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nights like this

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donghyuck // 5:40 PM  

guess what?!


jaehyun // 5:42 PM

did you finally figure out who’s been eating your yogurt?


donghyuck // 5:42 PM 




jaehyun // 5:44 PM

what’s more exciting than yogurt? 


donghyuck // 5:45 PM



jaehyun // 5:45 PM

that’s your first big case, isn’t it? i’m so proud of you!

congratulations! let me know if you need any help with it


donghyuck // 5:46 PM

i learned from the best: you 

don’t get a big head about it tho lol 

we should celebrate…

…maybe dinner tonight 🥺


jaehyun // 5:47 PM

if anybody has a big head, it’s you hahaha

rain check? i’m not feeling the best tonight 


donghyuck // 5:48 PM

my head isn’t big 😰

maybe next time then

just let me know hyung! 

until then take care of baby mango for me 

and send her all of my love 💖💖💖💖



jaehyun had heard a few tidbits about the case from his mother-in-law, irene, just the other day and it was a very messy and complicated case to say the least. a part of jaehyun wished that he was prosecuting the case, and another part of him was more concerned with baby mango and their health as father and daughter—the latter always winning in the end. being a carrier in his early thirties always made pregnancy a little more delicate (or high-risk as dr. qian liked to remind him), even if he wasn’t carrying multiples—which ended with jaehyun going on leave the start of his third trimester.

jaehyun sets his phone down and runs his hand over his seven month belly, the corners of his lips lifting up slightly as he feels the baby kick right under his palm. fortunately for him, baby mango was more active during the day than at night, but it’s not like he could sleep anyways. between the back pain, the constant need to pee, and just overall discomfort, jaehyun was lucky if he managed at least five hours during the night. that’s where johnny came in. he would talk to baby mango in the morning before he got up to get ready for work and his soft whispers would lull jaehyun to sleep. the only bad thing about was that jaehyun would wake up alone a few hours later with a sticky note on his phone that usually contained a cheesy coffee inspired pun and a sweet: i love you and baby mango! see you soon!

soon usually meant 6pm on the dot. jaehyun checks the time on his phone. 5:59 PM, it reads. just as the screen fades to black, jaehyun hears johnny’s car pull-up in their driveway. to show his husband that he’s been relaxing and doing absolutely nothing all day, jaehyun turns up the volume on the bluetooth speaker and reaches for the wine glass filled with ice water on the coffee table in front of him.

“honey, i’m home,” johnny singsongs from the foyer. “and i brought home dinner like you asked.”

“welcome home,” jaehyun says softly, taking a long sip of his water. he feels johnny’s presence behind him. jaehyun tilts his head back, resting his head on the back of the couch. the younger man smiles up at his husband, who returns his grin and gently cups jaehyun’s chin. “please tell me that you also bought the crab rangoons.”

“i did,” johnny bends forward, capturing jaehyun’s lips in an upside down kiss. “a dozen just for you, babe.”

“you spoil me,” jaehyun says against the older man’s lips. he hums softly, letting his eyes fall shut as johnny’s lips move from his lips to his forehead. “you wash up and i’ll set up the table.”

johnny reaches down to stroke his round tummy, his lips now on jaehyun’s temple. “i missed you both.”

“i know you did,” jaehyun places his hand atop of johnny’s, wincing when he feels baby mango kick. “but we should eat before you tell her all about your day. you know how angsty she gets when i’m hungry.”

“alright, alright,” johnny pecks his husband’s temple one last time before straightening himself out. “be right back—don’t miss me too much.”

“right back at you, john,” jaehyun says as johnny disappears from his view. he finishes his water before getting up from the sofa, stretching his limbs as he does so. his lower back aches and he can’t help but whimper and be reminded of a time when his back hurt for other reasons than carrying his child. “why is making the baby more fun than actually carrying it?” he mutters to himself as he unlocks his phone to switch from his chilling at home playlist to his dinner at home playlist.

maybe baby mango heard and understood what he said because he feels a rather hard kick on the left side of his tummy. “ow,” he hisses, placing his hand over where mango just kicked. “honey, i’m sorry, but you’re killing me.” another kick. “let me get us both fed…hopefully you’ll calm down after dinner. daddy’s home and i know you love hearing his voice.”

