, really'

"You're still asking?? You stabbed yourself and still asking what's your fault?"

'Oh, I forgot'
Clap. Clap. Clap. Clap

A clapping sound came from behind me.

I averted my eyes and looked back.

Alberu gently clapped his hands with a small chuckle, while Choihan just smiled innocently as usual, but somehow the two of them looked really scary.

'Why? '

No, when did they wake up? Did they hear our conversation? If true that would be very bad.

'Let's greet them nicely'

“Hello Hyung, Choihan, how are you doing? Are you guys okay? Since when did you guys wake up?”

"How are we doing? You really.... Haaaah"

Alberu frustratedly covered his eyes with both hands and looked at me with an annoyed look.

As for Choihan, why is his smile getting scary?

"Since when did you guys wake up?"

"Ever since you said 'I died then rose again and ended up here'" Alberu replied with a faint smile (almost a smirk)

'Damn, so he basically heard everything'

'This is so bad'

"I just explained the situation we were in to him hyung"

"Hah, look at this guy talking about death like he's talking about the weather"

“Cale, I think we should have an in-depth discussion after this.”

'Tsk, why is Choihan more and more like Ron by the day'


The sound of a small cough caught our attention.

"You seem to have forgotten that I am here."

“Ah, forgive us, looks like we got carried away….(to scold Cale)”

Alberu replied but didn't say the last part, but it seemed Lee Soo Hyuk had already understood what he meant.

"It doesn't matter, it's normal (to scold Cale). Looks like we should move from here soon, we can talk later somewhere else."

“Ah, I guess you're right, but is it okay for us to just show up?”

"You're right, you two might get suspicious, but not with Choihan, people already know him, we might be able to make up a story to trick people"

"Is that possible? Isn't Choihan already gone or practically disappeared from here? Isn't it strange that he suddenly appeared?"

"It's okay, Choihan can tell that he has another more important mission that I gave him and ended up going and taking you guys with him, isn't that believable?"

"You're right, but will it work?"

"Of course, I gave a lot of difficult missions to my trusted people so Choihan and you won't be suspected, they will only think that Choihan finished the mission I gave him"

'No that's not what I'm worried about'

I looked at Choihan with a look as if to ask if you could do it.

“Don't worry Cale, I will try to do my best”

'No, I'm really worried'

I sighed at his answer, Alberu put his hand on my shoulder and patted it once as if encouraging me then immediately looked at Lee Soo Hyuk

"Alright, you guys agree don't you? Let's get out of here right away, the rest of my team might be waiting for me"

We immediately got up from that place and went to follow Lee Soo Hyuk.
We walked for about 5 minutes before finally seeing a group of people who seemed to be waiting for someone.

The four of us looked at each other then nodded signaling that the plan would start from now on.

I really hope this will go smoothly.

Lee Soo Hyuk walked in front of us first then we followed behind.

The group of people seemed to have noticed our situation and immediately grabbed their weapons and pointed them at us.

But, after they saw Lee Soo Hyuk they slowly lowered their weapons.

The group at first looked worried to see their leader had not yet arrived at the place they had promised to gather.

At first they waited quietly before finally getting more and more anxious because they knew Lee Soo Hyuk wasn't the type to keep his promises.

They had thought that Lee Soo Hyuk might be fighting monsters so he was late.

But they didn't think that Lee Soo Hyuk would come back with 3 people who looked like students with him.

The two students who were with him had red and blonde hair and looked very handsome.

Forget the fact that they are handsome. They had never seen it so they became wary of the two, moreover both of them emitted a strong aura.

But that's not what surprised them.

They were surprised to see one person who was with Lee Soo Hyuk. People they haven't seen in a long time, they've almost forgotten about

"Choi Han"

Choi jung soo, said the person's name and looked very surprised. It was rare for that person to show such a surprised expression.

Choi jung soo practically knows who the other two people are, he knows who they really are. But how can they be here.

Choi jung soo looked into Lee Soo Hyuk's eyes as if asking him for an explanation.

It seemed like everyone who was looking at him was asking for an explanation from him.

But, instead of explaining what happened, Lee Soo Hyuk just looked at Choihan then nodded slightly allowing him to take over the conversation and explain to everyone there.

Choihan slowly opened his mouth, and Cale closed his eyes to avoid the worst. Meanwhile, Alberu just looked worriedly at Choi Han.

"I . go . on . mission . urgently "


No one can say anything. Everyone there looked at Choihan with disbelief.

Lee Soo Hyuk seemed to be the most surprised here. He didn't know that Choihan couldn't act. If he had known this was going to happen, he definitely wouldn't have suggested that plan.

Choi Jung Soo looked at Choihan in disbelief. While Choihan just looked at him with a nervous look.

'Ugh, my head'

'Looks like his abilities haven't improved after a long time'

“As expected, I should have put him in drama extracurricular first.” whispered Alberu who was standing beside me but could still be heard by me.

"Yes you're right"

Chapter Text

Silence fell over everyone present for a while before Lee Soo Hyuk finally took control.

“cough, as Choihan said before, he went on a mission I gave him, then after a long time he finally came back with 2 people with him”

"And who are those two people?"

“ah, forgive us, my name is Cale Henituse”

Cale introduced himself with the bow of a noble. Everyone there was amazed to see his noble behavior.

Cale slowly pointed his hand towards Alberu

“And he is…

Cale paused for a moment, he was struggling inside himself

'How should I introduce him, hasn't he introduced himself here as a black tiger before? wouldn't it be bad to introduce him like that'

“He is my hyung. Bob”

Silence is created again

How could someone who looks so noble get the name Bob?

Alberu stared at Cale for a moment before finally introducing himself. He knew why Cale had introduced him as Bob. He had previously appeared as a black tiger and introduced himself as Alberu Crossman in black tiger form.

Alberu put one hand in front of his chest and gave a small bow according to noble etiquette before introducing himself.

"Nice to meet you all, my name is Bob"

Ah, how can one look so elegant while doing something like that and how can one give the name 'Bob' to such a handsome person.

"Okay since they have introduced themselves, let's go home now, we have no business here anymore"

“What about that aura earlier? Have you found the origin?” asked someone from the group.

"I found the three of them there, it must be their aura, you know they are strong right?"

“If that's true wouldn't it be even more dangerous to take them with us? What if they mess up?”

"You don't have to worry about that, I can guarantee their identity."


"Okay, I understand"

Choi Jung Soo who had been silent all this time finally spoke

“Wouldn't it be fine if they were watched by Lee Soo Hyuk and Choihan? We all know that they are both strong right?”

"He's right, you don't have to worry that I will be held responsible if something happens"

It seemed that some people still couldn't accept this, but they couldn't refuse Lee Soo Hyuk's orders. So they let it go.

They finally returned to the shelter.


The atmosphere at the shelter became noisy when the reconnaissance team returned from their investigation.

They found their Chairman Lee Soo Hyuk back with 3 people with him.

Two of the three people he brought with him were the most eye-catching.

They wore clothes that looked like school uniforms. Not only that, the color of their hair and eyes that are different from Koreans means that they are foreigners.

Even their auras felt completely different, it felt like the aura of a ruler.

While the other person with them looks like a Korean, but the difference is

They know him.

It was Choihan, a strong person who mysteriously came and disappeared.

However, why did he look like he wasn't getting any older?

Isn't he getting older, he even looks like he's getting younger? Was time running backwards for him? Isn't that cheating?

The three people walked with Lee Soo Hyuk and Choi Jung Soo.

They are very eye catching.

Many people were surprised by Choihan's arrival, they looked like they wanted to talk to him. But they couldn't because they were walking towards Lee Soo Hyuk's private room, which meant they couldn't disturb them for now.

Perhaps of all who saw them Park Jin Tae was the one who was the most surprised.

He had seen the three of them from Cintamani before, so he was surprised to see them here.

Park Jin Tae seemed to want to talk about this, before finally being stopped by Kim's grandmother.

“Where is Kim Rok Soo?” ask Lee Soo Hyuk

"He's waiting in your room" Park Jin Tae answered

"Okay, don't let anyone enter my room, whoever it is before I allow it"

After that question, the five of them finally entered Lee Soo Hyuk's room and closed the door of the room. Everyone immediately got out of there and tried to continue what they were doing before.



The sound of the door opening distracted Kim Rok Soo who was eating cake on the sofa.

“Ah, hyung you were gone so long, what happened and why is it noisy outside…….

Kim Rok Soo was silent when he saw the 3 people who were with Lee Soo Hyuk.

He seemed to know why it was so noisy outside, it must be because of these people.

"Hi?" Kim Rok Soo waved his hand awkwardly.

Lee Soo Hyuk smiled slightly at his dongsaeng's behavior, while Alberu frowned, any version of Cale likes cakes he thought.
They ended up sitting on the available sofa.

Lee Soo Hyuk and Choi Jung Soo sat beside Kim Rok Soo who was leisurely eating a cake, while Choihan, Cale and Alberu sat on the sofa opposite them.

"Okay, now that we're here, how about you explain to us clearly what really happened to you and why you ended up here," said Lee Soo Hyuk.

"Didn't I explain earlier?" Said Cale who was immediately rewarded with a sharp glare from Lee Soo Hyuk.

"Well, I think I'm the most appropriate to explain it"

Alberu finally started to explain that from the beginning they died then came back to life and were sent to another version of Korea that was about to face the apocalypse, then because they wanted to restore their original strength, the gods sent them here.

"You've been through a lot," said Kim Rok Soo

"That's right, thank you for surviving," said Lee Soo Hyuk

"So, what are you going to do now?" ask Choi Jung Soo

“I don't know, the gods who sent us haven't said anything since we got here” replied Alberu.

“And we ended up stranded here” said Cale

“You don't have to worry Rok Soo, I mean Cale. You can stay here as long as you are here” said Lee Soo Hyuk, it seemed he was still not used to calling Rok Soo as Cale.

"He's right, if you want to restore your strength as we saw from Cintamani won't it take time? You can stay here as long as you want” said Choi Jung Soo

He was very happy to be reunited with Choihan, it meant that he could show Choihan the results of his training and fight alongside him.

If Choihan is weaker than when he was here, does that mean he is now stronger than Choihan? Well, we'll see that later.

Choi Jung Soo looked at Choihan who seemed to have the same thoughts as him. It had been a long time since Choihan had seen him, he was curious about how far Choi Jung Soo had progressed.

"Cintamani!" shouted Cale who had been silent for a while while eating the cake.

"Why Cintamani?" asked Lee Soo Hyuk.

"Where is that thing?" Cale stood up while eating the cake in his hands.

"It's in the cupboard, why? do you need it?” Ask Lee Soo Hyuk

“Cintamani is connected to my world” explained Cale

Ah, it seems that everyone understands why he asked. Cale missed everyone from his world. Alberu and Choihan were also in the same spirit as Cale.

They miss their family very much.

Lee Soo Hyuk immediately got up from the sofa and went to the closet and took Cintamani out of there and put it on the table.

The orb was placed in front of Cale, Alberu and Choihan, they immediately approached the orb and tried to activate it. But….

"How do I activate it?" ask Choihan

"We also don't know, the last time it turned on itself," replied Lee Soo Hyuk.

"Isn't that possible?" Choihan muttered but could still be heard by everyone who was there.

“No, there has to be a way” Cale said trying to stay positive, if there was a way he could relate to his family he would definitely do anything for it.

“What if we put a little of our strength into that sphere, who knows the sphere in our world will respond to our power and be able to connect us” said Alberu, he had seen from the anime that Cale often watched and got the idea from there.

"Okay, whatever it is let's try it first." said Cale before extending his hand to the orb

Absorbed, he could feel it as the power slowly absorbed into the ball, he felt it would work, but how much power he had to put into the ball.

Alberu and Choihan saw Cale slowly dripping sweat from his forehead, they decided they would help him.

Alberu placed his hand on top of Cale's and Choihan placed his hand on top of Alberu's. They nodded and started channeling their power again.

This is stronger than before, the Cintamani slowly emits a golden white light and slowly something is seen rotating within the Cintamani.

They were sure they would succeed. No, they must succeed.


It was a quiet day at the Super Rock villa, after Cale, Choihan and Alberu left, the villa felt very quiet, the children were no longer as excited as they used to be. Made the villa feel gloomy.

The first days after Cale left, the children were hysterical in the morning.

"Where are human"

It was in the morning, where they did not find their human in his bed.

"Human aren't here, Nya~"

"Human disappeared? Human, where are you"

The children became hysterical when they didn't find Cale in the morning.

They screamed and finally found Ron in the kitchen.

"Lemonade gramps.... Human..... Human, he disappeared"

"We can't find him in the room"

“Grandpa do you know where Cale is?”

Ron didn't know how to respond to the children's questions. It seemed like Cale's death had a huge impact on them.

"Let's go find Choihan, maybe he knows where Cale "

“The strong Choihan must be with Cale”

"Let's meet the two of them Nya~"

The kids went to look for Choihan after not finding Cale. They knew that Choihan would always be with Cale.

Indeed he was always with Cale.

The kids went to the training area and still couldn't find Cale.

"Now Choihan isn't here either Nya~"

"Are they going somewhere?"

"Let's ask the crown prince, maybe he knows where the two of them are"

"I'll hook up to the crown prince now"

Raon immediately turned on the communication equipment and directly contacted Alberu. However, the one who answered was not Alberu but Tasya

"Hello Aunt Tasya, where did the crown prince, human and choihan disappear"

Ah, Tasya who answered from the other side also didn't know how to answer the children.

She was afraid of hurting them, so she informed them that Alberu wasn't there and turned off the communication device.

The children who returned scared by Cale's disappearance, Choihan and Alberu immediately went to see Eruhaben.

"Goldie Gramps human, choihan and crown prince disappeared"

"They disappeared Nya~"

"We couldn't find them Nya~"

Eruhaben who saw them couldn't help but sigh before finally explaining to the children slowly.






"Why you leave me?"

"Didn't you promise not to leave us?"


The kids were devastated by it. But, after all life goes on with or without their presence.

Ron and Beacrox decided to stay behind to look after the children.

Eruhaben ended up using the urn Cale had given him to prolong his life. He didn't want the children to look even sadder if he died. So he decided to live longer to keep them. Just like Cale did.

A month after Alberu's death, the second prince was crowned crown prince and a few months later he became king replacing the previous king. Basen eventually became the duke who subsequently succeeded his father and Lily became the sword master and replaced Choihan's position to guard the duchy.

Bud illis finally opened a new branch in the western continent and the molan family ruled the underworld of the eastern continent.

8 years later

It was a very long time, a lot had changed, except for Super Rock Villa, everything related to Cale, Alberu and Choihan was still well preserved and maintained. They still take care of them, because they don't want to forget them.

The children have grown up. Raon was already past his second growth period. Every day the children spent time playing at Cale's grave, they talked about what they did every day.

They know their humans can't hear it, but it's okay they still want to say it. The graves of the three were finally transformed into a beautiful garden, so that the children could play there in a good atmosphere.

That day as usual, after Ron woke up he would immediately get ready and see his son Beacrox in the kitchen. Ron immediately made his young master's favorite lemonade.

He don't know if it's a habit or what, but he still made lemonade and put it in Cale's room and left it there and would pick it up again later in the afternoon, that's how it had been for the past 8 years.

After making lemonade, he immediately went to his young master's room. Knocking on the door as usual, and after opening the door and seeing once again that no one was there, he placed the lemonade on the table and stared at the bed.

Ron realized he really missed his puppy young master. He slowly walked out before noticing a ray of light emitting from his young master's cupboard

Ron slowly approached the cupboard holding a dagger in his hand preparing for whatever came out of it.

Ron opened the cupboard quickly and saw a ball in the cupboard glowing.

Ron recognized the orb, it was something left behind after Choihan killed the monster that attacked the puzzle city.

He had also seen when someone appeared from inside the ball. His young master said that they were the ones who helped him during the sealed god test.

The orb had been dormant for a long time since that last battle. Why is it active now? Is it connected to the world where the god test is sealed?

Whatever it was, it had to be important, Ron slowly picked up the orb and since he didn't know how to hook it up he ended up taking it to Eruhaben.

Seeing the exact time that everyone was in the dining room, Ron immediately walked over to it.

It didn't take long to arrive in front of the dining room door, Ron immediately opened the door and saw that everyone was already there.

There are Raon, On, Hong, Rosalyn, Beacrox, Eruhaben, Lord Sherrit, Cage, Maria,Lock, Jack and Hannah.

" lemonade gramps, we've been waiting for you" said Raon

"Sorry to keep you waiting but I have something important to tell you" said Ron then looked at Eruhaben.

They then looked at the shining ball that Ron was holding, that was probably the reason for the delay.

"It's the power of a god"

Cage's words brought everyone's attention to him. Cage slowly approached Ron and touched the ball.

"Mr Ron, can you put the ball on the table?" said Cage after touching the ball.

“Can you connect this thing Miss Cage? looks like someone is trying to communicate with us through this ball” said Ron after putting the ball down.

"I will try it"

Cage slowly placed his hand on the ball, slowly but surely his strength was absorbed by it.

The orb's light grew brighter, but nothing happened, Saint Jack slowly placed his hand over Cage's hand to channel his divine power.

The power of the god of death and the sun god revolved within the room. People prepared for what happened.

The light of the ball grew brighter and brighter until it finally blinded their vision for a few seconds before the light finally disappeared from the ball.

Nothing happens

Raon, On, and Hong approached the ball and knocked on the ball.

"Is this broken?" ask On

The ball went black and didn't emit anything. On lifted the ball and there was no reaction from the ball.

On put the ball back on the table and was about to return to his seat.

Everyone there too, slowly they left the ball and returned to their seats.

Raon was still curious about the orb so he stared at the ball, after a long time of staring at him he finally saw something.


It's getting clearer


He can see it


A long gone figure


Someone he misses


his father


his human


“Human…..Is that you?”


Hearing his words everyone there was shocked and immediately abandoned whatever they was doing and immediately headed for the ball


They saw it.



The person inside the ball was smiling, it was like he was about to cry, the figure finally spoke





"I miss you all"

Chapter Text

"I miss you all"

They were silent for a moment, they all knew that the person very rarely showed his true feelings through words, he preferred to show his feelings through his actions.

They know that

But, that person, Cale Henituse for the first time in a long time, expressed his true feelings through words.

He missed them and of course they missed him a lot too. They were still silent, probably still thinking this wasn't reality. They looked at each other, confirming one more time, until finally the person spoke again.

"How are you guys?"

"Are you all okay?"

'That unlucky bastard, he still hasn't changed, he still puts others before himself' Eruhaben smiled thinking about the time he and his group spent with that person.


The children started to cry.


"I miss you"

"We miss you"

They wanted to run and hug him like usual. But, they couldn't, they couldn't do that anymore. They were already separated, for a very long distance. They didn't know what to do, so they could only cry in front of the ball.

"Hey, why are you guys crying? Aren't you happy to see me again?"

The children frowned.

“Human you fool” Raon shouted. How could they not be happy to meet him? Humans are still stupid as usual. He hasn't changed in a long time. He still doesn't realize what other people think that they care about him

Cale who was in Cintamani slightly frowned, he seemed annoyed that Raon was shouting that he was stupid to him. As usual he still didn't realize why Raon was yelling at him like that.

“We cried because we were happy to see you again” On finally explained.

“If you guys were happy to meet me, you shouldn't have cried.” Cale explained.

It was always like that, he didn't like to see them cry or be sad. He always hopes that everyone is happy, even to the point of sacrificing his happiness.

The children immediately wiped their tears and started smiling. Seeing that Cale only gave a small smile, looking at his children.

“You guys are big now.” Cale smiled weakly towards the children.

"Of course we've grown, we've been big for a long time but now we're getting bigger and bigger, we're also getting stronger"

“We are big and strong Nya~”

“Our youngest has also passed his second stage of growth”

Cale just listened to the children with his usual faint smile.

"I'm grateful. Looks like you all are fine there without me.” Cale whispered softly, but still audible to the ears of the experts in the room.

They heard it but no one could comment on it.

“Human, it seems you are getting younger” Raon said changing the direction of the conversation.

"Of course, I'm 18 now," he replied.

"That means Noona is older than you now, Noona is 20 and you are 18" Hong said

"NO! I'm 20 and plus 18 so it's 38” Cale said and everyone who heard him could only laugh at him. Cale's eyes turned towards Eruhaben.

“Eruhaben-nim is glad to see you are fine, or should I say happy to see you still alive.” Cale said with a satisfied smile.

"Tsk, of course I'm still alive you bastard, I told you I would live long and I would live long." Eruhaben said while looking at Cale.

'Of course, I'm still alive and will live long enough to look after everyone here, until you come back here' thought Eruhaben.

Cale's eyes shifted from Eruhaben and looked at Rosalyn.

“It seems you are already a tower master, Rosalyn.”

“Of course, I am the tower master now, and it is all thanks to you” Rosalyn replied while smiling gently towards Cale.

Cale frowned “Don't be so humble Rosalyn, you can become a tower master and it's all thanks to your hard work and talent, I didn't do anything for it”

Rosalyn only smiled slightly at Cale's answer, she knew she was talented, that's why she dared to leave her title as a princess and live as a witch. But, without Cale maybe he couldn't get everything he currently had.

Meeting the dragons, even being taught by them, it was one of the things he was grateful for from meeting Cale.

But, to be honest meeting Cale was the thing he was most grateful for in his life. After all, he learned a lot when he met Cale.

Seeing Rosalyn silent, Cale turned towards Lock, the little wolf had now become a big one, even he couldn't compare to his old self.

Indeed children have grown up, they may not need his presence anymore.

Cale looked up at Cage and Jack who was supported by Hannah gasping for air, he could guess it seemed like they were the ones channeling their power to activate the Cintamani.

Cale then looked towards the molan duo, he smiled sincerely at them. They also looked back at him.

Cale then looked at Ron

"Ron, I think I really missed your Lemonade."

Maybe it was the first time he had actually sincerely said this, but he really missed that disgusting Lemonade.

He could see Ron's eyes shaking as he said he missed his Lemonade.

Ron then started to smile at the young master's words. He knew how much the boy hated his lemonade, even so he still gave it to him as a sign of affection for him.

Seeing his young master say he missed his homemade Lemonade, he couldn't help but be touched, he then smiled gently sincerely towards Cale.

“Young master nim, I will keep trying to make the best lemonade for you.” He could see his young master nim flinched at his words. Well, the young master hasn't changed after a long time.

He then looked at his son Beacrox, it seemed he was a little distracted when he saw Cale.

“Young master nim, it seems you look very thin”

Hearing Beacrox's words, everyone immediately looked at Cale, they realized that Cale had become very thin now.

"You're right, young master nim, you need to eat regularly and a lot, you look easily blown away by the wind" Ron looked at his young master nim who seemed to still have a habit of not taking care of his body.

Meanwhile in Cale's point of view.
'What - what are these two terrible people, what kind of wind can blow me away?'

"Ron, it's not that easy to get food nowadays, that god bastard sent me to a world that is currently experiencing an apocalypse"

"I knew something was wrong with that god, I knew he wouldn't do his job well, he must have made you feel a lot of trouble" said Cage

"What about His Majesty and Choihan? I didn't see them, where are they now?" Cage asked.

“Ah, they are here” Cale immediately pointed Cintamani at Choihan and Alberu.

"Cake uncle Nya~"

"That's Choihan Nya~"

Alberu and Choihan were immediately greeted with children's greetings. They both smile seeing him.

"I see, you are all fine there." Alberu looked at them then nodded slightly.

“How is the kingdom? Is everything okay in my absence?”

"Everything is fine Your Majesty, the second prince succeeded the previous King and is now the King here" Ron explained.

“Ah, thank goodness, everything is fine” Alberu replied.

He desperately wanted to become a King, in fact he would practically do anything to achieve it.

But after meeting Cale, he realized many things, and now he only wanted to protect his family.

And he didn't regret losing the chance to become the King in order to save Cale. Really, what's the point if he can become a King if he can't protect his dongsaengs.

On the other hand ...

Ron and Beacrox were staring intently at Choi han.

'This bastard, how can he let his young master starve there'

"You'd better take good care of young master nim there" Ron said in a cold and sharp tone to Choi han.

"I know" Choihan replied while returning Ron's gaze.

“Well, looks like we just have to end this soon” Cale said which was immediately returned with worried looks by his family.

“Human, why are you leaving now?”

"Why do you want to end it now Nya~"

"Why are you leaving"

“Human, are you going to leave me again?”

"Are you going to leave us again?"

"Why do you like to leave us so much? Have we done anything wrong to you?"

The children's questions made Cale frown.

“It's not like that, I won't leave you guys. The god of death just contacted me and I, Alberu and Choihan have to go somewhere now. We will contact you again at least while we are here. Do you understand?”

It seemed like the children were still annoyed by that, but they immediately nodded their heads indicating they understood.

“Alright, then see you later.” Cale, Alberu and Choihan waved their hands before finally disappearing from Cintamani.

After the Cintamani turned black again indicating that the Cintamani was not active, they returned to the dining table and began to eat their food.

Somehow it could be like this, but the taste of the food they were currently eating was ten times better than usual.

It was because they had just met the figure they were longing for. They immediately became nostalgic, remembering their togetherness with that figure.

The children then shed tears again.

They had held it in front of Cale, but now they could cry to their heart's content.

Eruhaben who was beside the children could only open his arms and the children immediately approached him and cried in his arms.

They are grateful.

They were so grateful to be able to see him again.


Maybe God isn't as evil as they think.


“That god damn bastard, how dare he bother me at a time like that” Cale grumbled.

"Are we going to kill him now?" said Choihan while holding his sword tightly.

"Haaah, I feel it too but we still need them. At least for now" Alberu said to keep the two's sanity.

They were currently on their way to a place directed by the God of Death.

A while ago when they were talking to their family. Suddenly they saw a notification screen floating in front of them.

It contained the next clue so they could get their full power.

At first they wanted to leave it alone, but after that a notification popped up that what they were looking for would change places every 5 minutes.

They cursed slightly as they read the notice.

Actually at that time Cale really wanted to curse the Death god as hard as he could, but at that time he was talking to the children.

Even though they were no longer children now, but from his point of view, they were still children, and it wasn't good to curse in front of children. That can be a bad example for children.

So, Cale endured it, and after they deactivate Cintamani, Cale immediately cursed the God as hard as he could until finally calmed down by Alberu.

And so the three of them left unaccompanied by anyone.

Lee Soo Hyuk, Choi Jung Soo and Kim Rok Soo were important people, and traveling with those important people was both eye-catching and troublesome.

So there you have it, here they are in front of an empty building that looks haunted.

"Let's finish this" said Alberu

"I will get stronger" said Choihan

“Alright let's get stronger then we kill that god” Cale said

Chapter Text

Now they were in front of an empty five-story building. It looked like it was one of the abandoned and unused buildings.

"Alright, then, let's go in" said Alberu


'I don't know why... I have a bad feeling, is it better... I'm back..'


“Cale, are you okay?” Said Choihan who was just holding Cale's hand.

“Ah, just now I think I saw something move” Cale said as he let go of Choihan's grip.

"What?! Where? I don't feel anything around here” said Choihan as he scanned their surroundings.

"Don't think about it. Let's go quickly" said Alberu



They were now on the 5th floor of the building, in front of them was a fairly large door. They've been walking down the building, they haven't found anything at all. So, now they're trying the last room they haven't explored.


They started to open the door and entered the room. The room was very large, but at the same time very quiet. They could see a rocking chair in front of a large mirror with an old bookshelf beside it.

It was quite strange for a room as big as a banquet hall but the stuff there was pretty minimal. Maybe the previous occupants had already taken the items they needed and left the rest here they thought.

But, the problem is……

Too many mirrors in the room. The walls of the room were filled with mirrors of various sizes and shapes. You could say, apart from a chair and a bookshelf, the entire room was filled with mirrors.

“Wow, this is a little scary” Cale whispered

"So, what are we really looking for here?" asked Choihan

"I don't know, on my screen everything is still a question mark, what about yours?" Alberu asked.


"Okay, for now let's see what will..."




Alberu didn't have time to finish his sentence, he turned to the source of the sound and saw the rocking chair start to move as if someone was sitting on it.

“Alright, it could be the wind” Cale said

"But, since earlier there was no wind here, even if there was, I'm not sure it was strong enough to shake the chair" Choihan explained

“Is it just me, but I feel a little cold here” Alberu said.

That's right, if you feel it now, it seems that the temperature of this room is getting lower and lower.

“Cale, are you cold?” Said Choihan as he started to take off his robe.

“No, I'm fine, you can put on your robes.” Cale said, indeed he felt a little cold, but he didn't want to bother Choihan, so he declined his offer.

“Cale, can you make some lighting, this room is getting darker and darker” Alberu said.

Hearing his words, Cale immediately looked around him. Indeed the room was getting darker, they couldn't even see the chair anymore. ‘Is it late already’ Cale thought.

But even, I don't think at night this room won't be this dark, even at night we should have gotten used to the dark by now and started to see things.

"I don't think this is ordinary darkness. I feel like I'm in someone's domain" said Choihan

“If it's darkness, then……

"God of death"

“I think this is the territory of the God of Death” Cale said as he took out Flames from his hands.

“It doesn't really matter,” said Alberu.

Indeed, now they felt as if they were swallowed up in the darkness and the light of the fire was not large enough to illuminate them.

Cale immediately created ten fireballs and made the flames float around them. It was clearer than before, now they could see things like never before.



They immediately turned to the source of the sound, they could see the chair shaking again.

“Cale, aim your fire there” Alberu said.

Cale nodded and slowly aimed one of the ten fireballs towards the chair.




The closer the fireball was to the chair, the louder the sound. It's getting closer… they can see……that chair

“Empty” said Alberu



The sound was still there, but seeing that the chair was empty, Cale relieved a little and made his fireball circle around the chair to confirm once more. And it remains empty.



“I don't think there's anything there” said Cale

“Ca-Cale” Choihan said slightly nervously while pointing at something

‘It's rare to see Choihan like that, is there something bad?' Cale thought before looking at the direction where Choihan was pointing


Cale froze. He didn't expect something like this.

Cale looked at it, the large mirror in front of the chair. There's someone in it.

To be precise, there was someone sitting in the rocking chair inside the mirror.

“Wow, I've never seen anything like it” Alberu said as he prepared to turn Taerang into a gun.

“So, what are we going to do?” Cale asked.

“I will shoot him” Alberu said while pointing his white gun at the mirror.

“What if that person gets angry?” Cale asked

“I will shoot him again” Alberu replied

“What if it doesn't work?” Cale asked

"Choihan can cut it" replied Alberu who was immediately given a nod by Choihan

“What if it still doesn't work?” Cale asked. He could see Alberu sigh before answering.

“If it doesn't work…..of course we will run away immediately” Alberu said before shooting



Gunshots and mirror cracking could be heard very clearly in the room and after the mirror cracked, they could see that the person they saw in the mirror immediately disappeared.

“See, it worked” Alberu said proudly.

Indeed the Mirror had cracked and the figure inside had disappeared but, somehow Cale's feelings didn't calm down. He felt that something was wrong here.

“Hyung, I don't think it's over yet” Cale said

"Why? Hasn't that person disappeared already? What else?" Ask Alberu

“I don't know, I don't know either, but I think something is wrong here” Cale said

Alberu still wanted to ask, but now that he sensed it, something was wrong. The Death God Trial wouldn't be this easy.


They saw it now, the person in the mirror was slowly crawling out of the mirror.


They saw it clearly now, the figure seemed to be a woman judging by her long black hair.


The figure slowly stood up, revealing her pale white skin with blood red eyes. The woman was wearing a knee-length white nightgown that had torn ends and was brown in color.


The woman laughed, they could see that the bigger the laugh the bigger the smile. The woman's mouth slowly tore up to the cheek so that her mouth looks bloody.

The three of them then saw a notification screen floating in front of them.

[New Sub-Scenario has arrived]


[Sub Scenario - Phantom]

Category: Sub

Difficulty: ?

Clear Condition: There is an evil spirit or phantom and eating corpses or better known as ghouls in this room. Kill all the Ghouls that come out of the mirror.

Deadline: None

Compensation: Fractional power?

Failure: ???


[Sub-Scenario-Phantom has started!]



“Escape before it catches us!” Cale shouted as he threw all the fireballs he had at the figure, at least it would buy time for them to escape. And the three of them immediately ran out of the room.


They could see it, the woman was injured so she regenerated herself before running towards them and immediately following them.

“Wow, Ghoul. It's not like anything I've seen before” said Cale

"You've seen Ghouls?!" Ask Alberu

“Is she like K*n*ki?” Ask Cale

“You mean you saw it from T*ky* Gh*u*?” Alberu asked while looking at Cale with a look of disbelief.

“Of course he is, but it seems that the ghouls I watched and the ghouls here are very different.” Cale said with a sigh.

"You're right, K*n*ki can be said to be strong, while that woman tends to be weak" said Alberu

"Not that"


“K*n*ki is cool where as women are scary” Cale explained

“You're right, that woman is scary.” Alberu said while nodding his head.

"Hyung, face him, isn't she the same as the woman who chased you at school"

"What? Why me again?”

"Who are you again? didn't you shoot her earlier? who knows she misunderstood and she thought you shot her to make her your girlfriend, so she chased you"


"Who told you to be so handsome hyung~"

“I already know that, haaah…..what's wrong if I was born handsome”

"Wow, I didn't think you could say it yourself"

"What? I'm not wrong right? I am handsome and you are handsome too Cale”

"I know that"


They looked back to see the woman getting closer to them, almost grabbing Alberu.


The woman managed to grab Alberu's leg which caused Alberu to be shocked that he fell and was dragged by the woman.

The desperate Alberu looked at Cale and Choihan who were frozen in place.

"You have to be responsible hyung. Fight, I support you. From behind” Cale said.

“CALEEEEE!” shouted Alberu who was already in despair from being dragged by the creepy woman.


Choihan who had been silent for a while watching the two brothers argue sighed before taking his sword out of its scabbard and leaving Cale for a while then running towards Alberu who had been dragged away.

Realizing the woman's threat, she immediately pointed her hand at Choihan trying to attack him. However, Choihan was too strong for the woman to deal with so the woman's head was cut off by Choihan's sword and Alberu immediately released himself from her grasp.

Seeing the woman immediately turn to dust made the two of them calm down. The two of them left him and immediately returned to Cale.

Alberu saw that the person who had let him be dragged away by the scary woman was now crouching down and drawing on the dust-covered floor. Seeing Cale looking relaxed like that made him feel happy and sad at the same time.

Glad that Cale was okay, as well as sad that Cale let him be carried by that woman.

He even had time to think 'Would Cale not be sad if he was taken by another woman and left him?' Ok forget it.

Noticing the presence of another person, Cale immediately turned to Choihan and Alberu with a smile.

"Why did you take so long hyung~"

“I guess it would have been quicker if someone didn't let me be dragged away”

“Ekhem, I think it will be much faster if you two don't argue” said Choihan

'He's scary like Ron' thought Cale

"And instead of screaming shouldn't you point your gun at him and slash him?" Oh, Alberu was a little offended by this, but yeah, I guess he was wrong.

"But, if you killed him earlier, shouldn't there be a notification for us?" Alberu asked while opening the notification that was given earlier.

“Hyung, I think I know what the problem is here” Cale said.

"What? Isn't that right, kill all the ghouls that come out of the mirror. Choihan had killed him earlier, he even turned to ashes” Alberu asked and Choihan immediately nodded his head to clarify this.

“Take a good look at it”

'Kill all the Ghouls that came out from inside the mirror' Alberu immediately realized something was wrong, he asked Cale.

“Cale, how many mirrors are there in that room?” Ask Alberu

“If I'm not mistaken, there are around 150 mirrors in the room” Cale explained

"In that case…..




They turned around and saw that there were a lot of ghouls coming out of the mirror.

“Well, at least all of them are not girls” said Alberu.

“Alright, since there are 150 mirrors, we each take care of 50 ghouls. How about it? you can, can't you?" Said Cale whose hands were now emitting small lightning bolts.

“I can handle it Cale” Choihan said as he took out his sword which was now shrouded in black aura.

“Alright, let's finish this soon” Alberu said while pointing his gun at the ghouls.




[Sub Scenario - Phantom]

Category: Sub

Difficulty: ?

Clear Condition: There is an evil spirit or ghost and eating corpses or better known as ghouls in this room. Kill all the Ghouls that come out of the mirror.
Deadline: None

Compensation: Fractional power?

Failure: ???

Chapter Text

“Alright, since there are 150 mirrors, we each take care of 50 ghouls. How about it? you can, can't you?" Said Cale whose hands were now emitting small lightning bolts.

“I can handle it Cale” Choihan said as he took out his sword which was now shrouded in black aura.

“Alright, let's finish this soon” Alberu said while pointing his gun at the ghouls.

Choihan immediately dashed forward and swung his sword so that the ghouls in front of them started to scatter and attack from various sides.

"I'll take care of this part" said Choihan

“Alright” Alberu said before making a sizable hole under it, and descended to the 4th floor followed by several ghouls.

Seeing Choihan busy with the ghouls and Alberu who was no longer on the floor made the rest of the ghouls' attention turn to him.


“Shit” Seeing the ghouls notice his presence made Cale run away using the sound of the wind in the opposite direction to Choihan.

Seeing his distance from the ghouls getting closer made Cale chuckle lightly. He had already thought of a plan and wanted to try something fun here.

Cale looked around before finally finding something he was looking for.

"There it is"

Cale found a fairly large and wide staircase that connected between the 4th and 5th floors. Cale looked back for a moment to make sure that the ghouls were still following him, and after he confirmed it he immediately formed a big smile.

Cale immediately jumped onto the banister and slid along the stairs until he reached the bottom floor.

He glanced back to see the results of his work. And he could see the ghouls chasing him slipping down the stairs and falling onto the wet floor.

For your information, as Cale slid on the banister, he took the time to wet the stairs with enough water that it would be very slippery to pass. And with him reaching the 4th floor first, he immediately extended the water around the stairs causing quite a large puddle there.


Seeing the ghouls that immediately woke up made Cale a little disappointed, but he didn't panic too much because this was still part of his plan.

The Ghouls immediately crossed the puddle he made and were about to approach him.
Cale immediately ran towards them then lifted upwards using the sound of the wind and let out a golden spark in his hand.

Cale immediately dropped himself who was enveloped by the lightning stream into the puddle that was below him.


The sound of the explosion produced by the lightning echoed through the room.


Cale immediately stood up and looked at the ghouls that had died around him and immediately turned to dust. Cale was very satisfied with his performance.


Cale immediately turned his head after seeing the ghoul's voice, he saw the ghoul who was behind him.

“Where did these ghouls come from? Did Alberu let them escape? Tsk, he can't keep his prey” said Cale who immediately made the water spear in his hand.

"Okay, come to me"




The sound of guns echoed across the floor.

After Alberu reached the 4th floor, he immediately turned his gun into a spear, he knew that using a gun with that many enemies without help would be stupid.

So Alberu used his spear and slashed and even stabbed the ghoul. Alberu didn't always use his spear, when the ghoul was close to him he immediately turned Taerang into a sword, and when the ghoul was out of reach he turned it into a gun and shot it.


Alberu looked around and saw that there seemed to be several ghouls running away from him.

“Well, at least the ghoul ran away and didn't chase after me like the female ghoul dragged me.” Alberu immediately ran to look for the ghoul that was running away from him.


Alberu felt it, the floor he was walking on was getting more and more watery even causing a small puddle.

Alberu could already guess who it was. That must be that damn bastard.

Alberu immediately quickened his pace, he thought 'my dongsaeng must be in trouble right now' With the thought that he would come as a hero who would help Cale when Cale was having a hard time made him form a small smirk.

“He will thank me for that”

Alberu immediately brought himself to the origin of the puddle, and to his surprise he saw Cale standing on a ghoul that had not been killed and Cale immediately aimed his water spear through the ghoul's head.

'He's finished everything' Alberu thought

Alberu saw it, he saw Cale who was smiling like a criminal and brought his hand to his face to wipe his face. That person laughed, Cale laughed.

Alberu sighed in his place.


Alberu walked towards Cale, he sighed once again.

“Looks like our princess doesn't need the help of a hero” Alberu mocked

“Of course, our Hero woke up late so he didn't have time to save his people” Cale replied

"Ah, well it was my fault for letting some ghouls out of my sight"

"It's okay, I think it's over now, but where is Choihan? He should be the first to finish here"

"I don't know, I haven't seen it before."

Tap.... Tap.... Tap

Alberu and Cale immediately turned around as soon as they heard the sound of approaching footsteps.

"Choihan, what took you so long in-
Cale's speech stopped

Choihan was now running towards them carrying a large number of ghouls.


Alberu's gun shot echoed there.


“What happened, didn't you say the mirror is only around 150? Then why are the ghouls increasing and not decreasing?” Alberu asked.

“I don't know, let's just run for now.” Cale said as Choihan got closer to them.

“What happened?” Cale asked Choihan who was now running with them.

"The ghoul keeps coming out of the mirror" explained Choi han

“What?! So, do we have to fight them continuously?” Alberu said

“How about we just destroy the mirror?” Cale said

"How can we destroy the mirror if the ghoul gets in our way?"

“I will make his way and Choihan will restrain the ghouls and Alberu will destroy the mirror. How about it, simple isn't it?” Cale explained.

“Oh, that sounds easy” said Alberu

“Please don't overdo it Cale” Choihan said

"I can take care of myself"

“What kind of bullshit is that” Alberu muttered loud enough for Cale to hear

“What do you mean?!” Cale asked

"No, I'm talking about the gods, they always talk nonsense" Alberu said while apologizing in his heart to the gods.

“Ah, you're right” Cale said while nodding

“Alright, get ready I'll get started” said Cale who immediately turned around and made a spear made of flames that emitted dangerous lightning.

"Get ready, I'll start on the count of three"

Alberu immediately got ready with his white gun and Choihan who covered his body with black aura

“One” Alberu and Choihan immediately put up their stances to run




The fiery spear that Cale created instantly created a Path that Alberu and Choihan went straight through at high speed.

The two of them ran on the path made by Cale until the stairs that connected the 4th floor and 5th floor.

Alberu and Choihan immediately prepared to attack the ghouls who were on the stairs.

“Jump!” Cale shouted

Alberu and Choihan immediately jumped up and in an instant Cale had wiped out all the ghouls that were on the stairs using his lightning bolt.

“You guys just walk and don't worry about anything, I'll make the way for you” Cale explained.

They kept running until they were in front of a room filled with mirrors.

Like the plan Cale had devised, Choihan and Alberu immediately entered the room filled with mirrors that kept giving out ghouls.

Choihan immediately slashed at the ghoul that came out of the mirror while protecting Alberu who was shooting at the mirror in the room.

Bang Bang bang...

Gunshots were heard repeatedly in the room until the sound finally stopped indicating that all the mirrors had been shattered.

Cale who was waiting outside the room started to enter the room after making sure everything was hard to get over properly.

[You have met the requirements to clear the sub-scenario!]

[You have completed the sub-scenario - Phantom]

[Calculating compensation]

The sound of the system is heard by us.

“I wonder how much power we will regain” Alberu said

“I hope the gods don't lie to us this time, I will really kill that god if they messes up one more time” Cale said.

“I'm always ready to help you Cale” Choihan said while smiling innocently?

[Would you like to see gifts from your sponsors? ]

"Of course "Yes" after all who would refuse a gift after all we've been through"

[Opening gifts]

+ memory candy
* makes some of the power stored in memory open again

They saw a black box with three candy marbles inside.

"Candy?" - Choihan

“I guess the gods make gifts based on your liking Cale” - Alberu

“I hope it's sweet” said Cale who immediately took one of the three candies and ate it right away

“Wait a minute Cale what if this is dangerous” - Choihan

“Oh this is sweet”- Cale


Cale staggered slightly as some of his strength returned to his body.

Alberu and Choihan who saw Cale who was getting stronger after eating the candy immediately grabbed the candy and ate it.


The two of them staggered slightly but they could feel that they were stronger than before.

“Cale you should at least be a little wary when getting candy from those gods” - Alberu

“But it's just candy, candy is harmless” Cale explained

“Alberu is right Cale, you have to be careful” - Choihan

“Yes, yes, yes, I see” Cale said

Slowly they realized the sunlight was starting to enter the room. They could already confirm that they must have been there long enough.

“Alright since all of our business is done, let's get out of here right away” Cale said

The three of them immediately left the room and went down to the 1st floor. They were about to leave the building before finally stopping.

A notification screen floated in front of them.


[Sub Scenario - battle of life and death]

Category: Sub

Difficulty: ???

Clear Condition: In two days the battle between the living and the dead will begin immediately. As the sky turned red an army of the undead would advance to attack. Defeat all the undead and win the battle.

Deadline: None

Compensation: Return of all power

Failure: death


“Damn, what the hell?! Doesn't this mean this scenario involves everyone in this world” Cale said

“Is it because of our existence here?” Choihan asked


"No, we shouldn't blame ourselves. As long as we can win this battle everything will be fine" said Alberu

“So, are we going to tell Kim Rok Soo?” asked Choihan

"Tsk, the gods always do whatever they please." Say Cale

"Alright, that means we all agree doesn't it, now, let's go to the shelter to meet Kim Rok Soo"


It had been the night since Cale, Alberu and Choihan had left. The three of them didn't say where they went so no one knew where they were now.

No one worried the three of them in particular because everyone knew the three of them were strong individuals.

That's how everything goes as usual. Until the three finally returned to the shelter in the morning and immediately asked where Kim Rok Soo was.

That's how the three are now in Kim Rok Soo's private room.

"So where were you guys last night?" asked Kim Rok Soo while looking at Choihan waiting for an answer from him.

"We .do .not.-

"We went for a walk" interrupted Alberu which immediately covered Choihan's terrible acting.

Kim Rok Soo frowned and looked at Alberu with an expression that seemed to say 'do you think I would believe that? '

After all the current Kim Rok Soo was a mix of the former Kim Rok Soo and Cale. So, of course he wouldn't be fooled by such a cheap trick.

"Choihan answer my question what did you guys do last night, doesn't that have something to do with why you guys are looking for me right?"

Choihan could only stay where he was, he knew this would not be easy. He didn't know where to start.

“I will explain” Cale said which was immediately agreed by Kim Rok Soo, however it would have been easier for Cale to say it himself.

After all they were basically the same person, although in the end they were different individuals, so they could understand each other.

And that was how Cale explained the situation to Kim Rok Soo.

"So basically in two days the undead army will come to attack and we have to defeat them if we don't want to die" Kim Rok Soo repeated

“Right” Cale said

“Then, what do you want me to do?” asked Kim Rok Soo

Cale smiled

"I want to ask all of you for help" His answer made Alberu, Choihan and even Kim Rok Soo surprised.

To their knowledge Cale Henituse was a person who wanted to work things out on his own and as much as possible not ask others for help.

"I thought you wouldn't ask for our help" said Kim Rok Soo

“I learned from experience that it is better to fight together than to fight alone” Cale said

Alberu and Choihan smiled, at least Cale now understood not to carry all the burdens on his shoulders alone, Cale could always ask for help from them and of course they would be happy to help.

"You've changed, at least for the better, you're right you can't just rely on yourself" said Kim Rok Soo.

Cale just chuckled in his place, he realized, he didn't know that sharing the burden on his shoulders turned out to be a lot of fun and relief. He should have done it a long time ago.

"Okay I will gather everyone" said Kim Rok Soo

“Thank you” Cale said with a sincere smile.

"Of course, shouldn't we help each other?"


That morning there was also news that Kim Rok Soo's foresight was reactivated.

At first they are happy that his abilities are back, but when they find out that Kim Rok Soo wants them to gather in the assembly hall, they have a hunch that something serious is going on and it will be like before.

And so, every leader from various regions came to the assembly hall thanks to Kim Rok Soo's request.

The assembly hall became noisy as they all exchanged opinions on why they were gathered here.

Tap... Tap... Tap

Footsteps sounded in the hall, they averted their eyes and saw that Kim Rok Soo was already standing in front.

The hall immediately calmed down when they saw Kim Rok Soo already standing on the pulpit.

"Thank you for your attention and for taking the time to come here"

"Just a moment ago, I received a warning about the impending danger to this city"

"That's why I gathered us all here"

"I need all of your help"

"So can you trust me one more time?"

Chapter Text

First strategy meeting.

The meeting room is filled with representatives of each region chosen by ability users from all over the country.

Kim Kang Hoon, the representative of Gyeongnam, looked at Alberu and Cale then asked.

"Who are they?"

Kim Rok Soo gave a brief response.

“They are the reinforcements that Choihan brought”

The average person in the room knows who Choihan is. There was no need to ask how strong he was, even the people he brought with him now were very strong. As long as they're allies, isn't that great.

“Excuse our impoliteness” Cale started the introduction

“my name is Cale Henituse” Cale introduced himself while doing the bow of a noble. Once again, everyone was amazed at his noble behavior.

Cale pointed his hand towards Alberu.

"And he's my hyung. Bob." Cale introduced Alberu as Bob with his stoic face.

Alberu immediately introduced himself in the same way Cale did.

"Nice to meet you all, my name is. Bob." Alberu said while maintaining his stoic face as best he could.

He glanced at Cale, he could tell his dongsaeng was laughing at him in his heart.

Seeing the steadfast faces of the two, no one could ask the origin of the name.


"Okay, since we're already acquainted, I'll continue," said Kim Rok Soo, which made all the attention in the room turn back to him.

Kim Rok Soo started talking again.
“In two days the battle between life and death is about to begin. When the sky turns red an army of the undead will advance to attack.”

“We just need to defeat the undead and win the battle”

Someone raised their hand at that moment.

It was Jo Min Yeh, Jeonnam's representative.

"What do you want to ask"

He responded to Kim Rok Soo's question

“Are we only going to fight the undead?”

“I also don't know for sure about it, as you all know, I lost my ability so I don't know for sure what happened like the time against the electric eels. I also don't know how my abilities reactivated, I was relaxing in my room and almost fell asleep before I finally got the vision.”

Kim Rok Soo explained the situation and everyone in the room nodded in understanding to hear the story, everyone in the room except for a few people.

Alberu in his seat could only sigh. As usual his acting skills were outstanding, he couldn't help but shake his head so as not to destroy his plans.

Heo Sook Ja who was beside Cale asked a question.

"How do we kill them. You know they're theoretically dead, so how can we kill a dead person?"

"Just do it as usual, maybe our attack will be more effective if supported by Joo Ho-Shik's power"

"That sir is right, we can do everything if we have faith" Joo Ho-Shik said while folding his arms across his chest like he was praying.

There was a gentle smile on Joo Ho-Shik's face.

It was a really gentle smile.

"This master's foresight is never wrong. You must have faith."


Kim Rok soo started to frown as he sighed.

“Clopeh Sekka”

Kim Rok Soo could hear Cale whispering softly while the corners of Alberu's lips twitched as if he was holding back laughter.

Kim Rok Soo closed his eyes for a moment before opening them again and starting to speak.

“Ekhem…anyway we can definitely do it as long as we're together. We must protect each other, even though I can't fight in front like I used to, I will make the best strategy so that there are no casualties between us.”

'No victims'

once again Kim Rok Soo's words replayed in everyone's mind. They can definitely do it, get through it all without anyone dying, all they need to do is take care of each other.

"Ah, one more reason no one should die" said Kim Rok Soo

"Most likely the person who died, at that time he will be resurrected as undead" said Kim Rok Soo which made everyone in the room think about it once more

"This may sound cruel but, as much as possible we have to protect our fellow humans from death that ends up becoming enemy troops, you don't want to fight your own friends or family, do you?"

Silence fell over the room. The atmosphere in the room was getting darker and darker after Kim Rok Soo's last words.

"But we all don't need to worry, haven't we all been trying to get stronger over the past few years?" Said Kim Rok Soo which made their spirits a little back.

"Then, let's show you the results of the training you've been through so far in the upcoming battle."

"Yes Sir! "




The sound of clashing swords echoed throughout the practice room.

The two men in the room attacked each other, even several times one of them fell while facing each other.

“Haah…..Haaah, how come I can't beat you” said Choi Jung Soo while panting on the floor.

“You are indeed stronger than before, but you still lack experience in fighting someone stronger than you” said Choi Han while thrusting a bottle of water at him.

"Haah….Haaah, it's not my fault, it's your fault for being too strong" said Choi Jung Soo before drinking the water that was thrust at him greedily.

It had been two days since the first strategy meeting took place. Everyone was on alert and would react immediately when the awaited moment arrived.

They have done a lot of preparations for these two days. They were sure that they would win.
An intense sound of thunder rang out in the training room where Choihan and Choi Jung Soo were. The two of them immediately realized that the war was about to start. They immediately got ready and left the room.

They could see it, the sky of their city turning red with a deafening sound of thunder.

The sound of flapping wings could be heard by everyone who was looking at the sky. They saw the Steel Feather Hawk, or better known as the eagle, who fought alongside them against the electric eel.


They looked behind where the black tiger was standing and on top of the tiger was someone with blonde hair they knew as Bob and Park Jin Tae.


Something white appeared from behind the building. They see white ears. It was the white rabbit they knew too. On his shoulders was their commander Kim Rok Soo and a red-haired man known as Cale Henituse next to him.

“Everyone please pay attention” Lee Soo Hyuk shouted

Kim Rok Soo started to open his mouth

"Let's do it, remember our priority is to keep others from being killed, if you are in trouble there is no need to be ashamed or afraid to ask for help, with that we can win this war"



The ground in front of them began to split open, armies of the undead began to appear one by one.

“Finally, this war has started” Cale said

"READY!!" Shouted Kim Rok Soo


The war begins!!


