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Paused, Fractured, Found, Beloved

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“Five, six, seven, eight,” Xie Lian counted, turning from the crowd towards the mirror. Behind him, the group of dancers which had been attending the dance workshop got into position. Xie Lian felt a wide smile spread on his face, and he met Quan Yizhen’s gaze in the mirror for a split second, seeing him grin back, just before the one came. “Let’s go!”

The dancers in the room moved, the dance steps rehearsed flowing through them. The beat was heavy, the lyrics dark. It wasn’t something Xie Lian har written, and neither had Hua Cheng. It was one of the newer artists at the label, and Xie Lian had felt his entire body tingling with the need to dance when he had heard the first single. Xie Lian had loved working with her on the choreography for the music video and stage performance as well. This was another choreography of course, which almost made it even more fun. It felt like a privilege to have the opportunity to be given so much creative playroom.

Xie Lian danced his heart out, trying to push his body to the limit within the choreography. The dance students behind him did as well. Quan Yizhen as always seemed to have even more energy than everyone else, despite them having danced all day. The song came to an end, and happy cheers were heard after the last notes rang out, applause echoing through the room. Xie Lian smiled, and wiped sweat from his brows as he turned towards them. Quan Yizen stepped over to the music player, readying the song for one last run through. 

“Okay, do it without us now!” Xie Lian called, stepping away from the mirror to stand beside Quad Yizhen. “This is the last time, so go for it!” 

Quad Yizen started the song once more, and Xie Lian nodded along with the beat, and then counted down once more: “Five, six, seven, eight,” he called, and the dancers moved once again. They were so good. He smiled as he watched them, their steps in sync, their focus clear. They had spent three full days at the label, dancing through most of their time there. This was the third time they had held a dance workshop, and it was one of Xie Lian’s favorite things they did at the label. It was just so much fun meeting new people who loved to dance, and devote themselves to that fully for a couple of days. 

Two years had passed since they won the court case against White No Face, granting Xie Lian creative freedom. Much had changed since then, and much had happened. Xie Lian had gone on tour for six months, with thirty-three stops world wide, with much time in between. It had almost felt like a vacation, with how much time he and Hua Cheng had spent sightseeing, eating funny food, and just enjoying themselves. When they had returned, Xie Lian had decided that he was going to pull back from performing for a while. It wasn’t that he hadn’t enjoyed the tour, but helping the other artists at the label was much more fun, and he had missed it when he was away. Hua Cheng had no objections. Instead they had started working with things like this. It was really a dream Xie Lian didn’t know he had, but that still came true. 

Most of the big names at White No Face left after the trial. It didn’t happen all at once, but FCG was one of the first groups to terminate their contracts, followed by the Three Tumors. Mei Nianqing took many artists with him and started his own label, with fairer contracts and better conditions. It also became known that he was the source of the leak from White No Face to Scrap Collecting Immortals. Xie Lian hadn’t seen him since he himself had left the label, he was very grateful to Mei Nianqing for being brave enough to have relayed what was happening from the inside. Xie Lian was still slightly conflicted towards him, but hopefully they would some day get a chance to meet and talk. The label quickly sunk in the general public's eye, and found it hard to recruit after more and more of the artists spoke out publicly about how the environment had been in there. Xie Lian wasn’t sure what happened to Jun Wu, and in truth, he rarely thought of him anymore.

“Well done!” he cheered as the song came to an end once more, and clapped along with the dancers. The dancers all started gathering their things, and Xie Lian thanked them, waiving them off as they left.

“They were a good group,” Quan Yizhen said as the last stepped out, and Xie Lian nodded while walking over to turn off the sound system. 

“I agree, they had a lot of energy, and spurred each other on,” he said, stepping around the room to do a check so nothing had been forgotten or left behind. 

“Do you need help cleaning up?” Quan Yizhen asked as he corrected his fluffy ponytail, and Xie Lian shook his head.

