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Those Eyes Saved Me

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The bed squeaked as it banged against the walls of the dingy hotel room. The smell of sex and the sound of slapping skin filled the room. The floorbords creaked making it impossible for the people next door not to know what their neibours were up to..

A slim fragile body was turned, grabbed and picked up relentlessly like it were a ragdoll's as a larger figure pounded into the smaller one…

This was the norm for him...This was Levi's way of earning a bit of extra cash. It wasn't ideal but he didn't complain since it was his choice to do this... Hotel rooms other times street corners, work places and even clubs.. anywhere that offered an oppertunity he took it.

At this moment one of Levi's regulars was having his way with the man not caring that his rough actions would leave bruises or marks. This is what these guys paid for. Levi would let them do whatever they wanted for a generous pay up. They were usually business men with high paying jobs. Some had a wife and kids, but that never bothered Levi since they were usually the type to pay more.

Straddeling the larger man Levi moved his hips, his insides were now sore and he could feel no form of pleasure anymore. This man had come three times and still had the energy for a forth round. Grabbing hold of the smaller guys hips he thrust up into him causing a pain to shoot up Levi's back. Gritting his teeth Levi held back a sound of pain that wanted to escape his lips.

"Aren't you going to fucking come already! .. My ass can't take anymore"

The man just smirked ignoring Levi's complaints and instead moved his hips faster. The dark haired man bit his lip, and shut his eyes tight as a tear rolled down his cheek "S..Shit.. that really fucking hurts!" The man however didn't slow down and instead tipped Levi back onto the bed thrusting at a fast pace causing Levi to cry out in pain.. He finally pulled out panting and stroked himself until he came all over Levi's chest..

"You're fucking disgusting.. cumming on me like that"

The client then reached out his hand grabbing a fist of black hair as Levi winced with pain before his lips were forced open by the man's tougne before it began to explore the smaller mouth. He then pulled away from Levi's lips grinning "Don't pretend you don't love this you little cum slut" He continued to kiss the smaller male licking the saliva falling from the sides of Levi's mouth..

Levi tried to catch his breath pushing on the larger chest so he could get some air "Enough already!.. I feel so dirty, I need a shower and then I'm leaving this shit hole…" removing himself from the other man's arms Levi wearily made his way to the bathroom.

Opening up the glass door to the stand up shower he stepped in leaning against the cold tiles for support before turning on the taps letting the water fall onto his sweaty body. It was a wonder to himself how he allowed complete strangers to touch him in such an intimate way considering he had such a disliking for dirt and germs. Some of his clients even asked if he had OCD, but he would push the question aside and get on with his job. Turning off the taps he exited the shower and dried himself with a towel the hotel provided, which he then stuffed into his rucksack along with some shampoo, soap and shower gel to take home.

Changing into pair of black skinny jeans, a white T and black hoodie Levi walked out of the bathroom ready to put his sneakers on. "So you didn't give me the pleasure of watching you get dressed.. you know how much I love that body of yours" the older man eyed the smaller figure as he tied his laces
"I think you've enjoyed enough of it for one night.. " Walking over to the man Levi leaned into his face snatching the already prepared money in his hand. He then began counting the notes as a cigarette was placed to his lips and lit. "What? You don't trust me so you have to count?" The man said lighting his own ciggarette "Exactly" Levi released the smoke from his mouth. "You aren't getting away with short changing me like I let you off last time"

The older man laughed "You only let me off because I fucked you so good that it wouldn't have been right for me to pay the full price when you enjoyed yourself just as much. You couldn't even remember where you were when you woke up" stuffing the money in his pocket Levi stuck his middle finger up at the man "I'm leaving.. This place fucking stinks, oh and tell your wife I said hi" Walking to the door Levi smirked at the annoyed expression on the other man's face "You can be a bitch sometimes you know" Levi stubbed out the cigarette on the wall tossing it onto the floor before opening the room door "Yeah, I know" and with that he slammed the room door shut making his way to the elevator.

Walking through the hotel lobby he could tell all eyes of the the reception desk staff were on him and he wasn't surprised. They must have recieved a few calls of complaints but funnily enough no one came to confront the two, or someone did but Levi was to loud to notice.

Leaving the hotel Levi began walking to a nearby train station. He pulled out his phone and began typing the message (I'm on my way, be there in a sec) to a number under the name of 'Fix' before returning the phone back to his pocket…

Arriving at the station a shady hodded boy approched Levi "You good?" Levi reached into his pocket carefully counting out a few notes so no one else at the station could see "I'm feeling better now I've seen you" handing the boy a thick stack of notes the young teen reached into a gym bag he was carrying pulling out a brown paper bag "This is some top quailty stuff. You see? I provide the best for my favourite customer" the boy said with a cheeky smile "Tough luck for you I don't pay with sex anymore huh" Levi said unzipping his rucksack to place the paper bag inside "I'll get you into bed again. Remember not every dealer is gonna accept a trade like that whether I on the other hand know what that body of yours can do" leaning into Levi's face the young boy kissed Levi's unmoving lips "You can be such a mood killer sometimes" he said removing his face from the smaller males with a small pout.

Levi's expression remained bored as he tapped the boys shoulder "My train is here so I better go, Will see you some time next week that's if I haven't run out by then" The boy nodded as Levi got onto the train taking a seat. Sniggering the hooded boy shook his head "I bet he hasn't even bought a ticket… typical"

Getting off at the third stop Levi made his way to a block of flats that were situated not too far from the station. Getting out his key he unlocked the heavy metal door and proceeded to walk up twelve flights of stairs since the elevator wasn't working.. it never did work anyway. Reaching his door he unlocked and pushed it open letting it slam behind him after he had walked in. He then picked up a number of letters that had been there since that morning, which he couldn't be bothered to pick up, and scanned over them quickly "Bills… Bills .. Invitation to church… Bills.."

Tossing them onto a nearby table he began turning on a couple fan heaters that were dotted around his flat. It was the middle of winter and it had been snowing much to Levi's annoyance. He opted on using fan heaters so he didn't have to pay too much for gas though that didn't stop his electricity bill being expensive. He had to budget how and what he used and he would rather have hot bathing water than heating. He hardly cooked and lived on takeaways dispite his slim figure so he never used his gas oven.

Walking into his small kitchen Levi went to the fridge taking out a bottle of rosé . Even though he was scraped for cash Levi never restricted himself from having good tasting alcohol . He then Reached into his rucksack pulling out the paper bag and opened it. Inside was a large clear bag filled with a white powder like substance... Levi picked up a measuring scoop from his kitchen draws and dipped it into the bag. He then tipped the powder neatly onto the serface.

Reaching into the bag again Levi pulled out his wallet. He opened it taking out a card used for an ATM machine and began crushing the powder with it.

Crushing it into a thin line Levi blocked one of his nostrals with a finger while he leveled the other one up to the begining of the line. He inhaled the whole line his nose twitching afterwards as he wriggled it trying not to sneeze.

Once he could breath normally again Levi opened the bottle of wine pouring it into a glass before walking into his bedroom. He shut the curtains and switched on his bedside radio turning it up as a heavy bass beat played. He lay back on his bed waiting for the drug to kick in so he could, even if it was only for a little while, forget about the shitty little life he was living and go to a place that felt like true happiness.

After a few minuets the drug started to take it's affect and Levi ended up having another bath humming under his breath to one of the songs the radio was playing. Taking a sip of his wine he lay back closing his eyes only to fall asleep a few moments later… he was completely out of it. By the time he had woken up the bath water had turned cold, most of the lights were left on and his radio was still on playing a ridiculously repetitive techno tune…

Levi knew it would have to take a miracle for his life to change, but another part of him wasn't sure if he wanted it to.

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It wasn't that he didn't like children, if anything he found himself take on the role of mother hen quite frequently, but he just couldn't stand brats, Whiny, spoilt, rowdy brats even though his day job forced him to cater for these types of children he put up with it rather well. He called it his day job, since selling his body was classed as a bit of cash on the side.

Childminding was not something he really wanted to do but it payed the bills and for that he didn't mind. The regular kids he took care of were usually the children of Levi's nightly customers... When the clients wife wasn't home it would result in a quickie in the bedroom before the men left for work and their kid or kids was still asleep.

Removing himself from the now tangled sheets Levi walked over to his daytime client helping him straighten his tie "Morning sex does make my day run better surprisingly.. Too bad my wife can't beat you at it" The man called Erwin began clipping his cuff links as Levi watched "So you don't feel guilty?.. You just fucked somebody else in the bed your wife sleeps in and to top that off it's a guy"

Erwin's smile faded as he paused on getting himself ready "Is that a question you should be asking right after we've fucked?" Levi shrugged "Just curious" the taller man turned to him his larger hands snaking their way around Levi's smaller body. "How about we go again, I have a feeling work's going to be stressful today"

Levi smirked pulling Erwin by the tie back to the bed "You know I charge extra for this" the taller man shrugged "Better make it worth it then" Lying back onto the bed Levi Pulled Erwin on top of him and began to undo the larger man's shirt.

The two then stopped abruptly as they heard a small thudding sound of footsteps coming towards the room. Erwin pushed Levi off him and rushed to the bedroom door to stop the person from entering. Levi frowned as he began pulling his jeans on and straightening out his clothes. "She's up early"

"Shh she'll hear you in here!" Erwin leaned his head against the door as the footsteps got closer "Daddy?" Erwin buttoned up his shirt and opened the door after Levi was fully clothed "Daddy was just talking to Mr Rivaille sweetie you go and get dressed he'll make you your breakfast" Erwin picked the little girl up giving her a hug and kisses on the cheek while she giggled.

Levi watched awkwardly rubbing his arm. This was the worst part of his job because it reminded him of just how lonely he was. After the girl had left Erwin turned to Levi "I'll pay you for this morning when my wife pays you for watching Lilly, but right now I need to finish getting ready" Levi knew when it was his cue to leave and walked out the bedroom to go make breakfast for Erwin's daughter
"Which one do you want? Chocolate spread, jam or peanut butter?" Levi said to the little girl who was currently engrossed in the TV "Don't make me repeat myself.." The little girl who was named Lilly frowned "I said I wanted chocolate!" Levi huffed speaking under his breath "No you fucking didn't you little tart" returning to the kitchen he began preparing Lilly's lunch it was quite tempting to put jam instead of chocolate spread but thought it was best that he didn't piss her off today..

Levi walked back into the living room with a tray containing her lunch on it. "Mummy says I'm not allowed to eat in here remember?" Levi shrugged "I won't tell if you don't" with that she took the tray from his hands and sat on the floor continuing to watch her program. Lilly was tutored at home. Most of the children Levi watched didn't go to school and got taught at home. Anyone would say he was doing alright, he mixed with the wealthy people and got paid quite decent. He kept his seedy night life and drug addiction well hidden not even the men he slept with knew about that part of him that relied on drugs and it was best they didn't otherwise he wouldn't have the job he was currently doing. He also had the problem that if these wives found out about anything he could be exposed in a horrible way…

It was now twelve and usually that meant Levi would be watching TV while Lilly had her lessons that started at 11:30pm-15:00, but there was no sign of her tutor and it was unprofessional for a well paid tutor to turn up late. "Maybe I should give your mum a call.." Levi spoke aloud not that the 6 year old was listening. Reaching for the house phone Levi pressed Lilly's mum's number and waited for an answer "Hello?" "Hi Mrs Smith it's Levi. I thought I should let you know that Lilly's tutor hasn't shown up" Lilly's mum who's name was Hanji went quiet for a moment before suddenly yelling down the phone so that Levi had to remove it from his ear "Oh! silly me I forgot to write you that note before I left this morning! Her tutor is very sick and can't make it today so it's just going to be you and Lilly today!"

"G..Great" Levi said through gritted teeth "Well if that's all I will be getting back to work now" Levi said bye before hanging up on the woman.. "Looks like you've got me for the whole day brat"
Levi stood in the hallway buttoning up his jacket whilst Lilly repeatedly stomped her foot "I don't want to go out!" Levi ignored the girls protests and instead reached for the girls coat, scarf and gloves. "Too bad" She tried to escape as he held onto her arm sliding the sleeve, with much difficulty, onto her arm. "You're gonna be like normal kids and play in the park. If you continue to watch TV like you have your eyes will turn square" Lilly stopped fidgeting by this point making it easier for Levi to wrap the scarf around her and fit gloves onto her hands "You're lying. Your eyes can't do that?.." she said with a tone of half sceptical half worry. Levi just smirked "Well we'll have to find out won't we" taking the small gloved hand in his own he opened the house door locking it behind him. The two then made their way to a near by convenience store where Levi bought Lilly a pack of sweets and himself some cigarettes.

The real reason he wanted to get out the house was so he could smoke. Lilly's mum had banned him from smoking around the girl or anywhere near the house. When Lilly was being tutored he would pop out and do it, but since he couldn't do that today he settled on taking Lilly to the park so it would distract her long enough for him to fill his lungs.

Arriving at the local playground Lilly looked startled "I want to go home" she said holding Levi's hand tighter. Levi knew it was because she was not a sociable little girl and that was mainly the fault of her parents not letting her go out and play with kids her age much, but Levi didn't care about that right now he just needed that cigarette. Bending down so he was on her level he stroked the girls brown curls. "Hey it's not that scary you know. Maybe you'll make a new friend. Go and play on the swings I'll come over in a bit" Letting go of his hand slowly Lilly began walking to the swing set.

Levi laughed to himself at how different the little girl looked to the rest of the kids. She was wearing an expensive coat and boots and her face wasn't dirty and she spoke rather well. Most of the kids in the park were the local little shits as Levi called them. They usually caused trouble and were known to be rowdy. Levi didn't have any concerns for Lilly's safety since he too was known by these kids and when they had pissed him off in the past at least one of the older ones had ended up in hospital..

He waited until Lilly was settled and she was singing to herself whilst swinging to open the box. He took out a cigarette placing it between his lips returning the box to his pocket afterwards. Pulling out a lighter Levi covered the end of the stick whilst lighting it so that the icy wind didn't interfere. Inhaling Levi closed his eyes the sound of screaming and laughing children echoing in his ear, exhaling a thick white smoke escaped his mouth as the heat mixed with the freezing air..

It hadn't snowed for at least two days, but the ice was still thick on the floor and the air was bitter. Levi was somehow used to the cold now, his fingers and the tip of his nose were numb but he didn't seem to care. Levi had always been bad when it came to his health the only thing he was extra cautious about was his sexual well being, but that was only because he wouldn't get any work if he had all types of diseases so he went to the doctors frequently about that, but things like his body aching or a cold that lasted for more then a week he never got checked out.

Hearing Lilly laughing he opened his eyes searching for the pink coat in the playground. Finding her he could see she was with somebody laughing and joking around. He chuckled to himself noticing that it was a boy she had befriended "I knew she was a little tart" he said to himself taking another drag of smoke. Before long Lilly came running to the bench outside the park where Levi was sitting the little boy following behind her "Levi! Levi! Look I made a new friend!" Levi smirked as Lilly approached him "Don't be so loud. You'll scare him off" he said his eye moving to when the boy stood.

He was definitely younger then Lilly and was by an inch smaller. His hair was a dark brown almost black and his skin had a slight tan, but the feature that intrigued Levi the most were his eyes.. they had to be the most earnest eyes he had ever seen. They were big and somehow sparkled and their colour was an unusual turquoise shade. He had to be the most handsome little boy he had ever seen in person. Smiling at the boy Levi held out his hand to shake "Nice to meet you. I'm Levi" The little boy stared at Levi then at his hand. He then, with both hands, held Levi's turning it and brought it to his lips kissing it.

Shocked wasn't the word to describe Levi's face while Lilly just laughed "That's what he did to me!" Levi gave the boy a confused look smiling at his odd habit "Do you do that to everyone? You should be careful about kissing random people's hands.. you could catch their germs" he gave the boy's hair a ruffle.

"My dad says it's a polite way to greet a lady"

At this Lilly began laughing so loud some of the children in the park turned to look at her "Levi's not a girl silly!" Levi would have called the kid a shitty, smart mouthed brat if it wasn't for the sincere look he gave whilst speaking the sentence. "B..But she has a pretty face~" Levi didn't know how to take this kid, he was way too adorable for his own good, but how could he seriously mistake Levi for a woman. "Thanks for the compliment cutie, but that's really knocked my confidence as a man" the small boy tilted his head as if he was truly thinking about the fact Levi was a man "You're pretty"

Lilly stomped her foot "What about me?! You never said I was pretty once and I'm the girl here!" The little boy turned to Lilly "Loud girls aren't cute you know~"

Levi had to hold in a giggle as Lilly's face turned red "I'm not loud" the boy tapped her shoulder "You are, but that's okay that's one of the reasons I made friends with you. We can play monsters cos you've got the biggest mouth I've ever heard" Levi was trying his best not to laugh but it failed this kid obviously didn't know the amount of sarcasm coming out of his mouth and it made Levi question who this boy was.. "Hey kid you never said your name"
"My name's Hunter"

Levi gave the boy a small smile "That's a nice boyish name" Hunter grinned "My daddy named me!" Lilly began looking around the park "Is your daddy here?" He nodded pointing to a man sitting on another bench across the other side of the park. He seemed to be engrossed in a book, Levi couldn't make out a lot from where he was sitting "Let's go see him!" Lilly said pulling on Levi's arm " he's working right now. He said for me not to disturb him while he's working and that I should play for now"

The thought then suddenly dawned on Levi that this kid wasn't in nursery. "Don't you go to school hun" Hunter shook his head "Daddy has someone teach me sometimes when he's working and sometimes nanny does too"

Levi smelled an opportunity, a good opportunity. "Your daddy must be tired huh? He sounds like a busy guy.. where's your mummy?" Hunter's expression changed to a sad thoughtful one as he looked down at his feet "D..Daddy said she is with the angels in heaven" He then looked back up to Levi a small smile on his lips. "That means she's watching over me" Lilly was quite mature for her age and knew what that sentence meant "Yes she's an angel" Lilly looked up at Levi, who was currently staring across the playground at Hunter's dad "Come.. lets go play for a bit until your daddy has finished his work"

The two kids agreed each holding onto one of Levi's hands as they walked carefully back into the park so they didn't slip on the ice.
Upon closer observation Levi could see Hunter's dad much better. His child was a splitting image of him his hair was just a bit lighter and his tan was more prominent.. he looked young which surprised Levi as he had never offered his services to a young dad before. The guy also didn't look like he was working, he look like he was studying…

The guy lifted his head to take a quick glance at the playground. Levi guessed it was to check if Hunter was alright, but the glance was so quick it sort of angered Levi 'What a self centred idiot. His son is here all alone anyone could just pick him up and he's there not giving a damn..' He never usually cared about a strangers child unless there was something in it for him, but he did sense a work opportunity and Hunter was quite adorable. Levi thought he would have to start a conversation sometime 'tch.. this better be worth my time..'

Walking out the park gate Levi made his way over to the man sitting on the bench. Lilly and Hunter continued to play their game not noticing Levi had left. Approaching the bench Levi cleared his throat. The guy then lifted his head obviously surprised by The presence of another person "Can I help y-" The guy seemed to stop mid sentence and then rubbed his temples "Ah shit did Hunter bite your kid! He has a habit of doing that if he feels threatened" Levi froze for a moment unable to speak as he was surprised at how good looking and well kept this young man was.

"You should take more notice of what your son is doing. He hasn't bitten anybody but this park is full of weirdos and your son is perfect perv bait" The guy laughed "Who Hunter?! Naa he'd kick their asses" Levi frowned "You seem so caught up in what you're doing that you failed to notice he was missing from the park for a good few minuets whilst he was talking to me.." Levi folded his arms this guys behaviour was concerning even to Levi "Oh shit.." closing his book the guy stood up looking into the park. Levi's eyes widened at the sheer height difference between himself and the boy. He frowned as he became somehow jealous of this guy. "He's fine see he's playing with that little cutie there. That's typical of my boy he's a little lady killer"

Levi pulled a face of disgust "That little girl is with me, I'm her carer and by the sounds of it your son has more manners than his dad" the brunette boy turned to Levi "Geez you're a bit uptight aren't you.. You've kinda caught me at a bad time you see.." he pointed to the stack of books and notepad on the bench "I'm guessing you've been watching out for him whilst I haven't?." Levi shrugged "Well it's kinda my job so I did it subconsciously" The black haired man placed a hand on his hip. "Oh you're a baby sitter? I could do with one of those to be honest just haven't got the financial output for one right now" Levi raised an eyebrow "I prefer the term carer..anyway you seem preoccupied with your work so I'll leave you to it.. just keep an eye out on your kid.. he seems to be doing that biting thing you was talking about earlier"

Turning his head the guy called out for the young boy "Hunter!!" The kid immediately stopped beating up a bunch of older boys, who were picking on Lilly. And instead settled for a death glare and verbal warning. Levi was surprised at this and turned to walk back to the park when his arm was caught hold of. "Umm.. listen in the near future I'm gonna need someone to watch Hunter for me while I'm working. My mum can't do it everyday since she has a job of her own and you seem like a no nonsense sort of person, which Hunter needs sometimes, so do you have a card or something I can contact you with"

Levi wasn't going to bother give out his contact details to a guy who claimed he didn't have the financial stability he was used to seeing, but it wouldn't do any harm he guessed. Picking up the guy's notepad from the bench he wrote down his number "The name's Levi, by the way" writing his name next to the number Levi handed the pad back to the young man "Eren" he said pointing to himself before taking the pad. "Cute name" Levi said before turning to walk back to the park to fetch Lilly..

"Not as cute as your face.." Eren said under his breath raising an eyebrow as he watched Levi's back..

After fetching Lilly and saying their goodbye's to Hunter they left the park "Thank you Levi.." Levi looked down at Lilly "For what?" She smiled looking back up at him "For taking me to the park and letting me make a new friend.. now my eyes can't go square" Levi laughed "You're kinda special sometimes Lilly.. You are definitely your mother's child"

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It was finally December, but for Levi it had to be the worst month of the year. It reminded him of all the things he tried to forget during his daily life and what made it worse was his birthday was on Christmas day and whilst families went Christmas shopping and young couples went ice skating he became more depressed than he usually was and that caused him to get high more.

Levi sat in his living room smoking a joint while he text a possible client for that evening. He didn't have a load of money around Christmas time either since most of his clients were family men they were off on holiday with their wives and kids or some were just busy. His childminding job was also experimental since he wasn't qualified to look after children he relied on those that knew him.

The Smith family was away to visit Hanji's parents so that source of income was lost in two ways.. and another child he usually watched had been sent to his grandmothers for the holidays. He was now relying on the one off babysitting call or that horny guy who needed to fuck.

Having no money stressed Levi out more then anything... He was already in debt to a dealer named Farlan who he couldn't pay. He considered himself Levi's boyfriend even though Levi had broken up with him, but he was more than happy to take the offer of body payment but after doing the deed he still demanded pay and was persistent in receiving it.

This did worry Levi but Farlan had not contacted him in a while so Levi put it out of his mind guessing he had found someone else to bother.

Before Levi had moved into the flat he was currently living in, his old place was continually broken into and Farlan would come over unexpectedly pestering Levi for sex and money. But when the smaller male refused him the blonde man would become abusive and brutal towards Levi.

Levi would end up in hospital at times with the odd bloody nose and bruises, but once he had moved into his new place Levi made sure the guy never knew his address even though he couldn't run away from the fact he owed him money. Levi found himself a new dealers and began living more reclusive ..

Levi also owed his mum money and his rent wasn't cheap for a shitty flat located in one of the more rougher sides of town.

Tilting his head back over the sofa Levi watched the drug's smoke realising into the air. He closed his eyes waiting for the high and also a reply from the possible client, but when he never received one he went on to texting another and then another until he got the answer he wanted. '8:30 at a local hotel.

Levi never let any of the guys he slept with, bought drugs off or anyone for the matter know where he lived.. He was very paranoid and secretive and his home was a safe haven. He also didn't want it dirtied by guests so he kept his home a secret from everyone including his own family… this was probably one of the main reasons he was so lonely since no one came to visit him. he didn't even have friends as such just connections. And even then he never saw them more than once a week.

It was boring but he was used to it as long as his hungry sex drive was fed then he was okay.. he knew that he was a low life. Prostitution was not the best way to go in life and he was never looked at like actual boyfriend material since it was so easy to bed him as long as the person had cash. He had convinced himself that he was going to end up a lonely old man and probably die in his flat and the only way he'd be discovered was by bailiffs because he wasn't paying up..

Levi's view on his future was a dim one.. he had at one point thought about going back to college but when he began calculating the fees he was put off straight away. He wasn't stupid either, when he was younger he was always top of his class in most subjects. He carried that with him into his adult life and continued to self teach. His strong point was maths but he was just as good at literacy and his favourite subject to learn was geography. He was fascinated by all the different countries in the world and their cultures, he wanted to visit them but Levi was a realist and knew that wouldn't be possible by the way he was living..

The fumes from the joint were taking their affect now as Levi smiled feeling the drug erase all of his worries and pressures.. he then slid off the sofa and crawled to the middle of the room. He turned onto his back lying face up to stare at the white ceiling. His heart was beating like crazy but he didn't care.

His dependency on drugs came just before he left school and they were the reason he was homeless at age 16.. His mum was a woman of pride and Levi taking drugs in her house was an offence that was unforgivable. He was never close with his parents his mum was a very cold woman and liked to keep herself to herself and his father was Levi's excuse for everything that ever went wrong in his life.. he didn't like his mother but hate was the word that he used to describe his feelings towards his father. So when he was kicked out at 16 he didn't care too much and found his good looks quite useful in getting him in a place he needed to be in to survive his teenage years...

When Levi decided to get up and prepare himself for the evening he was still high, but managed to cope when getting on with normal everyday things. He dragged himself to the bathroom sink to wash his face and freshen up for the evening, but before he was able to continue a sudden chill run through his body into his throat and his stomach began to cramp. Knowing what was going to happen next Levi hurriedly hunched over the bathtub, which was thankfully close to the sink, and began heaving.

He hadn't eaten anything that day so once he had actually vomited all that came up was bile. He it was because he wasn't eating properly and all that was in his system were drugs and cigarettes. Wiping his mouth with some water Levi wearily tried to stand straight, but his stomach was cramping so bad it was a struggle. Finally he was able to leave the bathroom and slowly make his way towards the kitchen. He had to eat something otherwise he would have to cancel his evening plans and that wasn't an option…

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It was so random that it had caught him off guard. The sudden phone call from the guy he had met in the park asking for Levi to watch his son was just what he needed.

He was pissed off that he had to travel to his destination since it was quite far from his area, but he was happy that he was going to be getting some source of income. He was surprised that Eren lived far since just a week ago he was sitting in the local park close to Erwin's as if he was from around there. Levi didn't care about the details though he was just excited about being outside his house and in a new area.

Stepping off the train he pulled out his phone and read the directions Eren had sent him. "Looks like I'm going to have to take a bus… just spending more fucking money"

He walked to the bus stop in the town which was very busy. It was certainly a shoppers' paradise since all the high street brands and top selling shops were dotted around. Levi felt uncomfortably out of place. He was dressed plainly in only black jeans and a dark blue hoodie and black winter boots. He made an effort by wearing a scarf and gloves to keep himself warm because his coat had somehow gotten damaged so he no longer had one. His hoodie was now the only thing he had to keep his top half warm when he went out.

The bus arrived and came to a stop before Levi got on and paid his fare. He then took a seat and pulled out his phone again to read the directions. 'It's not to far from here then.. about two stops away' He sat back in the chair and the thought dawned on him that if he played his cards right This so called Eren boy could become one of his nightly clients. But he had to be careful since it could go horribly wrong and this guy was young, definitely younger then him. But Levi laughed to himself since when had age ever been a bother to him anyway.

After some thought Levi decided it probably wouldn't be a good idea and that it would be a troublesome in the long run. Also Eren had mentioned something before about not having money and that was why he never had someone to watch Hunter. That was never a good thing for Levi to hear, but he had taken a liking to the little boy and Eren seemed to be a nice boy and was very convincing and charming on the phone that Levi couldn't help making an exception this once.

A few minuets after getting off the bus Levi had somehow gotten lost. He didn't know how it happened but for some reason the directions suddenly didn't make sense to him. He had taken a turn and ended up in a very wealthy looking neighbourhood and he was starting to feel sick. He gave the directions one last look before he decided it would be a good idea to call Eren. The phone rung for a bit before the boy answered.


"Umm.. Hi it's Levi. I've kinda gotten lost and thought I should ask you where I'm meant to be exactly"

Eren snickered down the phone causing Levi to frown "How the hell can you get lost around here it's so straight forward. Where are you? Can you give me a street name?"

Levi began searching for a sign "It says exactly what you've put in the directions, but all these houses are pretty damn big so I'm not sure where your-"

"If it helps mine is the only one with a fountain on the driveway"

Levi gripped his phone tighter "fountain?… I saw a mansion looking place with a fountain up the road from here.. but that.. that can't be your house" Eren began laughing down the phone "I think I know my own home, but I wouldn't call it a mansion. Just follow the road up and it will be at the end. I'll be at the gate to greet you" Eren hung up afterwards leaving a shocked and confused Levi. He now felt even more sick and just wanted to be at his destination so he began walking to where he had seen the house that Eren described.

Levi didn't know what was more shocking. The fact that he was now standing in front of an enormous luxury house, that had three very expensive sports cars on the driveway or Eren, who was dressed to impress in a smart business suit swinging keys around his finger. "I was about to come look for you seeing that you took so long" Eren said with a cheeky smile on his face. "This is your house?" Levi asked awkwardly "Well it's my family home I should really say it's my dad's, but yes I do live here with Hunter"

Levi stood frozen he was still in a bit of shock about the current situation. Eren then reached into his suit pocket and pulled out a card. He then tapped it onto a scanner that was built into the brick wall that held the gate. The gate opened and Eren motioned for Levi to follow him.

Once they both had reached the front door Eren unlocked it with his keys and walked in, Levi followed cautiously behind. He was shocked at the sheer size of the place. It was nothing like he had seen before and he had been in some pretty big and beautiful houses, but this one was on a whole other level. A huge chandelier hung on the ceiling of the entrance hall and the walls were decorated with expensive paintings.

"Want me to take your hoodie for you it's pretty warm in here" Eren said holding his hands out. Levi remained silent, but took off the hoodie handing it to the boy along with his gloves and scarf. Eren then disappeared into a room to the side returning with empty hands "Just so you know that room is where all of Hunter's outdoor shoes and jackets are so if he wants to play in the garden you know where to get his stuff"

Levi nodded again and followed Eren as he began walking up the large staircase which had glossed wood handrails that Levi couldn't help running his hands over the smooth surface. The brunette boy suddenly realised that Levi hadn't said much and was dawdling behind him. "Something the matter?" He stopped walking and turned to look at the smaller guy. Levi shook his head "You can speak you know. What's wrong? You were much more talkative in the park that time" at this Levi smirked "That's because I thought I was talking to some brat that claimed he had no money"

The younger boy grinned "Oh I did say that didn't I. Well I might have explained it wrong, you see with everything else I have to pay out for a baby sit- I mean childminder was the last thing on my mind.. Are you intimidated?" Levi frowned and folded his arms "Not in the slightest. I work in a number of homes with men who are in the same league as you" Eren raised an eyebrow "I'm sure you do.." He then turned back around and continued walking. Levi followed keeping quiet. He didn't like Eren's answer in the slightest.

Entering a large room that Levi guessed was the living area he saw a familiar face sitting on a sofa reading. "Hunter look who's come to take care of you whilst daddy goes to work with granddad" The little boy's head shot up as his eyes met with Levi's "Levi! Daddy you found Levi!" He slid off the sofa running to the dark haired man and hugged his leg..

"You left quite an impression on Hunter he hasn't stopped going on about you since that day you met in the park. At first I thought he was getting you confused with the little girl you were taking care of because he liked her or something, but when I asked him about it he described you to me" Eren then picked Hunter up giving him a pinch on the cheeks "I'm afraid you've turned my son a bit queer" Levi shook his head "No, he thought I was a girl at first. He kissed my hand and told me it's what you said to do when greeting a lady" At this Eren burst out laughing and Hunter frowned. His small hands then fit either side of his dad's face so Eren's concentration was on him "But Levi is pretty. Levi is a pretty man" Eren nodded playfully "Yep you definitely have a little something for him" Hunter pouted "Daddy has a something for Levi too!"

Eren's smiled faded as an awkward silence settled in the room.. Levi wanted to laugh, but he controlled the urge to and kept silent. Hunter obviously being young couldn't feel his dad's embarrassment "Daddy?.. You've gone red" Eren placed the boy back on the ground and rubbed his temples "Thanks for the update captain obvious" Levi smirked "He's only young. He doesn't understand what he's saying" Eren folded his arms giving Hunter an unimpressed look "No shit.."

Hunter then turned to Levi reaching his arms up wanting to be picked up. Levi wasn't sure if he should or even wanted to do it, but seeing the disappointed look on Hunter's face made his heart melt. 'Since when have I become a sucker for the puppy eyes' leaning down he picked up the boy holding him in his arms. "It's nice to see you again little man, how have you been?" The young boy smiled before leaning forward to place a small kiss on Levi's lips "I really wanted to see you again I'm glad daddy found you!" Levi was shocked by Hunter's boldness and looked up at Eren, who just raised a brow "See I told you he liked you" Levi gave Hunter a small, awkward smile before he tried to put him back on the ground, but the boy was in no rush to leave Levi and instead leaned his head onto Levi's shoulder and stuck his thumb in his mouth.

"Well… Looks like he's quite comfortable with you. I'm gonna get going my mum will be back home around six-ish so make yourself at home. Hunter will show you where the kitchen, toilet and all the other vital rooms are" Levi nodded slightly. He had subconsciously begun gently swaying his hips whilst stroking Hunter's head as the little boy continued to suck his thumb.

Eren watched as Levi hugged the little boy closer resting his own head gently on top on Hunters. "That's just too fucking adorable. The only person he gets all mushy like that with is my mum" Levi immediately lifted his head realising the odd familiarity Hunter had with him "Oh really…. Maybe I just remind him of her.."

"Hmm.. maybe. I personally believe it's because he has some major crush on you" Eren said smiling. Levi rolled his eyes "You should stop teasing him about that.. you're gonna confuse the poor kid" Eren laughed before reaching out his hand to stroke Hunter's head. "Daddy will be back soon okay so behave yourself and don't give Levi a hard time" He then leaned forward placing a small kiss on Hunter's forehead. Levi usually found family affection awkward, but for some reason he didn't cringe like he would if it had been Lilly and Erwin.

After raising his head Eren gave Levi a warm smile "Thanks again I'll pay you when I get back tonight and if you have any concerns or something happens just drop me a call since I'll have my phone on me at all times" Eren then walked to the door leaving the room completely as Levi listened to him walk down the stairs and shut the front door. The dark haired man then walked over to the large living room window, which faced the front of the house, when he heard the sound of an engine purr to life. Peeking out so it wasn't obvious he was looking, Levi saw Eren sitting in a silver convertible with doors that opened up instead of to the side and wheel caps that looked as expensive as the car.

"That's daddy's car" Hunter said fitting his hands either side of Levi's face so that he was looking at him. "That's a nice car your daddy's got. Who do the other two belong to?" Levi said pointing to the other two cars on the driveway. "They're daddy's too. He said when I'm bigger I can have one!"

Levi's eyes widened as he stared at the brunette guy driving out the gates "Your daddy's pretty rich huh?.."

Hunter remained quiet as Levi turned to look back the boy, who still had his hands on Levi's face. To the man's surprise Hunter had been staring at him his eyes looked questioning as he began squeezing Levi's cheeks "Oi take your grubby little hands off my face also it's rude to stare" The small boy smiled cheekily squeezing Levi's cheeks more and lent into his face "Whoa! Hold on there mister you're not doing that again! Anyway you're 10 years too young to be pulling a fast one" Hunter stopped smiling and instead continued to stared at Levi inquisitively. The dark haired man had to turn from the young boy's intense gaze "Seriously.. you need to find a new hobby other than staring.. How about we watch some TV for a while" Levi turned back to look at the small boy, who was nodding at the suggestion.

Taking care of Hunter was easy. So easy that it was a pleasant surprise for Levi.

The small boy was content to sit on Levi's lap and watch the TV and would occasionally turn to look at the man's face to see if he was watching too. The familiarity Hunter had with Levi was slightly concerning and unusual especially since, according to his dad, he wasn't that way with anyone else other than his Nanny. Every so often, when the small boy turned, he would raise his hand and play with the strands of hair that fell over Levi's face. Levi allowed him to do this only raising a brow at the boy who smiled in return.

About an hour and a half into watching Hunter, the small boy's stomach began to rumble and Levi took that as a sign to start making some lunch. Hunter led Levi to the kitchen which was on the first floor of the large house and it did not fail to amaze him.

The room itself was huge and everything in there looked clean and untouched. This made Levi slightly nervous about cooking anything. The design was very modern and had a sort of feminine touch to it with flowers in vases dotted around. The surfaces were made of marble and there was a long breakfast bar with chairs on one side of the room. There was also a glass door that led to what Levi believed was the garden.

Levi then looked over to Hunter, who was pointing at a large fridge. "So what is it you want to eat?" He said walking over. After looking like he was in deep thought Hunter raised his head to look at Levi "Make me a special!" Levi laughed "What's a special??" Hunter grinned "It's what daddy made up! If I can't decide what I want to eat then daddy comes up with a special. Something I've never had before" Levi found himself smiling at this and even found it cute "Well I'm not sure I'm that creative, but I'll try and do something for you" Hunter smiled his handsome little face lighting up. "Go and wait upstairs and I'll call you down when it's ready" Hunter made a salute pose, which amused Levi, before marching out the kitchen and back up the stairs.

Levi had no idea what he was going to make so he opened the fridge to see if it could help come up with any ideas. Opening the large door Levi internally gasped at the sheer amount of food in there. It was a chef's dream, but Levi was no chef and Hunter's taste buds probably wouldn't approve of his quick and easy grilled cheese sandwiches.

Reaching his hand in he began moving things about trying to see what his options were. He then noticed some food had been labelled with a large 'E'. "That must be Eren's food" out of curiosity Levi picked up one of the labelled products which was a bottle of chocolate milk and began chuckling "What a kid" most of Eren's labelled items were sweet things with the rare healthy item. Levi wondered why Eren had to label his food. He had seen it before in other houses like the Smith's. Hanji always labelled her food so that Erwin and Lilly kept their mitts off. These sorts of things intrigued Levi since he had never had to do anything like that himself not even when he was living at home. He then realised that he still hadn't come up with anything and moved to the cupboard to see if they held any ideas.

Forty minuets later Hunter slowly made his way down the stairs and into the kitchen. He was questioning the amount of time it was taking Levi to make something and there was a strong smell of burnt in the air. Peering around the corner Hunter gasped at the smoke coming from the cooker "Levi?!" The said man turned slightly shocked at the younger boy's presence "Sorry it's taken so long Hunter, but I had a little trouble. I'm not used to cooking but I finally got these perfect" placing a plate and cup on the table Levi pulled back a chair for the boy to climb onto. "Sorry if they're not so special. I know it's supposed to be something you've never had before and I'm sure you've eaten pancakes-"

"I've had pancakes before, but these are made by you so they still count!!" Hunter said with a determined look on his face "O..okay" Levi said scratching the back of his head.

Once Levi had given Hunter a knife and fork the brunette boy began digging into the pancakes his table manners not exactly what Levi had imagined as he ripped through the cake as if it were meat "Oi calm down, you'll give yourself a stomach ache if you eat like that" sitting down next to the boy Levi watched as Hunter ignored his warning and gulped down his drink "Anyone would think you weren't fed by the way you eat.." Hunter only grinned until he noticed Levi wasn't eating "Where's yours?"

"I'm not hungry"

Hunter began cutting a piece of his pancake leaning over to Levi afterwards offering him the piece on his fork "It's fine cutie I said I wasn't hungry" Hunter pouted and looked up at Levi giving him the puppy eyes once more. Levi frowned before leaning forward and eating food off his fork. The brunette boy grinned and patted Levi's head "Good boy"

Levi chuckled he guessed that was another thing Hunter had learnt from Eren and it was also another thing added to the list of things Levi found adorable about this boy and his dad.

Chapter Text

Hey guys! what’s it been?.. like 3-4 years since I’ve bothered to come on here or update this fic... Well I’m back and I know most of you are now older and not interested in this fic no more or have lost all interest in it altogether cos I left it for years, but I genuinely loved writing this and I am starting again. So for any of you who are still around or any new fans that like this story there will be a new chapter in the week coming. Xxx

Chapter Text

It was now around Seven Thirty in the evening. Hunter and Levi had passed out on the sofa watching the TV. After making food, Hunter had a sudden burst of energy and the chilled out day Levi had been experiencing was suddenly turned on its head. The young boy had shown Levi the family’s garden which to Levi was more like a field than a normal family sized garden. Hunter definitely had enough toys and playground apparatus to keep him entertained.

Hunter led the surprised man to a large trampoline area. The garden was divided into parts with a main water feature in the middle. Hedges created a sort of maze dividing the different areas. There was a large wooden decking area at the entrance to the garden with an unnecessarily big BBQ and some foreign looking furniture.

A blank look washed over Levi’s face as his eyes met the soft play area “You do not expect me to be playing on these with you all afternoon?” Levi said raising an eyebrow. “You have to! It’ll be fun you’ll love it” Hunter had already taken off his shoes and began jumping on the trampolines built into the garden floor motioning for Levi to join him “I’d rather not mister, plus you’ve just eaten you’re gonna make yourself sick jumping around like that” Hunter had no intention of listening to a word the older man was saying and instead grabbed Levi’s hand dragging him onto the bouncy surface.

Levi caved in a bit too quickly than what he was used to, but he couldn’t say no to Hunter’s innocent smile and cute character. *When did I suddenly become a sucker for kids?.. This better not be an age thing and my subconscious telling me I’m ready to be a dad* He thought trying not to laugh, One thing Levi did know was that he was content and happy to be in the presence of Hunter The younger boy seemed to make him feel somewhat settled and actually forget about how shitty his life was.
The energetic younger had the older man on his toes making sure Levi didn't have a moment's rest. Levi was so occupied he had even forgot he was a smoker.


After playing outside as to what the tired man felt was a lifetime they both stumbled inside and fell asleep on the sofa watching cartoons.


“Hunter! Hunter!!” Levi and the foggy eyed boy woke up with a fright “Hunter baby Nanny’s so sorry she had to work overtime today and then all the girls wanted to get drinks afterwards, you didn't miss me too much did you darling!”

A tall brunette woman entered the living area wearing a designer Blazer and pencil skirt holding a Chanel handbag and black Louboutin heels on her feet. Levi was stunned at how beautiful and well kept for an older woman she was. “Nanny!” Hunter squealed jumping over the sofa and running to her. She picked up the small boy squeezing him into a big hug “Baby! I’ve missed you, but daddy said he had organised a special person to look after you today” She looked in Levi’s direction smiling warmly.

The now wide awake man stood up straightening out his clothing. “Hello, Mrs-” He felt embarrassed for falling asleep whilst watching Hunter “Just call me Carla hunnie”

She walked over to Levi with Hunter still in her arms. Extending out her hand she took Levi’s in hers and shook it. “I’ve been on my son’s case about getting someone to watch Hunter for some time now. There’s only so much a mother can do for her son, but I had no Idea he had contacted a modelling agency for a carer”

Levi chuckled confused “M-modelling agency?”

Carla smiled “Oh come on sweetie look at you, you’re absolutely gorgeous. Oh if I was single and 20 years younger” she said winking.

