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Sam and Dean usually didn’t give a second thought to the decor of the motel rooms they stayed in. It was entirely self-preservation, as far as Dean was concerned. Give too much thought to the kind of decor in the places they stayed at, and you could go insane.

Which is why Dean and Sam had both pursed their eyebrows at Castiel’s request.

“Next room you stay at, make sure it has soft carpets.”

Dean didn’t understand why soft carpets were so important at the time. But he was starting to understand now. The carpets were soft and plush under his hands and knees, cushy, not scratchy like most motel rugs were. He dug his fingers into them as he looked up at Castiel. The angel knelt in front of him, trenchcoat discarded, nothing but his pants and his clean white shirt with that signature tie. Dean was naked aside from the collar around his neck, and it made his spine tingle to be so exposed when Castiel was still dressed. One of the angel’s hands rested under Dean’s chin, gently lifting the hunter’s face so that Dean would meet his piercing gaze. Castiel’s other hand was wrapped loosely around a leash.

Dean was just starting to realize how much that carpet would be rubbing against his knees tonight.

“Are you a good boy, Dean?”

Already breathing quickly, Dean nodded. Castiel phrased the question with complete seriousness, no teasing, no patronization. When Sam played dom, there was always something animalistic about it, and Dean knew that he himself favored the “arrogant bastard” approach, but Cas... Cas controlled his boys in way that felt almost clinical. Sharp, precise, mathematical. Like they were objects to be studied and manipulated. It made Dean’s toes curl.

This was going to be so much more intense than any roleplay they’d done before. He couldn’t wait.

Castiel’s hand slid off Dean’s chin and petted his hair gently. “Today you’re getting a playdate. I have another pet that wants to meet you.”

Dean knew exactly who that pet was, of course. He’d watched during the setup while Castiel stripped and collared Sam (and holy fuck, what a sight that was, Castiel’s hand working in quick, neat little motions to fix the leather strap snugly around Sam’s neck) before guiding him into the bathroom and closing the door. Dean had a feeling that Sam had been leashed to something, told to sit and wait for his master on the cold tiles. He could picture it so clearly, Sam’s bare, muscled body, nothing but that collar around his neck, whimpering as he watched the door and waited.

But in roleplay, Dean had no idea who this mysterious pet was that he would be playing with. He whimpered curiously, looking up at his master.

“Will you behave yourself, Dean?”

Dean nodded, biting his lip.

Castiel’s lips pulled into a satisfied smile that still made Dean’s belly fill with butterflies whenever he saw it. Castiel gave Dean’s cheek a pat and stood up, pulling on the leash with gentle, consistent pressure. Dean followed as best he could on his hands and knees, letting Castiel lead him over to one of the beds, the one closest to the bathroom. He made Dean stop at the foot of it.

“Put your head down, boy. You want to present yourself well.”

Dean shivered and let Castiel maneuver him so his cheek was pressed against the soft carpet next to the leg of the bed, his ass high in the air. Castiel wrapped the leash around the leg of the bed frame and tugged it tight, pulling Dean’s head closer to the carved wood. Dean whined as Castiel tied it off. The length of leash remaining to him was so short that he couldn’t straighten up. It forced his head to stay down.

“There you go. Is that comfortable?”

Again, Castiel’s voice was so clipped, so concise. Checking that all the parts of his neat little game were in place. Dean arched his back and nudged his knees further apart, nodding.

“Good.” Castiel stood up and was silent for a few moments, just looking at him. Dean dug his fingers into the carpet, chewing his lip hard. He could almost feel Castiel’s gaze running over his body, taking in the sight of his swollen cock hanging between his legs, his exposed ass and his tight hole.

“This is a good look for you.”

Dean pressed his face into the carpet and whined.

“I’m going to get your playmate. Stay here like a good boy.”

Dean flinched at the touch of a hand on his ass. Castiel gave the cheek a gentle pat, just like he’d done to Dean’s face.

“Do not move.”