“No, I’m just doing a check, they’ll come clean in the morning,” he said with a smile. He always felt a little bad that others came in and cleaned, but he had to face the fact that he didn’t have time to clean all the label facilities. Tomorrow was a big day too, they all needed the rest.
“I’ll head out then,” Quan Yizhen said, raising a hand. “See you tomorrow.”

“See you tomorrow!” Xie Lian called, “I’m picking them up early at the airport, so at the arena around nine,” he reminded him, and Quan Yizhen nodded, placing an earbud into his ear. “Tell Yin Yu I said hi!”

“Will do,” Quan Yizhen said as a soft smile spread on his lips. He waved once more before he stepped out, and Xie Lian smiled as he watched him go. 

After the trial Xie Lian had done as promised and gotten himself a phone, and one of the first text messages he had received was from Quan Yizhen, who asked why Yin Yu was his lawyer. After a short explanation from Xie Lian, Quan Yizhen was the first to terminate his contract with White No Face, and came straight over to Scrap Collecting Immortals. Yin Yu had become extremely pale when they first met, but Xie Lian had left them to sort it out. He didn’t know the details, only that now they were living together, Yin Yu smiled twice as often as he had before, and Quan Yizhen came on to help with dance choreographies and workshops at Scrap Collection Immortals when he was requested. Xie Lian was glad for it. It felt like lacing together his old life, the parts he did like, with his new.

There would be more of that tomorrow. 

Tomorrow they were doing a charity concert, with most of the bigger names at Scrap Collecting Immortals performing for it. Since getting back in touch with most of the members of FCG, they had spoken every now and then about doing a performance together. When planning the charity concert, Quan Yizhen had brought up the suggestion of asking the previous members of FCG to contribute, and Feng Xin and Mu Qing had agreed.

Xie Lian found the dance studio to be decent, and walked back to the stereo to make sure it was truly turned off. He turned to look over the room one last time, and then felt familiar arms wrap around his waist. Xie Lian smiled, and leaned back even as he squirmed.

“Noooo, San Lang I’m all sweaty!” he exclaimed, as Hua Cheng pressed a kiss to his crown, before moving down to press one to his nape, exposed by his ponytail.

“This San Lang does not mind at all, Gege,” Hua Cheng answered, biting down softly on Xie Lian’s shoulder. “It’s sexy.” 

“Ah,” Xie Lian gasped, and then turned to face Hua Cheng, cupping his cheeks. “San Lang is so mischievous,” he said, and Hua Cheng grinned proudly. So shameless! “What am I to do with such a husband?” Hua Cheng kept his gaze, and then his smirk turned into a pout.

“Beloved,” he almost whined, and Xie Lian held in a giggle. “This San Lang has been working so hard all day at the arena, making sure everything is perfect. He hasn’t seen his husband all day!” 

“This is true,” Xie Lian agreed, leaning in to press a sweet kiss to Hua Cheng’s lips. Hua Cheng smiled victoriously, pressing Xie Lian even closer. Hopeless, truly. Xie Lian indulged them both, pressing a little firmer into Hua Cheng's body. He pulled back after a moment, giggling as Hua Cheng chased his lips. “Did it go well?” 

“Yes, it is all set up now,” Hua Cheng answered, pulling Xie Lian in for a hug. “They were putting lights on Banyue and Pei Su’s performance when I left.”

“I’m glad,” Xie Lian said with a smile, feeling nerves fill his stomach at the thought of tomorrow, and what he had been planning for a while now. “Hopefully everyone will be able to get a good night's sleep and rest.”

“Gege is so thoughtful,” Hua Cheng said, wrapping his arm around XIe Lian’s shoulder to start learning him out of the dance studio. Xie Lian leaned on his side, reaching out to turn off the lights before they stepped through the door. “How is Gege feeling about tomorrow?”

“Good!” Xie Lian admitted with a nod which was a little too quick. He sighed. “A little nervous, I hope we’ll be able to get some practice in with Feng Xin and Mu Qing once they’ve arrive, but I think we’re all prepared.”

“Mn,” Hua Cheng agreed, walking them towards the elevator. “I’m sure Gege will be amazing.”

