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Izuku’s day was going good so far. He just got back from the W.H.A mission and internships earlier that morning, and continued his training with All Might, and learned to perfect Blackwhip even more. Grappling and grabbing things was much easier, and he could sort of spider-walk like he did during Joint Training when it first awakened and went berserk.


And it was Saturday, which meant they had no school or training tomorrow. He could finally relax and do whatever he wanted… Which included even more training, but at least he had free will to do it.


He also has a chance to use Blackwhip fully since there was supposedly a raid mission being performed in March with their internships.


Life felt good.


Or at least it did.


Izuku’s phone suddenly went off. He looked down and saw it was a notification from Iida. He sat down at his desk again and pulled it open.


Iida Tenya has created ‘Class 1-A/B/Pro Hero Group Chat’!


Iida Tenya has added Aoyama Yuuga and 47 others to ‘Class 1-A/B/Pro Hero Group Chat’!


Kuroiro Shihai: Kill me.


Kaminari Denki: Gladly


Takeyama Yuu | Mt. Lady: what the fuck?


Kaibara Sen: What is this?


Tatsuma Ryukyu | Ryukyu: Language, Yuu.


Takeyama Yuu | Mt. Lady: sry


Uraraka Ochako: Ryuyku!?!?!?


Tenya Iida: Hello everybody!! Me and Kendou Itsuka, Class 1-B’s Class President, have decided to create a group chat for everyone to stay in touch! We decided to add a couple of the Top 10 Pros as well in case this is our only way to call for help, if we unfortunately need it. Aizawa, Vlad, and Midnight, have also been invited for supervision purposes.


Bakugou Katsuki: This is the worst fucking idea I have ever heard of.


Yanagi Reiko: Oh dear.




Tenya Iida: Rule Number 1: Keep things civil. No cursing or inappropriate things on here.


Kaminari Denki: Question


Kendou Itsuka: Rule Number 2: No using this after 11 P.M. No one wants to be woken up in the middle of the night for no reason.


Kaminari Denki: QUESTION.


Tenya Iida: Rule Number 3: No harassment. As I said, keep things civil.


Kaminari Denki: Quesildjntpoijonion


Tenya Iida: Yes, Denki?


Kaminari Denki: Can we change our names?


Tenya Iida: I suppose so. Kendou, would you please give everyone Admin Rights?


Kendou Itsuka: Sure.


Kendou Itsuka has given all 48 participants Admin Rights!


Manga Fukidashi: What the fuck did you just do


Kinoko Komori: Uh oh.


Mina Ashido has changed her name to Xenogirl!

Tokage Setsuna has changed her name to Clever Girl!

Hagakure Toru has changed her name to Susan Storm!

Manga Fukidashi has changed his name to Lenny Face!

Kaminari Denki has changed their name to Long-range Taser!

Tsunotori Pony has changed her name to Country Grammar!

Sero Hanta has changed his name to Spooderman!

Uraraka has changed her name to Uravity!!

Kinoko Komori has changed her name to Shemage!

Monoma Neito has changed his name to Better Than 1-A Combined!

Asui Tsuyu has changed her name to Gay Frog!

Aoyama Yuuga has changed their name to ✨Esthétique✨!

Yanagi Reiko has changed her name to Emily

Shinsou Hitoshi has changed his name to z

Momo Yaoyorozu has changed her name to Creati!

Kendou Itsuka has changed her name to Stressed Mom!

Tatsuma Ryuko | Ryukyu has changed her name to Dragon Mom!

Shinya Kamihara | Edgeshot has changed his name to Edgeshot

Kaibara Sen has changed his name to Human Vibrator!

Tokoyami Fumikage has changed their name to Edgelord 1

Kuroiro Shihai has changed their name to Edgelord 2

Sekijiro Kan | Vlad King has changed his name to Blood Dad!

Aizawa Shouta has changed his name to z2

Nemuri Kayama | Midnight has changed her name to DOMINATRIX!

Takami Keigo | Hawks has changed his name to Eyas!


Iida Tenya: Asui! Kaibara! Those are very inappropriate names!


Gay Frog: Why? It’s true.


Human Vibrator: Honestly same.


Better Than 1-A Combined: Yep. True.


Uravity!: I-


Xenogirl: Kjskflksfl


Gay Frog: Also, it’s Tsu :) Call me Asui again and I won’t show any mercy.


Long-range Taser: PFFFFFFT


Spooderman: Yikes.


Bakugou Katsuki: Who the fuck says yikes anymore.