Dean shivered and obeyed, listening with a pounding heart to Castiel’s light footsteps crossing the floor. He bit his lip when the bathroom door creaked open. He heard Sam’s eager intake of breath, heard him shuffle on the bathroom floor.

“Hello, Sam.”

Sam made a little whining noise by way of greeting. It was a rule of the game—no talking outside of the safeword. Good pets didn’t talk.

“You’ve been very patient. I have a reward for you.”

Dean’s legs tensed. He worried his lip between his teeth, fighting down the urge to touch his stiff cock. He knew that he was the reward.

“Come along.”

Dean craned his head around to watch Sam being led out of the bathroom. Sam towered over Castiel, but he looked down at the angel obediently, completely docile, waiting for commands. Dean bit his lip, shuffling on the carpet.

“Take a look, Sam,” Castiel murmured, taking Sam’s chin in his hand and gently turning his face towards Dean. “Look what I got you.”

Sam’s expression melted into raw desire, and Dean bit his lip on a whine, keeping his legs spread and showing himself off like Castiel had commanded. Castiel ran his hand slowly down Sam’s bare chest, tilting his face up into Sam’s neck as the hunter stared.

“Do you like what you see, Sam?”

Sam nodded, already breathing heavily. His cock was stiffening when Castiel’s hand wrapped around it.

“I need you to be a good pet for me, Sam,” Castiel murmured into Sam’s neck, giving his cock a few slow strokes while Sam trembled. “Dean wants to play. Look how eager he is. Can you play with him for me, Sam?”

Sam groaned and tried to take a step towards Dean, but Castiel held him firmly in place. Dean knew how that felt, being held effortlessly still by just one of Castiel’s hands. The raw power of Castiel never failed to make Dean’s head spin, and he knew Sam felt the same. Sam whined, torn between bucking into Castiel’s hand and struggling to get to Dean to mount him.

“Not yet, Sam. He’s not ready to be mated yet.” Castiel’s eyes ran down Sam’s body to his fattening cock. “And neither are you.”

Castiel slid his hand off of Sam’s cock, reached into his pocket, and pulled out a packet of lube. He let go of Sam, not even looking up when Sam bolted away and yanked hard on the leash, straining towards Dean. Dean flinched at the aggression of Sam’s advance, bringing his knees closer together and tensing. He was breathing hard against the carpet.

Castiel tore open the lube packet with a careful, precise motion while Sam whined and pulled at his leash. He emptied the entire packet onto his hand, squirting it out in a perfect line, before yanking on Sam’s leash and dragging him back. Sam choked, staggering when the leash constricted around his throat. When Castiel’s lube-smeared hand wrapped around his shaft, Sam gasped and bucked once, sliding his dick through the angel’s grip. Castiel held Sam close and hushed him, stroking slowly, watching Dean carefully as he slicked Sam up.

“You need to be properly lubricated, Sam. I want you to slide into your playmate easily when you mate him.”

Sam choked down a shout, squirming in Castiel’s hold, staring at Dean and panting. Dean whimpered, closing his legs completely and tugging at the leash. Castiel had tied it so short, he could barely lift his head. Even with his legs pressed together, he wasn’t hiding a damn thing, completely exposed for Sam’s hungry gaze. He knew Sam was staring at his hole, thinking about grabbing his hips and plunging into him while he was leashed to the bedpost and unable to pull away—

Castiel slipped his hand off of Sam’s cock with a wet noise, giving it an assessing look while Sam breathed heavily. He didn’t say a word, analyzing Sam’s flushed, twitching dick as it dripped lube and precome onto the soft carpet.

“You’re ready,” Castiel announced at last. He tugged on the leash, guiding Sam back to the bathroom door. “But your playmate isn’t.”

Sam let out horrified, pleading whimpers as Castiel tied his leash to the door knob of the bathroom.

