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you stole a pizza my heart

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It’s a Friday night when it all begins.

Adora comes home after a long day of classes, throws her keys on the side next to Bow and Glimmer’s, kicks her Nikes off, and flops down on the couch. Glimmer, who is sat on the opposite couch, watches her amusedly as she reaches up with one hand and pulls the fluffy yellow blanket from the back of the couch over herself.

“Long day?”

“Mhm,” Adora says as she grabs a pillow and puts it against the arm rest of the chair, “but it’s over now. Goodnight.”

She’s just closed her eyes and settled for a nice couch-nap that will inevitably mean she doesn’t sleep tonight when Glimmer laughs. “Did you forget that it’s your turn to cook dinner tonight?”

Adora’s eyes snap open, and she glares over at her best friend. Glimmer smirks amusedly, and Adora knows why she’s enjoying this so much. Mostly because the whole dinner schedule was Adora’s idea; she was sick of takeout and wanted to cook healthy alternatives and she’d pretty much forced Bow and Glimmer into it with the cooking schedule that she’d stuck to the kitchen wall.

As much as she’s fully committed to her war against takeout, she’s also so tired she thinks she might set something on fire in the kitchen. “Ugh. Just order something. I don’t care.”

“But what happened to takeout food is the devil?” Glimmer says dryly, and Adora knows she’s not going to make it easy. “I thought we’d all end up with scurvy if we had one more McDonald’s. Surely, you don’t want your best friends to get scurvy.”

Adora snuggles into her pillow and shakes her head. “I don’t care. I’ll take scurvy over getting up right now.”

“Glad I got that on record,” Glimmer says, and Adora looks up to see her pointing her phone right at her, clearly videoing. “Bow! Adora says we’re allowed to order takeout again.”

Bow opens his bedroom door and peers out into the lounge. “Wait, really?”

“I got her on video!” Glimmer holds up her phone triumphantly, and Adora makes a mental note to go on there and delete that video when she can be bothered. “I’ll order pizza from Horde’s, we should support our local businesses.”

Adora grunts into her pillow, because Bow and Glimmer know that she’ll take a veggie pizza because it’s at least somewhat healthy. At least that’s what the pizza people want her to believe.

She hears Glimmer placing the order and rolls over to face the TV. She snuggles into her fluffy blanket – it always reminds her of home – and she half-watches the episode of Brooklyn 99 playing on television. She’s too tired to actually pay attention to it.

Glimmer sits back down on the other couch and smirks evilly at her. “Just because you’re the one making me break my very strict healthy diet, you have to answer the door when the pizza comes.”

“Ugh, what?” Adora groans, but she pushes herself up to sit. “That’s evil.”

“You’re the one who was too lazy to cook,” Glimmer says, and Adora knows she’s enjoying this, “you can have the awkward interaction with the pizza guy.”

“Whatever,” Adora rolls her eyes and pushes her blanket off, “I’m getting in my pyjamas.”

“You’re not going to get out of answering the door that easily!”

Glimmer’s laughs follow Adora down the hallway to her bedroom, but she doesn’t give her a response. Back in the takeout days, whoever looked the least embarrassing always answered the door, and Adora knows they’ll keep the same rules, so she gets in her unicorn onesie to manipulate that rule and also just because it’s super comfy and she needs that right now.

When she heads back to the lounge, Bow is sat on the couch with Glimmer. The moment he sees Adora, he passes Glimmer a five-dollar bill and says, “okay, I’m starting to think you’re actually psychic.”

Adora frowns at the two of them and sits back down on the couch, snuggling up in her blanket again. She’s extra toasty now, so much that she’s not mad at her friends for clearly placing bets on her. “Why is she psychic?”

“Because I knew you were going to put your unicorn onesie on in an attempt to get out of opening the door to the pizza guy,” Glimmer smirks triumphantly, “but it’s not going to work. I’ll send your unicorn alter ego out there.”

Adora scowls at her over the top of her blanket. “I don’t think you will.”

“Don’t doubt me,” Glimmer says, leaning back against the couch cushions, “I told you, you’re answering the door. You added the unicorn onesie yourself. Take it as my revenge for all the celery you’ve made me eat over the last two months.”