Spooderman: Me.


Xenogirl: THAT SMILEY-


Edgelord 2: I can feel the chaos radiating from here.


Edgelord 1: Indeed.


Bakugou Katsuki: Both of you shut the fuck up. I’m going to go to bed.


Spooderman: It’s way past your bedtime anyways.


DOMINATRIX: It’s only 7:30?


Spooderman: He goes to bed at six p.m sharp ;)


Susan Storm: AWWWWWWW


Human Vibrator: HahsfnksJF


Bakugou Katsuki: Run. Fucking run.


Bakugou Katsuki: I’m about to make the Battle of Verdun look like a fucking playground.


Tenya Iida: Bakugou! I prohibit you from striking Sero!


Long-range Taser: Holy shit.


Human Vibrator: Anybody else feel that tremor?


Clever Girl: Dude we’re across the way in the other dorms and we felt that.


Gay Frog: I just saw Sero and Bakugou flying towards Ground Omega in a fireball from my window.


z: uh oh.


z2: I’m not getting them


Blood Dad: They’ll wear themselves out eventually. Besides, Sero has enough stamina to dodge Bakugou longer than he can attack.


Blood Dad: Right?




Blood Dad: Uh oh.


Todoroki Shouto: I’m gonna leave for bed.


Uravity!: Aww, but Todo! You didn’t change your name yet!


Todoroki Shouto: I won’t need to because I won’t come back to this Hell-hole.


Xenogirl: Woah lol.


Human Vibrator: kjSFL Jfn


Long-range Taser: I got cut by the edge in that alone.


Uravity!: Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!


Shouto Todoroki: The only thing I can say is thank you to Iida for not inviting my flaming trash can, garbage, piece of shit human being father Endeavwhore to the group chat.


Iida Tenya: Any time. :D


Iida Tenya: WIAT


Shouto Todoroki has left ‘Class 1-A/B/Pro Hero Group Chat’!




Clever Girl: KJnsdF


Eyas: XD


Creati: Shouto, no!


Iida Tenya: Everyone hang on, I'll go find him!


Iida Tenya has left ‘Class 1-A/B/Pro Hero Group Chat’!


Clever Girl: Cue the Betty Hill music.


Better Than Class 1-A Combined: Hang on, where is everybody else? This isn't nearly the amount of people that were added.


Stressed Mom: Pretty sure a lot of them were too tired from today and just fell asleep. We all just got back from our internships.


Human Vibrator: I never got why they’d do that when we have to go back to them for the raid thingy in March.


Stressed Mom: Cuz it’s closer and our mentors will be coming with us as well.


Human Vibrator: Oh.


Human Vibrator: Anyway.


Human Vibrator: What’s up with your name? Aren’t you Big Sis?


Eyas: Big Sis? Pft.


Stressed Mom: I am Big Sis but sometimes I feel like Stressed Mom with how much whining and complaining and bitching I have to put up with from ALL of you guys.




Xenomorph: This just in, Kendou fucking snaps.


Creati: I try to help but I get stressed as well since Monoma HATES me.


Better Than Class 1-A Combined: Sorry you feel like that… Kendou, not Yaoyorozu.


 Stressed Mom: Too late for that but better than never, I guess.


Dragon Mom: Honestly same whoever this Kendou girl is.


Uravity!: WHA-


Gay Frog: We’re not THAT bad. You should see what Kendou has to put up with everyday, AKA Monoma.


Dragon Mom: It was a joke, sweeties.


Uravity!: Oh


Gay Frog: phew.


Eyas: WHAT


✨Esthétique✨: SJKsfsn sgsjhrfosiJOp


Blood Dad: SWEETIES????


DOMINATRIX: Are we just gonna ignore that orrrrrrrr…


Better Than Class 1-A Combined: EXCUSE ME, Tsu. Maybe if you PAID ATTENTION with those stupid googly eyes you’d know better.


Gay Frog: First of all, I do, and you’re horrid. Kendou can attest to that.


Stressed Mom: Not horrid per se but pretty awful.


Gay Frog: Second of all, don’t call me Tsu. You never earned that right and you never will. :)


Dragon Mom: Don’t talk to Tsu like that. Ever. Understand?




Edgeshot: She pulled out the BOLD LETTERS.


Eyas: Mom come pick me up I’m scared.


Shemage: I can hear the mom voice through the phone. I’m also scared. Mommy please.


Xenogirl: I feel like Tsu was secretly a savage this entire time and nobody knew.


