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Noble Trash Point of View

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Puzzle City, where the final battle is against the White Star and the sealed Gods. Cale fought against the White Star along with the taerang-wielding Alberu and Choi han. During the final and greatest strike, Cale managed to stab the White Star with the dagger that the world tree had given him. As if not giving up White Star tried to blow himself up and said "at least I'll take you to death with me you bastard". Cale belatedly dodged it and boooooomm.........



Alberu and Choi han ran towards Cale to save him.

"ah...finally I can rest....well resting in another least the White Star is dead and the world will be fine...damn, who would have thought that bastard would blow himself up ...I think I heard my hyungs and Choi han scream....well, they are strong so they will be fine....ah, am I going to die? What about the kids when I'm gone? crying and won't eat...well, Ron and Beacrox will definitely take care of them....everything will be fine right? unless something crazy can't be right?how about if my family is going to destroy the world? surely the kids will say that they will destroy the world. hmmm...maybe Eruhaben-nim will overturn some mountains...Cage will definitely do something crazy to the Death God. pity that god… well, I guess my hyung will take care of everything so I can rest easy.”

booommmmm............the sound of an explosion was so big that people had trouble standing because of the strong wind.




people shouted the name of the hero, who was the closest person to the explosion. They saw the royal crown prince Roan and A swordsman running towards the hero. Yes, that's right they were Alberu crossman and Choi han who was Cale's closest person. They ran towards Cale without paying any heed to the explosion.

"Grandpa let me go. I, I, the great and mighty Raon Miru will help humans, don't hinder me"

"Shut up here little one, Choihan and Alberu have gone there they can definitely help him"

"but...but...what if human"

"Don't talk like that little boy, you believe in him right? If you believe in him he will definitely come back safely, so stay here"

Eruhaben was busy preventing people from running to save Cale, it wasn't that he didn't want to save him, but it was too dangerous, so he had to leave it to Alberu and Choi han.

The explosion had started to subside and Eruhaben and the rest of Cale's group were running towards the origin of the explosion.

Eruhaben clenched his fists trying to hold back the anger that was so great that he wanted to turn this world upside down. When they were upstairs they did find Cale. However, in OFF state.

Ron gripped his dagger tightly to calm his anger, but that didn't seem to be working. his hand was slowly bleeding from gripping the dagger too hard, how could he not be angry, the puppy that was now too small to be considered a puppy was sitting up covered in blood, not the slightest blood like when Cale used his AP, it was a lot and probably a lot of blood. there until it forms a puddle.

Ron looked around, he also found Choihan and Alberu, No...or rather their corpses.

He naturally knew that the two of them had already arrived at Cale when the explosion occurred, he could imagine that the crown prince was in front of Cale while thrusting a spear into the ground while blocking Cale from getting hit by the explosion, the proof that Alberu's corpse was in worse condition than Cale's. He also looked at Choihan's sword, he... that's right... Choihan's sword gripped by his right hand, that's right... only the sword gripped by his right hand was left. His entire body wasn't even there, Choihan sure pierced the White Star's body with his sword to prevent the explosion from expanding.

Just as the corpses of the White Stars disappeared into dust particles, so the corpses of the three of them left only the remains of their bodies.


Another explosion occurred as Raon started to massively accumulate his mana causing an explosion


Everyone couldn't help but agree… they felt such anger that they felt compelled to wipe out this world dunia


Eruhaben began to speak in a low, firm tone.


All attention immediately turned to Eruhaben who incidentally was the oldest living being and was a dragon who had been with Cale for a long time.


Ron, Beacrox, Rosalyn, On and Hong, Raon, Bud, Hannah, Saint Jack, Witira, Archie, Paseton, Mary, Dodori, Mila, Rasheel, Toonka, Litana and everyone else there who had caught up with Cale's group waiting to see what happened. would say the dragon.


Wushh ... silence began to fall over everyone, they have started to think clearly. If they destroyed this world wouldn't it be like wasting Cale, Alberu and Choihan's sacrifices?!