Adora opens her mouth to defend the honour of celery, but the doorbell rings and Glimmer stares at her expectantly. She looks at Bow, making sure to use the puppy dog eyes to appeal to his sympathy, but he smiles and shakes his head. “To be fair, I’m on the anti-celery team right now.”

“Ugh,” Adora rolls her eyes as the doorbell rings again, and she pushes herself up off the couch with a scowl, “fine. I hate you guys.”

Bow laughs. “No, you don’t.”

“Hate you too,” Glimmer replies with a teasing grin, “the cash is on the side!”

Adora flips her the bird as she heads towards the front door, grabbing the cash by the keys. There’s enough for the two pizzas and the leftover change for a two dollar tip. The doorbell rings again, and Adora rolls her eyes because this is probably the most impatient pizza guy on the planet, and she’s about to tell them just that when she pulls the door open.

It’s not their usual pizza guy, Kyle. It’s actually a pizza delivery girl. The single hottest pizza delivery girl – or girl in general – that Adora has ever seen. And Adora is stood here in a unicorn onesie like the biggest idiot on the planet.

“Took you long enough,” pretty pizza delivery girl says, in the most beautiful raspy voice Adora has ever heard. When she looks at Adora over the two pizza boxes in her arms, Adora feels like she’s going to faint even more. She has the prettiest eyes that Adora has ever seen. Heterochromia, that’s the word for it. One of her eyes is a beautiful, shimmering ocean blue, and the other a deep amber, like a pool of maple syrup.

“Earth to unicorn girl?” Pretty pizza delivery girl shifts the boxes to one arm and snaps her fingers in front of Adora’s face. It doesn’t entirely snap Adora out of her mortification, because now she’s been branded unicorn girl by the hottest woman she’s ever seen in her life. “I’ve got a small veggie deluxe and a large half and half?”

“Uh, yeah,” Adora blushes embarrassedly and takes the offered boxes, fumbling with the cash in her hand and dropping it on the floor. Thankfully, Bow comes to her rescue and grabs the two pizza boxes while Adora scrambles around on the ground for the loose change that she dropped.

She manages to scoop it all up in her hands, and when she stands up straight again, beautiful pizza delivery girl is staring at her, eyebrow raised in amusement as she waits for her money.

Adora clears her throat and hands pizza girl the cash. She has another moment of what she can only call gay panic when soft fingers brush against her hand as the pizza girl takes the cash and proceeds to count the change out right there in front of her.

“Um,” Adora says as the woman counts the coins, “there should be enough for a two-dollar tip.”

Those beautiful eyes flick up to meet her gaze, and the pizza girl pockets the cash and says, “thanks, My Little Pony,” before sauntering off down the hallway.

Adora stares down the hallway after her until pizza girl reaches the stairwell. Adora takes in a deep breath, realises just how awkward that was, and leans back against the apartment door when she shuts it behind her, letting out a loud, exasperated groan. Thanks, My Little Pony replays in her head, and Adora decides that all of that literally couldn’t have gone worse.

When she looks up, Bow and Glimmer are looking right at her from the couch. Bow looks sympathetic, to his credit, but Glimmer looks almost as amused as the attractive pizza girl had.

“Okay, Adora, you’re literally the textbook definition of a useless lesbian.”

Adora sighs and pushes herself off from the door. Despondently, she walks over to the lounge and flips open her pizza box, grabbing a slice and flopping down against the couch. “It didn’t go that badly… did it?”

“I mean…” Bow pauses, probably thinking about how to break the news of Adora’s disastrous track record around girls to her like she isn’t already aware, “It could’ve gone better.”

“At least she didn’t barf this time,” Glimmer says, like that makes it any better, “and remember when that bodybuilder girl asked her if she wanted a drink and she fainted?”

Adora scoffs, offended. “Uh, that’s not fair. I was dehydrated.”

“Yeah, because you were so thirsty for her,” Glimmer retorts, and Adora throws a pillow at her in revenge. It bounces off the side of the couch and flops onto the floor. “Wow, I thought you were supposed to be an athlete. That was weak.”

Bow laughs lightly. “She’s probably still faint from talking to the pizza girl.”