[Sub Scenario - battle of life and death]

Category: Sub

Difficulty: ???

Clear Condition: In two days the battle between the living and the dead will begin immediately. As the sky turned red an army of the undead would advance to attack. Defeat all the undead and win the battle.

Deadline: None

Compensation: Return of all power

Failure: death


Chapter Text


The ground shook so violently that the humans could no longer stand upright, while the darkness quickly grew thicker in the air, spreading over the entire battlefield.

Finally started.

From a gap in the building that was quite far away, Skeletons, Ghouls, and Zombies suddenly appeared. The undead army continued to appear, forming ranks.


The sound of the joints of the skeletons could be heard clearly, meanwhile a black mist began to emerge from the zombie's body.

The Ghoul General who led the zombies and skeletons was 3 meters tall.

The ghouls had sharp nails and teeth with physical abilities far superior to the average undead skeleton.

“Yeah…..I can smell fresh meat and blood nearby!” The Ghoul General said.

“We will turn you into undead like us.”

"Let's be friends"

From the nearest shore, ghosts began to appear on the surface of the water, joining the rest of the undead army.

The army of the undead began to move without any signs of being disturbed.

The skeletons moved in neat rows, and although the zombies were very slow, they continued to advance slowly.


As the undead army began to move, the trees and grass in their path withered and withered.

Compared to them, the humans didn't seem very conforming to the rules.

“The undead are finally here!”

“Damn creatures!”

"What should we do?"

"It stinks. It was very excruciating to have such a keen sense of smell.”

The humans fell into a confused state with the appearance of the undead army.

The morale of the troops weakened after seeing the army of the undead come out of the ground.

The pressure and fear generated by the undead army was very effective.

Any living being would find it difficult to bring out their abilities when fighting against an army of undead.

Due to the difference in level and strength, some humans were extremely vulnerable to the terrifying aura of the undead army. Already some humans have lost control of themselves because of fear.

"I want to go home"

“Too many enemies”

“How can we win against such a large army?”

Park Jin Tae who is on the tiger's back is trying to cheer them up

"It's okay. The fear will only last for a while"

“Don't worry, once we start fighting the bloodlust will determine you. It's not every day that we get the opportunity to make a big impact in the world."

“We will meet again even after death”

The soldiers became more and more depressed and began to cry.

"You're really bad at motivating" Alberu (Bob) mocked who was beside Park Jin Tae.

"What is wrong?" asked Park Jin Tae

“Everything” replied Alberu (Bob)


Choi Jung Soo stood beside Choihan, he could feel the hairs on his neck stand up, he hesitated a little.

The huge Undead army destroyed everything in its path and continued to advance.

The zombies were walking at a slow pace and the sound of the skeletons' joints creaking was heard as they moved.

Seeing the skeletons holding their rusty swords, Choi Jung Soo was one of the few who felt the tremors. He's excited.


Choi Jung Soo's throat felt dry.

Without him realizing it, Choi Jung Soo looked up.

There he saw Kim Rok Soo and Cale who were on the rabbit's shoulders.

The two of them wore completely calm faces.

Even when facing a threatening situation, Kim Rok Soo and Cale were able to keep themselves calm.

'There are almost 100,000 zombies, skeletons and ghouls?'

'Front vanguard of the undead army'

Since there was still quite a distance between them, Cale waited patiently

'The monsters have nothing to fear'

'They just need to be beaten and slaughtered'

However, Cale was the only person who thought that way.

"Can we win this?" asked Kim Rok Soo who was beside him.

"Of course" he replied

“Are you going to reveal all your strength?” Ask Kim Rok Soo

“For worst situation”

“What if someone questions the resemblance?”

"We can explain that later, now we will win this battle first"

As the skeletons began to approach, Kim Rok Soo gave an order.

“Archers ready!”

The archers who were on top of the shelter wall began to raise their weapons.

"Shoot!" Kim Rok Soo started signaling and shots started to be fired.

Choi Han and Choi Jung Soo took out their swords and coated them with Black Yong and White Miru which immediately attracted attention and raised the morale of the soldiers.

Choi Han and Choi Jung Soo immediately ran towards the undead army and drew their swords.

The attack marked the start of the war against the undead army.

The war to determine humanity's fate has begun!

Choi Han And Choi Jung Soo fight on higher ground. The skeletons and zombies are forced to take the field at a disadvantage.

Facing zombies and skeletons on higher ground, they had no trouble.

Even if the zombies and skeletons were stronger than usual, they didn't cause much trouble for Choi Han and Choi Jung Soo.

"Alright, we can't let the two of them fend for themselves can we?" Said Kim Min Ah who immediately made a spear in her hand and moved forward with Bae Puh Rum who was surrounded by the wind.

"How dare the two of them have fun alone," said Lee Soo Hyuk who immediately ran after Choi Han and Choi Jung Soo.

Everyone was instantly motivated and moved forward against the undead army.

“Reload” The archers on the defensive wall began to prepare to fire.


The amount of damage they inflicted on the undead army was quite large.

"Die..your life, leave it, we will make you our friends" The undead army that had received damage such as being stuck with swords or spears still seemed to be struggling.

'It will be a little difficult since their movements are irregular' thought Cale, He looked towards Kim Rok Soo who seemed to have the same thought as him. Kim Rok Soo turned to him and nodded.

“Hyung, your turn” Cale shouted

"Okay, I can finally move too" said Alberu (Bob) who immediately prepared with his gun.

"Let's show the results of your training student-nim" said Park Jin Tae with a big smile while preparing his gun.

"I'm not your student"

“Aigoo I thought we were close lately”

“I only have one instructor in my life and I still have no plans to add to it”

“Aigoo so cold”

For the past two days Alberu and Park Jin Tae trained together.

The first time Park Jin Tae and Alberu spoke, he didn't call him by the name 'Bob' but directly by his real name. Alberu who heard that just smiled and asked for time for the two to talk to themselves.

And that's how the learning session or rather the second practice session began.

The two became close lately, even Park Jin Tae asked Alberu to call him teacher and of course was immediately rejected by Alberu.

And that's how the two snipers who were on top of the Black tiger were sent into battle.



The two of them shot right at the target even with the shock given by the black tiger.

“Your skills are getting better student-nim”

"My skills are always good and I'm not your student so don't call me that"

"So what do you want to be called? Your Majesty ? Crown Prince?"

"Just call my name"



Gunshots were heard several times on the battlefield. The two of them were targeting large Zombies or ghouls who were in high places.

-One shot one kill-

On this scale, in theory they should have a greater chance of winning against zombies and skeletons.

Even if one assumed some damage was received, such a minuscule amount could be ignored.

The specialty of the ghoul army is eating fallen corpses to make their bodies and increase their strength.

However, with the death toll being completely nonexistent, their specialization could not be used to its full potential.

Choi Han, Choi Jung Soo and Lee Soo Hyuk run around the battlefield to save the wounded and occasionally kill the approaching undead army.


“If you give up, you will only die”

Park Jin Tae shouted while helping people who were pushed by the ghouls and skeletons

"Agh!" Jo Min Yeh who was holding the spider web stumbled and fell.”

“Min Yeh, get up quickly! hold on a little longer!” Shouted Kang II-Rae who was resisting the zombies' attacks

"Haa...I...I can't take it anymore..."


Zombies are getting closer and almost reaching them


"Don't give up!, I will help you!" Said Lee Soo Hyuk who just split the zombie in two

“Keep up all your fighting spirit!” Shouted Lee Soo Hyuk

"Those who are injured can retreat to the back, help people who seem troubled"

“Take the injured to granny Kim or doctor Kang”

“Choi Han, Jung Soo, Puh Rum, Min Ah and all who can still fight! come attack with me!”

“We destroy these undead!”

'What is this bad feeling? There must be something wrong! it can't just end like this' thought Choi Han while looking around

'many injured?'

Choi Han immediately helped the injured and took them to Grandma Kim and Doctor Kang.

'Fine, the recovery is complete….'

'Next just take care of this creature'

Choi Han immediately ran after Lee Soo Hyuk who seemed to be looking for a ghoul general.


They saw him, the ghoul general slowly walked towards them, Choi Han and Choi Jung Soo immediately scattered to the left and Kim Min Ah and Bae Puh Rum went to the right while Lee Soo Hyuk walked slowly towards the ghoul general to get his attention.

"You disgusting creature!" Lee Soo Hyuk raised his sword towards the ghoul general

“You normally only use the undead! Do you dare to fight me?” Lee Soo Hyuk started to provoke the ghoul general.


"Human, I haven't fought head-on in a long time!"

"I will fight you!"

“I will turn this fresh meat into undead!”

'good, this is getting easier' thought Lee Soo Hyuk

“You die!” shouted the ghoul general who immediately hit Lee Soo Hyuk

Lee Soo Hyuk immediately dodged the attack while trying to attack the ghoul.


The explosive sound caused by the ghoul's attack just now resounded throughout the battlefield

'How can his body be so hard?' thought Lee Soo Hyuk

“A lowly human like you can dodge my attacks?!” said the ghoul while looking at Lee Soo Hyuk

'Looks like I have to be a little serious' thought Lee Soo Hyuk, he had to conserve his strength because he didn't know how long this war would last.

"Hey, disgusting creature! Can't you catch me?" said Lee Soo Hyuk while raising his middle finger




The Ghoul General struck again causing dust to gather around him.

“This is the result you have to accept for provoking me!” Said the ghoul general who felt his attack was successful


"You're still alive?"

“As you can see! I didn't receive any damage!” Said Lee Soo Hyuk who was folding his arms across his chest.

"You're pretty good!"

"You die!!"

'I need to make this creature follow me' thought Lee Soo Hyuk who was now running towards the back

"Huh?! Come here you pest!” Ghoul General shouted

“Catch me if you can!”

"As you wish!"

“Keep running huh?!”

'Almost there' thought Lee Soo Hyuk


'It's time'

"NOW!!" Shouted Lee Soo Hyuk

Choi Han and Choi Jung Soo appeared and immediately cut off both of his legs.


"DO IT NOW !!"

Bae Puh Rum who was carrying Kim Min Ah in the air immediately released Min Ah who was holding a very large spear.


Kim Min Ah spear immediately pierced the ghoul general's body.


"Although provoke is quite difficult, but it still works" said Lee Soo Hyuk who walked slowly towards the dying ghoul general.

“How can I be defeated by the pests!!!”

"How? Is that your last sentence?" Lee Soo Hyuk asked while preparing to draw his sword.



Not having time to finish his sentence, the head of the ghoul general was cut off by Lee Soo Hyuk's sword.

“Finally we won!!!” Someone shouted followed by several others.

"Finally this war is over" whispered Kim Rok Soo

“But there hasn't been any notification about the end of this war” Cale whispered

“Hmm..there is no way the war will end like this, there must be another wave” said Cale which was immediately approved by Kim Rok Soo

“We have to prepare an army” Cale said

“Everyone, get back into position and prepare for the next wave!!” Shouted Kim Rok Soo

"Yey~! we finally won!!” Shouted some girls who were already hugging each other

"The war is over!" Say someone who's been crying

'I was ignored' thought Kim Rok Soo

"ATTENTION!!!" Shouted Kim Rok Soo


Hearing Kim Rok Soo shout everyone immediately returned to their respective positions.


Coming from the crevices of the mountains, the monsters of the undead army rushed out of the gaps.


“This, really isn't over yet?!” Whisper Park Jin Tae

"Why, are you afraid?" Ask Alberu

"Of course not, I'm just getting carried away" said Park Jin Tae although slowly he could feel the vibration of a greater power than before.

The monsters slowly appeared on the surface.

Grim Reapers wielding long scythes!

The Banshee, the female spirit whose wails warn of death!

Mummies wrapped in bandages!

“Why are there so many types of undead appearing?” ask Kim Rok Soo

“Since this is the job of the God of Death, so I guess it's only natural since it's still within his domain” Cale replied who was cursing the god in his heart.

“Are we really able to defeat all these monsters?” Ask Bae Puh Rum

"We have to believe stupid," replied Kim Min Ah who was beside him.


"Let's kill all living things"

"We will take your life"


Another army of undead began to emerge from the gaps in the mountains.

The previous battles felt like child's play when compared to this one, these troops carried even more pressure.

For people who had already celebrated victories before, this was a serious blow.

Added a few hours, but they had won the previous battle.

Their minds still couldn't believe this situation.

Even if the troops were in a daze, their commander still remained alert.

“Everyone fix your positions!!” Lee Soo Hyuk shouted

The Banshee started to float closer towards them




The Banshee began to cast curses.

“Stop!!” some people covered their ears because of Banshee's voice

"I can not hold it anymore!!" Shout someone

"We are too weak, we will indeed die, but I don't want to die yet" shouted someone who had fallen on the ground.

The moment when Banshee used his curse.

'It's time' thought Kim Rok Soo

“Joo Ho Shik!!” Shouted Kim Rok Soo

'Wait, there's something wrong with this' Kim Rok Soo thought, suddenly he felt cold when Joo Ho Shik started to approach

"I'm always ready for a time like this!" Joo Ho Shik who was wearing all white clothes started to kneel and grabbed his hand and lifted him up.

“Oh our commander” Joo Ho Shik started to pray

'WHAT?!' thought Kim Rok Soo looking at Joo Ho Shik as if he had gone mad

“Your every word is the most beautiful thing in this world~Give us the blessing to destroy evil~”

'But I don't have that kind of blessing!' thought Kim Rok Soo

"Every time I see darkness, I always remember your face to hear my prayer~ I will show you my faith forever and it will never change~"

'Well, I'm not a person who can grant a request like that, does that mean the blessing failed' thought Kim Rok Soo before-


A golden light began to descend from the sky and spread out in a golden circle below.

Joo Ho Shik who saw that smiled and he looked at Kim Rok Soo like a god.

“I have faith!!” Shouted Jo Ho Shik

Meanwhile in Kim Rok Soo's point of view

"What kind of nonsense is this" said Kim Rok Soo

“Wow….I didn't know you could do that” said Cale who was still shocked by the events just now

"I don't know either" replied Kim Rok Soo

Chapter Text


A golden light began to descend from the sky and spread out in a golden circle below.

Joo Ho Shik who saw that smiled as he looked at Kim Rok Soo like a god.

“I have faith!!” Shouted Jo Ho Shik

Meanwhile in Kim Rok Soo's point of view

"What kind of nonsense is this" said Kim Rok Soo

“Wow….I didn't know you could do that” said Cale who was still shocked by the events just now

"I don't know either" replied Kim Rok Soo


[Skill 'chat' activated]

Alberu : I didn't know you could do something like that

Cale : It's a shame, but I also don't know how it happened

Choi Han: If so, who did that?

Sun God : How is my gift? Do you guys like it?

Alberu : Why did you do that?

Sun God: It seems that the God of Death is making this test a little too difficult, so I want to help you by lowering my blessing.

Cale : I would prefer it if you didn't help me at all

Choi Han: But isn't her blessing able to dispel the curse of the Banshee?

Alberu : You should at least look on the positive side of Cale

Cale : Tsk, I don't want to admit it but thanks for your help

Sun God: No need to worry, the blessings of the gods will always be with you

Cale : That sounds more like a curse that will always be with me than a blessing

[The 'Chat' skill is disabled]

Cale then looked at Kim Rok Soo with a pitying look, he really knew very well what would happen in the future after this incident.

“My condolences” Cale said with a face that said I totally understand your suffering

"Who did it?" Asked Kim Rok Soo who was combing his hair back using his fingers with a trembling look

“The Sun God” Cale replied with a stoic face before patting Kim Rok Soo on the shoulder

“Shit” he whispered

Returning to the battlefield after the blessing passed down by the Sun God

"What's this?! my power is back!” Shouted someone who had previously fallen into Banshee's curse

“All of you need not worry anymore, thanks to our commander , His blessings will always be with us throughout this battle!” Shouted Jo Ho Shik

'His blessings will always be with us' thought everyone who was currently looking at Kim Rok Soo with grateful eyes

'No!! Don't look at me like that' Kim Rok Soo thought

“All of you prepare for battle and rearrange the formation!!” Shouted Lee Soo Hyuk

Everyone immediately realized that they couldn't admire their commander now, they still had plenty of time to admire him later, but now they had to win this battle first.

Lee Soo Hyuk then looked at Kim Rok Soo who was looking at him with the most sincere look of gratitude he had ever seen on his face, Lee Soo Hyuk just replied with a wave as if to say leave everything to your hyung.

“Let's kill those stupid undead!!” Shouted Park Jin Tae

"YES SIR!!" Everyone answered enthusiastically



"Are you feeling better?" Cale asked who had been accompanying the pensive Kim Rok Soo.

Kim Rok Soo didn't answer but just nodded his head, actually he was still very shocked by the events just now, but he remembered his position as commander and he couldn't sit here for long pensively.

Kim Rok Soo immediately got up and observed the course of the battlefield with Cale, so far the situation was under control.

At that moment, Lee Soo Hyuk was on top of a rock where he could see where Kim Rok Soo and Cale were standing.

He looked at the two or rather looked at Kim Rok Soo.

Kim Rok Soo was at the highest point where he could see the entire battlefield. It is also the best place to give command.

Lee Soo Hyuk was very worried because of what just happened, but he saw that Kim Rok Soo still looked as calm as ever.

If only Kim Rok Soo had big ambitions, he was sure there was no crisis that couldn't be overcome.

With his trust in Kim Rok Soo as well as Cale, he started fighting again with more enthusiasm

Kim Rok Soo was completely calm now, he was able to command the troops even in the midst of his previous mental crisis. He ruled well as if he was completely affected before.

“Right wing, watch out for the Grim Reapers!”

"Before the walls break, you can cover them with rocks!"


"Since Banshee doesn't have a physical body, use your abilities to attack him for those who only use ordinary weapons can deal with zombies" shouted Kim Rok Soo

"Alberu and Park Jin Tae will handle the Banshee, while Choi Han and Choi Jung Soo will handle the Grim Reaper" he shouted again

"Kim Min Ah and Bae Puh Rum take on the ghosts with your abilities, and Lee Soo Hyuk takes on the Ghouls and Mummies"

"YES SIR!!" Everyone immediately spread out and fought the enemy as directed by Kim Rok Soo



The sound of a barrage of gunfire could be heard and each time the sound of gunfire was heard the Banshee began to fall one by one.


Black Yong and White Miru roamed every corner of the battlefield.

Choi Han and Choi Jung Soo run around killing the Grim Reaper

Everyone who saw it could only admire the strength of the Choi family.

On the other hand, Choi Jung Soo is very happy because he can fight with Choi Han. In the first fight against the electric eel he didn't help much in the direct battle.

Choi Jung Soo thought about his old self, he was proud of his progress, now he can stand up and fight together with his friends and family. He was proud of it, and of course Choi Han was also proud to witness it.

Cale calmly analyzed the situation and whispered the next steps to take to Kim Rok Soo and Kim Rok Soo calmly gave orders to each group leader.

In order to win the battle, the two of them needed to pay attention to small details that were taken for granted.

Cale analyzed and came up with the best plan and Kim Rok Soo issued orders non-stop.

"Kang II-Rae, ignore the enemies that are far away and concentrate on the enemies in front of you, Jo Min Yeh make a big net and trap the mummies"

The burnt Mummies hit the wall with their bodies, but Jo Min Yeh's net defended her constantly.

Everyone excitedly displayed their abilities.

Although their army was not destroyed, the undead army was slowly being pushed back.

Each group leader from various regions cooperated efficiently and fought as a group, to the usually selfish leaders this was surprising.

Their allies who were beside the ghouls seemed to be suffocating.

" Why?" ask someone beside him

"Die! The end of life, I will lead you to the path of death"

Many are possessed by Ghost

Their pupils turned plain white and smoke emitted from their bodies.

Apart from the undead army, they now had to fight their possessed comrades.

They don't want to fight their own comrade, nor can they kill him, so they're in a bit of trouble now

"Everyone pay attention!!, bring the possessed into the circle, they will most likely be released from the ghost's influence there" Kim Rok Soo shouted

Based on Cale's observations, the other undead troops had no problem getting into the circle, all of them, except for the ghosts, they only targeted people who were outside the circle.

It made Cale wonder, “Wouldn't it be easier if they possessed the person who was in the circle? Wouldn't it be easier for the undead army if they had possessed people in the circle?'

It only means one thing. They could not approach let alone enter the circle. Cale immediately informed Kim Rok Soo so he immediately announced it.

And sure enough, the moment they are brought into the circle, the possessed person immediately returns to their original consciousness and is no longer controlled

Little by little, the undead army was suppressed and the enemies began to slowly retreat.

After seeing Kim Rok Soo give orders so many times everyone continued to admire him.

He could observe the entire battlefield in his field of view and display admirable commands. His emotional control was also perfect, thought everyone who was admiring their Commander.

Of course, Alberu, Choi Han, Lee Soo Hyuk, Choi Jung Soo even Park Jin Tae knew that the order didn't come only from Kim Rok Soo, they knew that Cale had a hand in it.

It was easy to plan, but it was more difficult to change plans or give orders directly.

Everyone openly looked at Kim Rok Soo with admiring gazes even Jo Ho Shik looked at him with a look as if he was a god. He didn't want to pay attention so he just put on his stoic face which was misunderstood by some.

'Oh my bad luck! When will this war end'

He then stared at the huge crack that he had not noticed had already formed.

“Everyone back off!!” shouted Cale who was starting to realize what was coming next.

Everyone looked at Cale for a moment, they didn't know if they should follow his orders. Even Lee Soo Hyuk was confused here, wasn't everything fine until now? Why did he tell us to back off?

“Let them come and you guys scatter!! Clear the front line!!” Shouted Kim Rok Soo

They were all confused, but in the end they stayed back and allowed the enemies to approach. They didn't know what he meant but at least they all knew that their commander always made the best decisions for them.

Roar! Roar!

The cracks that Cale and Kim Rok Soo saw were starting to widen, there were several types of undead coming from under there.

Skeleton knights fully equipped with armor and weapons began to surface.

There are also gigantic monsters that are twice as big as the Ghoul General but they are slower than him

There is also a death witch riding on a fiery vehicle

and the last….

They can all feel it……….

They trembled in fear when they sensed this extremely powerful aura………

Even the black tiger growled at the sight, it meant that this enemy was an enemy that could threaten him.

As if emerging from the gates of hell, the air of death can be felt even by people far from the battlefield

A Lich……

In the fiction novels or films they used to see often, a Lich was a kind of undead that was the transformation of a magician or king who gained eternal life by using magic or rituals.

Lich can control a bunch of undead and use them as troops or servants.

Unlike zombies, liches are intelligent and are usually just as intelligent as they were when they were humans.

The difference with the current one is that they see it in person and not just through the image or from the screen.

Individually, they were very strong monsters, but they became stronger as a group.

The Death Witches started to gather in the middle and started chanting the words they didn't understand.

A rune with a red color began to float around the Witch.

No one knew what it was, but Cale and Kim Rok Soo knew that the rune was dangerous.

“Cale” Kim Rok Soo whispered

“I know” Cale started preparing to put up his shield


The rune began to glow brightly.

The runes coalesced and began to float in the sky, it was a beautiful sight actually, it looked like fireworks, but the problem was they knew it wasn't a firework and they didn't know the function of the rune.


Clouds began to gather above and began to rotate in one place, namely above the circle made by the Sun God.

They saw it…….

A circle similar to the one made by the sun god, except that it was blood red and above them.

The red circle was spinning, they could feel an enormous amount of power spinning there.

"Impossible!" Whisper Bae Puh Rum


The red circle stopped spinning and started shooting a large amount of mana downwards.


It was so fast, even Cale didn't have time to put up his shield.

'Is this the end?'


An extremely loud explosion sound could be heard.

[Activating the Exclusive Skill 'Sword of Disaster']



Choihan stood on top of a nearby building holding his sword in his hand.

He just split the attack just now using 'Sword Of Disaster'

They all looked up but, not at Choihan

They saw it, the sky was split into two parts

They looked at the exhausted Choihan and the split sky alternately.

'They are safe!'

Choi Han then stood with his sword as support, he was quite exhausted from overcoming the attack just now.

He then looked at Cale who was looking at him with a look of disbelief mixed with a look of gratitude.

Choi Han smiled at him, he finally spoke.

"Commander-nim, you don't have to worry, everything is fine" he spoke and everyone listened intently waiting for his next sentence.

“This time you will be the one who will fight while looking at our backs”

Chapter Text

"Commander-nim, you don't need to worry, everything is fine" he spoke and everyone listened intently waiting for his next sentence.

“This time you will be the one who will fight while looking at our backs”

"Damn, he looks so cool when he says that" Park Jin Tae whispered

"Why, are you jealous of him?" ask Alberu

"No, I think I respect him" replied Park Jin Tae who was still looking at Choi Han

Cale was still looking at Choi Han, he also still remembered his words just now. Cale finally smiled gently.

“So, this is how they all felt back when I said the same thing to them.” Cale thought about the time he fought the Electric Eel, Cale chuckled.

'This kind of feeling, I don't think it's too bad' he thought


Everyone's attention turned back to the Death Witches who were chanting the same spell again.


The sky turned again in the same way as before, they all looked at Choi Han and looked at him with expectant eyes.

Choi Han immediately tried to stand up straight and took steps to slash his sword. Before the end,


Choi Han fell while trying to stand up straight.

“Choi Han!” Cale and Kim Rok Soo shouted at the same time when they saw Choi Han fall.

Seeing Choi Han fall, Choi Jung Soo and Lee Soo Hyuk immediately ran towards Choi Han.

"Hey, are you okay?" Asked Lee Soo Hyuk who was currently trying to help Choi Hang who was sitting up to stand up.


Choi Han coughed and he immediately covered his mouth with his hand.


Choi Han's cough didn't stop, and the curious Choi Jung Soo finally checked.

"Blood!" Said Choi Jung Soo in a voice loud enough for everyone there, including Cale to hear

Cale looked at Choi Han with a surprised look


Every time Choi Han coughed, more and more blood came out. It's quite similar to a person.


The clouds grew redder and finally a red circle immediately formed and prepared to fire once more.

Choi Han looked up at the sky before finally trying to stand up once more.


“Choi Han!” Lee Soo Hyuk immediately caught Choi Han so he wouldn't fall.


They all looked at Choi Han who was coughing up blood and the red circle in the sky. They then looked at their Commander who was looking at the sky.

'Are they really going to die this time?'

On the other hand.

“Stand in front of me” Cale whispered to Kim Rok Soo who was directly standing in front of Cale

Kim Rok Soo was now standing in front of Cale and Cale who was right behind him slowly lifted one of Kim Rok Soo's hands up.

Everyone was looking at what the two of them were doing, from their point of view it looked like Cale was supporting Kim Rok Soo's hand using his behind his back.

They all thought the same when they saw that.

'Is their commander trying to activate his ability?'

"But, didn't the ability disappear during the battle against the Electric Eel back then?" Said Kim Kang Hoon, the representative of Gyeongnam who was one of the people who had seen Cale's power in the past when he was in Kim Rok Soo's body.

"We have to believe in him, don't you have faith?!" Said Jo Ho Shik who was currently holding his hand like he was praying and saying 'I have faith' many times

“I have faith, but not in him” replied Kim Kang Hoon, even so he still looked at Kim Rok Soo expectantly.


The red circle stopped spinning and started shooting a large amount of mana downwards.


It was really fast, but Cale was ready this time

“Please endure me” Cale whispered to which Kim Rok Soo immediately nodded

A silver shield that looked very holy began to appear above them.


The attack fell, but this time it was blocked by Cale's silver shield.

They all saw it, their Commander who was supported by Cale was putting up his shield once again to protect them.

Jo Ho Shik who saw Cale's shield immediately smiled very widely and chuckled.

“I HAVE FAITH!!” Jo Ho Shik shouted who immediately used his ability to support Kim Rok Soo.

The shield glowed even more brightly after being supported by Jo Ho Shik's power.

The sight looks very holy and also beautiful.

The attack launched by the Death Witch slowly faded and revealed a silver shield with an extremely holy look.

"It's on hold!" someone shouted

“Our commander resisted the attack just now!”

"Did you see it, it's the same shield as the one against the Electric Eel"

"I've never seen it, but after seeing it I feel like I'm blessed"

Kim Rok Soo slowly lowered his hand along with Cale, and the shield slowly disappeared.

Kim Rok Soo immediately turned to look at Cale's state, he expected to see Cale with his bloody look, but apparently Cale wasn't bleeding like usual.

"Why am I fine?" Ask Cale

'Look, he just doesn't know the reason'

"Could it be that Jo Ho Shik's abilities support yours?" Kim Rok Soo asked while helping Cale to sit down.

“No, I don't feel any power supporting me” Cale replied who even though he wasn't coughing up blood as usual he was still exhausted after using his strength.

"If you're not supported by Jo Ho Shik's abilities, does that mean-

“It is possible that you can use my ability” Cale said

"But, why am I suddenly able to use it?" He thought for a moment

“Do you remember what I told you a few days ago when the three of us left the shelter?”

“Ah, I thought you said something that restores your strength”

“Yes, but the possibility of it not only reacting to me but reacting to you as well” Cale explained

"I don't think the God of Death is as evil as you think," said Kim Rok Soo

"No!! He was only well-behaved so that I wouldn't try to kill him.” Cale said with a stoic face.

"If the speculation was correct I guess you should thank him this time"

“I will think about it later”


They looked at the army of undead that was slowly advancing on them.

“Looks like they can't carry out attacks like that for a while” Cale said

“Everyone prepare for a full attack!!” shouted Kim Rok Soo and everyone immediately got ready in their respective places.

Choi Han finally came down from the top of the building with the help of Lee Soo Hyuk and Choi Jung Soo, they both immediately took Choi Han to Kim's grandmother.

"Aigoo .... young people like you have to be careful in their actions, you can get hurt if you overdo it," said Grandma Kim who was healing Choi Han.

“I will try not to get hurt” said Choihan

'Ah, how is Cale doing now' he thought

[Activating the skill 'Chat']

Choi Han : Cale are you okay

Cale : I'm fine, at least I'm not bleeding like you

Alberu : Wait, you're not bleeding?

Cale: This is just my guess but I think when the god of death restores my power it might react to Kim Rok Soo, so I guess he can use my ability

Choi Han: I hope so

Alberu : Looks like my instructor-nim is bleeding here

Choi Han : ……

Cale: Choi Han you have to take care of yourself, you can't cough up blood like before

Choi Han: I think we all know, who bleeds the most here

Cale : Fine. I guess we should focus on the war first

[The 'Chat' skill is disabled]


“Prepare for the next attack!!” Shouted Kim Rok Soo


They heard wings fluttering at that moment. Most of the people there looked up.

The Steel Feather Hawk flew across the undead army while carrying Bae Puh Rum and Kim Min Ah on it.

"Ready! Pour!" Kim Min Ah said while releasing the water she was carrying


The army of undead below them screamed in pain. It wasn't ordinary water, it was pre-blessed water. It was holy water made with the help of Kim Min Ah and Jo Ho Shik.

Full of hatred, the undead were drenched in holy water. Steel Feather Hawk with Kim Min Ah and Bae Puh Rum continuously poured holy water.

The army of the moving undead had suffered heavy damage. With holy water, their whole bodies are swallowed by blue fire, generally they lie on the ground and burn.


The Death Witch advanced in their fiery chariot. Alberu (Bob) and Park Jin Tae shot at them, but were blocked by their magic. The witches used their defensive magic to cause that.

Cale and Kim Rok Soo saw this.

“Do you want to test your strength?” Ask Cale

"Of course!" Reply Kim Rok Soo

The two of them immediately got off the white rabbit's shoulders and went to look for someone. They found him with Bae Cheol-Ho.

That person noticed Kim Rok Soo and Cale's presence then immediately greeted him.

“Is there anything I can help you with commander-nim?” The person asked

"Sir , can you make some trees for me?” Ask Kim Rok Soo

"Like it used to be?" Ask Jae Ha-Jung

"Right, just like that time," said Kim Rok Soo firmly.

The very small seed fell to the ground at the same time.

Plop. Plop. Plop.

Trees begin to grow rapidly from this seed.

Trees stop growing once they are an average adult size

Kim Rok Soo starts to smile

“Don't overdo it” Cale said

“Pft, you should tell yourself that too” Kim Rok Soo replied

Kim Rok Soo slowly reached out his hand and touched the tree.

Little by little, he felt it. That's how it started

Plop. Plop

The trees are starting to wake up


The asphalt started to crack and the cracks started to spread while looking like spider webs. And through that gap…

Big roots started to grow.

The trees are starting to grow once again and their trunks are getting thicker

Cale who was beside Kim Rok Soo smiled at the sight.

Everyone saw it, they saw their commander using his abilities.

Lush trees appeared around their feet. Large and long roots began to creep towards the undead soldiers, smashing them violently.

Thus the fiery chariot stopped. The carriage was entangled in large, dense bushes. The tree wasn't even affected by the flames covering the carriage.


The Death Witches struggled to break free from the tree. However, the more they rebelled the more they became entangled by the trees. Slowly but surely the trees began to lift the Death Witches into the air.

"Good, pick them up!" Say Cale

The ground is shaking

It was different from an earthquake. However, everyone could feel the strangeness. The earth emitted a very light and subtle sound.

Bae Cheol-Ho's gaze then headed towards the source of the vibration. A tremor had started from below where Cale Henituse was standing.


A voice that wasn't an explosion caught everyone's attention. Everyone quickly looked towards the source of the noise. Then they had to see an unbelievable sight.

Cale stepped on the ground.


The ground shook as his feet stomped down.


The stone spear started to move.

Hundreds of spears created by the earth towards the enemy.

“Where are these stones….?!” Bae Cheol-Ho couldn't hide his surprise after seeing the stone spear heading towards the Death Witch and killing her.

Small stones of broken rubble, and even stones that have been broken into tiny particles. Everyone had gathered to become that spear.

Cale and Kim Rok Soo looked at each other then smiled in the same way after seeing that what they thought had worked out well.

What they didn't see were people's amazed gazes after they saw their two powerful abilities.


The giants started to come slowly.

Kim Rok Soo moved his hand and the trees moved as he wanted. The trees slowly entangled the giant's legs and slowly propagated throughout the giants' bodies so that they stopped moving.

“Good, commander-nim has stopped the giants, now is our chance to kill them” someone shouted and came forward with some of his friends.

“Back off! Let me take care of it” said Kim Rok Soo

Kim Rok Soo immediately grabbed a nearby tree branch and funneled something into it.

Red light was seen within the tree trunk, the light moved to the tip of the branch and finally burned the tree that ensnared the giants.


The giants screamed from the heat of the fire that burned them.

“You guys look in pain” Cale said with a sad tone and expression.

"Therefore, let me end your suffering!" Said Cale who instantly launched his spear at the faces of the giants.

The plants that had grown entangled the feet of the undead soldiers, while the stone spears slammed into the giants.

The weak undead soldiers were massacred, while the ghouls were attacked by another army.

Roar! Roar!

A skeleton dressed in a shimmering black and blue robe, red gems studded its skull.

His fingers were covered with jeweled rings, and a golden crown was on his head. In one hand was a magic book and in the other a white wand.

The undead were wearing very beautiful clothes.

The lich started to stare at Kim Rok Soo and Cale.

“You, the human hero, if you are a true hero….. Come one on one with me” The Lich said

Everyone looked at Kim Rok Soo who was putting on a stoic face, waiting to see what he would say.

'Why am I a hero? I'm not a hero, I don't even want to be a hero' thought Kim Rok Soo, after a while he started to answer.

"One on one? Why? If I can use the easy way, why should I use the hard way?”

"Hah?" Everyone except a certain few even the lich was surprised at Kim Rok Soo's words, while Cale simply nodded his head in agreement with what Kim Rok Soo said.

"That's ridiculous, why should I fight you alone." Ridicule Kim Rok Soo

"Now then why don't you just die alone?" Said Cale who couldn't help but mock the lich.

“Okay, I see….if that's what you want….Please come to your senses and bow before me….” Say that Lich

[Gravity Bound]

An enormous pressure covered the place, everyone couldn't even hold back the pressure and couldn't stand up.

Everyone except certain people.

Tap... Tap.. Tap..

"Well, I guess it's time we got serious"

Lee Soo Hyuk, Choi Jung Soo and Choi Han walked slowly towards Cale and Kim Rok Soo. They stood normally as if unaffected by the pressure caused by the Lich.


They looked back at the black tiger and Alberu(Bob) and Park Jin Tae above him.


Steel Feather Hawk came down with Bae Puh Rum and Kim Min Ah on it.

“Oh, I saw some interesting humans here, I think you can withstand my pressure” The Lich said as he scanned them.

“Oh you call that pressure? Well, then can you endure under my pressure?” Say Cale

Cale Henituse looked different than usual.

"Do you-"

Cale Henituse looked the same as he had just seen.

But something was definitely different. It felt like his entire body was covered in blood.

The smell of blood wasn't there but it felt like the smell of blood was spreading from Cale Henituse.

It was as if Cale Henituse was being embraced by blood.

The Lich only felt one thing from Cale now.


Something very instinctive. This essence was full of fear. It was no ordinary fear.

It is something deeper. It's something that makes you think about blood.

This is the fear of death.
The fear of death, something that any living being would have, came from Cale Henituse.

Everyone around Cale looked at him with trembling, it was a mixture of fear and awe. But one thing is for sure, the aura it gives off is terrifying.

The lich trembled in fear and slowly retreated.


The corners of Cale's lips curved.

Ruuuumble- ruuuumble-
They heard the sky rumble from outside the room.

But the sound doesn't seem like much in this area.

Only one person…

Only Cale's voice, as he spoke with no emotion showing on his face, dominated this area.

"Let's begin."


The moment Cale stepped on his feet…
The room they were in…
The place where they were standing began to be surrounded by red soil.

A domain that was completely dominated by Cale was being created.

Chapter Text


The corners of Cale's lips curved.

Ruuuumble- ruuuumble-
They heard the sky rumble from outside the room.

But the sound doesn't seem like much in this area.

Only one person…

Only Cale voice, as he spoke with no emotion showing on his face, dominated this area.

"Let's begin."


The moment Cale stepped on his feet…
The room they were in…
The place where they were standing began to be surrounded by red soil.

A domain that was completely dominated by Cale was being created.


His entire body shivered, as if a bucket of cold water had been poured all over him.

Kim Min Ah, Bae Puh Rum, Park Jin Tae, Choi Jung Soo, and Lee Soo Hyuk looked away from the enemy in front of him and looked elsewhere.

It feels like the darkness we call night absorbs all the noise.

Everyone suddenly stopped moving after feeling… something. They all turned to one place.

“…What…what the-”

Park Jin Tae eyes looked up at the sky which was blood red, the walls that had collapsed due to the explosion were covered by something red and he realized the whole place was covered in something blood red.


The mud covering the rubble was oddly red.

It's not red like clay. It looks like fresh blood mixed with dried blood. It was a terrifying red color.

Something strange was also pouring out from that red wall.

What's that?

They soon found the answer.


Or maybe terror?


Is that dignity?

It wasn't a huge amount of mana, demonic aura, or even explosive power, but… This abstract power flowed out from the crimson wall, forcing all their senses to focus on it.

They couldn't even think of that monster, Lich.


A drop of sweat dripped from their forehead. They are afraid of this place. To be honest, they were even more afraid of this place than that Lich.

This red earth, this wall that seemed to be made of blood, made them think about death.

Their death. Or maybe someone else's death.

Alberu(Bob) and Choi Han glanced at Cale, they had seen Cale use this power against White Star, but this was the first time they were in his domain directly. And they felt that it really felt different to be inside his domain than to be outside his domain. It's more scary.

Rumble- ruuuuuuumble-

Red lightning roared in the sky, but… They didn't really care about that, they focused more on the room, even the Lich who shouldn't have any fear of death couldn't take his eyes off Cale.

It was then that the Lich didn't know that apart from Cale there was one more person who could move freely in Cale's domain.

That person slowly raised his hand to the sky and the roar was getting louder and louder accompanied by blazing lightning, it made the atmosphere in the place even more tense.

Both enemies and allies were still so glued to what was happening that they didn't notice the lightning starting to focus on the Lich.

Alberu(Bob) heard something at that moment.

"Destroy him!"



They finally remembered about that Lich. They remembered that they were on the battlefield.

They quickly jerked their heads towards the Lich who had just been struck by the lightning. They hear someone's voice.

"Tsk, so he can't be destroyed in one hit" said Kim Rok Soo while wiping the blood from his mouth.

“You're coughing up blood” Cale said while looking at Kim Rok Soo who returned his gaze as if to speak 'What kind of bullshit' is that.

“You're covered in blood” Kim Rok Soo replied and Cale immediately scanned his body which was now covered in something dark red.

“It's nothing” Cale replied as casually as usual

Everyone looked at the two people who could still speak freely and carefree in that place. They then looked at Cale, they thought

'There's no way this kind of aura is coming from that person.'

This is not malice or simple madness; this is something of a higher level, something instinctive. It also exerts a pressure that makes everyone feel as though they have to bend over.

Lee Soo Hyuk looked at Lich. The lich looked in a trance as he stared at the red wall. The way he tilted his head from time to time made him seem quite muddled.

“It is a force that can increase the fear and terror within us. However, it is not this strong. ”

The fear mixed with the pressure was even worse than what they were facing.

Perhaps this is the original form of that power.

Cale turned his head back after feeling that something was off.

Cale saw that they were still frozen because of the aura from his domain. Cale then turned to Kim Rok Soo and saw that he wasn't affected by his domain aura, 'is it because our souls are basically the same person?'

Cale nodded his head and started to lower his aura slightly so his allies could move. One by one his allies finally started to move, so did the Lich..

Alberu(Bob) pointed the barrel of his gun at the Lich after seeing the Lich start to move.


The lich suddenly moved, and…


A bullet was fired from the gun at the same time.

“That lich is trying to get here.”

Alberu(Bob) calmly told the others after getting over himself.

"Why don't we defeat this monster first?" Says Park Jin Tae

Alberu(Bob) spun the gun in his hand instead of responding.

– Your action has been accepted as confirmation.

Click. Click.

The weapon changed.

The white spear that was taller than Alberu revealed his extraordinary appearance.

Choi Han was in front of him with his Black Yong summoned and swung his sword at the Lich.


The Lich hunt began with a loud bang.

The lich slowly looked around. A horrible and dirty aura of death continued to suppress him.


The Lich felt as if he was suffocating even though there was nothing there.


“There is something you miscalculated.”


"No one in this world understands the meaning of death more than me."

“You can't stop me with this kind of aura… this kind of bluff.”

"I know." Cale calmly acknowledged it.


The corners of Cale's lips twisted.

Cale then stomped his feet.


The rocks floating in the air all headed for the Lich.

“You think this little rock-!”

He cast some spells as if he wanted to melt rocks. However, could see Cale smiling and walking towards him.


Cale swiftly moved forward with a whirlwind at the tip of his feet. The stones didn't block Cale as they attacked the Lich as if they were hail.

The Lich did not give in to the attack.

“I just need to destroy this area-!”

His clothes fluttered as his other powers roared.

Wind, fire, water… All kinds of forces mixed together and grew bigger. This power felt as if it would send this entire area flying.

Cale was still smiling. “Yes. Try everything you can try.”

“You can't scare me with death aura, after all I've already died. I'm not afraid of you” said Lich

“Oh, what a coincidence, I've also died before.” Cale said in a calm voice and didn't feel the piercing stares that his friends were giving him.

“You…..How dare you mock me!!” The Lich shouted as he cast a double spell and several magic circles appeared in front of him.

“But I'm telling the truth” Cale said in a grumbling tone, but his allies looked at Cale as if he was mocking his enemy. Of course except for a few people who know his true identity

The magic circle stopped and started to launch a barrage of magic attacks towards them, some even hitting buildings causing people to run for safety with the help of Bae Puh Rum.

The sound of the explosion had an incredible intensity. It made those who heard it temporarily deaf.

Being in a domain with an aura of death coupled with a formidable foe, now a barrage of randomly cast magic attacks made the scene condensed into one word, 'Hell'.

The lich didn't stop casting spells to destroy Cale's domain.


Alberu(Bob) appeared behind the Lich and slashed it with his spear.

"YOU!!" The lich immediately turned around to counter Alberu(Bo) attack, before his attack was finally thwarted as several bullets were fired at him.

The lich turned and saw Park Jin Tae standing on the Black Tiger who was running around and Park Jin Tae immediately shot when he saw the gap created by Alberu(Bob)

"YOU ALL!!" The lich immediately unleashed an attack centered on him causing Alberu to be thrown quite far.

“How dare you fight-……Ugh” The Lich's words were cut off when he felt someone pull him down.

"Climb!!" Kim Rok Soo shouted and Choi Han, Choi Jung Soo, Lee Soo Hyuk and Kim Min Ah headed straight for Lich who had been entangled by a tree made by Kim Rok Soo.

“Do you think that this can stop me?!” The Lich said and immediately cast a spell and burned the tree.

Of course, the instincts of those experts immediately noticed so they immediately jumped up and dodged the flames.

Choi Han jumped up and immediately attacked the Lich with Black Yong followed by Choi Jung Soo's White Miru.

But that was all blocked by the Lich using his defensive spell.

Choi Han and Choi Jung Soo finally fell to the ground and saw Kim Min Ah throwing her spear at the Lich.

“Ugh!!” The Lich's defensive spell couldn't withstand the continuous attacks so eventually his shield started to crack.

Kim Min Ah fell down after throwing her spear, she had no more strength in her body, Kim Min Ah finally fainted after seeing Bae Puh Rum catch her.

At the time…

"Very disappointing."

Lee Soo Hyuk and Lich eyes met.

Smile. The corners of Lee Soo Hyuk lips started to rise.

His sword then slashed at the Lich. The sword was swung. No sound. There is no aura like Choi Han and Choi Jung Soo, There is no gust of wind like the result of Kim Min Ah's attack.

All Lee Soo Hyuk did was swing his gun silently. But the people there could see drops of sweat all over his face. Lee Soo Hyuk gave everything he had for this silent act.

His sword, his attribute, activated a power that was stronger than before in response to Lee Soo Hyuk giving his all.



The shield was shattered due to the final attack launched by Lee Soo Hyuk.

“Ugh!!” The lich looked like it wanted to run away before it felt its neck being pulled by a chain.

"Where do you want to go?" Said Alberu(bob) who had turned the taerang into a chain and tied it around the Lich's neck.

“Ho~ You look good with the chain around your neck, now you look like a dog” Alberu (Bob) mocked

“Do you think this chain can hold me?!”

"Of course, after all I have to buy time for someone" said Alberu(Bob) while holding the chain in his hand.

"Buying time for what-"

Rumble- ruuuuuuumble-

The lich looked up at the sky which let out a terrifying roar, the lich then looked at the two people who were the source of the trouble it was dealing with.

Cale and Kim Rok Soo now intended to use the combined attack of Fire of Destruction. The two of them each raised their hands and prepared to launch their combined attacks.

“Human…..Do you think you can kill me? I'm immortal, you can't kill me"

"Too bad, but I never planned to kill you in the first place." Cale explained with a calm tone and expression.

“Then, what are you going to do to me?”

“Of course by refining yourself.” Cale replied with a bright smile.

Tremble !

The lich felt the same fear the first time Cale's domain was created.

"Why? Haven't I been able to handle this pressure earlier?" Said the Lich in an angry tone mixed with confusion

"Are you stupid? I purposely released the pressure earlier so my allies could move” Cale explained

The lich was shaking even more in place and he tried to untie the chains around his neck and tried to escape.

“Ugh!!” Alberu(Bob) stumbled slightly as the Lich was trying to escape. Alberu(Bob) held the chain very tightly, Choi Han, Choi Jung Soo, Park Jin Tae and Lee Soo Hyuk helped Alberu(Bob) to hold the Lich from leaving.

Seeing the Lich trying to escape Cale smiled, if anyone else saw his smile, they might think that Cale was the villain there.

“Trying to run away hmm~” Cale asked while holding out one of his hands.

One of Cale's hands was pointing downwards and at the same time the Lich slammed down, the Lich tried to glance at Cale and saw him smiling very viciously.

“How dare you attempt to escape within my domain.” Cale looked at the Lich with his condescending gaze.

“It's ready.” Cale glanced at Kim Rok Soo and the two of them turned their gazes to the sky and saw that their preparations were complete.

“Exterminate!!” Say both at the same time.



The combined Fire of Destruction attacks that the two of them launched successfully annihilated the Lich.

Cale immediately gave up the domain that belonged to him.

"WE WON!!!" Someone's shout starts another victory cry


Waaaaaaaaah —!

Some screamed with joy while others wept.

They all show emotions in different ways.

“…The fog is starting to dissipate.”

“…It's the sun.”

Kim Rok Soo and Cale immediately fell down after that.

The cheers on the battlefield had disappeared.


“Rok Soo!!”

Alberu (Bob), Choi Han, Choi Jung Soo and Lee Soo Hyuk immediately ran towards them after seeing the two of them fall.

Seeing the four of them running really fast towards Cale and Kim Rok Soo made Park Jin Tae think 'Damn, how much stamina do they have?

“Ugh…Cough!!” Cale and Kim Rok Soo both vomited an alarming amount of blood.

“Call a healer!!” Lee Soo Hyuk shouted when he saw the two

“I'm fine…..ugh” Cale vomited blood even more

“You idiot, where is the healer?!” Lee Soo Hyuk was getting more and more furious to see the healer not coming.

"It's not necessary….Cough..It's an internal injury" said Kim Rok Soo

"You two, can't you just shut up?!" Says Lee Soo Hyuk



“Damn it, taking care of just one is already difficult and now there are two of them” said Park Jin Tae who had just approached Cale and Kim Rok Soo

[You have completed the sub-scenario-Battle of Life and Death]

A notification appeared in front of Cale, Alberu (Bob) and Choi Han.

Cale smiled at him and he turned to look at Choi Han and Alberu(Bob).


Cale coughed up blood once more before finally losing his consciousness.


A while later Kim Rok Soo caught up with Cale, and that was how the two self-sacrificing bastards collapsed after winning the battle.


"Three hours, forty-five minutes and twenty seconds"

Cale came to his senses while listening to the murmur beside him, he was awake but he didn't want to open his eyes yet, he didn't want to listen to the lecture to not sacrifice himself again. He was sick of hearing that.

Cale pretended to be unconscious until there was no one to look after him before he would wake up. But of course that won't work. The senses of those experts caught on to Cale's pretense faster than he expected.

“Cale don't you want to wake up” Alberu whispered softly in his ear


Cale immediately opened his eyes and woke up to see Choi Han and Alberu beside him.

“Looks like we have a lot to talk about. Isn't that so dear dongsaeng~” Alberu said with a gentle smile and of course Cale knew it was a fake smile.

Cale immediately lowered his head and he finally gave up


And that's how the 1 hour lecture session started


“I'm dying” Cale said after the lecture session ended

“Ho~ it's not that bad you know?” Alberu said while peeling the Apple

“Cale, do you understand what we said earlier?” Choi Han asked while smiling innocently and certainly not innocent in Cale's eyes

“Ekhem…I, Cale Henituse hereby promise to do my best not to sacrifice myself” Cale said with his usual stoic face and Alberu and Choi Han nodded in satisfaction hearing that.

“Looks like you guys are fine”

The three of them could hear someone's voice inside their heads.

"Good work"

Cale frowned after hearing the death god's short speech.

"Hey, you."

Cale had an expression on his face that Alberu, no, Raon would say it was so disrespectful to the point of being closer to a brat.

“Shit, you're still a god. I tried to speak respectfully to you, but you just have to spoil it. Hey moron, you're the one who forced me to do this damn test and made me clean up your mess. "

“How disrespectful”

"Well, stop acting like this the first time I cursed you"

“Cale Henituse, you are getting more and more rebellious”

“Just tell me the point” Cale said impatiently and Alberu just chuckled while Choi Han smiled as usual.

“You have 10 minutes before returning to the main scenario”

"Why didn't you say so earlier?!" Cale said while getting off his bed.

"It will be faster if you don't cut me off"

"Damn it!"

"Then get ready, you only have 10 minutes here"

"Where are the others?" Cale asked after the death god's voice disappeared.

"It's in the next room" said Choi Han

Cale, Alberu, and Choi Han rushed to meet Choi Jung Soo, Lee Soo Hyuk and Kim Rok Soo

Cale immediately opened the door and inside he could see Choi Jung Soo, Lee Soo Hyuk and Kim Rok Soo who were already well-dressed.

Lee Soo Hyuk looked at Cale and finally spoke

"How much time do you have left here?" Ask Lee Soo Hyuk

“10 minutes” Cale replied

"That's quite a lot, come with me" Lee Soo Hyuk said and they all went with him without much protest.

The six of them were now in a room filled with various weapons and other combat equipment.

"What are we doing here?" Ask Cale

“We will give you something” said Lee Soo Hyuk as he continued walking

"Sorry, but aren't our weapons already good?" ask Alberu

"Well, you guys can't fight in school uniforms can you?" Answer Lee Soo Hyuk

Cale, Alberu and Choi Han then realized, all this time they had only been wearing their school uniforms. So, they followed Lee Soo Hyuk.

They entered a special room that seemed to only be accessible to a few people. And in front of them were 3 sets of clothes that looked beautiful and luxurious at the same time. Wait-

"Isn't that too luxurious?" Cale asked while looking at the clothes in front of him that looked too good for combat attire.

“It is made with a special material so it will feel light and strong at the same time” Lee Soo Hyuk said before finally pushing Cale, Alberu and Choi Han to wear it and of course the three refused but in the end they accepted it anyway.