“Stay,” Castiel ordered sternly, pointing an accusing finger at Sam. His voice was low and sharp, enough to make Dean bow his head a little lower even though that voice wasn’t being directed at him. Sam withered under the command, biting his lip and falling silent. His hands fisted at his sides so they wouldn’t touch his swollen cock. That never stopped being hot for Dean, the sight of his huge strong brother obeying Castiel like a meek little puppy.

“Watch me,” Castiel ordered in a soft voice, grabbing Sam’s chin firmly. “Watch me get your playmate ready.”

Sam’s breathing got noticeably louder at the command. His eyes followed Castiel, glassy with need, as the angel paced slowly over to Dean. Dean couldn’t help tensing up, shivering as the angel advanced.

“Are you ready to play, Dean?” Castiel asked softly. Dean’s whole body flinched when he heard the rip of a foil packet being torn open with painstaking care. He couldn’t even nod, he just panted wide-eyed against the floor and trembled.

“Sam is ready to play.” Castiel knelt next to Dean. “Look at him. He wants to play so badly.”

Dean pulled his face out of the carpet long enough to look over his shoulder at Sam, pulling the leash taut as he did. Sam was panting at him, a look of pitiful need on his face, his cock stiff and shining with lube, thick and flushed—

Castiel’s slick finger breached Dean and he gasped, eyes flying open wide.

“You’re tense,” Castiel commented as he worked his slick finger in and out. Dean gasped into the carpet. He could see the open-mouthed stare Sam was giving him, see Sam’s cock twitch as Castiel fingered him open.

“Spread your legs,” Castiel ordered. His voice was low and hard, disapproving, and it made Dean cringe. “I did not tell you to close him.”

Dean whimpered apologetically. He struggled to obey, clenching around Castiel’s finger as he shifted his knees over the soft carpet. He cried out when Castiel added a second finger, pushing a glob of lube inside him. He could feel Castiel’s eyes on him, knew Castiel was giving his greedy hole the same assessing look he gave Sam’s cock earlier, determining whether or not he was ready for mating. Castiel pumped his long fingers in and out slowly, twisting them on each stroke, sinking them in all the way to the knuckle before pulling them out almost completely. Dean didn’t know how Castiel got so damn good at fingering, but it took him apart every time. The angel moved his fingers with mathematical precision, like he’d calibrated the perfect combination of thrusting and wiggling and scissoring to make Dean’s head spin.

Dean heard Sam let out a shuddering moan behind him, and whined as he thought about the view Sam was getting.

Castiel reached his other hand around Dean’s leg, gently brushing his fingers over Dean’s stiff cock as he fingered the hunter. “You are aroused.”

Dean moaned, pushing his hips back greedily, clenching around Castiel’s fingers.

“That’s good.”

Castiel pulled his fingers out, and Dean felt even more lube being smeared over his hole before three fingers pushed inside. He groaned, cock twitching in Castiel’s hand.

“Do you want to play with your new friend, Dean?”

Dean whimpered, shaking as Castiel fingered him slowly.

“He wants to play with you.”

Dean craned his head around to look at Sam again. Sam was yanking against his leash, breathing hard and eating Dean up with his eyes, eating up the sight of Castiel’s fingers stretching him open.

Dean choked out a startled noise when Castiel’s fingers slid out of him. He heard Castiel stand up and flinched, tugging desperately at his leash.

“You’re prepared now. Wait here, Dean.”

Dean whimpered, still struggling. He bit his lip and watched Castiel walk over to Sam. Sam’s tongue was hanging out, the leash taut as he tried to pull towards Dean. He looked ready to rip the door off its frame.

Calm and deliberate as always, Castiel slowly unwound the leash from the doorknob, holding it firmly while Sam growled with need.

“Go play, Sam,” Castiel ordered. And he let go of the leash.

Sam pounced on Dean, grabbing his hips hard enough to bruise and humping his wet cock against Dean’s ass. Dean squirmed in alarm, whining, yanking at his leash while Sam’s thick, wet cock slid over his ass. He was already clenching in anticipation of it stretching him open, using him while he was leashed up like this. Sam braced himself on one arm and grabbed his wet cock, guiding it to Dean’s hole and pushing—

Dean’s heart jumped into his throat and he tried to twist away, pulling hard at the leash just to feel how trapped he was. He flinched when he heard Castiel’s sharp voice.