Adora huffs, folding her arms across her chest. She looks down at her pizza with a frown and says, “I could come back from that. I just wasn’t expecting to see someone so attractive. I was expecting Kyle, he always used to do our deliveries.”

“Adora, I mean this in the nicest way possible,” Glimmer says, “you can’t come back from the unicorn onesie. Admitting that you own a unicorn onesie is like, a fiftieth date revelation. And it takes another fifty to wear it in front of her.”

Adora reaches for another slice of pizza, already plotting exactly how she’s going to prove Glimmer wrong.

Three paces. Then a pause to check herself over in the mirror.

Rinse. Repeat.

She’s been pacing ever since she rang Horde Pizza and made the order for one small veggie deluxe, and a side of curly fries. Bow and Glimmer are out – date night – so they’re not here to judge her for first breaking her own rules on takeout, and second for ordering pizza when she literally doesn’t even want it, she just wants to see the pizza girl.

Glimmer would have a field day with the second thing. Adora just knows it. She can already hear her teasing in her head. That’s why she’s waited all week to set her plan in motion.

Adora isn’t going to let anything stop her. Even if nothing comes of this, even if all she does is continually make a fool out of herself in front of the hot new pizza delivery girl, at least she can say she tried.

She definitely tried tonight. She pauses to check herself in the mirror again, like her makeup is going to magically disappear and her unicorn onesie is going to phase onto her body because it sensed that there’s a pretty girl on her way here. She normally doesn’t bother with makeup, mostly just because it takes too much time, so she’s not super talented at it. But as she looks herself in the mirror, she has to say that she looks hot.

She tried not to go overboard. Simple makeup, trying to accentuate her eyes. She’s been told that they’re her best feature, even though she doesn’t think they hold a candle to the beautiful pizza girl’s heterochromia. She’s wearing lipstick, too, even though she hates the feel of it, and she’s paranoid that it’s somehow going to end up on her teeth.

For her clothes, maybe she had gone a little overboard. She’s wearing the white dress that she’d worn to the ball that Bright Moon University throw every winter semester, and she knows that she looks good in it, because that night she’d been hit on by a number of guys. She honestly doesn’t think she’s said the words ‘I’m a lesbian’ more times in one night.

Adora almost jumps out of her skin when the doorbell rings. She stares at the door right in front of her and takes a few breaths to calm herself. She looks over at her own reflection again and murmurs a few words of encouragement. “You got this. Just say something flirty. You look hot. If she likes girls, she’ll be into it. Duh.”

Adora sucks in one last breath before her hand finds the door handle and she pulls it open.

“Hey there,” Adora says, leaning against the door frame casually, an attempt at a flirtatious smirk on her face. “How- oh,” Adora’s smile drops completely when she sees Kyle, standing there uncomfortably, holding out her boxes. “Kyle?”

“Uh, hi, Adora,” Kyle smiles awkwardly and pushes the boxes towards her, “veggie deluxe and some curly fries?”

“Oh, yeah,” Adora tries not to sound too disappointed as she takes her food and passes Kyle the money, “thanks. I didn’t know you still worked for Horde’s. Thought you hated the owners.”

And when a pretty girl showed up last week, I thought she’d be the usual delivery person from now on, Adora adds in her head, but she tries not to take it out on Kyle. He’s a sweet guy. A little awkward and clumsy, and definitely not the person she wants to see right now, but sweet.

“Hordak has actually chilled out now that he’s got a new girlfriend, and she improved our recipes so much that business is better than ever,” Kyle says as he counts the money and pockets the tip, “we’re actually hiring, both delivery and in the kitchen, if you’re interested?”

Adora isn’t interested, because she already has a job at the coffee shop on campus and between that, track practice and college classes, she doesn’t have time for another thing. But then she remembers the pretty delivery girl with the heterochromatic eyes, and she finds herself nodding. “Yeah. Yeah, that’d be cool.”

“Cool,” Kyle says as he turns to leave, “just come down during the day and grab an application. And thanks for the tip!”

“No problem,” Adora says quietly as she steps back into her apartment and shuts the door behind her. “It was supposed to be for the pretty girl, but still.”

