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Nam Ships It

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When Nam’s phone rang, he looked at his desk in surprise. He wasn’t expecting a call. He picked up the satellite phone curiously. “Hello? Pha Phun Dao clinic.”

The voice he heard was one of the last ones he expected.

“Hey Nam.”

Nam’s eyes widened. “Tian? Wow, Tian! What are you calling for? Are you back in Thailand already?” he asked, excited to hear his friend’s voice after so long.

“Yes. But actually I’m in the city.” Nam’s eyes widened. “Yod and Rang know I’m here, but they’re distracting Chief for me. Could you come pick me up?”

“What the hell are you doing in the city and why are Yod and Rang distracting Phupha for you?” Nam asked.

Tian chuckled. “I am now Pha Phun Dao’s permanent, certified teacher.” Nam beamed with joy. “I sent word to Yod that I want to surprise Chief. So they are keeping him occupied.”

Nam shook his head. “I’ll go get the jeep and be there as soon as I can,” he agreed. “I’m really glad you’re back, Tian. The villagers pretty much had accepted you weren’t coming back here.”

“I had to, Nam,” Tian said, his voice soft. “It’s my true home.”

Nam hung up with a smirk. Oh he couldn’t wait to see the villagers when they realized they had their kids P’Seetian back. For good this time.


Nam pulled up at the bus terminal and Tian was waiting with a big smile and multiple pieces of luggage. “Doc!” Tian cried, and Nam got out to go meet him in a hug. “It’s so good to see you! How have you been? Have my kids been learning well still?”

Nam grinned at the way Tian thought of them as ‘his’ kids and asked about them before anybody else. “Doing great. Also.” He pulled his phone out of his pocket and turned it on, flipping through before turning it around to show him.

Tian gasped when he saw the photo: Nam’s wife cradling a baby bump. “Oh my God!” He flung his arms around Nam again. “Congratulations! I’m so happy for you both!”

Nam nodded, gazing down at the photo with nothing but giddiness. “I’ve already started commuting to the village. It’s a long drive to make twice a day some days, but I couldn’t not be there for her now. We were okay only having my days off together, but now? Nah.” He nudged Tian. “What about you? Meet any cute girls in America?”

Tian rolled his eyes, but his red ears showed his embarrassment. “Nam. I’m not an idiot. I know you know,” he said pointedly. “Come on!” He grabbed his biggest bag. “Let’s get going, I want to see my family!”

Nam shook his head. He would have never thought the city boy who couldn’t even do laundry two and a half years ago would be coming back and calling the village home.


Once they were underway, Tian inhaled deeply, relaxing. “I’m so excited to see everybody. I’ve missed them.”

Nam smirked. “Any one person in particular?”

Tian ducked his head and smiled sadly. “I hope I’m- I’m not going to be heartbroken,” he confessed. “I haven’t had any contact with him in two years. Has he… been seeing anyone? While I was gone?” he asked, looking out the window as if dreading the answer.

Nam groaned at how both of them were utterly ridiculous. “Tian, my best friend has never so much as had a crush before you,” he said, and Tian turned bright red. “C’mon, don’t be shy. He told me all about it when he got back from Bangkok. I was the one who told him he would regret it for the rest of his life if he let you go, after all.”

Tian grinned down at his hands, and Nam realized he was looking at a ring on his finger, and he knew exactly what ring it was immediately. “He promised me he would wait for me for however long it took. Did he?”

“Yes, you dumbass.” Nam snorted. “You two are made for one another. Really. The kids figured out you two and tease him about it, that’s how obvious it is. He has a sock puppet story about your love story.”

Tian giggled. “He’s so cute,” he sighed. “God, I hope he is happy to see me. I’ve missed him more than I ever knew I could miss someone.”

“He will be,” Nam reassured him. “Every ranger at the station has caught him holding that photograph you gave him when he went to see you before you left.”

“Do you think he believed I was really going to come back to him?” Tian asked. “He kept telling me I should live my life and be young and carefree and not give up my future for him. What if he’s waiting for me, but suspects I’ve moved on and found someone else?”

