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Mystic Falls Massacre

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Damon was swaying his hips slightly to the music playing in the drawing room while he poured himself the eighth drink of the hour. None of those Blues songs that Stefan preferred but some swinging Jazz that filled the air with energy and excitement. He was already dead, why not make it lively?

It was dark out, nearing midnight, and Damon could keep on chugging just as he was. Stefan was brooding, somewhere that Damon was not sober enough to care to think about, probably over Klaus, Elijah, Katherine, and most importantly Elena. The girl that was just one big problem but still made Damon’s stomach churn and his brother’s head turn inside out. But he was not going to think about her tonight, no he was not. He was going to party until the sun burned him in the morning and he was going to pretend that the Original’s and Katherine were far, far away and that Elena did not exist.

What he needed was a distraction and good old bourbon was sadly not enough. As if fate was smiling down on him, the knocker of the Salvatore Boarding House was being rapped at that exact moment. While Damon was not fond of strangers trespassing on his property late at night, at this point it did not bother him at all as it meant a meal, a lay, or the lucky combination of both.

He put the bottle of Bourbon back on the glass table he was standing beside and, with his glass in hand, he approached the front door. When he opened it, he found a young woman standing on his porch who was wearing denim shorts that never made it to mid-thigh and a loose flannel over a sweaty tank top that generously showed her cleavage. She is smiling, showing those pearl white teeth at him, her green eyes are glistening, and her cheeks are rosy with alcohol. She is holding herself steady by leaving her arm against the wall beside the entrance and she cannot seem to stop giggling even after he opens the door.

Damon mentally thanks whoever is looking down on him because it is looking like he is getting the two-for-one special tonight. “Hello gorgeous,” he greets with his own trademark smirk.

She giggles at him again, but for once he is not annoyed by it as it sounds almost lyrical in his ears, not too high pitched or lengthy but harmonious.

“Hi,” she manages to finally breath out, still smiling widely at him and boy, does Damon love it when someone as pretty as her looks at him like that. “I was out with my friends; Kara aced her bio exam you know and she had been studying all week for it so we went out to get a couple of drinks and, like the responsible person I am, I got a taxi to take me home when we were done. But I saw your place while driving by and I just, sorry, wanted to see it in person, ‘cause it’s like a real-life mansion. So, I told the driver to stop and I paid him, by reflex you know ‘cause that’s what you do when taking a taxi, but he must’ve thought I was home ‘cause he drove away and now I’m stuck here,” she rambles, giggling and hiccupping throughout her story as if it was the funniest thing that has ever happened in her life.

Damon was still smiling at her even though he could care less how she got here, just that she was a gift granted to him for his good behavior recently.

And then she said the magic words which made him feel all warm and tingly inside. “So, is it alright if I stay the night? I don’t want to bother you,” she hastily adds, waving her hands widely in front of her as she says it and tripping over herself.

God but she’s wasted, Damon thinks. “Of course. You’re welcome to stay all night and even for breakfast tomorrow. My brother won’t mind and hey, I’m making pancakes,” he adds with a wink.

She giggles again. “Thank you,” she slurs prettily, fluttering her eyes at him.

He beckons her inside eagerly and she does so, looking at everything around her while he closes the door behind her. He stares at her ass as he does so and oh yeah, he’s going to be distracted, all right. Her denim shorts are cut off at where the top of her thighs end and fit tightly over her delicious bubble butt.

He leads her to the drawing room he was just in and pours her a drink. She takes it gladly, toasting with him, and sipping at the bourbon while making happy noises that just make Damon more aroused. He would bet Stefan’s diaries that her blood tasted divine, like the bourbon she was now drinking; two of his favorite things.

He moved closer to her, putting his arm around her waist and pulling her close until she was flushed against his chest. He bent his head down to her neck, breathing in how sweet her scent was and how the blood rushed through her veins. He could not help himself the lick he stole over her neck nor the way he became even more excited as she gasped when he did so.

He removed the glass from her weak fingertips, putting both of them down on the bourbon table with a satisfying clink against the glass, and putting both arms on her hips. She put his arms on his shoulders, her hands against his face, and they swayed, practically dancing to the music that was still playing. She was smiling up at him and it was so cute that Damon was defenseless against not smiling back.

