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Critical Mass

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Seungcheol is antsy.


He’s in their usual practice room, watching as Soonyoung and Minghao go over the choreography samples for the only confirmed new song for their upcoming mini album, trying his damnedest to keep on track, to push through the chatter in the back of his mind, and focus . He knows he’s affecting the others, that the scent of a frustrated and distracted alpha is souring the air, building up around them until it’s all they can smell. Some of the younger betas look like they’re about to pass out from it.


He feels bad about it, of course. As Head Alpha, he should be able to keep himself in check. His pack relies on him to keep calm and cool in any situation, to guide them through surely and steadily. Instead, he’s stinking up the whole building like a teenager on his first rut.


But, honestly, who can blame him? It’s been a really rough morning. He woke up too late to take a shower, had to settle for a breakfast of flavorless rice crackers Jeonghan had stuffed in his gym bag, and the company still hasn’t replaced the single coffee maker in the entire building , so he’s going through some serious caffeine withdrawal. 


Oh, and both his pack’s omegas had to stay home. Alone. One of whom is going into heat .


Joshua slipped into the soft, sweet haze of pre-heat the night before, tugged Seungcheol by the hand back into their shared bedroom after dinner to cuddle up and press his nose to Seungcheol’s scent gland for a few good hours , only coming up for air when Jeonghan came home late into the evening. Seungcheol spent most of last night watching his loves lie languidly across each other, hands sliding under clothes, kissing in that unhurried, teasing way that made everything feel contented and a little surreal. 


It was difficult for all of them to pull themselves away this morning. While Jeonghan had vacated his side of the bed to shower, most of the other members came in one or two at a time to nuzzle at Joshua’s hair and neck, leaving various articles of scented clothing behind for his nest. Seungcheol was the last to leave him, literally yanked off the bed by Jeonghan’s sturdy grip before he agreed to get dressed and head out.


It wasn’t until he was halfway out the door that he realized they were down more than just one member. It made him feel a little guilty, having totally missed Wonwoo’s absence in the sea of scents that had surrounded him and Joshua all morning.


“He’s not feeling well again,” Mingyu said, a little notch of worry between his sculpted brows, “manager said he could take today off to rest.”


It's a well-known fact among everyone who knows him that Wonwoo gets sick easily. Out of all the members, he's the one most likely to catch a cold or some other bug going around the company or dorms. But no matter how often it occurred, it always left a heavy weight in Seungcheol’s stomach to hear Wonwoo wouldn’t be able to join them for practice or another group activity. He doesn’t like that he or one of the other members weren’t allowed to stay home with him, if only to keep him company, since Joshua was in no condition to do so. Seungcheol knows what it’s like to be alone when he’s sick. It fucking sucks.


However, as he’s been told many different times by several different staff members, they are professionals first. Their jobs are most important, and they made a commitment to the company and their fans. As if he doesn’t already know and understand that; like his entire livelihood doesn't ride on it. 


But, if he’s being totally honest, since becoming Head Alpha of his own pack, Seungcheol has found himself torn quite a few times on where his priorities should lie. 


Their managers have the final say in approving their schedules, though. Actually, the members have very little power to decide what they're going to do, even on their days off. And it’s frustrating, sure, but it’s hardly worth it to argue most of the time. 


This is probably one of those times, even if Seungcheol loathes to admit it. He shouldn’t incapacitate the whole group just because two members can’t be here.


What he should do is get his act together and focus on his job. If, at the very least, to set a good example for his pack and his band. Maybe if they get something done by lunch time, he can justify ending practice early, and then he can go back home and take care of his omegas like a good alpha should. But for now, he’s stuck, and he might as well make the most of his practice time.


He takes a deep breath, forcing himself to watch Soonyoung at the front of the room a bit more closely. And it works, surprisingly enough. He gets through a few decent 8-counts, committing the movements and facial expressions to memory, about to rise to his feet to follow along. The sourness in his scent is starting to dissipate from the room a bit, everyone breathing a little easier.


Then someone’s phone rings.


It’s a familiar ring tone. Jeonghan jumps up from where he’s sitting to Seungcheol’s right and jogs to the back of the room, where their bags were thrown haphazardly under the benches. When he finds his phone and looks at the screen, his brow furrows in confusion and he darts a look up to Seungcheol for just a second before accepting the call.


“Babe, you okay?” Jeonghan says into his phone, and Seungcheol knows immediately who is on the other line. This time, Jeonghan’s scent is the one to spike. His face contorts further, his worry growing, and Seungcheol stands up to make his way over as well. He can just make out Joshua’s voice coming through, but it’s high-pitched, his words distorted in a whine.


“What?” Jeonghan says, “Babe, I can’t understand you, what about Wonwoo?”


At the mention of the other omega’s name, Seungcheol sees a few of the others stand up, everyone’s attention turned to the back of the room now. Seungcheol waves a dismissive hand at Mingyu when the younger alpha walks over and crowds up against Jeonghan’s side, hovering like a vengeful spirit. The whole room is heavy with concern now.


“Are you sure?--Okay! I believe you.” Jeonghan hurries to say, his eyes locking on Seungcheol’s. Something’s happened, and it doesn’t sound good. Jeonghan’s voice goes soft and lilting, trying to coax Joshua down from whatever has gotten him worked up enough to call. “It’s okay, baby, Seungcheollie and I will be home as soon as we can... Just keep Wonwoo-yah with you in your nest, we’ll take care of everything when we get home… It’ll be alright. We won’t take long, I promise. We’re leaving now.”


Ending the call and pocketing his phone, Jeonghan speaks to Seungcheol in hushed tones, “Shua thinks Wonwoo’s in heat, too.”


“What--Both of them?!” Seungcheol says, already turning to grab his own bag out from under the benches. He pointedly ignores the low growl coming from Mingyu’s general direction. “Shit.”


“It’s not totally uncommon for one omega to trigger another’s heat,” Jeonghan supplies, wrestling his arms and head into his oversized hoodie, “Wonwoo was probably never really sick, we just didn’t pick up on his heat scent because we were so focused on Joshua.”


It makes sense, Seungcheol supposes, though it doesn’t make him feel any better about it. Both Joshua and Wonwoo take suppressants and scent blockers to help mask their secondary genders and control their heats while they’re working. Male omegas are rare enough in general, and almost unheard of in the entertainment industry. It’s written into both Joshua’s and Wonwoo’s contracts that they take the prescribed meds so their omega status doesn’t ‘interfere’ with their work. But the doctor their company uses to write the prescriptions requires they each have at least one heat cycle a year, as failing to do so can have severe and long-lasting adverse effects on an omega’s reproductive health. 


Since they are in the middle of an extended break from in-person schedules right now, their managers decided this was the perfect time for them both to break from the suppressants.


But they weren’t supposed to go into heat at the same time .


“Soonyoung-ah!” Seungcheol shouts, finding Soonyoung still at the front of the room, “You and Jihoon are in charge. Jeonghan and I will go back to the dorms and stay with Joshua and Wonwoo. Just get through the rest of the choreography and make yourselves look busy until this afternoon, then everyone can have the evening off.”


“No problem,” Soonyoung responds with a sympathetic grin, already plenty familiar with taking over as acting leader if Seungcheol and Jeonghan aren’t available.


“I’m coming with you guys,” Mingyu states suddenly, his hands full with his things and halfway to the door already. 


“Wonwoo didn’t ask for you,” Seungcheol scolds him, gently. He knows Mingyu has an attachment to Wonwoo, very similar to Seungcheol’s or Jeonghan’s attachment to Joshua. But he isn’t entirely certain that Mingyu’s feelings are reciprocated. Out of all of them, Wonwoo is the most reserved, the pickiest about who he lets touch him. 


And heats are especially tricky to maneuver; emotions run high and lines can get blurred. Seungcheol keeps an open line of communication with all his members concerning consent and heat cycles and boundaries, reinforcing them consistently so he knows if things go too far. Mingyu, through no fault of his own, is still such a young, eager alpha. Self-control can still be difficult for him. 


Not only that, but the fewer people missing from practice now, the easier it’ll be to convince the staff to give them the next few days off, when the omegas will be deeper into their cycles and need more attention.


“That’s because he goes non-verbal when he’s in pre-heat,” Mingyu argues back, clearly not taking ‘no’ for an answer, “he’s not going to ask for anyone right now.”


“He’s right,” Junhui says, coming up on Seungcheol’s left. He’s also got his bag and coat on, ready to leave, “and you and Jeonghannie-hyung are going to be busy with Joshua-hyung. It’s hard enough to keep up with one omega’s heat. Mingyu and I can take care of Wonwoo. We’ve already discussed with him what he wants for his heat this time, anyway.”


Seungcheol opens his mouth to argue, but Jeonghan beats him to it, a little exasperated if judging by his tone, “It’s fine, Seungcheol. Wonwoo stays with them all the time. And with the betas staying behind for practice, that’ll be more than enough to keep staff off our backs for a few days. Now, let’s go!”


He doesn’t wait for a response, just turns on his heels and stalks to the door, all but throwing it open in his haste to leave. Seungcheol can’t even fault him for it. If he's been anxious all morning, he can’t even imagine how bad it’s been for Jeonghan, whose mate mark has been on Joshua’s neck even longer than Seungcheol’s own mark has. 


Sparing one last look over the others, he sighs. Soonyoung shoos him away, and Jihoon’s eyes look like they might roll right on out of his head. The long-suffering betas of his pack can’t seem to wait for him to just leave already. 


“You were so eager to get out of here just a few minutes ago, we could all smell it” Seungkwan says, making broad gestures in the general direction of the door, “So go!”


He nods and follows Mingyu and Junhui out the door and down to the first level of the building. The two younger alphas are bickering between themselves. Like two peacocks flaunting their colorful feathers at each other, sizing the other up like this is some kind of competition. It’s typical alpha posturing, though thankfully it’s mostly in good fun and neither of them take it seriously.


“I don’t remember discussing Wonwoo’s heat with you,” Mingyu says, scoffing, “I can take care of him just fine on my own, thanks.”


Junhui just chuckles, and says, “Get over it, puppy. You’ll have to share your toy tonight.”


“Gross, don’t push your fetishes onto me and hyung.”


“My fetishes? You really don’t know him that well, do you?”


Seungcheol rolls his eyes, speeds up to go around them, and catches up with Jeonghan. He’s thankful they don’t run into anyone important on their way out the back entrance of the building. If they did, it wouldn’t be difficult for someone to figure out exactly what they’re up to. 


Seungcheol has neither the time nor the patience to deal with anyone else’s bullshit this morning. Let alone anyone that wants to keep him from his omegas any longer. If management wants to question him about his decisions later, that’s fine. He’ll just tell them the truth.


Right now, he has a damn job to do.




The transition from pre-heat to full on heat isn’t exactly comfortable. 


Joshua likes how he feels in pre-heat, fuzzy-warm all over, his head kind of light and floaty, his senses just slightly elevated. His packmates’ scents get stronger and smell sweeter, his skin more reactive to the touches of his mates. He can and has spent hours just curled up with different members, his nose pressed up against their necks or wrists. And everyone is so indulgent with his wishes. His alphas especially. Seungcheol will do anything in his power to keep him feeling safe and happy, and Jeonghan gets particularly attentive to his need for closeness.


But that’s pre-heat, a period that should last about 24 hours before his heat comes on fully, and the last few hours of that transition can be rough. Pleasant warmth becomes unbearable heat, and all smells fit into one of two categories, orgasmically delicious or horribly nauseating. He gets clingier, while at the same time oversensitive and prone to overstimulation. His wants become needneedneeds . And it’s especially bad if he has to go through it alone. 


He understands that the others have to leave, that they can’t all take off the full week just for him. And it’s better to be alone for the first part of his heat, when he’s still mostly lucid and can take care of himself, instead of further along, when any distance between himself and his mates becomes downright intolerable. His alphas, if not his whole pack, will be here later, he knows. But that doesn’t make this time alone any easier.


It starts almost immediately after the others leave. It’s a little early, but he’s used to the feeling of emptiness that accompanies a nest covered in his pack’s scents but without their physical presence. He stretches across the bed, feeling the cool sheets against his skin, but it offers little to no relief from the heat itching just under the surface. He loses his own clothes at some point early in the morning, shoving them in with the articles his pack had provided before they left for practice. 


It isn’t until he looks up at the clock on their bedside table that he realizes how quickly he’s slipping. Typically, he wouldn’t be this far gone so soon. It’s only been two hours since Jeonghan pulled Seungcheol away from him and out the door, a total of twelve hours since he’d felt that first sign of heat itching under his skin. He’s not sure why, but he’s entering his proper heat much faster than he should.


The reason, he finds out soon enough, comes with a wonderfully warm scent of caramelized sugar and yeasty bread, young and fertile and not his own .


Wonwoo is standing just outside the door to his room, panting and flushed and clothed only in a black sweatshirt so big on him it brushes the middle of his slim, golden thighs. He’s having a hard time keeping himself up, leaning heavily against the door jamb, eyes casting around him like he isn’t sure where he is. It doesn’t take a genius to know what’s happened, and Joshua’s stomach clenches at the realization.


“W-wonwoo-yah,” he calls, lifting his hand from the bed to beckon the younger omega over, his voice sounding high and breathy to his own ears, “Come h-here. It’s okay. C-come lay with hyung.”


Wonwoo is clearly confused, probably doesn’t realize himself what is happening. His steps are tentative and his nose is twitching in the air, like he’s scenting his surroundings. Joshua’s heat scent likely led him over from his own room. Jeonghan had let Joshua know before the pack left earlier that Wonwoo wasn’t feeling well and was going to stay home to rest. Clearly, no one had realized what was actually going on with the other omega.


Wonwoo definitely isn’t sick. He’s in heat.