Levi smiled awkwardly “You look scared” Hunter chimed in tossing his head between the two. Carla laughed “I think Nanna came on a little too strong. Come Come we’ll all go down stairs and have a tea while I bore you with why I was so late”


Following Carla to the kitchen Levi took a seat at the marble breakfast bar. seeing this Hunter wriggled out of the older woman’s arms and went to sit next to Levi. He picked up the young boy placing him in the seat next to him. “I can see he really likes you, you’re making nanny jealous Hunter”

Carla switched on the kettle a playful pout on her face. Levi laughed “He’s had me running back and forth for him today I’ve never exercised so much in my life”

Carla belly laughed “Did he eat something sugary by any chance?”

“We made pancakes!” Hunter yelled “Well that would do it” Carla smirked “Is that what the faint smell of burning is?”
At this Levi went red “I-I’m not used to cooking so I had a few failed attempts”

Carla shook her head “ Oh darling you’re exactly like me I leave the cooking to the maids or Eren”

Levi tilted his head “Oh Eren cooks” Levi said intrigued “Oh yes and he is superb at it too! His desserts are to die for, but just like his son he reacts childlike to sweet things. He had me on my toes when he was younger” Carla began pouring hot water into a teapot.

Levi chuckled “So when is he due back from work” He said glancing up at a rather large clock on the wall. Carla Gave Levi a mug before turning round to glance at the time too “Very soon I would imagine sweetie, you in that much of a rush to leave us” she said chuckling

Hunter grabbed at the man’s arm a look of concern on his face “Don’t worry Hunter I’m not leaving just yet, and no not at all I was just wondering because it seems rather late it’s nearly nine o clock”

“You’re right it is a late one for them both tonight, If you have any problems with travelling home I’ll be happy to arrange you with transportation” Levi shook his head “It’s absolutely fine I'm used to travelling at late hours anyway. Thank you though”

A worried look came over Carla’s face “A young and good looking guy such as yourself shouldn’t be travelling at crazy hours of the night” Levi took a sip of his tea, he didn't really know how to answer. He was more than capable handling himself on the streets, but he couldn't really say why to Carla. Seeing the uneasy look of Levi’s face the older woman began to change the subject “Anyway speaking of how late it is you should be in bed now Hunter, it is definitely past your bedtime”

“I’ll settle him into bed” Levi said standing up.
Carla smiled “This is going to take some getting used to it’s been a while since we’ve had someone other than us put him to bed. Finish you’re tea cutie then you can”

Levi smiled back at Carla. She seemed so nice and he was so sure beautiful eyes just run in this family. Meeting Eren’s mum and spending all day with his son was making Levi look forward to seeing Eren although he wasn’t sure why...

Chapter Text

Levi and Carla had been enjoying each others company after Hunter had been put to bed. Levi was led to Hunters room by the younger boy holding his hand and yawning. The dark haired man read him a story and noticed half way through the boy had slipped into unconsciousness. He smiled and placed the book down glancing at the sleeping boy *I swear it’s supposed to be women that get broody* He thought to himself closing the door behind him.

The two adults were sat in the conservatory, Carla had opened up a bottle of wine and Levi jumped at the opportunity to have some alcohol she also smoked so they both sat chin wagging about the day with their vices.

“My son is such a hard worker but he sure is a handful. I..I really do worry about him, I would prefer him not to be a single dad and I’m not being biased when I say my son is a good looking boy. He has so many girls throwing themselves at him I just want him settled with a nice girl who cares about him and Hunter” Levi noticed her cheeks had gone rosy and her eyes dazed the wine was taking its effect, but it was also doing the same to him making him more chatty.

“What happened to Hunter’s mum? I..If you don’t mind me asking”

Carla’s brows furrowed “She was a lovely girl, completely obsessed with Eren, but he was so young and never felt the same about her. It makes me mad to think my own son would play on a girls emotions to get her into bed, but I guess his karma was her coming to him with the news she had a bun in the oven” She chuckled slightly looking at Levi.

The young man smiled wearily “Oh dear..”

Carla inhaled her cigarette “He probably hasn’t brought her up in a conversation with you has he?” Levi shook his head. “I thought so.. She unfortunately passed away… It was a very difficult time for Eren as Hunter was practically a newborn so I did have to step in… I mean what’s a mother to do in that situation? Her own baby has had a baby”

Levi sensed a sound of irritation in her voice, but he was now tipsy and too invested in the explanation to change subject “You did the right thing. It must have been hard on you too, but how did she d-”

“Oh it WAS hard! And his father was not a happy bunny either, but we got used to it very quickly and Eren was not a lazy father whatsoever… Hey that’s what being a parent is about though you support your kids through their fuck ups, not that Hunter is in anyway a fuck up if anything he’s the glue that holds us all together”

Levi smiled sweetly before placing another cigarette between his lips he sensed this was a touchy subject so decided to stay quiet and let her offload. “He is an absolute diamond. I’ve taken care of a lot of kids and Hunter is by far my favourite” lighting his fag Levi gave a brief glance at Carla

“Speaking on that subject where did Eren find you? He would have told me if he had been looking for someone” Carla took a sip of her wine again giving the man a questioning look.

Levi was taken aback by her sudden change of tone “Oh really?.. He didn’t tell you? Well to answer your question we met in a park while I was taking care of my regulars she had befriended Hunter and I got to talking with your son. I gave him my contact details since he mentioned something about needing care for Hunter”

Her face softened “Aah I see, so you’ve only met him once? Did he ask you for any paperwork and proof of identification?

Levi bit the inside of his lip “No he has not actually..”

Carla’s expression worried Levi she didn’t look happy and she didn’t look angry “I can provide you with identification if that puts your mind at rest” The older women raised an eyebrow “Now Levi I don’t think you are in anyway a weird or dodgy person but it is just typical of Eren to not be professional about this. We need this information also for you not just us. How on earth is he supposed to pay you properly without these details?..”

At this Levi looked at Carla confusion written all over his face “He told me he would pay me when he gets back..” the brunette woman then giggled “That boy knows better than that. I told him Hunter’s next carer will not be some cash in hand job, but i’m way too drunk to be getting into the details right now and it looks like you are too” She then began laughing as a dazed look made its way onto Levi’s face.

Levi covered his mouth as he tried to hide a smile which only made Carla laugh more this then encouraged a few chuckles from Levi and suddenly the whole serious atmosphere has been replaced by drunk giggles.

“What’s going on here then?!” A deep voice came from the kitchen that connected to the conservatory. Levi nearly jumped out of his chair then he heard car keys being placed on a counter “Oh baby you’re home” Carla motioned for the tall man to go over to her. He obliged her request walking over planting a gentle kiss on her forehead.

“Is this the Mr Rivaille I’ve heard about?” Levi was still getting over the shock of the new voice and face “H..hello you can call me Levi it’s a pleasure to meet you” Grisha Smiled sweetly taking a firm grip of Levi’s hand and giving it a shake.

“Dad did you bring my keys in the car isn’t locked” Levi turned to the kitchen to see Eren walking in with his hands full of boxes. “They’re right there on the side” Grisha responded releasing Levi’s hand. Eren then gave Levi a side grin with a wink before he left the room again.

Levi was beginning to feel strange this was all a little alien and gave him anxiety he stared at the floor whilst Grisha pulled a seat up next to his wife “So how was your day with the little terror?” he sat down and leaned forward clasping his hands together. Levi was snapped out of his daze and gave the older man a warm smile “He was as good as gold 10 out of 10 would take care of him again in a heartbeat”

Grisha laughed “That’s very good to hear! Eren will be happy”

At this Eren appeared at the door of the conservatory walking in and taking a seat next to Levi. the dark haired man watched him as a cute smile was shown in his direction by the younger boy “What will I be happy about?”

“Levi here has enjoyed his day with the little monster and would watch him again” Carla said passing her glass of wine to Grisha.

“I bet he was flirting with you all day, He’s got a crush for Levi so he’d be as good as gold for him” Eren said smirking. Levi rolled his eyes “You’re seriously gonna give your son a complex” Eren just chuckled well since he hasn’t put you off would you mind starting a proper schedule with me starting from next week? I was going to call you earlier but it’s been hectic today”

“You are so unprofessional Eren” Carla said cupping her head in her hand this poor young man hasn’t had anything put in place and now at 11 o'clock at night you want to start making plans”

“It’s okay” At this point Levi was tired, drunk and in no mood to be in this situation all he wanted was to be at home with a zoot in his hand “I would be happy to discuss it over the phone with you tomorrow if you’d like. I’m very drunk at the moment” He tried to compose himself and gave a slight smile in Eren’s direction.

“I do apologise for getting your babysitter drunk Eren but Wouldn’t you like to stay here tonight Levi? We have a few spare rooms all ready. Public transport has stopped now unless you want us to call you a taxi home?” Carla stood up from her chair ready to get her phone.

“No no it’s absolutely fine I can make my own way back” Levi Didn’t want this family to spend that sort of money on a taxi home. Eren’s home was quite a distance from his flat and it would be extortionate. “Like hell are we allowing you on the streets at this time” Eren gave Levi an unimpressed look “I’ll drive you home if it’s really that bad staying here” The younger bog grinned raising an eyebrow to which Levi sighed giving the boy an annoyed expression “I’m very grateful for the offer but I’d feel like I was intruding”

He had planned through texts earlier that day to meet with a nightly regular after taking care of Hunter, The client also offered to pick him up, but after a bunch of “No you’re not” and “You have to stay” Levi gave in *I’ll just cancel this evening one night won’t hurt*

By this point the alcohol and smoking had given Levi a pounding headache so he didn't even care what happened at this point.


Walking down the wide hallways Levi followed Eren to the room he would be staying in “It’s a non-suit with towels and wash essentials all ready for you to use in case you want to freshen up” Eren said stopping at a door “Thank you..” the older man said yawning whilst rubbing his eye. He then felt a hand on his head mid yawn and opened his eyes. Eren was running his fingers through the hair on top of his head smiling at him.

“You’re so tired aren’t you?.. Don’t worry I can guarantee you’ll have a decent sleep on this bed” his hand slid from the top of Levi’s head to open the bedroom door. Levi froze for a second, but quickly brushed it off following Eren into the room.

It was beautiful. Levi was lost for words. He took a few seconds to take it all in before commenting. “This room is absolutely stunning Eren..” And he wasn’t lying the room looked as if it had come straight out of those expensive home catalogues. With cream and gold themes and a large queen sized bed right in the middle of the room. There were two small chandeliers either side of the ceiling. The carpets were cream with a large white fluffy rug and a huge mirror wardrobe which covered the left side of the wall whilst the right side had the door which led into the non-suite.

Eren smirked “thought you’d seen it all ey, thought you’ve met a ton of men in my league?”

“I’ve met rich men not some cocky rich brat” Levi said grinning at the other boy.

“Aah I see” Eren turned to face Levi raising an eyebrow “Still not intimidated then?..” Levi took a step forward and leaned slightly into the taller boys face “Not in the slightest” pulling away he walked over to the bed “Not to be rude, but whatever that poison was your mum gave me it’s actually killing my head so I’m going to go unconscious now before this headache kills me”

Eren looked over his shoulder watching as the older man began unbuttoning his shirt “I know where I’m not wanted, you get some sleep and we’ll talk about the details of schedule tomorrow” He bit his lip trying not to seem obvious that he was watching as Levi began unbuttoning the top buttons of his shirt.

He then walked over to the door saying goodnight before closing it.

Levi smirked He knew how he made boys and men behave he couldn’t help it most times and then others he used it to his advantage. He would be lying to himself if he said he didn’t find Eren attractive, but he was weary because of how young he was. *He’s just a typical brat. He gets off at the site of skin like any other guy. Probably a horny mess at his age. His mum brought that to light for me*

Taking off his trousers and socks Levi sunk into the queen size mattress snuggling into the soft bedding, he was in no mood to wash before sleeping and after a few minutes he began drifting into sleep.

He did not know how long he had been sleeping, but the sound of the door opening woke him up. “Levi?...Levi?” it was undeniably Eren’s voice. He was whispering whilst walking over to the bed. The tired man was in no mood to entertain the young boy so decided not to answer. “Levi? Are you awake?” He didn’t answer the boy. Eren then leaned over him. “Oi you fall asleep fast I have something for you” Levi could feel the brunette boy stroking his face

“I’m not going to suck your dick if that’s what you’re after” Levi opened his eyes and was met with Eren’s emerald ones staring right back at him and his heart nearly skipped a beat. “What the fuck are you doing you little creep I was sleeping!” he laid motionless looking into Eren’s eyes. They reminded him of Hunter’s but Eren’s had a maturity about them. They were very alluring and hypnotising and Levi had to take a breath as Eren’s thumb slid across his lips.

*What the fuck is he doing, he has no idea who he’s messing with here.. I will actually fuck him.. This shitty brat can’t use his charm and not expect me to react* Levi was starting to feel a twist of excitement in his stomach as Eren didn't break eye contact with him, but tilted his head slightly biting his lips. Levi’s lips parted as Eren’s thumb slowly played with them.

The older man couldn’t slow down his beating heart. He had no clue what was happening but had no objections. He’d not had these feelings in a very long time. He didn’t even recall a time when he’d wanted someone to fuck him so badly. It was usually just to fulfil his sex drive or money, but this felt different, he wanted this, he wanted this badly…

“W..what are you-”

“Shh” Eren placed a finger over Levi’s lips “I wanted to give you these because you said you had a headache” Holding up his other hand Eren was holding a packet of painkillers it was then that Levi noticed a glass of water had been placed on the bedside drawers.

Levi blinked he felt dazed and his head was still pounding though the recent goings on were a good distraction.

“Since you’re awake now take them, they’re strong so you’ll have a deep sleep”
Levi was so confused He didn’t want tablets he wanted to get completely ravaged by this boy leaning over him. Eren smiled “They’ll make you feel better”

Levi was so confused but sat up and picked the glass of water up. Eren placed the pills in his mouth and Levi swallowed them. His head was spinning. “There you go, now you can go back to sleep” After saying this Eren began moving to leave his thumb still sweeping across Levi’s lips. The older man wasn’t about to let Eren think he could flirt with him and leave “Sleep in here with me” Levi said looking up at Eren suggestively kissing his thumb.

Levi heard the younger boy’s breath deepen which encouraged him. Eren’s brows then furrowed he looked as if he was having conflicting thoughts “I.. I cant Levi”

“Why not?” Levi then took hold of Eren’s wrist with both hands and began sliding the boys fingers in and out of his mouth flicking his tongue.

Eren took a deep breath and pulled his hand back “I can’t...”

The frustrated older male then got on his knees clasping onto Eren's open shirt “Yes you can” Levi pulled Eren in closer to him. He leaned into the taller boy’s neck leaving breath trails up to Eren’s ear “Don’t worry it’s okay if you haven't slept with a man before I’ll still moan for you like a bitch” He whispered while grinning.

At this Eren pushed Levi away from him “I Can’t..I will not be one of those fucking perverts”

He then turned around and walked out the room shutting the door behind him leaving Levi sitting on the bed confused…

*A pervert?? What the fuck just happened?*

Chapter Text

Levi had woken up to his phone alarm which had didn’t realise had already been pre-set. It was about nine in the morning and the slightly hungover man wrapped himself up tighter in the sheets. He was about to doze off again when he heard screaming. *What the fuck is that*

Hearing the scream again He moved out the bed quickly grabbing his jeans from the floor and putting them on. *Shit I forgot I stayed here last night* Leaving the room he went in search of the sound. It was obvious the scream was Hunter so the older man wanted to see if he was alright. As he got closer to the location of the noise he'd approached the living room and it became obvious that Hunter was not screaming in pain but laughing and giggling uncontrollably. Opening the door slightly he was met with Eren and Hunter playing some kind of rough and tumble game with each other.

“Dad Stop it! I'll bite you!”

“You would't dare! I'll turn into a Titan and eliminate you!”

Eren had hunter pinned to the floor with his arm whilst the other tickled the sides of the younger one’s belly.

Hunter screeched as he desperately tried to escape his father's grip but Eren then grabbed both the boys feet and began pretending to nibble his toes.

“Naa! Daddy stop! Ahaha!”

“I’m going to make you regret everything you little shit!” Eren said almost laughing at the way Hunter was beginning to panic.

Levi watched by the door at the way Eren interacted and played with Hunter.
It was adorable seeing Eren being a dad and didn’t make him cringe like he usually would at a father son relationship.

Levi’s father gave him a warped view of the world and made taking care of children just that little bit harder for him. For some reason though he was drawn to watching the inner workings of a family and how a supposed normal one works, He always felt as though no family was ever normal and that made him weirdly happy.. It was as if he got off on the fact that he knew that no one was faithful, everyone had a dirty secret and the smiling faces and doting parents were all just a mask to save face.

It was a sick way of looking at things, but it helped Levi cope with his own insecurities...

Seeing Eren and Hunter’s relationship was refreshing though. They were from the outset definitely not a normal family. Eren was young and immature, Carla and Grisha seemed to spoil their son with not just love but gave him too much of a free pass when it came to life in general and Hunter was being raised in an abnormal setting to most children…

But.. They all seemed so naturally happy. There was no fake personas. They didn’t seem to hide any secrets from each other and the house held an uplifting presence.

“Levi you’re awake!”

Shaken from his thought Levi looked at the father and son staring at him “Good morning~”

Hunter escaped his dad’s grasp and ran over to the dark haired man “You still look so pretty even when you’ve just woke up~” Hunter smiled charmingly at the older man his Turquoise eyes glistening “T..thank you I guess” Levi said giving the boy a slight smile. His eyes then raised to Look at Eren but the younger boy wasn’t looking at him anymore and instead pulled out his phone.

It was then that Levi recalled the happenings of the night prior and he too began to feel awkward. Hunter looked back and forth between the two with a questioning look on his face “Daddy say good morning! That’s so rude You’re always telling m-”

Eren then shot Hunter a glare that even shocked Levi “Sometimes your bluntness really bothers me kid..Morning Levi, did you have a good sleep”

Eren then made eye contact with the older man “Y..yes thanks for asking, I haven't slept that well in a while”


There was an awkward silence and Levi felt bad that he had interrupted the two’s playful morning. “I’m gonna to go and get washed if that’s okay I have an appointment later so I’ll have to make a move soon” He didn’t have any appointment but Levi just wanted to get out of the situation as quick as possible. “Of course I’ll drop you home after and we’ll sort out your payment”

Levi nodded before turning to the door to exit, but he felt a tugging at his trouser leg “Hunter?”

The younger boy was looking up at Levi with a playful pout on his lips “Are you going to be naked when you wash?”

Levi nearly gasped and the forwardness of the little twerp at his legs “Excuse me?!” The older man nearly stepped into normal character and call the younger a little shit. “Can I come with you” A cheeky grin made its way onto Hunter’s face and Levi was about to give the rude young-an a cheek pull when Eren came bounding over “What the fuck is wrong with you, you sick little shit! That is so uncalled and so perverted for a boy your age!”

He then picked up the boy by the back of his shirt trying to pull him away from Levi. The shocked man then looked at Eren with an almost unbelieving expression “I don’t have a clue what you expose your kid to but I don’t think I’m wrong in saying it needs to stop” Eren looked completely defeated as he finally pried Hunter off Levi “He’s just young, he doesn’t really know what he’s saying”

Levi was starting to believe the ‘He’s young’ card was becoming an excuse. “suuure.... Well I’m going now” Eren nodded still holding onto Hunter embarrassment evident on his face.


After his shower Levi put his clothes back on, which to him defeated the purpose of washing entirely.

He then made his way to the kitchen where he could hear Eren talking. Upon reaching he could see that he was on the phone whilst making breakfast. Eren then noticed Levi walk in and motioned for him to sit at the counter.

“Nobody tells me how to raise my son Armin you know that. These entitled fuckers have a lot to say over a screen, but I bet not a single one of them is actually knows the struggles of being a young parent.. It fucking pisses me off!”

Levi took out his phone pretending to be on it whilst listening to the conversation. He could see Hunter in the garden playing with the last bits of snow that had not yet melted and started to wonder who would be talking about Eren’s parenting.

“I know I know, *sigh* ”
Eren then began to whisper it was obvious he didn’t want Levi to hear.

“Her family are just as crazy as she was like hell am I going to let them see Hunter! Fuck them”

Levi then looked up at Eren who had just turned around so their eyes met “L..look Armin I’ve got to go, I’ll see you at work”

Hanging up Eren gave the older man an apologetic look “Sorry I had to take that”

“Not at all it sounded stressful though everything okay?”

Eren nodded “Yeah, it always is. Anyway I have this for you. I typed it out last night and if you could complete it. my mum will get off my back”

The brunette passed Levi a few pieces of paper requiring information about him “Finally opting to be professional I see”

Eren just grinned as he continued to make breakfast.

“You wasn’t very professional last night though was you?..”
The stunned boy nearly dropped the frying pan he was using “S..shit really, do you have to remind me about that”

Levi shrugged “Well you made advances on me first.. I don’t even remember much of what happened”

“Can we just drop it and pretend it never did happen? I mean nothing actually did and I’m sure we both would rather not think about it”

Levi raised an eyebrow “No problem~”

Eren sighed before he began plating up breakfast. “Look I am sorry for my behaviour last night I don't know what came over me. I hope it hasn’t put you off.. I really like your personality and it I feel you’d be a good influence on Hunter.Your tough no nonsense attitude is good for his spoilt arse”

Levi chuckled “It hasn’t put me off at all. I’ve already forgotten about it and thanks”

“Great I'm glad we're both on the same page! Here’s your breakfast and I’m sure this arrangement will be mutually beneficial for the both of us” Eren gave Levi a wink and grin raising his glass of juice to the older man.

Levi smirked raising his glass “Can’t wait”


The morning at the Yaeger household was a chilled one Carla and Grisha had gone out that morning so Eren had only prepared breakfast for Hunter, Levi and himself. Which for the older man was a luxury considering he hardly ate breakfast ever.

Levi was now in the garden smoking whilst filling out the forms Eren had given him. It was easy enough and asked for the usual documents like a recent DBS check, photo identification and his bank details, but there were a few random questions thrown in there such as like material status and would he quit his current job for a full time position watching Hunter.

He answered as honestly as he could and didn’t bother bringing it up to Eren. The only question that really bothered him was the one asking for his home address. He wouldn’t appreciate a surprise visit since the younger boy seemed the type to pull that kind of shit, but he knew he'd have to put it down anyway.

“I’m ready to leave when you are” Eren said shaking Levi from his thoughts.

“Great, I’ve just finished this and I will email you over the other information you need” Passing Eren the forms Levi stood up from his chair.

“Damn you’re fast I was gonna let you go home and give it a think over so we could discuss it more” Eren looked a little shocked as he began scanning through the pages.

“There isn’t much to think about”

Eren looked up at Levi from the papers raising an eyebrow “Okay great.. I’ll give this a proper look through later”

Levi just nodded. He enjoyed taking care of Lilly and the other children under his care, but it was about time he found a settled job with contracted hours without a bunch of baggage on the side. He was adamant that his nightly endeavours wouldn’t change as that was too much of a change and he needed his release somehow. It would also be too much money to lose out on.

Eren then handed Levi a wrapped up box.

“What’s this?”

A cheeky grin made it's way onto Eren's mouth “Aah nothing much just a lil something that might help in the future, but don’t open it until you get home, speaking of which we better get you back before your appointment. What time was it again”

“Uh.. About one-ish I believe” Levi said lying trough his teeth whilst following Eren to the front of the house.

“Well we better get a move on Hunter’s been in the car waiting for us, he loves car rides” Eren said smiling. He then locked up the house and held Levi’s back guiding him to where the car was.

*This fucking brat needs to stop the familiarity.. I can see where his son gets it from*

The taller boy then opened the passenger door to one of his convertibles for Levi “Thanks” He said un-enthusiastically Levi was not used to manners and it showed.
The car was an obvious custom since they would normally only seat two people, but Eren somehow had it made possible to fit a booster seat in the back for Hunter.

The younger boy wiggled with excitement on seeing Levi enter the car “You were taking too long I missed you!”

Levi smiled at the younger boy “Well I’m here now, your daddy tells me you enjoy car rides”
Eren then entered the car shutting the door behind him.

“It’s fun looking out the window and I have time to catch up on my favourite shows” The younger boy said.


Turning back around to look at the boy Levi saw him reach for the top interior of the car and pull down a small flat screen which he started tapping on.

“When do you need time to catch up on anything you're a kid? And I hope your fingers are clean before touching that” Eren said looking through the mirror.

Hunter ignored his dad continuing what he was doing to which Eren just shook his head starting the car with a touch of a button. The engine purred to life and the the interior of the car lit up with the front screen and radio turning on.

*How fucking extra* Levi felt like an alien on earth at this current moment. He was having withdrawals of his simple life.

Eren then typed Levi’s postcode onto his front screen which he had memorised from the forms and began to drive to the gate which opened automatically putting them onto the gated community road. Levi turned around briefly to check on Hunter. He was absorbed in his program with a pair of wireless headphones on, he noticed Levi and puckered his lips out to which he shook his head disapprovingly.

Levi then stealthy watched Eren. He had one hand on the steering wheel whilst the other was leaning out the window. The sun was bright that day and was melting the remainder of the snow. Coming to some red lights he turned to Levi “You’re awfully quiet you feeling okay”

Levi scratched the back of his head rolling his eyes “I’m fine”

As Eren began driving again he sighed “Wanna go out for a drink sometime maybe we could get to know each other a little better. It might make you more comfortable working for me ey~”

Levi scoffed “Comfortable? As long as you’re paying then that’s fine with me”

Eren laughed “No problem I offered so I pay isn’t that the way it goes”

“I guess so”


They were about thirty minutes into their journey. Levi had dozed off and so had Hunter while Eren continued the journey. Feeling the movement of the vehicle come to a halt Levi stirred “Levi? Oi wake up I got you a coffee”

Levi opened his eyes realising he was facing Eren and was at a slanted angle “Why the fuck am I so comfy in a car?”
Eren smirked whilst pressing a button that moved the chair back into seating position “I tend to nap in the car a lot so having a comfy one was a necessity”

The older man rubbed his eyes “No shit. How far are we?”

“About ten minutes to go now, but I thought I should wake you up now so you’re up and refreshed for your appointment” Passing Levi his coffee Eren then reached over to place a drink in Hunter’s cup holder.

“T..thanks I really appreciate that” Levi gave Eren a small smile.

“Whoa! I really feel like I’ve done something right in my life! That smile felt genuine my insides did a flip!”

“You really are a little shit you know that” Levi couldn’t help grinning the boy was a brat but he was sure a charmer.

Eren grinned “Let’s get you home now” The brunette boy said before taking a sip from his own drink.

Levi nodded before leaning back getting comfy in the chair, he looked out the window taking sips of his coffee.

Arriving in Levi’s area Eren’s eyebrows furrowed he didn’t voice it to Levi but he was shocked at how run down it was and he could have sworn he just saw a bunch of boys doing a drugs swap across the street. *How does he live in a place like this*

“I know what you’re thinking and yes I like living here I’m used to it. Not all of us were born with a silver spoon in our mouths” The dark haired man had noticed Eren’s expression.

“I wasn’t thinking anything at all I’m a grounded guy you know”

“Sure seems like it Yeager”

Eren shot Levi a blank stare to which Levi shrugged.

The younger boy then pulled up into a parking spot by Levi’s flat.

“W..we’re here”

Levi nodded “Thanks, I would invite you in but I’m sure you wouldn’t want to leave your car in a place like this”

Eren rubbed the back of his head “W..what that’s stupid I’m sure it’s not that bad huh?..”

“Oh it is there’s a car broken into nearly everyday on this estate”

Eren cringed “I guess I should get Hunter home..”

The older man sniggered before collecting his things and opening the car door “Call me later when you’ve read through the forms” He patted Hunter’s leg whispering bye before leaving the car. He then closed the door and began walking to his flat.

He could feel Eren watching him but didn’t bother to turn around and instead took keys out of his hoodie to open the main door.



*I’m actually fucking home* after changing into some more comfortable clothing Levi threw himself on the sofa sparking himself up a spliff and lay back allowing himself to relax.

He then remembered the box Eren had given him and got his hoodie to take it out. Unwrapping it he gasped. *is this kid serious* It was a new phone and a stunning one with a large screen and matte black exterior completely different to his out of fashion brick phone. *Why in the fuck did he get me this* after turning it on he realised it had been set up and had Eren’s number already put in. *What an unnecessary piece of shit all you need a phone for is to call and text this is so extra*

After debating whether or not to chuck the phone in Eren’s face or keep it.
He chose the latter and began transferring contacts. Maybe it was for the better that he at least could keep on track of everything better.

He quickly became engrossed in the calendar and notes application it was amazing to him that he could keep his life organised from a handheld device *I’ve seriously been missing out I feel like an old man..*

After what felt like hours on his new piece of technology Levi sparked up again. Closing his eyes Levi leaned into his sofa letting the high takeover.


Two days had passed since the offer of the new job with Hunter and Levi had sorted everything with Eren regarding his documentation, payment and schedule so all that was left was to start that Monday morning and it was now Sunday evening. Levi had used the extra days to get completely fucked in more ways than one.

He had met with a few of his usual guys and had drug prompted sex with them since most of them loved to fuel Levi’s habits. He went from person to person fucking and sucking. It was painful to walk but at least his wallet was not empty. It also distracted him from the fact his abusive ex had suddenly found his old phone's number and started contacting him again with threats, but he didn’t let it bother him too much...

Returning from his local shop to buy some cigarettes Levi just about opened his front door when he was shoved inside and pinned face first against the wall “You must have a fucking death wish whoever you are. Stepping into my space like this and dirtying my floors!”

He began struggling trying to free himself but whoever it was strong and they pressed themselves against him their hands gripping painfully at Levi’s wrists. Levi winced in pain. He hadn’t been in conflict with someone for a while and it showed.

The person then flipped Levi around causing Levi’s head to bash against the wall. He gritted his teeth as he came face to face with the perpetrator.


Farlan grinned darkly he held Levi’s hands above his head whilst his other hand slid across the smaller mans face “You could sound just a little happier to see me slut. I’ve just been let out after six months inside and you’ve been a hard fucker to track down” leaning forward he pressed his lips against Levi’s forcing the smaller man’s mouth open with his tongue.

Levi nearly heaved at the way the taller man’s tongue searched his cavern. It was disgusting the amount of saliva pouring out the side of his mouth. Pulling away Farlan licked his lips “I’ve missed your whore mouth”

Levi glared at him “The fact you even had to search should have been an indication that I want nothing to do with you! They should have kept you in there!” Levi was shocked he had no idea how Farlan found him and now he knew exactly where Levi lived... This was bad, this was really bad.

“You haven’t changed a bit have you.. I bet you still moan like a bitch whilst being fucked too” Farlan began sliding a hand up Levi’s top. The smaller male began wriggling to get out of his grip and managed to free his hands to push Farlan into the wall opposite him and ran for his bedroom. The younger male grunted in pain before charging for the door Levi was closing.

They both battled either side of the door whilst Farlan yelled abuse at Levi

“You wait until I get my hands on you, you’re beyond fucked! You owe me for that sick little habit you have!”

Levi put all his strength into pushing the door. He had cheap foam like flooring and it was causing him to slip “You’re a bastard! I’ve told you I’m done with you! I’m done with us! I owe you nothing!!”

“You’re wrong Levi, we’re not done until I saw we’re done! You belong to me you little shit I own you!” Farlan then took a few steps away from the door then ran up bashing against it with all his weight.

Levi slipped the door striking him cutting the top of his forehead. He fell backwards almost passing out at the pain as blood began falling from his head, but seeing the angry man charging towards him he began scrambling on the floor to get away “Get the fuck away from me!” He yelled before Farlan smashed his head to the floor climbing on top of him his knee digging into the smaller mans back as he began cutting away pieces of clothing with a knife he’d kept in his jacket.

Levi groaned in agony as Farlan began cutting away at his clothes. “Farlan don’t do this! We can communicate like fucking adult-!!”

the taller male stuffed a piece of ripped fabric into Levi’s mouth “Shut up!”

Using Levi’s socks he bound the smaller males wrists behind his back picking him up afterwards and throwing him back first onto the bed.
Levi went into a state of panic when he saw Farlan start to unzip his jeans. He wiggled helplessly on the bed trying any means to escape his speech muffled by the piece of cloth in his mouth.

“You have no idea how much it turns me on seeing you like this~ I had a few bitches whilst I was incarcerated but none of them compared to you.. You get me off on new levels”

Farlan pulled Levi’s legs so his lower body was just dangling over the bed, but Levi wasn’t going down without a fight and began kicking at the taller man his heel connecting with Farlan's jaw.

“Shit!!... Oooh you cunt I’m not going to make this enjoyable for you”

Flipping Levi over he kicked the wiggling mans legs apart so he was straddling the edge and pushed his head down into the mattress. Levi was quickly running out of steam and that was evident by the muffled whines he was making.

*I can’t let him do this to me again* As Levi tried to muster up the will to continue fighting he heard Farlan spit. Levi began screaming with panic “No! No!” his muffled cries went unnoticed as Farlan slid his index finger to Levi’s entrance “Time to loosen you up little slut.. not that you need it” the blonde man said darkly before shoving his digit into Levi.

Levi cried out in pain as Farlan’s finger moved violently back and forth inside him his teeth biting down on the fabric in his mouth whilst squeezing his eyes shut.

“Damn I gotta give it to you Levi you’re still pretty damn tight the amount of resistance you’re giving me is unreal” Leaning forward Farlan was now resting his chest on Levi’s back “I'm gonna be nice and give you a countdown before I enter just so you’re prepared”

Levi’s breaths were fast and uneven he was sure he was experiencing a panic attack because he had now frozen “5..4..3-” Without even reaching one the taller man pushed himself into Levi to the hilt “F..fuck tight” Farlan rocked his hips back and forth violently his hands either side of Levi's hips selfishly pleasing himself.

Levi screamed in agony his back arching. He’d cried out so loud he was now free of the gag but had no energy to yell out anymore.

The pain was unbearable, all Levi could do was lay there.. and then it happened...

He dissociated… he was a human rag-doll at this moment he didn’t care his mind was empty the only signs he was alive were the quiet tears that were falling from his eyes.

Farlan had flipped him back over again to face him but Levi’s limp body just rocked with Farlan’s thrusting no emotion no sounds…


It felt like hours until Farlan had finished and pulled out cumming all over Levi’s stomach. “Ughaa I fucking missed that” He grunted before standing to zip up his trousers. “You look a mess, ya might wanna go and clean that off before it starts fucking with your OCD”

Farlan left the room, but Levi knew he wasn’t leaving altogether.. No he was stuck with him now. He knew the criminal wouldn’t let him out of his sight.

Mustering up the courage to move Levi sat up making almost robotic like movements and he began removing the remaining pieces of fabric and take himself to the bathroom to wash.

“You barely have any food! Wanna go shops and grab me something?!” Farlan shouted from the kitchen.

Levi just sank further into the bath he had run the dried blood from his head mixing with the water..

“Leeeevi~” the blonde man mockingly chimed “You know better than to ignore me~”

“I’ll go”

“That’s better”

Walking to and back from the shop was agony. His whole body ached. Levi stood outside his building for a few moments smoking. He’d thought about running but his pride got in the way. Farlan had more than pissed him off and if Levi was not numb before he was now.

Blowing out the smoke from his lungs Levi reached for the cut on his head feeling if the plaster he had put over it moved. He winced in pain and decided to leave it alone. his head was pounding and no pain killer seemed to be helping. Levi was then shook from his thoughts by his phone ringing
*Not right now please not now*

Eren’s name flashed across the screen and Levi suddenly remembered he started at the Yaeger household the next morning.

Composing himself he answered


“Oh hey sorry to call so late but Hunter wouldn’t believe me that you were coming over tomorrow so I told him you would tell him yourself”


“Here speak to him”

Levi had a lump in his throat this was the worst possible timing for this but it wasn’t Eren’s fault.. He knew that much.

“Levi?! Are you definitely seeing me tomorrow?” Hunters cheeky voice sounded down the phone. The pure innocence of it triggering Levi.

“Y..yes” His voice cracked this was bad his composer was breaking.

“A..are you okay~” Hunter asked pure worry in his voice.

Tears began to fall from his eyes and the lump in his throat began to hurt.

“I.. have to go Hunter I..I’ll see you tomorrow”

Levi heard muffled noises over the phone and Eren asked Hunter to leave the room.

“Levi?... Are you okay?..”

Levi squeaked trying to hold back the tears that had already started to fall.

“It’s just me.. So you can talk, I’m right here”

At this Levi burst into hysterical crying. He had to lean against a wall to stop himself from falling to his knees.

Eren listened to the sobbing man thinking of something to say as not to set him off further.

“Levi let it out, I'm here for you”

Levi’s breathing was erratic as he struggled to get words out “I..I’m shouldn't have to this”

“You idiot... you don’t have to tell me anything just know that you’re stronger than whatever situation you are in. Don’t let it break you..”

Levi managed to compose himself a little “I...I'm not as naive as you brat” He said sobbing.

Eren chuckled “There we go.. Take some deep breaths”

Levi began calming his breathing clutching the phone to his ear.

“How’re you feeling cutie?..”

“Like absolute shit to be honest with you”

Eren sighed “I’m coming to see you”

The older man gripped the phone tighter “NO!.. Don’t do that” the last thing he wanted was Farlan hurting Eren out of jealousy.

“I’ve made up my mind we’ll sort this”

Levi could hear Eren grabbing his keys.

“Eren please don’t! It doesn’t make sense you’re about an hour away there’s no point!”

“Don’t be silly I’ll take my bike it’ll be there in half the time”

“Eren no!”

“Please stay safe until I arrive..”

Eren then hung up leaving Levi panicked..

*Please tell me this isn’t happening!*

Chapter Text

Levi was pacing outside his block. He’d already gone through 5 cigarettes since coming off the phone to Eren and he was panicking. He tried to call the boy back to tell him not to come, but Eren wasn’t picking up. Levi could only assume he was making his way.

*What do I do..* Levi began weighing up the options. He had no idea what to expect and hated the fact everything was out of his control. He was starting to regret breaking down on the phone and wished the younger boy didn’t actually give a fuck.

*What can he do anyway??* He wasn't prepared for a fight to break out and certainly didn’t want anybody getting hurt.  

Butting out his final fag he opened the fob door making sure to leave it on a latch just in case anything happened and he needed to get out in a hurry.

Standing at the bottom of the stairs squeezing the handrail his heart was beating so fast he could hear it pulsing in his ear. “Fuck..” He whispered to himself dropping his head. Farlan was definitely going to start something if he went back up there. He was gone far too long and the younger man would definitely be pissed off. As he stood at the bottom of the stairs he heard a door slam at the top and a pair of feet running down. Levi gasped trying to make a seconds decision on what to do.

His decision making wasn’t quite up to speed as he stood frozen while the steps grew closer.. Then it was too late. Lifting his head his eyes met with Farlan’s and the blonde man’s mouth twisted into a dark smile upon seeing Levi.

“There you are! I was getting worried, thought you might have run off on me”

Levi just glared at him “I’m a little slower than usual today” he retorted bitterly.

Farlan just sniggered “Such an ungrateful little bitch as per. You still don’t know how to appreciate a good fuck”

Levi was beginning to feel sick. He staggered as he began walking up the stairs.

Approaching Farlan the older man pushed to move past him.“I should fuck you again right here” The blonde man said into Levi’s ear whilst grabbing hold of his wrist.

Levi face palmed, his body hurt and all he wanted was to sleep now. “You can fuck off with that idea.. I’m making you food and then you’re leaving Farlan..”

Farlan raised his brows surprised “ Usually I like it when you back chat, but what part of I can do what I like with you Levi don’t you get?” gripping tighter on Levi’s wrist Farlan pulled him up the stairs pushing the smaller man inside his front door slamming it behind him. The bag with Farlan’s food falling to the floor. “I don’t know what’s gotten into you but I’ll tell you this..” joining Levi on the floor Farlan crawled on top of him. a hand wrapping itself around Levi’s neck “I’ll leave this shit hole when I want to…”

Levi gave the blue eyed man a blank stare “You’re enjoying pushing me through my front door today aren’t you?..”

Farlan chuckled “And you’re so talkative today. What happened huh?..You’ve always done as I say and now you’ve got some rich kid’s dick you think you’re better than me ey?”

Farlan squeezed slightly as Levi glared at him “What the fuck are you going on about?!”

“Don’t play dumb Levi! I’ve been watching you for a while.. You see the day I actually found out where you lived you were all cosy in some rich kids car, he looked young.. But that’s always how you’ve liked them ey..”      

“You’re a fucking stalk-!”

Farlan squeezed tighter “I think it’d be wise if you shut up now. It ain't my fault a car like that sticks out like a sore thumb round these ends and to think of my surprise when I saw your arse scooch out of it. Does he fuck you good?.. What’s his name?..”

Levi began gasping for air. He hated this he didn't even have to say anything and Farlan would wind himself up. His ugly jealousy and controlling behaviour frightened Levi. Farlan was unpredictable and Levi hated that.

“G..get the f..uck of m..e”

Releasing Levi’s neck Farlan flipped the smaller man over “You gonna call out his name whilst I fuck you?..” Making quick work of pulling down Levi’s jeans Farlan gave Levi’s arse a spiteful squeeze causing Levi to grit his teeth in pain “Aww is he more gentle with you~ Well maybe he needs a lesson on how to keep a bitch in order!”

“You actually have no clue what you’re talking about… You always jump the fucking gun with everything..” Levi tried kicking himself away from the younger boy.

“Oh I think you’re the one who's got it all wrong. I’m not stupid Levi! I know how you flirt. How you move your body when you know someone is watching you! We’ve been seeing each other for a few years now.. I know you!”

Levi turned to face Farlan in shock horror “You’re so fucked up it’s gone beyond being funny now!” pushing himself away from Farlan Levi gave the younger man a disgusted look “I’m done with this shit! We’ve been broken up for ages. You’re an obsessive fucking creep Farlan! You don’t know me as well as you think you do get some fucking help!”

Farlan raised his brows  “Whoa~ Look at you acting up~ Sheesh when I was incarcerated I wanted to get out so bad. I just wanted to fuck your brains out… It kinda got me by for a bit, but you’ve completely turned me off now and all I wanna do now is make an example of you”

Reaching into his pocket Farlan pulled out the knife he used earlier “Don’t put up a fight bitch we both know it’s been a long time coming for you” Lunging for Levi Farlan grabbed the cuff of the smaller mans hoodie.

A surge of anger came over Levi and using all the strength he had Levi pushed Farlan backward to the floor climbing on top of him as the both battled for possession of the knife.

Levi’s ears then suddenly pricked as he heard the sound of a motorbike enter his estate *Eren..Shit* The sudden urgency of Eren seeing him in this state made Levi panic “You’re fucking ruining my life again Prick!” Levi suddenly screamed at Farlan.

It was like a switch went off in the blonde mans head and he saw red.

Standing up Farlan gripped the knife in one hand the other wrapped around Levi’s neck lifting the smaller man against the wall. With both hands Levi kept his grip on Farlan’s hand which held the knife. He was struggling to breath, but kept focused on surviving.

Suddenly his head was smashed against the wall and his grip loosened.


Levi’s vision became blurry and he had to shut his eyes as they had started to water and his consciousness began slipping away….




“What the fuck are you doing he-!”

Levi felt the grip on his neck release as he hit the floor. He held his throat as he began gasping for air. He could hear loud crashing, banging and yelling before his vision finally came to.


The brunette boy had Farlan on his back whilst he was on top of him punching at his head and yelling.

“Who the fuck do you think you are! I’ll fucking kill you!!” He grabbed hold of Farlan’s cuff so they were face to face.

Levi then caught a glimpse of Farlan’s face. He was covered in blood and his left eye had ballooned and swollen. The older man tried to stand but seeing Eren punching the life out of somebody was a bit surprising. It wasn’t that he thought the younger boy was weak but he didn’t expect Eren to overpower Farlan so easily..Farlan looked completely lifeless at this point. Levi also realised he could see some teeth on the floor and almost heaved.

