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"Say ahh." 


The blonde girl looked at her weirdly before chuckling but still, she did what the older woman told her so.


"There." A ravenette visual happily chirped.


"You should eat more Dahyunnie! You're losing a lot of weight lately." She added, now pouting.


Dahyun smiled, showing off her cute crescents and directly looks at her in the eye, "Am I?"


Sana glared at her before slapping her arms, "Yes you are!"


Dahyun laughed out loud before sitting properly, grabbing the chopstick as she did.


Sana looked at her, biting her tongue, "Huh. Care to share what happened with Jihyo?" 




Dahyun slurped the ramen before pointing the chopstick at her, "Ah that hotel manager?"


Sana nodded, curiously and attentively listening to Dahyun's following words.


"She replaced me with that young CEO guy." Dahyun said plastering on a bitter smile but nevertheless continued eating 


Sana's eyes widened at this, "What?!"


"Why the hell would she do something like that?! You were dating for 2 years! You already bought a ring for her! I can't believe she did you dirt—mgmngmhg."


Sana almost choked on a sandwich when Dahyun suddenly fed her with it. The blonde fella, although amused at her best friend's rant, found it touching that all through her break-ups, Sana was always there to support her.


"It's because I'm temporary Sana." 


The light haired brunette looked at her weirdly before gulping down the sandwich, "Temporary?"


"Yes, you see it's a curse of mine. I make them happy and loved until they all found someone who's more stable, talented, and someone who they can show off to the whole world and their parents. And I accept that. Sure letting go is hard but I also can't help but be thankful because they've given me a chance to be a part of their lives." Dahyun explained while displaying such a warm and gentle smile. 


Sana's gaze on Dahyun got even more weirder, now raising a brow, mouth slightly ajar, thinking if Dahyun was being serious.


"So to sum it all up, they all left you for a guy?"



"Yep." Dahyun replied, popping the 'p'


"That's bullshit!"


Again, Dahyun laughed at this. 





"Kim Dahyun! I can't take this anymore!"


Sana was now inside the Cafe, prior to this she was stalking her best friend only to get super jealous and burst.


Apparently, Dahyun met someone from the other department, Myoui Mina, a fellow japanese and ever since then the two has been going out often and can be seen hanging out at Cafes, Restaurants and even tourist spots. 


After knowing Dahyun's history with her past girlfriends, Sana can't look at any girls of hers differently, thinking that they'll just break her best friend's heart and she can't stand that.


Now that it seems like the two were getting intimate and Dahyun looks like she was about to ask the girl out, Sana jumped out of her hiding spot and yelled at her.


Shock was evident on Dahyun's face, "Sana! What are you doing here?"


"I won't let you get your heart broken again!"




Sana walked closer towards them and pointed at Mina, "I'm not going to let her hurt you. As a matter of fact, I'm not going to let anyone hurt you ever again." 


The girl Mina was about to speak something when Dahyun raised her index finger, "Interesting, how are you going to put an action to that?" Dahyun asked, quite beguiled at her best friend's antics.


Instead of answering Sana grabbed Dahyun by the collar and kissed her hard, right there and then. It lasted for only a couple of seconds before Sana pulled away. 


"Date me you coward!"


"I'm sick and tired of denying these feelings Dahyun! I care about you a lot and I was scared and I was also partly waiting for you to ask me first but ugh!! Things were going well for us, we're both single, went on dates and then this pokemon appeared!" Sana ranted, pointing at the said girl undoubtedly.


"You don't realize how wond—mmngffgnmnf."


Dahyun cut off her best friend's rant, not a sandwich but instead, a kiss.


A sweet long passionate one, it took a moment for Sana to cope with till she realized what they were doing and just closed her eyes as she pulled Dahyun closer by encircling her arms around her neck.


Dahyun on the other hand smiled on the kiss and manuevered her hands on the older one's waist, pulling her closer too.


Unfortunately for them, science needs to do its thing and need oxygen and so they pulled away not after Sana bit Dahyun's lower lip as if marking her, hers.




"Wo—but how about her?" 


Suddenly Sana remembered the girl.


"Yeah, what about me Dahyunnie? You can't just leave your future sister-in-law on hold and let her watch porn in front of her salad." Mina commented.


"Wait, future sister-in-law?!" 


"Yeah, have I not told you about her before? She's Myoui Mina, my sister Chaeyoung's girlfriend." Dahyun explained.


"But but you were always together and you went on dates to places." Sana stammered, looking at Dahyun and Mina back and forth.