Wonwoo’s knees seem to buckle right as he reaches the bed, but he catches himself easily enough, clambering up and next to Joshua with a whine that nearly breaks Joshua’s heart. 


“It’s okay, shh, I’ve got you,” Joshua soothes, pulling Wonwoo closer and shifting his head back so the younger omega can press his face against his throat, where his scent glands are swollen and sensitive. 


Wonwoo doesn’t speak, but that’s normal, so Joshua isn’t concerned. That’s not to say he’s quiet, though. He takes deep, almost gulping inhales of Joshua’s scent, whimpering when he can’t get closer. He smells amazing, unable to keep his own scent in check at this point, his body sending signals to any alpha in the area it can possibly reach. Joshua smells his own heat scent rising to match its intensity. Floral honeys wrap around creamy caramels, a warmth that’s alive and thriving, mixing until it’s nearly suffocating them both.


“Here, t-take this o-off,” he says, sliding his hands up under Wonwoo’s hoodie to find he’s completely bare beneath it, hurrying to strip him down to get more of their skin touching. He recognizes somewhere in his mind that this is just making them slide deeper and deeper into their heats, that he can feel slick between his own thighs already, and smells Wonwoo’s slick as well when they eventually figure out how to get Wonwoo out of his clothes. Without even thinking about it, Joshua shoves the hoodie up under his pillow, fits it neatly into his nest.


Time seems to get away from him then. Wonwoo is pressed right up against him, and they’re both hard, the feeling of their cocks rubbing against each other’s hips and thighs so good his vision blurs. He’s never shared a heat with another omega before. Sure, he and Wonwoo have helped each other out sometimes, enjoy being there to keep the other calm when things get to spiralling out of their control, the scent of another omega a safe and soothing balm on frayed nerves. But this, this is something entirely different. As if his heat is urging Wonwoo higher and higher, and vice versa. If he didn’t feel so empty right now, he thinks he could be content to spend the rest of the week like this.


Eventually, he’s able to come back to himself enough to think a little clearer. Things are escalating too quickly, and soon they’re both going to be so lost in each other, they’ll neglect their own needs. The reason it’s important to have pack members present when an omega is in heat is because someone needs to be lucid enough to make sure the omega keeps hydrated and eats regularly, stops to calm their racing hearts and breathe and all those other things necessary for life. Even at the heat shelters, a dedicated minder would bring food and water every few hours, check to make sure the omegas in their charge were well cared for.


“W-wonwoo-yah, hang on, hang on, I’m gonna get help,” he says, trying to still the other omega’s hips long enough for him to search for his phone. Wonwoo makes a pitiful whine when he pulls away a bit to grab it off the end table, and Joshua shushes him quietly. He tries to purr softly to soothe them both.


His hands are shaking so bad it takes him three tries before he’s able to find the right contact in his phone and make the call. Jeonghan answers after the second ring. 


“Babe, you okay?”


The sound of his mate’s voice does nothing to quench the fire under his skin, only incites him further. He tries to keep the whine from escaping his lips but he doesn’t do a very good job. He aches . Everywhere. Inside. Wonwoo’s mouth breathing hot and wet against his neck reminds him what he’s supposed to be doing, and he tries to remember how to speak. 


“Wonwoo... W-we… need a-alpha, heat,” he says, knowing he’s not making any sense, which is only confirmed by Jeonghan’s reply.


“What? Babe, I can’t understand you. What about Wonwoo?”


“He’s in h-heat,” he finally gets out, panting so heavily into the phone that he can hear the feedback of it loud in his own ear. “W-wonwoo’s in… h-heat, too.”


“Are you sure?” Jeonghan asks, and Joshua is so unbelievably frustrated he groans. Of course he’s sure!




“--Okay! I believe you.”


“Please, I can’t,” he says, his words breaking into little sobs. His cheeks are wet. When did he start crying? He’s never gone into heat this quickly before, even when he’s surrounded by his alphas and they’re doing all the right things to urge him deeper. There’s something about being with another omega, about the scent of Wonwoo’s slick, the urgency of Wonwoo’s hands on him.


“It’s okay, baby, Seungcheollie and I will be home as soon as we can.” Jeonghan’s voice is softer now, masking his own concern and trying to keep Joshua calm. But it isn’t enough. It doesn’t fix his problem. He has no idea what to do with Wonwoo while he waits for his alphas to get home.


“Wonwoo…” he says, doesn’t know what he’s even trying to say.


Just keep Wonwoo-yah in your nest with you,” Jeonghan replies, like he understands anyway, “We’ll take care of everything when we get home.”


“Please, hurry…”


“It’ll be alright. We won’t take long, I promise. We’re leaving now.”


He doesn’t bother to say goodbye, doesn’t even press ‘end call’. Once he knows Jeonghan and Seungcheol are coming, he tosses his phone off to the side, unable to keep his hands to himself anymore. Wonwoo’s skin is so hot against his, and he trembles so sweetly when Joshua slips an arm around his thin waist, keeping him close. He can hear sounds over the rushing of blood in his ears, cries and sighs and whimpers and whines, but he can’t tell which of the two of them are making them. He tilts his head back down, and their noses are brushing, they’re breathing each other’s air...


He can’t keep up anymore, so he closes his eyes tight and lets himself slip under.




Mingyu was what people like to call a ‘late bloomer’. Most alphas and omegas present in their early- to mid-teens, usually the summer between middle and high school. However, despite his large stature and protective attitude toward those younger or weaker than him, Mingyu had been almost 20 years old before he had his first rut. Everyone always suspected he would be an alpha, it just took his body a little longer than usual to get with the fucking program. Those last few years before he presented were frustrating, but that mostly had to do with one single member of his pack.


Wonwoo had presented as an omega before Mingyu even met him, and he’s still, to this day, the single most beautiful omega Mingyu has ever seen. He remembers spending months pining after his shy, pretty hyung when he started training. Wonwoo was new to the company as well, and everyone had been so surprised that this tall, aloof boy was an omega. But not Mingyu. Mingyu had taken one look at Wonwoo and known. Wonwoo was going to be his one day. Mingyu was going to present as an alpha any time now and Wonwoo would be instantly drawn to his scent and his strength and they would wear each other’s mate marks proudly for everyone to see.


Mingyu was also a bit of a hopeless romantic. 


His plans didn’t really pan out exactly the way he’d imagined. For one, they’d debuted almost a full year before he finally presented. He was the only one who presented after officially joining the pack, which changed the group’s dynamics at a critical point in their careers and could have been detrimental to them as a whole. If he’d tried to challenge Seungcheol, or even Jeonghan or Junhui, for authority, the entire pack could have easily been thrown off balance. Luckily, their bond was strong, surprisingly so, some said, for a pack so big and led by a Head Alpha so young. 


Mingyu settled into his place as youngest alpha easily enough. And, well, his relationship with Wonwoo hasn’t been terrible or anything, but it isn’t exactly the fairytale romance he was envisioning when he was fourteen and the two of them had just met.


He isn’t going to complain, though, not when he knows he's one of very few people in the world that Wonwoo feels comfortable enough to sleep next to every night, to let take care of and protect him, and to share his heat with. 


The complex where their dorms are located have reinforced, scent-proofed exterior walls and hallways. Their old trainee dorms hadn’t had this extra layer of protection, and that meant that anytime either Wonwoo or Joshua had gone into heat, they’d had to be whisked off to a heat shelter to ride it out alone. The first time it had happened to Joshua, everyone had known Jeonghan would have a hard time dealing with the separation. What had surprised everyone was how badly Seungcheol had taken it, how anxious and irritable he’d been that whole week. 


It wasn’t until Mingyu presented as an alpha that he understood. The thought of Wonwoo being alone for his heat is an unacceptable one. 


Thankfully, their new building is equipped to not only hold the sheer number in their pack in a single, bi-leveled unit, but to also contain all their scents within their specific dorm, including rut and heat scents. So as he makes his way up to their floor with Junhui, Jeonghan, and Seungcheol, nothing seems out of the ordinary. That is until they get to their dorm's entrance and Jeonghan unlocks and opens the front door. 


It’s like walking straight into a wall. The air inside feels thick, almost humid, and the smell…


Like caramel dipped honeysuckle, the sweetness of heat permeates the whole dorm, settling atop the usual mixed scents of their pack. It’s so strong, stronger than it ever is when only one of their omegas is in heat. Underlined with the musk of arousal and clean sweat. It makes the tiny hairs on the back of Mingyu’s neck stand up, and his stomach swoops low. 


He doesn’t realize he’s growling until he feels one of Junhui’s arms come up across his abdomen, keeping him from charging further into the dorm.


“Easy, puppy,” Junhui says, voice low so as not to carry beyond the foyer. And Mingyu might have been annoyed by that at another time, but right now he’s grateful. The last thing he wants to do is get overly aggressive and scare the omega he’s supposed to be here to take care of. He shakes his head and huffs sharply through his nostrils, trying to clear both.


Jeonghan wastes little time at the door, kicking his shoes off by the front closet and breezing past the kitchen, through the common room and back to the hallway leading to the bedroom he shares with Seungcheol and Joshua. Seungcheol is slower, turning into the kitchen instead and opening their refrigerator.


“Make sure Wonwoo drinks something before you do anything else,” he says, dragging bottles of water out of the back of the refrigerator and setting them on the counter. “They probably haven’t stopped long enough to eat anything either, but that can wait a bit.”


“I’ll grab stuff to make another nest in the living room,” Junhui says, patting Mingyu on the shoulder, and moving toward the stairs to the other bedrooms, “Gyu-ah, go see if you can separate Wonwoo from Joshua-hyung and bring him out here? There won’t be enough room for all six of us on one bed.”


Mingyu doesn’t need to be told twice. He follows where Jeonghan had disappeared into the hall, past the door to the bedroom he shares with Wonwoo and Minghao, and to the very back room, where the door is open and he can hear noises, Jeonghan’s voice soothing over urgent breaths and whines. The scent of heat gets more and more potent the further he gets, until he stops just outside the door and looks in.  


What he finds kicks his heart up several beats, and he has to force down another growl.


Sprawled across the bed, Joshua and Wonwoo are lying between a scrupulously constructed nest of the packs’ clothing and bedding. They’re both undressed, skin glowing in a flush that paints them both a pretty pink. They’re tangled up together, legs entwined and hands touching anywhere they can reach. They aren’t so much kissing as they are just breathing against each other’s lips. From this close proximity, Mingyu can smell the slick clinging to the insides of both their thighs as they writhe against each other, trying to find some form of gratification, something to ease the ache of their heat.


They haven’t even realized they aren’t alone anymore, so wrapped up in each other as they are. And fuck if it isn’t a beautiful sight. Mingyu almost doesn’t want to disturb them.


But they’re obviously frustrated, each searching for something the other just doesn’t have to give. They’re likely urged only higher by the scent of two alphas suddenly so close, can undoubtedly smell how aroused Mingyu and Jeonghan are just from seeing them like this. Mingyu sure as hell can smell it. 


Jeonghan is standing over the side of the bed, crooning softly at the two as they continue to steadily get more frantic. He doesn’t dare set hand or foot inside the nest without explicit permission, but he has to reach out to touch Joshua’s shoulder, wrap his hand around Joshua’s arm, and lightly tug him back from Wonwoo to get his attention. It’s just as Joshua is turning to look up at Jeonghan that Mingyu sees that he’s got a hand between Wonwoo’s thighs, where his fingers have slipped out from behind Wonwoo’s hard cock and his omegan slit they’d just been stuffed inside.


The sight has Mingyu stepping further into the room, his chest rumbling low and pleased. He reaches for Wonwoo, making sure the knee he places onto the bed also doesn’t breach the side of the nest. Jeonghan has finally gotten Joshua’s attention enough to break his hold on Wonwoo, but Wonwoo still clings to any part of Joshua he can. He lets out a pitiful, longing keen at the loss.


“Hey, hey, baby,” Mingyu hums softly, trying to soothe and distract him. The skin at the nape of his neck, when Mingyu touches it, is hot and damp with sweat. His scent glands are red and swollen and obviously sensitive. He jumps a little at Mingyu’s touch, but he finally turns around to look up at him.


Mingyu is always a little concerned that the haze and urgency of his heat will affect Wonwoo so much that he might not fully realize what is happening around him. With how little he speaks when he’s in heat, Mingyu is worried there’s a disconnect from Wonwoo and his surroundings. It’s why he always makes sure to talk to Wonwoo about his upcoming heat and what he wants long before it can set in. And every time, Wonwoo surprises him, because even though Wonwoo may not say anything, there’s no shortage of expression to communicate with.


When Wonwoo looks up at Mingyu over his shoulder, there’s a single moment of confusion, but then their eyes connect, and Mingyu sees nothing but recognition and relief on Wonwoo’s face. It settles something inside Mingyu that he wasn’t aware was churning. Wonwoo reaches up for him, turning in the bed so he can wrap his arms around Mingyu’s shoulders and pull him down and nuzzle against his neck, scenting him.


“I’m gonna take you to the other room, okay?” He asks, trying to get a better hold on the omega so he can lift him up, “Junnie-hyung is here too.”


Right as he’s sliding his arm around Wonwoo’s waist, a hand shoots out from the other side of the bed and stops him with a grip on his wrist. It’s Joshua, he’s watching them, and he looks anxious, panting when he speaks. 


“Be gentle with him, he’s--”


Mingyu interrupts him, turns their hands around and brings Joshua’s up to kiss his palm. 


“Thank you, hyung,” he says, making sure he looks directly into Joshua’s eyes, “you did such a good job taking care of him for us. ”


“Did so well,” Jeonghan echoes, now sitting on the edge of the bed and pulling Joshua back against his chest, mouthing at the shell of Joshua’s ear. "Always take such good care of the others, like a good hyung, good omega."


