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mark’s heart pulses at the thought of the note he received; as he heads his way towards the school’s rooftop.


names of the different people he’ve interacted with raced his mind as he guesses who slipped the note into his locker.


the ‘guessing game’ lasted until he found his way onto the last case of stairs leading up towards the rooftop. the wind was firm and the sun was setting due to the late hour.


a sting punctured his heart as he figured that it was a stupid prank, until he heard footsteps behind him. and there stood donghyuck, mark’s best friend.


his uniform was snug on his petite, yet perfect body with his white; button-up shirt tucked in his navy blue pants with a tie, like mark. donghyuck held his hands behind his back, watching mark’s eyes widen.


“mark,” he starts, pulling both hands in front of him, holding a heart shaped box of chocolates in both his hands with a small, pink note attached to it.


“i like you. i like how smart and cool you are.
you really make my heart race everyday.”


donghyuck says, mind racing from his anxiety. mark is taken aback, he never expected his best friend to feel this way about him.


“are you sure it’s me that you like?”mark asks.


donghyuck nods almost immediately, blood filling his cheeks from embarrassment. and mark thought it was cute.


“even thought we’ve been friends for a long time .. i didn’t know wether you liked chocolate or flowers but if i brought flowers they would’ve died so i got chocolate instead, but i didn’t know if you liked dark chocolate or white so i got the box that had variety..” donghyuck babbled.


“don’t stress, donghyuck-ah. i love chocolate, and i accept your confession.”


mark smiles, taking the box of chocolates from the younger’s hand while bowing. and donghyuck couldn’t be happier, lowering his head so he could smile at the ground.


mark reaches out to pat donghyuck’s hair, “i guess you’re my boyfriend now.” he teases, watching the younger’s cheeks redden once again.


“how about we go get some cofee tomorrow?”


and donghyuck’s quick to agree. once mark left the rooftop, he couldn’t help but squeal in excitement.



the café smelt like strong, coffee and cake batter. and there sat donghyuck, wearing a casual outfit as he waited for mark.


and soon enough, he arrived. donghyuck felt his cheeks rise almost immediately. “over here mark!” he slightly shouts.


mark takes his seat in front of the cute boy, analyzing his outfit.


“dude, i’ve never seen you dress this good before.” he compliments. and donghyuck playfully hits him. “shut up stupid.”


“do you like coffee?” mark asks.


“no, but i still came for you. i’ll order a pretzel or something instead.”


“i know, that’s why i asked if we could come here to test if you really liked me, hehe.” mark says.


donghyuck rolls his eyes before taking their orders.



as they waited for their food, curiosity struck mark.


“when did you start having a crush on me?” he asks, looking straight into the younger’s eyes.


blushing, he answers. “well, it started when we first met, in middle school.” he starts, watching mark’s reaction.


“really?” he asks.


“yeah, i remember denying it since you were a male. but as i got older my feelings got stronger and once i found out you were into the same sex as well i took a chance.” donghyuck smiles.


mark felt his heart flutter at such words, he now felt embarrassed. “i .. didn’t expect you to confess since you never showed any signs of liking me!” he says.


“it paid off though.” donghyuck says, and mark agrees.


donghyuck’s food and mark’s coffee arrives shortly after their small conversation. “what’s that?” mark asks curiously.


“pizza stuffed pretzel-“ he’s cut off with a fake throw-up sound from mark. “shut up! it’s delicious.” donghyuck laughs.


“really? let me try it then.” he says. donghyuck shoved the steaming pretzel into mark’s mouth, he bites a piece.


he pushes the piece into the other side of his cheek, “it’s hot.” he says. donghyuck laughs, pinching his cheek from how adorable he was.


mark finishes the piece of food, smiling while doing so. “it’s surprising really good.” he giggles.


donghyuck nods, chewing on his pretzel.


mark takes a sip of his coffee. and they both finish up on a small conversation they had before.


“i was thinking .. that we should maybe go back to my house and watch a movie, like we used to always do.” mark suggests. donghyuck’s stomach twists at the thought, they’ve always went to his mom’s house, not mark’s.


“sure .. but who’s paying?” donghyuck asks.


mark smiles, “if you don’t pull out you lose! rock, paper, scissors, shoot!”



“you have to take your shoes off. my mom is sort of a germaphobe.” mark whispers, walking into his home. the house was comfortable and the perfect size for their family.


they both slip their shoes off and head over to the soft couch, a large tv hanging on the wall. “your house is huge, mark.” he compliments.


“it’s an okay size. i’m just ready to move out already.” he giggles. mark tosses the tv remote at donghyuck, “i’m gonna go change into something comfortable, find a scary movie.”


donghyuck’s quick to interrupt. “i hate scary movies.” he playfully whines, “we watched them all the time when we were younger..” mark says while jogging upstairs.


he comes back downstairs with a plain white shirt wearing plain pajama pants. donghyuck couldn’t lie, he looked so attractive.


“find something?” mark asks, flopping next to donghyuck on the couch.


