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Will Graham stood behind the crumbling structure that could have been someone’s home. His breath curled into white mist as he exhaled a sigh.


“Hadn’t this place seen enough death and destruction?” The profiler thought.

The multiple homicides were located at an abandon compound of a cult known as ‘Heaven’s Gate’. They went out with a proverbial bang, when the FBI had come to take the children out of there.


Will shivered in his tawny wool coat and maroon scarf. He closed his blue eyes and took a breath through his nose to let his mind settle. He heard the crunch of footsteps behind him.


Will turned his wind chafed stubbled face toward the sound. “Hey! You need to leave until I’m finished!” He snapped. ‘Will these people never learn!’ he groused in this head.


Will’s eyes flew open. He had felt a burning, stinging sensation that took his breath away. Will saw a woman, with wild green eyes, looking up at him, he was several inches taller than her. Her hair looked greasy. It was so tangled it looked like a ‘rat’s nest’, as his daddy would call it. In her blood soaked hands was a long slender knife. The knife was embedded just underneath Will’s ribs.


Will’s face contorted into a grimace of pain. His head of chocolate curls began to shake, as his knees buckled. He felt the knife catch on his ribs, forcing the knife upwards as he fell. The woman had not removed or released her grip on the knife. As Will fell to his left side his eyes closed and he felt cold.




It was hot as hell today. This is the hottest summer in Baltimore in years. Jack Crawford, head of Behavioral Science of the FBI and an alpha, wipes the sweat from his brow with the back of his hand. He feels weighed down with heat and humidity as he walks over to the crime scene.


‘I bet this is going to smell lovely.’ He thinks.


Behind the crumbling structure there are several bodies lying throughout the tall brown and green grass. Most of the bodies had been mutilated and are in various states of decay. There was one, however, that is fully intact.


One of the forensic team, Jimmy Price, a beta, is leaning over the body of a white male. He looks to be in his thirties with brunette hair. He has the delicate features of an Omega but with facial hair. It is strange, Jack muses, because most male Omegas do not grow facial hair. As Jack looks over at the other bodies, he notices they were either nude or the clothing was summery. This body, is not only not mutilated but dressed for winter.


“What do we have here?” Jack asks.


“We have a several mutilated bodies and one frozen one.” Replies Price.” The M.E. couldn’t get a liver temp because he’s solid.”


Brian Zeller, an alpha, chimed in “We think the frozen one is an Omega. He is starting to thaw out; you can kinda smell the scent. Brian crinkles his nose. "The other victims, we think they are alphas and betas.”


A gentle wind rustles through the trees and moves the grass lazily. The smell of death circulates. Jack wipes his brow and sighs.


Beverly Katz, another alpha of the forensic team, walks up to the small group. “Wow!” she said looking at the omega. “What a shame! He was beautiful.” Beverly tilts her head, her raven hair falling to the side as squats down to get a better look.

“Do you think the other victims where frozen and then mutilated?” She asks.


“We won’t know until we get the parts back and tested.” Answers Jimmy. “Hey Jack!” yelled Brian. Jack breaks out of his trance from staring at the ‘odd’ body. “What!?”

“Did you call Dr. Lecter? He’s here.” Brian states.


“Good.” Jack mentally shakes himself and heads toward the yellow tape.




“Dr. Lecter” booms Jack as he approaches the tall alpha. ‘How is he wearing a three piece suit out here?’ He wonders.


Dr. Hannibal Lecter stands erect and still as Jack approaches. His presence owns the space he occupies. He is wearing a light linen suit, robin’s eye blue shirt with a patterned tie to match. His gelled dirty blond hair is unaffected by the wind rustling through the trees. Dr. Lecter nods his head once toward Jack in acknowledgement.


“Hello Agent Crawford. Do you think the Ripper has struck again?” He asks. Lecter wonders why he is here. He is only consulting on the Ripper’s cases. He knows this isn't his artwork. The area is too remote.


Jack shakes his head. “Sorry they may have jumped the gun on this one. It is unusual but it doesn't look like a Ripper murder.”


“If you don’t mind, could you look anyway? It may speed things along, with your insight...” Jack pauses in mid sentence.