Adora is on the couch, filling in the application form for Horde Pizza in her trusty unicorn onesie, when the doorbell goes. She frowns, because Bow is out at his yoga class – she’ll never not find it hilarious when she sees him leave the gym chatting with a bunch of middle-aged women – and Glimmer is in the shower.

She decides to just ignore it – answering the door in her unicorn onesie hasn’t exactly gone well in the past – but the shower shuts off, the bathroom door opens a crack, and Glimmer peers around the door. “Can you get that? I ordered food.”

Adora rolls her eyes. There’s no doubt in her mind that Glimmer will have ordered from her favourite sushi place. She’d been talking about going there for dinner all week. “I thought we agreed that the pizza the other week was a moment of weakness.”

“We did,” Glimmer says, “but then I saw another pizza box in the trash, so I figured if you can order takeout behind my back, I can do it behind yours.”

The doorbell rings again, and Adora puts the application aside and stands up. She waves a hand at Glimmer. “Shut the bathroom door, you’ll set the fire alarms off with the steam from your shower again, and remember how mad everyone was at you that time the whole building had to be evacuated?”

“Okay, okay,” Glimmer rolls her eyes, “don’t eat any of my food.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” Adora says as she heads over to the door. She has plans for a nice stir-fry tonight, with lots of veggies to make up for the curly fries she ate last week. The pizza and fries had been a nice comfort meal after Kyle had shown up in the beautiful girl’s place.

She pulls the door open and meets heterochromatic eyes, and then she realises she’s in front of the pretty pizza delivery girl in a unicorn onesie. Again.

Pizza girl lets out a quiet laugh as she looks her up and down. “Do you wear that thing all the time, or something?”

Adora blushes and grabs the cash that Glimmer had left on the side by their keys. She catches sight of herself in the mirror, and she hopes that the universe is having a lot of fun with the massive practical joke it seems to be playing on her.

“Or something,” Adora says, and she’s at least proud that she managed to get a coherent sentence out. Granted, she can’t look at the girl to do it. “This should cover it.”

She takes the pizza from the girl and scowls at Glimmer when she comes out of the bathroom wrapped in her fluffy purple robe. Glimmer looks behind her as she takes the pizza, sees the beautiful delivery girl, and snorts with laughter.

Adora reaches out and smacks her lightly, and then turns back to the girl, but she’s already walking down the hallway and out of sight.

As Glimmer flops down on the couch with her pizza, Adora slams the apartment door shut and stomps over. “You could’ve told me that you’d ordered from Horde’s.”

“I didn’t think it’d be the same delivery girl!” Glimmer says through quiet laughter. “Blame fate for that one.”

“I should’ve just let her take your damn pizza back to the store,” Adora collapses onto the couch and grabs the job application again. She’s halfway through it, but the more she thinks about it, the less she wants to finish it. “You guys were right. There’s no coming back from the unicorn onesie. Maybe I should accept that I’ll die alone. And apparently I’ll die a unicorn.”

“I’ll make sure to bury you in it if you go first,” Glimmer says through a slice of pizza. After a few moments of consideration, she holds out the pizza box, “slice of pizza to make everything better?”

Adora leans forward and takes a slice, picking off a few pieces of pineapple, because ew. “Okay, be honest with me. Do I have any game?”

“No,” Glimmer says, and she doesn’t even hesitate, “but! But,” Glimmer adds before Adora can tell her just how offended she is by her lack of support, “some people might find it endearing.”

“Not someone who looks like pizza girl,” Adora mutters, “can I just join you and Bow in your relationship? Come on, you can make room for one more.”

Glimmer laughs. “Well, first off, you’ve literally joked that you’re allergic to men, so maybe ask Netossa and Spinnerella if you can join their relationship instead. And second, you’re not totally hopeless with girls. You’re just hopeless when you’re trying, you know? I mean, Perfuma kind of had a thing for you before she realised you were a massive dork.”

“Oh, great,” Adora rolls her eyes, “that really helps. Thanks, Glimmer.”

“You know what I mean,” Glimmer replies, letting Adora’s sarcasm bounce right off, “you just… shouldn’t try so hard. Just talk to pretty girls like you’d talk to anybody else.”

