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jus primae noctis

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"It's only for the weekend," Ye Zun drawls from the kitchen isle. "You can stop making out like it's a year until the next time."

"I'll kiss you later, Ye-di," Zhao Yunlan says before Shen Wei pulls him in again.

He thinks he hears Ye Zun say, 'You better,' but he can't be sure.

Shen Wei reluctantly relinquishes him after one last soul-devouring kiss. Zhao Yunlan almost leans in to steal another before he catches himself. Shen Wei is right to stop them before clothes start coming off, or Zhao Yunlan knows there's no way Shen Wei will be able to leave on time.

"You have my schedule," Shen Wei says. "We can call during the evenings, once the seminars have wrapped for the day."

Still, Zhao Yunlan can't stop himself from digging his hands into Shen Wei's ass one last time. "Sounds good to me, Xiao Wei."

Shen Wei gives him a look of fond exasperation. He gives Zhao Yunlan a last, soft kiss before extraditing himself.

Zhao Yunlan's hands, now feeling oddly empty, find themselves sliding into Zhao Yunlan's back pockets. Shen Wei's ass is nicer to touch, but at least now they're doing something other than grabbing onto Shen Wei and refusing to let go.

He watches as Shen Wei walks over to where Ye Zun is sitting and smiling down at him. Before Ye Zun can say anything, Shen Wei is brushing an errant strand of hair back behind Ye Zun's ear and leaning in to kiss him sweetly.

Zhao Yunlan finds himself smiling at the display.

For casual displays of affection, Shen Wei and Ye Zun are far more likely to cuddle on the couch than kiss one another. Ye Zun doesn't care much for kissing, at least not in the same way as his brother. Whether consciously or otherwise, Ye Zun will almost always make sure that a kiss leads to the bedroom – or the nearest flat or horizontal surface. But he can hold someone for hours with only a few precursory complaints that are always fake. Zhao Yunlan, meanwhile, loves kissing. He doesn't need it to go further but is also happy to do it. Shen Wei falls somewhere between the two of them – just as glad to simply kiss and cuddle as he is to be coaxed into taking it further.

Shen Wei pulls back, brushing his knuckles over Ye Zun's cheek as he does.

Zhao Yunlan tries not to start laughing when he sees that Ye Zun is blushing. He must not do a good job of hiding it because Ye Zun grimaces at him behind Shen Wei's back. He would smirk in answer, but Shen Wei is looking at him again, and he's trying to be good. Just this once, so Shen Wei will have less to worry about while he's gone.

Shen Wei gives him a look like he knows what Zhao Yunlan is thinking. He drops a kiss onto Zhao Yunlan's head as he walks past.

Zhao Yunlan turns to watch him go.

"Behave while I am gone," Shen Wei says from the doorway once he's put on his coat and grabbed his overnight bag. While he doesn't necessarily look sad to be leaving, Zhao Yunlan still knows he'd rather stay at home. Zhao Yunlan certainly knows he'd prefer that himself.

"We will, Bao Bei," Zhao Yunlan says instead of begging him to stay. He blows him a kiss for good measure.

Ye Zun, ever the brat, sticks his tongue out at his brother.

Shen Wei ducks his head with a smile nonetheless, and then he's gone.

The silence that follows Shen Wei's departure almost feels bereft, like the house misses him too. Zhao Yunlan shakes his head faintly. It's not like he needs more proof that he's in love with Shen Wei. If he did, then transferring his own feelings about Shen Wei's absence onto an inanimate object would definitely have done it.

"So," Ye Zun drawls, breaking the silence, "wanna Netflix and Chill?"

"The romance is gone," Zhao Yunlan tells him.

"Bold of you to assume it was ever there," Ye Zun says as he carries the dishes over to the sink.

Zhao Yunlan stares at him, feeling caught for reasons he can't quite name.

Ye Zun, thankfully, doesn't seem to notice. He puts the rinsed dishes in the dishwasher before heading for the stairs, phone already in hand and tapping away at it. He doesn't spare Zhao Yunlan another glance.

Zhao Yunlan is still staring into the air when Ye Zun comes back, dressed to face the day.

He makes some excuses about paperwork and locks himself away in the office for a few hours. He does have some paperwork, but he finishes that in the first hour. The rest of the time he spends in the chair, feet on the desk and hands folded over his stomach, thinking. He crosses and uncrosses his ankles periodically, staring vaguely in the direction of the nearest window.

Ye Zun's statement shouldn't linger with him, but it does.

Zhao Yunlan and Shen Wei's relationship can hardly be called the most romantic. Zhao Yunlan thinks they make up for the lack of traditional dates with quiet evenings and homecooked meals. They go out occasionally, but not on anything he'd explicitly call 'dates.' And with Ye Zun, well, Zhao Yunlan went from getting kidnapped by him to vaguely stalked by him to having sex with him. Ye Zun is right about one thing; the romance that Zhao Yunlan and Shen Wei have carved out for themselves doesn't extend to Ye Zun. And Zhao Yunlan has no idea how he feels about it.

He's still trying to figure it out when Ye Zun walks in without knocking and promptly throws himself onto the couch. Once suitably comfortable, he pulls out his phone and starts typing – all without looking at Zhao Yunlan.

