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Hernán & Ignacio

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He was numb to the heavy pattering of rain hitting the bedroom window while the blue bedsheet he sat on felt more warm than cool against his skin. It wasn't the first time Ignacio had stayed over at his friend Hernán's house before-though it was a night that he'd been placing so much hope on now sitting just in his white briefs, waiting while embroiled with a hungry nervousness. Giving himself to the friend he'd crushed on since twelve was going to happen. He couldn't tear his amber-colored eyes away from the open bedroom door waiting for Blake to walk in.

After a few seconds Ignacio walked in only wearing a pair of his boxers and a white t-shirt and he went over to the bed stretching softly as he sat beside Hernán, who sat there with a mild anxiousness lining his soft face.

Smiling before it became clear to him, Hernán drew a hand to the back of Ignacio's thick neck and up to the lovely slightly spiky dark hair he enjoyed combing his fingers through. He ran the toe of his right foot up against Ignacio's, pleased it earned a slight giggle.

Ignacio blushed slightly which was very obvious on his tanned skin and he softly leaned into the others touch without reluctance.

Guiding his free hand over to Ignacio's toned stomach, Hernán's intrigued fingers brushed over the hem of Ignacio's red boxers, knowing that his proud and handsome manhood he caught brief yet subtle glances of in the school locker room was under them. "Don't be shy-I want your hands on me too."

Ignacio then got an idea and he gently pushed Hernán back onto the bed before slowly peeling his boxers off, revealing his plump ass and his bulbous penis. He then straddled Hernán's lap and began to softly grind against the slender 16-year-old as his ass salaciously ran up against Hernán's cock through his constricting briefs.

The immediately awesome friction had Hernán's brown eyes grow lidded as he delivered a moan-laugh-gasp at the caresses Ignacio's hole made on his engorged 9" cock. His legs arching up as Ignacio ground up on him increasingly.

More than pleased with that state he had his friend in, Ignacio bit his lip as his body grew warmer and then in one swift motion, he pulled Hernán's boxers down and his ass was now rubbing against the more slender yet fine bare cock he could only imagine touching until now.

Pulling Ignacio down by his forearms, Hernán jutted his tongue between the beautiful pair of lips and inside the waiting mouth. Running his hands along that strong back while pinching his friend on the spots he knew made him shudder.

Through all the internal fireworks, Ignacio shuddered softly while letting out a soft moan and after a beat, he lined Hernán's cock up with his ass before slamming it all in at once.


Groaning into Ignacio's mouth as his cock screwed itself down in the warm moistened  hole, Hernán nearly drowned himself out of breath before breaking lips with Ignacio, crying out in joy the more he began to push in and out of his boyfriend.


Ignacio cried out in pleasure before lightly biting Hernán's right shoulder, some whines and moans escaping his lips. Returning the gesture, Hernán made sure to give the self-confident boy a Love Bite he'd not soon forget as he began to pummel the wanton ass in an increasingly smooth but confident rhythm. Ignacio's ass clamped down onto Hernán's cock some as the buff teen then reached down and began rubbing his own cock while moaning out some slurred praises and obscenities. 


"Tight, sweet, hot, fuck!" Hernán repeated as he pounded Ignacio harder while savoring the entranced face his boyfriend showed, eyes rolling back in his head as the ceiling spun. Soon the tables would have to turn.


With heightened fervor Ignacio then began riding Hernán hard and fast and while he rode him, he covertly took some lube and put it on Hernán's hole before pushing a vibrating butt-plug into the erotically absorbed youth and turned it on to it's maximum setting. 


"Ahhh ooohhh fuck...ahhh!" Hernán cried wanting to thrust a fist into his mouth but held back as he wanted to hear himself and knew Ignacio would enjoy knowing how much he had been yearning for this moment and the joy it brought him so deep. It was better than moments he fingered himself before and after school, following soccer practice and when he'd be up most nights thinking of Ignacio being with him.


Smiling at hearing his lover's anguished and suddenly pleasured cries, Ignacio continues to ride Hernán's cock as he wanted his best friend, crush and now boyfriend to drain his balls while deep inside of him. While Ignacio embraced the full force of his lover's manhood, he pulled his shirt off and leans down his torso close near Hernán's face.


Lapping round the base of the hairy trail in the center of Ignacio's chest upwards to the nipples, Hernán suckled on them deeply while maintaining his soaring thrusts. He wanted the explosiveness of the moment of always be one that would stay between them. After awhile Ignacio groaned out softly and came all over Hernán's cock while his ass remained  clamped down hard. Holding Ignacio close, Hernán came fiercely within his friend, panting whilst drops of hot sweat got into his eyes which he wiped away to not lose sight of that pleased post-orgasmic face previously raised high above him. He plunged his tongue back into Ignacio's mouth.


Ignacio's whole body jolted and shuddered when he felt Hernán cum and after several seconds, he pulled Hernán's cock out of his ass, grinning as he could distinctly feel some cum leaking out immediately after.


Drawing Ignacio into his arms, Hernán laughed with all the strength he had left in him while caressing the glistening wet skin of his boyfriend, sneaking a pinch and tickle wherever he could. "That was better than how I dreamed it be," he whispered in Ignacio's left ear.


A beat passed and Ignacio gave a soft smile but then he got an idea so he went and grabbed a dildo out from his backpack and lubed it up before he then turned back towards Hernán, his smile now a slightly deviant smirk as he had the twelve inch dildo resting openly in his hands. "Just because I'm not a cute looking chica doesn't mean I can't top," he said before walking back over to him.


"What are you waiting for then? Come on..." Hernán beckoned his boyfriend forward with a twitching toe.


His stamina renewed with the bold invitation, Ignacio walked over to Hernán and stood in front of him licking his lips. "Say ah," he said teasingly.


Licking his own lips in response , Hernán opened them whilst closing his eyes, smiling as Ignacio's length entered and settled on his tongue while the fake member began to drill in past his already broken gates.