“It’s been years since I stood on stage with someone other than you,” XIe Lian said, turning to look up at Hua Cheng with a smile. “It’s only been me, and us, then of course He Xuan when I’ve guest sung with Calamities.”

“Gege does it so well,” Hua Cheng said with a lovesick sigh, and Xie Lian laughed and hip bumped him, before they stepped into the elevator. 

“Ah, San Lang don’t flatter me,” he chided. He had enjoyed performing with Calamities the few times he had, even if it had only been a couple of songs. Getting to play guitar with a band was such a special feeling, compared to doing it on his own on stage. “Do you think it’ll be okay tomorrow? I don’t want there to be a fight.” Xie Lian didn’t think there would be, but he hadn’t met Feng Xin or Mu Qing since before he was kicked out. They texted, but seeing each other was a whole other thing. He didn’t want to ruin the concert everyone had been working so hard for. 

“If any of them is rude-” Hua Cheng started, as the elevator came to a stop. Xie Lian squeezed his hip, and shook his head. 

“Ah, I don’t think-” he started, but Hua Cheng looked down with a frown, pausing Xie Lian’s protest. 

“Then this San Lang will kick them out with their head first, and will show no mercy,” Hua Cheng continued, and Xie Lian couldn’t help but smile. He paused, pulling Hua Cheng to a stop too. Xie Lian pushed up and pressed their lips together in a tender kiss, lingering and sweet.

“I don’t think that will be necessary, San Lang,” he breathed as he sank down, and smiled tenderly. “Thank you, though.” There was something incredibly heartwarming about always having someone who wanted to protect him, that wanted to make sure he was safe. Xie Lian felt spoiled, but he loved it.

“Mh, anything for my beloved,” Hua Cheng said, his thumb coming to caress along Xie Lian’s lower lip. He leaned down, and Xie Lian met him half way, pressing their lips together once more. Xie Lian gasped a little, grabbing Hua Cheng’s hips tighter. Hua Cheng smirked, and when he pulled back he pressed his lips to Xie Lian’s nose. Xie Lian scrunched it up, and Hua Cheng laughed, and kissed it again. “What does Gege want to eat?” he asked, showing mercy. Xie Lian blinked in surprise.

“Oh,” he said, frowning as he considered. They started walking towards the car again, Xie Lian pulling away to walk over to the passenger side. “Do we have leftovers?”

“No, I gave them to Ruoye,” Hua Cheng said, and Xie Lian lowered his gaze at him. Hua Cheng didn’t look at all apologetic, even though he was going to make that poor dog roll around in the house instead of walking, at this rate. Xie Lian had found him a year ago outside of the label one day, a small white thing, starving. There was no universe where Xie Lian would have been able to leave him. So, he became theirs. E’ming was surprisingly calm about it, the two often sleeping curled around each other in the warmth from the kitchen windows.

“San Lang spoils him,” Xie Lian pointed out, pulling the car door open, to step in. Hua Cheng followed, sitting down and smirking as he met Xie Lian’s gaze.

“Gege spoils the bastard cat,” Hua Cheng pointed out, and Xie Lian averted his eyes as his cheeks colored a little. It was true, he couldn’t deny it. E’ming was just so precious! How could he resist making cat toys and bake cat candy for him! It was impossible to resist. 

“I guess it evens out then,” Xie Lian agreed, and then glanced back at his husband. Hua Cheng had put on his seatbelt, and when he looked back at Xie Lian the customary smile spread on his lips. Xie Lian’s heart skipped a beat. “I missed San Lang today.”

Hua Cheng smiled even wider, leaning over the console to cup Xie Lian’s cheek. “This devoted husband missed his beloved too,” Hua Cheng said, pressing a kiss to Xie Lian’s cheek, and then the corner of his mouth. “At least we have all day together tomorrow.”

“Yes, dealing with all the crises,” Xie Lian sighed, and then let out a little laugh as a smile spread on his lips. He was looking forward to it. He was looking forward to handling the bustle and the mishaps, and to do it with Hua Cheng by his side. “It’ll be fun though, having everyone together like that.”