“I think he kind of fears that,” Nam said, being honest. Tian looked at him with pained eyes. “Tian, you know him. You know that for how brave and strong he is, he’s actually insecure about other parts of himself. He’s confident in his abilities, but there’s a reason he has never dated anyone. And then when he met you, he fell for a man a decade younger than him, so of course he didn’t think he deserved you.”

Tian hummed. “Well. I’ll just have to show I can be just as stubborn as he is and that he’s not getting rid of me. I’m here for good. He can either love me the way I want him to, or I’ll do everything in my power to piss him off until he gives in.”

Nam laughed and shook his head. “Yep. You two are made for one another, alright.”


Nam looked skeptical as he dropped Tian off to climb up to the cliff. “Are you sure this is a good idea? It will be dark before you can come back to the village. And don’t you want to see Phupha first?”

Tian hopped out and smirked. “I’ve got a trick up my sleeve to get Phupha up there. Yod roped another ranger into it. Phupha is going to get a call about a threat up on the cliff and when he gets there, I’ll be waiting at sunset.”

“Awwww, romantic.” He dug around in the glove box. “Here, take a flashlight at least. If Phupha faints and can’t guide you back down, we don’t need you falling off the cliff in the dark.”

“Thanks, Nam!” Tian said, taking the flashlight then grabbing, confusingly, what looked like a trowel and something Nam couldn’t see from the back where all his bags were. “You can leave my stuff in the truck. I’ll get it later.”

Nam waved him off then headed on to the ranger station to return the truck.


Yod and Rang jumped up as soon as Nam drove up and parked the truck. “Did you get him? Is he here?” Yod asked instantly.

Nam smirked. “He told me about your little prank on Phupha. Has he left already?”

“Oh yeah, we waited just long enough for Tian to get up there before him,” Rang said, smirking. “Project ‘get Chief laid’ is well in motion.” Yod and Rang both burst out snickering at that.

Nam rolled his eyes. “You’re both children,” he said, then hesitated and smirked. “So. Did you all conveniently pretend to not be around so he had to go alone?”

“Oh yeah, I’m hoping they have a dramatic, movie-worth reunion,” Yod said. “Chief would never kiss him in front of us.”

“Or anything more,” Rang added, wiggling his eyebrows.

“Oh, he would never do that up there,” Nam said. “His shy ass? Tian will be lucky if Phupha is willing to kiss him. I don’t think Phupha has ever been kissed before, actually.”

Yod and Rang exchanged looks. “That face and body are wasted on him,” Yod said. “I’d be getting so many women if I looked that way. I’d be going to the city every weekend I was off and meeting women.”

Nam gave him a pointed look. “Have you not missed something very important about Tian, Yod?” Yod and Rang looked at one another in confusion and Nam sighed. “Tian is a man.”

“Oh yeah,” Yod said, and Rang hummed.

Nam clapped sarcastically. “Chief isn’t interested in women. And it’s risky to go into the city and try to pick up men with his job. The city isn’t like the village, where these people don’t really see it any differently, and the higher ups might not like a unit being ran by a gay man.”

“True, true,” Rang said.

Nam gestured over his shoulder. “I’m gonna go let Khama know that Tian’s here and see if he wants to celebrate tonight or let Tian rest up.”


Khama gathered the villages to announce he had a big surprise and asked everybody to help out with preparing plenty of food for a celebration. Everybody seemed curious, but did as they were told. Yod radioed Phupha to come back to the village and bring their ‘special surprise guest’ and Phupha only threatened him once for tricking him like that.

It was far past dark when the light of a flashlight coming down the path caught everybody’s attention. Khama gathered the children in front of everybody and Nam stood back, phone out to take a photo of the moment they saw their P’Seetian come out of the shadows and into the light of the torches.

Phupha was holding Tian’s hand. That was the first thing Nam noticed. He grinned at the glow of happiness that lit up Phupha’s face. When they stepped into the torchlight, Tian beamed and waved. “Hi everybody.”