On and Hong slowly started to cry while hugging Ron's body. Raon was also crying while being hugged by Eruhaben. One by one people started shedding their tears seeing the children being raised by Cale crying hysterically.

They knew they had won against the villains, the White Star and the Sealed God, however, the atmosphere was not joy at having won the battle, but sadness because their heroes sacrificed for the peace of this world.

The next day Cale, Alberu and Choi han's funeral was held


The funeral went smoothly, many people were present at the funeral. Starting from important people such as the nobles, Cale's group and the dragons, his family and friends, the ordinary elves and the dark elves, even some vampires also participated in the funeral such as Duke Fredo, the blue wolf tribe, the tiger tribe, even the the pope to the common people participated in the funeral.

The funeral was held in the dark forest, behind the black castle the funeral ceremony went smoothly. They were not afraid of coming dangers such as wild beasts or enemy attacks, because the funeral was held behind the Dragon God's castle and there were also dragons on standby for the worst.

There were even very strong people there, even the creatures from the other races who were Cale's allies were there. The people present at the funeral couldn't help but be surprised by the presence of the many races there. They didn't really care about it because they knew that everyone here came for the release of the heroes.

The Cale Family and the Royal Family agreed that the funeral would be held in the forest of darkness. Normally the heroes and royal members would be buried in a special place, but at the request of the remaining members of Cale's group the funeral was held in the forest of darkness.

Cale's coffin was filled with Cale who was wearing his military uniform, Alberu's coffin was filled with Alberu who was wearing his royal clothes and also taerang, while Choi han's coffin was only filled with the sword that Cale gave him which was the only thing Choi han left.

The funeral went smoothly from start to finish, accompanied by the sobs of children and other people.

After the funeral was over everyone went home leaving Cale's group members behind. They entered Cale's Villa Rock which was under the black castle. They began to reminisce about their time with them. They also go to a room where they often spend time together

"I... I... I will eat well, shower well and sleep well"

"I will save well and not waste money"

"We will do our best so that humans are not sad there"

The kids started talking in the room, starting with Raon then On and Hong. The adults in the room couldn't help but be saddened by their words.


The eyes of everyone in the room turned to look at the person who opened the door loudly. Yep... that person is Cage. The only person from Cale's group who didn't attend the funeral. At first they thought that Cage was late, but they knew that Cage wasn't the type to be late. They also tried to contact Cage, but Cage said he would not be coming to the funeral.

They don't know why Cage didn't want to attend the funeral, they thought Cage was too sad to be able to attend the funeral. But what happened now? people who were not present at the funeral came and opened the door so loudly that it made a sound. They were even more confused because Cage came with a big smile which didn't fit the sad mood in the room.

"What cage huh?what happened and why didn't you come to the funeral?" asked Eruhaben because everyone was still dumbfounded by what had happened.

"I'm glad you asked Eruhaben-nim" replied Cage in a cheerful tone

"Erm, why didn't you come to Cage's funeral earlier?" asked Rosalyn who was getting more and more confused by the sudden development of the atmosphere

Without answering Rosalyn's question, Cage walked straight to the table in the middle of them. Then Cage took out a book and placed it on the table. A book ? what book is it ? what is the book for? that was roughly the question that was on the minds of everyone who was still confused by the sudden arrival. As if he couldn't stand the silence, Beacrox asked

"Cage for what ma-"

"Let's do it !" interrupted Cage

"I still don't understand Miss Cage, what do you mean?" asked Ron in a creepy tone

As if he didn't care about all these questions, Cage repeated his words again.

" Lets do it !"

Cage then opened the book and the book gave off an ominous aura, then Cage smiled in a sinister manner and said

"Let's kill death"

As if understanding what was going on, one by one the people in the room began to smile in the same way as Cage.

" Of course "

Along with Eruhaben's answer, the atmosphere of the room began to turn scary, so that if someone entered the room, that person would think that the place was a criminal's headquarters.