“Mh, it was Gege’s excellent idea,” Hua Cheng agreed, and Xie Lian shook his head and turned his face to kiss him properly. 




“Okay,” Xie Lian said, looking around the small circle of familiar faces. They had stood like this countless times before, finding comfort and energy in each other's presence. It had been almost four years since they last faced each other in this way though. Mu Qing was standing to his side on the left, Quan Yizhen straight before him, Feng Xin to Xie Lian’s left. Lang Qianqiu had been invited but declined to participate. It did make it all a little bittersweet, but Xie Lian understood. He had reached out to all four of them after the trial, and now had continuous contact with three. Lang Qianqiu had never replied. “Uhm, go team?” Xie Lian said, not knowing if he should laugh or cry at his own awkwardness. He suddenly felt so tongue tied. He couldn’t find any words that he found fitting.

“Oh god,” Mu Qing sighed, and when Xie Lian looked over he rolled his eyes so hard he worried they might stick. Xie Lian let out an embarrassed laugh, but it was swallowed by the sound of Feng Xin exploding next to him.

“Don’t roll your eyes at him!” he snapped, and ah this felt very familiar, didn’t it? Mu Qing growled, leaning forward towards Feng Xin. They had managed to make nice through the practices, but it seemed the patience had run out. 

“Don’t tell me what to do,” Mu Qing said, crossing his arm over his chest. How these two ran a business together without strangling each other was and would forever be a mystery to Xie Lian. As long as they were happy, he didn’t mind. 

“Shut up,” Quan Yizhen said, and then punched them both on the upper arms simultaneously. Xie Lian was kind of impressed that he managed.

“Ow!” Mu Qing and Feng Xin exclaimed, rubbing at their arms as they both glared at Quan Yizhen, who looked completely unfaced. 

“Sorry! I can’t remember what we usually say?” Xie Lian said, rubbing his neck sheepishly. How silly. They must have pep-talked each other so hundred of times before, but now the words seemed to fail him. Mu Qing rolled his eyes again, but then they all seemed to pause as they considered. 

“Uhm,” Feng Xin said, rubbing his chin as he tried to remember as well. Xie Lian let out a slow breath, and then a smile curled on his lips. They had been spending several hours together that day practicing for this one performance, and he was very grateful that they wanted to come and do this with him. It had been fun reminiscing, reconnecting, and learning about each other again. 

Now, they were going to do this one more, together.

“Something about working hard, and doing a good job,” Mu Qing said, waving his hand dismissively, even if his expression did soften. 

“And that we always have each other out there,” Quan Yizhen added, and Xie Lian’s smile grew. He saw the same happen with Feng Xin, and when he looked over he saw Mu Qing’s lips tugging up as well. 

“Yes,” Mu Qing agreed with a nod. “We do, still.”

“And let's have fun, okay?” Xie Lian added as he looked around at them, and they all nodded as their gazes caught. They had grown up together, faced hardships, triumphs and separation. Now Xie Lian wanted to focus on the joys. They would never be what they once were, but then again he didn’t think any of them wanted that either.

“Yes, let’s have fun,” Feng Xin ageed, and then put all of their hands into the middle of the circle. They all shouted, and then they stepped up into the wings, viewing the last Shi Qingxuan’s performance currently on stage. Xie Lian looked to the side, and saw all of them exchanging glances. His excitement grew, and he knew they would be alright. Shi Qingxuan high fived him as they stepped up on stage, and then it was time. The chanting from the crowd was almost deafening, as they stepped up on stage, and Xie Lian got into position, correcting the headset mic. The music of their most played song started, and Mu Qing began singing. Xie Lian closed his eyes for a moment, and then joined in, joy drumming in his veins.




The performance ended, and Xie Lian hugged all three of them tightly before they waved to the crowd and stepped off. Xie Lian smiled, nerves filling his stomach at the knowledge of what was coming next. He turned to the crowd, and waved, the crowd continuing to cheer. He glanced once more at the wings, and saw that everything seemed to be set for his surprise.