“This place is so cool,” she whispers to him, moving even closer until their noses were almost touching. “And,” she began, biting her lip coyly as she looked up at him through her lashes. “I think you’re pretty cool too.” She sounds shy and ducks her head as she blushes from her own words.

He lifts her head up by the chin and answers, “I like you too.” And surprisingly, he’s not lying. He hardly knows her, not even her name now that he thinks about it, but he cannot help but be drawn to her. “I’m Damon. What’s your name?” he asks her after he introduces himself.

“Call me Dean,” she responds, gripping his head more roughly between her hands.

A small alarm begins to ring in his head but he covers it by saying, “Interesting name.”

They’re still moving together, her grip on the side of his face and his hair getting tighter with each step. He cannot think straight, the nine glasses of liquor, the blood so close that it is making him salivate, and his vampire hormones making him incredibly horny by having a pretty woman in his arms, are all sensations rushing through him at alarming speeds. He can only stare at her glittering emerald eyes, watch as her lovely smile turns into a feral grin, as she holds his head and snaps his neck.

So much for getting laid, is his only reprimanding thought as darkness consumes him.



Stefan was in his room, laying on his bed and staring at the ceiling during the interaction occurring downstairs. While vampirism has its perks, super hearing while his brother is leading up to score is not one of them.

Usually, he would go downstairs and intervene before his brother got his fangs into his current victim. And he can fill his guilt grow with this thought, but he just cannot care enough to save whoever Damon is playing with tonight. By the sound of it, she’s a pretty woman and for a moment he wishes he too had someone to distract his thoughts.

Things with Elena are, like always, complicated though he cannot help but love her anyway. But he is tired, just so tired of being alone, for not being enough for her, for not being able to protect her like he should. So yeah, even though he loves her, he feels jealous that Damon can have fun with someone else while he withers away in his room and waits for the girl of his dreams to want him back.

His thoughts are interrupted when he cannot feel or hear his brother moving downstairs anymore. Instead, there is a sudden drop on the floor and suddenly, Stefan knows that something is wrong. He gets off the bed and heads downstairs quietly and quickly, curtesy of his vampire speed. He enters the drawing room and sees first the woman he heard Damon with. He was right, she was beautiful and his guilt grew again as he felt lust rise through him unexpectedly.

But those thoughts here put away as he noticed that she was crying and had her hands covering her mouth as she stared at the floor. That was conveniently where Stefan found his brother, laying there and sleeping like it was as perfectly comfortable as his king bed that remained empty in his room. Stefan stood there for a moment just staring at his brother, uncomprehending of how he came to be lying like that on the carpet. The girl shrieked when she noticed him standing there and he winced when he realized he had scared her.

He held his hands up placatingly. “Hi, I’m Stefan, his brother,” he explains to her while he points to Damon.

“Oh,” she answers, a single tear escaping from her right eye and falling down her cheek.

“I heard him fall from upstairs. What happened?” he asked her gently, moving until he was standing just beside her and could feel her body heat next to his own cold one.

“I-I don’t know,” she stuttered. “We were dancing and talking just a second ago and he just fell. He’s not moving though, so I don’t think it’s a seizure or heart attack. One of my friends is studying to be a nurse, so I tend to pick things up while I help her,” she adds as she continues to look down at Damon.

Stefan is also staring down at his brother and is suddenly not worried for him anymore. He looks peaceful, he is not turning grey, which signifies that he is not currently dying and because he is a vampire, well, Stefan is sure he will be just fine in the morning. 

He cannot think about it anymore because next thing he knows is he has his arms full of a hot young woman and the only reason he was able to catch her was because of his enhanced reflexes. She begins to cry into his shoulder and speak a mile per minute.

“I just needed a place to stay, and he was so nice and now he’s just collapsed. I swear I didn’t do anything! I’m so sorry. Can I please still stay?” she tearily pleads to him lifting her face to look up at his.

He stares at her for a moment and feels her heart beat fluttering as her blood flows faster with her sudden desperation. God, he knows that he cannot drink human blood, but hers is like a siren to his unbearable cravings and her being so close is just making it that much harder to resist. Damon would say he looked constipated at the moment but thankfully Damon was unconscious by Stefan’s feet and she did not seem to think he appeared strange as he thought over her question.

Its automatic when he answers, “Of course you can. You can sleep in Damon’s room while he clearly isn’t using it.”