The three of them went to a special room to change clothes. And finally after a while they came out.

Lee Soo Hyuk, Choi Jung Soo and Kim Rok Soo nodded their heads after seeing the three finished changing their clothes.

“You guys look good”

(fyi : Cale is wearing the same clothes as Zhongli, Alberu is wearing the same clothes as Childe and Choi Han is wearing the same clothes as diluc, but the robe is longer than diluc)

“Alright, you still have 3 minutes left. Shouldn't you talk to them before you leave?" Kim Rok Soo said with a gentle smile.

The six of them immediately went to Lee Soo Hyuk's private room and left three people in it along with a Cintamani.

The Cintamani lit up and finally connected revealing Raon's figure.


“We miss you Nya~”

"We miss you"

Raon, On and Hong immediately greeted Cale. Cale was touched by this but he didn't have much time left. Cale saw inside Cintamani that most of his family members were there.

“You guys listen to me for a bit” Cale said in the end and they all fell silent to listen to Cale speak.

“I don't have much time to explain, but I just want you to know, that I will find any way to get back there, so……So, please wait for me there” Cale said.

"Human, where are you going?"

“Raon-nim, don't worry Choi Han and I will be keeping Cale here, so-

“Wait for us ok”


Cale, Alberu and Choi Han's bodies are starting to crack

“Human, what happened to your body?!”


"Young master"

“I'll be right back, I promise, so…. so don't forget me and wait for me there” Cale said with a smile before his body finally disappeared.


[Your achievement evaluation has been completed]

[The original power reward will be awarded in the main scenario]

[You have reached a new story during the evaluation]

[You have earned the story rating 'myth']

Chapter Text

[Your achievement evaluation has been completed]

[The original power reward will be awarded in the main scenario]

[You have reached a new story during the evaluation]

[You have earned the story rating 'myth']

[You have obtained the fable 'The Birth of a Hero']

"What is this?" Said Cale while looking at the screen in front of him with a look of disbelief

Right now Cale, Alberu, and Choi Han were in a black room, this was the same place as before. They thought that after they left Earth 2 they would be sent straight to the main scenario, but they were trapped in this black room. They waited quietly until they got the final notification.

“Hey, what do you mean by giving us a fable like this?” Cale asked while looking at the endless darkness.

"That's a gift from me, doesn't it all start from there?" The god of death replied in a calm tone.

"Present? kind of bullshit-

[1,000,000 coins have been received as a reward for scenario completion. ]

Cale speech was cut short by the next notification. Cale stared at the notification with an intense gaze. Cale coughed before continuing his words.

“Well, I guess it's not too bad.” Cale said after seeing the number of coins he received.

Now he is rich again.

Cale nodded in satisfaction after seeing the coins he had already obtained. Seeing this Alberu chuckled as he thought that his dongsaeng still really liked money and Choi Han thought that Cale had not changed at all.

“Alright, what will happen to us after this?” Cale asked in a more friendly tone than before.

“You will fall” replied the God of Death


Cale saw that the room was starting to shatter and the three of them fell out of nowhere.

Cale saw that they were now in the sky and

“Aaaaaaaa!” Cale shouted after realizing that he had now fallen from a very high place.

Cale could hear loud noises below him, but he didn't care, right now he was falling from the sky and beneath him was the ground. Cale closed his eyes preparing for whatever he was about to face.

[ If you fall, I'll be there - Land ]


Kim Dokja POV

A dokkaebi's voice was heard.
A group of low-level dokkaebi looked down as if they were watching a burning house. Bihyung's figure can also be seen. He whistled when he met my eyes.
The dokkaebi in the crowd slowly opened his mouth and spoke to the whole of Seoul.

[Seoul incarnation! I have to tell you some unfortunate news. Unfortunately, due to the actions of several people, one of the disasters has awakened in Gangdong-gu. ]

Dokkaebi smiled when he met my eyes. This bastard?

[Ah, the sound of your sighs can be heard from here. I can see people who have already left Gangdong-gu. Haha, everyone. You have to listen to the end. You'll regret it later if you run away now. This disaster is definitely an opportunity for you. ]

The dokkaebi spoke in a loud voice.

[I understand that you feel like trash and hate these jerks. Since the world is falling apart, you just want to live the way you want to. You are very brave but you feel helpless when you realize that this world is divided in two. You feel disheartened when you realize that your constellation, which you barely gained after shaking your ass, is lower than the constellation of successful people. You feel angry about an unfair world. I am very aware. ]

[Some constellations are against the dokkaebi speech. ]

[I have prepared something for all of you. Whether you are unlucky, lucky or hard working, you have the opportunity to become a 'someone' overnight. ]

Pointed horns on the crown. The leg shown through the white hat looks like a one-legged crow.

Wait a minute, surely this isn't… Dokgak?

At this moment, a large screen appeared in the air. A bloody boy running away is shown on the screen.

[Now, this brat you see is an SSS class item! Did you look at him from head to toe? His name is Myung Ilsang. He was lucky enough to be chosen by Star Stream to go to another world. Can you imagine that? Imagine being summoned to another dimension, suddenly receiving a powerful power, spending a hot night with a cute elf girlfriend, saving the world and being loved as a warrior! Correctly . This damn man is a 'disaster' you must catch today. ]

Kinda weird.

I wonder why low-level dokkaebi replace intermediate dokkaebi. It was because he was the dokkaebi of the main channel.

[I can already hear your hatred. How can you kill an SSS class? Haha, no need to worry. This person currently has a punishment on him. The power is sealed. He is strong but he is a treasure chest if you hit him all at once. ]

“…He's scary. Han Sooyoung clicked her tongue. As a writer, she already understood the intentions of the dokkaebi.

If a disaster is called a disaster, nothing will come. Then what if the disaster was a treasure chest?

[Your life hasn't been ruined. On the contrary, I can say that you are lucky. The sub-scenarios I'm offering now will be a big stepping stone to turning your life around. Now, the chance is only for one day! Move immediately! Only those who move the fastest can become owners of SSS class items!]

As soon as they hear this, the incarnations scattered throughout Seoul will gather in Gangdong-gu.

[Sub scenarios have been updated. ]


[Sub-scenario – SSS-level Hunt]

Category: Sub

Difficulty: B~???

Clear Condition: Get rid of the SSS-grade Myung Ilsang.

Deadline: None

Compensation: 50,000 coins, ???

Failure: The Fall of the Seoul Dome.


The worst case scenario has begun.

It should be like that.

Before someone's screams took our attention. I looked up and saw three people? that fell from the sky.

How did they fall from the sky?

It seemed that the three fallen people caught the attention of the dokkaebi who were now looking up as well.


One of the three people fell first onto a building with a very smooth landing, the person looks a bit familiar to me.

The second person landed next to the first person moments after the first person stood up.

I looked at the second person who fell, a man with blond hair. The man opened his arms forward and caught the last person to fall on target.

I saw the person that the man caught, I think I know him.

The red-haired man was seen struggling to be put down by the blonde man.

And a few moments later the red haired man stood alone and finally the three of them turned around and looked at us.

I looked at the three of them in complete shock.

Those were the three students at that time.

'Where have they been all this time, and now that I see them, I totally admit it now. They look like royalty?

And also where did they get those beautiful clothes? What is a gift from their sponsor? Well, I guess that's not the case now'

It seems the constellations are observing the whereabouts of the three of them


Cale POV

'This is going to hurt'


'Hmm…this feels good' Cale thought before opening his eyes and seeing his hyung's face right above his.

"Let me go!" he said as he tried to break free, but why was it so hard?

“Aigoo” Alberu said after seeing his dongsaeng trying hard to get away from him.

Feeling the many gazes from various directions made Alberu immediately put Cale down.

“Hey, why did you hold me back so long- Hmm..

[The constellation 'Fire Demon Judge' is troubled. ]

[The constellation 'Secretive Plotter' is a bit disturbed. ]

[The constellation 'Prisoner of the Golden Headband' is actively emitting interference. ]

[The constellation 'Prisoner of the Golden Headband' is asking for your whereabouts. ]

"What the hell?" Cale said while looking at the notification in front of him

“Tsk” Cale felt really bothered by this.

"Isn't there a skip button here?"

[The constellation 'Fire Demon Judge' is happy for an unknown reason. ]

[A constellation that likes to change gender has shining eyes. ]

"What?!" Cale felt that something bad was about to happen.

[The constellation 'Scribe of Heaven' is staring at you. ]

[The constellation 'Bald General Justice' noticed your presence. ]

[The constellation 'Seo Ae Il Pil' is watching you. ]

[The constellation 'King Heungmu' is watching over you. ]

[The constellation 'Goryeo's First Sword' is staring at you]

[The constellation 'God of Wine and Ecstasy' is watching you closely]

[The constellation ‘Black Light of Guidance’ is looking at you]

[The constellation ‘Master of Revenge and Apocalypse’ is staring at you]

“What is this, why do I feel like a lot of people are looking at me” Cale said while looking around him.

[The constellation 'Secretive Plotter' doubts your existence. ]

[The constellation 'Secretive Plotter' will be watching you closely in the future. ]

[The constellation 'Fire Demon Judge' will be watching you closely in the future. ]

[The constellation 'Prisoner of the Golden Headband' will be watching you closely in the future. ]

"Hah?" That was all that could come out of Cale's mouth after seeing what had happened

Dokgak smiles as if he is interested.

[Seems to be a bit of a nuisance here] Dokgak said while fixing his glasses.

[In that case, I will ask you one question. Where are you from?]

"Why should I answer you?" Ask Cale

[Because it looks like you guys weren't listed in the previous scenario] Dokgak replied with an evil smile.

Cale looked at Alberu and Choi Han who seemed to have left this matter of conversation to him.

“We're from Korea” Cale replied 'well, that wasn't a lie was it?'

[Then why weren't you listed in the previous scenario?] asked the dokgak who was increasingly suspicious of the identity of the three.

“Didn't you say you would only ask one question? I already answered your question earlier.” Cale said with his usual stoic face.

Alberu and Choi Han looked at Cale who still looked calm and felt a little more relieved than before.

[It seems you have violated the scenario rules, that means you have to pay compensation because of that] Dokgak said

“Wait, pay?! Why do we have to pay for that? Cale asked, he was a little sensitive if it had to do with money.

[Of course because you didn't follow the previous scenario]

"How did you know about that?" Ask Cale

[Since we are dokkaebi, of course we know if something is weird]

“And what if we don't pay?” Cale asked the dokkaebi, really as best he could not want to waste his money.

The dokkaebi smiled viciously before finally answering.

[You will die!!]

“Tsk” Cale thought it looked like he had to budge this time

"How many?" Cale asked with his usual stoic face.

Dokgak smiles seeing the human in front of him.

[50,000 coins] Say Dokgak

"Well? 50,000 for three people” Cale said

[No, 50,000 for one person, so 150,000 for the three of you in total]

[The constellation 'Fire Demon Judge' is staring at you. ]

[The constellation 'Secretive Plotter' is staring at you. ]

[The constellation 'Prisoner of the Golden Headband' is staring at you. ]

Dokgak looked at the three humans in front of him, he waited for the red-haired human to beg for his life to him for lack of coins. He looks like he wants to talk, is it time to play this human?

[Begging me-

"Okay, I'll pay"


"I said I would pay, why don't you want to?"


Everyone who heard the red-haired person's words couldn't help but be surprised. Kim Dokja looked at Yoo Jonghyuk and saw that he was also surprised.

Kim Dokja did have a lot of coins, but 150,000 coins? How can that person get that many coins. Moreover, the person said he would pay it with a stoic face and didn't seem bothered at all by the amount of coins he was about to issue.

Kim Dokja thought, the three of them had previously guessed that he knew what would happen in the future. They also caught the attention of that damn Yoo Jonghyuk, and Kim Dokja knew very well that Yoo Junghyuk wouldn't be attracted to people who were useless to him. Is it because of their sponsors? Tsk, he so jealous. But he had made up his mind from the start not to choose a sponsor at all.

‘Who exactly are the three students?’ Kim Dokja thought about it carefully this time.

The three of them are clearly not written in the novel, then who is the true identity of the three people. Kim Dokja had already decided that he would be watching them closely.

[Ha?! Are you kidding me, how could an incarnation like you have that many coins?] Dokgak asked while holding back his anger and Cale just frowned.

“And why do you keep asking us for that many coins, when you yourself know that it is impossible for incarnations like us to have that many coins? Did you do that on purpose?” Cale said while smiling with his usual smile.


This is why dokkaebi prefer interesting scenarios. The stories desired by many constellations offset the probabilities. Of course, it would be the dokkaebi's responsibility if it failed, but this situation was different.

[The eyes of many constellations are shining. ]

[Many constellations are asking the truth of this matter. ]

[It's not what you all expected, we only gave punishment because these three incarnations didn't follow some scheduled scenario and instead of death penalty isn't asking for payment an easy punishment?] Explained Dokgak

Kim Dokja had expected this from Dokgak's dokkaebi, obviously he was different from other dokkaebi. Cale on the other hand looked disappointed that his plan didn't work and he had to pay anyway.

[Alright, now pay your penalty, you didn't buy time to dodge this did you? Or you're trying to run away because you don't have enough coins.]

[The 'Cale Henituse' incarnation pays 150,000 coins]

[What?!] Dokgak was surprised, he didn't expect that human to have this many coins.

[Where did you get this many coins from?!] Dokgak still doesn't accept this, This Human has already destroyed his pride in front of many constellations.

"And why should I answer that?" Cale asked, he was currently in a bad mood thanks to those dokkaebi.

[It's impossible for an incarnation like you to get that many coins!!]

“It is possible for me, because I am indeed rich” - Cale

[How is that possible with your power, isn't that-

“Of course it is possible, because money is a force in society” Cale replied with a stoic face.

[What do you mean]

“I know in the eyes of many people I may look like a rich person who is always spoiled, but it can't be helped, I am indeed very rich” Cale replied with his proud face.

[The constellations that love money like your words]

[A constellation that loves money sponsors you 300 coins]

Cale smiled seeing the notification in front of him, he started to like this constellation.

[Tsk] Dokgak couldn't reply to Cale's words anymore because it seemed like many constellations were watching him and Dokgak left from there.

Cale smiled with satisfaction at seeing Kim Dokja leave before looking at the sub-scenario notification in front of him.

"So how? Are we going to find this child?” asked Choi Han, he felt a little sorry for the child, after all they were both sent to another world at a young age, but the difference is that the child chose to become a disaster in that world and Choi Han chose to be the savior of course with the family who he found there.

“Let's first see what the child looks like before deciding what we will do to him later” Alberu said and was agreed by Cale and Choi Han.

If it goes according to Dokgak plan, Seoul will end before the fifth scenario begins. Han Sooyoung immediately used all her magic power to summon an avatar to search.

Five minutes passed before Han Sooyoung shouted,

"I found it. He's 2 km northwest of here! ”

Kim Dokja ran along the street with Han Sooyoung and immediately heard voices.

"Here! There he is!"

“That boy is going here!”

There were already people flocking. Myung Ilsang laughed as he was surrounded by a group of people.

“Uh… right. I am here . ”

"You jerk! Are you having fun?”

“I had fun…”

“This shit… hey! Kill him!"

It's shocking to see so many humans with inferiority complexes. Myung Ilsang dodged the sword waving in the air and asked,

“Are you jealous and want me to send you to that other world?

“What, you are going to send me there?”

"Of course . I'll send you you really want to go don't you? ”

“If I can go, of course I want to go! It's better than this shitty world…”

Myung Ilsang nodded and extended his right hand towards the crowd.

[The eighth seal of the returned 'Myung Ilsang' has been released. ]

[The ninth seal of the returned 'Myung Ilsang' has been released. ]


"Then go well. Although I don't know if it's better than here. ”


[The twelfth stamp of the returned 'Myung Ilsang' has been released. ]

[The thirteenth stamp of the returning refugee 'Myung Ilsang' has been released. ]

[The fourteenth stamp of the returning refugee 'Myung Ilsang' has been released. ]


Kim Dokja felt despair when he saw the message that appeared in the sky. Too late.

“Because of that place, I destroyed it. ”

[The character 'Myung Ilsang' has triggered 'Small Black Fire Cannon' Lv. 3!]

Kim Dokja grabbed Han Sooyoung and rushed to the back of a building.

A purple flash reversed the forest of buildings. Up to half a dozen tall buildings were hit and entire roads were lost. Those who ran towards him were crushed without leaving any bone dust behind.

One unit that can be disastrous. This is the true power of a returner.

“Crazy… how do we beat that?”

This is really scary. It is fear that causes our bodies to vibrate, not skill. Kim Dokja spoke in an attempt to deny it. "We can win. ”

“Don't talk nonsense and let's go back. We can never kill that person. ”

"No . I can catch it. We'd be better off if I killed him now."

[The character 'Han Sooyoung' has used 'Lie Detection Lv. 2'. ]

[Han Sooyoung's character has confirmed that the statement is true. ]

Han Sooyoung's eyes widened. "…Is it right? You couldn't kill him before. ”

“A person who only thinks about one thing, how can you live?” Kim Dokja only spoke half the truth. Actually, the original plan was to defeat the Question Calamity and establish a second narrative.

The problem was that Kim Dokja's plan was based on learning the Way of the Wind.

“Is there anyone else who wants to go to another world? Raise your hand! I will send you!”

People screamed and ran. Myung Ilsang was getting closer.

Then Yoo Jonghyuk's voice sounded from the translucent window.

–There's no chance if you go head to head with him.

-I know . But I still have to try it.

–Why did you create a situation like this?


–You have many opportunities. You can kill Lee Seolhwa. Or if you kill Antinus with Lycaon, you can stop the disaster.

Kim Dokja couldn't give a reason. Kim Dokja didn't kill Lee Seolhwa because of Yoo Jonghyuk and he didn't fight with Lycaon because he couldn't find a loophole.

–I'm not a regressor like you. I have to be careful in case of failure. If I don't think until the end...

-Careful? Don't be too arrogant. Do you think you are a constellation? Knowing the future doesn't mean you can control everything.

Kim Dokja felt like someone had punched him. Funny enough, Kim Dokja thought Yoo Jonghyuk's words were true.

[The exclusive skill, 'Fourth Wall' is being used. ]

–Then why don't you fight a little?

Kim Dokja couldn't answer.

–Don't use talent as an excuse. Not having the Way of the Wind doesn't mean you can't win.

–Can I win?

Yoo Jonghyuk was silent for a moment. Just as Kim Dokja was about to break the silence, Yoo Jonghyuk's voice continued.

– My attribute is ‘pro gamer. 'What's yours?


–I asked what you can do well?

… What can Kim Dokja do well? There was a tingling feeling somewhere deep in my head. Kim Dokja felt like he was missing something important. But there is no time to think.

"I found you! You haven't left yet. ”

Myung Ilsang whistled as he turned the corner. Han Sooyoung groaned as Kim Dokja stepped back.

“…Uh?” The people from the previous Hunter's Association? Myung Ilsang laughed. "Good . I really want to meet you. Don't you know that my beautiful debut plan was ruined because of you?"


“I try to live well. Kill several S-class incarnations, defeat bad groups and love a beautiful afternoon. But what is this? I really became a criminal. What do I have to do?"

Kim Dokja gripped his sword instead of answering.

[The stigma 'Song of the Sword Lv. 1' has been used. ]

[Your sword is filled with words left by the Duke of Loyalty and Warfare. ]

[ Today I am ready to die. I pray to God in Heaven, may I destroy the enemy. ]

The Duke of Loyalty and Warfare's words were recorded in his war diary. Fortunately, the Duke of Loyalty and Warfare sided with Kim Dokja this time.

[The stigma of 'Song of the Sword' has been used. ]

[The decision to die has increased your fighting power. ]

Kim Dokja squeezed out all of his magic power at once.

[Faith Blade activated!]

The Blade of Faith exploded. Kim Dokja ran towards him. Myung Ilsang's hand lightly hit the Blade of Faith.

The splitting pain caused Kim Dokja to loosen his grip. It was just one hit but Kim Dokja could tell it clearly. Myung Ilsang's overall stats had exceeded the limits of this scenario.

“What, you want to fight? Is it right? Didn't you see me fighting? ”

[The exclusive skill, Omniscient Reader's Perspective stage 1 has been activated!]

Then Kim Dokja started to hear his movements.

"Right shoulder."

"Left thigh."

The strike still hit Kim Dokja even though he read his moves. Fists surrounded by purple light mercilessly poured towards him.

Stomach, stomach, stomach, stomach.

Blood flowed from Kim Dokja's mouth and his vision shook. Kim Dokja didn't give up. He thought and thought again.

[The character 'Myung Ilsang' admires your spirit. ]

[Your understanding of the character 'Myung Ilsang' has improved. ]

The information contained in Ways of Survival alone couldn't beat it.

It was different from when Kim Dokja hunted the Dark Guardians. Kim Dokja couldn't fight even if he counted them all.

[ Strong weak in the middle of the road. ]

Too much information flowed at once, causing Kim Dokja dizziness to worsen. This despite borrowing the power of stigma. At this rate, the battle would be over in no time. Kim Dokja wiped the blood from his mouth and prepared to withstand the next blow before-


Gunshots were heard in that place, but that wasn't the case, quite a number of people were wielding guns in this place. But this shot was different from what Kim Dokja had seen, it could injure Myung Ilsang's body.

Kim Dokja turned his head to see who fired the bullet, Kim Dokja turned around and found Alberu and Choi Han behind him with Alberu holding the white gun he had seen and Choi Han starting to pull out his sword.

Kim Dokja looked at these two students, he was a little more relaxed than before, well at least the two of them weren't his enemies, even though they weren't his friends but at least Kim Dokja was sure that neither of them would hurt him.


Another shot was fired, but not aimed at Kim Dokja but at Myung Ilsang. Kim Dokja looked at Myung Ilsang who was surprised by Alberu's shot.

Myung Ilsang looked at Alberu with his sharp gaze but Alberu didn't budge one bit and started shooting again. But this time Myung Ilsang managed to dodge to the right and found Choi Han who had already coated his sword with his aura.

Myung Ilsang was surprised to see Choi Han's arrival who tried to cut him and held his sword with his hand.


“Ugh!...” Myung Ilsang looked at his hand which was injured by Choi Han's aura.

"So that's the original" Myung Ilsang said as he turned to me.

"Rest for a while" said Alberu who was already beside Kim Dokja

“We'll hold it until you're ready” Alberu looked at Kim Dokja waiting for his move or answer.

"Why are you helping me?" Kim Dokja asked, he could sense that the three students shouldn't have any reason to help him.

“Of course because you know what the future holds. Is that excuse not enough?” Alberu asked as he started shooting again.

Kim Dokja smiled after hearing Alberu's words, he retreated for a while so that he could think of his next strategy while recovering.

Kim Dokja peeked behind him and saw that Alberu was no longer where he was and started to join the fight with Choi Han.

Kim Dokja looked at the two and thought that they were indeed strong. Kim Dokja felt something strange before finally realizing that Cale wasn't with them. Kim Dokja directed his gaze to look for Cale and found him standing on the roof of a building.

"Why doesn't he come to help the two of them?" Kim Dokja thought that Cale was the last to make a move and left almost all of the fighting matters to Alberu and Choi Han.

'Well that's none of his business' Kim Dokja thought

…Does he have to use Ganpyeongui? Kim Dokja was bitter that the last method he had was to borrow the power of the constellations. If Kim Dokja summoned a strong constellation, Kim Dokja might be able to win.

However, there was a burden of probability after the last event and most importantly, Kim Dokja didn't like to be in debt to the constellations.

Damn, Kim Dokja wished he had talent. It would be better if he could steal someone's talent.

… Eh? Wait Steal? Blunt shock filled his head. So far, Kim Dokja's main weapon is 'information. 'However, there was so much 'information' that he actually forgot some of them.

Pathetic. Why had he forgotten about this skill? Isn't this the first thing he should do?

[The exclusive skill 'Bookmark' can now be activated. ]

['Character Bookmark' is activated. ]

[Available Bookmark Slots: 4]

[Displays a list of available bookmarks. ]


[People Listed in Bookmark Slot]

1. The Delusion Demon Kim Namwoon (Understanding 35).

2. Lee Hyunsung's Steel Sword (Understanding 75).

3. Cheon Inho's Demagogue (Understanding 20).

4. Empty space.


There are no changes apart from one additional slot.

Kim Dokja chose an empty slot.


[List of People Who Can Be Registered in Bookmarks]

1. Poisoner Lee Seolhwa (Understanding 10).

2. King of Beauty Min Jiwon (Understanding 25).

3. Tyrant King Jung Youngho (Understanding 10).

4. Hermit King of Shadows Han Donghoon (Understanding 30).

5. The Messenger of Anna Croft (Understanding 1).

6. Armed Fortress of Master Gong Pildu (Understanding 30)

As expected, Yoo Jonghyuk's name was not on the list. The main character is the main character. Special requirements must be met before it is unlocked.

In addition, non-character people like Alberu, Choi Han, Han Sooyoung, Yoo Sangah and Lee Gilyoung were not on the list.

It does not matter. They weren't the people he needed right now. Kim Dokja scrolled for a while and finally found the person he wanted.

There he is. Why did Kim Dokja forget that that person is also a 'character'. Kim Dokja did not hesitate to place him in the fourth bookmark.

[Bookmark skill level is low, shorten the activation time. ]

[Activation Time: 30 minutes]

[Your understanding of the character is important. You can choose some of his skills to import. ]

Kim Dokja chose a skill. The next moment, a silver storm appeared around his body. Kim Dokja felt the courage from the wolf's den in his body.

Damn, Kim Dokja felt like an idiot. What had he been trying to learn so far? He is neither a regressor nor a returner.

[The character 'Prince Lycaon of the Imyuntar' has been listed in bookmark 4. ]

[Mark number four has been activated. ]

Kim Dokja is a reader.

[Wind Road Lv. 8 has been activated. ]

And this is how to fight.

When Kim dokja felt a refreshing breeze envelop his body, he remembered the words that appeared in Ways of Survival.

Han Sooyoung summoned an avatar when she realized the skill that Kim Dokja was going to use.

"What? I thought you didn't learn this? "

"Back off. ”

Wind Road.

[There is a strong wind in the right hand and a storm in the left. The Wind Path will be opened when straight lines and curves meet. ]

The sentence that Kim Dokja didn't understand came true when Kim Dokja felt the wind on his toes.

Myung Ilsang's fist suddenly came close to Kim Dokja's nose.

The attack that should have hit it was meaningless. The incredible power of this skill filled Kim Dokja's shortfall in stats. This is Imyuntar's secret technique.

Myung Ilsang's eyes shone.

"…Hah? you speed up? "

Kim Dokja didn't answer because he was focused on enlightenment. From now on, it's a battle against time. The remaining time for Bookmarks is 30 minutes.

“Ah, I understand. Is this the skill of the wolves? Myung Ilsang laughed at Kim Dokja.

“Did you receive a great enlightenment that allows you to use this annoying skill?”


"Do you know? I killed the king of those people with my own hands. ”

Of course Kim Dokja knew. He remembered the creature Chronos who died.

Bang!! Alberu shoots again

A Black Medium Fire Cannon shot from Myung Ilsang's right hand.

[ One wind will meet another wind to form ying and yang. Again, one wind will meet another wind to form negative and positive principles. ]

Kim Dokja used all his imagination to put these words into the picture.

Hot and cold wind swirled in front of Kim Dokja and the wind direction began to rotate.

The black flames were deflected as soon as they hit the wind and the energy spread out in all directions.

All ether attacks are propagated through the media. If the media root is disbanded, the attack has no choice but to return.

Myung Ilsang looked surprised. "…Quite good . You must have talent? "

Myung Ilsang fought back once before starting to run away.

[The character 'Myung Ilsang' has used Blink Lv. 4. ]

That's another Blink. However, it was not difficult for Kim Dokja to catch up with him. As soon as Kim Dokja closed his eyes and concentrated on the wind, Kim Dokja could read everything nearby.

Kim Dokja ran along the street at a speed that matched Yoo Jonghyuk's Red Phoenix Shunpo and found Myung Ilsang. He picked people up at random and asked them questions.

Choi Han kicked the steel frame of a building and flew towards Myung Ilsang. It was a blow that would shatter bones but he stood up.

[The twenty-fourth stamp of the refugee 'Myung Ilsang' has been released. ]

The next seal was released by a strand of hair.

“…Is that ticklish?”

Myung Ilsang spoke in a pleasant manner. He believed that he would still win. His wounds were healed by the released seal and as time went on, more of Kim Dokja's magic power was consumed.

“Hahaha, try to stop me!”

Actually, Kim Dokja couldn't kill him if he only used Way of the Wind as a buff skill. If this alone could defeat the Calamity of Questions, Chronos wouldn't have perished in the first place.

Kim Dokja had to do it. ‘The problem is… someone needs to buy time for Kim Dokja to use this technique.

Kim Dokja turned his head and saw something that made him very surprised. Kim Dokja saw Yoo Jonghyuk walking slowly towards someone who was standing not far from where he was at that time. But that's not what surprised Kim Dokja.

Yoo Jonghyuk slowly headed towards Cale and when Cale realized that someone was behind him he immediately turned around but he was too late and Cale's clothes were pulled by Yoo Jonghyuk and he threw Cale from the building.

Kim Dokja turned his head to the side and saw the dark aura emitted by Choi Han and Alberu.

'It's not stupid what are you doing why are you adding enemies at a time like this' Kim Dokja thought in his heart before being shocked after hearing Yoo Jonghyuk's voice after that.

“I just made him fight” Yoo Jonghyuk said casually


Kim Dokja looked at Choi Han who was starting to emit a terrifying aura and prepared to attack Yoo Jonghyuk.

Kim Dokja looked at Alberu who was looking up? Was he staring at Yoo Jonghyuk? Does not seem. What did he see?

Kim Dokja followed the direction of Alberu's gaze upwards and saw the clouds starting to turn red and starting to emit a strong roar. He could also hear Alberu's scream afterwards

"Escape!!" Alberu shouted

"Why? what was one of Myung Ilsang's attacks? If that's the case shouldn't you help your fallen friend earlier?" Han Sooyoung asked while pointing at Cale who was starting to stand not too far from Myung Ilsang.

“That's one of Cale attacks” explained Choi Han in a cold tone before starting to move away from the attack area.

“How is that possible?!” asked Han Sooyoung who was surprised by Choi Han's answer.

“That's possible, that's why Cale didn't interfere until he felt it was necessary.” Choi Han replied while looking at Yoo Jonghyuk who was on top of the building with his sharp gaze and which of course Yoo Jonghyuk's glare was met with.

"Why?" Ask Kim Dokja

“Can't you see, almost all of Cale's attacks are AOE, you know that's not what it means, it's Area Of Effect which means we are now within his attack range” Alberu explained.

Kim Dokja could see Yoo Jonghyuk flinched slightly after hearing Alberu's explanation. Of course as a person who has the attribute 'Pro Gamer' makes him immediately understand what will happen.

We immediately ran away from his attack range before finally hearing a very loud sound.

Kim Dokja turned around and saw the terrifying attack, he could see fiery lightning, a red color that reminded him of hell started to strike towards Myung Ilsang and it lasted for a while before finally starting to fade.

"Is he all right?" Kim Dokja asked, he was still worried about Cale's safety after all.


Lightning strikes started to appear once again but in lesser numbers than before and they headed towards Yoo Jonghyuk.

After realizing the attack was aimed at him, Yoo Jonghyuk immediately took out his sword from its scabbard and parried the lightning strike using his sword.

Yoo Jonghyuk stared at something before finally answering Kim Dokja's question.

"He's fine, he can still attack me"

'You deserve that' thought Kim Dokja

Chapter Text

“Hmm, this is good, it looks like they were able to finish it without my help” Cale said a moment before the terrible incident happened to him.

At that time, Cale was thinking about the events on earth 2, he was lost in his own thoughts to think about what had happened in the past so he couldn't predict what would happen to him in the near future.

“Hmm…didn't that god say he would restore our powers? but why do I feel like I haven't felt any change at all?” Cale thought while observing Alberu and Choi Han's fight.

“You could say that Hyung and Choi Han's strength is indeed stronger than the average individual here.” Cale whispered as he saw that Alberu and Choi Han were able to corner Myung Ilsang.

"But they should be stronger than they are now"

“Are those gods lying again?” Cale thought as he started to remember what the system message said.

[The original power reward will be awarded in the main scenario]

Cale remembered it very clearly, so what was wrong here? Shouldn't it be that when my original power returns I will be able to hear the voices of the ancient powers?

'Ancient powers are connected to my soul, so it feels a little empty when I can't hear their voices'

Cale thought about it a few times before finally frowning. He had guessed what was wrong here.

“This is definitely not the main scenario, this stage is still in the sub-scenario” Cale said while nodding his head.

‘Then why doesn't that god just drop us in the main scenario instead?' Cale thought in his heart while cursing the gods.

“If you want us to relax a bit before tackling the main scenario at least let us relax on earth 2” Cale said while thinking that if he could relax for a while on earth 2 he would be able to contact his family.

'Damn, the more I think about it the more I miss my family'

‘I have to find a way so we can get back, I will find out somehow’ Cale thought, but his thoughts were crushed by the sound of the footsteps of a trained person.

Cale immediately turned around and saw Yoo Jonghyuk behind him.

"What are you-

Cale's speech was cut off a moment after Yoo Jonghyuk pulled his collar so Cale was pulled forward.




That was all Cale could say before his brain processed what was going on here.

"Shit! " Cale saw it.

He fell from a height twice today.

What a very unpleasant gift.

Cale immediately used his Sound of the Wind power so that he could land safely.

Cale immediately thought about the previous incident. The first thing he thought of was not Yoo Jonghyuk who had already thrown it. But the incident where Alberu caught Cale the first time they fell.

“Was he planning to catch me in the first place? But why, doesn't he know I have the power that allows me to land safely?”

“Or maybe because he just wanted to pick me up and then take me in his arms- Ok, forget about that. He was just trying to help” Cale said after realizing what he was thinking.

“Oh~ it looks like there are visitors here” said someone behind Cale.

Cale immediately turned around and saw Myung Ilsang standing not far behind him. Cale frowned after seeing Myung Ilsang. He was the same person who had already fought against Alberu and Choi Han.

‘Because of this person, I was thrown by that person’ thought Cale as he looked at Myung Ilsang with his cold gaze.

‘Because of this person too, I fell from a height twice today’ Cale looked at Myung Ilsang who was looking back at him with his mischievous smile.

“Why are you looking at me like that hmm? Do you hate me? Attack me then!” Myung Ilsang said while spreading his arms hoping Cale would be affected by his words and reply to his question.

Meanwhile Cale just stared at Myung Ilsang with his sharp gaze. Cale didn't answer Myung Ilsang's words and instead he directly moved one of his hands up.

Rumble….. Rumble….

Myung Ilsang immediately looked up and found red clouds starting to gather right above him. Myung Ilsang immediately looked at Cale who was looking at him with his cold gaze, Myung Ilsang only chuckled.


One red line.

It's different from lightning..

It's blood red.

The blood red flames hit the ground.


A deafening roar shook the earth.

the firelight made his vision red.

Cale saw Myung Ilsang screaming in pain in front of him. Moments later his attack ended and Myung Ilsang lay in front of him. Cale turned away from Myung Ilsang and moved his fingers to solve one more problem.


"He's fine, he can still attack me"

'You deserve that' Kim Dokja thought before noticing the sinister aura beside him.

Kim Dokja turned to Alberu who was holding a gun that started to shine brightly.

Alberu's white gun immediately turned into a chain which immediately caught Yoo Jonghyuk who was on top of the building.

Kim Dokja saw the change before thinking 'So that's how it goes'

Kim Dokja always thought about where the spears and guns Alberu always carried came from. And when he realized that it was a mutable weapon impressed Kim Dokja before he finally came to his senses when he saw Yoo Jonghyuk being pulled by the chain.

Alberu immediately pulled Yoo Jonghyuk with all his strength down and Choi Han prepared with his sword to deal with the person who had thrown Cale down.

Yoo Jonghyuk saw the two and immediately realized what was about to happen. Yoo Jonghyuk tried to break free from the chains that bound his whole body. But the more he tried to break free from the chains, the tighter the chains bound him.

It was too late, Choi Han's Sword was already approaching Yoo Jonghyuk.

Seeing this made Kim Dokja immediately summon Way of the Wind and sparked a stigma.

[The stigma of 'Song of the Sword' has been used. ]

[Your sword is filled with words left by the Duke of Loyalty and Warfare. ]

[Today I am ready to die. I pray to God in Heaven, may I destroy the enemy.]

The Duke of Loyalty and Warfare's words were really similar to the situation Kim Dokja was currently in.

Kim Dokja really prays to whoever will answer him so that he can save that bastard Sunfish. He didn't expect him to be able to crush Choi Han, right now he was still weaker than Choi Han.

Kim Dokja thought in his heart 'Did that person's brain not go with him when he regressed?'

[The stigma of 'Song of the Sword' has been used. ]

[The decision to die has increased your fighting power. ]


The sound of clashing between Choi Han's sword and Kim Dokja's sword resounded in that place. Kim Dokja was grateful that he could come on time.

Kim Dokja started to look into Choi Han's eyes and-

'Damn, that's so scary' thought Kim Dokja as he looked into Choi Han's eyes. Kim Dokja was lucky that the fourth wall didn't shake this time.

Kim Dokja dared to look Choi Han in the eye and tried to look for sanity in his eyes, but all he found was the lust to kill.

Kim Dokja switched when he received a push from behind his body.

'Damn, did he push me?' thought Kim Dokja before realizing that if he hadn't been pushed by Yoo Jonghyuk then he would have been hit by Choi Han's bare hands.

Kim Dokja looked at Yoo Jonghyuk who was still trying to break free from the chains. Kim Dokja chuckled in his place.

'He saved me in a rough way, but at least it's a pretty good development' Kim Dokja thought before fending off Choi Han's next attack.

Kim Dokja turned to look for Alberu hoping that Alberu could be invited to discuss with him. Too bad, when Alberu and Kim Dokja's eyes met all Kim Dokja could find in his eyes was a cold and sharp gaze.

'Damn it, if the two of them are like this, then the only one who can stop the two of them from killing Yoo Jonghyuk is Cale' thought Kim Dokja before-


A lightning strike aimed at Yoo Jonghyuk which caused Kim Dokja to have to kick Yoo Jonghyuk.

Realizing that he just kicked Yoo Jonghyuk made Kim dokja think 'He won't kill me right? I just saved him, so he shouldn't have killed me'

Kim Dokja turned his head and saw Yoo Jonghyuk staring at him with a sharp look 'Hey, you can't possibly kill me just because I kicked you right?'


The sound of footsteps caught Kim Dokja's attention, he turned his head and saw Cale walking with the lightning bolt in his hand.

Kim Dokja looked into Cale's eyes and saw that even though Cale's gaze was cold and sharp he sensed that Cale could still think logically.

Kim Dokja sensed an attack directed at Yoo Jonghyuk and immediately parried the attack.

Kim Dokja looked at Choi Han who was trying to kill Yoo Jonghyuk. Kim Dokja gulped before looking at Cale.

"Can you stop them both?" Kim Dokja said with an expectant look to Cale.

"Why?" Cale asked as he tilted his head and looked at Yoo Jonghyuk with a cold gaze.

Kim Dokja was silent, he didn't know how to reply to Cale's question.

“That person just threw me at the enemy and what reason do I have to forgive him?” Cale asked once more.

"He also threw me off the bridge into the mouth of an Ichthyosaurus and now I'm still helping him" explained Kim Dokja

“Why do you keep helping people like that?” Choi Han asked while pointing his sword at Yoo Jonghyuk.

Kim Dokja started to think, 'What is the real reason he helped Yoo Jonghyuk? Because he's strong? because he's a protagonist? Actually why am I helping him?’ Kim Dokja thought before finally smiling

“It's because I need him.” Kim Dokja replied while looking Cale in the eye with determination.

Cale looked into Kim Dokja's eyes for a moment before finally looking at Alberu and Choi Han, both of them immediately understood what Cale meant and Alberu immediately untied the chains from Yoo Jonghyuk's body and Choi Han sheathed his sword and turned away from Kim Dokja and Yoo Jonghyuk.

"Ha! I succeeded” Kim Dokja whispered after seeing Choi Han turn away from him and head towards Cale and Alberu

Kim Dokja saw the approaching Yoo Jonghyuk and reflexively stepped back. 'Surely he's not planning to hit me now?'

However, Yoo Jonghyuk stopped a few steps in front of me and turned to look at Cale who was pointing at something

Kim Dokja and Yoo Jonghyuk turned in the direction where Cale was pointing and saw Myung IIsang starting to stand up and ready to attack again.

Kim Dokja and Yoo Jonghyuk had the same thought back then. 'He left it to us'

"Start . “Yoo Jonghyuk stood before Kim Dokja as if he knew what Kim Dokja was trying to do. "I will stop him. ”

Han Sooyoung muttered on behalf of Kim Dokja from where she was lying nearby. "Ha, dammit. As expected of the protagonist…”

But unlike his words, Yoo Jonghyuk seemed to be in a dangerous state. His body was still unsteady and the blood vessels in his body were still bulging.

Meanwhile, Myung Ilsang stood up from the crater, laughing while coughing up blood.

“Ah, this is a bit annoying…”

He wasn't badly damaged despite the impact. It was hard to believe that he was on the weak side of the 'returners' that would emerge.

Myung Ilsang ran forward and Yoo Jonghyuk met him.

Then Kim Dokja summoned Way of the Wind.

[The four winds meet and form a defense. Then four winds were added, making it Eight Trigrams. Hence, the wind is everywhere but nowhere. ']

It was Kim Dokja's turn to use the verse that gave Lycaon enlightenment. A mysterious air wall in the shape of an octagon began to rotate.

It was a small dome of space. The tight seal strangled Kim Dokja.

From now on, it's a battle against time. Yoo Jonghyuk flew back from the blow while Myung Ilsang's expression hardened. He finally realized that this wasn't a game.


The next moment, all the air in the dome was removed. Kim Dokja's ears became blocked and all sound disappeared. The wind was blowing fiercely but the dome was as calm as the eye of the storm.

Myung Ilsang opened his mouth.



He moved his mouth a few times but his voice was not heard. Sound is not possible because there is no media.

He really was in a vacuum. Due to the difference in air pressure, the air in my lungs momentarily comes out. Kim Dokja quickly pulled him back.

Outside the dome, Han Sooyoung shouted something.

[The exclusive skill, Omniscient Reader's Point of View stage 2 has been activated!]

" What's this? ]

Kim Dokja could hear Myung Ilsang's thoughts.

[ Why don't I have a voice? Magic? ]

Myung Ilsang shouted in confusion.

[Question Disaster Punishment activated. ]

[The power of the returned 'Myung Ilsang' has weakened. ]

[The twenty-fourth seal of the returned 'Myung Ilsang' has been locked. ]

[The twenty-third seal of the returned 'Myung Ilsang' has been locked. ]

Why do Disaster Questions keep asking? Simple. His abilities would weaken if he didn't ask.

[The twenty-second stamp of the refugee 'Myung Ilsang' has been locked. ]

A vacuum prison that can be created using the Way of the Wind. This was the optimal strategy against the Question Disaster that Kim Dokja knew.

Myung Ilsang belatedly ran over to Kim Dokja. He thought that the vacuum prison would break if Kim Dokja died but that was not the case. This is the place that Kim Dokja made.

Kim Dokja used Way of the Wind to dodge his attacks and quickly reduced the prison area.

After the wall shrank, Kim Dokja made a narrow path and fled outside the dome with Yoo Jonghyuk. Now Myung Ilsang was the only one left inside the dome.

“…You asshole! ]

A migrant who returns for nothing. The dome cracked slightly under his force. Kim Dokja raised his hand and the wind filled the weak spot. Then the size of the dome began to shrink rapidly.

Blood flowed from Kim Dokja's nose due to his excessive concentration. Kim Dokja's main goal is to limit the vacuum prison in his body.

However, it is not easy to control. Damn, Yoo Jonghyuk succeeded so easily. Why is this so difficult?

"Don't try to control it. You must lead the wind. “Yoo Jonghyuk's voice was heard.

At that moment, Kim Dokja received enlightenment. Maybe it was his fault for making a 'wall. 'The important thing is to remove the medium around his body.

[U-Uwaaah, uwaaaaah! I'm choking! ]

Myung Ilsang frantically scratched his neck, causing himself to bleed.

"…Quite good . Although you are still not very talented. “Yoo Jonghyuk's voice sounded again.

[Character 'Myung Ilsang' has used Great Black Fire Cannon Lv. 3. ]

Myung Ilsang's right arm was surrounded by dark flames. To Kim Dokja's surprise, a huge flame shot through the wind dome.

Kim Dokja fell while protecting Yoo Jonghyuk's body. A blunt impact filled Kim Dokja's head. Myung Ilsang seemed to be squeezing out the rest of his magic power as the black flame cannon continued.

But the wind didn't stop. As soon as the black flame cannon shot through the dome, the wind instantly filled the place again.

Kim Dokja controlled the vacuum prison with his left hand while moving the wind with his right to dissipate the black flame energy. In critical condition, Kim Dokja felt new heights in Way of the Wind. The wind at his fingertips created a scene that Kim Dokja had never known before.

[The thickness of the exclusive skill 'Fourth Wall' is temporarily thinning. ]

Weird feeling. This is how 'characters' see the world.

No matter how hard Kim Dokja read the text, he didn't know what to feel. Kim Dokja felt that part of the narrative that was perceived through the pages touching his fingertips, which he could never fully reach, was now fully understood.

Reading is different from understanding. Maybe Kim Dokja still doesn't understand one percent of this world.

Immediately after, Kim Dokja felt Myung Ilsang's black flame power weaken.

[ Unlucky! Rubbish! Dead! Dead !! ]

The momentum of the black flames decreased rapidly. Besides, his magic power is still full.

Weird feeling. Even if Kim Dokja was in a critical state, how could he have any remaining magic power?

Behind Kim Dokja, Yoo Jonghyuk said, “…I will kill you. ”

…Somehow Kim Dokja absorbed Yoo Jonghyuk's magic power.

Then after a while, Myung Ilsang's attacks stopped.

[All the seals that 'Myung Ilsang' returned have been locked. ]

Yoo Jonghyuk and Kim Dokja looked at each other.

[Exclusive skill 'Way of the Wind Lv. 8' has been released. ]

Myung Ilsang who was stricken with fear looked at us.

“C-Cough, cough…!”

Kim Dokja threw the unbroken blade of Faith at the person who was panting and trying to escape.


He fell down with a knife on his back. He wouldn't be able to escape with Blink anymore. Kim Dokja ran over and grabbed his neck.

“…Huh, how frustrating-

“I will kill you if you ask me now. Don't ask anything. ”

Who came back. Existence cannot speak. Have you finished your question?”


The most arrogant and brutal existence in Ways of Survival. Among those who returned, Myung Ilsang was one of the worst.

“Now I don't want to hear a single sound from you. ”

Good grief!


Myung Ilsang looked at Kim Dokja as if it was unfair. Kim Dokja hit him again and again until the fear was completely crushed. The beaten up Myung Ilsang barely managed to say, “I-It can't be like this…”

Kim Dokja saw this person and remembered when he was a warrior.

[“I-I'm a warrior? Am I a real fighter? Is it right?" ]

17-year-old high school student Myung Ilsang. An innocent boy who was chosen as a warrior to save the world and fell to Chronos.

He clearly didn't want to be like this. He didn't want to be the murderer that took the lives of the continent. But he did.

“You chose to be a disaster. ”

Now he couldn't change that fact.

[Your understanding of the character 'Myung Ilsang' has improved. ]

Myung Ilsang's face changed. “I am, obviously, the protagonist, this, the world…”

The man who wanted to be the protagonist but failed in the end. The true protagonist immediately approaches and slams a knife into his head.

Kim Dokja looked into the eyes of the man who was killed by Yoo Jonghyuk. It was a pointless death for a world-shattering catastrophe.

[You have won against the 'returner' for the first time in the scenario!]

[Contributors: Kim Dokja, Yoo Jonghyuk]

[You have earned 40,000 coins as an achievement reward. ]

[New items will be added to your story. ]

[The 'Person Against Miracle' narration has been added. ]

[You have gained the possibility of a new stigma. ]


“Cale, why did you let that person live?” Said Choi Han while thinking 'Cale is too kind, he even let the person who threw him live.

“Haah, have you guys forgotten? That man, Yoo Jonghyuk is the main character of this novel, and what will happen if the main character is killed by the supporting character in the middle of the story” Cale started to explain.

“This is just my guess, but maybe everything will start all over again if Yoo Jonghyuk dies” Cale explained in the end.

“That makes sense.” Alberu said and Cale nodded in agreement with him.

Choi Han then turned his head towards Kim Dokja and Yoo Jonghyuk now. The two of them were fighting against Myung IIsang who had been weakened by Cale.

“I also have another reason for that” Cale said

"What's that?" asked Choi Han.

“I just feel for some reason that Kim Dokja and I are similar in a certain way” Cale explained.

Alberu and Choi Han fell silent after hearing Cale's words. The two of them already knew Cale's past as Kim Rok Soo, where he was reading a novel and one day he woke up as a character in that novel.

They looked at Kim Dokja.

Kim Dokja once mentioned that this world is a novel and that only means that the novels read by him turn into reality.

And just like Cale met Choi Han so Kim Dokja met Yoo Jonghyuk.

But the difference is that Choi Han and Yoo Jonghyuk's different nature is like heaven and earth.

The three of them were lost in their own thoughts before finally seeing the wind dome formed by Kim Dokja.

Cale frowned after seeing the wind. He felt that his and Kim Dokja's wind power wasn't too different.

“He is strong” said Choi Han and Alberu immediately agreed.

But a moment later Alberu and Choi Han frowned. They both saw Kim Dokja starting to bleed.

Alberu and Choi Han then turned to Cale who was also looking at him.

'The two of them are similar in that too' thought Alberu and Choi Han.

The three of them watched the fight and felt a great force of wind blow against them.

Alberu could see Cale trying to extend his hand. As if knowing what he was going to do Alberu looked at Choi Han who nodded and Choi Han immediately grabbed Cale's hand and Alberu stepped forward and turned Taerang into a shield and placed it in front of them.

It lasted for a while before it finally started to subside and Alberu immediately put away his shield.

They could see that Myung IIsang had been killed and notifications started popping up in front of them.

They looked at Kim Dokja, they had many thoughts in their minds.

Even so the three of them had the same thought and were sure of it. Alberu, Choi Han and cale looked at each other, they chuckled after confirming that they had the same thought. That-

'They recognize Kim Dokja'

Chapter Text

[Sub-scenario – SSS tier hunt has ended. ]

[Compensation settlement will begin. ]

[You have earned 50,000 coins as compensation. ]

Cale felt better when he received a large number of coins.

“This scenario gives me 50,000 coins in one go. It was a great scenario.” Cale said to Alberu and Choi Han who only chuckled at his words.

The three of them were currently walking towards Kim Dokja. The three of them had a discussion and decided to follow Kim Dokja for a while.

Cale thought if Kim Dokja knew what would happen in the future, wouldn't that mean he could get a hint to return to his world?

And why Kim Dokja? Of course because he was hundreds of times better than Yoo Jonghyuk. Kim Dokja and Yoo Jonghyuk both know what's going to happen in the future, but if you have to choose which person you will follow, of course Kim Dokja is better.

After all if Cale chose to follow Yoo Jonghyuk then what would happen was a bloody event that would happen every time. Choi Han would probably try to kill Yoo Jonghyuk, and vice versa, and of course Cale didn't plan on following Yoo Jonghyuk from the start.

So the three of them headed to where Kim Dokja was supposed to be. However, when they got there, the only one there was Yoo Jonghyuk who was unconscious? and a woman named Han Sooyoung.

And when Cale asked where Kim Dokja was, the answer he got was simply.

"Looks like Dokgak took him somewhere" said Han Sooyoung hesitantly, honestly she didn't even know for sure what happened to Kim Dokja.

“I'm starting to hate that Dokkaebi even more” Cale whispered

Kim Dokja POV

Dokgak hand moved in the air and he started manipulating the system.

"Good. Then let's show the big city air. ”

The next moment, it felt like a new rope was stuck in my body. There's a definite connection that seems to lead somewhere.

I slowly blinked and felt a lot of gazes on me. One, two, three… all the hairs on my body went up. It was very different from Bihyung's channel. I can feel their presence just from their eyes.

Extraordinary. This is the channel of a dokkaebi who dominates the Tokyo Dome?

“How was that? There is a new league for you to play in. ”

It seems that there are not only Japanese constellations. Does this jerk have regular subscriptions in another continent or world? If I work in such a place, how many coins can I earn at once? Honestly, I can't even guess.

I muttered, “Good. Isn't this very big? "

“Then the contract…”

“Before that, I want to say hello for a bit. Is that okay?”

“…Please do that. ”

Dokgak made a dissatisfied expression but he finally let it go. I started talking with my eyes closed. “Tokyo Dome constellation. Can you hear me?”

[Some constellations that hate the Korean peninsula are looking at you. ]

“I'm sure some of you have heard my story. I am Kim Dokja, the one who destroyed the Absolute Throne and became the king of a world without a king. Please note that I don't have a sponsor… um, well. That's right . I hope to get along with you in the future. ”

[The constellation Tokyo Dome is listening to you. ]

I only gave a brief introduction and some of the constellations have already started approaching me indirectly.

Good Start not bad?

