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A Very Hot Summer

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“Did you hear about the trip?”

“What trip?”

“The summer trip! Surely you have heard of it?!”

“No I haven’t, Tanizaki-senpai.”

“I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow at school. C’mon, you should join me and Naomi!

Oh and bring your friend too! See ya!"


Atsushi clicked his phone shut after the call ended, then threw it onto the bed, where he himself plopped down with a loud and tired sigh.

It was not a comfy bed. Actually, it was almost as hard as a rock and the sheets, which had been white once, were now dirty brown, and a small hole could be spotted on the side. To make up for the lack of a blanket, Atsushi sometimes curled himself from the cold night air despite not having a window in his room.

There was barely anything in his room. As if it was unoccupied for a long time.

The only things that Atsushi had in his room was a desk lamp (on an old wooden desk), some school books and his clothes inside the wardrobe.

It was a blessing that he got a cheap phone from saving up all of his money. Something to kill time by talking to his friends from school or just browsing the internet. Other than that, he wasn't interested in social media. Atsushi prefered to read his books and forget about reality whenever he could.

Drowning into the fantasy world that books seem to always perfectly describe.

Now all he wanted to do was to rest from a long week of exams, instead of studying as hard as humanly possible. Sleeping does sound nice...

Atsushi's bedroom door opened without a knock.

It was his father.

"You. Why aren't you studying?" His father asked in a deep voice.

Atsushi never once heard his father calling his name. As if it was a curse.

He quickly got into a sitting position on his bed. "I… I was…," Atsushi stuttered, scared of what his father would do to him. His face paled.

"No excuses. I don't want to hear it. Go and study." His father glared.

Atsushi nodded, his head hung low, not daring looking at him. "Yes sir…" he hated this. He hated his own father. He couldn't understand why he had to live with this man who barely cared about him.

The door closed with a hard slam as his father left. Atsushi stood up from his bed and walked towards his desk. Taking a seat, he opened a random school book, pretending to read as his mind was elsewhere, far from this house. He didn't want to be caught by his father for not studying. It always ended up badly for him.

Atsushi sighed as his mind started to dream of big houses, a person he could love, and his own children.


It was the final day of school before the summer break...

Closing the shoe locker, Atsushi bent down to quickly put on his white school shoes before he came.

He who is annoying, rich, handsome—

A bandaged forearm slammed on the door of the highest shoe locker. "A-tsu-shi-kun~"

Speak of the devil and he was fucking tall too.

Not looking up as he finished tying the laces of the shoes, Atsushi spoke with a bite. "Go away."

"You look handsome today~" the older boy ignored the comment from Atsushi. His grin only widening.

Atsushi groaned loudly In exasperation and looked up at his senior. 

Dazai fucking Osamu.

Did Atsushi curse a lot in his mind? Of course he does. Especially when it came to his annoying-flirty senior.

Dazai Osamu was —in short— the school's famous bad boy.

But, to anyone not fooled by his act? An annoying person who was too rich for his own good; had too many girlfriends and boyfriends; and finally, a determined man-child.

"What do you want?" Atsushi groaned again as he stood up from his kneeling position. He will not be found beneath Dazai. Never.

But even so, Atsushi was still shorter.

"Just saying good morning and asking if you want to go on a date with me this summer," said Dazai as he momentarily switched to English to say 'good morning'. The way he looked at Atsushi, with puppy eyes… It was both cute and annoying. If the teenager had a tail it would be wagging too. "Please say yes." If only he wasn't addicted to sex...

Hell "No," answered Atsushi. His father wouldn't allow him to date anyway. 

It would be the end of the world if his father even allowed him to do anything fun.

"Harsh!" Dazai exclaimed as he clutched at where his heart should be. "You should be my Ice Prince—"

"Kyaa!! Dazai-kun!!"

Atsushi got ready. This was it. This was his chance.

Dazai was distracted by the fan girls who were approaching him quickly, and Atsushi made a run for it.

He should really thank the girls for always appearing wherever Dazai goes. Not a day goes by that Dazai isn't surrounded by girls and sometimes boys too. At least it distracted the casanova of their school.

Ah yes… their school. It had a weird name called Bungou Stray Dogs High. But it wasn't that bad being here, because it was one of the most prestigious high schools in the whole of Yokohama.

The school was led by Fukuzawa Yukichi, a strict looking man but very kind; and the financial problems at the school were taken care of by Mori Ougai, one of the richest men in Japan.

There was a rumor going on that they were in a relationship, platonic or romantic wise. But that was a whole other story to be told.

What was important was that "the financial woes" were probably just an excuse to spoil Dazai Osamu. 

Why was that...? Because Dazai was the adopted son of Mori and the next heir to the Family's business. So, the other rumor was just that: a parent loving their child so much they spoiled him rotten.

Atsushi finally reached his class and took a seat in his own chair. He pulled out his small pencil case and loaded up the books inside the drawer of his desk.

He made it into this school through hard work. Atsushi wanted to get a scholarship for his university soon. Hopefully, very soon.

For now, it was another boring day of classes.


The school bell rang with a soft tune of Westminster Chime, indicating a new period for the students. 

That is, lunchtime.

Classmates clattered out of their seats to quickly pull out their lunch boxes or went somewhere else to eat with their other classmates or maybe even relax on the school's track field on this sunny day.

Summer was approaching quickly, and it was getting hotter by the day. But some of them really enjoyed the heat.

Atsushi was neutral. He never really went outside much during the summer holiday. He was mostly stuck at home revising for exams, lest he angered his father.

He really didn't want that.

So now Atsushi waited for his friends. Because they were usually the ones who prefered to be eating in his classroom.

Maybe because he sat near the window? He didn't bother asking questions like that.

The first person to come to the door was Akutagawa Ryuunosuke.

Atsushi raised his hand in a wave when his friend saw him and locked eyes.

Akutagawa walked towards him.

"Infirmary again?" Atsushi asked his friend who was supposed to sit beside him all semester.

Akutagawa was one of Atsushi's friends —Well, "friend" is a bit of an overstatement, he's more like a kin— he had a bit of an illness and had to skip classes sometimes. But overall he was an okay guy. He ranked third in the school's exam results (Atsushi was second and first was Dazai) and he lived with his sister. Their parents are barely home, but they said they were okay with it.

How Atsushi sometimes envies his friends...

"Yeah." A cough. "Cough got worse."

"Ah… I see…" Atsushi nodded as he got up to push both of their tables together and pulled out their lunchboxes.

Atsushi always woke up early to make his own lunch boxes. His father didn't do much back then, just taught him the basics and left him to it.

Sometimes he went hungry or ate something funny because he didn't know any other recipes.

But this time he made a perfect omelette with rice. He looked up online on how to make things these days, which is why the internet is quite handy.

"You know who appeared this morning and asked me out?" Atsushi talked with his mouth full and shivered in disgust. "I don't even want to think about it."

"Then don't talk about it. I can guess who it is," said Akutagawa. "And don't talk with your mouth full."

They continued to eat in silence before Atsushi heard his name being called out. And when he looked up to the familiar voice, he smiled.

It was Tanizaki Junichiro, Naomi, Kyouka and Kenji. His other friends, standing by the classroom door.

Tanizaki was more like a big brother to Atsushi, he was always nice and protective of the people he loved. Naomi was the mother hen of their group, Kyouka was like a protective little sister and Kenji was the sunshine of the whole school.

Atsushi loves them all dearly.

The new faces quickly settled down on the shared table, grabbing chairs to sit on and pulled out their own lunch boxes.

"Hey there guys," Atsushi greeted and Akutagawa nodded at them all.

"Hiya, Atsushi-kun," Tanizaki said as he pulled out his chopsticks. "So… the summer event."

Atsushi paused on his eating to listen to his friend more clearly.

"The students from our level will be joining this trip with the seniors! There's a rumor going around that we're going to be on an island! Isn't that amazing?" Said Tanizaki. "The hosts are going to be by the seniors of course and by the rich kids. I also heard that there's going to be a hot spring, a large beach and—"

"All things considered, you should come with us," Naomi cut through Tanizaki's charade, the latter blushing lightly from his chattering.

"I'll be joining in as well!" Exclaimed Kenji and then he turned to Kyouka. "Will you be joining?"

"I can't. Have to help my family's business," Kyouka answered with a blank face as she took a bite of her food. "We're full schedule."

"Well…," Atsushi spoke up. "I'm not even sure if I can go either…" he said as he thought about his father giving him a big 'no' to having fun with his friends.

"I'm joining," Akutagawa said suddenly.

Atsushi choked on his food. "W-what?"

"What?" Akutagawa turned to his friend.

"Why?" Atsushi asked.

"Why am I joining?" A cough.

"Yeah, why?"

Akutagawa sighed as if he was tired from a long day. "Because it's our only chance to get out and have fun."

Atsushi tried to brush off his first thought of how ridiculous that his friend could have fun. But it was futile. Akutagawa? Having fun? Unheard of.

"But we are having fun right now."

"Not for long."

And as if on cue a familiar voice called out Atsushi's name from a distance.

"Oh no," Atsushi moaned in embarrassed agony.

"Atsushi-kun~ Atsushi-kun~," Dazai sang as he entered Atsushi's classroom.

By now everyone was looking at the white haired male. Some with jealousy, some with confusion and the rest are amused.

Dazai reached the table.

"Want to have lunch with me?" A large smile and puppy eyes. "You left me in the morning too early, darling."

"Seriously, go away," said Atsushi as he took a bite of his food.

Dazai then had the audacity to pout. He also put down his lunchbox on the nearest table and elegantly took a seat. 

Atsushi swore he could hear one of his classmates mutter 'Oh my God he sits at my seat!!'

But that's besides the point. The situation now was that he sat near their table.

"Well I'm not going anywhere. So… what are you guys talking about?" Dazai asked as he took a bite of his —probably expensive— meal.

"Oh! We're just talking about the trip that you will hold this summer!" Kenji happily answered.

Atsushi choked for the second time that day. "His— his what?!"

"Dazai-senpai's summer holiday. It was his island," Tanizaki supplied with a large grin.

Atsushi felt like his friends were cornering him with all this Dazai talk. He turned to Akutagawa. "You can't be serious about joining—"

"I am," Akutagawa said with a sparkle in his eyes. Did Atsushi just imagine that last part?

He swore Akutagawa was team Dazai by this point.

"Well no way in hell I'm joining now," Atsushi shook his head with a nervous chuckle.

" What?! You're not joining?! But I'll miss you my dear, Atsushi-kun~" Dazai whined.

"Stay the hell away from me."

" Anyways ," Naomi again cut through. "All the hot Alphas are going to be there, Atsushi-senpai. You must go there."


In this society Atsushi knew, there was something called the Wolf Hierarchy. It was called that because of the status of each individual. Alphas, Betas and Omegas.

Alphas were strong people. They are considered the ideal type of the whole rank system. They were handsome and beautiful folks, clever and physically stronger.

Betas were what the society considered as "normal". They had nothing peculiar and lived an easy life without The Heat. Other than that, they are considered the neutral path for any Alphas looking for a normal life and not taking care of an Omega. They're also more Betas than Alphas and Omegas.

Omegas were more unique and rare, especially the male Omegas. In general, they were the most scouted type of individual due to their Heat and beauty. The difference between the Alphas and Omegas was how their genitalia and strength worked. Omegas are considered "weaker" but with physical training, they could be as strong as an Alpha. So the stereotype of a weak Omega was also false.

But there was one huge difference. The Omegas were the only ones with Heat.

To summarize, the information about the Wolf Hierarchy was quite outdated and stereotypical. And the new generations of people didn't seem too interested in following the stereotypes.

That excludes the older generation however…

Parents of Omegas tried to hide the child's true nature and sometimes felt ashamed.

But that's another story to be told.

Atsushi only shook his head at Naomi. "I'm not interested in Alphas."


Atsushi turned to glare at Dazai. "If all Alphas are like him, I would not step near them. Ever."

"That hurts to hear, Atsushi-kun!" Dazai exclaimed as he dramatically clutched his heart. "I'm a good Alpha this time! Please believe me!"

Atsushi shivered in disgust. "No thank you. Also, I don't believe what you say."

It's a blessing no one other than Akutagawa knew he was an Omega. The rest of his friends are Alphas and Betas, only Akutagawa was the other male Omega. 

Thus the kinship between them.

The others probably thought he was a Beta, which was a nice thought to have. Because he really didn't want people like Dazai to know he was an Omega.

Naomi sighed. "You're no fun, Atsushi-senpai. Just imagine that you got a date already…"

"I'm not interested in a date, Naomi-chan."

"Don't be like that, Atsushi-kun," said Tanizaki with a nervous smile. "I think a date will suit you. It's highschool after all!"

"Oh brother, you just know what fun means!" exclaimed Naomi as she tackled her brother with hugs and cuddles.

"N-Naomi! Not here!"

Atsushi just chuckled at his friend's antics. He felt a little jealous of his friends. But overall he was happy at where he was right now. At this moment. Away from the place he called home.

The rest of the lunch time, they gossiped about the other students. Dazai joined in with much more info than that of Atsushi's group of friends.

"Didn't you hear? Yasumoto is hitting it off with a female Alpha. Can you believe it?" Dazai said.

"For real? Damn. He actually got guts!" Naomi commented.

Atsushi ignored them to look at Akutagawa who was taking his final bite of his rice. "Are you seriously going?" Atsushi muttered.

Akutagawa turned to his friend and muttered back. "Yes."

Atsushi sat silent for a moment before continuing. "I just don't think it's a good idea, there's going to be a lot of Alphas and you know how they act."

"I'll be fine." Akutagawa then pointed his chopsticks to Atsushi. "But you won’t."

Atsushi pouted, puffing out his cheeks. He ignored the way Dazai was looking at him from the distance between them.

"You don't have a mate," Akutagawa pointed out.

"Neither do you," Atsushi giggled.

Akutagawa kept silent at that. He only made a friendly smile as if he had a secret.

Their usual friendly banter was then interfered by the sound of the school bell, indicating that lunch time is now over.

Everyone packed up and cleared the tables. Putting the chairs back to their places.

"Ah! Atsushi-kun~ I have to leave you~! Will you wait for me after school?" Dazai asked.

"No," deadpanned Atsushi.

Dazai looked down in disappointment. "Well okay…" and left the room in a gloomy mood.

Atsushi huffed. He felt like he did the right thing for not going out with an Alpha like that. He deserved better.

Once class started all over again, Atsushi looked out the window from where he sat. He thought about his father denying him to go with the summer trip, and his friends that were going there to have some fun. 

Without him.

He just needed to make a choice.


"Waaaa— Chuuya!! He doesn't like me!!"

"Get off of me you disgusting mistake!!" Chuuya yelled as he pushed the sobbing Dazai away. "You're a damn Casanova! Of course he doesn't like you!"

They were on their second break. Where the students usually hang around to talk or maybe continue their lunch.

As for Dazai's group of friends, they were just relaxing in class.

Well relaxing was a bit of an overkill.

"Chuuya you're so mean!! You were supposed to support a friend here!!" Dazai continued to whine. "I saw how he pouts and he's so adorable!!"

"Friend my ass! You came barreling to my life and tried to fuck me too, you fucking creep! Now go bother someone else!"

Dazai shook his head. "No~ Kunikida-kun doesn't understand what love is!"

"Excuse me?" Said Kunikida who lifted his head up from his biology book, offended by Dazai's words.

"You heard me! You don't know what true love is! Looking at your personal notebook is proof enough," Dazai answered smugly when he turned to look at Kunikida.

"Why you—"

"Overall, I'm now interested in Dazai's new love life," said Yosano as she looked at her own nails that she filed. Blowing at her fingers, she continued. "This is a new thing to watch."

"I agree," Ranpo piped up. "I want to see where this goes."

"I'm not a zoo animal," Dazai narrowed his eyes on his friends.

"It would be more interesting if that Atsushi boy dated someone else," said Chuuya. "And to look at your face when that happens, I'm going to take a picture of it for the school year book."

"You're mean!!" Dazai playfully slapped his friend then sighed dreamily. "But can you imagine dating someone like him? Atsushi-kun is so adorable and cute… ah How much I want to cuddle him…" Dazai sighed again.

"Whoa there lover boy, unbecoming of you with that puppy in love look," said Ranpo with a smirk.

"I hate dogs," Dazai replied bluntly.

"Dogs are adorable . How dare you offend the dogs. They're so much better than you!" Exclaimed Chuuya.

"No. They're annoying. So fucking loud and shit. I would rather have a cute cat! They are much better than a dog," Dazai pointed out.

"Oh you wanna bet?"

"I can say with full confidence, cats are better. We have a cat island and cat cafes. Cats are the best."

"Alright, bet it is! Dogs can be protective and loyal, and—"

"This is going to take forever. Kunikida, do something," said Ranpo as he ignored the bickering Alphas.

"E-Eh?!" Kunikida said in shock. "Well, um… ehem. Would you like a reminder for tomorrow, Ranpo-senpai?"

"Yeah sure, why not. Break it down for me."

Kunikida cleared his throat again and started to speak. "Well according to the schedule, it will be tomorrow in the afternoon, where we will ride Dazai's plane and arrive on the island..." he paused. Then continued, "Do you want me to pick you up?"

Ranpo yawned. "Yeah, that would be nice. Oh and Poe too. He's coming with me."

"Alright. Duly noted, Ranpo-senpai," Kunikida said as he pulled out his notebook to write it down furiously.

"Ah~ If only Atsushi-kun was here! He would agree with me!" Exclaimed Dazai.

"How do you even know he's a cat lover?" Chuuya frowned.

"I just know. I swear, and I bet he's a cat lover. I have a good intuition," said Dazai as he crossed his heart using one of his fingers.

"Yeah whatever." Chuuya shrugged and turned to talk to Ranpo.

Dazai sighed dreamily as he thought about Atsushi.

His smile, his cute kitten-like eyes and his kindness.

Maybe Dazai was biased, because it was Atsushi and he had plenty of lovers before him who were like that.

But there was just something about Atsushi that the alpha couldn't help but notice. He didn't know what it was that attracted him, it just happened.

Dazai was crushing hard and it was as if he was crashing into the sun itself.


"I'm home…," whispered Atsushi as he closed the front door of his house behind him and took off his shoes.

"You're late," his father said, standing at the porch, ready to bite Atsushi's ears off. Arms crossed, he asked, "What were you doing?"

"I… the bus was late…" Atsushi tried to explain, as he was ten minutes late to his curfew.

It was true however, that the bus was late. It also didn't help when teenagers hogged the bus door as they were eager to finally go home for the summer break.

"Oh really? Is that an excuse?" His father growled.

"No sir…," Atsushi meekly answered. Afraid of what his father would do to him.

His father reached forward and grabbed his wrist painfully. It felt like it might bruise.

"I-it hurts, please, sir…" whined Atsushi as he was dragged to his bedroom —the door slammed open— and thrown onto the floor roughly.

"In this house you better fucking learn the rules. How many times had I told you to follow what I said? Don't you know this is for your own good? What would your mother think of this? The son she sacrificed her life is lazily lying around like a pig!" His father huffed and turned away towards the door. "You're grounded for the rest of the summer." And he left, with the door still wide open.

With tears in his eyes, Atsushi took a ragged breath and crawled to his bedroom door, closing it slowly before his tears finally flowed through.

Atsushi cried silently as he laid his back to his door.

Later, when his tears died down, Atsushi looked up determinedly, scanning his room.

He was going to leave this rotten place he called home.

Atsushi got up to his wardrobe and pulled out some clothes and threw them onto his bed.

Opening his bag, he got out his school books, setting them down, and started to load it up with his clothes.

Zipping the bag as Atsushi stood up, he opened his bedroom door slowly. His heart beating fast and hands clammy with nervous sweat.

The hallway was dark. So his father should be sleeping at this hour of the night.

Atsushi sneaked past his father's door and continued his way to the front door, changing his shoes and unlocking the door as quietly as possible, opening it.

The silver haired male looked back over his shoulder before shaking his head and left the house, locking the door back.

His father probably won't bother to find him.

He started to walk quickly towards the bus station, pulling out his phone, Atsushi searched through his contacts and texted Akutagawa.

TigerCatLover: Ryuu. Emergency. Can I come over?

SnakeGod: Sure.

TigerCatLover: Thanks! You're the best!

Atsushi clicked his phone shut just as the bus arrived at the same time as he was.

He got up on the vehicle and sat near the window, looking out as the bus passed by his house.

He did it. He got out of there.


Arriving at Akutagawa's house, Atsushi rang the doorbell and waited.

The door's lock opened with a click, and the wooden frame swung wide open.

It was Gin who opened the door. Akutagawa's little sister.

"Oh! Hello, Gin-chan!"

She only nodded shyly before moving aside to let Atsushi in.

The young omega took off his shoes and followed Gin to the second floor of the house.

The hallway had a few doors, three on the left and two on the right. Atsushi followed her to the last door of the hallway, the third on his left.

Knocking at the wooden frame and hearing a "Come in!", they opened the door to see Akutagawa was reading a book on his bed.

Putting a bookmark into his book, he got off the bed to fully greet Atsushi. "Hey," Akutagawa greeted and coughed.

Atsushi sucked a breath, scrunching up his face as he ran towards Akutagawa and hugged him.

Akutagawa was left speechless and frozen before slowly rising up his arms to hug Atsushi back.

Both of them didn't realize that Gin had left and closed the door to give them some privacy.

"I hate him!!" Atsushi exclaimed with a sob.

Akutagawa patted his friend's back in a comforting way till the boy calmed down. He knew who Atsushi was talking about and to say the least, Akutagawa felt the same way as Atsushi, hating the man that was meant to raise Atsushi.

They ended up sitting on the edge of the bed till Atsushi's sobs lessened.

"Can I stay here tonight?" Atsushi asked meekly, pulling away from the hug.

Unable to offer comforting words, Akutagawa just nodded.

Atsushi smiled. "Thanks." He knows that Akutagawa was not the type to comfort someone, but at least he tried his best and that was okay in Atsushi's book.

