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Navy Has Fallen

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Tony DiNozzo groaned as he realized that he had nothing in his fridge that he could fix for dinner. He didn’t want to order fast food so that meant he would have to go out to a restaurant. The more he thought about it the more he liked the idea. Today was just one of those days where he needed dinner with a friend. He picked up his phone and sent a text to a friend to see if she could meet for a last-minute dinner. He knew that her husband was busy all week due to something that was going on that he hadn’t been read in on yet.

As he walked out his condo’s front door, he snorted to himself. He still couldn’t believe that one of his frat brothers had been appointed the Attorney General of the United States. Then again, he knew just how good Logan Jacobs was as a lawyer. He had always known that Logan had a sharp mind and his getting appointed AG at the age of 36 proved it. He was one of the youngest AG’s ever appointed.

He made the drive to the restaurant that he wanted to have dinner at and wasn’t surprised to see that Lynn had beaten him there. He gave his name to the hostess and then with his hand on the small of Lynn’s back led the way to their table. “You are one beautiful lady, Lynn, and I’m the envy of everyone in this restaurant tonight.” He pulled out her chair for her and waited until she was seated before he sat down in his own seat across from her. “Thank you for agreeing to have dinner with me at such short notice, Lynn. I realized I didn’t have any food to cook at home, but I didn’t want to order fast food either. I wanted to eat out but not by myself.”

Lynn waved a hand and smiled at the man seated across from her. “Agreeing to have dinner with you was no hardship, Tony. What is on your mind? And don’t try to bullshit me either, Tony. After all, one of the best bullshitters I know works for me. What in the hell is going on that it looks like you haven’t slept in weeks let alone days?”

Tony sighed and rubbed his hands down his face in exhaustion. “That would be because I haven’t slept in days. Hell, I’ve barely had any sleep in the last couple weeks. As you know we have a new teammate on our team and she is doing her best to sow discord among the team for some reason. I still have no clue what in the hell the Director was thinking assigning her to our team the way she did. Especially with who the person in question is and the ties she has to a foreign agency.”

Lynn’s eyes widened and then narrowed as she sat up straight in her seat. As she opened her mouth to respond she noticed a waiter coming up to their table so held her questions in as she smiled politely at the woman who was eyeing Tony up like she’d like to have him as her next meal. She cleared her throat when the waitress didn’t say anything and lifted an eyebrow when the woman flushed and finally looked at her. “Will you be taking our orders anytime soon or would you like to continue eyeing my date up like he’s your next meal?”

Tony snorted because he should have known that Lynn wouldn’t let the woman get away with the disrespect she was showing not only her but him with her ogling. He decided to ignore the waitress unlike he normally would and gave his order after Lynn did. He chuckled lightly and grinned at his friend. “Thank you for that, Lynn. If you hadn’t stepped in there I would have said something even harsher than you did. I hate when I get waitresses like that because it makes me feel like shit when the person I’m dining with is ignored.”

Lynn smirked. “I know you do, Tony, which is why I said something. I am not so insecure that I thought you’d pay her more attention than me, but I could tell by your body language that you were about to lose it on her. Sometimes I think restaurants need to do a trial run on their wait staff to make sure the person they hired are right for the job.”

She shook her head and looked at Tony with narrowed eyes once more. “I think you need to tell me what exactly is going on at NCIS, Tony. I do not like the fact that you look like you haven’t been sleeping. The last time you looked this bad was right after you got the plague and then right after Kate died. Just who is your new teammate, Tony? What foreign agency does she have ties to? Why is it that when you talk about her your eyes flash with anger, disgust, and hatred? Talk to me Tony or I’ll say fuck this dinner and take you straight to the White House and to Asher who will get the answers out of you.”

Tony swallowed hard and then huffed. “Really, Lynn, you’re threatening me with the President of the United States? He scares me, Lynn, and you damn well know it!”

Lynn rolled his eyes. “He only scares you because he can get you to do what he wants without even trying, Tony. That man likes you and his son adores you and you know it. If it hadn’t been for you and Mike I don’t think he would have survived losing his wife like he did. You are the one that made him realize he had a son and a potential Guide out there to live with. I miss Margaret and I loved her dearly, but her and Benjamin Asher were too different for all that they loved one another. Sometimes I think they loved each other because of their son, but sometimes I remember the way they were and realized that it was their differences that brought them together.

