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De Familia Tres

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Joan woke up with a smile on her face after felt the baby kicks against her hand where it’s lying across Vera’s stomach and Joan kissed the back of Vera’s head.

“Good morning.” Vera said after feeling the kiss at the back of her head.

“Good morning darling. Did you have a good sleep?”

“No, the baby is restless all night. Pushing and kicking everywhere inside me which had kept me awake most of the night.” Vera sighed.

“You know I would love to be the one to carry the baby but unfortunately my age is against me.” Joan got up and walked to the bedroom door to put on her robe then turned around to walk toward Vera’s side of the bed and kneeled on the floor beside Vera. “Do you want breakfast as I can cook before I goes to work this morning?”

“Just something light as I don’t have the appetite for big breakfast.” Vera reached her right hand to stroke Joan’s left cheek. “I love you, Joan.” Joan leaned forward to give Vera a gentle kiss on the lip, but Vera opened her mouth to deepens the kisses and put her hands behind Joan’s head which made Joan climbed up on the bed and straddled Vera’s hips – avoiding put her full body weight on top of Vera because of the huge bump – they kept kissing for few minutes until Joan pulled away and they both were panting heavily. “I love you and the baby too. I wish I could carry on doing this with you all day, but I’ve got a prison to run so I’ll need to get moving to get ready for the day.” Joan kissed Vera’s pouting lips and chuckled while removing herself from Vera’s body and went downstairs to prepare the breakfast for both women and the lunch box for Joan’s lunch.

Half hour later, Joan is standing at the front door with Vera – kissing several times. “I better get going, remember to text or phone my office any time if you need anything. Love you both.” Joan bend down to kiss the bump and left the house.

Several hours later, since arriving at the prison, Joan had been busy in her office doing the paperwork when her mobile phone start ringing – Joan answered and was surprised to hear Vera panting heavily on the other side of the phone. “Vera?... Vera, are you there? Hello?”

“Joan… *groans* the water…. ARGH… the baby is coming!”

“Fuck, this shouldn’t be happening as Vera is only 33 weeks” Joan thought to herself. “Vera, I need you to stay calm as I’m coming. Are you still in the house? Have you called the ambulance?” Joan was firing questions after question to Vera on the phone.

“Yes, I’ve called *groans* the ambulance and it’s on its way. Hurry up Joan!” Vera was screaming in pain.

Joan had never ran so fast in her life after grabbed her bag and left the prison straightaway with the phone sandwiched between her head and shoulder. Once Joan’s in her car, she switched over to hand-free device so she could focus on driving without the phone being the distraction.

After sped her way home from the prison, Joan ran out of the car and opened the front door – “Vera! Where are you?”

“Bathroom!” Vera shouted back.

Joan ran up the stairs – 2 steps at a time – straight to the en-suite bathroom in their bedroom.

Vera was on all fours and naked in the middle of the bathroom and sweating profoundly. Screaming out in the pain every time the contraction hit.

“Shit, I can see the head as it’s about to pop out!” Joan removed her blazer and rolled up the shirt sleeves. “Vera, we need to move you to your back so you can push the baby out.”

Joan helped Vera to move from her front to back. Vera was gripping Joan’s hand with deadly grip which turned Joan’s hand to pure white. Joan folded up a towel with one hand as Vera is still holding her other hand and put it behind Vera’s head and bend both knees then opened Vera’s legs wide enough to see the baby’s head popping out bit more this time. And moved herself to kneel between Vera’s open legs.

“Darling, keep taking deep breathes in and out. You’re doing well so far.”

“It’s fucking hurt! I can’t do it! ARGH!”

“You’re doing good job Vera and keep going!”

Vera grabbed the edge of the bathtub and groaned loud when other contraction hit.

“The baby is coming. It’s not long left, keep going. Yes, that’s it – one more push!”

Vera gave it all as much as she could with one big push – “Arrrrggggghhhhhh!”

Joan kept her hands steady to hold the baby’s head as it was sliding out quick. Loud cries filled the small room and Vera flopped back against the cold floor, panting heavily. Joan wrapped the baby up with the nearby towel and cradled the baby in her arms – smiling widely while looking down at the new-born in her arms.

“Vera, it’s baby boy! I’m so proud of you!” Joan shuffled her way around until she’s beside Vera’s head and put the baby on Vera’s chest.

Joan lifted the top half of Vera’s body and moved herself forward so Vera is resting on Joan’s front and wrapped her arms around Vera and their new son.

“Welcome to the world son.” Vera gently cooed to the baby and looked up to Joan with a huge grin. Joan smiled back and kissed Vera’s lip.

Eventually, the sirens can be heard from the bathroom and the front door being opened. Joan shouted that they’re in the bathroom upstairs. The paramedics entered the bathroom and took care of Vera and the baby boy then put them both on the stretcher to be taken to the hospital.