"By the way . As a warning to my channel, I will be doing a small show. I mean, a joint event between South Korea and Japan… If you're curious, please connect to #BI-7623 now. I will take the ticket for the initial constellation and give the coins―”

Then the channel link is broken. I opened my eyes and saw Dokgak looking at me as he asked, “What are you doing now?”

"What? It is an event. ”

"What are you thinking about? Do you want to die? The constellations in my channel don't play in such shallow water…”

I'd be happy to surprise him because he cuts me off at the point where people are curious. Then Dokgak's body began to slowly change.

“Wait, constellation. Where are you going?"

The flow changed. The constellations began to flow into Bihyung's channel little by little.

[A number of constellations have entered channel #BI-7623. ]

[Channel level has increased. ]

I smiled widely. “Many of you came. Thank you . Are you here for the event? "

[The constellation 'Golden Headband Prison' is annoyed with the appearance of this constellation. ]

[The constellation 'God of Maritime War' hates the appearance of hostile constellations. ]

"Wait, don't fight. I didn't call you here to fight. ”

[The constellations that like Murasama urge you to continue with the coin lottery. ]

[Some constellations are asking about coin events. ]

"Do not rush. I'll do it in a moment. Think about it. Is it important to get a coin or two? What's the point if you don't have an incarnation to spend coins? Slow, slow. ”

[Several constellations are looking at you with disgruntled eyes. ]

“You may have heard of this, but I will tell you again. I am Kim Dokja and I have no sponsor. I won the war between kings and prevented the disaster before it started. There might be some incarnations that are stronger than me if you look around the world. Nothing would be without sponsors. By the way… it would be hard to hold out until the end. ”

Dokgak started to turn pale as he realized my intentions.

"Wait! You…!"

I laughed at Dokgak. Production? Yes, I will show him what 'production' really is.

“Seoul Dome is now ahead of the fifth scenario. If you're smart, you'll know what that means. Yes that's right . Soon there will be an event you will love. ”

There is now less than a week until the start of the scenario. Before the entire disaster scenario begins, a special event will be held. A banquet for all the constellations of the Star Stream. Soon, the second Sponsor Selection will begin.

I keep talking. “In celebration, I wanted to do a surprise event. If the number of subscriptions to this channel reaches 10,000 on Sponsor Election day…”

[The constellation ‘Golden Headband Prison’ gulped. ]

“I will make one of the constellations on this channel my partner. ”

[The Constellation Secretive Plotter is looking at you with great interest. ]

“It doesn't matter what gender, race or world you come from. It doesn't matter if you are strong or weak, famous or not. Anything is okay. What I'm looking for is passion. I hope you have the passion to post this damn ending with me. ”

[The constellation 'Bald General Justice' wipes his head. ]

"Anyone who is good. I will be waiting for you . 10,000 viewers. Do you remember? Please convey it to others properly. ”

“W-Wait a minute! Wait! Just wait!"

Dokgak shouts but its too late. There are evil sounds and unstoppable channel messages. I'm dizzy because of the indirect messages that come from everywhere.

Some time passed.

Cold anger appeared on Dokgak's face. He made his decision and raised his hand towards me. “Kim Dokja. You will die here. ”

Yes, I thought he would react like this. I laughed while pretending to be calm. “Right now many constellations are watching. Aren't you afraid of storms? "

“Don't underestimate the master of the Tokyo Dome. ”

There was no patience left on Dokgak's angry face. Unlucky .

"Do you think I can't deal with the probabilities caused by killing bugs like you?"

Dokgak's fingers moved. It was a gesture as if he was repelling insects. Powerful sparks appeared all around me. It was the 'balloon burst' that was Dokgak's specialty. The current would cause my body to explode like a balloon. My swollen intestines will be scattered as fragments and all the parts that make up my body will become dust scattered into the universe.

This is what should have happened in the first place.

"…What's this?"

He tried again. Dokgak snapped his fingers twice more. However, there is no change. Not long after, even the sparks disappeared.

“Th-This…” A confused Dokgak stared at his fingers. However, he still didn't understand. The problem is not the fingers.

There was a chill and a huge shadow appeared behind me, darkening my vision.

"Hey. dokkaebi. ”

Suddenly a voice was heard. Instinctively I know. The owner of this voice is now protecting me. It's natural when you think about it. A dokkaebi who uses the system can prevent the use of the system.

“Is it fun showing off your strength?” It was the first time I heard Bihyung's real voice.

The surprised Dokgak stuttered, “Uh, how did you get the Character Redemption…?”

"Oh, this? Aren't you just giving me a hard time because of your strength? "

Dokgak's face reddened. Belated anger filled his face. “You are the best low-level dokkaebi… Bihyung! What do you mean by this rudeness? ”

“Low class? You are also low level despite the number of your subscribers. ”

“I didn't get the promotion on purpose. Do you dare to anger me, lord of the Tokyo Dome? "

“Tokyo Dome? Great, Tokyo Dome. Are there many constellations left there? ”

Bihyung moved from behind me to Dokgak. “By the way, are you this small?”

Their appearance looks the same but now Bihyung is several times bigger than Dokgak.

Bihyung's giant shadow proved it. Once again, the power of a dokkaebi increased with the number of their customers.

Dokgak's stricken fear staggered backwards. “H-How…?”

“You spoke very well before. What? Am I illegally manipulating the scenario? A black arm emerged from Bihyung's shadow and grabbed Dokgak's neck, lifting him into the air. “The bastard who stole other people’s incarnations… who taught you business ethics?”

"U-Uh. You really won't be safe if you do this…! "

"What is this!" Bihyung's right arm swelled up tremendously. “Go to Andromeda and find your concept!”

The shadow fist pierced the shield on the ceiling and Dokgak flew to the far side of the universe.

He won't die because he's a dokkaebi but he will be hit for a while. Bihyung sighed as if he was relieved.

By the way, I almost died. I breathed a sigh of relief and approached Bihyung. The channel just grew but Bihyung looked weird. We looked at each other and I met Bihyung's confused eyes.

'Thank you for representing me to hit Dokgak' thought Kim Dokja


Cale, Alberu and Choi Han had already decided to wait for Kim Dokja, and moments later Kim Dokja suddenly appeared in thin air and made Han Sooyoung panic and back off.

"Hey! Where are you going?" Ask Han Sooyoung

“I have to do something for a moment. ”

“…Was it settled well?” Sometimes Han Sooyoung had a habit of talking like this without knowing what was going on. Kim Dokja just nodded.

Kim Dokja turned his head and saw Cale, Alberu and Choi Han there.

'Why are they here?' thought Kim Dokja, in their last meeting at Chungmuro station, at first Kim Dokja thought that the three were siding with Yoo Jonghyuk. But after the last incident, where Choi Han tried to kill Yoo Jonghyuk, Kim Dokja thought one more time and he could confirm that they had nothing to do with Yoo Jonghyuk.

Kim Dokja smiled after thinking about this, wouldn't it be great if he could get some strong comrades. Kim Dokja looked at Cale, he knew from the start that Alberu and Choi Han were protecting him, he still didn't know why a strong person like Cale had to be protected by the two of them.

However, that wasn't the point now, Kim Dokja realized that Cale was the leader of his group, and Alberu and Choi Han would move according to Cale's direction. So, if he wanted to make a deal, he would have to confront Cale.

Kim Dokja slowly smiled and advanced towards Cale who looked like he was waiting for him. If he wanted these three to follow him then he had to offer the best thing he had and the best thing he had was information.

'This will be difficult' thought Kim Dokja. 'But he must succeed in convincing the three of them'

Kim Dokja stood in front of Cale who was looking at him as if waiting for what he would say. Kim Dokja took a slow breath before starting to speak.

“I want to make a deal with you” said Kim Dokja

'Will he refuse my invitation?' Kim Dokja thought in his heart, prepared for any means that must be used to get the three to follow him.

"I will give you the information you want, of course as long as I know what information you want, instead you just have to help me until your goal is achieved" Kim Dokja explained his proposal quickly without pause, he thought that this should work.

But according to his experience, he knew it wouldn't be that easy. Kim Dokja could see Cale starting to smile before he finally spoke.

“Alright,” Cale replied calmly with a small smile, but somehow it seemed to almost form a grin to Kim Dokja.

Kim Dokja didn't expect his proposal to be accepted so easily, Kim Dokja started to smile with his usual smile and started to extend his hand.

"I hope you have a fulfilling time here" said Kim Dokja

Cale shook Kim Dokja hand before replying. “Sure”

On the other hand, in Cale's point of view.

He saw Kim Dokja slowly walking towards him. Cale was about to say his goal straight away before suddenly Kim Dokja offered him a deal.

'Isn't that great' Cale thought before answering Kim Dokja's invitation.

“Alright” Cale replied with a smile, he thought that this was a good deal.

Cale saw Kim Dokja extending his hand with a smile, wait can it still be called a smile? Somehow to Cale that smile looked almost like a smirk? It must be just a shadow.

Cale started to extend his hand and shook Kim Dokja's hand. Whatever it was Cale was satisfied with this result.

And that was how the two of them were, Cale and Kim Dokja shaking hands while smiling in the same way without each other knowing.

Of course Alberu, who faced such a smile the most, couldn't help but sigh. Alberu was sure these two scammer would cause great trouble in the future.

“New clothes? Damn, I'm jealous." Han Sooyoung started to change the subject after realizing the atmosphere was getting awkward.

Han Sooyoung looked at Kim Dokja's coat with envious eyes and then Yoo Jonghyuk, who was still unconscious. She looked between Yoo Jonghyuk black coat and Kim Dolja white coat before opening his mouth.

“By the way, are you a couple?” asked Han Sooyoung while pointing alternately between Kim Dokja and Yoo Jonghyuk.

“…It was just a coincidence. This is a common design. Kim Dokja replied quickly before causing a misunderstanding.

“Oh, I see” Alberu whispered but somehow Kim Dokja managed to hear it.

[The constellation 'Fire Demon Judge' is happy for an unknown reason. ]

[A constellation that likes to change gender has shining eyes. ]

'It's not what you think' Kim Dokja said in his heart.

[The constellation ‘Fire Demon Judge’ controls a constellation that likes to change gender. ]

'It's good to control him' thought Kim Dokja

Kim Dokja decided to see Yoo Jonghyuk. Fortunately, his recovery seems to be going well. His breathing is stable and the wound is healing.

"Come on, quickly. Before this jerk wakes up. ”

Yoo Jonghyuk fainted with two fists. It wasn't hard to imagine what would happen if this person woke up first.

Kim Dokja left Gangdong-gu with Han Sooyoung, Cale, Alberu and Choi Han. Yoo Sangah was being carried by Han Sooyoung's avatar. He was still unconscious from exhaustion.

Kim Dokja had returned to the battlefield where he fought Antinus but couldn't find Lycaon. Kim Dokja just didn't know why he didn't come to him. He must be seriously injured after being attacked by the hatching disaster.

Han Sooyoung looked at Kim Dokja and asked, "Is it really okay to leave him?"

"It does not matter . ”

“But it's Poisoner. Can you believe it? ”

The unconscious Yoo Jonghyuk was abandoned by Lee Seolhwa.

“Poisoners weren't bad people in the first place. It was because of the Parasites. ”

In the many episodes where he wasn't infected by the guide, Lee Seolhwa was called 'Doctor' rather than 'Poisoner. “Perhaps he will be called that in this regression.

– Take him and go to Gaebong-dong. In military division 5603, a poor soldier will be waiting for you.

Kim Dokja confirmed Lee Hyunsung's location using Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint and decided to take Yoo Jonghyuk's suggestion.

Kim Dokja has limited time and information, even if he is a complete reader. Therefore, the best coach for Lee Hyunsung at this time was not him, but Yoo Jonghyuk.

"I am hungry . Can we eat that? "

Kim Dokja pointed to a plant growing around a high-rise building.

[The 7th grade plant species 'Yanaspleta' is staring at you. ]

Han Sooyoung looked into the eyes of the huge sunflower and shouted in fear, “…Can we eat that?”

“We have to eat it because there is nothing else. According to Ways of Survival, it's pretty tasty. He is also a child and easy to hunt. ”

“Wait is it okay to talk about that novel in front of them?” ask Han Sooyoung

"It's okay, they already know"


Han Sooyoung made a dissatisfied expression and immediately started summoning her avatar. Choi Han and Alberu cut the stems and tentacles of the plant species. The Yanaspleta was immediately cut off from his roots and closed his eyes.

"Han Soo Young. Are you going to eat?” ask Kim Dokja

"… I do not know. ”

Kim Dokja looked at Alberu and Cale who definitely couldn't cook. Are they rich people? Kim Dokja believes they never cook by themselves and rely on their personal Chef. As for Choi Han? Kim Dokja looked at him before shaking his head, 'He will only destroy it' thought Kim Dokja.

"Then I will cook. said Kim Dokja

Kim Dokja started cooking yanaspleta as he read about in Ways of Survival. Kim Dokja peeled off the tough bark and sprinkled some salt on the herb he got from a nearby grocery store.

The inside contains pink flesh reminiscent of seasonal crab meat. Han Sooyoung's eyes shone.

"What is this? It's a plant, right? ”

"Correctly . ”

"We're eating salad?"

"Of course not . I will burn it. ”

Kim Dokja cut branches of the surrounding trees, turned the yanaspleta stalks into skewers and placed them in the Magic Power Stove. Kim Dokja set the stove to medium heat but it took a long time to cook because it was a seventh grade species.

"Can't you make it cook quickly?" asked Han Sooyoung who looked hungry.

"The fire is not strong enough, so be patient"

“Wait, you said the fire wasn't strong enough? Need help?" Cale asked.

Kim Dokja immediately remembered Cale's power which looked like fire from hell, it was a very strong fire and he wanted to use it to burn this food? Does he want to destroy this place?

Kim Dokja looked at Cale before rejecting him. "No thanks, your fire is too strong"

“But I can control it” Cale said as he let out a small size flame from his hand.

“Oh! that's cool" said Han Sooyoung.

Kim Dokja couldn't disagree and only sighed before moving the stove and Cale immediately controlled the fire to burn the plants.

Kim Dokja turned it over a few times and then sprinkled more salt. After some time, the smell of roasting meat filled the area.

"Hey, can you smell it?"

“Wait, we can't eat it just yet. Kim Dokja stopped him from reaching over to the stove and handed him the teacup that had been warmed to the side. “Drink this before eating. ”

"What's that?"

“Juice from boiled stems. It needs to be consumed before eating yanaspleta. ”

Han Sooyoung took the cup with a doubtful expression. Then after a while, his expression became impressed. He drank all the juice and started cutting the stems.

"Eat slowly. ”

“…This isn't a joke. You can actually cook. ”

“Maybe only in this broken world. ”

Kim Dokja laughed because Han Sooyoung looked like a five year old kid stuffing her face with good food. Meanwhile Kim Dokja looked at Alberu and Cale who were eating the food very elegantly.

'Damn, I want to learn to look like that.'

Kim Dokja looked at Choi Han who was eating the food in a normal way, neither childish nor elegant. Choi Han ate the same way any normal person would eat his food. Kim Dokja sighed before finally eating his food.

[Some constellations who like to cook are curious about your cooking. ]

[Some constellations that like fast progress and violence are complaining. ]

[The constellation 'Prisoner of the Golden Headband' says to keep watching. ]

There is one week left until the start of the fifth scenario. The Burning Hell Catastrophe and the Question Calamity had been resolved, making development smooth.

Yoo Jonghyuk would take on the disaster in the west with Lee Hyunsung once he woke up while the Wandering King would tackle the north. The only thing to pay attention to now is the 'central disaster. '

Kim Dokja took the yanaspleta juice and looked at Yoo Sangah who was still unconscious. “Yoo Sangah-ssi. ”

Is he wrong? The unconscious Yoo Sangah obviously gasped.

“I know your mental state now. Come and eat this. ”


“Otherwise, I will eat it. ”

Yoo Sangah didn't get up. Then I heard a growl from his stomach.

"You must be sleeping. Then we'll eat this. Oh, so delicious. ”

“…W-Wait a minute!” Yoo Sangah shouted and got up from her spot. As expected, Yoo Sangah couldn't just lie down after smelling the food. He consumed a lot of stamina so it was natural for him to be hungry.

Kim Dokja glanced at Han Sooyoung, who was still eating. "Hey. You've eaten a lot so get up. ”


"Do you have to ask?"

“… Che. You make people feel uncomfortable. I see . ”

Maybe Han Sooyoung knew that Yoo Sangah was awake. Kim Dokja also knew that Yoo Sangah would not move because of Han Sooyoung's presence. This girl is really bad.

“I will tour the area once. Don't eat it all and leave me some. Understood? Han Sooyoung grabbed the skewer and disappeared into the darkness.

Yoo Sangah glanced at Cale, Alberu and Choi Han. Kim Dokja realized that Yoo Sangah was uncomfortable with his new member. Kim Dokja looked at Cale and Cale returned it with an understanding gaze.

“We will go around” said Cale who started to stand up and quickly disappeared from there along with Alberu and Choi Han.

Once they completely disappeared, Yoo Sangah slowly approached. And so the conversation with the Olympus emissary began.

Chapter Text

It was morning when Kim Dokja opened his eyes. Han Sooyoung saw Kim Dokja wake up and smiled. He was the last person to look after. "Did you have a bad dream?"

"A little . ”

The coals of the firewood that burned all night were white. Kim Dokja put out the fire and touched his forehead. The scene he saw through the Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint…

'Gilyoung, I don't know if he's okay.' thought Kim Dokja

Kim Dokja looked around and saw Yoo Sangah waving his hand in the distance. Yoo Sangah was seen together with Cale, Alberu and Choi Han, it seemed they became close fast. Han Sooyoung grumbled, “Why do you look so happy after seeing them?”

“That's because they are trustworthy people. ”

"Che. Untrustworthy people will survive. ”

We're off again. There are five days left until the start of the scenario. We moved west along the Han River.

There are two purposes behind this. The first is to look for the missing Gong Pildu around the Han River and the second is to collect coins from nearby monsters. What's more, it's a coin event right now so Kim Dokja has to earn as much as possible.

“Yoo Sangah-ssi, go left! Han Sooyoung, take the lead! ”

We hunted all 7th grade monsters in sight. After Yoo Sangah joined us, we were able to hunt grade 7 and even grade 6 species.

Choi Han was the one who hunted monsters the most, where as Cale was the one who hunted the least, Cale only helped out in an emergency. And of course it wasn't necessary because Alberu was always firing bullets from a distance to support us.

Of course no one else objected to Cale barely helping at all, Cale only burned the roots that looked like they were going to attack him and of course that was better than burning the whole place down.

Cale's power was probably the most effective, but it was also very destructive, so we decided Cale wouldn't fight unless needed.

Kim Dokja had thoughts while watching Yoo Sangah.

Maybe she didn't know about it from Olympus. Kim Dokja called them to find out their intentions. They had used a set probability and couldn't interfere with Yoo Sangah for now. The battle ended and Kim Dokja approached Yoo Sangah.

“Yoo Sangah-ssi. You should only use one stigma at a time in the future. ”

"Oh, I'm sorry. Was I in big trouble last time? "

"No, that's not the reason. ”

The people supported by the nebula are very special. Of course, being sponsored by the nebula doesn't mean all the constellations in the nebula will support it. However, the laws of the Star Stream are applied to constellations and incarnations.

The price for breaking the law will eventually be returned to the constellations and incarnations. The constellations may have a way of escaping but the problem is incarnation.

“Using a lot of stigma will take a toll on Yoo Sangah-ssi's body. ”

Damn, Olympus wouldn't tell her this, but there was a limit to the story that one creature was capable of. Each stigma contains the history of the constellations and the random fusion of history will corrupt the human psyche.

If Yoo Sangah borrowed the stigma of a large number of constellations, her remaining vitality would be reduced in an instant. Then maybe in one year…

Yoo Sangah smiled faintly. "Thank you for your attention . ”

Kim Dokja realized something and opened his mouth. "Did you already know?"

Yoo Sangah's eyes moved downwards and she spoke quietly, "Dokja-ssi, do you still think that I'm a competent office worker?"

Yoo Sangah continued to speak. “I am different from Dokja-ssi. I can't do anything in this changing world. This is a world where TOEIC, degrees and service scores are useless. ”

Kim Dokja wondered, “Do you think everything can be solved if you become stronger?”

"A little . ”

Her words are true. In fact, power only makes up for some of the world's problems.

“I have decided to build a specification that is useful from this world. That's all I can do. ”

There were many wounds on the back of Yoo Sangah's hand as she spoke. The wound felt like a big hole to Kim Dokja. Han Sooyoung said, 'In the end, reading is a process of keeping irregular holes in place. '

If there's something the reader needs to do, Kim Dokja has to read it right. Kim Dokja felt a tremor in his hand. Kim Dokja opened his phone and saw a notification window.

–Han Donghoon: Hyung, are you okay?

The Hermit King of Shadows, Han Donghoon. Kim Dokja was stunned when he read the message.

–Han Donghoon: I haven't been able to connect to the Internet recently so the message is delayed. I struggled with my abilities…

He had been texting for a long time and piling up. It seems that the messages that are piled up arrive at the same time that the Internet is connected.

Kim Dokja showed a message to Yoo Sangah to change her mood. Kim Dokja saw Yoo Sangah's smile and thoughts.

Kim Dokja is not a completely incompetent reader.

Kim Dokja connected to Han Donghoon via messenger but he could hear news about other people through it.

–Han Donghoon: I'm on Yongsan-gu's side. There's also Gilyoung.

-Kim Dokja: Gilyoung is there?

–Han Donghoon: Yes.

The location of Kim Dokja's main party was roughly understood. Lee Hyunsung and Jung Heewon's positions were also confirmed through Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint.

Kim Dokja was a little curious about what happened to Jung Minseob and Lee Sungkook but it was hard to care for them. They have prior knowledge so they have to manage. Lee Jihye… well, Yoo Jonghyuk would take care of it.

-Kim Dokja: For now, don't leave Yongsan. I'll be there soon. If possible, try contacting someone else.

A reply did not return. Maybe it disconnected again. Kim Dokja looked around at the party members and said, “I think we should cross the river. ”

Currently, we are south of the Han River. North of the Han River is Yongsan-gu.

"Should we go through that?" Han Sooyoung asked me with a dumbfounded expression.

That's not weird. Kim Dokja saw the Han River with her. Flickering shadows could be seen from the swirling water. The ichthyosaurs traveling near the Dongho Bridge once again filled the Han River. We had followed the river but Kim Dokja never thought of crossing because of them.

“Did you see the Cheonho Bridge? It's broken. ”

Ichthyosaurs were a class 7 monster species. It wasn't a matter of hunting, but there were too many. It wasn't just one or two so it took a few days to deal with them all. We will cross the Han River in such a situation? It was unthinkable.

“We will move along the river. Maybe there is a place that is not damaged. ”

We moved along the river for several hours but the intact bridge could not be found. Instead, we found a group of wanderers.

Han Sooyoung was about to raise her gun but Yoo Sangah moved first. She took the meat out of his backpack, much to Han Sooyoung's displeasure. "What are you doing now?"

“People are hungry. ”

"Continue? You want to share that? You're crazy? Don't you know that humans are the most dangerous existence in an apocalypse? ”

“I can kill them all if I want. ” Han Sooyoung saw the killing intent for a moment on Yoo Sangah's face and covered her mouth. “Because of that, I can save all of them if I want. ”

Yoo Sangah took the meat from the monsters and distributed it to the people. Some people felt sorry and bowed to him.

“Oh, this…”

"It's just leftovers. It does not matter. ”

Kim Dokja left Han Sooyoung alone and pulled the yanaspleta stick from his bag. It was impossible for everyone to become a 'hunter' in this world. Now, there will be a lot of research on monster species around the world. The man who received the plant from Kim Dokja bowed deeply.

"Ah! Thank you…"

"That's okay . Difficulties must be shared. ”

Of course, Kim Dokja was basically a different person from Yoo Sangah. All of Kim Dokja's good deeds were planned activities.

[Some people really like you. ]

[Your understanding of the character 'Shin Yooin' has improved. ]

[Your understanding of the character 'Ma Kangcheol' has improved. ]

[A new character has been added to your bookmarks. ]

Han Sooyoung said sarcastically, “You are a fake. ”

“… Sometimes I do good things. ”

[The constellation 'Fire Demon Judge' is impressed by your good deeds. ]

[400 coins have been sponsored. ]

Kim Dokja then turned around and looked for Alberu, Cale and Choi Han. Of course it's easy to find them. They look very striking with their clothes and hair color, and of course they are very easy to spot because they carry the sun with them.

Kim Dokja didn't know how he could have such thoughts, but somehow every time he looked at Alberu, he felt like he was looking at the sun. Alberu really shines wherever he is. Kim Dokja felt like he finally understood the reason why Cale often called Alberu either sun or light.

Kim Dokja saw Alberu and Cale smiling gently while distributing the remaining meat they had while Choi Han followed behind them with his innocent smile, and the person who received the meat from them looked like they were blessed and looked at Alberu and Cale like saints.

But somehow in Kim Dokja's point of view their smile looks fake of course except for Choi Han, Choi Han's smile is pure and innocent. Kim Dokja felt that Cale and Alberu were a bit like him. Kim Dokja saw Alberu and Cale looking happy to see something in front of them.

Maybe to other people they both look like people who look happy because the person they are helping is thanking them. But to Kim Dokja they both looked happy because they got coins from the constellations.

They may be able to become familiar quickly.

Han Sooyoung grumbled as she watched Yoo Sangah, “Damn, she's like a woman from a novel. ”

Kim Dokja agreed with her words. Yoo Sangah was like the heroine of a novel even before the fall of the world. Now that reality has become a novel…

From among the crowd, a child approached Kim Dokja. She was a young girl the same age as Gilyoung.

"What's that?"

The stooped girl had a Western look. Her eyes were bright and her face was full of exotic cuteness. The boy bowed 90 degrees towards Kim Dokja.

"Thank you . ”

She is a very polite girl. Kim Dokja looked around but didn't see anyone who looked like this child's parent. The girl noticed his gaze and said, “They're not here anymore. ”

"Both of them?" The girl nodded.

Kim Dokja was a bit confused. A child without a guardian survives alone until the fifth scenario. That's nearly impossible in Ways of Survival.

…Wait a moment? As Kim Dokja used the Character List, the girl spoke again, “Then I will go. ”

Did she come just to thank me? Kim Dokja tried to grab the child and reflexively looked at Han Sooyoung. She happened to be looking elsewhere.

"…Careful . ”

Soon it will be dark. Kim Dokja worried for a moment before calling the party members together.

“We will rest here today. ”

We are looking for a place to sleep. The Han River was cold even when we started the fire, so we decided to use the partially destroyed building. Han Sooyoung became firm and warned Yoo Sangah.

"Just looking . People from the past will return. Don't you see they covet our weapons? They will obviously bite the hand that feeds them.”

Han Sooyoung stated that all humans are evil and trash who will repay good with evil. Kim Dokja carefully looked at Yoo Sangah who said, “Not everyone in the apocalypse is evil. ”

“No, it's all bad. Almost everyone is bad. ”

An hour passed.

"They will come soon. Then you will cry. ”

Two hours passed.

“Um, they are patient people. ”

Three hours passed.

“…Is this possible?”

Finally, four hours later, voices began to be heard outside. Yoo Sangah's expression darkened and Han Sooyoung smiled in satisfaction.

"See, what did I say?"

Han Sooyoung had just pulled out her gun when someone entered the building.


Han Sooyoung stopped just as she was about to wake up. The person who came was a young girl. It is the child who politely says thank you during the day. The red-eyed little girl held out something.


It's a blanket. She must have picked it up from the area because she was afraid we might catch a cold. Han Sooyoung made a surprised expression while Yoo Sangah looked blank. In the apocalypse, good intentions are not always rewarded with evil.

[The constellation 'Fire-Devil Judge' is making a loving smile. ]

[2,000 coins have been sponsored. ]

Yoo Sangah acted as the party representative. "Thank you, I'll put it to good use. ”


“By the way, are you alone? It's dangerous to walk around at night. ”

"It's the same everywhere. ”

Yoo Sangah's expression darkened at those words. "Would you like to stay with us?"


"It's fine if you are with us. ”

Yoo Sangah looked at Kim Dokja as if she was asking for permission. However, the girl answer was faster. “I don't want to be a nuisance. ”

It happened when the girl was trying to run away. A flag fluttered from somewhere and fell at the child's feet. The frightened child felt sad and Han Sooyoung's spicy voice followed.

"Wait a moment . You can't leave"

"What are you doing now?" Yoo Sangah looked at Han Sooyoung and spoke in a cold voice. However, Han Sooyoung looked at me.

“Kim Dokja, you don't know what to do? Isn't that why you want to sleep here? ”

Kim Dokja slowly closed his eyes. 'Damn, she noticed… That was a miscalculation'. Kim Dokja had no idea this person could use Attribute Detection. Han Sooyoung asked, “Ah, are you going to act like a hypocrite? Was it because the other person was a child? ”


“The other people are children? Then the criminals have to solve it. ”

Han Sooyoung approached and Yoo Sangah blocked the way.

"Stop . ”

"Get out of the way. Do you want me to kill you? "

“Why did you kill an ordinary child all of a sudden?”

"Ordinary child?" Han Sooyoung laughed and pointed at the child.

"I told you to stop. At the same time, Yoo Sangah's dagger pointed at Han Sooyoung's neck. Then Han Sooyoung summoned dozens of avatars.

Suddenly a sword landed beside Han Sooyoung's neck, it was Choi Han's sword. Han Sooyoung grumbled.

“Kim Dokja, explain quickly. Before I turn around and kill everyone. ”

It ended like this. Kim Dokja sighed and opened his mouth. “This child…”

The girl looked at Kim Dokja with innocent eyes and Kim Dokja felt a sense of urgency. Kim Dokja could see Alberu and Cale staring at him and waiting for him to continue his sentence.

“…Five days later, she will destroy Seoul. ”

Choi Han looked at Kim Dokja with a look of disbelief, Alberu slowly walked over to Choi Han and put his hand on Choi Han's shoulder to calm him down whereas Cale was looking at the girl with a look that Kim Dokja couldn't decipher.

Yoo Sangah's eyes trembled. If Han Sooyoung didn't find out, Kim Dokja might have let it go, but now there was nothing that could be done. This damn scenario never gives us the happy ending we want.

[The constellation 'Abyssal Black Flame Dragon' smiled. ]

[Many constellations are interested in the development of this scenario. ]

It had been a long time since the constellation message had looked so hateful.

“This child is the final disaster of the fifth scenario. ”

Cale closed his eyes for a moment and thought 'She is similar to On'. Cale thought in his heart before finally opening his eyes and walking slowly towards the child with his sharp gaze. The girl saw it and immediately hid behind Kim Dokja.

Kim Dokja who felt the urgency immediately hid the girl behind his back. Kim Dokja knew if Cale had made a decision, then Alberu and Choi Han would immediately follow him, and if Cale had decided to kill the child, then Alberu and Choi Han would be happy to help him.

Cale stood in front of Kim Dokja and looked at him with his stoic gaze.

“Get out of the way” Cale said in his even tone. Han Sooyoung who saw this smiled triumphantly while Alberu and Choi Han looked like they were waiting for Cale's next direction.

Kim Dokja gulped before answering Cale. “No, I won't let you hurt her let alone kill her” Kim Dokja said, but he could hear Cale sigh.

“I just want to talk to her, I won't do anything to her” Cale said with a stoic face, but for some reason Kim Dokja felt that Cale wouldn't do anything dangerous to the child. So Kim Dokja stepped aside and Cale approached the child.

Cale stood in front of the child who seemed to be shaking in fear, then crouched down to match the child's height.

"Are you afraid of me?" Cale asked with a gentle tone and a gentler facial expression than before.

The child stared at Cale for a while before finally shaking her head. Cale smiled seeing that, he stroked the child's head and said.

"I will not hurt you"

The girl's eyes trembled before finally closing her eyes. Seeing that Cale gave a small smile before finally standing up and turning around.

Cale could see Han Sooyoung looking at him with a look of disbelief and Yoo Sangah's grateful gaze. Cale looked at Alberu and Choi Han who were smiling as if to say 'We knew that you would say that'.

Kim Dokja then looked at Cale, he thought Cale was a strategic person. He wouldn't act until he thought it through. He is a good person, but he can also be a cruel person if something puts his friends and colleagues at risk.

And when in front of him saw a child who was at risk of becoming a danger to his comrades, Kim Dokja thought at first Cale would kill her straight away. But he was wrong, Cale didn't kill the child, he even said he wouldn't hurt her.

'Even people seem to still have a soft spot for a child' Kim Dokja thought before finally speaking to Cale.

"Is that okay?" asked Kim Dokja and Cale just nodded in response.

"But you know in the future-

“Knowing the future doesn't allow you to control everything” Cale said with his stoic gaze.

This was the second time Kim Dokja had heard those lines, the first by Yoo Jonghyuk and the second by Cale. Kim Dokja could understand why Yoo Jonghyuk said that, Yoo Jonghyuk knew what would happen in the future, but he still couldn't control everything.

Kim Dokja was sure Yoo Jonghyuk said that based on his own experience, but Cale, did he have any experience related to the future?

"How did you know that?" Ask Kim Dokja

“Experience” Cale replied with his flat gaze.

Kim Dokja gasped after listening to Cale's words, he didn't expect to get this answer.

"So, you ever know what will happen in the future?" asked Han Sooyoung with a look of disbelief.

“It was more predictive than knowing what happened right away” Cale replied

"It's the same!" shouted Han Sooyoung.

“Not really” Cale replied.

“So, what did you do after knowing that prediction for the future?” asked Kim Dokja.

“Of course, trying my best to avoid a future I don't want.” Cale replied, he could feel Choi Han and Alberu's gazes directed at him. Cale looked at Alberu and Choi Han who seemed to be leaving any decisions to him.

“Can you tell us an example of a future prediction you saw and how you handled it?” ask Yoo Sangah

“Of course.” Cale replied while nodding his head. Meanwhile Kim Dokja was surprised that Cale would so easily tell them that.

So Kim Dokja waited………….but he didn't expect such an answer.

“That's the weather prediction.” Cale replied with his stoic face.

"Hah?!" That was all that came out of Han Sooyoung's mouth.

Han Sooyoung was surprised, Yoo Sangah was surprised, Kim Dokja was surprised, even Choi Han and Alberu were surprised to hear Cale's answer.

Cale noticed the people who were looking at him with those disbelieving gazes, so he continued so that everyone would understand what he meant.

“Have you all never seen the weather forecast? I'm sure you must at least see the weather forecast once in your life. Isn't that a prediction of the future?"

Cale sighed after noticing that everyone there had not yet understood what he meant, so he continued his explanation.

"Suppose that in the afternoon before you leave your house to go to the place you want to visit, you see the weather prediction, if the weather is predicted it will rain in the afternoon and it will be bright in the morning, of course you will choose to go in the morning right?

But, if you are forced to go during the day, of course you will take precautions by bringing an umbrella, right? But, sometimes nature likes to play with us. When we decided to go in the morning, it was raining and you were wet.

That's why there is a saying prepare an umbrella before it rains. We have to prepare for what happens in the future” Cale explained

Cale could see Han Sooyoung starting to nod her head as if she understood,

“But the thing is, it's going to be a storm and not a rain. Isn't it a waste if you bring an umbrella," said Han Sooyoung.

“That's why the Raincoat was created” replied Kim Dokja who was beside Cale.

"But you'll still get wet!" Han Sooyoung shouted

"Then shouldn't you just stay home or go some other way?" Said Alberu who was behind Han Sooyoung.

"He's right, won't if you stay at home or go the other way, you won't get rained on or caught in the storm?" Said Kim Dokja.

"I was wondering if we had the same conversation from the start," said Han Sooyoung. "In the first place, you just wanted to convince me that I didn't kill the child."

“That's right” Cale said

That night, the child did not die. Cale had already decided he wouldn't hurt her so that automatically Alberu and Choi Han wouldn't hurt the child either. Yoo Sangah also didn't want to kill her and Kim Dokja agreed.

"Do what you want . Han Sooyoung muttered and left in a huff, leaving only Yoo Sangah, Cale, Alberu, Choi Han and Kim Dokja in the abandoned building. The child is temporarily frozen with a Hit a Pressure Point.


“Cale go to sleep first, Choi Han and I will be on guard” Alberu said who saw Cale still watching the girl.

"She similar to On isn't she, she reminds you of her that's why you didn't kill her" said Choi Han leaning against the wall.

Cale didn't answer but simply turned around and started leaning next to Choi Han.

“This is too troublesome, I'd better just sleep” said Cale who immediately closed his eyes and tried to sleep.

A few minutes later Choi Han could feel that Cale had fallen asleep leaning against the wall. Choi Han could see Cale's head starting to sway left and right like he was looking for comfort.

Seeing this Choi Han immediately carried Cale's head and rested it on his shoulder. Choi Han could see Cale was calmer as his head rested on his shoulder. Choi Han smiled slightly after seeing Cale sleeping peacefully on his shoulder. Choi Han slightly wished this moment could last longer.

But unfortunately, it seems that the universe is not on Choi Han's side. Choi Han could see Alberu slowly walking towards him and standing in front of him. Choi Han could see Alberu starting to smile after seeing Cale leaning on his shoulder.

“Instructor-nim, isn't it time for you to be on guard?” Say Alberu

“But Cale-

"I'll take care of him here, so you don't have to worry about him"

Alberu slowly walked over and leaned beside Cale and immediately took Cale's head off Choi Han's shoulder and rested it on his shoulder. Alberu could see Cale moving slightly due to the sudden displacement, and seeing Cale still looking uncomfortable Alberu immediately stroked Cale's head and a moment later Cale calmed down.

Alberu smiled at this before turning to look at Choi Han. “Choi Han, are you not going?”

Choi Han flinched slightly before finally picking up his sword and preparing to leave. Choi Han walked a few steps forward before finally turning around and stroking Cale's head.

“I'll go first Cale” Choi Han whispered before leaving.

After seeing Choi Han disappear, Alberu sighed and turned his head to look at Cale who was asleep on his shoulder. Alberu gave a small smile before closing his eyes and enjoying the silence of the night with Cale.

And that was how the night passed for Alberu and Choi Han, and without the two of them realizing it Cale was still awake and confused as to why Choi Han and Alberu were fighting over his head. Cale still closed his eyes and didn't open them because he was afraid that an awkward atmosphere would be created if he woke up while his head was being grabbed.

And that was how Cale leaned on Alberu's shoulder all night and finally fell into a deep sleep.

On the other hand, while Choi Han was walking at night, he met Kim Dokja who seemed to be talking to Han Sooyoung. Choi Han immediately erased his presence and walked slowly towards Kim Dokja and hid behind a pillar.

Han Sooyoung asked Kim Dokja, “What did you decide?”

"I'm still thinking. ”

Han Sooyoung frowned at the doubt in Kim Dokja's voice. She whispered while watching Yoo Sangah and Shin Yoosung but still didn't notice Choi Han's where abouts. "Have you forgotten? Yoo Jonghyuk almost died from the last disaster in the third regression. ”

"He's not dead. ”

"It does not matter. What's important is that we can't win in a frontal battle. ”

“If you haven't killed him, then Imaginary Demon Kim Namwoon could have…”

“I certainly said that I was against it. I warn you, do you think I will do nothing? "

[Some constellations don't like roasting sweet potatoes. ]

[The constellation 'Golden Headband Prison' is preparing a carbonated drink for sweet potatoes. ] (TL: Once again, sweet potato describes a stuffy feeling while a carbonated fruit juice drink is a refreshing feeling)

[The constellation 'Fire Demon Judge' expects your sage's punishment. ]

Choi Han followed Kim Dokja without him noticing and when he saw Kim Dokja talking to the child, Choi Han hid again and listened to their conversation.

“Ahjussi, can you see the future?”


“I… am I a bad person in the future?”

Maybe she overheard Kim Dokja's conversation, but Choi Han could hear that Kim Dokja replied calmly, “Maybe. ”

"How bad am I?"

“You are probably the worst person in Seoul. ”

“As bad as Joker or Thanos?”

"I don't know. ”

Shin Yoosung lowered his head. "That's not normal. ”


"I've become a bad person. ”

'In this world, everyone is forced to commit crimes. Not everyone can rationalize things like that.' thought Choi Han.

Choi Han could see determination filling the frightened child's eyes. The expression of someone determined to die was no different for an adult or a child.

"You can kill me. I am ready . ”

Choi Han gasped after hearing the girl words, Choi Han watched carefully, Choi Han had already decided to act if Kim Dokja was going to do something bad. Choi Han tightly gripped the sword still in its scabbard and observed Kim Dokja's decision.

Choi Han could see Kim Dokja stroking the girl head and saying, “Don't worry. Your death was not the ending I wanted. ”

Choi Han smiled at that before letting go of his grip and watching the girl eyes tremble, before finally speaking again.

“But I have to die…”

“There is a way to stop the disaster. ”

Choi Han could hear Han Sooyoung sigh behind Kim Dokja. By his side, Yoo Sangah watched with her lips tightly shut.

“I can do it with your help. ”

Choi Han could see Kim Dokja doing something and taking out some items. Choi Han could see the girl mouth hanging open and after a few items disappeared the girl paled.

“W-What is this?”

"It's okay, I have a lot of money. ”

Choi Han chuckled after listening to Kim Dokja's words, the lines that Kim Dokja spoke were similar to what Cale used to say. 'I have a lot of money', Kim Dokja's expression as he said that was even similar to Cale's expression.

"Ahjussi, who are you?"

"I'm Dokja. Kim Dokja." Kim Dokja knocked on the head of the child who had lost her sense of realism.

“In the next five days, this Child, who might become a disaster, will become my 'first incarnation' in this round… you will become stronger than anyone here. ”

Choi Han smiled after hearing the conversation, he saw Kim Dokja start to turn around and start walking towards him. At first Choi Han thought that Kim Dokja was aware of his existence, but seeing Kim Dokja walking without paying attention to him made Choi Han feel calm.

Choi Han saw Kim Dokja standing at the end of the room looking at the scenery outside. Choi Han slowly walked closer to Kim Dokja and finally patted him on the shoulder.

"Gah!" Kim Dokja was surprised by someone's clapping behind him. Kim Dokja immediately turned around and saw Choi Han behind him smiling innocently

'I can't feel his presence' thought Kim Dokja, wait 'since when did he follow me?'

"Is there anything I can help you with?" Ask Kim Dokja

Choi Han didn't answer but just put his hand on Kim Dokja's shoulder.

‘Does he want to kill me?’ thought Kim Dokja

['Choi Han' has given you 50,000 coins]

"Hah?!" Kim Dokja was surprised after receiving such a large amount of coins.

[Many constellations are surprised by your deeds]

"Why?" That was all Kim Dokja could say after receiving the coin. He was very surprised, after all who wouldn't be surprised if someone followed him secretly but suddenly gave out a huge amount of coins.

“Didn't you just buy a bunch of items for that child? I just replaced your coin as my help” said Choi han with a smile

[Many constellations were touched by your deeds]

"But this is too much" said Kim Dokja

"It's okay, I have a lot of money" said Choi Han with a chuckle, he thought that saying this was more fun than he thought.

Kim Dokja fell silent after listening to Choi Han's words, those were the words he used when talking to Shin Yoosung. Kim Dokja smiled slightly at the thought. He thought they were getting along, right?

"Thank you" said Kim Dokja with a smile

"You're welcome" replied Choi Han

Chapter Text

Cale wanted to sleep a little longer, but he felt a weight on his shoulders, so Cale couldn't help but open his eyes to check what was going on.

And to Cale's surprise, when he opened his eyes, he saw Alberu's head leaning on his left shoulder while on his right was Choi Han's head.

And so on that beautiful morning, the moment Cale opened his eyes, he found Alberu and Choi Han leaning on his shoulders. Cale looked at the two people sleeping next to him, Cale observed that the two of them looked calm and peaceful while sleeping.

Cale saw that the two of them were sleeping peacefully and comfortably. Cale gave a small smile after seeing the two of them, but slowly Cale's smile started to fade and Cale finally realized the reason why he woke up.

“Heavy” Cale whispered

'This is heavy' Cale thought, he still didn't move from his spot because he was afraid it would wake the two of them up. However, he felt that his shoulder would soon break if he was left like this.

“Ugh” Cale tried to move a little to reduce the weight on his shoulders, but when Cale tried to move, it felt like his body was being stabbed with needles and numbness in certain parts of the body.

The state was temporary, but because Cale's body was shaking, Alberu and Choi Han immediately woke up from their sleep and both realized that they were asleep on Cale's shoulder.

"I'm sorry" Choi Han immediately got up and apologized to Cale

“Cale, are you okay?” Alberu asked with a panicked expression after seeing Cale visibly shaking.

“I seem to be tingling” Cale whispered

Alberu immediately helped Cale by moving to the back of Cale to massage his shoulders whereas Choi Han moved to the front and took Cale's hand and then started massaging it.


Cale flinched slightly as Alberu and Choi Han started massaging parts of his body. He felt his body start to shake as Alberu and Choi Han started to circulate their blood.

“Your Majesty, I didn't know you could do this well.” Cale said as he closed his eyes because he was still uncomfortable with this.

“I can do many things well” Alberu said with a small smile

“Including massaging my shoulders?” Cale asked who was still closing his eyes

“Of course, I'm not only an expert at doing that, I can massage any part of the body, how Cale are you interested” Alberu said with a small chuckle.

"Is it free?"

“Is that what concerns you, huh…..

Alberu sighed as he massaged Cale's shoulders, and Choi Han only chuckled at the behavior of the two. Choi Han let go of Cale's right arm and started massaging his left arm.

Cale flinched slightly when he felt his left hand being touched all of a sudden, Cale immediately moved but he ended up slipping causing his body to fall and grab Choi Han.

Cale's body crashed into Alberu's chest, and of course Alberu quickly restrained Cale's body, but because Choi Han was pulled suddenly, he fell in the same direction as Cale and quickly restrained his body from hitting Cale.

And that was how Choi Han stopped right in front of Cale's face with Cale leaning on Alberu's back. It happened so fast that if it wasn't handled by the experts, then perhaps something untoward would happen.

Cale immediately opened his eyes and saw Choi Han's face only inches in front of him and when Cale looked up, he immediately saw Alberu's face that was staring back at him. The three of them immediately realized that they were in a position that could lead to misunderstandings if anyone saw them.

Choi Han was at the front and Alberu was at the back, while Cale was in the middle and caught between the two. Choi Han immediately realized that he was the one who had to transfer first.

However, just as Choi Han was about to move, they noticed someone's footsteps and the three of them immediately turned their heads and saw Kim Dokja standing while looking at them with dumbfounded faces.

They looked at each other and after a while Kim Dokja turned away from it.

"Sorry to disturb"


It was already morning when Kim Dokja woke up to a message from Uriel saying that he had to take care of his incarnation. Ever since Kim Dokja announced about the sponsor selection, Uriel had always been watching over him and following him wherever he went.

Since last night, Shin Yoosung had been practicing her skills in one corner of the abandoned building. Shin Yoosung used the magic power recovery potion that Kim Dokja had given her and continued to use the skill on a nearby young groll.

A faint aura stretched from Shin Yoosung and touched the groll's skin. This is the power of Diverse Communication that Kim Dokja saw in Lee Gilyoung.

Kim Dokja looked at Shin Yoosung who had dark circles under her eyes. “Yoosung, are you sleeping?”

"Not yet . ”

“Don't you know the punishment for not sleeping? Go to sleep . ”

"A little bit more. ”

[The character 'Shin Yoosung' has used 'Diverse Communication Lv. 8.']

[The character 'Shin Yoosung' has used 'Taming Lv. 7']

Shin Yoosung's concentration immediately disappeared.

[Tame has failed!]

[The monster starts to run wild!]

The gate slipped out of control and rushed towards Shin Yoosung. Before Kim Dokja could move, Han Sooyoung who was sleeping nearby acted. The door stopped moving when it hit the wall of the abandoned building. Han Sooyoung fell asleep again.

Shin Yoosung lowered her head as if she was embarrassed. “…I have no talent. ”

'If she doesn't have talent then I have to kill myself.' thought Kim Dokja

Shin Yoosung was someone who killed her dog with her own hands. It's for survival. This fact is still stored in this child's heart. Kim Dokja thought for a moment before saying, “Do you know? If all scenarios are cleared, you can make a request…”

“Ahjussi's face changes when you lie. Your nostrils become bigger. ”

This reminded Kim Dokja of Gilyoung. Perhaps children with Diverse Communication are more sensitive to body language. Kim Dokja decided to advance like a gangster. "…What do you want to ask?"

"Can I do it?"

"You can do it . ”

“You speak without sincerity. ”

"I choose you." Shin Yoosung's eyes trembled at Kim Dokja's words. “I chose you, not Seoul. I don't regret it. ”


“You can do better than anyone else. ”

Shin Yoosung looked at Kim Dokja as she squeezed her fingers together. Then she started crying. “Ahjusshi, if I really become strong…”


Shin Yoosung hesitated for a moment before laughing. "That's okay . I will try hard. ”

Kim Dokja suddenly turned his head to where Han Sooyoung was lying when she woke up. Han Sooyoung noticed Kim Dokja's gaze and turned around. This girl, she was sulking since yesterday.

Kim Dokja called out to him. "Hey. ”


“Are you going to keep sulking?”

"Don't talk to me. ”

"There's something I want to ask you. ”

Han Sooyoung raised an eyebrow at Kim Dokja's words. Kim Dokja lowered his voice so that Shin Yoosung couldn't hear and asked,

“What do you think about my appearance? Especially when compared to Yoo Jonghyuk. ”

Han Sooyoung looked at Kim Dokja like an insect entered her ear. "Why are you asking me this?"

"I just wanted to know. ”

Kim Dokja has never been interested in his appearance since graduating from high school. Then Kim Dokja thought about the reaction of the Emissaries when he pretended to be Yoo Jonghyuk and he seemed ugly.

[ The windy constellations are looking at you like you are pathetic. ]

Han Sooyoung replied, “If Cale Henituse's face can slap Yoo Jonghyuk's face a hundred times, then his face can slap your face a thousand times, accept your fate. ”


“… To that extent?”

“All I can do now is comfort you. ”

Kim Dokja immediately turned around and left, he wanted to go find Cale and confirm it up close in person.

But he shouldn't have gone.

Kim Dokja truly regretted his decision to go see Cale back then. He should have been more patient and either go to see him later or not go see him at all.

He should have been patient and he wouldn't have seen that scene.

Kim Dokja wandered around the building looking for Cale and how surprised he was when he saw Cale being between Alberu and Choi Han. Kim Dokja knew the three of them had a close relationship that he couldn't understand, but now he seemed to understand why he couldn't understand their relationship yet. Their relationship is too complicated.

Kim Dokja looked at Cale's body sandwiched between Choi Han and Alberu with Choi Han's face that seemed to be only inches away from Cale's face and Alberu's face that was looking down more precisely at Cale at a close distance.

Kim Dokja might be able to assume that the incident was caused by an unexpected accident. But, why was Cale's body shaking?

That's the question here, and after a while Kim Dokja came to a misleading decision.

"Sorry to disturb"

[ The constellation 'Demon-like Judge of Fire' is excited about this situation ]

[ The constellation 'Prisoner of the Golden Headband' honors your taste ]

[The constellation 'Secretive Plotter' thinks it's ridiculous]

[The constellation 'Abyssal Black Flame Dragon' laughs]

[ Constellations who like to change their gender are attracted ]

[ 3,000 coins have been sponsored ]

“What kind of nonsense is this” Cale whispered

Kim Dokja immediately turned around and was about to leave.

[ Constellation 'Demon-like Judge of Fire' says to watch a little longer]

Kim Dokja immediately ignored whatever happened there and immediately left the place, Kim Dokja walked at a normal speed and pretended not to see anything.

Cale who realized the misunderstanding that had occurred immediately told Choi Han to get up and chase after him.

Choi Han immediately got up and went after Kim Dokja, but just as Cale was about to stand up, he couldn't keep his balance and almost fell. Alberu who saw Cale still shaking from the tingling immediately supported Cale with his hand. And so the two of them walked slowly with Cale being supported by Alberu's hand.

Kim Dokja was currently running to avoid Choi Han who was chasing him. Kim Dokja was sure that his stats were at their max in this scenario, even so Choi Han was still able to catch up to him and even end up catching him.

Choi Han cornered Kim Dokja up to the wall and put his hands on the wall and trapped Kim Dokja, so that Kim Dokja couldn't go anywhere (Kabedon). Kim Dokja leaned against the wall with Choi Han in front of him.

[The constellation 'Demon-like Judge of Fire' is excited about this situation]

[ 500 coins have been sponsored ]

Kim Dokja reflexively covered his body with his hands and looked at Choi Han nervously. Choi Han realized that he misunderstood Kim Dokja again by cornering him against the wall. Choi Han immediately let go of his hands and took a few steps back.

"I'm sorry," said Choi Han, lowering his head.

"No, it's my fault for disturbing your activities," said Kim Dokja, looking the other way.

Kim Dokja could see Choi Han's eyes were shaking.

Choi Han gasped after hearing that, he was one hundred percent sure that Kim Dokja had misunderstood what had happened earlier. Especially now that Kim Dokja is trying to cover his body with his hands.

"You misunderstood" said Choi Han

"It's okay, I won't tell anyone"

"No, it's not what you think"

[ The constellation 'Demon-like Judge of Fire' likes this situation ]

[The constellation that likes to change its gender smiles]

[ 800 coins have been sponsored ]

Kim Dokja wanted to protest against Uriel and the other constellations, but he saw Cale coming supported by Alberu.