"Want to talk about it?" Akutagawa asked as he looked down towards Atsushi's bruised wrist.

"Nah… maybe next time…"


Atsushi cleared his throat. "So what are you doing tomorrow?" He asked to clear the growing awkwardness. It's rare for someone to see Atsushi crying in the first place and it's even rare to see Akutagawa hugging someone.

"The trip is tomorrow. Gin won't be joining as she's planning to study with Higuchi…," said Akutagawa. "You should join me."

Atsushi looked down at his feet. "I-I'm not sure if it was a good idea."

"It's going to be fun."

Atsushi chuckled, "You having fun means a lot. Because I rarely see you have fun. So this trip must be really something to get you to say that!"

Akutagawa raised an eyebrow. "Well I need to be there anyways. I had no choice."

"Eh?" Atsushi looked at Akutagawa with surprise. What could be so important for Ryuu to be there?

"I'll tell you soon. Just not now," said Akutagawa when Atsushi gave him a questioning look.

"O-kay…" Atsushi nodded slightly.

"I can ask someone for a spare ticket. We should drop by the convenience store to get you more stuff," said Akutagawa as he stood up.

"Eh? But is this really okay?" Asked Atsushi.

"You're literally still wearing your school uniform."

"I just got home. Well… not anymore."

"Let's at least get you some basic hygiene stuff for the next few days. Then you can decide."

Atsushi thought about it.

He thought about how even Akutagawa was having fun. He thought about the other kids who were probably like him and looking for an escape. He thought about Akutagawa, alone, with Alphas.

Atsushi nodded.


"I'll join."

Chapter Text


"I can't believe we're doing this."

Akutagawa sighed as he put down the book he was reading onto his lap and looked beside him, towards his friend, Atsushi.

"Then why did you decide to come?" Akutagawa had had enough of his friend complaining for the past few hours since their flight.

He wouldn’t shut up while getting onto the taxi and he complained even more after seeing Dazai at the airport. If it weren’t for earphones and music, Akutagawa wouldn’t have survived this without killing Atsushi.

"Because I'm worried about you!" Atsushi exclaimed as if it was the only reason.

Akutagawa sighed again. This time it sounded as if he was dealing with a child who didn't understand how things worked in the real world.

Well… in Atsushi's case… it was more of not "understanding how to take care of himself". Atsushi always puts his friends first over his own mental well being. And Akutagawa was not having it. Not on this holiday. Atsushi needed to learn to let go and have fun.

"Don't worry about me," said Akutagawa as he held his cough. "I'll be fine."

"But the Alphas…," Atsushi tried to reason.

Akutagawa shook his head. "They won't hurt me. But you, however… you won't make it."

"Wha— hey!" Atsushi pouted.

If Akutagawa could laugh without coughing, he would have done so. Thus, he refrained from getting a coughing fit.

"It's true," Akutagawa decided to say.

"I'm quite strong!"

"Sure, sure." Akutagawa actually wanted to praise Atsushi for being brave enough to run off from his bastard of a father. But he didn't know how to say it. Maybe one day.

Akutagawa continued to read his book.

The growing silence was then interrupted by Atsushi yet again.

"Genuine question, do you think this is a good idea?" Asked Atsushi as he looked at Akutagawa with a worried look.

Akutagawa didn't have to think about it much. If he could drag Atsushi out of his house, he would have done so.

But here they are, on a plane. On their way to Dazai's private island.

"Yes," Akutagawa answered without hesitation and opened his book once more to read where he had left off.


Dark brown hair poked out from one of the plane’s seats.

It was Dazai Osamu. Trying to listen to the conversation done by Atsushi and Akutagawa a few seats away behind him.

Presently, juniors and seniors students of Bungou Stray Dogs High were on the private plane provided by Mori Ougai.

Obviously, also given by Mori who wished to spoil his son.


“You’ve reached a mature age, Dazai-kun! Go and enjoy yourself with your other classmates." His father had said the day before the trip. "Oh, and try to find a mate, why don’t you? It’s sad looking at your woes about Oda-kun dating someone else.” Mori waved a hand from his seat as he read the newspaper.

"I am not interested in Odasaku that way! I was just a kid back then!!" Dazai shouted with a blush when he was reminded of his childhood crush on his older best friend. But Dazai won't deny that the trip was indeed to find him a mate. Well more specifically… a certain silver-haired mate who wouldn't be joining the summer party...

"Eh? Is that so? Well I suppose I can tell this story to your future spouse—"

"Not on my watch!!" The younger man interrupted and left the room with a huff. He'd rather start packing things instead of dealing with a stupid perverted old man.

As Dazai was back in his room, the phone in his pocket chimed.

Pulling it out, he checked his messages.

"Guess who's joining the trip." Chuuya texted.

"Gasp. Don't tell me." Dazai texted back.

"Alright. I won't tell you."

"That's just a joke!! Please tell me!! T-T"

"Well, you guessed it. It’s Atsushi.”


“Now don’t do anything stupid.”


“Oh for fuck sake.”

And at that, Chuuya stopped replying to Dazai’s text until they met again at the airport the next day, with Dazai checking on Atsushi every few seconds he could get.


“Would you please stop that,” said Chuuya as he pulled Dazai down by the back of his shirt, and to a sitting position on the plane's chair. “And wear your fucking belt.”

“But Chuuya—“ Dazai whined. “And the belt is fine. I’ll be fine… and alive," said Dazai as he whispered the last part in disappointment.

Chuuya growled. “Listen to me you man-whore. What you’re doing is creepy as shit. He doesn’t like you like that." He then huffed. "Just stop it, idiot."

Dazai pouted at his friend and moved in his chair to peek again.

" Oh my God. Seriously stop it you creep," said Chuuya as he glared at Dazai. "Or I'm telling your crush that you're a perverted creepy stalker if you don't stop that shit!"

"Ugh, you wouldn't get it, Chuuya! You've never been in love!" Dazai exclaimed.

"Oh wanna bet again?" Chuuya threatened.

"Nah." Waved off Dazai as he continued his stalking. He was sure of it. He was sure that Chuuya didn't have a mate.

“At least stop being a casanova.”

“Ugh… I told you, I quit that months ago!” whined Dazai as he looked at his 'friend'.

“Remind me again why are you so attracted to that Beta so much?” Chuuya asked as he stared at his nails.

Dazai’s eyes glazed as his mind was dragged down to a memory lane, and then he spoke dreamily.


“Have you heard of the new kid?” Someone whispered.

“Yeah, yeah. He sounds pretty decent to be honest,” another answered.

Dazai overheard the conversations and turned to his frenemy: Chuuya, another Alpha who almost matched his level of popularity and looks. He whispered a question, “What are those two talking about?”

“Hm? Oh, just a new student in the younger year. A guy. Looks pretty decent I suppose. Bad haircut though…,” Chuuya answered, not looking up from his phone.

“Interesting… I think I want to catch a new one myself," Dazai muttered as he licked his lips.

“Hey now, I don’t recommend that shit with the new kid. He looks fragile,” Chuuya warned.

“Oh shut up, slug. If I feel like I want to fuck around, I will do it. Plus, getting a brand new fuck toy who barely knows me sounds interesting. Like, could you just imagine the amazement I’ll get after fucking the new kid? It will be history that I’m the smoothest guy around!” Dazai grinned with grandiose. “Now drop the infos.”

“I warned you, you fucking idiot,” Chuuya growled as he tapped around his phone and showed a picture of the new student. “There. If you fail, don’t come near me. I don’t want to get infected by your failure to get a mate, and I'm sick of hearing you complain.”

Dazai just smirked as he turned to go to his next class. His thoughts filled with the plan on how to seduce the new student.

"Nakajima Atsushi… My gut tells me that this is going to be interesting…"

When class finished, Dazai walked down to the area for the juniors with a skip on his steps. He quickly scanned each classroom before he spotted the silver-haired boy at class 1-A.

Approaching the boy, he greeted him. “Hey there!”

The new student turned to Dazai with surprise, but then relaxed slightly. “H-hello…” he greeted back.

“What’s your name? I’m Dazai. Dazai Osamu.” Dazai could see it in the boy's eyes. He knew he was handsome and eye-catching, so of course, it would be correct for Atsushi to look at him like that. With shock. Surprise. And a light blush on his cheeks.

Dazai had his target.

“I-I’m Nakajima Atsushi…” Atsushi smiled shyly.

“Wow, he looked so easy to just eat up…!” Dazai’s mind supplied. “Well, nice to meet you, Atsushi-kun~ Say… you looked like the type of guy that I’m interested in. What do you think? Hm?” He smirked as he gave off his natural flirty aura.

It doesn’t seem to work on Atsushi. Who just looked at him awkwardly, the magic gone. “Uh… Sorry, I’m not interested…?”

“Eh~! That’s so unusual! People usually fall for my looks!” Eh? This wasn't supposed to happen. What was he saying about himself?

Actually, what the hell was wrong with this kid? He doesn't seem interested?

“Well, I’m interested in personality and somewhat permanent relationships. Not… this," Atsushi explained with a clear throat, still feeling the awkwardness.

Oh… so that was how it is.

“Oh, c’mon now, don’t be like that! Let’s have some fun together! We can do it as long as you want~” Dazai purred. “Maybe… A date first?”


Dazai flirted with Atsushi for a few more days before finally Atsushi had had enough.

“Atsushi-kun~!” Dazai exclaimed as he wrapped his arms around Atsushi’s shoulder from behind, in front of many students in the hallway.

People were looking at them both.

“Dazai-senpai…,” Atsushi muttered and in his annoyance, he grabbed at one of Dazai’s arms and threw him over his shoulder, slamming the latter down in front of him.

Other students gasped at the scene, and Atsushi took that chance to run away, not looking back.

The other student helped Dazai to sit up and asked if he was alright. But all Dazai did was stare at the disappearing figure of Atsushi and blushed. It’s been so long since he felt this way; heart thumping, butterflies in his stomach… but there’s also something else he couldn’t describe with words.

Dazai fell in love at that moment.


“So, you fell in love because he dropped you like a sack of rice?” Chuuya deadpanned as he ate the chip that he started to snack on in the middle of Dazai’s story. "I think I could laugh."

Dazai ignored the question, even though it was somewhat half true. “And so, I devoted myself to stop being the casanova in this school. I will get Atsushi-kun to love me back!”

“You’re stupid,” Chuuya scoffed, taking the last bite of his food and pocketed the plastic trash into his jeans.

“I kinda agree with Chuuya this time around,” Ranpo said from behind the Alphas, peering over from the plane seat.

“R-ranpo-kun!” Poe nervously called out his boyfriend to sit back down.

Ranpo continued, ignoring his boyfriend, “You won’t get Atsushi-kun’s attention just by that, Dazai.”

“Ah? What do you know about getting the tiger’s attention?” Dazai crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow. 

It was now known around the school ground that Atsushi was called 'tiger' due to his throw down of Dazai. “It was your mate who had to get your attention.”

Poe sputtered and blushed while Ranpo smirked.

Kunikida scoffed from the nearest seat and flicked his newspaper. "All these talks about mates are disgusting…"

“Ranpo-senpai, what do you suggest I should do then? Since you’re so wise,” Dazai narrowed his eyes at the smart student, ignoring Kunikida.

“Hm… why don’t you just wait and see? But make sure you always keep an eye on him,” Ranpo answered cryptically and sat back down proudly. 

“What?! You can’t just let him stalk—“ said Chuuya, baffled. Looking he might just jump out of his chair to shut Ranpo's mouth.

“Looking out for my Atsushi-kun is what I do best! That’s easy then~” Dazai finalized and tried to look for the silver haired male again.


" He's looking at me," Atsushi hissed in a whisper in Akutagawa's ear.

Akutagawa looked up at that, towards Dazai's seat. And it was true. Dazai was looking at Atsushi with lovey dovey eyes.

Well there was nothing he could do for Atsushi and they're about to land anyway.

"We're about to land. Buckle up," said Akutagawa as he put down his book and closed his eyes to listen to the music from his earphones.

"But—" Atsushi wanted to say but then sighed and tried to ignore amber eyes staring at him from a distance. Fidgeting on his seat.

Once the plane landed safely, the students got out onto the open hot air of summer.

Standing by the runway tracks as the wind blew skirts and hats, all of them waited for the unloading of baggage, lining up to grab the heavy bags individually.

Everyone looked around. Some pointed to the beautiful ocean casted orange by the glow of the setting sun, and some pointed towards the beautiful buildings, where they would be staying.

Akutagawa walked around the vicinity and spotted his and Atsushi's baggage together. He grabbed them both, noticing that Atsushi's still lighter.

He shook his head, taking a mental note to bring Atsushi to more trips with more stuff in his baggage.

Walking towards an anxious looking Atsushi, away from the crowd, he gave the boy his baggage.

"You should've brought more stuff, you know?" Akutagawa said with a cough.

Atsushi groaned. "Ugh, yes. I know. But I really don't have much to bring anyway."

"Clothes, bathroom essentials…" Akutagawa started to mention.

"I have them." Atsushi pointed out.

"You need more than just a shirt, pants, a single soap and a toothbrush."

"I can just borrow your shirt and toothpaste right?"

Akutagawa heavily sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose.


The sound of a blasting megaphone shattered the chatter of students, catching everyone's attention into silence.

"Good evening everyone," Kunikida started. His voice loud and clear from the megaphone. "Here's the schedule for the rest of the week here on this island. First day today we all should rest up and—"

Dazai tuned out Kunikida's speech. He knew what the schedule was, since he was the one who made it alongside the event holders like Kunikida and Yosano after all.

No, what Dazai was thinking about right now was Atsushi.

Beautiful Atsushi bathing in the setting sun. His eyes reflected the colours of the sky and ocean.

Dazai imagined kissing those soft lips as they stood by the beach. He imagined the way his own hand caressed the smooth silver hair.

He imagined Atsushi's smile.

The alpha was snapped out of his mind as he heard a group of girls screaming, regretfully turning away from looking at Atsushi.

"Dazai-kun~!!! Kyaa!!!"

Dazai internally sighed. It was just some fangirls trying to get his attention yet again.

He readied his winning smile and waited for the group of girls coming his way.

"Well, hello~," Dazai greeted them. It was surprisingly a huge crowd of them.

"Dazai-kun~ come hang out with us," one of the female students said. Her arms circled Dazai's left arm, as another girl circled the other. "Pretty please?" The other girl said.

"I can't, my darlings~ Now if you excuse me—," said Dazai as he tried to slowly pull away from them, but it was futile. They held on tight. Oh what would Atsushi think of him now if he saw this?

He needed a distraction. However with the mix of Alpha females in the group, it was hard to escape their grasp, as they are known to be very powerful.

"Aww, Dazai-kun has always been busy lately—"

“Oy, Dazai! Kunikida said everyone is ready to set off!” Chuuya called out and walked next to Dazai, distracting the girls with his good looks. "Hey there ladies," greeted Chuuya with a sexy smile. "Let's get a move on, shall we?"

The girls squealed around Chuuya this time, releasing Dazai from their grasp.

Dazai searched around for Chuuya's eyes and mouthed a 'Thank you' to the red haired Alpha when he noticed Dazai.

Chuuya just smirked in response, his eyes hinting 'you owe me for this.'

Dazai shook his head in amusement and stepped a good distance away from the group of girls to make an announcement.

"Hello everyone! Please follow me to show you the rooms you will be staying in!!"


Atsushi tuned out his surroundings to look at the sunset. There was just something bittersweet about leaving his home to have fun. When all he could do in that very house of his was study and read books.

He really hates his father.

"Oy, Jinko. We need to go," Akutagawa said as he coughed and tugged on Atsushi's shirt.

"Right!" Atsushi exclaimed as he was snapped back to the present. He followed Akutagawa and the crowd towards the building where they would be staying. "Also, did you just call me Jinko??"

Once everyone settled into their assigned rooms, Atsushi and Akutagawa stayed with their two best friends, Kenji and Tanizaki, as their roommates.

The room was an elegant traditional Japanese house, from tatami mats to the scroll decorations and shoji screen. They also have a window to a small inner garden.

All of it gave off a warm feeling into Atsushi's heart since the place he used to call home was always grey and cold. This new scenery was refreshing to his body and mind.

"It's nice that we're together!" Tanizaki smiled as he unloaded his baggage full of clothes. "Makes things easier for all of us!"

"I wonder if the Alphas have already finished their turn in the hot spring…," Kenji thought out loud. "I can't wait to find the awesomeness of this island's hotspring…"

Akutagawa sat on the tatami mat, discarding his baggage to play with his phone, uninterested in the situation around him.

"Yeah, we're lucky to be roommate's with you guys." Atsushi nodded. "Ryuu, are not going out to... maybe explore?"


"Well I guess I won't be joining the hot spring then. Sorry!" Atsushi faked a yawn. "I'm tired anyways."

Tanizaki shrugged. "Suit yourself then. Let's go, Kenji-kun."

And the Betas left.

"That was a nice safe actually. I don't think I want to try getting into the hot spring with the Betas as well…" Atsushi sighed.

"It would be strange if you go out at the turn for the Omegas. Don't do anything stupid that expose yourself." Akutagawa ended with a cough.

"I know, I know!" Atsushi waved. "I'll just wait till everyone is asleep. Because I'm not going to skip a good soak for my body!" Stretching himself, Atsushi settled for a nap on the futon he pulled out.


Atsushi slowly stirred awake to the sound of soft snores from the others. He slowly got up and grabbed the basket that held his toiletries. Tip-toeing out of the room, he let out a breath he didn't realize he was holding. He didn't want to wake anyone up after all. And Akutagawa won't be joining since he hates showers...

The Omega male walked around, looking for the way to the hot spring.

"This place is huge… I hope I'm not lost…," Atsushi thought, and to his luck, he managed to find a hot spring. Not realizing or questioning why there was only one door-way instead of two for male and female.

Peeking through the curtains, Atsushi made sure that no one was around and finally stripped himself, setting down his toiletries near the showerhead.

The hot spring was a large room with an open rooftop. Absent of any other living things. If Atsushi thought more about it, this place seemed to be for very important people.

But too excited, he ignored his thoughts. It's night time after all. No one's going to find him here.

Giddy, he quickly walked to the large pool of hot water and dipped himself with a loud splash.

Atsushi sighed at the feeling that he almost purred, but controlled himself and decided to just look out into the night sky.

Slowly he started to feel a bit too warm than usual, and thought nothing of it.


Meanwhile, Dazai struggled to fall asleep in his lonely bedroom. 

He got his own room, which was big and nice, especially with the view out of the window. But he doesn't feel like sleeping, so he might as well relax in the hot spring again. 

Being with the other male Alphas was not that fun, since they're pretty loud —but the peeping game was kinda fun, since most of them got beat up by the female Alphas— and wild.

So, tonight he would use his personal hot spring.

Dazai got up and walked out, not even bothering to grab any toiletries, because he wouldn't be using any. Plus, he was already naked anyway.

He just hoped no one found him in that situation. Especially to his fans.

He didn't want the rest of the school to know about his bits. Despite him sleeping with many people before.

But he shall keep his promise to not be a casanova and court Atsushi that way.

"I wonder what Atsushi-kun is doing right now… did he enjoy the hot spring? I should man up and ask him tomorrow…"

Dazai entered his personal hot spring and was about to walk towards the warm water when…


The smell hits him like a wrecking ball.



Atsushi really started to get uncomfortable and he panicked when he felt the sudden wave of lust. "Oh no… now?!" He got up and looked around his basket, pushing away shampoos and body wash he borrowed from Akutagawa, trying to find the patch for Omegas to control and cover their heat.

He couldn't find it, and he panicked even further, because he needed to sneak out and quickly wake Akutagawa. But then he froze when he heard a sharp intake of breath.

Atsushi slowly turned to look at the doorway where Dazai Osamu stood, his face red and eyes widened with shock mixed with lust.

When Dazai neared his personal hot spring, he could smell something sweet coming from the room, which made him feel hot and breathless.

He knew this feeling and smell, since he tried with a few female Omegas. But back then, he could still control himself since he's pretty strong enough to control urges when it came to the smell of lust from female Omegas.

Keywords: Female. Omegas.

However, this time, something made him lose control. The smell was stronger and it was calling for him.

And to his surprise even more, Dazai was looking at a very naked Atsushi.

Atsushi gulped as he shivered from the look Dazai was giving him. "Shit shit shit," his mind screamed when he realised he needed to pass by an Alpha to exit the room.

But looking even closer, he noticed Dazai was naked as well.

With a throbbing hard cock.

"A…tsu...shi?" Dazai breathed out.

Another wave of lust washed over Atsushi. Terrified and feeling his own cock throbbing, Atsushi fell on his back and scuttled away slowly.

But the movement only triggered Dazai's predatory instinct to capture a running prey.

They both paused when the air changed from students to predator and prey.

And in a flash, Atsushi ran to the pool of water but was caught by Dazai from behind.

It happened so quickly that if someone were to blink, they wouldn't even notice the chase.

The Omega yelped, "L-let me go! Please!"

"Atsushi-kun… I…," Dazai grunted, trying to hold his remaining control, but it was proven futile when he started to hump the air. Occasionally his cock rubbed at Atsushi's opening. "I can't!"

Atsushi wailed and once he felt the third wave of heat, he finally lost control. He purred and rubbed his body back towards Dazai, egging him on to continue.

The Alpha growled, mouthing at the back of Atsushi's neck, occasionally with teeth and a lick of a tongue.

He dragged them both further into the pool of water —with his arms around the Omega's torso— reaching up to the waist.

After a continuous hump, Dazai finally managed to prod his cock to the Omega's entrance. The feeling of slickness and water around their privates made Dazai even more erratic in his movements.

Drooling and panting, Atsushi aligned his naturally lubed entrance to push back at Dazai's cock. Allowing the tip of the dick to enter slowly and pulling out to enter again a bit deeper. This action repeated until the Alpha's cock bottomed out fully.

"Oh fuck! M-more!" Atsushi moaned.

Dazai obliged, pulling out his cock and pushing back in as he made hickeys around Atsushi's back. Every movement caused him to let out a hot breath of air, where Atsushi could feel warming the back of his neck.