once jaehyun is sure baby mango isn’t going to start have a soccer game in his womb, jaehyun pads into the kitchen where johnny has a takeout bag from one of their favorite chinese food places. his mouth waters at the delicious smell coming from the bag. mango kicks him to let her father know she’s ready to feast. “i know, i know. just wait a little more, baby,” jaehyun murmurs, moving over to the sink to wash his hands.

as jaehyun sets up the dining table, he hums along to the song currently playing on the speaker: let’s chill by guy. johnny joins him moments later, setting the last of their cutlery down and pulling out jaehyun’s usual seat. “thank you,” jaehyun lowers himself down carefully as his tummy twinges. “your kid is so active tonight. usually she’s tired herself out by now.”

johnny hums, sitting himself down as well.. “did you have an exciting day?”

“i did absolutely nothing and it was amazing,” jaehyun replies, watching with anticipation as johnny serves him first. “i caught up on shows, redid my playlists, and sat on our sofa.”

“sounds like a pretty good day to me,” johnny chuckles, fixing his own plate. “a usual thursday for you used to be stuck in the office or in the courtroom until after hours. it’s so nice coming home to your face.”

jaehyun pauses, his crab rangoon halfway into his mouth. “shut up,” he blushes. “we’re having dinner and you’re being corny. don’t make me lose my appetite.”

johnny chuckles again. “what i’m saying is that i like seeing you like this…at home…you look more…relaxed? not as tense?”

“johnny if you’re suggesting i become a full on housewife after i pop this baby out, you’re going to need to provide me with some compelling evidence,” jaehyun says. he finally takes a bite out of his crab rangoon, moaning in delight. “damn that’s good.”

“my mom was just starting her career when she had me,” johnny starts, watching his husband eat. “you’re six years into your career now and i’m not saying you should quit, i’m just saying i like seeing you at home before me, that’s all.”

the younger man sniffles, his eyes welling up with tears. “i really hate you right now. who do you think you are making me cry into my lo mein?”

“your loving husband? your partner in life?” johnny offers, using a napkin to dab jaehyun’s eyes. “babe, you’re gonna make your dinner all soggy if you keep crying.”

“it’s your fault anyways,” jaehyun hiccups. “you know what your daughter’s done to my emotions and you’re saying all that corny shit. i hate you so much.”

“i love you,” johnny leans forward, his warm lips pressed against jaehyun’s forehead. “sorry for making you cry.”

“it’s fine,” jaehyun waves him off. “it’s okay, it’s just the hormones. give me the sriracha.”

johnny passes the sriracha over to his husband, who’s tears have already dried. he doesn’t have the heart to remind jaehyun that hot sauce will cause his heartburn to worsen, so he keeps his mouth shut and starts to eat his own dinner.




“…and the winery in california was probably one of my most risky business ventures, but it’s doing pretty well,” johnny says to the bump. he’s laying between jaehyun’s legs on the sofa, his cheek resting on his husband's very pregnant belly. this was one of jaehyn’s favorite after dinner activities; lounging on their very big sofa and listening to throwbacks. “one day me and your appa will take you there. you’ll love california, mango. it’s always sunny and the beaches are just—“ he feels a kick against his cheek. “i think our daughter is already excited to see the world and what it has to offer.”

jaehyun snorts. “well you better tell her that she’s not getting out of there until her eviction date in november.”

“you hear that mango?” johnny rubs his cheek against jaehyun’s smooth skin. “appa says you have to stay in there, okay? no escape plans for you.” another kick. “well that’s too bad. you’re just going to have to wait to meet us.”

“if your daughter is anything like you, she’s gonna have a smart mouth,” jaehyun says, carding his fingers through johnny’s hair. johnny has taken to growing his hair out these days and jaehyun just loves pushing his fingers through the soft strands. maybe he should grow his hair out too.

“oh so she’s my daughter when she has a smart mouth?” johnny snickers. “if she wants to follow in your footsteps then maybe that would be a good thing.”

“two lawyers against a businessman…i can picture you cowering in fear,” jaehyun tugs on johnny’s hair when the latter blows a raspberry on his belly. “that tickles!”