“Hi guys!” Xie Lian said, turning towards the crowd which filled the stadium. They cheered loudly, and he laughed. From the corner of his eyes he saw Banyue approach, and she nodded towards him as she walked back. A piano had been pushed out on stage behind him, and Banuye sat down at it. Xie Lian was so grateful that she had worked with him on this. “Thank you all so much for coming out, it really means so much to me, and all of us, that you’ve come to support our cause.”

The crowd cheered again, and Xie Lian looked to the side, seeing his husband’s raised brows. This was not in the schedule… or at least not in the schedule that Hua Cheng knew about. In a way, Xie Lian was kind of hijacking the show a little.

“Now, as many of you know, a lot of things have changed for me in the past two years, but we won’t go over all of that again now. It was very trying, but in the end it led me to the most important person in my life, someone I would never want to be without. Someone who has supported me when I was weak, when I was strong, when I had nothing and when it felt like the world was at might feet. A person who has shown me that it is such a simple thing to be happy, when he is by my side.”

Xie Lian turned to the side again, feeling his stomach swoop violently as he looked at Hua Cheng, who was standing with crossed arms, a smirk on his face even though his eyes were soft. 

“So, San Lang, would you please join me on stage?” Xie Lian asked, and Hua Cheng’s brows both rose, but his arms fell from his chest and he walked out to join Xie Lian immediately. The crowd cheered once again, and Xie Lian smiled, biting into his lower lip as he met Hua Cheng’s gaze.

“Hi husband,” he said once Hua Cheng reached him, the crowd erupted into cheering once more. Hua Cheng curled an arm around Xie Lian’s waist, his full focus on Xie Lian. 

“Beloved,” Hua Cheng answered, and Xie Lian scrunched up his nose, because the butterflies in his stomach were growing too wild. He placed a hand on Hua Cheng’s chest, and let out a slow breath to ease some of his nerves. 

“I have written something, for you, about us, about how I feel,” Xie Lian said, looking up into that dark eye. “Banyue has helped me, she’s a treasure.”

“Mh,” Hua Cheng agreed, his gaze so intent. His gaze was so tender, and Xie Lian adored him more than he could describe… but he was going to try.

“I want to sing it to you now,” Xie Lian said, and Hua Cheng squeezed his hip, and nodded. “Okay, ready Banyue?”

He turned his face to see her, and she gave a thumbs up towards them, placing his hands on the keys. Xie Lian smiled, and then focused on Hua Cheng once more, as the piano notes filled the stadium. He looked into Hua Cheng’s eye, his breath trembling a little, before he started to sing. 


I've waited a hundred years

But I'd wait a million more for you

Nothing prepared me for

What the privilege of being yours would do


Hua Cheng let out a stuttering breath that only Xie Lian felt, and Xie Lian splayed his hand wider over his heart, continuing to sing. He wanted Hua Cheng to know, he wanted the world to know, that there was no one who could ever enrapture him, like Hua Cheng did. No one who would have his heart like Hua Cheng. 


If I had only felt the warmth within your touch

If I had only seen how you smile when you blush


Xie Lian smiled too then, his thumb caressing over the corner of Hua Cheng’s mouth. Hua Cheng smiled, and Xie Lian smiled wider, as he continued to sing. Hua Cheng was still holding him close, his arm protective and safe around Xie Lian’s waist.


Or how you curl your lip when you concentrate enough

I would have known what I was living for all along

What I've been living for


Your love is my turning page

Where only the sweetest words remain


He saw Hua Cheng bite into his lower lip, ducking his gaze a little but finding Xie Lian’s soon again. Xie Lian felt his chest fill with adoration. Hua Cheng was looking at him with such tenderness, and Xie Lian cupped his cheek, tracing down his cheekbone. 


Every kiss is a cursive line

Every touch is a redefining phrase

I surrender who I've been for who you are

For nothing makes me stronger than your fragile heart


Xie Lian sang out all he had, his heart pounding. His hand found it’s way back to Hua Cheng’s chest, over his heart. Hua Cheng was so strong, but Xie Lian knew of his fragility too, his insecurities and worries. It made him want to be stronger for the both of them, and wanted to be able to support Hua Cheng whenever he needed someone to lean on. 