“P’SEETIAN!” A chorus of little voices all cried out, and all the villagers started making happy sounds as the kids took off running to him. “P’Seetian, you’re back!”

“Yes, Meejoo, I am.” He looked up at the villagers and smiled, eyes glittering with tears as he looked around. “For good. I’ve been placed in Pha Phun Dao as the permanent teacher for the village.”

All the kids started cheering and jumping as they gave him a big group hug, and Nam beamed as the villagers started cheering and clapping, too. Khama smiled. “We’ve been waiting for the day a teacher would stay. I’m very happy it is you, Tian.”

Tian sniffled and nodded. “Me, too,” he said, voice wet.

“Well, everybody, let’s eat until our bellies are full and celebrate the return of Khun Tian!” Khama said, and everybody cheered, the kids already dragging Tian to the tables laden with food, eagerly talking over one another, telling him all about everything he had missed.

Phupha walked over to Nam and Yod and Rang, arms crossed. “I should put you all on night patrols for this,” he said. “I was thinking I was walking into an ambush alone and ended up pointing a gun at Tian.”

“Hey, it was Tian’s idea!” Yod defended.

Nam clapped him on the shoulder. “He wanted a romantic surprise. He was so nervous on the ride up here because he wasn’t sure you still were waiting for him.”

Phupha rolled his eyes, but his ears were red. “It’s still not fair that I was the last person to find out my boyfriend was coming home.”

Yod and Rang catcalled and whistled and Phupha glared. Nam grinned and slapped him on the shoulder. “Well, well, well, that sure didn’t take long.”

“I will hit you,” Phupha said flatly.

After they joined the party, Phupha staying back to allow Tian to spend time with the villagers instead of being clingy, Nam sat down beside him and handed him a drink. Phupha raised his shot and drank it, smiling at Tian when he put the glass down. “So.” Nam nudged him. “For all the teasing, how did it go? Tian was really worried you had changed your mind.”

Phupha smiled, the firelight reflecting in his eyes to show the love in them as he kept his eyes on Tian. “Him turning around and me seeing his face for the first time outside of a photograph in two years was the best moment of my life. We haven’t been able to be in contact while he was gone. I never knew if he was really coming back.”

“But you had hope?” Nam asked, and Phupha nodded.

“I had to. I know I don’t talk about all this emotional stuff usually, but I love him, Nam. I really, really love him. And he still wears my ring even after all this time.” Phupha ducked his head and Nam cooed at the way his cheeks bunched up in a smile. “He came back to me. And when I told him he doesn’t have to throw his life away to live in this village just for me, he told me he wants to be here. He wants to live here with the people he cares about. He chose us all. Not just me.”

“That’s what he said,” Nam agreed. He sipped his drink. “So. Boyfriends, huh? You guys already had that discussion?”

Phupha sighed. “We’ll talk more about it later, to be sure we want to jump into a relationship. We don’t need to rush it. And there’s still obstacles. Like how dangerous my work is and how the main reason I’ve never wanted to fall in love is because I saw what losing my father did to my mother. I always thought I was better off alone. The serious discussions to consider can wait, though. I’m just so happy to see him.”

Nam was impressed. “You’ve always been hot-headed and jealous about Tian, and look at you! Talking about having mature discussions before jumping in with both feet and risking hurting the man you love.”

“I think we’re going to be together, though. I mean, we didn’t go through so much and fall in love to just let the opportunity pass. Besides.” Phupha smirked. “We kissed,” he said, and Nam let out a cackle. “He’s a really good kisser,” Phupha boasted.

“How would you know? You’ve never kissed anyone before,” Nam accused and Phupha blushed and glared at him.

“Say it a little louder, why don’t you?” he hissed.

“CHIEF AND TIAN KISSED?!” Nam and Phupha’s heads shot up as they saw a clearly tipsy Yod stumbling to their table with more drinks for them. “EVERYBODY! CHIEF AND TIAN KISSED!”