“does it?” johnny does it again and again, all over the spots his lips can reach on jaehyun’s stomach. jaehyun tugs in johnny’s hair again, making the older man groan. “if you keep doing that we’re going to end up messing up this couch and a new couch isn’t exactly in our budget right now.”

being the little shit that he is, jaehyun tugs on his husband’s hair again, pulling him up to plant a big smooch on his lips.

“you taste like apple juice,” johnny comments, bringing his hand up to swipe his thumb against jaehyun’s lower lip. he’s careful not to put any of his weight on jaehyun.

“and you taste like wine—i miss wine,” jaehyun pouts. “can’t i have just a tiny sip?”

“no way,” johnny pecks jaehyun’s lips. “i can make you a mocktail if you’d like a drink.”

jaehyun’s pout deepens. the song changes from doing just fine to twisted. “no, it’s okay. it wouldn’t be the sa—oh! i love this song. get off me!”

johnny rolls off of jaehyun, getting to his feet as the younger looks up at him expectantly. “well?”

the older man offers his hand. “may i have this dance?”

“i thought you’d never ask,” jaehyun places his hand in johnny’s bigger one, letting himself be pulled up to his feet.

they used to do this all the time; cuddle on the sofa and dance in their living room until the late hours of the night. it was a little different now that jaehyun was pregnant. he couldn’t have wine much to his chagrin, but johnny always provided him with apple juice and talked to baby mango until she was no longer overactive and kicking up a storm in jaehyun’s womb. jaehyun also couldn’t stay up too late since he got so tired easily, but that never stopped them from staying up at least until 11pm.

johnny spins jaehyun around so that his back is to johnny’s front and cradles the younger’s protruding belly as he sways them from side to side. jaehyun rests his head against johnny’s shoulder, practically melting into his husband’s arms.

“i don’t know what it is, but keith sweat gets me in the mood,” jaehyun says suddenly. his backside is pressed firmly against johnny’s front now.

johnny doesn’t stop swaying them, but he does stop rubbing circles against jaehyun’s belly. “in the mood for…?”

sex, john. i want to have sex with you.”

the older man almost chokes on his own saliva. “right now?”

“yes right now,” jaehyun turns around, locking his fingers on the back of johnny’s neck while his husband’s hands rest comfortably on his lower back. “please, for me?”

damn jaehyun and his pouty face and his please, for me. johnny is and always will be a weak man for his husband.

the song fades away and meeting in my bedroom starts to play. how ironic.

“…there’s a meeting in my bedroom, so please don’t make me wait,” jaehyun sings softly, tilting his head, pulling johnny down slightly to meet him halfway. johnny’s lips are soft—they always have been—and they taste like the sangiovese he’d been sipping on not to long ago.

“love you,” johnny whispers between kisses, his hands sliding down to cup jaehyun’s ass. “i love you.”

“i love you too,” jaehyun breathes out, moaning softly as johnny parts from him, only to start kissing along the column of his neck before pulling away to gaze lovingly at the younger man. “bedroom please. my back’s starting to hurt.”

johnny’s hands move back up to jaehyun’s lower back, working his fingers against the soft flesh. jaehyun whimpers, his cheek resting on johnny’s shoulder. if it wasn’t for his bump, they’d be flush against each other.

“i want sex,” jaehyun knows he sounds needy, but he doesn’t care. he’s pregnant and he’s horny and he can’t focus when johnny is massaging his back. “carry me to our bedroom and make love to me.”

johnny cups jaehyun’s jaw, lips pressed firmly against his forehead and then ghosting over his eyelids, then his nose, and then finally his lips. “alright then, bossy,” jaehyun doesn’t even have the time to register what’s happening before he’s hoisted into johnny’s arms, bridal style.

“oh my god,” jaehyun hides his face in johnny’s neck, his heart thudding rapidly in his chest. he feels johnny’s shoulders shaking as he laughs lightly. “a little warning next time. fuck, i think i’m going into cardiac arrest you ass.”

“we have forever to practice, babe,” johnny snickers, carefully climbing up the steps. he was holding precious cargo after all.

“that we do,” jaehyun murmurs, lips pressed against johnny’s collarbone. “and we have forever to practice making baby number two.”

“that we do,” johnny parrots. “that we do, jaehyun.”