If you hadn’t stepped in like you did I think I would have lost Mike to the grief he was feeling at not being able to save the First Lady. Thanks to you pushing me I made him and Benjamin both get counseling and since then things between them have been great. When the whole thing with the White House went down I was scared to death, but once again Banning pulled a miracle off and I have to think that it wouldn’t have went that way had it not been for you and your insistence on getting him help.”

Tony shook his head and sighed. “I just didn’t want the President or Banning to end up like my Boss did, Lynn. Even now he misses his first wife and daughter so much that sometimes I think he isn’t really living, but just going through the motions. I hate that I can’t make him realize that Shannon Gibbs wouldn’t want him to live his life like he is currently living it. I am just glad that they have both worked through things and are back to normal or at least their normal.”

Lynn snorted and then groaned. “Tony, damn it, stop distracting me and answer my damn questions.”

Tony ran a hand through his hair and took a sip of his wine that had been delivered silently. He was glad that he picked the restaurant that he had because everyone that worked here had signed NDA’s when they were hired because a lot of the people that came here tended to be those who worked in certain fields and needed a quiet place to be able to talk to others about the pressure of their work. “We have a Mossad Liaison Officer on our team and she just happens to be Eli David’s daughter. It isn’t enough that his bastard of a son killed Kate, but now I have to see and put up with the woman who probably helped him profile our team day in and day out. It doesn’t help that with her being Mossad she isn’t trained in investigation or evidence handling yet she is going out with us on cases. She shouldn’t have the clearance to even be able to file her reports in the computer system yet she does every case we have. I am doing my job, making sure the Probie does his job correctly, and also keeping an eye on Miss David to make sure that she is doing things correctly. I have been signing off on the things she does because I don’t want a defense attorney to be able to get a piece of evidence thrown out of court because of her.”

He took in a deep breath and let it out. “I know that Gibbs is also doing the same things I am doing even if he isn’t making it as obvious as I am. I know for a fact that she invited the rest of the team over for dinner tonight, but she didn’t bother inviting me. I have a feeling that she is trying to sow more discord between us, but I don’t really give a shit about her little dinner party. I just don’t understand how or why she is even allowed on the team especially when she never went through FLETC.”

Lynn pursed her lips but didn’t respond until after the waitress placed their food in front of them and left once again after making sure that everything was right. “Are you saying that the Director of a Federal Agency put a known foreign operative on the most premier team NCIS has without making sure that she went through the training just like any new incoming agent? Not only that but she put the daughter of the Director of Mossad on your team? Even after it was proven that Ari hadn’t been working alone?”

Tony nodded as he took a bite of lasagna. He waited until he chewed it and swallowed before he responded. “That is exactly what I’m saying, Lynn. I tried questioning her and I was told that it wasn’t any of my business. Ziva David feels off to me and I don’t know why or even how she’s feeling off to me. Abby took a little while to warm up to her, but now she loves her and won’t hear anything against her. Tim likes her because he has someone to help him side against me. He isn’t thinking about the fact that she could cause any case we work on to get thrown out because she isn’t certified to collect evidence, talk to victims, and isn’t trained to question bystanders either.”

Lynn’s eyes flashed in anger at what she had heard. “What in the fuck is Shepard thinking? I do not give a rats ass if she fucked Eli David years ago or not she does not put a foreign fucking operative on a mother fucking investigative team without a by your fucking leave! Does she not realize or care just what she is opening herself, NCIS, and her premier team up to? Hell no, that isn’t going to fucking fly beyond the next day or two. Ziva David will be off your team, out of NCIS, and on a plane back to fucking Israel faster than she can say shalom.”

Tony smiled fondly Lynn as he sipped at his wine. “I can’t find fault with what you are planning, Lynn. I tried going to Davenport, but even he waved me off. I had thought to use my friendship with Daniel to get an appointment with his Sentinel who happens to be the Secretary of Defense, but that didn’t feel right to me. I love my job at NCIS, but I’m afraid that if Director Shepard insists on keeping Officer David on our team that my time there will be at an end. I don’t feel safe around her and I am almost one hundred percent sure that she had something to do with Ari targeting and finally killing Kate.”

Lynn’s eyes darkened in fury. “If I find out that she devil had anything to do with Kate Todd’s death she won’t get to go back to Israel. There is no way that Asher is going to let a foreign spy get away with helping to murder an American Federal Agent. Why haven’t you come to Logan or I about your suspicions, Tony? You have to know that both Logan and I would have backed any play that you wanted to make. There is no way that we would just sit aside and let the person who helped to murder the woman you loved like a sister get away with it regardless of what Director Shepard or Secretary of the Navy Davenport seem to fucking think!”