That seems to put Joshua’s worries, whatever they may have been, to rest. The praise of an alpha has a potent but soothing effect on an omega’s nerves while in heat. Joshua doesn’t stop Mingyu again when he bends at the knee and lifts Wonwoo from the bed into his arms. 


Wonwoo isn’t lightweight. He might be thin, but he’s still six feet tall and built like a dancer. Luckily, Mingyu’s alpha status lends him strength he wouldn’t otherwise have had, and lifting Wonwoo is manageable, if not easy. Wonwoo reacts instinctively, curling his arms tighter around Mingyu’s neck, bending his knees so Mingyu can navigate them through the doorway without bashing his head or his toes against the walls. 


They pass Seungcheol in the hallway, who pauses and looks Wonwoo over with a critical eye. A raised brow is all Mingyu needs to understand the question. 


“I’ve got him,” he replies, “go take care of hyung.”


Seungcheol has the audacity to look sheepish, a flush making the tips of his ears pink for a moment. Mingyu almost feels bad that the other alpha didn’t get to witness the beautiful sight of their omegas intertwined together on his bed. He knows Seungcheol wasn’t being insensitive earlier when he protested Mingyu coming home with him and Jeonghan. He was just looking out for Wonwoo, and Mingyu can appreciate that. He does appreciate it, in fact. He likes knowing Wonwoo is safe even if he can’t be there to make sure of it himself. 


When they make it back to the living room, Junhui is standing among an absurdly large pile of bedding and clothes and cushions from around the dorm. As part of a closely bonded pack, their omegas like their nests to include all the members’ scents. Mingyu can see the knitted yellow blanket from Chan’s bed, and Minghao’s favorite t-shirt. There’s also the flannel sheets Hansol likes to use and three of Mingyu’s pillows, along with many other soft, familiar things. Junhui looks up at them when they enter, a smile curling the corners of his mouth. 


“Hey there,” he says, watching as Mingyu helps Wonwoo down to the floor. He tosses the bottle of water on the end table to Mingyu, who succeeds in getting Wonwoo to drink a few large mouthfuls but no more. 


Now away from Joshua’s nest, he’s eager to start working on his own. All omegas build nests for themselves when they go into pre-heat, and it’s one of Mingyu’s favorite things about being with Wonwoo. It’s adorable, watching him quickly but meticulously place all his materials in the right spots. 


Nesting is a completely instinctive behavior, finding and arranging a safe space for the omega to stay during their heat. Without one, an omega would feel distressed and vulnerable, often fighting against their heat to stay alert and ready to confront any danger that comes close. And a feral omega is just as fierce and formidable an opponent as the strongest alpha, which is why it’s so important to get permission to enter an omega’s nest.


That permission is inherent when an omega lets someone help them build their nest, like Mingyu and Junhui often do with Wonwoo, handing him things he reaches for, scenting items not sufficiently scented ahead of time. When they have a nice little space for themselves, Wonwoo leans back into a pile of pillows, seemingly content to just bask in the feeling of security for a moment.


Junhui settles to Wonwoo’s right, running a hand along his bare waist and nosing at the junction of his neck and shoulder, and says, “fuck, you smell so good, kitten.”


He does, Mingyu agrees, lying on his side with his back against one of the couches, his body curved around Wonwoo opposite Junhui. This close, Mingyu can smell all the little intricacies of Wonwoo’s scent. 


Normally, Wonwoo’s scent is dampened by the suppressants he has to take, because the staff are worried the scent of an unmated omega will just be a distraction for the alphas who have to perform with him. As biased and unfair as that is, smelling Wonwoo now, Mingyu can almost understand why the rules exist. If Wonwoo smelled like this everyday, it would be difficult to get Mingyu to do anything but lie in bed with him all day long. 


He smells sweet, like all omegas do when they’re in heat. But it’s a fragile kind of sweetness, like the brittle top to a crème brŭlée, or the very first bite of a freshly baked croissant, like it could melt away on your tongue, leaving something heavier but just as delicious behind in its wake. It overlays the earthier, more fertile scent of the slick between his thighs.


And he makes the loveliest sounds when they touch him. Neither Mingyu nor Junhui have gotten undressed yet, both still in their practice clothes. It only emphasizes Wonwoo’s nakedness between them, all his smooth, honey-dipped skin on display for them to see, to touch. Mingyu traces fingertips lightly from the back of his knee, up the inside of his thigh, where he’s wet and trembling, watches as Junhui’s palm lies against the flat of his stomach, right above his pretty little pink cock. He can’t seem to stop his hips from bucking, searching for stimulation, sobbing when they deny him by holding him down. 


“Already so sensitive,” Junhui whispers, “did you have fun with Joshua-hyung while we were gone?”


“They looked so good together,” Mingyu says, breathless. Wonwoo just continues squirming under their hands, panting as their touches get firmer. Mingyu can’t help but press a kiss to the knob of Wonwoo’s shoulder.


Junhui hums, sliding his hand up until he can pinch at one of Wonwoo’s nipples, dragging another sob from him. “I bet they did.”


They were gorgeous, all twisted up together, grabbing and grasping at each other wherever they could reach. Mingyu is going to remember that particular image for a long time, replay it in his head for months to come.


“Joshua-hyung was--” he starts, interrupted almost immediately by a particularly loud gasp from Wonwoo. 


He looks up to see Junhui mouthing at Wonwoo’s neck, fitting sharp teeth right over the bite where Seungcheol had marked Wonwoo as part of the pack. All of them have one, including Mingyu, and he knows how sensitive it can be. How vulnerable it can feel to bare it, but how good it can feel when someone touches it. The bright zing of sensation that shoots up his spine when one of his packmates bites over it, reinforcing the bond. He can only imagine what it feels like for Wonwoo, their youngest omega, the bottom of their pack’s inherent hierarchy, when an alpha is the one to lavish attention upon it. Especially with how close the bite is to Wonwoo’s scent glands.


And though Junhui keeps his torment light, he’s thorough. It’s a little mesmerizing to watch how effectively he pulls all of Wonwoo’s attention to where he’s placed his mouth. Such a tiny little area, but it gets a grand response. Wonwoo’s eyes flutter closed and his mouth drops open, leaning heavily into Junhui, letting his head fall to the side to give Junhui as much room to work as he needs. A show of submission if Mingyu’s ever seen one.


When Junhui pulls back just slightly, his eyes flick down to meet Mingyu’s, expectant. Mingyu is surprised by his command. “What was hyung doing? Show me.”


It takes him a moment to understand what Junhui is telling him to do, but then he is scrambling to obey. Despite the fuss he had kicked up earlier about Junhui coming with them, it’s easy for  them to fall into their roles now. Being the youngest alpha, it feels natural for Mingyu to follow Junhui’s lead here, even as they both work to take Wonwoo apart.


Hyper-aware of Junhui’s eyes on him, Mingyu takes one of Wonwoo’s skinny thighs in hand and lays it across his own legs, Wonwoo’s knee hooked over his own, spreading them just enough. Wonwoo is squirming again already, rocking his hips back and forth like he can’t decide whether he wants Mingyu’s fingers closer or farther away, but Junhui puts a stop to that real quick, 

pressing his forearm across Wonwoo’s abdomen to still his hips.


“Be good, baby,” Junhui whispers, “Let Gyu-ah show me how Joshua-hyung made you feel good.”


Wonwoo’s hand comes up to fist Mingyu’s t-shirt, holding on so tightly his knuckles are white, as they all watch Mingyu’s fingers glide higher and higher up his leg, gathering slick along the tips as they go. With Wonwoo's little omega cock so hard and curved up against his stomach, it’s easy to see beneath, where he's pretty pink and open. He makes a startled little hiccup when Mingyu's fingers run across his slit and Mingyu glances up to see he's biting his bottom lip so hard to keep quiet. 


Junhui sees it too. He props himself up one one elbow, leaning over Wonwoo now, and drags the other hand up to Wonwoo's face to grab his chin.


"None of that now," he says, thumbing Wonwoo's lip out from between his teeth, "wanna hear you, kitten. You know the rules."


"Fuck," Mingyu whispers, mostly to himself. He sure as hell doesn't know about these rules. And he doubts he'd get more than a teasing grin from Junhui if he asked. 


He knows Wonwoo fucks around with the others. They all do; it’s not a secret. Their pack is open and accepting, everyone welcome to join in the activities. But Wonwoo is usually so reserved, Mingyu hasn't ever really considered what he would be like when he's with their other members. What kinds of things he does with them. With Junhui, for instance. 


Maybe Junhui was right earlier. Maybe he doesn't know Wonwoo as well as he thinks he does. That’s not a problem, though. That just means he’ll have to spend more time exploring Wonwoo’s interests. He certainly takes no issue with that. 


For now, he doubles down on his ministrations, keeping his eyes on Wonwoo’s face as he slides two of his fingers inside him, massages his thumb into the little sac below Wonwoo’s dick. The filthy sound they make slipping through all that slick is only just audible under the moan coming from Wonwoo’s now unobstructed mouth, both making Mingyu’s cock twitch in his sweats. He could spend hours pulling sounds like this from Wonwoo, unduly proud of himself for making his omega feel good. 


“That’s it,” Junhui says, smirk evident in his voice. He takes Wonwoo’s other thigh and, like Mingyu had done, hooks it over his own knee, parting Wonwoo’s legs even further. “You just wanna be full, don’t you, kitten? Just aren’t content till you have something inside you.”


Scissoring his fingers, Mingyu pulls back and pushes in a few times, working up a slow rhythm. Now that he can’t move away from the hands exploring his body, they let Wonwoo squirm around as much as he wants. His hips work in tandem with Mingyu’s fingers, fucking himself down on them. He nods along to Junhui’s filthy words, eyes squeezed tightly shut as he works himself up and up. Closer and closer.


Mingyu knows Wonwoo could come from just this, can see where he’s leaking pre all over his own stomach, right beneath his navel, where his hair would be thicker and darker if he weren’t an omega. He’s whining almost constantly now; he can never last long when he’s in heat. Mingyu wants to bend down and take his cock into his mouth, wants to taste him so bad.


He has to manipulate himself quite a bit to get down there, shifting Wonwoo’s leg up over his hip, before he can fit his lips around the omega’s little cock. It’s an immediate assault on his senses, the heady smell of Wonwoo’s slick so close now, with the musk of pre-cum spreading along his tongue. It’s so good, Mingyu feels his eyes roll to the back of his head. 


When he hums, it only causes Wonwoo’s hips to buck up sharply, his cock just reaching to the back of Mingyu’s throat. Mingyu doesn’t gag, just follows the motion. Wonwoo’s cock is small enough he can easily cover it entirely with his mouth, his lips circling the base to create just the right amount of suction, his cheeks hollowed inward. He feels someone’s fingers bury themselves in his hair--Wonwoo’s, judging by how badly they’re shaking--and he lets them hold him down. 


And all it takes is him slipping another finger inside Wonwoo’s dripping hole, curling them just right, just like he knows Wonwoo loves, and Junhui’s voice, low but firm--”so good, baby, come for us, now”--and Wonwoo is shooting into Mingyu’s mouth. The sound he makes is low, almost guttural, but so loud, and Junhui has to hold him down again to keep him from kneeing Mingyu in the face. He’s trembling all over.


Mingyu barely has time to think before another hand is tangling in his hair, pulling his head up and back, and Junhui is shoving his tongue past his lips, licking Wonwoo’s taste right from his mouth. Mingyu lets him, just lets his mouth hang open so Junhui can take what he wants. It’s easy to fall into the older alpha like this, nice to just give up control for a moment.


When Junhui lets him go again, they’re both panting, and Mingyu nearly chases his mouth for more. Junhui’s hand slides from Mingyu’s hair and he sits back again, the smile on his face a tease and a promise all in one. It makes Mingyu want to follow him, maybe straddle his lap and kiss him again, rut against him until Junhui takes pity on him and jerks him off quick and hard. It wouldn’t be the first time. But Junhui has other plans, shifting his attention back to the omega between them. When he realizes, Mingyu feels bad for almost forgetting what they’re supposed to be doing here, looking after Wonwoo. 


Wonwoo, who has curled up on his side with his back to Mingyu, still shaking and catching his breath from his orgasm. Junhui cards his fingers through Wonwoo’s mussed hair, cooing at him softly. 


“Baby,” Mingyu hums, lying back down and wrapping an arm around Wonwoo’s waist from behind. His skin is slick with sweat, hot to the touch. That first orgasm wasn’t nearly enough to satiate him, Mingyu knows. That was only the beginning. 


“So pretty when you come, kitten,” Junhui says, “needed that really bad, didn’t you?”


Wonwoo just whines back at them, still not ready for words. But he grabs hold of Junhui’s wrist and tugs. 


“I think he wants you to lie down with us again,” Mingyu offers, and Wonwoo nods, motion jerky. 


“Alright,” Junhui chuckles, “let me just--”


He doesn’t finish, just stands up and starts stripping down, pulling first his shirt up over his head and then dropping his sweats and stepping out of them. Before he can toss his clothes aside, however, Wonwoo makes grabby hands for them, letting out a small delighted trill when Junhui hands them over. He tucks them into his nest where they belong, doing the same after he wrestles the clothes from Mingyu as well. 


Satisfied that at least his nest is complete for the time being, he settles back down, and tugs Mingyu’s arm back around his waist like before. Junhui lies down too, facing them both, running his fingers lightly over the omega’s skin, tracing up the back of his thigh, over his hip, around his navel, then across his collarbone, down his arm, until he grips his hand. Wonwoo relaxes little by little back against Mingyu’s chest, and Mingyu presses kisses along his shoulder, noses at the nape of his neck.