“yeah, i found this one. paranormal activity.” he answers.


they play the movie, immediately being sucked into the plot. they both fall silent, focusing on the movie.


soon enough, donghyuck rests his head on mark’s shoulder, looking up at the older to catch any reaction. in his surprise, mark’s looking back down at him.


damn, the tension grew too fast. how’s they go from confessing to cuddling at mark’s house? the movie now was playing a scene where the character is some-what possessed, watch her husband sleep.


“yo, could you imagine that? that’s so creepy.” mark comments, and donghyuck tiredly hums in response. mark turns his head towards the sleepy boy, “you sleepy already?” he asks.


donghyuck nods, “unless there’s something we could do that could keep me awake.” he says.


mark takes a second to think for a moment. “want to make out?” he asks.


“now since we’re officially dating.” he adds.


donghyuck, now ironically fully awake, furrow his eyes brows. “what?” he asks, making sure he isn’t hearing things.


“but, i don’t know how to .. kiss.” he admits. mark eyes widen, “really? i’ll be your first kiss?” that ‘feeling’ of him being his first made his stomach twist in arousal.


“i’m not a expert but it’s really simple. you’ll enjoy it more if you’re really in love with the person you kiss.” he says. donghyuck nods, sitting up from his position.


“don’t freak out, okay? just close your eyes and i’ll guide you.” mark comforts. donghyuck obeys, closing his eyes waiting for mark’s lips.


and mark slowly leans in, placing his lips onto the younger’s, and they were warm, soft, plump, every word in the book that could describe how good his lips felt.


donghyuck, surprisingly, caught on and started mirroring his movements, mark guides his tongue into donghyuck’s mouth, making them part slightly, allowing mark’s tongue to slip inside.


the make out session turned messy quick, mark’s hand finding it’s way around donghyuck’s waist, the sexual tension was strong. too strong.


donghyuck whimpers in the kiss, everything felt so good. his body, his lips, his heart. he felt a tickle in his stomach, everything felt too good.


mark pulls away from the kiss, catching his breath. the younger’s lips were so sweet and soft, the best kiss he ever had.


donghyuck looked like a mess, lips all wet as his chest rises and falls. “i, can i touch you?” mark asks. as soon as he gives his consent, he pulls the younger onto his lap.


he lifts his shirt to feel the skin underneath, finding his nipples and slowly flicking them.


donghyuck bites his lips, whimpering at the feeling he never felt before. not once, did he think someone touching his nipples would
feel this good.


“mark,” he desperately whines, slowly grinding on mark’s crotch. the older quietly groans in arousal, the desperate feeling taking over him.


he grabs at his small waist, tracing his imprinted rib cage. mark looks down to see if he was hard yet, unsatisfied when he doesn’t see a tint in his pants.


“you’re hard to turn on?” mark comments, reaching in to kiss his neck. his hand also reaches down to touch his crotch, but he felt nothing.


a shock filled donghyuck’s body, he panicked. how could he forget. how could he tell him. “let’s stop.” donghyuck says, climbing off mark’s lap.


mark confusingly stops him, “wait, did i do something wrong?” he innocently asks.


donghyuck shakes his head. “it’s not you. it’s just something i haven’t told you .. i feel so shitty for it too.” he confesses, feeling his eyes stinging. shit, why is he so emotional.


“donghyuck, i don’t care about any scars on your body or how you feel about your weight, i really wanna do this with you, regardless.” mark says, rubbing donghyuck’s arm.


although it somewhat comforted him, he knew he could trust mark. fuck it.


“you might think of me as weird because of this, and i don’t want to lose you.” donghyuck says. mark is quick to assure him.


“i don’t care. i love you, i wouldn’t think any differently of you.” mark says.


donghyuck feels heavy weight on his heart. he loves him. he breathes in and opens his mouth.


“well, i was born differently.” he starts, and mark nod, understanding. “i don’t have a .. penis.” he finally spits out. it falls silent for a second.


“that’s totally fine, donghyuck. don’t be ashamed of that.” mark smiles, and he couldn’t feel anymore relieved.


“you don’t mind?” donghyuck asks again, making sure he ears weren’t playing tricks on him.


“of course not. i like you for who you are, plus that’s kinda hot.” mark teases, and he earns a playful shoulder hit from donghyuck.


he sighs in relieve, glad to have that off his chest. he looks down at his lap, mark’s hard on poking at him. “dude, your still hard?” he asks.


“wanna fix it?” mark asks.


“how can i fix it.”


“i dunno, but first let me try something.” mark says, switching their positions on the couch. mark puts donghyuck in a sitting position on the couch as he’s on his knees below him.


he hooks his fingers into his shorts. “can i take these off?” he asks, and donghyuck nods.


mark tugs them down to his legs, dropping them on the floor beside him. his pretty, plush thighs are displayed for him, underwear snug on him. he felt stomach twist at the sight.


“spread your legs for me.” mark demands, pushing them apart. donghyuck helps spread them, embarrassed. “you’re so soft, and pretty.” mark compliments.