“YOD!” Phupha snapped, and half the villagers started ‘ooooh’ing at them and laughing.

Tian glared. “Yod, you have a big mouth,” he said from the other table, though his face was bright red.

Rang laughed loudly. “I can’t wait for Longtae to get back for the break from university! I made a bet with him on how, if Tian came back, he and Phupha would immediately get together!”

“Night. Patrols.” Phupha said, voice hard.

Khama, however, just held up his hands. “Even more reason to celebrate Tian returning! Two people we all care about finding love on top of coming home!”

Tian looked like he wanted to melt into the table and Nam almost felt bad, since clearly the whole village wasn’t quite aware of how complicated the situation was.



Nam couldn’t help but tease them more when it was just the three of them headed to the ranger’s station. “So,” he drawled. “Tian, since it’s pretty late and all your things are still in the truck, are you going to stay with Phupha tonight?”

Phupha glared at him and Tian looked shy suddenly. “Um. I don’t- uh. I don’t want to impose. I can probably just get what I need for tonight and walk back to the teacher’s house.”

Phupha turned to him. “What? Tian, no. It’s too late. It’s not safe.”

Tian looked at him. “Where would I sleep?”

“Oh, I’m sure Phupha could find somewhere for you to stay nice and warm all night long,” Nam teased and Phupha mouthed ‘fuck you’ at him.

“Tian, it’s fine. You stayed with me before. You can have my bed. I’ll sleep on the floor, like last time,” Phupha said. “Or if- uh- if you don’t feel comfortable with that I can go- go stay in the barracks with the others.” He glared at Nam. “Or go sleep at the clinic since Nam has the night shift tonight and kick him repeatedly. You know. To make sure he’s able to stay awake.”

Tian giggled and shook his head. Even Nam couldn’t deny he was cute right now. “No, we can both stay in your room. You’re right, we did it before.”

“Yeah, Phupha. You can do that thing you like to do where you walk around naked after you shower and show off-“

“Goddamn it, Nam! Get your ass to the clinic now!” Phupha said, and Nam dodged a kick to the ass as he took off running.

When he glanced back, however, Phupha and Tian were exchanging shy glances and smiling as the linked hands again.


Nam was a little surprised when Tian didn’t actually move in with Phupha right away. He sort of figured they would want to make up for lost time. However, after that first night, Phupha and the kids helped Tian clean up the teacher’s house, get settled in, and start getting ready to start teaching.

That said, Nam was not surprised when, only a week after Tian’s return, Phupha came into the clinic, hands on his hips and making that pinched face he always made when he was embarrassed about something. “So. What did you do?” he asked with a smirk.

Phupha let his head hang. “I’m only asking you this because I hate you and want you to have to face this mental image,” he said, but Nam could tell it was a deflection. Phupha raised his head, looking up at the ceiling as he blew out a long breath. “How do two men have sex?”

Nam barked out a laugh. “Oh so you haven’t done it yet, huh?”

Phupha glared at him, cheeks bright red. “Nam, you know damn well I’m a virgin and I’ve lived my entire life somewhere without TV or internet. I don’t know the first thing about it other than rumors I’ve heard over the years. Tian keeps kissing me and flirting with me and I think he wants to… do it.” He grimaced. “How do you do it? And like, I don’t know the first thing about how you do it with two men since I only know about reproduction.”

Nam sat back in his chair. “Well you do know usually with two men, there’s anal sex, where one partner penetrates the other-“

“I’m not entirely naïve, I know that,” Phupha said, crossing his arms and shifting from foot to foot. “But how? That’s not usually where something goes in,” he said pointedly. “And why would you want to? That sounds… painful,” he said, looking a bit disturbed.

Nam snickered. “Let me print you off some stuff when I get home tonight, and come back tomorrow. I promise not to make too much fun of you because I am a medical professional, so it’s kind of my duty to my oath to actually provide assistance in things related to this.”