If I had only felt how it feels to be yours

Well, I would have known what I've been living for all along

What I've been living for


Xie Lian never wanted to be without Hua Cheng, didn’t want to be in a world where he didn’t belong to him, where they didn’t belong to each other. There was no place like his embrace, and money, fame, fortune could never rival the sense of home that Hua Cheng bestowed in Xie Lian’s heart. This was where he belonged, this was where he was headed all along. 


Though we're tethered to the story we must tell

When I saw you, well I knew we'd tell it well

With a whisper, we will tame the vicious seas

Like a feather, bringing kingdoms to their knees


The last notes of the song rang out, and Hua Cheng pushed the headset mic down from before Xie Lian’s lips, and then pushed in for a fierce kiss. Xie Lian gasped, opening his mouth against the onslaught of Hua Cheng’s mouth. Xie Lian gasped, and then felt the lights lower, leaving the stage dark. Hua Cheng’s arms wound tightly around his waist, and Xie Lian’s circled his shoulders, and then he was promptly lifted into the wings of the stage. As his feet touched the ground he reached up and tugged the headset mic that continued to poke them in the cheek off, Hua Cheng reaching back to tug the receiver out of Xie Lian’s pants.

It clattered to the floor, and Xie Lian kissed him deeper, feeling himself be guided back against the wall. Hua Cheng’s body covered his, and when he pulled back Xie Lian chased his lips, blinking up at him under the storm of his emotions. He was nervous, and excited, and happy, and a little embarrassed that they had just made out on stage like a couple of teenagers. 

“Gege,” Hua Cheng breathed, and Xie Lian pulled back to look at him. On stage another performance was being prepared, but Xie Lian was only dimly aware of it. He looked up into Hua Cheng’s eye, his heart pounding.

“Did San Lang like it?” he asked in a whisper, his lips feeling dry. He licked them, and saw Hua Cheng’s gaze dip to them, tracing the movement. He looked up and met Xie Lian’s eyes again, and Xie Lian gripped him tighter, holding back from pulling him down into another kiss. 

“Next to having you in my life,” Hua Cheng started, his hands finding their way under Xie Lian’s shirt to caress over his skin. “It is the most beautiful thing this San Lang has been given.”

Xie Lian let out a stuttering breath, some of his nervousness leaving him. He smiled, and then pushed up to tilt his forehead against Hua Cheng’s. 

“San Lang means everything to me,” he said, closing his eyes for a moment before looking at Hua Cheng once again. “I never want to be without him.”

“Never,” Hua Cheng promised, and Xie Lian felt a wide smile spread on his lips.

“Good,” he said, and then kissed him again.




Xie Lian smiled as his back hit the mattress of their bed, tilting his face up. Hua Cheng placed his hands on either side of Xie Lian’s head, and made himself at home between his stred legs. A smirk formed on his lips, and Xie Lian felt butterflies fill his stomach, as Hua Cheng leaned down to claim his lips. Xie Lian felt himself melt under it, his hands coming up to cup Hua Cheng’s cheeks. His body was a warm and familiar weight on top of Xie Lian’s body, driving his arousal forward. Hua Cheng rolled his hips down, and Xie Lian let out a gasp as he felt himself harden further, pushing back against Hua Cheng’s body. Hua Cheng used the opportunity to deepen the kiss, and Xie Lian welcomed it, his tongue sliding into Hua Cheng’s mouth to gain more.

Hua Cheng moaned, rolling his hips down again. Xie Lian whined at the sensation of his erection pressing down on his hip, and he reached for Hua Cheng’s shirt, pulling it up to expose his chest. Hua Cheng smirked against his lips, and then pulled back to kneel between Xie Lian’s legs. He reached for the crumpled up shirt and pulled it off, and Xie Lian’s heart raced at the sight. He was so beautiful with his wild dark hair, his kiss bruised lips, his broad shoulders and slender waist. Xie Lian pushed up to sit, running his hands up his husband’s now exposed torso. Hua Cheng leaned down to meet him, their lips slotting together once more. 

