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It's Alright [2014] *complete*

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Your name escaped my lips, different from just moments before, although my voice was still hoarse and cracking. It was a tear glimmering in the corner of your eye, revealed by the moonlight, as I had looked down on you. But you just smiled, that smile of yours that weakened my heart, without uttering a word, and you turned away. When I let myself rest beside you, your back faced me completely, and you felt so far from me. How many years I had known you, how many times had we already been through this? But lately, no, for a while, your mind had been elsewhere, that smile of yours had become a façade, and I did not know what to say. I traced the wings gracing your shoulders, and they looked ready to bear you, but for now you laid fallen next to me, trembling beneath my touch, and you continued to shake. My throat tightened, and I wrapped my arms around you, keeping you still, as I tickled you, tricking genuinely laughter out of you, until you once again panted breathlessly in my embrace. Then I pulled you close, your chest still rising and falling rapidly, as if you were sobering. “It’s alright.”