"Ohh yeah that. We are actually planning for her proposal to Chaeyoung since the cub is too slow in picking up signals and so I'm helping her. I even helped her with words to say to Chae while proposing. Am I not the best sister-in-law anyone can ever get." Dahyun grinned.


"So that explains the intimacy." Sana mumbled, pouting.


She turned to Mina and bowed 90 degrees, "I'm so sorry! I'm so so sorry! I didn't know and oh my gosh it must be very rude of me."


"Nah it's fine, I get to see quite a show today thanks to you guys and I've never seen dubu this happy so..congrats to you! And fighting to us! Who says subs can't be a dom, hmphm." Mina said 



"Wait so did you really asked me to ask you out?" Dahyun smirked, lookng at her best friend.



Sana rolled her eyes, "Wipe that smug off of your face and just kiss me." She smiled, one that Dahyun has learned to love. 




"I can't believe I'm stupidly inlove with my bestfriend." Dahyun sighed, turning to her side giving Sana a kiss on her temple.


"Really? Is that the first thing you say after we have sex?" Sana asked, playfully raising a brow.


"Well it'd be awkward to say "I can't believe I had sex with my bff" now wouldn't it?" Dahyun answered 


"Well Im Nayeon said it with her line in that famous movie of hers." Sana pointed it out


"That rising star actress? Gosh you're such a fan of hers. Remind me again to book you up in a meet and greet with her someday?"


"I'd love that." Sana smiled while hugging Dahyun's naked body even more, "Happy 2nd Anniversary Dahyun-ah."



"Do you think..maybe…you can love me a bit longer?" 



Dahyun's question completely threw Sana off guard.


Sana leaned back and looked at her, "How can you ask such a thing?" 


"I'm sorry. Was it too much?" Now it was Dahyun's turn to lean back and look at her, eyes faltering.


"No. Sweetie, oh my gosh no. I'm sorry it's just..What even made you ask that?" Sana consoled her by rubbing her thumb on Dahyun's nape, making the younger one look at her while she propped her elbow on the bed and threw a leg over her right one. 


"It's our 2nd year anniversary. It's just…usually things would start to get bad and then they would start to say weird things such as: Dahyun you are a nice girl." Dahyun huffed.


Sana smiled at this, "I built up courage to ask you to date me because I was sick and tired of the hurting you. What made you think I can do that things?" Sana asked.


"It's because we're humans. We're capable of embodying change." 


"Well then count me out." 





..count me out


That seems like a bad phrase to trust but I did it either way. 


I held on to her words just like a little good kid. 


That's what keep us going for 3 years, our trust and love towards one another. 


However I began questionning it when she stopped letting me fetch her, stopped letting me take her to dates, basically stopped me from doing anything.


Am I still in a relationship with her?


That's what I keep on asking myself.


Turns out she's tired. Tired of bailing out her addict brother out of jail, tired of being a bridge between her mom and older sister, tired of her boss, tired of work and maybe… also tired of me.


But I chose to ignore all of that and put an end to it, to this. 


…. I'm going to propose to her.








that was the first plan before I saw her kissing a guy on a romantic candlelight dinner in a restaurant where I was about to book a table.


Now the only thing in my mind is how to run out or drill a….now that our gazes met.


I saw her stand up and made her way towards me.






I peeked at the guy she was smooching with and oh boy was that her new client?




"I-I'm so sor—"


"Do you remember that ring I bought for Jihyo?" I asked cutting her off.



"Well it turns out, I bought it months after she broke up with me. Wanna guess why?" 


She's silent.


Damn it Sana, you're a lawyer, your supposed to be good at rebuttals!


"I bought it for you." I smiled, trying to hide away the pain I was feeling even though I can literslly like hear my heart scream.


"Because I saw hope in you. I didn't know when to use it and yesterday, I kinda knew. I knew you're someone I'd like to take care of for the rest of my l-life." My voice cracked when I showed her the ringbox and rose hiding behind my back


Still, I smiled at her and took one last glance at the guy, "Go. I can see that you're more Happy. It hurts my heart but at the same time it brings me joy to see you smile like that again and….and if I'm not the person who can make you happy like that anymore then who am I to keep you?"



She was crying.



Covering her mouth with her shaking hands


But I took 3 steps closer and kissed her on her forehead one last time.


"You're the longest ever charting sad song in my Mel0n." 


That was the last thing I said to her before I turned around and walked out of the restaurant, slightly hoping she'd run after me, say sorry, hugging me—but none of that ever happened 


It hurts more than ever because not only did I lose my lover, I lost my whole fuckng best friend…


The pain did not stopped there..



She ghosted me.



