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My love is not a dagger but a mischief

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Sylvie always thought she would be alone after completing the mission to kill Time Keepers. After all, it has been like since her childhood. Unlike her variant, she did not live in the Palace of Asgard. She wasn't a princess. She didn't have a luxurious life. Her adoptive parents never really liked her (they abused her, her mind whispers).She only had a vague memory of her real mother. Only this.

Her magic was wild and out of control. Nobody ever taught her control. She had to do it herself. Therefore, with real envy, she looked at her variant, which had his mother who taught him magic. She thought their alliance would be temporary. However, he insisted that Sylvie would stay with him on his timeline. They managed to restore it after killing Time Keepers. Sylvie thought it was a trick at first. He was Loki after all. Only after a while did she realize that her version had correctly adopted her. And he treats her like a little sister.

She remembered all the times he had protected her. When he jeopardized their mission by saving Lamentis 1 from extinction and pretending to have destroyed the TemPad. He also put them at risk of being caught by TVA because of it. All because people were at risk of dying. Her variant was better than her. Not only did he have great power, but also a loving mother and a luxury upbringing. He was more moral than she was. Sometimes she wondered how he could be Loki.

Loki should be sneaky and treacherous. Not constantly protect someone. Especially since she first beat him up in Alabama with controlled people. And he never took his revenge for it. She didn't understand him.

At first, he just seemed like a TVA ally. Then he claimed to want to overthrow them. Finally, in addition to burning TVA, it saved hundreds of planets from disasters ordered by Time Keepers. She didn't know why her version kept trying to be diplomatic. Why he prefers to talk than to kill. After all, it is more effective.

When they reached the Stark Tower, she was surprised.

Agents in black clothes immediately surrounded him. They seemed to have something against him. Sylvie did not understand this, but since her variant decided to become her family, she is be on his side. She prepared her sword.

She looked at Loki. They had to figure out how to get out. The second time she was surprised when her, soft-hearted Loki has mask of true cruelty. His smile seemed predatory. For a moment she stared at him in bewilderment. As if she saw a completely different person.

Her clown was upright and beamed with predatory confidence. He wore impeccable black and green armor and appeared to be the master of the place.

She had never seen a cheekier lie. An hour ago, he was comforting the crying little girl with his firework trick.

"Director Fury, how nice to see you again" Loki said to a black man with a one eye.

Director Fury stared at them distrustfully. However, there was a slight fear in his attitude. Sylvie began to wonder what was actually going on. She knew they were in Loki's timeline. The one where he is Prince of Asgard. If Earth knew about Asgard, they should show Loki respect as a Prince of Asgard. And yet she saw no respect. She saw hate, fear and indignation.

What was going on here?

"Do you want to step on us again? Because I'm afraid you will end up the same as before," said Director Fury.

Loki wanted to step on someone? Her disgustingly moral Loki, who would not close his mouth about kindness of his mother, sang melancholic songs while drunk and constantly tried to solve everything diplomatically?

"No, I don't want. I just wanted to meet my brother," Loki said.

Brother? He had a brother? And he never mentioned it to her? Not only did he have a wonderful mother, but he was not alone in his childhood. Why did Sylvie have to have a worse life?

"Loki !" Sylvie heard the mighty Asgardian scream.

He was blonde like Sylvie. He had great muscles. He seemed like a formidable fighter, but he probably fell for the easy tricks. So do all Asgardians. He was dressed in silver armor with a red cape, and in his hand he held a huge hammer.

"Nice to see you, Thor," Loki said.

Then Loki's brother (was he technically her brother too, since her Loki considered her his sister?) Thor approached Loki. She thought it would be a brotherly hug. The kind she saw in many movies when she was in the USA (admittedly she was obsessed with movies about the family).Not a attack with hammer. She managed to pull Loki away from the blow in time. Didn't he fighting? Didn't he dodge? Didn't he teleport? Sylvie looked at Thor. He did not seem contrite in any way. He just wanted to hit his brother! Her Loki. Her good Loki was abused by brother. Like her parents did it to her?

Loki was still on the floor when she stepped in front of him. She held her sword in a defensive position. She won't let anyone hurt her Loki. Then she noticed that everyone was staring at her in shock. Loki too did it.

"Why are you protecting a war criminal?" Director Fury asked.

Sylvie did not lower her sword. However, she began to laugh. She should not. It was a room full of enemies. She had to get away with Loki as soon as possible. Their enemies were crazy. Her Loki a war criminal?

She had never heard a more absurd thing.