Hands started to wander around Atsushi's chest, occasionally rubbing at his nipples before settling around his hips.

The water splashed around them, washing at Atsushi's weeping cock as it dripped an ooze of pre-come into the water below. The sight made Atsushi even much lustier, clenching his asshole involuntarily.

Dazai cursed at the tightness. He changed his angle, and that's when his cock hit Atsushi's prostate.

Atsushi's eyes widened before howling at the intense pleasure. "D-Dazai-senpai!!"

"Atsushi-kun! Come for me…! Fuck you're so tight !" Dazai exclaimed as his movement stuttered into a more wild bucking.

The Omega let out a loud growl-like moan as he clenched Dazai's cock while letting out spurts of come onto the warm water.

Dazai chased his own orgasm while Atsushi was still tight, with one last deep push, he filled the virgin hole with his seed.

And as he breathed out, he let his knot grow, locking both of them together.

Coming down from the high, their hazy rut filled minds started to clear and Dazai was still holding onto Atsushi.

It was a quick event. Both boys were confused over what just happened.

The sound of dripping water and heavy breathing was the only thing that filled the now mostly silent hot spring.

Dazai was the first one to break the growing awkward silence, "You're… an Omega? Male Omega?"

"...Yes…" Atsushi answered hesitantly. "I'm so sor—"

"I'm sorry—," they both spoke at the same time.

Dazai cleared his throat. "Why are you sorry? I'm the one fucking you…"

"It's also my fault. I didn't bring the patch to curb my heat. And… also dirtying your hot spring…," Atsushi muttered in the last part.

"Ignore the hot spring. I'll deal with it later. We need to move somewhere comfortable. Because as much as I like sex, I don't like standing around in a large pool of water while knotted." After Dazai explained, he proceeded to drag Atsushi out of there and through the doorway.

"W-wait a minute! Someone will see us!" Atsushi panicked.

"It's fine! My room is very close and most of the students here are probably dead drunk anyway. Now shush. I don't want anyone else to wake up."

Atsushi kept quiet as Dazai grabbed some towels nearby and manhandled Atsushi to his room.

"You… have your own room?" Atsushi asked when he realized what Dazai meant.

"Obviously," Dazai scoffed lightly and dried them both before carefully settling their bodies down onto the futon.

It was quiet again, until Atsushi decided to point out their connection when he felt a large throb of come filling him. "You're knotting me…"

"Yeah…" Dazai looked down with amazement. "It was supposed to be only with true mates, right?"

Atsushi blushed and nodded. "I think my heat will come back again. How will we…?"

"Shh… it's okay. We can discuss other things once we get out of this… predicament."

"But I— ah …" Atsushi moaned as he suddenly felt the familiar wave of lust.

Dazai grinned. "Talk later, we need to start fucking or you will be one dissatisfied Omega."

"Oh fuck of— nghh! fuck me ."

"I'm on it, sweetheart." Dazai smiled and rubbed his knot around Atsushi's prostate, making him let out a loud moan.


Their tirade continued till the sun rose high above the sky, where Atsushi's heat was starting to slow down and Dazai's cock stopped knotting him.

He fell asleep peacefully and Dazai decided to text Chuuya to bring some food and water for the both of them.

Few minutes later, Chuuya slowly opened the shoji screen. "Is it over?" He whispered.

"Yeah." Dazai grinned from where he sat beside the sleeping figure. Blankets covering as much skin as possible.

"Disgusting. I can't believe I had to wake up to the sound of fucking in the middle of the night," Chuuya said with a lowered voice than usual and entered the room with a tray full of food and drinks.

Looking at the tray, Dazai was surprised at the foreign item. "Eh? You have a heat patch? How did you know—"

"Who do you think I've been fucking lately? Whatever. I'll tell you later." Chuuya brushed off.

Dazai tried to connect the dots and with an idea, his mind reached the conclusion. "Ah… I got it. Well, have fun then~."

Well if he was correct, Chuuya is fucking Akutagawa. Atsushi's friend who was beside him almost everywhere they went.

"Pervert." Chuuya huffed and left.

Dazai hummed and turned to his mate .

The older student felt his inner animal side wagging an imaginary tail. Happy to enjoy a permanent mate that destiny offered.

Now, he just had to wait for Atsushi to open his beautiful sunset eyes…

Which didn't take long. The smell of food probably stirred the boy awake. His eyes blinked and shut again due to the afternoon light coming from the windows.

"Good morning~ Well actually— afternoon." Dazai chuckled.

"Ugh… I feel like shit…," groaned Atsushi as he covered his eyes with a forearm.

"Well don't worry, I got you a heat patch, food and drinks. C'mon let's get you up," said Dazai as he helped Atsushi to lift himself up to a sitting position and placed the food tray on the younger boy's lap.

The pair began to eat in silence. Only glances were exchanged between them.

"So…" Dazai started. "What do we—"

"I'm going back to my room," deadpanned Atsushi.

"Oh…" Dazai cleared his throat. "Well uh… maybe we should talk about this another time?"

Atsushi looked at Dazai as if he was dumb.

"Um no. This isn't happening. This isn't real. I'm going back… to my room. I'm going to check on Ryuu." Atsushi moved the tray off of him and made a move to grab his clothes that were scattered on the floor —due to Dazai picking them up at some point when Atsushi was asleep— then the heat patch.

"Akutagawa-kun is fine," Dazai answered casually.

"How would you know?" Atsushi snapped but then regretted it as he fidgeted on the spot. "Erm… thanks for the meal. Goodbye."

"Atsushi-kun…" Dazai called as he tried to reach out his hand but failed as Atsushi quickly left the room.

Leaving only Dazai longing for his mate to come back.

Chapter Text


"Oh my God. Oh my God. We fucked."

"What's wrong? What are you muttering about?"

Atsushi turned to face Akutagawa with a wry smile, stopping his mumbling chant. "N-nothing! Just thinking about something!"

"Okay…" Akutagawa eyed him suspiciously but decided to ignore it for now. 

Which was a blessing on Atsushi's part, because he didn't want his kin to know what happened to him.

But… Now that Atsushi thought about it… since he and Dazai were true mates and all, wouldn't it be bad for him to avoid Dazai forever? No, no… Dazai should be fine with his conquest of other males and females.

True mates…

Those words alone seemed impossible because finding one true mate was like finding a second earth in the universe.

As it says in the words itself, true mates are when a person meets their destined lover.

To explain further, true mates could be happy together forever since they supported each other's personality. In history, true mates are considered as royalty, where true mates couples are treated to be almost like kings and queens as people provided them with riches and prayers for their own luck to find their true mate.

In order for a true mate to be found was... by chance. There was no secret rule for finding a true mate. Just chances.

For Atsushi however… he didn't really believe in true mates.

That was until his small 'incident' with Dazai.


Long story short, after Atsushi —with a limp— got back to his own room safely (no one was in sight), there was only Akutagawa left.

"Where were you last night?" Akutagawa asked in a tone that sounded like a worried father.

Better than Atsushi's own father that is.

"I was… I was… it's nothing. C'mon let's just continue with the rest of the day." Atsushi smiled then wondered. "Where's Tanizaki-senpai and Kenji-kun?"

Akutagawa sighed. "They went to the beach as everyone else does. We'll talk more about this later. Get dressed, I'll be waiting outside the door."

Atsushi nodded as Akutagawa left the room. He tried to push his way through the limp and walk as normally as possible towards his bag and grabbed his favourite white tiger hoodie.

Its thin material was soft under his touch.

The Omega changed his clothes (wearing a heat patch as well) and got out of the room to follow his kin as they ventured out onto the hot sands of summer beach party.

At least he didn't smell like sex. Which was a miracle.

Once they arrived outside. Even from a distance, Atsushi could see students lingering beneath umbrellas, groups of two playing volleyball and some who swam around the ocean.

Back to the present, Atsushi was looking around the umbrella stands when he saw Dazai. The older student was hanging around with his friends and some girls could be seen camping near the Dazai's group.

"Why are you staring at Dazai-senpai?" Akutagawa asked as he set up the umbrella and Atsushi laid the beach blanket down.

Caught by surprise, Atsushi once again answered, "Nothing!"

"You kept saying it's nothing but it's something. Tell me," demanded Akutagawa.

Atsushi sighed. "Maybe later."


Akutagawa was drinking as he settled down on the blanket when Atsushi spoke again.

"Dazai-senpai and I fucked."

Akutagawa spat his drink.

"You did what?!"

Then the Omegas started to argue.

"What the hell do you mean you and Dazai-senpai fucked?!"

"It was by accident!! I swear!! You see, I forgot to bring my heat patch—"

"Heat patch! You forgot your heat patch of all things?! "

"Yes! I was about to get to you when—"

"Walking around without a heat patch is even more disastrous!"

" I know . I don't have a choice!"

Akutagawa coughed heavily before he ended the conversation. "We're going to talk more about this later," he said because other students started to look at the two Omegas suspiciously. Akutagawa would prefer that he avoided someone overhearing them.

Atsushi sighed in relief. "Thank you."

"Anyway, Dazai-senpai seems to be looking at you." Akutagawa pointed out with a nod of his head towards the direction of the Alphas.

Atsushi looked up at that, towards where Dazai was. And it's true. The Alpha was staring at him.

Atsushi looked away from the stare, feeling embarrassed and guilty.

They didn't part ways in a good way after all.

"Better I ignore him," explained Atsushi.

"Why?" Akutagawa asked.

"I don't know… I just—" Atsushi sighed. "It's complicated."

Akutagawa nodded in understanding and offered Atsushi a fresh cold drink, which the silver-haired boy thanked him after that.

The Omegas relaxed as they looked around the beach, watching a variety of students having fun.

Atsushi looked far away into the clear ocean waters as he thought about his true mate.

There was just something not fitting between them. Dazai was… well Dazai. And Atsushi was Atsushi.

A child living with an abusive father. Poor and boring as a person. While Dazai was the opposite. He was rich, had a father that spoiled him rotten and excelled in their school.

Dazai was something Atsushi wasn't.

If Atsushi thought further, fate was a joke to him. To be paired with a perfect man sounded impossible in his opinion.

Atsushi thought they just didn't fit together.

Dazai deserved better.


"Still spying on the kid? Didn't you guys fuck?" Chuuya asked as he sat down beside Dazai who was staring at Atsushi from a distance.

Dazai sighed and chose not to answer, prefering to put his head on his tucked knees.

"Did I hear that correctly? Dazai fucked the kid?" Yosano asked as she joined them on the beach blanket. "Why didn't you tell us, Dazai-kun?"

"Whoa~ gossip! What did I tell ya? Just wait for it and see? You did it!" Ranpo piped up from another beach blanket that was placed beside Dazai and Chuuya. He was proud that his words rang true the other day.

"Oh heavens, I can't believe you… Ugh," groaned Kunikida as he wrote in his journal. Probably about safe sex.

"Guys, it was by mistake, " said Dazai in exasperation. "Seriously, you all didn't know the whole story!"

"Oh? Then tell us. Because I'm begging to know why I had to experience hell last night by having my room beside yours!" Chuuya smirked.

Dazai growled. "You already know why you pervert!"

Chuuya laughed. "Care to remind me again and tell everyone else?"

Dazai hits Chuuya lightly.

"Ouch!" Chuuya cried out. "Don't hit me!"

Dazai stuck his tongue out at the red-haired male and then turned to Ranpo. "So, you suspected this would happen. Thus you know about… his condition? "

Ranpo smirked and said cryptically, "Maybe yes. Maybe not."

Dazai rolled his eyes as Yosano begged Ranpo for the information.

"I don't want to hear it," scoffed Kunikida.

"But I want to know, " whined Yosano. "C'mon spill the beans, you two, or I bully Poe to spit it out."

"Wha—?! Me?!" Poe exclaimed from beside Ranpo.

"Yes. You. " Yosano flicked her hair. "You almost know as much as Ranpo, aren't you?"

"Well uh…" Poe stuttered.

"Alright, alright!" shouted Dazai. "I give in! Come closer would you?"

Dazai's group of friends came closer to him, their ears listening closely to what Dazai had to say next. Even Kunikida who was pretending to not listen in, came closer.

"He's my true mate. And an Omega."

"He's what?!" shouted Kunikida.

Dazai shushed him. "Keep it down, Kunikida-kun!! I think he doesn't want anyone else to know, so I'm trusting you guys to keep this a secret."

"I knew it ," Ranpo said smugly.

"My lips are sealed." Yosano nodded.

"God, this couldn't get any more bizarre." Kunikida shook his head. "Then aren't you supposed to be spoiling him by now? Or are you…?"

Dazai knew what Kunikida was implying. He thought Dazai didn't want to accept Atsushi. But it was the opposite. Atsushi didn't want him. And that's a hard truth for the Alpha.

Even worse, his friends thought he was still a casanova. But after finding his true mate? It was difficult to say.

"I know what you guys are thinking, but it wasn't like that," explained Dazai. "He doesn't want me… and look, I really do want him. Okay?"

Ranpo sat back with a stretch. "Yeah I get you, Dazai. Don't worry about it." While Poe nodded beside Ranpo.

"Hmph. I don't know if it's a sick joke from fate for you to be with the kid or it's something else," said Kunikida. "But if it's as you said —true mates— then good luck to you, Dazai."

"Ask me if you need to win his heart, Dazai-kun~" Yosano smiled.

"Oh how the tables have turned…" Chuuya smirked. "Good luck to you then, idiot."

Dazai smiled at his friend's support. He now had a job to do. As an Alpha.

Basically, an Alpha's job was to take care of their mate. By either spoiling them with gifts, bringing them food or even building a nest for the mating cycle (even with Betas who don't have a heat cycle).

Other than that, Alphas protect their mates from potential danger, like another Alpha or any other person who tried to steal the mate's affection.

Dazai sighed again as he stared at Atsushi.

He knew they were star crossed lovers. A strange chemistry.

He didn't deserve the Omega.


When Atsushi and Akutagawa were relaxing. Tanizaki and Kenji approached them. The latter holding a giant beach ball.

"Hey guys," greeted Tanizaki. "I see you finally come back, Atsushi-kun." He smirked. "Sneaking off to meet a lover last night?"

Atsushi's face was beet red. "N-no!" He denied despite knowing that Tanizaki was half correct. He did meet someone. But a lover? No. No, that's not right.

Tanizaki's smirk was even wider. Because Atsushi's reaction hid nothing from him. "Are you sure? "

"Yes I'm sure! I'm just appalled that you would suggest such a thing!" Atsushi chuckled nervously.

Tanizaki shrugged. "Hmph, so be it then." Then he turned and pointed into the distance. "Wanna play Suikawari?"

Atsushi looked to where Tanizaki was pointing, where watermelons are gathered. Ready to be smashed in the game of Suikawari.

He nodded as there was nothing to lose. "Sure," said Atsushi as he dragged an unwilling Akutagawa along with him.

However, the place of the game was quite near Dazai's own group. 

And as if they had the same thing in mind, Dazai's group stood up as well and walked towards the watermelons.

Atsushi was nervous as the four of them approached the Alpha's group. He could feel Dazai's stare was even more intense now.

Tanizaki greeted them with a wave. "Hi guys! Joining for some Suikawari?"

Chuuya nodded. "Fuck yeah! I'm going to show off that I can smack that watermelon in half!"

For some reason Akutagawa took a sharp breath at that.

Atsushi looked curiously at his kin. But Akutagawa didn't respond to his look. So Atsushi ignored it. For now.

The mixed group of people started to prepare the Suikawari.

They each exchanged turns, blindfolding and hitting the watermelon with a baseball bat.

Poe hit the watermelon but it didn't break. Yosano broke the watermelon easily as she navigated through her blindfold. Chuuya missed hitting the watermelon, he cursed under his breath.

"Chibi missed it!!" Dazai exclaimed mockingly with a laugh.

"Shut up, asshole!" Chuuya yelled as he chased Dazai around the beach, throwing a handful of sand towards the taller Alpha.

Next was Atsushi's turn. He was blindfolded and whirled around till he got dizzy. The others started to shout as to where the location of the watermelon was.

"Left! Left! A bit to the right! You're almost there!" Kenji shouted.

Atsushi found it uncomfortable with his eyes closed. So he did it quickly when he felt his foot hit the giant fruit —Or was it considered as a vegetable?— and smashed it with the baseball.


By the end of the game, they all shared the watermelon together.

Atsushi took a bite out of the watermelon he smashed by himself and shared it with Akutagawa.

Out of curiosity, Atsushi asked what was on his mind.

"What's up with you and Chuuya-senpai?"

Akutagawa paused while he was eating. "I'll tell you later," he said. Ending the conversation early.

Atsushi nodded in understanding. He knew they had to talk. And probably sooner than later.

He was about to continue eating his watermelon when he saw something at the corner of his eye.

The Omega turned to look, and he could see a bandaged arm waving at him from behind a rock from a distance. A head followed out.

It was Dazai.

Atsushi looked around at his friends and Dazai's friends. They all seemed busy. So he stood up and sneaked away to meet with his 'mate'.

"What does he want from me?" Thought Atsushi as he neared the rock. He was surprised when Dazai pulled him behind.

They were out of sight now.

"Atsushi-kun…" Dazai greeted him. "How is your heat?"

Atsushi blushed at the closeness of their bodies. "I-I'm fine?" He answered.

"That's great." Dazai nodded. "You are my mate now after all. I have to take care of you."

They both stood awkwardly in silence before Dazai continued.

"Come with me, I have an idea," said Dazai as he grabbed Atsushi by the wrist and dragged him away.

"Where are we going?"

"A secret," Dazai looked back with a wink.


"A boat? You have a boat?" Atsushi asked as they both neared the docks at the other side of the beach, but hidden from view. "Can you even drive it?"

"Yes I can," Dazai answered. "Come on. Hop in!" He said as he started to get on the boat and sat at the driver's seat.

Atsushi got on quickly, not wanting to be left behind. But he also had the thought, "Why am I following him?"

He shook his head at that and took a seat at one of the chairs.

Dazai turned on the engine and they sailed away at a medium pace, cutting through water.

Atsushi looked around him. He could see the sun starting to set, indicating that all of the students had been hanging around at the beach for a while.

Other than that, Atsushi noticed that the boat was approaching a small island across from where they were before.

"Where are we going?" Atsushi asked Dazai once again.

"You'll see!" Dazai replied as he parked the boat at the dock and turned off the engine. Their trip was short, as the small island was near.

The two students got out of the boat and walked around at the new beach location.

Atsushi could see nothing but a small forest beyond him and just the beach. "There's nothing here?" Atsushi voiced out.

Dazai chuckled. "Well we have to wait for what I want to show you. But first, I want to really check your Heat. It wasn't done yet, right?"

Atsushi blushed and nodded. "I think there's a bit of it left and I was about to change my heat patch anyway."

"You don't have to change it." Dazai approached Atsushi, his face inches away from the boy. "Let's continue where we left off."

"Um…" Atsushi hesitated.

"Unless you don't want to?"

"..." Without thinking much, Atsushi slid the zipper of his hoodie down and shrugged it off of him. The cloth landed on the sand and Dazai himself took off his dark blue shirt. Showing his body covered in bandages.

Atsushi looked away. He didn't know why he was doing this. But he does know it was an Alpha's job to take care of him. Was he getting too soft? He wondered.


Dazai laid their clothes open on the sand so they both could lay on it.

He then approached Atsushi to push him down on top of the clothes and kissed his neck roughly, as well as grinding down his groin towards Atsushi's.

"Do you really want to do this, Atsushi-kun?" Dazai paused and asked softly on the skin of Atsushi's.

"Yeah… my heat isn't done yet… so please…" Atsushi whined as he arched his hips, grinding back towards Dazai.

Dazai nodded as he quickly took off both of their pants. Their cocks sprang up, hard and thick with blood.

He took off the heat patch too, where it was plastered near the pelvic area of Atsushi's.

The smell of an Omega in heat stung Dazai's nose.

"God you're so perfect." Dazai breathed out.

Atsushi whined. Wanting his senpai to get a move on. He lifted his hips yet again.

Dazai dove in. Kissing and biting Atsushi's neck feverishly as his left hand traveled downwards toward Atsushi's slick and wet hole.

A finger prodded inside, pushing and pulling. Stretching it out.

Atsushi gasped and shivered at the feeling. He felt much more now that the heat was nearly gone.

He felt the touch of skin; the feeling of Dazai's teeth, lips and tongue; the feeling of fingers inside where Atsushi never felt before the heat.

It was all too much for him.

Atsushi came with a cry.

Dazai looked down amused. The Omega's cock still hard despite coming untouched.

Atsushi whimpered when he felt two fingers now stretching him out.

"H-hurry…" He begged. "Just put it in…"

Dazai pulled out his fingers. It was slick from Atsushi's self lubricant hole. He used that hand to lube his own cock. Stroking it, till he was satisfied with the amount of slickness.

He settled between Atsushi's legs and slowly pushed in.

Atsushi moaned and wrapped his arms around Dazai's neck as the latter pushed in more and continued his assault at Atsushi's neck.

What he didn't realize was that Dazai seemed to avoid kissing him. Which Atsushi wished for secretly. But maybe Dazai had his own reason? Didn't matter now that Atsushi could only feel the hard cock inside him.

Dazai moved at a good pace. Hitting Atsushi's prostate with expertise.

"Ah!" Atsushi exclaimed. "P-please… hurry…" he whined as he felt his heat pick up yet again.

Dazai sped up his movements. Grunting as he did so.

Atsushi moaned loudly at the feeling of ecstasy. "M-more… ah!" He then came for a second time that day.

Dazai then came with a growl. Knotting the Omega. It was quick, since their goal was only to appease the heat. " Just like animals …," Atsushi thought bitterly.

They both were panting when Dazai started to move Atsushi around into a comfortable position as his knot was still attached.

Atsushi was positioned to look up at the sky and the other side of the beach, where other students could be seen from this distance.

It was night time now. Time passed by so quickly.