After one last punch Eren stood up wiping his mouth with the back of his hand staring down at his handy work.


Turning around Eren then focused his attention onto Levi. placing his hands gently either side of Levi’s face he stared at him his eyes full of anger but also filled with worry. Levi couldn’t help but find them frightfully beautiful.

“I’m going to get you out of here, do not say a word you can explain later but I’m guaranteeing you this. that fucker will not be bothering you anymore”   

Turning to look at Farlan Levi could see... Eren had completely fucked him up. There was no way Levi would have been able to deal with him like Eren had, especially in his physical state.

He turned back to face Eren  “You haven’t killed him have you”

Eren frowned removing his hands from the smaller mans face “Are you serious?..”

Levi rubbed his arms “It would just be a pain if you were to get into trouble for my sake.. You’ve got a kid to think about”

Eren turned to grab Levi’s jeans off the floor “I was fucking close I’ll tell you that and trust me if I was my brash lil fifteen year old self he actually might be dead right now” Handing Levi his jeans Eren eyed Levi up and down out the corner of his eye.

“Thank you..”

The smaller man began putting on his bottoms using the wall to support himself. His whole body was now failing him due to the nights events and it was now even more embarrassing having Eren here.

“He touched you didn’t he?..”

Levi kept quiet as he struggled to walk over Farlan’s body to enter his bedroom. Eren followed him gritting his teeth in anger as he looked at Farlan.

“He did didn’t he Levi?.. fucking disgusting pig, I’m taking you to a hospital”

Leaning against the door frame Eren watched as Levi sat on his bed.

“I’m fine honestly, but thank you for caring so much and showing him he ain’t as strong as he thinks”

Levi’s voice was cracking like it did on the phone and Eren could sense he was trying to put on a brave face. The older man couldn’t even look at him.

Out of curiosity Eren scanned Levi’s flat and noticed it was immaculate *As expected* he thought. It did surprise him how small and compact the place was. As much as Eren liked to believe he was a grounded person seeing the way Levi lived made him feel otherwise.

Eren banged a fist on the wall out of frustration causing Levi to jump.

“Pack a fucking bag or suitcase, whatever the fuck you use. Get your shit together we’re leaving!”

Eren then turned around leaving the room.

Levi could hear him moving around outside the room then his front door shut. Standing up he slowly walked to see if Eren had left him, but to his surprise Farlan’s unconscious body was no longer on the floor. He then went to the window and waited until he could see Eren carrying Farlan over his shoulder and dumping him on the floor.

Levi watched Eren, he looked as if he was talking to the blonde man and could see Farlan was moving ever so slightly. The younger boy’s aura was very threatening. It even seemed as if he was psyching himself up for a round two, but settled for a kick in the stomach before walking back towards the flat.

Levi let Eren in through the buzzer and opened the door for him

“Are you okay?...”

Eren seemed different. Levi didn’t know him that well, but the cheeky chappy that seemed so young and carefree wasn’t here right now and it made Levi feel on edge.

“I don’t think I’m the one you need to be worried about. I need you to get your stuff ready and I also need to know if he has a key to this place”

“ he doesn’t”


Motioning for Levi to go back to the room the taller boy held Levi’s back gently supporting him while he walked.

“I’m okay Eren.. Honestly I’m so fucking grateful, but you need to go back to Hunter I’ll be fine here, like you said he won’t bother me now”

Upon reaching the room Eren sat on Levi’s bed cupping his head in his hands.

“Just get your things packed and stop dawdling”

Levi stood a few feet away from Eren. He hated this..

He wanted to kick Eren out his home and shut himself off from everyone, but he knew it was only embarrassment that caused him to think this. He hated the fact Eren a boy years younger than himself that he barely knew had to come save him like some damsel in distress. He envied Eren slightly and that wasn’t helping either. He was in such a better place in his life then Levi had ever been and he had a loving family waiting for him at home. He was also feeling somewhat inferior and Levi hated feeling that more than anything…

Walking to a corner of the room Levi picked up a duffel bag opening it. He sat himself on the floor and began packing his clothes which were folded and placed against the wall on the floor since he had no draws to put them in. He didn’t want to leave but he didn’t feel like going against anything Eren said at this moment. It was obvious he was stressed and it made the older man feel shittier and shittier by the second.. Levi was getting wrapped up in his thoughts that he didn’t notice Eren speaking to him.


Walking up behind the smaller man Eren knelt down wrapping his arms around him causing Levi to flinch in shock. Eren didn’t seem phased though and continued to hold onto him resting his head on Levi’s shoulder.

“Stop over thinking, it doesn’t suit you. I’m so sorry I should have done this earlier. This is what you need right now”

Levi was so tired of everything and the sudden kindness and warmth from a body was something he never knew he needed. He couldn’t even recall the last time he had ever been genuinely hugged by anyone. Someone comforting him and actually giving a damn about him was completely alien.

Leaning back into the hug he stopped packing to take Eren’s hands in his to wrap them around himself tighter.

Eren was a little surprised but didn’t say anything and instead complied holding Levi closer to him. Silent tears ran down Levi’s face as all the pent up frustration began to release from his body and reacting entirely on instinct he turned himself around wrapping his legs around Eren and burying his face into the larger boy’s chest.

He felt content and safe. The warmth from Eren’s body and the scent of his cologne was strangely calming and his body began shutting down as he closed his eyes.

“Oi you haven’t finished packing~” Eren said stroking the smaller man’s back.

Levi ignored him and instead snuggled deeper.

Eren just raised an eyebrow “You’re used to getting what you want aren’t you?.. “

Levi chuckled bitterly “That couldn’t be further from the truth”

Eren sighed “I see~”

Looking down Eren could saw that Levi was falling asleep. He watched the sleepy man’s face for a moment and his hand began to gently stroked the side of Levi’s cheek with the back of his fingers. He squeezed Levi a little tighter resting his head on top of the older mans closing his eyes. *If you’re not gonna protect yourself I’m gonna have to do it for you…*

Eren had to finish packing what he thought Levi needed. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to get Levi home on his bike so he ordered a taxi and hid his bike in a small storage room he realised Levi had a key to but never used. Making sure he had Levi’s keys, wallet and phone he locked up and carried the sleeping man down the stairs laying him in the back of the cab.

After placing Levi’s packed bag in the boot Eren told the taxi driver he would return in a second.. He wanted to check on Farlan one last time.

The older man was barely standing as he was trying to walk away from the area. Seeing Eren he began trying to get away staggering at a quicker speed but, he was too badly injured and fell to the ground. Reaching Farlan, Eren looked down on him in disgust. “You better listen to what I told you earlier and stay the fuck away from here”

Farlan was in a bad way and needed hospital treatment badly, but Eren wasn’t in a charitable mood “If you survive this and even think about coming back for Levi.. I will kill you….. Do you understand”

Farlan coughed as he struggled to breath “Fuck you.. You’re fucking crazy. No bitch is worth the shit I just went through. You can have him”

Eren folded his arms “Tch~ Fuckers like you actually make me sick”

Farlan laughed bitterly “Then why the fuck are you protecting that little slut. I bet you know nothing about him, but he wiggled his arse and gave you his cute little smile and you’re now hoodwinked. I feel sorry for all of your types”

Eren gritted his teeth “Just shut the fuck up and don’t let me see your mug again”

Turning on his heel Eren walked back to the taxi getting into the back with Levi.

The taxi driver took Eren’s instructions and began the journey whilst the young boy leaned back staring out the window. It began to rain and he stared blankly out at nothing until He felt Levi lay his head in his lap.

Watching Levi sleep Eren sighed *Fuck that guy and whatever he says about you... you still deserve better*


There was a masculine aroma almost intoxicating, a feeling of warmth and the softness of fresh linen.

There was a sound of calm even breathing mixed with the sound of rain hitting a window and low classical music.

Levi’s eyes fluttered open. It took a moment for his brain to process everything. He started to remember events and the goings on of the night. He could see the light of a digital clock displaying the time which read 05:34.

His eyes then began adjusting to the dark room he was in and he began to realise his surroundings. The blinds were up on a window which let in a bit of light whilst the fallen rain created beautiful dancing shadows on the walls. There was also a mood light changing colour in the corner of the room.

He lay motionless for a bit trying to process it all. When he felt breath on his back and an arm extend out wrapping itself around him pulling him into a spooning position. He froze before hearing the breathing even out again and looked at the arm. It was toned and tanned and as he was squeezed into the tight hug he watched the muscles flexing.

Turning ever so slightly Levi looked to see if it was who he thought and it wasn't him having a weird dream.

Coming face to face with a sleeping Eren was what he expected but still shocked him nevertheless. He didn’t know why but his heart rate suddenly increased and his breathing became heavier.

Levi knew that he found Eren a handsome boy but his sleeping face was just as stunning. His boyish good looks all on show with his calm sleeping exterior.

Levi slowly turned his body to now face the sleeping boy. He watched him for a few seconds before releasing Eren was only in boxers. He quickly lifted the covers slightly to check himself and saw he was also in boxers but with an oversized top on which was obviously Eren’s.

Seeing Eren all on show like this made him feel a bit uneasy all of a sudden. It wasn’t new to him being in a stranger's bed with hardly any clothes on, but any sort of boundary he was trying to set for himself with Eren was crumbling apart.

Eren seemed to be stirring all of a sudden and his expression began to change. His brows furrowed into an agitated look.

Levi decided he should move a bit. It wasn’t that he didn’t wanna be snuggled up to Eren at all if anything it was quite the opposite but this was all a bit to close for him and with the way Levi worked he would initiate something he’d later regret. Considering He and Eren had already had a close call and as much as he wanted it Levi didn’t want to fuck up working for Eren either.

He never really had a type, but if he was to be asked the question now Eren would instantly spring to mind. It was definitely bothersome since Levi had never felt as if he was falling for someone before and didn’t quite know how to handle it. Sighing Levi went to move slowly trying to remove Eren’s arm.

“What are you doing?”

The tired groggy voice caught him off guard as he made eye contact with Eren.

“I was getting a bit hot that’s all..”

Levi was now face to face with an awake Eren. *Fuck.. He’s gorgeous..* Levi got lost in Eren’s eyes for a moment as what was supposed to be a tired expression had a sensual undertone that looked as if he was mentally undressing their viewer.

Eren raised a brow before reaching over Levi causing the smaller man to stiffen putting his hands up in defence.

“What are you doing??”

Eren picked up something from the bedside draws on Levi’s side “Relax, you said you was hot so I’m turning on the air con”

He held a remote up to his ceiling pressing a button before resting it on his side. “It’ll cool down in here soon” he gave Levi a slight smile then pulled him in closer to his chest tracing a finger down the smaller man’s spine.  

Levi shivered at the sensation trying to ignore the fact he was so close to Eren, but that was short lived as he heard Eren chuckle.

“What’s so funny?...” The unimpressed man gave Eren a blank stare.

“You’re so cute~ All I did was touch you and you have goosebumps”

Levi pouted averting his eyes.

“See~ ugh you’re so cute I could eat you” Eren grinned before closing his eyes.

Levi laid motionless not even lifting his head to look at Eren “I’m going back to sleep now”

Eren just hummed in reply his hand running up and down Levi’s back.

Squeezing his eyes tightly shut Levi tried to come to terms with the situation. None of this was normal to him. He was a fuck and chuck and even if he did stay the night he’d never let any of them touch him after they had done the deed. The only person he made an acceptation for was Erwin, mainly since Levi had known him so long and Erwin had particular tastes which he paid more for.

Levi had built up a lot of guards from his childhood and it continued into his adult life. Intimacy had always been carried out in lust. Never making love never having a genuine cuddle and now that he thought about it all he could ever remember was being used and using people.

“You alright cutie?~” Eren lifted Levi’s chin to look at him, But Levi still had his eyes shut.

“I said I’m going to sleep”

“I know but you were shaking for a moment there, don’t tell me you’re cold now”

Levi opened his eyes and quickly wished he hadn't. Eren was less than an inch away from his face, eyes looking right into his own.

“Eren I’m tired, I’m mentally and physically exhausted whatever pervy little intentions you have I’m going to have to politely deny”

Eren’s expression changed to a look of disgust and Levi was a little taken aback. “Fuck Levi not every guy you come across is fucking satyriasis. I’m trying to make you feel better sorry if I’m so shitty at it..”

Removing his arm from around Levi, Eren Turned around his back now facing the older man “Get some sleep I’ve made arrangements for Hunter today so you can have your first day off..”

Levi rubbed his face in frustration *What the fuck is wrong with me! He’s done nothing wrong all he’s done is help me* Reaching out his hand Levi placed it on Eren’s shoulder.

“I’m so sorry Eren, I’m just a little messed up right now. You’re not like that and I know it. Just ignore me I’ve just got a shitty and crude way of wording things”

Eren Turned to look over his shoulder “It’s alright.. You don’t seem the type to apologise that easily so I’ll accept it. Now turn around and get some sleep”

Levi couldn’t be bothered to argue about the nerve on this kid and instead listened turning around and closing his eyes to sleep.

After doing so he felt Eren’s arm pull him into a hug again. His back was now resting against Eren’s chest and his head under the taller boys. He hated to admit it but they fit perfect together like a jigsaw.

“I was kinda hoping you’d hug me again~” Levi whispered.

Eren just chuckled rubbing his head on top of Levi’s. “I knew it~”

“I really am sorry about everything that’s happened Eren I feel like I’ve been nothing but a nuisance. You’re too kind to me, everything so far has been unprofessional and a complete drama on my end up to this point and I cant even start my first day with Hunter properly cos of personal crap..”

Eren smiled as he run a hand through Levi’s hair “Meh.. you worry too much. I don’t run my life normally. I’m kinda in it for the adventure and unless I’m at work I’m not really a professional guy either and I know Hunter’s my baby and I would never put him in danger so if I really did sense I was letting an absolute nutter take care of him, well lets just say I wouldn’t be talking to you right now. Everyone has their demons and right now yours are just coming out to play... Look I like you a lot Levi and I really think you could be an amazing addition in Hunter’s life, but even more so I think it would do you a lot of good”

Levi turned to face Eren “You’re way too laid back. This is such a fucked up situation. I’ve actually gotta give it to you You’re such a non judgemental person and make me feel very comfortable, but let's get this right you’re half naked in bed with your sons babysitter right now”

Eren raised an eyebrow “I thought you hated being called that and to be honest I’m not hearing any complaints” continuing to hug Levi, Eren moved his hands to Levi’s face using his thumb to caress the curves.

“You really need to start seeing your worth Levi”

Levi averted his eyes “And you need to stop looking at me with those eyes”

The younger boy grinned cheekily “Why do they make you feel things?~”

“Fuck off brat”

Eren moved his thumb to Levi’s lips stroking them like he’d done previously. “Your lips make me feel some type of way”

Levi was getting a familiar feeling in the pit of his stomach. Looking back at Eren he noticed the boy was watching his lips.

“How do they make you feel?” He knew he shouldn't but Levi wanted to push a little further. His body wanted Eren and it wasn’t the usual feeling of lust he'd experienced before. *Fuck..I actually am falling for this kid?*

“I want to fucking kiss you”

Levi bit his lip on hearing this and it caused a reaction out of Eren.

“Why don’t you kiss me then?”

Eren’s breaths deepened as both he and Levi looked at eachother. Levi’s lips parted slightly whilst a small grin played on them as an invite for Eren.

“I don’t want you to think I’m like every other fucker. I want you to know I actually respect you”

Levi mocked Eren by pretending to yawn. “Miss me with that snowflake shit. I know you do, but right now I don’t wanna be respected”

The tension was building and Levi could tell by the glint in Eren’s eye he was definitely feeling this.

“Do it~”

Levi didn’t need to ask again as Eren moved himself on top of him. Hovering over the smaller body Eren’s mouth was on his. The younger boys lips dominating Levi’s.

Levi closed his eyes placing his hands either side of Eren’s face.

The taller boy wasted no time deepening the kiss placing his hand behind Levi’s head raising it to him whilst the other hand supported him on the bed. His tongue entered Levi’s cavern causing the smaller man to let out a cute moan. Encouraging Eren further he began flicking his muscle around the smaller mouth slowly exploring it.

Levi had lost all trail of thought. This was complete bliss, Eren was a passionate kisser and usually that would put Levi off immediately but it wasn’t some cringy, desperate old man who was paying for sex on top of him and it was turning him on even more feeling Eren’s body with his hands.

Eren head moved as he began kissing Levi’s jaw and down his neck. Levi let out small moans of approval as his hand found itself entangled at the back of Eren’s head.

“Eren?..” It came out more breathless then he wanted but Levi didn’t care at this point.

“Hmm?..” Eren continued kissing every bit of skin he could find brushing his lips across Levi’s collarbones his breath making Levi shiver.

“Have you ever done anything with a guy before?..”

At this Eren paused momentarily before continuing down Levi’s body. “What an odd question to ask”

Levi tensed a little as Eren moved down to his torso “I’m just asking out of curiosity”

Eren chuckled as he moved himself back up hovering back over Levi. “Well I don’t want you asking”

Eren’s hand began playing at the hem of Levi’s boxers as he watched the smaller man's reaction. “You want me to show you how good I am?”

Levi would have cussed Eren out for being so cocky if it wasn’t for the fact his now evident hard on needed some kind of friction “Don’t tease me”

Levi wriggled slightly the tightness of his boxers becoming uncomfortable.

“You’re so cute I actually can’t keep my hands off you” Eren grinned before moving down under the covers. Levi’s breathing quickened as Eren planted chaste kisses on his inner thighs.

He then felt himself released as his boxers were pulled down, taken off, then chucked onto the floor from underneath the covers. He began to whine needily feeling Eren’s warm breath and face on his arousal. “Eren I said don’t fucking tease me!~”

He felt the breaths from Eren’s suppressed giggle on his skin and he bit his lip in anticipation.


Eren licked his lips before his mouth began covering the hard skin, taking in Levi’s arousal all the way to the back of his throat.

Levi’s eyes rolled to the back of his head “E..Eren aah~”

Encouraged by the calling of his name Eren began bobbing his head up and down slowly twisting his head as he did so. Levi gripped at a pillow resisting the urge to rock his hips. “F..fuck~”

Eren then released Levi’s length a wet pop sound was heard as his mouth left the member. “You taste amazing” Removing the covers from over the top of him he looked down to take in the exposed man in front of him “You have no idea how much I want to devour you right now”

Levi frowned a pout on his lips “Why’d you stop then” He said using his foot to nudge Eren.

“Because I wanted you to see yourself getting eaten” grinning Eren positioned himself in between Levi’s legs wrapping his arms around either thigh as he took Levi’s length back into his mouth this time bobbing and twisting at a quicker pace.

“Oh my god.. Fuck f..fuck!~” Levi propped himself on his elbows watching Eren devour him. “Eren~ S..shit you’re mouth feels amazing”

Eren hummed before flicking his tongue over the weeping slit. Levi arched his back as Eren pulled him in deeper gripping harder onto Levi’s thighs leaving nail marks. “S..shit don’t stop~”

Gripping at the bed sheet Levi’s breathing became erratic while Eren continued to suck and flick his tongue letting Levi’s length hit the back of his mouth.

He could tell Levi was nearing completion. The smaller body was twitching and Levi’s mouth had not stopped moaning.

Keeping at a steady pace Eren's hand found itself on the smaller man’s arse. He gave it a tight squeeze and that’s when he could feel Levi’s body tense.

Levi arched his back gripping onto the bed sheet behind him calling out Eren’s name needily.

“Eren~ Oh fuck Eren!~”

Eren stopped sucking allowing Levi to release into his mouth. Levi slowly let his back rest back onto the bed his head hitting the pillow as Eren swallowed and wiped his lips before joining the other man at the top of the bed.

He’d barely made it to the pillow before Levi had pulled him by the shoulders into a kiss. Eren let out a low groan his own length getting uncomfortable at the lack of friction. Lifting Levi by the waist he sat the smaller man on his lap propping his back against the bed’s headboard. His hand quickly returning to the back of Levi’s head deepening the kiss.

Wrapping his arms around the back of Eren’s neck Levi teasingly rolled his hips creating some traction for the younger boy. Eren dropped his head letting out uneven breaths and low moans.

Placing his hands either side of Levi’s hips Eren began controlling the motion in which Levi moved. The younger boys eyes were hungry with lust as they watched Levi’s lower half. His mouth partially open as he watched the smaller frame rock.

Resting his hands on Eren’s shoulders Levi looked down at Eren’s now very tight boxers and almost gasped in shock. Eren’s head had popped out the top and Eren’s size was now visible.

“You’re fucking huge~” Levi said still looking down. Eren Chuckled before squeezing Levi’s arse “You like?”

Levi nodded still mesmerised until Eren’s mouth found its way back onto Levi’s as his tongue needily searched the smaller cavern.

Levi’s hands made quick work of getting Eren’s arousal out the restrictive clothing. Cupping a hand around the hard flesh Levi began pumping it in his hand.

Eren hummed into their kiss his head twisting and tongue flicking like he couldn’t get enough of the smaller mouth. As Levi’s hand quickened Eren ended their kiss a string of saliva parted with their lips. Levi breathlessly watched Eren as the younger boy watched Levi’s hand. “That’s so fucking sexy, your hand is so small on my dick”

Eren lifted his head an eyebrow raised to look at Levi “Use both of them”

Levi was quick to comply as his other hand gripped the now throbbing meat. Levi began pumping the length in both hands using an opposite twisting motion firmly and repetitively. Raising his hands up and down as he did so.

Eren was definitely loving every second of this he let out low grunts and breathy words of approval which stirred Levi up inside. “Mhmn.. If your that good with your hands Your mouth is sure to make me cum”

Taking the invitation Levi slid in between Eren’s legs one hand still working on Eren’s large member.

“You’re not gonna cum straight away are you?..” Levi said teasingly.

Eren let out a throaty laugh “You aren’t ready for my stamina”

Levi just raised a brow before lowering his head blowing cold air onto the throbbing skin whilst Eren winced.

Taking the shaft into his mouth Levi nearly gagged at the sheer size but controlled it. The fact Levi’s small mouth was struggling to fit the whole length in was turning Eren on "Shit.. That's so erotic.." Encouraged by the younger boy Levi began bobbing his head his tongue sliding around the hard flesh and between the creases of the head. Levi then felt Eren’s hand grip hold of his hair. Now if it was anything that turned Levi into a little slut it was arse grabbing and hair pulling.

Looking up at Eren, Levi kept eye contact as he slowly started from the tip taking the whole member into his mouth.

“Ugh..Fuck..You’re so sexy I didn't think it was possible to get more turned on” Eren gripped tighter of Levi’s hair breathing deeply as he kept eye contact with the man between his legs.

Levi’s speed increased as sounds of wet sucking and slurping filled the room. Levi used his good gag reflex to his advantage as he began deep throating Eren twisting his head every time he hit the base.

“Haa..ha.. Ugh..” Eren leaned his head back the feeling of Levi’s mouth sending him into a state of euphoria.

Levi was actually enjoying this it was not a chore and it was making him feel good. He wanted to please Eren. He wanted to get him off and have the younger boy go crazy for him.

Feeling Eren push on his head Levi knew he was close so he released the throbbing length from his mouth and started sucking on his tense balls pumping the shaft in his hands at the same speed as his mouth.

This new sensation had Eren rocking his hips. “Ugh, ah! L..Levi~”

Eren’s body stiffened as he hunched over watching Levi as he came. His load landing on the smaller man’s face.

Eren leaned his head back onto the bed's headboard taking in as much air as possible whilst Levi reached over the bed picking up his boxers and wiping his face.

“You’re fucking amazing” Eren finally said after a few seconds of silence. Levi just grinned laying himself next the the larger boy. “I could say the same about you”

Eren turned to look at him “I could quite easily go for a round two but I think we need a bit of sleep"

Levi continued to grin “You look completely fucked”

Eren face palmed smiling “Geeze I’ve never had my dick sucked that good”

Levi chuckled “You obviously haven’t had it done right”

Eren grinned before sliding under the covers and pulling Levi towards him. “So you think this is going to make your work life harder?”

The older man threw Eren a blank expression “Fuck off I can remain professional”

Eren watched Levi’s lips whilst he bit his own “Even if I start throwing you looks like this”

Levi could feel his cheeks burning and Eren sensed the chance to capture his lips. They both moved their lips intensely as if savouring each others taste.

Pulling away Eren rubbed his nose against Levi’s.

“What the fuck was that?..” Levi looked at Eren in judgemental confusion.

“Shut up that’s how I show my affection” Eren turned Levi round pulling his back to his chest.

“I’ve never known anyone to do that, you little weirdo”

Eren closed his eyes as his body was beginning to shut down. “Stop judging me and get some sleep” Kissing the back of Levi’s neck Eren started to fall asleep.

Levi lay recapping the events that had just taken place. His eyes drifted to the clock which now read 07:30. *Thank god he’s made arrangements for Hunter* Levi was content and for the first time in a long, long time he was happy. Genuinely happy and that made falling asleep the easiest thing.

Chapter Text


Levi’s eyes opened partially the room was bright now and his eyes were blurry from the dark to light adjustment.


Raising a hand Levi rubbed his eyes before stretching. Eren’s hand was still wrapped around him and had found its way up the loose t shirt he was wearing exposing the smaller man’s body.

He then heard Eren’s groggy voice from behind him.
“Go away”

Becoming less disorientated Levi sat up quickly realising Hunter was obviously in the room. “Hunter?!”

Hunter was in fact sitting in the middle of the bed looking at the both males confusion evident on his face “Levi why are you in daddy’s bed?...”

Levi was lost for words he stammered a bit before Eren sat up running a hand through his messy bed hair. “Why the fuck are you being so noisy”

Levi turned to him in disbelief at how calm he was being about this “Eren?... Hunter’s is..”

Eren didn’t seem to care and just put his hand back up the shirt pulling Levi back down to the pillow. Levi almost squeaked with embarrassment as he still had nothing on his bottom half and the covers was the only thing protecting him from giving Hunter a shock.

Hunter yelped his face showing evident disappointment “That’s not fair! Levi’s mine daddy!”

Eren squeezed Levi to his body finally looking at Hunter “Stop being so jealous you can share him can’t you”

Hunter pouted throwing his dad daggers “No!”

Eren just raised a brow before kissing Levi’s cheek much to the older mans shock “Too bad”

Hunter threw Levi a hurt expression and the older man face palmed “This really isn't helping..”

Eren grinned as he made smooching noises whilst kissing Levi’s cheek.

Hunter suddenly stood up making his way over to Eren.

“Oh shit..” Was all Eren could say before Hunter began hitting at him trying to pry the boys hands off Levi. “He doesn’t like you! He likes me!”

Eren chuckled trying to dodge hits “That’s not what he was saying last night~”

Levi removed himself from Eren grasp turning back around to now throw him daggers “Really Eren!”

Hunter now had angry tears and a runny nose “I’m so mad at you!”

Eren burst out laughing at the other two. Sitting up he put Hunter into a loose headlock ruffling the little boys hair. “You both are so serious, what are you even doing here. I asked Armin to take care of you today?”

Hunter released himself from his dad’s arm “He’s downstairs talking to nanny! I was coming to say goodbye when I saw Levi cheating on me!”

At this Eren had to hold his stomach whilst he belly laughed “Shit it’s twelve o’clock already. We really did sleep in didn’t we” He wiggled his eyebrows at Levi whilst the older man shook his head “Stop it Eren..”

Hunter wiped his nose anger still on his face “Is this why Levi can’t look after me today?… You stole him from me”

Levi reached over to Hunter pulling him away from Eren and into his lap wiping the tears from his eyes “Don’t be silly! I’m still looking after you daddy just thought it would be better to start tomorrow” Stroking the younger boys head Levi smiled sweetly.

Hunter gazed at him completely mesmerised “You’re so pretty” His face suddenly changed to one of determination and he took Levi’s hands in his “Marry me!”

Levi smiled awkwardly it freaked him out how much Hunter looked like his dad and was being so pure about his feelings.

“You’re ten years too young to be throwing out marriage proposals mister” Eren said pulling on the younger boys ear “But daddy isn’t”

Hunter suddenly wrapped his arms and legs around Levi showing his dad he wasn’t going to give up so easily.

There was a sudden knock on the door which caused them all to stiffen and look at it.

“Who’s there?” Eren said very authoritatively making Levi uncomfortable.

“It’s Armin you idiot”

“Whew come in..”

Levi turned to Eren “Oi!”

Eren just waved his hand “Naa he’s cool, don’t worry”

A blonde haired boy entered the room wearing a white button up shirt, black jeans, trainers and his hair in a ponytail. “Sleeping in late again are we?”

Eren rolled his eyes
“I’m not that bad besides I told my dad last night I wasn’t going in today”

Armin shook his head smiling before focusing his attention to Levi “Oh hi! I..I didn’t know Eren had a par-”

“Hi I’m Levi Hunter’s carer”

A look of confusion briefly made itself visible on Armin’s face “O..oh I see”

He looked at Eren suspiciously whilst the brunette boy rubbed the back of his head “Oi do you mind passing me a pair of joggers out the draw I’m kinda glued to this bed at the minuet”

Levi turned to Eren giving him a death glare.

“What?” Eren Looked at Levi he didn’t seem to get the hint that this was all so awkward.

“Armin can we stay here I have to keep an eye on daddy otherwise he’ll steal Levi away from me”

Eren chuckled whilst Armin and Levi looked at each other in embarrassment.

“Umm I think I should we should go out don’t you think? Me and Jean were going to take you swimming” Armin retrieved a pair of jogging bottoms from Eren’s draw walking to the side of the bed handing them to him.

“Swimming! Okay I have to go get my goggles” Hunter let go of Levi jumping off the bed and out the room.

“Aah bless him he seems excited” Armin said trying to avoid the obvious fact Eren was naked and now putting on trousers.

“I thought Jean was working today?” Eren said finally standing up from the bed stretching his arms above his head.

Levi tried not to look at the toned body. The dim light at the early hours that morning did the boy’s body no justice. His tanned physique looked as if he’d been carved by angels and Levi’s cheeks suddenly felt hot.

“Naa it’s his day off so we both thought it’d be nice to spend the day together and then when you said you needed Hunter to be watched we decided it would be nice to take him swimming since Jean is all about his fitness at the moment”

Eren grinned whilst folding his arms “He’s just jelly cos he saw me and you at the gym that time and got all panicked that his boyfriend was hanging out with such a stud”

Armin tapped a finger to his lips an expression of thinking on his face “Now that you mention it he did start getting paranoid about my work and his body since that day”

Eren threw Levi a cocky look “Jean is such a tool. I keep telling Armin he deserves better, but I guess you can’t help who you fall in love with”

Armin gave Eren a playful punch on the arm “Leave him alone, you’re such a bully. It’s hard for everybody’s partners at work when their boss looks like you. Even Rico’s boyfriend is asking her to change labs because of how close our team works with you”

Eren’s brows furrowed “Now that’s just ridiculous”

Armin shrugged his shoulders “Hmm I guess”

Levi wasn’t feeling as uncomfortable with this whole situation as he maybe should have, but it was all a little weird having, what seemed to be Eren’s best friend, in the room like this.

“Well I’m going to go see what Hunter’s doing probably destroying his room in search of the goggles” Eren said whilst heading to levi’s bag he’d packed and pulling out some black jeans “You have no lounge wear except for hoodies you know. What clothes do you relax in I couldn’t live without sweatpants?”

“Jeans are comfortable. Your dick’s just too big to comfortably fit in them”

Eren’s face would have been a picture if it wasn’t for the fact Levi just realised what he’d said. Turning to Armin he tried to play it off. “I’m just a crude person don’t mind me”

Armin smiled awkwardly but it was obvious he wasn’t convinced. “Ha ha I see”

Eren passed Levi the jeans raising an eyebrow whilst Armin shuffled to the door “I..I’ll check on Hunter for you” Turning hurriedly Armin left the room shutting the door behind him.

Eren turned back to face Levi “You lost yourself a bit there”

Levi rolled his eyes proceeding to put on his trousers “That poor guy looks traumatised”
“Who, Armin? Ha never that guy and his boyfriend are always dishing some dirty banter he’s probably just surprised there’s a guy in my bed”

Levi did up his trousers now sitting at the side of the bed whilst Eren stood in front of him “Aah I see so he’s used to seeing you with girls”

Eren rubbed his temples “Not necessarily”

Levi grinned “Oh really, is that why you didn’t answer my question this morning?”

Eren looked at him confused “Question?”

Levi didn’t know what came over him but his hands moved to the hem of Eren’s sweats “Yeah the one where I asked you if you’d ever been with a guy before”

Eren bit his lip as Levi leaned forward rubbing his face on his crotch. “I told you I didn’t want you asking that cos It doesn’t matter whether I have or haven’t”

Levi grinned his hand now feeling at the growing bulge showing through the loose clothing “I see..I wonder if you’ve ever gotten hard this quick for anyone else..” looking up at Eren Levi rubbed his face on the now obvious arousal.

“Shit you’re such a tease..” Pulling down his trousers just so his length was visible Eren gripped the back of Levi’s head pushing the open cavern toward it.

Holding onto either side of Eren’s legs Levi happily took the hard skin into his mouth his head motioning back and forth as he twisted at the hilt.

“Uh.. Just like that aah..” Eren looked down to watch Levi’s mouth work at his length. “You’re pretty fucking brave sucking me off when anyone could just walk in here”

Levi pulled away but not before his tongue slowly licked at Eren’s tip in circular motions “You’re just getting off on that thought aren't you?..”

Eren grinned darkly “Get that mouth back on my dick so I can come”

Levi raised a brow “Shit that’s hot.. Order me again”

Eren nearly lost it at the naughty expression Levi was giving him “I said get your mouth back on my dick and make me cum”

Levi fell from the bed to his knees rubbing his face on the now painfully hard skin “Anything for you”

Taking the length into his awaiting cavern again Levi bobbed his head back and forth again at a rapid pace. He closed his eyes and hummed in delight as he began getting off on the feel of Eren’s meat.

“Mn.. Hah.. aahh.. Fuck..Levi your becoming a lil slut for my cock”

And that did it for Levi he knew that Eren was just dirty talking but it wasn't too far from the truth. He liked Eren way too much now and he was letting certain guards down.

Pressing his lips harder onto the skin Levi bobbed his head violently his tongue following suit flicking at the flesh in his mouth. the loose shirt began sliding off his shoulders with every motion and his eyes fluttering open as they were met with lust ridden emerald orbs.


Eren groaned his hand finding its way to Levi’s face pushing back his hair “Yes… T..that’s it keep looking at me with that sexy face”

Levi hummed in approval his eyes suggestively giving Eren what he wanted.

*Knock Knock*

Levi jumped in shock and took Eren’s length out his mouth. He was about to stand up when Eren pushed him back down, took hold of Levi’s chin and pushed his member back into Levi’s mouth.

“Mff..ffh” he grunted as quietly as he could.

“What is it Armin?..”

Levi was in pure shock and tried to move but Eren’s had pushed him onto the hard skin deeper and deeper. Without having the ability to control how deep Eren’s length was going Levi wretched slightly his eyes watering from the sensation of his throat being prodded.

“I’m gonna take Hunter now Jean’s just pulled up outside”

“Mmm huh Y..yeah okay”

Eren watched Levi his words were breathy and voice rough. Levi was sure Armin knew what was happening.

Levi opened his mouth wider as Eren tilted his head he wanted to see himself going in and out of the warm cavern.

“Hunter’s adamant he has to say his goodbyes to Levi”

Eren mouthed ‘you’re so hot’ to Levi before answering “Tell the little twerp Levi is all his later”

Armin sighed “Alright.. Look I’ll catch up with you in a bit”


Hearing Armin’s footsteps fade Eren’s body suddenly stiffened as he pulled Levi away holding the top of his head. gripping his length in the other hand he began pumping it over Levi’s face.

The smaller man was completely drunk on Eren as he stuck out his tongue waiting for the boy’s release.

“Ungh!..Aaah hah!..” Eren’s load landed exactly where he wanted and Levi wasted no time licking his lips.

Eren took a few seconds to calm his breathing whilst taking in the erotic view in front of him. He smiled cheekily before walking into his non suite returning with a warm rag and wiped Levi’s face.

Seeing Levi wasn’t moving Eren picked the smaller man up and sat on the bed making Levi sit in his lap. “You’re all dazed”

Stroking Levi’s face Eren eyed the older man as Levi stared at him lustfully.
He was experiencing a complex range of emotions and this new development in his and Eren’s relationship was not helping.

Levi leaned forward his lips now on Eren’s. The dazed man moved his lips with Eren turning his head to let the younger boy dominate the kiss.

He let out a breathy moan as Eren began sucking and biting at his bottom lip before pulling away. “I could really continue this shit with you all day, but I’ve got work to do” placing a small peck on the corner of Levi’s mouth Eren turned to place Levi on the bed.

He hovered on top of Levi for a few seconds before standing up “I’m gonna take a shower you’re more than welcome to join me or you can go to your room and do it.

Levi sat up watching Eren “I’ve taken up a lot of your time already haven't I”

Eren gave him a blank stare “Oh shut it” and before Levi knew it he was picked up and carried into Eren’s bathroom.

*If I’m so goddamn happy right now then what is this feeling of dread*


Eren and Levi had washed, dressed and were now having a late breakfast/lunch with Carla.

Levi was putting on a brave face but he couldn’t help feeling like something was wrong and eating him inside.

He was enjoying a light conversation with Eren and Carla over a cup of fresh coffee and amazingly presented sandwiches thanks to the maids pottering around the kitchen.

Carla sat at the table with her laptop. Glasses at the bridge of her nose and a cigarette in hand.

Eren was stuffing his face whilst blabbing about some program that was playing on the almost cinematic style TV that was displayed on the kitchen wall whilst Levi sat on the chair his knees to his chest whilst he also smoked.

This was so relaxed and far from anything he’d ever known. Carla wasn’t even asking as to why Levi was there and not watching Hunter and that was weird for him considering all he had done that day was sucking her son off.

He was shaken from his thoughts as a maid came to take his plate “Oh thank you”

The petite blonde girl just bowed in reply walking back to the kitchen. Levi caught Eren’s eyes and the younger boy winked at him. He shook his head smirking at Eren before Carla banged a fist on the table shaking both males.

“Eren baby!~ I need you to do mummy a favour and beg your father to take me Dubai this weekend”

Eren snorted “And why do you need to go there?”

Carla took her glasses off “Because I need a little holiday I’ve been working my arse off and mamma needs some retail therapy”

Eren rolled his eyes whilst Levi nearly choked on his coffee “Alright I’ll have a word with him, is this a thing where you want me and Hunter coming too I could do with buying him a few bits”

Levi couldn’t believe what he was hearing. This family just flew to another country to shop..

Carla nodded “Aww remember that gorgeous three piece fitted suit I bought him before? He’s grown out of it now I need to get him a similar one so yeah if you can”

Eren rested his hands at the back of his head “So Levi are you able to go over your contracted hours for a bit and work this weekend?”

“Uh sure what would you need me for”

Eren tilted his head “Have you not been listening we’re going Dubai for the weekend cos my mum has a shopping addiction and needs some retail therapy plus we all need a short holiday here, what about you? You up for it?”

Levi’s mouth hung slightly open in shock as Carla and Eren looked at him.

“I..I’m not sure I don’t really have the money to travel right now”

Carla raised an eyebrow whilst Eren grinned trying to hold back a laugh.

“Sweetie you don’t pay to travel with us you work for Eren it all comes out of his wallet” Carla gave Levi a warm smile.

Eren shrugged “She isn’t wrong you know and besides we’ll be taking our jet so if you don't like airports you're in luck. Just make sure you have your passport and we’re good to go”

Levi smiled awkwardly, there was no way he could mention at this moment that he had never owned a passport.


Eren smiled cheekily winking at Levi making the other man look at him questionably.

“Right well I’ve got a meeting at three so I better leave now, Oh Levi, Eren asked me to get you a masseuse to relax so that’s been booked in and she’ll be around for about five thirty-ish. She’s amazing you’ve never had a massage like it” Standing from the table the older women gave Levi a warm smile.

“Really… I’ve never had a massage before”

“Well you’re in for a fucking treat” Eren said also standing to kiss his mum goodbye on the cheek.

“Right well I’m off you two behave yourselves and no throwing any parties” She joked giving Levi a goodbye squeeze on the shoulder.

“Oh mum you always have to ruin my plans” Eren said mockingly.

Carla just rolled her eyes whilst heading out the room “See you later”

Hearing the door shut Eren turned to look at Levi a mischievous expression on his face. Levi looked at him confused “What?”

“What you wanna do?”

Levi’s eyes widened as he realised what Eren was saying and covered his face pointing to the maids that were all still in the kitchen.

Eren shrugged his shoulders making his way over to Levi picking him up and Placing him on the glass table “They won’t say anything” he began kissing Levi’s neck.

“Eren stop you’re being way too risky, haven’t you had enough today” Levi whispered.

Eren just grinned “I told you, you wasn’t ready for my stamina”

Levi threw the boy an unimpressed look “Fuck you”

“Oh I will” with a snap of his fingers the three maids were now facing the two males and Levi could have died with embarrassment “Can you girls go clean upstairs for now, I’m going to be a little busy in here”

The girls who looked to be in their early twenties giggled before answering “Yes Sir” and leaving the room.

“No, no, no Eren my jaw hurts and I’m not in the mood”

Eren continued kissing Levi’s neck ignoring him. “You’re gonna enjoy Dubai it’s fucking beautiful and we'll have a lot of alone time in the evenings”

Levi rolled his eyes “I don’t have a passport you know”

Eren paused what he was doing “Serious.. I’ll get you one in a few days then. I have a mate in the office who’ll put yours as priority”

Lifting levi’s top Eren put his head underneath and found a pink bud to suck on.

“Ngh!” Levi jolted at the sensation arching his back “E..Eren not now..”

Eren flicked his tongue over the hardening bud his hand squeezing the other “That wasn’t very convincing”

Levi wiggled trying to pry the larger boy off him “You have work to do remember”

Eren popped his head out disappointment evident on his face “Why’d you have to remind me?..”

Levi breathed a sigh of relief as Eren backed away from him. “Okay I’m gonna be in my study if you need me. Just relax and do what you want. Make food, use the TV, computers, swimming pool basically anything and I’ll meet back up with you for your massage”

Levi averted his eyes from Eren “Yeah okay.. Just so you know this is so alien to me..”

Eren smiled sweetly “I know but you work for me now and I'm gonna make sure you’re treated the best way possible”

Levi’s chin was then lifted as Eren lips were pressed onto his. He wrapped his legs and arms around Eren the taste of the coffee they’d just been drinking lingering on Eren’s breath as their tongues danced inside each others mouths.

Eren pulled away smirking “I better get going before you make me bend you over this table”

A small noise made its way out of Levi’s mouth and Eren grinned.

He walked over to the door and before exiting took in the view of Levi still sitting on the table before walking out the room.

Climbing off the table Levi stretched turning to watch the screen on the wall. The feeling of dread was still lingering but pushed to the back of his mind. Everything seemed to be going too well. He was getting everything he wanted including Eren and it scared him.

He hadn't yet come to terms with the fact he liked Eren more then he wanted to admit and was slowly becoming accustomed to someone actually caring for him. Even though He was only sucking Eren’s dick it still wasn’t part of the package that came with watching Hunter.

It wasn’t a paid sexual arrangement so Levi was actually doing these things because he wanted to. He didn’t care about being paid or getting anything out of it. He didn’t even crave a line when he was around the younger boy either.

He wondered how on earth this had really started though.. Eren wasn’t gay to Levi’s knowledge and it wouldn’t be his first rodeo with a straight person, but why did Eren with his high status and ability to have anyone he wanted decide to touch Levi.

It wasn’t like they were suddenly in a relationship but it wasn’t a fuck and chuck situation either and it left Levi completely confused about it all.

His thoughts were broken by a quiet voice.


Turning around he was met with the blonde maid from earlier.