“Shit, next time, if you guys want to do it, don't do it from the front and back” Cale said in a grumbling tone.

'No, Cale stop it, your words could lead him to misunderstand' Choi Han thought in his heart.

'From the front and the back? Oh-' Kim Dokja thought that he was already caught in an unpleasant situation.

'Act normal, act normal, Kim Dokja, you have to act normal' Kim Dokja reassured himself before speaking.

“Are you okay, you still seem to be shaking” Kim Dokja said while pointing at Cale's trembling legs.

‘Stupid, what did I say?’ Kim Dokja cursed himself in his heart.

Cale looked at his legs which still seemed to be shaking, Cale looked at Kim Dokja who seemed to be acting normal. Has Choi Han explained the situation to him? Then wouldn't it be fine if I told him?

“Alberu and Choi Han were too eager to massage me, then that situation happened” Cale said in a relaxed tone without noticing Choi Han's increasingly desperate expression and Alberu's confused expression.

On the other hand Kim Dokja was getting more and more nervous about this situation, he thought about Cale's words once again 'massage me…..and that situation happened'. Kim Dokja thought about what had happened and came to a conclusion.

In the morning - massaging - the situation happened - did it from the front and back - then he came.

Kim Dokja stared at the floor of the building and didn't dare to look at the three. "I'm sorry" he repeated again.

“It's fine, everyone would do the same to you if anyone saw it too” Cale said with a relieved expression and Choi Han's expression worsened even more.

Alberu who noticed Choi Han's change in expression instantly realized that Cale had misunderstood. Alberu wanted to immediately tell him however,

"I'm sorry, if I didn't come you guys would probably have done it much longer"

This is getting worse Alberu and Choi Han thought. Alberu wanted to stop this misunderstanding but Cale was faster than him.

“It's okay, doing that for too long will be too painful for me” Cale spoke while thinking, 'isn't it better to let the tingling go away on its own instead of massaging it?'

On the other hand, Kim Dokja's expression became increasingly uncontrollable, he really didn't know what to express.

Alberu who saw this immediately cut off this conversation so that no one would be misunderstood again.

“Kim Dokja-ssi, it really isn't what you think it is.”

"It's okay I got it"

“No, you don't understand at all, you misunderstood and Cale, you also misunderstood.”

"Hah?" Kim Dokja and Cale asked with their confused expressions.

"Let me explain"


A few moments later……

“So it was just a tingling and you guys tried to help him by massaging him, but Cale slipped so it happened and Cale's legs were shaking because he had been sitting for too long” Kim Dokja repeated

"Right!" Said Choi Han with a bright expression

[ The constellation 'Demon-like Judge of Fire' likes this misunderstanding ]

[ The constellation 'Prisoner of the Golden Headband' likes your friendship ]

[The constellation 'Secretive Plotter' still thinks it's ridiculous]

[The constellation 'Abyssal Black Flame Dragon' laughs]

[ Constellations that like to change their gender are getting more and more interested ]

'To hell with the tingling' thought Kim Dokja

Kim Dokja had completely forgotten his original goal and ended up taking Cale, Alberu and Choi Han to hunt monsters.

We hunt monsters around us and collect coins. Kim Dokja invested the collected coins into Shin Yoosung, causing her stats to grow extremely fast.

The coins were mainly used for agility and magic power. That's to maximize the benefits of Agile Feet, Taming and Diverse Communication.

When night fell again, Shin Yoosung finally learned Advanced Diverse Communication. However, the Taming skill still didn't work. Shin Yoosung asked, “My future will be much stronger?”

Of course . The current Shin Yoosung was no match for the future Shin Yoosung.

However, if she trained intensively then she could seal one of Shin Yoosung's important abilities in the future. The Flood Calamity was dangerous because she could lead an army on her own.

“I trust you more than the future yet to come. ”

If the future Shin Yoosung could do it then it was a possibility for the current Shin Yoosung. Moreover, there was a chance of winning if she faced her future. It was because the future Shin Yoosung could never kill the current Shin Yoosung.

Yoo Sangah gave a short prayer after eating the groll meat and cleaning the bones.

“Yoo Sangah-ssi is religious?”

"No, not me."

“Then why pray…”

“I did it for the gods of Olympus. ”

A prayer so realistic that Kim Dokja was dumbfounded. It reminded him. The gods we know have come true and the objects of our prayers are unclear.

“Today Cale, Alberu and Choi Han will be on guard. Yoo Sangah can sleep. ”

"Is it okay?"

"Yes ."

Kim Dokja recalled that the three had offered to stand guard that night. It seemed that he wasn't the only one who was traumatized by the incident.

Yoo Sangah lay down and fell asleep first. Han Sooyoung leaned against the opposite wall and fiddled with her smartphone.

It's natural to feel uncomfortable. They are basically enemies. Han Sooyoung's idea was the opposite of Yoo Sangah's ideal. No matter what happened in the future, the two of them would be more antagonistic than friendly.

The tired Shin Yoosung had fallen asleep and only embers remained from the fire. Han Sooyoung spoke first. "You sleep too. ”

Kim Dokja lay on the floor but sleep didn't come easily. There are four days left until the start of the fifth scenario. Shin Yoosung didn't make any new progress today but a message came from the Gangseo area this afternoon.

[Someone has dealt with the Ice Calamity coming from the west. ]

This is the message. Kim Dokja didn't need to ask who killed the disaster. Yoo Jonghyuk had prevented the disaster that would cause Seoul to become an Ice Age. Maybe he had met Lee Hyunsung.

At some point, Kim Dokja fell asleep. Maybe because he was too tired or maybe he was bothered by the unexpected comfort. It was a short but sweet sleep. However, maybe Kim Dokja shouldn't have fallen asleep.

When Kim dokja opened his eyes the next day, Han Sooyoung was a cold corpse.

‘Did Choi Han kill her?

'No, if Choi Han kills him, he won't leave his corpse as evidence'

Kim Dokja's heart sank as he looked for Han Sooyoung's pulse. Kim Dokja was more surprised by the fact that Han Sooyoung was dead. A little time passed before Kim Dokja's senses returned.

“… Dokja-ssi?” Yoo Sangah noticed something and got up. Kim Dokja examined Han Sooyoung's corpse with the help of Yoo Sangah.

"There are no injuries. ”

The situation stopped. No wound. Then is it poison? If there was a poison that could kill Han Sooyoung without leaving a trace then it was a terrible poison.

However, such a poison could not be released now. That's not the only problem. Why was only Han Sooyoung poisoned while the rest were safe? Even if there were people with such poison, there was no reason to just poison Han Sooyoung.

It was strange that Kim Dokja suddenly felt asleep from the start.

…Wait a minute, he fell asleep?

"Uh, I'm sorry. I sleep too much. Shin Yoosung finally opened his eyes.

Suddenly Kim Dokja looked back at Yoo Sangah. “Yoo Sangah-ssi, did you sleep through the night?”

"…Yes . ”

Kim Dokja is feeling stupid. His suspicions should have started from 'Why am I sleeping?' instead of 'Who killed Han Sooyoung?'

Is it a sleeping spell? No, only the returnees possessed such magic. Hitting the Pressure Point? Only Choi Han here could do it, or Alberu might be able to do it too, but there was no reason why they would do that.

In the end, there was only one answer left. Kim Dokja approached the fire where the groll bones he ate yesterday hung.

This is the only possibility for everyone who is asleep. Kim Dokja cleaned the eaten bones clean from their flesh and some green powder fell to the ground.

'This is a yanaspleta stem. '

As expected. There's only one reason it's here. Someone has mixed powdered plant stems into groll meat. The stem of yanaspleta has a strong sleeping effect if not taken with juice. It was non-toxic so it couldn't be solved with Dongui Bogam. That's why Kim Dokja always boils it with juice.

“Who cooked the groll yesterday?”

“That is Sooyoung-ssi…”

Inwardly Kim Dokja sighed. The meat he ate yesterday was the young groll that Shin Yoosung failed to tame. The person who killed it was none other than Han Sooyoung.

"That's one hit. ”

Kim Dokja approached Han Sooyoung's pale body. Kim Dokja felt so confused that he forgot something for a while. The avatar doesn't disappear unless its head is crushed.

However, why did she arrange this drama? She was bound by the 'Temporary Oath' and could not escape. At that moment, a blue light emerged from Han Sooyoung's heart. This…?

"Wait a moment . ”

Kim Dokja didn't care about other people's reactions and trampled on Han Sooyoung's head. The blue light exploded and the avatar was destroyed.

[Han Sooyoung's character avatar has received punishment for violating the contract. ]

[Han Sooyoung's character has offered her avatar as a sacrifice to compensate for most of the Temporary Oath punishment. ]


Yoo Sangah groaned as if she realized something. Kim Dokja had no idea that avatars had such an effect. Kim Dokja had seen her receive damages in her real name, but he had no idea it could receive a contract penalty. It seemed that only part of the punishment was offset but Han Sooyoung would not die.

Shin Yoosung asked, "That unni left?"

"It seems so . ”

The question why is meaningless. As soon as Kim Dokja thought about it, Han Sooyoung didn't have much of a relationship with her.


Han Sooyoung turned on her notepad and started typing something. It is the habit of a writer to write it down when inspiration comes.

[ Reading a book does not mean you will understand people. ]

"I'll see you again. '

Shee didn't know the ending Kim Dokja wanted. However, they would definitely meet again as long as they continued moving towards the end.

[She didn't know if they would be enemies or not the next time they met. ]

Han Sooyoung covered her smartphone and started walking.


The morning hours passed quickly.

That afternoon, Shin Yoosung's agility and magic power reached the scenario limit of level 60. Kim Dokja felt it was time and bought a Sponsor Contract from Bihyung. Bihyung grumbled but still gave him the contract.

[…You know this won't turn a disaster?]


[Currently she is not directly related to future disasters. Calamity comes from a world originating from the 'first world' line. Even if their existences are connected, history…]

'Don't say useless words and give me a contract.'

Kim Dokja finished writing the contract and handed it over to Shin Yoosung. “I have no stigma now and can't lend my power like other constellations. I only have a lot of coins. ”


"You don't have to sign a contract if you don't want to. However, you won't regret it if you come in with me. ”

“Mom said not to mess with this kind of thing…”

"Does not matter . I don't mean to be a regular sponsor. ”

"If I sign this, I can't make a contract with another constellation?"

"Yes . ”

Shin Yoosung nodded with determination. "Well . I believe in Ahjussi. ”

[Sponsor Contract has been completed. ]

[You have become the sponsor of the incarnation of 'Shin Yoosung. ']

A bright light rose and circled Kim Dokja and Shin Yoosung. In contrast to the brilliant light, a simple message appeared.

[You are not a constellation. You cannot use most sponsor functions. ]

[List of Available Functions]

[1. Incarnation sponsor. ]

[2. Push incarnation. ]

[The Constellation Secretive Plotter congratulates you on your first contract. ]

[5,000 coins have been sponsored. ]

[A number of constellations want to be your sponsor. ]

The reaction of the constellations was hot. It was different from the time with Gong Pildu. Shin Yoosung is now the direct incarnation of Kim Dokja. Because of that, the group of 'incarnation seekers' went crazy over him.

Kim Dokja is not a constellation, he is an 'incarnation' with an 'incarnation. 'If they signed a contract with him, Shin Yoosung would naturally be under that constellation as well. As Kim Dokja increased the number of incarnations, the number of constellations desiring him would increase rapidly.

[The channel is going crazy…!]

Bihyung screamed happily when Kim Dokja saw his group. "It's time for us to go. We will cross the Han River. ”

“We still haven't found the bridge. Will it be okay? "

"We're going to swim. ”


"Don't you know how to swim?"

“I know but…” Yoo Sangah looked at the river worriedly.

Kim Dokja knew what she was worried about. The water level of the Han River has risen. There were more ichthyosaurs present than yesterday and they called out every now and then. They were all 7th graders. Shin Yoosung muttered, “I can't swim…”

“Hold this and cross it. ”

Kim Dokja took out the styrofoam box he had gotten earlier. Kim Dokja asked Yoo Sangah to link the box to himself using Arwne's Spider Web.

"Let's go . ”

Kim Dokja was ready to jump into the Han River without hesitation, but just as Kim Dokja was about to jump, he saw Cale walking past him and standing at the very front.

“I don't like getting wet” Cale said while looking at the river water.

"I don't like it either, but it can't be helped" Kim Dokja explained

“No, this shirt will get really heavy if it gets wet, and it's troublesome” Cale said in his usual flat tone.

"Well, you can not get wet if you can split this river and walk in the middle" said Kim Dokja jokingly

“Oh, you're right, I can split this river and walk in the middle of it” Cale said with a small smile.

"Of course you- wait, you can do that?" Kim Dokja asked with an expression of disbelief.

"Why not?"

Cale immediately walked over and started to close his eyes. He could feel the flow of water around him. Cale raised both his hands and the stream of water started to move according to the movement of his hands.

On the other hand Kim Dokja could feel and see that the surrounding water flow was starting to come under Cale's control. ‘how many abilities he has’ thought Kim Dokja while observing Cale.

Kim Dokja could see Cale starting to move his hands forward, he could also see Cale starting to open his eyes and clapping his hands.


The Han River split in two and Kim Dokja looked at Cale who was looking at the road in the middle with a satisfied smile. Kim Dokja saw Cale start to turn around and smile

"Let's go!"

Cale walked first followed by Choi Han and Alberu, Kim Dokja could see Shin Yoosung putting down the styrofoam box and walking with Yoo Sangah. Kim Dokja sighed before finally following them.

'Well, you can split the river as you please. It's just that terms and conditions apply' Kim Dokja thought while looking at the wall of water beside him.

The cold temperature of the Han River wrapped around Kim Dokja's body. There was a strange beast smell and the ichthyosaur's movements began to change. Yoo Sangah asked,

“Is this really okay?” ask Yoo Sangah

"If it's really dangerous then get out as soon as possible." replied Kim Dokja


"That's why you have to pretend you're in danger before it's actually dangerous."


"This is so that Yoosung can quickly evolve. I deliberately created a crisis. Understand?"

An ordinary girl would never be able to survive until the fifth scenario. Shin Yoosung seemed like a good girl but she wasn't that simple.

A child who kills her dog, who deceives adults and who goes undercover to get help from the strong. Shin Yoosung was such a child. The first time we met, there were a lot of calculations going on in her head.

The night before departure, Kim Dokja had already spoken to Cale, Alberu and Choi Han, he explained to them and they agreed to help him. Cale told him that he would make an interesting opening, but Kim Dokja had absolutely no idea that he would split the Han River.

Kim Dokja had asked Choi Han and Alberu to help him immediately if things didn't go the way he wanted. And lastly, he had to talk to Yoosung.

Kim Dokja talked to Shin Yoosung who was looking around. "Yoosung. ”


"Don't run. ”


“If you run away from here, you can't come back. ” Shin Yoosung closed her slightly opened mouth. Shin Yoosung was a smart child instead of being rude.

“Do what you can. ”

"I see . ”

Fear is fear, fear is determination.

[The character 'Shin Yoosung' has used 'Advanced Diverse Communication Lv. 3. ']

Killing intent was all around her. Predators looking for prey are increasing. Kim Dokja could see 10 of them above the water's surface. It was a number that was difficult to counter at once. However, now that Kim Dokja was with Choi Han, Alberu and even Cale, they could defeat it easily, but now they had to hold back letting Yoosung take care of it.


Yoo Sangah called out a warning. The ichthyosaur attack begins. Sharp fangs flew from all directions.

Alberu and Choi Han immediately readied their spears and swords and immediately attacked the ichthyosaurs.

[Faith Blade activated!]

Kim Dokja swung his sword and immediately stabbed one ichthyosaur. The snake's body hit the surface of the water.

The overthrow of the ichthyosaurs made the Han Rivers merge into one. Kim Dokja flew through the air along with the river water. Looking back, Shin Yoosung had risen in the air together with Cale

‘How can he fly’ thought Kim Dokja while looking at Cale who was carrying Shin Yoosung in the air.

Something quickly rose into the sky and Yoo Sangah's cobwebs wrapped around Shin Yoosung. It was the Hermes Walking Method connected and the Arachne Spiderweb.

Yoo Sangah took Shin Yoosung and Cale was going to protect him safely while Kim Dokja stepped on the dead ichthyosaurs and started swinging his sword at the approaching ichthyosaurs.

More than a dozen ichthyosaurs swam towards Kim Dokja. Huge waves shook the river and the body of the ichthyosaur he was standing on was in danger. Kim Dokja took a deep breath and adjusted his posture.

Way of the Wind would allow Kim Dokja to easily deal with this crisis but it wasn't time yet.


Shin Yoosung's face became desperate as she was hugged by Yoo Sangah. Several fangs were pointed at his skin as Kim Dokja wielded his sword. Several ichthyosaurs received mortal blows and fell. The flowing blood cooled and the area became more and more crowded. However, Kim Dokja laughed.

Kim Dokja could see Choi Han and Alberu holding back the other ichthyosaurs while observing him closely. Choi Han and Alberu continued to fight and saw Kim Dokja who looked cornered, they were both always ready to help him if Kim Dokja's plan didn't go well.

Become more urgent.

Become more anxious.

Become more desperate.

That's the only way.

The gruesome injury occurred when the ichthyosaur grazed Kim Dokja's skin. Blood began to flow from the wound.

" No-!"

A scream entered Kim Dokja's eardrums.

[The character 'Shin Yoosung' will evolve soon. ]

[The incarnation of 'Shin Yoosung' has entered a trance state. ]

Shin Yoosung's eyes paled. It was the same as when Lee Gilyoung used his power. Just as Kim Dokja thought. All of this was staged for Shin Yoosung's revival.

[The character 'Shin Yoosung' has used 'Taming Lv. 9.']

Level 60 magic power began to spread through the Han River, aura flowing like a waterfall.

The momentum of the ichthyosaurs slowed down. The ichthyosaurs shivered and groaned, as if in response to the overwhelming fervor.

The number of ichthyosaurs seen above the water's surface is increasing. Previously it was about 10 and now it is more than 20. This means that under the water, more than double the number of ichthyosaurs gathered.

Then the ichthyosaurs started staring at Kim Dokja again. The flustered ichthyosaurs gave off a sharp killing intent and became even more ferocious.

Damn, did it fail?

“Yoo Sangah-ssi!”

What else can we do. It's best to run away quickly. Yoo Sangah nodded, escaping the ichthyosaurs and releasing the thread. Kim Dokja called out to Shin Yoosung.

"Yoosung. You can stop. Shin Yoosung! ”

However, Shin Yoosung did not answer. The waves around Shin Yoosung grew stronger and now her body was covered with a bluish aura.

At this time, a whirlpool occurred in the center of the Han River. Kim Dokja couldn't reach anything and was swept away by the water. Cale saw that and immediately went down into the river and helped Kim Dokja.

Cale had to get wet, but he also had to help Kim Dokja, so he didn't feel bothered by that. Kim Dokja didn't know how Cale did it, but now the two of them were standing above the water without sinking into the Han river.

"Why didn't you do this from the start" said Kim Dokja while looking at his feet that were standing in the water as if they were earth.

Cale on the other hand only frowned, “Wasn't it you who suggested splitting the river? ”

'Ah, so it's like that' thought Kim Dokja while looking around

The next moment, there was a large splash of water. Then the ichthyosaurs five or six times larger than the other ichthyosaurs slowly rose.

It was so large that it didn't look like an ichthyosaur. It was much bigger than the marine commander that Kim Dokja had killed earlier. It had a majestic beard and overbearing eyes that dominated its species.

All the ichthyosaurs in the vicinity lowered their heads to the surface of the water.

[The fifth grade seawater species, 'Queen Mirabad' has been discovered!]

… Damn, she summoned this monster? I knew Shin Yoosung had great talent, but Kim Dokja didn't know it was enough to call a queen. 'This is a monster comparable to a disaster.

Kim Dokja opened Bookmarks and was about to invoke Way of the Wind when Yoo Sangah's voice sounded.

“… Dokja-ssi?”

Kim Dokja looked back and found that Shin Yoosung's body was floating in the air.

She followed the path of the aura that stretched to Queen Mirabad and Shin Yoosung slowly approached the queen. The Queen looked at Shin Yoosung and Shin Yoosung looked at the Queen. Then Shin Yoosung's small hand gently touched the queen's nose.

The river water receded and the ichthyosaurs disappeared quietly. Kim Dokja turned his head and saw Shin Yoosung rising on the queen's head. Kim Dokja now realized what Shin Yoosung was.

Beast Lords. Ruler of all monsters.

The color slowly returned to Shin Yoosung's eyes as she looked at Kim Dokja. She rubbed her bleeding nose like it was nothing and said, “Let's go, Ahjussi. ”

Kim Dokja nodded.

Chapter Text

Yoo Sangah, Alberu, Choi Han, Cale and Kim Dokja climbed behind the queen and watched the ripples of the Han River in awe. As if testing her control, Shin Yoosung led the queen directly through the group of ichthyosaurs. Now the Han River has become a safe zone and it is better to land near Yongsan-gu.

Ichthyosaurs swam after Queen Mirabad like ducks following their mother. Kim Dokja closed his eyes and felt the cool air on his face. This is a real feeling. It was a luxury he would not enjoy if the world remained the same.

Shin Yoosung kept muttering in the queen's head to synchronize their spirits.

After a while, the waters of the Han River calmed down. We finally arrived across the Han River. The queen dropped us off and then disappeared into the Han River again.

Shin Yoosung sighed as if all the tension had been released. “… How am I?”

“Are you really asking? Well done . Said Kim Dokja

Cale slowly advanced towards Shin Yoosung, Cale crouched down to equalize her height with the child, then stroked her head.

“Good job” Cale said with a gentle smile.

Shin Yoosung's expression changed. She likes to receive compliments. Her eyes seemed to sparkle and Shin Yoosung smiled brightly at Cale.

Then Choi Han felt fierce hostility coming from the Yongsan-gu buildings. A huge shadow emerged from the shadows of the building. Choi Han immediately took out his sword from its scabbard and was on alert.

… A giant praying mantis? The boy on top of the praying mantis stared at the group.

"Dokja hyung?" said the boy.

There's Lee Gilyoung wearing snapbacks and Han Donghoon with headphones.

Lee Gilyoung slid onto the praying mantis and rushed into Kim Dokja's arms. Lee Gilyoung's snapback fell from his head.

Seeing that Kim Dokja wasn't bothered by this situation, Choi Han immediately put his sword back in its scabbard and stared at the brief reunion. It was a reunion after one week. Then a message appeared on Kim Dokja's smartphone. It was from Han Donghoon.

–Nice to meet you, Hyung.


Lee Gilyoung and Shin Yoosung had a war of nerves as soon as they met. Lee Gilyoung's hair moved as if it really was an antenna while Shin Yoosung kept touching his hair.

"Hey, you ." Lee Gilyoung spoke in a vicious voice. “Stay away from Hyung. ”

Then Shin Yoosung, who was lying beside Kim Dokja, replied, “What if I don't want to?”

“This mutt…”

“Don't talk to me, you worm. ”

Lee Gilyoung was stunned. Cockroaches and other insects move wildly on his head. Lee Gilyoung was barely able to calm down anymore.

“Hyung hates kids like you. ”

“I know who Ahjussi likes. ”

“…You know who Hyung likes? WHO?”

“An unnie. " Shin Yoosung replied while crossing her arms on her chest.

Lee Gilyoung laughed. "Unnie? I think you are misinformed. Hyung likes a guy. ”

"How do you know?" asked Shin Yoosung while thinking about the few men around Kim Dokja

"I've been with Hyung for a long time." Lee Gilyoung replied with an arrogant tone

"Which man?" Shin Yoosung asked while thinking about Choi Han, Alberu and Cale

“Of course, the man with him” Lee Gilyoung said while thinking about Yoo Jonghyuk

Meanwhile, Shin Yoosung thought about the man who was with Kim Dokja at the moment. As far as Shin Yoosung knows, there are three men with Kim Dokja. Shin Yoosung thought for a moment. Is it possible?

"I really don't understand adults' tastes," said Shin Yoosung, shaking her head.

"You who don't understand, I really understand hyung taste" Lee Gilyoung mocked

"What do you mean?" asked Shin Yoosung in an angry tone

"Hyung's taste is unique, so your little brain won't understand what it is" said Lee Gilyoung


“Sorry… are you not sleeping?”

Yoo Sangah warned. Then the surroundings became quiet and the snoring of the children started soon after.

On the other hand, Kim Dokja clearly listened to the perverted talk that the children were talking about, he didn't know how children could think such things. He had to speak and explain it to the kids tomorrow.

And what about Cale, Alberu and Choi Han?!

They weren't there, the three of them had decided to stay awake at night, the three of them preferred to stay awake at night and take turns sleeping one by one. Of course this was done to avoid incidents like that time. And so the three of them missed Lee Gilyoung and Shin Yoosung's conversation.


Kim Dokja POV

Two days passed quickly.

[Sub-scenario – Survival Activity has ended. ]

Everyone heard the system message when they woke up and got ready. It was a long but short scenario. Then a message from Bihyung arrived.

[9,421. ]

That's a number. Bihyung spoke again.

[9.513. ]


[Are you dont understand? 9,611. ]

Kim Dokja immediately noticed the number. At that time, he made a promise of '10,000'.

[There were some glitches but… yep, well. This will be a fun scenario to look forward to. ]

He looked at Kim Dokja and incarnations and continued to speak in a disgruntled tone.

[You have stopped four of the five disasters. I fully acknowledge your achievements. But did you know? The other four are just child's play compared to the last disaster. ]

People's faces became tense. In fact, he was right. No other catastrophe could compare to the Flood Calamity.

[Depending on the success of this scenario, everything you have done so far may be lost and it will all be over. Frankly, the probability of that happening is more than 90%. Fortunately, there are people who sympathize with you. ]

[Then, from now on I will start the second Sponsor Selection. ]

There was a bright light in the sky that shone all over Seoul.

Some lights go north while others go west. However, the scattering width is not large. Most of the lights are gathered in downtown Seoul. It was the evidence where the incarnations gathered to prepare for the scenario.

“Finally a contract! I will also have a contract! The incarnations waiting in the area shouted enthusiastically.

Kim Dokja isn't the only incarnation that has survived so far without a sponsor. Soon small stars appeared above the head of the incarnation without a contract. The number of stars represents the number of constellations that wish to incarnate.

[Sponsor's Choice]

-Please select your sponsor

-The sponsors you choose will become your strong supporters.

Perhaps now, all unsigned incarnations will see the same as Kim Dokja. Of course, Kim Dokja's might be a little different.

1. Prisoner Gold Headband.

2. Abyssal Black Flame Dragon

3. Secret plotter

As expected, there was the Gold Headband Prisoner and the Secret Plotter. Kim Dokja felt sorry for continuing to reject them but couldn't help it.

… This Abyssal Black Flame Dragon is here again. He had Han Sooyoung so why did he keep coming to him?

4. Seo Ae Il Pil

5. Bald General Justice

6. King Heungmu the Great.

The great people of the Korean Peninsula also lined up. Seo Ae Il Pil might be Ryu Seongryong…Ah, our Samyeongdang also came. In addition, there is the fox Kim Yushin.

The list goes on.

21. Goryeo's First Sword

22. God of Wine and Ecstasy

Whoever was called Korea's best swordsman could become Goryeo's First Sword. Then there was Dionysus… Olympus also entered the race for Kim Dokja. Kim Dokja felt a bit confused as the list continued. It was because unexpected constellations kept appearing.

48. Black Light Guidance

49. Heaven's Scribe

50. Ruler of Vengeance and Apocalypse

Kim Dokja didn't remember all the modifiers, so he only had vague memories of the Black Light of Guidance and the Lord of Revenge and Apocalypse.

As Kim Dokja recalled, the last time the 'Black Light of Guidance' and 'Master of Revenge and Apocalypse' appeared was when Cale, Alberu and Choi Han fell from the sky. Kim Dokja thought that the constellation would only keep an eye on the three, or maybe it was because the three of them were with Kim Dokja that they were being watched over each other.

However, Kim Dokja was sure about Heaven's scribe. That person, he is a powerful constellation of an absolute good system. Angel Metatron. Based on the angel's authority, this person was ranked much higher than Uriel. This is the second celestial being. Damn, what kind of constellation is watching him?

The hundreds of stars above Kim Dokja's head formed a magnificent spectacle. It was a brilliance that seemed like it would illuminate all the darkness nearby. Several incarnations stared with soulless expressions.


"What is that person?"

Shin Yoosung looked above Kim Dokja's head blankly and muttered, “Ahjussi, you are like a Christmas tree. ”

Kim Dokja chuckled before turning his head and looking at Cale, Alberu and Choi Han who were on the roof of an abandoned building.

[The constellations that love the Korean Peninsula want you to keep your promise. ]

[A number of constellations want to see your faith. ]

In the end, it came. Kim Dokja took a deep breath and called out to Bihyung.



"How many are there now?"

Kim Dokja had made a promise to the constellations when fighting Dokgak. If the channel's subscriber count reaches 10,000 before Sponsor Selection ends, he or she will select a sponsor.

[9,812. No, 14…16.]

The number of constellations continues to increase. Bihyung's tone became tense.

[There are three more minutes to complete the Sponsor Selection. ]

Now the result will be determined in three minutes.

[The constellation 'Bald General Justice' is looking at you nervously. ]

[There are two more minutes to complete the Sponsor Selection. ]

[The constellation 'Bald General Justice' has sponsored you 200 coins. ]

[The constellation 'Seo Ae Il Pil' has sponsored you 300 coins. ]

[King Heungmu the Great' constellation has sponsored you 300 coins. ]

The sponsorship competition has finally begun. It was a natural choice for constellations if they wanted to stand out.

[Several constellations above the narrative constellations are clicking their tongues. ]

[The constellation 'Prisoner of the Golden Headband' has sponsored you 5,000 coins. ]

This was the exact development that Kim Dokja had hoped for.

'Good . Give me more money.'

[The constellation 'Scribe of Heaven' has sponsored you 30,000 coins. ]

…As expected of Metatron. That's a completely different class. It should be obvious because he is the chancellor of heaven.

[The Golden Headband Prison constellation is staring at the Heaven scribe. ]

[There is still one minute to complete the Sponsor Selection. ]

Kim Dokja asked Bihyung. "How much now?"

[9973 … 76, 77. ]

Finally reached an astonishing level.

[9981 … 84. ]

30 seconds remaining.

[9.993. ]

20 seconds.

[9.998. ]

[Some constellations are holding their breath. ]

10 seconds.

[9,999 …]

5 seconds, 4 seconds, 3 seconds…

[Sponsor Selection has ended. ]

Then Kim Dokja sighed lightly. Kim Dokja looked at Bihyung who opened his mouth with a smile.

[I'm really sorry everyone. ]

[Many constellations find it ridiculous!]

There's no point in screaming.

[Number of current subscribers: 9,999]

The screen floating next to Bihyung showed reality. Several incarnations saw it and their mouths opened. Shin Yoosung asked, “Ahjussi, are you a star on Youtube?”

Maybe similar. Kim Dokja spoke in a shameless voice towards the sky. "This is too bad. I would choose a sponsor if there were 10,000 constellations. ”

[Many constellations are wondering who you will choose. ]

Then Bihyung intervened.

[This information cannot be disclosed to protect the privacy of the incarnation. ]

Well done Bihyung.

[A number of constellations are rioting!]

The sky above Yongsan-gu distorted and lightning began to fall towards the innocent. Sparks filled the air. The dokkaebi's power to influence probabilities can also block the anger of the constellations.

[Now, all the constellations. Please calm down. Unfortunately, this event had to be canceled because we were short of one person…]

Then Bihyung looked at Kim Dokja and continued.

[As an apology, I will make a compensation event. ]

Lightning stopped temporarily.

[Perhaps you thought of this? Damn, what should I do if it continues like this?]

[Many constellations listened to Bihyung's dokkaebi words. ]

[I understand your thoughts. So! I will punish incarnations that don't vote for anyone in the second Sponsor Selection! However, I will only do this if the constellations support it…]

[Many constellations support Bihyung's dokkaebi words. ]

Bihyung nodded in satisfaction. Shin Yoosung looked at Kim Dokja with a dumbfounded expression. "What happened?"

"Don't be disappointed by what happened. ”

“Ahjusshi, why don't you choose a sponsor?”

"Well, it's not time yet. ”

“Yoo Sangah-ssi. Take the kids and hide. ”

“…Do you have any ideas?”

"Of course . Never come out unless I signal you. ”

[A new bounty scenario has arrived!]

[You have become the target of the bounty scenario. ]

As expected, the reward scenario begins.


[Bounty Scenario – Punishment]

Category: Gift

Difficulty: A

Clear Condition: Kill Kim Dokja's incarnation brutally. 'The more brutal the death, the more coins you can receive.

Time Limit: 20 minutes.

Compensation: 40,000 ~ ????? coin



Anyone who saw it would think Kim Dokja was the fifth disaster. It was 40,000 coins for killing one person. Shin Yoosung paled as she accepted the scenario. “… Ahjussi?”

Yoo Sangah grabbed Shin Yoosung who was trying to grab Kim Dokja and backed away. At almost the same time, the incarnations in the area found Kim Dokja and began to flock. There was a 'target' mark hovering above his head.

"Crazy! 40,000 coins? "

“Hey, take that motherfucker!”

[Many constellations are enjoying the development of the scenario. ]

Well, this is bad, but unfortunately Kim Dokja is already preparing for the worst. The Incarnations began to arrive and Kim Dokja stood guard at his place.

"Kill him!!" A man with his group shouted while carrying a sword in his hand. The group drew closer and prepared to attack Kim Dokja while Kim Dokja prepared to act. It should be like that, before-


Something seemed to fall from above and landed around Kim Dokja. Dust was flying around Kim Dokja so several people coughed and rubbed their eyes. The surroundings of Kim Dokja were still covered with dust so no one could see what was going on there. That also applies to Kim Dokja.

After a while, the wind started to sweep the area so that people could finally see what was going on. Kim Dokja opened his eyes that seemed to be filled with dust and saw the three people surrounding him.

Cale, Alberu and Choi Han stood with their backs to Kim Dokja and the three of them surrounded Kim Dokja in a triangle shape and Kim Dokja was in the middle. Kim Dokja looked at the three with a surprised expression, Cale turned his head briefly towards Kim Dokja before extending his hand and creating a circle of fire around them.

"Ugh!!" Some people were pushed back by the smoldering heat of the fire. They looked at Cale with faces filled with hatred.

Choi Han took out his sword and stabbed it into the ground. Then Choi Han raised his face and looked at the people below him with a cold expression.

“Come if you want to die!" Choi Han said with his cold tone and sharp gaze, some people flinched and some started to slowly retreat.

The silence lasted for a while before finally several arrows began to shoot towards Kim Dokja. Choi Han immediately drew his sword and parried all the attacks using his sword.

Kim Dokja still remained silent in his place. He was still stunned by this situation, where three people comparable to Yoo Jonghyuk were protecting him.

Bang Bang bang….

Three shots were fired from behind Kim Dokja. Kim Dokja immediately turned around and saw Alberu with his white gun starting to retaliate against the person who shot Kim Dokja with arrows. Alberu spun his gun before blowing the tip of his gun.

"I think your sentence is wrong Choi Han." Cale said while placing his hand on his chin. “Should be like this”

Cale started to demonstrate by looking at the people around him with an indifferent gaze and then speaking slowly but filled with pressure.

"Do not. Attack. Kim Dokja. If. You. No. Want to. Dead"

Several people were stunned in place, in contrast to Choi Han who warned them with his cold tone and expression, Cale only looked at them nonchalantly and spoke in a low voice. But it feels more effective than before. Some people began to retreat and several others began to gather and make temporary alliances.

Bihyung glanced at Kim Dokja and communicated with an unpleasant expression.

–I didn't realize it would turn out like this.

Kim Dokja knows. He never expected them to help him. Honestly all three are a very good combination. Choi Han was fighting at close range, Cale was fighting at medium range, whereas Alberu was fighting from a distance. Kim Dokja thought maybe they could fight at any distance they wanted, they weren't just experts in one field. They are a good group and Kim Dokja can feel that they trust each other and are used to working together.

-Is this good? If noticed… I would absolutely accept an Opportunity Match Request this time.

In fact, it was an obvious channel manipulation that the number of subscribers did not break through 9,999.

That's because from the start, Bihyung's channel #BI-7623 only accommodated 9,999 viewers.

Kim Dokja wouldn't be able to escape if someone like Dokgak provoked a fight. Fortunately, there is nothing like it. The low-level dokkaebis had been on guard since the last incident.

It's still a dangerous method. There is no doubt that some intelligent constellations would doubt this. The numbers stopped at exactly 9,999. This is contrary to coincidence. Therefore, an event was needed to distract the constellations.

The constellation hates annoying things and is prone to pleasure. Kim Dokja used the current Punishment event to take advantage of it.

Bihyung opened his mouth and spoke to everyone.

[Constellations, please note that the incarnation of 'Kim Dokja' may receive a penalty if the coins are sponsored. ]

As he spoke, Kim Dokja's body suddenly became heavy.

[The selfish constellation has given you a speed penalty. ]

[500 coins have been sponsored. ]

The more coins Kim Dokja received, the more punishment would be imposed on him.

“Everyone seems to be blinded by coins. Well?" Kim Dokja said with a smile, of course he was smiling, even though he was hit by a penalty he still had Cale, Alberu and Choi Han protecting him. So it wasn't too bad, of course it was because he got coins instead.

Meanwhile Cale looked at Kim Dokja with a look of disbelief.

“You got a coin for a penalty? What kind of punishment is that?” Say Cale

“Coin penalty is only used as punishment” Kim Dokja explained

Cale looked up at the sky with a pained expression.

Cale started to close his eyes and placed both palms on his chest and said. “Oh dear constellations, I am a bad person and full of sin. Please punish me and give me coins!”

"Hah?" Kim Dokja was surprised by Cale's request.

“Cale~” Alberu called out to him with an expression that seemed to say 'Stop whatever you're doing'

"Stop looking at me like that, I'm just kidding, after all the punishment isn't too bad for him is it"

“I guess that's bad Cale, because every time he gets a coin, his strength will decrease” Alberu said with a chuckle after seeing Cale.

“Wouldn't you be able to invest those coins into the stats to restore the power that was hit by the penalty” Cale explained

"I should have, but unfortunately my stats have reached the limit of the scenario and I can't invest my coins anymore" explained Kim Dokja

Kim Dokja smiled and held the Sword of Faith.


[The constellation wishing for your misfortune has given you an attack penalty. ]

[500 coins have been sponsored. ]

Kim Dokja's attack power was reduced by half and the incarnation did not die. Kim Dokja was actually happy about this. He didn't want to kill them.

[The constellation wishing for your death has given you the punishment of defense. ]

[500 coins have been sponsored. ]

The damn sponsor. A dagger flew from somewhere and headed towards Kim Dokja's arm. Choi Han immediately turned around and caught the dagger, then threw it back at its owner.

[Some constellations feel sorry for your predicament. ]

"So, what are you going to do now?" Ask Alberu

Kim Dokja thought for a moment before finally speaking.

"Follow me"

Kim Dokja started running and the three followed him while guarding him. Cale was on his right and Alberu was on his left, whereas Choi Han followed right behind Kim Dokja. They ran to the southwest of Yongsan-gu.

If Kim Dokja was right, the meteorite where the Flood Calamity was sleeping was in that direction. The meteorite's energy indicates that it is close to hatching.

[Bihyung. What is this?]

[What is the problem? It's simple entertainment before we enter the game. ]

Another dokkaebi's voice suddenly sounded. Now Bihyung spoke strongly.

It was in stark contrast to his heavy body. A little bit more …

A river finally appeared.

"Wait, we're not going to jump in there are we?" Cale said while pointing at the Han River.

"We're going to jump. How about you, do you guys still want to follow this crazy idea?” Asked Kim Dokja with a small laugh

"Well, I'm used to crazy ideas" Alberu said before finally the three of them plunged into the Han river.

Other incarnations know what is in the Han River and can't easily follow.

Class 7 ichthyosaurs swarmed like they had been waiting.

[Many constellations are filled with joy. ]

Kim Dokja had a thought as he watched the ichthyosaurs. He has no talent. No matter how hard he trains, he won't become as strong as he wants to be. However, Kim Dokja didn't want to use it as an excuse to say that he was weak.

[The exclusive skill 'Bookmark' can now be activated. ]

The way Kim Dokja can become stronger is different from others.

['Character Bookmark' is activated. ]

[Available Bookmark Slots: 4]

[Displays a list of available bookmarks. ]

“I will release Cheon Inho's Demagogue from the 3rd slot and add Beast Tamer Shin Yoosung. ”

Choi Han gasped after hearing Yoosung's name being mentioned.

[Bookmark number three has been activated. ]

Bright light surrounded Kim Dokja's body and the smell of the monster changed. Some scents are friendly while some are filled with hostility. Kim Dokja realized that there was a world he didn't know. After all, it is sensitivity to the world that determines how one reads it.

[Bookmark skill level is low, shorten the activation time. ]

[Activation Time: 30 minutes]

[Your understanding of the character is important. You can choose some of his skills to import. ]

One of the ichthyosaurs from a distance synchronized with Kim Dokja and a complex circuit formed in his head.

[Advanced Multiple Communication Lv. 3 has been activated. ]

[Tame Lv. 9 has been activated. ]

Blood flowed from Kim Dokja's nose. This is how children always feel. 'But why are Choi Han and Alberu looking at me like that' thought Kim Dokja before wiping the blood from his nose Kim Dokja slowly opened his mouth, “Come on, Queen Mirabad. ”

The ichthyosaur queen cuts the water. The majesty of her slender body filled the Han River. There was a feeling of respect when Kim Dokja faced him. Kim Dokja faced the ruler of a species. Kim Dokja once again felt how great Shin Yoosung and Lee Gilyoung were.

"Down . ”

The queen's mustache touched the water by her words. Again, it didn't make sense to have the same effect even with the same skill. It was similar to when Kim Dokja used Lycaon's Way of the Wind. Kim Dokja approached it and climbed on the scales.

Kim Dokja left his hunting incarnation and looked at Cale, Alberu and Choi Han who had climbed atop the Queen Mirabat, “Let's go. ”

Then Kim Dokja's struggle with the queen began. As if she was playing with herself, the queen swam in the water without noticing her breath.

"Puh!" Kim Dokja panted heavily, looking like a wet mouse. "This…!"

Cale coughed as he came out of the water, he immediately went away from Queen Mirabat and flew over her. Alberu immediately cast a flight spell on himself and Choi Han. And that's how the three flew over Queen Mirabad.

On the other hand Kim Dokja looked at Cale, Alberu and Choi Han who was flying above him with envious gazes. Kim Dokja thought he should have used the Way of the Wind and flew over with Cale, Alberu and Choi Han. The surrounding ichthyosaurs flowed towards Kim Dokja as if they were amused.

[The constellation 'Prisoner of the Golden Headband' is laughing at you. ]

Kim Dokja's control fell apart but the queen moved in the direction he wanted. It's southwest of Yongsan-gu. It was Nodeulseom, one of the few islands on the Han River. If Kim Dokja remembers correctly, this island is the most potential place for the Flood Disaster to hatch. The fifth disaster occurred on an artificial island in the Han River.

Kim Dokja's thoughts were interrupted by the queen who suddenly stopped. Kim Dokja rolled down and was thrown at Nodeulseom. Queen Mirabad glanced at him before disappearing into the Han River. She's a heartless jerk.

Cale, Alberu and Choi Han landed after that.

[The exclusive skill 'Bookmark' has been turned off. ]

"Uweeek. ”

The world turned around when Kim Dokja let out the river water. Kim Dokja could feel someone patting him on the back and he saw Alberu patting him on the back.

“Uweeeek” Due to Alberu's clapping, Kim Dokja spit out the river water once again.

“Thank you” Kim Dokja said after that and Cale immediately gave a handkerchief to Kim Dokja. Kim Dokja raised his head and saw Choi Han looking at him with a guilty look, Kim Dokja cleared his mouth and waved his hand as if to say it's okay. Kim Dokja turned around and a scene of Nodeulseom spread out in front of him.

The ichthyosaurs disappeared and the incarnations prepared to cross the river. Kim Dokja could see several incarnations flying in the sky. Kim Dokja pulled Cale and hid behind a tree and automatically Choi Han and Alberu followed Cale and hid as well.

"Where is he? Didn't he clearly come here? "

“Hyung, let's have a look. I don't have the confidence to face it alone. ”

"I agree . Do you see all the stars above his head? He is a monster.”

“Hero-like traits are unnecessary when dealing with monsters. ”

“…Will he be as strong as a king in the west?”

"But didn't the three people who were with him help him?"

"Aren't the three of them more dangerous?"

“The three of them are strong, but we can beat them with our numbers”

It was a conversation that discussed how to kill someone. Kim Dokja thought it was too embarrassing to compare himself to Yoo Jonghyuk. Kim Dokja saw Choi Han was ready to attack but was blocked by Alberu. Kim Dokja wanted to hide until the end of the time limit but someone appeared from the forest on the island.

“Ahjussi must be careful. Get off this island if you know what's good for you. ”

It was a strong voice. The girl wearing a black hoodie over her uniform walked towards the men.

"Who are you?"

“A young girl who is not afraid…”

"My hand!"


The sword moved in the air and the people whose arms were cut screamed. One of the relatively younger incarnations shouted.

“There she is, Duke of Loyalty and Warfare!”

"What? Why is that girl here? ”

"Run! Escape!"

The girl pointed her sharp sword at Kim Dokja. “Ahjussi, are you going out? Why are you hiding when you have target marks on you? "

It reminded Kim Dokja, he still had the arrow above his head. Kim Dokja sighed and left the forest with both hands raised. "Are you going to kill me?"

"I want to but Master will be sad." The long-haired girl, Lee Jihye put down her sword while laughing. Her strength has increased in the 10 days we haven't met.

Choi Han, Cale and Alberu came out after that, Lee Jihye looked at the three and Kim Dokja in turn with a confused expression.

"Ahjussi, are you cheating on master?" Lee Jihye said before closing her mouth

“No, it's not what you think.” Kim Dokja quickly explained after seeing Cale, Choi Han and Alberu's expressions that were starting to darken.

"It's okay, I won't tell master"

“No, you misunderstood, and why do you think like that!” Kim Dokja shouted desperately

"Then why are your clothes messy and you sweat after coming out of the forest" Lee Jihye explained

Kim Dokja looked at his clothes, indeed the top button of the shirt was open and he was sweating a little, but that was because of the battle just now.

"It's because of the battle, it's not what you think" Kim Dokja said while showing his injured arm

Lee Jihye saw Kim Dokja's injured arm and said to him. “I see, you guys are too excited”

"Then why ask? I thought you had returned to Daepong High School. Why are you here?” Kim Dokja chose to change the subject

“Master picked me up a few days ago. I don't know how he found me. ”

“What about the Ahjussi party? Did you meet Heewon unni? "

“The others are waiting at Yongsan-gu. I haven't met Heewon-ssi yet. ”

"Very bad . He wants to see you. ”

Come to think of it, Jung Heewon and Lee Jihye were in the same position. Kim Dokja looked around carefully and asked, “Are you coming with Yoo Jonghyuk?”

"Hah? Why does Ahjussi know everything? ”

At this moment, They heard a voice from the edge of Nodeulseom. The incarnation that had been fighting the ichthyosaurs finished and approached the island.

Some came in duck boats and some swam. Some of them came by boat or used special skills. They looked like group tourists.

"I found it! There he is!"

Lee Jihye became angry when she saw the incarnation. “Why did you drag all that trash here?”

“I brought them to catch the disaster. ”

Some people are preparing for disaster but not everyone. Those who didn't belong to the group were hiding all over Seoul, waiting for someone to complete the main scenario. Then they will take action in the resulting loss of power.

The final catastrophe cannot be destroyed by weak willpower. If everyone doesn't fight together…

“Why did you do that? There is no point . ”


“There will be no disaster. The teacher is taking care of it. Kim Dokja's eyes stared at Lee Jihye in disbelief. “The final disaster won't be dangerous at all. On the other hand, useless people can't enter the island… damn, they did. ”

Lee Jihye once again drew her sword. This was the reason why he controlled the island. Lee Jihye wasn't the only one controlling the entrance to the island. The big man waved at the incoming ship.

“Everyone, you are not allowed inside here. This is the danger zone! ”

"What? Who are you?"

“A lieutenant from unit 6502…”

“What nonsense is this?!”

A flying knife caught in the man's hand and he said, “…It's dangerous to go against authority. ”


The lieutenant wore a suit reminiscent of a giant bear and had a dirty beard.

“I will take you to a safe place. ”

The lieutenant picked up the man with one hand and threw him to the other side of the Han River. The man flew across the Han River at high speed and landed on the other side.

The lieutenant asked, "Is there anyone who needs guidance?"

"Crazy! A monster!”

The lieutenant facing the incarnation had tired eyes, like mountains piled up on his shoulders. It was a face that looked very tired.

“Lee Hyunsung-ssi. ”

At that moment, Lee Hyunsung looked at Kim Dokja. His expression was like finding an oasis in the middle of the desert.

“Dokja… Dokja-ssi?” Lee Hyunsung came towards Kim Dokja. Instinctively he took a step back. “D-Dokja-ssi! It's me! Lee Hyunsung! "

Kim Dokja was just about to open his mouth when another group of incarnations descended.

"There he is! Catch him!"

Lee Hyunsung's expression changed. “I… said it was a danger zone!”

He turned around and slammed his fist on the ground.

[The character 'Lee Hyunsung' has used the stigma of 'Great Mountain Smash Lv. 5. ']

The entire island of Nodeulseom shook as the edges exploded.

Kim Dokja asked Lee Hyunsung who looked happy, “Where is Yoo Jonghyuk?”

Lee Hyunsung's expression became a little sad. “Oh, he's in the middle of the island. That…"

"I will be right back . Then we'll talk. ”

Kim Dokja ignored Lee Hyunsung's desperate gaze and walked over to Cale, Alberu and Choi Han.

“Please come with me” Kim Dokja asked the three of them for help. Really, he was afraid that Yoo Jonghyuk would do something stupid again. So, he turned to Cale, Alberu and Choi Han for help if something bad happened.

Cale, Alberu and Choi Han looked at each other before finally nodding and we ran to the center of the island. After a while of us running, we finally saw a large meteorite stuck in the middle of the forest. The size of the meteorite was extraordinary compared to the others. The red aura on the surface implied definite destruction. There was a woman standing in front of the meteorite.

"Oh, you …?"

Kim Dokja's expression changed when he saw Lee Seolhwa when the person he was looking for appeared from behind the meteorite.

“Yoo Jonghyuk. ”

Yoo Jonghyuk stood there quietly, exuding a steady presence. Kim Dokja asked him, “What are you doing now?”

“You must know because you have Future Sight. ”

Kim Dokja fell silent hearing that calm answer. Cale, Alberu and Choi Han just watched Yoo Jonghyuk quietly and let Kim Dokja and Yoo Jonghyuk speak.

[The Flood Disaster has hatched. ]

Kim Dokja forgot for a moment because he received his help several times. This man in front of him was someone who had barely taken a step towards the end after dying more than a hundred times.

The situation became clear. This Yoo Jonghyuk believed in something he shouldn't have.

Kim Dokja shouted at Lee Seolhwa, “Lee Seolhwa! Take the kids and escape from this island now. The Flood Disaster was different from the past. We have to fight it together. If we don't fight–”

“Kim Dokja, don't bother me if you don't want to die. “Yoo Jonghyuk appeared behind Kim Dokja and tried to grab his neck causing Kim Dokja's body to lose its strength and his knees to fall to the ground and were immediately supported by Cale and Alberu.

Yoo Jonghyuk looked like he wanted to do something to Kim Dokja before Choi Han finally got in the way of Yoo Jonghyuk.

"Get out of here, it's none of your business" Yoo Jonghyuk said while giving off pressure and of course Choi Han gave off the same pressure as a sword master

Kim Dokja bit his lip and exclaimed, “Yoo Jonghyuk, listen to me! The current Shin Yoosung is not the Shin Yoosung you know. After you met him…”

[The Flood Disaster is awakening. ]

Along with that message, a green light appeared from the meteorite. Finally, the hatching of the meteorite begins.

They heard the voice of the intermediate dokkaebi.

[Seoul's incarnation is really grumpy. Other regions are not so eager to awaken disaster and struggle to avoid disaster…]

It was hard for Bihyung to stop any longer.

[Do you miss your first friend? Now, prepare for disaster. Your friend is waiting for you in another world. ]

[A new main scenario has arrived!]


[Main Scenario #5 – Flood Disaster]

Category: Main

Difficulty: SS

Clear Condition: Kill the Flood Disaster, Shin Yoosung.

Deadline: -

Compensation: 100,000 coins, ???

Failure: Fall of Seoul.



Cale POV

[Requirements for receiving the prize have been met]

[Activating the prize to be given]

Cale, Alberu and Choi Han looked at the notification floating in front of them. Their full strength would be restored during the main scenario and they were currently at the forefront of where the disaster was.

The massive meteorite split open and revealed an interior reminiscent of a uterus. A completely naked woman trapped inside like a fossil.

It was a mysterious woman with pure white skin. Her beautiful hair was tied in a ponytail and wrapped around her body. This is Shin Yoosung's mature appearance.

Cale could see that Yoo Jonghyuk was talking to the woman, they were talking like they had known each other for quite a while. But Cale's concentration shifted to the notification floating in front of him.