Batter Than Class 1-A Combined: yes ma’am


Dragon Mom: Now apologize.


Better Than Class 1-A: sry asui


Dragon Mom: Properly.


Rumi Usagiyama | Miruko has joined the chat!


Eyas: Fucking finally.


Dragon Mom: Language.


Eyas: Fuck, sorry.


Eyas: FUCK


Rumi Usagiyama | Miruko: Hnnngh


Edgeshot: Oh.


Edgeshot: Not this again.


Rumi Usagiyama | Miruko: Ryuuukoo


Dragon Mom: Yes?


Rumi Usagiyama | Miruko: Gimme cuddles


Human Vibrator: WHATT


Edgeshot: Not this shit again.




Long-range Taser: This feels private ;-;


Dragon Mom: I-


Dragon Mom: Tell me that through private messaging next time so it’s not in front of the kids.


Rumi Usagiyama | Miruko: mk


Eyas: THE KIDS????




Dragon Mom has left the chat!

Rumi Usagiyama | Miruko has left the chat!




Better Than Class 1-A Combined: I feel uncomfortable.


Gay Frog: If I got told off by three girls, one of which is the Number 11 Pro Heroine, I would shut down and sulk too.


Better Than Class 1-A Combined: Anyways-


Better Than Class 1-A Combined has left the chat!


Creati: Good riddance!


Xenomorph: KLJSfslmkpfffft


Clever Girl: Still has class and style, Yaomomo. :D


Human Vibrator: Yaomomo? YAOMOMO????


Uravity: YAOMOMO?!?!?!?


Xenogirl: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Clever Girl: First of all, nothing romantic. Just grew close during our time under Majestic. Second of all, PUT THOSE LENNY’S AWAY MINA


Xenogirl: :((((


 Xenogirl: Meanie


Clever Girl: Sorry. I forgive you. :)


Xenogirl: :))))


Edgeshot: Touching.


Xenogirl: Anyways, bouta die from exhaustion. Bye!


Clever Girl: Night gurl


Country Grammar: Bye! :D


Xenogirl has left the chat!


Eyas: So are we just gonna ignore what the fuck just happened?


Edgeshot: Yes.


Clever Girl: Anyways, speaking of cuddles, I want some now too. Itsuka, open up.


Stressed Mom: You know what, fine. I’m too tired and need a body pillow as well.


Human Vibrator: WHATTT


Midoriya Izuku: I feel left out on a lot of things…


Uravity!: Oh! Deku! We didn’t realize you were here!


It kind of hurt that they forgot about him, but Izuku was too busy trying not to laugh too loudly at the Hell-hole the chat had become.


Eyas: Lol




Midoriya Izuku: You’re fine. :)


Long-range Taser: Change your name to become cool 😎😎😎


Lenny face: Put those emojis back where they came from, OR SO HELP ME.


Long-range Taser:😎😎😎Make me😎😎😎


Edgeshot: He’s too cool for school.


Eyas: He’s too cool to be left alive!


Edgeshot: Did you just Revenge of the Sith us?


Midoriya Izuku has changed his name to Deku!


Eyas: Lame.


Clever Girl: Midoriya should join our cuddle puddle.


Deku: I-


Clever Girl: He could probably crush both of us in one hug but that’s a death I’m willing to let happen if it means I get to feel those muscles around me.






Eyas: Annnnnnnnd you killed him.


Deku: I donm’t likes touch.


Deku: I don’t likef hugs.


Deku: Please stop.


Izuku didn’t even realize what he typed as he was too flustered and short-circuiting to even realize.


Clever Girl: What? Really???


Eyas: Yo you good?


Izuku shook his head and sat back up, grabbing his phone.


Uravity!: DEKU! WHAT!?


Uravity!: You always let me hug you whenever I got the chance!


Deku: I don’t know why. It just feels weird. Not uncomfortable, but I don’t see why people enjoy it. But now it feels weird to the point where I enjoy it but it still feels wrong. Like I tolerate hugs from people but I wouldn’t hug someone unless I had to. It feels good but also wrong at the same time to hug or touch someone but there’s a nagging part in the back of my brain that wants more and idk why. Like I want someone to hug me but at the same time not but it’s the part that wants it that’s taking over.




Long-range Taser: LMAO




Uravity!: DEKU! This was happening the entire time and you didn’t tell anybody!?


Clever Girl: Holy shit.


Stressed Mom: I smell touch-starvation.


Deku deleted 1 message!