“Don’t fight him, Dean.”

Castiel was leaning against the other bed, that perfectly clean white shirt rolled up to his elbows, arms crossed as he stared straight into Dean’s eyes with a look that was calm and commanding all at once. Dean’s struggles faltered under the sheer authority in those eyes. As soon as Dean fell still, Sam lined up his cock with his brother’s hole and stuffed it inside.

Dean gasped in alarm, giving Sam a panicked look over his shoulder as his brother’s fat cock stretched him open.

“Shh, relax for him, Dean. Let him in.”

Sam’s cock slid into him, inch after inch, completely filling him up. Dean wiggled his hips against Sam, tugging at his leash while Sam penetrated him. Sam braced himself on his shaking arms, moaning as his brother’s body swallowed him up. When Dean’s struggles got too hard, Sam grunted impatiently and grabbed Dean’s hip, keeping him still. He thrust hard, hips slapping against his brother’s ass, and let out a shuddering moan of bliss. Dean gasped, struggling for air as Sam held his hip firmly and pounded him, cock pumping in and out of Dean’s stretched-taut hole. There was so much lube that Dean could feel it dripping down his balls, sloppy the way girls got when he fucked them just right.

Sam braced both of his hands on Dean’s ass and whined, hips jerking quick and desperate. The fast, shallow thrusts rocked Dean’s body, driving his breath out each time Sam’s cock rammed home.

“You’re doing well, Sam.”

Castiel was still watching them with a look of careful observation. Dean felt his face heating under the angel’s eyes. He knew what he looked like right now, on his hands and knees, ass in the air, erection bouncing as Sam fucked him. He knew that the slap of Sam’s hips against his ass with each thrust was audible, to say nothing of the noises he and Sam were making, both whining like they were in heat. God, Dean could hear Sam’s cock slicking in and out of him, wet noises that made his face burn.

Sam was fucking him with a need that was almost jittery, quick and rough and desperate, letting out horny little mewls with each thrust. Dean knew there would be bruises all over his hips, but he couldn’t bring himself to care when he was so busy groaning into the carpet. The raw need with which Sam was taking him made his knees weak. He found himself spreading his legs wider, urging Sam to stuff his entire cock inside.

“Good, Dean. That’s better than before.”

Dean’s cock was dripping precome onto the carpet. He wanted to touch it so badly, jerk himself off with Sam’s thick cock inside him. But good pets didn’t touch themselves, they waited for their masters to do it.

When Dean saw Castiel uncross his arms and take a step towards him and Sam, he jerked against his leash eagerly and whined.

“Hold still, Dean.”

Dean watched Castiel raptly, panting slightly with each shove of Sam’s hips. He bit his lip and whimpered when Castiel didn’t bend down to touch him. Instead, Castiel stepped over Dean’s body and sat down on the bed above him. Dean could hear it creak, he could hear Sam gasp when Castiel grabbed his hair.

“Open your mouth, Sam.”

Dean bit his tongue to keep from swearing out loud. Sam made a choked noise and froze, buried in Dean, panting up at his master. Dean couldn’t see, but he heard Castiel whisper, “That’s it, that’s a good pet,” and then he heard the muffled noise of Sam groaning around a cock. Oh fuck, he wished he could see that.

“I did not tell you to stop thrusting, Sam.”

Sam moaned around Castiel’s cock and obeyed, fucking into Dean with just a little less control than before. The way his desperate moans kept getting choked off made Dean’s cock throb. Dean craned his head around, pressing his cheek into the carpet and looking up at Sam.

Dean had to choke down another swear because good pets didn’t swear.

He could see Castiel’s cock disappearing into Sam’s mouth, see Sam’s lips stretched around it. Castiel’s hand was firm in Sam’s hair, dragging his mouth up and down.