When she smiles at him in return for his hospitality it’s almost as if Stefan just cured the world of poverty.

“Thank you so much. I’m so sorry about your brother,” she tells him, still holding onto him as if unaware that her legs were wrapped around his waist or that her breasts were pushed against his chest.

“It’s fine,” Stefan answers sounding almost uncomfortable as he continues to hold her. He thinks it might be rude if he suddenly dropped her while they’re having such a pleasant conversation. “He probably just had too much to drink before you got here,” he reassures her, dry swallowing as he keeps his eyes from looking below her collarbone.  

Her neck however, is right there in front of his face, the perfect angle for his fangs to sink into her neck and as he realizes that, his need to drink her blood increases exponentially. He can only stare at her pulse point, watching her veins that jump every time she twitches her head minutely.

Stefan is so distracted by his vampire urges that he does not here the lightly treaded footsteps moving on the carpet behind him. It is not until that he feels another presence behind him that he realizes that he was right earlier that something was wrong and he turns around to find a man there. He cannot do anything though, as he is still carrying the woman in his arms and he feels her limbs tighten around him in order to keep him in place. Because of the sudden restriction and the slight delay of his movements as his brain tries to get his body to move, the man grabs Stefan’s head and in one quick movement twists it to the far left.

This is all Damon’s fault, is his last thought as his neck is effectively snapped and he falls to the floor besides his deadweight brother.  



Elena is nervous as she steps up to the front door of the Salvatore Boarding House and uses the old brass knocker to signal her presence to those inside. She takes a deep breath to steady her nerves and build up her confidence as she replays the way she wants the conversation to go. She knows that Klaus is a danger, that’s obvious as is his obsession with her blood, but that does not mean that the Salvatore brothers can control her every movement in a useless attempt to keep her safe.

She breaths out slowly as she waits for longer than she thought she would have to for someone to open the door. Usually, Stefan or Damon answer immediately, using their speed to move throughout the quickly in order to meet her right when she gets there. This time however, she waits for almost five minutes and when she is desperate enough to try knock again, the oak door finally opens.

She begins to smile but it quickly fades when she notices a woman at the door instead of one of the brothers. Her dirty blonde hair is recently wet from a shower Elena is guessing and her freckles are sparkling on her skin under the morning sun. Her hand is against the doorframe as she stares at Elena through curious green eyes. The teenager notices that the strange woman is wearing tight black boy shorts and a blue tank top that clearly show her nipples through the thin fabric.

“Can I help you?” she asks.

Elena blinks and returns her thoughts to the present saying, “I’m here for Damon; I’m a friend,” she says automatically, and she curses herself for not saying she was here for Stefan and adding that justification for her visit when this stranger should be explaining her presence here instead.

“Oh,” the woman says, opening the door wider and stepping back inside of the house. She shrugs her shoulders and opens her arm in invitation. “Well, come on in then. He’s still asleep, we’ve had a busy night,” the woman tells Elena as she turned her back on the teenager and walks away.

Elena closes the door behind her as her brain conjures all the reasons for why Damon and this woman would be up late last night and none of the explanations are making her feel any better.

She follows after the woman surprised to find that they ended up in the kitchen. The woman gestures for her to sit down on one of the stools in front of the island as she moves to a pan on the stove. She’s cooking something, and Elena cannot quite comprehend the scene playing in front of her, even as she takes a seat and continues to watch the woman putter around the kitchen.

“I’m making pancakes. Damon promised me last night I would get them, but because he is a lazy bastard and I’m hungry, I’m making them for myself,” she tells Elena, not looking back at the teenager as she takes the handle of the hot pan filled with cooked batter and flips the pancake expertly.

Already a small stack is on a plate on the counter beside her and the island is set up with plates, utensils, napkins, and maple syrup; the fancy glass bottle kind that Damon always insists on buying. Elena suddenly does not like how this stranger is moving around this kitchen, this house, as if she owns it and its her right to use the brothers’ stuff and eat their food.

Her anger, which slowly begins to fester, is dwarfed by her sudden shock when another voice says behind her, “Ooh, pancakes yum.”