And just as Atsushi was about to ask what they were waiting for. A colourful splash tainted the sky in a colourful yellow with a loud boom.

Surprised, Atsushi looked up quickly.

It was fireworks.

Dazai chuckled. "You okay? I hope it doesn't scare you too much."

Atsushi shook his head. "Just a little bit…," he answered truthfully as he stared at the now colourful sky.

They both sat in silence, enjoying the scenery. And from a distance, Atsushi could hear the laughter and happy screams from the other side of the island.

"Don't you want to celebrate with the others?" Atsushi suddenly asked.

"Hm? Ah no. I prefer taking care of my mate. Unless you wish to go back?" Dazai offered.

"We can't, we're literally stuck." Atsushi pointed out as he looked down at their knot.

"Oh yeah, you're right. Silly me," Dazai said as he patted his own head in stupidity.

They sat in silence once more, looking up into the sky, waiting for the knot to let go as fireworks went off and cast different colours onto their faces.


Once the knot released them. Both Atsushi and Dazai got up and cleaned the sands out of their clothes, then wearing them as they got ready to ride back to the main island. Dazai also just happened to have a heat patch with him for Atsushi, who wore it with a thank you to the older student.

The fireworks had already stopped and they could see from the distance that students were beginning to depart from the beach.

"Did you think people saw us?" Atsushi asked Dazai who was adjusting his pants. "I mean do you think people could see us fucking around in this island?"

"Nah. It's pretty hidden. And if they did, I just have to pull some strings to keep them quiet." Dazai promised. "So, don't worry about anything, love."

Atsushi nodded in acceptance and they both walked back to where the boat was.

Getting on, Dazai drove them back to the main island.

Their journey was peaceful and silent.


Once they arrived, they got out of the boat and walked to the now mostly empty beach.

"Do you want to stay with me?" Dazai suddenly asked.

Atsushi turned to look at the taller male in surprise but then looked away. "We can't. And… I have to go back to Ryuu," said Atsushi with a hint of sadness. "Sorry." After that, Atsushi dashed off, back towards the hotel.

Dazai tried to reach out a hand. Wanting the boy to stay, but he hesitated and let his arm fall once again.

He sighed and slowly followed Atsushi. But preferring to go to Chuuya's room, where he needed to ask the red-haired Alpha all about…



"Chuuya~!!" Dazai whined drunkenly. "He still doesn't like me!! What should I do?!"

"Get off of me!" cried Chuuya as he pushed Dazai away from him. They were sitting beside each other, gossiping an hour ago when Dazai started to drink. Well… more like chugging the whole vodka bottle Chuuya had snuck in from the airport. "Stop harassing the poor Omega!"

"But— but…" Dazai sobbed.

"No buts," said Chuuya. "If you really want him you have to legit be serious."

"I am serious!" Said Dazai determinedly.

"You're literally drunk right now!"

"But I'm serious!" exclaimed Dazai. "Me getting drunk is my coping method!"

"What a shit coping method!" Chuuya then sighed when he realized the conversation was going nowhere. "Why don't you court him like a good Alpha?" Chuuya suggested sarcastically.

It wasn't like someone like Dazai could manage to do something as simple as a date anyway. But if he did manage to do it, Chuuya would be beyond surprised.

Dazai looked up at that, eyes sparkling. "You're right!! You're a genius, Chuuya!!"

"Bring him flowers, chocolates. Even to the movies, for goodness sake." Chuuya sighed. "That should be easy enough for you right?"

"I wish I could kiss you but it would be disgusting." Dazai pointed out.

"Don't kiss me." 

"How about an air kiss?"



"Oh no. What should I do?"

Akutagawa, who was playing with his phone, sighed. He was beginning to feel tired listening to Atsushi.

They were currently the only ones in the room. With Tanizaki and Kenji going out to have fun.

" What should I do? What should I do??" Atsushi panicked as he paced around the room.

Akutagawa set his phone down (he's been texting Chuuya about the current lovebirds) and looked at his kin. "Oh stop it. You're fine ," he said. "Just wait for now. And if he does anything bad, I'll kill him for you."

"Wha— don't kill him!"

"I'm not being literal…," said Akutagawa half lying. He would definitely kill Dazai if the older student did anything to hurt his friend.

"But… argh!! He's a casanova! I bet he fucked everyone in the school already!" Exclaimed Atsushi.

"Not all," Akutagawa corrected. "But close enough. Seriously, just wait for him and see how it goes. If he's still a casanova, drop him."

Atsushi sighed. "You're right."

Akutagawa picked a bag of chips and opened it. "So… when are you going to tell me about the full story?"

"Oh yeah! Right… So umm…" Atsushi started. "We're… soulmates?"

"Dear god it's worse than I thought."


Akutagawa coughed and cleared his throat. "Let me guess. Your heat caused you to let Dazai-senpai fuck you and then you guys found out, you were soulmates?"

" Yeah …" Atsushi shrugged. "That's about it I guess." He sat down beside Akutagawa and took the bag of chips as he snack on it as well. "Let's just say I went into his private hot spring. And my heat came after that. It was at that moment he entered too."

"I'm not sure if I'm glad it's a handsome fuck boy instead of a random adult Alpha or not," Akutagawa said as he took a bite of his chips.

"Honestly? Same. I don't want to be…Fucked by some random Alpha." Atsushi nodded.

"Can you imagine getting screwed like those anime hentai's where the dude is just an ugly asshole with a big dick?" Akutagawa grinned a bit.

Atsushi laughed. "Oh my God, stop it!" He playfully slapped his kin, he knew what his friend was talking about. Random guy without a face, bit chubby and had a big dick. "I don't even want to imagine it." Atsushi shivered in disgust. "But really, you're right! It was better with Dazai-senpai instead. Someone I kinda knew instead of a random chad."

Akutagawa smirked and grabbed a bottle of apple juice to take a sip.

He needed to text back to Chuuya that the love game was on.

Chapter Text


"I'm courting you."


This wasn't something Atsushi thought of when he opened the sliding door of his room the next morning when a knock came through.

Dazai with his casual clothes —black shirt and dark blue jeans—, a bouquet of roses, box of chocolates and demanding a courting.

"Oh! Dazai-senpai!" Tanizaki greeted the older student when he realized who was at the door. "What's up?"

"Hey there, Tanizaki-kun, Kenji-kun and Akutagawa-kun," Dazai greeted back. "Just here to pick up Atsushi-kun for our date!" He said cheerfully.

Everyone turned to look at Atsushi who's already pale face became red as a tomato. He wasn't planning on letting the others know about his relationship with Dazai. 

If you could call it a relationship...

"What? No! We can't!" Rejected Atsushi. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. Dazai? Courting him? Absurd!

The older student should be hunting more conquests with other students, not Atsushi again!

"Oh c'mon! Please give me a chance!!" Whined Dazai. "Here, I even have flowers and chocolates!" He said as he pushed the items to Atsushi.

Atsushi quickly grabbed them up in his arms, lest they fall onto the floor. "Uh… thanks but really, no thanks. We're not going on a date. I'm sorry," he apologized.

Dazai looked dejected.

"Aw, why won't you go out with Dazai-senpai? He's nice…" said Kenji, sympathizing with Dazai.

"I agree with Kenji-kun." Nodded Tanizaki. "He let us into the summer trip after all."

"I don't mind," Akutagawa said with a shrug, playing with his phone again.

"This is peer pressure!" Exclaimed Atsushi. "No, I will not go on a date with Dazai-senpai. We just… Can't! We're not fit for each other!"

"Isn't that the point of a date though? I want to get to know you better, Atsushi-kun," Dazai said sincerely. A soft smile on his face.

If Dazai wasn't a casanova, Atsushi might think he was hot and charming.

"No, wait. What am I thinking?" He mentally shook his head. "Dazai is Dazai. He will still be a casanova. I only let him screw me because that was his job as an Alpha… right?"

"Please, please, please give me a chance, Atsushi-kun! I promise I'll be good!" Dazai begged.

Atsushi hesitated. He never went on a date before. And it was all new to him. This relationship thing.

But maybe just a day won't hurt right? 

Atsushi sighed. "Fine. I will get changed."

Dazai actually fucking squealed at that.

Atsushi rolled his eyes, put the flowers and chocolate on a table, then walked to the bathroom, while Dazai entered the shared hotel room to wait for him, closed the sliding door behind him and chatted with the other boys.

When Atsushi was in the bathroom, he looked through the wardrobe. "What should I wear…," he muttered.

"Actually, this is dumb," thought Atsushi. "Why on earth should I care about what I wore on a date with the Dazai Osamu." Atsushi shook his head and picked up a random dark grey T-shirt and knee length cream khaki jeans.

At least, Atsushi bothered to wash his face, brush his teeth (obviously) and groom his hair to look presentable to other people outside of their room.

Finished, Atsushi exited the bathroom to a happy and excited looking Dazai.

"You look absolutely dashing handsome!"

Well that's not what Atsushi wanted to hear. He wanted to hear disappointment of how he does not care about this date at all. Maybe he should've worn a clown suit instead.

"C'mon. Let's go," said Atsushi with another roll of his eyes.

Dazai cheerfully got up from where he sat on the mat and followed Atsushi out.

"Have fun guys!" Yelled Tanizaki.

Atsushi waved the others goodbye and closed the sliding door behind him and Dazai.

The two teens walked through the hallway in silence before Atsushi asked, "Well, where are we heading?"

"Oh right! I was so mesmerized by you that I completely forgot!" Dazai knocked on his head as he stopped staring at Atsushi. "Let's go to the cinema. What movies do you want to watch?"

Atsushi raised an eyebrow at the first sentence and then shrugged. "Any movie is fine by me." It was not like he watched movies much anyway. Since his father forbade him from doing such things.

"Then how about… horror?" Dazai smirked.

"Okay that one is a hard no," said Atsushi. "What about some action movies?"

"Oh~ scared?"

"You wish," Atsushi narrowed his eyes playfully. "I just rather not have it right now, weren't you supposed to bring me to romantic movies?" He pointed out.

Dazai hummed thoughtfully, his fingers on his chin. "You're right. But let me guess, romantic movies are also a hard no?"

"Correct. Let's just watch action movies."

"Deal." Dazai smiled brightly as if he was agreeing to anything Atsushi wanted —which he totally did— then the older student dragged Atsushi further into the building where the cinema was.

Atsushi never went exploring the other parts of the building. So he was surprised to see a section where the cinema was: 

Near Dazai's personal hot spring.

Flashes of memories tried to invade Atsushi's mind but he pushed it away. He didn't want to blush like a virgin. Not that he was a virgin anymore that is...

The cinema wasn't exactly packed with students, but some were mingling about since today was meant to be a free day, according to the schedule made by Kunikida.

The students that were mingling about turned their attention to the duo, causing Atsushi to feel watched as he fidgeted in nervousness.

He felt naked, as if people could see through him. Calculating and judging him. Watching his every move.

"We can go to my private cinema if you'd like," offered Dazai, noticing the uncomfortable Atsushi.

"No, it's fine," answered Atsushi. "Let's just go inside." He would never let his bad feelings win this time.

Dazai nodded and they both walked inside the cinema, where there was a hallway of doors, each showing different types of movies.

Actually, Atsushi never asked…

Why does one student need an island for? And full of things one doesn't need?

Atsushi decided to ask that later in the day, because Dazai was currently dragging him through the hallway and through a double door; he didn't even have the chance to see the poster of the movie they were going to watch.

Sitting down at one of the seats, they watched the black screen as it started to play out advertisements and production.


The movie was… boring.

It was a classic movie with characters shooting each other and trying to win the heroine's heart.

Atsushi almost fell asleep. He yawned for the seventh time that moment when the heroine was having a romantic speech with her current lover, the hero.

"Hm… I suppose we could go somewhere else?" Dazai asked nervously with a smile.

"Oh thank the Gods," thought Atsushi. "Yes please ," he said out loud.

They left the cinema feeling bored out of their minds.

What Dazai suggested next was that they have brunch. And to be fair, Atsushi was feeling hungry.

They went to the section next to the cinema, which was coincidentally a fast food restaurant.

The two students sat at a booth by the window, looking through the menu.

Atsushi was craving Chazuke, but he couldn't find any of it on the list of food. So he settled for fried chicken with rice. He tapped onto the tablet that was provided at the restaurant, and ordered his food.

He set down the tablet after pressing the order button and looked up at Dazai who was still flipping through his own menu.

"So…," started Atsushi. "Why do you want to date me? And why do you have an island for yourself anyway?"

Dazai put down the menu and grinned at Atsushi. "Interrogation are we?"

Atsushi rolled his eyes. "I need to know the person I'm dating."

Dazai nodded with a soft smile. "Fair enough," he continued. "And to answer your questions, I like you and this island used to be a tourist attraction."

"Wait, what?"

"It used to be a tourist attraction but it's now closed due to Mori being too busy to handle an island," explained Dazai as he tapped onto the restaurant's tablet as well before setting it down.

"No, the sentence before that." Atsushi shook his head. He swore Dazai said he likes him.

"It used… To be a tourist attraction?" Dazai repeated with a smirk.

"You know what? Nevermind." Atsushi didn't know what Dazai was playing at but he sure as hell wasn't letting the older teen to do whatever he wished.

The silence grew as Dazai stared at Atsushi with hearts in his eyes.

It was almost to the point of disgusting for Atsushi.

The younger male sighed as his eyes darted around, not wanting to look back into Dazai's.

But it was futile, he stared back to the amber coloured eyes of the Alpha and sucked in a sharp breath.

The intensity of the Alpha's eyes made Atsushi shiver as if he was being caught by the eyes of a predator.

"Uh… um…," stuttered Atsushi. "So… what do you do as a hobby?" He asked, hoping the question would throw away the staring contest.

But it didn't.

"Oh, the usual, playing chess with a frenemy, Fyodor; playing games with Chuuya; and well I used to date a lot of boys and girls. But that stopped." Something in Dazai's eyes lightened.

"You stopped… because of me?" Atsushi asked, genuinely surprised as he deducted the answer to Dazai's reason for abandoning one of his hobbies. And even more surprising, Dazai was playing chess with that one student from Russia? He was a bit of a weirdo in Atsushi's opinion.

"Of course! Anything for you, Atsushi-kun!" Dazai smiled widely.

"But…" Atsushi shook his head. "You shouldn't quit because of me…" he couldn't believe that he made someone like Dazai this way.

Changed and different. He didn't know if it was a good thing or a bad thing for the older student.

"But you wouldn't like me back if I was a casanova, right?" This time Dazai looked away towards the windows outside. He seemed to be thinking. But Atsushi knew nothing of what he was thinking about.

Atsushi looked down towards his lap, where his clasped hands rested upon. "Y-you're right… but…" Atsushi looked up again. "You don't have to change because of me. I'm not… I'm not someone worthy of—"

Dazai held up his hands, looking back at Atsushi. "You're worth everything."

"What? But!"

The older teen hushed him. "You're worth everything," he repeated with a soft smile at Atsushi.

Atsushi made small noises, uncomfortable at the words Dazai gave him and the soft, genuine smile. He really didn't feel like he was worth it. He didn't deserve this much love.

Another growing silence was then disturbed by their food —fried chicken with rice for Atsushi and a bowl of soup for Dazai— being delivered by a pretty waitress. 

As Dazai said for not being a casanova; Dazai only thanked her and didn't look her way again.

"Enjoy," she said with a bow and left the two students alone.

Atsushi nodded and began wolfing down his meal. He was hungry after all.

Dazai didn't seem bothered with Atsushi's meal etiquette, he only asked: "What about you? What are your hobbies?"

Atsushi paused in his eating and swallowed a mouthful of chicken before answering. "Um… I like books…?"

"Oh?" Interested, Dazai leaned closer.

"Well I like all kinds of books. But my favourite had to be poetry and adventure novels," said Atsushi bashfully. He never got to talk much about his hobbies to people before.

"I like books too." Dazai nodded and sipped at his spoonful of soup. "You should visit my house next time. I have a library full of books."

"Really?! Is it as big as I thought it would be?" Atsushi could imagine it. A two floor library room with shelves and shelves of books. A large fire hearth on the further back of the room and a comfortable red lovers seat in front of it.

Dazai was rich after all, so surely the library must be huge.

Dazai chuckled. "Definitely as you imagined I suppose. If not, hopefully much more than you could possibly imagine. I do not wish to disappoint you obviously."

Atsushi shook his head. "A library is enough for me," he continued. "What about your uh… father? What does he do? Is he fine?"

"Oh he's fine." Dazai scoffed. "Better than ever. And honestly? He had too much business for me to count. So you could imagine how much impact he had all over Yokohama. Overall, I know he worked as a famous clothing retailer for Elise."

"I see…" Atsushi nodded in understanding. "Excuse me, but who's Elise?"

"My little sister. She's still pretty young. Ten years old." Dazai shrugged. "She's not adopted, unlike me. And our mother left us years ago when we were pretty young."

"Ah… sorry to hear about that…'' Atsushi felt bad for asking about his family now. He didn't want to bring up old memories.

Especially when he understood what family with bad memories meant.

Dazai waved a hand. "It's fine. Never bothered me much anyway. How about you? I rarely heard anything about your family around the school."

"Ah it's just me and my father." Atsushi fidgeted on his seat. "We don't do much really. Just a normal family." He made a fake smile, clearly not wanting to talk further about it.

What was there to talk about anyway? Atsushi's father did absolutely nothing to become a real father in his life.

The older student raised an eyebrow but decided to skip ahead out of respect. "Okay… next question then. How about your future? What do you want to be?"

Atsushi perked up at that. "Well… it might sound ridiculous but I was hoping to become a writer myself."

"Ridiculous? What's so ridiculous about being a writer? I think you will do great in it!" Dazai hyped up as he took his drink —the tea they both got for free— and gulped it down.

Atsushi couldn't ignore the way Dazai's adam apple bobbed. He swallowed himself before blushing.

"Ah… thank you. And you? What's your future job?"

Dazai sighed deeply. "Probably continuing the family's business. Nothing interesting really."

"Must be boring…" Atsushi nodded in agreement as he took a bite of his food, swallowing before continuing. "Did you ever think about having a different kind of job?"

Dazai looked thoughtful for a moment before answering. "Now that I think about it. I wanted to become a writer myself… but I'm more a semi-fiction…"


"Ah yes. Stories about half fiction and half realism. Sounds good right?" Dazai smirked.

Atsushi's eyes sparkled at that. "Oh! I would love to read it!!"

"Ah~ Atsushi-kun wanting to read it will make me feel embarrassed!!" Dazai moaned dramatically.

"Oh please, your writing won't be bad. You're the top student after all," Atsushi pouted.

Dazai chuckled. "You're cute when you pout."

"I'm not cute!" Exclaimed Atsushi, aghast. No one ever called him cute before except Akutagawa! And maybe Kyouka… but that's not the point! He's not cute!

"Thank you though… for the compliment," said Dazai, cutting through Atsushi's internal charade, causing the latter to pause and listen. "Being a top student was never easy. Studying hard and all that…" Dazai shook his head. "Made me nuts."

Atsushi sighed. "Yeah I could understand that. I felt like no matter how hard I tried to study, I never seemed to get as high scores as you do."

"...Want to study with me this summer?" Dazai suddenly offered.

The younger student perked up once more. "Really? You're okay with me studying with you?"

"Of course, Atsushi-kun! Why wouldn't I let my mate study with me?" Dazai laughed. "Hey, who knows you will be able to become first rank. You're second rank correct?"

Atsushi nodded. "I'm this close to overtaking your throne."

Dazai laughed again. He looked gorgeous when he laughed freely like this. Atsushi never knew that Dazai could be this way. All he ever knew was that flirty smirk he had on his face as his personality revolves around being a casanova… so this new fact Atsushi found out, he wished he could keep it forever.

"Good luck trying!" Dazai grinned widely.

Atsushi smiled back. "I will."

They continued to eat in silence. Before Dazai spoke up to ask about how the food was.

"Should've put Chazuke on the menu list. It's my favourite," explained Atsushi in the last sentence.

"Oh?" Dazai raised an eyebrow. "I will take note of that." He nodded.

Atsushi laughed merrily. "I'm just kidding. You don't have to. It's a cheap meal after all."

"Oh but I insist. The next time you visit here—"

"I don't think I could visit here again…," said Atsushi sadly. "Not that I don't want to. It's just… things ." He brushed off with his hand.

Dazai stared at him, then nodded. "I see… I understand."

Atsushi smiled. Despite Dazai's Casanova nature, he could be a very understanding person.

"I guess he wasn't as bad after all," Atsushi thought.


Their next date after brunch was at the arcade, which was located deeper into the cinema's hallways.

Dazai was playing with a claw machine, trying to get Atsushi a plushie as a gift. Even though Atsushi insisted that the older teen didn't have to do that, Dazai insisted back that he would get him a prize.

Suddenly Atsushi had the urge of nature's call.

"Sorry, I need to go to the loo," said Atsushi as he quickly walked towards his destination. "Too much tea," he explained.

"Be back soon!" Dazai shouted back as he managed to make the claw machine grab a plushie's leg. "Careful… careful…"


Once Atsushi came back after his run in with nature, he paused from a good distance away.

There, he saw Dazai being surrounded by a group of girls.

"Dazai-kun~ hang out with us~" one of the girls said.

"You've been so busy lately~" another girl said. "Please, please hang out with us today!"

Somewhere deep inside Atsushi's gut churned violently.

Was he… jealous?

He didn't know how to handle these new emotions...

Atsushi left the scene. He didn't know where he was going, but he knew he had to be somewhere.

Far, far away…


" Atsushi-kun is sure taking a while," Dazai thought mindlessly as he hugged a big white tiger plush he just got from the claw machine.

Well he got other things to handle now, and it didn't look pretty.

"Dazai-kun~" one girl whined as she circled Dazai's left arm. "Come on~ let's have fun with all of us~"

"Girls… I'm quite busy today as well. I'm sorry we couldn't hang out," said Dazai as he pulled away from the growing numbers of female students.

The girl who was circling Dazai's arm pouted.