“You gonna let Mingyu-ah fuck you soon, kitten?” Junhui says, a small smirk playing across his lips when Mingyu inhales sharply and Wonwoo whimpers. “Wanna watch your face when he knots you.”


“Fuck,” Mingyu whispers, unable to keep his hips from bucking up against Wonwoo’s ass. Wonwoo purrs low and sweet, pushing back against him, urging him to keep going.


And Junhui is laughing at him; he can hear it. He doesn’t mind, though, knows it’s good-natured. Junhui just likes riling him up, and he’s damn good at it, knows exactly what to say to get him going. 


He knows Wonwoo just as well, it seems. He brings Wonwoo’s hand up to kiss and nip at his long, tapered fingers, as he keeps talking, “Then, when his knot goes down and you still need something to plug you up, keep you full, I’ll let you warm my cock for however long you want.”


Wonwoo whines, and it’s a beautiful sound, longing and high-pitched. He’s getting desperate again already, and Mingyu can’t even blame him. Mingyu’s own cock is filling out, his body reacting to Junhui’s words just as much as Wonwoo’s hips' little aborted movements. It would be easy to slide his dick between Wonwoo’s thighs, have them squeeze tight around him. He’s come from that so many times before.


“That sound good?” Junhui says, and it’s obvious he knows exactly what he’s doing, playing them both. Junhui likes to have them feeding out of the palm of his hand, gets off on it as much as they get off on listening to him. “You need a cock in you?”


Wonwoo nods, and Mingyu hisses when he starts squirming again. A cock is exactly what he needs. Even if he doesn’t ask for it directly, he still begs for it, pushes back against Mingyu, panting quick and heavy, little broken whimpers slipping from his lips. He needs it so bad.


Junhui just smiles at him, shushes him, “soon, sweetheart, I promise.”


Then he lifts his head a little more to look over Wonwoo’s shoulder, brow raised when he meets Mingyu’s eyes. “Well,” he says, “are you going to make him wait for it any longer?”


With how eager Wonwoo is? How his scent has kicked back up? How he sounds? Mingyu would be an idiot if he didn’t take the opportunity handed to him.


He smirks back at Junhui, says, “Hell, no.”


And together they help Wonwoo, still trembling, up onto his knees. 




Seungcheol’s mates came to the company at around the same time, three years after he had started his own training. Jeonghan was first, crashing in like a maelstrom, knocking out the competition like he was born to be a star. Everyone was surprised he was an alpha, the same way they’d all been surprised that Wonwoo was an omega. But he quickly proved himself to be confident, caring and responsible, all the aspiring alpha traits wrapped up in an unpredictable package. Seungcheol was instantly drawn to him, pulled in by his sharp citrusy scent and even sharper features. He doesn’t need to say Jeonghan is beautiful, anyone with working eyes can see that.


He and Jeonghan got along right off, finding common ground in their interests and their dedication to making it in the industry. He’ll admit he had a crush, the first he’d ever had on another alpha. Alphas tend to be competitive and even combative with each other, at least until they grow older and settle into themselves, into their packs. But Jeonghan treated Seungcheol as a friend as soon as they met, had fallen just slightly behind him in line instead of attempting to test his authority, and they found themselves working together rather than against each other. Seungcheol worked himself up for months to make the first move. He’d almost convinced himself it would work.


And then Joshua came.


Seungcheol remembers the first time he saw Joshua, vividly so. One of the recruiters had been showing Joshua around the Pledis building and the two stopped off in the practice room where Seungcheol and Jeonghan were learning the choreography for their weekly evaluation. They came in through the door at the back of the room, quietly so as not to disturb anyone’s practice. But Seungcheol noticed immediately. Or rather, he noticed when Jeonghan noticed.


They were right in the middle of the routine, when suddenly Jeonghan stopped. His whole body stiffened, his nose rising in the air seemingly involuntarily, before he flipped around and his eyes locked on something and didn’t budge. Seungcheol turned to see what had gotten Jeonghan’s attention so abruptly, his breath catching in his chest when he realized it was an omega. 


A beautiful omega, whose soft scent slowly filled the room and made Seungcheol’s hair stand on end. But he was nowhere near as affected as Jeonghan.


Seungcheol had grown up knowing there was no such thing as truemates. That was just some pretty lie written about in fairytales and romance novels, something teenage girls dreamed of at night and giggled about with their friends. It wasn’t a real thing.


Watching Jeonghan and Joshua that day, the way Jeonghan stared unblinking at Joshua, breathing in lungfuls of the omega’s scent, hands fisted and shaking like it was physically difficult to keep himself still. And the way Joshua looked right back, the pupils of his large doe eyes blown out, head tilting back unconsciously to bare his throat as he scented the room and the alpha so intent on him. Well, it made Seungcheol wonder. 


It took all of a week for everyone to know Jeonghan and Joshua were a thing. Relationships were typically looked down on in the company, especially between trainees favored to debut soon. But the company couldn't keep Jeonghan and Joshua apart, not if they were quiet enough about it. So, they were discreet as possible, kept the touching to a minimum if they were in public, spoke very little of each other to any of the stricter managers or coaches. 


Still, it wasn't a secret, their feelings for each other. Everyone could see the way they looked at one another, how one sought the other out as soon as they entered a room, smiled whenever the other’s name was mentioned. It was obvious what was going on.


And Seungcheol had been really happy for them. Jeonghan was one of his best friends. And it took no time at all for Joshua to be welcomed into the group, talented and friendly as he was, an extravert with a penchant for making everyone feel included and important. They were beautiful together. Seungcheol isn’t ashamed to admit he liked watching the two of them touch and kiss, as inconspicuous as they could manage while living in the trainee dorms. He got off more than a couple times imagining what they were like in bed together, picturing Jeonghan between Joshua’s long legs, Joshua’s head thrown back in ecstasy while Jeonghan sucked and bit at his neck.


When Joshua’s heat hit that first time, Seungcheol was all prepared to have to distract and comfort Jeonghan. As trainees, omegas were always shipped off to shelters for a week when they were in heat, and no one was allowed to go with them. They were forced to ride it out alone, whether they were in a relationship or not. He knew it would be hard on Jeonghan.


He hadn’t known it would be so hard on himself


He didn’t even notice at first, how moody he’d been. How ill-tempered and anxious. But it really bothered him, knowing that Joshua--an omega he had, however unwittingly, come to think of as one of his own--was suffering alone. Someone should have been with him, Jeonghan or, dare he say it, himself. An alpha that was safe and familiar, that knew Joshua and what he needed. 


Apparently, his discontent had been easy for everyone else to see. Almost half-way through the week, on a night he was tossing and turning, thinking about all the different ways he could be good to an omega, he was ambushed in his bed by Jeonghan. The other alpha wasted no time with his questions or confusion, just swung his leg over Seungcheol’s hips and settled in his lap. Hands stronger than they looked held Seungcheol’s arms down above his head by the wrists, and dark eyes stared down at him from above.


“He wants you too, you know?” Jeonghan said, dipping down until their lips just barely brushed, “we both do.”


And wasn’t that a revelation? The three of them. Together. It sounded too good to be true.


Seungcheol is so happy now to have been proven wrong.


Especially at times like these, when he can lean against the doorframe of his own room and peer in at his loves, watch them get up to the things he used to only imagine them doing. Jeonghan lost his clothes sometime between them getting home and Seungcheol making his way back to the bedroom, and is now sitting with his back against the headboard, Joshua leant back against his chest. He’s got Joshua’s bare legs spread over his own so the omega is open and on display, skin a soft pink all over and chest heaving, cock hard and curved up against his stomach. 


They haven’t noticed him yet, or they haven’t acknowledged him, at least. The latter is more likely true for Jeonghan, who is busy whispering what must be sweet but filthy things into Joshua’s ears. And Joshua is eating them up, tossing his head back and forth on Jeonghan’s shoulder, eyes screwed shut. His hips are shifting as much as they can with his legs all but immobile, his arms pulled inward toward his chest, Jeonghan’s fingers wrapped around his wrists.


The whole room smells like heat, like dripping honey and pooled caramel. That last is different, at least in the space that Seungcheol usually calls his own. It’s Wonwoo’s scent, and it still permeates the air around him. It’s good, mixes well with Joshua and Jeonghan’s paired scents, makes Seungcheol want to take deep, full breaths of it, savor it. His pack’s omegas, content and well cared for. It makes the alpha in him proud. 


When Jeonghan finally looks up at Seungcheol, he smiles. It’s wickedly sharp, the curve of his lips and the set of his eyes. No longer is he hurried and anxious like he was before they’d made it home. He’s back to being his normal, teasing self, it seems. Now that he’s got his omega in his arms and Seungcheol in his sights. He looks at Seungcheol like he’s sizing him up, like he knows what Seungcheol wants. Seungcheol has no doubt he does and lets him look. He’s got nothing to hide.


Jeonghan keeps their eyes locked as he guides one of Joshua’s hands, suspiciously sticky, up to his own mouth and closes his lips around the fingers. Joshua gasps, head turned so he can watch Jeonghan suck the slick from his skin, moan low and satisfied, another tease. Seungcheol watches too, his own mouth watering for a taste. Jeonghan’s smile never wilts while he cleans Joshua’s fingers, his tongue slipping between them to catch every last drop. 


Then, Jeonghan says something to Joshua that Seungcheol can’t hear, and Joshua turns to look where he’s still standing just inside the room. Their eyes meet and Seungcheol can see how far gone Joshua already is, gaze clouded but yearning. When he whines, it’s high and desperate. It almost hurts Seungcheol to hear it.


He pushes away from the door jamb and takes a few steps to the foot of the bed, leans down and places his hands on the mattress right outside the barrier of the nest. Without breaking eye contact, he turns his head just slightly, revealing his neck in submission. He may be the alpha here, and this might be his room, but right now, in this space, his authority means nothing. Not a thing if his omega rejects him. 


“Baby,” he says, low and unthreatening, “can I come in?”


The response is immediate. Joshua twists his wrist out of Jeonghan’s grip and reaches out for Seungcheol. When he speaks, his voice is high and stuttered like his breaths. “Yes, come--come here.”


Seungcheol wastes no time, climbing up onto the bed and settling on his knees between both Jeonghan and Joshua’s spread legs. Joshua is nearly frantic in the way he grabs at Seungcheol’s shirt, pulling him closer, whining when he doesn’t come fast enough. Seungcheol cups both hands around Joshua’s face and presses their foreheads together, keeps his voice soft and low when he says, “Hey, hey, you’re okay. We’re here now. I’m sorry it took us so long.”


“You had to wait a long time for us, didn’t you?” Jeonghan coos, nuzzling all along Joshua’s neck and shoulder and running his wrists down Joshua’s arms, trying to soothe and distract at the same time by rubbing his scent into Joshua’s skin. It works, Joshua’s shoulders drop a little and he takes a deeper, more even breath. “It was a lot of work, looking after another omega, hmm?”


“You did a great job,” Seungcheol says, “kept wonwoo-yah nice and safe while we were out.”


Joshua sighs, tipping his head to the side to give Jeonghan more room to kiss and bite at his perfect skin. “He smelled so good.”


“You both do, so sweet. Could smell you both as soon as we walked in the door.” Seungcheol encourages Joshua to settle back more heavily against Jeonghan, scoots back a bit himself so he has more room. Shifting onto his stomach, he lies between their thighs. They have to adjust a bit, Jeonghan using his own legs to spread Joshua’s further so Seungcheol’s broad shoulders can fit. 


“They had fun playing together.” Jeonghan supplies, his eyes keen when Seungcheol looks up at him from his place between their legs. He knows exactly what Seungcheol is planning and helps push Joshua’s hips closer. “Didn’t you, baby? Couldn’t keep your hands to yourselves.”


Here, Joshua’s scent is the strongest, the origin of all the slick that’s dripped down his thighs and onto the sheets below him. He’s so sweet, saccharine like honey straight from the hive, softly floral in a way that Seungcheol can taste when he breathes in. And underneath that, the deeper, more animalistic smell of Joshua’s arousal, of clean skin and slick and the boyish scent of the pre-cum that’s beaded at the tip of his dick. 


“Well, maybe after we fill you up with enough cum to satisfy you for a bit,” Seungcheol says, voice low, smirking at the sound Joshua makes at his words, at how wide his eyes get when he looks down at Seungcheol and how close his face is now, “we can all move out to the living room, and you and Wonwoo-yah can play some more.”


“Please,” Joshua breathes, and even he doesn’t know what he’s begging for, Seungcheol can tell. Jeonghan’s hands come down and wrap around the backs of Joshua’s thighs, holding him spread open for Seungcheol’s easy access.


He doesn't know who moans louder, when he finally gets his mouth on Joshua. His hands cup around Joshua’s hips, as he licks a long stripe from Joshua’s perineum up between his folds, his nose pressed up under the sac and Joshua’s cock. Joshua always tastes amazing, but it’s so much better now, when he’s in heat and has no suppressants in his system to dull the flavor of him. Seungcheol could eat him out for hours, has done so before, until his tongue and jaw ached and he felt like he was suffocating.


The slick is thinner than usual, flowing non-stop from Joshua’s hole, and Seungcheol can’t get enough of it. The sounds his mouth makes against Joshua’s slit are filthy, obscene, a sticky backdrop to the gasps and mewls coming from above. Jeonghan has to hold Joshua’s legs pretty tight to keep him from closing them around Seungcheol’s head. Joshua’s hips squirm like he can’t decide if he wants Seungcheol’s tongue deeper or far away.