[Starting the power-back process]

[Warning: The current strength will be weakened due to the power recovery process]

Cale thought those gods always had reasons to reduce his power. Well, as long as he's careful he should be fine right?

[ Loading….. ]

[ 10 % ]

'This will last quite a while' Cale thought, he hoped that nothing bad would happen when his strength weakened.

[ 30% ]

But Cale's eyes caught something strange from Kim Dokja, he looked like he was about to say something and tried to move. Cale noticed the direction of Kim Dokja's gaze and he saw that the woman was starting to do something that looked very dangerous.

Light emerged from Shin Yoosung's hand and at the same time Kim Dokja was able to move. Cale could see Kim Dokja running with all his might and being hit by the aether storm.

Cale immediately raised both his hands and started using his shield. A sacred-looking silver shield began to protect the place. Everyone there saw it, but there was no time to admire it. Kim Dokja immediately ran towards Yoo Jonghyuk who seemed frozen in place. The woman, the adult Shin Yoosung started to frown and started to raise her strength level.

“Ugh” Blood started coming out of Cale's mouth

“Cough, ugh!”

Cale continued to cough up dark red blood and couldn't control himself.


Choi Han and Alberu who were swept away by the aether storm started running towards Cale

"Don't come here, ugh, Cough!"

However, he was bleeding too much and was almost speechless.

The adult Shin Yoosung immediately noticed this and immediately attacked again with more power than before.

Cracks !!

The shield started to break and Shin Yoosung moved his hand and a force started attacking again.

“Get out of the way, Yoo Jonghyuk!”

Kim Dokja quickly reached Yoo Jonghyuk and pushed him away from getting hit. Kim Dokja's stomach split open and his mind went blank.

Alberu and Choi Han were pushed back by the wind caused by the attack. And the two of them could see the attack hit Cale and Cale was thrown from there and started crashing into the trees.


Cale crashed into a small building and almost lost his consciousness. Cale tried to stay awake but he felt blood start to flow from his head, he couldn't move his limbs either.

His mind replayed the memories of his life. Where he plays Kim Rok Soo and lives with Lee Soo Hyuk and Choi Jung Soo, until he finally loses both of them, but finally finds a new family.

'Shit, I promised the kids that I would come back to them. Did i end up lying to the kids again?

How about Hyung and Choi Han, they will definitely feel very guilty about this. I'm sorry, but it looks like you two will have to carry on without me.

Cale started to feel his body go cold and could barely feel anything. Is it time?

'Ha, I really am a good liar.'

'I'm sorry'

Cale body slowly fell and Cale head started to lower and Cale finally lost his consciousness with blood all over his body.

A large crater formed in the center of the island.

“…Kim Dokja?” The surprised Yoo Jonghyuk looked at the fallen Kim Dokja.

“... Cale?” Alberu and Choi Han were surprised to look at Cale who was flung far away.

“Kim Dokja!”


At the same time in Kim Dokja and Cale point of view. System sound starts to operate.

[You have died]

[You have died]


[ End ]

Chapter Text

Alberu and Choi Han were surprised to see Cale who was flung far away.  The two of them shouted his name and immediately ran towards Cale.  Choi Han and Alberu ran through the forest at their full speed, hoping they could see Cale soon.

 They ran along the dark forest and moments later they saw a ray of light and went straight to it.  They had already exited the forest yet had yet to find Cale.

 "How far did he go?"  Choi Han whispered as he cast his gaze past several tall buildings.

 Alberu and ChoiHan decided to split up so they could find Cale faster.  Choi Han decided to search through the top of the building while Alberu walked down the street.

 Choi Han jumped on top of a taller building and cast his gaze across the area.  He turned his gaze and saw a building wall that looked damaged from a collision.  Choi Han saw it, a red-haired man sitting on the ground weakly.  His eyes trembled upon seeing that figure.

 Choi Han immediately told Alberu that he had already seen Cale.  The two of them immediately ran again towards the direction where Cale was.  Choi Han immediately descended the building and ran downstairs with Alberu.

 They ran, and in the end they found Cale, sitting on the ground, with blood all over his body.  It was indeed not the first time they had seen Cale covered in blood.  But this was different, they could sense something was different than usual.

 They could see Cale's head was drooping downwards and the two of them were slowly approaching.

 “Cale?” Alberu approached him slowly while ChoiHan stood behind Alberu tensely.

 ‘Has he passed out?’ thought Alberu as he saw Cale not responding.

 Alberu approached Cale and touched his hand.  'Cold'. Alberu sensed something was wrong here, it was too cold for a human body temperature, Alberu pointed his hand towards Cale's face and he touched it.  'Cold'

 Alberu could feel his heart racing faster than before, he immediately parted Cale hair and the two of them could finally see Cale's face.


 Blood, that's total blood.  Alberu saw Cale face which was covered in blood, he immediately pulled Cale face gently and examined the part of his head.

 'Something's wrong here' Alberu didn't want to admit it, but he took Cale's wrist and checked his pulse.

 'There is not any'

 Alberu bit his lip so hard that it bled.  'No, he might be wrong' Alberu put Cale's hand slowly and pointed his finger under Cale's nose and checked his breathing.

 'There is not any'

 Alberu was silent for a moment, before finally bringing his ear to Cale's chest.  He closed his eyes, holding back whatever was about to fall from there, he wished, he really wished he could listen to something that could be a sign of Cale's life.  Alberu checked his heartbeat, hoping that there was still hope there, however

 'There is not any'

 At that instant Alberu could hear something like shattering from inside his head.


 Tears rolled from Alberu's eyes without him noticing, he stared at the body, no, he stared at the corpse of his dongsaeng in disbelief.

 “No, no, no, this is impossible” Alberu muttered in a low voice then took one of Cale's hands and grasped it.

 [ Using the skill 'Star of Healing' ]

 A light flowed from Alberu's hand towards Cale's hand and then throughout his body.  Cale's body shone with golden light for a moment.

 [ Skill 'Star of Healing' failed to use ]

 The light immediately disappeared from Cale's body.  Alberu lowered his face and gripped Cale's hand tighter and repeated it again.

 [ Using the skill 'Star of Healing' ]

 [ Skill 'Star of Healing' failed to use ]

 [Unable to find confirmed target]

 Alberu ignored the system sound and kept repeating what he was doing over and over

 [ Unable to find target ] [ Skill failed to use ]

 [ Unable to use 'Star of Healing' skill ]

 [Target cannot be confirmed]

 "Once again….  once again…..once again….

 Alberu kept repeating his words like he was chanting a spell to calm himself down.

 "Once again…..

 Alberu kept repeating it dozens of times, but nothing worked.  He actually knew why it happened, but he didn't want to admit it.  No, he won't admit it.

 He repeated it again and it still didn't work "Please!"  he said in a trembling voice.

 Alberu raised his face which was now wet with tears.  Alberu looked at Cale's face which was lowered limply as if lifeless.  Alberu closed his eyes, he would not be able to accept this reality.  This fact is too bitter.  He didn't want to admit it.

 He thought of everything from the start, about their first meeting, and the moment his true identity was revealed.

 'Probably not demons, black magic, or necromancers.  '

 'So, the child of the Dark Elf is half blood?'

 Until he finally told her about the secret of the royal family.  Alberu thought that bringing Cale to that place was one of the best things he had ever done in his life.

 'Alberu Crossman.  Your Majesty, your existence is natural.  '

 'Hyung-nim, doesn't that mean you become king and living the way you want is the right way to go?'

 'Hyung-nim.  Please be king.  '

 'Of course .  I have to be king.  '

 Why are you leaving now?  Why are you leaving so fast?  Why?  Why?  You said we would find our way home together.  We will return to our world, I will let you be rich lazy, but please, don't rest like this, I hate it.

 I'm so happy to have a precious little brother like you.

 Stop getting hurt so much.  You are my dongsaeng.

 It's not good to rely too much on one person.  You should not expect one person to fulfill the responsibilities of many.

 ...Do not die.  We will find the answer if we stay alive and keep fighting.  We can't let other people push themselves too hard.

 Do not die.  But you die, I can't take care of you, I can't protect you.

 The fact that his dongsaeng, Cale Henituse had died.

 Alberu wiped his face, his appearance was already a mess but he didn't care about his appearance anymore.  Alberu looked up at the dark sky, perfectly suited to his mood.  Alberu closed his eyes while looking up at the sky.  Tears came out of his eyes again.

 "I'm really a bad brother"

 --------------------------------------------------  ------------

 Actually Choi Han had realized it from the start, from the first time he saw Cale, he knew something was wrong with him.  But he didn't want to believe it, he hoped that his senses were weakened by the battle that was taking place.  He was hopeful, and his hopes were instantly shattered the moment he saw Cale.

 He realized it, he knew and he realized that Cale was gone, that Cale was dead.  He knew that, but he didn't know what to do, he didn't know how to act, he felt angry, sad, and hopeless at the same time.

 He didn't understand, he realized that he was saddened by Cale's death, he knew he was angry, he was angry at the disaster, he was angry at Cale for always putting other people first, and he was angry with himself because he couldn't protect him.

 He was desperate, he didn't know what to do next, as if he had lost his purpose in life, he stood up, he silently stood behind Alberu while Alberu was desperately trying to do something to Cale.  He knew it was useless, he knew it was pointless, he knew it, but he still hoped.

 He saw Alberu crying in despair while holding Cale's hand, he saw Alberu doing the same thing over and over again.  He was also sad, but why couldn't he cry.  It felt like his eyes were dry when he saw this, he wanted to cry, but he couldn't, he didn't know how.

 So he kept quiet, keeping everything in his heart.  Allowing himself to fall into a deep abyss of despair.

 He saw Alberu stop his actions, he saw Alberu looking up at the sky in despair, he saw Alberu closing his eyes and crying silently.

 'I really am a bad brother'

 Choi Han's eyes trembled when he heard his words.  If Alberu is called a bad brother, then what is he called?  Rubbish?  No, he's worse than trash.  He couldn't protect him, he let him die twice under his watch.

 He has a house, but he can't go there anymore.  However, he had found a new home with Cale.  It's hard to explain the feeling of not being alone forever.  However, it turns out that once again, he lost his home, where he died.  He lost it again, he couldn't take care of it.

 He always worked hard to protect everyone, but it seemed his efforts were still not enough.  He couldn't even protect the one person who was most important to him.

 “I will kill her!” Choi Han said then turned away from that place and headed towards the person who had killed Cale.

 --------------------------------------------------  ------------

 Flood disaster more than any other disaster combined.  Shin Yoosung gave the order and the air distorted, sending the monsters out.

 Monster Gate, the main feature of the Beast Lord's legend class attribute.  Many of the monsters tamed by her while she was traveling dimensions were released as nightmares on Earth.

 [“ Tear, destroy, destroy.  ]

 Many class 7 and class 6 species can be seen.  There were even some that were comparable to a grade 5 fire dragon.

 [“It's time for disaster.  ]

 Nodeulseom exploded and the waves covered the Han River.  Confusing incarnations become monster food.  The late 'kings' started giving orders.  Then I saw someone with a scary aura behind Shin Yoosung.

 “I will kill you, Shin Yoosung."

 Yoo Jonghyuk's ether blade moved through the air with a terrifying sound.

 Shin Yoosung dodged the attack and smiled lightly.  [”Your Breaking the Sky Sword's level is already high enough?  However, you can't beat me no matter how you try.  At most, this is this level?  ”]

 "I will kill you .  ”

 [“…Captain, you're not too restless?  What is the reason?"]

 [" There is something strange.  Are you really the Captain?  ”] Then Shin Yoosung's eyes shifted to Kim Dokja's corpse.  [" Who is it?  I have never seen such a person before.  ]

 Yoo Jonghyuk remained silent.  He just swung and swung his sword.  This is the only answer.  How long had he been swinging his sword?

 Yoo Jonghyuk slowly opened his mouth.

 "…That person ."

 Shin Yoosung's face was gradually filled with doubt and disbelief.  The quiet Yoo Jonghyuk finally spoke.

 " He is my friend.  "


 The first time he heard it, Shin Yoosung questioned her ears.  Companion .  How is this possible?  It's Yoo Jonghyuk, not someone else.

 Shin Yoosung couldn't understand the emotions that were developing deep in her heart.  It was an emotion she had forgotten for a thousand years.

 Yoo Jonghyuk, friend.

 She didn't know what happened to Yoo Jonghyuk.  But if it was true, maybe Yoo Jonghyuk was back then towards her…

 Shin Yoosung hit the ground without realizing it.

 “This is your last chance.  “She can't tolerate such a low thing.  “If you undo your words then I will send you away painlessly.  Say .  Say he's not your friend, just someone you know.  ”

 The bloody Yoo Jonghyuk didn't answer despite his condition.  Shin Yoosung had crushed one arm and his leg was weak.  Even so, Yoo Jonghyuk's eyes were still alive.

 Shin Yoosung looked at Yoo Jonghyuk and gritted her teeth before giving the order.  “Hold Yoo Jonghyuk.  ”

 The grade 6 sulfur mummy that had passed through the Monster Gate started to move.  Their white bandages grabbed onto Yoo Jonghyuk's body and Yoo Jonghyuk's limbs were pulled as if they were about to be torn apart.  Shin Yoosung stated, “Captain, I will kill them one by one.  Captain, you're the one who chose the most painful way.  ”

 Shin Yoosung walked towards the edge of the island, leaving Yoo Jonghyuk alone.

 "Kill him!  she is a disaster!  "

 The incarnation that rose from the water found Shin Yoosung.  Shin Yoosung waved her hand towards them.  The incarnation was touched by the light coming from her hand and was torn apart like a wet newspaper.  There was no time for them to scream.

 "Flood.  ”

 Monsters poured down from the Monster Gate at her command.  The two most powerful monsters stood behind her like they were guards.

 Class 5 marine species, King Masswood.  A class 5 giant, Heavy Metal Bean.

 They were monsters that could cause minor disasters in this world.  She was about to speak when a sharp attack came from the side.

 "Where are you going?"

 It was a striking sword.  The person holding it was wearing a black hoodie over a light skirt.  Shin Yoosung immediately recognized who she was.  Demon Slaying burned in Lee Jihye's eyes.

 “You dare to make Master look like that?”

 The majesty of a huge constellation emerged from Lee Jihye's body.  It was the power of someone stronger than anyone in the sea.  Shin Yoosung noticed the stigma that Lee Jihye wanted to use.  This place is a river.

 “…To God.  ”

 As she began to read a passage, transparent ships appeared from every corner of the Han River.

 “There are still 12 ships…!”

 23 ships appeared on the Han River, scattering the water.  It was a sight that left one speechless.  Stigma Duke of Loyalty and Warfare, Ghost Fleet.  Despite the ship's suppression aura, Shin Yoosung only smiled as if she had missed it.

 "…Of course .  This is Unni's specialty.  ”

 "Unnie?  You are much older than me!  "

 “However, you still have a long way to go.  The captain must be on the ship.  Why are you in a place like this?  Shin Yoosung grabbed it in an instant and touched Lee Jihye's chin.  There is no time for resistance.  “Poor Unni.  You don't know anything.  ”

 "Dirt!  What is this speed?  "

 Lee Jihye hurriedly retreated but she couldn't escape Shin Yoosung's speed.

 "You do not know.  Yoo Jonghyuk will use you and leave you.  You will die .  ”

 Lee Jihye's blade flew towards Shin Yoosung.  Shin Yoosung lightly grabbed his sword.

 “You, who Yoo Jonghyuk wanted to acknowledge, died in the sea that you loved so much.  You were ruthlessly slaughtered by the Japanese who hated your sponsor.  ”

 “Everyone, attack with full force!”

 The 12 ships started shooting as Lee Jihye shouted.  Shin Yoosung laughed when she saw the flying bullets.

 “Do you know what Yoo Jonghyuk said after losing you?”

 The shell hit Shin Yoosung's body.  There was an explosion.  Shin Yoosung emerged from the smoke and continued to speak.

 “In the future, naval battles will be a bit difficult.  ”

 Countless shells did not damage Shin Yoosung's white feather armor.  It was one of Shin Yoosung's unique skills, his strongest defense skill called Beast King Sensitivity.  The white fur wrapped around it didn't even tolerate a single scratch.

 "Don't worry, Unnie.  That won't happen this time.  ”

 Shin Yoosung laughed.

 “I will send you away painlessly.  ”

 Shin Yoosung's right hand silently rose to the sky.

 “Cry, King Masswood.  ”

 Then the ichthyosaur king behind her quietly raised his body.  The ichthyosaur king, King Masswood uses Ice Breath.  The Han River instantly froze and the ghost fleet firing their bullets gradually lost their function.  The fleet cannot move.

 “Unni, I will give you one piece of advice.  The ghost fleet is nothing without water.  ”

 Everything happened in an instant.  Shin Yoosung's fist also moved.  There was the sound of something appearing.  Lee Jihye lost her sword and flew across the sky.

 “Of course, there is no point in giving advice at this time.  ”

 The bloody Lee Jihye flew away and had already lost consciousness.  King Masswood's Ice Breath had spread completely across the Han River.

 “Aaaagh!  What?"

 The incarnation that crossed the cold water screamed.  Hundreds of people are destined to be frozen along with the Han River.  It was the person watching nearby who saved the helpless incarnation.

 [The character 'Lee Hyunsung' has used the stigma of 'Great Mountain Smash Lv.  5. ']

 Lee Hyunsung's swollen right arm crashed into the frozen river.  His right arm seemed to explode as he used Great Mountain Smash to break up the ice.

 His efforts are appreciated.  The cracked surface of the Han River collapsed and the influence of Cold Breath weakened.  Incarnation took the opportunity to ascend to Nodeulseom.



 Shin Yoosung saw Lee Hyunsung standing in the middle of them and smiled sadly.  "Yes, Hyunsung oppa.  I knew you would be here.  ”

 "…You know me?"

 “You are our most convincing shield.  You saved my life many times.  ”

 Shin Yoosung pointed and the big chimpanzee behind him hit his chest and walked forward.  A class 5 giant, Heavy Metal Bean.  He stepped on his hind legs and the nearest incarnation rolled on the ground.

 Lee Hyunsung rushed towards Heavy Metal Bean.  Lee Hyunsung's swollen arm hit Heavy Metal Bean's steel muscles.  Lee Hyunsung's strength was amazing.  He wasn't pushed back by the 5th grade giant even though his veins were ruptured and blood was pouring from his mouth.  No, he's a bit too much.

 Shin Yoosung continued to talk to Lee Hyunsung.  “You are the same as before.  Hyunsung oppa.  One of the most loyal Yoo Jonghyuk…”

 "…Who are you?"

 “You saved the lives of countless people and protected Yoo Jonghyuk until the end.  Then you were hit with the breath of the iron blood dragon and scattered into several ashes.  ”


 “Do you know what Yoo Jonghyuk said back then?”  Shin Yoosung's tongue was a sharp scalpel that grafted the wounds she received onto other people.  “I lost the bad shield.  ”

 Shin Yoosung saw Lee Hyunsung's changing expression and struggled with pleasure.  'Yeah, you should feel this too.  The pain I feel, the sights I see.  I won't give up all of them but you have to understand this too.  '

 However, she didn't know.  This round of regression was different from what she knew.

 Lee Hyunsung hit the Heavy Metal Bean and opened his mouth.  “I don't know what you're talking about but I'm not following Yoo Jonghyuk.  ”


 “I was at Kim Dokja's party.  ”

 “Kim… what?”

 The Heavy Metal Bean fell to the ground with a loud thud.  Shin Yoosung's expression hardened and she approached Lee Hyunsung.

 "What are you talking about?"

 There were swords popping up and Lee Hyunsung flew through the air.  Shin Yoosung had punched Lee Hyunsung in the stomach.  The ether storm pierced through Lee Hyunsung's dense skin and he flew into the middle of the Han River.

 The blow was hard enough to cause all of his organs to shatter.  Lee Hyunsung from the third round could no longer live.  However, a question was still in Shin Yoosung's head.

 It was a name she had never heard of before.  Kim Dokja… Who is he?

 Shin Yoosung tore off the head of the incarnation that was rushing towards her and slowly walked towards the frozen river.  The terrifying incarnation fled and was crushed by the claws of the monster.  Little by little, despair filled people's eyes.

 A sense of resignation spreads through incarnations facing impossible disasters.


 Of course, there were some people who tried to fight back.  The kings flocked and used ranged skills to shoot arrows and ether bullets.  Shin Yoosung knew them.

 The King of Beauty, Min Jiwon.

 King Maitreya Cha Sangkyung.

 The Neutral King, Jeon Ildo.

 That's weird.  They were those who originally shouldn't have lived or had left under Yoo Jonghyuk's leadership.  It was because all the kings other than Yoo Jonghyuk should have been put on one throne at the end of the fourth scenario.

 Then what is this?

 "Attack!  There is only one enemy!  "

 Who is this troop?  Where did the Absolute Throne go?  Who rules this world?

 It was at this moment that she felt a killing intent.  The ground where Shin Yoosung was standing froze.

 … Ice Breath?

 She reflexively looked back and saw a huge snake exhale towards him.  That's not King Masswood.  She raised her right hand and King Masswood moved.

 The two ichthyosaurs roared at each other at the same time and started to collide with each other.

 The king and queen bit each other, turning the entire Han River into a huge battlefield.  A dragon-sized ichthyosaur fighting against King Masswood.  This ichthyosaur, Shin Yoosung knew its identity.

 “… Queen Mirabad?”

 She knew that the queen was on Earth but there was no reason to attack her.  No, what is this?

 "Are you my future?"  A voice was heard.

 He looked back and Shin Yoosung's mind went blank.  The days of nostalgia shook her soul.

 “Save Ahjussi!”

 The girl screamed while a woman tried to stop the girl.

 “Yoosung, no!”

 Shin Yoosung recovered from the shock and noticed everything.

 "Haha yes.  I know it .  ”

 Shin Yoosung moved towards the girl.  She knew why Yoo Jonghyuk did this.  He is a human being who will by all means and methods to achieve his goals.

 “Yoo Jonghyuk, you bastard…”

 “Yoosung, run!”

 Yoo Sangah simultaneously activated Hermes Walking Method and Arachne's Spiderweb.  Shin Yoosung's eyes narrowed.

 ‘… Olympus?’

 However, Yoo Sangah's dagger did not reach Shin Yoosung.  Shin Yoosung made a simple hand gesture and the flying monsters that gathered around the gate flew towards Yoo Sangah.  In an instant, Yoo Sangah disappeared into a horde of monsters.

 Shin Yoosung ignored Yoo Sangah and approached the little girl.  The girl looked at him with fear and anger.  The girl couldn't move an inch.  Shin Yoosung raised a hand to the girl's cheek.

 She was about to do so, but suddenly she felt a sinister aura slowly approach her.  The adult Shin Yoosung didn't know what it was, but she felt a strange feeling that she shouldn't have.  Terrified, she felt fear.

 Naturally the mature Shin Yoosung took a few steps back and stared ahead.

 Of course, in that place it was not only the adult shin yoosung who felt that bad feeling, they felt a greater fear than when they saw the disaster.

 They froze where they were, no one could move even if they wanted to move.  Everyone heard it, the sound of firm footsteps slowly sounded in the ears of everyone there, the place was quiet and only the sound of footsteps could be heard, completely out of tune with the situation it should be.

 Slowly appeared, from the darkness a man with a sword in his right hand.  The man gave off a momentum that made everyone there freeze.  The man with the expressionless face was seen carrying a sword that was shrouded in a black, terrifying aura.

 The man looked at the mature Shin Yoosung.  He looked at her with an expressionless look.  Shin Yoosung felt a strange feeling from the man.  The man started running towards the adult Shin Yoosung and naturally the adult Shin Yoosung ordered King Masswood and The Heavy Metal Bean to attack the man.

 The man didn't stop running, he just ran faster and came face to face with the two monsters that were running towards him.


 That man, Choi Han only swung his sword once and the two monsters were instantly cut into two pieces.

 [Choi Han has used the skill 'Sword of Disaster' ]

 Choi Han passed the two monster corpses quickly and without looking at them it was as if saying such a thing would not be able to stop him.  Choi Han ran towards the adult Shin Yoosung with monster blood covering his body.

 The people there looked at Choi Han who was covered in blood with fearful eyes.  Honestly, Choi Han looks scarier than the actual disaster.

 Shin Yoosung adults saw Choi Han getting closer and immediately coated her hand with ether and directly faced Choi Han's sword.

 “Ukh!” The adult Shin Yoosung was pushed back as their strength clashed.

 Choi Han immediately parried the adult Shin Yoosung's attack and circled around to avoid Shin Yoosung's attack.  Choi Han dodged to the left and cut off Shin Yoosung's right arm.

 “Ahh!!” The adult Shin Yoosung screamed because her arm was severed.

 Choi Han did not let go of this opportunity and immediately cut off Shin Yoosung's other hand.

 “Ahhh!!!” Shin Yoosung fell and screamed in a loud voice that could be heard by anyone in the place.

 Choi Han pointed his sword at Shin Yoosung's neck who was now crying in pain.  Shin Yoosung looked at Choi Han with a frightened look, she looked at Choi Han's eyes which did not have any expression, there was only despair in his eyes.

 "I'm sorry" said Shin Yoosung adult while crying.  She actually didn't want to do this in the first place, she was just a victim who was turned into a disaster by the scenario, and the person in front of her was the one who would end the scenario by killing her.

 "If you regret it, you shouldn't have done it in the first place" Choi Han said with a cold tone and look

 Choi Han raised his sword preparing to chop off Shin Yoosung's head.  Shin Yoosung closed her eyes, resigned to her fate.


 A familiar scream made Choi Han stop his sword just as it nearly cut off Shin Yoosung's head.

 Choi Han turned around and his eyes widened and trembled.

 "Kim Dokja?"

 Kim Dokja ran with Yoo Jonghyuk beside him.

 “Why are you still alive?” Choi Han asked while biting his lip.

 "The explanation is long but the important thing is I beg of you, don't kill Shin Yoosung," said Kim Dokja as he slowly approached Choi Han.

 “Why? He already killed Cale and I have no reason to let him go” Choi Han said while pointing at Shin Yoosung with the tip of his sword.

 Kim Dokja bit his lip, he knew this wouldn't be easy, he knew no one could control Choi Han other than Cale.  And of course anyone would kill the person who killed his family.  Kim Dokja was also sure, if he was in the same position as Choi Han, he would definitely do the same with him.  But-

 "I may not know you very well, but I understand a little about Cale, and I'm very sure he doesn't want Shin Yoosung's death. I know that, Cale is a good person, even if someone hurts him, he will forgive him. He will forgive him! , so please stop what you're doing."

 Choi Han was silent hearing Kim Dokja's words, he knew that what he said was true.  Cale even forgave Clopeh, the one who planned to destroy his territory.  He forgave him, he knew Cale was a forgiving person.

 Choi Han slowly lowered his sword, then he looked at shin Yoosung, he recognized little Shin Yoosung.  He remembered what Cale had said.  'I won't kill you, I won't hurt you either'.  Choi Han remembered it, Cale had already decided to save this girl from the start.

 Choi Han sheathed his sword and shifted away from it.  Kim Dokja smiled seeing him, he was grateful that he could persuade Choi Han, even if he had to use Cale's name.

 Some anger doesn't go away and some sadness doesn't go away.  However, as long as he lived, salvation would come one day.

 Kim Dokja couldn't change anything when he became a reader.  It was because he was a reader that he could change it now.  Kim Dokja thought he could change it.

 At least, until the sound of the intermediate dokkaebi was heard.

 [Kim Dokja's incarnation.  You are the smartest and scariest of all the incarnations I know of.  ]

 Kim Dokja felt a strange discrepancy from the dokkaebi's expression.

 [However, it is this cleverness that holds your ankles.  ]

 "…What does it mean?"

 The following words from dokkaebi are not for Kim Dokja.

 [Okay Constellation.  Now I will show you the story you have been waiting for.  ]

 Sparks filled the air.  The intermediate dokkaebi are moving the scenario.

 [The intermediate dokkaebi have intervened in this scenario.  ]

 [According to the scenario contract, control of 'Shin Yoosung's Flood Disaster' and 'Choi Han's Incarnation' has been transferred to the intermediate dokkaebi.  ]

 Shin Yoosung and Choi Han's expressions started to change on the system message.


 The black aura rising from the calamity of Choi Han and Shin Yoosung's bodies slowly turned into white light.  Kim Dokja hurriedly shouted, “Wait!  What are you doing now?"

 [I fulfilled the contract.  This is the cog in the scenario.  ]

 Kim Dokja only realized now what he was trying to do.  That is the proper enforcement of the scenario.  It was the power to control the fate of all the 'parts' involved in the scenario.  Kim Dokja knew it was in Ways of Survival but he didn't think it would be used soon.

 [ A new disaster has been forcibly created.  ]

 Shin Yoosung's body that turned into white light immediately went to Choi Han's body and fused into Choi Han's body.  The mana wave that had been raging around the place was suddenly sucked in and compressed into Choi Han's body.

 Kim Dokja could see Choi Han's body was lifted into the air and changes began to appear in Choi Han's body, Kim Dokja saw it, Choi Han's hair color which was once black turned into a bright white light, swaying from the swirls of energy that constantly surrounded Choi Han.

 "Argh!"  Choi Han shouted loudly.

 [Choi Han's incarnation falls into despair]

 Choi Han's eyes darkened and slowly oozed blood, Choi Han screamed as his transformation took place.  After a while, Choi Han's body slowly stepped on the ground and everyone could feel the momentum.  Choi Han straightened his body and stared at all the incarnations in front of him.

 Choi Han's eyes turned white and matched the color of Choi Han's hair which had turned white as well.  Choi Han took out his sword and activated his aura.  Everyone could see it, the black and white aura came out simultaneously but didn't blend, it looked beautiful, but at the same time it looked terrifying.

 [Choi Han's incarnation has turned into a disaster]





That was how Cale felt right now, it was quite strange for him who could still feel something even though he was already dead.  Or is he dead?  Cale tried to move his body, but he couldn't.

  His body was dead but his mind was still alive, Cale could still think of what situation he was in right now.  However Cale knew, if he died then the one he would meet first would be the Death God.

  A few moments later....

  'Hmm, he didn't come?  '

  Cale's body suddenly became lighter than before, he could feel his limbs again.

  'Hmm..did he turn me on again?'

  Cale was doubtful about that, but in the end he opened his eyes, he narrowed his eyes to adjust to the light he was starting to see.  He saw him, beside him, his hyungs on his knees holding his hands crying.

  Cale smiled bitterly.

  He saw it, he saw his hyung holding his hand, no, he was holding the hand of his dead body, Cale saw his hyung holding his corpse and crying over it.

  Cale saw it, because now he was standing next to his hyungs.

  Right, now Cale Henituse was a ghost.

  Cale saw it, he saw his hyungs crying silently.  Cale lowered his head after seeing this.

  "Do not Cry for me"

  "I don't deserve it"

  Cale was still looking down, he was talking to his hyungs, but Alberu couldn't hear him.  Cale couldn't do anything to cheer him up.  Cale slowly raised his hand and tried to hold onto Alberu's shoulder.

  It pierced through, Cale couldn't touch it.  Cale brushed his hair back 'Ha, what did I expect'


  A huge explosion caught Cale's attention, he turned his head and saw, a familiar black aura was starting to look like it was destroying the area.  Cale could already guess what was happening, Choi Han must have started it.  Cale bit his lip, he couldn't let Choi Han be like that, he couldn't let Choi Han destroy everything.

  But how?  how can he help her.  He is dead and he is a ghost now, he can't do anything.  Except-

  Cale turned his head and looked at Alberu, he could see the look in Alberu's eyes was dead, like someone who had lost hope.  No, he couldn't be like that, he wasn't the hyung Cale knew, it was too different from his usual self.

  “Hyung, wake up, please stop Choi Han!”  Cale shouted, but Alberu did not budge.


  “Please, wake up, stop Choi Han!!”

  “Please” Cale knelt behind Alberu and tried to hold onto his back.



  A great wind hit Alberu, he could feel something forcing him to turn his head.  So Alberu turned his attention, and he finally saw it.  The black aura that was now mixed with the white aura started to look like it was going to destroy anything in front of it.  And Alberu was well aware of who the owner of that power was.

  "Choi Han?"  Alberu whispered with a look of disbelief.

  Cale gasped after hearing Alberu say Choi Han's name.  Cale raised his face, he could see Alberu who was staring at Choi Han's aura.

  "Hyung?"  Cale tried to call him, but he still didn't respond.

  “Hyung, please stop Choi Han!!”  Cale shouted even though he knew Alberu wouldn't be able to hear him.


  "Ha!"  Cale could hear Alberu chuckle with a bitter expression.

  “Damn, you always give me such a hard job.” Alberu rubbed his face and slowly stood up.

  Alberu stumbled slightly as he tried to stand up.  Alberu stood up using the blade that had turned into a spear to support him.

  "Hyung?"  Cale was surprised to see Alberu standing up.

  “I don't understand what's going on right now, but there's one thing I do know, you're definitely going to tell me to stop my instructor right?”  Alberu spoke quietly but Cale could see Alberu's expression was starting to change, at least his expression was starting to come alive again.

  “You always put other people first, why can't you take good care of yourself.  Why do you always protect others, why can you always protect others but you can't protect yourself?”

  Cale heard it carefully, he knew it.  Cale followed Alberu who slowly started walking away from his corpse and headed towards Choi Han.  They walked slowly, until finally they both saw him.  Cale looked at it, he saw Choi Han looking completely different from the Choi Han he knew.

  Choi Han's eyes turned white and matched the color of Choi Han's hair which had turned white as well.  Alberu looked at Choi Han with a look of disbelief.

  Cale looked at it, seeing Choi Han starting to destroy anything that was near him.  Cale saw it and he couldn't do anything.

  Right, now he's just a ghost.

Chapter Text

The mana waves that had been raging around Choi Han were suddenly sucked and compressed into his body as the feeling of insurmountable power overwhelmed him. His sense of superiority over everything, alive or not, in this universe, drove him insane.

Choi Han resisted the temptation that was growing from within him, to obliterate everything around him out of sheer madness. He felt like his head would explode if he didn't follow the voice inside his head telling him to destroy everything.

Wait, since when did this voice echo in his head? Since he felt his own helplessness? Since when did this voice start to affect him? Since he saw Cale lying in front of his head? As he walked through the forest? When he wanted to kill Shin Yoosung? The moment he saw Kim Dokja?

"Ugh!" Choi Han held his head, he felt that something was influencing him to think illogically. Choi Han even began to doubt his memory which began to show experiences that seemed like he had never experienced.

It was as if someone had distorted the facts in his memory. He began to see memories that were different from the ones he had before.

Since when did his memory start to change? Was it since his conversation with Kim Dokja? No wonder he felt weird. There was no way Cale would forgive Clopeh, wait, but why was Cale smiling like that at Clopeh? Why did he put his hand on Clopeh's shoulder?

“Akhhhhh” Choi Han could feel his memories starting to blur and being replaced by a dark scene.

[ Kill-Destroy-Exterminate]

"Get out of my head!!" Choi Han shouted which caused a very powerful mana explosion.

[ Destroy everything!! ]

"No, I won't obey you!!" Choi Han's vision was getting darker and he was having a hard time thinking straight, but he still tried to fight back.

[Kill everyone who bothers you!! ]

"No!!" Choi Han could barely keep his own consciousness.

[Kill them, didn't they take something important from you?! ]


[Think again, what is the reason you came here)

"For Cale"

[And who snatched Cale from you? ]

Who? Why is his memory blurry?

"Ugh!" Choi Han groaned in pain as he tried to dig up his memories.

[ WHO ? WHO ? WHO ? WHO ? WHO ? WHO ? WHO ? WHO ? ]


[ Those who did it! ]

Choi Han slowly raised his head and looked at everyone in front of him.

[Those who snatched Cale from you]

Choi Han looked at all the incarnations with a dark gaze. He could feel his mind starting to calm down as he started to follow the voice's will

[ So... ]

“Kill them all” Choi Han looked at all the incarnations in front of him with killing intent.

[The constellation 'Deception and Confusion' smiles in satisfaction]


[Looks like your luck ends here, Kim Dokja Incarnation. ]


A disturbing aura flowed from the body of Choi Han who had been forced to become evil. It was a killing intent that felt like it could melt flesh. The incarnation screamed and fled. Kim Dokja could see Yoo Jonghyuk pulling out the Heaven Shaking Sword in the distance.

[I hope you show a good scenario until the end. ]

Slowly Kim Dokja retreated from the disaster. Kim Dokja quickly glanced at Yoo Jonghyuk. Things turned out this way and it was clear what choice he would make.

“Wait a moment, Yoo Jonghyuk.”

"You have failed."

"Don't touch the child." Kim Dokja hid the young Shin Yoosung behind his back. “I will not forgive you if you touch this child.”

Yoo Jonghyuk glared at Kim Dokja. "There is no other way."

"But Shin Yoosung's soul merged with Choi Han's body!!" Shouted Kim Dokja

"That's why I will kill the child and Shin Yoosung's soul will disappear then I will hit the man"

"What if it doesn't work?"

"Because it will try it first, so get out of there" said Yoo Jonghyuk while pointing his sword at the young Shin Yoosung who was hiding behind Kim Dokja

Some way… Kim Dokja bit his lip until it bled.

“There is a way. We need to show the constellations their favorite scenario.”

"What do you mean?"

"Defeat the disaster."

Yoo Jonghyuk's expression hardened. "It was suicide. Are you going to be submissive?”

Kim Dokja saw Choi Han who turned into a demon and destroyed everything around him. Cale was already dead and no one could stop him normally without hurting him.

"Well, it seems my instructor-nim is crazy here. Can anyone explain the situation to me?" Said someone walking slowly towards Kim Dokja and Yoo Jonghyuk.

Kim Dokja turned around and saw Alberu walking towards him. Alberu looked confused and Kim Dokja could already guess the reason. Therefore he chose to remain silent and look at Choi Han.

"An old disaster has taken over his body and now he has become a new disaster," explained Kim Dokja very briefly.

"I see" said Alberu who immediately turned Taerang into a sword and looked at Kim Dokja.

“What are you going to do?” Yoo Jonghyuk asked while looking at Alberu's weapon.

Alberu smiled faintly and looked at Choi Han. "I'll talk to him in a minute"

"Will that work?" Ask Kim Dokja

“Of course not, I'm not Cale, I'm just buying time for you guys” Alberu said who immediately walked slowly towards the raging Choi Han.

Alberu looked at Choi Han who had turned into a disaster. Even though his nature was set for evil and lost control of his body, his eyes were filled with emotion. Alberu could see deep despair in his eyes.

"Well, when was the last time we fought each other seriously?" Alberu immediately coated his sword with a bright light and everyone could see it.

A catastrophe with darkness covering him and someone with a shining sword. It looked like a battle between light and darkness.

The two of them emitted enormous power beams and when the two powers met in the middle it caused a huge explosion. The two stared at each other for a long time before finally both of them ran towards each other and clashed swords.

Baaaaaaaaaang!! Baaaaaaaaang!!

Every time their swords clashed an explosive sound was heard as a result of the collision of their two powers. Alberu pushed in while moving his weapon to the side, it tilted slightly but his feet slid to the ground, and when Choi Han was right in front of him. Alberu continued to move his feet as he parried the sword that was coming towards him from the side.

People looked at the fight with their mouths agape. It looked like an art. Alberu looked like he was dancing on the battlefield and it was Choi Han who was viciously attacking.

Alberu started to move his finger as he moved forward. The sword he was holding was flipped over and gripped with a reverse grip. Alberu had used his foot to kick Choi Han.

The kick had no mana in it so it had no killing power, but it was enough to push Choi Han back and gain some distance.

Alberu looked at Choi Han who was growling while clutching his stomach in surprise. "Has your swordsmanship weakened instructor-nim?" Ask Alberu

"Wait, can that be called weak?" Kim Dokja whispered as he stared at the battle that was taking place, he remembered that Alberu said that he would talk to Choi Han, but what did he see just now? A fight that looks dangerous? Swinging swords at each other with great intensity? Is that his way of talking to each other?

"Is it because you were possessed? That's why you weakened? Why can you allow yourself to be controlled by others huh? Are you going to let yourself be controlled by someone else just like that?" Alberu said as he glared at Choi Han.

"Where did the Choi Han I know go huh? The Choi Han I know doesn't easily give up on someone's control." Alberu said while mustering his strength and channeling it into his sword.

Alberu's sword shone brighter than before, but this time the light formed specks of light that looked beautiful. It looks like the light of a firefly to the viewer. It looks beautiful and doesn't look dangerous at all.

[I command you as Angelina's guard]

[To purify and destroy the darkness in front of me]

[Light of Destruction]

Those tiny dots flew towards him. Choi Han's gaze headed past the dots of light. Choi Han was covered in dots of light so that no part of his body was visible. The dots of light covered his entire body.

But at that moment, Alberu's scream showed the impact of his attack.

[ Explode! ]


One of the dots exploded with a low sound.

That's the beginning.

The dots started exploding one by one until they created a loud explosion together.


This engulfs all other sounds in the area.

In this brutal battlefield...
The only sound now was the sound of dots of light exploding.

[The 'Alberu Crossman' incarnation has used the Stigma Light of Destruction]

Alberu looked at Choi Han with a doubtful expression, he knew the attack wasn't strong enough to subdue Choi Han.

The attack he had just used was similar to the attack he had used against the White Star. It was indeed slightly different from the one he had used on the White Star, back then the dots were black, but now they were white like light. Alberu smiled a little, this power was indeed suitable for him and he would use that power against Choi Han.

Psssh. Psssh.

The black ash from the explosion began to fall. The black smoke had dissipated and everyone there could see Choi Han once again. His body was burning from Alberun's power of purifying darkness, and he was bleeding through the cracks in his skin, but this man was standing fine with his feet sunk to the ground.

"As expected of you huh?" Said someone who quickly attacked Choi Han.

It was Yoo Jonghyuk, he aimed his gun at Choi Han's neck, but Choi Han lowered his body quickly and turned around to hit Yoo Jonghyuk. Realizing what Choi Han was about to do, Yoo Jonghyuk used the 'Air Steps' skill and twisted his body and kicked Choi Han.


Choi Han was thrown quite far and Yoo Jonghyuk landed quietly.

"Is that a personal grudge?" Alberu asked while looking at Yoo Jonghyuk.

"I have to do it at least once" Yoo Jonghyuk said while looking at Choi Han who started running towards him.

"Where's Kim Dokja? Shouldn't he be here too?" Alberu asked while pointing his sword at Choi Han who seemed to be approaching.

"He should have, but suddenly he fell silent and stared at empty air like crazy" Yoo Jonghyuk said before his sword met Choi Han's again.

"Empty air?" Alberu whispered before finally smiling a little and running towards Yoo Jonghyuk to help him.


"Wait, can that be called weak?" Kim Dokja whispered.

“That is indeed weak, he doesn't seem to be able to bring out all his strength right now” Yoo Jonghyuk whispered

Yoo Jonghyuk cleaned the blood around his mouth as he stood beside Kim Dokja with the Heaven Shaking Sword. "Let's go now!" Yoo Jonghyuk said before he ran forward.

"Kim Dokja?" Said Yoo Jonghyuk who saw Kim Dokja not responding to his words and just staring at empty air. 'Is the air more important than me?'

"Kim Dokja!" Yoo Jonghyuk called out to him once again but this time came closer to Kim Dokja and patted him on the shoulder.

Yoo Jonghyuk could see Kim Dokja flinched after he patted her on the shoulder. Then Kim Dokja turned to Yoo Jonghyuk with a surprised expression while pointing at the empty air? with his hands.

"Ghost" said Kim Dokja

"Did you hit something on your head? There's nothing out there!" Yoo Jonghyuk said while looking ahead.

"Em, I guess because it's a ghost you can't see it?" Kim Dokja said while tilting his head to the side.

"Then how come you can see it?"

"Because I, ever became a ghost?" Kim Dokja said while wondering in his head. 'So only I can see it?'

"I go!" Said Yoo Jonghyuk who immediately left Kim Dokja who was still pointing at empty air.

Kim Dokja let Yoo Jonghyuk go and focused on the ghost in front of him.

"I guess only I can see you"


Said Kim Dokja and the ghost or Cale was just silent while watching Choi Han's battle which was now a battle between Choi Han against Alberu and Yoo Jonghyuk.

“I guess so” Cale said as he looked at his body that was floating in the air before turning to Kim Dokja. "Can you help me?"

"I will help you as much as I can" said Kim Dokja firmly.

Cale smiled slightly at that and then turned to look at Choi Han, “Then can you pass my message on to Choi Han?”

"Will that work, you know Choi Han is being controlled by something and he-

"It must work!" Cale said while looking at Kim Dokja with a stern look.

"Okay !" Kim Dokja immediately dashed towards Choi Han with his sword.

"Choi Han!! Listen to me!" shouted Kim Dokja and Choi Han immediately looked at him and attacked him.

Kim Dokja was ready to parry Choi Han's attack, but Alberu suddenly stood in front of him and parried Choi Han's attack for him.

"Continue, I will protect you as best I can" Alberu said while focusing on avoiding Choi Han's attacks.

“Cale is here right now and he is still watching you” Kim Dokja said

Alberu was silent when he heard Kim Dokja's words. He turned around and saw Kim Dokja who looked like he was telling the truth.

'His dongsaengs are still watching him' Alberu smiled sincerely upon hearing this news, at first he already had such a feeling, but upon hearing it immediately he became more relieved than before.

Alberu was so silent that he didn't notice Choi Han's sword coming towards him, he turned around and saw that Choi Han's sword was so close he couldn't react. Suddenly Alberu felt someone tugging at his shirt so he could dodge the attack.

Alberu turned around and saw Yoo Jonghyuk behind him and pulled Alberu back then parried Choi Han's next attack.

"You better focus on the battle in front of you" Yoo Jonghyuk said while looking at Alberu with his sharp gaze.

Kim Dokja looked at Choi Han who looked unfazed by his words and was even more furious than before.

“It didn't work, he might not believe what I said” Kim Dokja said to Cale who was placing his hand on his chin like he was thinking.

“Why does Choi Han look like that?” Cale said while pointing at Choi Han.

"Shin Yoosung's catastrophic soul merged into his body, and after that he looked like he is now," explained Kim Dokja.

“His soul merged with Choi Han's body” Cale repeated before falling silent for a moment and finally looking at Kim Dokja.

"You said his soul entered Choi Han's body didn't you?" Cale said and Kim Dokja just nodded.

"Then can I do it too?" Cale said while looking at Kim Dokja

"You mean you want to try possessing my body?" Kim Dokja asked while pointing at himself.

"I don't know, I just want to try it, I also don't know if I can possess you"

"It's better to try than not at all" said Kim Dokja, Well this isn't the first time he's been possessed by someone's soul, is it?

Cale slowly stepped forward and tried to touch Kim Dokja's body, he could feel his body being pulled into it and he just let it go. Kim Dokja could feel his consciousness fading and he could feel that he was in his subconscious and watching what was about to happen.

Cale opened his eyes and he could feel that he was in someone else's body, it was strange at first before he finally chuckled, Well this isn't the first time he has possessed someone's body is it?

Cale saw the raging Choi Han in front of him, he wanted to open his mouth and speak to him, but just as he wanted to speak he felt his head feel extremely dizzy and it was as if there was another consciousness denying his existence in Kim Dokja's body. The existence tugged at his soul as if it wanted to expel it and Cale screamed from the shock.

"Ahhh!!!" Cale's mind ached, he felt dizzy and nauseous, then he could hear something talking to him and looking at him.

[Fourth Wall staring at you]

[■■■■■ ■■■■■■ ■■■■■ ]

[■■■■■■■■ ]

"Shit, speak human language!!" shouted Cale and everyone who didn't know what had happened to him and Kim Dokja could only frown.

"Did Ahjussi finally go crazy?" said Lee Jihye who stood up with her sword.

Those were the last words Cale heard before finally his consciousness swapped with Kim Dokja's.

Kim Dokja opened his eyes and saw that he had regained control of his body. He turned his head and tried to find Cale around him, however

"Why isn't he here?" Kim Dokja whispered before turning around and looking for Cale

[ I'm here ]

Kim Dokja could hear the voice and turned around, he knew it was Cale's voice but he still couldn't find Cale's figure behind him.


[In your head I guess? ]

"In my head?"

[Something like that]

"How did you get there?" asked Kim Dokja, honestly he himself was confused how this could happen.

[Something called the fourth wall moved me here]

"Ah, then how can we convince Choi Han?" Said Kim Dokja while looking at Alberu and Yoo Jonghyuk who were already injured because of fighting Choi Han.

[Just repeat what I said]

[Tell him from close range so he can hear you clearly]

Kim Dokja immediately pointed his sword at Choi Hn and approached quickly using Way of the Wind.


Kim Dokja's sword met Choi Han's sword, Kim Dokja could see Choi Han's eyes that looked lifeless.

Cale started to say a word and Kim Dokja immediately repeated it.

[ Forest of Darkness ]

"Forest of Darkness"

Kim Dokja could see Alberu flinched as he said these words.

[Harris Village]

"Harris Village"

[ Arm ]

“Arm” Kim Dokja repeated it once more, but this time he could see Choi Han's eyes were shaking slightly.

[ Henituse household ]

“Henituse Household” Kim Dokja kept repeating whatever Cale and Yoo Jonghyuk who were nearby listened to everything carefully and Alberu just looked at Kim Dokja and Choi Han in turn.


There are some words that Kim Dokja doesn't understand

[Raon, On, Hong]


Until a few foreign names he didn't recognize either, but Kim Dokja saw every time they exchanged attacks and Kim Dokja repeated Cale's words, he could see Choi Han's eyes shaking and his attacks becoming unstable.

[Western Continent]

[East Continent]

Some locations that Kim Dokja didn't know were also mentioned by Cale, he was getting more and more curious.

[White star]

[Sealed God]

[God's Trial]

Only, who are their real identities.

Choi Han stopped moving after that, he looked at Kim Dokja with a confused look, he even tilted his head to the side.

"Cale-nim?" Say Choi Han

“Cale-nim, is that you?” Choi Han repeated while walking slowly towards Kim Dokja.

“Cale-nim are you here?” Choi Han stopped right in front of Kim Dokja and looked into Kim Dokja's eyes.

“You're not Cale-nim” Choi Han said while looking at Kim Dokja

'of course I'm not him' thought Kim Dokja when he saw Choi Han who seemed to have almost come to his senses.

“My name is Kim Dokja, and I speak according to Cale's request” Kim Dokja repeated

“So Cale-nim isn't here?” Ask Choi Han

"He's here, but no one can see him but me" Kim Dokja replied but Choi Han just kept quiet and didn't respond.

[Tell him it's the same as in the sealed god test]

“Cale told me it's the same as during the sealed god test, Cale can see us but no one here can see him but me” Kim Dokja said, he was getting more and more curious about their identity.

"Oh, I see"


"I'm grateful!" Kim Dokja could see Choi Han started to cry, it wasn't a hysterical cry, it was a silent cry, but Kim Dokja could see a lot of emotion contained within it.

Choi Han sat in front of Kim Dokja and his whole body started to return to its normal state, his hair color started to turn black and Choi Han's eyes returned to normal, but this time he was crying.

[ Hahaha, interesting. Very interesting. ]

The intermediate dokkaebi sounded very surprised.

[The current scenario is like this.]

[ Ha ha ha ! This is a very good scenario. Constellations, don't you agree]

Everyone could hear the intermediate dokkaebi's voice.

[ But unfortunately, this situation can't end like this, you guys have to be more desperate!

“AKHHHHH” Choi Han shouted and his recovered eyes turned black again.

"No!" Kim Dokja shouted before being swept away by the ether storm that swept over the place. Kim Dokja could see Choi Han starting to lose his sanity and control over his body and throwing a tantrum again.

[It's all my fault, if only I got better-

"No, don't blame yourself, no one would have thought it would turn out like this, and you're a good person so-

[I'm sorry, but I'm not a good person]

"What?" Kim Dokja was silent for a moment, did he hear correctly

[I'm not a good person, maybe I'm more inclined to a bad person]

"What do you mean, why are you talking like that, you even forgive the person who did evil to you, you even forgive Yoo Jonghyuk!" Say Kim Dokja

[I don't know why you can see me like that, firstly, I'm not a good person, secondly, I'm a selfish person who cares more about my family than anything, and thirdly, I let Yoo Jonghyuk ,because if he died wouldn't this world be set back and going to start over again? ]

Kim Dokja was silent hearing Cale's words, he thought that in the past few days he had understood it better, but he was wrong, he couldn't understand humans that easily, he wasn't a character in the books he read, he was a human and it wasn't that easy to understand humans.

[I'm not a good person, I also often take advantage of other people]

[I even used you]

Kim Dokja smiled a little after hearing that

"I've used your name before too."

[ Oh, so we take advantage of each other? ]

Kim Dokja chuckled after hearing that, "Right, we take advantage of each other so I guess it's a beneficial symbiosis isn't it?"

[I think you're right]

“So what if instead of taking advantage of each other, we start from being friends and getting to know each other” Kim Dokja said and he could hear Cale's laughter inside his head.

[ Alright, now we're friends ]

"Okay, then how about we start our cooperation by defeating Choi Han" said Kim Dokja while looking at Choi Han who was raging

['Character Bookmark' enabled. ]

[Available Bookmark Slots: 4]

[Displays a list of available bookmarks. ]

"I will remove Delusion Demon Kim Namwoon from slot 1 and add Judge of Destruction Jung Heewon."