They all didn't look happy. Frowning in displeasure.

"I-I gotta go." Girls could be scary. Especially when the group had Alpha females around as well.

So Dazai quickly dashed off to find Atsushi lest he was surrounded again.

He didn't know where Atsushi was, so he mindlessly speed walked everywhere near the cinema until he stumbled upon the inner garden of the building.

It was a large enclosed space (with tinted glass walls and a double door) inside the hotel they were all staying in, and not a lot of people were around it since it's not very interesting.

But Dazai's gut told him that Atsushi was inside.

He's not a big believer in gut feelings, but this one time he felt like he could trust his instinct.

Dazai opened the door to the inner garden.

He was greeted by his pet butterflies, the smell of plants and warm sunlight coming from above the roof as the glass walls reached high above.

It was a beautiful sight. An almost perfect replica of the botanical garden in Singapore, where he used to visit occasionally on the holidays.

The sound of a small man-made waterfall and bird chirping audio filled the enclosed space as Dazai explored further in.

There he saw Atsushi sitting at one of the white stone benches of a fountain. His back facing the small water current and head down looking sad.

That face tugged at Dazai's heart, making him move forward, towards the lonely looking boy.

"Atsushi-kun…," Dazai softly called out.

Atsushi slowly looked up, already knowing who was calling out for him.

"What are you doing here?" The older student asked as he sat beside Atsushi, who looked down again.

Atsushi shrugged, not bothering to answer.

Dazai sighed lovingly.

Atsushi was jealous. He could tell. And he found it endearing.

"You know… this was actually my favourite place to hang out when things got too much for me to handle," Dazai said gently to coax Atsushi more. Away from his jealousy. "This place was inspired by Singapore's botanical garden. Quite impressive, isn't it?"

Atsushi slowly looked up and around his surroundings. Finally comprehending where he was.

He nodded to Dazai's question.

"Here." Dazai pushed the white tiger plushie to Atsushi. "You need this."

Atsushi gladly took it into his arms and held on tightly. "Thank you…"

Peaceful silence befall them. With Dazai humming an off-tune song and Atsushi still hugging the plushie tightly.

"I… I don't know what's wrong with me. When I saw those girls… I just felt ill ." Atsushi spoke up.

The words made Dazai surprised. Maybe he did manage to catch the Omega's heart after all?

Dazai patted his back, comforting the younger student. "It's okay. You don't have to explain it to me. I understand," he said. "We can work on this together. But now, I think it's a good idea for you to come back to your room now. Maybe think about our date today?" Dazai grinned.

Atsushi huffed out a chuckle and lightly punched Dazai's shoulder in a friendly way. "Oh shut up."

Dazai chuckled back, but then his face turned slightly serious. "I swear on my heart though… that I do not have feelings for other people other than you, Atsushi-kun," he said.

The Omega stared at Dazai's eyes and seemed satisfied with the answer he was given. So, he nodded. "I know… I probably shouldn't feel jealous at all when you were fawning all over me."

Dazai chuckled again. "You are correct, my dear, Atsushi-kun." He leaned towards Atsushi and kissed the boy's cheek. "You should go back to your room now. I will await your answer tomorrow."

Atsushi looked up towards Dazai, blushing as he nodded. "Y-yeah! I'll do just t-that!" He stood up from his seat and dashed to the exit. "B-bye!"

Dazai smiled and waved behind the boy as he left.


"He kissed me!!" Atsushi thought. "On the cheek!" Just thinking about what happened made him blush again as he stopped in front of his hotel room.

"And what does he mean by answer? " Atsushi hugged the tiger plush tightly up to his chin. "Is he asking my answer about the date?"

Before Atsushi could think more about it, he heard someone yelling in his direction.

Atsushi looked up. 

Towards a group of girls surrounding him.

"You thought you could just steal Dazai-kun away from us?" One of the girls shouted.

"Wha— I… I don't—" Atsushi didn't get it. What was happening?

From how forward one of the girls was, he could tell that this was about Dazai. But what did they mean by stealing? "I don't understand!"

"Listen, you silver-haired freak!" Another one of the girls shouted. "Stay the hell away from Dazai-kun!"

The words made the girls cheer in agreement.

This was bad. No one else was around Atsushi to help him from this ordeal. He must do something.

"Dazai… Dazai-senpai is my true mate!!" Eh? What was he saying? Atsushi couldn't believe his own ears. He just admitted out loud about…

Before he could think further he saw that the girl —probably the leader of the group— who insulted him, raised her hand to slap the Omega.

Atsushi closed his eyes and cringed away.

But he didn't feel a blow.

"That's enough," someone said.

Atsushi slowly opened his eyes to a red-haired male holding the girl's hand, it was Chuuya. And…

"Ryuu!" Atsushi called out to his saviours. Akutagawa standing beside Chuuya.

"Atsushi, Ryuu. Get inside your room. I'll handle this," said Chuuya, who was still holding the girl's hand.

"W-what—" the female leader said.

Ryuu pushed past Chuuya and the girl, towards Atsushi. "C'mon, let's go inside."

"Ah? But—" Atsushi couldn't say another word before he was dragged inside the hotel room and had the door closed.

Akutagawa turned around towards Atsushi. "Don't worry about them, Chuuya-senpai will handle it. Are you okay?"

Atsushi nodded, terrified of what just had happened.

He never thought that something like that would happen to him. But apparently when it came to Dazai Osamu, it had a price.

He hugged the tiger plush tightly.

Chapter Text


"Atsushi-kun. I'm so-so sorry for leaving you to defend yourself. If I would've known better I would've—"

"Dazai-senpai. I'm fine. "


Atsushi held up a hand to pause Dazai's charade.

After the incident yesterday, it seemed that Chuuya reported the group of girls to Dazai. Who in return, started to worry sick over Atsushi the next morning. "I told you, I'm fine. They didn't do anything."

"One was about to hit Atsushi," said Akutagawa with a cough.

"Ryuu!" snapped Atsushi when Dazai looked furious.

"I only told the truth," Akutagawa said in defense.

"Still, it didn't happen ." Atsushi stressed the words so he could calm Dazai down. He couldn't believe they needed to have this argument in front of so many people.

Some already looked their way in curiosity, despite Atsushi's effort to keep it down.

All of the students on the trip were currently in the lobby of the hotel. Some students chatted excitedly while others played with their phones.

Apparently there was going to be a big event happening today, which was the last day of the summer vacation. Thus the large gathering.

And today Atsushi was only with Akutagawa and Dazai.

"I already banned the girls from the game and they will be in their rooms with watchful eyes," said Dazai proudly. "And thank heavens Chuuya is a martial art prodigy!"

"Oh my God , you don't have to go that far!" exclaimed Atsushi. "And— wait. What game?"

Before Dazai could answer, the sound of a ringing microphone echoed through the lobby, gathering everyone's attention. The students stopped talking and all was silent.

"Ok, now that I have everyone's attention, I will get straight to the point," said Kunikida on top of a makeshift stage using a table in the middle of the room. "Tonight we will have a big treasure hunt event. So listen closely!"

"A treasure hunt? That was surprising…" thought Atsushi. "Well it does sound fun…"

"First things first, find a partner. You can only have one partner for the prize later on. Second, the event will begin this evening at six. So make sure to sign up with Yosano-senpai before the timer starts. Thirdly, Ranpo-senpai and Poe-senpai will be banned from the event —it would be too easy for them— so in return, they will be the one hiding the prizes. There will be two prizes for two teams." Kunikida ended the announcement. "That is all. If you have any more questions please raise your hand."

Atsushi then ignored the rest of the announcement to look at Dazai, attempting to continue their talk.

"Atsushi-kun. Will you be my partner?"

Atsushi stuttered. "H-huh?"

Dazai looked at Atsushi with puppy eyes, hoping that the latter would say yes. "For the game," he explained.

"Uh, erm… ehem." Atsushi cleared his throat. "F-fine. I will be your partner for the day." He was really getting too soft.

Dazai cheered in happiness.

"What's going on?"

The trio turned to the voice. It was Chuuya, walking towards the group.

"Oh we were just talking," Dazai brushed off.

Chuuya shrugged. "Alright then." Then he continued, "By the way, Ryuu. Be my game partner for today?"

Atsushi's jaw dropped.

He didn't even realize Dazai's jaw dropped too.

"Sure," answered Akutagawa.

The silver-haired Omega looked back and forth between the two. He didn't know they were a thing!! …Are they?

"Oh yeah! You guys aren't properly introduced!" exclaimed Dazai. "Atsushi-kun, this is Chuuya. My frenemy. And Chuuya, this is Atsushi-kun. My mate."

"Mate?! I mean— uh… nice to properly meet you, Chuuya-senpai." Atsushi bowed in respect.

"No need to be so formal, kid." Chuuya waved it off. "I'm just glad to be finally introduced to you."

"I-I see…" Atsushi stood up straight and nodded.

Dazai snickered. "That's Chuuya for you! Always the rebel!"

"Hey!" Shouted Chuuya, fuming at Dazai.

"So… what should we do now?" Asked Atsushi as he looked around where some students were still mingling and trying to find a partner.

"Well… It's free for the day before the evening. Want to hang out, Atsushi-kun?" Dazai asked happily, expecting Atsushi to come with him.

"Uh… no. Not today. Maybe next time," answered Atsushi nervously. He still didn't want to be near Dazai despite his admittance to being the Alpha's mate. It just felt alien to him. So he settled for a backup: "Ryuu, what's your plan?"

"Onsen," answered Akutagawa simply.

"Well… I guess Onsen it is." Atsushi nodded. Satisfied with the answer his kin gave him.

"You could borrow mine again. I already cleaned it up," explained Dazai in the last part with a big smile.

"Ah… okay. Guess we could borrow yours… is that fine with you, Ryuu?" asked Atsushi, who turned towards his friend.

"Yeah it's fine. We could make less suspicion then," Akutagawa reasoned. "We're still keeping a low profile after all."

"Yeah… I guess you could say that." Atsushi nodded again. "Well, we'll get going then. See you soon, Dazai-senpai, Chuuya-senpai."

"See ya, Atsushi-kun~" said Dazai as he and Chuuya both waved their goodbyes towards the two Omegas who were walking away back towards inside the hotel. Then he turned to Chuuya. "You. Me. Talk."



Atsushi shook himself from the cold water.

He sat at one of the seats where the showerheads were, taking a break from the hot water. "I thought you hated baths," said Atsushi who looked towards Akutagawa who was currently chin deep in the hot spring.

"Just this once, I like Onsen," Akutagawa answered with a cough.

Atsushi nodded. "I see… by the way, when are you going to tell me you and Chuuya were a thing? At least, I think you guys were a thing…"

To Atsushi's surprise he didn't feel hurt when his friend didn't tell him about his boyfriend. People have their own secrets, and to be fair, Atsushi too... had his own secrets.

Akutagawa sighed. "I was planning to tell you sooner than later." That made Atsushi's heart soar in happiness. "But I didn't have the correct timing."

"That's okay," comforted Atsushi. "Can you tell me now?" He asked gently.

"Yeah." A cough. "Well… we've been together before the summer holidays. So we're still pretty new-ish…"

"Oh~ Ryuu has a boyfriend~" Atsushi teased.

"Oh shut it." Akutagawa splashed some hot water at Atsushi. Clearly embarrassed.

Atsushi chuckled, then stood up to go into the hot waters again, a good distance away from Akutagawa. "Ah… that hits the spot."

"Doesn't it bother you that you and Dazai-senpai fucked here?" Akutagawa asked.

"Don't remind me," deadpanned Atsushi.

This time it was Akutagawa who chuckled. "Guess the one who should be bothered the most is me, actually."

"Hm~ you're right." Atsushi thought about it. "Does it bother you?"

"Dazai-senpai said he cleaned it. I trust him." Akutagawa nodded.

"You're so easy to trust him…," mumbled Atsushi. "Well, whatever. Tell me about your boyfriend!" That excited Atsushi. Akutagawa rarely opened up to him, so this was his chance to get to know his friend better.

Akutagawa sighed. "I guess you could say we also made a small mistake…"

"A mistake?" Now that got Atsushi worried. He frowned at his kin, listening in more closely instead of speaking his worries.

"Yeah…" Akutagawa waved a hand that landed back onto the hot water below. "We were horny teenagers too. So we fucked."

Atsushi nodded for Akutagawa to continue. He didn't expect that at all.

Akutagawa fucking the Chuuya? And above all, he didn't expect his friend to fuck around. So what gives?

"Turns out we are also true mates."

Atsushi choked. "Wait what?!" He coughed out.

"Yeah it surprised me too…" sighed Akutagawa. "Such a pain really."

"No. Wait. Back up a second. How did this all happen?!" Atsushi was confused. His friend wasn't making any sense.

"Okay maybe… At first we met at the library and I guess we talked somehow…," Akutagawa started.

"More details please, Ryuu." Atsushi shook his head in disbelief.

Akutagawa sighed and began his story.


"Hey kid," Chuuya greeted.

Akutagawa looked up towards Chuuya. "Hello, Chuuya-senpai."

"Oh, you know me already?" Asked Chuuya, surprised.

"Uh…" Akutagawa can't let Chuuya know that he knew him from being his school crush and all, he needs a new tactic. "You're famous after all."

"Well now that makes things easier… say… want to go out with me?" Chuuya suddenly asked.

Akutagawa couldn't believe this was happening. His crush was asking him out?!

"Why?" Akutagawa asked calmly.

"Eh… well…" Chuuya scratched the back of his neck, looking away nervously. "I saw you in the library pretty often and I'm kinda interested in you? I don't know why really…"

"...Yes. I'll go out with you," Akutagawa answered with a cough. He still couldn't believe this was happening.

For ages he had caught interest in Chuuya since he first saw the student from a distance. There was just something about the red-haired Alpha that caught his Omega heart. And to be asked out like this… it's a chance he wouldn't turn away.

"Really?! Alright!" Chuuya exclaimed excitedly.

"Shh!!" A student sushed.

"Sorry, sorry," apologized Chuuya to the students who were studying. "C'mon let's get outta here." Chuuya grabbed Akutagawa's hand —which made the latter's heart beat faster— and dragged him away from the library.

They went on secret dates together here and there. Akutagawa confessing his true Omega nature was the hardest move he had ever made. But it ended well.

Until finally they bedded together at Chuuya's place one day.

"I… I can't believe it… we're true mates?!" exclaimed Chuuya in surprise as they're stuck together in a knot.

"Huh…" even Akutagawa was surprised, so he confessed his true feelings to Chuuya. Who accepted it like it was nothing.

"Yeah, don't worry about it. I like you too, Ryuu. And you being my true mate… it explained a lot that we would end up together." He chuckled. "I guess it's fate that set us together huh?"

"I still don't get what made you approach me that day at the library…" said Akutagawa.

"I guess the first time I saw you, I also felt this magnetic pull… I… I really don't know much about love and I don't believe in things like gut feelings, but to you? There's just something about you. I like you, Ryuu. Let's be together always. If you would let me?" Chuuya smiled softly.

Akutagawa nodded with a smile back.


"Oh… wow…," said Atsushi. "I… I also didn't notice you were dating someone all this time…" he was speechless to say the least. He didn't know much about Akutagawa after all.

Akutagawa shrugged. "Don't worry too much about it. As I said we're still new to relationships and me fucking him was because we were horny as hell. So, don't worry about it."

"But Ryuu… I felt like I barely knew you…" Atsushi confessed.

Akutagawa looked down in guilt. "You're right… I'm sorry about that. Now that you know everything, can we still be friends?"

"Why of course! Why shouldn't we? I'm not that hurt and it's nothing compared to… y'know… my father." Atsushi shook his head. "Anyway. Tell me more about your dates with Chuuya. I'm interested in that!" He chuckled.

Akutagawa smiled warmly. It was uncharacteristic of him, but he did it anyway. "Alright so…" he started and went on about first dates, first kisses and being the awkward virgin of the two.

Atsushi couldn't help but think of his relationship with Dazai when hearing all these amazing stories from Akutagawa about his own mate.

He couldn't help but think… would he and Dazai be the same way if they met differently?


"Chuuya~ you didn't tell me you have a mate all this time?!"

"I told you the story just now! What more do you want?!"

Dazai pouted. "For not telling me, you're giving me souvenirs the next time you visit South Korea."

"Ugh, fine ." Groaned Chuuya. "It's almost time for the treasure hunt anyway. I need to get Ryuu."

"Oh right! I need to get Atsushi-kun~ And don't worry I'll tell Akutagawa-kun to come to you!" said Dazai cheerfully as he got up and with a skip in his steps, he exited out of Chuuya's room to walk to Atsushi's hotel room.

Once he was there he knocked on the door, humming as he waited for the door to open.

The sliding door opened to Akutagawa. "Oh, Dazai-senpai. Here for Atsushi?" It seems that Tanizaki and Kenji already left as a team themselves.

"Sure am, Akutagawa-kun~!" exclaimed Dazai. "Oh and Chuuya is waiting for you, you should go see him." He notified the younger student.

"Thank you. I'll be leaving then," said Akutagawa as he left the door open for Dazai to enter, and he himself left to find Chuuya.

Dazai entered the room and called out for Atsushi.

"Coming!" Atsushi shouted from the bathroom. The door slid open to reveal Atsushi in a normal light blue t-shirt and jeans.

Dazai looked down on himself. He wore a grey turtleneck with jeans. Does he look okay? Wardrobe wise?

"You look fine," said Atsushi to what Dazai was thinking.

"Oh~ Atsushi-kun complimented me?" said Dazai cheerfully. He was happy that Atsushi could read what was on his mind.

"Oh, shut it you." Atsushi looked away, looking embarrassed. It's cute.

Dazai chuckled. "Well c'mon let's go to the main lobby."

At the lobby, couples and friends had gathered at the large space. Kunikida once again stood on a makeshift stage.

"Alright everyone! Let us begin the first task of the treasure hunt!" Kunikida started. "The first clue had to do with candies—"

"Why candies?" Asked Atsushi in a low whisper to Dazai.

"That's Ranpo-senpai to you," Dazai whispered back.

"—So, There will be candies hidden around the hotel except for personal rooms. Try to find some in the kitchen, theatre, inner garden, restaurant and lobby." Everyone looked around the lobby at that. "Thus begin the treasure hunt!"


Atsushi was frozen in excitement as everyone dashed around to find the treasure. "What should we do? Where should we check?" He never expected this to be fun despite being with Dazai.

"I'm guessing the kitchen or restaurant. But then again this is Ranpo. He probably hid it in the lobby or thought of candies as theatre snacks."

"That's... actually reasonable. Let's just check the lobby first." Suggested Atsushi.

"I'll follow you everywhere, Atsushi-kun~" Dazai sang.

Atsushi rolled his eyes and grabbed Dazai's sleeves to drag him around the lobby.

"By the way, you don't know where it was hidden, correct?" Atsushi turned to ask his partner. Suspicious of his involvement with the treasure hunt.


They found their first candy hidden somewhere between potted plants. But it was just normal candy.

Many candies were then gathered all over the building.

"This is unfortunate… we haven't found a single clue," Atsushi said with a shake of his head.

"Yeah… this doesn't look good for my pride." Dazai grimaced.

"Screw your pride," Atsushi laughed without menace in his voice. It sounded merrily to Dazai's ears instead. "C'mon I haven't seen Ranpo-senpai for a while now. Maybe he could give us another hint?"

"You might be onto something." Dazai smiled, proud of his mate for thinking of clever things.

They found Ranpo later on in the lobby with Poe.

"Oh! Here's the first person to give me candies!" exclaimed Ranpo as he happily took the candies from Atsushi's hands.

"Wait. We were supposed to give you the candies?" asked Atsushi.

"Obviously," said Ranpo as if he was stating facts. "Your next clue is with Poe." He turned to look at a nervous looking Poe. "Poe. Your turn."

"H-here my short mystery novel—!" Poe gave Dazai and Atsushi each a mystery novel copies from the pile beside him, then backed away again, hiding beside Ranpo.

"Whoa, Atsushi-kun. I guess you're more of a genius than I am for taking the candies to Ranpo-senpai," said Dazai with surprise in his voice.

Atsushi scratched the back of his neck with a grin. "I just thought of returning it to him, that's all!" He turned to Ranpo and Poe. "Thank you, Ranpo-senpai, Poe-senpai." And bowed.

Ranpo waved him off. "No need to thank me. Just doing my job."

"Y-yes I a-agree!" Poe exclaimed. Shy of giving away copies of his book. "A-anyway. The next hint was in my book. Good luck!"

Atsushi and Dazai nodded and left to go somewhere quiet. Which was Dazai's room.

They both sat at Dazai's futon, attempting to read the pages.

"There's a lotta words… how are we supposed to read this fast?" Atsushi groaned out loud.

"Don't worry, I'm good at scanning words," said Dazai as he flipped through pages with incredible speed.

Atsushi was amazed as he looked and waited silently for the Alpha to finish reading the short novel and closed it.

"I think I know where to go. Follow me." Dazai stood up from his seat on the futon and left the room at a quick pace. Atsushi followed behind him.

"How on earth did you read that fast?" Atsushi asked as they went through corners of the hotel.

"I learned fast reading since I was a child," explained Dazai. "It's handy when you need to study late at night before the upcoming test for the next day."

"What was the story about?" Atsushi continued his charade of questions.

Dazai looked behind his shoulder. "Oh the usual. Murder and such, but easy to figure out. I know where the culprit was," said Dazai as he barged into the inner garden. "Kunikida-kun! You murderer!"

"I'm not a real murderer you ass!!" Shouted Kunikida. "Whatever. You were too late, another team already figured out the only last clue. But here it is anyway." Kunikida gave them torn up papers. Or more specifically, papers to arrange.

Dazai and Atsushi holed up onto the letters instantly. Wanting to speed up because they didn't want to lose to another team. Whoever that is.

"We got it!" Shouted Atsushi as he read aloud what the next clue was. "It's a riddle in English… 'Find me where the breeze blows through the leaves'? I'm not very good at reading English…"

"Oh don't worry, Atsushi-kun. Your reading is fine!" Said Dazai as he read the riddle once again. "Leaves and breeze huh… the forest maybe? Definitely not the inner garden because that's too obvious."

