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"Shit," Harry cussed under his breath, it was early September and it was too cold to leave the house, but he was starving and being the idiot he is, he forgot to stock his fridge, so like it or not, he left his flat and went to the groceries that was a few blocks away. 

Harry hates London, he hates it with a passion, he actually thought it would be a great place to study and a great place to start a new life but no, he rather stays home with his mum in a small town but of course he will leave the house eventually. so here he is now, alone and cold and stressing over college. gladly, he didn't bothered thinking about any of that when he enters the groceries. 

he picked up the small basket and grab all the items he needs. luckily, he's good at cooking so he never bothered buying food unless his friends insists on eating outside. 

just right after he grabbed a carton of milk, his phone rang, he pulled it out from his wallet and see his flatmate's name on the bright screen. 

"What?" Harry answered, grumpily. 

"Chill, mate." He laughed. "are you shopping? can you get some drinks- i'm having a party tonight, you know, a coming back to school party." 

"No, we're not having a party, Niall." Harry rolled his eyes as he makes his way to the bread sections. 

"Oh come on, Zayn said i can throw a party." Niall groaned, referring to their other flatmate. the three of them were very close and they were like a family, they like to joke about Harry being the mother and Zayn is the father of the family and Niall is their little son. Niall was a handful and Harry does all the cleaning not that he mind though, he was fine with it. Zayn was quite so Harry was never bothered by him. 

They all went to the same UNI but different subjects, Zayn studie banking and art, Niall studies law which was surprising but he was actually smart plus he studies music said it keeps him away from the stress he got from studying law. Harry himself studies journalism and photography which wasn't very stressing, really, but Harry took it too seriously and now he's stuck with being stressed over nothing. 

"No parties, Niall." Harry hung up before Niall could protest, he quickly text Zayn just to be sure Niall won't throw a party without Harry's permission. 

'Pleeaseee tell niall i dont want a party at our place tonight thank youuuu xxx' it wasn't long before Zayn replied, he wasn't on his phone alot but that man replies texts fast and answer calls fast, he said he never want to keep anyone waiting.. 

'aha alright xxxxx' 

Harry smiles and about to text back alot of kissing emoji, another thing the three boys does is to text with alot of 'x' and kissing emoji to each other, it was kind of their thing and they find it cute. just before he could send the message, he felt his body bumping into a smaller figure who ends up on the floor. Harry quickly looks up and put his phone away in his pocket. 

"Shit, i'm so sorry." Harry helped the man up, and Harry thought he was going to be yelled at for being stupid but instead the man laughed while brushing his suit. his suit looks expensive, it probably costs more than Harry's rent. "S'alright, you seemed pretty serious on your phone." 

"Uh, actually, my flatmate- doesn't matter." Harry shyly looks away, he hasn't even looked at the man's face, he was scared even though he was being nice. but Harry finally look up to him because he hasn't left and still stay standing in front of Harry. 

He was gorgeous, blue eyes, light brown locks, his face was clean not an acne or a spot to be seen. he has a cute little nose and the sweetest smile Harry ever seen, and the crinkles by his eyes makes him look even cuter. "I-uh..Harry." 

The man raised an eyebrow at him, confused on why he was saying his name- but the man didn't know it was his name. 

"Is he your flatmate?"

"No, uh-"

"Are you looking for him?" 

"No, i-"

"Do i remind you of someone named Harry?" 

"No, that's my- my name." Harry was so nervous and he didn't even know why. 

The man chuckled and nodded, "Ah, you were introducing yourself. Hello, Harry. I'm Louis." 

The man let Harry shook his hand and Harry didn't want to let go with the fact that the man has the softest hand, even  way more softer than his mother. but he had to let go or else he looks creepy, he already looks creepy anyway like who the fuck introduce themselves to a stranger in a grocery? but Louis was no stranger to Harry- which is weird because he's sure he never met him before. not that he knows anyone named Louis or looked like him. everyone he knows looks so ugly when he compared them to Louis. 

His thought was interrupted when a little girl made her way over to Louis and she was on the edge of crying. "Daddy- i want to go home, now!" 

And of course he's taken. 


has a daughter with somebody else. 

"Is she your daughter?" Harry asked, his question sounds so stupid because of course its his daughter. 

Louis nodded and pick up the little girl, he wasn't carrying a basket but there was a cart nearby, Harry assumed it was his. "Yeah, pretty, isn't she?" 

"Of course she is, look at you." 

oops, harry thought. he just blurted that out of nowhere. Luckily Louis was cool and laughed it off. "Everybody said she looks like me,"

"Daddy..."the girl whined. "Home!" 

"yes, sweetie, we're going home." Louis assured her. "Its nice meeting you, Harry. i'll see you around." 

Louis walked away and nope, turns out it wasn't his cart. so what was he doing here if he wasn't shopping? 

Harry didn't even get a chance to say goodbye, let alone asking what the fuck he was doing in a grocery store looking expensive and didn't shop anything. Harry wandered but pushed his nosy mind away. 

once he was finish shopping he passed by the parking lot to see Louis again, and he was wrong. he actually had two carts and two people who were putting them inside his car, one of the person looked like a nanny, possibly his daughter's. and the other one is just a man wearing a uniform, possibly his driver? but his nanny was probably the one doing the shopping since the cart was full of food and diapers that Louis probably doesn't understand about. 

He was about to walk away but Louis caught him starring and smiled. he waved and shout a "You need a ride?"

Harry shakes his head, no. his flat was just a few blocks away. "You need lunch?" he shouted again.

His stomach growled and he remembered how hungry he was. he shamefully nodded making Louis chuckled and ushering him over, and Harry did, he walked closer to the car as the Nanny took the girl from Louis' hold and into the car. "You want to have lunch with us?"

"Are you sure?" Harry asked because they just met and Louis was already asking him to go eat with him. Louis nodded, still smiling fondly at Harry. 

"Um, Okay." 

He hopped in the car with Louis and the driver drove away from the parking lot.