Deku: phew


Eyas: We all fucking saw that dude lol.


z2: we really need to keep a better eye on our students mental health


Blood Dad: Agreed.




z2: speaking of which


z2 has added Yamada Hizashi | Present Mic

Yamada Hizashi | Present Mic has changed his name to Presentation Michael


z2: why do I feel like this was a mistake


Presentation Michael: WHAT’S UP FUCKERS


Clever Girl: Omw to cuddle the fuck out of Midori brb


Deku: NoOOo


Uravity!: DEKU LET ME IN!


Long-range Taser: Bruh moment.


Human Vibrator: Bruh moment.


Country Grammar: Bruh moment.


Emily: This is, indeed, a very serious bruh moment.


Eyas: LMAO


Edgelord 2: We’ll arrange your funeral, Midoriya.


Edgelord 1: We’ll surround your coffin with all your All Might figures in an attempt to revive you so we can bury you alive.


Kodai Yui: Omw too


Human Vibrator: Wait, when were you here???


Kodai Yui: Didn’t say anything that entire time, that’s why.


Izuku set his phone down on his desk hard as soon as he heard stomping outside of his dorm room.


“Deku! Let me in!” Ochako all but demanded somehow playfully. More footsteps followed her, stopping outside of his door. One was much heavier and forced than Ochako’s, almost like stomping, while the others were light and barely noticeable. “We’re gonna give you cuddles and you’re gonna learn you LIKE IT!” Izuku jumped back when she shouted, causing him to stumble and hit his glass door to the balcony.


Then there was a tap on it. Izuku turned around, only to find Setsuna’s face giving him an extremely sharp-toothed grin through the glass against the night sky. Her head was floating, as was the rest of her body which was cut into smaller pieces from her Quirk. Izuku jumped again, stumbling against his bed.


Oh God, he was cornered.


‘Why does it have to be me this happens to!?’ Izuku thought frantically.


Then something crashed into him. Izuku jumped and turned his head, only to find Ochako grinning wildly as she pressed her body into his side. Behind her, Izuku saw Yui resizing his door to fit back on the hinges. 


“Get him!” Someone shouted. Izuku flopped down onto the bed as Setsuna crashed into his back as well. He closed his eyes, hoping that this was some sort of weird, lewd dream he was having and that he’d wake up the next morning completely alone.


When Izuku opened his eyes a couple seconds later, Kendou was already wrapping her legs around his and Setsuna’s, and Yui was squishing Ochako between them. Izuku tried shaking them off and sit up, only for Ochako to pout.


“No, Deku! You obviously want to be touched and cuddled so just let it happen!” Ochako said, convection in her voice. Izuku just froze up on himself again. Setsuna whimpered before shuffling to Izuku’s front before hugging him tighter, schooching up to his chest. She let out a couple of vocal clicks and chirps, followed by a pur as she rubbed her head lovingly against Izuku’s chest.


“That means she trusts you.” Kendou whispered, smiling warmly. Izuku’s face flashed red almost instantly as Yui groaned and clutched him tighter, squishing Ochako between them again who just giggled. Izuku shriveled his arms up by his side and laid them there awkwardly. Then a growl came from below him.


Izuku looked down, only to find Setsuna giving him an unbearably adorable pout of defiance as she glared at him.


“Gimme. Cuddle.” She said threateningly. Izuku nervously brought his arms up and wrapped them around Setsuna’s torso. She closed her eyes and smiled, giving out another pur and more vocal clicks before schooching up to his face and nestling her head in the crook of his neck. Izuku gave an awkward smile as he looked down at her and rubbed her back comfortingly.


Izuku was already tired from today since so much had happened, not only today, but over the past week of his life (Stopping a cult from kidnapping and torturing and killing your friends isn’t easy). But this was about to do him in. The feeling of 4 separate heartbeats made him feel… safe, somehow. Warm and cozy, something he hadn’t felt in a while.


Izuku closed his eyes and felt himself slowly drifting off, his body becoming more and more comfortable. He didn’t know why his body suddenly liked touch and cuddles now.


Setsuna schooches up again so her curly green hair is in his face before Izuku falls under fully now.




Izuku shakes his head slightly as he wakes up, only to hear a whimper.


What was that? He didn’t make that noise.


He looks down, only to see Setsuna curled up on his chest, her head lying next to his as she lets out ungodly loud snores. Kendou is to his left, one arm wrapped around his neck and another around his torso with her head leaned in towards his own. Ochako is to his right, snoring lightly with Yui’s head buried in her hair as she’s curled up around her body.