"Then c'mon! We have to hurry for the prize!" Exclaimed Atsushi as he tugged at Dazai's sleeves.

Dazai chuckled. "You really are excited for this game huh."

"Shut up and let's go," whined Atsushi.

They both ventured out into the open. There was a forest nearby the beach and it looked scary at night.

Dark trees casting shadows and the sound of nightly creatures could be heard.

Atsushi shivered when he felt a chill running down his spine. He wasn't going to like this.

"Don't worry, I'm here with you," said Dazai, attempting to comfort his mate.

"I-I'm not scared!" Exclaimed Atsushi as he bravely approached the opening path to the forest and walked in.

Dazai chuckled again many times that day. He found his mate to be quite interesting.

Once they're deep inside the forest with only a flashlight that Kunikida gave before they left the inner garden.

"How are we supposed to find treasure in this wide open space of a dark forest?" Whined Atsushi as he was about to give up after the long trek.

"Well that's a treasure hunt for you!" said Dazai as he swung the flashlight around looking for clues. "To be fair, at this point it's all about luck… Yosano-senpai did a good job thinking this through."

"Yosano-senpai did this? How did you know who did it?" Asked Atsushi.

"Simple, they were planning behind my back." Dazai barked out a laugh. "I saw them talking in whispers without me in it."

Atsushi rolled his eyes at Dazai's antics and continued to walk.

They stumbled upon a wide space of grass surrounded by trees. The sky above was lit up by stars and the blue moon.

And a breeze swept through them.

"Breeze…," Atsushi mumbled. "Breeze! This is it! Isn't it?!" He said excitedly.

Dazai hummed. "Maybe~ Let's look around."

They looked around the vicinity. But they couldn't find anything as of yet.


They kept searching until Dazai stumbled upon a shiny metallic looking box in the middle of the grassy field. He opened it to reveal bracelets. Or more specifically friendship bracelets. He approached Atsushi with the prize in hand.

"Atsushi-kun." Dazai knelt on the grass, bracelet in hand, showing it to Atsushi "Will you be my boyfriend?"

Atsushi was speechless. His heart beat frantically from the way Dazai was presenting his big question.

He hesitated.

"I'm… not sure yet…"

What was he saying? This was his true mate after all!

"I-I mean! I would love to? I think? But it's still too soon, that's all!" Atsushi tried to reason. "Oh no… I mean… ugh…"

Dazai didn't look shocked, just gave a sad smile at Atsushi as he stood up and grabbed Atsushi's right hand. "It's okay, I understand." He slid the wristband at Atsushi's anyway and kissed his hand. "I'll wait for you. Always."

Atsushi could feel his heart stop. This was too much for him.

Somewhere inside of him, he wanted to accept Dazai. But another part of him said no because they're not meant for each other. "I… I'm so sorry…" he didn't even know what he was sorry for. "I really…" Atsushi was crying then. "I really want to be with you… but with everything…"

"Don't be sorry, I told you. I understand." Comforted Dazai. "At least promise me to give an answer later okay?"

"Yeah." Atsushi sobbed. "Yeah okay."

"Now c'mon let's get outta here. It's cold tonight," said Dazai as he carefully maneuvered Atsushi outside of the forest. They walked slowly to let Atsushi gather his strength back and his tears wiped away.

They both arrived back at the entrance of the forest where a lot of people had gathered.

"Congratulations!! You won the second prize!!" Yosano shouted into a megaphone. "Team Dazai Osamu, Nakajima Atsushi!!"

Atsushi grinned awkwardly as he waved his hand with the bracelet on to the group of people cheering. He could also see some were gossiping about his appearance with Dazai. But that didn't matter to Atsushi anymore.

"And here comes the first prize winner!! I see them in the distance… and it's Nakahara Chuuya and Akutagawa Ryuunosuke!! Congratulations!!!" Yosano once again shouted.

Atsushi turned back with a surprised gasp. "Ryuu?!"

"I see you came out with Dazai too… is the relationship official?" Akutagawa asked as he and Chuuya approached the couple from the bushes.

The prize was around their necks, a couple necklaces that could connect to each other.

"Urk! Eh… erm… W-what about yourself?!" Atsushi stuttered nervously.

Akutagawa hummed and then approached Chuuya to grab him by the collar and kissed him.

The crowd cheered, some girls could also be seen crying as their Chuuya was then stolen from them.

Atsushi's jaw dropped as Dazai chuckled at the scene.

"Ryuu?!" Chuuya pulled away, blushing.

"You're mine, you stupid Alpha," whispered Akutagawa to Chuuya's ear, but heard by Dazai and Atsushi.

Chuuya's face was even more beet red at that point.

"Wow~ wow~ wow~ Chuuya here got himself hooked!" said Yosano on the megaphone.

"Should we go, Atsushi-kun?" Dazai suggested.

"Y-yeah…" Atsushi answered back, still slack jawed from his best friend's antics.

Looks like the whole winning team will be the talk of the whole school.

"C'mon…" Dazai tugged at Atsushi's sleeves and dragged him back inside the hotel.

"By the way this was the end of the summer vacation yeah…?" asked Atsushi. "What should we do now?"

Dazai paused on his steps and turned to Atsushi. "We pack up our bags and go tomorrow."

"Will… will we meet again?" Atsushi looked up to Dazai's eyes. Looking for genuine answers.

"Of course, Atsushi-kun. I'll never leave you. Even if you told me to stay away, you're my true mate. I can't just leave you…" he leaned over and purred on the younger student's neck.

Atsushi shivered, anticipating a kiss. But none came.

"I'll leave you now. I have to wrap up the events. I'll see you later, Atsushi-kun~" hummed Dazai as he left the scene.

Atsushi stood there dumbfounded.

Maybe he really was beginning to like Dazai after all.


Once Atsushi returned to his own room to pack up for tomorrow's flight, he decided to check his phone.

Spam emails, missed calls, text messages...

Wait. Missed calls?

Atsushi checked through the contacts and there it was.

Missed calls from his father of all people in the world.

He was too afraid to call back at this point. So he decided to check if there were any messages from the man.

Lo and behold, there were many text messages as well from his father.

Tapping it open he was greeted with angry messages asking him where he was and how dared he ran away behind his back.

His father wanted him back home.

Chapter Text


The car rolled into the front of Atsushi's house.

His journey back home was helped by Dazai.

After the plane flight with everyone else, the older student offered Atsushi a ride to his home.

"You don't have to…," said Atsushi.

"I insist. I must keep you safe after all." Dazai smiled.

Back to the present. Atsushi opened the door of the car, saying thank you to the driver and Dazai who sat beside him for the whole ride.

"You're welcome, Atsushi-kun." Dazai then looked at the front door.

Atsushi realized too late that his father didn't greet his return, leaving it awkward. Maybe it was for the best. "Where's your father? Can I meet him?" asked Dazai excitedly.

"No!" Dazai raised his eyebrows. "I mean… uh… I think he was away. So don't bother coming in. There's nothing for you inside." Atsushi laughed nervously. "I'll see you soon?" He asked hopefully.

"Of course, Atsushi-kun~ There's no way in hell you would see me far away from you." Dazai smiled. "Well I have to get going now. Visit me next time!" Dazai closed the car door and drove away, Atsushi not noticing the worried look on the older student's face.

Atsushi sighed and entered his house —Was it even considered his house anymore?— where the door was surprisingly open.

"I'm home…" Atsushi meekly called out as he took off his shoes at the Genkan.

Sounds of footsteps echoed through the hallway and before Atsushi realized, his hair was grabbed and he gasped in pain. Before he got himself a word in, Atsushi was dragged through the house and thrown roughly into his bedroom.

"Where have you been all this time, hm? Are you going to answer me?"

Atsushi was winded and before he could manage to get a word out, his father shouted at him.

"Nakajima Atsushi! Answer me at once! You useless pathetic child!"

The boy winched. "I was…" what was he gonna say? That he went on a trip behind his father's back? "I was at a friend's house…"

"For days you didn't come home when you should be studying. Didn't you know how much I paid for you to be in the most prestigious school of Yokohama? Useless child." His father spat at him. "You're grounded."

And so he left the room and closed the door behind him.

Atsushi wiped his face. Tears in his eyes.

He really didn't deserve to be born into this world…


Few days had passed by in a blur. Atsushi was still locked inside his room unless he needed to go to the loo or to eat. Other than that he studied to please his father.

One day his phone rang to an unknown number. Atsushi hesitated before answering the phone in a low whisper. "Hello?"

"Yo, Atsushi-kun! It's me, your prince charming!"

"Dazai-senpai?! How did you get my phone number?!"

"Oh that was easy. Akutagawa-kun gave them to me," said Dazai cheerfully on the phone.


"I see… was there something you needed?" Atsushi asked hesitatingly, looking at the door hoping his father wouldn't come in and heard him talking on the phone.

"I was just hoping… would you like to visit my house tomorrow? To study of course."

Atsushi scoffed. Study. Yeah right. It sounded like a bad lie.

"Well…" Atsushi didn't really know what to think. He knew that he was grounded. But this time…

"Well? " Dazai repeated when Atsushi didn't answer.

"Okay, I'll try." Atsushi sighed.

"Good. Okay. See you tomorrow then."

"Bye." Then Atsushi ended the call, flopping down onto the bed. Feeling déjà vu.

But the only difference now was that he was getting hungry. So, Atsushi sneaked his way out of his room and towards the kitchen, passing by the living room where he could hear snores of his sleeping father with the TV blaring on.

Atsushi made himself a sandwich quietly and went back to his room. Eating it on his way.

Once he was done he went back to studying. Lest he angered his father all over again.


The next day Atsushi got ready. He wore a white shirt and short dark blue sports pants. He was about to leave the house when his father caught him.

"Where do you think you're going?"

Atsushi looked back towards the inside of the house, towards his father. "I'm going to study with a friend," explained Atsushi.

"What makes you think that I would let you go?" His father asked.

"Umm… it's Dazai Osamu?" Everyone knows who Dazai was. No one in Yokohama didn't know his name for being Mori’s son.

“Dazai? Huh. Guess you’re useful after all. Go on then, you have my permission to leave.” His father turned away and got back to the living room. “Make sure you’re back tonight or else.”

Atsushi couldn’t believe his ears. He’s allowed to go? Well he was going to take his chances and not let it escape.
He dashed off the front door and ran far-far away until he stopped by the bus stop.

Huffing out a breath of air, he leaned on his knees and waited for the bus to come. Atsushi then pulled back to check his phone again to the text message where he asked Dazai where his address was. Confirming it, he closed his phone again and pocketed it right as the bus came.

Riding the bus, he sets off towards Dazai’s house.


To Atsushi’s surprise, the house was bigger than any normal mansion he had ever seen before.

It was intimidating.

“Atsushi-kun!” Dazai greeted him from the black front gates that stood menacingly.

“You were waiting for me? On a hot day outside?” Atsushi asked Dazai, who was only wearing a black shirt and black knee-length pants.

“Of course!” Dazai opened the gates and invited Atsushi inside. “I will always wait for you, Atsushi-kun.”

To Atsushi’s second surprise that day the inside of the gates he was greeted with a driveway and front yard garden. A very large front yard garden. Roses and a variety of plants seemed to thrive here.

“Wow…” gasped Atsushi.

“Fantastic right? Wait until you see the rest of the house.” Dazai then stopped in front of the doorsteps and opened the door. “After you…” he bowed.

Atsushi bowed back. “Excuse me,” he said as he entered the Genkan and took off his shoes. The house was huge. It reminded him of a castle instead.

Dazai entered as well and took off his own shoes. He got up above the Genkan and held up his hands to help Atsushi up.

Atsushi took it gratefully and hauled himself up, even though he didn’t need the help.

They walked around the mansion and stopped at the library door.

Opening the door, Dazai introduced Atsushi to his large library.

“Whoa…” in awe, Atsushi looked around the large library. It looked magical. Bookshelves after bookshelves of decorated wood carvings, chandeliers above the ceiling, a fireplace and loveseats.

At the very back large windows overlooked the large backyard.

Giddy, Atsushi dashed to one of the shelves and grabbed a book. He flipped through them and read.

Dazai chuckled. “I’ll grab some tea, go enjoy yourself. Wait here."

Atsushi jolted in surprise, he almost forgot he was with Dazai. Embarrassed, Atsushi stuttered a yes.

Grabbing a book to read, Atsushi sat on one of the chairs.

Dazai then came back with a tea tray. It was antique, white ceramic with gold cracks.

"Is that… real gold?" Atsushi asked when Dazai approached him and sat beside the boy, then put the tray down on a table.

"Correct. The best tea cup, only for Atsushi-kun," said Dazai as he poured tea into the cups. It’s transparent liquid splashing against the ceramic rim.

Atsushi took the tea gratefully and took a sip. It was delicious and warm.

“Jasmine?” Atsushi asked.

“Jasmine with a mix of other secret herbs,” explained Dazai with a smile.

Atsushi hummed. “Y’know the story about the cracks that were lined with gold?”

“I’m familiar with it. Something broken can be fixed or something like that.” Dazai brushed off a hand.

The younger student chuckled. “Yes. I’m glad you’re familiar with it.”

A comfortable silence befell them. With Atsushi drinking tea and holding a book, reading it. Dazai settled on just looking at Atsushi with lovey-dovey eyes.

This time it didn't make Atsushi feel uncomfortable. It made him feel calm and safe.

And Atsushi didn't feel the fear of his father, despite lying about his studies recently. But who cares? Atsushi thought. What matters to him now is the present. Not the future.

He continued to visit Dazai after that. Days went by with just the two of them. Either they hung around the library or had a picnic in the backyard.

In Dazai's home, Atsushi could pretend he was free for a little while longer. Instead of continuously studying under his father's watchful eyes.

In this mansion, he could do anything he pleases, courtesy of Dazai.

"Say Atsushi-kun. Wanna go on another date?" Asked Dazai as he played with Atsushi's long hair strands.

Atsushi was leaning against a tree as Dazai slept on his lap. He closed the book he was reading to look down at the older student.

"I would love to," Atsushi sincerely answered.

"Really?!" Dazai quickly got up to look back at Atsushi.

Atsushi blinked. "Uh… yes? Don't make me change my mind." He narrowed his eyes playfully.

"No please! Let's go on a Mall date with Chuuya and Akutagawa-kun! What do you say?"

Atsushi thought about it and it didn't sound as bad.

So he nodded and agreed to Dazai's idea.


Once again, Atsushi didn't tell his father the truth of his outing. But it really didn't matter to him anymore. Because he has Dazai, Akutagawa and even Chuuya.

"Alright! Double date~ Double date~!!" Exclaimed Dazai excitedly.

As of now, both Dazai and Atsushi were waiting for Chuuya and Akutagawa to arrive by the mall entrance.

"So, Atsushi-kun. I never got to ask but what made you move schools in the first place?" asked Dazai.

"Oh the usual. My dad works somewhere closer that's all." Well it's half of the truth, his father wanted him to go to the most prestigious school of Yokohama. Something about not shaming the family name as an Omega child.

"Oh I see… That's understandable." Nodded Dazai.

"Oy!! Dazai! Atsushi!" Someone yelled from a distance.

"Chuuya-senpai, Ryuu!" Atsushi turned to greet his kin and his kin's partner. He ran to Akutagawa to give him a hug.

"Good to see you're doing well, Dazai, Atsushi." Chuuya greeted them.

"Obviously!" Preened Dazai. Proud as an Alpha.

"Yes, I'm doing great, Chuuya-senpai! I hope you and Ryuu are getting along!" Atsushi pulled away from Akutagawa.

Chuuya looked at his mate with love in his eyes. "We've been getting along great."

Atsushi sighed lovingly at his friends. They really do fit each other.

"And we're getting along fine too, right, Atsushi-kun?" Dazai asked.

"Oh yeah! Yeah, we're fine!" stuttered Atsushi. "Um… should we get going?"

"You Omegas lead the way. We're just going to follow you guys," said Chuuya.

Atsushi looked at Akutagawa with excitement in his eyes and dragged the poor kin towards a clothing store.

There, Atsushi picked and chose a variety of clothing for Akutagawa to wear. "You need more clothes!!"

"Says you, who barely had any clothes as well," said Akutagawa as he picked clothes for Atsushi to wear.

The Alphas happily chat about nothing in particular as the Omegas went inside the changing room.

Atsushi changed to what Akutagawa picked for him, while Akutagawa changed to what Atsushi picked for him.

When they came out of the changing room, they showed off to their lovers. Well Atsushi hadn't considered Dazai as a lover yet, but who else was he supposed to show off to?

Dazai opened his mouth to a wide smile and clapped his hands. "So pretty!"

Atsushi huffed in his new clothes, a white turtleneck sweater. "I'm not pretty!"

"Nice one, Ryuu! It looks like it fits you. Want me to buy it for you?" Asked Chuuya.

Meanwhile Akutagawa was wearing a black turtleneck sweater. "I'll pay for it myself," he said.

"Oh we matched, Ryuu!" Exclaimed Atsushi happily.

"Want me to pay for yours?" Akutagawa asked.

"Nah I'm good. I brought my wallet."

"No, no, no. I will pay for it," Dazai piped up.

"What? No. I pay for it myself," said Atsushi with another huff.

"Oh I insist." Dazai ran to the cashier area.

"Oh no you don't!" Atsushi shouted as he himself dashed to give chase when it came to payment.

When Akutagawa and Chuuya walked to follow the duo they could see both of them pushing at each other to the cashier.

"No, me!" Atsushi shouted.

"And I insist as your partner!" Dazai shouted back.

"Break it up you two, just do rock, paper, scissors."

Atsushi and Dazai looked at each other and made a distance. They started to make a fist and pumping them in a game of rock, paper, scissors.

"Rock, paper, scissors!" They both chanted.

Dazai made a rock gesture, while Atsushi made a paper gesture.

The latter raised his arms in a cheer and proceeded to walk near the cashier to pay. While the former look defeated.

"I won~" sang Atsushi as he grabbed his paper bag of clothes.

Dazai groaned at his loss.

Chuuya and Akutagawa approached the cashier themselves. Then Akutagawa made the payment, as he promised.

Their next stop was to have brunch. They stopped at a fancy restaurant, perks of having Dazai and Chuuya who wanted to spoil their mates.

Each took a seat (Atsushi beside Dazai, Akutagawa beside Chuuya) and the waiter gave them their menus.

"Are you sure we're eating here? Looks expensive to me. Right Ryuu?" Atsushi asked Dazai then at Akutagawa, his kin nodding in front of him.

"Oh don't you worry about a thing! Chuuya and I decided this on ourselves and the payment would be with us," answered Dazai.

"I told you, you don't have to pay for us or anything like that. Let's just move to somewhere cheaper," Atsushi suggested.

"No. No, no. We're staying." Dazai gave an ultimatum.

The younger student pouted and crossed his arms. "Are you okay with this, Ryuu?"

"Yes I am." His friend simply answered.

Atsushi huffed and grabbed his menu to take a look and find something that was inexpensive.

The group settled on their choices. A non spicy crab curry with lemonade drink for Dazai, a fried salmon with vegetables on the side with water for Atsushi, a noodle soup with orange juice for Akutagawa and finally, boiled lobster with wine for Chuuya.

They called the waiter and ordered their food.

"So. What should we talk about?" Dazai smiled at the group.

Chuuya sighed as he settled back onto his seat. "Oh I don't know. Go say something funny."

"Chuuya's hat is ugly."

"Say that again you fu—"

"Not here," Akutagawa interjected.

"Yeah calm down guys. No fighting." Atsushi tutted at both of them.

The alphas groaned like children who were told to go to bed early.

Atsushi looked smug at having control over Dazai for once. As he was right.

Then they talked about school gossip. Uninteresting things in Atsushi's case, till their food came and they ate.

"How's everything at home, Atsushi-kun?" Dazai asked as he took a bite of his food.

Atsushi's hand paused from putting his spoon to his mouth and set it back down. "It's good, why?" He lied.

"Nah, just asking. I guess I was worrying for no reason." Dazai chuckled.

“Yeah… Yeah there wasn’t anything to worry about.” Atsushi brushed it off as Akutagawa looked at him with an eyebrow raised.


" Okay… um." Chuuya attempted to break the ice. "What should we do next?"

"Karaoke. I challenge Chuuya and his partner for a singing battle against me and Atsushi!" Dazai exclaimed smugly.

"You're on." Chuuya narrowed his eyes at the taller male while Akutagawa and Atsushi sighed.


Their next stop was definitely at the karaoke, which was inside an arcade area.

The place wasn't as crowded as they thought it would be in this time of the summer holiday.

Chuuya was the one who paid for a room, and said something about the one initiating the singing battle.

Once they're inside the karaoke room, Chuuya grabbed a mic and yelled out "Alright let's get this battle started!!"

Atsushi visibly cringed at the loudness but then smiled. He was having fun. And that was all that mattered.

Dazai grabbed another mic and looked straight at Atsushi in the eyes. "Watch me woo you successfully."

Atsushi laughed. "Yeah, right. "

"Let's start with a 'battle' first. My singing is better than yours anyway," said Chuuya to Dazai as he pushed the button of a remote to pick a song.

"Just like Atsushi's reaction towards me just now; 'Yeah, right.' try me Chuuya." Glared Dazai playfully. He couldn't wait to win Atsushi's favor with his singing. After all, there was a rumor saying that singing made the bond of two people stronger.

A song started to play in the room. It started with drums and cheers of people, then an electric guitar, then—

" A treacherous sunset, mingles sweat into your worries ," started Chuuya in his singing.

Dazai seemed to be confused for a moment not knowing the song before joining after hearing the lines and recognising it as something familiar.

" Hoping to cut through it, a machine roars as if it's singing."

"Blow up louder, the silent fairy is there."

Atsushi widened his eyes as he was surprised by both of their beautiful voices, while Akutagawa bobbed his head to the rhythm as if he was used to it.