“Oh hi”

She smiled “You’re one of us right.. A worker?”

Levi nodded “I guess I am, I’ll be looking after Hunter from now on”

The girl continued to smile “So I guess you wouldn’t mind me asking for a bit of gossips sake has Master Eren tried anything with you? Like was that a joke earlier or was he serious we can never tell with him as he can be quite a joker”

Levi was taken aback and rubbed the back of his head “Umm..”

“I knew it!”

“He’s gay! Master Eren is gay his face says it all!”

The other two maids made their way out of the shadows of the door.

“He hasn’t even said anything yet” the first one said trying to shut the other two up.

Levi felt ganged up on all of a sudden as the three girls stared him down.

The tall blonde one folded her arms “What’s your name small fry? Mine’s Annie”

Levi frowned “Small fry? You have some cheek.. The name’s Levi”

Annie nodded “Aah nice it suits you, this is Sasha and this is Historia”

The two other girls bowed. “Nice to meet you all. May I ask why you’re all so curious about Eren”

Annie laughed “See girls he is so getting fucked by the boss, he doesn’t even call him Master”

The other two gasped. “Is it true”

Levi face palmed “No it’s not, I just got employed on more of a friendly basis”

The three nodded “Aah okay”

Sasha then clasped her hands together “So what was he doing to you earlier that seemed odd”

“Yeah it kinda did” Historia added staring at Levi. “He was just joking being his usual prankster self. I dunno he can be weird sometimes”

“True that” Annie chimed in.

“So now that you’re officially one of us you can be let in on the gossip of the Yaeger household it’s an employee must!” Sasha said gripping hold of Levi’s hand.

“Umm okay..”

“Great!” right now is work hours so on our break we’ll come find you and we’ll have our daily chin wag” Historia said grabbing hold of his other hand.


“Welcome to the dream team small fry you’re gonna love it here” Annie gave Levi a thumbs up.


The three girls then left the room chatting amongst themselves whilst Levi wondered about what kind of stuff he could find out about Eren Yeager….

Chapter Text

It was now about 4:30 and Levi was watching TV in the living room. He hadn’t seen Eren since the boy had left him to work and the older man had amused himself by watching mundane shows.

Hearing the door open he turned to see Historia standing there “It’s break time, you wanna come with me?”

Switching off the screen Levi nodded “Sure”

Historia led Levi to a different part of the mansion. It was down some stairs through a hall that led to a large lounge area with a pool table kitchen a gaming setup and basically anything you’d want to chill out.

“This is the workers quarters you seem a little different from us so I’m not surprised Master Eren hasn’t shown you here”

Levi looked around. There were a few new faces and the three girls he’d met earlier.

“Right so lets get introducing!” Annie blurted out as she his the cue ball on the pool table. Levi sat down on the rather large leather sofa *Even they live it up then huh..*

Everyone sat down and Annie offered Levi a cigarette which he accepted and lit.

“So who’s the new guy” A brunette girl with freckles said taking a draw from her own fag.

“Well let us get to that!” Sasha blurted out.

“Everyone this is Levi he may or may not be Master Eren’s new toy”

Levi shot Annie a shocked look.

“Ah nice, well I’m Ymir and I’m Mistress Carla’s personal maid” the brunette girl said flashing Levi an impressed look.

“I’m Connie and I’m the gardener” The boy shorter than Levi grinned.

“I’m Bertholdt and I’m the Yeager family’s Butler”

Levi said his hellos to them all “I didn’t realise so many people worked here”

“We work very much in the quiet we do our jobs efficiently but Master Eren is very set on Master Hunter not being surrounded by help so that he has somewhat a normal upbringing” Bertholdt said before taking a sip of water.

“Basically he doesn’t want to raise a spoilt brat” Connie chimed in.

“Hunter’s too polite to be a spoilt brat” Historia said.

Levi listened to them all none of them seemed to have a bad word to say about the Yeager family at this time if anything they all loved them.

“So newbie explain your situation. How’d you end up becoming Master Eren’s plaything?”

“Plaything?! It's not like that I just became good friends with Hunter because of my previous job and I gave Eren my details and here we are”

Ymir rolled her eyes “You are so fucking the boss, I’m not surprised I mean you are kinda easy on the eyes”

Levi fidgeted uncomfortably “Look I don’t know what you’re all getting at but if Eren is some kind of tool I’d like to know”

Everyone seemed to giggle

“Really guys..”

Connie placed a fag between his lips “Master Eren is definitely no tool in fact he’s the complete opposite, but his past whew.. well there's a different story. Since working here though I’ve not seen him with anyone”

Historia nodded “Master Eren used to be a bit of a ladies man but that got a girl pregnant hence he has Hunter now”

Bertholdt sighed “You guys are all gossip I’ve been here the longest so I’ll tell the newbie the deal..”

Everyone nodded and turned their attention to Bertholdt. “So Mistress Carla and Master Grisha are amazing parents and love their son like any parent loves their child, but Master Eren was allowed to get away with a lot when he was younger and it wasn’t that he was a naughty kid at all it’s just Master Eren got himself into stupid situations. Anyway one very stupid situation was getting involved with Master Hunter’s mother. No one but the Yeager’s know her name but I had just started working for the household so I became privy to some information.

Apparently she was a childhood friend and she would spend a fair bit of time with Master Eren. They were separated at like twelve because her family moved, but then they both met again at sixteen at some party and Master Eren wasn’t as keen on her as he used to be and sorta carried on like she never existed, but this girl was persistent on getting his attention.

She moved back into the area, got a mediocre job to pay rent in some house share and began turning up to the house everyday in search of Master Eren, but he wasn’t interested in her or her obsessive behaviour”

Levi was subconsciously biting his nails and ymir tapped his hand to stop it.

“Anyway so a little time went on and to my understanding Master Eren was at that age of sexual curiosity. He was liked at school and his parents status made him very popular especially with the girls. It’s to my knowledge he became a bit of a man tart and took a lot of virginity's”

At this Levi burst out laughing and everyone looked at him “Are you being serious I mean it’s not that I don’t believe you but Eren the man tart, That's too funny”

Ymir smirked “We’ve all got our pasts though ain't we..”

Levi lowered his head “Yeah..I guess..”

Bertholdt cleared his throat “Can I continue?..” The group nodded.

“During this time the obsessed girl wasn’t getting any attention so she approached him one day confessing her feelings and what did he do…”

The group leaned forward as if they were hearing this for the first time whilst Levi just stared at Bertholdt waiting for the answer.

“He fulfilled her dream at some house party she'd organised and basically made out like he felt the same in hopes she would suddenly back off once she got what she wanted and for a time it worked she didn’t turn up to the house for a good two months and didn’t ring off his phone, but on Eren’s seventeenth birthday she showed up here saying she needed to speak to Master Eren privately and that’s when she told him she was pregnant”

“Well shit happy birthday Eren..” Levi said sarcastically hugging his knees to his chest. This was getting interesting.

“Not only was she pregnant, but she actually admitted she’d done it on purpose because she loved him so much..”

Levi covered his mouth in shock horror “That’s fucked up..”

“You’re telling me, she actually poked holes in the condom they used” Annie said shaking her head.

Levi pulled a disgusted expression “Damn..”

“Master Eren obviously went bat shit crazy at her, but accepted the fact that he was partly to blame and supported her through the pregnancy, going to every scan every meeting with the midwife and even bought everything out of his own money for Hunter. He’d just started working with his father by this point taking on his percentage of the company so the money he earned he used on her and Hunter.

It’s very important to stress in all of this they was not in a relationship. Master Eren made it quite clear that he was only supporting her because of their baby, quite mature for a seventeen year old kid if you ask me…”

“You’re telling me” Levi said.

so nine months passed and obviously Master Grisha and Mistress Carla knew and supported Master Eren and the girl gave birth to Hunter. It was all lovely and amazing since Hunter was so adorable and the splitting image of his father it was no doubt his kid since there were doubts due to the girls odd ways that she was lying about it.

Master Eren lived at her home with her and her family for a bit so he could bond with Hunter, but it became too much when the girl began acting like they were a couple. Once again Master Eren had to tell her the boundaries and that he was only there for Master Hunter.

This became more evident when he started to date a girl from work and began staying with her only going to see Hunter on the weekends because of his now very busy work schedule. Once she caught wind of this she went completely psycho.. Because, to my understanding, it suddenly dawned on her that the perfect little family she had made up in her head and thought Eren would one day come to accept was never going to be..

She then went on to do something that even to this day none of us know the full story to....

One night after Master Eren had finished work he received a message from her saying Master Hunter was unwell and needed him urgently to which he got in his car and drove straight to hers. The details are a little muffled at this point but all I know is. That night I was called by Master Grisha, who was already at the incident, to pick up Master Eren and to take him to a hospital. When I arrived there were police cars, an ambulance and people screaming and Mistress Carla was going mad at who I could only assume was the girls mother. Master Grisha brought Master Eren to the car and settled him in… Eren had refused to go in an ambulance to the hospital so that's why I was called. He was clutching an only few weeks old Hunter to his chest and they both were covered in blood”

Levi’s eyes widened “What the fuck happened? This sounds serious!”

Bertholdt nodded “Master Eren looked messed up and completely dazed. He didn’t talk at all even when we got to the hospital. We later found out when he was checked over that he had been stabbed twice in the leg and had multiple defence wounds on his hands and wrists. Hunter was unharmed.

Even when he was getting checked he wouldn’t let go of Hunter and it took him a while to let anyone hold him other than Master Grisha and Mistress Carla. From that day on none of them really talk about the situation and Master Eren has been the sole parent of Hunter. He split up with the other girl from work and has been single ever since. I might also add he is very protective of Master Hunter. Not to the point that he wraps him up in cotton wool, but he hasn’t really allowed babysitters or anyone he hasn’t vetted to go near the kid”

Levi held out his hand to Ymir waving it motioning for the girl to give him a cigarette. She rolled her eyes tossing him the box.

“Well it’s crazy right?..” Connie turned to Levi as he lit the fag and pulled. Exhaling he rubbed his temples “What the fuck even is that!.. That is so unsettling I want to know what happened to her. Carla said she died and Hunter goes around saying his mum’s in heaven..”

“Why don’t you ask him?” Sasha said looking at the obviously stressed man.

“Umm I think the fuck not… If he hasn’t brought it up to me then I sure as hell ain’t asking”

Ymir scoffed “Ah fuck and I thought you were gonna be useful!”

Levi folded his arms “Fuck you! I’m still trying to process it all!”

Historia then stood up “Well at least you know a bit more now ey”

“More than I bargained for”

There was a moment of silence before they all heard Eren’s voice in the hallway.

“Huh what’s he doing we’ve still got fifteen more minutes” Connie said looking towards the door.


They all turned to look at the dark haired man “The boss is looking for you” Ymir said suggestively motioning a blowjob with her hand and mouth.

Levi rolled his eyes before butting out the fag and standing up and walking to the door “Thanks you all for the warm welcome and introductory gossip” he said sarcastically.

They all gave him a cheeky smile and he was about to question why when he felt Eren’s hands around his waist.

“There you are it’s almost time for your.... What are you doing around here?”

Noticing that everyone was staring at Levi, Eren raised a brow pulling away from the hug he was about to give the smaller man “Everything all right in here guys”

Everyone nodded and answered in unison “Yes Sir!”

“Okay…. well I’m gonna steal Levi from you whilst you enjoy the rest of your break”

They all nodded giving the older man a thumbs up as Eren turned around pulling Levi’s hand to follow him.

The new information was still running in Levi’s mind it pained him that Eren could be keeping in his own heartache and was trying to help Levi to mask his own problems.

*We all have our demons and right now yours are coming out to play~*....

“You alright cutie?”

Levi looked up to see Eren had stopped walking and was looking at him arms folded “Were they saying weird things? They all have a tendency to gossip”

Levi shook his head. “No not at all they seem like a nice bunch”

Eren grinned cheekily “Were they questioning you about earlier?”

Levi rolled his eyes “They were a little curious”

Eren chuckled “What did you tell them?”

Levi raised a brow “I told them that once they’d left you bent me over the table and fucked me senseless”

Eren bit his lip with an expression Levi couldn’t read on his face “Oh did you… They must have been shocked”

Levi shrugged his shoulders “Not really, you seem to have a bit of a reputation”

The younger boy shook his head in mock disapproval “Damn, I didn’t know I was that bad”

Levi chuckled “I hope you know I’m joking, They may be gossips but their respect for you is prominent”

“I should hope so..” Eren said His eyes seeming to mentally undress the man in front of him.

As much as Levi liked the fact he had somehow managed to have this young boy lusting after him, the conversation that had just taken place was also playing on his mind. It made him even more confused as to what was going on in Eren’s head. Something wasn’t adding up to Levi and he didn’t feel like he knew exactly what he was dealing with here.

Suddenly the whole building was filled with the loud ring of the doorbell and it made Eren jump slightly. “That must be your booking, come on it’s time to get yourself oiled up” He said with a wink.

Taking the lead Eren began walking up the stairs motioning for Levi to follow him.

Levi had never felt so relaxed in all his life. Laying face down on the masseuses portable massage bed with tranquil music playing in the background he emptied his mind letting the woman work at all the knots and strain he’d built up over the years.

The smell of aromatherapy oils filled the room as Levi’s body was worked on.

“You look so relaxed I’m a little jealous” Eren said watching from a crushed velvet sofa across the room.

“Mmm” Was all Levi managed to reply he had actually forgotten Eren was in the room...

After his hour long session Eren gave him a ridiculously soft and short silk dressing gown to put on and made Levi go into his bedroom to watch the TV which seemed to magically appear from the end of the bed. The older man was really enjoying all this attention, Eren had even sent Sasha up to Levi with a glass of wine and selection of before dinner snacks and the young maid was quite shocked to see Levi in such revealing attire that her face went bright red.

*Great I'll be hearing about this tomorrow*...

Levi couldn't deny he felt amazing. all his normal everyday worries seemed to have disappeared and he had this young good looking boy set on taking care of him.

*How the fuck did I get so lucky all of a sudden?...*

This couldn’t be right.. He was being treated like royalty and had no clue why. He’d done one days work since meeting Eren and the young boy was way out of Levi’s league.

*Am I becoming a fucking sugar baby??..*

Nearly choking on his wine at the thought he might be Eren’s subconscious charity work Levi saw the door opening and the younger boy walk in.

“Whoa~..” Eren said pausing to take in the view before shutting the door.

Levi furrowed his brows trying to cover himself. Why only now had he realised what he looked like.
“What are you ‘whoaing’ about?!”

Eren shook his head. “Nothing, but.. You are just... really stunning you know”

Levi, who wasn’t good at receiving compliments, gave the younger boy a blank stare “That was really gay..”

Eren looked a little disappointed, but smiled “Shit was it?..”

The smaller man just raised an eyebrow nodding his head.

There was an awkward silence for a few seconds before Levi decided to change subject. “So I’m starting tomorrow and I was wondering if I have a set room. I don’t think it’ll be right for Hunter to see me in your bed every morning”

The brunette boy seemed to look even more awkward with the situation as he rubbed the back of his head. “I completely agree.. Your rooms down the hall. You know the one you stayed in before, feel free make it your own and if there’s anything you want or need to make it more comfortable let me know”

“Okay, thank you..” Levi sat obviously uncomfortable on the bed rubbing his arm. Should he leave now or stay this was all a bit weird all of a sudden.

Eren made his way over to the bed sitting on his side, back against the headboard and legs laying flat. “Stay with me for a bit. Go to your room after dinner”

It sounded like more of an order than a suggestion so Levi stayed also resting himself against the headboard and his legs tucked up into himself.

They both watched the TV not saying a word but it was obvious that neither of them was really concentrating on what was actually on the screen. A few minutes passed when Levi felt Eren’s hand slide onto his thigh and up the silk clothing. He held his breath as the younger boy's hand was feeling its way around the soft skin making Levi part his legs slightly as the hand slid between his inner thigh.

His breathing hitched and his heart rate began increasing. Why was he getting so excited at a slight touch.. He felt like a horny school girl and it was infuriating.

“Come sit here”

Levi turned to see Eren pointing to the space between his legs.

“I..I’m okay here thanks” Levi said a forced smile on his lips before turning back to the TV.

Eren sighed deeply before sitting up reaching out his arm for the smaller man and as if he weighed nothing pulled the figure underneath him towering the shocked man.

“I wasn’t asking..”

Levi couldn’t even answer as Eren’s lips were on his. His lips moved slowly whilst a hand cupped the smaller cheek. Levi closed his eyes he couldn’t even put on a pretence that he hadn’t been craving this. Eren’s mouth moved slow and tentatively their lips melting together in a passionate but lust driven embrace that Levi found himself moaning into.

The brunette boy’s hand found itself skimming up the now loose robe gliding across Levi’s slim frame feeling his way over the body beneath him. Levi let out a breathless moan as Eren’s tongue entered his awaiting cavern and Eren flicked his muscle slowly a slight groan escaping him when Levi’s tongue began following suite.

His hand rested on Levi’s arse fingers digging into the plump skin. Levi could tell he wanted something more there was a needy way about his behaviour and that became evident when Eren’s hand gripped at the skin spreading a cheek to slide a digit against his entrance.

A shaky gasp left Levi’s lips as his face became flushed… Eren wanted to fuck him, this boy actually wanted to be inside him and the older man wouldn’t usually have a problem with this, but it was all happening a bit fast.

Eren was becoming more wolfish. He was biting at Levi’s now swollen lip and his hand was cupping and grabbing at Levi’s well rounded behind. His index finger rubbing at the tiny entrance.

Levi was becoming weak willed he was slowly starting to come to terms with the fact that he couldn’t resist Eren and that fact freaked him out. How could he lose himself so easily? Is this what it’s like when you catch the feelings? He even tried to think of how this was selfish and he was now going to be a part of Hunter’s life and fucking his dad wouldn’t necessarily help maintain a level of innocence, but nothing was helping and it didn’t stop him from wanting this more.

“Turn over~”

The demand caught him off guard and threw his head into a spin, but he did as Eren asked and turned his body arching his back as the side of his face touched the pillow. He didn’t feel anything for a few seconds so he turned slightly to see Eren hungrily observing his body watching the silk robe slide down his back exposing the bare skin.

The younger boy was pulling down his sweats revealing his already already rock hard arousal and resting a hand on Levi’s bare cheek he began groping at the skin whilst his other hand slowly pumped his stiff cock.

Levi turned a shade of cherry burying his face in the pillow. He hated comparing, but yes he was used to being exposed and his body being used to get people off, but he was so embarrassed right now. Eren’s breathless groans and the slick sound of his hand pleasing himself was setting his body on fire.
Gripping at the bed sheet Levi let out a needy whimper as Eren’s hard skin was pushed between his cheeks. Eren was now using both hands to grope Levi’s plump skin pushing the cheeks together to further please himself.

His groans became more desperate and Levi was sure Eren was going to make himself cum prematurely.



“If you want to go any further I’m gonna have to be prepared”

The fact Eren didn’t answer was proof enough to Levi that Eren didn’t have a clue as to what went into fucking a guy and the hole was the goal mentality was pretty evident.

Turning back round, which caused Eren to wine disapprovingly, Levi took Eren’s hand bringing it to his mouth placing two fingers in his mouth Levi began coating them in his saliva as Eren watched him, mouth partly open and a dazed look on his face.

“S..shit I just wanna be inside you”

Removing the now coated digits from his mouth Levi smirked. “You’re gonna have to be patient”

Guiding Eren’s hand back to his hole Levi bit his lip.

“Now what?..”

Eren seemed to be growing impatient and even though Levi hadn’t signed up to be teaching this kid it actually fed his ego a bit that he would be Eren’s first guy. He didn’t want to overthink it all, but the fact that Eren wanted him so much was such a turn on.

“You need to open me up. I won’t be able to take your size without preparation”

It was as if a light bulb went off in Eren’s head and he took Levi’s hand in his much to the older man’s surprise.

Sliding his wet finger over the entrance Eren pushed one in. Levi fidgeted slightly it wasn’t uncomfortable but Eren had long thick fingers and it was going to take a bit of getting used to. He shut his eyes tight pursing his lips together as the second finger entered him.

“You’re so fucking tight..”

Eren saw the discomfort on Levi's face and leaned forward kissing Levi’s jaw down to his neck before making a scissor motion inside the man. Biting his bottom lip Levi forgot that he was still a bit sore from Farlan’s rough handling. Eren was being as gentle as he could still planting soft kisses on Levi’s neck, he could tell Levi was in slight pain because the smaller man was squeezing his hand. Sliding his fingers out slightly he pushed them back in slowly building up momentum as he felt Levi’s grip loosen and quiet moans leave the older man’s mouth.

He was now able to move in and out of Levi at a good pace and he found himself watching Levi unravel as he hit a ball of nerves. Curving his fingers he began hitting the spot continuously not taking his eyes of the now withering man.

“F..fuck.. Yes right there ugh..”

Eren bit his lip watching Levi grip at the bed sheets mouth open and eyes half lidded looking at him.

Levi arched his back whilst Eren gripped his waist the younger boys eyes panned up and down the slim frame landing on his fingers going in and out of Levi. He seemed to forget that he was only supposed to be preparing Levi and instead used his other hand to pump Levi’s now hard length in his hands while his fingers teased that sweet spot.

“Ugh, ahh… S..shit that feels so fucking good”

Eren smirked watching Levi come undone. The smaller frame was now rutting against his fingers and Eren was all to happy but oblige to his needs. Skilfully, to Levi’s surprise, Eren’s fingers increased in speed hitting Levi’s sweet spot like a bulls eye and his hands moved up and down on Levi’s cock twisting at the hilt.

Levi threw his head back incoherent mumbling flying out of his mouth and this only encouraged Eren who now lowered his mouth taking in the leaking length.

Drool was now escaping from the sides of Levi’s mouth and his eyes could barely stay open.

“Oh my god! F..fuck I’m gonna cum Eren!”

Eren hummed enjoying the control he had.

“E..Eren ahh Eren!..”

Levi’s body shook as he came his eyes rolling to the back of his head as his back hit the bed.

Eren gave it a few seconds before he pulled his fingers out returning his hand to his own neglected arousal rubbing it up and down watching Levi.

They both gave each other eye contact through dazed eyes and shaky breaths.

“You idiot… You got carried away”

Eren just smirked “I wanna savour this.. There’s no need to rush is there?”

Levi raised a brow “I guess not, but I would have loved to feel your huge cock fill me”

Sitting up onto his knees Levi leaned into Eren’s ear. “My tight little hole would have eaten you up and I would be screaming your name”

Removing Eren’s hand Levi gripped hold of the now throbbing meat. Whilst Eren’s head fell back.

“You’d fuck me so good I’d let you cum inside~”

Now it was Levi’s turn to watch Eren come undone. He smirked watching Eren react to him whilst Levi breathed on his neck.

The boy’s length was slick with pre cum he was really getting off to this and when Levi began moaning in his ear it sent him over the edge.


“ Eren uah”

Eren lowered his head whilst his hand moved up Levi’s neck to his undercut and gently pulled at some hair.

Levi’s hand pumped at a steady pace letting some saliva from his mouth fall onto his hand as it rose up and down. “Are you imagining me riding you?.. My tight arse eating your dick as I bounce on top of you”

Eren’s grip tightened on Levi’s hair as he lifted his head crashing his lips onto Levi’s. The younger boy’s body stiffened as he came in Levi’s hand.

“Uaah s..shit!” He moaned before continuing to kiss the smaller man. Levi rested his hands on Eren’s legs turning his head into the kiss. They both were breathing heavily and Eren was shaking slightly.

Pulling away because Eren didn’t seem to be stopping any time soon Levi looked down at the mess they had both made.

“I think you need a change of bedding” He said with a smirk looking back up at Eren.

Eren on the other hand pushed Levi backwards towering over him claiming the smaller mouth again.

“Mff mm..O..oi that’s enough Geeze” Levi said trying to pry the boy off him. Eren seemed to listen but lent his forehead on Levi’s shoulder.

Furrowing his brows Levi propped himself on his elbows. “What’s wrong?..”

Eren sat still for a moment the sound of heavy breathing from the two filling the room. He then sat up slowly turning to sit at the edge of the bed

“I need to talk to you about something…”

"You what?.." Levi didn’t like the sound of this the timing couldn’t be more off. “We’re not going again, I need a fucking shower now” He joked trying to ignore the seriousness in Eren’s tone and the fact that he now wouldn’t make eye contact.

“I think you should listen.. I’ve been meaning to tell you for a few days”

Levi was about to get mad at Eren for making the atmosphere tense when the bedroom door knocked.

Eren turned to look whilst Levi went into a panic “Fuck I knew we were too loud” he whispered.

Eren didn’t seem to phased “Who is it?”

“Is this going to become a running theme today” Armin said an annoyed tone in his voice.

“Give us I..I mean me a sec”

"I think it's pretty fucking obvious it's not just you in here" Levi said before dashing to Eren’s bathroom whilst the taller boy followed behind.

“Someone’s heard! Hunter’s back he must have heard!” Levi said in a panic trying to clean himself down.

Eren used a warm cloth trying to help clean Levi “I doubt it I didn’t lock the door so he would have just walked right in”

Levi’s eyes widened “You idiot learn to lock your fucking doors I would have died if Hunter walked in on us!”

Eren smirked “It’s so cute that you care about how Hunter sees you”

“Not just me you too! You really don’t want your kid walking in on you like that. Been there done that won the fucking t shirt.. it fucks with you”

Eren laughed “Yeah your right I guess I’m just not used to thinking about that”

Levi rolled his eyes using a towel to dry the wet patches as best as he could.


Armin’s muffled voice was heard through the door.


They both walked out the bathroom and Eren headed to the door opening it to let Armin in the blonde man didn’t seem surprised that Levi was in the room but blushed like Sasha at the amount of skin that was on show.

“I’ll leave you two to it” Levi said giving Armin an awkward smile before leaving the room shutting the door. He headed towards his room praying that he didn’t bump into anyone on the way.



“So you’re gay now?”

Folding his arms Armin eyed his friend a small grin on his lips.

“I don’t wanna go around labelling myself as anything to be honest, aren’t you the one that hates all that shit?”

Armin nodded “Yeah but this is just crazy.. You’ve never given me any indication in all the years I’ve known you that you are sexually attracted to guys”

Eren walked back over to his bed to sit on it. His breathing and heart was just beginning to calm down. “Wait why do you think I’m sleeping with him? He’s Hunter’s new carer”

“The fuck.. Do I look like I was born yesterday?! So number one I heard you both going at it cos he moans like a fucking porn star and number two you both are just so obvious”

“Shit.. I thought we were low key”

“This morning it was written all over your faces. He was sleeping in your bed for crying out loud and Eren how in the hell can you have him walking around looking like that?? He had no damn clothes on and you think it’s not obvious!”

Eren tried to hide a laugh “He does look good though right. Did you get a peek of that arse”

Armin smirked “He looks fucking amazing and if I wasn’t with Jean I’d be pretty fucking jealous, but I’m not here to praise you on how you finally got laid which by the way well done. I wanna know why you are fucking an employee you dumb fuck?”

Eren shrugged “Why does it matter if I employed him”

Armin rubbed his temples “Stop playing silly buggers Eren your mum would throw a fit. Also what kind of example is that for Hunter? I won’t lie I’m actually a little surprised”

Eren furrowed his brows “Surprised about what?..”
“That finally after all this time you found someone to take care of Hunter and then you have me watch him for the day so you can fuck the person who was supposed to be taking care of the kid and don’t get all defensive about it because you know I’ll never complain about looking after that little angel, but you could have hired someone a little less to your fancy so you wouldn’t be in this position now”

Eren stretched his arms “Well I didn’t think it was gonna pan out this way either you know. It all happened a bit fast”

Armin raised his brows “You’re telling me.. I’ve not even heard of him before this must all be a recent thing unless your keeping secrets”

“Nah not at all, I’ve just not had a chance to talk to you about it. He’s really cute though and loves Hunter you should see how obsessed that boy is around him”

Armin chuckled “Oh trust me I know, you aren’t the only one with the hots for the babysitter. Hunter let me know a few things like where you met and all. He also told me that he began falling for.. Wait what’s his name again?”


“That’s it, he said he began falling for Levi when he realised he couldn’t cook to save his life and found him adorable when he got all flustered.. Your son now wants to take culinary classes so he can be a good husband”

Eren laughed “Whoa, why is he like this”

“Because he’s your fucking son Eren”

“Yeah sounds legit”

There was a moment of silence before Armin gave Eren a warm smile “You seem happy though, I don’t know much about him but if he’s making you happy then go for it”

“Whoa, whoa hold up there.. We’re only fooling around, he’s a complicated character and I wanna help him out. He’s been dealt a shitty hand and I just wanna be there for him”

Armin’s gave Eren a sarcastic expression “Suuure.. Okay Eren you help him out..What do you even mean? He seems pretty alright to me a bit too easy on the eyes for my liking, but he doesn’t come across like he’s got the weight of the world on his shoulders”

Eren sighed “It’s not really my business, but I did have to basically save him from an unsavoury piece of shit. I feel like I have to protect him in some way”

Armin’s face softened “Well I know you guys aren’t going out or whatever, but if he was my boyfriend I wouldn’t let him walk the streets at night if you get me”

Eren nodded “Yeah.. I don’t think he’s naive or anything actually it’s the opposite but he needs to give a fuck about himself a little more”

Armin smiled at his friend “You’re definitely falling for him, damn and if I’d know all this time you were gay I would have tried it with ya” He said with a wink.

“Oh fuck off you’re too infatuated with Jean and I’m not gay!”

“Alright, alright!” Armin chuckled “Well I’ll leave you to it. You might as well walk me down Hunter’s eating a second dinner.. That boy has a bottomless pit of a stomach just like you to be honest”

Standing from the bed Eren walked to the door with Armin who opened it “I guess I better go and say hi to the little monster”

Reaching the kitchen Annie, Sasha and Historia were all with Hunter whilst the little charmer told them all about his day.

Eren shook his head “You’re such a little tart making all the ladies swoon” ruffling the small boys head Eren planted a kiss on Hunter’s forehead.

“Where’s Levi?..”

At this the three girls giggled as they continued plating up their dinner.

“Really… You didn’t miss daddy.. Just Levi”

Hunter reached up his arms for his dad to pick him up to which Eren obliged “Daddy I see you all the time and today I’m mad at you for stealing Levi from me”

Armin giggled whilst Eren gave the boy a blank stare “Levi’s tired he’ll be returning to you tomorrow, but right now it’s your bedtime” The small boy pouted. The obvious disappointment on his face.

Eren walked Armin to the front door Hunter still in his arms. Eren gave his friend a hug goodbye and Hunter gave him a kiss on the cheek thanking him for the fun filled day.

Watching his friend enter the car Eren noticed Jean was in the driver's seat *That fucking kid never comes in to say hi..* He gave him a thumbs up to which Jean returned with a sarcastic middle finger as he drove off

*What a prick*

Walking back in Hunter began yawning and Eren decided to take him to bed.

He got Hunter into his pyjamas, brushed his teeth and settled the younger boy into bed before reading him a bedtime story. They nuzzled noses as they usually did and after they both said their I love yous and goodnights Eren left the room to go and collect his and Levi’s dinner which he had requested to be put on trays. He’d then ordered Annie to go and tell Levi to come back to his room and soon enough the older man knocked on the door.

Eren noticed Levi had changed into a pair of black pyjama bottoms and a lighter black t shirt. Not as revealing as Eren would have hoped but Levi was still eye candy anyway. He motioned for him to sit on the bed and presented him with dinner.

Lifting up the cloche Levi face lit up “This looks amazing”

Eren smirked his mouth already filled with food “Mff..”

Levi shook his head “You’re such a child. Don’t talk with your mouth full..”

They both sat in a comfortable silence eating their dinner and watching some kind of documentary and every now and then they both would voice their opinion on the matter being talked about.

When they had finished eating Eren placed the trays on the floor then turned to Levi who was still watching the telly. There was a matter which he still wanted to discuss with Levi but thought it was best to leave it for today. It was getting late and all Eren wanted to do was sleep. Standing from the bed he went into his walk in wardrobe and returned in a pair of pyjama bottoms and no top.

Levi’s eyes stealthy watched him until the boy came back on the bed.

“I’m gonna go to my room now” He said getting ready to leave, but Eren pulled at his arm.

“One more night in here won’t hurt”

Levi rolled his eyes “It really fucking would. I told you I’m not letting Hunter see me in here again”

Eren looked disappointed but let go of Levi’s arm “Alright but if you get lonely you know where I am”

Levi tutted making his way towards the door.

“Not even a goodnight kiss then” Eren said with a playful pout on his lips.

“Really Eren..”

The taller boy made his way over to Levi.

“No, nope Eren this is a trick to get me to stay isn’t it”

Standing in front of Levi Eren pressed the smaller figure against the door “No.. not at all. Why would you think that” A dark grin played on the younger boys face.

“It’s not happening. I’m sticking to my word I can’t have poor Hunter thinking-”

“Thinking what?.. He thinks the world of you why are you so concerned about him or are you just using him as a cover”

Leaning into Levi’s face Eren lips were less than an inch from Levi’s and the taller boy just stayed there a smirk on his face. Levi looked at him for a few seconds before closing the gap between them wrapping his arms around Eren. The taller boy picked him up pinning him further into the door as their lips moulded together. They kissed lazily for a few minutes before Eren sighed pulling away to look at Levi.

“you can go to bed now” he said smirking.

Levi had wrapped himself around Eren and it was almost embarrassing at how easy he was. Unclasping himself from Eren, Levi turned around and opened the door “Goodnight nuisance” he said before leaving making his way to his own room.

Chapter Text

Levi had settled into his new role with ease. Hunter was certainly an angel, but still a 6 year old child and he definitely had his difficult moments. He found it a game to push Levi’s buttons at times, like when the older man would try to get him ready in the mornings and the boy thought it would be funny to have Levi chase him around the house wearing only boxers. Levi would finally catch him pulling a top over the boys head scolding him for making an old man run.

He would also throw a strop if Levi made him clean his room saying his dad wouldn’t make him do it, but Levi had none of it calling the boy a spoilt brat.

Hunter’s moods never lasted too long since Levi always seemed to win him over somehow. Sometimes it was a kiss on the forehead or all he did was smile and the kid would melt like putty confessing it was his goal to marry the older man.

Carla and Grisha had also praised Levi for his good handling and influence on Hunter telling him it was a relief there was somebody finally helping out with the boy. The family did seem relaxed and in a better routine now that Hunter had a permanent carer.

Eren and Grisha travelled to work together and about an hour after Carla would leave for work leaving Hunter and Levi to spend some time together before the boys tutor would turn up. His lessons would last about 5 hours with a break in-between for lunch and a light play time in the garden for fresh air.

Eren would finish work a bit earlier than his dad to see Hunter and read him a story before bed. The young boy and Levi would then have dinner together sometimes in the kitchen or his living room before Carla and Grisha would come home and have their nightly routine.

Levi had stuck to his word and not slept in Eren’s room since Monday. The two seemed to be passing ships in the night except for meal times and even then it was a quick ordeal since they both would be tired and want to get showered and ready for bed themselves.

This didn’t stop the flirting between the two though…

As Levi would leave his room to wake Hunter up in the morning Eren would pass him shirtless in the hall giving the man a smirk or wink as he passed. One morning Levi decided to play the game too biting his lip as the boy walked passed him causing Eren to raise an eyebrow. Another morning the family was sitting at the kitchen table and Levi bent over reaching into the cabinets knowing Eren’s eyes were on him and purposely stuck out his arse.

Levi enjoyed being a tease a little too much.. He’d wiggle his hips as he walked whenever Eren was around and this almost got them both caught when Eren pushed him against the kitchen counter leaning in for a kiss, But Carla called for Eren just before entering alerting the two.
A week seemed to be passing quick. It was already Thursday afternoon and Levi was in the kitchen with Historia preparing Hunter’s lunch as the boy was sat with his tutor at the kitchen table.

His phone then vibrated with a message from Eren.

‘Just letting you know I have your passport now and all preparations have been made for the weekend x’

Levi had given Eren his home key and instructions as to where all his documents were for his passport. Levi didn’t feel right going back to his place at the moment and Eren was all too happy to do it for him. He trusted the boy not to go snooping through his personal belongings.

‘Great thanks for doing that x’

Eren had also picked up some more of Levi’s clothes so the man wasn’t going commando for the whole weekend.

‘No problem, my dad’s made a slight change of plans but we’ll discuss that later x’

Levi responded with an ‘Okay x’ before serving Hunter his lunch. Levi and Hunter’s tutor who’s name was Marco both went into the garden to smoke whilst the boy ate.

“He’s a bright child I see him fitting into his father's line of work quite easily” The young man said before taking a pull.

“Eren’s a scientist isn’t he? So you think Hunter will follow in his dad’s footsteps” Levi said looking at Marco.

“Well it’s sorta written in stone at this point. Grisha created the company and Eren will inherit it.. If I’m correct there’s already preparations in the workings for him to take over his father's position as head researcher. So in my opinion from Eren it will go to Hunter and so fourth. Grisha is adamant it remains a family run facility”

Levi nodded “Yeah I’ve caught a few of their conversations. He wants their reputation to remain at the highest quality. Eren seems just as passionate though so it all seems to be going to plan”

“Yeah that’s true”

They both finished their fags and walked back inside. Hunter was still tucking into his lunch as Historia talked to him.

“Oh you’re back. I’m gonna go and help Sasha change the bedding. Do you want yours changed Levi?”

Levi thought for a moment before answering “If you want to, but it’s still pretty fresh. Hunter’s is priority though since he wet the bed last night” The man then ruffled the boys hair.

“I..I did not! I don’t wet the bed!” The boys cheeks were cherry.

“It’s okay Master I promise not to tell anyone” Historia said sweetly before leaving the room.

“You’re always embarrassing me~” Hunter said with a pout on his lips.

“Brats always wet the bed it’s nothing to be embarrassed about” Levi said taking a seat next to the boy.

“You don’t have to go telling everyone though!”

Marco chuckled “Don’t worry your secret is safe with me too”

The pout remained on the boys lips until Levi rose his hands scrunching the boy’s cheeks together wiping his mouth with a napkin.

“Come on and finish your lunch otherwise your cutting into your playtime” Levi said letting go of Hunter’s face.

The boy then continued to eat whilst the two men talked.

Marco had left the Yeager household after finishing the boy’s lessons for that day and Levi was once again alone with him.

Over the last few days Levi had been shown the rest of the mansion and it took his breath away. It had everything you could ever want in life from a home cinema to an indoor and outdoor pool. Hunter had about four places he liked to spend most of his time. There was a games room which was an understatement because it was more like a fully functioning arcade with a miniature bowling alley inside. He also had his own boy’s cave with all the toys a boy his age could dream of. He also enjoyed going for a swim in the pool which had a decent size flume that Hunter had somehow convinced Levi to go on with him. Then there was the field of a garden that he seemed to enjoy the most.

Today Hunter wanted to play in the pool and Levi tried to get out of joining him but Hunter now knew how to get his way with Levi. Tilting his head and dropping his bottom lip Hunter would look up at Levi with his big beautiful eyes and the older man would cave.

They both got on their swimming trunks and got in the pool the younger boy immediately splashed Levi in the face swimming away as quickly as he could.

“You little shit..”
Levi then chased the boy, pretending to be a shark, up and down the pool before catching his feet causing Hunter to giggle and scream uncontrollably...

“You both sound like you’re having fun”

Hunter and Levi turned to see Eren smiling at them.

“What the-” Levi started to say.

“Daddy! Get in Levi’s the shark!”

Eren made eye contact with Levi “Oh he is?..”

Levi shrugged his shoulders still holding Hunter..

Eren began loosening his tie and stripping down to his boxers as Levi looked at him shocked. Hunter giggled with excitement as Eren climbed down the steps into the pool.

“I don’t know why you both are still there daddy’s the shark now” Eren said as he began swimming over to them.

Both Levi and Hunter expressions changed to fear and young boy screamed as Eren’s head disappeared under the water.

Leaping out of Levi’s arms the small boy began swimming as fast as he could to the other side of the pool. The older man wasn’t the greatest swimmer so he basically held onto the side to pull himself out the pool. He didn’t get very far as he felt Eren’s wet chest against his back and the boy’s hands wrap themselves around his frame.


Levi chuckled, but that changed to a gasp as Eren began nibbling at his neck whilst a hand found its way into his trunks.


Smiling Eren began nuzzling his face into Levi’s neck.

“No Levi! Bad shark you got my Levi!” Hunter shouted from the other side of the pool.

Eren then turned Levi around to face Hunter “That’s right I have your precious Levi and I’m now going to eat him!” Eren pretend to gobble Levi up making exaggerated munching noises as he nibbled at Levi’s cold wet skin.

Levi shivered at the sensation this was torture but Hunter was here so he played along. “Hunter, save me!”

The boy’s expression changed to one of determination. “Don’t worry my future bride! I will save you from that monster!”

In no time Hunter had swam over and climbed onto his dad’s back banging his tiny fist on the boy’s head.

“Ow! Shit that hurts” Eren said Letting go of Levi to rub his head.

Levi pretended to escape whilst Hunter continued to fight his dad.

Eren acted out a death pretending to be knocked out and sink underwater and Hunter grinned.

“Take that you arsehole!”

Levi sat on the edge at the other side of the pool chuckling as he watched this all play out.

Eren then shot up out of the water lifting Hunter into the air “Excuse me?? What did you just say?!”

The colour seemed to drain from Hunter’s face as he began wiggling trying to get out of his dad’s arms.

“I don’t wanna hear that sort of language come out of your mouth otherwise I’m gonna wash it out with soap”

There was a humorous tone in his voice as he brought Hunter back down tickling the boy’s waist.

“I'm sorry! I’m sorry!” Hunter screamed through panicked giggles. Levi began laughing. Watching the two playing together was a beautiful sight and he was becoming used to seeing such a healthy father son relationship.

Eren released Hunter before climbing out the pool running a hand through his wet hair. Levi’s eyes followed him and he sucked in his lips as he watched the droplets of water running down the boy’s torso.

“Well I’m gonna go and grab a snack. You both have distracted me from my previous objective”

Levi raised a brow “Speaking of which you’re home very early today”

Eren smiled “Well I thought we could do a bit of shopping. You’re in need of some new clothes. No judging here but you need of a new wardrobe and since we’re going away this weekend I thought we could pick you up a few new pieces for the trip”

Levi was a little taken aback “Really?... You finished work early for that?”
“Yeah, so you both need to dry yourselves off and get dressed” He then picked up Hunter before picking his clothes up from the floor and turned to Levi.

“You coming?..”

Levi nodded slightly standing up to follow him.

After getting dressed again Eren got Hunter in his car seat and both Eren and Levi buckled themselves in before Eren set the GPS and they began driving to the mall.

Eren seemed more excited about Levi having new clothes then the older man did. They went into a few stores that Levi would never normally step foot in and Eren was picking out clothing holding it up to Levi before giving it to the man to hold onto.

Levi didn’t mind that Eren was picking out his new wardrobe. The dark haired man didn’t really see the reason for fashion anyway and had no problem living in a hoodie and jeans.

“Your cute arse would look so good in these” Eren said holding a pair of dark denim shorts up to Levi’s crouch.

“I swear those are too short to be males clothing..”

“Oi don't be so closed minded” Eren joked “We’re getting them”

Eren’s choices of clothing was now becoming a bit.. Ridiculous.. Revealing.. Effeminate Levi couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“You’ve got a nice shapely figure for a guy this sort of clothing will fit you like a glove”

Levi was sure Eren was getting carried away. “You want me to walk around in public dressed in these?” Holding up the crop tops and shorts Eren had picked up Levi gave the boy a questioning expression.

“Well… maybe we can keep some of it for indoor use” He said with a cheeky grin on his face.