Oh, yeah…


God, that actually happened?


Izuku rubbed Setsuna’s back again, but there wasn’t a response this time. Strange. Maybe it was different because she was asleep? Then her snoring went from heavy to light to just tiny little breaths, almost like she was hyperventilating. Weird. Ochako was doing the same, too. Setsuna kicked her leg out and twisted her wrist, almost like fighting against something.


Then his blood ran cold. He knew why they were doing that.


Izuku’s had too many nightmares to know that happens. Quickened and shallow breathing, no snoring.


Setsuna flinches, only to start coughing violently as she bolts upright and begins flailing her arms. Izuku sits up and hugs her to try and calm her down, only to get punched straight in the chest. Holy shit, that hurt. She was a Hero Student, of course it’d fucking hurt, but Izuku is strong enough to just tank it and begin stroking Setsuna’s back calmingly.


She lets out a sob before full on wailing into Izuku’s shirt, shaking. Izuku brought his legs up around Setsuna’s and held her there in an attempt to calm her down. He didn’t even realize that he inadvertently threw the others off of him. Kendou rolled over off the bed and hit the floor while Ochako accidentally activated her Quirk and sent her and Yui floating up towards the ceiling.


“Ow! Dammit!” Kendou curses, shaking her head as she stands up. Her eyes are wide open and her pupils shrunk, as if she just saw a fucking ghost or something. Ochako bumps her head against the ceiling, causing her to start flailing her limbs before holding her head. Yui’s still somehow asleep.


“T-Tokage…?” Izuku asks nervously.


“Release!” Ochako says. She quickly extends her arms out to catch the still-sleeping Yui before she hits the floor. Ochako sets her down on the bed on her stomach as Yui grabs her arm gently and begins pulling her down.




“N-No! S-Stop!” Setsuna managed to choke out. She pushed Izuku away before stumbling onto her feet, holding her face. Her sobs quieted down, but she was still obviously scared and jumpy of what she had dreamed about. Kendou came over to her and began stroking Setsuna’s back gently, even picking her up in her arms to carry her.


“Why… Just…” Kendou sighs in between, nestling her cheek into Setsuna’s hair. “This is the third time this week she’s been having nightmares and nothing helps…” Kendou said quietly to herself. Izuku’s eyes softened as he tilted his head to the side. Next to him, Yui squirmed in her sleep, grabbing ahold of Izuku’s hand and clutching it near her chest. Izuku blushed lightly before shaking his head, his heroic instincts taking over.


“H-How long? J-Just this week?” Izuku asked nervously. He felt like he was overstepping a massive boundary and wanted to suck the words back in, but it was too late.


“W-Well… She had some before the W.H.A mission, but they ramped up to multiple every night afterwards. Thing is, she’s not the only one, but it hit her harder.” Kendou responded somberly. Izuku sagged his shoulders a little bit as Setsuna continued crying. He didn’t know exactly what happened to them, as he, Bakugou, Todoroki, and Tokoyami were the only ones not captured, but he knew it was brutal.


“H-Has she seen Hound Dog for it?” Izuku asked again. Kendou just shook her head.


“No. She thinks it makes her seem weak, even though a lot of us have already gone.” Kendou responded. A low, wet sounding growl came from Setsuna shortly afterwards, making Izuku and Ochako flinch. Kendou sat down on the end of the bed and continued rubbing her back. Izuku just tilts his head, worry still in his eyes.


“I… I think I had one too.” Ochako speaks up, rubbing her eyes tiredly. Izuku looks over at her, confused. “It was… Weird. I already forgot about it but I jumped after I hit my head and felt scared for some reason.” Ochako shakes her head, wincing as it made her dizzy.


“W-Wait, does Kodai have them?” Izuku asks again. He looks down at Yui, who’s still asleep and snoring lightly, but doesn’t look distressed at all.


“Not as far as I know.” Kendou replies. “Either that, or she just doesn’t tell anyone, which I think is what’s happening.” Then she looks up at Izuku, concerned. “Did you have one?” Izuku just shakes his head.


“No. I-I actually… F-Felt weirdly comfortable when I woke up.” Izuku scratches the back of his head awkwardly. Kendou just chuckles as Ochako smirks.


“Told you you’d like it.” She says. Izuku just rolls his eyes.


“Speaking of which, sorry if it seemed like we just sort of… Broke in. We were just trying to help because you seemed torn apart by it and… Well, I don’t think it was a bright idea for me to join or stop it…” Kendou admits. Izuku just waves her off.