Seungcheol looks up his omega’s heaving chest to see his head thrown back against Jeonghan’s shoulder. Jeonghan is looking down at him, though, pupils blown and bottom lip rolled in between his teeth. Seungcheol knows if he wasn’t literally drowning in Joshua’s scent, he’d be able to smell Jeonghan’s filling the space around them. His own too, a nice little medley of the three of them, all warm honey, bright citrus and his own fresh wintergreen.


Jeonghan slides his hands out from under Joshua’s legs, and he drags one up to pinch at Joshua’s nipple, clamping down sharply like they both know Joshua likes. The other, he wraps around Joshua’s cock, giving Seungcheol no warning or time to brace for when Joshua’s hips buck up into his touch on instinct. Seungcheol follows the motion easily enough, though, gripping Joshua’s hips tighter, and hums in amusement when he feels Joshua’s hole clench around his tongue.


“Feel good, sweetheart?” Seungcheol hears Jeonghan’s voice like it’s far away, but it still settles over him like a warm blanket. He hums again, an involuntary sound, and the vibrations must feel even better because Joshua echoes the sound with one of his own. Jeonghan’s voice, when he continues speaking is soft and amused, “Seungcheollie is really good with his mouth, isn’t he?”


“Mhmm,” Joshua responds, sounding almost as if he’s about to cry, voice shaky and strained through gritted teeth.


Long fingers slide through Seungcheol’s hair. They don’t push or pull his head down, just stay wrapped around the strands like it’s helping keep Joshua grounded. Still, the implication of control makes something warm spread through Seungcheol’s stomach, makes his cock, already filling out in his sweats, twitch in excitement. He doubles down on his efforts, fitting his mouth over Joshua’s hole and sucking, plunging his tongue deep inside again. He’s rewarded with a sharp tug on his scalp, and a gush of slick that he swallows down.


When he pulls away after a while to take a much needed breath, he looks up to see Joshua watching him now too. The omega’s mouth is open and panting, spit pooling at the corners and threatening to run down his chin. His lashes are water-logged and fluttering. The flush is high on his cheeks and across his nose, and his hair is mussed from having run his own hands through it so many times.


“You’re such a mess, baby,” Seungcheol says, in awe. He licks the slick from his lips and drags two of his fingers through Joshua’s folds to collect more, making the omega hiss sharply. “Here, clean yourself up a little.” 


He raises up on his forearm, enough that he can bring his drenched fingertips to Joshua’s parted lips, smearing the slick around them before plunging them into his mouth. Joshua suckles them eagerly, whining at the taste of himself. 


“You like that? Like the way you taste?” Seungcheol asks. Joshua tries to nod, but he can’t move his head very much when Seungcheol shoves his fingers in deeper. They hit the back of Joshua’s throat and he gags. Jeonghan holds him through it, and Seungcheol watches as his eyes tear up even further, but he doesn’t try to fight them off. He just takes it. 


“Good little slut,” Jeonghan's words are a sharp contrast to the warm, almost fond way he says them. And when Seungcheol slips his fingers back out, Jeonghan’s hand is there to turn Joshua’s face towards him, catches his mouth in a kiss that is more tongue than anything. Jeonghan moans, presumably enjoying licking the taste of slick from Joshua’s own mouth. Seungcheol can testify to how good it is.


“Please,” Joshua whispers when Jeonghan lets him go, his mouth a swollen wreck, wet with a mix of his and Jeonghan’s saliva. 


“What do you need?” Jeonghan asks.


“Need you inside.”


“Need Jeonghannie to fuck you?” Seungcheol sits back up on his knees, shuffles his way off the bed again and back toward the doorway. Joshua cries out at the loss of him, but it only takes him a second to grab what he wants.


“Either of you,” Joshua says, “Both of you, please. I just--”


“Just need to be full, don’t you?” Jeonghan finishes for him. He adjusts them so that Joshua’s legs aren’t hooked over his own anymore, but keeps him pressed back against his chest while Seungcheol climbs back onto the bed, twisting the cap off the bottle of water he retrieved from the desk by the door.


“Here,” Seungcheol holds the bottle up to Joshua’s mouth, “drink this first.”


Joshua makes a face but swallows down a couple mouthfuls, obeying his alpha’s orders. It settles something in Seungcheol’s chest, something warm and protective, the caregiver in him satisfied by looking after his omega. 


When Joshua knocks the bottle away again and Seungcheol sets it down on the bedside table, Joshua reaches out for Seungcheol’s shirt, tugging at it pointedly.




Seungcheol laughs. Guess he isn’t the only one giving orders here. Not that he minds. At all.


He pulls his shirt up and over his head and without prompting shimmies out of his practice sweats as well. He hands them over to Joshua without a word, knowing the omega will want them fitted into his nest. Joshua shoves the sweatpants down towards the foot of the bed and lays the shirt out over one of his pillows. The other pillow is draped in the thin v-neck Seungcheol saw Jeonghan wearing earlier. Joshua likes having them within easy distance to grab or shove his face into. The whole room smells of pack and home. It’s comforting in a way few other things are.


When Jeonghan moves this time, it’s to lie down, his head propped on those very pillows. He still has one hand on Joshua’s waist and he glides it up and down, like he’s smoothing back the hair on a startled animal. The other is on his own cock, stroking himself to full hardness.


“Think you can ride me, baby?” He asks.


Joshua nods and Jeonghan keeps him steady by holding on to his arms above the elbow, guiding him to swing a leg over Jeonghan’s lap. Seungcheol moves in behind him, holds him by the hips so he can settle over Jeonghan. Jeonghan hisses when the tip of his cock brushes against the underside of one of the cheeks of Joshua’s ass, pre-cum smearing over Joshua’s skin and making Seungcheol swallow thickly. He loves it when his boys get messy. 


“I’ll never get tired of this sight,” Jeonghan sighs, giggling when Joshua pinches his side in response. Seungcheol wholeheartedly agrees. Lying back with a beautiful omega balanced above your cock is quite an image, one he’s dreamed of more times than he can count. 


Seungcheol positions himself so he’s now the one with his bare chest against Joshua’s sweat-dampened back. He keeps his hands on Joshua’s hips, and hooks his head over his shoulder so he can look down at Jeonghan beneath them. Jeonghan’s expression is smug, one corner of his mouth curled higher than the other, one eyebrow cocked like he’s getting impatient. But underneath it, Seungcheol can see the reverence in Jeonghan’s eyes when he gazes up at Joshua, the care with which his hands touch every inch of Joshua he can reach.


“You ready?” Seungcheol asks, not entirely sure who he’s asking. He gets a nod from both, though, so it doesn’t matter. 


He feels it when Jeonghan reaches between Joshua’s legs to take hold of his own cock. Joshua gasps sharply when Jeonghan rubs the head of it along his slit, coating the tip in slick before holding it at the base to line up. 


“Please,” Joshua whispers, holding himself up with his hands on the flat of Jeonghan’s lower abdomen. His thighs are shaking. He’s aching to be allowed to drop down.


“Take it slow,” Seungcheol warns, gripping Joshua’s hips tighter as he lets him carefully descend.


Jeonghan’s moan when Joshua’s body engulfs him is punched out of him, and it only just covers the higher, breathier sounds Joshua makes. They both make warmth burst in Seungcheol’s belly and his hips buck against Joshua’s back involuntarily. Joshua either doesn’t notice or doesn’t mind, so focused on the feeling of finally being penetrated. When he’s sat fully on Jeonghan’s cock, his head tilts to the side and he swivels his hips in a way that Seungcheol personally knows feels amazing and Jeonghan echoes this fact with a low, breathless curse.


“You feel so good,” He says.


Joshua hums a pleased little tone, and Seungcheol can just see he’s got his eyes closed and a blissful little smile on his face. Truly like a cat who got its prey and wants to play before devouring it. He continues rocking his hips backward and forward, little figure eights, just reveling in the feeling of being full. Seungcheol can almost understand. He knows how good Jeonghan’s cock feels when it’s inside, the lovely shape and reach of him. He can only imagine what it must feel like to an omega in heat. 


But it only lasts a few minutes before Joshua gets bored and starts rising back up on his trembling thighs, only to drop back down in one long, continuous movement. Seungcheol helps keep him steady with hands on his waist, right above where Jeonghan’s hands are on his hips. Together they help lift him up and down over and over. 


Seungcheol feels Jeonghan moving under him, planting his feet a little firmer on the mattress and thrusting up to meet Joshua on his descent. At the same time, one of Joshua’s hands wraps around his own cock, not bothering to keep time with Jeonghan’s thrusts, just losing himself in his own pleasure. He groans and lays his head back against Seungcheol’s shoulder and Seungcheol can’t help but mouth at his pretty exposed neck, tonguing the red, distended gland at the base.


They build up a good rhythm together, and soon Jeonghan has Joshua bouncing on his dick, moaning each time Jeonghan’s hips meet his ass. Seungcheol’s cock is still trapped between his stomach and Joshua’s lower back, a delicious friction that has his hands gripping Joshua a little tighter. He could easily come just like this, with his cock occasionally fitting between Joshua’s cheeks where he’s slick and warm. But he knows if he does, he’ll probably knot, and might not be ready to go again once Joshua determines it’s his turn.


Luckily, he doesn’t have to worry about that for too long, because he can see Joshua’s strength is being sapped quickly. He peers over the omega’s shoulder and down at Jeonghan, who seems to be thinking the same thing, meeting his eyes and nodding at Seungcheol’s unspoken question.


Joshua whines as Seungcheol’s warmth leaves his back, the hand he didn’t have wrapped around his own cock reaching out for him blindly. Seungcheol takes the hand and brings it to his lips, presses a small kiss on Joshua’s knuckles.


“It’s okay, we aren’t done,” he says, as Jeonghan’s stops bucking his hips up. 


Joshua’s eyes, when they open, are totally glazed over. He whines high in his throat, obviously not fully understanding what’s happening.


“Gonna lay you down, sweetheart. Go with Seungcheollie,” Jeonghan whispers. He sits up as Seungcheol helps move Joshua off him, his cock slipping out and drenched in Joshua’s fluids and his own pre, the base of it already swelling a bit with his upcoming knot.


Once Jeonghan is out from under him, Joshua stops resisting, but he makes a sound that’s nearly a sob and it breaks Seungcheol’s heart. He crowds against the omega, kissing across his shoulder and neck, nipping at the healed over bite there that marks him as Seungcheol’s. It gets the desired result, Joshua gasps loudly and goes limp against him for a moment.


Alpha ,” Joshua cries, breathless, and Seungcheol pulls back. It takes no more coaxing to get Joshua down now, he lets himself fall into the pillows, his face pressed against Seungcheol’s shirt. 


“We’re right here,” Jeonghan says, rubbing Joshua’s lower back to calm him. He and Seungcheol watch as Joshua gets his knees up and under him, arms coming up to hold the pillows as he raises his ass into the air, his spine bowing sharply until his chest is pressed against the mattress, his legs spread open.


Presenting for them.


“Good boy,” Seungcheol says, lying by Joshua’s side now as Jeonghan positions himself behind their omega. “So good, baby. You’re so beautiful like this.” 


And he really is. There’s nothing more beautiful to Seungcheol than an omega giving themselves over to their alpha. It isn’t about authority or who owns whom. It’s about that offering of submission, that feeling of rightness that settles in Seungcheol’s chest when he sees his omega at his most open, baring everything. Ready to accept him and Jeonghan.


It feels like a privilege. It feels like a gift.


Seungcheol knows when Jeonghan pushes back in because he sees Joshua’s mouth drop open into a little ‘o’, his eyes rolling to the back of his head. This angle is better, Jeonghan can reach so much deeper, his cock pressed right up against Joshua’s g-spot. Joshua’s so far gone now, a live-wire of feeling. And he’s beautiful when he surrenders to it.


Seungcheol keeps a hand on Joshua’s upturned cheek, the one he isn’t rubbing against Seungcheol’s shirt and the pillow it’s covering. The room is heavy with the scent of their pheromones, a potent mix, the sweetness of Joshua’s honey cut through with Jeonghan’s crisp lemon and Seungcheol’s raw wintergreen.


Joshua’s sounds never cease now, every time Jeonghan’s sharp hipbones smack against the soft flesh of his ass he lets out a moan or a whimper. His voice is dulled only when Seungcheol pushes his thumb between his open lips, pressing down on his tongue like he had earlier, not quite far enough to make him gag, but to give him something to focus on. 


It doesn’t matter, Jeonghan has picked up a rhythm so fast and hard, they can all hear the slap of his and Joshua’s skin when he thrusts in. It’s an obscene noise, and paired with the feel of Joshua’s mouth sucking on his thumb, Seungcheol can’t help reaching down and stroking his cock. He keeps his eyes on Joshua’s, knows the omega isn’t actually seeing him, his focus on the feeling of Jeonghan’s cock inside him. And Seungcheol can’t even blame him for it, knows intimately how good Jeonghan can fuck the sense right out of someone.


Jeonghan’s hand moves from where he’s gripping Joshua’s hip tightly to wrap around the back of his neck, keeping him down, in the best position for Jeonghan to fuck into his hole over and over and over again.


“Fuck, I’m gonna come.” Jeonghan says after what feels like no time at all, but is likely many minutes. His thrusts are getting erratic, losing some of the consistent rhythm of before.


“Please--” Joshua says, or rather tries to say around Seungcheol’s thumb. He sounds wrecked, and the tears are flowing from his eyes freely now. Seungcheol wants to rub them into his cheeks, make him more of a perfect mess than he already is. He’s so gorgeous like this, when he lets go completely, when he doesn’t even know what he’s begging for any longer. “ Please, Alpha--


Jeonghan bends over him, his hips never ceasing, voice a low growl, “Want my knot, baby?”