She took in a deep breath and let it out slowly as she tried to reign her temper in. She was not pissed at Tony, but man was she pissed. She could not believe that Jenny Shepard thought she would get away with whatever she was trying to pull. She would enjoy making the woman pay for all the hurt that she had caused the man sitting across from her. “When we leave here you are coming home with me tonight, Tony. Logan should be home by the time we finish dinner so we will talk to him and see what his thoughts are, but I think that we are going to have to bring General O’Neill into this so that he isn’t blindsided, brother of mine. It probably wouldn’t hurt to bring in the BAU team that you have friends on. We need a profile on David ASAP and it cannot be done by you even though you are more than qualified to do it. We do not want Shepard or either David’s calling foul and accusing you of being harsh on her because she left you out of something you wouldn’t have even attended had you been invited.”

Tony hummed in agreement as he chewed the last bite of his dinner and swallowed. He loved eating here but knew that if he did it too often that he would have to up his workout amount by a large percent. He looked out the glass windows into DC proper and smiled slightly. He had to admit that Washington D.C. was beautiful at night. “I have nothing against coming to yours and Logan’s house, Lynn, but we will need to swing by my condo so that I can get a change of clothes for work tomorrow. I really don’t want to have to deal with McGee’s, Abby’s, or David’s comments about me and my apparent womanizing ways. Speaking of me and my womanizing ways I would really love to know just how in the hell those three can even work in law enforcement if they can’t even see or realize that most of what I say while true at the very core isn’t exactly what it says on the tin.”

Lynn rolled her eyes. “They are afraid to look beneath your mask, my dear, because if they do then that would have to admit that they are not as smart as they like to think they are. They also know that if they see that everything you say is just calculated enough to make them think things that aren’t true and that they believed you that they would have to admit that it is more than likely other people have successfully played them. Does Agent McGee even realize that you have a Doctorate from Harvard in Criminal Justice? Does he even know that you just completed a Masters in Psychology from GWU which helps you with the Criminal Profiling that you do day in and day out on every single case you work? Or does he still think that the only degree you have is the Physical Education degree not that there is anything wrong with just having a Physical Education degree especially with the sorts of classes that you had to take for that damn degree?”

She read the answer in Tony’s eyes and groaned. “How in the hell did he get into MIT or John Hopkins with being that damn stupid? And, Tony, you can’t tell me that he isn’t being stupid about his insistence that your P.E. degree isn’t a worthy degree because if he wasn’t being stupid then he would have already looked up the kind of classes that you had to take for that degree. You did that degree at the same time you did a degree in Criminal Justice at Ohio State University. You chose to double your majors from the start and you had a 4.0 GPA throughout your entire college career at OSU even while playing both basketball and football. When you were injured in that game you still kept up on your classes even though you had been through two knee surgeries and were still in quite a lot of pain. You would not let Logan or any of your other Frat brothers help you because you wanted to be able to prove to your so called sperm donor that you didn’t need or want his help. You did the work, Tony, and it is time that you admit that instead of thinking you should have done more. At least think about my words, okay?”

Tony blushed and smiled shyly. “I know that I only have myself to thank for my own grades, Lynn. You and Logan have both said it to me often enough that I finally believe it. I know that I did everything I could and should have when it comes to my college degrees at Ohio State University. I talked to the CO I reported to at RIMA the other week when I ran into him and he told me that Senior still doesn’t realize that I was at Princeton at the age of fourteen for a degree in Mathematics. How in the hell can Senior not realize that I graduated from RIMA so damn early? The CO told me that he made sure that any reports Senior asked for about me were things that I did while I did attend there. He wanted to make sure that I was able to continue growing and learning and not being held back.”

He shrugged his shoulders as he finally looked back at Lynn with light eyes. “Besides taking Mathematics at Princeton I also did a second degree in computer programming. That is where I met Charlie and his mom encouraged me and treated me like I was her own son. I took a couple years off after Peoria well technically I did because it isn’t one of the jobs I listed when I applied to Philadelphia, Baltimore, or even NCIS for that matter although I did tell Tom Morrow in confidence once I got to know him. After Peoria and some things that happened at the police department I worked at there I needed a break and a change of scenery, so I ended up in Cascade, Washington where I went to Rainier University all the while working at the Cascade Police Department in Major Crimes. There I met Shaman Blair Sandburg and his Sentinel Detective James “Jim” Ellison which had me taking on a double major once again because I wanted to understand more about Sentinels and Guides. I know that I don’t have the gene but something was making me feel like I needed to take the classes for them so I did just that. I knew that I wanted to go into law enforcement eventually and that I would more than likely end up working with Sentinels and Guides.”