Elena turns her head so quickly she gets slightly dizzy as she stares at the person behind her. It’s a man, and an extremely tall one at that. He’s broad shouldered and rippling with muscles that cause the teenager to blush when she realizes she has been staring at them too long. His brown hair is shaggy as it falls down his face, slightly covering his high cheekbones and hazel eyes. He smiles gently at her when he realizes he startled her with his entrance and that smile calms Elena slightly from her earlier panic.

“Meet my brother,” the woman tells her, still focusing her attention on the pancakes she’s cooking.

“Hi,” the guy tells her, lifting his hand and giving her a slight wave.

Elena gives a small uncomfortable smile back at him and is glad that this cute older guy takes his attention off of her and moves to stand besides his sister. Elena notices as his arm rests on her lower back, while she is still practically naked Elena remarks to herself, as his other hand rips off a piece of pancake from the plate and shoves it into his mouth with a groan of delight.

The woman elbows him in the stomach and scolds him, “Hey, you can eat them properly when their done. Go sit with the Bella chick and wait your turn.”

The man pouts but obeys and sits next to Elena who shifts slightly at both the nickname the woman bestowed her and having a complete stranger sitting so close to her.

“Do you know where Stefan is?” she asks, hoping that the other Salvatore brother is around to keep away the awkwardness that is overwhelming her.

“He’s sleeping too, last time I checked,” the woman replied nonchalantly.

Elena nods in response but is left even more confused than before. Why would Stefan and now come to think about it, Damon too, be sleeping at this hour? They are vampires which meant that they did not need to sleep and they would not let some random people move around the house so freely if they were awake. They could steal something or find out that vampires are real and that they are in the house of two vampire brothers both who are already over two centuries old.

Elena can feel her anxiety grow as she realizes that she is trapped in a house with two unknown strangers and no Damon or Stefan in sight. She flinches when the woman asks, “Do you want any pancakes?” The man is looking at her with narrowed eyebrows at her sudden movement and the woman has her complete attention on Elena as she grips the spatula almost like a weapon.

Elena’s body is tensed as she slowly stands and says, “No thank you. Since they’re not there, I’ll just go, or I’m going to be late for school.”

She begins to move towards the hallway that will lead to the front door when the man suddenly stands in front of her, blocking her path. She stares up at him, frightened as the woman turns off the stove behind her and then grabs Elena’s arm harshly. Elena winces at the pain as the man steps aside and the woman begins to drag her through the house.

Gaining a bit of courage, she demands, “What have you done to Stefan and Damon?” 

The woman does not even glance back at her as she continues to lead them until their heading downstairs into the cellar part dungeon the Salvatore’s have.

“I told you,” the woman finally responds as they stand still for a moment before the two front cells. “They’re sleeping.”

Elena looks in horror as she finds the brothers lying on the floor unconscious, one in each cell. She barely managed to study them for anymore injuries before the woman opens a third cell, pushes Elena inside and locks her in. Elena rushes to the bars and uselessly pulls at them as she watches the woman move back towards the stairs.

“Don’t worry,” she calls back behind her. “I’ll bring you some pancakes later.”

The basement door slams shut above her and Elena feels trapped as she waits for her friends to wake up.



Okay, Caroline was rightfully upset this time. Neither Elena nor Stefan showed up to school today, and while Caroline was happy that they were spending time together hopefully mending their romantic relationship, that does not excuse them for not helping prepare for the Decade Dance. There is only a limited time to plan for it and with Rebekah trying to take over the committee, Caroline could have used the support from her best friend and her estranged vampire boyfriend.

Bonnie is next to her, reading one of her grandmother’s grimoires again, as they make their way to the Salvatore Boarding House where the blonde was sure the two would be.

On top of them ditching school and the dance preparations, Damon had not shown up once to annoy them and Caroline was grateful for that, really, she was. But that meant she also had no mobile source to find out what her friends were up to or where to find them.

No matter. She was a vampire on a mission and she would eventually manage to chew them both out for leaving her alone with that Original bitch Rebekah and her new boy toy Matt.

When she pulled up to the Boarding House, Caroline noticed a new car in the driveway that she had not seen before. It was a classic and widely structured with a black paintjob and chrome lining and that was all she really knew about this model because she was not a car person.

But that was not important and, after she urged Bonnie to get her head out of that book and out of her car, she swiftly moved to open the front door and walked inside.