Zhao Yunlan blinks.

"I got bored," Ye Zun tells his phone. "Are you ever going to be done in here?"

"Yeah, sorry." Zhao Yunlan removes his feet from the desk and pushes out of the chair. "Want to do something?"

Ye Zun arches an eyebrow at him. "Where is this coming from?"

Zhao Yunlan shrugs with an ease he doesn't quite feel. "I have a rare weekend off. I don't want to waste it bumming around the house. How about you?"

Ye Zun keeps eyeing him.

Zhao Yunlan makes sure to keep his expression as neutral as he can while he's working on several problems at the same time. He's reached one possible solution but doesn't know if it's one he wants to go with when Ye Zun finally speaks.

"All right," he says. "What did you have in mind?"



"This is awesome!" Ye Zun says as he takes out another person on one of the enemy teams.

The person – a woman, Zhao Yunlan thinks – groans as her blue warning lights go off, and she has to wait for them to reset before she can re-join the game.

Zhao Yunlan is relieved that his suggestion of laser tag is going over so well with Ye Zun. He looked sceptical at first, but his complaints died off the moment they entered the building. And now that they're right in the middle of the match, he's clearly enjoying himself. He's also very glad that Ye Zun agreed to be on the same team as him, or he knows that Ye Zun would have spent the time hunting down him and making sure he couldn't return the favour.

Ye Zun smirks as he lines up another shot. Another person's warning lights go off, green ones this time. He's cackling and dancing away before someone can pinpoint the origin of his voice and fire at him.

Zhao Yunlan hurries to follow while making a mental note to ask Shen Wei about introducing video games into their lives. If Ye Zun is having this much fun shooting lasers at people to 'take them out,' then maybe video games could give him some of that same thrill. Who knows, maybe it could stop him from going out as often to egg on and take out underground gangs – the latter which they all agreed was Zhao Yunlan's  job, dammit, not any of theirs. He knows he'll probably be fighting that battle for the rest of their lives, but Zhao Yunlan is willing to try anything he can think of that might make it easier.

He slips into another room and keeps his back to the nearest wall as he looks around for any tell-tale movement in the low light. He walks slowly, making sure not to make too much noise as he moves towards the walls and hollow boxes that served as covers throughout the course. He's already taken out a few people hiding behind them as they waited for people to walk past.

Zhao Yunlan's nearly past the first cover when he finds himself pulled back behind it and pressed up against it. There's no mistaking Ye Zun even in the low light. His white shirt stands out like a beacon – both figuratively and literally. Even a veritable bullseye on his chest, half-covered up by the gear they were all issued at the door, he still somehow hasn't been hit once.

He doesn't get a chance to ask Ye Zun what he's doing before Ye Zun is leaning in to kiss him.

Zhao Yunlan decides that if Ye Zun doesn't mind the bulky gear digging into their chests, then he won't either. He kisses back, ignoring the way Ye Zun snickers against him before nipping playfully at his bottom lip.

He doesn't know how long they stand there, kissing, but it's bound to be too long considering the circumstances. Every second they remain stationary is another second the opposing teams have to narrow down their location.

"Someone's going to find us if we don't move," Zhao Yunlan says once it becomes clear that Ye Zun isn't about to stop anytime soon.

"Oh no," Ye Zun says against his mouth. "What a shame."

"It would be if you wanted to maintain your perfect score."

Ye Zun hums. "You're right, Xiao Zhao." He sneaks in another kiss before pulling back and raising his gun.

Zhao Yunlan points at him. "Ye-di -"

"Oh, relax." Ye Zun points it down towards the floor. Never aim at what you aren't prepared to shoot, Zhao Yunlan mind reminds him. "If I wanted to shoot you, I would have by now. Besides," Ye Zun gives him a once-over, "you're easy pickings."


Ye Zun smirks unapologetically at him. He starts backing away without looking where he's going because Ye Zun is both overconfident and careless like that. "I'm going to win if you don't keep up," he says, throwing a wink at Zhao Yunlan.

"We're on the same team!" Zhao Yunlan calls after him and has to duck out of view when someone points their laser-gun around the corner, clearly looking to snipe him.

Ye Zun just cackles.



They win, of course. Even if Ye Zun had only been a half-decent shot, Zhao Yunlan is a cop. He isn't about to lose any face.

They eat lunch while they're out because they might as well. Ye Zun keeps a running commentary of the people around them and what he thinks they're thinking or talking about, and Zhao Yunlan almost chokes on his food or drink more than once.

It's nice. Zhao Yunlan can honestly say that he's enjoyed himself and that he's only a little surprised by that. He isn't just involved with Ye Zun as a means to discourage him from killing anyone he deemed a waste of space or too dangerous to live. Ye Zun isn't Shen Wei – he doesn't make Zhao Yunlan feel quite the same way, but he is compelling and draws Zhao Yunlan in all the same. Ye Zun is both the lighter and darker half of Shen Wei, just like Shen Wei is both of his. In many ways, Ye Zun comes off as the darker of the two – except for the ways he doesn't. There is a quiet innocence about him that he rarely shows. Zhao Yunlan doesn't think he's ever seen it unless Shen Wei is in the room with them. He doesn't want to call that part of Ye Zun the little boy that is still waiting to be rescued, but it is hard not to.