“i wanted this for so long—“ donghyuck whines, chest rising and falling rapidly.


mark pulls the center of his underwear to the side, jaw almost dropping at the beautiful sight of the younger’s pussy, wet and glistening just for him.


“fuck hyuck, it’s so pretty.” mark says. he leans in to brush his lips against the warm, soft flesh of his thighs. leaving wet blotches of kisses along his thighs. donghyuck softly whimpers, “stop teasing, mark.” he whines.


mark’s kisses are getting closer and closer to his crotch. “you’re so cute when i tease you.” he comments. he felt as if enough was enough.


he licks a long strip of donghyuck’s sex, making the boy arch his back.


“god, mark that feels so good—“ donghyuck squeals.


the older licks right into donghyuck’s hole, plush lips wrapping around his clit as he lets out lewd moans, eating him out on his couch like it was his last meal.


he roughly holds donghyuck’s thighs down to prevent them from shaking, hard enough to leave prints. mark focuses back at his hole, nose brushing against his clit and donghyuck absolutely devours underneath him.


“please, please mark. fuck—“ he cries.


he couldn’t physically form any sentences to say, random words left his throat as mark continued to eat him out. he never felt this good, it feels even better since it’s from his lover.


donghyuck feels a finger pushing into him, he gasps; back arching from the couch. “mark— i’m gonna cum ..” he warns.


mark made sure his finger was knuckles deep inside the boy, making sure he comes all over him. he sucks at his clit again and that sends donghyuck off the edge.


it felt like something in him exploded, he swore he started to see gray. he kept whining until he came from his high, breathing heavily. mark sits next to him again, kissing at his neck.


“donghyuck, will you let me fuck you?” he asks, nibbling on the younger’s skin. he was so fucked out from that one orgasm, but he wanted mark. he needed him.


“please mark, take these off, fuck me, hurry.” donghyuck babbles. mark’s quick to pull down his pajama pants, his cock springing up, hitting his stomach.


it was big; too big for him. he felt worried but he knew mark could make it work.


“shit, i don’t have a condom hyuck.” mark says.


“it’s okay, i’m clean. i’ve never had sex before.” donghyuck says quickly, “i can’t get pregnant.”


mark stops his actions, “you sure you want to lose your virginity to me?” he asks.


“yes, i trust you. we’ve been friends forever. i want it to be you.”


fuck. mark pushes donghyuck onto his back, lifting his legs in the air. he couldn’t wait to absolutely ruin this boy.


“tell me when it hurts, i’ll stop.” mark assures. he lines up his tip with donghyuck’s entrance, slowly pushing in.


the stretch burned, bad. god, it hurt so bad. donghyuck hisses, and mark stops. “it’s okay,” mark coos.


he pushes in further, he’s halfway inside and donghyuck puts a hand on his chest. “wait, stay still.” he says, and mark quickly obeys.


“you’re so tight hyuck.” mark smiles, and donghyuck furrows his eyesbrows. “is that a compliment?” he giggles.


“i guess. you feel so amazing though.”


he signals him to start moving, and mark slowly rises his hips, and forcefully thrust into donghyuck. he reflexively moan at the feeling, he started to feel pleasure.


“mark— i feel so full.” donghyuck says, wrapping his arms around mark’s sweaty back. “shit hyuck, so fucking tight. feel so good,” he thrusts into him with a rapid speed and rhythm, each thrust making donghyuck moan louder and louder.


the younger squeals when the tip of mark’s cock hits that spot, and donghyuck’s holds his breath from the intense pleasure.


“faster mark, harder.” donghyuck managed to say, and what’s mark to say no? he slowly fits all of him inside donghyuck’s sex before thrusting into him hard enough to meet each other’s pelvis’.


mark whimpers at the sight of him being deep inside the younger, finger reaching down to toy at his clit. donghyuck was so overwhelmed with the intense pleasure, he didn’t know where to look or what to say.


he felt like a zombie from all the nonsense he was saying.


mark felt his orgasm building up, and decides to fuck into donghyuck faster and harder. he thrusts into him in a inhumanly speed.


donghyuck gasps at the sudden speed, “fuck mark— i can’t take it, stop.” he whines.


“you can take it, baby. you look so, pretty for me.” mark groans, hand sneaking under donghyuck’s shirt to twist at his nipple.


the younger arches his back, orgasm near. he reaches his arms out so mark could lean down and let him hug him, and mark grabs his hand, putting his hand in his.


“hyuck, can i come inside?” mark asks.


“god— yes mark, come inside please, i wan’ it.” donghyuck cries.


a few more thrusts sent both of them off the edge, mark came deep inside donghyuck. they both breath heavily, so fucked out and tired.


mark pulls out, both his come and donghyuck’s leaking from his hole. he thought it was the hottest thing ever.


“that was the best first time ever mark, thank you.” donghyuck smiles.


mark, on the other hand, whips a drop of their cum on his finger and licks it. “we taste sweet together.” he teases.


donghyuck playfully kicks him, “you’re disgusting.”


“let’s take a bath. you can wear my clothes to sleep.” mark says.


and donghyuck agrees, he’s glad he had the balls to confess.