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- my head! -
Exclaimed a bespectacled boy who was in the infirmary, he was lying down and finally managed to open his eyes.

- how are you? -
A familiar voice asked him, he turned to the source of that voice when he saw Pang- no wait he didn't look like Pang, he looked so different, he wore glasses and had mushroom hair, he was so weird and didn't look like his at all. Pang.

- Pang? -
He asked with a bewildered look, the boy who looked like Pang made a confused face.

- Sun? Are you OK? Copper has really exaggerated this time ...-
He said sadly, Wave immediately wondered who he was talking about, Sun, Cooper?

- Sun? Copper? Pang what are you talking about? -
The boy who looked like Pang made an even more confused face, adjusted his confused mushroom bangs, then turned his gaze to someone.

-Inn, you need to talk to Copper, the situation here is serious, Sun seems to remember nothing-
He said worried to a person who was in that room, then he turned to the person to whom Pang was talking, it was a boy who was looking at him with a look between the sweet and the worried, suddenly, tired of the situation, Wave sat up in bed and glared at both of them.

- Who the fuck are you two? Where am I now? -

He asked irritably, causing Inn and the boy with the mushroom hair to widen their eyes.

- Sun what's up with you-
mushroom boy was interrupted by Wave who glared at him.

- I'm not Sun! -
He said, wearing his glasses that were on the table next to the bed where he was sitting.

- Where is my sweatshirt? -
He asked coldly, Inn and mushroom boy gave each other confused glances.

- Um ... What sweatshirt? -
Hearing those words, Wave suddenly turned to him, then left the infirmary.

- Should we follow him in your opinion? It seems so strange ...-
Inn nodded and they too left the infirmary.

Wave looked around, with a bewildered look.
-Why is the school so different? -
He whispered to himself, then looked at his uniform, it was different from the one he always wore, and, importantly, his pin was missing.

- my pin? Why is my uniform so weird? -
He took off his glasses and looked at them.

- did it really work? But if I am in this world then why do I still have my glasses? -
He wondered again, and then put his glasses back on, he turned to go into the school garden until a voice stopped him.

- Sun! I see that you have recovered immediately! -
It was a male voice and with an arrogant tone, he called it Sun, so that meant it was his name in this parallel reality.

He turned towards him with his usual cold gaze, he saw a group of four boys coming towards him, the boy in the center must surely be the leader, they looked like the usual bullies who believed themselves strong.

Who knows if he still had his potential in this reality, he thought, then he see the leader of that group approach him and take him by the collar of his uniform.

Then Wave's eyes widened, how did this asshole afford?

- since when have you been wearing glasses Sun? Did I hit you so hard that you lost your sight? -
He said and then laughed with his other friends, Wave looked at him with a cold and irritated look.

Wave did not have time to argue that he heard two voices, which distracted even that bully.

Wave turned to the two voices, they were that Inn and that mushroom boy.

- Copper leave him! Wasn't it enough to beat him until he fainted? -
Inn said, in an angry tone, approaching that Copper, who released his grip on my collar and turned to Inn.

- Aww Inn defending his boyfriend, what a sweet scene -
He said with an ironic tone, Wave widened his eyes again, boyfriend? With that Inn? Hell no.

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- I don't see anything wrong with defending him, because unlike you I have a brain -
Inn said giving him a small grin satisfied by his answer, Wave had to say that this Inn wasn't that bad.

Copper gasped in thrill, after that he punched Inn in the face, the mushroom boy stood still, he was afraid and did not know what to do.

Wave had an idea, hoping that his potential still worked in this reality, he took the phone, touched it and concentrated on what he wanted to do.

The half-time bell rang first, Copper was about to throw another punch, but hearing the bell he stopped.

- why did it rang earlier? -
Mushroom boy asked questioningly, Inn turned to him.

- I don't know Oh, it's kinda weird -
Copper left with his group and Wave gave a small grin, his potential still working apparently.

So that mushroom boy's name was Oh, Wave made a little mental note.

Wave looked at Inn and Oh with a questioning look, not knowing where to go and what his class was.

Oh took Wave by the wrist and looked at him, a shiver went through his back, he seemed to feel Pang's touch, at that thought Wave was slightly saddened.

He missed Pang.

- don't you remember where your class is Sun? - um I mean ... -

Oh scratched the back of his neck with his other hand, not knowing Wave's name.

- I'm Wave, my name is Wave -
He said coldly, Oh smiled slightly, greeted Inn and started running, dragging Wave.


The lessons were over, Wave did not know whether to go to the home of himself in this world or to simply give himself up to be able to work on his plan to be able to return to his world.

Oh and Inn joined Wave, with them there were also two girls, Wave turned his gaze to see them and opened his eyes in surprise.

Claire? Mon?

But then he immediately thought that they too could be counterparts of this world, Wave lightly touched Oh's arm, who immediately turned her gaze to him.

- their names? -
Wave mimed with his mouth, Oh made an 'o' with his mouth and immediately said it to him in a low voice.

- The girl with the braids is Peach, while the other girl is called Ainam -

Wave made a little mental note on this too, he was surprised at how different these people were from his friends, Peach here didn't look like the usual Claire who was arrogant to everyone, here she was sweet and kind, she sure wouldn't hurt to a fly.

They walked and chatted for a while, Wave didn't say many phrases, so as not to seem suspicious and for fear of saying something wrong, he didn't want Ainam and Peach to know about this for now, already Inn and Oh were enough.