Shen Wei, by contrast, looks far more innocent than he is. And he knows just how to use that fact to his advantage. Zhao Yunlan can probably count the number of people that aren't fooled by Shen Wei's façade with one hand and still have fingers to spare.

But it isn't just Ye Zun's innocence that draws Zhao Yunlan in. He's comfortable enough with himself and the relationship to acknowledge that he's drawn in by Ye Zun and Shen Wei's darkness too. It's a part of them, after all, as inseparable from them as the twins have grown to be again. Still, Zhao Yunlan sleeps a little better when he knows that there isn't a fresh corpse – or ten – for the cops to find that has the potential of landing one or both of his lovers in prison.

It's going to be a never-ending process to ensure that nothing can take Shen Wei and Ye Zun from him, but Zhao Yunlan thinks it'll be worth it.

"Wait," Ye Zun says when they're back home. "Is this because I said there was never any romance between us?"

Zhao Yunlan tries not to react, but either he does, or Ye Zun has gotten better at reading him because there's a brief flash of surprise in Ye Zun's eyes before he's laughing.

"Aw, Xiao Zhao," he smirks, "you're adorable."

"Fuck you."

The reply is instant. "If you want."

"Exclamation," Zhao Yunlan says.

"Invitation," Ye Zun counters with a purr.

"I'm tired," Zhao Yunlan states instead of allowing Ye Zun to pull him into a conversation that is only going to lead them into the bedroom – and not to sleep. "I'm going to throw myself down on the couch and watch TV. You're welcome to join me as long as there's no groping."

"Xiao Zhao," Ye Zun says teasingly, "are you sure you're twenty-nine and not ninety-two?"

Zhao Yunlan flips him off. He goes upstairs to change before Ye Zun has the time to repeat his earlier invitation.

Ye Zun is nowhere to be found when he makes it downstairs again. Zhao Yunlan isn't worried. He throws himself down onto the couch and has only just gotten comfortable when Ye Zun decides to show himself again. He must have gone to change too because he's wearing different clothes.

Zhao Yunlan only has enough time to turn the TV on before Ye Zun is pushing him away from the arm of the couch. Ye Zun, of course, ignores Zhao Yunlan's protests and instead settles himself firmly between Zhao Yunlan and the couch. He slips his arms around Zhao Yunlan's torso and pulls until Zhao Yunlan is settled neatly into the space between his legs.

"By all means," Zhao Yunlan says as he shifts to make himself more comfortable, "make yourself at home."

"I am, thank you," Ye Zun says, tucking his chin over Zhao Yunlan's shoulder. One of his legs is dangling off the edge of the couch, but he doesn't seem to care. The other is a line of heat against Zhao Yunlan's thigh. His grip loosens until his arms are wrapped around Zhao Yunlan's waist. One of his hands slips under Zhao Yunlan's shirt to pat his abdomen. The shirt is stolen from Shen Wei because Zhao Yunlan is a clothes thief whenever they're in the comforts of their own home, and even more so when one of them is gone.

He waits for Ye Zun to start squirming or for his touch to turn sensual, but neither happens. If anything, Ye Zun is patting him like Zhao Yunlan is an animal he's trying to soothe rather than his lover.

Zhao Yunlan decides against shaking his head. He leans more firmly against Ye Zun's chest instead and grabs for the remote to see if he can find anything worth watching.



"Yeah, he's here," Zhao Yunlan hears from somewhere vaguely above him. "Conked out, though. Want me to wake him?"

He must have fallen asleep at some point, though he doesn't know when. He's only really aware of every bone in his body rebelling against the thought of waking up properly. He turns over and buries his head deeper into the warmth he finds there, hoping it will be enough to banish the waking world from his mind.

"Hey," a familiar voice says softly. "Gege's on the phone. Wanna say hi?"

Zhao Yunlan groans. He just wants to sleep. Why is everything working against him?

There's a pause before the same voice laughs. "That's one way of doing it."

"Time's it?" Zhao Yunlan says groggily. If Ye Zun isn't going to stop talking, then he has no choice but to respond. Not if he wants to go back to sleep sooner than later, anyway.

"Dinner. Ish. Gege called to say hi."

"Hi, gege."

There's a blissful silence that's almost long enough for Zhao Yunlan to slip back into sleep.

"Oh, you should call him that when he comes home," Ye Zun purrs. "He liked that."


Ye Zun cackles.

A part of Zhao Yunlan fights itself back to the waking world – at least long enough that he realises what's going on. Ye Zun woke him up because Shen Wei called them just like he said he would. He must have been asleep for hours if it's almost dinner time already.

"Hi, Xiao Wei," Zhao Yunlan breathes.

"Yunlan. Hello."  There's a smile in Shen Wei's voice. Zhao Yunlan likes it when he can hear Shen Wei's smiles. It's almost as nice as seeing them. "Ye Zun told me you went out today."