“That’s it, Sam. Use your tongue. Good boy. Very good boy.”

Sam groaned, grinding his hips in a circle against Dean. Dean’s tongue hung out longingly. God, he wanted Cas in his mouth, wanted cocks filling him from both ends and coming inside him—

“Make sure you finish inside him. Sam. Be a good boy. Don’t spill a drop.”

Sam muffled his understanding frantically, fisting a hand in Dean’s hair and pounding him. Dean groaned loudly and pushed his hips back.

Castiel’s voice cut through Sam’s muffled panting, crisp and sharp.

“Not yet, Sam.”

Sam whimpered pitifully, shuddering as he forced himself to slow down. He gasped for air, panting as his mouth was freed up. Dean could picture it so easily, Sam’s fucked-out face, the glisten of saliva connecting Castiel’s dick to Sam’s lips, flushed and slick and fucked

“Do you like your playmate, Sam?”

Sam let out a thin, pleased noise. Castiel stood up, stepping over Dean again.

“Then don’t stop playing with him.”

Castiel walked out of Dean’s field of vision, leaving him alone to squirm under Sam. When Castiel returned, there was a neatly folded towel in his hands.

“I don’t want you making a mess, Dean,” Castiel explained calmly as he knelt down on the soft carpet. Dean swallowed hard. Castiel’s slick cock was poking out of his pants, flushed and juicy and mouthwatering—

“Hush, Dean. You’ll get your meal later. No begging.”

Dean ignored the command and whimpered pitifully. Castiel unfolded the towel and laid it out under Dean’s body. That was so tidy, so Castiel, making sure they wouldn’t dirty the carpet even though Castiel could clean it with a snap of his fingers. Knowing that Castiel anticipated a mess made Dean swallow.

“Does Sam feel good inside you?” Castiel murmured, reaching under Dean and trailing his fingers in a slow curl around Dean’s cock.

Dean’s back arched and he gasped when the position allowed Sam to drive deeper. He nodded, twitching in Castiel’s hand.

Castiel brushed his thumb over the slit of Dean’s cock. “I want you to come for me, Dean,” Castiel murmured, the muscles on his forearm twitching once as he gave Dean a soft jerk. “Come for me like a well-behaved pet.”

Castiel’s hand tugged and brushed and squeezed Dean’s cock in a way that made his nerves light up like fireworks. Castiel watched him carefully the whole time, watched Dean gasp open-mouthed against the carpet as he was held there by Sam’s tight grip on his hair. Dean was clenched tight around Sam, and he knew Sam could feel it because he could hear Sam’s startled moans above him.

Castiel’s careful hand felt like raw paradise. Dean’s legs shook. It was all he could do to keep from collapsing onto the carpet, keep his hips up so that Sam’s cock stayed buried in him while Castiel’s hand worked its magic, tugged and jerked and thumbed and squeezed him into a state of jelly-kneed, glassy-eyed bliss—

“Fuck him harder, Sam. Make him come.”

Dean grabbed at the carpet and bit down a pleasured scream when he came, cock twitching and pulsing in Castiel’s hand as it shot lines of come across the towel. Castiel murmured to Dean gently, still jerking the hunter’s throbbing cock as Dean shuddered.

“That’s it, Dean. You’re behaving so well. You’re doing exactly what I want you to do.”

Dean’s head spun when Castiel’s hand finally slipped off of his spent cock. His body was rocked by spasms of pleasure each time the thick head of Sam’s cock bumped around inside him. Dean heard Castiel shift across the carpet, felt that careful hand curl gently around his balls before slipping up higher and cupping Sam’s.

Sam choked, letting go of Dean’s hair to brace himself on both arms as Castiel kneaded his balls. His thrusts became short and deep, keeping his cock buried in the tight squeeze of Dean’s body while Castiel fondled him.

Castiel leaned forward, brushing his lips behind Sam’s ear. Dean could see it when he looked up.

Castiel’s voice was a low command that made Dean tense around his brother.