Xie Lian reached for the eyepatch and pulled it off, making a trail of kisses from Hua Cheng’s mouth to his eyelid. There he placed a sweet kiss, smiling as he pulled back. Hua Cheng’s gaze found his, and he smiled tenderly, making Xie Lian’s stomach swoop. 

“Gege is wearing too much clothes,” Hua Cheng said as his hands moved in under Xie Lian’s shirt. Xie Lian giggled, raising his arms. Hua Cheng pulled the shirt off, tossing it to the side. Xie Lian smiled, and continued to do so as Hua Cheng’s lips met his own once more, guiding him down on the bed. They ridded themselves of the rest of their clothes, throwing them away to join the others on the floor. Hua Cheng kissed Xie Lian everywhere, in the hollow of his throat, the dip below his sternum, the bend of his hips, the inside of his knee, both of his ankles. Xie Lian trembled, arousal rushing through his veins as Hua Cheng finally made his way back to his lips. Xie Lian kissed him fiercely, feeling breathless and so sensitive.

“San Lang,” he gasped, his hands roaming down Hua Cheng’s side, only to caress in towards his stomach and then down to his groin. Xie Lian teased his fingers over Hua Cheng’s length, and felt his husband’s breath stutter against his lips. Xie Lian wrapped his hand around the base, and then slowly stroked up.

“Ah, Gege,” Hua Cheng moaned, and Xie Lian smiled, keeping his grip firm but his pace slow. 

“I want San Lang inside me so bad,” Xie Lian breathed against his lips, and Hua Cheng let out a growl. “This husband has been thinking about it ever since the performance at the arena.” Xie Lian moaned too, as his hips jerked up in search of friction.

“I want that too Gege, so much,” Hua Cheng breathed, and Xie Lian nodded, kissing him deeply once more. Hua Cheng pulled away only to rummage through the nightstand drawer, pulling out a bottle of lube. Xie Lian had to let go of his cock then, spreading his legs for Hua Cheng to have more room. Hua Cheng smiled, and then dipped down to kiss Xie Lian once again, before slicking up his fingers. Hua Cheng rested one elbow to the side of Xie Lian’s head, and then his finger circled his rim, before pushing inside.

“Ah!” Xie Lian moaned, his back arching as Hua Cheng pushed his finger fully inside him. Hua Cheng hummed, leaning in to press hot kisses to Xie Lian’s throat. Xie Lian tilted his head back too, gripping at the sheets as Hua Cheng sucked marks into his neck while his finger worked him open. A second finger was added, Hua Cheng curling them over that spot inside Xie Lian which made him see stars. It was so good, so very good. Xie Lian adored the way Hua Cheng took care of him, how thorough he was in his love as well as in giving Xie Lian pleasure. 

A third finger was added, and along it a new string of marks around his neck, like pearls on a necklace. Xie Lian turned his face, and caught Hua Cheng’s lips with his own as he moved up. He was so aroused, need drumming in his veins.

“San Lang, San Lang please,” he pleaded, and Hua Cheng hummed as he nodded. He shifted, his fingers sliding out of Xie Lian’s body as he settled between Xie Lian’s spread legs. Hua Cheng slicked his cock up, and then leaned down for another kiss. Xie Lian licked into his mouth, feeling dizzy with want. He felt Hua Cheng press the head of his cock to Xie Lian’s hole, and then he slipped in, filling Xie Lian up so well.

“Haaaaa,” Hua Cheng moaned, and Xie Lian whimpered, his nails digging into Hua Cheng’s back. “Gege, Gege mmm.”
“So big, San Lang, San Lang,” Xie Lian moaned, his mouth falling open at the feeling of Hua Cheng becoming fully seated inside him. He rolled his hips a little, to gain friction, and Hua Cheng groaned, biting down on his neck. “Ha!”

“Gege was so mesmerizing on stage today,” Hua Cheng moaned, his hips starting to move into Xie Lian. “So beautiful.”