“Ugh, they just- they’re so pretty, though,” Adora says. She leans back against the couch and lets out a long, frustrated sigh. “If pizza girl could just stop being so hot for five minutes, that’d help.”

“Hey, guys,” the front door opens and Bow walks in, as cheery as ever, “you’ll never guess who I saw on my way up…”

“The hot pizza delivery girl?” Glimmer finishes for him and holds up her pizza box. “Yeah. Adora opened the door dressed like a unicorn again and now she thinks she’s going to die alone.”

“I can see we’re in a crisis that only my world-famous hot cocoa can fix,” Bow says as he drops his yoga mat by the door and heads towards the kitchen. “Give me five minutes and I’ll be ready to give you the pep talk of all pep talks.”

Adora watches after him with a sigh.

She’s still thinking about how hopelessly gameless she is at work over the weekend. Is gameless even a word? Adora questions to herself as she taps her next customer’s order into the register. Or am I so gameless that I literally coined the term ‘gameless’?

She’d given up on the job application for Horde Pizza. If she’s as hopeless and clumsy around the beautiful girl at home, she doesn’t want to encounter her around searing hot ovens and sharp knives. No, Adora can already imagine the disaster that would inevitably happen.

It’s better if she just sticks to her old no-takeout dining plan and forget that these last few weeks ever happened.

She’s determined and set on her plan entirely, but then the next customer steps up to order and Adora realises that she’d know those eyes anywhere.

“Hey, unicorn girl,” pizza delivery girl says, flashing a teasing smirk that makes Adora’s heart skip, “almost didn’t recognise you. I guess you don’t go through life dressed like a giant unicorn. Honestly, I’m kind of relieved.”

She looks even more beautiful than she had on Adora’s doorstep. Her hair is down, rather than up in that messy ponytail, and she’s not wearing her Horde Pizza polo shirt and baseball cap. Instead, she’s in a pair of incredibly tight skinny jeans and a red crop top that reveals far too much for Adora to ever think about anything else again.

Adora accidentally presses a few buttons on the register and the cash drawer pops out to hit her in the stomach. She winces, pushes the drawer back in, and lets out a nervous laugh. “Uh, yeah. I mean, no. I don’t- I don’t walk around dressed like a unicorn.”

Pizza delivery girl smirks again, and Adora awkwardly smiles back. “So, are you going to take my order, or what?”

“Oh, uh, yes,” Adora snaps to attention, clears her throat, and tries to stop being aware of just how pretty this girl is. If she keeps noticing, she literally might die. Is that possible, to die because she was actually too gay to function? She’s not sure that’s something she wants in her obituary. “What can I get for you?”

Pizza delivery girl glances over Adora’s shoulder at the big menu board, but after a few moments of her beautiful eyes reading the words, they’re back on Adora and there’s still that fucking smirk toying at the corner of her mouth. “Surprise me.”

“What?” Adora stammers, and pizza delivery girl smirks even more, if anything. “Surprise you?”

“Yeah,” the girl says, “surprise me. Name for the order is Catra. Later, unicorn.”

With that, she breezes over to the collection point, all poise and grace, and it makes Adora’s heart stutter even more. “Um, it’s Adora, actually,” Adora says much too late, and she scrambles to put in a quick order for pizza girl – Catra – and hopes that she likes it as she scribbles her name onto the cup.

She’s much too interested in whether or not Catra likes her drink. So much that the next customer in line has to say excuse me three times to get her attention, and by the time Adora has taken his order, Catra is sauntering out of the door, coffee cup in hand.

Adora realises exactly three hours later that what a person with any sort of game would’ve done was write her name and number on Catra’s coffee cup. But because Adora is Adora, she’d gone and blundered her way through another chance to flirt.


Catra comes back to the coffee shop three days later.

Adora isn’t working; actually, she’s just finished. She’s running late for her economics class, and she’s sprinting out of the staff room with her backpack on one shoulder when she rams right into someone and hears the surprisingly distinct sound of a paper coffee cup bursting on the floor.

“Are you fucking kidding me?”