Levi quickly covered Hunter’s ears, but the boy wasn’t even concentrating on what they were saying.

After a few more shops for shoes and some other accessories. Eren dragged Levi into a jewellers. Hunter was in awe winding in and out of the glass display cabinets and Levi followed behind him.

“Levi? Come here I need you a second”

Levi turned to see Eren looking at him a store employee smiling next to him with a box in her hand. He walked over pulling Hunter’s hand so he didn’t get lost.


Eren then took Levi’s wrist exposing it to the women. “He’s got quite slim ones so I think it’ll have to be adjusted”

The women nodded reaching into the box she pulled out a Rolex Oyster Perpetual and wrapped the watch around his wrist. “You have slender wrists but we can definitely do the adjustment for you here”

Eren smiled holding onto Levi’s hand looking at the watch. “Brilliant, well I like it what about you Levi?”

The older man looked up in shock at Eren “Have you lost your mind? Why are you trying to buy me this?”

“Because you don’t have one and I think it suits you”

The women tried to hide her smile as she began measuring Levi’s wrist and Hunter was looking at the two males confusion on his face.

“How much is this?” Levi said to the women as she jotted down his measurements and put the watch back in its box.

“This is part of the Rolex luxury line so it’s £3,990.00 a bargain if you ask me”

Levi’s mouth fell open and he whipped his head round to Eren “Come on we’re leaving”

Eren turned to the women nodding his head. She smiled knowing exactly what he meant and took the watch out to the back with Levi’s measurements.

“Alright we’ll leave I’m feeling a lil thirsty anyway, do you guys want a milkshake?”

Hunter’s face lit up “Yes!” and Eren passed the boy his card. “I’m gonna catch up I just need to pick up my order I put in last week Hunter you know what I usually get”

Hunter nodded before dragging Levi by the hand to the milkshake stall before the man could even protest.

After reaching the stall Hunter went up to the till already knowing his order. The man at the till smiled down at the boy “Hello there and what is it you’d like?”

“Hello, I would like a large oreo and ferrero rocher shake both with whipped cream please”

The man continued to smile at Hunter “Anything else?”

Hunter turned to Levi “What one do you want?”

Levi gave the boy a warm smile “You suggest one for me”

Hunter beamed “And my bride to be will have a large nutella and m&m shake please with whipped cream”

The man at the tills face changed to a look of confusion and Levi had to hold back a laugh. He held out the card reader and Hunter tapped his dad’s card returning it to his pocket.

As the two waited for their drinks Eren walked up to them with a bag from the jewellers in his hand.

They all then retrieved their shakes and walked outside. Levi smoked a cigarette as the three sat on a bench shopping bags surrounding them.

“Well I’d say that was a successful trip” Eren said after swallowing a mouthful of shake.

Levi put the fag to his lips it was embarrassing to him that Eren had gone out of his way and spent money and time on him.

“Wouldn’t you say Levi?”


Eren leaned his head on his hand grinning at the older man. “You’re really not used to this are you~”

Levi furrowed his brows blowing smoke out of his mouth “I’m not going to answer that”

The younger boy chuckled.

After finishing their shakes the three went back to the car and drove home.

Bertholdt carried the bags along with Sasha from the car to Levi’s room.

“Did Master Eren get all this for you?!” Sasha blurted out as the three stood in the room.

“Out of line Missy” Bertholdt scolded.

“Sorry your right!”

Levi stood awkwardly rubbing his arm his room now filled with bags.

“Okay... well we’ll leave you too it”

The two workers then left the room leaving the man to unpack. It took him about thirty minutes to pack everything away into draws when he then came across the bag from the jewellers.

“This is Eren’s” Opening it to be nosy he took out a dark blue box with gold decoration and his belly began to flutter. It was the box from the watch he had tried on.

*He fucking didn’t..*

Opening it he peeled back the tissue paper and saw the shiny watch sitting there all fresh in the box. He took it out and wrapped the watch around his wrist... It fit perfectly.

*That little shit* Levi smiled to himself thinking of how cheeky Eren was. This was really making him feel like a sugar baby now... He would have to thank Eren somehow.

Walking out the room Levi made his way to the kitchen. He could smell dinner being made and his stomach led him there.

He walked in the kitchen and stopped by the door when he saw a small crowd hovering around the stove. Upon further inspection he could see that Eren was cooking and Ymir, Sasha, Annie and Historia were all in awe of him. Hunter was also sitting on the counter listening as his dad explained what he was doing.

“Keep tossing the noodles otherwise they will stick and add the seasoning to taste”

Everyone moved in closer watching as Eren tossed the wok like some professional chef.

*What a show off*

Levi walked over for a better view “What’s going on here then?” Hunter automatically stretched out his arms to the man and Levi picked him up holding him on his hip.

Eren noticed the man and grinned. “I’m just showing them a Ramen dish I learned to make while I was in Hokkaido”

Levi nodded. “Aah Okay~”

The younger boy then continued serving the dish. He separated the noodles into a number of bowls and poured in the broth.

“Now remember the accompaniments we prepared earlier? Arrange them in the bowl like so”

He cut boiled eggs in half and placed them in each bowl and then added some sliced pork, spring onion and narutomaki. Everyone licked their lips as Eren wiped the side of the bowl.

“And there you have it!” He said showing off his creation. Eren passed everyone chopsticks and gave the workers two bowls to share He also placed two larger bowls on the counter top for Hunter and Levi.

Hunter’s eyes widened before Levi placed him on the surface taking his bowl in hand.

“Everyone ready to taste?”

They all nodded fiercely before Eren motioned for them to dig in. Levi picked up the noodles on his chopsticks lifting it to his mouth and everyone followed suit.

There was a silence before the kitchen was filled with loud sounds of approval. Levi hummed giving Eren a enlightened expression and Hunter began scoffing down the bowls contents.

“I’ll take that as you all are enjoying it” Eren chuckled taking a slice of pork into his own mouth.

“Master Eren this is amazing!” Sasha said almost drooling. Historia and Annie nodded violently in agreement noodles hanging halfway out their mouths. Ymir seemed to have spaced out as she closed her eyes savouring the taste.

“This is really delicious Eren” Levi said lifting the bowl to his lips to taste the broth.

Eren smiled “Well I’m glad you’re all enjoying it” He then picked up Hunter’s bowl walking to the table. Levi picked up Hunter following Eren, he then sat the boy in a seat where Eren had placed his bowl of food and the two sat themselves down to continue theirs.

Historia prepared the three some drinks and placed the glasses on the table. “Thank you for letting us taste your cooking Master Eren it was delicious!”

Eren grinned through his stuffed mouth “Mff noff profflem..”

Levi shook his head at the boy for talking with his mouth full again. The four workers then bowed leaving the room so as not to disturb the three eating.

They all sat watching the TV whilst finishing their meals.

Eren leaned back in his chair rubbing his stomach “Well I’m stuffed!” He said giving his tummy a tap.

Levi wiped his mouth with a napkin nodding. “Yeah I feel the same”

They both then turned to Hunter and saw the younger boy laying back in his seat a huge smile on his face. “I forgot how good daddy was at cooking”

Eren laughed “I really don’t do it enough. Work is pretty hectic at the moment so I don’t have the time”
Levi stood up taking the bowls to the sink “So cooking’s a passion of yours? Your mum did say to me that she left the cooking up to you or the maids”

Eren nodded “It’s a hobby I enjoy. I used to cook to relieve stress”

Levi then walked back to the table picking up Hunter from his food coma “You should do it more then”

Eren pursed his lips thoughtfully “Maybe I should..”

Levi began patting Hunter’s back swaying slightly. “I’ll put him to bed tonight. You’ve had a busy day”

Eren stretched placing his hands behind his head. “Yeah you do that then. I’m gonna go have a bath” Eren’s eye then caught sight of a glint on Levi’s wrist as he cradled Hunter.

“Nice ice you’ve got there” He said a cheeky grin on his face.

Levi looked confused before realising what he was going on about. “Yeah about that. I want a word with you after your bath”

Eren chuckled “Shit.. Am I in trouble?”

Levi shrugged his shoulders before walking to the door. “I guess you’ll just have to wait and see”

Levi got Hunter into his pj's and forced the boy to brush his teeth. Hunter put up a fight in his tired state but Levi got him to do it in the end. Hunter then snuggled into bed whilst Levi stroked his head until the boy slipped into unconsciousness.

He then went into Eren’s room waiting for the boy to finish his bath. He sat on the bed looking around, he hadn’t been in Eren’s room for a few days since he knew that he wouldn’t be able to stop himself at the boys advances.

About ten minutes passed until Eren finally appeared out the bathroom a towel wrapped around his lower half and his top half deliciously on display. It was a treat for the eyes and Levi took it all in as he looked up from his phone.

“What are you doing in here?” He said a laugh in his tone.

Levi said nothing as he sat up sitting on the edge of the bed. He then lifted up his wrist showing Eren the watch.

The young boy walked over to him taking hold of his wrist to get a better look. “Looks good don’t it” He said admiring the piece.

Levi tilted his head “It’s gorgeous”

Eren smirked “Then what’s the problem?”
Levi stood up in front of the boy tracing a finger on the chiselled chest in front of him.

“I didn’t get to say thank you”

Before Eren even knew what was happening Levi wrapped his hands behind his neck pressing his lips onto Eren’s.

Levi’s lips moved slow and sensually biting Eren’s lip gently before his tongue entered. Eren let out a deep sigh his hands squeezing at Levi’s behind. He then turned his head taking control of the kiss.

They both pulled away lips just touching to look at one another. Levi bit his lips as they both stared at each other hungrily.

“Is this your way of saying thanks?” Eren whispered brushing his lips over Levi’s.

Levi smirked planting butterfly kisses on Eren’s lips “Maybe.. Or perhaps”

Levi pulled Eren’s arm pushing him onto the bed so that he was sitting on the edge. He then slowly lowered his body until he was on his knees his face now in front of Eren’s crouch as he proceeded to loosen the towel exposing the boy’s semi hard length.

Eren raised a brow surprised at Levi’s forwardness.

Levi then looked up at Eren through half lidded eyes as he took the skin into his mouth humming as it touched his throat.

Eren let out a breathy “Fuck~…” as Levi began bobbing his head. He didn’t break eye contact With the smaller man pushing hair out of Levi’s face to see him better.

Levi could feel Eren growing larger and harder in his mouth the more he sucked. He let the tip hit his throat repetitively before pulling away before gagging. He began sliding his tongue over the now erect skin flicking his tongue over the tip saliva dripping from the sides of his mouth as his eyes fluttered open to look up at Eren.

“Ugh.. shit.. I swear it seems to get better every time you do this” Eren said running his hand through Levi’s hair.

The older man just hummed in reply before taking the skin into his mouth again bobbing his head quicker as his lips fit tightly around the hard flesh.

Hollowing out his cheeks Levi pressed the shaft into them using the thumb on the outside to tease the twitching tip. His hand moved to the tense balls that lacked attention as he cupped them in his fingertips rubbing them slowly with his thumb.

Eren let out a deep groan his grip tightening on Levi’s hair. He was getting off watching himself, mouth slightly open, as he went in and out of the warm wet cavern.

Levi’s head started bobbing again humming with approval as Eren’s breathing got louder.

“Hff..uhn..ahh ha..”

The smaller man flicked his muscle as the shaft slid in and out of his mouth the new sensation causing Eren to buck his hips.

This only encouraged Levi as he began deep throating the boy his head bouncing violently as if he couldn’t get enough of the boy’s meat. His lips were pressed onto the hard skin as he began twisting his head at a steady rhythm.

He could taste pre cum running down his throat and sucked to the tip releasing the shaft with a wet pop sound. Levi rested his hands on Eren’s thighs as he sinfully stretched out his muscle licking from base to tip his eyes glazed with lust as he looked at the younger boy.

Eren’s breathing was becoming chaotic, he gasped and groaned roughly the sounds of Levi slurping and shaky breaths making him hot with lust.

The younger boy then gripped Levi’s cheeks firmly as Levi let out a needy whine.

“Aah.. Ahh.. that’s right you eat my cock like the little cum slut you are”

Eren’s eyes had changed to that lecherous gaze that set Levi’s body on fire and a dirty moan escaped his lips as he fervently put Eren back in his mouth again.

But Eren’s demand had caught the smaller man off guard.. His brain had suddenly gone into overdrive as he began deeping everything that was happening..

He had heard this before and although it did turn him on there was a negative emotions attached to it as well..

Nothing had really changed he was still doing what he usually did.. Giving pleasure to a more successful male in return for something, only this time he felt owned and he had allowed himself to fall for the the person.

It was true.. He was just a little slut. Sucking and fucking to get by in life. There was nothing deeper to this Eren was young, rich and horny how could Levi allow himself to think otherwise.

Why was he doing this… because Eren bought him an expensive present so in return he must please the younger boy that’s how Levi’s brain worked.

Eren’s grip on his cheeks got tighter and it caused Levi’s teeth to graze across his shaft teasingly.

“Oh fuuuuck!.... Your mouth is amazing~ I’m so fucking close” Eren said a dark tone to his voice.

Levi concentrated on getting Eren off after all this was what he was supposed to do.

Humming so the vibration went through Eren he cleared his mind and sucked harder his head bobbing back and forth at an unnatural speed.

Eren’s breaths came out shaky and loud as his body tensed. With his free hand he gripped a fistful of raven hair holding Levi’s head to his shaft as he came.

Levi’s nose was shoved into the boy’s hairs as his mouth was filled with Eren’s seed. The younger boy grunted whilst his body flinched his cock still filling up the smaller man’s mouth.

Levi was in a heated daze whilst he choked slightly the white liquid dripping down the sides of his mouth as he began swallowing Eren’s load. The taller boy leaned his head back taking in some air as he regained composure.

Gently he pushed Levi’s head away from his length and breathed heavily looking down to take in the erotic view a hand still tangled in Levi’s hair.

Levi’s eyes were wet from choking and barely open as they met with Eren’s.

“You taste so good” He said almost whispering.

Eren watched him a wolfish glint in his eyes as his hand moved from Levi’s hair to his face lifting it up higher to look at him.

“I could cum again just looking at your face.. Did you swallow?”

Levi stuck out his tongue showing Eren he’d ingested the boys seed.

“Good boy~”

That’s right.. This was what Levi did best. He tried not to put Eren in the same box as the others, but somehow it had all merged together in Levi’s head. Eren didn’t have a clue about Levi’s ways of making money, but somehow this had all still happened.

Eren wasn’t Farlan, Erwin or any of the other fuckers that Levi had these types of relationships with, but he wasn’t too different either. He was the best out of a bad bunch and although he was the only one that took care of Levi more than he had ever experienced, Levi still felt his body was a form of payment.

He desperately tried to put Eren back on a pedestal.. He was paying Levi handsomely for caring for his son, put a safe roof over his head and provided the older man with anything his heart desired.. Or did he..

Levi’s view was becoming warped he’d caught the feelings and that put a complicated spin on things. He had subconsciously made things deeper than they were and placed it on Eren.. The young boy didn’t even fuck him this was just fooling around, a bit of fun for the kid.

He was then picked up by the younger boy and he instinctively wrapped his legs and arms around him. Eren wiped Levi’s mouth with a thumb before pressing his lips onto the dazed man’s. Levi’s lips needily overlapped Eren’s as he fought back tears that clung to the corner of his eyes.. What the fuck was this? Why was he so upset? For years he had guarded his heart so why when he looked into Eren’s emerald eyes did he feel so at peace..

He felt his head touch the soft sheets of Eren’s bed as the younger boy leaned over him. His hand tangled itself in Eren’s hair as he turned his head feeding off the feel of Eren’s lips. Eren’s hands were exploring Levi’s slim frame, but Levi moved his hand stopping him at the hem of his bottoms.

“Why not?..” Eren said breaking from the kiss momentarily, but Levi only captured his lips again.

This was how he could cope. He wasn’t much of a kisser either, but that was just another hold Eren had over him. He craved the boy in every way possible and he hated Eren for it….

Chapter Text

Levi couldn’t remember when he had fallen asleep. He opened his eyes disorientated when he noticed he was in a naked spoon with Eren.

Ah, he remembered now..

The younger boy was still fired up and was determined to give Levi a release like his own and even though the older man didn’t want it he couldn’t say no to Eren.

The brunette stripped Levi and used his fingers and mouth to please the smaller man bringing Levi to completion.

He must have dozed off at some point after that, but he remembered hearing Eren ask..

“Why are you crying~”

He wished he could remember whether he answered or not.. His head was still messed up over the situation.

He blinked, the sun shining through the room window resulting in an aesthetic glow of orange to light up the space. He just lay there listening to Eren’s breathing that tickled his neck.

The boy was clutching onto him tightly and Levi hated himself for loving it so much. He shut his eyes and for a few moments there was bliss. He could hear the birds outside singing as the younger boy’s body was pressed against his and was about to drift off again when the screech of Eren’s phone alarm sounded off.

He jumped his body knocking into the sleeping boy’s causing Eren to jolt awake.

“Shit.. What the fuck..” Eren’s groggy voice sounded through the room as he turned to switch off the intrusive sound.

Levi lay still as Eren’s hand wrapped back around him again and slid his leg in-between Levi’s thighs.

“Are you awake?”

Levi nodded.

“I don’t wanna go work” He winged.

“You’ve got to”

Eren sighed his breath leaving goosebumps on Levi’s body. He then began planting soft kisses on the exposed skin and nuzzled his nose into the back of Levi’s shaved hair.

“This is why it’s dangerous for you to sleep in here. I could literally lie here with you all day, I don’t wanna leave”

Levi sucked in his bottom lip *Stop it you arsehole*

“Wouldn’t you like that too?.. Look how perfect our bodies fit together”

Levi fidgeted “Hmm~”

Eren began kissing the top of Levi’s shoulders whilst tracing a finger down his spine. “I missed this. I wasn’t sure how long I was gonna last before I felt your lips again”

*Stop it, stop it, stop it*

His finger traced Levi’s side dipping with the curve of the smaller man’s waist and back up again over his plump behind “You are literally too good to be true”

Levi sat up suddenly grabbing his clothes off the floor and hurriedly began putting them on.

“Hey.. You alright?”

Levi nodded “Yeah, I just need to get Hunter up soon”

Eren lay leaning his head on his hand “Right... “

Levi turned to him all the feelings he was holding back flooding to the surface as they made eye contact. “Sorry to move so suddenly, but you won’t get up for work otherwise”

Eren looked at him unconvinced “Are you sure your alright?..”

Levi nodded “I’m fine Eren.. Honestly” He gave the boy a small smile.

“Kiss me then so I can remember it while I’m at work”

Levi rolled his eyes… His body was screaming at him to get out of there. He needed space to breath and gather himself.

“Just one”

Levi should have known by now that Eren didn’t play fair. As Levi leaned in the younger boy pulled him back into the bed embracing the shocked man, but Levi was weak to this and the kiss turned into groping the groping turned into hips rocking and the two were becoming rougher with each other. There was a need that wasn’t being met and it was changing the tone of their interactions.

Through feverish kisses and hands slick with pre cum Eren rubbed up and down on the two shafts in his hand. Levi balanced on the boy’s lap breathing wildly as he watched Eren rub their arousal's together.

Eren was panting uncontrollably the sensation was driving him crazy. He gazed up at Levi through glazed eyes and groaned at the dreamy expression painted on the man’s face.

“You’re so beautiful~”

“D..don’t say shit like tha..ha ah.. t ..with your hand... on my dick”

Eren smirked his hand pumping faster as he watched Levi getting off to the feel of his length.

“You like this don’t you”

Levi nodded sucking in his bottom lip as he balanced himself on Eren’s legs and began rolling his hips.

“Tell me how much you love it~”

Eren grabbed hold of Levi’s moving hips, his other hand steadily bringing the two males to climax.

Levi tilted his head breathing heavily, eyes fixed on Eren “I love your cock so fucking much”

This seemed to do it for Eren and they both came coating their stomachs. They sat for a few moments, Eren was leaning his head on Levi’s chest whilst the older man stroked the brunette’s head before the younger boy realised he was running late leaping from the bed to get ready.

Levi left Eren to it and walked to his own room…

Upon reaching he shut the door behind him collapsing against it sliding down the frame into the fetal position.

Cupping his face in a hand he burst into tears whilst holding his stomach. No noise came out except for a few shaky breaths and a frustrated whine.

He had no idea why he had gotten himself into such a state. He needed to get ahold of himself quickly, this was so unlike him and it was worrying *You’re so fucking stupid*

He sat for a few minutes tears still streaming down his face before he calmed down and went for a shower.

Levi was knackered not only physically but mentally and his mood was greatly affected. The morning run normally except for the fact Carla was also leaving with Grisha and Eren. Levi stood by the door with Hunter on his hip whilst the young boy said goodbye to his dad.

Eren placed a gentle kiss on Hunter’s head telling him to to behave for Levi and not be any trouble. Levi faced the ground feeling awkward and Eren only added to the awkwardness by accidentally leaning in to give Levi a kiss goodbye quickly giving the smaller man a hug to style it out.

Grisha and Carla were watching from the car whilst the scene played out and both guys could’ve died with embarrassment.

Hunter was now on break playing in the garden whilst the grumpy man sat with Marco smoking.

“You’re in a good mood” The smiley man said jokingly.

“Yeah I’m just a ray of fucking sunshine today aren’t I” He said before taking a pull.

Marco laughed “What’s got you down? You’re not usually like this”

“Nothing I just didn’t sleep well..” Levi said blowing the smoke from his lungs.

Marco nodded “Yeah I know that feeling”

The day seemed to drag for Levi. He sat in on Hunter’s lessons slightly shocked at the advance tutoring he was receiving.

Later on in the day he needed some fresh air so walked to the local shop with Hunter to pick up some cigarettes since he was running low.

Levi knew he was on a downward spiral.. He hadn’t craved any sort of drug since being at the Yeager residence, but all he wanted to do was slip away into any sort of high.

He knew he didn’t like feeling anything and the current emotions he was going through were a clear example as to why. Levi liked being numb to the world around him and his experiences. It wasn’t a problem if nothing affected him…

“Why are you so sad today?..”

Levi looked down to look at Hunter who was laying on his stomach. He was reading a book to Levi but noticed that the older man wasn’t concentrating.

“Huh? I’m not, keep reading”

Hunter pouted shuffling his body higher so he could place his hands either side of Levi’s face. “Don’t lie.. I know when my lover is upset”

Levi smirked “You are really something kid, come on I was enjoying the sound of your voice for once”

Picking up the book Levi handed it back to the boy.

“You’re so mean..” Hunter sat up snatching the book from Levi, but opened it continuing to read.

Evening came and everyone was home..

Grisha had changed their destination from Dubai to Spain, saying it made more sense time wise because a 2 hour flight is better than a seventy two hour long flight. Carla was evidently disappointed, but her husband promised he would take her there for a longer holiday.

Eren also explained this to Levi the disappointment was evident in his tone, but Levi agreed that it made more sense.

Everyone was now preparing for the trip so the house was more chaotic than usual. Carla’s mood had brightened and she was excited to get away.

“Sweetie you’re packing too much we’re literally going for the weekend!”

Grisha sat in the lounge on his laptop watching his wife rush around, Ymir following behind her.

“Worry about yourself! You haven’t even started packing yet I have to prepare an outfit for the day afternoon and evening”

Eren leaned against the wall watching his mum. “You are so extra sometimes”

She had made Ymir bring down all her clothes to the lounge so she could pack her suitcase.
Carla immaturely poked her tongue out to her son and Eren chuckled.

“Why are you still standing there, you haven’t started either and you have another little human to pack for too” the brunette women said holding up a dress to herself whilst looking in the mirror.

“Levi’s packing Hunter’s stuff up now and don’t worry about me”

“He sure is making your life easier isn’t he” Carla said turning to her son smiling.

“Well yeah.. Don’t get me wrong it’s been a little difficult passing off most of my usual responsibilities onto someone else, but he really has been a great help”

Grisha looked up from his laptop “I like him”

Carla nodded “Me too, I was very sceptical at first when I realised he was a man because I want my grandson to have a femanuin influence in his life, but-” She then began giggling and Eren looked at her confused.

“But what..”

“I think you’ve got the best of both worlds with Levi. I’ve noticed he is very cute and doesn’t necessarily carry a dominating manly presence when he’s around. He’s also very hands on with Hunter treating him softly more like a mother then his carer”

Eren raised his brows “Wow… You’ve been observing him a lot mum”

Grisha took off his glasses “I’ll say.. Wanna explain yourself” He said with humour in his tone.

Carla rolled her eyes “Don’t get me wrong he is a very attractive young man, but he is gay darling and I don’t see how it would work” She said sarcastically.

Grisha showed a face of enlightenment “Ah that makes sense! Well I guess this house just keeps getting more and more diverse”

Eren folded his arms awkwardly “I didn’t sense that at all, so you don’t mind it then?..” He said trying to sound surprised.

“Why would we mind? As long as he does his job efficiently and professionally then why would his sexuality be an issue” Carla said an inquisitive look on her face.

Eren’s rubbed the back of his head “Nah it’s just nice to know my parents aren’t from the dark ages”

Grisha chuckled “You cheeky sod”

Eren grinned before letting them know he was going to go pack up his things. He walked up the stairs in search of Hunter and Levi. Walking to the younger the younger boy’s room he stopped outside the door to watch the two interacting.

Hunter’s suitcase was open on the bed whilst Hunter was on Levi’s hip telling the older man what needed packing from a list Levi had written for him.

“We need four sets of underwear and socks” Hunter said before pointing to the draw.

“You’re not gonna wet yourself whilst we’re away are you?” Levi said taking the items out the draw setting them in the suitcase.

Hunter shook his head frantically hiding his face in Levi’s shoulder.

“Good, cos you and me both don’t wanna be dealing with that~” Levi kissed the top of Hunter’s head before they both continued with the list.

Eren watched them a warm smile on his face. He had noticed it too, the way Levi treated Hunter was definitely more loving and nurturing than just being a carer that ran around after the boy.

He decided to leave them both to it and concentrate on getting himself sorted.

Everyone was now packed up and all their suitcases had been brought down by the house staff and placed in the entrance hall.

This is what Levi had been dreading all evening. Being alone with Eren was the last thing he needed or wanted right now, but it was unavoidable.

“So.. You looking forward to a little break” Eren said joining him on the living room sofa.

“It’s not really a break for me, I’m working aren’t I” Levi said in a matter of fact tone.

“Y..yeah, but you’ll still have a good time”

“I’m sure it’ll be nice”

Eren looked as if he was having an internal battle and wanted to say something, but Levi was not up for a discussion. He remembered the boy had wanted to talk to him about something for a while and Levi had a gut feeling it was something he really didn’t want to hear.

“I think I’m gonna go bed, we’ve got an early start” The older man said standing up.

Eren watched him an almost hurt expression on his face. “The jet’s booked to leave at one, we don’t need to be up that early plus it’s the weekend why don’t we have a glass of something and chill?”

Levi cringed internally. He was in the process of replacing the walls around himself and staying in Eren’s company could go one of two ways.

“I’m a little tired..”

Eren’s eyes were fixed on Levi’s and the older man struggled to keep eye contact.

“Levi.. I really want to talk to you, I….. I think you should listen”

The dark haired man stared at the floor rubbing his arm. “I just need to get some sleep.. Please”

The younger boy’s expression softened and he gave the standing man a sympathetic look.

“Go get some shut eye, we’ve got plenty of time to talk”

He smiled warmly before standing up. He then gently pulled Levi into a hug whilst the smaller man stood motionless his face in Eren’s shoulder.

“If that fucker has contacted you or any other prick that needs a beating please let me know... I don’t want you suffering in silence”

Eren’s tone was a serious one and it startled Levi, but he nodded as there was not much he could say.

Eren pulled away from the hug planting a kiss on Levi’s forehead and giving the man such a beautiful smile it made Levi’s heart hurt.

“I’ll see you in the morning brat” He said pulling away from the hold Eren had on his shoulders and walked towards the door.


The morning was a relaxed one to begin with. Sasha and Annie prepared the Yeager family and Levi a hearty cooked breakfast before they started their travels.

There was then the last minute packing and getting dressed.

Eren and Levi’s interactions were limited, to the older man’s luck, since Eren was busy with his dad taking a last minute business call. Levi spent his time getting Hunter ready and having a smoke with Carla.

Finally at around eleven the group made their way to an SUV limo that had been called to pick them up. Bertholdt and the driver packed the cases into the boot whilst everyone seated themselves.

Levi was in awe but kept it in as he sat in the middle of Hunter and Eren. Carla and Grisha sat opposite them immediately reaching for the champagne sitting in a chrome bucket filled with ice.

They filled some flute glasses passing Levi and Eren one.

“Let’s toast to a well deserved break” Grisha said raising his glass.

Eren let out an exaggerated breath “I’ll drink to that for sure”

Levi held his glass awkwardly gently tapping it with the others as they cheersed.

Hunter rested on his knees looking out the window waiting for the vehicle to start moving. Instinctively Levi rested his glass in the drinks rest inbuilt into the luxury leather seats an pried Hunter away from the window sitting him down and strapping him in with the seat belt.

“Aww you’re going to make such a good parent someday” Carla said endearingly.

Levi turned to look at her realising that there were three pairs of eyes on him.

“What makes you say that? I’ve never really thought about having any myself to be honest” He said with a small smile.

“Honestly? You’ve never thought about it.. But you seem like a natural” She continued.

Levi grinned awkwardly “T..thanks I guess I’m just subconsciously a maternal person”

The brunette women gave the man a warm smile. “That’s so adorable”

Shortly after the driver got into his seat telling them that he was going to start moving and Grisha gave him the go ahead.

The ride to the airport was a smooth yet entertaining one. Carla and Grisha were all too happy with their glasses of bubbly and had started explaining to Levi about how they met and their initial thoughts on one another.

“I thought he was a toffee nosed smart arse” Carla said laughing into her glass.

“How charming, well I thought I’m going to make this women my wife”

Eren chuckled shaking his head at the two “How fucking romantic”

Carla pouted. “Well you best be happy he stuck to his guns cos you wouldn’t be here otherwise mister”

The younger boy nodded “Yeah you’re right thanks for not pulling out dad”

Carla shrilled covering her mouth in her hand whilst Grisha began to belly laugh.

Levi turned to Eren frowning.“Eren!...”

The young boy laughed at his expression “Hunter’s used to this he doesn’t even pay attention”

Hunter turned to look at his dad at the mention of his name a confused expression on his face.


Levi shook his head disapprovingly. “You’re the one that needs your mouth washed with soap”

Eren chuckled before leaning back into his seat and taking a sip from his glass.

“Don’t take this the wrong way but you three look like a little family sitting over there” Carla said giggling.

Levi’s eyes widened for a second and Eren smiled awkwardly. “You say the strangest shit when you’ve had a drink mum”

The two parents had thoughtful looks on their faces and Levi could feel his heartbeat quicken.

“Stop it guys you’re making poor Levi feel awkward” Eren said furrowing his brows. “Ignore them, they get weird when they have alcohol”

Levi gave a slight curve of the lips leaning back into his seat. Could they just get there already..

Arriving at the airport the group went to the private jet terminal and waited in a lush looking lounge as their luggage was processed and put onto the aircraft. The usual formalities such as checking passports and security checks were done at a speedy pace and after about twenty minutes they were ready to board.

This was all so surreal for Levi he had never travelled before and never thought his first time would be in such style.

Walking into the prestige aircraft Eren guided him to a seat.

It was all so spacious and lavish. The interior was cream and pearl white in colour with a long cream sofa sitting either side of the jet. Two glass tables just as long as the sofa sat at either the foot of the seats and a drinks bar was placed at the end of the spacious walkway.

There seemed to be a further two rooms separated from the main seating area and a large TV hanging from the roof facing the seats.

Levi was in obvious shock as he took it all in. This was an experience he never imagined he would ever have.

Hunter run up to the opposite sofa looking out the window to see the planes from the main airport taking off and Eren took a seat next to Levi.

Grisha and Carla headed straight for the bar where a bartender had already began pouring drinks. A smartly dressed women then came out from a room behind the bar walking over to Eren and bowed. “Good afternoon Master Eren is there anything I can get for you before we depart?”

Eren turned to Levi “Need anything?”

The smaller man shook his head “ I’m fine thank you”

Eren turned back to the women smiling “I’m okay for now, but Hunter will probably want some snacks”

“Yes Sir” The women then nodded before bowing again and walked away.

Levi didn’t know how much more surprised he could get.. How was this family so wealthy this was all so confusing to him.

“Eren Look at this the paps got there nose in quick” Grisha’s loud laugh sounded through the aircraft as he approached the two turning his phone to face them.

Levi’s eyes widened. *What the!*

“I wonder how they found out we were here” Eren laughed.

The phone displayed an online news article with a picture of the five walking away from the limousine the headline reading ‘Renowned Scientist Grisha Yeager And His Heartthrob Son Eren Take The Family On A Little VayCay’

Levi was overwhelmed… “Wait you have the paparazzi follow you?”

Grisha pulled the phone away. “Not necessarily follow us, but our family is well known because of the impact our labs have had on modern medicine, but the media started getting involved when they realised I was handing the company over to Eren and suddenly you’ve got a bunch of girls interested in science”

Eren smirked. “The media loves a pretty boy even if they don’t have a clue about what it is I actually do” He wiggled his eyebrows at Levi.

Levi was gobsmacked.. How did he not know this sooner.. Why was he so dumb not to have realised and now his face was out there..

“Master Yeager we’re ready” a voice over an intercom sounded.

Grisha headed to a receiver on the wall responding that they were ready and they all seated themselves Carla pulling Hunter, who was tucking into a pack of sweets, onto her lap.

The lights dimmed and the ceiling of the jet sparkled with twinkly blue and purple lights.

Levi sat frozen he was still trying to process it all *And just when I thought I couldn’t get more surprised*

The jet began moving increasing in speed until they were in the air gaining altitude.

Levi’s belly did flips as his ears popped. This was horrible, why did people want to fly anywhere. He closed his eyes gripping onto the edge of the sofa trying to control his breathing. He wasn’t expecting this at all and it wasn’t a nice surprise.

Sitting there in absolute fear he felt a hand on top of his and opened his eyes. Eren had turned to him and was now holding his hand whilst an arm was wrapped around him rubbing his shoulder.

“It’s okay, just breath you’re safe~”

Levi nodded as he tried to take steady breaths. A panic attack was the last thing he wanted to happen, but he had not expected flying would raise his anxiety so much.

After what felt like forever the jet seemed to level out and ride a bit smoother and the lights got a little brighter.

“Is he okay!” Carla said noticing Levi hunched over himself gathering his breathing.

“He’s never flown before so it’s just a bit of anxiety” Eren responded rubbing the man’s back.

Hunter watched from his Carla’s lap concerned “Daddy make him better!”

“I’m okay Hunter don’t worry..” Levi sat up slowly, his breathing had mellowed out.

Everyone looked relieved and Levi gave a weak smile until he noticed he was still holding Eren’s hand. He pulled away quickly hoping the two adults opposite hadn’t noticed.

Eren didn’t seem too bothered and instead got up to get Levi a drink of water.

This was a lot to absorb for him. His little life in that one bedroom flat seemed like a distant memory at this point. He didn’t think he could ever get used to this sort of lifestyle and he knew he wouldn’t have to since his walls were slowly becoming strong again and he knew this could be a temporary deal.

It always was..

Chapter Text

The flight was quick and Levi was thankful for that. He was happy he didn’t have to endure much longer as the feeling of being in the air was making him nauseous.

They all exited the jet and were hit with the sudden change in temperature as the warm Spanish sun shone down on them whilst they walked down the stairs. Another limo was waiting for them at the bottom of the aircraft and they all climbed in making their way to the hotel.

“It’s beautiful!” Carla squealed eyeing the modern looking hotel in front of them. Grisha grinned planting a kiss on his wife's cheek. “Only the best for you my love”

Eren cringed whilst hoisting Hunter onto his hip. “Alright guys you can rip each others clothes off later lets get checked in first”

The two rolled their eyes before nodding and heading into the building. Grisha and Eren had booked them the beautiful Sir Joan hotel with it’s prestige rooms and pleasing local scenery. The five walked in feeling the cool breeze from the air conditioning. Grisha and Eren went to the lobby desk to check in whilst Levi, Hunter and Carla waited on some sofas with the luggage.

“So you’ve never travelled before?” Carla said looking at Levi, who was currently trying to take this all in.

“No, I haven’t. I’ve never found myself in a situation where I’ve needed to”

Carla nodded “I’m so happy we’re breaking your travel virginity! You’ll grow to love it soon enough and the anxiety will disappear. Eren travels a lot due to work and he’s always wanted to take Hunter with him, but couldn’t because he would be working and not able to watch him at the same time. With you here now he can do that, so be prepared to start filling pages in your passport” She said smiling.

Levi smiled back. “S..sounds fun”

The women nodded stroking Hunter’s head “Trust me sweetie you’ll get used to it”

The two males then approached them and Eren held up their room cards. “We were able to book the two Penthouse Suits for the weekend so you guys better show us some appreciation”

Carla clapped her hands “You two always pull through!”

Eren smiled giving Levi a stealthy wink which took everything in the dark haired man not to crumble at the suggestive expression.

They all made their way to the elevator and Levi tapped the special gold card that only allowed them access to the Penthouses. On reaching the top floor they all left the lift, Carla and Grisha went to their door whilst Levi Held Hunter as Eren scanned the card to their room.

Levi nearly let out a gasp at the sheer opulence of the place. “Eren this is amazing” Levi said letting Hunter slip from his arms so he could look around.

“Oh you like it then, you haven’t said much on the way here so I’m glad it meets your expectations” Eren said wheeling their suitcases to the bedroom.

“Expectations?.. This has exceeded anything I ever thought. I had no idea such an amazing place existed”

Eren grinned smugly “This is mediocre to the places you’ll be seeing in the future, trust me”

Levi sucked in his bottom lip nervously and continued to look around.

The suite was huge, it contained a private bedroom with a queen size bed and a lounge area that had a luxury sofa bed set up. A beautiful marble bathroom with a rain shower and bathrobes in each of their sizes hanging up. There was a mini bar and two large widescreen TV’s, one in the private bedroom and one in the lounge.

The room also had a subtle extra features like in room spa treatments an espresso & tea machine and a Bluetooth speaker.

The whole wall facing the large decked terrace was glass and the interior colours were a modern beige, cream and navy blue.

The terrace encircled to Grisha and Carla’s Suite and although the two terraces were private they were placed side by side.

There were a number of seating areas on the deck including a private cabana, cocktail bar, an open air kitchen and also a marble dinner table with chairs.

The scenery was breathtaking. The hotel was situated in Ibiza’s Port and Old Town so you could see the sea with sailing boats and the quaint houses on the hills of the island.

Levi held onto the glass balcony his eyes scanning over the picturesque view.

He was struggling to take this all in. He had never understood why people loved to travel, but now he could see why..

Why would anyone want to go back to the mundane hustle and bustle of normal life with these views only a flight away. Sure the journey there played havoc with his anxiety, but hell it was worth it. The salty sea air and warm late afternoon sun the sound of the sea as the waves tossed.. This had to be heaven.

“Daddy I wanna go to the beach!” Turning Levi saw Hunter pointing at the sea from one of the many seating areas.

“I promise we’ll go tomorrow at some point” Eren said before approaching Levi.

“You’ve gone quiet again. Are you okay?”

Levi nodded “Yeah, Just taking this all in, you know first time leaving the country and all that shit”

Eren chuckled “Yeah, that did put a bit of pressure on me. I wanted you to have the best experience so I told my dad we should come here”

Levi looked at him puzzled he didn’t understand why it would matter if he had a good experience or not. He was just here working and this whole trip was really for Carla, but he wasn’t about to go asking questions. “Well I’m impressed if that’s what you’re after”

Eren leaned his back on the balcony facing the older man a thoughtful look on his face.

“So there’s a bed that I had put in the lounge at special request because it’s only a one bedroom.. I was thinking you should bunk in with me so Hunter could settle down in there”

Levi turned away from Eren looking back out at the Ports.

“I know it goes against your whole Hunter seeing us in bed together thing, but I think you would be more comfortable considering those sofa beds are actually designed with kids in mind”

The older man stayed silent trying to find an answer. He didn’t want to sleep in the same bed if he could avoid it and the way Eren was looking at him just made Levi feel even more unsettled.

“If Hunter was to say anything to your parents I would be mortified”

Eren let out a suppressed huff “I highly doubt he would even bring it up”

“I don’t think it’s a good idea”

Eren sighed before Hunter came to join them pointing to Carla and Grisha who were waving at them from the other terrace. Eren waved back before turning to Levi again. “Just.. have a think about it”

Eren then walked off with Hunter in hand to go and unpack leaving Levi to think.

The young boy would unknowingly make Levi do whatever he wanted and the dark haired man resented him for it. All he wanted was some boundaries, but that never seemed to be the case with these two. He was part to blame and maybe it was too late now, but his sanity depended on some sense of normality.

Things were looking up for him, it seemed that his guards were up and fully functioning again. He had mentally drained himself silly and managed to pull himself back to what he considered reality. Deep in his subconscious he liked Eren more than he ever wanted to admit and the fact he got so worked up over the boy that he had actually allowed himself to fall for him would forever baffle him, but as of now he was more prepared to deal with any intimate situation without losing himself to his emotions.

If Eren wanted to fool around and experiment with his sexuality so be it, but not at the cost of Levi’s heart and sanity. He could not lose himself over somebody like Eren.. Or anyone for the matter.

The five decided to meet up again and head to the hotel restaurant for something to eat.
They all sat at the table and ordered their meals with a few glasses of wine and appetisers.

“So you all like your room then?” Grisha said before taking a bite out of his burger.

Hunter nodded frantically as Levi placed a napkin around him “It’s huge! But it’s not like before we don’t have a pool this time”

Eren tutted “The pools out there you spoilt brat. It’s a public one”

Hunter frowned at his dad then leaned his head to see where Eren was pointing.

“What about you Levi? Don’t you just love it?” Carla said swirling her wine.

“It’s stunning, it sort of feels like a dreaming to be honest”

Grisha grinned “Aah it hasn’t settled in yet”

Levi smiled “No, I don’t think it has” …

After their meal Hunter had convinced Eren to take him to the pool for a swim whilst Carla and Grisha went sightseeing around the Ports.

The three changed into more appropriate clothing, Eren and Hunter in swimming trunks and flip flops whilst Levi wore shorts, a light t shirt and slides.

The evening was approaching quick, but the sun was still going strong and for someone with pale skin Levi was not used to the rays.

The younger males made a dash for the pool jumping in with a large splash surprising some of the older guests who were relaxing on sun loungers.

Levi took a seat on one a large circular chair and proceeded to watch the two play. He didn’t feel like joining in on there pool games and thought the other guests had the right idea about sitting back and enjoying the break.

Placing a pair of shades on his eyes Levi leaned back into the chair closing his eyes the not so distant sounds of water splashing and Hunter laughing in the background.

Levi had to admit this was utter bliss. He was relaxed and enjoying the new experience so far, he promised himself that there would be no overthinking about anything as it would only cause him to shut down to everything and everyone around him and with no substance around to put him in an anaesthetised state, he couldn’t numb himself. He did very well at hiding his withdrawals, but it was worrying as he knew he was going to crash at some point.

“You’re going to have a strange tan if you keep those on”

The unfamiliar voice with a thick Spanish accent caused him to open his eyes.

“What does it matter to you” Levi said lowering the shades to get a better look at the sudden annoyance.

The young man was obviously a native and a very attractive one at that. He seemed to be around Eren’s age and had short obviously bleached silver hair with piercing blue eyes.

“I just thought a fellow model would appreciate the heads up” He said grinning. His eyes seemed to be panning up and down Levi’s body stopping at the unimpressed man’s eyes.

“Wrong career kid so your advice is not needed here” Levi said sitting up.