“Elena!” she called out, her voice echoing throughout the old house. When there was no immediate answer she added, “Stefan!” Again, no answer and Caroline huffed before she began striding through the rooms to find them, Bonnie following laxly at her heels as she continued to read her spell book.

They barely made it to the drawing room before Caroline stopped short in surprise by the cute guy that was browsing through the bookshelves in the room. Bonnie, not paying attention, bumped into Caroline and dropped her grimoire on the floor with a loud thud. The guy turned around at the noise and looked just as a surprised to see them.

“Oh, who are you?” Caroline could not help but immediately ask even as she naturally began to fix her clothes and tidy her hair in order to better appeal herself for him.

“Sam,” the guy replied, dropping his hand from the spine of the book he had been studying and turning to face them fully.

“Well, Sam,” she begins. “What are you doing here?”

Sam’s eyes widened in acknowledgement before saying, “I’m here with my sister.”

Caroline was now getting seriously frustrated, cute guy or not, because that did not answer her question but she got distracted by Bonnie who was also staring pointedly at Sam.

“You feel weird,” she states, looking at him suspiciously and causing Caroline to tense as well. “There’s something dark about you,” Bonnie adds and that does not comfort the blonde one bit.

Sam no longer looks sheepish and its only when he straightens to a frightening height that Caroline realizes he had been previously hunched over as to give them the allusion that he was not a threat.

“Two more bimbos?” a voice asks behind them causing the two high school girls to whirl around to greet the new threat, Caroline with an offended “Hey!” as she processed the question.

A woman is standing there and in her hand is a crossbow filled with a large and sharpened wooden stake. The word "Hunter!" is blaring throughout Caroline’s mind and she tries to use her vampire speed in order to remove the deadly weapon from the woman’s hold.

However, she finds that there is some sort of power that is keeping her in place no matter how fiercely she struggles. Out of the corner of her eye, she notices that Bonnie too is trapped and when her friend realizes what is happening, she begins to chant a spell in response.

“Witch,” the woman states lowering the bow to her side in order to approach Bonnie and deliver a fierce punch to her face, knocking the girl out cold.

Caroline starts to fight harder against the force keeping her there as she watches her friend collapse to the floor but it is useless and she watches as the woman approaches her. The man is still behind her and out of sight so she is not able to find out what he is up to.

“What is she?” the woman asks her partner; her bother, Caroline corrects in her mind as she remembered what Sam had said earlier.

“The blonde is a vampire,” he tells her, finally in Caroline’s line of sight as he moves to stand beside the woman. His movements are normal as if he is walking around in his own house but Caroline can tell that it is him that is holding her still.

The woman shrugs in response and Caroline, for a moment, is sure that this is how she is going to die; a seventeen-year-old vampire being shot in the heart with a stake. But instead, she watches both relieved and confused as the woman hands the crossbow to her partner and grabs her face. She only has a moment of realized panic before the woman turns her head harshly to the side and Caroline hears the bones her neck crack as they are displaced and she blacks out.



Bonnie wakes up with a headache that she usually feels when she tries a difficult spell for the first time. She wonders what she did wrong this time and feels nauseous as her body continues to sway back and forth. She blinks her eyes open and notices blearily that she is facing the ground as it swings underneath her. She realizes without much cognization that she is being carried over someone’s shoulder and that her nose is bleeding, leaving a trail of red drops with every step the person takes.

She looks up and begins to worry when she sees the strange woman from before dragging a hopefully not dead Caroline behind whoever is carrying Bonnie. The young witch belatedly wonders how pissed her friend is going to be when she wakes up and finds dried streaks of blood on her clothes.

Bonnie’s head clears even further from the painful haze that blankets her as they are maneuvered downstairs, the girl wincing in sympathy every time Caroline’s bones smack harshly against the stone floor as the woman pulls her uncaringly down the stairs by her arm.

She begins to panic only when she hears Elena’s voice calling for her urgently. She pulls her head up and sees Elena in a cell which gives her the energy to move in response. She moves her arms sluggishly and begins to hit the back of the person that is carrying her but it does not do much good as those back muscles are as hard as rock, and she is carried through Elena’s now opened cell door and placed on the ground next to her friend. Elena rushes towards her and begins to fuss over her bleeding nose and bruising cheek. The person carrying her, Sam, Bonnie recognizes, leaves and locks the cell door behind him.