When he asks like that, even Seungcheol wants to beg for it. Joshua does, whines, “yes, yes, please knot me, need it, please--”


As he continues pistoning his hips in that unstable rhythm everyone has right before they come, Jeonghan reaches under his and Joshua’s body to grip the omega’s cock. His hand almost covers it whole, only the little pink tip peeks through his fist. He knows just the right amount of pressure and speed to match his own thrusts, and Seungcheol watches Joshua clutch at the pillows under his head, his mouth drop open and his eyes squeeze shut.


And then all at once, they’re both coming. Jeonghan buries his cock in Joshua’s hole the same time he buries his teeth into the mate mark on Joshua’s neck, his moan muffled but still echoing around the room. Joshua draws taut like a bowstring, his spine arching impossibly further, and he gasps at what Seungcheol guesses is the feeling of Jeonghan’s knot expanding inside him. Jeonghan’s hand on Joshua’s cock doesn’t stop moving, and stripes of white cum smear across the sheets and Jeonghan’s knuckles.


Seungcheol has to grip the base of his cock to keep from coming just at the sight of their pleasure. 


After only a minute, Joshua groans and makes a swipe at Jeonghan’s hand still on his cock. He’s oversensitive and exhausted, judging by the way he’s panting. Seungcheol removes his thumb from his mouth and earns a little smile when Joshua cracks an eye open. But it’s short-lived, because a second later he’s hissing when Jeonghan’s sharp teeth slip from his neck. 


“Sorry, baby,” Jeonghan says, “don’t move too much. Don’t want to hurt you.”


“--ur’fine,” Joshua mumbles, making a face at the drool on the shirt right by his mouth. He makes a grateful little noise when Seungcheol slides it out from under his head. He balls it up in his fist and wipes up the excess cum from the sheets with it before tossing it away.


Seungcheol sits up to help Jeonghan lie Joshua down on his side, careful not to jostle them too much so the knot doesn’t pull. That’s an unpleasant sensation he doesn’t wish on anyone. Jeonghan stays plastered firmly to Joshua’s back, an arm slung over his waist to keep close, and the hand he’d used to stroke Joshua off comes up to the omega’s face.


“You made another mess, sweetheart,” he says, and Joshua wastes no time sucking each of his wet fingers into his mouth to clean them off. He’s still a little out of it, drunk on knot and cum and the pheromones of his alphas surrounding him. When Jeonghan’s hands are sufficiently clean, his eyes drift back open, his pupils back to their original size. His face is still flushed and he occasionally whimpers when Jeonghan’s hips make small movements.


“You didn’t come,” Joshua points out after a few moments of silence, and Seungcheol looks down at himself. His cock is still hard, but flagging now that the excitement is over. 


“Don’t worry about me,” he says, “I want to be ready for you when you need me.”


“Yeah, because we all know one knot is nowhere near enough for you,” Jeonghan jokes, his words distorted from a wide yawn. He gets an elbow to the side in retaliation. “What, like I’m wrong?”


Joshua rolls his eyes but doesn’t refute the statement. He reaches for Seungcheol instead. He always gets touchy when he’s being knotted, likes as much skin-on-skin contact as possible, enjoys the attention he receives between his two mates. 


“I should go check on the others first,” Seungcheol tells him reluctantly, “make sure they don’t need--”


“Leave them alone, Cheol-ah.” Jeonghan interrupts, sighing heavily, his mouth pressed right up against the nape of Joshua’s neck, eyes closed like he’s half asleep already. “They’re fine. Let them fuck in peace.”


Joshua’s small giggle makes it clear who he sides with. He grasps at Seungcheol’s wrist again, tugging on him until he gives in and slides closer. 


“We’ll go out together in a bit,” Joshua says, humming contentedly when Seungcheol starts running his hand up and down his arm. “Remember, you said I could play with Wonwoo again later.”


“I did,” Seungcheol agrees, lying with his nose almost brushing Joshua’s, all three of them sharing one pillow they’re so close. 


“But,” Joshua says, his own hand reaching down until he’s wrapping it around Seungcheol’s dick, stroking softly enough it’s more a tease than real stimulation. It makes Seungcheol gasp anyway, having to listen real close to hear Joshua when he continues, “you promised to give me enough cum to satisfy me first.”


“I didn’t forget,” he whispers, breathless, bucking into Joshua’s grip, trying to get more friction and knowing he won’t get any until Jeonghan’s knot goes down enough to pull out and Joshua gets needy again. This touch is both a blessing and a curse. Pre-cum beads at his tip and Joshua spreads it down his shaft with a loose fist.


“Good,” Joshua remarks, almost nonchalant, like he’s talking about some mundane thing like the weather and not Seungcheol fucking him until he’s sloppy and full of alpha cum, “because I want all your attention on me when you fuck me. Promise?”


Seungcheol groans when Joshua pulls his hand away, eyes wide and shocked at the profanity coming from his usually strictly moral boyfriend. He groans again when Joshua brings that same hand up to his own face, licking Seungcheol’s pre off his fingers, lashes fluttering and purring softly like the taste of Seungcheol is just that good.


Seungcheol can only stare and answer him, voice a little far away in his own ears. 






In the years Junhui has been friends and packmates with Jeon Wonwoo, he’s come to know three things for certain about him.


The first is that Wonwoo is very introverted, which most everyone who meets him is aware of. Wonwoo had only been at the company for training a little over six months when Junhui joined. That and how close they were in age meant they were put into a lot of the same vocal and dance practice groups right off. Junhui remembers everyone in these groups being enamored with Wonwoo, who was tall and beautiful even then. And he was an omega, a rarity which only endeared him further to their peers. 


But Wonwoo was also shy and withdrawn and often needed encouragement from others to participate in activities that involved a lot of people. Junhui, ever popular no matter where and with whom he found himself, frequently offered that encouragement. 


Probably that was what made their relationship grow so quickly. They went from acquaintances with mutual friends, to good friends themselves in a short time. And in an even shorter time, they found themselves friends with the occasional benefits. From what Junhui knows, he was the first alpha Wonwoo had experimented sexually with, maybe even the first person overall. And while some might have been worried about feelings potentially forming between an alpha and omega who’ve been casually fucking for as long as they have, they’ve made the transition from friends to packmates with an open invitation for sex without the slightest complication.


Which led to the second thing Junhui has come to know about Wonwoo. That being Wonwoo’s propensity for being a kinky little slut. 


Junhui has always tended more toward the dominant side of the spectrum, though it isn’t an essential part of his sexual experience as a whole. Wonwoo, on the other hand, is innately submissive, in a way that affects his overall mental state if these tendencies aren’t fulfilled for him in some way on a semi-regular basis. Some may attribute this characteristic to his omega status, but Junhui has never really bought that particular brand of bullshit. Sure, within the pack there’s an inherent hierarchy and it serves the purpose of protecting those that need protection the most, but it doesn’t have any effect on their personalities in general.


No, Wonwoo is just wired that way, would likely submit to another omega just as soon as he would an alpha. He just happens to have been exploring this avenue with Junhui the longest, so Junhui is the one who’s most familiar with Wonwoo’s kinks. Like being objectified, being used for his partner’s pleasure in a way that disregards his own, like a toy or a doll. He likes to be restrained, held down in some way and used until he’s wrecked and exhausted. 


But mostly Wonwoo likes being given rules to follow, simple but effective rules that make him feel owned. Stay still. Don’t muffle your sounds. Keep eye contact. Tell me how good it feels. They aren’t difficult to follow, but each of them is a constant reminder that he is not in control. 


Junhui has mastered when and how to use these rules, and is usually the one Wonwoo seeks when he needs to be taken out of his own head. This is a testament to the amount of time they’ve been doing this. That and their lack of messy, romantic feelings makes Wonwoo feel safe with Junhui. He isn’t worried his needs will impact his relationship with Junhui in the same way he would with, say, Mingyu.


And that has brought Junhui to the third and final realization about him. 


Wonwoo is in love with Kim Mingyu.


Junhui is fairly certain he’s one of very few people who know this, with only Jeonghan as a possible second among their packmates. He’s positive Mingyu doesn’t know, and even more sure Wonwoo, himself, doesn’t either. But all the signs are there, if you look long enough. And Junhui has had years to do just that. 


He’s looking right now, watching as Wonwoo drops his chest to the ground, up on his knees, presenting himself for Mingyu. He makes a pretty little picture, his spine arched, his hips tilted upwards at just the right angle. His skin glows and he trembles so exquisitely. He would trigger the predatory instincts in anyone, alpha or otherwise.


Junhui watches it all from his place up near the pillows, Wonwoo’s head on his lap, brushing sweat-soaked hair from Wonwoo’s forehead. 


“You ready, kitten?” Junhui asks, running a hand over Wonwoo’s shoulders over and over. “Want Gyu-ah to fuck you now?”


Wonwoo is still too far out of his head for words, but he whines and nods, clutching at one of Junhui’s hips like it’s a lifeline. It worried Junhui the first time he spent Wonwoo’s heat with him, the lack of verbal communication. It had made him so nervous and unsure that he didn’t touch Wonwoo the whole time aside from holding his hand and curling around his back while he whimpered and writhed through the worst parts of it. But Junhui’s well-versed now in reading Wonwoo’s expressions and noises. He knows the difference between sounds of real distress and the little vocalizations of wanting to get fucked. 


Right now, Wonwoo would really like a dick in him.


Mingyu fans his own hand across the small of Wonwoo’s back, “Shh, baby, I’m right here. Stay just like that for me.”


It settles Wonwoo a bit, as he latches on to Mingyu’s words, takes it as an order. It quiets his mind a little. Junhui knows because he’s seen it before, the way Wonwoo can lean into an order he gives like it’s a support beam. Following orders isn’t difficult, but it can be used as a focus for Wonwoo when his mind gets turbulent and he feels like he’s going to shake apart. Junhui doesn’t know if Mingyu is even aware of how that simple command has helped assuage Wonwoo’s rising anxiety at not being immediately given what he wants.


Because Mingyu is not sexually dominant by nature. It’s not instinct for him to set rules for the person he’s fucking or hold someone down until they’re sobbing and begging to be allowed to come. He’s a service top, at best. But, in Junhui’s opinion, that makes Mingyu kind of the perfect fit for Wonwoo. 


Mingyu has an uncanny ability to know exactly what someone needs, and can transform himself to fit those needs accordingly. The only reason he hasn’t really caught on to Wonwoo’s specific needs is because Wonwoo takes great care to keep them from him. He makes sure to go to Junhui when those needs get to be too pressing, or to one of his other packmates whose opinion of him Wonwoo doesn’t worry about destroying. Like Jeonghan or Soonyoung or even Joshua. He sees it as a burden, and so he won’t let the younger betas help him either. He doesn’t want to put any of them in an awkward or troublesome situation. 


Junhui has tried to hint to Wonwoo, both subtly and outright, that Mingyu would never think less of him for needing anything. While Wonwoo’s love for Mingyu is fairly well hidden, Mingyu’s returning feelings are not at all a secret. Everyone knows Mingyu has been in love with Wonwoo since before they even debuted. Which is precisely the problem. Wonwoo worries Mingyu will stop loving him if he knows.


Junhui finds it all a little trivial, doesn’t really understand what the big deal is about Wonwoo needing to get rough-fucked every so often to ease his anxiety. But it is a big deal, to Wonwoo it is, so Junhui keeps those opinions to himself. And he tries to help where he can.


Like making sure Wonwoo knows he’s right here by gliding long strokes up and down the knobs of his spine as Mingyu kneels behind him. Mingyu glances up and catches Junhui’s gaze, the question evident on his face, though he doesn’t ask it aloud. Junhui gives a small nod, then turns back to watching Wonwoo and how sweat is starting to bead on the back of his neck again.


He knows the precise moment Mingyu finally starts to sink in, watches Wonwoo’s face go slack and his back bow further. Junhui can never know exactly what it feels like for an omega in heat to finally feel full after hours longing for it, but it looks like ecstasy, like bliss. Mingyu’s cock is not small, so even with how open and wet Wonwoo is right now, it still must be a stretch. Junhui knows how much Wonwoo loves the feeling of his hole stretched around a cock, he’s said as much when Junhui has demanded to know how he feels when Junhui fucks him. 


“Shit,” Mingyu hisses, when he’s balls deep, Wonwoo’s hole clenching around him. That, Junhui can relate to, knows precisely how amazing that first slide inside Wonwoo feels. It’s taken Mingyu’s breath away and he pants to get it back.


“Hear that, kitten?” Junhui says, gazing down into Wonwoo’s fogged over eyes, “Hear how good you make him feel?”


“He’s so tight,” Mingyu starts to pull back out, slowly, like he’s savoring every drag of Wonwoo’s body against his cock, “You’re so tight, baby, so good.”


At the praise, Wonwoo starts to purr, a low but content sound that Junhui feels more than he hears, broken up into little staccato sounds as Mingyu begins to build a slow rhythm. It’s tender, not nearly as frantic as their last build up, and Junhui can see how Wonwoo continues trying to stay still for Mingyu. Even as he’s starting to lose himself in the pleasure, he follows directions. Junhui coos and pokes at his adorable little wrinkled brow.


Mingyu’s rhythm stays unhurried and gentle for a while, leaning over Wonwoo’s back a little with hands wrapped around his thin waist. The position they’re in makes it easy for Mingyu to reach deep inside Wonwoo, the angle just right. Junhui keeps his hands on Wonwoo’s heated skin, smoothes his palms over his shoulders and up and down his arms, his touch light enough that it leaves little chills behind, a subtle but constant stimulation.


And Wonwoo’s scent is rising with his pleasure, surrounding them with the sweetness of caramel. Mingyu’s earthier coffee scent deepens it a little, and Junhui’s ginger and clove rounds it out. They smell good together, Junhui will agree, and with the scents of their packmates cocooning them within the barriers of the nest, he can imagine how hazy Wonwoo’s mind must be, how docile it’s making him feel. 