A yell, no a scream comes from behind the structure. Jack and Hannibal run towards the building. They come to a sudden stop. There sitting up is the frozen omega. His brow is furrowed in confusion as he looks up at Beverly. Beverly stands in front of him. Her shaking hand is resting on her mouth. Her eyes are wide in shock and panic. Jimmy Price stands beside her, his mouth hangs open. His eyes are wide with his hand resting on Beverly’s arm.



Will feels an ache where the knife had gone in. He feels incredibly hot and confined. He groans as he sits up. He pushes his glasses up further on his nose out of habit. Will’s other hand pulls at the scarf around his neck. He hears a female scream. Will jerks back and catches himself on his hands before he falls backward. His eyes tentatively travel up until his eyes meet Beverly’s.


The alpha jumps up and away from him. Her hand flies up to her mouth.

Out of the corner of his eye Will sees movement. He flinches away, only to see Price stumble back toward Beverly. His eyes are wide in horror.


Will’s blue gray eyes try to focus on his surroundings. The area is green and the air hot. ‘Wasn't it winter? ‘Am I in heaven?’ he thinks.


Will looks at Beverly. His breath hitches and he feels a sob rise to his throat. Tears welled up in his eyes, clinging to long dark lashes. “Beverly.” He quietly whispered. “Are you alive or am I dead?” Will choked.


Will’s mind couldn't grasp what he was feeling. He felt so emotional. Like he was about to lose control and start crying. He could usually hold it together better. ‘What is wrong with me? Must be the shock.’ He rationalizes.


Will begins to shake and tremble. Beverly lets her hand drop to her side. She looks at the trembling omega and her biology kicks into over drive. She steps slowly toward Will and releases pheromones to calm the omega down.


“We are both alive.” She soothes. “What is your name, sweetie?” She quirks her mouth up to seem nonthreatening.


Will gives her a look that can only be described as incredulous. “What’s my name? C’mon Bev, we've worked together for at least a year.”


“Um, no we haven’t honey. They don’t let omegas work in the FBI and we've never met. But you do look familiar.” Beverly answers looking puzzled.


“Omega?” Will brings his hands around and moves to kneel so he can try to get off the ground. His head is bowed as he pauses to catch his breath.


Lecter and Jack have slowly walked toward the small group. Lecter keeps his eye on the omega. He smirks when he sees the omega kneel and bow his head in front of the female alpha. Such a pretty picture of submission he makes. Lecter takes a small breath in, trying not to alert Jack. He smells of musk, sweat, fear, dog hair, gardenia and chocolate. It is a heady collection of scents that speaks volumes about the unbound omega in front of them.


Will pushes himself up with a huff of air and looks at Beverly’s chin. “Omega, like in wolf packs? Well thanks Beverly! I know I’m an outcast but you don’t have to rub it in!” Will scowls as he teeters on his feet, trying to get his balance.


Beverly steps forward to catch Will’s elbow. “No..No! I’m not insulting you! I’m just stating what you are. There is no reason to be ashamed of being an omega. Without omegas there would be no one! You keep our species thriving!” She smiles.


“Maybe you should sit down. You've been through a trauma.” Price suggests, looking at Will with pity.


Will pulls his elbow out of Beverly’s grasp. He steps back and bumps into Lecter, who has come up behind him. Hannibal has his arms out in case he needs to catch the rocky omega. Will jumps and turns when he feels Hannibal’s presence behind him. He feels an impulse to run and hide behind Beverly. He takes a step in her direction but stops himself.


‘Interesting’ Hannibal thinks to himself. The omega had resisted the urge to flee and is holding his ground instead.


Will looks at Hannibal with a look of scorn. He rolls his eyes and speaks to Beverly, while still looking at Hannibal. “Are you trying to punk me?! It’s not funny. I also know all about the birds and bees. ’Fraid I’m all male.” He grunts.


“Then you know that male omegas can have children.” Hannibal says, curious to see Will’s reaction.


Will face breaks into a huge smile. He starts to giggle and then laughs out loud. Will holds his chest under his rib where he was stabbed. He shakes his head ruefully.

“That is almost as funny as when you said Jack thought of me as a delicate teacup Dr. Lecter” Will states.


Jack and Hannibal exchange looks. Jack asks, “Do you know him?”
Hannibal looks from Jack to Will. “No. I have never met this omega.” With a look of shock on his face Will shouts, “It’s me Will Graham!”