Bonnie pushes Elena away and drags herself to her still unsteady feet, grateful that the brunette helps her move over to the cell door. Both girls watch as the woman drags Caroline to a cell of her own, Sam opening the door for his sister, as she pulls Caroline inside and kicks her unmoving form further in.

“Hey, stop hurting her,” Elena yells at her. The woman does not bother to look or answer them right away and exits the cell with Sam locking it for her.

She approaches their cell saying, “She’s a vampire; she’ll heal.” She turns away with Sam following her and they leave the basement, the door slamming firmly once they are gone.

Bonnie turns to face Elena and when she continues to sway in place, decides that she should sit down. Both girls sit on the hard concrete floor leaning against the reinforced cell door in silence for a moment.

Bonnie looks around the cell and finds an empty plate in the far-left corner. She points to it and asks, “What’s that doing here?”

Elena blushes as she answers. “The woman locked me here this morning when I came over before school. She had been making pancakes and put them in the cell when she was done. She didn’t give me anything else to eat for the whole day and I got hungry, so I ate them.”

Bonnie stares at her friend for a moment before she bursts out laughing. Elena couldn’t help but laugh along with her and soon the two girls were giggling hysterically while clutching their stomachs.

When they finally pulled themselves together and wrangled enough air in their lungs for speech, Bonnie said, “I’m sorry, it isn’t really that funny. But you sounded so embarrassed for eating a whole plate of pancakes that I just had to laugh. Sorry.”

“No, I get it,” the brunette responded with a smile. “It is pretty ridiculous.”

Their quiet again before Bonnie asks, “Where are Stefan and Damon? They had been missing all day too.”

Elena nods in the general direction of the other cells. “They’re each in a cell, with their necks snapped. They had been like that when I got here this morning. I think those two did it yesterday because she said that they had had an active time last night. At the time I just thought that she had slept with Damon, you know how he’s like, but now that's obviously not the case.” Bonnie nodded in response as she had no doubts that Damon would have gone after that woman if he had been given the chance.

“They started to wake up a few hours ago,” Elena continued. “But they came back down and snapped their necks again before they could do anything. They’ve been out since then. What about you?” she asks the witch.

Bonnie shrugs with a lopsided smile. “School was boring as usual; I was reading one of my grandmother’s grimoires and Caroline was complaining about Rebekah taking over the planning committee for the Decade Dance and how you should have been there to help her.” Elena grimaces just at the thought of her friend’s anger. “We came over right away and found that guy, Sam, there looking at the books,” Bonnie says.

“Did you get her name?” Elena asks.

Bonnie shakes her head, “No, they never said. Sorry.”

Elena shrugs in response and urges Bonnies to continue.

“Anyway, Sam has some sort of power in him,” she begins.

“Power?” Elena questions. “Like a witch or something?”

“No, something different, darker. He kept us from moving, without even touching us and it gave the woman the chance to punch me. I don’t know what they did to Caroline, I don’t know how long I was out, but I think they snapped her neck too. Which is a good thing right?” Bonnie hesitantly asks. “I mean they’re not trying to kill us.”

“Yet,” Elena adds unhelpfully. The girls both sigh and stare at the concrete wall in front of them already bored out of their minds.

“Do you think, anyone will look for us?” Bonnie asks.

“Of course,” Elena responds though she does not sound too sure herself. “Alaric will know that’s somethings wrong and come find us.”

“But what if he gets caught too? Then we’re all trapped down here,” Bonnie says.

Elena firmly shakes her head. “That won’t happen. He’ll be fine.” They try to conveniently forget that the two strangers managed to take down three vampires and a witch, and also that one of them has a mysterious power source in his possession that there is no hope of Alaric being prepared for.

They are luckily distracted from their bleak thoughts when they heard a deep groan from one of the cells followed by a loud curse; looks like Damon’s awake.

“Damn it, my neck hurts. This sucks and not in a fun way,” he moans aloud as the girls hear him shuffling in his cell.

They both stand up to look through the bars of their cells over to his, across and to the right of their own. “Damon, are you okay?” Elena asks him.

He moans in response, also standing to his feet and showing his scrunched face to the teenage girls. “Obviously not,” he snarks in response as he blinks open his eyes to stare at them. He grabs the bars and pulls at them while yelling, “Dean!”