“I-It’s fine. I-I actually kind of liked i-” Izuku slaps his hand over his mouth as his face glows red, realizing what he just said. Kendou just chuckles again as Ochako begins grinning.


“We need to do this more often. Y’know… Minus the whole nightmare thing.” Ochako adds, gesturing.


“Speaking of which.” Kendou looks down at Setsuna. Surprisingly, she stopped sobbing a while ago, only making small whimper noises as she looked out the window with red, puffy eyes. Right now, Izuku wants nothing more than to just hug Setsuna to try and make things better. Kendou just sighed.


“I might as well start getting ready.” She said. Kendou carefully let Setsuna go, who flopped backward and quickly crawled over to Yui and snuggled into her right side. Ochako lets out a squeak as she covers her heart, seemingly dying from the adorableness as Kendou steps out of the room. Ochako looks up at Izuku next, a small tear in her eye.


“I gotta go get ready too, Deku. Make sure these two are okay.” She waves by to him as she steps out, Izuku waving back before looking down at the bed again.


The fuck was he supposed to do now?


Izuku sat down on the edge of the bed, careful not to disturb Setsuna or Yui before picking his phone up again and looking at the groupchat again.


Long-range Taser: Hnnnngh.


Human Vibrator: What is it now?


Long-range Taser: My mom wants to go to Okinawa over Spring Break, but that requires us to fly, and I’m scared of flying.


Long-range Taser: Quick, someone tell me some facts about planes that’ll make my mom scared so we’ll drive instead.


✨Esthétique✨: *Le facepalm


z: So you’re fine with taking a boat to Polynesia over several hours and nearly dying to a villain, but not, like, a one hour flight to Okinawa?


Long-range Taser: Have you SEEN how far down you gotta look to see the ground in an airplane?


Emily: I know a couple.


Long-range Taser: K, spit them facts.


Emily: On December 21, 1988, above the Scottish town of Lockerbie, Pan Am flight 103, a Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet, broke apart midair after a bomb exploded in it’s cargo hold, killing 270, 11 of which were in the houses the plane crashed into. The front half of the aircraft was blown off shortly after the bomb exploded due to decompression, which literally ripped the jet apart in front of the passengers eyes. Although, most of the passengers were unconscious within seconds due to a lack of oxygen. However, as the main part of the aircraft descended below 10,000 feet, it is theorized some of them actually woke back up midair before impact. Some bodies were found to be clutching crosses and bibles close to their chests. A woman was reported to be alive and unconscious by an EMS worker, but would die shortly thereafter. Passengers would’ve been in complete free-fall in the night sky for over at least 2-4 minutes as the aircraft disintegrated.


Human Vibrator: What the fuck did I just read.


Long-range Taser: Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd now I’m never looking at another plane again.


Stressed Mom: That’s…. Awful!


Eyas: Why did I have to read that. Please someone tell me. Hell, I have wings and that is still terrifying.


Edgelord 1: I cannot bear to imagine what horrors went through the passengers minds in their final moments…


Human Vibrator: ^ Probably the backs of the seats.


Edgelord 2: LKSJDF sbjkgl


Stressed Mom: That’s inappropriate as Hell.


Country Grammar: I’m going to Hell. XD


Emily: There is something severely wrong with you, Kaibara.


Emily: Anyway, there’s more if you’d like to know.


Long-range Taser: Hell no. I’m getting jumpy just fucking reading that.


Emily: If you wish.


Human Vibrator: Oh come on. It was funny.


Stressed Mom: There’s nothing funny about dead people, Kaibara.


Human Vibrator: There’s nothing funny about repeatedly chopping someone in their neck nerves so many times that you could potentially give them permanent spinal and nerve damage, but apparently you get a free pass on that for some reason.


Stressed Mom:


Human Vibrator: That’s what I fucking thought.


Long-range Taser: rekt  😎😎😎


Emily: Still, that doesn’t appropriate it any further.


Human Vibrator: Look up dark humor or gallows humor. Thought someone like you would like it, though, Yanagi. Maybe a little too dark for you to see.


Lenny Face: Badum-chhhhhh


Uravity!: Did you just-


Gay Frog: I hate this place.


Gay Frog: Maybe Shouto had a point afterall.


Jirou Kyouka: What the Hell are you arguing about. It’s 6:30 in the morning.


Long-range Taser: Nunya.