Phupha exhaled loudly through his nose. “I know you. You will make fun of me. Endlessly. But yeah, that’s why I trust you with this.” He pointed at him. “Just never tell Yod or Rang. Got it?”

Nam saluted. “Got it.”


Nam really did plan to help Phupha, but when he couldn’t resist screwing with him at least a little. So in the folder with all the documents in it, he put a printed out screencap of a very graphic gay porn scene of a small guy who was clearly enjoying what the big guy was doing to him with his tongue. He couldn’t wait to see Phupha’s reaction.

It ended up being priceless.

“Okay, so let’s do this,” Phupha said, looking nervous and still embarrassed.

“Here you go,” he said, sliding the folder across his desk to Phupha.

Phupha opened it, tilted his head in confusion, probably not realizing what he was looking at straight away, and instantly yelped, a sound Nam had never heard him make, and slammed it shut. “NAM!” he shouted, looking horrified. “What the fuck?!”

Nam snickered. “Sorry, I just had to. Don’t worry, that’s the only one of those. The rest are actually useful documents.”

Phupha cautiously opened it again, looking at the image in clear shock. “What is he even doing?”

“That’s a sexual practice called rimming. It’s oral-to-anal sex.” He saw the way Phupha quickly turned that paper over and went to the next one. “Kinda shocked you don’t know that one. I hear the guys talking about their weekend trips to the city. I figured somebody would be into it and mention it.” Phupha looked at him skeptically. “It’s not just a gay thing,” he said with a shrug. Men do it to women, and women do it to men if they’re into that.”

“Moving on, please,” Phupha said, looking at the page. “So, blowjobs. Obviously I know what those are.”

Nam nodded. “With blowjobs, it’s important to remember where the nerve endings that are sensitive are and how to not use your teeth or choke your partner – unless he’s into that,” he added. “Also in general, a lot of people skip the safe sex part of blowjobs, but if you’re going to be safe, use one condom for that, but if you go to penetration, change condoms, because your teeth might have snagged the condom and torn a hole in it.” He smirked. “Although having seen Tian’s medical records and yours, if you wanted to do it bareback, it should be safe.”

“Nam,” Phupha said, glaring at him.

“I’m just saying! If he really did stay faithful to you in America, you guys are both healthy.” He winked. “How do you think my wife got pregnant.”

“Ew,” Phupha said, making a face. “I sure never wanted to think about that. Thank you.”

Nam continued. “Also, communication is important. Some people don’t like semen in their mouth, so you want to warn them before ejaculating so they can choose what they want there.”

“I never expected that using clinical terms would somehow make this less uncomfortable,” Phupha muttered, then turned to the next page. “What’s this?”

Nam pointed to a list. “This is a list of different types of condoms and what they’re for. Like flavored condoms are for oral only. They’re not really healthy to use internally. This is different types of lubricants and how some are water based – what you need to use for penetration – and some are synthetic. Some are even flavored. Some cause different sensations, like warming or tingling. Although a lot of people have reactions to those. So it’s best to test it before going for penetration.”

“God, there’s so much more to sex than I ever thought about,” Phupha said. He turned the page, and on this one there was a medical diagram of the male anatomy from the front and from the side with things labeled. “I mean, most of this I know already. I did have to study anatomy when I was in training since we have to be ready to provide medical assistance in the field.”

Nam nodded. “But this is the important part.” He showed him the side-view. “This shows where the prostate is. That’s what makes men like anal sex. There are other sensitive nerves to be stimulated, but this is a very sensitive bundle of nerves that provides pleasure. It’s why some men become aroused during prostate exams even if they aren’t at all interested in a doctor sticking a finger in there to feel for abnormalities.”

Phuma’s brow furrowed. “So like, if you were doing it, that’s what you want to stimulate internally?”

Nam nodded. “Some guys don’t like penetration, so it’s not a definite thing you have to do, but that is the typical reason men like anal penetration.”

Phupha looked at the next page and tilted his head before his eyes widened. “Why is he putting his fingers in?”