“Mmmh, San Lang aaah,” Xie Lian moaned, moving his hips with Hua Cheng. It felt so good. He loved being stretched by him, loved feeling this connected. 

“My husband is so sexy,” Hua Cheng breathed, and Xie Lian bit down on his lower lip, swiping his tongue over to soothe it. 

“More, more San Lang,” Xie Lian moaned, rocking up to meet him. They rolled together, pleasure building and building. It wasn’t enough. Xie Lian wanted more, wanted Hua Cheng deeper inside him. He kissed Hua Cheng desperately, whining against his lips. Xie Lian wrapped his arms tightly around Hua Cheng’s shoulders and then pushed with his hips, guiding them around. Hua Cheng followed easily, his back landing on the mattress as his hands cupped Xie Lian’s hips to guide him in place. He was still inside him, and Xie Lian sighed as he sank back down fully, feeling Hua Cheng push even further inside him.

“Gege, fuck,” Hua Cheng groaned, and Xie Lian whimpered, rolling his hips down.

“Ah, San Lang, so deep, so deep,” Xie Lian said, moving his hand down to feel through his stomach where the tip of Hua Cheng’s cock pressed. Hua Cheng moaned, and Xie Lian pried open his eyes, feeling even more want rush through him at the sight. Hua Cheng was so beautiful under him, with his black hair wild against the pillows, his dark eye half lidded and filled with desire. He was flushed, bare, and all Xie Lian’s.

“Gege,” Hua Cheng moaned, and Xie Lian rolled his hips, both of them moaning again. “Gege feels so good, so tight and so good for this San Lang, stretched mmh- stretched around his cock.”

“Ha, haa,” Xie Lian moaned, continuing to roll his hips down. Hua Cheng started thrusting up, and Xie Lian let out a mix between a moan and a shout, folding forward. He pushed down on Hua Cheng’s cock over and over, feeling it slide to the tip and then back inside. It slid against Xie Lian’s prostate over and over, and Xie Lian curled his fingers on Hua Cheng’s chest, as pleasure rose in his body.

“Ah, close, close,” Xie Lian moaned, and Hua Chneg sought out his lips, both of them panting into each other's mouths as Hua Cheng wrapped his hand around XIe Lian’s cock. “Aaah, yes, yes aaaah.”

“Beloved, be- haaa,” Hua Cheng moaned, and then Xie Lian fell over the edge, spurting come over Hua Cheng’s chest and hand. He continued to bounce back on Hua Cheng’s erection as he trembled under his orgasm, and Hua Cheng’s hand on his hip tightened, before he pushed himself as deeply into Xie LIan as he could, and came. Xie Lian could feel his hot come inside him, and he sighed happily. He loved when Hua Cheng came inside him, and filled him even further. 

“San Lang,” Xie Lian breathed, before he collapsed onto Hua Cheng’s chest, panting heavily. Hua Cheng’s arms came to wrap around his waist to hold him close, and Xie Lian smiled, pressing a kiss to his sternum.

“This San Lang’s husband is so sexy, so talented in so many things,” Hua Cheng said,and Xie Lian fel his cheeks flush. “San Lang is so lucky.”

“Aaah, San Lang,” Xie Lian said, pushing his face into Hua Cheng’s chest. It was such a good chest, perfect for hiding in. 

“Mmh,” Hua Cheng sighed happily as his hand caressed through Xie Lian’s hair. It made Xie Lian’s heart fill with warmth. He was so incredibly happy to be here, to have found and built his place in this world. “Gege’s song tonight was more than this lowly husband deserves.”
“Never, Xie Lian said, pushing up to look into Hua Cheng’s gaze. “My husband deserves the world, everything. He brings me more happiness than I thought imaginable.”

“Beloved,” Hua Chneg said, a smile spreading in his lips as he leaned up. Xie Lian met him, and their lips slotted together in a sweet kiss. “Gege’s my everything.”

Xie Lian kissed him deeper, feeling incredibly fortunate to have Hua Cheng by his side, never to be parted.