Adora forgets the coffee spreading all over the floor when she hears that voice. She looks up in surprise, and a few moments later, meets beautiful heterochromia and registers the big coffee stain spreading on Catra’s white Guns N’ Roses t-shirt. There’s a fiery anger shining in the eyes Adora has always found so pretty, and that’s enough to set her off on a long stream of apologies.

The gaze softens after a few moments, but Adora barely notices. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry. I’m- god, I’m a fucking idiot, I was just in a rush and I wasn’t looking where I was going. Let me buy you a new drink, or a new shirt, or both… yeah, probably both, I’m just- hold on-”

Adora pauses and grabs one of the napkins from the closest table, and in her haste to fix things, starts rubbing the spot on Catra’s shirt where the coffee stain is. “Honestly, I’m kind of known for being a klutz literally anywhere except the track field, and it just gets worse when I’m around a pretty girl, and- oh, okay, I just realised I called you pretty, which, like sure, yeah, it’s pretty obvious that you are, and don’t you just love puns? I do, like- like when you delivered that first pizza to my apartment, I totally should’ve just said, ‘hey, slice to meet you’ because that’s basically comedy gold-”

Catra interrupts her with a laugh. “You know, I’m waiting for you to take a breath, but now I’m thinking that magic lungs are part of your unicorn powers.”

That’s when Adora realises that she’s literally rubbing the intimidatingly pretty girl’s chest with a napkin, and she jumps back a solid foot. “Oh, god, I’m so sorry-”

“Okay, don’t start that again,” Catra holds up a hand to stop her before she can start, and Adora’s jaw clicks shut. She thinks it’s mostly from nerves, but also because part of her knows the more she talks, the more embarrassing she is.

Like, seriously? Pizza puns? What the fuck is her problem?

“It’s okay,” Catra says, looking down at her shirt. They both know that it’s probably ruined for good, but Catra doesn’t say it. “I’m sure it’ll come out with a couple of washes. And if not, I guess it can be a pyjama shirt. All of my t-shirts end up as pyjama shirts at some point.”

“At least let me get you another coffee,” Adora says, and she tries to relax a little bit. It helps – and hurts – when she reminds herself that she’s basically put the final nail in the coffin, and there’s no way that Catra will have any kind of romantic interest in her now that she scalded her with coffee.

Catra shakes her head. “It’s fine. You said you were in a rush, anyway.”

“Yeah, well,” Adora shrugs, “fuck economics class. The professor hates me anyway, so I might as well head there late. I’m getting you another drink.”

She turns and heads towards the counter, where Glimmer is behind the checkout, snickering with laughter, because of course Adora’s painfully awkward clumsiness is hilarious to her.

Adora ignores her laughter and orders a fresh drink for Catra, as well as a hot chocolate for herself. Since Bow is working, the hot chocolate will actually calm her down. She’s like, half certain he puts something in there, because it just doesn’t do the same job when someone else makes it.

Knowing Bow, it’s probably some magical essence of rainbows.

“Don’t drop them,” Glimmer says when she brings the drinks over to the collection point, and Adora scowls right at her when she hears Catra’s light, musical laughter behind her.

Adora picks up the drinks and passes one to Catra. “Here. I’m… I’m really sorry, again. Especially about your shirt.”

“It’s fine, Adora,” Catra says, and Adora’s heartrate picks up hopefully in her chest. So Catra had caught her name. “It’s an old shirt, anyway.”

Adora isn’t sure if she believes her, but she nods. “Okay. Sorry, though.”

“Stop apologising,” Catra rolls her eyes, but it’s in a soft, playful way, “it’s no big deal. Just… get to your class, dummy.”

“Okay, yeah,” Adora realises that the professor is probably going to kick her ass, especially because she’s coming in late with a cup of coffee in hand, “um… I- yeah. I’ll see you around?”

“Sure thing, unicorn,” Catra flashes that smirk again, and it’s so attractive that Adora almost walks into the coffee shop doors, “see you around.”

Adora orders pizza the next night, five minutes before Horde Pizza closes, with a plan in her mind.

A plan to make pretty pizza delivery girl Catra say yes to a date.

With her luck, it won’t work out. With her luck, Kyle will probably show up again. But Adora doesn’t care. She’s at least going to try. She literally can’t make Catra’s impression of her any worse, at least. She’s already seen her in a unicorn onesie twice, watched her somehow hurt herself with a cash register, dropped hot coffee all over her and ruined one of her t-shirts.