One day when I arrived from work, I broke down at the door when I saw all her things were gone leaving only our shared items and a note that says, "I'm sorry."


I smiled to myself and caressed her picture that is wet from the dripping of my tears, "I am, afterall, only temporary and I accept that."


~ 5 years later ~


"Babe! What do you think suits better in me? White or pink?" 


Sana cutely asked her husband of 3 years, while playfully posing for him.


"You'd look good on both anyways." Her husband conveyed, kissing her on the lips as he did.


The two was enjoying their ordinary date when all of a sudden a kid bumped into her




Sana looked down to see the most adorable baby she's ever seen, about 1-2 years old. His cheeks were chubby and his eyes were monolid, kinda reminds her of someone oddly familiar.


"Hi there! Aren't you cuuuteee." Sana bent down to pick up the baby but before she can even do so, someone infront of her already picked him up.


"Buddy! There you are, I thought I'd lost you. Damn it your mother would kill me if something happens to you." The person laughs and hugged the baby tightly before looking at her…..mirroring Sana's current reaction. 


Which is widening her eyes.






"Babe, do you know her?" Her husband asked.


"Y-yeah she's an old friend of mine." Sana answered without taking her eyes off of Dahyun.


"Sweet!—Oh, my mom is calling, I should leave you two to catch up. I'll be right back." He left, but not without kissing Sana on the cheek.


"I see you've settled with him." Was the first thing Dahyun said after noticing the ring on Sana's finger but no hint of bitterness found in her tone.


Dahyun changed a lot, physically, she dyed her hair back to black which shaped her features.


They were just staring at each other for a few seconds before Sana spoke up once again.


"Look Dahyun I'm really sorr—."


"Don't be." Dahyun smiled.


Not the kind of smile where everything around her is falling but the kind of smile where one finds healing and comfort.


"I was hoping you'd return to our apartment and we can talk it all over but well you ghosted me and I never got the chance to hand over you the tickets of that meet and greet I promised you."


There was a lump in Sana's throat, it was 5 years ago and yet why is she still affected? Maybe because Dahyun and her never got a closure. Maybe because she never explained her side to Dahyun. Maybe because she didn't had the guts to tell Dahyun she loved her so much after cheating infront of her 


"I went into that meet and greet alone and then I met someone there."


That made Sana snap out of her trance.


"Y-you're with someone?"


"You know, maybe there's a reason why everything around me are so temporary…maybe because it served as a way to meet your permanent one." 


As if on cue someone arrived in the scene, wearing all kinds of hat and coats with sunglasses, hissing.


"Yah! Kim Dahyun! I swear to god if you ever lost our child again I'll motherfucking agree on a sex scene with a co-actor next time!" 


That got Sana surprised even more. 


Who wouldn't?



Infront of her is none other than Im Nayeon, nation's it girl and also its most popular and highest paid actress of all time, practically whisper-yelling at the tofu infront of her.


"" The baby giggled 




a baby, Dahyun and Im Nayeon. Everything was falling to place.


Nayeon's longest vacation leave that took almost 13 months.


The baby's eyes


"Sorry about that." Dahyun bashfully said.


"I ran into an 'old friend', Honey." Dahyun added.


That's when Nayeon noticed the girl infront of her, she took off her face mask and offered her hand, "Oh! Where are my manners, I'm Kim Nayeon. Pleasure to meet you."



Kim Nayeon


Kim Nayeon


Kim Nayeon



Sana instantly remembered the time where she yearned to have Dahyun's last name on her own to the point that she didn't changed her name after marriage.


"She's a big fan of yours Hon." Dahyun commented 


"Oh I see! Well thank you for your support!" Nayeon's smile was so bright and the fact that Nayeon's hands stealthily made its way to Dahyun's without her noticing it made Sana feel bad on the inside.


She could've been Mrs. Kim Sana


She could've been the mother of that adorable kid Dahyun is holding


but no


she messed up 




"I--It's a pleasure to meet you. I didn't know you had a child." Thankfully Sana was able to form a few decent words.


"Yeah well carrying little Dae-jin for 9 months made me take a step back from work, I didn't want to expose him that much in the media either…especially Dahyun. I tried to bring her to the red carpet once but she was a head turner, I'm a bit of a jelly person so... I kept them all hidden." Nayeon giggled.


"Well, see you around Sana. Nice to meet you again." 


It was already too late to call Dahyun back when the tofu already turned her heels along with Nayeon and her son. 


They looked so happy, happily inlove and it made Sana's stomach churn.


Regrets are flooding in.


"Oh? Your friend's gone…too bad I haven't got to talk to her." 



"Yeah…yeah she's gone."