"Mm. We should all do that when you come back. It's fun." Zhao Yunlan is distantly aware of the slight slurring of his words, but he's too tired to care.

Shen Wei's voice is warm when he says, "I would like that."

Progress, Zhao Yunlan thinks sleepily to himself. He doesn't know exactly why the thought occurs to him, but it feels appropriate.

Zhao Yunlan misses the moment Shen Wei ends the call. He would be more worried if he didn't know that Shen Wei would never have hung up unless he'd gotten the chance to say goodnight and received a reply. He's sorry to have missed it, though. He must have fallen into the state where he's just alert enough to answer questions but not enough to remember them afterwards.

Ye Zun shifts under him, likely to put the phone back onto the coffee table. Zhao Yunlan might not be fully awake, but he's aware enough to realise that Ye Zun is taking care to not dislodge Zhao Yunlan.

"I knew you could be gentle," Zhao Yunlan says into Ye Zun's chest once Ye Zun settles back into his old spot.

"Lies and slander," is the predictable answer. Still, Ye Zun's fingers gently running through his hair is what eventually lulls him back to sleep.



Zhao Yunlan wakes up in their bed because Ye Zun is a lot nicer than he pretends to be. He doesn't bother to change out of the loungewear from the night before. He swings by the bathroom quickly to take care of business before making his way down the stairs.

Ye Zun is already up, predictably poking at his phone while a cup of coffee slowly cools by his elbow.

"The dragon awakens," he says when he sees Zhao Yunlan.

"Isn't it usually 'Sleeping Beauty'?"

"Well," Ye Zun looks him up and down.

Zhao Yunlan scowls at him.

Ye Zun snickers.

Zhao Yunlan decides that he's not awake enough to deal with Ye Zun's bullshit. He plops himself onto the stool next to Ye Zun instead and doesn't bother to hide his yawn.

"Aw, Xiao Zhao is tired," Ye Zun coos.

"Respectfully," Zhao Yunlan says, "you're an asshole."

"Respectfully," Ye Zun counters as he slips out of his seat, "so are you. Also, I don't care."

Zhao Yunlan rolls his eyes.

Ye Zun wiggles his fingers against the back of Zhao Yunlan's neck as he walks past.

Zhao Yunlan hisses and clamps a hand over the bare strip of skin. "Ye Zun."

Ye Zun just smirks at him as he pours another cup of coffee and places it in front of Zhao Yunlan. "Drink up. You're not you when you're decaffeinated."

Zhao Yunlan rolls his eyes. "I'm pretty sure that's not how the commercial goes," he says dryly as he takes a sip of the coffee. It's perfect because of course it is. Zhao Yunlan needs to find out how Ye Zun and Shen Wei work their magic on the coffeemaker. The coffee doesn't taste nearly as good when Zhao Yunlan makes it.

He's almost finished with the first cup when he realises yet another downside to Shen Wei's absence.

Zhao Yunlan closes his eyes and bites back a sigh. "We have to cook."

Ye Zun snorts. "Bold of you to assume gege would leave without cooking a small feast first," he says as he pulls a couple of containers out of the fridge. "He knows you can't cook for shit."

Zhao Yunlan forces himself not to flip Ye Zun off. He'd only take it as an invitation.

He waits until the food's laid out and Ye Zun's reclaimed his seat to speak. "What about you?"

"What about me?" Ye Zun asks, poking his bare foot into Zhao Yunlan's thigh.

"Can you cook?"

Ye Zun smirks. "Of course," he says, stabbing his chopstick into his bowl. "Not all of us make it to our thirties without learning to cook, Xiao Zhao."

Zhao Yunlan slips. He flips Ye Zun off.

"After breakfast," Ye Zun predictably says. "Wouldn't want to upset your stomach, now do I?" He bats his eyes. "Gege would be mad."

Zhao Yunlan doesn't know why he tries.

Even though he technically has the weekend off, Zhao Yunlan still doesn't feel comfortable leaving the team to handle everything by themselves. He calls to nag Da Qing for updates and answers a few work-related emails that have probably been lingering for longer than they should have. Shen Wei would have been proud of him for that – even though Zhao Yunlan knows he would have preferred if Zhao Yunlan answered things on time.

He doesn't know how long he's been in the home office before Ye Zun comes to find him.

"Escape room."

Zhao Yunlan looks up.

Ye Zun is leaning in through the open door, bracing himself against the doorframe. He taps his fingernails idly against the wood as he says, "If you're looking for date ideas for us both, then I think we should do an escape room."

Zhao Yunlan leans back in his seat and thinks it over. The puzzles would intrigue Shen Wei, and the story aspects would probably appeal to Ye Zun. It's something he can see himself enjoying as well.

"Huh," he says. "Not a bad idea, Ye-di."

"But pick a good one, all right?" Ye Zun says almost before Zhao Yunlan is done speaking. "I want scares. And murder."

Zhao Yunlan rolls his eyes. "Of course you do."

Ye Zun grins sharply at him, and then he's gone again.

Zhao Yunlan shakes his head faintly.