But it’s clear Wonwoo is growing restless again, and quickly. His noises pick up, keening high in his throat as opposed to the low purr from before. He’s having difficulty keeping still now, squirming around on Junhui’s lap, grasping at the sheets beneath him, and pressing back into Mingyu’s thrusts. He wants it harder, needs it faster.


“Shh,” Junhui soothes, “You’re alright. Your alpha knows what you need.”


Something in Junhui’s words makes Mingyu’s hips stutter on the next thrust--Junhui has a feeling he knows exactly what that something was--and it makes Wonwoo gasp loudly, makes him push back even harder. Mingyu curses again under his breath and his eyes look up to catch Junhui’s again for just a moment. Junhui doesn’t even try to keep his amusement from showing on his face. 


“Don’t you?” he asks, raising a brow at Mingyu. He might be interfering a little, where he should really stay out of things, let Mingyu figure his own way around Wonwoo’s likes and dislikes. But he wants Wonwoo to enjoy this, and wants Wonwoo to see that Mingyu can handle it, can give this to him.


“Yeah,” Mingyu says, straightening back up and readjusting his knees on the floor for a better anchor, “I know what you need, baby.”


With that he grabs harder at the curve of Wonwoo’s hips, and his pace speeds up. Wonwoo reacts to it instantly, groaning when Mingyu begins thrusting into him harder. The sounds between them pick up, the smack of skin on skin. The flesh of Wonwoo’s ass bounces when Mingyu’s hips collide with it. Wonwoo lifts himself up just a little, onto his elbows for better purchase, so he can use them to push back into Mingyu’s thrusts.


Junhui wraps his hand around his own cock, strokes it lazily while he watches them. They look beautiful together. Mingyu’s skin is just a shade darker than Wonwoo’s, but it’s enough contrast that it catches the eye. Mingyu’s face is perfect even now, eyes narrowed in concentration and lips rolled inward between his teeth, sweat dripping from his hairline, along the dip in his temple and then down the sharp cut of his jaw. And Wonwoo, Junhui has few words to describe how good Wonwoo looks while he’s getting fucked like he needs. He looks wrecked, head lolling with every push of Mingyu inside him, eyes squeezed shut, mouth open and nearly drooling. 


“How does he feel?” Junhui asks, as Wonwoo’s moans grow louder and his scent picks up even more, but Mingyu hears his question anyway.


“Good,” Mingyu sighs, his voice shaking slightly, “He’s so-o wet. I can slide right in. And he’s h-hot, tight. Fuck!”


“He’s going to feel amazing on your knot,” Junhui continues, like Mingyu doesn’t already know this. But he’s not really talking to urge Mingyu on, though he’s sure that’s a welcomed side effect. He’s deliberately talking over Wonwoo, about Wonwoo. The omega can hear them just fine--even if he appears out of his own mind right now--the moan his words receive confirm that much. 


On a particularly hard thrust, Wonwoo’s arms lose their strength entirely and he drops back down onto Junhui’s lap, crying out loudly. His hands are shaking when they clutch at Junhui’s legs. Junhui’s cock is fully erect now, and it’s only a few centimeters from Wonwoo’s face. Junhui knows what’s coming before it happens. 


Wonwoo shifts his head back far enough that he can just brush his lips against the base of Junhui’s cock, mouth opening wider and tongue peeking out to taste. Wonwoo’s eyes, surprisingly clear for how far gone he is, peer up at him, beg him. He hisses at the whole display, pumping his dick harder a few times before letting go completely.


“You want my cock too?” he pants, biting his lip to keep from cursing aloud when Wonwoo nods almost wildly. “Alright, you gotta get back up on your hands and knees if you want it. Can you do that?”


During this whole exchange, Mingyu’s been quiet, slowing his own pace just a bit so Wonwoo isn’t rocking so violently into Junhui. They both watch as Wonwoo starts lifting himself back up onto his hands. Junhui shifts onto his knees in front of him, grabbing a fistful of his hair when he immediately goes to take Junhui’s cock into his mouth. Junhui wrests Wonwoo’s head back, meeting his eyes again. 


“Manners, baby,” Junhui warns, and his eyes drop to watch Wonwoo’s adam’s apple bob as he swallows, before flicking back up to Wonwoo’s gaze. The pleading look in Wonwoo’s eyes is more telling than any amount of begging he could be doing with his mouth. Mingyu has stopped completely now, so everything is quiet for a long moment save the sounds of their heavy breathing.


“Open your mouth,” Junhui says, “Stick out your tongue.”


Wonwoo doesn’t hesitate to obey, and he trills happily when Junhui smiles down at him. Junhui cuts the sound off with his dick, sliding right between Wonwoo’s lips. He doesn’t relax the fist in Wonwoo’s hair but he does let Wonwoo take more control over his own movements. Wonwoo takes a breath in through his nose and immediately dips his head down until the tip of Junhui’s cock presses against his hard palate. 


“Greedy kitten,” Junhui says, sucking a deep breath through his teeth, and sighing it out when Wonwoo begins bobbing his head in little strokes. “Greedy little mouth, greedy little hole...”


Mingyu says something under his breath, and he starts fucking into Wonwoo again. The rhythm builds quickly between the two of them, Wonwoo rocking between them, his whines and whimpers muffled but still loud. 


Wonwoo’s mouth is always incredible. He’s not terribly skilled or anything, but he makes up for that with enthusiasm. He gags and he’s sloppy, spit spilling out between the corners of his lips, and tears welling up in his eyes when he tries to take Junhui further and further into his throat. With Mingyu fucking him at the same time, he can’t focus very well, but Junhui doesn’t mind. He’s still a warm, wet hole to fuck, and oh, so eager for it. It won’t take long before Junhui comes. 


There’s a long few moments where no one says anything, too focused on their tasks, the rising pleasure, the upcoming release. The sounds they do make, obscene, lewd sounds of their bodies coming together over and over, echo around the room. Junhui wouldn’t be surprised if their packmates in the other room could hear them. That thought only fuels the fire starting low in his belly.


He wraps two fingers around his cock, a few centimeters above the base. He thinks he can make it through this without knotting, but just in case, the less stimulation there the better. Wonwoo is taking him all the way now, his lips pressed right up against Junhui’s fingers. And underneath, Junhui can see Wonwoo shifting his weight on one hand so he can reach down with the other to stroke his own dick, which is leaking a steady stream of pre-cum onto the sheets below him.


Mingyu must see it too, because a moment later, he’s knocking Wonwoo’s hand away and covering Wonwoo cock with his own, and he says, “You gonna come soon, baby?”


Wonwoo’s responding cry is stifled by Junhui’s cock, but he arches his back as he pushes involuntarily into Mingyu’s touch. Mingyu doesn’t stroke Wonwoo’s cock, just holds it in his large fist, but he doesn’t stop Wonwoo’s hips from seeking friction. His own hips keep up an almost punishing rhythm, thrusting continuously into Wonwoo now as he chases his own orgasm.


Mingyu glances up at Junhui, who still has his hand fisted in Wonwoo’s hair, and Junhui sees something in Mingyu’s eyes he doesn’t expect. A look he only gets when he’s on stage performing, or in front of a camera. His eyes are hard and calculating. He’s reading the air, making a decision.


Mingyu’s grip on Wonwoo’s hip tightens and he slows everything down, leaning over Wonwoo until his chest is pressed down across Wonwoo’s back and his mouth is near Wonwoo’s shoulder. 


“You wanna come?” he says, whispering the question in Wonwoo’s ear. When Wonwoo whines again, he tries to nod, and there are tears slipping past his lashes and down his cheeks now. Mingyu smiles, but it’s cunning, predatory. “You make Junnie-hyung come first, then. Let him fuck your mouth. And I’ll let you come.”


Junhui almost can’t believe his own ears, and it seems that, for a moment, neither can Wonwoo. But Mingyu doesn’t repeat his words, he just straightens himself back up, and starts fucking Wonwoo again, back to the same quick and exhausting pace as before. But this time, he keeps the hand on Wonwoo’s hip squeezed tight, preventing Wonwoo from taking his own pleasure until he’s done as Mingyu asked.


As Mingyu demanded.


Junhui smiles down at Wonwoo, who is a mess of emotions and tears now, likely trying to figure out what just happened. Junhui isn’t positive, himself. But he’ll take it.


“You heard him,” he says, readjusting his hold on Wonwoo’s hair, “mind your teeth.”


And Wonwoo does. Surprised as he may be, he’s used to this treatment, used to Junhui fucking him like he’s a toy for Junhui’s pleasure. He loves this, loves giving himself over. Asks for it time and time again. And now he’s not just giving himself to one alpha, but two. He’s giving himself over to Mingyu as well, and the newness of that must be exhilarating. 


Wonwoo lets himself be used, and Junhui knows he isn’t going to last much longer at all. He still keeps his fingers around the base of his dick, and he will occasionally pull all the way out so Wonwoo can take a breath. Then he’s pushing back into Wonwoo’s mouth with sharp, quick motions. 


He doesn’t know who comes first, him or Mingyu. One second he’s looking down at Wonwoo’s beautiful, tear-filled eyes, and the next he feels Wonwoo gagging around the head of his cock, and he hears Mingyu groan loudly, and then he’s coming. He pulls out a bit so he doesn’t actually choke his omega, and half his load ends up splashed along Wonwoo’s lips and chin. 


And then Mingyu is reaching around Wonwoo’s waist with one arm and tugging him up onto just his knees, his back pressed against Mingyu’s front, gulping in lungfuls of air, his chest heaving with it. Mingyu’s hand on his cock is flying, stroking as his hole is stretched further around Mingyu’s knot. 


“That’s it, baby, you can come now,” Mingyu is saying, “you did so good. Made your alphas feel so good .”


Wonwoo’s orgasm looks like it’s ripped from him, his whole body shaking with it, curling around Mingyu’s hand on his cock. His cum spills down Mingyu’s knuckles in little white stripes and his stomach muscles clench several times. He’s sobbing too hard to make much noise, and his eyelashes flutter closed. 


Junhui is there to catch them both when they finally collapse, helping them to lie on their sides together. They both shiver every so often, and Junhui can see where Wonwoo’s lower stomach is slightly distended, where Mingyu’s cock is locked inside him. Junhui just narrowly avoided knotting, himself. But that means his recovery time will be far shorter, and he isn’t going to be stuck in the same position for the next ten-to-fifteen minutes either. 


Wonwoo is purring already, blinking slowly, his breathing starting to slow. He’ll be dazed for a while yet, all the pheromones and good brain chemicals lulling him into a deep haze. Mingyu is a little more coherent, but he’s also susceptible to the dreamlike state induced by knotting an omega that smells as satisfied as Wonwoo does. It’s a natural reaction, the body’s way of keeping the knotted pair content to just lie and wait together until they can separate again. It’s also a good reaction, one that doesn’t occur unless both the omega and the alpha feel safe with each other and their environment.


Junhui smiles down at them, knows that when they both start to wake up more that they’ll have a lot to talk about. Hopefully neither of them freaks out, and maybe waits to have that talk until after Wonwoo is no longer in such a vulnerable state. Probably Junhui shouldn’t have encouraged this right now, shouldn’t have been dropping so many hints on Mingyu when Wonwoo was unprepared for it. But he thinks everything worked out just fine. Junhui will be there to mediate if they need him, later.


“I’m gonna go get something to clean up with,” he says, more to Mingyu than Wonwoo, but both nod at him in acknowledgement. 


He rises on still shaking legs and pads over to the connected kitchen. He finds a washcloth in the usual drawer and runs it under luke-warm water from the sink. He uses it on himself first, before rinsing and wringing it out. He grabs another water bottle on his way back out, and pauses when he hears a voice he hasn’t yet heard all day. He leans against the wall to watch, not wanting to interrupt.




Mingyu is more surprised than Junhui is to hear Wonwoo’s voice. He jumps a little, and lifts himself up on his elbow to peer down at Wonwoo’s upturned face. A small smile curls Wonwoo’s lips in the corners.


“Hey, hyung,” Mingyu whispers, reaching over and brushing some hair from Wonwoo’s forehead. He looks so stupidly in love it makes Junhui want to roll his eyes. “You feeling better?”


“Yeah,” Wonwoo nods, but his voice is tired and his cheeks are still streaked from his tears. “Thank you.”


“It was no problem, you know that.”


Wonwoo doesn’t reply right away, just smiles wider and shifts around to get more comfortable. He must tug on or push into something, because Mingyu inhales sharply and wraps his arm tighter around Wonwoo’s middle, pulling him back against his chest. Wonwoo’s purrs kick up in volume for a long moment.


“You feel good,” he says, still squirming a little, like he’s enjoying the feeling of Mingyu moving inside him.


“You do too,” Mingyu breathes, and then, after what must be a moment of consideration, says, “...kitten.”


Even from all the way across the room, Junhui can see how that makes Wonwoo shiver. Mingyu is still looking down at him, watching for Wonwoo’s reaction. And he doesn’t let Wonwoo shy away from it.


“I didn’t know you liked that so much,” he says. When Wonwoo doesn’t answer for a moment, he continues, more tentative this time, “And the other stuff? Did you like that too?”


Wonwoo looks sheepish, peeking up at Mingyu for a moment before darting his eyes away again, embarrassed. “Yes… Is that a bad thing?”


Mingyu looks honestly confused by this question, a little notch forming between his eyebrows and his head tilting, like a curious puppy. He says, “Of course not. Why would it be?” 


Then, so soft Junhui almost doesn’t hear him, Mingyu confesses, “I liked it too.”


Wonwoo doesn’t answer him, just hums, but his smile is slowly starting to creep back onto his lips. He settles back down and looks around the room, his eyes catching Junhui where he’s still leaning against the wall, a spectator of their little romantic show.