“Empty these into him, Sam.”

Sam’s orgasm was more whimper than scream. Dean felt Castiel’s hand shift and suddenly Sam’s hips pressed hard against him. Castiel must have grabbed Sam’s ass, pushing him against Dean, keeping Sam’s cock buried balls-deep while he came inside his brother. Sam’s arms trembled and he panted as his cock pulsed out one last shot of come into Dean’s body.

“Good, Sam. Very good.” Dean heard Castiel pat his brother’s ass. “You behave so well for your master.”

Sam rocked his hips against Dean, purring affectionately. He pulled out of Dean slowly, shakily, and Dean heard the thump as Sam collapsed gratefully onto the soft carpet. Dean almost groaned in relief when Castiel reached over and started untying his leash from the bedpost. He hadn’t realized how stiff he was.

Castiel seemed to sense his discomfort, because when the leash was loose and Dean straightened up with a hiss to arch his back, Castiel rubbed it soothingly. “Are you all right?”

Dean shuffled around and nuzzled his face against Castiel’s white shirt, making soft, pleased noises. He felt stiff and sore and fucked and it was great. Castiel stroked Dean’s hair lovingly.

“Can you do another thing for me, Dean?”

Dean nodded eagerly. Castiel lifted the leash and stood up, tugging Dean towards Sam. Sam was facedown on the carpet, smiling sleepily into his own arm, eyes closed happily.

Castiel urged Dean to crawl between Sam’s legs and Sam let out a confused grunt. It turned into a gasp when Castiel grabbed Sam’s ass and pulled the cheek aside.

“I told you that you would get your meal later, Dean.”

Dean’s mouth was already watering when Castiel grabbed the back of his neck firmly and pushed his head between Sam’s legs. Dean groaned and laved his tongue over the heat of Sam’s hole, smiling at Sam’s gasps and moans.

“There you go, Dean. Get him wet for me.”

Sam was still twitchy from his orgasm, and he jerked under the ministrations of Dean’s tongue. Dean lapped over Sam’s rim before slicking his tongue inside, licking deep and hungry, purring at Sam’s frantic moans. Castiel’s hand on the back of his neck held him firmly in place, keeping his face buried in Sam’s ass as he ate it out.

“Make sure he’s dripping wet, Dean.”

Sam was whimpering, squirming as Dean’s mouth teased his sensitive hole. It was a messy rimjob. Dean drooled everywhere, using his tongue to push saliva inside the tight clench of Sam’s hole, getting him as slick as possible. Sam was whining pitifully by the time a gentle tug on Dean’s leash urged him to pull back.

Dean panted up at Castiel obediently, tongue still poking out over his lower lip.

“Very good, Dean.”

Castiel crossed his legs neatly, tugging on the leash again as he reached over with one hand to squeeze Sam’s ass. Dean let himself be pulled in, mouth watering at the portion of Castiel’s cock that was exposed above his undone pants.

“Use your mouth, pet. I know you’ve been wanting to.”

Dean practically dove on Castiel’s cock, swallowing it down hungrily. He moaned around the shaft as he sucked, letting Castiel’s gentle grip on his hair drag him up and down.

“Mmm. There you go, Dean. Such a nice pet...”

From the corner of his eye, Dean could see Castiel fondling Sam’s ass. He watched Sam’s tight little hole open up around two of Castiel’s fingers, slick and greedy.

“You’re both such nice pets. With such perfect holes for your master.”

Castiel’s hand pushed Dean’s head down harder and he choked. Sam was squirming as Castiel fingered him, melting into a shivering mess under the angel’s skillful hand. Dean whined as Castiel fucked his throat slowly. His ass was still loose and tender from Sam’s cock, he could feel come dripping out of it while he sucked Castiel’s dick. It was almost enough to get him hard again.