He mentally goes through his team to see who might have good recommendations for escape rooms. Guo Changcheng is the youngest of them but hardly seems like the type. Chu Shuzhi probably doesn't have the patience for it. Da Qing is far too lazy to deliberately seek out puzzles outside of work. Wang Zheng and Sang Zan seem more like the type that go on long walks and pack their own picnics. And Zhu Hong...well, Zhao Yunlan isn't sure what Zhu Hong does during her spare time. He sends her a text, on the off-chance that she might know, and another to Lin Jing since he tends to keep up with the latest crazes. Even if he hasn't tried one himself, Zhao Yunlan would be surprised if Lin Jing couldn't send a couple of links his way.

Zhao Yunlan hesitates briefly before texting Chu Shuzhi about any ghost tours or freaky facts walks. He's going out on a limb, but Ye Zun would definitely enjoy the former, and Shen Wei would probably be intrigued by the latter. He knows Chu Shuzhi's brother is into that scene at the very least. Chu Shuzhi probably knows where to direct him. If not, Zhao Yunlan can ask him for his brother's number.

Who knows, maybe there is a way to introduce the concept of dates into their relationship after all.



"Wait," Zhao Yunlan says during dinner, pausing in the middle of reaching for another strip of meat. "Did you cook this?"

Ye Zun arches an eyebrow. "What makes you say that?"

Zhao Yunlan points at the kitchen with his chopsticks. "You didn't do all the dishes."

"Woops," Ye Zun says, though he clearly doesn't mean it. "You caught me."

Zhao Yunlan waits, but Ye Zun evidently doesn't have anything else to say on the subject. He keeps his eyes on Ye Zun as he slips the beef into his mouth and chews with care – though it's hardly necessary. The meat is tender enough that it practically melts on his tongue. He swallows and licks his lips.

Ye Zun's eyes flicker briefly to his mouth before taking a long swallow of his drink.

"It's good, Ye-di."

"Shut up," is Ye Zun's instinctive reply, which says far more about him than what he follows it with. "Of course it is. I  made it."

"Aww, Ye-di doesn't know how to take a compliment," Zhao Yunlan says teasingly.

Ye Zun, very maturely, sticks his tongue at him.

Zhao Yunlan just smirks at him as he keeps digging in.

Every part of Zhao Yunlan wants to make a big deal about Ye Zun's first comment, which is why he can't. He's only seen Ye Zun be vulnerable when it's just the two of them a handful of times. He knows that he needs to be careful with what he says, or Ye Zun may not react favourably. And as adorable as a flustered Ye Zun could be, it's not something Zhao Yunlan is equipped to handle on his own just yet. Not until he knows how to diffuse any situation that might pop up. Maybe someday in the future.

"I wanna fuck you later," Ye Zun says as they're taking care of the dishes. "You mind?"

"You're asking in advance now?" Zhao Yunlan turns to him. "What's the occasion?"

Ye Zun arches an eyebrow slowly. "Do you mind, Xiao Zhao?"

Zhao Yunlan rolls his eyes. "I guess it wouldn't be the worst thing ever."

"Great." Ye Zun towels off his hands before pulling out his phone and starting to type.

"What are you doing now?"

"Asking gege if he minds," Ye Zun says as he keeps typing. And typing. And typing.

Zhao Yunlan stares at him. "Are you asking for permission, or are you giving him a list of everything you want to do to me?"

"It's more of a summary, really," Ye Zun says and looks up. "Do you think I should give him the whole list? I'm going to give him the whole list," he says, not even waiting for an answer.

"Don't you dare!" Zhao Yunlan wipes his hands off messily before grabbing the phone out of Ye Zun's hands.

He knows he's going to regret looking, but that somehow still isn't enough to stop him. Zhao Yunlan doesn't blush easily anymore, but Ye Zun's so-called 'summary' is getting him close. "You were really going to send this to Shen Wei?" he asks, making sure to sound as sceptical as he feels.

"Of course," Ye Zun says as he swipes the phone out of Zhao Yunlan's hands.

"He's going to have a coronary."

Ye Zun snickers. "Only because he can't be here to watch it in person."

Zhao Yunlan tries not to sigh. It's very hard. As much as he wouldn't mind a few private photos  of Shen Wei and Ye Zun himself, it's too risky. While they aren't guilty of bigamy in the strictest sense, Zhao Yunlan is very aware of the things they are guilty of. They could claim to be in a V-polyamorous relationship, of course, but anyone that spent enough time in the same room as Shen Wei and Ye Zun would see through the charade in a heartbeat.

"We agreed to no pictures or videos in case -"

"There was a leak, yes, I know." Ye Zun rolls his eyes. "You're so boring sometimes, Xiao Zhao."

"Oh, is that what they're calling being careful these days?" Zhao Yunlan drawls.

"Yes, Xiao Zhao, that's exactly it," Ye Zun says as he reaches up to pat the top of Zhao Yunlan's head.

Zhao Yunlan bats his hand away. Ye Zun is clearly done helping him with the dishes, so Zhao Yunlan nudges him out of the way to finish the rest. He refuses to leave dirty plates in the sink for Shen Wei to come back to.



Zhao Yunlan hisses out a breath as he sinks down on Ye Zun's cock.