Ainam and Peach said goodbye to Wave, Inn and Oh, so there were two of them plus Wave of them left who could now help Wave.

- you don't know the way home, right Wave? -
Inn asked looking at him with a sweet look, Wave looked at him badly and denied with his head.

Then Oh told Inn that he could go and that he would take care of Wave, telling him that he would take him to his house and tell his aunt that he would sleep with him.

- So I can also describe his behavior a little and you will explain to me why you are here -

Oh he said looking at Wave, Wave smiled slightly and nodded.

Inn also nodded and greeted the two.

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- let's recap everything, do you came from a dimension where there is a boy like me and where you and your friends have superpowers? -

The mushroom-haired boy said in shock, wave nodded, turning to him with his eyes.

- I know it's hard to believe, but please believe it -

Oh nodded.

- I believe it, Sun is completely different from you -
He whispered with a small smile, hearing that sentence a doubt came to Wave, which he immediately decided he wanted to clarify with the other bespectacled.

- What relationship does Sun have with Inn? -
At that question Oh whirled around, scratched the back of his neck for a moment, perhaps to waste time, and he even opened his mouth for several times until he came to a direct answer.

- They are dating -
Wave opened his eyes surprised, he already had some theories about it, but he didn't think they were real.

Wave then nodded slightly, and an awkward silence fell in Sun's room - maybe we should say in Wave’s room now?

- well, maybe it's better to go to sleep now, tomorrow I'll take you to some of my friends ... You know how to ride a motorbike? -

Wave nodded and Oh gave him a small smile before adjusting the covers.


The two boys woke up around nine thanks to the alarm on Oh's phone, and again thanks to his help, he was able to find all the useful things to settle down for going out with the mushroom boy's friends.

- Oh -
Wave called the boy, they were on their way to visit Oh's friends.

The mushroom-boy stopped to walk and turned to him, with a questioning look.

- what are your friends called? Does Sun already know them? -
The bespectacled boy wanted to avoid to make some figures as much as possible, he didn’t even like talking to those he did not know, especially talking those few times and saying wrong things.

- Sun doesn't know them so much, you can rest assured, but anyway you will see two boys, one of them looks like a high school kid but apparently he is older than us, Jued, while the other you will see will perhaps be the least friendly, but when you get to know him well you will find that he is a sweetie who cares so much about his friends, Pong -

Wave nodded to everything he said Oh, usually he didn't pay so much attention to anyone but Pang (especially him) and his friends, but maybe that was precisely why Oh was Pang but in another universe for making him so interesting.


As soon as they arrived in front of the workshop they saw a boy come out, it was Jued, he was bleeding from his nose and was trying to clean it with his right hand, he hadn't noticed Oh and Wave until he turned his gaze.

- Oh! Sun! Hello! -
He exclaimed smiling, approaching them.

- Ohm? -
Wave whispered as Jued was approaching, Oh heard it what Wave said, but he pretended not to.

- Hey Sun! Since when do you wear glasses? -
Jued asked him with a happy look, while he still tried to wipe the blood that came out of his nose.

- P '! What have you done to yourself? Why do you lose so much nosebleed? -
Jued was silent for a good minute, thinking about what to answer Oh's question, as if he had to come up with an excuse, and this made Wave suspicious, while Oh didn't notice anything.

- Well ... You know that your P 'is always goofy -
He said smiling slightly.

- You remind me of a person I know -
Wave said aloud, referring to Jued, who turned his gaze to him, did not understand what he meant.

- Do you get nosebleeds often? -
Wave asked, shooting Oh's gaze at him.

- Excuse me P ', today Sun is not so well-
Oh's explanation was interrupted by Jued who frowned at Wave.

- Why should you care? -
Jued asked him.

Wave also gave him a frown.

- Oh, can you go inside P'Pong for a moment? I want to discuss with Sun for a moment -
Jued asked kindly, with a small smile on his lips, while inside he was really anxious, the boy with the mushroom hair nodded confused, and then went inside the workshop.

- You're not Sun are you? -
Wave at that question opened his eyes in surprise, “how do you know? Unless… ”Wave thought.

So he decided to take a gamble, if he was wrong he wouldn't care.

- Ohm? -
This time it was Jued who opened his eyes in surprise.

- Wave? -
A small hopeful smile appeared on Ohm's mouth.

-If he didn't just bring me, then is there a possibility that there is someone else? -

They both said at the same time.

- well, it's nice to see a known face, and a known person, even if it's you ... -
Wave said smiling slightly, Ohm's smile increased, hugging him tightly.

- I thought I was the only one here, I have been in this universe for 5 years, time passes in a strange way here, who knows what day is at home ... -
Ohm said, making Wave give a questioning, worried look.

- What do you mean 5 years? Didn't we do the experiment at the same day and together? -
Ohm gave a forced smile, sighed and decided to tell him the truth.

- who you experimented with was probably the me from another universe, a month with us equals a year here, so it means that ... -

- That you have been away for 5 months, and no one has noticed ...-
Wave said completing Ohm's sentence, who nodded slightly, with a sad look.

After a few minutes Ohm burst into tears, leaving Wave speechless.

- I don't know how to get out of here Wave! I want to go back home! -
He exclaimed, embracing Wave again, who stroked his back, he had never been affectionate with Ohm, but he felt that he deserved it at that moment.

- don’t worry Ohm, we'll be able to get out of here and go home, now I'm here too, okay? -
Wave said consoling him, Ohm nodded and broke away from the embrace, wiping away the tears that were running down with his hands.