Jirou Kyouka: Wasn’t asking you, dipshit.


Long-range Taser: No one asked you to join in on our conversation either.


Jirou Kyouka: I’m going to stab you with my earjacks if you don’t shut the fuck up.


Long-range Taser: Can’t do that if I kill myself first.  😎😎😎


Bakugou Katsuki: Both of you shut the fuck up. I’m tired of hearing these notifications going off when I’m trying to fucking SLEEP for once.


Uravity!: Oh! Bakugou! What happened to Sero?


z2: hes currently in recovery girls office for 1st degree burns and a broken nose. also, stop spamming the chat so early in the morning. i literally can’t sleep.


Jirou Kyouka: He was messing with the bull and got it’s horns, he fucking deserved it.


z2: Language.


Jirou Kyouka: Sorry. *Fr*cking.


z2: much better


z2: also, kaminari, don’t kill yourself


Long-range Taser: Aww, but I had the rope tied and everything!


z2: That better be sarcastic.


Long-range Taser:




Jirou Kyouka:


Jirou Kyouka: Anyways.


Jirou Kyouka has changed her name to My Chemical Breakup


Long-range Taser: MCR is trash.


Long-range Taser: Why do I hear stomping.


Long-range Taser: OH-


Uravity!: LKJAfn he ded


Emily: May I ask, Uraraka, what happened with Midoriya and the three others last night?


Mineta Minoru: Lucky bastard probably got laid by all them Buxom bimbos.


Mineta Minoru has been permanently banned from ‘Class 1-A/B/Pro Hero Group Chat’ by Creati!


Creati: Fine, I’ll do it myself.


Country Grammar: Anyone wanna record me target practicing on his body with my horns?


Xenogirl: Hells to the yeah!


Country Grammar has left the chat!

Xenogirl has left the chat!


Blood Dad: We can all safely assume we will NOT miss him. He’s been picking on my girls for far too long.


z2: same, and same for my girls too. couldn’t do too much sadly because of his parents money and influence.




DOMINATRIX: Tell him he has extracurricular lessons with me from now on out. I’ll have him preaching like a catholic school boy by the end of the month.


Eyas: Jesus.


z2: while I’m not opposed to the idea fully, that’s classified as corporal punishment so that has to be a firm no.


Blood Dad: Not even taking into account the sexual harassment she would return for all he’s done?


Edgeshot: Eye-for-an-eye.


Dragon Mom: Why did I wake up to this?




Emily: Kendou, Kodai, and Tokage very quickly left our sleeping quarters last night after Midoriya’s confession. Any explanation?


Uravity!: Deku wanted cuddles but was in denial so we went to show him a good time!


Uravity!: WIJOAUB


Uravity!: WAIT


z2: Wording.




Lenny Face: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Dragon Mom: Ochako, what?




Human Vibrator: Suuuuuuuuuurre…


Stressed Mom: Shut up, Human Vibrator. You’re literally never gonna get a chance to be that EVER, you sleazeball. You have no room to judge.


Human Vibrator: Ah, come out of our teal-colored, sweat-stenched pathetic excuse of a dorm room, have we? Honestly, I don't know what needs to be washed more, your entire room or yourself. But let's be honest, it’s not like you’ll do anything about it because you’re constantly wallowing in your own self-doubt and pity.




Edgeshot: *mic drop


Bakugou Katsuki: When did this become a fucking roast battle wth.


Creati: That is NO way to talk to your sister. APOLOGIZE.


Human Vibrator: As fucking if.


Human Vibrator has been removed from ‘Class 1-A/B/Pro Hero Group Chat’ by Creati!


Eyas: bruh-


Creati: I am now the ban hammer. Upset me or anyone else and I will erase you from existence. :)


Uravity!: I feel threatened.


Gay Frog: I’m gonna go sit in front of the fireplace for warmth before I say something I’ll regret as well.


Dragon Mom: I’m not sure what’s worse, the tongues on your students, or the fact Hawks is encouraging them and that Edgeshot is doing nothing to stop them.


Eyas: I’m not encouraging them. I just like watching the world burn.


Edgeshot: As if you weren’t sitting there watching this all unfold without saying a word either.


Dragon Mom:


Dragon Mom: Touche.


Suddenly, a warm spot grew on Izuku’s thigh, looking down, he froze. Setsuna had shimmied over with Yui still in her arms and was now clutching his thigh tightly, rubbing her head against it with her cheek. Izuku’s face ignited into a blush as he dropped his phone down gently. Setsuna let out a whimper, then a purr as she stopped squirming and a couple of vocal clicks and chirps. Izuku’s heart froze.