Ye Zun brushes his thumbs over Zhao Yunlan's hipbones, almost but not quite the way that Shen Wei does it. "All right, Xiao Zhao?"

"This is hardly my first time, Ye-di," Zhao Yunlan says dryly.

"Mmm, but you're impatient," Ye Zun says. "And I'm worse."

Well, Zhao Yunlan thinks to himself, Ye Zun does have a point. He's always rushed prep when he's alone, and Ye Zun rarely has the patience to do much of it even when he's in bed with Shen Wei and Zhao Yunlan. He and Ye Zun can come together like a perfect storm that way.

"I'd tell you if I wasn't fine," he promises. "Nothing kills the mood faster than the wrong kind of pain."

"Xiao Zhao is so smart," Ye Zun purrs.

"Xiao Zhao is speaking from experience," Zhao Yunlan says and immediately regrets it.

Ye Zun laughs. "I finally got you to say it!"

"I'm leaving. Have fun jerking off by yourself."

Ye Zun is too busy laughing to be in a position to stop him. In Ye Zun's defence, though, Zhao Yunlan doesn't try very hard to leave. By the time Ye Zun stops laughing, Zhao Yunlan is confident that he could start moving if he so wished – the keyword being if. He doesn't know whether Ye Zun still deserves it.

The snickering dies down eventually. "Hey," Ye Zun smirks, still breathing a little heavier than normal, "you didn't leave."

"Don't make me regret it," Zhao Yunlan says flatly. Before Ye Zun can open his smart mouth again, he braces himself on Ye Zun's thighs and starts riding him.

Ye Zun's laugh sounds like it has been punched out of him. Zhao Yunlan savours it before picking up the speed. Ye Zun's fingertips are digging in – bracing him rather than trying to control the pace. That's more Shen Wei's style than Ye Zun's, though Ye Zun only ever really tries to assert control when he wants to tease Zhao Yunlan until he snaps.

Zhao Yunlan must not be the only one thinking about Shen Wei because what Ye Zun says next is, "Want me to flip us over and hold you down like gege does?"

A shiver runs down his spine. While Zhao Yunlan would never say no to Shen Wei holding him down and fucking him until he breaks, that's not Ye Zun's style. And Zhao Yunlan would be a bigger fool than he is if he wanted one of his lovers to act like the other. He loves them both – for their differences as much as their similarities.

"I don't need you to be anyone other than who you are," is what he ends up saying without really thinking it through. "That includes in bed."

Ye Zun stills.

Zhao Yunlan slows the rolls of his hips, keeping his eyes on Ye Zun as he does.

Some statements could be hit or miss with Ye Zun – and what set him off one minute might not even warrant so much as an eye-roll the next. It made being involved with him something akin to riding an ever-changing roller-coaster with a blindfold on. As much as they didn't like to be reminded of it, Shen Wei and Ye Zun are very similar in that way. The only difference is that Shen Wei's sore spots largely remained constant.

"Hey," Zhao Yunlan says, softening his voice ever so slightly just in case. "Still with me?"

"You say such stupid things sometimes," Ye Zun says as he surges up and kisses Zhao Yunlan silent.

Zhao Yunlan digs his hands into Ye Zun's hair and kisses back. "Only sometimes?" he says when Ye Zun pulls back. "That's an improvement."

"I think I'll be the judge of that," Ye Zun drawls, and Zhao Yunlan decides he's far too coherent for what they're currently doing.

Zhao Yunlan braces himself on Ye Zun's shoulders and starts moving again, faster this time.

Ye Zun sucks in a breath that turns into a faint laugh half a beat later. His hands fit themselves back onto Zhao Yunlan's waist. Ye Zun's nails scratch faintly over the skin there before he focuses on bracing Zhao Yunlan again.

Zhao Yunlan's rhythm starts to get sloppy before long. There's a lot of stamina involved in riding someone – something that Zhao Yunlan has distinctly less of compared to Shen Wei and Ye Zun. It doesn't bother him normally, just the times when he's already been wrung dry, and his lovers haven't even come once. Those are the times when he finally caves and calls in sick because he's already done the walk of 'shame' once, and he's not keen on doing it again.

Ye Zun starts mouthing at Zhao Yunlan's neck, worrying the skin until he's digging his teeth in as he reaches Zhao Yunlan's collarbone. He bites down, and Zhao Yunlan makes a choked-off sound as he comes unexpectedly. Ye Zun's fingertips dig in harder as he falls over the edge after seconds later.

"I noticed you didn't go for any of the toys you mentioned in the text," Zhao Yunlan says later, once he's climbed off Ye Zun and splayed himself out on the bed. The come is starting to dry ever so slightly, but he's too tired to bother getting something to clean himself with. It's times like this when he misses Shen Wei, just a little, because Shen Wei would insist on getting them all clean before collapsing onto the bed and preparing to fall asleep.

Ah well. It's nothing a shower won't fix in the morning. And some laundry, probably.

"Eh," is all Ye Zun says. "Maybe next time."

Zhao Yunlan reaches out and pats the part of Ye Zun closes to him. A thigh, he thinks. "It's ok if you found me too hot to wait."

"That's my line."