Nam snorted. “Well it’s not necessary really for some people, but a lot of the time it’s both a matter of foreplay and to get their partner used to having something inside. It relaxes the anus so that when a larger object, like a penis, is pushed in, it doesn’t hurt as much.”

Phupha looked up at him. “As much? I mean I know I said it sounded painful, but if it’s lubricated, shouldn’t it not hurt?”

“Some of the resources I found said some guys don’t really feel much pain after the initial push in as long as their partner goes slow, but some say that it hurts pretty much the whole time, but the pleasure is worth the discomfort.” He pointed down to the words below. “There is a risk of actual injury. You have to be slow and careful and listen to what your partner indicates they feel. It is possible to have bleeding and even tearing that requires immediate medical attention if not done carefully enough.” He smiled gently. “Do you know if Tian has ever…”

Phupha blushed. “How would I ask him that?” he asked incredulously. “Hey Tian, funny question, have you ever had a dick up your ass?”

Nam sighed. “Phu,” he said gently. “You have to talk about these things before you start becoming sexually active. You need to at least know what he likes.”

Phupha groaned and let his head thump to the desk on top of the graphic of someone being anally fingered.


A few days after the sex ed lesson, Nam was at the station patching up a few cuts and scrapes some of the guys got when a routine patrol surprised a sun bear and they all ran like hell to get away from it before it could decide whether to run or try to defend itself. Mostly, they were just scratches on their faces from getting whacked by tree limbs as they ran.

Yod also tripped and skinned his knee, but it wasn’t anything serious.

They were sitting out in the sun while Nam patched the grumbling rangers up when Tian, who was the first to show up, worried Phupha had gotten injured when he heard about the incident, came walking from the dining table with something in his hands and a smirk. “So. Which of you horny men left a diagram with a list of male erogenous zones laying on the dining table?” he asked, holding it up, eyebrow raised. “Big plans for the weekend and want to study up to show the girl you’re going out with what you like?” He snickered and looked down at it. “Or is somebody planning a solo party and want to make it extra special?”

All the guys were looking around at one another suspiciously, but when Nam looked at Phupha, whose jaw was clenched and his eyes fixed on the ground, ears turning red, Nam couldn’t help but bark out a laugh then put his hand over his mouth, looking away quickly to try and preserve Phupha’s dignity.

However, all it took was Yod asking, “Hey Chief, why are you blushing?” all the guys looked at each other and started snickering like schoolboys.

Tian’s eyes widened and he slowly blushed, shoving the paper behind his back. “Uh- uh- I’m gonna go check on dinner!” he said, rushing back inside.

Jay snickered. “Hey Chief. You got a special weekend planned?” he teased, and they all started laughing again.

Mark barked out a laugh. “Wait, is that why lube was on the grocery order this week? I figured somebody was just sick of jacking it with lotion!”

“Shut up or I’ll send you back to the bear,” Phupha grumbled, looking thoroughly embarrassed.

“Come on, leave him alone,” Nam coaxed.

“No way!” Rang said. “They haven’t even made it official yet, and Chief is expecting-“

“That is enough.” They all quieted down when Tian showed up on the deck, holding a wooden spoon in his hand threateningly, hand on his hip and a glare on his face. “Don’t make me go Teacher Mode on you big children. Leave Chief alone. My youngest children know better than to bully someone. You are grown men. Act like it,” he said sternly, then headed back inside.

Everybody was quiet before Yod said, “Wow, that university degree in education sure turned him into a real teacher. I felt like I was going to get punished to write lines,” he said.

“For real,” Jay muttered.


After dinner, Nam got ready to head back to the clinic. He heard Tian and Phupha’s voices from in Phupha’s room and he knocked, though the door wasn’t shut all the way. “Yes?” Phupha called out.

Nam stepped in and gave them a sympathetic smile, looking at the way Tian was hugging himself and looked grumpy. “I’m heading off. Night shift again.” He hesitated. “You guys okay?”