Those were the most adorable fucking sounds he’d ever heard.


Izuku’s mouth contorted up into an awkward smile as he looked down at Setsuna, stroking her hair lightly. The noises continued, a small smile appearing on Setsuna’s lips although she was still obviously asleep. Izuku picked his phone back up to look at it, lightly stroking Setsuna’s hair still.


Uravity!: Also, Yaomomo, what did you mean by you trying to help out yesterday with Kendou?


Creati: Oh, that! I usually go over to the 1-B dorms after classes and training to help Kendou corral the others when they’re acting out. I’m only needed a few times, but it usually ends very quickly when I show up.


Lenny Face: Other than that one time Monoma copied Yui’s Quirk and threw a sized up book at you.


Lenny Face: I don’t think I’ve ever seen Monoma more terrified in his life and I LOVED it.


Edgelord 2: Agreed.


Lenny Face: Can we pay you to beat his ass more?


Creati: No!! I’m not going to beat him up for money! No matter how much I enjoyed it last time and how much he deserves it!


Eyas: lol


Dragon Mom: Wasn’t he the kid who insulted Tsu yesterday?


Creati: Yes. Why?


Dragon Mom: FINISH HIM!


Uravity!: Did she just-


Shemage: She plays Mortal Kombat!!


Lenny Face: XD


Edgeshot: Plot twist: She’s actually the VA for the announcer in the new MK games.


Eyas: She probably doesn’t even need a voice changer either.




Dragon Mom:




Eyas: Aight gotta fly to the Endeavour Agency. Bye bye!


Dragon Mom: Your ass is grass


✨Esthétique✨: *Le gasp




Lenny Face: She just said a no-no word.


Eyas has left the chat!

Dragon Mom has left the chat!


Rumi Usagiyama | Miruko: Whoever the fuck just made Ryuko stop cuddling me and angrily jump off my balcony in her dragon form is getting an ass whoopin.


Lenny Face: XD


Edgeshot: That would be birdbrain.


Rumi Usagiyama | Miruko: Goddamnit.


Rumi Usagiyama | Miruko has left the chat!


Blood Dad: Should we be concerned?


z2: he’ll be fine.


Izuku chuckled to himself before he heard a cough below him. He moved his phone out of the way, only to freeze as he was met with a piercing glare from Setsuna. Izuku looked down, scared and embarrassed before slowly letting his arms slump and his expression go neutral. Without thinking, he patted Setsuna’s head lightly, ruffling her hair. For a second, he thought he was a deadman as soon as he did this.


Instead though, she purred and gave out a few more clicks and chirps.


Setsuna schooched up, Yui still in tow, and began pulling Izuku down with her into the bed. Izuku let out a noise of surprise as he let himself be pulled down. Setsuna brought him fully down next to her before snuggling her head into his neck, a small smile still gracing her lips. Yui was behind her, spooning her as she unconsciously leaned her head in and let it rest in Setsuna’s hair.


Izuku’s left hand began stroking Yui’s back, his right stroking Setsuna’s as he closed his eyes and listened to the occasional chirp or click from Setsuna. Eventually, Izuku’s door opened again. He barely opened his eyes to see Ochako grinning as she tiptoe ran over to them, Kendou not too far behind. She looked thoroughly upset and mad, judging by her almost permanent scowl. Most likely from Kaibara. Maybe Izuku would kick his ass later. But Kendou still had a crooked smile on her face as she came over.


Ochako quickly slid onto the bed and snuggled into Izuku’s back lovingly, giggling. This time she had her boxing gloves on that she usually sleeps with so she doesn’t float herself or other things away in her sleep. Izuku doesn’t know why she didn’t bring them last night, or why none of them went soaring to the ceiling earlier.


Kendou sat down on the bed slowly, falling onto her side and squished Ochako between herself and Izuku. She wrapped her arms around Izuku’s torso and hugged. Holy fuck, she was strong. Sure, maybe Izuku was struggling for oxygen and Ochako’s face might’ve been going blue behind him, but it was comfy as Hell. Kendou didn’t seem to be trying either, as she seemed comfortable holding the both of them in that hug. Setsuna giggled in her sleep, smiling a little before nestling her body closer to Izuku’s (If that was even physically possible). Yui let out a near-quiet snore, Izuku nearly cooing at how adorable it was.


Maybe this wasn’t so bad after all?