Zhao Yunlan laughs a little breathlessly. He turns his head to look at where Ye Zun is spread out next to him. He allows himself to brush his thumb over Ye Zun's thigh for no real reason other than the desire to touch him.

Ye Zun doesn't make a sound or otherwise imply that he can feel Zhao Yunlan there, but his hand encircles Zhao Yunlan's wrist moments later. His thumb starts moving in circles over the sensitive skin on Zhao Yunlan's inner wrist, almost but not quite mirroring the movement of Zhao Yunlan's thumb. It's enough.

"Though I will admit that you are very hard to resist when you're speared on my cock," Ye Zun says almost musingly.

Zhao Yunlan isn't even surprised. "Likewise."

Ye Zun tips his head to look at him. "Which one of us? You or me?"

Zhao Yunlan shrugs. "Both. Either."

"How descriptive of you, Xiao Zhao."

"If you want descriptive, you have to wait another hour."

"Aww," Ye Zun purrs, "is Xiao Zhao getting slow in his old age?"

"Who's old, huh, grandpa?"

"Excuse  you?"

"That is why you dye your hair, right?" Zhao Yunlan smirks. "To hide that you're going prematurely grey."

Zhao Yunlan isn't surprised when Ye Zun plops himself down into his lap a split-second later, eyes faintly narrowed. "I'll show you prematurely grey."



"Hey." Someone or something pokes him. "Which one of us is the old man again?"

"Still you," Zhao Yunlan mumbles into the pillow.

Ye Zun laughs. "Told you I could wake him up, gege."

Zhao Yunlan turns over reluctantly, nosing into Ye Zun's thigh. As far as he can tell, they're both still naked. Shen Weill will probably have a thing or two to say about that. But hey, at least they cleaned up before going to sleep. Considering Ye Zun fingered him to a second orgasm before letting Zhao Yunlan suck him off, Zhao Yunlan thinks they deserve points for that.

"Doesn't he look good, gege?"


Shen Wei's voice is full of nothing but genuine praise. Zhao Yunlan refuses to admit that it's making him blush.

"Hey. Xiao Zhao. Are you awake?"

"You know I am." Zhao Yunlan opens an eye. "What is it?"

"Gege wants to watch me fuck you. Thoughts?"

Zhao Yunlan opens both eyes at that. He glances at Ye Zun's hand, only to find it empty. There's an open laptop in bed with them instead. The screen is angled towards them, and there Shen Wei is, looking back at them. Zhao Yunlan can't help the way he smiles. "Hi, Bao Bei."

"Hello, A-Lan,"  Shen Wei returns. He looks like he got ready for bed before he called them – or Ye Zun called him. His glasses are off, and his hair is soft like he took a shower not too long ago. The two top buttons on his shirt are undone, and it's almost impossible for Zhao Yunlan not to focus on the temping flash of skin.

He must stay silent for too long because Shen Wei's eyes soften.

"Only if you are not too tired, A-Lan,"  he says.

Zhao Yunlan shakes his head, making sure to sound fond when he says, "You know me, Xiao Wei. I'm never too tired for a good fuck."

Ye Zun snorts. "That's not what you said before."

Zhao Yunlan suppresses the urge to roll his eyes. "I was being a dick then, and you know it."

"I don't know about dick," Ye Zun says. "Maybe an ass. Or an asshole."

"You think you're so funny."

Ye Zun makes a kissy-face at him.

Zhao Yunlan just barely manages to keep himself from flipping Ye Zun off. "All right," he says instead, pushing himself up into a seated position. "I'm guessing you have some ideas on how to do this?"

"I've already worked out the perfect angle."

"Of course you have," Zhao Yunlan says to himself more than anyone else. "Where do you want me?"

The answer turns out to be on all fours on the bed while Ye Zun situates himself behind him. The laptop has a place of honour on Shen Wei's nightstand, the one with the least clutter to clean off first. It gives Shen Wei the perfect view of Ye Zun bracing himself against Zhao Yunlan as he lines himself up. Ye Zun's breath is a tease against the back of Zhao Yunlan's neck as he pushes inside.

Zhao Yunlan's arms shake faintly. He feels oversensitive in the best way.

"How do you feel, A-Lan?"  Shen Wei's voice sounds almost distant, like Zhao Yunlan is hearing his voice from the next room rather than through a laptop's speakers.

"Good," Zhao Yunlan forces out through his teeth. "Just," he adds because he knows neither of his lovers will believe him otherwise, "sensitive."

The frown is practically audible in Shen Wei's voice when he says, "You will let us know if you are too sensitive to continue."

"Don't worry, gege," Ye Zun says, stroking a hand down Zhao Yunlan's back. "I'll keep a watchful eye on him from here."

Zhao Yunlan can't help it. He snorts. "Why do I get the feeling you're just staring at my ass?"

"Of course I'm staring at your ass. What else am I meant to be looking at? Your feet?"

"Didi,"  Shen Wei says, voice firm. "A-Lan."

"We're behaving, Xiao Wei," Zhao Yunlan says.

"Promise, gege," Ye Zun adds, though the faint sing-song undertone in his voice almost makes it sound like he's lying.