“Really?” The boy seemed surprised and decided to sit himself down next to the older man.

“Sorry if I come across too forward my cheesy pickup lines never work, but I just saw you and had to say something”

Levi’s brows furrowed, was this guy making moves on him?...

“Well if that’s your pick up line then I’m not surprised you’re single”

The boy chuckled, “You’ve got that right, I’m very much single. I’m Axel by the way, and you are?”

“None of your business”

The boy seemed shocked but a smile remained on his face “You’re feisty, I like that. So none of my business have you any plans this evening? Wanna possibly come and experience some Ibiza nightlife with me?” He said sparking a fag and offering Levi one.

Levi took the opportunity to smoke giving Axel a blank stare. “Nope, sorry kid but I’m here working”

Axel raised a brow whilst blowing the smoke from his lungs “You work the evenings here? Aah I see”

Levi rolled his eyes “Not that like that you dumb fuck”

The blue eyed boy grinned before leaning into Levi’s ear “If you do get some time to yourself this evening come to my room and you can show me just how feisty you really are”

Levi froze... Even away from home these type of guys still found him. It was as if he had the words ‘I’m easy’ written across his forehead, but…. He wasn’t bad looking, he seemed the good kind of freaky and his confident aura was slowly becoming tolerable.

“Oh really...I’m not cheap you know”

Axel grinned “I knew it, you’ve got that fuck me face. I’ll pay for the n-”

“Everything alright over here”

Levi nearly jumped out the seat at the sound of Eren’s voice. “Eren?..”

The taller boy stood there droplets of water falling beautifully off his wet hair and toned frame. “Who’s this?”

“I’m Axel nice to meet you. Sorry to bother your boyfriend here he looked like he needed company”

Levi was about to correct him when Eren butted in “He doesn’t like strangers company. I think you should leave”

Eren had a blank look on his face but his eyes showed he was deadly serious.

Axel put his hands up in a surrendering motion “Oookay I know where I’m not welcome” standing up he gave Eren a cocky stare up and down before turning back to Levi winking and walking off.

Eren gave the boy a dirty look as he walked off and turned back to Levi. “I can’t take you anywhere can I” His face softened into a smile as he looked at the smaller man.

“What’s that supposed to mean, he was just being friendly”

At this Eren frowned “He was looking at you like a piece of meat. Shit Levi there’s a difference between someone being friendly and someone who wants to jump in your pants”

Levi gave Eren a bored expression. “I highly doubt that was his intention..” He said lying through his teeth.

Eren rolled his eyes “You really need to be more self aware”

The older man butted out his fag and placed the shades back on his face as he lay back into the chair “Whatever you say Eren..”

Eren was obviously annoyed by the situation, but decided to leave Levi to it and walked back to the pool where Hunter was waiting for him.

Levi watched him glad Eren couldn’t see him roll his eyes through the shades. Eren didn’t have a right to tell him who he could talk to it wasn’t like he owned him and even though he wasn’t going to take the guys offer it didn’t mean Eren had a right to send him away.

Turning his head he saw Axel by the pool bar looking at him a cocktail to his lips smirking. He gave Levi a wink and the older man grinned slightly.

Okay maybe this guy was trouble, but he could be a nice distraction…


Their evening was coming to an end. Carla and Grisha had returned from their walk and were now chilling on Eren’s Penthouse terrace. Levi had bathed and readied Hunter in his pjs ready to be settled into bed.

Eren had said for Levi to put him in the lounge not even giving the annoyed man an option anymore and Levi begrudgingly put the younger boy in the sofa bed.

He returned to Eren and his parents outside where they were drinking wine and took a seat next to Carla. The brunette women offered him a cigarette as she laughed at something Eren said.

“You’re such an arsehole sometimes I didn’t raise you to be like this” She said taking a pull of her fag.

“Don’t pretend like you’re a saint mum, I got it from someone” Eren said laughing.

“Well it certainly isn’t me”

Grisha began chuckling “I’m not taking any blame for his behaviour”

“His comebacks are too quick and he’s sharp humour is beyond me. His quick whit definitely comes from you” Carla said looking at Grisha.


Levi sat quietly taking a sip of his wine. He wasn’t even concentrating on what the trio were talking about and didn’t really care.

“You’re very quiet this evening” Eren said looking over at the older man.

Carla and Grisha also turned to look at Levi. “I was just listening to you guys”

Carla smiled “Join in sweetie there’s no need to be so quiet around us, come on you know us all by now. So cos I’m nosey let’s talk about you. Your family? What’s your love life like currently? I know its a bit personal , but we all love a chin wag”

Levi internally cringed, this was why he stayed silent. He hated these sorts of conversations and had avoided them with the Yeagers up until now.

Now having the three stare at him inquisitively was horrifying.

“My life is so boring nothing interesting about me. I haven’t seen my family since I was sixteen and I’m currently single, I prefer being that way it’s less drama”

The two adults nodded “So how did you get into child care?” Grisha pushed on.

Levi scratched his head “It was by accident really I had a work friend and she wanted me to watch her kids for her one morning whilst she was out. He husband worked from home but couldn’t take care of the children as well so I quickly became their permanent carer and I quit my job taking childcare full time”

Carla nodded. “That’s so cute, you are definitely a natural for sure. Hunter is proof of that, he is infatuated with you”

Levi smiled slightly “Hunter is my favourite by far. I never have problems with him and from the moment I met him it’s been natural instinct to take care of him. It’s rare that I have nothing bad to say about kids, but honestly he is a genuine pleasure to look after”

Eren had stayed quiet leaning his head on his hand looking in Levi’s direction. On hearing Levi talk about Hunter his expression changed into a dreamy smile and he let out a small sigh, not realising he’d done it out loud the other three turned to look at him.

“You alright there son?” Grisha said raising a brow.

“Yeah, yeah sorry it’s just nice to hear these things”

Carla grinned cheekily her eyes suspicious as she looked at her son “I’m sure it is”

Eren winked at the older man. “I knew I made the right decision with you”

If Levi was the type he would be blushing like mad at this moment. This family didn’t hold back on the compliments when they thought he was doing well, it was just another experience he never had with any of his other jobs.

Levi then noticed that Eren and his mum seemed to be having a mental conversation with each other as their facial expressions told a story. Eren’s face then changed to pure shock before Carla stood from her seat.

“Come baby we should leave, it’s getting late“ The comment was aimed at Grisha, but Carla’s eyes had not left Eren’s.

Levi’s eyes darted between the two. There was definitely something going on.

“O..okay hunnie” Grisha said standing and they both made their way towards the door. Before leaving Carla kissed Eren’s forehead and smiled warmly. She then turned to Levi continuing to smile and told them to enjoy the rest of their evening before leaving.

Eren stood by the closed door looking defeated.

“What just happened?” Levi said suspiciously.

“I haven’t got a clue” Eren said turning to look at him.

Levi knew he was lying but decided not to probe further. “They probably want some personal time ey?”

Eren nodded though his head seemed to be somewhere else.

“Speaking of personal space, now Hunter’s asleep can I have a break I wanted to go out for a walk”

This seemed to pull Eren out of his thoughts “What?” It came out more harsh than he wanted, but Levi wasn’t phased.

“I want to go for a walk”

Eren shook his head “Umm I don’t think that’s a good idea”

Levi frowned “Excuse me?... Last time I checked you don’t control my every move so I’ll rephrase that. I’m going for a walk..”

Eren cupped his face in his hand “Not on your own”

Levi was losing patience “I’m not a fucking child Eren..”

Eren was looking more and more stressed by the minuet “You’re not going, it’s dark now and you have no idea of your surroundings”

Levi’s expression was one Eren had never seen before and it unnerved him. He was certainly pissed off, but Eren didn’t seem to care as long as he thought he was keeping Levi safe.

Levi was about to say something he’d regret. He had to remain level headed even if Eren was pissing him off he had to keep his cool.

“How are you stopping me from having some space. All I’m asking for is a break..”

Eren sighed “I don’t want you leaving the hotel. There’s some unsavoury characters that hang around here because it’s easy pickings for petty theft among other things”

Levi rolled his eyes his blood was boiling, but he contained his anger. How the fuck did Eren think he had survived before he came along.. He wasn’t stupid and knew how things worked better than this rich kid did..

Swallowing his pride his took a few steps towards Eren and placed a hand on his face. “You’re actually worried about me~ That’s so cute”

Eren’s expression softened seeing Levi’s difference in attitude. “Of course I’m worried! Can’t you just stay here with me and we’ll all go out tomorrow?”

Levi tilted his head his hand still caressing Eren’s cheek. He was mad at himself for using manipulation on him, but it helped his cause right now.

“I’ll stay close I promise I’ll literally walk by the well lit area by the docks”

Eren was caving the older man could see it…

“I’ll be back before you know it”

Eren leaned into Levi’s hand before nodding “Okay.. Just please stay close” leaning down Eren placed his palms either side of Levi’s face capturing his lips in his own as he began tentatively kissing the shorter male.

Levi’s mind was wiped for a split second as the two kissed by the door. He hadn’t realised how much he’d missed feeling the taller boy’s lips, but quickly came to his senses as Eren’s hands began exploring his body. His hands sliding up Levi’s top as he began deepening the kiss.

Pulling away quickly Levi moved from Eren not giving him eye contact. “I’m going now”

Eren showed obvious disappointment. Levi guessed that he wanted to initiate something to stop Levi from leaving.

Picking up his cigarettes and key card from the counter in the lounge Levi opened the door as Eren moved from it. “See you soon” Eren said closing the door after Levi had walked out.

Levi breathed a sigh of relief as he rested his back on the mirror of the elevator. He needed this, some space and time for himself was a must.

Outside the hotel Levi sat on a bench facing the docks. He inhaled his cigarette watching flashing lights in the distance from the Ibiza nightlife. He thought about how fun it would be to go and see what was going on, it wasn’t like he actually cared that Eren would get mad at him.

After a few more minuets and a second fag later Levi had began walking to one of the local bars. The streets were busy with party goers and Levi dodged past them as he walked into the busy atmosphere taking a seat on one of the stools by the outside bar.

A young peppy girl took his drink order and began making it as Levi observed his surroundings.There were people everywhere and they were all happy and enjoying themselves.

As his drink was placed in front of him he turned to people watch further.

The evening was a warm one and Levi was happy that he had a pair of shorts and a t-shirt on. He wasn’t used to wearing such light clothing, but there was no way he could chill in his usual hoodies and jeans in this temperature.

His thoughts then travelled to when Eren was so excited to take him clothes shopping in preparation for the trip. His eyes panned down to his wrist that was holding his drink as he eyed the watch Eren had bought him.

His lips curved slightly the memories from that night replaying in his head , but that was short lived as someone whispered in his ear.

“Hey cutie, I’m surprised the boyfriend let you out”

Turning he saw the boy from earlier. “Shit.. don’t go sneaking up on me like that”

Axel laughed walking to lean on the bar to face him.“You’re looking lonely again sitting here by yourself, come sit with me and my bunch of fuckers. They’re annoying but they’ll make you laugh”

Levi rolled his eyes “Thanks for the offer, but no thanks”

Axel grinned “You seem to like your own company ey?.. Hope you don’t mind me chatting to you for a bit then, so your boyfriend is quite something huh?”

“Right let’s clear something up he’s not my fucking boyfriend, he’s my boss”

Axel almost choked on spit “Wait so you are in like some sort of arrangement with him cos you said earlier you wasn’t cheap?..”

Levi gave the boy a blank stare “Can you leave me alone. You’re too damn nosy”

Axel rubbed the back of his head and grinned. “You know I’m only asking because I want a piece of what he’s got right?”

Unphased Levi shrugged his shoulders putting the straw of his drink to his lips.

“I’ll pay, just name your price”

Levi sighed “You’re persistent aren't you?”

Axel winked “Have you looked in the mirror recently, you seriously have those fuck me eyes. It’s getting me hard just thinking of cumming over that pretty face”

Levi rolled his eyes. “You have no shame”

Axel shrugged his shoulders. “Can’t blame a guy for trying”

Levi smirked ”Don’t you have someone else to bother, why me I’m sure there’s plenty of desperate men waiting for a fuck”

The silverette laughed “Shit.. I’m not desperate I have some taste you know and that happens to come in the form of a feisty little stunner like yourself”

Levi’s lips curved slightly.

“So, why don’t we go have some fun?”

Levi settled his drink down looking up at the boy. Yep this boy was definitely trouble and Levi wasn’t complaining, it gave him a weird sense of stability knowing that he could sleep with this boy so easily without feeling guilty.

“So where you wanna do this then?”

Grinning the silver haired boy walked over to where his friends were sitting. Levi watched in confusion as he gave the guys a fist bump and they wolf whistled in Levi’s direction. He tch’d before Axel returned with a backpack. “Let’s go to my room. Kinda lucky we’re staying at the same place”

Finishing his drink Levi stepped off the stool. “Yeah makes things a little easier”

The two then began walking back to the hotel.

The two walked to Axel’s room door. He scanned his card motioning for Levi to walk in.
The room wasn’t as grand as the Penthouse but it was still beautiful and prestige.

“Want a drink before we get going?” Axel said shutting the door.

“Yeah sure” Levi said taking a seat. His phone began vibrating and he pulled it out of his pocket to see a bunch of messages and missed calls from Eren. He ignored them placing the phone back into his shorts.

It had been about forty five minutes since he had left Eren and there was no way he was rushing back to that room just because the younger boy was belling off his phone. Levi was denying the voice of reason in his head to just let Eren know he was safe. He wanted to prove a point to himself, but at what cost...

“Here you go” Axel said handing Levi a glass before rummaging in his bag.

He then pulled out his wallet and began pulling out some notes handing them to Levi.

Levi raised a brow. “I was joking about paying me, just fuck me so hard I forget about everything for a while yeah?”

Axel grinned “As you wish”

He then pulled out a clear baggie and a card from his bag and this caught Levi’s attention..

He hadn’t taken coke in what felt like ages and seeing the white powder caused him to tense. He watched as Axel sectioned out a few lines on the glass table and rolled up a note before snorting the white substance.

He then passed the note to Levi and the older man didn’t even hesitate. He backed his drink and leaned over the table inhaling in the white powder sitting back into the chair afterwards sighing deeply.

“Shiit, seemed like you needed this” Axel said grinning as he rubbed his nose. “I’m guessing your boss isn’t the good time kinda guy”

Levi said nothing sinking further into the chair letting his head flop over the back of it.

There wasn’t an ounce of guilt that he was doing this, or that's what he kept telling himself.. Yes it could affect his job and yes if Eren found out he would be furious, but it had never stopped him before so why should that change now.

There was no point in him trying to act better than he knew he was. He was a mess and that’s all he knew. This pretentious lifestyle he’d experienced for the past week wasn’t him. He didn’t deserve to live that way and as much as he could pretend he was a different person to Eren he couldn’t do it forever..

A few minutes had passed and Axel was smoking on the balcony. Levi could feel his head become foggy as the drug began to take effect. He closed his eyes allowing himself to sink into the high.

He then felt a figure over him. Opening his eyes Levi could see Axel peering down at him with a glint in his eye. The silver haired boy held Levi’s chin before leaning into his face pressing his lips against the older man’s slightly parted ones.

Levi didn’t complain, but something didn’t feel right. His body started feeling weird almost paralysed and he could feel his body temperature rising.

“You feeling it yet baby?”

Levi’s brows furrowed as he began struggling to speak.. *Feel what? The coke.. No this wasn’t his usual high*

His heartbeat had increased as his body became hot. Levi wasn’t stupid he’d been given something else.

“This is gonna be fun. I hope you don’t mind but I gave you a lil something extra, Don’t worry I’ll take good care of you and fuck you senseless like you want me too” Axel said placing kisses down Levi’s neck whilst a hand began lifting up his shirt.

This fucker had spiked him, but why? Levi was willing to give him what he wanted so why did he do this. “A..are you some kind of idiot?..” He said as his inhibitions began fading.

Pulling the shirt over Levi’s head Axel then moved to his shorts unzipping them and pulling them down along with his boxers.

“Don’t panic baby it’s just a bit of fun. You wanted to forget didn’t you plus you’re gonna go for ages like this”

Picking Levi up from the chair Axel carried him to the bedroom.

Laying him on the bed the young boy stood observing the eye candy in front of him his blue eyes filled with lust. “Now.. where do I start with you”

Levi mustered up the will to move a bit and managed to flip himself onto his stomach. “You’re a fucker, I don’t like this shit..”

Axel chuckled “Don’t knock it, you’re gonna love this” Hovering over the weak figure underneath him Axel began groping at Levi behind giving it a firm tap before pulling his legs to straddle the end of the bed. “You seriously are a treat for the eyes”

Levi tried to maintain control but his body was failing him. He didn’t know how this drug was going to affect him, especially since he had just done a line this could end horribly.

“Whatever you do don’t panic, you’re gonna love every second of this” Axel said before getting on his knees.

Levi rolled his eyes, what was it with these guys talking a good game and telling him how he’d feel. Sure it might be pleasurable, but he hated the whole hype talk before the deed. *Just get on with it*

Suddenly Levi jolted at the sensation of Axel’s tongue teasing his entrance. He had his hands holding Levi’s hips in place as his face was between Levi’s arse cheeks.

The spread man resisted the urge to moan whatever he had been given had increased his sensitivity. He agreed to sleep with this boy, but not in this state. He never consented to having no control over his own body…

He could hear Axel’s muffled groans as he was eaten out, his hands gripping at Levi’s now burning skin.

Levi panted breathlessly as he felt Axel move to lean over him again. He was flipped over and Axel wasted no time gripping the man’s face pressing his lips to Levi’s again as he began to explore the small mouth with his tongue squeezing Levi’s cheeks as he did so.

Reaching down Axel began unzipping his own trousers fully exposing himself. He began pumping his semi hard erection as he continued to kiss the man under him. Levi raised his head slightly as Axel was still squeezing his cheeks and he nearly chuckled.

Axel wasn’t really packing much down there in the trouser department and Levi couldn't help but compare to a certain other individual. *How unfortunate*

Levi had no clue why he was comparing dicks, maybe it was because Eren and Axel were close in age or perhaps he was just being an arsehole either way he tried to shake the thought from his head.

Although this was a shitty situation and he was completely out of control, Axel didn’t seem to be doing any harm to him. He just wanted to add a bit more fun to the experience.

“You ready for me baby?”

Positioning himself one knee on the bed he flung one of Levi’s legs over his shoulder as he fumbled with a silver wrapper.

“I’m gonna make you my little slut tonight”

Levi lay looking at Axel through half lidded eyes..
Okay maybe Axel was a bit cocky and it began to grate on Levi. “Fuck..Just get on with it you talk too fucking much”

He wasn’t in the mood for dirty talk, he didn’t need to be psyched up, Levi wanted to be fucked.. He wanted to be fucked so hard that he would forget all about how he fell for Eren, how he allowed himself to get into such a state because of some spoilt brat, He wanted to forget that he was a failure in almost every aspect of his life.

Most of all he wanted to forget just for a little while that he was utter filth. That he slept with married men, was an addict and was currently getting under someone to get over someone. He needed this to put things into perspective and as much as it was sad he wanted it.

Levi’s brain was working overtime on trying to push any thought of the younger boy out of his head, he was probably sitting in the room waiting up for Levi’s return whilst the older man was only a few rooms away high and getting fucked by someone he had just met.

Or was he?.. *No of course he isn’t. He doesn’t care, he’s probably asleep there’s no reason for him to wait up for me* Levi knew Eren was up and waiting for him, but that didn’t help him in the slightest it was better to believe Eren was like everyone else...

And this was Levi’s excuse as to why he was in bed with this guy.. Why did he even care if Eren was or wasn’t waiting up for him?

This was going to help him.. This was going to show him that he didn’t need Eren and that these feelings are only fleeting and Eren wasn’t special. He didn’t need a knight in shining armour because those type of people only existed in fairy tales and Levi’s like was no fairy tail and Eren was not going to be his Prince Charming.

Levi’s breathing then hitched as he felt Axel push into him and he sucked air through his teeth in slight discomfort.

“Damn..’re so t..tight” The silver haired boy said pushing himself in fully.

Levi squeezed his eyes shut letting a strained moan escape his lips. The mix of substances flowing through his body were really doing their job. His mind was instantly cleared as his body gave into it’s natural responses.

Arching his back he began moving his hips slowly encouraging the boy on top of him to speed up.

With a firm grip on Levi’s leg Axel gained momentum moving his own hips back and forth. He watched Levi panting under him and bit his lip.

The sound of sweat slicken skin slapping along with heavy breathing filled the room. Levi leaned on his elbows as his head fell back.

As time went on he was beginning to feel weak and his head was becoming foggy, he was going into waves of unconsciousness and zoning out. He had enough willpower to keep himself from completely turning into a human vegetable, but he wasn’t sure how long he could keep this up.

“You’re.. Ugh..handling his..Ah well” Axel said between grunts.

Levi lay back, his arms had given way under him. He gripped onto the covers as Axel continued to thrust.


It wasn’t the best fuck he’d had, but it wasn’t the worst either. He was just numbed with stimulants and on his back in just another hotel room fulfilling his needs… But just as things seemed to be going well his vision began to fade.

Not thinking much of it Levi shut his eyes, but his body than began to suffer some more horrible side effects.

He was losing his sense of balance and any form of control he did have was gone. His body and his brain weren’t working in sync or processing what was happening around him as it should.

His breathing became erratic whilst he could hear Axel speak to him but he couldn’t make out what the boy was saying. It was as if his ears were filled with water and words just sounded like a distant mumbling. He knew something wasn’t right, but he was in no state of mind to correct the problem or stop.

The battle between pleasure or gaining back control of his body was not something he could decide for himself at this moment since all his inhibitions had gone now leaving his body a pleasure seeking rag doll.

Axel didn’t notice Levi had crashed since he was also feeling the affects of his high and not in the state of mind to be dealing with it. His cock getting squeezed by Levi’s needy entrance was all he could think about and with Levi’s leg still over his shoulder Axel leaned lower into Levi’s neck gripping at the bed sheets to thrust faster into the smaller man.

“Ugh!..” Levi choked out snapping his eyes open. His body was a complete live wire at this point everywhere was tingling.

Axel began kissing and sucking at Levi’s jaw which earned him needy moans and sighs of approval as Levi sank further into the mattress.

Lifting his head up Axel watched the smaller man as he reacted to every hit on his sweet spot.

Levi was completely gone by this point. He couldn't function normally now and the worst thing was that he didn’t even know it, but that was all about to change...Dazed Levi raised his head and suddenly began to panic..

His brain was starting to create problems for him, but in this state he didn’t know what was happening all he knew was at this moment was he could see Axel fucking him and he didn’t like it.

*What are you doing?! No this isn’t right, who is this.. Eren.. It’s supposed to be Eren*

He could hear the voices of his conscience screaming at him and his breathing began turning chaotic as he panicked. the feeling of Axel fucking him putting his mind into a tailspin.

Axel smirked taking Levi’s confused expression as a sign to switch things up. Snaking his hands behind Levi’s back he lifted the now limp and overwhelmed man onto his lap as he sat up. Levi shut his eyes whimpering, he was at a loss at totally confused.

Gripping Levi’s hips Axel began thrusting up into him the new position hitting the older man’s sweet spot like a bullseye.

Snapping his eyes open Levi let out a exasperated “Fuuck!” His brain was so hazy by this point that Axel was nothing but a blur for the moment. Small gasps escaped his mouth as Axel continued to build speed. Levi’s eyes were heavily lidded as his body bounced.

His vision seemed to be coming back as he saw the moving figure in front of him... Or so he thought...


Axel was taken aback by this and quickly scanned the room before continuing. “That’s not my fucking name” Angry, he held onto Levi tighter as he continued.

Levi winced slightly not realising he was starting to hallucinate… He was tripping out and could see Eren in place of Axel fucking him. He could just make out the brunette hair, broad shoulders and those eyes.. Reaching up a hand he loosely cupped Axel’s cheek his lips parting as he began moaning.

“F..fuck~ Eren..D..don’t stop”

Axel was pissed, “Are you fucking kidding me?!” He was mad, but like hell was he gonna stop now.. He was also under the influence and determined to get his release. Realising Levi must be experiencing some kind of trip He pushed the man back and decided to flip him over.

Face touching the bed Levi arched his back gripping onto the sheets as he was fucked from behind. “Aaah!..S..shit”

“You seriously think I’d get off to you calling some other pricks name! Fuck you!”

Levi was majorly disorientated. He tried to lift himself to look behind him and with a struggle succeeded. He suddenly knew something was seriously wrong when he could then see Axel again and suddenly none of this was fun anymore.

Making eye contact with Axel, Levi shook his head “S..stop..w..we need to stop”

Axel snorted bitterly. “I think not”

Levi was dripping in sweat by this point and his skin was clammy. He had been drugged before without him realising, but this was unlike anything he had experienced. “Just fucking stop. I don't feel okay”

The larger male grabbed a fist full of Levi’s hair pushing him face down into the sheets. “Shut up”

Axel closed his eyes, even though he was seething at Levi, that wasn’t going to stop him getting his rocks off. The silver haired boy’s began grunting as he neared completion and was too busy concentrating on cumming that he hadn’t realised he still had a firm grip on Levi’s head pushing him into the bed face first.

The older man was struggling to breath and his muffled pleas for Axel to stop we're going unnoticed. A few seconds passed before Axel’s body gave in and he came body shaking on top of Levi. His grip then loosened on the man’s head.

Standing from the bed Axel walked into the lounge to get a drink. He didn’t even look at Levi..

“I hope you’re happy with yourself.. You could have at least held off moaning for your fucking boyfriend like a bitch” He said retreaving a water from the mini bar.

Returning to the room he froze as his eyes scanned the bed “Oi! What the hell are you okay?”

Running over to the bed he lifted Levi’s head. The dark haired man had thrown up and passed out, his breathing was shallow as the younger boy flipped him over.

Picking him up Axel carried him to the bathroom placing Levi in the tub. He turned on the cold water and began splashing levi in the face whilst wiping away the vomit from around his mouth.

“Come on wake up!”

Levi’s chest rose slightly and Axel continued bringing him to consciousness. “You’re scaring me now, come on open your eyes”

Just as he was about to give the man a shake Levi sat up suddenly throwing up again into the tub. He coughed and sputtered as he struggled to compose himself.

“Thank fuck you’re awake” Axel said rubbing his back.

Levi said noting he felt like shit and his body was completely weakened from the mixture of doping. “I need to leave”

Axel frowned “You’re a fucking nightmare you know that right..”

Levi leaned back panting “I couldn’t g..give a shit... don’t fucking drug someone next time you wanna fuck em”

The taller boy smirked “Thought you could handle it to be honest. Maybe if you didn’t start tripping out we could have continued”

Levi rubbed his temples, the obvious stress on his face. “Just get me out of here”

Axel was surprisingly very considerate of Levi and his condition at this moment. He helped dry and dress him which Levi could never have managed by himself in his current state.

Levi had also vomited for third time, but Axel rushed him to the toilet just in time.

He wasn’t prepared for what Eren might say or do and right now he didn’t even care he just wanted to be safe and asleep.

Holding Levi’s waist and an arm over his shoulder Axel supported Levi on the way back to the Penthouse. He used the man’s key card in the lift to get them to the top floor placing it back in his pocket afterwards.

“Shit that boy must be minted to afford staying up here. I see you go where the money is ey?..”

Levi rolled his eyes ignoring him and continued to lean on the boy for support.

The lift then stopped with the sound of metal clanging and a cliche’ ting before the doors opened revealing a very stressed looking Eren Yeager.

An expression of panic, anger and shock flashed across his face all at once as he took in the view in front of him. His phone to his ear in one hand and key card in another. He stood almost frozen as he stared at the two.

“Don’t worry mum I’ve found him”

Chapter Text

Levi’s eyes were wide as he stared directly at the boy in front of him.. He wasn’t sure what to say of do, Eren looked as if he wanted to punch something and that couldn't have been closer to the truth...

Hanging up his phone Eren placed it into his pocket before raising a fist and aiming it in Axel’s direction.

“Hey! Chill!” The silverette said dodging the blow.

Levi raised his hand to say something but he was so weak and still felt dazed that he almost puked for a fourth time.

Wasting no time Eren slapped Axel’s hands away from Levi cradling him to his chest with a hand on his back as he pulled him out the lift.

“I guess I’ll be leaving then” Axel said rolling his eyes. “No thanks for bringing him back safe or nothing huh?..”

Eren gave the boy a deathly glare before lunging into the open space pulling him by the collar out the lift and against a wall. “What the fuck have I got to thank you about?! It’s probably because of you he’s in this state!”

Axel pushed Eren away from him. “Now wait just a second, anything that I did was all consensual, maybe you shouldn’t be pointing the finger so suddenly. Fuck you and your playboy slut I never asked for this” Straightening out his collar Axel pressed for the lift stepping into it as the doors opened.

Levi’s sucked in his lips he could hear what was happening but the feel of Eren’s warm embrace drowned most of it out. He jumped slightly as he then heard Eren make a low growl noise and the boy slammed a hand onto the side of the metal frame. Levi gripped onto the boy’s shirt as he launched for the closing doors.

“Don’t you fucking talk about him like that you piece of shit”

Unphased Axel leaned into his face “Aaah I see now.. You poor thing you have no idea what he’s really like, do you?” He snickered with a cocky half grin. His eyes landed on Levi who was more alert than before. “If I was a dick I’d expose the shit out of you, but I think I’ve said enough hmm”

Eren stepped back removing his hand and tightened his grip on Levi, the older man could feel him shaking with anger.

“Bye Eren” Axel said smirking. “I know your name pretty well now” The lift doors closed and Eren was left more pissed than before.


There was no answer. The brunette continued to support Levi as they walked into the door.

He took Levi straight to the bathroom and began stripping him.

“Eren?..What are you doing?”

Still nothing.. Eren stood Levi in the shower with the door open. He turned on the water and began scrubbing him down not leaving an inch of him missed.

“Here clean yourself”

The stern demand caught Levi off guard and he lifted his head to look at Eren. The boys face was emotionless as he pointed to Levi’s groin.

This was humiliating and not how he’d expected Eren to act, but what could he do.. He would have preferred it if Eren had thrown a fit and just lost his shit, but this was just cruel.

The smaller figure turned around to wash himself he could feel Eren’s eyes burning holes into his back as he washed his nether regions. Turning back around Eren looked at him blankly. “And behind”

*Is he for real* Levi avoided eye contact at this point and Eren also turned his head whilst the smaller man supported himself on the glass wall rinsing himself off.

“I’m done”

Eren had a towel prepared and wrapped it around Levi as he stepped out the open door. He then led him to the bedroom and sat him down on the bed.

“Dry yourself off I’ll be back in a bit”

The taller boy walked to the door leaving the room as Levi sat wondering if it was a good idea that he had come back at all.

If he was honest it wasn’t like he cared all that much it was more like he just couldn’t be bothered to have an argument or have the younger boy mad at him. This was him he couldn’t apologise for who he was or the sort of situations he got into. If this had played out in his own surroundings at home nothing would change he would have just got on with his life like nothing happened.. Now suddenly he felt like he had Eren to answer to and it was infuriating.

To Eren this probably looked like an ‘I told you so’ situation, but Levi knew better and yes this was his fault and as much of an arsehole Axel was for doing that to him he wasn’t angry about it like he really should've been.

Drying himself off he managed to waddle his way to his suitcase and retrieve a pair of pyjamas. Putting the shorts and loose shirt on he crawled back into the bed waiting for Eren to come back. There was no way he could fall asleep right now no matter how tired he was and between the puking and cold shower he was feeling much better than before.

The brunette returned a few minutes later with a mug of herbal tea in his hand, walking over to Levi’s side he placed it on the bedside cabinet then sat at the end of the bed.

Levi took a deep breath closing his eyes before speaking. “Are you just going to ignore me”

Eren cupped his head in his hands.

“There’s no point giving me the silent treatment, you haven’t even asked what happened”

At this Eren turned around to look at Levi. “I don’t need to ask because I have a pretty good idea of what went down, I asked you not to go out because I knew something like this would happen and guess what it fucking did. Why do you have to be so predictable”

Levi reached for his tea taking a sip as he lowered his head. *Predictable??..*

“You have no idea how I was feeling sitting here worried sick, calling your phone hoping you wouldn’t do something stupid”

Levi held the hot mug in his hands unable to make eye contact. *Alright chill Eren you’re not my fucking boyfriend*

“Then I get told I don’t know who you really are.. Levi you need to be honest with me right now”

Levi’s heartbeat quickened at this as he squeezed the cup tighter.

“Did you plan all along to fuck that boy tonight”

Eren’s voice sounded bitter as the sentence left his lips and Levi knew right then that there was no getting around the fact Eren knew he had slept with Axel.

“He said whatever he did was consensual.. So?..”

“He saw I was vulnerable and used that to his advantage” The words left his mouth before he could even think about them. The one thing he did know was that there was no way in hell he would ever admit he willingly slept with someone to Eren.

The younger boy’s brows twisted into a face of confusion “W..what?..”

“I went for a walk and ended up in a bar where someone spiked me.. He was there and walked me back to the hotel. My guards were down so I didn't realise what was happening until I was in his room”

Eren had balled the sheets into his now clenched fist. “So instead of being a decent fucking human being he decided to have his way with you is that what you’re telling me?..”

Levi looked at the angry boy. “I guess that’s what happened. I don’t remember much”

Standing Eren looked at Levi “What’s his room number now?”

*Ahh shit* He didn’t think about this part.. Eren was brash there was no way he could allow him to go there not after what Levi had witnessed Eren do to Farlan.

Putting the cup back on the side Levi removed the covers and crawled to the end of the bed where Eren was standing. “Getting onto his knees with a slight struggle he leaned his head on Eren’s chest.

“I don’t even remember that bit of information, you’re such a kid getting all angry about this for my sake..I’m sorry Eren these things happen.. It was bad judgement on my part also. Don’t start shit, he’s just an idiot and I’m not hurt and he did bring me back so.. ”

Raising his eyes he looked up at the taller boy tilting his head.

“No these things do not just happen Levi! What kind of world do you live in where people just get drugged and raped..”

“I’m just saying I’m the unlucky bastard it happened to. Of course it’s shitty and upsetting but there’s no point in getting angry, you can’t change what’s happened”

Eren was seething, but as he looked down at Levi he cupped the smaller man’s cheek in his hand.

“Why the fuck do you get into these shitty situations.. I don’t want this for you, can’t you see that?”

His thumb swept over Levi’s lips his face wore pure defeat as he sighed. “I’m not letting you out of my sight”

Levi’s lips curved slightly as he looked into the emerald orbs above him. What was wrong with him, why was he even happy Eren was listening to his bullshit.

“Can we just go to bed and forget about it. At the end of the day I’m a grown arse man and can handle these situations myself so if I’m not getting worked up about it then there’s no need for you to be.. okay?”

Eren was about to defend his case but Levi pulled him by his shoulders so that the boy was on top of him as he lay back onto the bed. “As much as it turns me on how far you’re willing to go for me, I’m gonna need you to chill”

Eren reverted his eyes it was obvious he didn’t like what Levi was saying or how he was behaving.

“You know I could get the police involved right?..”

Levi froze looking up at the deadly serious boy. Hearing no answer Eren raised his eyes to meet Levi’s. “You don’t like the sound of that do you?..”

The dark haired man smiled slightly masking the internal panic. If police were called that would open a whole can of worms, there was no way he would be able to talk himself out of that one. Although he was unwillingly drugged all the other factors made that a minor inconvenience.

To Eren this might seem like a completely black and white situation, but there was much more at steak for Levi. Yes his web of lies was becoming larger and his life was still a shit show, but this was nothing new to him the only thing different was this boy caught up in the mix who was insistent on inserting himself into Levi’s problems.

He had to be more careful, Eren couldn’t do this it wasn’t his place..

“Eren.. I’m telling you right now just leave it I don’t want any of this, it’s over. I’m here, I’m safe and I cannot stress this enough, I’m too old to be having some kid worry about me”

Eren looked a little shocked as he looked down at Levi’s serious expression. “Firstly Levi I’m not a kid and secondly it’s alright having someone look out for you, but if you don’t want any further action for that bastard then fine I’ll leave it”

Levi sighed. “Are you actually going to though?”

Eren raised a brow. “Yeah fuck it”

Sitting up the younger boy moved to his side of the bed and began taking off his clothes. Levi crawled under the covers resting his head on the pillow to watch him.

The brunette stripped down until he was in nothing but his boxers and stretched before turning out his and Levi’s bedside lamps with a switch on the wall and got into bed.

There was a few seconds of silence before Eren cleared his throat. “I’m not mad at you by the way.. I know there’s things you can’t control, trust me.. I get it, my life hasn’t been as easy as it looks either…”

Levi lay confused *What is he going on about*

He could just about make out Eren’s frame in the darkness. He was laying on his back with his hands behind his head staring at the ceiling.

“You’re a complicated person Levi and I know I might come across a little overbearing and too involved for you, but that’s only because I care and I myself don’t know why I feel this way. I’m just set on showing you that I give a shit… I really do, so don’t think I’m just some kid..I hired you to take care of Hunter, but I’m beginning to learn and understand who you are more than I think you realise”

Levi frowned at this. He didn’t want to be understood or have Eren feeling like he had to be some kind of hero. This was just making this whole situation much harder.

“Go to sleep brat, we’re taking Hunter to the beach in the morning”

He didn’t get an answer so decided to turn around and close his eyes.

Deep down he was fucking petrified of how pure Eren’s intentions were and that made him feel even more shittier about using manipulation on the boy, but he knew no better..

“Levi?..Wake up!”

Opening his eyes the said man squinted as he tried to adjust to the bright room.

“Daddy says it’s time to get up now”

Hunter was sitting on top of the now awake man shaking at the bed covers in order to wake him up. He had a cute pout on his lips as he looked down at the sleepy man. Levi then sat up slowly rubbing his temples, the events of the night before punishing him with a throbbing headache.

“Are you okay?” Hunter’s small hands began stroking at the messy black mop in front of him as he watched Levi wince in pain.

“I’m alright, just a slight headache”

The young boy tilted his head in concern and turned to look at his dad. “Daddy I think Levi’s too unwell to go to out”

That’s when Levi noticed the brunette boy standing in front of the mirror as he fitted a loose vest top over his head.

Eren turned towards the bed giving Levi a concerned expression. “Shit..You look really pale”

He walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge before fitting his palm over Levi’s forehead. “Your temperature seems normal. Perhaps the headache is just a symptom from whatever you was given yesterday”

Levi nodded weakly, His skin felt clammy and the brightness from the sun was hurting his eyes.

Hunter starred at Levi concern still on his face. “I..I really wanted us all to the beach today, but if Levi’s not well then he can’t”

Eren lowered his head, his brows were furrowed and he had an agitated expression on his face. Levi noticed this and sucked on his bottom lip.. Why was he so selfish, why didn’t he think about Hunter last night when he was getting up to nonsense, and now Eren was disappointed. This was too much for him to be dealing with.. Levi never built strong connections with people for this reason.. He would always be a disappointment in the end..

Raising a hand he stroked Hunter’s head and smiled. “We can still do that, I’m okay I just need a drink of water”

Before Levi could even pull the covers to get out the bed Hunter had run out the room yelling “I’ll get it!”

Levi sighed his attention turning back to Eren, who was still sitting on the edge next to him. “So.. about last night, I’m sorry that happened”

Eren stayed quiet as he lifted his head to look at Levi so their eyes met.

Neither of them said anything and a few seconds past before Hunter came running back in with a bottle of cold water from the mini bar. “Here!” Climbing onto the bed Hunter handed Levi the bottle, a beaming smile on his face when Levi gave his cheek a stroke with the back of his hand.

“Thank you cutie”

Eren then stood up and walked to one of his bags rummaging through it. He returned to the bed with a packet of Painkillers handing them to Levi. “Here, I had the feeling you were gonna wake up feeling like shit so I popped out quickly while you were sleeping, they’re strong and work quickly”

Levi gave the boy a small curve of the lips. “Thank you, I really appreciate that” He then opened the box taking two of the tablets and swallowing them down with the water.

Eren had been looking at the older man with the same disappointed/hurt expression for a while and it was beginning to grate on Levi.

He decided not to mention it since he knew why Eren was looking at him like that, but it didn’t stop the fact it made him feel like shit. He decided to remove the covers from himself to leave the bed.

“What are you doing?” Eren said harshly.

“I’m going to get dressed, I have a job to do.. don’t I?” He said turning to look at Hunter.

Eren folded his arms “To be honest you don’t seem to be in any state to be taking care of him. I don’t feel comfortable with that at all”

This was it.. This was what Levi knew was going to happen all along. Of course this wouldn’t work out. Eren got too close and Levi couldn’t stop the inevitable from happening, especially with the sort of lifestyle he lead.


If he knew this was going to happen then why was he so upset about it. He looked at Hunter’s big eyes as they looked back at him and gulped trying to clear the lump in his throat.

“If Levi is alright and feels well enough to take care of me then he can!” Hunter said defensively turning to look at his dad.

Eren sighed “Oi I was having an adult conversation here, go and brush your teeth whilst I talk to Levi for a moment”

Hunter pouted turning to Levi before sliding off the bed and walking out the room. Eren watched shaking his head then turned his attention back to the man in bed.

“I’m going to give you an hour”


“I’m giving you an hour to sort yourself out, for the painkillers to kick in and for you to eat something so we can take Hunter out and you can continue doing what I pay you for”

The confused expression on Levi’s face caused Eren to mirror it. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Levi shook his head slowly in disbelief the confused expression still etched on his face. He was about ready to give up on everything there was no point anymore he had tried to change, but if he couldn’t even cope being a decent human whilst on holiday with this family then, he was no good for Hunter.

Running away from everything is always easier isn’t it...

His shitty selfish behaviour would always have a knock on effect to anyone he got close to so maybe it would be better if Eren decided he couldn’t have such a liability caring for his son.

“Levi?..” Eren walked over to the man lifting his chin to look at him.

The older man pulled away from Eren’s touch the guards he had rebuilt almost too effective.

“You thought I was going to get rid of you right?..”

Levi looked at Eren not saying a word.

“Is that what you want.. You want me to let you off?”

Levi reverted his eyes, his brain was ticking. “I don’t know”

Eren raised a brow. “What’s that supposed to mean? It’s a yes or no question”

Levi cupped a hand over his face as he began rubbing at his temples. He wished it was that straight forward, but unfortunately Levi’s head was like the rest of his life, a complete mess and there was a thin line between the right or wrong decision.

“Don’t you think that’s the right choice? I’m too much hassle Eren. I’ve got too much going on to work the sort of position you want from me.. I’m so close to you and Hunter and in all honesty, I’ve never spent so much time with my boss to the point that I’m practically living with him. I don’t think I can continue doing this”

Eren stayed quiet as he leaned to the side folding his arms.

“I adore Hunter.. I really do, but I’m not sure if I’m good for him” He sighed lifting his head to look at the quiet boy and his expression switched back to confusion.

Eren was smiling at him for the first time that day. He unfolded his arms and leaned into Levi’s face. “Are you finished?”

Levi stared at him shocked. “Y..yes”

“Okay good, because it’s my turn.. So let me start by saying that yes you have been selfish, rude, made some awful choices and you constantly calling me a kid grates on me. It’s all been very unprofessional to the point I was actually questioning everything, because I really do let a lot of things slide with you.. You might be going through some issues, trust me I get that, but Hunter thrives when he’s with you. He’s become more talkative and I told you before, your no nonsense attitude is just what he needs”

Levi opened his mouth to say something his eyes not leaving Eren’s, but the younger boy placed a finger to his lips silencing him.