“Who’s Dean?” Elena asks.

“The bitch who snapped my neck,” he replies, leaning his head in order to look at the stairway to the first floor of the house.

“The woman’s name is Dean?” Bonnie mentions incredulously as she shares a bewildered look with Elena next to her.

“How did you learn her name?” Elena asks the vampire.

“Because she told me,” he says with an annoying tone as if the answer was obvious.

“When did she tell you that?” the brunette questions.

“I thought we were having a moment,” was his answer causing Bonnie to snort.

“Oh my God, you tried to sleep with her. Are you nuts?” the witch exclaims. “She’s the one who snapped your neck in the first place!”

“I know that now,” he tells her. “Anyway, who’s that hunk she has following on her heels? A jealous boyfriend I was unaware of?” he asks them.

“That’s her brother, Sam,” Bonnie informs him.

“Oh,” Damon replies. “In that case, I think I still have a chance,” he states.

“She snaps your neck and you still want go out with her?” Elena asks, mentally wondering if Damon has been hit too hard in the head as well.

“It just shows that she’s my type of woman,” is his reply and that just angers Elena further. “Who else is here besides you two?” he asks them diverting their attention from his fascinating love life.

“Stefan’s in the cell across from you and Caroline’s in the cell across from us,” Elena mentions.

“When did Stefan decide to join the party?” Damon asks.

“Before us and probably after you,” Elena adds.

Damon curses again. “Do you think he met Dean and managed to score with her when I didn’t?” he asks them, as if generally worried that Stefan would romantically steal the homicidal female hunter pacing around upstairs from him.

“I doubt it,” Bonnie replies. “He’s stuck in here just like you and she doesn’t seem like his type,” she adds.

“The man's been with Katherine, the nuttiest of nutjobs. You don’t even know his type,” Damon rebukes.

Elena is sure that Stefan would not be interested in Dean, he is too righteous to do that, but she still feels an unpleasant sliver of doubt as she thinks about.

The said sleeping beauty begins to moan from his own cell as he wakes up. Stefan’s face appeared through the bars of his cell and Elena smiled at him. He looked confused when he saw them also locked up across from him. “Elena? What are you doing here?” he asks with a muffled tone of voice.

“That woman, Dean, and her brother, Sam, put us here,” Elena explained to him.

“Yes, brother, the lovely woman from last night is the reason for why we are locked in our own cells. Tell me, have you met her yet?” Damon inquires mischievously. Elena’s stomach dropped as she watched a blush creep along Stefan’s face as he looked down sheepishly. Damon noticed it too and smirked at his brother’s shame.

“Oh, you have. Tell me was she as good in the sheets as I imagined she was?” he asked him.

“I didn’t sleep with her,” Stefan stated firmly.

Damon’s smirk did not fade and instead he said, “But you wanted to. Right, brother?” Stefan’s silence was answer enough and Elena felt sick.

“I don’t see it,” Bonnie added.

Damon rolled his eyes. “Of course, you don’t witchy; you’re boring and she’s is smoking hot,” he said.

Caroline waking up stopped the conversation cold, and Elena was quite thankful for that. She did not want to hear how both the Salvatore brothers were infatuated with the woman who had basically kidnapped them.

Caroline stood up, practically radiation fury with her entire being. “Goddamn it! Why is everyone against me today?” she screamed out. “First, my best friend doesn’t show up to school and then that Original bitch decided to steal my Decade Dance. It obviously should have been the 70s because we were going in order but no, she wanted to do the 20s. And then this cute guy is a superpowered freak who lets his psycho sister punch Bonnie in the face and snap my neck! All I wanted was to have a good, normal year. Is that too much to ask?” she yells, panting as she finishes her rant. her blond hair flaring like a wild mane around her head.

Nobody responds right away to her statement, the girls knowing better than to continue riling up an angry Caroline. Damon though, looks ready to say something annoying as usual to her and Elena could not be gladder that the door chose that moment to open, right before the vampire could utter some horrible sarcastic remark he surely would think was pure genius on his part.

However, her relief at Damon’s silence falls into a low sensation of fear in her gut that will not leave as she watches Dean and her brother Sam walk into the cellar.

“Well, look at that you’re all awake. Guess its time to talk,” the woman states seriously.

Elena is so not excited for that conversation.