Zhao Yunlan glances over at the laptop, imagining that he can hear Shen Wei huffing the way he usually does whenever Zhao Yunlan and Ye Zun act like...well, this. He misses him, suddenly, so fiercely it hurts. He forces the feeling down. Shen Wei will be home soon. He's survived longer without Shen Wei by his side, he can survive a weekend. He won't like it, but he can do it.

"Keep your hands on the headboard,"  Shen Wei says, apparently deciding that they're behaving – or at least as much as he can enforce considering his current location. "I would like to see you come from didi's touch alone."

Zhao Yunlan moans. "You drive a hard bargain, Xiao Wei," he says as he grabs onto the headboard for dear life.

Ye Zun snickers softly. He tightens his grip on Zhao Yunlan's hips and starts to move. There's no warning – he goes from being still to snapping his hips like he's racing against the clock in a split second. Zhao Yunlan almost loses his grip but tightens it just in time.

Once Ye Zun starts to move, he doesn't stop. He keeps the same brutal pace, fucking Zhao Yunlan until the sensitivity starts to work with Ye Zun  rather than against him. Zhao Yunlan knows, without the shadow of a doubt, that Ye Zun is going to make him come again, and quicker this time.

Ye Zun's breath comes back, faster this time as it brushes against his nape. That's the only warning he gets before Ye Zun digs his teeth into the skin where Zhao Yunlan's neck meets his shoulder, just shy of breaking the skin.

The moan that escapes him is a wretched thing, pulled from somewhere he can't even quantify inside himself. It makes Ye Zun shiver against him, his grip tightening on Zhao Yunlan's hips before he somehow manages to fuck him harder. Ye Zun's mouth detaches, but only long enough for his tongue to take its place.

Zhao Yunlan becomes distantly aware of his hands growing numb from how tightly he's holding onto the headboard. He's only holding on by the skin of his teeth and Shen Wei's order. Shen Wei, who he wishes he could see – and though Ye Zun's teeth are gone from his neck, he doesn't have the strength to turn his head. Every bit of strength that he has left is going into holding onto the headboard and making sure his knees don't buckle. Any moment now, one of them is liable to give out.

Every inch of his body is a mess of sensations. Pleasure and pain, pushing and giving way to each other in turns. So really, it's no wonder that Zhao Yunlan doesn't realise that he's getting close until Shen Wei says, "You may come now, A-Lan,"  and he does, sobbing as he stains the sheets.

Ye Zun, having already come once not that long ago, is luckily not far behind. He snaps his hips once, twice, three times, then he's coming with a bitten-off snarl.

Zhao Yunlan floats for a moment. When he comes back to himself, he's lying practically on top of Ye Zun with a hand drawing idle patterns up and down his back. They're both sticky with sweat and spend, but Zhao Yunlan can't find it in himself to care. He feels sore, but pleasantly so. Monday may still be a day away, but Zhao Yunlan considers calling in sick pre-emptively anyway.

"You were beautiful, as always,"  Shen Wei says, bringing Zhao Yunlan back to the present. "So good. Thank you for showing me."

"Anytime, gege. I just have to work on convincing this one."

Zhao Yunlan manages to raise his hand enough to swat at Ye Zun.

Ye Zun laughs.



Zhao Yunlan wakes up to familiar fingers in his hair. "Is it Monday morning already?" he croaks.

"No," Shen Wei says softly.

"Gege rushed home," Ye Zun pipes up. "Isn't he a dedicated husband?"

"The most," Zhao Yunlan agrees, opening his eyes to look at one of the loves of his life.

Shen Wei is smiling softly at him.

Zhao Yunlan reaches up until he can touch that smile. It widens under his touch, and Zhao Yunlan has no choice but to trace it with his fingertips.

"You didn't have to rush," he says. "But I'm glad you did." He cups Shen Wei's cheek and wishes he was close enough to kiss. "Missed you."

Shen Wei leans down and presses a kiss to his forehead. "I missed you as well, A-Lan."

Zhao Yunlan pouts at him until Shen Wei leans down to kiss his mouth as well. Zhao Yunlan doesn't let him pull back until they're both panting faintly for breath.

The other side of the bed is silent, almost suspiciously so.

"Not going to say anything for once, Ye-di?"

"Oh, gege already showed me just how much he missed me," Ye Zun purrs, right on cue. "You slept through the whole thing."


"I kissed him," Shen Wei says, sounding far more amused than Zhao Yunlan was expecting considering Ye Zun's answer. He has a feeling that he missed a conversation and is genuinely sad about it. "I thought you might want to be awake for the rest of it."

Zhao Yunlan can't help the way he laughs. Trust Shen Wei to know exactly how to cheer him up.

"Oh, Xiao Wei," he says. "You know me so well."

Shen Wei smiles.

Ye Zun rolls his eyes. The expression is wiped off his face when Shen Wei leans down to kiss him gently at first and then tilting his head to make it deeper. Ye Zun makes a sound at the back of his throat and buries his hands in Shen Wei's hair, tugging faintly to pull him closer.

Zhao Yunlan makes himself comfortable. He has a show to watch, after all.