[Bookmark skill level is low, shorten the activation time. ]

[Activation Time: 30 minutes]

[Your understanding of the character is important. You can choose some of his skills to import. ]

Choi Han ran towards me and Kim Dokja ran towards him.

"I wonder why out of everyone he came straight to me in this ether storm?"

[Maybe because you're the last person he saw]

['Time of Judgment Lv. 5' has been activated. ]

The activation skill is level 5. It looks like Jung Heewon has been training hard. Jung Heewon isn't here but it's not bad.

[The constellation 'Scribe of Heaven' is embarrassed. ]

[The constellations of the Absolute Good system are deep in thought. ]

It was natural to be confused because someone who wasn't a judge had used an unauthorized skill. However they were bound to give Kim Dokja permission. It was because the presence before him was tied to evil.

[The constellation Absolute Good has approved the use of this skill. ]

A hot aura emerged from inside Kim Dokja's body. It is a blind sense of truth that will punish all evil in the world. The history of the archangel who fought the holy war with the great demons passed through Kim Dokja's head.

– Punish crimes.

Judgment Time was originally a skill used by great valkyries. Thus, the user of this skill receives the help of an archangel.
A madness that excludes everything other than a narrow definition of justice wriggled in Kim Dokja's brain.

A wave of incomparable magic power exploded from the Blade of Faith. The aether blade resonated and moved in a straight line towards Choi Han.

Now all of Kim Dokja's stats rose to the point where he could fight against Choi Han's calamity. Judgment Time is a deception skill. There are only a few skills in all Ways of Survival that fans can go crazy over.

[ I will help you ]

Suddenly Kim Dokja felt a great power welling up from within his body.

"Wait, it's not what I think it is, is it?"

[Too bad, it looks like you guessed right this time]

Kim Dokja could feel Cale's power coursing through his body, Kim Dokja's stats were increasing to the point where his strength might surpass Choi Han's.

"So, I can use your power?" Ask Kim Dokja to be sure.

[ I don't know, I guess so, wouldn't you better give it a try? ]

Kim Dokja thought for a moment, of all of Cale's powers that he knew, the one that impressed him the most in his heart was, the power of fire.

Kim Dokja closed his eyes, he imagined the power of the fire he had seen. Kim Dokja could feel the heat covering his body, he smiled.

Kim Dokja opened his eyes and placed his sword on his chest and lifted it up.

At the time.


The sky starts to rumble


The roar in the sky ended.

And then everyone saw a red light.

One red line.

It's different from lightning

It was the true form of the Flame of Destruction.

It wasn't rose-gold lightning.

It's blood red.

The red fire light made everyone's vision turn red.

The blood red flames hit the ground.

The mighty red pillar that seemed to drown the battlefield in the sea of blood had fallen and hot like lava engulfed the scattered ether.


A deafening roar shook the earth.

The astonishing power of the fire of destruction revealed itself on the battlefield. The fiery lightning that had regained its original strength showed itself on the battlefield with a majestic look.

Everyone could see it now, because the ether storm had been swallowed up by the attack just now. They saw him, a man with red hair with a red glow covering his body.

Alberu's eyes trembled after seeing the attack, he knew very well whose strength it was. It was the strength of his dongsaeng, but the man in front of him was Kim Dokja and it was he who carried out the attack.

"Kim Dokja?" Yoo Jonghyuk said while observing the man, he knew the man in front of him was Kim Dokja, but the power just now wasn't his, it belonged to that person, and now Kim Dokja looks like that person, red hair and covered with red light all over his body.

Kim Dokja was shocked after seeing the attack he made, it was stronger than any attack he had ever seen, he also saw his body which was surrounded by red light. Kim Dokja immediately raised his sword and saw how it looked through the reflection on his weapon.

[You look cool]

Kim Dokja could hear Cale's voice from inside his head. Kim Dokja saw his reflection from his sword, and the color of his hair became as red as Cale and even the color of his eyes turned reddish. But the only difference is-

"I look cool, but you look handsome"

[ I know it ]

Chapter Text



“Ugh, Cough…”


Kim Dokja's body fell after using Cale's power and the changes that occurred to his body returned to normal. However, if seen from other people's point of view, they saw the red-haired man who issued the dangerous attack just now mysteriously disappearing in midair.




Kim Dokja coughed up dark red blood and couldn't control himself, dark red blood kept pouring out of his body.




[I'm sorry, it seems my strength doesn't match your body]


“What do you mean, Cough…”


[First your body resisted my soul and now you are hurt this badly just by using a little of my strength]


“What, cough…”


[Shouldn't be this bad]


"Hah? ugh, cough"


Kim Dokja started coughing an alarming amount so Yoo Jonghyuk approached him.


"Are you okay?" the question


“Are you blind, ugh, cough…”


Kim Dokja raised his bloodstained face and looked at Yoo Jonghyuk with a flat gaze.


“You bastard…ugh!”


[A number of constellations cannot take their eyes off your battle. ]


“Damn…” Kim Dokja smiled weakly and the sword fell from his hand.


[Some constellations that are reluctant towards you have become curious. ]

Become crazy .]


[The constellations that roam the battlefield are watching your battles. ]

Making a lot of noise.]


[The constellations of the great battlefield praise your will. ]


Yoo Jonghyuk supported Kim Dokja to his feet so the two of them didn't notice Choi Han launching an attack on them. Yoo Jonghyuk immediately pulled Kim Dokja towards him and turned around so that Yoo Jonghyuk protected Kim Dokja by hugging him.




Yoo Jonghyuk turned around and saw Alberu standing in front of them with a white shield in front of him, the shield splitting Choi Han's attack so they could survive.


Kim Dokja looked up and his eyes met the eyes of Yoo Jonghyuk who also happened to be looking at him, Kim Dokja could see Yoo Jonghyuk wanted to talk.


“Kim Dokja, don't die.” Yoo Jonghyuk looked into Kim Dokja's eyes so intensely that Kim Dokja didn't know how to react.


"Only I can kill you"


'Well, what do I expect from him' thought Kim Dokja


[That's quite romantic]


"Stop it!" Kim Dokja immediately pushed Yoo Jonghyuk away and left him and Kim Dokja walked towards Alberu.


"So how do you beat him without having to kill Choi Han?" Alberu asked while maintaining his shield.


"Do not worry. They will come soon. The one who would stop Choi Han. ”


"Then how to separate Shin Yoosung's soul from Choi Han's body?" Alberu asked.


"In theory Shin Yoosung's body and Choi Han's body have merged into one, so if we want to separate them, one needs to pull out Choi Han's soul and the other kills Shin Yoosung" explained Yoo Jonghyuk who was standing behind Kim Dokja


"So who-


[I will do it]


Kim Dokja frowned, in theory Cale could indeed attract Choi Han's soul, but would it work?


[ Do not worry about me ]


Kim Dokja bit his lip and looked at Alberu.


“Cale said he would do it” Kim Dokja said


Alberu frowned before finally nodding. "So what to do after this?"


“You guys just need to help me so I can touch Choi Han and Cale will finish it” Kim Dokja explained


There was a distant artillery roar. A woman wearing a blue prison uniform appeared from the north. The monsters split apart and the army advanced to this side. A masked woman stood in the center and led the troops.


Wandering King. Kim Dokja thought she had gone somewhere but she had been taking care of the monsters as she advanced from the north. However, they were not what Kim Dokja had been waiting for. Kim Dokja saw someone running this way. The woman turned this way and asked, “Excuse me, am I late?”


“A little late. ”


"Stop pretending. Are you still alive? "


Judge of Ruin. 10 days later, Jung Heewon is much more in control than Kim Dokja knew. She lightly patted Kim Dokja's shoulder and moved.


“Leave it to me and rest. ”


A red aura rose as she activated Judgment Time. "What are you worried about?" Jung Heewon asked with a smile. A confidence different from usual filled her voice. It wasn't just the Time of Judgment that she believed in.


[The constellation 'Writer of Heaven' is talking to itself. ]


[The constellation 'Abyssal Black Flame Dragon' shows hostility towards sponsor Jung Heewon. ]


“I roughly know the situation. My sponsor made a lot of noise along the way. Jung Heewon faced Choi Han with sad eyes. "So, there's no need to worry. ”


Jung Heewon lightly swept her sword in front of her. Flames began to rise from where her hand touched.


It was early in the morning. On the night where the darkness of Seoul was the darkest, Jung Heewon's blade caught fire. The flame on the blade was brighter than any flame Kim Dokja had ever seen. It is the sacred white flame of the stigma that will punish all evil.


[Hell Flames Ignition. ]


Hell Flames Ignition was the stigma of a Demon-like Judge of Fire.


Jung Heewon laughed coldly. “I will finish this scenario. ”


The archangel Uriel chose Jung Heewon as an incarnation.


Jung Heewon ran forward. Her muscles were strengthened by Judgment Time to the limit and the Demon Slaying buff gave her a sharp edge.


Along with Uriel's Hell Flames Ignition, her combat power was increased to the most ideal form.


[The Demon-like Constellation of Fire Judges is watching the battlefield with sad eyes. ]


Jung Heewon's blade declared the opening.


[Character 'Jung Heewon' has used Hell Flames Ignition Lv. 1. ]


The stigma was only level one but hellfire burned through Shin Yoosung's ether storm.

Great demonic power, Beast King's Breath poured out but Jung Heewon didn't care. She simply wielded her sword as hard as she could and drew a line connecting heaven and earth. The Beast King's breath turned into smoke as soon as it encountered Hell Flames Ignition.


Someone muttered, “Oh my god, what is that?”


Hell Flames Ignition was a stigma that could vaporize the oceans of a planet when it reached the final level. When the 'Messiah' appeared in the original novel, it was Uriel who paved the way in preparation for him. The great angel feared by all demons, the great demon's closest enemy.


Alberu nodded when he saw Jung Heewon rushing through the fire. Alberu immediately turned his shield into a chain and he immediately ran to bind Choi Han.


Yoo Jonghyuk looked at the chains that bound Choi Han sinisterly. Kim Dokja saw Yoo Jonghyuk start running and he immediately followed him.


Choi Han's sword that was enveloped in his aura and the flames attached to Jung Heewon's sword collided. Choi Han stumbled and Jung Heewon pushed forward without losing this gap. No matter how good the overlapping skills were, a strong buff would have a short duration. Jung Heewon was well aware of this and quickened his attack. The surrounding land was affected by the holy fire.


[The constellations coming from the Dokgak channel are very excited.]


[15,000 coins have been sponsored. ]


The hateful donations from the constellations rose sharply. Affection and hatred are just moments of entertainment for the constellations. Unfortunately, a story that lasts a little while for them is life for humans.


[The constellations on the Korean Peninsula are looking at you sadly. ]


In front of many observers, Kim Dokja drew the ending of this scenario himself.


[The Constellation Secretive Plotter is focused on your choice. ]


Kim Dokja immediately approached Choi Han and as planned Alberu tightly bound Choi Han's body, even though the chains were not strong enough to prevent Choi Han from moving, it could slow down Choi Han.


Choi Han's sword and Yoo Jonghyuk's sword met and made an opening for Kim Dokja to approach him. Kim Dokja lowered his head to avoid Choi Han's attack and directly touched Choi Han's shoulder.


"I leave it to you" said Kim Dokja


[ Leave it to me ]








Choi Han sensed it, all around him was darkness. After he lost control of his body, he woke up here, a dark room that seemed endless.


The whole room was dark, until a light in front of him woke him up somewhere else.


Choi Han opened his eyes and looked around him, he recognized this place very well.


Puzzle City


The site of the final battle against the White Star. Choi Han raised his head and looked around him, all of his family were here, next to him, except for Cale. Choi Han immediately noticed Cale's absence and immediately found him.


Cale was beside the dying White Star.


Choi Han noticed it immediately.


“Cale-nim get out of there!” Shouted Choi Han


Cale turned around and looked at Choi Han who was running towards him.


“What is it Choi Han?”


“Stay away from the White Star!” Choi Han shouted while running towards Cale in desperation.


Choi Han could see White Star smiling after hearing his words.


“Cale Henituse, DIE WITH ME!!”


The White Star immediately mustered the rest of its strength and blew itself up, Cale tried to escape but it was too late, Cale looked at Choi Han with a pained look.






An explosion occurred and Choi Han's entire vision turned white.


Choi Han woke up in that black room again. Choi Han's breath came out irregularly which made him short of breath.


Choi Han raised his face, he was not in the black room anymore, he was in the puzzle city, with the same situation as before.


Choi Han immediately looked for Cale and ran towards him. But he failed again, the White Star instantly blew himself up and Cale looked at Choi Han again with his sorrowful gaze.






Choi Han woke up in the same black room, his breathing still ragged. Choi Han immediately closed his eyes to regulate his breathing. After Choi Han opened his eyes.


He wakes up in Puzzle City again.


Choi Han immediately looked for Cale to prevent his death. But he failed. He woke up in the same black room and after a few seconds he woke up in Puzzle City again.


Again and again.


Same explosion, same death.


Choi Han finally realized, he couldn't save Cale.


He woke up in the same room again, his breathing still ragged. No matter how much he saw Cale's death, he still wasn't used to it, no, he would never get used to it.


Once again, he woke up in Puzzle City, witnessed Cale's death and ended up waking up in the same dark room.


“Ahhhhhhhh” Choi Han screamed as he grabbed his hair.


"I can not take it anymore!"


"I don't want to see it again!"


"I don't want to see it again!"


Choi Han held his head tightly.




Choi Han sat up crying.


"I don't want to remember it anymore!"


"I don't want to know what will happen!"


Choi Han cried while holding his head tightly. Choi Han cried silently until finally a light appeared in front of him.


Choi Han raised his face, he saw it.


Choi Han wakes up and sees himself at a school. Choi Han looks at himself in his school uniform and his surroundings, he knows where he is now, he is in korea.


It means….


“Choi Han, what are you doing there?” asked a student with blonde hair, Choi Han turned his head and saw it.


“Let's go now, Cale will be angry if we are late” the student said before finally patting Choi Han on the shoulder once.


Choi Han knew him, Choi Han thought for a moment, it seemed he had experienced this in the past. Choi Han nodded and finally Choi Han walked after him. The two of them walked briskly along the hallway before finally finding a student with red hair waiting at the end of the hall.


The red-haired student noticed their presence and turned his head.

"What made you guys late?" asked the red-haired student while crossing his arms across his chest.


“Choi Han was daydreaming on the way here, so I had to wake him up first” explained the blonde student.


"Alright, let's go now, I'm already very hungry!" Said the red-haired student and immediately descended the stairs followed by the blonde-haired student.


Choi Han stayed where he was and didn't move at all. Choi Han could see the red-haired student turning around and looking at him.


“What are you thinking there Choi Han? Alberu and I are starving and we need to eat soon.”


“Hey, aren't you the one starving here Cale?”


“That's true but we all have to eat now.” The red-haired student argued with the blonde-haired student who just chuckled before finally looking at Choi Han again.


“What are you waiting for Choi Han? Let's go together now."




Choi Han smiled after hearing his words before finally smiling as usual and descending the stairs.


“Let's go, Cale-nim” Choi Han said with a smile


"Hey, didn't we agree not to call you honorifics?" Cale said while grumbling in his place


"I'm sorry" said Choi Han with a smile


“You don't have to apologize, you have to slightly change your habit of saying sorry almost all the time” Cale and Alberu explained who heard it just chuckle.


"I understand!" Answer Choi Han


Choi Han closed his eyes enjoying this warm atmosphere.


Choi Han opened his eyes again, he looked around him.


He's on the battlefield.


Choi Han looked ahead, he saw Cale who was defending his shield. Until finally the shield broke and an attack hit Cale.




Choi Han saw it, he saw it again.


He saw Cale die in front of him.


Choi Han closed his eyes again and woke up in the same dark room. Choi Han sat limply and his gaze was starting to go blank.


"I should be the one who died"


Choi Han sat limply, he no longer had the strength to maintain his consciousness.


[More desperate]


[You should be more desperate]


[The more you despair, the stronger I become]


Choi Han could feel the floor of the room starting to crack and reveal a deep abyss.


Choi Han sat on the edge of the abyss, he had neither the strength nor even the will to escape from the abyss.




The floor where Choi Han was crushed and Choi Han fell into the abyss. Choi Han closed his eyes and fell into the abyss


"I'm sorry"


Choi Han felt a hand pulling his body to fall deeper. Choi Han let it go, until he finally heard something breaking in the room.


Choi Han felt a light enter his vision. Choi Han opened his eyes and saw, something was heading towards him.




Choi Han asked. He was afraid that his eyes would disappoint him. Until a hand grabbed him. Choi Han saw it, Cale smiled looking at him.


“Well, let's go, Choi Han. Together” Cale said as he pulled Choi Han out of the abyss.


'Together' Choi Han smiled after hearing his words.


Choi Han's body slowly lifted along with Cale up. Suddenly a voice echoed in the room.


[Tsk, you always make me work hard but you never thank me]


Choi Han heard a voice that was different from the voice that had always affected him. Choi Han gave a small smile, he could see Cale starting to frown.


"God of death?" Ask Cale


[Right, it's me, why do you want to thank me]


“What kind of bullshit is that, hey if it wasn't for you my life wouldn't be like this!!” Cale said in a grumbling tone.


[ Is that your way of thanking me? After all the things I've done to you? ]


"Be thankful? So you mean I should thank the person who made my life miserable?”


[ Hmm, you've forgotten all my kindness? ]


“I still remember that you gave me a lot of coins.”


[Is that all you remember? ]


"What do you mean?"


[ Don't you want to live anymore? ]


"Well, you can do it, can't you? So, do it now, why do you always go round and round”


[Ho~ Alright I will immediately send your souls back to your bodies]


[You better prepare Cale Henituse]


"What is-


Cale and Choi Han's sights faded and they lost their consciousness.




Meanwhile, some time after Kim Dokja touched Choi Han's shoulder. Time seemed to stop for a moment and moments later they all realized Choi Han's body fell and Alberu quickly caught him.


Shin Yoosung's soul left Choi Han's body and returned to her original body, and quickly Jung Heewon had turned Beast King Sensitivity into rags and Hell Flames Ignition's flames gradually burned Shin Yoosung. Injuries also piled up on Jung Heewon's body. It was a close match but victory was not on the side of the exhausted Shin Yoosung.


Jung Heewon ignored all defenses and plunged through the ether storm, stabbing her sword into Shin Yoosung's stomach. Bright flames surrounded Shin Yoosung's body. The holy fire burned the great demonic energy in her body. The black aura coming from it turned into smoke.


Blood splattered from where the sword was drawn. Shin Yoosung stared at her blood as if it were props on stage. Finally resolved.


She smiled and looked up into the air. There was an intermediate dokkaebi with a stiff expression. "I'm going to die now. Wouldn't that be okay as a drama? It's a good scenario."


[Several constellations nod. ]


[Some constellations are complaining. ]


The intermediate dokkaebi fell silent. Well, he didn't expect this. The scenario had been completed but it wasn't what he had intended. Now he will pay what he wants.

Kim Dokja looked back and saw Yoo Jonghyuk approaching. He asked, "Is he going to die?"


"… Possible. ”


Only a few distorted sentences remained as Kim Dokja stared at the two people. Their thoughts must have reached each other. Kim Dokja clearly read this story. Then Shin Yoosung started to scatter into ashes.




Young Shin Yoosung approached Kim Dokja and held Kim Dokja. How did she feel when she saw her future disappear? No matter how many books Kim Dokja read, there were some emotions he couldn't grasp. Shin Yoosung's disaster smiled at the young Kim Dokja and Shin Yoosung.


The lower body of Shin Yoosung's disaster had almost disappeared. The speed of destruction is accelerating.


[The constellation 'Fire Demon Judge' has closed its eyes. ]


[The constellation ‘Golden Headband Prison’ sighed. ]


The ashes were like traces that disappeared into the sky. It was like a long journey or even a dance. The people of Seoul Dome collapsed as soon as their tension was gone. There are people who laugh, cry or feel angry.


Constellation donations flowed here and there. The responses were different but there was one thing they all agreed on.


'Disaster Flood' Shin Yoosung has died.


There was a frozen intermediate dokkaebi looking up at the sky. Bihyung, who had been watching silently, finally opened his mouth.


[Intermediate Dokkaebi. The scenario has ended. ]


[How? This …]


[If you don't then I will end it. ]


A moment later, a message sounded.


[Fifth main scenario activated!]


[Compensation settlement is being prepared. ]


Finally, the scenario declared his death. Choi han is no longer a disaster and Shin Yoosung's future has died and the calamity has ended. This is the conclusion of the fifth scenario. Everyone thinks so and believes so.


The sky fell and a portal opened.


Two white dokkaebis appeared from the portal. The low-level dokkaebis found two dokkaebis wearing white armor and retreated at once.


It's natural.


These dokkaebis are people who hope that all dokkaebis will never meet. Bureau . They were the Executive Branch dokkaebis, who were in charge of investigating the 'probability' in scenarios. The two dokkaebi had an eerie atmosphere as they approached the intermediate dokkaebi and captured them.


[…Executive. What are you doing now?]


An executive dokkaebi declared to the surprised intermediate dokkaebi.


[Intermediate Dokkaebi 'Paul. You will be arrested for violating Star Stream rules.]




Cale could feel his soul returning to his body. It was a very strange feeling, but it seemed he would get used to it. Cale could feel his soul had merged into his body. But-


'Why can't he move his body?'


[This is why you are impatient Cale Henituse]


'What do you mean'


[Your body is broken and I should have fixed it before transferring your soul into your body]


'But if I wait any longer Choi Han will-


[I knew it, it happened beyond my expectation]


'So what are you going to do now?'


[ Of course repairing your body with your soul in it ]


'So what's the difference?'


[This will hurt a little]


'I can endure it'


[This is more than a thousand times more painful than dying. If you fail you will crumble and disappear]


'Wait can you take my soul out again'


[It's too late, I'll start it]



This was strange, Cale felt an excruciating pain. It wasn't his body that was in pain, but his soul, and it really was a thousand times more painful than dying.


It starts from the muscles of his body. He could feel something stabbing him, once or twice he could endure it, but a hundred, thousand, millions, Cale's entire body was covered in blood and all of this was due to a black smoke that had corroded his muscles, turning them to mush before replacing them with new ones.


And this was only the beginning, but the pain was excruciating, worse than any torture; death by a thousand cuts, literally. Now Cale could already feel his body.


However, in order to speed up the increase in his strength, Cale still endured it through gritted teeth, unwilling to let out a grunt. Smooth sweat ran down his entire body, proof of his pain. Even the mighty hero was thrown into chaos.




Then, Cale's eyes narrowed as he shouted, unable to endure the millions of dots that pierced through his skin and muscles.


He screamed and howled from the pain, but knew he had to stop and quickly shut his mouth.


In his heart he knew, this method would remake his entire body, from the inside out. But before that, he had to endure this suffering.


However this is only flesh, it will soon be followed by the bones and internal organs.


The strange black smoke never stopped spinning, after a long journey, his muscles were broken into the last fragments, then the black smoke continued to penetrate his bones.




Cale was shaken from the pain and a grunt escaped his gritted teeth.


Screaming would only add to his suffering until he couldn't take it anymore. In order to avoid his death, he forced his mouth shut while his eyes bulged out of his pale face.


'Bastard God'


As the black smoke entered his bones, Cale convulsed. He couldn't even speak, so he cursed the God of Death in his mind.


Cale's body suddenly jerked one second and went limp the next. His skeleton turned to dust at that very instant. Such pain filled his eyes with tears, but he was now nothing more than a pile of porridge. And all he could do was lie paralyzed on the ground.


Cale was sweating as he took a deep breath through gritted teeth. With his skeleton being nothing more than bone meal, black smoke dug deep into his organs. It didn't wait to stick to them like before but punched right through them.


Cale's organs were torn apart and he vomited blood mixed with flesh again and again. Blood seeped into a strange array and fused with it. But despite the constant flow of blood and sweat and pain, his lips curled into an evil grin.


'I will kill you after this'


Cale's smile was erased by the wail.




It didn't go as planned. The black smoke finished with his organs and went for his brain. The brain is the weakest of the two, as it is the place that houses one's soul.


Black smoke rained down on his soul, his mind. He felt as if thousands of ghosts were attacking him, pain to the bottom of his heart. It was thousands of times crueler than the first step. But unlike before, when his mind was clear, the pain was now eating away at his consciousness.


The black smoke swirled so fast that it set off a storm. It immediately changed before fusing it with Cale's blood, flowing throughout his body. The black smoke started to calm Cale's torn body, breathing life into his muscles, bones, and organs and after the process was complete and fused with his soul.


[ It's done, how can't that be fast enough? ]


“Fuck it” Cale said


[I will give you a present before our farewell]


“Can I ask for your death as a reward?”


[Ho~ you are such a cute human]


A moment later Cale saw the notification in front of him.


[You have received a new Stigma]


[ You have received the Stigma ' Blessing of prayer ]


[ Additional information :

• Can multiply the strength of yourself and others.

• Can borrow the sponsor's power up to the specified limit


Condition :

• Pray or ask the sponsor for blessings. The power given will be adjusted according to faith or belief ]


Cale stared at the notification screen in front of him, hoping his vision would decrease. But no matter how many times he reads it, the content remains the same.


"Ha, you gave me something useless"


[You don't know what's going to happen next, I'm giving it away in hopes of helping you]


"If I pray for you to die will it come true?"


[ If I die who will grant your wish later? ]


"Shouldn't you just grant my wish and then die afterward?"


[This is a pleasant conversation, too bad I can't stay here too long, the balance of this world will be destroyed if I stay here too long]


"Why didn't you leave earlier huh?"


[Oh, I forgot I still have one more present, good luck Cale Henituse, take good care of yourself this time]


"What else"




At that moment.


"….Hah? "


He heard a voice.


'Cale are you okay? '


'Cale?! Cale?! '


'See he's not responding to us! '


'I think he heard us'


He could hear a familiar voice.


“I can hear you guys” Cale said with a small smile, well it seemed he did miss them.


'Geez Cale are you okay? Can we destroy everything now'


'Are you trying to sacrifice yourself again? '


'Shall we eat now'


'Ah, is something bothering you, we can make it XXXXX. Should I crush it down to XXXX'


"Shit, it's so loud"


'Cale are you sick? Let's waste as much money as possible, it can reduce stress'


'You have to eat now, is there anything we can eat? '


'We can XXXX to XXXX for XXX'


"Damn, my head hurts so bad"

Chapter Text

“I'm hungry,” Cale said while holding his stomach.  “Am I going to die of hunger again?”


 'Cale, you're hungry aren't you, let's find some good food'.  Cale listened to the glutton's voice in his head, he thought, 'when I don't hear his voice, I think I almost skipped meals and will only eat when I'm hungry'


 'We can blow something up after that'


 'Ah, I miss the sound of when I'm about to destroy something, but that doesn't mean I'm going to destroy something now, I just want to eat.'


 'We can make the food XXX'


 'What can I do with my food?'


 ‘Cale, Cale, are you still in pain?  does your stomach hurt?'


 'Hah, that crybaby is back, he always overreacts about my health'


 'You have to take care of your health'


 'As expected of Super Rock, he's the only normal here'


 'But, is there anything you can eat here?'


 "I'm hungry, I want to eat, but there's nothing to eat here."  Cale slowly looked around his surroundings and tried to stand up but tripped over his own clothes and almost fell.


 ‘Cale, are you okay?’


 "I just tripped, I'm fine"


 'It's the fault of the uneven ground here.  We have to destroy it now!’


 "What?!".  Cale thought in his heart 'There's no need to be like that no, it's too much'.


 'We can make it XXX'


 'We can destroy the land here'


 "Then where should I stand after?"  Cale sighed


 'We can make new and safer'


 'Oh, that's a great idea, now we can destroy it'


 'Let's start making this world XXX'


 'When can we eat?'


 “I'm hungry, I'm dizzy, my head hurts.” Cale stood up while leaning against the wall, it had only been a few minutes since he had been able to listen back to the sound of ancient power and his head was already hurting, plus he was starving right now.


 'Let's go find some good food'


 'We can steal it as usual'


 'We can cook with my fire and we'll blow it up'


 'We can make the food XXX neatly'


 'Are you going to sacrifice yourself?'


 Cale had already decided not to respond to the ancient power's voice for now, he was starving right now and he needed food.


 But what about Alberu and Choi Han, they would definitely panic if they found out he left this place.  Cale thought until he finally came up with an idea amidst his hunger.


 Cale looked at his hand which was still covered in blood, then ran his finger on the wall and started writing something on the wall with his blood.




 "Perfect!"  Cale nodded looking at his work, well he admitted it might be a little scary for the viewer.


 People would probably avoid the wall because of the blood around it, let alone the writing on the wall.  Maybe some people would think it was a new kind of monster that was hungry and begging for food, they might think it was a hint of a new scenario.


 But Cale didn't care, he was now a hungry monster and was about to go find food he could eat.  Alberu and Choi Han would definitely understand the message and would go look for it.


 Cale started walking at a slow pace and looked for something.  Cale didn't clean the blood around his body at all because he was in a hunger crisis and didn't care about his appearance, and maybe if someone saw him, they might think Cale was a zombie.  Handsome zombies of course.


 Cale walked until he finally found a restaurant that was almost destroyed, he slowly looked for a way so he could enter it, and maybe finally found ingredients that could be processed.


 Cale entered the house and saw that the house looked messy, Cale thought that someone else must have entered this house before him and took the things here.


 Cale slowly walked towards the kitchen and checked every drawer and cupboard and hoped that there were groceries to be found.  And luckily, he found some groceries available in the cupboard.  And the food that will be processed is Noodles.


 The type of food that is delicious to eat at any time is noodles.


 Cale slowly searched the room and found a pot to make noodles.  Cale turned his head and noticed that it was impossible to use the stove, as it seemed to have exploded and was unusable, so he went outside and looked for pieces of wood or twigs.


 “Fine, all the tools and ingredients are ready, now it's time to make the food” Cale said as he rolled up his sleeves.


 "First, pieces of wood or twigs will be arranged upwards by giving space between the wood arrangements so that the fire gets enough oxygen and the fire will be able to burn until the wood runs out"


 "After that make a pedestal of stone or wood as a help so that the pot can be used on the fire"


 "Alright, now it's time to light the fire.  Don't blow up that wood” Cale said before finally snapping his fingers and finally the fire ignited with proper temperature control.


 "After that, heat the water and wait for it to boil, prepare the broth then add the noodles, then stir and finally the emergency food is ready to be served."  Cale looked at the food in front of him, he smiled in satisfaction.


 “Have a good meal~” Cale started to eat the meal voraciously.


 Even if it's just a little, it feels like his mouth will be full of the warmth and tenderness of the noodles.  The broth is very good when the broth is still hot, and finally chew all the noodles together with all the spices together.


 “It feels like these noodles are dancing tickling inside my mouth” Cale muttered as he finished his meal.






 “Homemade food is the best!”


 “I guess it really is better to eat after going through some struggles”


 Cale shared his feelings loudly.


 'More, let's eat some more'


 "But I'm full now, even my stomach feels like it's about to explode"


 ‘No, Cale don’t explode!’


 'Just blow up somewhere else, don't blow yourself up'


 'Are you going to sacrifice yourself again?'


 ‘Don’t XXX yourself Cale!’


 'You must eat and live well!'


 Cale sighed at the sound inside his head.  “The problem is eating and living is so hard”


 'We live to eat and eat to live'


 “Ha….being alive is for the best” Cale said as he closed his eyes, he felt a little calmer now.


 Until he finally remembered that he was still covered in blood all over his body.


 “I need water” Cale said, then stood up and prepared to find some water.


 'I can handle it'


 Suddenly a water bubble of a large size formed above Cale.






 Cale looked at his body that was now wet, yet cleaner than before, but the thing was-


 “I'm wet now” Cale said while looking at his clothes which were wet and became heavier than usual.


 'I'll take care of it'




 Cale's hair and clothes were slightly lifted upwards due to the vortex that was forming below him.


 After a while Cale looked at himself in the reflection of the cracked glass.


 "I am handsome"


 Cale gave a small smile, he was full and clean now, he breathed a sigh of relief, he was really satisfied and felt at ease.


 True, Cale was feeling calm now, but on the other hand some people were feeling panicked by it.




 Sometime after Kim Dokja beat up Dokkaebi 'Paul' Kim Dokja's group Went to see Cale.  Choi Han had woken up moments after Kim Dokja had started the meeting with Dokkaebi Paul.  And the first thing he looked for when he woke up was-


 “Where is Cale?”


 And moments later they heard a low level dokkaebi sound.


 [I am the dokkaebi 'Younggi', who will temporarily be in charge of the compensation settlement.  ]


 He was a novice dokkaebi and spoke in a slightly stiff voice.


 [I will now complete the additional compensation for the fifth scenario.  ]


 Perhaps all the higher level dokkaebi had disappeared.


 [You have received the Vital Energy of ‘Ellain Forest.  ]


 People catch the small fruit that falls from the air.


 [This is the most popular recovery item in Star Stream.  Even if you are seriously injured, you can recover quickly by eating them and sleeping.  ]


 [Additional compensation for the main contributor will be given tonight.  Thanks for all your hard work.  I hope you are happy in the following scenario.  ]


 The sound disappeared and everyone held the fruit.  Choi Han slowly ate the fruit to recover himself.


 Lee Jihye was the one who spoke first.  “…By the way, where is that red-haired man?  Wasn't he here earlier?  He just suddenly disappeared."


 Choi han slowly stood up using his sword as a support.  "He should be fine by now"


 "Then shouldn't we meet him now?"  Kim Dokja said and they finally went to Cale and hoped to find him fine.


 However, all they found was a wall with blood around it and striking looking writing that seemed to be written in blood as well.




 “Is that a new kind of monster?”  Lee Jihye whispered while holding her sword tightly after seeing the large amount of blood.


 “Where is Cale?  Why isn't he here?  What if he's in danger?"  Choi Han said with a worried face.


 "Hey, hey, Choi Han listen to me" Alberu said while patting Choi Han's shoulder.


 “Cale must be fine, and now that we have to look for him, do you understand?”  Alberu said and Choi Han nodded slowly.


 “Okay, then we have to split up to be faster, and if anyone has found it, let them know immediately” Kim Dokja said and everyone immediately scattered to look for Cale.  And that was how they split up to look for Cale.


 Choi Han looked for Cale with a worried look on his face, many questions inside him.


 ‘Where is Cale?’


 'Why did he leave?'


 ‘Is Cale okay?’


 ‘What if Cale gets hurt?’


 ‘What if Cale is in pain?’


 ‘What if Cale leaves me again?’


 Choi Han ran to look for Cale and hoped that he was okay.  And how relieved he was when he saw Cale leaning under the tree with the cutlery by his side.  Choi Han could feel something slipping from his eyes, he could guess what it was but didn't really care.


 So, he ran, towards Cale and immediately hugged him tightly like he wasn't going to let go.  Choi Han was afraid that if he let go of him then Cale would leave again, going to a place he couldn't reach.


 Cale who was taken aback after feeling someone hug him could only remain silent.  His brain took a while before finally processing what was going on.  In her arms, there was a man who was crying, judging by his wet clothes, but that wasn't what caught his attention.


 "Choi Han?"  Cale asked to be sure, and after a while he didn't hear an answer, Cale just fell silent and stroked his head.


 "I'm sorry" Choi Han whispered.


 "I'm sorry" he repeated again.


 "Sorry for not being able to protect you"


 "Sorry for not being able to take care of you"


 “I'm sorry” Choi Han repeated as if it was a spell to calm him down.


 “Choi Han” Cale called out to him but Choi Han did not respond.


 “Choi Han look at me” Cale said as he gently patted his back but Choi Han still didn't respond.


 “Choi Han!”  Cale finally pulled Choi han out of his embrace and saw Choi Han's eyes that were starting to turn red from crying.


 “I'm sorry” Choi Han said as he stared at the ground, he didn't dare to look at Cale's face directly.


 “Choi Han look at me!”  Cale pulled Choi Han's face and looked into his eyes with a gentle look.


 "Have you forgotten what I said to you?"  Cale asked in a low yet soothing voice.


 “Don't say sorry too often, especially when you haven't done anything wrong” Cale explained in a gentle tone as he wiped the tears from Choi Han's face.


 “But, because of my weakness, because of my mistakes, because of me you-


 “Shuu, shut up.  It's not your fault, no one blames you for that mistake.  You don't want it to happen, I don't want it to happen either.  Nobody wants that to happen.”


 “So don't blame yourself.” Cale said while smiling sincerely.


 Choi Han looked at Cale's smile and started to smile as well.  A single tear fell from Choi Han's eye and landed on his cheek the moment he started to smile.


 Cale finally removed his hands from Choi Han's face and started to stand up, he saw Choi Han still sitting down and directly extended his hand.  Cale stroked Choi Han's head once before finally hearing the sound of approaching footsteps.


 Cale turned his head and saw Alberu walking towards him at a pace that wasn't too fast.  Alberu stood in front of Cale and looked at Cale, Alberu slowly raised his hand and-


 Alberu flicked Cale's forehead.


 “Hey” Cale wanted to protest but Alberu quickly hugged him tightly and buried his face in his shoulder.  Cale could only sigh and stroke his back.


 Cale could see Kim Dokja and company coming towards him.  Cale could see Kim Dokja smiling sincerely at him and waving his hand.  And that's how they lived in that place.


 In the evening, additional compensation for the main contributors begins.  There are four main contributors who receive additional compensation.  They are Alberu, Kim Dokja, Jung Heewon and Yoo Jonghyuk.


 [The additional compensation for the fifth scenario is a tier B skill.]


 [Would you like to see the list of class B skills?]


 It was a list with tens of thousands of skills.  Alberu was able to avoid the difficult choice because there was a skill he had in mind from the start.


 [Would you like to receive a B-level Lie Detection skill as compensation?]


 Alberu nodded and there was a faint glow as an additional message appeared.


 [The exclusive skill 'Lie Detection' has been added to the skill list.  ]


 Alberu finally got it.  He really needed this skill, it was very difficult to face Cale despite having known him for a long time, he really was a good liar and it made things difficult for Alberu a bit.


 However, now that he had this skill, he hoped it would help him.  He knew Cale, even if Cale couldn't lie he would just dodge the question and divert the conversation, really frustrating him.


 Kim Dokja asked Lee Jihye who was beside Cale.  “Hey, do you know where Yoo Jonghyuk is?”


 “Ah, he went somewhere with Seolhwa unni.  ”


 … Lee Seolhwa?  Lee Jihye looked at Kim Dokja with pitying eyes, as if she knew what he was thinking.


 “…Sigh, that's not what Ahjussi thought.  ”




 "Is it right .  I watched all the time.  It's completely different from the two of you.  I believe .  ”


 [The sixth scenario will start in three days.  ]


 "Oh, that's right.  I have a message for Ahjussi from Master?  "


 "For me?'


 Lee Jihye nodded as she held her sword and declared in a serious tone.  “Kim Dokja, the oath period is over.  ”


 Kim Dokja's heart sank.  Oath of Existence.  Kim Dokja had forgotten about that.


 —Then swear you won't hurt me until the fifth scenario is over.  If you can't do that, I really won't help you.


 -I swear .


 –I will not kill you.  I will hit you once.


 “By the way… what vows did you two make?”


 "Shut up.  ”


 Yes, somehow it will be fine.  Above all, Kim Dokja had the Beast King Sensitivity used by the Shin Yoosung disaster.  It's also level 3.

 Kim Dokja owns Way of the Wind via Bookmark.  Kim Dokja thought, maybe he could ask Cale for help, and if Cale agreed maybe Alberu and Choi Han would help him too.


 Kim Dokja's eyes met Lee Jihye's as she said.  “You know that I won't help you fight Master, right?”


 "I don't expect anything from you.  ”


 Kim Dokja didn't know since when or how Lee Jihye and Cale got so close, the two of them even talked freely like a close friend.  Damn, is it because of the age difference?  he didn't behave like that when he was with him. Wait, if Lee JIhye and Cale were close, then they most likely wouldn't help him.


 Instead, Kim Dokja looked at Lee Hyunsung.  Lee Hyunsung looked at me with confused eyes before opening his mouth.


 “That… Dokja-ssi.  ”


 "Yes .  ”


 “To be honest, I'm a bit scared of Yoo Jonghyuk-ssi.  ”


 “…Ah, it's fine.  I see .  ”


 Come to think of it, Lee Hyunsung's strength was because of Yoo Jonghyuk.  Damn.  However, it is still too early to be frustrated.


 Kim Dokja thought, he also had Jung Heewon.  She was someone who didn't appear in the original novel.  Then Jung Heewon scratched her head and said, “I don't know what this is about but I won't get involved in a fight between the two of you.  ”




 “I won't bother you two… what the hell is this?”


 [The constellation 'Fire-Devil Judge' is making a loving smile.  ]


 Kim Dokja suddenly got goosebumps.  What was the angel thinking?


 [The constellation ‘Scribe of Heaven’ is watching the Demon-like Judge of Fire with solemn eyes.  ]


 [The constellation ‘Demon-like Flame Judge’ has jumped and changed his expression.  ]


 Kim Dokja turned to Alberu who was chuckling with a suspicious smile.  Kim Dokja looked at Choi Han who immediately avoided his gaze.


 'What's with this situation?'


 Kim Dokja looked at Cale who just shrugged his shoulders and smiled faintly.  Wait, did they misunderstand something?


 Instead, Jung Heewon went to search and came back with a welcome item.  Jung Heewon brought ten bottles of beer and soju.  She said with a smile “Let's have a drink as a warning.  ”


 We set up a bonfire and sat down.  Kim Dokja quickly hit Lee Jihye's hand as she took the beer.


 "You are underage.  said Kim Dokja


 “But why is Cale able to drink it?!”  Lee Jihye shouted while pointing at Cale who was already drinking the beer.


 "I'm 18!"  Said Cale whose face was starting to turn red.


 "That is not fair!"  Lee Jihye said as she tried to snatch the beer from Choi Han's hands.


 “Life isn't fair, so get used to it.” Cale said then drank the beer, he had already finished one bottle just like that.


 “…There are no laws now.  Why does it matter if I'm underage?  Lee Jihye said while wiping the sweat off her forehead for trying to snatch the beer from Choi Han.


 “Drink apple cider with the kids.” Said Kim Dokja


 Meanwhile, Kim Dokja took a quick sip of alcohol.  Jung Heewon had red cheeks when she drank while Lee Hyunsung purred like a bear after drinking a few beers.  He is weaker to alcohol than he seems.




 Lee Jihye quietly drank a few glasses and passed out with a red face.


 On the other hand, Cale, Alberu and Choi Han slightly moved away from Kim Dokja, they had already taken three bottles of soju and beer.


 “Oh, I remember your nickname first Cale” Alberu said as their opening act.


 "I'm still trash!"  Cale said proudly as he opened another bottle of beer and drank it.


 Choi Han also drank the alcohol quickly.  His face was starting to turn red from drinking the alcohol, but Cale could see the look in his eyes was still clear.


 “Oh~ we're all good drunks” Cale said as he fiddled with the alcohol bottle in his hand.


 "Hiiic!"  Cale turned his head and looked at the hiccupping Choi Han.


 “I don't think so” Alberu said while drinking a glass of beer.


 “Cale~ don't die!”  Choi Han said while holding Cale's shoulders and staring at Cale fixedly.


 “I'm not dead Choi Han” Cale said in a gentle tone, he had to be gentle when dealing with the drunkard in front of him.


 "Liar" said Choi Han while wearing a sad expression.  But from Cale's point of view, Choi Han looked like an abandoned puppy, and naturally Cale would not abandon him.


 “I'm not lying this time, look I'm in front of you now” Cale said as he looked at Alberu asking for help from him and of course Alberu just shrugged his shoulders as if he didn't care.


 "Then promise me," said Choi Han, raising his little finger.


 “Hah~ alright” said Cale who immediately tied his pinky finger on Choi Han's finger.  And that's how the three finished their alcohol on that quiet night.


 That's right, it was a quiet night until finally someone came with a sword in hand.


 "I want to talk to you"




 The next morning they went to Yongsan Station.


 [ New main scenario has arrived ]



 [Main Scenario #6-????]


 Category : Main


 Difficulty : ???


 Clear Condition: ???


 Deadline : ???


 Compensation: ???


 Failure :-




 Cale looked at the screen with a frown, this situation was a bit similar to the last time and he felt like this would be a bad scenario.


 “This scenario can only be followed by a few people” said a middle-aged man next to Kim Dokja.


 We finally followed the man and headed for the central platform of Yongsan Station and the meeting room was covered by a large tent.  There are dozens of guards around the tent, each of them looks tough, they are the elite troops of the kings.  But of course they were very weak when compared to Choi Han.


 Cale, Alberu and Choi Han were not allowed to enter the tent and they nodded in understanding and waited outside quietly.  Until finally Yoo Jonghyuk came and destroyed the tent.


 Yoo Jonghyuk opened his mouth.  “I will announce the people who will participate in the next scenario.”


 At this moment, a system message appeared in Cale, Alberu and Choi Han's heads.


 [Seoul Dome's initial allocation is 12 people.]


 [Additional numbers will be decided depending on the incarnation in the scenario.]


 “Speak now if you have any complaints.”  Cale, Alberu and Choi Han just kept quiet and looked at Yoo Jonghyuk with observing gazes.


 Yoo Jonghyuk opened his mouth.  “The first is me.  ”


 Yes, it's clear.  How could he not be on the self-made list?  Behind Yoo Jonghyuk, another party member had appeared.  Lee Ji Hye and Lee Seol Hwa.


 Lee Hyunsung and Jung Heewon also looked inside with worried eyes.  In particular, Jung Hee Won was about to jump in and Kim Dokja stopped her with a look in his eyes.


 Yoo Jonghyuk continued.  “The second person is Lee Jihye.  ”


 “The third one is Lee Seolhwa.”  Lee Seolhwa nodded and stepped forward.


 Every time someone's name was called, the faces of the kings darkened.  They all felt an unpleasant feeling.  Yoo Jonghyuk's list was a fixed list.


 “The fourth is Lee Hyunsung.  ”


 "…What?"  Lee Hyunsung turned pale when his name was called.


 “Y-You mean I…?”


 Yoo Jonghyuk ignored those words and looked at the next person.  “Fifth is Jung Heewon.  ”


 "…It's me?"  Jung Heewon's eyes widened in surprise.


 “Sixth is Lee Gilyoung.  ”


 “…Uh?  Hah?"


 Then Yoo Jonghyuk looked at Shin Yoosung who was next to Lee Gilyoung.  Shin Yoosung hid behind Lee Gilyoung with frightened eyes.  The flustered Lee Gilyoung was stunned for a moment but he stood in front of Shin Yoosung like he made a decision.  Yoo Jonghyuk looked at the two children with an unknown look before turning his face away.


 “Then…” Yoo Jonghyuk's eyes finally stopped staring at Kim Dokja.


 “…You can take care of the rest.  ”


 “Wait, what about Cale, Alberu and Choi Han?  Aren't you going to invite him?"  ask Kim Dokja


 "I invited them last night and they have been added to the additional number," explained Yoo Jonghyuk.


 Kim Dokja looked at Cale asking for reassurance about Yoo Jonghyuk's statement.  Cale on the other hand just shrugged his shoulders, indeed last night Yoo Jonghyuk visited them, but Cale thought it couldn't be called a conversation.




 “You will participate in the next scenario,” said Yoo Jonghyuk who immediately turned around and left leaving Cale, Alberu and Choi Han who were sleeping in confusion.


 "What does it mean?"  That was Cale's question that Yoo Jonghyuk didn't answer last night, and it turned out that the next day he pointed at them straight away.




 Jung Heewon stood at a distance and asked carefully.  “You two are not friendly?”


 [The constellation 'Fire Demon Judge' laughed happily.  ]


 “Forget it” Kim Dokja said and they left Yongsan station.


 They exited Yongsan Station and went to where people were gathering.  Yoo Jonghyuk's party and the kings had already gathered there.  White crystals slowly fell from the Great Hall in the sky.  It was a crystal that shone with light.


 [Warp Crystals.  ]


 This is the item we will use to go to the next scenario area.

 There are exactly six grooves in the crystal.  Yoo Jonghyuk and Kim Dokja knew very well what to place there.


 Yoo Jonghyuk stood beside Kim Dokja and said, “You came.”


 "Yes .  Unfortunately” Kim Dokja replied with a sigh


 Yoo Jonghyuk looked at Kim Dokja calmly and said, “Of course, I don't care if you die.  ”




 “Your words are too harsh.  I hurt .  ”


 “Don't forget I still have one more hit.  ”


 “…Ah yes.  I almost forget.  Thank you for reminding me.  ”


 Kim Dokja didn't know if Yoo Jonghyuk wanted him to live or die.  Kim Dokja communicated directly with his friends through the group chat with the addition of Cale, Alberu and Choi Han in it.


 -I'll tell you about the precautions now.


 Using group chats means that everything has to be kept private.  The party members focused on Kim Dokja's story while pretending to be silent.


 -Crystal warp transports two people together.  That's why we'll be moving in pairs, as I mentioned earlier.


 -Yoosung will be with me as team 1, Heewon-ssi and Hyunsung-ssi will be team 2, Yoo Sangah-ssi and Alberu will be team 3. Cale and Choi Han will be team 4. Gilyoung has no partner so he will go with  Yoo Jonghyuk's group.  That Yoo Jonghyuk… he could take care of himself.


 -You may become dizzy while moving through the crystal.  Please don't panic.  The scenario will start as soon as you arrive.  Keep in mind that after the scenario opens the content


 Kim Dokja quickly poured out the words as the dokkaebi appeared above the warp crystal.


 [Wait a moment .  I'm really sorry but I have an emergency announcement.]


 Emergency announcement?


 [I forgot to mention that the number of people who can participate from the Seoul Dome is 10, not 12.]


 "What did you say all of a sudden?"


 All participants fixed…


 [This scenario… one has already gone to the sixth scenario because the crooked dimension in the fifth scenario became crooked.  ]


 “…Is there anyone already?”


 [Yes, Seoul Dome already has two people in this scenario.  ]


 It reminded Kim Dokja, Han Sooyoung and Gong Pildu already in the scenario.  By the way, part of the crooked dimensions.  It seemed that the intermediate dokkaebi had intervened enough in the scenario to kill me.


 [This may be a scenario error but I deleted the two existing places for justice.]


 "What?  You can't do that!  Then who will go?”


 The ones who didn't even leave were the most annoyed.  The party members looked at Kim Dokja with troubled expressions.  Even Yoo Jonghyuk noticed it.  It was an expression that told him to make a decision.  Kim Dokja looked at Cale asking for his help, but all he got was his usual smile. Shit…


 Unexpectedly, the first to raise her hand was Yoo Sangah.  "I will be back.  ”


 Then Jung Heewon raised her hand.  “I will also keep coming back.  Isn't there a secondary allocation?  ”


 "Is it okay?"


 “Dokja-ssi looks worried today, but don't you know?  This time the terrifying person was on the same side.  ”


 Of course, it was reassuring that Jung Heewon and Yoo Sangah were left behind.  They would be able to get into the second allocation, even if there was a lot of competition.


 In the end, the two people came out and Lee Hyunsung paired up with Alberu.  Just before we left, Kim Dokja whispered to Yoo Sangah.  “I forgot to say this, but tell the Wandering King to watch out for Jeon Ildo.  I think you already know why.  ”


 Yoo Sangah nodded and hesitated before whispering to Kim Dokja.  "Do not die.  ”


 Kim Dokja nodded.  Then Jung Heewon asked, “… Aren't you leaving now?  I'm not a constellation but they must be impatient.  ”


 Yoo Sangah blushed and backed away while we approached the warp crystal.  Kim Dokja

 deprived him of all that he had gained from the disaster.


 Imyuntar Protection Symbol.


 Parasite Protection Symbol.


 Genobel Protection Symbol.


 Then Yoo Jonghyuk took out three.  They were symbols of protection gained from defeating the Ice Calamity and Water Calamity.  For the Water Disaster, because Shin Yoosung had taken over Choi Han's body, then Choi Han was considered a part of the disaster and after defeating him we got a symbol as well.  So we have two symbols of the water disaster, one from the Shin Yoosung Disaster and the other from the Choi Han Disaster.


 [Enter six protection symbols.  ]


 The message flows from the Warp Crystal and we put it in the groove.


 There are six symbols of protection.  It was proof that this world was protected from disaster.  Only those who survived the disaster were qualified to go to another world.


 [Qualification completed.  ]


 [Warp Crystal activated.  ]


 The crystal split into four pieces and a blue door was made.  We entered in pairs.


 [The main scenario has been updated.  ]




 Cale opened his eyes and saw that he was in a green forest.  Cale stumbled and felt the texture of the clay.  Cale was dizzy enough to throw up.  Cale looked around and saw that he was alone here.


 "Shouldn't I have fallen with Choi Han"


 Cale's mind was confused but he remained calm in this chaotic state.  Cale looked in front of him, behind him and on the side.  Only the forest is visible.


 Cale was in the middle of the forest.  It was a scene too similar to Earth.


 [The main scenario 'Abandoned World' has begun.  ]


 The scenario message went up straight away.  However, Cale was unable to check the details of the main scenario at this time.  Cale could already sense the presence of someone from the nearby bushes.


 Someone slowly came out of those bushes, Cale was looking at him with a look of disbelief whereas that person was looking at him with a surprised look.


 The man was wearing all black.  Cale looked at the person's black hair and looked him in the eyes.  That person also looked at Cale and the two of them stared at each other for a while before they finally spoke in unison.


 “Yoo Jonghyuk?!”


 “Cale Henituse?!”