She’s not sure if anything could make it worse.

(Though, knowing Adora, she’ll probably find a way.)

She doesn’t dress up this time. She knows that if she does, the universe will definitely send someone like Kyle to her doorstep. But she doesn’t put on the unicorn onesie that seems to summon Catra, either.

Adora keeps it casual. A t-shirt and some jeans. She can’t go wrong with a casual outfit, and Glimmer had told her not to try too hard. She knows that Glimmer meant it in a ‘learn when to shut up’ kind of way, but advice is up for interpretation so Adora decides to interpret it like that.

She still paces by the door for the twenty minutes between Adora making the order and the sound of the delivery person ringing the doorbell, but she thinks it’s calming for the inevitable nerves. Or maybe it makes them worse. Honestly, she has no idea.

When the doorbell rings, Adora takes a breath, counts to ten, and pulls the door open.

Catra is there, pizza in hand and smirk on her face. “You’re not in your onesie.”

“No,” Adora says, and she takes another deep breath when she feels the nerves building again, “do you have any deliveries after this?”

“Nope,” Catra answers, “I was literally just going to get off early, but then some asshole put in an order five minutes before close. Medium margherita. Ring any bells?”

Catra holds the pizza box out with that teasing smile on her face, and Adora takes it, holding out the money in exchange.

“Okay,” Adora pauses as Catra takes the cash and pockets it. And then she’s turning to leave, and Adora realises that it’s now or never. “Catra, wait. Come in and share it with me.”

Catra pauses in the hallway, and when she turns around, her eyebrows are raised in surprise. After all of Adora’s awkward rambling and clumsiness, clearly she hadn’t expected that. “Is this your attempt at making up for that coffee thing yesterday? Because I told you, it’s fine.”

“No,” Adora shakes her head, even though literally every single instinct is telling her to say yes, awkwardly apologise again, and then take her sad little pizza and eat it by herself. “It’s because I want to spend time with you. In like… a date sense. Or- you know, a friend sense if you’re not into that. I just- I think you’re really beautiful, and I’d like to get to know you.”

Adora lets out another breath after that. She finds it hard to believe that she actually managed to get any of that out without spiralling into some longwinded speech about platonic friendships and romantic relationships and how they’re both equally valuable, and even if Catra says no, Adora can be proud of that.

Catra doesn’t say no. But she doesn’t say yes, either. She smiles, and it’s so soft and warm compared to that attractive smirk that Adora is a little taken aback by her beauty. “Open the box.”

Adora frowns, but flips open the lid of the pizza box and catches something written there. She steps back to put the box on the kitchen counter and read what it says.

It was ‘slice’ to meet you too, Adora. Call me. – Catra

Adora looks up from the words written there to see Catra leaning casually against the door frame. For once, she’s actually speechless, and she’s not sure if that’s helping her case. Adora forces through it with an awkward, “wait, what?”

Catra laughs, and it’s so soft and musical that it makes Adora’s stomach flip. “I’d pretty much decided that this job sucked until I met this cute girl in a unicorn onesie. And I don’t know… something happened, because I couldn’t stop thinking about her. Maybe because she stole a pizza my heart.”

Adora laughs too, and if anything, the joke had comforted her. Maybe Catra isn’t some smooth, flirtatious charmer. Or maybe she is, but deep down she’s just as dorky as Adora. “So the pizza pun worked on you, then?”

“Oh, definitely not,” Catra says, flashing that gentle smile again, “but the girl who made it was pretty a-dough-rable.”

“Okay, now you’re just pitying me,” Adora rolls her eyes, but she’s smiling. She’s not sure if she’ll ever stop smiling, because somehow, the pretty pizza delivery girl likes her back. “So… do you want to share this with me?”

She nods over at the pizza, and those beautiful heterochromatic eyes are staring right into her soul when she looks back at Catra, nervously waiting for her response.

“On one condition,” Catra says, and Adora nods, ready to give her anything she wants, “no more pizza dates.”

“Yeah,” Adora smiles, “I think I’ll be okay with that.”