“Junnie,” Wonwoo calls, and Junhui pushes off the wall to join them again in the living room. 


“Hey, you,” he says, handing the still wet towel to Mingyu to clean up with, and dropping the water bottle down on the couch, within easy reach, “Back with us now?”


That makes Wonwoo laugh, “I didn’t go anywhere.”


“You were pretty out of it when we got here,” Mingyu says, wiping first his own hand and then Wonwoo’s tummy. He makes some swipes between Wonwoo’s thighs but Wonwoo hisses and twists away, still too sensitive. 


“How much do you remember?” Junhui asks, taking the towel back from Mingyu and folding it till he’s found a clean corner to wipe the tear streaks from Wonwoo’s face. Wonwoo wrinkles his nose at the messy cloth but allows it.


“I remember not feeling well this morning, and manager said I could stay home,” he says, “then I don’t remember much until Mingyu came to get me from Joshua-hyung’s room... Oh! Joshua-hyung! Is he okay?”


“Seungcheol-hyung and Jeonghannie-hyung are with him,” Mingyu tells him, pulling him back in to settle down when Junhui is finished with cleaning up. “He tried to take care of you, but it was hard for him too. It took a while to pull you both apart.”


“Yeah,” Wonwoo agrees, eyes a little distant, like he’s thinking back on it, “I do remember a little bit. How good he smelled, how safe I felt in the nest with him. And then I remember everything after you took me out of his room. Being together made our heats come on quicker or something. I wasn’t even due for mine until next week sometime.”


It makes sense, in a way, Junhui supposes. He’s just glad Joshua was still cognizant enough to call them when he did. He was able to tell them what was happening and they were able to come home and take care of them. Wonwoo may not have been able to do that, especially with the communication issues he was having at the time. It was maybe better that it all happened the way it did.


Wonwoo lips stretch in a big yawn and his eyes are getting heavy again. Junhui pulls a rogue pillow closer and snatches one of the larger throw blankets from the couch. With Mingyu’s help Junhui situates himself beside Wonwoo and uses the blanket to cover all three of them. Even though he’s sure Wonwoo will get overheated again soon and start kicking it back off.


“You should sleep now while you still can,” he says to Wonwoo, lacing their fingers together, just to feel closer. 


Wonwoo just nods, already halfway to sleep, eyes shutting and not opening again. He’s still purring, but softer now, and it mixes with the lower sound of Mingyu’s rumbling. It’s nice, like the white noise of a box fan or a heater, though it’ll only last until the two fall asleep. Junhui doesn’t think he’ll even be awake to notice that.


Right as he’s starting to feel sleep pull him under, he hears Mingyu’s voice.


“Hyung,” he says, and instinctively Junhui knows which hyung he’s talking to. He peeks his eyes open just enough to see Mingyu’s face peering at him over Wonwoo’s shoulder, and waits for him to continue, “Thank you for helping me with him today.”


Junhui just smiles indulgently back at him and says, “You’re welcome, puppy.”










Wonwoo’s eyes are heavy when he opens them, and he becomes aware of several things at once. One is that he’s alone in his nest. He’s covered up with a blanket, but still naked, and his previous nest-mates are no longer here. It makes him feel oddly cold, no longer having them surrounding him like he remembers right before he fell asleep.


The other is that there are many people surrounding the outside of his nest watching him. They are also presumably the ones who were calling out to him just a moment ago.


“He’s awake,” Minghao says, smiling at him from his perch on the couch above Wonwoo’s head. “Hey, hyung, sleep well?”


Wonwoo nods, looking around at the betas who have collected around his nest, and asks “what time is it?”


“A little after 4pm,” Hansol supplies, “we just got home from practice.”


4pm. That doesn’t actually tell him much. He feels like some time has passed, but he isn’t totally sure what time he fell asleep earlier. Time tends to do that when he’s in heat, ebb and flow like the tides, but without Wonwoo aware much of which it is, low or high. He can be lucid for several hours, and then lose almost whole days sometimes. 


“Where are the others?” From Wonwoo’s quick assessment, only about half of his pack’s betas are here. 


“We split up when we got home,” Seungkwan, sitting on the edge of the nest next to Hansol, explains, voice surprisingly quiet for it being the middle of the day, and being Seungkwan, “the others went to Joshua-hyung’s room and we stayed with you. We sent Junnie-hyung and Mingyu to shower. They weren’t happy about it, but they’ll get over it.”


“Yeah,” Minghao agrees, “for having two omegas in heat, the dorm still reeked of alpha when we got home.”


“You should have heard them all bickering at the studio earlier,” Seungkwan says, rolling his eyes, “like none of them have ever helped you or Joshua-hyung through a heat before.”


“I thought Jeonghannie-hyung was going to strangle them all for a minute,” Hansol says, eyes wide like he’s imagining the horrific scene, and everyone laughs.


Wonwoo kind of misses his alphas, just a little, but he can still smell them on the pillows and blankets around him. He’s sure he could use a shower too, but he doubts he’s got much time, he can already feel another wave starting to rise. And someone must have cleaned him up a little bit, because he’s not completely covered in that gross sticky film from sweating earlier, and his inner thighs are relatively dry. His hair still needs a good scrub though.


“Can we come in, hyung?” Chan asks, sitting with his knees just touching the barrier of the nest, down by Wonwoo’s feet. He’s smiling softly at Wonwoo, waiting patiently for permission.


Wonwoo nods, “Yeah, of course, get in here.”


There’s a flurry of movement as all four betas clamber inside the nest and surround Wonwoo. His skin is already starting to heat up so he pushes the blanket down to his waist. Even with the heat coming, he craves skin-to-skin contact and the betas are no less affectionate with him than his alphas are. Seungkwan sits up against the couch with Wonwoo’s head in his lap, he’s still wearing shorts but his bare knees support Wonwoo’s neck. The others are in various states of undress, mostly wearing shorts and tanks, and Wonwoo basks in the tactile stimulation of Minghao’s chest against his back, Chan’s fingers intertwined with his own, and Hansol’s head resting on his hip. Chan goes the extra mile and starts rubbing Wonwoo’s wrists all over his own neck, spreading Wonwoo’s scent around until the whole room smells like caramel and freshly baked bread.


Now that his pack is home, even if they aren’t all in the room with him, something settles in Wonwoo. Something warm and content, something that feels like home and family and safety. He’s not the most social in the group, but he likes it when he’s surrounded by his packmates when he’s in heat. He needs all of them in little ways. Needs the scents of his betas surrounding him just as much as the alphas and the one other omega. It’s just better when everyone is here where he can see and touch and smell them. It makes his heat just that little bit more tolerable.


“We called dibs on your next wave,” Minghao says, lips against the back of Wonwoo’s neck. It’s not meant to be sexy, just touching for touching’s sake. Still, with the state Wonwoo is slowly working his way toward, he can’t help but shiver at the implications. 


“Then, after you’re sated and sleepy again,” Seungkwan adds, like he’s giving up top-secret information, “we’re gonna switch so Soonyoungie-hyung, and Seokminnie, and Jihoon-hyung can have their way with you.”


If the alphas don’t rampage and pull rank to spite them, Wonwoo thinks, amused at the antics of his pack. Like children fighting over their favorite candy.


“Actually, that won’t be necessary,” a voice announces loudly from the hallway. Wonwoo looks up to see Soonyoung walking into the living room and over to the nest, he’s got a smile on his face that looks sweet and devious all at once, “No switching tonight.”


“What,” Wonwoo asks.


And all of a sudden, there’s a giant commotion coming from the bedroom at the end of the hall. Seungcheol, Jeonghan, and Joshua’s bedroom, where Wonwoo spent most of his morning writhing around in a heat-induced haze. Jihoon comes out of the room, followed by a giggling Jeonghan. 


Then there’s a shriek and Joshua’s voice shouting, “Choi Seungcheol, put me down! I can walk just fine!”


Seokmin is next, and he runs past both Jeonghan and Jihoon until he skids to a stop and nearly faceplants into the nest. He looks panicked for a moment before his eyes land on Wonwoo’s, then he smiles. “Hey, hyung! Can I come in?”


Wonwoo just nods, his attention already back on chaos in the hallway. Seungcheol has come out of the room, Joshua slung over his shoulder in a legitimate fireman’s carry and a triumphant smile on his face. It looks rather humorous, what with Joshua being roughly the same height as Seungcheol. Nevertheless, Seungcheol carries a squirming Joshua from his room all the way to the living room, where he proceeds to walk right up to Wonwoo and say, “Do you mind if we all share tonight, Wonwoo-yah?”


“How are we all supposed to fit in that tiny nest,” Soonyoung asks, already stumbling back down the hall toward the bedroom, “Jihoonie, help me with this stuff back here. We need more materials.”


Jihoon rolls his eyes and sighs like he can’t believe he knows anyone in this room, but he disappears back down the hall without comment.


“I don’t mind sharing,” Wonwoo says, and Seungcheol finally lets Joshua down.


Joshua, who is still as naked at Wonwoo, as if he was barred from redressing like the others, slithers his way past Chan and Hansol and under the covers with Wonwoo. His honey scent so close again makes Wonwoo’s head spin and he lays back down on the pillow Seungkwan had vacated in the chaos. 


“Hey, you,” Joshua says, voice low and just for Wonwoo. The tiny smile on his face belies his earlier outrage. “How’re you feeling?”


Wonwoo takes a deep breath and says, “Okay. A little better.”


“Yeah?” Joshua asks, and he looks sympathetic, sounds it too, when he continues, “it’s starting up again, isn’t it?”


Wonwoo just nods and Joshua runs his hand up and down one of Wonwoo’s arms. The others manage to bring out all the materials to build the joint-nest. Jeonghan is the only one who remembers to ask Wonwoo if it’s okay to start rearranging things, but luckily Wonwoo agrees before any mishaps or toe-stepping can occur. About half-way through, Mingyu and Junhui both come down the stairs from the top level, hair wet and dressed only in pairs of basketball shorts. Wonwoo wonders if they showered together. That thought just makes the heat itching under his skin worse.


“What’s going on here?” Mingyu asks, stepping over some of the others, trying to get to Wonwoo again. He’s forced back by Minghao’s broad hand on his chest.


Minghao makes an odd sound, like a buzzer going off, then says, chin raised, “You had all day with him. It’s our turn now.”


Mingyu looks shocked for a minute and when his eyes seek out Wonwoo’s, Wonwoo can’t help but chuckle at his put-out expression. Wonwoo shrugs, because what is he supposed to do about it? Mingyu huffs and settles down near Wonwoo’s legs, impatiently awaiting his next turn, no doubt.


Seungcheol and Jeonghan, clearly above the rules of dibs and taking turns, maneuver their way up so they’re both near Joshua and Wonwoo’s heads. The omegas sit up so the two can lean against the couch, and they don’t fuss when the alphas wrap arms around their waists. Jeonghan pulls Joshua back against his chest, and Seungcheol does the same with Wonwoo.


The scent and touch of his Head Alpha is like a balm to Wonwoo’s slowly fraying nerves. He doesn’t spend a whole lot of time with Seungcheol specifically, preferring to go to Jeonghan or Junhui with his problems. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t recognize Seungcheol as an important alpha in his life. He wears Seungcheol’s mark just as everyone else in this room does. Seungcheol is the centerpoint of it all, the one who bound them all together. Just having him near makes Wonwoo’s head quiet down a bit, while his heat starts to take over a little more with each moment.


He looks around him, knowing that he’s starting to lose focus again, and will soon be whining and squirming and begging someone to touch him. Begging Seungcheol to fuck him, most likely. Everyone is settling down for the evening, finding some area of the nest to occupy, discussing what movies they’re going to watch, what they want for dinner from that take-out place just down the road. It’s a cacophony of noise that rises and falls, a natural rhythm, like breathing and the heartbeat Wonwoo can feel against his back. Thoughts feel sticky and oozing in his mind, somehow both too close and too far away to voice. His tongue feels heavy in his mouth, the words slipping from him like water through the fissures in a dam.


Joshua tugs on Wonwoo’s hand, where their fingers are still joined. Wonwoo rolls his head against Seungcheol’s shoulder until he’s looking at the other omega. Joshua’s face is flushed, and he’s got Jeonghan’s hands tracing along his chest. His pupils are dilated until only the rims are showing dark brown against the black. 


“Seungcheollie will take care of you,” Joshua says, smiling, and Wonwoo purrs at him to let him know he knows. Seungcheol always takes care of him. Seungcheol takes care of them all. “Wanna touch you again. Wanna make you feel good.”


Joshua does make him feel good, but Wonwoo can’t tell him that. He thinks Joshua knows anyway, so he doesn’t worry about it too much. They’re both slipping and don’t need much to communicate anymore. Just like earlier.


Seungcheol's mouth is hot against his skin, on his neck. Jeonghan is looking at him too, his eyes and smirk pleased. He feels a little overwhelmed by the three of them. He looks away for a moment, searches out a familiar pair of eyes, finds them immediately in the crowd, looking back at him. Mingyu watches him from only a few feet away. It makes Wonwoo feel loved.


Seungcheol’s teeth are sharp and they fit over his own mark on Wonwoo’s neck perfectly, and he asks Wonwoo, whispers, “Can I?”


Wonwoo nods, and doesn’t take his eyes from Mingyu. And then Seungcheol is biting down, and Wonwoo gasps and all his muscles relax. It’s a rush, heat spreads through him, until he’s tingling all over. He feels like a part of a whole, and he feels like he belongs, and he feels good. Seungcheol’s chest is rumbling behind him and he meets the sound with a purr of his own.


Then he lets himself fall, and he trusts there will be hands to catch him.