Tian rolled his eyes. “No, I’m pissed off,” he said forcefully. “Those jerks had no right to embarrass my boyfriend like that! And I’m also guilty because it’s my fault! I’m the one that brought up that sheet-“

“Tian, I told you,” Phupha comforted, taking his hand from where they sat side by side on the bed. “It’s okay. It’s not your fault.”

Nam sighed. “Tian, if it’s anybody’s fault it’s mine. I’m the one that gave him all that stuff. I could have just talked to him about it, not printed off pages of information.”

Tian looked at Phupha. “Why did you have that paper? And what other ones are there?” he asked, clearly not caring Nam was there, since Nam was part of it all.

Phupha sighed, dropping his head back to look up at the ceiling. “I went to Nam for help because he’s a doctor and I needed to know how two men have sex.”

Tian raised an eyebrow. “But… you’re gay. We talked about this when I told you I thought I was bisexual but realized I’m gay, too.” He rubbed his knuckles. “What’s going on, Chief?”

Phupha closed his eyes. “Tian. You were my first kiss. I’m a virgin. I’ve never seen porn or anything because I lived my entire life in the forest. And the guys say vulgar things about dating women, not men.” He huffed. “I was embarrassed. I didn’t know what else to do.”

Nam saw the moment Tian’s eyes melted and he was surprised. He expected shock. “Oh Phupha.” He reached out and cupped his cheek. “You have nothing to be embarrassed about,” he urged. Nam smiled at how Phupha leaned into the touch. It was nice to see his best friend in love.

“I’m thirty-three years old, Tian, and just had my first kiss. That is embarrassing,” he muttered.

“No, it’s not,” Tian said more firmly. “Everybody is different. You’ve dedicated your life to the forest. It’s noble that you were more devoted to protecting what you love than seeking meaningless sex, okay?” He looked at Nam. “Thank you for helping him out. I’m sure you teased him along the way, but I’m grateful he has you, Doc.”

Nam smiled and nodded. “You guys are my friends. I want my friends to be happy.” He smirked at Phupha. “Even if I did have to be a little bit of an asshole and shock him with a gay porn photo just to see his face.”

“Nam!” Phupha hissed. “Get out and go to your shift at the clinic!”

Nam waved. “See ya!” He dodged a boot thrown at him as he left, laughing all the way.


It was only a few days later that Nam came to the station early after yet another night shift – trying to get his quota as full as he could before the baby came – and found several rangers sitting around the table, looking half-asleep still. “Well, what happened to you guys? I didn’t hear about any missions last night.”

“Good morning, Doc!” Nam looked up as he sat down and was surprised to see Tian wearing nothing but one of Phupha’s teeshirts, the green army jacket he’d kept from Phupha, and a pair of boxers, bringing coffee over to the table.

Rang let his head fall to the table with a thud. “Ask him.”

Nam looked at Tian curiously. “Did something happen? Is Phupha okay? I didn’t know you slept over.”

Tian smirked. “Oh he’s more than okay.”

“We know!” Yod said, rubbing at his eyes. “Until nearly dawn, you made sure we definitely know.”

Finally, it clicked. Nam bit back a snicker. “Wait, are you saying-“

“Good morning, Nam.” He looked up and sat Phupha coming from the shower in just his uniform pants, no shirt on, an a towel around his shoulders as his hair was still dripping. He walked over to Tian, who gave him a smitten look and tipped his head up so that Phupha could greet him in a sweet little kiss. “Good morning, My Star,” he said, and Tian giggled.

“Good morning, my Green Giant.” He patted his arm. “Get dressed, I’m almost done with breakfast. I woke up starving,” he said with a sultry look and Phupha just smirked and brushed a bit of hair from Tian’s eyes before going to his room.

Nam nodded appraisingly. “Damn. Nearly until dawn, huh?”

Tian blushed but shrugged. “Your notes really worked,” he said, then went to go get the rest of the food while the sleepy rangers fought over the coffee.

Nam couldn’t wait to tell his wife that he got Phupha laid finally.