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Sliding Down the Razorblades of Life

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“River! Oh River!”

Two young females descended on a third who looked up with an irritated frown from her work at the library table. “What?”

Despite being obviously un-welcome the girls sat down, talking into each others sentences. “Guess what?”

“We have seen the new tutor.”

“Your new tutor.”

“He’s dark.”

“And mysterious.”


“Just up your alley!”

“And haughty. He told Headmaster that he only took on the best students.”

River started to shuffle her papers and books together. “As if I care, just as long as he is good.”

“That’s not all. When he left we heard the Dean say that he thought the new tutor seemed rather arrogant. But Headmaster said she didn’t care as long as that woman didn’t chew him up and spat him out as she did with her last tutor.”

They laughed rather nastily. “Meaning you River.”

River stood up and left, throwing her response over her shoulder. “Well, at least my grades are excellent. Perhaps yours would manage to be passable if you would put all that work in finding and passing gossip into your homework instead.”