Lynn frowned and looked closely at Tony. She thought back to all the times she had thought that she seen him flinch because of something or other and her mind started running. She licked her suddenly dried lips. “Tony, just how sure are you that you don’t have the gene for either being a Sentinel or Guide?’ She held up a hand when he opened his mouth and shook her head and smiled at him when his mouth snapped shut and looked at her with wide eyes. “I want you to listen to me closely, Tony, and then think about what I am saying to you. You and I both know that your sperm donor would have no use for a Sentinel or Guide as his son or in his family at all. He would do whatever he had to, to make sure that you wouldn’t realize that you were one or the other. Now, I want you to think about certain words that you have said not only tonight but in the past. You have said several times that it just doesn’t feel or seem right. I am pretty sure that you are talking about actually feeling that it doesn’t seem right and not just a gut reaction. I have also noticed in the past and even tonight that you have flinched a couple times even when you weren’t talking when you have noticed something or when someone near by is angry. I think that you need to be tested again, Tony, because I am almost one hundred percent sure that it will show that you are a Latent Guide.”

She shook her head ruefully. “Logan and I wouldn’t be together now if you hadn’t stepped in and made us realize how stupid that we were being, Tony. You also have to think about how you are with Gibbs. You and that man are as close as can be and when he is near you I can see just how much more at ease he is. I know for a fact that Gibbs is a latent Sentinel, Tony. I think there are two reasons that he feels more at ease around you. One him being near you means that he knows that you are safe and the second reason is that you make him feel better even without him being online or even you being online. We really need to talk to Hotchner or Reid about them having you tested anonymously at least until the results come in. How did you feel when you were around Blaire Sandburg? I want the first thing that pops into your head and not you overthinking things like you are prone to do a lot of time.”

Tony gulped the rest of his wine and set the wineglass back on the table with shaking hands. “When I first met Blair I felt as if I was finally whole. I hadn’t noticed until now that up til that point that I felt as if I had a hole inside me. Looking back on it now I wonder if Blair didn’t suspect something himself because he took charge of my studies himself. He walked me through a lot of the things that he taught newly online Guides. He made sure that I knew to trust what I was feeling and to never push myself to do something that I didn’t want to do. Jim was very protective of me during my time there.”

He laughed lightly and his eyes lit up as he talked about Jim and Blair without him realizing it. “There was one time that I answered a call and the guy who was supposed to be partnering me decided that he needed a coffee and since that nothing was reported as being violent that I could answer the call on my own. I ended up in the hospital with a knife wound, a grade two concussion, and a broken nose because of that call and when Jim realized what happened and why it happened he went after the officer that was partnering me. That was right before I started working in Major Crimes with him, Blair, Captain Banks, Joel, Henri, and Rafe though. Once I was released from the hospital though Jim made me go home with Blair and him and didn’t let me go back to my apartment for two whole weeks and even after that he tried to tail me every chance he had on and off the clock at work. I couldn’t even go out on a date without Jim running a background check on the person I was going out with, Lynn! It was horrible and funny at the same time.”

He blushed and then smirked. “I finally had enough of it and told Jim that if he wasn’t going to allow me to date people that him and Blair would have to deal with the needs I had because while I wasn’t a man whore I wasn’t celibate either. Jim and Blair talked and then brought me into their relationship as a third. It was fun and invigorating and it worked for us because all three of us knew that while I loved them and they loved me I wasn’t in love with them anymore than they were in love with me. When I eventually left and went to Philadelphia after I finished the two degrees at Rainier. I still keep in contact with both Blair and Jim and we have fun together when we’re in the same city as one another.”

Lynn snorted and then threw her head back and laughed. She ignored the looks that she could feel being thrown at her and Tony’s table. “Tony, only you would end up in a sexual relationship with the highest ranked Sentinel and Guide in North America if not in the whole world. I am pretty sure that if you were to ask Blair for his first answer as to if you are a Guide or not that he would tell you that yes you are latent even without getting a test done. From everything I have read on Sentinels and Guides both can tell when they are near another one even if the person isn’t online or close to coming online. There is now no doubt in my mind that you are a latent Guide and if Blair made you feel like you were whole then I’m going to guess that you are also Shaman level. I can only hope that if you ever come online that it will be nice and easy but as much as I love you I know your luck and I just know that you will end up coming online in a way that is going to make yourself known to everyone within a couple mile radius if not farther.”