“Hunter adores you and the same goes for me too. I’ve gotten used to having you around so much so that I would be a little lost without you now. You may have your demons and because of our arrangement I’ve had to witness stuff I wouldn’t if you didn’t work so closely to me. In conclusion Levi.. You do your job amazingly so I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I can’t sack you over one little lapse of your judgement~”

Levi stared at Eren, this was just stupid now, why was this boy being so good to him? He couldn’t understand why Eren didn’t shout or show any other reaction to his bullshit that wasn’t so fucking kind.

“You are really something Yeager.. I might do my job well, but what if I was to say I wanted to leave and none of this is good for me”

Eren chuckled causing Levi to frown, before leaning in closer so their faces were an inch apart “You’re not going to do that though.. Because deep down you know how good this is for you”

Levi hated it when Eren spoke like he knew the older man more than he let on, but as of this moment his eyes were fixated on Eren’s.. And ooh shit they were doing what they always did, pulling Levi in almost hypnotising him to the point where all he wanted was for Eren to close the gap between them.

“But.. In the future if anything, like what happened last night, ever occurs again under my employment I will handle it my way.. Do you understand?”

Levi felt like a naughty child being told off except for the fact that Eren was turning him on right now and the young boy had no clue.

“Yes sir” Levi said suggestively regretting it almost instantly.

Eren seemed to like it though as his eyes panned to the smaller man’s lips, but a serious expression then took over his face before standing up. “Your hour has started by the way so let’s get you some food ordered”

Levi smirked as Eren reverted his eyes and proceeded to leave the bed..

After ordering room service breakfast for everyone Eren readied himself in an open flannel shirt and some swimming trunks with sliders for the beach. He had a missed call from someone at the lab and decided to leave the suite ahead of Levi and Hunter to call them back. He told the older man to meet him in the lobby when he and Hunter were ready.

Leaving the room he walked into the elevator pulling out his phone preparing himself for a ton of questions to be thrown his way about paperwork.

Walking to the main doors he stepped outside the warm morning sun shining down on him before he pressed the green call button on his phone.

Meanwhile Levi had dressed Hunter in an adorable open flannel just like his dad, trunks with printed sharks on them and a pair of flip flops. Levi was dressed in a light blue t-shirt and trunks with sliders he was the complete opposite to Eren and could never feel comfortable flaunting his body on the street even if it was hot outside.

Levi was now functioning as normal, Eren was right those painkillers sure did work and he had been able to eat and carry on with his daily adjectives without the ache in his skull.

He was now packing Hunter a bag with the boy’s essentials whilst he sat next to Levi on the lounge floor watching the older man pack his things.

“Are you going to play with me in the sea when we get there”

“Yes of course, why wouldn’t I?”

The small boy pouted. “Because Daddy said I shouldn’t pester you today”

Levi stopped what he was doing for a moment to look at Hunter and gave the boy a gentle pinch on the cheek. “You’re not pestering me idiot. I think your Dad was just a little concerned earlier because I didn’t feel too good, but I’m okay now so wipe that sour look off your face”

Hunter gave Levi a small cheeky smile as he hugged his knees to his chest. “I’m not an idiot”

Levi chuckled resuming his task as he placed the last few items in the bag. “Okay maybe you’re more of a brat, I’m definitely an idiot though” he said the last part quieter a small sigh leaving his lips after saying it.

Hunter looked offended for Levi which caused the older man to laugh. “You’re not an idiot! You’re smart, pretty, funny and even though you tell really weird jokes that I don’t understand at all and you’re really bad at cooking, I think you’re the best!”

Levi gave the younger boy a warm, loving smile at his little outburst. He was so innocent and had such a pure heart, Levi couldn’t help, but lean forward pulling the kid into a tight hug.

“Don’t ever stop being this goddamn cute, do you understand me”

Hunter beamed squeezing the older man back. “If I never change I won’t be able to grow older so I can marry you?”

Levi pulled away giving Hunter’s head a peck before standing up. “You need to chill with this whole trying to marrying me thing, I’ll be an old man by then and you'll have so many pretty girls on your case”

Hunter frowned “No! I’ve already made up my mind I want you”

Levi stared down at the determined little boy and began chuckling “If I am still in your life by the time you reach your teens I’m going to remind you of this moment and you will cringe at the fact your young self thought that an old man was pretty”

Hunter grinned “Betcha I won't!”

Levi ruffled the boy’s head smirking “We’ll see ey”

Hunter nodded taking hold of Levi’s extended hand as he lead them to the door to leave the suite.

They entered the lobby seeing Eren was standing outside the hotel on the phone.

The conversation didn’t seem to be a friendly one as the boy flung his arms and wore an agitated expression.

“Is Daddy okay” Hunter said looking up at a just as confused Levi.

“I’m sure he’s fine, don’t worry about it”

They both walked over to when they had sat the day prior waiting for Eren.

A few minutes passed before the boy made his way over to them. He was staring at his phone with an annoyed expression before lifting his head noticing the two.

The harsh expression was wiped completely and replaced with the boy’s signature energetic smile that would send Levi’s heart racing.

“You two ready then?” He said placing his phone in the pocket of his shorts.

“Yes!” Hunter said impatiently. “Can we go now?”

Eren looked at Levi before turning to the younger by nodding. “Come on then you’ve waited long enough”

The three walked the sunny streets stopping mid way to pick Hunter up an ice lolly in a local convenience store. Hunter walked in the middle of the two males holding Levi’s hand his lolly in the other.

They arrived at the busy beach and began walking along the sandy ground looking for a place to sit.

Levi cringed at the amount of people he could see and subconsciously squeezed Hunter’s hand.

Hunter turned to look up at him taking the lolly out of his mouth and smiled. “Don’t be nervous”

Levi frowned. “I’m not nervous you cheeky brat”

Hunter just continued to smile before Eren pointed out a clear area.

They walked to the spot and proceeded to lay out some towels Levi had packed to lay on. “Tch, this stuff gets everywhere” Levi said dusting some sand off his towel before sitting.

Eren laughed as he sat on his own towel and pulled the shirt off his shoulders. “I love it, I don’t mind a bit of sand between my toes”

Reaching in his bag Levi pulled out a wide brim hat placing it on his head. Eren turned to look at him and sucked in his lips as he repressed a laugh.

“What’s so funny?” Levi had a glare on his face as he began applying sun cream to his arms.

Eren lost it and began belly laughing. “You look hilarious with that hat on. You’re such a snowflake”

The older man rolled his eyes before pulling Hunter into his lap. The younger boy had already taken off his shirt and flip flops ready to run into the water. “You’re not going anywhere until you’re protected from this death ray”

Levi then began rubbing the cream into the boy’s exposed skin not missing an inch. Hunter cringed at the sticky film on his skin trying to escape the man’s hold.

Hunter then wriggled out of Levi’s grip before running to the ocean. “Oi brat! If you get lost, I'm not coming to find you” Levi called out at the running boy.

Hunter turned to stick out his tongue as he continued running.

“He’ll be alright” Eren said chuckling.

“There’s a lot of people here though”

Eren looked out through all the people and smiled. “Do you remember when we first met and you told me I wasn’t keeping an eye on him”

Levi turned to look at the shirtless boy. “Yeah.. What about it?”

The younger boy closed his eyes as he lay back with an arm behind his head. “Oh nothing, it just kinda reminded me of that day, that’s all”

Levi gave the boy a suspicious look before standing to look if he could see Hunter. The boy seemed to be picking up something from the water’s edge.

“It’s strange thinking about that day~”

“What?” Eren opened his eyes turning to look at Levi as he blocked the sun with his hands.

”I just find it so strange that you decided to actually employ me even after I basically called you a shitty parent” He turned to the younger boy with a smirk on his face.

“To be honest I wasn’t really concentrating on what you were saying. You just looked really cute and the fact you were worried about Hunter’s safety melted my heart so I thought why not give him a go and here we are” Eren said grinning.

Levi shook his head “You’re such an idiot, come on what was the real reason?”

Eren turned around onto his stomach resting his head on his hand. “That was the reason, I literally had no other thoughts other than lets see if this guy is all talk and I honestly thought you were kinda cute so that helped”

Levi smirked. “Fuck you”

The younger boy looked as if he was about to say something, but decided against it as he lay back closing his eyes again.

Levi sat back down seeing that Hunter was running back to them. “Seems like he has something to show us”

Eren didn’t bother moving already guessing what his son was about to do.

Hunter then run up to Levi practically throwing shells into the older man’s lap.

“I got these for you!” He said getting on his knees his face wearing the biggest smile Levi had ever seen.

“Gee thanks..” Levi tried to look grateful, but the shells were wet and sandy as they were placed on him.

Eren chuckled sensing Levi’s loathing for the dirty things in his lap and the older man turned to him with a blank expression.

“Come with me, I can show you were loads more are!”

Standing Levi dusted himself off placing the boy’s unwanted presents to one side. “Come on then, show me”

“Daddy you too!” Hunter said taking Levi’s hand in his.

Eren opened an eye shaking his head. “Naa I’m good thanks. Daddy’s gonna enjoy some time to himself for once”

Hunter frowned but proceeded to pull Levi to the water.

“That’s a big one” Levi said picking up a rather colourful looking shell. “Hey Hunter what about this one?”

“That’s perfect! Add it to the pile”

Levi had quickly learned that he would have to forget about keeping clean at this point and was now on his hands and knees with Hunter searching for shells.

The older man then felt a splash of water on his back and turned quickly to see Hunter laughing.

“Oi you little runt that’s not funny. You’ve wet my shirt”

Hunter folded his arms “You’re not supposed to be wearing clothes at the beach. Take it off you said you were going to play with me!”

Levi rolled his eyes “Fine..”

Taking off his hat he lifted the top over his shoulders and placed them on the floor on top of his sliders. Hunter watched him eyes wide as a bit of drool leaked out the corner of his mouth.

“Oi you little pervert what is it exactly that you want to do?”

Wiping the sides of his mouth viciously with the back of his hand Hunter smiled “Let’s try out the water!”

Levi turned to the water that stretched out as far as the eye could see. “Okay.. sure”

Running into the water Hunter turned back around smiling. Levi on the other hand took a few steps into the water before turning to walk out of it.

“It’s freezing!”

Hunter began belly laughing as he went further into the water. “You’ll get used to it! Trust me!”

Sighing Levi tried again sucking air through his gritted teeth as he travelled further into the water.

“Now dunk your head under and you’ll be fine” Hunter said doing just that.

Levi ran a hand through his hair before holding his nose and submerging himself in the salty water.

They both rose to the surface gasping for breath as the cold water mixed with their warm bodies.

“How is this enjoyable?” Levi said wiping his eyes.

“Stop being so moody!” Pulling Levi in by the shoulder Hunter climbed into the man’s arms. “I’ll cuddle you so you warm up a bit” Levi couldn’t even reject the boy as he was already clinging onto the man’s chest.

Levi frowned prying the boy off him “You’re gonna make me look like a right weirdo you keep this up”

Hunter smiled dopely puckering his lips to Levi “My Levi could never be a weirdo, besides isn't it normal for lovers to spend some romantic time on a beach together”

Levi face palmed as a smirk started forming on his lips “Your father is going to have some trouble with you…”

Picking up the flirty boy he put him on his shoulders. “Enough of that talk, lets go and do some exploring.. I think I see a pirate ship just there in the distance”

Hunter looked around at the water, there was nothing but blue sea and Hunter frowned with a confused look on his face “W..what, no there’s not-”

“There is look over there. They stole from our ship and killed many of our crew we must avenge our fallen brothers and return victorious with their heads on sticks!”

Hunter’s face lit up like a Christmas tree. “I will avenge them all! Leave it to me!”

Levi chuckled inwardly happy Hunter was a typical little boy with an imagination after all. “I can count on you right? As your Captain I command you to use all your strength to defeat the enemy”

Hunter lifted an arm into the air “Captain, I will take back the gold which was stolen from us and only when I complete my task will I be worthy enough to take your hand in marriage!”

Levi lifted the boy off his shoulders turning the boy to look at him with a blank expression. “Seriously.. I was trying to distract yo-”

“Wait for me Captain I’ll prove my worth and stand beside you as an equal” Leaping from Levi’s arms Hunter began swimming to an open stretch of water pretending to draw a sword.

Levi grinned shaking his head “Okay I’ll bite”

The two were wrapped up in their game for so long that Eren eventually made his way down into the water to see what they were doing.

Levi didn’t even notice the boy come up behind him wrapping his arms around his shoulders and leaning his chin on Levi’s head.

“Where did you come from?!”

The younger boy pouted “I know I said that I wanted some time to myself but I was getting proper lonely up there”

A flash of panic went across Levi’s face. “What about our things?”

Eren pointed to their belongings which he had moved further down the beach so it was safe and in monitoring distance of the two. “Don’t worry about that I’m not daft, I’m more interested in what the heck are you two doing down here anyway?”

“We’re just-”

“Captain you’re surrounded! I will save you!” Hunter yelled making eye contact with Eren.

“Oh for fucks sake why am I always the villain? Can’t I play the hero for once” He said removing himself from Levi to stop Hunter’s attack.

“No you can’t that’s my role. You have to pretend to be the bad pirate that’s stolen our gold”

“Nope I can’t accept that role sorry I wanna be the hero so excuse me for the change of direction here but Captain..”

Levi looked at Eren with an amused grin “What the hell?”

“I’m going to save you from this intolerable child” Turning to a frozen Hunter Eren smirked as he lunged for him.

“You’re so mean! I’m supposed to save him!”

Levi chuckled inwardly watching the two as they battled for the hero title. “You both are terrible. Not once did you consult your so called Captain about this. I decide who’s the hero here”

The two stopped play fighting and stared at the man like lost puppies.

“You both have proven your devotion to me so I think it’s fair that you both can be my right and left hand men”

Eren smirked “You hear that Hunter, we both can be the hero”

Hunter folded his arms “I guess so”

The game continued with a very reluctant Hunter and three played for what felt like ages until Levi decided to leave the two after they broke into an argument about who could impressive their Captain more.

The two followed behind Levi as the man walked back to their spot, Hunter was on his dad’s back frowning at the sudden stop put to their game and Eren was laughing at the look on Levi’s face.

“I’m hungry” Hunter said breaking the silence as they all sat back on their towels.

Eren looked around noticing a van selling burgers and doughnuts. “Give me two seconds and I’ll sort that. Levi? You hungry too?”

Levi nodded. “Yeah a bit”

Eren stood up grabbing his wallet before making his way to the van. Levi turned to Hunter noticing the boy was still upset about their game ending.

“You alright cutie?”

Hunter lay on his belly resting his head on his hands as he looked up at Levi with puppy dog eyes. “Daddy likes you… That’s why he keeps trying to steal you from me”

Levi covered his mouth with a hand to hide the grin on his face. “What do you mean, I think you’ve got this all wrong kiddo”

Hunter pouted. “You like him too.. That’s why you don’t see it”

Levi removed his hand, the grin no longer there. “W..what?”

Hunter was about to answer when his attention was drawn to something else..

“Lilly what are you doing here?”

Levi turned to his side, letting out a gasp as his eyes met the familiar face.

The little girl smiled as she launched forward hugging the man. “Levi where have you been? My Mum said that you just disappeared from the face of the earth”

Levi sat frozen in place his hands hung in the air loosely not able to hug the girl back.

*If she’s here then..*

Quickly scanning the beach Levi looked around as Hunter stood up walking over to Levi’s side. “Hey you never answered me what are you doing here?” He said a huge smile on his face.

“Oh my god Hunter! I didn’t even notice you!” Lilly said with a slight blush on her cheeks.

Levi wasn’t even processing this properly he stay frozen as Lilly left his arms to grab ahold of the smaller boy.

“Wait a minute! If you’re here with Levi does that mean he threw me aside to take care of you??”

She said suddenly pushing the smaller boy away from her by his shoulders. “Umm..”

Levi sat as his eyes were still scanning over the busy beach... No, this couldn’t be happening, why was he vacationing again and here of all the damn places to be in the world.. why here?..

He stood up finally turning to look at the two children.. “Lilly… Where are your parents?”

The girl turned to look at him. “They’re at our hotel. We landed this morning because daddy had work or something he needed to do”

Levi grabbed the girls shoulders.

“L..Levi what’s wrong” Hunter said concern evident on his face.

“Lilly who’s here with you now?”

The girl stared at Levi before folding her arms and a small frown etched on her face. “My new caretaker as a matter of fact! She’s nicer than you and doesn’t call me a spoilt brat like you did, but….” The girl lowered her head “I miss you taking care of me…. I think you’re my favourite”

Levi covered his face with his hand. *What the hell is Erwin doing here.. I never found out his line of work but I’m sure as hell it doesn’t involve partying it up in Ibiza*

“Where are you staying?” Levi said so suddenly that it caught the girl off guard.

“Why are you asking me so many questions? I don’t remember”

Hunter stood staring at the two. “Levi.. should I get Daddy? Is something wrong?”

“No!” Levi gave the boy a look that caused Hunter to take a step back.

The older man finally stood up as large chested and young blonde woman came rushing over. “Lilly? Are you okay? You startled me running off like that”

Levi turned to face her *So this must be my replacement.. Shit Erwin you know how to pick them don’t you pervert*

“Is everything okay over here?” She said approaching the three.

“This is Levi, your his replacement” Lilly said nonchalantly.

“O..oh I see”

Levi gave the women a nod “So I’m guessing Hanji found you” He said knowing what the answer would be.

“Umm no.. actually Erwin did”

“Aah… I see~”

There was a moment of silence before the women took ahold of Lilly’s hand. “Well it was nice meeting you” She said trying to pull Lilly away from the awkward situation.

“Yeah, you too” Levi said staring at the woman with a blank expression.

“See you soon Levi!” Lilly called out as she was practically dragged away..

Hunter looked up at Levi from where he was sitting a questioning look on his face..

This was absolute chaos and the worst possible thing to happen.. As long as Erwin was nowhere near him then it wouldn’t be an issue, but the fact they were on the same beach was concerning. Erwin lived the high life and with the Sir Joan hotel being so prestige and right up his alley... Levi was beginning to worry.

“Levi.. Why didn’t you look happy to see Lilly”

Being pulled from his thoughts he looked at Hunter before sitting down. “I was happy to see her”

“You’re a bad liar, you know that”

Levi frowned and was about to respond when Eren appeared with their food. “Mff yoff aff”

Levi couldn’t help but smirk and rolled his eyes as the boy handed him a burger with a hot dog hanging out his own mouth. “You are such a gentleman”

Eren just winked before handing Hunter a napkin wrapped hot dog. Hunter practically snatched the food from Eren’s hand tucking into it straight away.

“Who was that women and kid you were speaking with” He said after swallowing a mouthful of bread.

Levi had hoped Eren would be a distraction from the topic that was currently bothering him, but he just knew Eren was much too inquisitive for that. “Just some beachgowers talking about how nice the weather is” Levi said not batting an eye.

“No, that’s Lilly and her new carer” Hunter said giving Levi a confused look.

“Look at you finding out the girls name” Eren said laughing.

Levi looked at Hunter and put a finger to his lips shaking his head.

“I just wanted to make a friend” He said trying his best to listen to Levi.

“Sure you were” Eren said sitting down giving the boy’s hair a ruffle.

“I really was!”

Eren looked at Hunter suspiciously “Oookay, that’s fine I was only messing with you”

Hunter lowered his head and Levi stayed quiet.

“What’s gotten into you both? Why the sudden silence?”

“We’re eating you noisy areshole not everyone talks with their mouth full of food” Levi said before taking a bite out of his burger.

The younger boy just chuckled laying back with his hands behind his head. “I’m gonna head back in a bit, some unexpected shit turned up”

“Was it to do with that the phone call from earlier?” Levi said happy the topic of conversation had changed.

“Oh so you saw that then.. Yeah work has been mad for the last few weeks and since the moment I was set to take over from my dad the paperwork has been crazy. Can you believe that even on holiday I have to do that shit.. All because some sceptics think I’m too young to be handling the responsibility”

Levi grinned “Well are you?”

Eren raised a brow opening an eye to look at Levi. “I live and breath that place so yeah I’m definitely ready. My skills and fresh perspective have pulled that Lab from the dark ages straight into what we know as modern medicine today. Did you know it was our research that helped better the flu vaccine”

Levi continued to look at the boy with an enlightened expression “Oh.. seriously that’s pretty impressive”

Eren nodded “Exactly, I’m not trying to toot my own horn here, but my hands on approach and in depth research shows I’m my father's best replacement”

Levi didn’t know too much about Eren’s work, but the fact he was so passionate was enough to make him smile “You seriously are amazing Yeager. You’re putting me to shame being a fucking smart arse, but you’re still a huge kid”

Eren smirked “I told you I hate it when you call me that”

The older man shrugged his shoulders. “Yeah I know, doesn’t mean it’s not the truth though”

The brunette boy grumbled before closing his eyes again. He wasn’t in the mood to fight his corner especially since he knew how stubborn Levi could be by this point.

They stayed on the beach a little while longer before Eren received a text from his dad alerting Eren he needed to go back.

He told Levi and Hunter they could stay and enjoy themselves, but Hunter grew bored and wanted to leave also.

Arriving back at the Suite Eren proceeded to change into a white t-shirt and tan shorts making himself more presentable. Levi decided to have a shower washing all the seawater and sand out his hair whilst Hunter watched the telly in the lounge.

“I’m just popping over to my mum and dad’s room for a bit, don't miss me too much” Eren shouted to Levi behind the bathroom door, but the older man was too busy lathering shampoo in his hair to hear him.

Standing under the shower head Levi began wiping away the suds from his hair and face opening his eyes after and gasped.

“Eren! What the fuck are you doing?!” Levi said trying to cover his body with his hands.

The younger boy had gone into the bathroom and opened the shower door realising Levi hadn’t heard him.

“I’m just telling you I’m gonna be in my parents room for a bit while to sign some papers” Eren’s eyes were shamelessly panning up and down Levi’s exposed body and he even leaned in closer tilting his head to get a better view..

“Okay well you could have just gotten Hunter to tell me!”

Eren’s smirked wiggling his eyebrows “Oh yeah, I didn’t think of that”

Levi rolled his eyes his hands still desperately trying to cover any exposed skin. “Why are you still standing there?!”

“Shit, you’re right” Eren said still grinning. He gave Levi a wink before shutting the glass door and leaving the bathroom.

Levi sighed as he heard the room door close and leaned his head against the glass. Eren had seemed to forget about the night before or he just wasn’t lingering on the subject and Levi was thankful for that. There would be nothing worse than the boy’s constant demands for Axel to experience some sort of punishment. Levi knew he would seriously have to be more careful about these sorts of situations happening in the future.

Right now though all he could think about was the fact that Erwin Smith, a consistent regular for Levi, was for some reason in Spain with his family and Levi was determined not to bump into him.

Erwin was a discreet man so he wouldn’t say much even if they were to bump into each other, especially since his wife and child were with him, but if Erwin did see him Levi was sure the older man would use some form of blackmail to get Levi into bed with him again.

The man was a master manipulator and Levi wasn’t very good at fighting his case with someone as threatening as Erwin.

He dressed himself in a loose oversized shirt and a pair of shorts before leaving the room to sit next to Hunter and watch the TV also.

Hunter moved himself closer to Levi resting his head in the older man’s lap. Levi smiled looking down at the boy and gently began stroking his head. A few seconds later he could hear soft even breathing coming from the younger boy and realised he was sleeping.

*All that play must have knackered him out*

He continued to stroke the boys head as he flicked between channels trying to find something to watch.

About thirty minutes had passed when Levi heard faded voices outside the room. *Eren must be finished*

He turned to look at the door as the handle was pulled down and the mop of brunette hair was seen. The older man was about to turn his attention back to the TV when somebody else followed behind the boy.

Levi’s eyes widened and he stopped breathing for a few seconds at the familiar face wearing a smile as he spoke to Eren.

Erwin was standing right there less than a few feet away from Levi and as Eren went to shut the door, their eyes met.

“Levi?.. What are you doing here” The blonde man said looking startled.

Levi was frozen in place as he struggled to respond. “Me?..W..what are you doing here?”

Eren smiled cockily in Levi’s direction before turning his attention back to Erwin. “What a small world ey”

Erwin looked at Eren suspiciously raising a brow. “Yes…. It would seem so”

Still smiling Eren offered the man a drink which he politely turned down. “Well it would seem you’re busy so I won’t keep you. Just hand me over your documents and I’ll handle the rest”

Eren shrugged his shoulders “We’re not busy at all! Actually I can give Levi a break so you both can catch up”


Both Eren and Erwin turned to see the panicked man now standing. “I..I mean, it’s okay. I’m sure he’s got work to be getting on with”

Eren smirked as he rubbed his chin. “I see~”

Erwin glanced at Eren with an expression Levi couldn’t read. “He’s right.. I’m sure we’ll catch up some other time”

Eren nodded “Oh what a shame and you’re leaving first thing tomorrow… How about we all catch up and have dinner this evening”

Levi’s palms were sweaty as he clenched them to his sides. This was a fucking nightmare.. It had to be.

“I guess I could do dinner, let's say around six thirty at the restaurant downstairs” Erwin said pulling out his phone.

“That’s perfect, right let me go get those other documents for you” Eren said before walking into the bedroom.

The moment the younger boy was out of vision Levi gave the older man daggers. “What are you fucking doing here?” He whispered bitterly.

Erwin rubbed his temples. “I have no idea what sort of situation you’re in here, but that young boy that you’re probably fucking for kicks is my boss” He retorted back.

Levi’s mouth could have dropped to the floor as he stared straight at Erwin with a shocked expression. “You’ve got to be fucking with me...“

“Here they are!” Eren chimed through as he entered the lounge handing the blonde man a brown envelope.

“Thank you, I’ll have a browse through them tonight and I’ll let you know what’s the best course of action” The blonde man said with a forced smile.

“I’ll be on my way now” He said opening the door.

“See you later” Eren cheerfully replied before shutting the door.

Levi was seething. Eren was acting suspicious and that was only validated by Erwin’s reaction to the younger boy...

This could get pretty messy all of a sudden.

Chapter Text

“Fancy that! I had no idea you and Erwin knew each other” Eren said sarcastically.

Levi stood giving the boy an unbelieving expression “That’s bullshit..”

Eren chuckled “Ahh shit, was I that obvious”

The older man clenched his fists tighter, Eren was being a shit stirrer right now and it wasn’t going down well. Levi had a lot of questions and he needed answers asap.

“Eren?..What the fuck is going on? How the hell did you know Erwin knew me?”

Eren walked past Levi to sit on the sofa, next to a sleeping Hunter, spreading his arms across the top of it. “He told me”

Levi shook his head knowing there was much more to the story than that. “Why would he discuss his daughters carer to his boss”

Eren was being uncharacteristically dismissive as he began watching the telly.

“Eren?!” Levi stood in front of the screen with his arms folded.

The younger boy smirked giving Levi eye contact. “Why are you so upset? Erwin is my PA and Legal Adviser. He’s worked alongside my dad since I was a child so I know him pretty damn well. I also know Lilly and Hanji so it’s not a surprise that a conversation about childcare took place and you were brought up”

Levi stared at Eren as he analysed everything the boy said. “Wait.. Then that means you knew who I was all this time and you didn’t even bother mentioning it to me?!”

Eren lowered his head nodding slightly. “ seemed you both had a very complicated relationship”

Levi couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “What’s that supposed to mean!?”

The younger boy raised an eyebrow as he looked back up at the standing man. “You really want me to go there?”

Levi’s mouth fell open in shock. Eren knew… He had an inkling the boy knew something, but there was nothing linking his and Eren’s worlds together.. Until now.

“What the fuck did he tell you?”

Eren reached for the remote switching the TV off and turned his attention back to Levi. “I don’t think we should be talking about this right now besides what difference does it make?”

Levi was showing obvious signs of stress as his usual unphased expression changed to panic. “No, Eren you do not get to do this to me!”

Eren stopped smirking as an understanding expression took over his face. “Levi… I’ve been trying to tell you about this for a while, but you kept making up excuses not to listen to me. Look I’m sorry I’m being an arsehole about this, but it’s just my coping mechanism”

The shorter man covered his mouth with a hand before he began walking to the terrace. “I need some air”

Eren watched him walk out the door and stood up to follow him.

Levi was at a loss, he didn’t know whether to feel relieved or angry that Eren knew something.

If this was all true and Eren in fact knew everything about him all along then why did he employ the man. Why have somebody like Levi around his precious son.. Why engage in a flirty, sometimes intimate relationship with him?

He had so many questions and no answers..

Gripping at the glass railing he took a breath and closed his eyes. *What the fuck did he mean by coping mechanism*

“If you’re worried that I’ve been judging you secretly, then please let me reassure you I have nothing but respect for you” Eren said facing Levi as he leaned his back against the railing.

Levi opened his eyes and looked out at the busy Ports. “To be honest I really couldn’t give a shit whether you were… Answer me this, did you know who I was when I approached you in the park?”

Eren lowered his head. “Not at first, but then I saw Lilly and I began piecing things together”

Levi didn’t give the boy eye contact. “You need to tell me everything”

Eren nodded “Sure, but it might piss you off”

The older man reached into his pocket pulling out his cigarettes lighting one. “I’m sure I can handle it”

The two sat down on the cabana facing each other. Eren was looking unusually nervous all of a sudden.

“Spit it out then” Levi said blowing out a breath of smoke.

Eren sighed. “Alright, so I should just recap that Erwin has known my family for years and I have basically grown up with him around. He and Hanji would even spend Christmas with us before Lilly was born. There were many conversations had with Erwin as a teenager that I would never and could never have with my dad so Erwin was like my go to for advice on sex and relationships and trust me if I could go back I would have never listened to him… So bringing it back to current day Hanji and Erwin have not been good for a while, but I guess you already knew that”

Levi averted his eyes taking a pull from his fag.

“I think having Lilly put a ton of pressure on their relationship especially with them both being in quite demanding positions at work so Erwin turned to drink. Last year we had a work party and he got absolutely wasted. I was tipsy and found him alone slumped under a desk with a bottle of whisky muttering to himself so I sat down with him. I only then realised he was crying and began comforting him and I honestly didn’t expect the conversation that was to follow.. It was like word vomit he just couldn’t stop and I just sat there frozen”

Levi butted out his cigarette giving Eren a cold stare expression. “So...What did he say”

Eren rubbed the side of his head, he looked stressed and uncomfortable. “To sum it all up he said he had found a sex worker who’s also a cover childminder. He explained that you were a man with a pretty face and slim build who’s voice sounded like honey”

At this Levi scrunched up his face into a disgusted look. “He said fucking what?”

Eren tried to contain a grin “Lets not forget he was stupid drunk. Anyway he said that after Hanji would leave for work and before Lilly woke up you both would.. You know..”

“Have sex” Levi said bluntly as Eren cringed.

“You didn’t have to say it, I get the fucking picture”

Levi shrugged “You were being a baby about it, just hurry up and finish this”

The younger boy ran a hand through his hair in frustration. “He said that he would pay you as part of your agreement and that you were no stranger to this type of situation since you were in similar arrangements with other men… You would then take care of his daughter as if nothing happened. Sometimes, if Hanji was away for work you would spend the night with him. It made me cringe how he described the things you both would do and he’d try and defend it all by saying Hanji would never try it and she didn’t fulfil him like he needed..

It also bothered me the way he talked about you as a person. He degraded you and made out as if you were nothing but a toy that had no feelings of your own. He said you seduced him and he would never have slept with a man if it wasn’t for the way things in his marriage were. He also called you a bunch of colourful names out of anger that I’m not going to repeat”

Levi wasn’t sure if he wanted to hear anymore. Hearing Eren talk about this just didn’t sit right with him and it was beginning to settle in that the boy actually knew all this stuff about him.

“I listened to him angry not just because he was cheating on Hanji, but because this was my role model the guy I would go to about all my relationship struggles and the fact he could be so selfish annoyed me..

I was also mad at you, I didn’t for one second agree with him calling you names, but my brain couldn’t process, who the fuck sleeps with married men.. I wanted to know who you were, but not so much that I’d go hunting you down and after a while I just purposefully forgot about it. More for Erwin’s sake because he had forgotten he’d told me. All that drink really done a number on his memory so it was as if nothing had ever happened.

It wasn’t until that day you approached me in the park and I saw Hunter playing with Lilly did it all return to me and I.. I”

Levi was pissed but maintained an unphased expression. “Go ahead Eren, you wanted a bit for yourself? Or perhaps you felt sorry for the poor man with no morals”

Eren couldn’t even look Levi in the eyes. “No none of that”

“Well what was it then huh? Cos it seems like your dick was the brain for a second”

“I was jealous”

Levi’s brows furrowed as he sat back “I’m sorry, what?”

“I know that sounds strange, but I just had this unsettling feeling of jealousy… I didn’t understand it myself all I could think was how did he have both you and Hanji. I just couldn’t believe that a year later he was still doing this bullshit and he had the audacity to act like a victim and cry about it before… I know it was only a brief encounter but I just read you like a book and it was all so clear to me that life hadn’t been fair to you and he didn’t deserve having you there to make him feel like more of a man.. In all honesty I just wanted to take you away from all that and have you all to myself”

The smaller man covered his mouth with a hand in pure shock.

“I know you must be shocked to hear all this, and yes my initial thoughts when I saw you were you are so attractive. After realising who you were I wasn’t surprised that Erwin found it so easy to jump into bed with you. Then you began talking and I just couldn’t stop myself, you were so sassy and seemed so sure of yourself and I was hooked….

When I saw Lilly my heart actually ached.. Please don’t take offence to this, but I was mad and disappointed at myself for being drawn to you so quick. I actually had a fleeting moment of sympathy for Erwin because I too felt like I could quite easily risk it all, but as I was looking right at you I realised that you were a human being with feelings and emotions too and I just knew you were better than what you were putting yourself through…

When I could see Hunter liked you I sensed an opportunity, I just felt the need to change something”

Levi starred at Eren horrified with what he was hearing. “This is a sick joke right.. Eren please just say you’re pulling my leg right now”

Eren gave Levi a defeated smile. “I’m sorry I can’t do that, but what I can say is that my gut feeling about you was correct. I didn’t want you to see me like all the others and in such a short space of time I feel like you warmed to me which allowed me to see the vulnerable side of you..

I was weak and ended up giving into my urges which you naturally responded to and I quickly realised that you lived the life you were just to feel something. You fit into new situations quite easily because you’re searching for settlement and to feel content. I might have overthought this, but I just have the feeling you have been on a long and hard search of acceptance and happiness…

I’m not trying to shower you with a pity party here I just want you to see I’m not stupid and have noticed these things”

Levi gave the boy daggers as he spoke “Oh so now you’re a fucking councillor, maybe you should take up a new hobby instead of trying to read me! Let’s just get this right.. You can make out like the sun shines out your crack, but the truth of the matter is you’re just some horny brat and were open to experimenting when the situation was handed to you. You’re not my fucking saviour Eren”

Eren looked hurt but continued. “You don’t have to believe that I’m being completely transparent with you. I wish you would understand that I have no ulterior motives here and I would just be happy knowing you are safe and don’t have to stumble out of strangers beds to feel acceptance.. Levi you are so much better than this, Erwin and all those other fuckers used you, but I... I fell in love with you”

Levi lunged forward to cover Eren’s mouth, but it was too late those words had already been said.

“Fucking take that back right now Yeager! Don’t fuck with me right now you little shit”

Eren’s expression was serious as he looked down at the angry man “So you want me to lie to you?”

Levi gripped onto Eren’s shoulders an unbelieving expression on his face. “Yes! Fucking lie to me if you have to, but don't you dare spew shit like that”

Eren shook his head removing Levi’s hands from his shoulders and placed his own on the smaller man’s cheek as he leaned in closer. “I know what must be going through your head right now and believe me I understand, but please, just see that I did try and put a stop to this because I knew it would probably confuse and make you angry.. But I just couldn’t help it.. I fell in love with the side of you that I believe no one gets to see. The real you, I don’t care about all the unnecessary ifs and buts, all that drama and the bad choices that you’ve made to survive. I fucking get it Levi.. I really do.. And I still ended up falling for you with all the knowledge I do have”

Eren’s eyes were looking right through Levi and he couldn’t handle it, this was the last straw he had to get away quickly. “Eren.. I can’t, I can’t do this.. I need to not be around you right now”

Removing himself from Eren’s gaze he stood up walking back into the Suite.

Eren sat staring at the floor. He knew it wouldn’t be wise to follow the upset man and instead stayed put.

Levi was out of that hotel faster than anything he’d done in his life and practically ran to anywhere that wasn’t near Eren.

Oh how he wished this was all a dream. His head couldn’t cope with this, firstly Erwin’s here then Eren knows Erwin as a matter of fact, he's the cunts boss, then to find out Eren’s been aware of Levi’s seedy life all along to then get hit with the bomb that the brat has fallen in love with him.

*What the fuck is life right now*

Sitting on a pebble beach on the other side of the Docks Levi threw rocks into the sea contemplating his next move.

He didn’t want to give into his own desires he had already built his guards back up and the younger boy’s confession had just hit them like a cannon.

His options were limited and that didn’t help considering he was abroad. He just wanted to crawl back into his dark hole of familiarity. He wanted to be back home in his flat getting high off a line or two preparing for a night of forget sex.

He didn’t want to think about Eren Looking straight through to his soul with those damn eyes.

He regrettably replayed moments they had together to try and piece things together. He knew Eren wasn’t playing some sick joke on him and that the boy’s feelings were serious, but why did he believe that Levi was this good person that wouldn’t hurt a fly?..

Levi believed that Eren’s newfound feelings for the man had warped his judgement . *He probably thinks my shit smells of roses too*

Standing Levi began walking along the water’s edge. He was stuck.. Not because he was in another country or because he had lost his backup plan no he was stuck in a battle with himself because he knew he had fallen for Eren and the realisation that the feeling is mutual was giving him anxiety.

Of course Eren didn’t know Levi’s feelings, but for him to say the L word so openly made Levi question did it really even matter to the younger boy whether the feelings were returned or not, all Eren seemed to babble on about was Levi having a better life and being happy the kind of pure bullshit Levi wasn’t used to hearing.

He was used to being told to fix up and to lay off the drugs and alcohol by a select few of the men he’d worked for. Erwin had even told him that he was a low life slut once in an argument, but it was like water off a duck's back at this point and he was just used to the harsh reality that he indeed was all the names he was called.

Maybe he had been too kind to Eren and the poor boy thought that he was getting a glimpse of the real him when in fact it was all a front to mask the real him that no one not even Eren could fall in love with.

Taking a deep sigh Levi continued to walk and think. The breathing space would do him and his mental some good and hopefully he would be able to come up with something to sort this.


Eren was never good at being patient. He knew it was a bomb that he had dropped onto Levi, but he would have preferred it if the older man stayed so they could have at least talked about it more.

He had a shower washing away the salty water that still clung to his skin from the beach before sitting on the bed a towel wrapped around his waist, just thinking of ways to make Levi listen to him.

He agreed that maybe it was a shitty time to tell the older man his feelings, but Eren was never good at suppressing how he truly felt. That’s why when he had received the phone call from Armin earlier that day saying Erwin was there to see him about some urgent news and paperwork he got mad and it resulted in him being his brash self bringing Erwin into an uncomfortable situation.

What he didn’t think about was how uncomfortable it would also make Levi and for that he felt guilty. He just couldn’t get past his anger over the situation and it resulted in him now possibly losing Levi and/or his PA.

He let out a disgruntled groan as his phone began pinging. He wasn’t going to check it he knew it was probably work related as it always was.

Eren wasn’t about to let Levi go that easily. The boy was a good judge of character and although Levi’s track record wasn’t the greatest, Eren knew that Levi was a good man and just needed a chance and he wanted to be the person to give it to him.

It was a shock that he had fallen for Levi so suddenly and even though he wanted too he didn’t expect they would engaged in the bedroom department so soon, but Eren didn’t care he knew what he wanted and unlike Levi, would stop at nothing to get it.

Sure there was the issue of his feelings being returned and he would never force that on Levi especially with the issues he had experienced in his own life with forced love, which had devastating consequences.

He pondered for a second wondering if he should have used such a strong word when describing his feelings to Levi. Even though it was true if he had been a bit more tactful about the way he worded it things would have probably been a little easier, but Eren was always an act now think later sort of guy and he rubbed his temples the obvious stress on his face.

He came to the realisation that there was nothing that could be done about all this and he should just wait to see if Levi returned. Hopefully then the two could talk about things and Eren could clear up the mess he had made.

Six thirty was soon approaching and there was no sign of Levi. Eren was worried and couldn’t help himself sending the man a few messages asking if he was safe. He received no reply and that only frustrated him.

“Levi’s been on that walk for a while” Hunter said seeing his dad’s obvious stress.

“Don’t worry he’ll be back soon” Eren said giving the boy a slight smile.

Hunter nodded suspiciously before returning to the task of getting dressed for dinner. Eren was also getting prepared as he pulled a white t shirt over his head. He wasn’t in the mood to be around anyone right now, but was used to keeping up appearances.

He began spraying himself in aftershave when there was a knock on the door and he walked over opening it revealing his mother who was completely over dressed for the occasion.

“Eren...I feel like you’ve been avoiding me since yesterday” she said a pout on her lips as she walked through the door.

“Now why would you think that” Eren said rolling his eyes as he shut the door behind her.

“Hmm.. Well you completely avoided me when you came to the room earlier and I haven't heard from you all day, could it be because I found out about your little crush on Levi”

Eren couldn’t even give his mum eye contact as she grinned at his dismissive attitude.

“So I was right huh, does he know?”

Eren rubbed his face agitated at the situation. “Yes because I’m a dumb ass and blurted it out to him so now he’s in obvious shock and I doubt he’s coming back”

Carla gave Eren a reassuring smile “You are so much like a younger me it’s scary, but you don’t need to worry, he’s definitely coming back”

Eren turned to her his brows furrowed. “And what makes you so sure of that?”

She smirked tapping a finger on her chin. “Women's intuition, also who would ever turn my handsome son down”

Eren shook his head disapprovingly “Does dad know?”

“Now your father is a tricky subject because he’s inclined to think more logical than emotional”

Eren cringed. “What do you mean?”

Carla tilted her head. “You know what he’s like and with the takeover so close he will want you focused on work. I know he wouldn’t have a problem so don’t take what I’m saying out of context, but right now, with everything going on, I don’t think it would be wise to tell him”

Eren’s expression softened. “Yeah I agree”

Carla smiled brightly. “It’s like the good old days when you were little and we would keep little secrets from your father”

Eren gave a weak smile “I guess”

Carla leaned forward giving her son a small pinch on the cheeks. “Except now you’re older and the big secret is you have the hots for the babysitter”

Eren pulled away frowning. “Not funny mum, Just keep this to yourself. I have every intention to keep Levi employed by us so can you not be obvious?”

Carla smiled cheekily. “Of course. It would be quite a shame if your feelings messed this up for Hunter”

Eren gave his mum daggers before Hunter then walked out of the bedroom dressed and ready to leave.

Carla’s expression then changed to worry as she looked at her watch. “Shit we’re late! Hurry up and get downstairs!” She said picking up Hunter before exiting the room.

Eren didn’t really care he was just relieved his parents knew nothing about Erwin and Levi’s history together and he planned to keep it that way. He wanted their view of the man to be squeaky clean, otherwise it would make things complicated.

He ran a quick hand through his hair as he looked in the mirror before heading for the lift.

“Eren finally you’re here!” Hanji beamed running up to give the boy a hug. “It’s been ages since I’ve seen you and my god you don’t disappoint, just look at how grown up and handsome you’ve gotten in just a few months”

Eren grinned at the cheerful woman as she released him from the hug and began eyeing him up and down.

“Don’t go giving him a big head now Hange, he’s already using those looks to his advantage now days” Grisha said laughing.

“I would too if I was him!” She said as they all began taking their seats.

Eren was good at handling awkward situations and this was just one of them. He admired Hanji and had always thought Erwin didn’t deserve her, but he wasn’t about to go meddling in someone’s life. Especially when there was a child involved.