Later on, the silver-haired Omega couldn't help but bobbed his own head too. The song fits their voices.

When the song ended, the tv screen showed numbers. With Chuuya's being the highest.

"YES!!!" Exclaimed Chuuya.

"Damn," Dazai cursed. "I'll get you on the next turn."

"You're on mackerel!"

Dazai turned to grab the remote and chose a song that was familiar to the both.

This time Atsushi had the chance to watch the tv screen and the song title showed the words: "Still Still Still".

Akutagawa groaned as he shook his head and covered his face.

Atsushi raised an eyebrow at that, as the seniors started to sing and…

Dazai was looking at him. While Chuuya was looking at the uncharacteristically shy Akutagawa.

" I still love you, I steal your love~"

Atsushi gaped. It's a romantic song and it's meant for them .

The young Omega also covered his face as he felt his face turn red from the amount of love he was receiving.

" Don't say 'goodbye and thank you'~"

"Gah! Stop looking at my face!" Yelled Atsushi when he looked up to see Dazai still staring at him.

Despite that, Dazai and Chuuya still managed to sing their hearts out to their Omegas.


The last stop for today was the photo booth at the arcade place as well.

"Now the next and last challenge is to take the best photogenic picture of us all —or just couples— and win a prize!" Dazai proposed.

"As if you have a gift." Chuuya crossed his arms.

"I do have 'em." Dazai huffed snottily. "And I'll assure you it's also to your expectations.

"Oh what is it then?"

"A motorcycle."

"Count me in."

Atsushi chuckled at the exchange between the two friends (well frenemy) and turned to Akutagawa. "Should we have a picture of the two of us as well? Something to remember by."

"Sure." Agreed Akutagawa.

"First up is obviously me and Atsushi-kun!" said Dazai.

"Shouldn't it be the Alphas and Omegas? Or maybe the four of us?" asked Atsushi.

"I agree with Atsushi. But do we fit inside the booth?" Chuuya wondered as he flipped the curtains of the booth open to check up on the size of the small space.

"Of course we fit. We just have to cramp it up a little bit!" The taller Alpha brushed it off and entered the booth. "Come on in!" He called out to the rest of the party who reluctantly joined into the cramped space of the booth.

"Wha! Hey! Who pushed me?"

"Ouch! My foot!"

"Move your face a little bit, I don't fit into the camera."

"Hurry up!"






Dazai pushed his way through the group and grabbed the result of the pictures where some of them do silly faces, looking serious or arguing with each other. It was fun to look at. Something to remember by.

"Now me and Atsushi-kun—" Dazai interjected.

"Now hang on just a moment. Let me have a picture with Ryuu first!" Atsushi cut through and pushed Dazai and Chuuya out of the booth.

The sound of cameras going off and giggles could be heard from inside and then finally the Omegas came out of the room.

"We're done," said Akutagawa with a cough, holding up a picture of the two best friends being silly with digital stickers on the pictures.

"Then finally! Let the battle begin!!" Dazai exclaimed as he rushed in while dragging Atsushi.

Now inside the booth…

"Uh.. erm what are you—" Atsushi shivered as Dazai dragged him closer with a hand on his ass.

"Just follow my lead." Purred Dazai.

One scene had them in each other's arms. While the second had them pose as if to kiss. The third had Atsushi pushing away Dazai and finally the fourth had Dazai laughing as Atsushi walked away from the booth.

Atsushi huffed once he got out of the booth. "Sexual harassment."

Chuuya roared out in laughter. "Ok our turn," Chuuya said as he dragged a blushing Akutagawa. "Oy! Dazai! Get out of there!"

"Ugh fine!" The taller male came out of the booth and walked towards Atsushi, holding the group of pictures.

The remaining duo waited for Chuuya and Akutagawa by talking about nonsensical things until the other two came out of the booth, with Akutagawa who was behind Chuuya, blushing.

"There! Perfect pictures of me hugging and kissing my boyfriend . Unlike you sad sod who couldn't even kiss!" Chuuya stuck his tongue out.

"Well too bad. I bought the motorcycle and it's mine anyways. Whoopsie daisy." Dazai giggled.

Chuuya, embarrassed at the trap Dazai put out, was red in the face. "Why you little—"

"Running!" Dazai yelled out as he dashed off.



After the day ended with Chuuya and Akutagawa leaving the group, it was only Dazai and Atsushi sitting on a bench outside of the mall eating ice cream.

Finishing his vanilla ice cream, Atsushi stood up. "I, uh… should get going."

Dazai shoved the last bite of chocolate ice cream into his mouth and rubbed his hands together to clean them. "Wait. Won't you… stay a little bit longer?"

Atsushi turned to look back at Dazai and reluctantly sat back down. "What is it?" He asked, already knowing what was coming.

"Just wanted you to stay longer," explained Dazai.

The Omega sighed and leaned his head on Dazai's shoulder.

Dazai cooed at the action, grinning widely that Atsushi could feel it instead of seeing it.

"Oh shut it." Atsushi playfully slapped Dazai's shoulder.

After a long while, Atsushi's neck started to ache, so he stood back up. "I should really get going, don't want to make my father worried." Not that his father would worry for him, just wanted him to study…

"Daw…," Dazai whined. "Can't you stay for maybe just a day? At my house?"

"I… I can't. Sorry."

Dazai pouted but nodded anyway. "At least let me drive you home?"

Atsushi shook his head. "I prefer to go home alone. And you can't make me."

The Alpha sighed but nodded once more. "Okay, okay. I'll see you next time?" He asked hopefully.

Biting his lips, Atsushi thought for a bit and nodded. "Yeah. Yeah I'll see you again soon."

"Then…" Dazai quickly grabbed Atsushi by the hand and with his other hand he placed it on the boy's cheek as he stole Atsushi's first kiss.

The Omega pulled back in shock and his face red in embarrassment. "W-wha—"

"That's for today and a promise to come see me again. Our first kiss." Dazai smirked.

"I-i-idiot!!!" Atsushi yelled as his face grew hotter and ran off to the sound of the Alpha's laughter.


And then that same night after Atsushi went back home early, his father got home drunk.

The man stumbled around the house, slamming the front door close behind him.

"Welcome back father…" Atsushi greeted him when he arrived at the doorstep.

His father looked up at him furiously. "What are you looking at you good for nothing brat?"

"I-I was just making dinner—" then Atsushi was dragged through the bedroom once more and was hit then kicked by his own father.

The punches were hard and the kicks were rough. It left scratches, cuts and bruises.

Atsushi stayed silent as the assault continued, until it finally stopped and his father left the room.

The boy whimpered and sobbed as he crawled onto the bed and locked the door. He breathed heavily to calm himself down before venturing to the bathroom —which was connected to his room— and searched around for bandages and salves for the cuts and bruises.

He applied the bottle of alcohol onto his cuts and wrapped them in bandages. As for the bruises, he uses a salve to ease the bruising.

Once that was done, he laid back down onto the bed.

"Why does this have to happen to me? Why can't I live a happy life? What did I do wrong to deserve this?" 

Atsushi cried that night.

Chapter Text


Tossing and turning on the bed, Atsushi suddenly jolted up, awake and panting from his dream.

He grabbed his head as a sharp pain of headache came. Breathing slowly to calm himself, he pulled away his hand and settled it down onto the dirty sheets.

He just had a nightmare about something… something to do with his father hurting him even more. But there was something in the dream as well... he couldn't recall what it was about.

Atsushi sighed out as nightmares had been occurring frequently for the past few days. He looked up to the roof when he heard pitter patter.

It was raining.

Just from that fact alone, he knew it was going to be a slow day today, especially when his father wasn't home to kick him into studying.

If Atsushi recalled, his father had a business to attend to. The Omega didn't know what his father worked as. He just knew it was making a decent amount of money, that it was enough to enroll him to his current school.

Atsushi sighed again as he settled back down onto the bed. Is this what they called a boring Sunday? Because it seemed just like it.

There was nothing of interest. Dazai hadn't even called since the kiss. And Atsushi felt used when he heard nothing from his Alpha for ages now.

The Omega groaned out of boredom. He would read a book, but after a load of studying, looking at words made him sick, so he settled to just play with his phone.

First kiss…

Their first kiss.

Didn't that mean that Dazai never kissed someone before? Well that was certainly strange. What about with his past lovers? Actually… did he even consider them lovers in the first place? Maybe he was a Casanova after all…

At least… in the past.

So Atsushi made a theory that Dazai didn't kiss his past lovers at all because he was only there for the screwing not the love. But no kissing meant that… he was saving it for a special person?

Thinking it like that made Atsushi blush furiously. He fumbled his own thoughts and killed it before it went any further.

Dazai was really an enigma…

Atsushi yawned and got off the bed. He should continue his daily routine.

First thing first was breakfast. Cereal and milk with toast and egg at the side. It was a hefty breakfast but he was pretty hungry anyways.

A thought crossed his mind and made him chuckle.

What if he became fat and Dazai wouldn't like him anymore? That would be interesting. Testing the Alpha's love for a less attractive look. But then again, he probably wouldn't look that bad if he was a bit chubby.

Overall Atsushi liked the way he looked.

Actually… who cares about what he looked like? No one bothered to look at him anyway. Better yet, his haircut was horrendous since his father was the one who cut it for him.

In the end, there was just no winning for Atsushi's look. He really shouldn't care what people say or think. He looks fine.

He looks fine. And Dazai liked him that way.

Atsushi shook his head aggressively. "What was that about? What was I thinking? Huh…"

Maybe he was just tired from all the studying. He should have gone back to bed.

Finishing his breakfast, he did just that. Back to his room and laying on the worst bed history ever made.

He couldn't wait to move out to his own apartment or go to a university with a dorm. Nicer beds… room with a window… a heater… 

It would be nice…

As Atsushi was about to close his eyes to sleep, he heard his phone make a 'Ping!' sound.

Atsushi groaned as he got up and grabbed the phone from the study table. Checking it to see his messages.

It was from Akutagawa.

SnakeGod: Coming over?

TigerCatLover: Sorry?

SnakeGod: Aren't you free or something? Just come on over to my house. It's boring out here.

TigerCatLover: Oh!! Sure, sure. I'll think of a way of getting outta here.

SnakeGod: I'll be waiting.

Atsushi locked his phone and got ready to dress up.

Despite the rain, it was still hot outside, so he wore a yellow shirt and short sports pants.

Now to get out of the house…

Atsushi walked to the front door and checked to see if it was locked.

It was.

Lately his father had been locking the front door and made a new key so Atsushi wouldn't get out of the house that frequently.

"You're going out too much these days and I don't like it. Stay in your fucking room." The man said this a few days ago.

Atsushi sighed and looked down in defeat. But then looked up once more in determination.

He was getting out of this house no matter what.

The Omega started his search for something to unlock the door to his freedom in the kitchen.

"There has to be something… aha!" Atsushi cheered internally as he found a safety pin. He uncurled it and quickly went back to the door.

Now… for starters, Atsushi didn't know what he was doing. He just shoved the pin inside and worked his way through.

Eventually he gave up and searched online on how to lockpick.

With the help the lock was surprisingly easy to unlock. And not long after, the door opened up.

"Freedom at last!" Thought Atsushi as he stepped out of the door and closed it behind him after wearing his shoes.

He quickly ran to the bus stop once more and rode the quickest stop to Akutagawa's house, rain water soaking him on his way.


Once he rode the bus, the bus driver looked at him with a glare, probably from how soaked he was as Atsushi and his father only had one umbrella in the house (his father took the only umbrella on his way to work of course).

Atsushi smiled at the driver apologetically and paid for a seat using his card, tapping it on the machine, then went to take a seat on an empty chair near the window.

He looked up onto the sky, grey and a bit of a bad omen if he thought about it.


Arriving at Akutagawa's house, Atsushi rang the doorbell and waited outside. The rain had long stopped but the sky was still grey, hinting at another round of water droplets.

The door opened to reveal Akutagawa in his casual clothes as well.

"Took you long enough." The boy coughed.

"Sorry, I was locked in by my father. Had to search up how to unlock doors with a safety pin," Atsushi nervously smiled.

"Good God. Your father—"

"Don't say it." Atsushi raised a hand to pause Akutagawa. "I already know. I hate him."

Akutagawa nodded then moved aside. "Well come on in."

"Excuse me," Atsushi said as he entered and took off his shoes at the Genkan. "So… what are we doing today?"

"Let's just play games. Catch up and stuff. I got a PS5," coughed Akutagawa.

"I don't know what that is but it sounds fun! Let's go!"

Now in Akutagawa's room, the boys could be seen playing a console game on Akutagawa's big TV.

The siblings' adopted parents sure were rich…

Atsushi once more lost to Akutagawa's game character in a battle game (since he was new to gaming and all). "So… what should we talk about?"

"I don't know… what are you doing these days?" Asked Akutagawa.

"The usual." Atsushi sighed. "Father forced me to study and didn't let me out for a while now after our outings."

"That sucks…" Akutagawa coughed. 

"Yeah…" it wasn't just 'suck', it was horrible in Atsushi's opinion. Sure, he loved studying and would be willing to go to the best University, but… It wasn't worth it if he had to be forced to blender his brain twenty four per seven. "Anyway. How's you and Chuuya-senpai?"

"We're fine. The usual. He was the one who bought me the PS5 actually," Akutagawa answered casually.

"Wait. Seriously? That's amazing! Wow. He's such a great guy!" Atsushi was happy for his kin, it was rare to see Akutagawa this happy when he made a small smile like that.

Akutagawa tried to hide that smile, but it was too late. He started to laugh. "And he's mine too," he said possessively.

"Obviously, duh." Atsushi playfully pushed his friend's shoulder.

"What about you? You and Dazai-senpai?" Akutagawa asked with a cough.

"Oh we're fine… actually y'know what? You wouldn't believe this but he kissed me last double date! Our first kiss. Can you believe it?" Atsushi once more played the game character and lost to Akutagawa.

" 'Our' ? Oh wow. Huh. Never expected that. Maybe he meant you guys first kiss on the date?" Akutagawa suggested.

"Oh yeah… you might be right." Atsushi sighed. "So he does have past lovers…"

"Not to assume but… are you jealous? " Akutagawa smirked uncharacteristically.

"Wha— no! No of course not! That's just ridiculous!" Atsushi exclaimed.

"You are." The other Omega chuckled.

"Oh please! Shut it!" Atsushi blushed. Well maybe a little bit jealous. They were kinda dating after all…

A knock on the door startled them.

"I brought Ocha and snacks," A female voice said.

"Oh it's Gin." Akutagawa muttered then yelled out with a cough, "come on in!"

The door opened to reveal Gin with a tray of cups of tea and snacks. She set it down onto a table and left once more.

"Did you think she heard everything?" Atsushi whispered.

"Even if she did, she wouldn't say anything to anyone. I promise," said Akutagawa.

"I trust her. Don't worry." Atsushi brushed it off.

Akutagawa nodded and went back to playing.

It was a calm silence of the two just gaming before Atsushi confessed his feelings about Dazai.

"Y'know… he's actually not that bad once you get to know him," started Atsushi and Akutagawa turned to look with an eyebrow raised. "Dazai-senpai," explained Atsushi. "Dazai-senpai isn't that bad when I think about it. It's just… y'know me dating him is just weird. We're both so different! You understand, right?"

Akutagawa nodded once more, then hummed for Atsushi to continue.

"He's… well, him. And I'm me. We just don't fit!" Atsushi said, baffled at the idea of crushing on Dazai.

Akutagawa hummed again as he defeated Atsushi once more in the game.

"Ugh. What should I do? " Moaned Atsushi in despair.

"I suggest you and Dazai-senpai have a nice chat with each other," said Akutagawa with a cough.

Atsushi sighed. "Yea, I guess you're right. Him and I should talk more…" 

"Do you have a plan of what to talk about?" Asked Akutagawa.

"Nope. Not a clue!" Atsushi shrugged off with a smile.

Akutagawa sighed and adjusted himself on his seat before clearing his throat. "Pretend I'm Dazai-senpai."


"Just do it."

Atsushi looked at his kin funny. " Well this is unusual… " he thought. "Uh… okay. Well um… hello, Dazai-senpai…?"

Akutagawa nodded for Atsushi to continue.

"This is so dumb," muttered Atsushi. "Ehem… anyways uh… talking. Right. Uh… how do you do?"

The other Omega raised an eyebrow at that, looking amused.

"Nevermind. Just uh... shut up and listen. I think… I kinda like you. No wait, scratch that. I think you're cool. Uh no— I think you're alright as a… person. Y'know. You're nice."

Akutagawa paused the game and turned fully to Atsushi, closing his eyes to let Atsushi continue, listening in to the sound of the latter's voice.

"You're not what I expected. I thought you just wanted to… Y'know… screw with me and leave despite us being mates. But no, you stayed. And I kinda like that…

"Hmm… what else… I know you think I don't like you, but honestly? I think I'm starting to like you." Atsushi chuckled. "Ridiculous claim, I know. But I think you would be happy to know that. For me… well I'm still figuring it out. So, please wait for my answer…

"I-I think that's what I wanted to say. Is that good?" Atsushi asked.

"Doesn't matter if it's bad or good. Do you feel better now?" Akutagawa opened his eyes.

"Yeah… yeah you're right, I do feel a lot better. I think… I like him… I don't know." Atsushi shook his head.

"Well as you just said, you're still figuring it out. So, calm down and let's just play a game." Akutagawa unpaused the game and he played the controller once more.

"Wah!" Atsushi scrambled with the controller and continued his gaming with Akutagawa.


When Atsushi went back home, obviously his father was not happy at all.

"I'm sorry, I just—" Atsushi started as he entered the house, already knowing his father was there at the front.

"Save your sorries once you're back in your room. Now get to it!" His father said in calm anger. But Atsushi knew better. He was beyond furious.


The hits were brutal. But the words cut deep into his soul.

"You useless, good for nothing child!"


"And a male Omega as well! Disgusting!"


"If only your mother could see you now! She would be ashamed in her grave!!"


Atsushi only sobbed silently, curling up and protecting his head, stomach from further hits and kicks.

"I don't deserve a child like you! A shame to the whole damn family that I can't even bear to let you meet the rest of the family members! You're nothing but trash, a devil's child you are!"

"I-I'm—" not a monster. "Sorry!"

"You should be sorry you useless freak!" Another kick. "Not just that, you deserve to be lashed upon!! Show me your back!"

"No, please! I'm sorry! I won't do it again! I won't escape! I'm sorry!" Sobbed Atsushi as his father dragged him by the collar of his shirt and pulled the shirt off. He was pushed to his front, showing his bare back.

Atsushi could hear a belt being unbuckled. And next thing he knew…

Burning pain .

His sobs and cries of hurt, of pain, mingled with the sound of leather slapping against skin.

That was Atsushi's night. A punishment he didn't deserve.


Dazai was a simple young man. He had everything in life: cars, money, phones... except for one thing.

A lover.

Atsushi was hard to get alright. And he was still determined to get Atsushi's attention.

What could Dazai possibly do next to get his mate's attention? Another date? No. That's probably too much. But at the same time, it worked out fine. And their first kiss…

Oh their first kiss…!

It was fantastic. Just like what Dazai had imagined in movies he watched and books he read. He felt a tingling sensation, fireworks and butterflies in his stomach.

But did Atsushi feel the same way?

He imagined the blushing boy from back on their last meeting by the mall. If Atsushi did feel the same way, would Atsushi finally fall for him?

Just that thought alone made him giddy. He would gladly kiss Atsushi as many times as the boy allowed him to do. Or maybe steal more kisses.

It's selfish, yes. But what could he do? He fell in love. Just like before.

Ah yes. Previous crush.

Dazai dropped that love ages ago. They were just not meant to be.

Maybe he should talk about it with Atsushi. About his previous crush. What it meant to him and what it meant to them now.

To comfort his future mate that he would always choose his mate above all else.

Other than that… well…

Dazai couldn't help that Atsushi was hiding something inside that house. So many times Atsushi would visit his house in long sleeves despite how hot the summer is.

No matter how many times Dazai tried to uncover those sleeves, he would be greeted by a gentle slap of a hand and a glare.

Another question was about his father… What did he look like? What did he do as a living?

There were so many questions left unanswered when it came to Nakajima Atsushi. It almost made Dazai think he didn't know Atsushi that well yet. Which saddened the Alpha greatly.

The rest of the day was boring. Dazai had to wake up early to do his summer homework and University entry. Well, at least the best part was that it was raining that morning.

His favourite weather was the rain, he found it peaceful, unlike sunny, hot summer that made him groan in the heat.

Well… it was still hot despite the rain, but Dazai could pretend that it was not that hot for once.

His morning routine was just being lazy on the bed and having food being delivered to his bedroom suite.

Dazai had to wake up to a typical morning. A dream about Atsushi in incriminating poses and a wank before a butler came in with his food.

Preferably Dazai liked to sleep fully naked, so that made things a lot easier.

He imagined the young boy up on all fours, or maybe even on his back. Face flushed from the heat of the Omega and eyes filled with lust. Dazai drooled at the thought and quickly grabbed the tissue box beside his bed.

Later on, once he finished eating with a glow up; he took a nice cold shower to battle the summer temperature.

And maybe another wank session. Because why not.

That finished, he dressed up in a nice long black shirt with boxers only. No one cared anyway what he dressed up with in his own house.

He made his own lunch later on. Onigiri with the side of squid cut into small pieces.

Then he read a book to study for the final semester, as well as looking up for university to go into. He wondered which University Atsushi would choose…

Back to the present, Dazai had thought non-stop about Atsushi. He almost bumped into a pillar from his musings.

What else when it comes to Atsushi…

Oh yes his beautiful eyes—

" No. No. Don't get distracted, Dazai ," He thought with a light slap to his cheeks. "You must think of something to win Atsushi-kun's heart."

He did everything. What else do couples need? He needed Chuuya.

And so he contacted his frenemy.

"Hello?" The sound of a male voice heard through the phone.

" Hey , Chuuya. I need more tips to win Atsushi-kun's heart," started Dazai, already preparing a notebook to write down ideas.