She sighed and ran a hand through her blond hair. “If you are done eating like I am I think we need to go ahead and head to mine and Logan’s house. You can wear one of Logan’s suits tomorrow to work because we need to make a couple phone calls. I want to get things rolling so that within the next several days to a couple weeks we can get Ziva David off the MCRT and out of NCIS for that matter. The last thing you or any of us want or need is her passing on information to Mossad because if that happens she will be looking at life in prison and not a cushy prison either. Although if I have my way she will be looking at life in prison anyways for her part of Agent Caitlyn Todd’s murder. We may not be able to prosecute Ari because he is conveniently dead, but we can and will prosecute Ziva if she had anything to do with Kate’s murder. I think before everything is said and done with that Jenny Shepard will also be brought up on charges and that is if she isn’t brought up on treason if David has had access to files that she shouldn’t have during her time at NCIS.”

Tony nodded solemnly and then held his hand up at their waiter for the bill. By the time their waitress was at their table he had his credit card in his hand. He looked at their waitress and smiled a little at her. “Will you please go ahead and run this since we are finished? Everything was good as usual.”

The woman nodded and blushed slightly. She knew that she shouldn’t stare at the man but she couldn’t seem to help herself. She blushed even more when she saw the look in the woman’s eyes that he was with. “Of course, Sir. I will be right back with the receipt and your credit card.”

Tony nodded and then rolled his eyes once their waitress walked away. “Sometimes I wish that I didn’t look like I did because having women and even men stare at me makes me feel like a piece of meat.”

Lynn bit her lip to keep herself from laughing again. Once she had herself under control once more she grinned at Tony. “Honestly, Tony, I am not so sure they are looking at you just because of your looks. There is something about you that draws everyone’s eyes whether they are married or single. That is another reason why I think that you are a Guide. Most Guides put out a vibe even when they don’t really mean to. You radiate sexuality even when you try not to, Tony, and I am pretty sure that you always have. I know that I found you attractive when I first met you even though you are not even remotely my type. I fell in love with Logan the first time I met him and it wasn’t even his looks that did it for me. It was his mind, his drive, and the way he looked at the world. I knew after one conversation with him that if him and I were ever to get with another that it would be for the rest of our lives. We are both ambitious and we support one another really well. Being who we are with the jobs that we have it is important to have a partner that you know and that you trust to have your back when it comes to things getting hard because they do indeed become hard at some point especially with our jobs.”

Tony pursed his lips and nodded slowly because he knew exactly what Lynn meant. He ran a hand down his face as he thought about everything that had happened in his professional and personal life in the last year. He missed being part of a couple for the very reason that Lynn had just stated to him. He missed having someone to share his thoughts and concerns with. Before he could say anything the waitress was back with the credit card receipt and he signed the one while accepting his card and a copy of the receipt before he stood up. He helped Lynn out of her chair and after he left a fifty dollar tip for their waitress he followed Lynn out of the restaurant. Once outside he looked at her and grinned. “Where did you park?”

Lynn smirked. “I was already in the area because of a meeting that didn’t happen like it should have. I don’t have my car so I’ll ride with you to my house. I figured you’d want to drive me home anyways once you realized I didn’t drive myself here like I normally would have.”

Tony nodded sharply and then with a hand on Lynn’s lower back he guided her to where he parked and held open the passenger door of his Mustang. Once he was sure she was in it he shut the passenger door and hurried around to the drivers side and climbed in. He wasn’t surprised to see that he had missed text messages on his phone, but decided to ignore them because he knew that if Gibbs wanted to get a hold of him that he would call the cell phone number he had for Tony’s personal cell that very few people even knew he had. He also had no doubt that Tim and Abby had probably traced his phone to see where he was so that come tomorrow they could throw it in his face that they had had dinner at Ziva’s and he hadn’t been invited.

He started his car and after making sure that he was in the clear he pulled out and drove quickly and efficiently to Lynn and Logan’s house. He wasn’t surprised at all that Lynn let him drive in silence like he liked to especially at night because he was able to let himself think.