His eyes then moved to the two youngest of the group who had decided to sit next to each other. Erwin had always kept his work and home life separate so he never attended family work functions with his wife and daughter. This was also why Hunter and Lilly had never met prior to that day in the park.

“Just look at those two! They are really getting on aren’t they?.. It’s so nice seeing my daughter socialise with someone around her age” Hanji said picking up a menu.

Erwin, who was sitting next to his wife smiled as he looked at the two. “What an unlikely friendship ey. I guess we have Levi to thank for that” The blonde man turned to look at Eren. He didn’t seem awkward or even the slightest bit off as he spoke about the absent man and Eren didn’t know why, but it irked him that Erwin could speak his name so casually.

“Levi? What’s he got to do with this” Carla said giving the blonde man a brow raise.

“Oh didn’t Eren tell you? He used to work for myself and Hanji as Lilly’s career. We went on holiday and since coming home we’ve not been able to contact him, now I know why” Erwin said with a chuckle.

Grisha and Carla both turned to Eren with questioning looks on their faces. “Oh my god Eren did you seriously jack their babysitter” Carla said almost bursting out laughing.

Eren smirked this was grating at him, but he had to straighten things out. He wasn’t sure if Erwin had all of a sudden remembered he’d told Eren about his affair with Levi or the older man was completely unaware and thought Eren was getting a bit of the action too. “If I’d known, I wouldn’t have been so hasty in my decision to hire Levi full time. Besides I needed him more” He said giving a cheeky wink in Hanji and Erwin’s direction.

Erwin’s cheery expression began to falter as if he was thinking of things he rather wouldn’t.

“Speaking of the mystery man where is he? I mean I don’t mind that he left us in the lurch without care for Lilly, but he could have at least come to say hi” Hanji said sarcastically.

Eren smiled unphased, he quickly checked to see if Hunter was paying any attention the them and when he saw the younger boy was wrapped up in a conversation with Lilly he proceeded “He asked me to apologise on his behalf for not being here, but he was not feeling well and coming out to dinner wasn’t really going to help so I told him to lie down”

Hanji looked disappointed “What a shame, it would’ve been nice to see him, maybe I’ll stop by in the morning before we leave and see if he’s any better”

“I’m sure he’d like that” Eren said openly knowing it would be the complete opposite.

The group then began picking items on the menu before a waiter came over to take their order.

They all ordered and within a few minutes their food was brought out to the table.

Erwin’s behaviour had changed during the course of the evening from talkative to distant and it was very obvious. Grisha felt the need to pull the man into unnecessary business chit chat in order to get the man to talk.

Eren observed him, he seemed to be in a daydream. His brows were furrowed as he wore an agitated expression until someone spoke to him pulling the man from his trail of thought.

“So Eren how’s life been treating you anyway? You found yourself a girlfriend yet? Hanji said drawing everybody’s attention to the boy.

“Why does everybody ask me this?” Eren said laughing.

“I’m just being inquisitive, You’re so young and have always worked hard. You deserve a bit of pampering from a partner”

Eren continued to smile until his eyes met with his mothers and he gave her a head shake.

“He’s taken a liking to somebody that’s for sure” Carla said leaning her head on her hand.

“Oh has he now?” Hanji said wiggling her brows.

Grisha wore a surprised expression. “Well it’s the first I’ve heard of it”

Erwin also leaned in interested “Oh go on, give us some details then”

“I know who it is!” Hunter suddenly said making everyone jump.

Eren was startled and gave the boy a dramatic head shake “Don’t you dare!”

Hunter smiled cheekily and Hanji burst out laughing. “Oh come on we won’t know them anyway, give us a name”

Carla smirked “I think the name is a dead giveaway to be honest”

Both Hanji and Erwin’s heads whipped round to the women. “Oh seriously! Is it someone at the lab? It’s about time our star boy had some luck” Erwin said sounding the most energetic he had all evening.

“She’s chatting shit Erwin so don’t bite the bait” Eren said before taking a bite out of his food.

Hunter was still smiling as if he held all the knowledge whilst Lilly shook his shoulder trying to get answers.

“You guys have gone and made this so awkward for me can’t we change the subject”

Hanji gave the boy a pat on the back “We’re only teasing, you don’t have to say anything. She’s very lucky though I’ve never seen you so smitten that your mouth is sealed”

“I’ll say” Erwin said taking a swig of his beer. “You used to tell me everything, what happened?”

Eren opened his mouth to say something, but Hanji turned to the blonde man and rolled her eyes. “He’s a young man now and doesn’t want to tell you everything especially with your past advice!”

Grisha facepalmed before grinning. “Oh don’t remind us! The amount of concerned mothers we had at our door could break records”

Carla nodded. “Those were dark times”

Eren frowned “I thought we were gonna change topic? And Hanji’s right Erwin, we have to have some boundaries otherwise work would be impossible”

Erwin nodded. “I’ll accept that”

Grisha decided to change the conversation to the children and their education which Eren was grateful for.

He was about to take another mouthful of food when his phone buzzed in his pocket. Taking it out he saw he had a reply from Levi and his heart actually skipped a beat. *Shit it’s been a while since it’s done that*

Opening the message his face lit up into a smile.

‘I don’t want to make things awkward so can we talk’

He didn’t know why it made him so happy that Levi didn’t reply with something more aggressive, but this meant that Levi was willing to listen to him and not want to shut him up like he had prior.

“That’s such a readable smile”

Looking up Eren saw everyone grinning at him and his ears began to go red. “Armin just sent me a funny pic nothing exciting”

Erwin rolled his eyes, it was obvious that he was frustrated that Eren wouldn’t open up to him.

The rest of the table seemed to believe the boy and continued with their conversation as Eren messaged back.

‘Of course we’ll talk, none of this needs to be awkward’

After ordering dessert and a bit more catch up chit chat Hunter began yawning giving everyone the indication that time was getting on and they should all probably start going up to their rooms. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

“Will we see each other again?” Lilly said holding onto Hunter’s hand.

“Yeah sure, you talk a lot, but I like being your friend”

Lilly let go of the boy’s hand a frown on her face. “Hey!”

“I’m only joking. I’m just happy Levi took you to the park that day, otherwise I don’t think we’d ever be friends”

Lilly folded her arms. “Yeah, about that I’m still mad at him for choosing you over me! I’m not sure how it happened but I bet you had something to do with it”

Hunter shook his head. “Well Daddy said that he took care of children and asked me if I wanted him to do the same for me. So of course I said yes!”

Lilly turned to look at Eren who was saying his goodbyes with the others. “So it’s his fault”

Hunter pulled the little girl by her arm into a hug. “It’s just business Lilly nothing personal. I’m sure he misses you too”

Lilly blushed as she hugged the boy back “Who said I missed him anyway”

Hunter smiled pulling away. “That sounds like something he would say”

Lilly was about to answer when Erwin came up behind her resting his hands on her shoulders. “Come on chatterbox it’s time to go we’ve got to be up early tomorrow”

She jumped, turning to look at her dad before nodding. “Bye Hunter, see you again soon”

Erwin gave the small boy a wink as Hunter waved at the two.

Hanji then bounced over scooping the boy into her arms as she squeezed him. “Bye bye mini Eren I’ll definitely be organising some playdates for you and Lilly”

Hunter seemed happy by this prospect and hugged the women back. She placed him back down before patting his head and began following her husband and daughter.

“Come on mister we need to go too” Eren said walking over to the boy extending out his hand.

The four walked to the elevator stepping in when the doors opened. Eren was about to say something when he noticed Hunter was looking at him weirdly.


“You lied to Erwin and Hanji… Levi’s not sleeping”

Eren face palmed whilst Grisha raised a brow. “Where is he?”

Carla turned to Grisha. “He just went out for a walk, nothing major”

The man seemed content with that answer. “It’s surprising to me that you didn’t know Levi worked for Erwin though” He asked sceptically.

“Levi’s worked for a number of households so it’s not that surprising that I stumbled upon him without knowing about Erwin”

The elevator chimed and the doors opened before the four walked out.

Grisha turned to his son smiling “I don’t believe that at all. I know you and Erwin have always been competitive and snatching the babysitter seems like a game you’d play”

Carla burst out laughing. “Okay that does sound legitimate”

Eren rolled his eyes smirking. “Think what you want, but if this was a game I’ve definitely won”

His parents gave him a sarcastic nod of agreement before turning to walk to their room.

“Wait..Can you guys take Hunter for a while so I can talk to Levi? I need to ask him a few things”

Grisha face wore a confused expression. “What do you two need to discuss?”

Carla rolled her eyes “Yes sweetie that’s fine, Come get him when you're ready”

Eren smiled slightly. “Thanks”


Eren looked at the boy staring up at him.

“Don’t touch him, he’s mine” He said giving Eren daggers.

Carla burst out laughing and Grisha’s face twisted into more confusion.

“What the hell goes through that mind of yours?!” Eren said shaking his head at the small boy.

Carla picked up Hunter and pinched him on the cheek. “Alright mister give your dad a break”

Eren sighed as he rubbed the side of his head ”Thanks for doing this, I won’t be too long”

Carla smiled. “No problem” She said before turning to Grisha pulling him by the arm towards their Suit.

Eren turned to walk to his door the reality settling in that this could go really well or end horribly. Scanning his card he entered the dark suit and sighed. He then pulled out his phone to text Levi as he walked to turn the lounge light on when he noticed the bedroom lamps were on.

Walking to the room he slid the doors open revealing a shocked Levi who jumped at his presence.

“Eren! You scared the shit out of me!” Levi said holding his chest.

Eren looked surprised. Levi was in his night top and boxers in the bed on his phone.

“I didn’t realise you had come back”

Levi frowned. “What was I supposed to do? Stand outside all night?”

Eren walked over to the bed. “No, no not at all! I’m just happy that you came back here”

Levi rubbed his arm as he leaned his body to look behind Eren. “Where’s Hunter”

“I left him with my parents so we could talk..”

Levi shifted as he looked down at his hands. “So… Can we talk now?”

The boy nodded, taking a seat on his side of the bed and began taking off his shoes. “This makes a change, you usually brush me off when it comes to this” He said with humour in his tone.

Levi stayed quiet and continued to look at his hands.

Eren turned to face him moving himself closer so he was seated right in front of Levi. “so....”

Levi lifted his head and their eyes met.
Neither of them spoke for a moment it was as if they were communicating telepathically, but in reality the two just didn’t know how to start this conversation.

Eren began chuckling at the awkwardness of it all as a small grin made its way onto his face whilst Levi’s eyes diverted from the boy in front of him.

“Well this is going well” Eren said rubbing the back of his head.

Levi shrugged his shoulders not knowing what to say.

“I guess I should start by apologising. I shouldn’t have put you in such an uncomfortable situation and i also should have just told you outright that I knew who you were”

Levi rubbed his arm. “Yeah, you really should have”

”I’m also sorry for springing my feelings onto you like that. It wasn't fair that I just blurted it all out to you and didn’t take your thoughts on the situation into account”

“You don’t have to apologise for having emotions Eren” Levi said looking back up at him.

“Don’t get me wrong this is all a bit of a shock and in all honesty I wish you had kept this shit to yourself, but you shouldn’t have to feel like you can’t be honest with me”

Eren gave the man a warm smile. “Shit… I wasn’t expecting that response. Thank you”

“Don’t thank me, that’s weird”

Eren rolled his eyes. “I swear to god, you give me so many mixed emotions”

Levi snickered. “Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve heard that”

The younger boy reached out both his hands to take ahold of Levi’s clenched ones and softly stroked his thumb over them.

“Levi?.. I’m really shit at this and I don’t really know what I was expecting by telling you how I feel, but please don’t leave”

Levi looked at the boy with a confused expression. “Well I can’t exactly leave can I”

Eren unknowingly gripped his hands a little tighter. “You know what I mean, don’t you think this could all work out better considering you don’t have to feel like you’re hiding some big secret?”

The older man sighed. “You feel like you have to save me… Listen Eren you’re not the first person I’ve come across with a hero complex, but I don’t need that. It’s not about surviving, feeling accepted or any of that bullshit I’ve just come to a point in my life where this is who I am and there’s nothing anyone can do about it”

“I’m not trying to save you Levi and I don’t have a hero complex.. I just know that you hate your current lifestyle and need an out.. I’m giving you that out”

Levi rolled his eyes. “You’re not understanding me, you might see the world through rose coloured glasses, but I’m not a good person I never have been. I could put you a list together of all the shitty things I’ve done and you would read it and realise that I’m not the person you want to believe I am”

Levi tried removing his hands from Eren’s grasp, but the younger boy wasn’t having any of it as he looked at the man in front of him with a determined expression on his face. “Do you actually think I’m stupid?”

Levi shook his head. “No, of course I don’t, a little naive, but not stupid”

“Stop bullshitting me then, okay you’ve done some shitty things, but I bet they’ve been done back to you tenfold. I’m not about to sit here and let you chat shit like you’re this bad person when in reality you’re a victim of circumstance and sure you’ve made bad decisions along the way which hasn’t helped, but fuck give yourself a break”

A thoughtful look made its way onto Levi’s face as he listened to Eren. *Fuck he almost had me there*

“Eren I know you’re going to hate this, but you really are such a kid.. Like come on, we’re both from two completely different worlds you think this is so fucking simple.. Wake up brat I’m not going to be a changed person just because you want me to be”

Eren raised a brow raised. “Answer this, right now you know very well that all you would have to do is pander to my interest in you and I’d be like putty in your hand.. You could use and abuse me to your advantage and possibly get anything you want, whether that be materially or just to feed an ego, but guess what.. You’ve done nothing of the sort. You even cringed at me buying you a damn watch why?”

“Because that’s just shitty way to be” Levi said finally able to remove his hands from Eren’s grasp.

“Oh but you’ve done that shitty stuff before though right?” Eren said folding his arms.

“Yes, which is why I’m telling you I’m not this good person you want to think I am”

“Then why treat me different, why not continue the same shitty pattern with me?”

Levi sucked in his bottom lip as he looked at the boy trying to find a suitable answer.

“Why out of all of us sad fuckers did you decide to show me the kind and un-using side of you? In the short space of time you’ve been working for me you’ve pretty much willingly given up on that old life of yours. You haven’t even been back to your flat”

“Hold on a minute, that’s because you wouldn’t let me” Levi said in his defence.

Eren smiled cockily. “Shit I didn’t realise my words were scripture. You’ve never seemed the stick to the rules type of guy”

The older man frowned. “What exactly are you getting at here?”

“I'm trying to show you that you’re doing this because it’s what you know, but when placed with an alternative option you’re willing to break your familiar habits and that guy that you ended up sleeping with yesterday was just more proof that you’re struggling. You genuinely care about how I perceive you and this just proves to me that you want the out I’m offering you, you’re just scared”

Reaching out his hand Eren cupped Levi’s cheek his eyes meeting with the smaller man’s.

“Fuck Eren, you’re good… Almost too good, is this how you got all the girls cos that mouth could sweet talk the ears off a bitch”

Eren sighed moving his hand to hold Levi’s chin firmly, lifting it as he leaned in closer. “Stop being so fucking scared. There are actually genuine people out here Levi and yes it may be hard to believe this guy actually gives a shit about you and doesn’t care about your choice of lifestyle or past… But I do and I also don’t care how many times I have to say this before you get it through to that stubborn brain of yours”

“I don’t know what you want me to say to that? Do you want me to surrender on my knees and say ‘you’re right Eren! You’ve got me all figured out now please fix this mess which is my life and save me from my destructive tendencies'… Is that what you want~”

Eren’s expression remained calm. “Is that what you want?”

Levi grit his teeth “Don’t answer my question with a question”

Eren leaned in closer. “I’m being for real. Do you want that? Because that’s all I want… I mean that’s not all I want, but nothing would make me happier than for you to feel secure for once. Let me do that for you?”

Levi’s expression softened when he could see Eren’s eyes move to his lips.

“Shit kid you’ve caught them feelings bad haven’t you”

Eren suddenly looked back up at Levi and defensively moved his head back removing his hand from Levi’s chin. But the older man pulled himself into Eren’s lap wrapping his arms around his shoulders as he hugged the boy tightly.

“Why the fuck do you even like me, you’re such an idiot. You couldn’t have picked a worse person to fall for” He felt sorry for Eren, all he could think was the poor guy had really bad taste.

Eren sat frozen for a second before wrapping his own arms around Levi’s waist, resting his forehead on the man’s shoulder. “You talk yourself down so much it’s fucking disgusting”

Levi chuckled. “Just because I haven’t been a total ares hole to you doesn’t mean I’m not one. You seem to see something in me that not even I can”

“I’m a good judge of character”

Pulling away from the hug Levi lifted Eren’s chin to look at him as he tilted his head. “Look I don’t know what kind of conversation I was expecting, but this wasn't it”

Eren looked defeated, but the fact he could hold Levi so close was making him more happy than he was prepared to let on.

“Look.. You make a very convincing case and point....So let’s see if your judgement of me is right and if so then I really don’t know myself and I’m gonna need to reevaluate my title of being an adult because I should have been and done that shit when I was in my teens”

“So what happens now then?..”

“Well if you’re saying you don’t want me to leave then I guess I have no choice but to stay. I can continue as normal, since I really don’t want to let Hunter down, but Eren.. I need you to understand how strange this is. At the end of the day I find it very uncomfortable you knowing about my personal life and have kept that information from me..

What I do in my time is my choice and you can either accept that or we can part ways right here. Remember you only know the parts of me that I’m willing to show you..”

Eren held the man in his lap tighter with a slight frown on his face. “Fine..”

“Also keep Erwin away from me. That man and I have too much history and if you intend for me to continue this position you cannot tell anyone about this, he hasn’t for obvious reasons so I ask you to do the same other than that we’re good”

Eren looked up at the man. “Why on earth would I tell anyone? I just want you to be happy and live a life where you don’t regret every time you leave the house”

Levi was torn, but Eren’s reaction to all this wasn’t one he had ever expected. It worried him that this could all go south very fast considering he wasn’t a very reliable person, but if this boy wanted to be some kind of hero Levi would play along...

“Also… on the topic of you blurting out your feelings, I don’t really know how I’m supposed to respond”

Eren cringed resting his head on Levi’s shoulder. “Can we just forget about that. I mean I won’t be able to but can’t you”

Levi held back a grin. “To be honest, it's a bit hard forgetting someone’s confession of love to you. If you had been more tactful about it, I could have”

Eren couldn’t even raise his head to look at Levi. This was all too embarrassing.

“Look fuck knows why your brain decided I was a decent candidate to fall for especially with the knowledge you have of me, but I’m not complaining. I guess it’s not so bad having a brat like yourself fall for someone like me”

Eren chuckled much to Levi’s surprise. “What did you expect to happen when you decided to be so damn adorable, take care of my kid like he was your own and indulge me?.. I had no chance”

Levi rolled his eyes. “I wouldn’t use the word adorable to describe me but I guess I don’t see the world through your eyes”

Eren held Levi tight as a sigh left his lips. “I don’t know how you see the world but it sounds terrible and I want to change that”

The older man raised a hand to stroke the back of the boy’s head. “To be honest Eren, none of this is your issue.. I’m still confused as to why you would want to do anything for me?..”

“I can’t even answer that without it sounding cringy or weird so can you just accept that I have my reasons”

Levi snickered. “Oh how interesting... I’m intrigued but I guess for a guy like you, who bursts out love confessions, to actually want to keep that information private. You must know it would probably set me off right?..”


Levi then began smirking as he felt Eren had subconsciously moved his hands from Levi’s waist to his thighs and was gently gripping at the skin with his palms whilst watching Levi talk.

He shook his head as a smirk remained on his lips. “You’re fucking terrible. I thought I got horny fast, but you just take the biscuit.. We are having a serious conversation here what on earth are you pitching a tent in your pants over?”

Eren lowered his head looking at his jeans. “Shit I really have no self control”

Levi hummed in agreement. He was still sceptical about what this all could lead to, but maybe having the young boy ravage him would be a nice distraction for a while...

Reaching down at the large print in Eren’s trousers and began rubbing at the hard bulge. “Yeah you definitely lack in that department, but it’s kind of a confidence boost knowing you can get turned on by me just sitting in your lap talking to you”

Eren’s breathing deepened as Levi continued to rub slowly on the covered skin. His hands began to palm at Levi’s behind and found himself trying to take the man’s boxers off. “Shit.. Why are you encouraging this”

Levi shrugged before removing his hand from Eren’s crotch. “I’m not encouraging anything..”

Eren bit his bottom lip as the two looked at each other.

“I don’t want to talk anymore..”

Levi grinned “Oh really.. I wonder why” He said feeling the boy hands were already in his boxers.

“I’ll stop if you want me to” Eren said with a serious expression.

Levi let out a small laugh. “I’m not stopping you, but I won’t get blamed for starting anything either”

Eren grinned before running his hand through the hair at the back of Levi’s head. “This feels kinda different from before… It’s odd that you know how I feel about you and yet you’re not stopping me”

Levi averted his eyes as the grin left his lips, Eren was right if he was a decent human being he wouldn’t allow this especially if he wanted Eren to believe his feelings were one sided…

“I’m not cruel, if you want your dick sucked then I’ll do it. I don’t mind fulfilling your little fantasies”

Eren frowned. “There is so much wrong with that sentence than I even care to pick apart right now. I just wanna know that you’re okay with this”

Levi looked back up at the boy raising a brow. “Eren.. It’s okay”

That was all the boy needed to hear as he pushed the smaller man’s head forward so their lips could meet.

Levi closed his eyes resting his hands on Eren’s shoulders as he turned his head to the side whilst Eren held Levi’s head in place doing the same. They both needily open mouthed kissed like it was going out of fashion and Levi couldn’t get enough… Fuck he had missed this.

Eren was way too good for him and Levi knew it. It was sad to think that their mutual feelings were a waste, if Levi was a different person then perhaps things could have gone a little differently and he might have been able to give Eren more, but he was not and unfortunately this was just another trial life had thrown at him.

There was no way he could indulge so easily in something that was too good to be true. It would just end up in disappointment. Eren was a nice guy and Levi didn’t know how to handle nice.. He would only end up hurting Eren.

Whilst Levi was trying to make sense of things, Eren was like an animal that had just been let out of its cage. He had no self control as he began pulling the loose pyjama top over Levi’s head before tipping the man backwards to pull off the remainder of his boxers.

Levi’s let out a small moan as he was lifted back up onto Eren’s lap again and the boy began kissing the crook of his neck working his way to Levi’s jaw as his tongue swept over the curves of his skin. His hands were also making themselves busy as they felt their way all over the exposed body in his lap.

Levi had a moment of realisation that Eren knew the very part of him he had been keeping a secret for so long and had still managed to fall for him. He couldn’t understand how this had all unfolded so quickly, Eren didn’t know the full story, but he knew enough for Levi to feel comfortable.. It was obvious Eren wasn’t using him and genuinely meant every word he said which still scared Levi, but he did feel like Eren was somebody he could finally trust.

Pulling Eren’s top up over his head he tossed it to a side before leaning into his face capturing the boy’s lips in his. His hand tangled itself in the mop of brunette hair as Eren wrapped his arms around Levi’s waist.

Their lips moved slowly as if savouring each others taste and Eren gripped the man tighter as Levi bit the boy’s lip slowly pulling away to look at him.

“Did I ever tell you that I hate kissing”

Eren looked at him with an enamoured expression. “No, I don’t think you mentioned it”

Levi smirked before wrapping his arms around Eren’s shoulders and pressed their lips together again. Eren held Levi’s face, his lips moving passionately dominating the smaller mouth as Levi sighed contently.

The taller boy then snaked a hand down to Levi’s chest as he began rubbing a pink bud with his thumb. Levi’s mouth parted as he let out shaky breaths and leaned his head back closing his eyes.

This gave the younger boy access to the man’s chest as he leaned forward capturing the other bud in his mouth. Levi held the back of Eren head gripping a fistful of hair as the boy’s tongue skilfully flicked over the now perked skin.

“Ugh...ah~..” Levi’s breathing quickened as Eren switched now giving his other bud the attention it so badly needed.

Placing a hand on Levi’s lower back for support Eren sucked the swollen skin before using his tongue in circular motions to please the smaller man.

Opening his eyes slightly Levi looked down at the boy as a small moan escaped his lips and Eren continued flicking his muscle up and down making Levi pant. Losing himself in the slow but sensual feeling of Eren’s touch Levi began rocking his hips in need of some friction on his now prominent arousal and Eren grinned before running a hand up Levi’s thigh to the man’s neglected shaft.

Gently taking it into his palm he began rubbing up and down continuing to flick his muscle on Levi’s now rock hard nipples.

“O..oh my g..god~” Levi leaned his head back again continuing to grip onto Eren’s hair. The younger boy grunted his hand slowly increasing in speed. This was heaven, just hearing Levi’s soft pants and moans whilst having complete access to his body was such a turn on for him.

He moved his hand from Levi’s back unzipping his bottoms releasing his own aching member as he began pumping it with Levi’s whilst his mouth kissed at any skin it came into contact with on the man’s chest.

Levi moaned needily as his hips rolled, Eren seemed to know what got Levi off now and he was all too happy to give Levi’s body what it craved.. Tilting forward Eren lay Levi on the bed removing his hand from their arousals as he eyed the scene in front of him.

“Fuck.. you’re actually beautiful” He said leaning over the man under him.

Levi usually would have hit back with some snarky remarks about how cringy the boy was being, but for some reason it didn’t feel right to and instead he tilted his head whilst slightly raising a brow.

Eren had been the only guy to ever call him endearing names. At first it made Levi uncomfortable since he was used to being degraded, even when he and Farlan were in a relationship the boy would call him a bitch as a regular pet name.. At the time it was not really an issue because he was used to it, but now he was being showered with affection and kindness and it was making him realise the bullshit he had turned a blind eye to in his life.

Leaning forward Eren buried his face into Levi’s neck kissing down to his collarbone as Levi turned his head to the side giving him more access as his mouth opened slightly letting small breaths out.

Eren was in his element and Levi wasn’t complaining. This was unlike anything he had ever experienced… This was slow and it was teasing, but he felt so content having every inch of his body spark by the boy’s mouth or hands.

Eren mouth travelled down to Levi’s waist brushing his lips against the soft skin as he continued further down kissing Levi’s inner thigh purposefully avoiding the hard skin missing his touch.

He sat up as he continued to kiss all the way down to Levi’s feet kissing the tip of the man’s toes causing the man to let out a suppressed giggle. “What the fuck are you doing?”

Eren smiled before slowly leaning back over Levi his eyes moving from the man’s lips to his eyes. “I want to take care of every part of you, you’re not just a dick, arse and pretty face you know”

Levi didn’t know how to answer. Out of all the weird or unusual sexual encounters he had experienced this was like nothing he’d ever felt. This felt intimate not rushed..

Levi tensed as the boy began kissing around his shaft. Teasingly avoiding it as he positioned himself to lay at the end of the bed. Propping himself onto his elbows Levi winced at how hard he’d become and the boy hadn’t even done much yet.

And oh he didn’t even see it coming when Eren’s mouth slipped over his aching member taking it to the back of his throat before twisting his head as he began bobbing up and down.

“Haa.. ugh.. Sh..shit Eren~” Levi’s head hit the pillow as he balled the sheets in his fists. He was so turned on that his body was a live wire at this point.

Eren slowly swirled his tongue before taking the whole length into his mouth again bobbing his head faster.

Levi pushed on the boy’s head keeping him in place as his hips rolled and Eren hummed in approval gripping onto Levi’s hips as he lifted the man further into his mouth.

Levi arched his back breathing wildly as he could feel the build up of excited twists in the pit of his stomach. He was shocked that he was at this point already, but he had never felt this turned on in his goddamn life.

His grip tightened on Eren’s hair as his back arched perfectly off the bed. Eren stopped moving and dug his fingers into the plump skin holding Levi in place as the man’s body began shaking.

He came letting out a high breathy moan before his back hit the bed and Eren swallowed his release while the smaller man lay motionless for a few seconds. He was about to sit up when he felt Eren gently turn him onto his stomach.

With his cheek to the pillow Levi felt Eren’s chest on his back as the taller boy kissed the back of his neck nuzzling his nose into his undercut. Levi closed his eyes, his body was so sensitive and Eren was giving the man everything he didn’t know his body had been craving.

Eren brushed his lips over Levi’s shoulders, his hand gently stroking the side of the slim frame. He then began kissing the dip of Levi’s spine sending shivers through the smaller man.

Why did this feel so good? And how did Eren manage to put him into this sort of state so easily.. He hated to admit it but it took a lot of effort to get Levi off to the point he faked a lot of his interactions with clients. He could fuck someone easily and not feel turned on, It was like second nature to him now so to suddenly have someone take the time to learn his body and see what actually makes him spark was refreshing.


The said man opened his eyes before he turned his head away from the pillow slightly to see Eren hovering over him. “I’m so shit at this I don’t even know how to ask you properly, but-”

Levi looked confused for a moment trying to read the boy’s expression. He then turned onto his back looking up at the boy “What’s wrong?”

Eren looked down at the man under him. “Can we.. You know..”

Levi suddenly realised what Eren was struggling to ask and his eyes widened for a brief second. He would be lying if he said he didn’t want this from the start, but with all the recent goings on and Eren’s blunt confession Levi was torn.

*Shit when did sex become such a taboo*

Looking up at Eren he cupped the boy’s cheek. “What’s gotten into you all of a sudden, first you confess your love for me then you wanna make things serious in the bedroom” Levi said with a nervous chuckle.

Eren leaned into the hand on his face. “I just want to feel close to you”

Levi almost burst out laughing but Eren was serious. This actually meant something to the younger boy and Levi was worried…

Why was he even overthinking this. Why was he nervous.. He had butterflies in his stomach and the thought of actually being connected to the younger boy felt deeper than he wanted it to be.

“It’s okay, I can see you’re not so keen on the idea” Eren said with a small understanding smile. He then leaned his head into Levi’s capturing the smaller man’s lips in his.

Levi closed his eyes letting the sudden distraction clear his mind for a second. Eren was so gentle with him. He knew the boy had a demanding side in the bedroom, but that person wasn’t here right now.

Pulling away from Levi’s lips Eren looked back down at the quiet man. “You’ve tensed up, forget I said anything. I’m sor-”

“Go for it”

Eren looked at Levi confused. “What?”

Levi rolled his eyes. “I’m not saying it again”

Eren’s expression softened as he ran a finger over Levi parted lips. “Are you sure”

Levi smirked before turning onto his belly. He then arched his back so his arse was resting in the boys crouch as he began rubbing needily against the boy… Yes he was definitely sure.

Eren sat up onto his knees tilting his head as he hungrily observed Levi’s body deliciously rubbing against him. Resting his hands either side of the man’s plump behind he began groping at the skin.

Eren’s breathing quickened as he positioned his shaft between Levi’s cheeks and began rocking his hips slowly. “Fuck..”

Levi moaned softly, his eyes were lidded and mouth slightly open as he gripped at the pillow he lay on… With all that overthinking and the nervous feeling in his stomach he had come to the conclusion that he wanted this...

Eren slid two fingers into his mouth coating them in saliva as he rocked back and forth the other hand gripping Levi’s hip.

He stopped moving a few seconds later, much to Levi’s disappointment, and removed the fingers from his mouth moving them to rub teasingly at Levi’s entrance.

Levi could barely contain his excitement as he began wiggling his hips for Eren to get a move on. Smirking Eren decided to give the man under him what he wanted and began pushing a digit into the tiny entrance.

Levi sucked air through his gritted teeth as Eren pushed a second finger into him slowly until the two digits were sucked into the warm heat.

“You okay?” Eren said soothingly stroking Levi’s waist.

Levi nodded urging Eren to move. Using his free hand the taller boy continued to caress Levi’s skin as his fingers began moving inside the man.

Levi winced slightly as Eren’s fingers opened him up. He gripped at the pillow covering his face as subtle gasps left his mouth.

“You’re doing so well” Eren said soothingly as his fingers curled in and out of Levi.

Levi lifted his head from the pillow whining at the slight discomfort.

Eren slowly built up momentum as he aimed for that place he knew sent Levi crazy. Pressing his fingers deeper Eren smirked when he heard Levi’s tune change and the smaller man began to groan desperately. “Is it there you like it baby” He said hitting the space harder and Levi nodded frantically anticipating the next hit.

Eren removed his fingers slowly as Levi let out a disappointed whine but it was short lived as he felt Eren’s tongue teasing at his entrance. “Haa ah.”

Eren stuck his tongue into Levi humming happily when he felt Levi press against his face. The younger boy groped at the bouncy skin almost losing himself in pure bliss as he ate Levi out.

“That feels so fucking good” Levi breathlessly panted out as Eren flicked his mucle in and out of him earning the younger boy dirty little moans and the occasional hip jolt when he hit a particularly sensitive area.

Eren nuzzled his face in further his long tongue darting in and out of Levi. The older man was whining continuously so much so that it even surprised him. *You sound like a fucking cat in heat!” He mentally scolded himself, but Eren seemed to be getting off on just that and gripped onto him tighter.

Removing his face from the now soaked hole he turned Levi over pulling the dazed man down to his level to face him. “It sounded like you enjoyed that”

Levi nodded needily whilst the taller boy grinned. “I’m gonna need you to lay still for a moment” lifting Levi’s leg over his shoulder Eren positioned his shaft to enter the now quivering man.

Levi’s stomach was doing flips at this point, his whole body ached with want.

Eren tilted his head, his eyes were filled with a deep longing that Levi had never seen before. “I want you to look at me as I enter you” Eren said in a low husky tone before he began pushing into Levi. He bit his lip looking down at the man who was trying his best to keep eye contact through his lidded eyes.

He paced himself as a breathy “Oh fuck..” left his lips as his throbbing shaft was sucked into the warm wet heat. He continued to push in slowly to the hilt captivated by Levi’s dreamy gaze. His pupils then dilated with excitement and his breathing became erratic as Levi’s eyes rolled to the back of his head and his mouth fell open.

“Fu..fuck..” Levi moaned loudly. The feeling of Eren completely filling him setting his body alight even more.

Eren began moving gently building up momentum with every thrust whilst Levi closed his eyes subtle moans of approval leaving his lips. Gripping onto the leg over his shoulder Eren leaned down capturing Levi’s lips into a passion driven embrace, his tongue entered Levi’s awaiting cavern as the older man’s muscle followed suite.

As Eren’s speed increased Levi wrapped his arms around the boy’s shoulders flicking his own muscle with the taller boy’s. He let out small hums with each thrust whilst his other leg had curled itself behind Eren pressing on his back as if the man didn’t want the boy to ever pull out.

Eren had awakened emotions and feelings in Levi that the older man never thought he would experience. As he held onto the boy, their bodies connected and lips locked he felt a rush of intense emotion that made tears cling to his eyes suddenly.

Eren pulled away from Levi’s lips to look at his face as his hips continued to move. Levi’s eyes were shut tight as he forced tears not to fall and Eren could see the man struggling with something.

Letting go of Levi’s raised leg Eren placed a hand behind the man’s back, slowly lifting him into his lap. The sensation of his body weight pulling Levi down so he sank further onto Eren’s shaft.

His eyes opened slightly as he jolted at the change of position and a pleading gasp flew out his mouth as he looked at Eren desperately.

A small tear escaped and Eren wiped it away gently with his thumb. He knew better than to go questioning Levi about it right now since the older man had done this before and as much as Eren wanted to know what caused it, he didn’t want to push Levi too much.

The older man’s senses were too heightened to even care at this point. Eren was moving deep inside him and it was making his body shake. Needy whines and gasps left his mouth as he gripped Eren’s shoulders.

“You like it there huh?” Eren said with a grin.

“Uh huh~” Levi groaned rolling his hips.

Leaning into Levi’s neck Eren swept his lips over Levi’s sensitive areas.“You want me to do that again?”

Levi nodded with no shame as his nails left prints in Eren’s shoulders.

Eren groaned feeding off of Levi’s reactions before he gripped onto the man’s rolling hips. He began thrusting up into the smaller body grunting when Levi tightened around him.

“O..oh shiiit.. right fucking there!” Levi threw his head back his body shaking with every thrust and Eren watched him lustfully with a dazed expression his mouth partially open as he moaned.

“You look so good on me” Eren said before laying further back so that he was leaning on his elbows as he watched Levi bounce on top of him.

He let out uneven breaths as his shaft rubbed deliciously against Levi’s inner walls and his eyes shamelessly panned up and down the smaller man’s body whilst biting his lip.

Levi closed his eyes moans spilling from his lips as Eren continuously prodded deep inside him. Levi’s body was a complete live wire at this point, this felt so new and was unlike anything he had ever experienced. They weren’t exactly doing anything in particular, but he felt different like a switch had gone off in his head and it wasn't just because it was Eren inside him… He thought maybe it was because of Eren’s confession and Levi knew the feeling was mutual or perhaps it was because Eren knew the part of Levi that he was so ashamed about and had completely accepted him.. Levi couldn’t put his finger on it but maybe Eren was right and all he wanted was to feel settled and accepted, but with all this falling right into his lap it was making him fall for the boy just that little bit more…*Shit..*

He opened his eyes slightly noticing Eren was watching him and his lips curved before he raised a hand running it through his hair. He slowed down teasingly rolling his hips whilst whining Eren’s name.

The younger boy couldn’t take his eyes off the man in front of him and sat up slightly groaning at the teasing pace.

“I don’t know how long I’m gonna last if you keep that up” He said sitting up and placing his hands on Levi’s moving hips.

Tilting his head Levi smirked as he bit his lip. “Why don’t you cum for me then”

Eren let out a low throaty groan before pushing Levi back onto the sheets and capturing his lips as his hips pounded into the smaller frame.

Levi almost screamed into the kiss at how deep Eren was. His legs curled themselves around the boy’s back and his eyes were heavy with a lustful gaze on his face as saliva pooled out the corner of his mouth.

“Fuck! Yes just like that!” He managed to moan out as Eren pulled away from his lips panting wildly over him.

Levi could feel Eren pulsing inside him as he left long nail marks on the boy’s back. Eren Groaned as he gripped at the bedding under him his lidded eyes focused on Levi’s face.

“I’m so fucking close..”

With one hand supporting him on the bed Eren moved his other to Levi’s neglected shaft palming it in his hand as he began rubbing it to the pace of his rocking hips.

Levi had lost all ability to think clearly as his body was losing itself to each sensation. Eren grunted as Levi’s nails dug deeper into his bare skin and the man’s eyes fluttered open to meet with the younger boy’s.

“Whatever you do, don’t you dare fucking stop~” He said looking at Eren with a dreamy expression.

The taller boy’s mouth opened partially as a husky moan left his lips.

Levi’s breathing began to quicken as a needy expression took over his face. His body had never felt so good and along with the lustful glint in Eren's eyes he was on the edge of euphoria.

Eren leaned into Levi’s neck gently grazing his teeth over the soft skin. Levi hummed excitedly arching his back as he felt the boy suck at his skin. Turning his head to give Eren more access Levi gripped the hair at the back of the boys head before Eren’s hips quickened and his breathing became heavy as he left purple marks on the man’s neck.

Levi could feel familiar twists of excitement began igniting in his lower stomach, He could tell Eren was feeling it too as he boy began moaning right into Levi’s ear.

The dimly lit room was filled with the sound of loud desperate moaning and skin slapping as the two neared their climax..

“Ahh.. Uaa..ah! Eren!”

Their bodies were shaking uncontrollably and their eyes fixed on one another as the two came with Levi throwing his head back calling out for Eren and the taller boy gripping the sheets as he watched the man under him come undone.


Eren’s hips began to slow down as he rode out their orgasm jolting his hips forward as the pressure began to release from his length filling the verbal man under him.

“Y.. you fuck me so good” Levi said as his body rocking with Eren’s rhythmical thrusts.

Eren took a breath as his hips stopped moving. He then tilted his head with a small curved smile. “That wasn’t a fuck”

Levi looked confused before a shaky moan left his lips as Eren slowly pulled out of him.

Planting a soft kiss on Levi’s parted lips Eren turned onto his back lying next to him as the two tried to calm their breathing. The dark haired man placed a hand over his beating heart, he was in slight shock of the whole situation.

Turning his head he saw the boy was looking at him too and their eyes met.

Eren smiled warmly as his eyes panned over Levi’s face and the older man didn’t know how to respond to it…

Usually this was the part where he would get up and leave, but Eren decided to pull him by the shoulder to face him and scooped the surprised man into a warm embrace.

With his head buried in Eren’s shoulder Levi sighed contently baffled as to why this felt so good. He didn’t even want to get up or move for the matter. He could quite happily lay in the boy’s arms forever.

Eren Kissed the top of Levi’s head as he stroked the man’s arm gently with his fingertips. Neither of them spoke and it was a comfortable silence. They both just listened to each other’s calmed breathing as their bodies began to come down from the high.

Closing his eyes Levi rubbed his face into the crook of Eren’s neck. He was just acting on instinct right now he had never been the cuddly type, but somehow Eren brought out the needy and affectionate side of him.

Eren fingertips began stroking the dip of Levi’s spine leaving goose bumps on the man’s arms. ”Your body is so sensitive right now” Eren said with a grin before planting a kiss on Levi’s shoulder.

Levi rest his hand on Eren’s chest the cosy embrace sending his body into a sleepy state.

“Are you tired?” Eren said his hand moving to massage the back of Levi’s head.

“Mmm” Was all Levi managed to get out as the boy’s hands worked their magic. Eren watched with endearment as Levi’s head tilted backwards into his hand and a content sigh left the man’s lips. Eren’s fingers began to knead into his undercut and Levi could feel his body give up on him, the younger boy was sending him into a comfortable slumber.

Eren smiled as he lay witnessing Levi drifting off. He pulled the sleepy man in closer to him as he continued to run his hand through the hair at the back of Levi’s head..

He lay in total bliss for a few minutes whilst Levi’s gentle breathing tickled his neck before suddenly realising he had told his mum he would collect Hunter.

Looking at his watch his heart almost beat out his chest..

“Shit..” He whispered before trying to untangle himself from Levi. He didn’t want to move, but it would be suspicious if he didn’t.

As he began moving Levi let out an annoyed huff before his leg and arm wrapped themselves around the boy and Eren almost burst out laughing at the adorable frown Levi had on his face as he gripped onto him.

“I’ll be back, I promise” He whispered using the back of his hand to stroke Levi’s face, but the sleepy man didn’t care as his leg wrapped around the boy tighter.

Eren sighed there was no way he could move now not with his infatuation being so uncharacteristically needy for him.

Yep he would just have to let his responsibilities fall onto his parents for one night and hope he wouldn't be questioned too much in the morning…

Getting himself back into a comfortable position he kissed Levi’s cheek as he held the sleeping man close to him. Levi had stopped frowning and instead looked peaceful as he continued to hold onto Eren.

Eren observed him as a finger traced Levi’s face. He had regretted bursting out with everything to begin with, but now it didn’t matter.. In Eren’s opinion Levi had the right to know even if that meant Levi would chose to separate himself from Eren..

He chuckled to himself at how weird this had all turned out since he had been panicking about Levi’s reaction to him knowing everything, but considering their current state he really had misjudged the situation..

As sure as Eren sounded about his opinions and feelings towards Levi the boy did have doubts over Levi being actually accepting of the way Eren felt about him and There was also the chance that he was totally wrong and Levi had been using Eren from the start..

Eren wasn’t stupid he could see through some of Levi’s ways and manipulation, but it seemed to only happen when Levi didn’t want Eren to view him a particular way.

Levi was a risk he was willing to take…

He didn’t have all the answers for why he fell so hard and he had hoped Levi would have fallen for him also, but Eren accepted that it was probably hard for Levi to trust anyone so much that he would allow himself to entertain that way of thinking.

Letting out a suppressed sigh Eren squeezed the warm sleeping body next to him. He would never force anything onto anyone, but this could get lonely after a while and he certainly didn’t want to feel like just another person added to Levi’s body count...