Sam was breathless when Castiel’s fingers slipped out of his slick hole. When Castiel reached into his pocket and pulled out another packet of lube, Dean groaned. He’d be balls-deep in Sam’s ass right now, he didn’t know where Castiel found the self-control to be so damn methodical when his cock was stuffed halfway down Dean’s throat and he’d just fingered Sam into a whimpering, begging mess.

Castiel emptied the entire packet of lube over Sam’s hole, pushing it inside with his fingers. Sam’s hips thrust up in eager little jerks, hungry for more. Castiel’s hand tightened in Dean’s hair, moving his mouth up and down faster.

“There you go, Dean. Get it wet.”

Dean gasped when Castiel brought him up for air. His throat felt almost as fucked as his ass.

“Good boy, Dean.” Castiel pulled Dean upright, kissing the top of his head. “There’s a good boy...”

Castiel urged Sam up onto his hands and knees. Sam was shaking, unsteady, his soft cock wet with come and flushed. Castiel grabbed Sam’s hips and Sam gasped when he was pulled onto the angel’s lap.

“There you go...” Castiel lifted Sam’s hips and lined up his cock before pulling Sam down on it suddenly, drawing a startled noise from him. “Mmm, tight pet...”

Sam whined helplessly as Castiel dragged his hips up and down, sinking Sam’s ass down on his cock again and again, filling him. Castiel grunted and let go of Sam with one arm so he could wrap it around Dean, pulling him close. It was a mouth-watering view, Sam’s round ass stuffed full of Castiel’s cock, everything sloppy-slick as Sam’s tight hole slid up and down the length of Castiel’s shaft. Sam let out a startled little aah! every time his ass pressed down against Castiel’s lap.

Dean whined when he felt curious fingers delving between his own cheeks.

“Always such obedient pets,” Castiel murmured, giving Sam’s ass a pat as he slipped one finger into Dean. Dean gasped, burying his face in Castiel’s neck as his wet, used hole was fingered. “Always so eager to have seed filling your tight holes...”

Sam was whining like a puppy, squirming his hips down onto Castiel’s cock. When Castiel pushed a second finger into Dean’s hole, coaxing out a few drops of come that fell onto the carpet, Dean moaned into his neck.

Castiel tensed, grabbing Dean’s ass and groaning. “That’s it... good boys... God...!”

Castiel groaned into Dean’s hair as he came, pulling Sam’s ass flush against his hips. Sam panted over his shoulder, rocking his hips down and licking his lips as Castiel pulsed inside him.

“God...” Castiel pulled his fingers out of Dean and held Sam’s hips, dragging them up slowly. He spread Sam’s cheeks, watching the come drip out of his hole. “God, Sam...”

Castiel finally blew out a long, shuddering breath and patted Sam’s ass, letting him sit down. “End scene.”

Dean unlatched his collar and dropped it on the floor, leaning in and pressing a kiss to Castiel’s cheek.

“Everyone okay?” Sam panted, sprawling back on the floor and rubbing sweaty hair out of his face.

“Excellent,” Castiel hummed, smiling and letting Dean pull him to his feet. Dean held out a hand for Sam while Castiel calmly dragged one of the twin beds across the floor so it was lined up with the other.

Dean kissed Sam’s neck, burying his face in it and sighing. “M’good too, Sammy.”

Sam smiled and led Dean over to the bed. They were both a little shaky, but they made it there. Dean groaned when he sprawled out across the mattress, closing his eyes and exhaling. The deep mattress felt like paradise after the floor.

Castiel flopped on the bed next to Sam, curling up around him like a kitten and smiling.

“That was fun,” he piped eagerly. “Was it good for both of you?”

“Fuckin’ amazing, Cas.”

Sam chuckled and wrapped an arm around the angel, pulling him close. “You were great.”

“Although...” Dean slung a leg over Sam’s waist, pointing at the pink skin on his knee. “Little rugburn here, Cas. Would you mind?”

Castiel raised a lazy hand and snapped his fingers, not even looking. The pink patch vanished.

“Softer carpets next time,” Castiel chided sleepily, nuzzling deeper into Sam’s neck.