Chapter Text

We are in the middle of the forest. It was a scene too similar to Earth.

[The main scenario 'Abandoned World' has begun. ]

The scenario message went up straight away. However, Cale was unable to check the details of the main scenario at this time. Cale could already feel the killing intent from the nearby bushes.

However, the thing that emerged from the bushes was not what Cale expected.

“Yoo Jonghyuk?!”

“Cale Henituse?!”

The two of them stared at each other for a few seconds before finally Yoo Jonghyuk spoke first.

"What are you doing here?"

Cale looked at Yoo Jonghyuk with his stoic gaze, he looked around at his surroundings before finally answering by shrugging his shoulders.

Yoo Jonghyuk frowned after seeing Cale's behavior that seemed to ignore him, “You-

[A grade 7 monster steel wolf has appeared. ]

Cale ignored the notification in front of him, to be honest, maybe the person in front of him was more dangerous than the upcoming monsters. Cale could also see Yoo Jonghyuk looking unconcerned about it and still looking at him with a piercing gaze.

Given the fact that a typical monster was the size of a house, the current steel wolf was the size of an ordinary wolf. There are about 10 of them. It's not a difficult number to deal with. Yoo Jonghyuk pulled out his sword and killed all the wolves with one slash without even looking at them and kept his focus on Cale.

“Follow me.” Yoo Jonghyuk looked at Cale and walked past him.

Cale thought for a moment before finally following Yoo Jonghyuk from behind. 'Well, wouldn't it be better to be with him than alone in the forest?'

[Scenario activation conditions have not been met.]

We move along the forest path. Not long after, the forest ended and the plains appeared. On the plains we faced a group of soldiers.

“They appeared! This really is a scenario! Someone shouted at us." It sounds like Korean, even if it's a foreign language.

Hundreds of soldiers filled the vast plain. There were dozens of cavalrymen and hundreds of archers. In addition, there were hundreds of infantry. There are enough people for war waiting for us here.

“Everyone prepare their skills!”

“Prepare to advance!”

Many people pointed spears and spears at us. We did nothing but were seen as enemies.


It would obviously be a magnificent sight if it were normal. If only it weren't for their size.

“Waaaaahhhhh!” The troops running across the complaint were small people the size of a fist.

“The people are so small!” Say Cale

“They are the inhabitants of this place." Yoo Jonghyuk replied

[You have met people in this world. Check the contents of the scenario. ]

Then a scream came from a distance.

“The AA disaster has appeared on the other side!”


“R-Run! Full retreat! "

The little people who were rushing towards us started to run away. It was because of the incarnation that killed the little people in the distance.


"What's this? This is a very easy scenario! "

It might be an interpreted foreign language. There is a samurai holding a sword. They are Japanese. They are cute as they casually chop down little people like insects.

[Many constellations are hungry for violence and blood. ]

[A large number of constellations urge you to make bold choices.]

[The main scenario is activated. ]


[Main Scenario #6 – Abandoned World]

Category: Main

Difficulty: S

Clear Condition: Remove all dominant species in No. Planetary system 9871, the planet called Peace Land.

Deadline: 40 days

Compensation: 200,000 coins, ???



In the sixth scenario, we no longer have the role of preventing disasters.

[You have become a planetary disaster of Peace Land. ]

In this place, we must become the catastrophe that destroys this world. Immediately after, the plains became covered in blood from the battle. No, it can't be called a battle.

The internal organs flowed from the torn flesh of the little people. Every time the Japanese moved, the little people were trampled on.


“S-Save me! Save me!"

It may be a small scream but the weight of life is the same. They are small in size but they have a normal life like humans on Earth until the scenario arrives. People eat, work, and live ordinary lives with their families…

The familiar scene from Earth overlapped with the corpses of the fallen little people. Cale looked at the events in front of him with his stoic gaze. Well, Cale had seen Beacrox torture Venion before and it was more brutal than the situation before him. But, now Cale was feeling disgusted. He felt resentful towards incarnations that ruthlessly killed little people as if they weren't even living beings.

'They are disgusting'

'Cale, let's XXX them'

'We can blow them up until they turn to dust'

'I will protect you no matter what you decide'

Yoo Jonghyuk looked at Cale who had a stoic face but seeing his eyes that had a subtle killing intent, he finally spoke

"Are you going to kill them?" asked Yoo Jonghyuk

"Who? Little people? No." Cale replied while looking at Yoo Jonghyuk with a confused look.

"What about them?" Yoo Jonghyuk asked while pointing at the Japanese people who were killing small people. Cale did not answer but instead simply nodded his head as a sign.

Yoo Jonghyuk sighed before explaining. "You can't kill them now"


“You will turn small if you kill them” Yoo Jonghyuk replied as he started walking again and Cale followed behind him.

“I don't care” Cale replied with his stoic look

'We can still blow them up'

'Let's make them XXX or maybe XXXXX'

“I won't protect you” Yoo Jonghyuk said without turning around and kept walking

'I will protect you'

'We can burn it'

'Let's XXX them'

'They can be eaten?'

‘No, you guys can’t do that.’ Cale sighed before answering Yoo Jonghyuk. “You don't need to protect me, I'm strong enough to protect myself” Cale replied in an annoyed tone.

“I know that” Yoo Jonghyuk whispered, but Cale could hear him even though he ignored him in the end.

"Where are we going?" Cale asked who just realized they had entered the forest again, he was too busy with his own thoughts just now.

“Meeting someone” replied Yoo Jonghyuk who was pulling his sword from the body of the monster in front of him.

From just now, Yoo Jonghyuk had continued to kill the monsters that were attacking them, as for Cale? He just silently watched Yoo Jonghyuk work without helping him.

'He didn't do that to protect me after all, did he? He only wanted to protect himself and coincidentally I was with him' Cale thought as he watched Yoo Jonghyuk return to sheathing his sword.

[Performing disaster tasks. ]

Now we have to kill these little people. Cale realized that he was not a good person himself. He had killed many people before, whether it was with his own hands or just by giving orders. But, this time was different, he had to kill innocent people.

This was different from killing the bad guys, or doing it for the sake of survival. Cale read the contents of the main scenario again, it was written that failure didn't have any effect, didn't that mean he didn't have to kill those little guys.

Cale clenched his fists tightly, he looked at Yoo Jonghyuk “Are you going to kill them?”

“No” Yoo Jonghyuk replied while observing the battle that was going on.

"Hah?" Cale gasped after hearing his answer, he didn't expect Yoo Jonghyuk to answer him like that.

“You are more humane than I thought.” Cale said as he let go of his fist.

"How bad do you think I am?" Yoo Jonghyuk asked as he turned around and looked at Cale with his stoic gaze.

"Do you want me to be honest?" Cale asked while pointing at himself

"Hah...Forget it" said Yoo Jonghyuk as he brushed his hair back using his fingers and kept trying to find someone.

"Who exactly are you looking for?" Cale asked while trying to look in the direction where Yoo Jonghyuk was pointing.

"He" said Yoo Jonghyuk, pointing to a man in the Japanese camp.

"What's with him?" Ask Cale

“I need something from him, he has the weapon I need in this scenario” Yoo Jonghyuk replied

"Do you two know each other?"

"Of course not"

"So, are you going to steal it?" Cale asked with a small smile

Yoo Jonghyuk looked at Cale who was smiling? No his smile is more inclined towards a smirk. He finally spoke “Do you want to come along?”

“Oh, I haven't stolen anything in a long time” Cale said as he covered his mouth with his hand.

'Are we going to steal something again?'

'We can blow it up, it's faster'

'Maybe we can try the XXX method'

'Do they have food?'

'I will protect you'

Cale sighed and tried to concentrate with the battle in front of him and tried his best to ignore the sound of the ancient power.

'It's been a long time? it sounded like he did that a lot. Wait, isn't he a rich man? What did he steal for? Is it a hobby or something like that? The hobbies of the rich are strange indeed.” Yoo Jonghyuk sighed after hearing Cale's answer.

"Okay, let's go now" Yoo Jonghyuk said as he walked out of the forest.

"Where to?" Cale asked while looking at the massacre in front of him.

“There,” said Yoo Jonghyuk, pointing to a man on the other side.

“So, are we going to walk through the massacre?” Cale asked, seriously he was already dizzy from the sound of ancient power, now he was even more dizzy after hearing Yoo Jonghyuk's idea.

"Right, is there a problem?"

“So how do we get past them? I don't want to kill those little people!" Cale said while furrowing his brows.

"Just walk as usual and they will get out by themselves" said Yoo Jonghyuk

"How?" Cale thought seriously. 'Did you think they would stop fighting just so you could walk past them so easily?'

“Just do it like that time” Yoo Jonghyuk said while looking at Cale with a flat gaze.

"When?" Cale thought once again, indeed when had he ever done that.

"While in the tunnel-

“Ah, I see.” Cale nodded in agreement, he now knew what Yoo Jonghyuk meant. Cale looked back at the time he got this power.

Do you know what it means to dominate?

To dominate is to take everything, even the breath of the enemy

Do you know what is the easiest way to take your enemy's breath away?

Fear is the answer.

“Nonsense.” Yoo Jonghyuk whispered. He felt it, it was much stronger than before.

Domination? Afraid? Cale didn't care about that. All he cared about was how it would benefit him.

Cale looked at Yoo Jonghyuk who was staying where he was. "Are you-

“Shut up” Yoo Jonghyuk immediately cut off Cale's words and immediately let out his own pressure.

Now the pressure that came from Cale and Yoo Jonghyuk distracted everyone present. They immediately stopped whatever they were doing. Everyone froze in place, some even fell and some fainted on the spot.

Cale and Yoo Jonghyuk looked at this scene with satisfaction, they immediately exited the forest walking as usual. The footsteps of the two of them relaxed as if they were taking a walk on the beach. But for others, with each step of their feet, the pressure coming from them grew stronger.

Cale and Yoo Jonghyuk actually walked through that battle leisurely, oh they even stopped the battle for them to pass. Though of course it wasn't like that. Cale chuckled after remembering what he had previously thought. It was a bright laugh, but to other people, it didn't look like that. It looked like Cale was laughing at them.

After a while, the two of them arrived in front of the person Yoo Jonghyuk was looking for. The man was shaking in place because neither Cale nor Yoo Jonghyuk had released their pressure yet. Yoo Jonghyuk looked at the person with his piercing gaze, Cale was slightly amazed by the person, if he was an ordinary person he might have fainted by now.

"Give it to me!" Yoo Jonghyuk said but the man remained silent


“I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I don't understand what you're talking about, but whatever it is I'll give it to you, so don't kill me” (The man speaks in Japanese)

“I don't think he understands what you're saying.” Cale said as he started to dispel his aura so the person in front of him could move.

“Ah-” Cale realized he had already dissipated his strength, so he turned around and looked at everyone in front of him and chased them away. Cale could see the grateful gazes of the little people, but he ignored them, he focused more on the man in front of him.

Cale was slightly confused by the silence that was created at this moment. ‘Shouldn’t Yoo Jonghyuk say something.’ Cale thought then looked at Yoo Jonghyuk who was looking at him as well.


"You said it" said Yoo Jonghyuk


“You talk” Yoo Jonghyuk repeated


Cale looked at Yoo Jonghyuk as if he didn't understand what he meant.

"Shouldn't you be the one doing it?" asked Cale

“Whatever” Yoo Jonghyuk replied with a sigh.

Cale clicked his tongue, he really didn't understand the person in front of him. Wasn't he the one who had a need with that person? And Cale had absolutely no idea what to talk about with the man after all. How could Kim Dokja put up with someone like him? And-

“Can you stop acting like a woman and just tell me what you want and don't go round and round” Cale said in a frustrated tone.

Yoo Jonghyuk flinched slightly after hearing Cale's words. 'Acting like a woman? Him?” Yoo Jonghyuk sighed before finally answering

"Translate my words to him so he understands"

“Ah…” Cale nodded his head, 'Shouldn't he be able to say this a long time ago? why does he have to go in circles first?” Cale sighed before speaking to the person in front of him.

"Listen, we're not bad people, so listen to us carefully okay?" Cale said in Japanese with a smile.

'You're smiling like that again'

'Are we going to steal something from him?'

Cale was a little confused by his ancient power utterance but chose to ignore it after seeing the person in front of him nod his head quickly.

"What's your name?" Ask Cale

“My name is Kizuki Hiroshi” The man replied

“Alright Kizuki-san, the person beside me, Yoo Jonghyuk said that he needs something you have” Cale said while pointing at Yoo Jonghyuk.

The man, Kizuki Hiroshi swallowed his saliva before speaking “What is he looking for?”

Cale looked at Yoo Jonghyuk and said “He asked what you were looking for”

“Totsuka-no-tsurugi” replied Yoo Jonghyuk who looked at the man who flinched after hearing his words.

“I don't have it” Kizuki said

“He said he doesn't have it” Cale said, he sighed

"You're lying" said Yoo Jonghyuk while tightly gripping his gun

“He said you lied” Cale repeated

“I'm not lying, I don't have it” Kizuki said with a scared expression and was on the verge of tears.

“He said he didn't lie and didn't have it.” Cale repeated with a sigh once more.

'Seriously, is he G***** Translate now?'

Yoo Jonghyuk clicked his tongue and instantly his right eye turned golden. In an instant, Yoo Jonghyuk's sword was pointed at the man's neck.

“You lied” Yoo Jonghyuk said with great emphasis

Kizuki looked at Yoo Jonghyuk with a scared look and immediately ran away. Yoo Jonghyuk who saw it immediately swung his sword to catch him, however-


Yoo Jonghyuk's sword accidentally passed through the neck of Cale who was standing beside him.


The sound of something falling was heard there.

Yoo Jonghyuk looked at Cale with a look of disbelief.


On the other hand Cale was clutching his neck which was about to be severed, if not for the response of his ancient power, perhaps the one that fell now was his head, and not the necklace he was wearing.

“Ah…” Cale realized his necklace had broken and fell, but Cale looked at Yoo Jonghyuk who was now looking at him with a look that wanted to kill him. 'Really, what's wrong with that?'

Yoo Jonghyuk's breathing quickened upon seeing him, cale could see veins starting to appear on Yoo Jonghyuk's face and his mouth clenched as if holding back anger. Yoo Jonghyuk directly pointed his sword at Cale and looked at him with an angry look.

“Reincarnator” Yoo Jonghyuk said slowly but felt cold and full of angry emotions.

"What is-


Cale's words were cut off after Yoo Jonghyuk's sword swiftly grabbed him.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Cale asked while trying to dodge Yoo Jonghyuk's attack, he didn't seem to care about Kizuki who had already run away and only focused on Cale.

“You must be that person's subordinate right? What was the purpose of sending you here?” Yoo Jonghyuk asked while attacking Cale

"What do you mean?" Cale frowned, truly he was tired of guessing what Yoo Jonghyuk meant.

"Ha...So you're not going to answer it?" Yoo Jonghyuk chuckled after being knocked back by Cale's lightning strike.

"What are you talking about ?" Cale asked in a frustrated voice

“I just need to beat you and get the answer” Yoo Jonghyuk said who immediately approached Cale at high speed.


Cale was instantly lifted after the sound of the thief helped him use his strength. Cale stood on one of the tree branches and looked at Yoo Jonghyuk.

“I don't understand what you are talking about, but if you fight with me then I will fight too” Cale said while laughing bitterly.

“Too bad your two bodyguards aren't here right now.” Yoo Jonghyuk said while looking at Cale with his sharp gaze.

“Those two aren't my bodyguards, and isn't that the same as you, Kim Dokja isn't here right now” Cale said while returning Yoo Jonghyuk's sharp gaze.

“I don't need Kim Dokja to beat you, and if it's according to my observations, you're not an expert in close combat” said Yoo Jonghyuk who immediately ran towards Cale.

“You're right, I'm no expert in close combat.” Cale nodded after hearing that.

Cale looked at Yoo Jonghyuk and formed an evil grin. "But I'm in the forest, and that's to my advantage"

'I will eat it'

“Cool glutton!”

Cale started to smile.

This is a forest, it is a place where the number of trees is greatest.

Cale opened his arms.

Explosion! Explosion! Explosion!

Cale could feel his heart beating fast.
He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.


He could hear it.
He could hear the sound of leaves fluttering in the wind.

He could feel it.
He could feel that this was a forest, that this was a Forest where a large number of trees existed.

Cale could hear a very low voice.

It was the sound of leaves.
However, it was different from before.


Cale opened his eyes. Cale started to smile as he looked towards Yoo Jonghyuk.

“I will create hell for you.”

The trees began to create a light breeze in the area.

Cale heard the sound of a devourer. The trees said that they would help.

Branches from small trees began to fall from the trees one by one.


Cale felt a strange sensation at that moment.
He could feel everything.
It was as if his senses could reach the entire forest. That was why he was able to say something greedily telling him to say as if it was the obvious thing to say.

"Grow. "

The ground began to shake.


The leaves began to tremble.
The trees cry.
No, the trees were screaming.
Cale could hear them.

“What happened” Yoo Jonghyuk looked at the trees that were starting to grow and attacked him, he immediately looked at Cale who was the biggest possibility that could do it.

Cale and Yoo Jonghyuk stared at each other with intense gazes. Cale pointed his hand at Yoo Jonghyuk and pointed at him.


Both the trees and Yoo Jonghyuk advanced simultaneously and started attacking.

Chapter Text


A large black trunk flashed above his head as the leaves fluttered.

Yoo Jonghyuk lifted his head and saw the forest, neither the trees started to move, nor the wind, nor the earthquake.

It is alive and moving.

The forest in that world roared and moved. It was all because of a large tree trunk that had suddenly started to grow.


[The constellation 'Demon Judge like Fire' is troubled. ]

[The constellation 'Secretive Plotter' is a bit disturbed. ]

[The constellation 'Prisoner of the Golden Headband' is actively emitting interference. ]

[The constellation 'Prisoner of the Golden Headband' is asking for your whereabouts. ]

[The constellation 'Scribe of Heaven' is staring at you. ]

[The constellation 'Bald General Justice' noticed your presence. ]

[The constellation 'Seo Ae Il Pil' is watching you. ]

[King Heungmu the Great's constellation is watching over you. ]

[The constellation 'Goryeo's First Sword' is staring at you]

[The constellation 'God of Wine and Ecstasy' is watching you closely]

[The constellation ‘Black Light of Guidance’ is looking at you]

[The constellation ‘Master of Revenge and Apocalypse’ is staring at you]

“Ha…As I thought, a reincarnator like you, is really troublesome”

Yoo Jonghyuk sharpened his senses whenever he heard rustling leaves. There were trees darker than night at his feet and above his head.

Yoo Jonghyuk wanted to run and catch Cale but the trees were faster than him. The trees that were supposed to live in one place were free to run wild around them.

"What kind of tree is that?!" Yoo Jonghyuk jumped up and dodged the tree branch that was coming his way while observing Cale.

People at the center of this change. He pointed to the person who had been protected by the tree trunk to protect. Cale moved several sticks like this snake. Cale then thought about what was to him earlier.

'He cut my necklace and he suddenly knew my real identity?'

'Is it because his right eye suddenly lit up?'

'I knew sooner or later our identities would be exposed because we had to find a way to return to our world. But, I didn't expect it to be this fast, especially since the one who knew it was the protagonist, hah…..'

'It's all the Death God's fault'

Cale sighed as he started to remember what happened a few weeks ago. When Alberu went with Kim Dokja and his friends to save Yoo Jonghyuk.

At that time he was very bored because he did not have any activity. Even though he's a lazy person who prefers to do nothing, it's a shame he can't relax as usual in the time of the apocalypse. Too bad. So, he decided to play with the item the Death God had given him.

Flash back…

Cale looked at his wrist which had a bracelet and a tattoo that was in the shape of a bracelet on his hand. Cale leaned on Choi Han's back while fiddling with his bracelet. It was a bracelet, but at the same time it was a ring. Cale was a little confused by the Death God's taste, it was actually a good bracelet, it was just that it was too much for him.

Cale pulled out his bracelet and looked at the tattoo that was in the shape of a bracelet underneath. He was a little uncomfortable when he saw the bracelet-shaped tattoo.

[FYI: the bracelet Cale is wearing is shaped like a ring. Still don't get it? It was like the one Kurapika (HXH) wore on his hand, more or less like that. Still don't get it? Search on Google. Look for Kurapika and maybe you will understand. I hope you will understand ]

"Why do I have a bracelet tattoo if I have a real bracelet?" Cale muttered in a low voice.

Cale touched the tattoo, it was actually a good tattoo, it was just that it was the wrong placement. Cale sighed once again as he thought that he had nothing else to do but look at his tattoo and bracelet.

“Hah, I wish I could change its shape” Cale muttered as he touched the tattoo on his wrist.

Cale suddenly got an idea to fill his free time. Cale immediately opened the 'chat' skill and contacted the Sun Goddess.

Cale Henituse : “Excuse me, can you change the shape of this item?”

Sun Goddess : "You can change the item yourself if you want"

Cale Henituse: “Really? Then can you return it to its original form?”

Sun Goddess: "Sure"

Cale immediately saw his wrist, not the tattoo on his wrist shining and turning into a small crystal shaped like a teardrop.

Cale raised the crystal and looked at it closely. “Can I exchange it for coins?”

Cale immediately shook his head. “No, that's a bad idea”

Cale played with the crystal until he finally realized something. “How can I change its shape?”

Cale twirled the crystal until he finally remembered something. He looked at the bracelet the Death God had given him. "He said it could change shape didn't he?" Cale said as he took off his bracelet and placed it on the floor along with the crystal.

Cale slowly grinned after getting an idea. “What if I combine the items from the God of Death and the Goddess of the Sun, what will happen hmm…?”

Cale immediately took a comfortable seat and started fiddling with the item. The bracelet that the God of Death gave him continued to glow and change shape.

“Hmm, I have to put them together well.” Cale immediately held the crystal and bracelet together and grasped them with both hands.


"Hmm?" Cale was sure he heard the sound of something breaking from within his grasp and finally opened his hand.

“Ah…” Cale opened his arms and saw a ball the size of a ping pong ball but the difference was that this ball was dark black in color and had cracks on it.

Cale immediately picked up the orb and unpacked it. A ray of light shot out from within the sphere and he could see it. "Ah, a necklace"

Cale took the necklace and looked at it, the crystal was tied to the string from the bracelet and finally became a beautiful necklace. It is just…. "Why is the rope so long?"

Cale turned around and looked at Choi Han, “Choi Han, can you help me cut this rope?” Cale said while showing the necklace.

“Sure” Choi Han quickly retorted and pulled out a bit of his sword.

“Ah, just cut it here.” Cale showed his limit and Choi Han quickly slashed at him.

“Thank you” Cale quickly turned around and returned to his work. Cale tied the two ends of the already severed rope.

“Good.” Cale looked at the results of his work, he got one bracelet and one necklace.

[White Quartz Bracelet]
* Inflicts negative emotions on all living beings in the vicinity within a radius of 50 meters. Make the target exposed to the illusion effect.

[Angelina's Necklace]
*Special item to hide reincarnator items.

Addendum: If the two items are combined it will have a strong effect.

Cale nodded after seeing his work. He was satisfied with the thing he made, Cale quickly put on the bracelet in his hand. Cale took the necklace and tried to put it around his neck.

“Ah, my hand didn't reach.” Cale realized he couldn't put the necklace on himself. Cale sighed and tried to lower his hand until he flinched when he felt someone touch his hand.

“Let me set it up Cale.” Choi Han saw Cale's predicament and immediately helped him.

“Sure.” Cale quickly let go of his hand and handed the necklace to Choi Han.

Choi Han accepted it and immediately wrapped his arms around Cale's neck and put the necklace on. The distance between Choi Han's face and Cale's neck was very close because Choi Han tried to tie the necklace tightly so that Cale could feel Choi Han's breath tickling his neck.

Cale felt the warm breath on his neck and the soft touch of Choi Han's hand that was tying the necklace. After a while Choi Han finally finished tying the necklace, and Cale immediately turned around.

"Ah…." The distance between Cale and Choi Han's faces was getting closer because Choi Han had slightly lowered his head to tie the strings of the necklace. Their faces were only inches apart so they could feel each other's breath.

"Beautiful" Choi Han said with a gentle smile.

"W-what?" Cale flinched slightly after seeing Choi Han's smile and gaze, Cale reflexively took a step back.

“I-it's not like that, I mean the necklace is pretty and suits you Cale.” Choi Han lowered his head slightly and scratched the nape of his neck.

“Ah, thank you” Cale instantly realized his misunderstanding and immediately turned his head away.

'This is embarrassing' Cale and Choi Han thought simultaneously while covering their faces that were now starting to turn red from embarrassment.

Tap... Tap... Tap...

Cale and Choi Han immediately turned their faces away and looked at Alberu who had returned with Kim dokja. Cale heaved a sigh of relief and walked over to Alberu.

Meanwhile Alberu felt confused as he looked at Cale and Choi Han. 'Hmm, what happened? Why are they both blushing?'

End of Flashback…..

“Hah, I shouldn't be messing with the items bestowed by the Gods.” Cale sighed as he looked at Yoo Jonghyuk who was getting closer to him.

[The constellation 'Demon Judge like Fire' is watching over you. ]

[The constellation 'Secretive Plotter' is watching your next move. ]

[The constellation 'Prisoner of the Golden Headband' is asking for your whereabouts. ]

[The constellation 'Scribe of Heaven' is staring at you. ]

“Looks like we have some spectators here” Cale whispered

'Let's blow him up kahahahaha'

'What about XXX until he's XX'

'I will protect you'

Cale thought that the devourers actually had weapons that were stronger than fire. The weapon headed towards the approaching Yoo Jonghyuk. Yoo Jonghyuk raised his sword and slashed.


The tree trunks that were heading towards him were easy to slice.


Sliced tree branches dry up and fall to the ground.


slash slash-


Yoo Jonghyuk was able to cut several branches using a sword that was covered in aura smoke. These trees are really ordinary trees.

"You think this tree trunk can stop me?" Yoo Jonghyuk said with a mocking smile and ran to slash the other tree trunks.

Cale grinned as he heard Yoo Jonghyuk's words, he chuckled in his place. "Well, what if this isn't an ordinary tree trunk?"


The sound of the leaves that Yoo Jonghyuk had heard a long time ago was much louder now as Cale's arms started to flutter.

Hundreds of tree branches suddenly shouted with Cale in the middle. They start to grow when they shoot. The trees became thicker and stronger. The tree trunks around Cale bumped into each other as if they were spider webs.

They are above the ground and in the air. They don't care where they are as they weave together to make a path. Branch is heading to one location. Cale, the owner of that red hair, started to speak. He gave orders to the tree trunk.

"Grow. "

Keep growing.
It grows to the point that the enemy will be afraid of you.

Cale shouted while looking at the spider path made of tree trunks.


Huge vines appeared between Yoo Jonghyuk. They start moving faster and faster as they grow bigger. Yoo Jonghyuk looked at the trees that had started to grow significantly and chuckled and slashed at them again.

"Ha, even though it's getting bigger and bigger, in the end it's just an ordinary tree trunk," said Yoo Jonghyuk while slashing at the other tree trunks.

Cale looked towards Yoo Jonghyuk and started to speak while laughing.

"Didn't I tell you this is no ordinary tree trunk?"

'Kahaha, let's blow him up'

Cale grinned as he heard the voice of an ancient power. "Right, let's roast him"

Cale placed his hand on the tree branch and the tree branch enlarged instantly with something red inside.

'Destruction. Ahahahahahaha! It's a party! I will burn everything!'

Cale frowned because the fiery lightning was too loud before opening his eyes wide.



The red liquid that filled the tree branches quickly burst open. Red liquid started to gush from the cracks.

[The constellation 'Abyssal Black Flame dragon' looks at you with sparkling eyes]

[ The constellation 'Abyssal Black Flame dragon' sponsors you 5,000 coins ]

“Oh, thank you” Cale was happy as he got the coins, 'good, give me some more coins'

'Kehehehehehe….. Destruction….Money!!'

The Flame of Destruction figuratively jumped up and down for joy.


Neither Yoo Jonghyuk nor Cale could hear a loud cracking sound.

The ground shook. The tree trunks began to crumble as if they couldn't handle this red liquid. Slowly but surely all the trees around Yoo Jonghyuk started to burn and locked him inside.

Yoo Jonghyuk laughed again after seeing the burning forest. "Do you think this can stop me?"

Yoo Jonghyuk quickly activated the 'heat resistance' skill and cut the burning tree branch.

Cale chuckled. “Yeah, yeah you're right, a protagonist can definitely do that, but it's a shame you have to face me this time” Cale quickly used the sound of the wind and dashed swiftly through the tree trunks that formed spider webs towards the place where the necklace was. fell.

“Good.” Cale quickly picked it up and removed the bracelet and put the two items together.


[Combining items]

[The Paradox Ring]
*Create a situation where the statement is true and false at the same time

Cale smiled at the sight of the ring and immediately put it on. It might appear to others that the ring was useless, but to Cale it was very useful when, it could twist the facts and keep it balanced.

Cale activated the item and quickly black smoke spread over the burning forest and merged with the flames thus turning the color of the flames black.

[The small planetary constellations are looking at you worriedly]

[The constellation 'Demon Judge like Fire' is watching over you. ]

[The constellation 'Secretive Plotter' pays attention ]

[The constellation 'Prisoner of the Golden Headband' is watching you. ]

“Ugh, Cough..” Cale vomited blood as he ran, but quickly wiped it off using his sleeve and continued his plan.

Yoo Jonghyuk felt the black flames approaching towards him, he felt something strange from the fire. Yoo Jonghyuk just realized it, he could feel the heat of the fire, he frowned and narrowed his eyes to look for Cale.

Yoo Jonghyuk turned around and saw Cale hovering above. Yoo Jonghyuk looked at Cale who was making an evil grin. Really, how could he ever think that he was such a good person.

Cale slowly opened his hands and looked at Yoo Jonghyuk with a smirk on his face.

“Welcome to my created hell!!”

Of course it was only the beginning of hell for Yoo Jonghyuk.

"Ha!!" Yoo Jonghyuk chuckled in his place, his skill somehow malfunctioning against the heat of this black flame. And the enemy he had to capture was now above him and he was below trapped among the burning forest.

“Do you think you can stay on top forever huh?” Yoo Jonghyuk ignored the blood flowing from his body and broke through the burning forest.

Yoo Jonghyuk stepped on the burning tree roots and used the skill 'Air Steps' to reach Cale. Cale who noticed Yoo Jonghyuk approaching immediately took out his shield.


Yoo Jonghyuk looked at the sacred-looking silver shield and asked “How many abilities do you have?!”

“I don't know.” Cale just smirked at Yoo Jonghyuk and fired a few shots with his fire ancient power.

Yoo Jonghyuk dodged Cale's attack and pointed his sword at Cale who was immediately parried with his shield. Yoo Jonghyuk lowered his head and grabbed Cale's leg pulling him down.


Cale fell down after Yoo Jonghyuk pulled him down. He stood up and looked at Yoo Jonghyuk, “Hah, I should have covered my entire body with a shield and not just the area to be attacked.”

“Ugh, cough….” Cale started coughing up blood again.

“Oh, as I thought, your strength is indeed strong, but your body is weak.” Yoo Jonghyuk looked at Cale who was coughing up blood and immediately ran towards him.

Cale immediately moved his hands and the burning trees quickly covered him.


Yoo Jonghyuk quickly cut him off. "You think you can hide huh?" Yoo Jonghyuk slashed at the trees and finally saw Cale smiling with a whip in his hand.

“Well, I'm not as good as Witira at using a whip, but at least for now it's enough” Cale said as he gripped the whip made from his ancient power of water.

'Well, I have the real whip, but it's a shame I didn't bring it with me, so the whip I have now is pretty good it should be' Cale thought.

Cale had no intention of avoiding a close quarters fight against Yoo Jonghyuk, but he would never intentionally fight with Yoo Jonghyuk unless he had no choice. It was wise for Cale to choose a whip as his weapon. Of course, whips have their own limitations, and are even stricter than knives. However, if all the requirements for using a whip were met, it could exhibit unparalleled effectiveness compared to most other weapons.

"Ha, you think that's the only way you can beat me?" Yoo Jonghyuk asked while looking at Cale with a sharp gaze

‘No, no, no, I mean the whip I made now is better enough than the real one,' Cale thought, before he finally came back to his senses with Yoo Jonghyuk lunging at him.


The tip of the whip produces a terrible gap as it cuts through the air

“Oh, you're quite good at using weapons.” Yoo Jonghyuk took a step back and wiped his bloody cheeks.

That's the power of the whip. The whip was a slashing weapon. Cale took the whip and swung it at Yoo Jonghyuk. Yoo Jonghyuk was on guard to parry his attack, before he noticed a plant root tugging at his leg.




The whip made a terrifying sound as it hit the sword and slashed into Yoo Jonghyuk's stomach.

Yoo Jonghyuk quickly broke free from the entanglement of the roots and slashed at the tree roots that were starting to come at him.


Cale swung his whip at Yoo Jonghyuk who was busy with the trees. Along with a gust of wind, the whip managed to bind Yoo Jonghyuk's sword and took it.

“Ugh!!” Yoo Jonghyuk held his stomach which was bleeding out.


The tree roots quickly tied both Yoo Jonghyuk's hands up and pulled Yoo Jonghyuk so that he crashed into several trees.


A burning tree tied Yoo Jonghyuk's body with his hands tied above and his legs and tied with tree roots.

“Argh!!” Yoo Jonghyuk groaned in pain as the roots that bound him pulled him and bound him very hard.

Tap... Tap... Tap...

Yoo Jonghyuk forced himself to raise his head after hearing the sound of footsteps slowly approaching him. Yoo Jonghyuk looked at Cale who had a whip in his hand and looked at him with a condescending look.

"Are you going to torture me now?"

"What?!" Cale replied with a tone and expression of pure surprise.

'Let's burn him'

'We better XXX him until he feels XXXX'

'We can destroy him'

“Why would I do that, I'm not Beacrox!!” Cale frowned and looked at Yoo Jonghyuk with a surprised look.

"Who's Beacrox?" asked Yoo Jonghyuk spontaneously

“A chef” Cale replied

‘Wait, since when does a chef become a torture expert?’ Yoo Jonghyuk thought before he looked at Cale who had suddenly fallen.

“Ugh, cough…cough… damn it!!” Cale started to vomit profuse amounts of blood

'Be patient cale, I will heal you quickly'

'Cale you're bleeding again'


‘Why is he bleeding more than me losing here’ thought Yoo Jonghyuk after seeing Cale coughing up blood.

“Ha…ha…ha” Cale regulated his breathing after he felt his ancient power start to work and replace the amount of blood that was dissipating.

“Gosh, I overdid it again” Cale whispered

Cale turned around and watched the forest that was still burning. He immediately pointed his hand towards the sky and it started to rain.

“Hah, I burned the forest. That’s not good” Cale muttered

Yoo Jonghyuk felt the water begin to fall on his body and extinguish the fire there. Yoo Jonghyuk even thought 'Was he the one who made this rain too?' Yoo Jonghyuk sighed, it seemed that this was the end of his life in this round.

Yoo Jonghyuk waited for the rain to subside after putting out the fire before he finally spoke to Cale. "You've caught me now, what did that person order you to do?" Yoo Jonghyuk asked with his sharp gaze.

“Ah” Cale gasped after he listened to Yoo Jonghyuk's voice, he momentarily forgot that person's existence.

Cale frowned and asked “Who is the person you are referring to?”

“Ha..” Yoo Jonghyuk laughed, “Do you think I'm stupid for asking me such a question? Damn it, where did that person find a subordinate like you?” Yoo Jonghyuk said with a cold expression.

"I told you I don't know who you're talking about!" Cale said in a frustrated tone.

"Ha, you don't have to pretend anymore, weren't you told by that person to arrest me" said Yoo Jonghyuk

Cale frowned and looked at Yoo Jonghyuk. “I don't know who that person is and I'm not anyone's subordinate, oh and one more thing, I wasn't told by anyone to arrest you” Cale shouted in an irritated tone and looked at Yoo Jonghyuk with an expression that said 'I'm telling the truth'

Yoo Jonghyuk frowned, he looked at Cale who was shouting in a frustrated tone in front of him, it was like- “Are you really not that person's subordinate?”

“Of course not, I'm not serving anyone” Cale replied as he folded his arms across his chest.

“Then why did you attack me and arrest me?” asked Yoo Jonghyuk who was presented with a look of disbelief at Cale.

"Are you crazy? You were the first to attack me in the first place, and I caught you so you wouldn't attack me again? What's wrong with self-defense?” Cale said with an expression of disbelief.

“But you are a reincarnator” said Yoo Jonghyuk

"What's wrong with that? Aren't you also a Regressor?” Ask Cale

“So you really aren't that guy's subordinate?”

“Who exactly are you referring to!!!!!” Cale asked while rubbing his face.

“Nirvana Moebius” Yoo Jonghyuk replied while observing Cale's face

Cale frowned “Who is he?”

“He-” Yoo Jonghyuk paused for a moment, he didn't know how to respond, actually he didn't really understand who Nirvana really was either.

"He's a madman" replied Yoo Jonghyuk

“Ha, did you think I would become a lunatic's subordinate?” Cale asked with a look of disbelief while pointing at himself.

“Cale Henituse” Yoo Jonghyuk called out to Cale with a serious expression. Cale swallowed his saliva, for some reason he felt like he knew what Yoo Jonghyuk was going to ask him.

"Who are you really?"

[The constellation 'Demon Judge like Fire' is asking for your answer. ]

[The constellation 'Secretive Plotter' is asking for your identity. ]

[The constellation 'Prisoner of the Golden Headband' awaits your answer. ]

[The constellation 'Scribe of Heaven' is staring at you. ]

[The constellation 'Abyssal Black Flame dragon' awaits your answer]

Cale was silent for a moment as it was the protagonist in front of him and the Constellations who asked for his answer. He couldn't run away from this, he had to face it.

Cale looked at Yoo Jonghyuk before placing his hand on his chest and doing a nobleman's bow. Yoo Jonghyuk frowned after seeing Cale's noble bow, he wanted to say something but waited for Cale to speak first.

“My name is Cale Henituse, the eldest son of the Duke Henituse family”

"What do you mean?" Yoo Jonghyuk asked with a surprised expression.

Cale sighed before continuing.” As you already know, I am a reincarnator, and I come from the world you know as a fantasy world.”

[The constellation 'Demon Judge like Fire' is very shocked. ]

[The constellation 'Secretive Plotter' is in shock. ]

[The constellation 'Prisoner of the Golden Headband' chuckled. ]

[The constellation ‘Scribe of Heaven’ shuts its mouth. ]

[The constellation 'Abyssal Black Flame dragon' is curious about you]

"So how did you end up here?" Yoo Jonghyuk asked, he felt a little relieved that Cale wasn't a subordinate of Nirvana, but he was wary of Cale to some extent.

“I died and ended up here” Cale replied with a relaxed expression.

Yoo Jonghyuk frowned, he couldn't believe his words a little. Cale was strong and it was a fact that Yoo Jonghyuk knew, even though his body was weak but Cale had extremely strong strength and made Yoo Jonghyuk wonder how he could die.

[The constellation 'Demon Judge like Fire' wants to hear about your story ]

[The constellation 'Secretive Plotter' is waiting for you to continue. ]

[The constellation 'Prisoner of the Golden Headband' awaits your story. ]

[The constellation 'Scribe of Heaven' is curious about your past. ]

[The constellation 'Abyssal Black Flame dragon' is excited about your story]

[30,000 coins have been sponsored]

Cale gasped as he earned a lot of coins just by telling a little of his identity. Cale started to smile a little, he could take advantage of this.

"Okay, I'll tell you a little bit"

[The constellation 'Demon Judge like Fire' is very excited. ]

[5,000 coins have been sponsored]

[The constellation 'Secretive Plotter' asks you to continue your story. ]

[8,000 coins have been sponsored]

[The constellation 'Prisoner of the Golden Headband' is excited to hear your story. ]

[8,000 coins have been sponsored]

[The constellation 'Scribe of Heaven' is waiting quietly. ]

[10,000 coins have been sponsored]

[The constellation 'Abyssal Black Flame dragon' screams to continue your story]

[12,000 coins have been sponsored]

Cale looked at the notification in front of him with a sparkling gaze, he hadn't even started to tell the story and he had already earned a lot of coins. Meanwhile Yoo Jonghyuk just stayed silent waiting for Cale to continue.

“So, back then, I was Cale Henituse who was famous as a trash.” Cale started to tell the story.

[The constellation 'Demon Judge like Fire' is looking at you in disbelief. ]

[The constellation 'Secretive Plotter' tells the 'Fire Demon Judge' to be a little patient ]

[The constellation 'Prisoner of the Golden Headband' chuckles with your past. ]

[The constellation 'Scribe of Heaven' is waiting for you to continue the story. ]

[The constellation 'Abyssal Black Flame dragon' is very impatient]

Yoo Jonghyuk just frowned and looked at Cale with a look of disbelief 'How can someone like him be famous as trash?'

“Until one day, I ran into Choi Han who reported the massacre in his village.” Cale continued.

[The constellation 'Demon Judge like Fire' is shocked. ]

[The constellation 'Secretive Plotter' is upset by the broken story. ]

[The constellation 'Prisoner of the Golden Headband' hates massacres. ]

[The constellation 'Scribe of Heaven' closed its eyes. ]

[The constellation 'Abyssal Black Flame dragon' asks you to continue ]

“Then I went with Choi Han after that and saved a dragon”

[The constellation 'Abyssal Black Flame dragon' is very surprised]

[The constellation 'Secretive Plotter' asks not to interrupt]

“After that we went to the capital and prevented the bombing and became the crown prince's comrades”

"We ended up fighting an evil organization and I don't know since when I was summoned as a hero"

[30,000 coins have been sponsored]

'Good, give me some more'

"Until one day, the hero fights the leader of that evil organization"

[The constellation 'Prisoner of the Golden Headband' is feeling something bad]

[The constellation 'Demon Judge like Fire' bit his finger]

[The constellation 'Secretive Plotter' tells us to wait]

"Until the hero wins"

[The constellation 'Demon Judge like Fire' is happy with a happy ending ]

[The constellation 'Secretive Plotter' senses that something is wrong]

[The constellation 'Prisoner of the Golden Headband' feels something strange ]

[The constellation 'Scribe of Heaven' closed its eyes. ]

[The constellation 'Abyssal Black Flame dragon' asks you to continue ]

“Evil was finally defeated and everyone lived in peace only with the loss of a few lives as a sacrifice.”

[The constellation 'Demon Judge like Fire' is shocked. ]

[The constellation 'Secretive Plotter' closes his eyes. ]

[The constellation 'Prisoner of the Golden Headband' is touched by the sacrifice of the hero.]

[The constellation 'Scribe of Heaven' is touched with sacrifice. ]

[The constellation 'Abyssal Black Flame dragon' is touched by the hero's sacrifice]

[105,000 coins have been sponsored]

'Ah, I really like money' Cale thought after he managed to harvest a lot of coins. Cale looked at Yoo Jonghyuk who was looking at him with a gaze he couldn't decipher.

“Cale Henituse, let's make a deal with me” Yoo Jonghyuk said with a serious expression.

"What do you mean?" Cale asked while wary of what Yoo Jonghyuk had to offer.

“I know of a scenario that could return you to your world” Yoo Jonghyuk said while observing Cale's expression which looked stoic but Yoo Jonghyuk could see Cale's eyes shaking.

“Cale Henituse. I will help you return to your world and you will help me until you return to your original world” said Yoo Jonghyuk

"And how can I trust you? could you suddenly stab me in the back or throw me again?” Cale said while looking at Yoo Jonghyuk with his stoic gaze.

“Let's make an oath” Yoo Jonghyuk said and Cale just frowned.

“I Yoo Jonghyuk promise to help Cale Henituse to return to his world and will not harm him or betray him until he returns to his world” Yoo Jonghyuk said.

"Now it's your turn" said Yoo Jonghyuk

“I Cale Henituse promise to help Yoo Jonghyuk to the limit and as long as he doesn't hurt me or betray me first, I won't hurt him or betray him either” Cale said and after that he felt something that indicated the agreement had been agreed.

“So meticulous” Yoo Jonghyuk said, Cale Henituse's oath would end until he returned to his world, but if he betrayed him first, this collaboration would end immediately.

"Can you let me go now?" Said Yoo Jonghyuk who was still tied to the tree.

“Ah, I forgot you were still trapped there” Cale immediately moved his hand

Yoo Jonghyuk fell to the ground and looked at Cale who was standing in front of him holding his sword.

Yoo Jonghyuk took his sword and held his stomach which was still bleeding and immediately used the 'Recovery' skill. Cale looked at the wound on Yoo jonghyuk's stomach which instantly recovered and sighed 'As expected of the protagonist'.

Cale was so lost in thought that he didn't notice Yoo jonghyuk staring at him intensely. “Cale Henituse” Yoo Jonghyuk called out to him and Cale raised his head and looked at Yoo Jonghyuk.

"Let's start our first cooperation"


Choi Han woke up in the middle of the forest and felt an extreme nausea. However, that wasn't what bothered him. Choi han looked left and right and circled around looking for someone. Choi Han was silent in his place. He panicked.

“Where is Cale?”

Choi Han circled around the place to look for Cale. She was already determined to stay away from Cale and stay with him. However, here he was, waking up in the middle of the forest, alone without Cale who was supposed to be with him.

“Cale?!” Choi Han shouted looking for Cale, but it was a pity that he didn't find him.

He lost him again.

Choi Han ran aimlessly while looking for Cale. Until finally hi-


Choi Han bumped into someone. He looked at the person he bumped into, and the person also looked at him.

“Choi Han?!”


"What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be together with Cale?” Ask Alberu

"I also do not know. I woke up and Cale wasn't there. Shouldn't you be with Lee Hyunsung too?"

“I don't know, I woke up alone and it looks like you are the same” Alberu nodded in understanding

"Well, how about we go together-


The sound of an explosion caught Alberu and Choi Han's attention. They both nodded and ran towards the direction of the explosion, and saw Kim Dokja fighting a group of people and looking desperate.

Choi Han frowned after seeing Lee Jihye, Lee Hyunsung, Lee Gilyoung and Shin Yoosung become small. Kim Dokja saw Alberu coming with Choi Han and at that moment he felt a little relieved and shouted at Alberu.

“Shoot him!!” Kim Dokja shouted while pointing at a middle-aged man.

Alberu frowned but immediately raised his gun and aimed at the man.


A shot was fired and the man, Yamamoto stared blankly into his chest as he fell backwards. Yamamoto was killed with only one bullet..

[The Catastrophe of Fame has been killed. ]

[The so-called 'colonial' disaster has disappeared. ]

[You have earned 5,000 coins. ]

[Main contributors: Alberu Crossman, Kim Dokja. ]

"Hmm?" Alberu was surprised after getting the notification and the coins of course.

“Can anyone explain to me the situation?” Alberu asked, he just arrived at the place and suddenly he had to kill someone which turned out to be a disaster.

[Some constellations are against your excessive nationalistic sentiments. ]

[Many constellations on the Korean Peninsula are cheering for your reenactment. ]

[10,000 coins have been sponsored. ]

"Hmm?" Alberu is getting more and more confused by this situation, plus no one wants to explain the situation to him

“P-Prime minister!”

Meanwhile, Kim Dokja ran towards Alberu who was a dozen meters away. Alberu's body quickly shrank.


[The 'Alberu Crossman' incarnation has completely disregarded his rights as a disaster. ]

[The Dokkaebi of Star Stream see Alberu's behavior as an act against the scenario. ]

[The little guy's transformation is about to begin. ]

“Shit” Alberu said, he was lucky that his clothes had shrunk along with his body. Choi Han quickly took Alberu and put it in his pocket and ran after Kim Dokja.

"What happened?" Ask Choi Han

"Let's get out of here first, I'll explain later" said Kim Dokja

[Wind Road Lv. 8 has been activated. ]

"The prime minister is dead!"

"Stop them!"

The Japanese are angry.

[You have received the penalty of the second scenario. ]

[Hunt the 'little guy' in 5 minutes. Otherwise, Star Stream will determine that you have no intention of carrying out catastrophic activities…]

"What?" Choi Han gasped but fled anyway.

[Hunt the 'little guy' in 3 minutes.]

[Hunt the 'little guy' in 1 minute. ]

"Catch him!

"We have to catch him!"

The number of Japanese chasing us dropped sharply as the road turned a few times.

"Almost there!"

Finally, we reached the end of the forest zone.

[You can't hunt the little guys within the time limit. ]

[ The dokkaebis from Star Stream have determined you won't be doing any disastrous activities. ]

[You have been awarded the third scenario penalty. ]

[The little guy's transformation is about to begin. ]

Choi Han and Kim Dokja immediately turned small as well. Alberu and Choi Han looked directly at Kim Dokja “Can you explain something?”

"The point is there are small people here and we have to kill them along with the Japanese, but we don't kill small people because of that we are penalized for being small and we have to fight some bad Japanese people" said Kim Dokja

"I don't really understand, but what I do know is that they're our enemies now, right?" Choi Han asked while looking at the few Japanese who were approaching them.

“Back off!!” Alberu immediately raised his weapon up and activated his stigma. There was a blinding light and a silver aura began to appear around Alberu's body.

[I command you as Angelina's guard]

[To annihilate all my enemies]

All the magic power that had gathered around Alberu just now transferred to the tip of the gun that was pointed upwards.

[Exterminate! ]

[Shining Javelin]


After the shot Alberu pointed upwards had been fired. Suddenly, the clouds began to turn golden in color.

'That's so pretty'

That's what everyone thought, suddenly a light appeared which one by one fell from the sky and went towards the enemy.

'It's still beautiful'

Suddenly. Booooommmm.........

Everyone looked towards the one person who made all of this happen.

Alberu Crossman

Everyone immediately saw the person who was sitting limply after releasing the terrifying attack earlier. Even though his body had shrunk, his attacks were still of the same nature as before he had shrunk.

[The 'Alberu Crossman' incarnation has used the stigma of the Shining Javelin]

Alberu was immediately carried by Choi Han and ran away. They ran with several people still chasing them, until they finally met Gong Pildu and Han Sooyoung. And so they stayed at Veronica for a few weeks.

For two weeks Kim Dokja went with Han Sooyoung and Asuka Ren. Kim Dokja trains together with Kyrgios Rodgraim and leaves Veronica's guard up to his friends. Finally, after two weeks, Asuka Ren, the girl Kim Dokja saved, told her that there was an attack on Veronica, so she had to go back there.

[This small planetary constellation is struggling with pain. ]

[The small planet constellation is screaming. ]

Han Sooyoung muttered. “Shit… what the hell is this?”

One of Japan's three great villains, Shutendoji's father, a mystical flood-controlling monster. That monster was the 'Sovereign of Eight Heads', Yamata no Orochi.

“D-Don't fight. We really can't win. Asuka Ren muttered and the mesmerized Han Sooyoung pulled Kim Dokja over.

“Kim Dokja. Surely we're not going to fight that? Let's run away. Yes?"

Kim Dokja didn't answer. The giant head once again swept over the little guys. It was a natural movement, like removing a fish from a fish tank.

Han Sooyoung continued to urge Kim Dokja, “It's not too late. Now we can save the children. Quickly take them and run…”

Then the snake's mouth headed towards Lee Jihye. Kim Dokja reflexively got up and dashed forward. However, the snake's head moved swiftly towards Lee Jihye. Choi Han quickly stood in front of him and Alberu readied with a gun in his hand.

At this moment, something moved faster than Kim Dokja. One of the snake heads fell to the ground with a scream of pain. The dust cloud lifted and two men were seen standing on the snake's head. The black-haired man looked at Kim Dokja with a characteristic cold expression. “…Kim Dokja. ”

Yes, why does he always come late? Kim Dokja smiled at him. “You are late, Yoo Jonghyuk. ”

He had become a small person like Kim Dokja but he felt a strong energy from Yoo Jonghyuk. This person was holding a purple and shiny ornamental knife. As expected, he got the knife.

“I have to make food for someone first.” Yoo Jonghyuk said before looking at the red-haired man who was holding some skewers and eating them.

It was Cale who had become a small person as well, but the difference was that he was happily eating the few skewers that were in his hands.

“Gosh, you're such a good cook, you're almost as good as Beacrox!!” Cale said before finishing the remaining skewers.

On the other hand, Choi Han and Alberu who were surprised by Cale's arrival along with Yoo Jonghyuk could only chuckle at the sight of Cale who was still looking relaxed while eating a few skewers. Well, as long as he's safe then everything will be fine.

“Hah, if you don't barge in to steal some food, then we probably won't be small” Yoo Jonghyuk said with an angry look.

Yes, he was angry that Cale was always comparing him to Beacrox.

“And if you had made me food from the start, maybe I wouldn't have barged in and stolen some food” Cale said as he threw away the skewers that had been finished.

Yoo Jonghyuk just sighed and turned to look at Kim Dokja. Kim Dokja and Yoo Jonghyuk stared at each other without speaking before simultaneously turning to disaster.

[The constellation ‘Sovereign of Eight Heads’ has revealed your killing intent. ]

Yamata no Orochi had his mealtime interrupted and his body started to swell.

“Retreat Kim Dokja. I will catch this person. ”

“No, not this time. ”

Kim Dokja stepped towards Yoo Jonghyuk.

[The exclusive skill 'Bookmark' can now be activated. ]

Kim Dokja felt a strong white energy boil in his heart.

“This time I have to catch him. ”

In this scenario, Kim Dokja would violate the no-kill principle he had stood for.