On the other end of the phone the young ginger-haired man groaned. " Seriously? Just give the poor omega some time and do not push it."

"Oh but what if he doesn't like me back in the end?" Dazai whined as he flopped back down onto his king sized bed.

"Then you move on," Chuuya deadpanned.

"I don't like that idea."

" Well you don't have much choice now do ya?" Chuuya had a point. There wasn't much to do when someone didn't like you back. And that thought alone made Dazai feel a little bit sad.

"But still can't I just…Do something about it?" Dazai whined once more.

" No you can't. Unless…"

"Unless??" Dazai prompted when Chuuya didn't speak further. Standing back up and pacing around the room.

"Unless you do the traditional way of courting, but that's not ideal really." Dazai knew what Chuuya was talking about.

Impregnate the Omega.

It will force them to be with the Alpha they mated with. Since they had no choice but to raise the child together.

"I-I can't do that. That's not what I want. I want him to like me normally," explained Dazai. Disgusted at the suggestion Chuuya made.

" Ugh I know, you idiot. I don't want that either."

"Then why do you suggest that ?"

"Look, I know it sounds stupid. But you didn't use protection, did you?" Chuuya was starting to sound like Kunikida by the minute.


" As expected. What are the chances he's— "

"Okay, okay! Geez mom . Can't believe I have a second Kunikida-kun."

" Well at least I'm trying to fucking help."

Dazai sighed. "Yes, I know. Anyway, even if he became pregnant, we're still too young! I'm not sure if he agrees with abortion…"

" Ask him . Duh." Chuuya scoffed.

"Yeah you're right… what if he wanted to keep the baby?" Talking about raising a child at his age made him nervous as hell and it showed when the next time Chuuya replied, it sounded softer.

" Look man… if he wants to keep the baby —if he's pregnant that is— then who are you to stop him? Plus, you need to be a responsible father. You don't want Atsushi to raise them alone now, right?"

"Yeah… yeah you're right. Again. But ugh!! My father would probably skin me alive if he found out I didn't have safe sex."

" Make sense ."

"It wasn't on purpose!!"

Chuuya laughed. " Yeah I know. Imagining you as a dad sounds fucking weird. Does that make me an uncle then ?"

"Godfather to be precise."

" Right. Anyway I got to go. Need to review my homework and other shit."

"Alright, see ya."

" Don't wanna be ya."

Dazai hung up the phone and sighed as he leaned on the table where the telephone was.

He prayed to the gods that Atsushi wouldn't get pregnant from the amount of knotting they did. But it was his fault for the second sex without safety measures. 

The Alpha swallowed a lump in his throat. He could imagine the worst possibilities that could happen if he was a father.

He didn't know how to change diapers. He didn't know how to carry a baby. He didn't know how to even feed the baby.

Dazai groaned out loud in frustration. He should really stop thinking about babies and accidental pregnancies. It's not like Atsushi would get pregnant just from a few knottings anyway. Right…?

He needed to explain to his father soon. That he found a mate. His true mate of all else.

His father would probably be happy that he found his true mate. But impregnating? Hard no. Especially when it could make a scandal in the morning newspaper.

The Alpha sighed as he wandered the mansion's many rooms and hallways. His mind wandered to Atsushi's father, Atsushi himself and the babies.


Dazai was walking through the main hall of the house when the doorbell suddenly rang. Was it Atsushi-kun?

"I'll get it!" Dazai said to his butler who was about to open the door.

Happily, Dazai swung the door wide open. But what he didn't expect was someone familiar.

Red hair.



After the abuse Atsushi endured, he started to feel a little bit sick to the stomach. Even though his father avoided punching his guts out this time, he still felt nauseous. So, he crawled to the bathroom and went straight to the toilet to vomit his lunch.

In the end, he vomited three times that night. His dinner from Akutagawa's house left his stomach.

Wiping his mouth and cleaning up at the sink, Atsushi paused for a moment and looked up at the bathroom cabinet where a box of pregnancy tests were.

"No… it couldn't be…" he thought as he scrambled to open the box and grabbed one of the pregnancy tests.

The signs are already there, he's been a bit too hungry, vomiting and a little bit cranky.

His father kept the pregnancy test handy in case Atsushi got pregnant. The man made the Omega check every once per month (to make sure he didn't get pregnant as a student most likely; Who could ruin the 'family's reputation'). His next check up was supposed to be in three days.

Uncapping the pregnancy test, Atsushi went back to the toilet to use it.


He waited impatiently as he sat on the now closed toilet seat. Atsushi quickly locked the bathroom door, because he didn't want his father to find out about what was to come next…

Atsushi stared hard at the item held between his fingers and it came out…


He's pregnant.

Chapter Text

Only a quitter,

Would let it go,

I'm your fool in a one-man show,

I was so bitter,

'Til you came along,

You set my sails when the tide was low,


We're going down this road,

With tears in our rear view mirror,

Far from home,

But in the dark you'll know,

With me you've got nothing to fear,


So let's run away

They will have to find another heart to break,

Why don't we just run away,

Never turn around, no matter what they say,

We'll find our way,

When the sun goes down,

On this town,

There'll be no one left but us,

Just like run-aways,

They will have to find some other hearts to break, hearts to break


Runaways by All Time Low

Dazai - 6pm

"Odasaku… Hey… uh… what are you doing here?" Dazai asked as he leaned onto the door frame, trying to act as if he wasn't surprised at all.

Odasaku scratched behind his neck in a casual way that almost made Dazai jealous because internally he was a wreck right now. "Oh I'm here for your father —something about a job— and just checking up on you… So… how are you, Dazai?"

"Oh I'm good. Absolutely fine. H-how about you?" He was not flirting with Odasaku. He was just awkward, that's all!

"I'm good as well."

Silence fell between them with Dazai just staring at Odasaku. He aged well.

"Um, can I come in?" Odasaku suddenly asked.

"Oh yeah! Sure sure! Come on in." Dazai moved out of the way to let Odasaku into the mansion's entryway. "Want to uh… wait in the drawing room?"

"With pleasure," Odasaku replied with a nod.

Dazai led the way. Forcing himself to not look back at Odasaku. Their way to the drawing room was met with silence once more.


The butler of the house already prepared both Odasaku and Dazai tea. Chamomile with a mix of a few expensive herbs.

Dazai took a sip as he strayed his eyesight away from Odasaku as much as possible.

Odasaku however looked more relaxed. Still awkward, but… much calmer than Dazai.

He really has grown as a full fledged adult…

Back in the days, Odasaku was somewhat of a servant's child in the mansion. He and Dazai became friends quickly, alongside a boy named Ango (another rich friend of Dazai from family business). It was easier to make friends when Dazai was just a boy. Bored from school work and continuing the family line of business, he bothered the servant's child as much as he could. By showing off toys and books.

Odasaku was older of course. And with respect for the rich family, he indulged Dazai. Following the boy everywhere he goes and making sure to protect him from harm.

Once they grow a bit older however… Dazai couldn't help but feel something for the other Alpha.

One day, Dazai confessed his love to Odasaku, but was carefully rejected by the older boy.

"I'm… sorry. Dazai. I don't feel the same way, I hope you can—"

Dazai ran away that time and didn't come out of his room for months.

Eventually, Odasaku grew old enough to find work for himself and left the family alongside his mother (who was the servant of the house).

They hadn't talked since that day. And now… meeting once more when Dazai is older…

Dazai took another long sip of his tea.

He felt embarrassed of his younger self. He became a Casanova due to that. But more on that later.

"Care to tell me what you have been up to since I… Left?" Odasaku asked softly.

"Oh the usual. Family stuff, school and… Uh…" He didn't want to admit he became a Casanova. Not to Odasaku. He didn't want to blame the older man for what he became. "Actually, there's nothing more. Haha." Dazai lightly laughed. Should he even tell Odasaku about Atsushi? He should. But how? How to make it not awkward?

"Oh… that's… Great. Very nice." Odasaku took a sip of his tea.

"Anyway! I already called my father and he should be here in a moment," said Dazai as he impatiently waited for his father to come into the room at this instant . "So uh… what about you? What have you been doing?"

Odasaku set his tea down onto the end table beside him and relaxed back down onto the sofa he was sitting on. "Well, work as always. Nothing too fancy. I worked at a retail store first and slowly made my way up as a businessman."

"Is… that why you need my father?"

"Yes." Odasaku is not the type to talk much since their childhood days. It was always Dazai who had to pry for answers.

"That's all?" The question sounded rude, but Dazai was at his wit's end. Why was Odasaku here? What does his father want with him? Or maybe what does he want with his father?

"Well… I started to adopt a few kids here and there… they're lovely. You should meet them sometime."

Dazai almost dropped his teacup.


Odasaku have kids now?!

"You have… children… wow. Uh right. You're married?" Dazai asked, feeling a tinge of jealousy. But he must learn to let go. Eventually. He had Atsushi after all.

"It's complicated." Odasaku didn't elaborate further.

"Okay… yeah. Okay. Anything else…?"

"I'm writing a book."

What is up with people around Dazai and writing books? It's almost as if everyone he met wanted to write books.

"That's awesome! Wow! What is it about?" Asked Dazai with false enthusiasm. He was getting a bit more antsy. Where the hell was his father?

"Oh just normal fiction things… Will you read it?" Odasaku grabbed his tea once more and took a sip.

"Oh yes I will! Absolutely!" Dazai said. " Forgive me Atsushi-kun." He thought as he felt like he was cheating on his mate over a book.

Another silence befalls them once more.

"You should meet the kids. They're lovely," said Odasaku softly.

"Of course. I would love to meet them." Dazai then suddenly stood up. "I-I have to go to the loo…"

But before he managed to get out of the awkward situation, the door of the drawing room opened. Introducing Mori Ougai in his expensive suit and an aura of a leader.

Dazai sat back down. 

"Ah! Oda-kun, Dazai-kun! I see you've waited for me!" Mori said. And despite being family, Mori still said Dazai's name with an honorific. "Let us discuss your work. Dazai-kun, will you be joining?"

Dazai hesitated, he wasn't sure if it's something he should hear or if it's considered important. Then again he had nothing to lose, so he decided to stay to hear what the conversation was about. "Sure."

Mori nodded and took a seat at an armchair, he turned to Odasaku. "Brandy, Oda-kun?"

"No, thank you. The tea is fine." The man said, holding a cup of tea.

"I see. Well then. I welcome you back to the mansion and I would like to hire you as a butler to the family. Any comments?" Mori asked as he crossed his legs. An aura of professionalism surrounding him.

"Butler? But why?" Dazai wanted to voice out but looked at Odasaku instead. He saw that the man himself seemed surprised and voiced his own question.

"Can I ask why would you like me to be a butler…? Not to be rude but, didn't you have many butlers already, Mori-dono?" Odasaku asked, still referring to Mori as his master from ages ago.

"Hmm… Well, more butlers in the house doesn't seem so bad now, does it?" Mori turned slightly to Dazai with a look that only a father and a son would understand.

"Oh no… he is not…" Dazai was horrified. His father was pairing him with Odasaku! He forgot to tell his father about Atsushi! This was going to become awkward… "Uh… I'm not so sure… about that?" Dazai ended his sentence with a question.

Now it was Mori's turn to be surprised. "No…?"

"Yes! No! I mean—" Dazai stuttered. He could see from the corner of his eyes that Odasaku seemed uncomfortable to be in the same room with them. Clearly noting that this had something to do with something.

Dazai sighed. "Father, no."

"What? Why not? But you liked—"

"That was ages ago!" Dazai quickly retorted.

And the room fell silent.

Odasaku cleared his throat. "Once again, not to be rude, I have no interest in Dazai, Mori-dono…"

"I have no interest either, father…" Dazai muttered.

Mori sighed. "After my hard work trying to get into contact with Oda-kun… but at least I do need a trusted butler for the family. Will that suffice?"

"If working doesn't mean pairing me with Odasaku, that's fine by me," said Dazai with another sigh.

"Agreed." Odasaku nodded.

Mori rolled his eyes. "Oh, fine. I'm just being a father since you seemed lonely. The both of you that is."

"I… have a mate already," Odasaku admitted. "He's a very close friend."

"Wait. You do? Who?" Dazai asked, his heart slightly broken but not as broken as he thought he would be.

"Do you remember Ango? Yeah we… stayed together for a while now." Odasaku slightly smiled. He seemed happy about it. And there was nothing Dazai could do.

"Well that settles it, I suppose," said Mori as he was about to stand up. "Oda-kun, we will talk more about your employment soon—"

"W-wait. I have a confession to make." Dazai stood up. "I too have a mate."

Mori looked at Dazai, surprised once more. "Dazai-kun you're going to give me a heart attack one day." He sat back down.

Dazai chuckled. "I will try not to. Anyway… Um…" now that he was the only one standing up, he felt like he was on stage. "He is… my true mate."

"Oh?" Interested, Mori leaned closer, putting his chin on his intertwined fingers. While Oda sat and listened, like a good friend he was.

"Nakajima Atsushi."

Mori leaned back once more, a groan of tiredness coming out from him. "Ah… the Nakajima family…"

"You know it, father?" Dazai asked.

"Yes… I somewhat know them," started Mori. "Well this is troublesome…"

"... Can I ask why?" Dazai's heart stopped. His father wasn't going to reject their love right?

"Don't worry, I won't outright reject your love, Dazai-kun… but," Mori said, already reading Dazai's mind. "Do you know what his family… is?"

"Uh no… not that I know of." What was his father implying? Atsushi is not some kind of step-brother right?

"Let me grab something. Be right back." Mori stood up and left the room.

Dazai sat back down, his knee jiggling in anticipation. What was the big reveal? He was scared. He didn't even bother to look at Odasaku who was currently worried for Dazai.

When Mori came back a few minutes later he had a newspaper and dropped it on the table in front of the seats. "I think you should read it, Dazai-kun…"

Dazai snatched the newspaper quickly and scanned the many texts.

"Nakajima family dead… black market… human trafficking…" Dazai could feel his heart drop even further. His stomach was full of anxiety. "What… what is this?"

The newspaper was scrunched up under Dazai's hand. 

"The Nakajima family was found dead ages ago… their son was taken for human trafficking and for you to find a Nakajima Atsushi… I'm quite worried, Dazai-kun…" Mori admitted, a frown on his face.

"Then if the Nakajima son was taken for human trafficking… who is Atsushi-kun?"

Atsushi - 7pm

"Boy. What is this?"

Atsushi looked up from his phone and his heart dropped when his father showed him the pregnancy test. "It's…" Atsushi's words died out. He fucked up. He didn't hide the evidence.

He was looking through his phone about abortion clinics. If there was one…

Now that his father found out…

His father threw the pregnancy test at Atsushi then came up to slap him in the face.

"You whore. I fucking knew it. You had been fucking around with some boys aren't you? Disgusting. What did I do to deserve a useless child like you?"

Atsushi had had enough. He fought back.

Well he tried…

"You? Deserve me? I don't deserve you at all! All I ever know is that you're the worst father ever!" Atsushi shouted.

"Don't talk to me like that!" His father shouted back.

"Oh yeah? What are you going to do? Hit me again? I know your dirty little secret!!" Atsushi exclaimed. Bravery welled up inside of him. "You're not my real father!!"

His 'father' punched him in the face, sending Atsushi down onto the floor with a huff. "How did you know about that?" His 'father' hissed.

"The birth certificate you hid inside your room!" Atsushi growled from the floor, looking up with fire in his eyes. "You lied to me! You lied about everything!!"

"THAT'S IT. YOU'RE FUCKING DEAD." Atsushi's 'father' went for his neck to strangle him but Atsushi fought back by hitting back at the man. He could feel his windpipe being crushed by strong hands. Atsushi scrambled his left hand onto the table and grabbed a pen, jabbing it to his 'father's' neck.

The man yowled in pain and let go of Atsushi slightly.

The Omega took that chance to kick his 'father' in the balls and knocked him down.

Grabbing his phone, Atsushi made a run for it to the front door of the house.

It was locked.

"Fuck fuck fuck!!" Atsushi cursed as he scrambled to find the keys somewhere. When he spotted them on the kitchen table he dove in and grabbed it.

Trembling, he opened the front door and was almost caught by his 'father's'' hands who had gotten up and tried to catch him. Atsushi ran like he never ran in his life before.

"Get back here!!" The man shouted.

Atsushi turned from corners to corners, trying to lose his father.

And after a while… He didn't hear footsteps following him.

Panting and kneeling on the ground, Atsushi pulled out his phone to call Akutagawa. When the phone clicked on the call, Atsushi quickly explained his situation. "Ryuu, I need your help. I'm coming over in a moment." Then he hung up without waiting for a reply. He started to run again, this time to Akutagawa's house.


Akutagawa was waiting at the front door when Atsushi came from around the corner, almost looking faint.

"Atsushi? Atsushi!" Akutagawa called out as he ran towards Atsushi, helping him up, slinging an arm around his shoulder. "Let's get you inside." Then the sick boy dragged his friend inside the house.

Akutagawa carefully dropped Atsushi onto the sofa and took a good look at him. "Dear Gods, what happened to you? Did he do this? That fucking psycho, I'm going to kill him—"

"Wait. Stop it, Ryuu." Atsushi grabbed Akutagawa's arm to stop him from running. "He's too dangerous. I already told you before!"

"I don't understand! He hurt you, Atsushi," Akutagawa knelt in front of Atsushi. "We have to call the cops this time."

"They can't do anything. He's… He's too powerful for that. You don't know him, Ryuu. I told you, he's dangerous. You don't know him like I do."

"Then what? We're just going to let him do this?!" Ryuu pointed at the bruises littered around Atsushi's body.

"No. There has to be another way, Ryuu. You will be in danger if he knew you reported him! I… I can't let that happen! I have to run. Are you going to help me or not?" Atsushi desperately begged Akutagawa to understand.

"This has gone too far… i should've reported him ages ago, but you kept warning me not to… I don't understand you at all."

Atsushi smiled bitterly at that. "I will tell you about it soon. But we need to find somewhere safe. I'm not sure if you will be in danger, but can you... run with me?"

"I… I can't. It's too much but… wait. Dazai-senpai…"

"Dazai-senpai? What does he have to do with this?"

"Just trust me. I'll call him."

Dazai - 8pm

Dazai's phone suddenly rang after he realised Atsushi wasn't telling him something.

He answered the call.


"Dazai-senpai. Please pick up Atsushi from my house. It's an emergency. And as the Alpha, I command you to protect Atsushi at all cost."

"What? Akutagawa-kun? Wait—"

Akutagawa hanged up.

"Shit!" Dazai cursed.

"What's wrong?" Odasaku asked, worried over his friend.

"Atsushi is in trouble. We need to get to him," explained Dazai when he turned to look at Odasaku.

"I'll drive," said Odasaku.


Once Dazai and Odasaku stopped by Akutagawa's house —with Dazai pointing the way— they got out of the car and rang the bell.

"Who's there? Answer or I won't open." A familiar voice said.

"It's me Akutagawa-kun." Dazai said, impatient because of his worries for his mate. "Please open the door."

"Hang on." The clicking sound of a door lock being opened was heard by Dazai. And without waiting, he opened the door, barging in. "Atsushi-kun?"

"Living room." Akutagawa simply answered.

Dazai kicked off his shoes hazardly and ran to the living room where Atsushi was.

What he saw there…

"Atsushi!" Dazai yelled as he skidded to his knees in front of Atsushi. "W-what happened?!" He looked over the bruised up Atsushi. His whole body was covered in bruises and even worse, at the neck there were shaped hands.

"No time to explain. I need to get out of here, Dazai-senpai. Can you help?" Atsushi said, a serious look on his face.

"Yes. Of course I can! Who did this to you?!" Dazai was beyond furious. He was going to kill whoever touched his mate.

"I will tell you all later, but please safety first. C'mon let's go." Atsushi stood up from his seat and stumbled, he was captured by Dazai who helped him up and walked towards the entrance.

"Gin and I will be with Chuuya-senpai. Stay safe. Both of you," said Akutagawa when they passed by him.

Dazai nodded and dragged Atsushi out of Akutagawa's house. They took the car and drove away.

"Where to?" Odasaku asked in a low voice. Not wanting to stress out the couple any further.

"Dazai-senpai's island," Atsushi answered, then turned to Dazai. "You still have access right?"

"Yes. Yes I am. Whoever did this to you, I'll kill them…" Dazai growled under his breath.

"Well you have to wait in line then." 

"Atsushi-kun, this is serious," scolded Dazai.

"Okay, okay . Sorry. Just… Stressed out I guess."

Dazai sighed. "No. I'm sorry. Please let's just get out of here first. I need to make sure you're safe."

Atsushi nodded and the car ride was riddled in silence.

Dazatsu - 8:30pm

Once they arrived at the airport, Dazai helped Atsushi up into his private plane. It was a smaller one than before and then they took off.

Dazai made a phone call once they were safe up in the sky. "Father. I need help with something soon. I'll call you back once things are sorted." Then hung up and took a seat beside Atsushi. "So… going to tell me what's going on?"

Atsushi sighed as he set down the cup of tea he got from Dazai and began his story.

"I don't even know where to start… Maybe the day I found out he wasn't my real father at all. I sneaked up into his room one day and found my birth certificate."

"I heard the Nakajima family was dead. So… how did you manage to be… well here? And the child there was kidnapped," said Dazai, confused that Atsushi didn't make sense at all. 

"I am the child. My father used a different name when he signed me up for school. But after I found out my real name… I requested to use that name instead."

"The school allowed it?" That surprised Dazai. It was a missing child's name!

"I think the headmaster knows… I'm not sure. And speaking of why no one bothered to help, it was my idea. My 'kidnapper' is a strong human trafficking member," explained Atsushi. "I don't want anyone else getting into trouble because of me…"

Dazai sighed. "You should've told me at least. I think even a gang member like him wouldn't be able to win against my family and status."

"Yeah… you're right. Anyway… back to the story. Long story short, he killed my parents, kidnapped me to make his own son. Pretty fucking weird if you asked me. I wanted to ask him as well… Why me?" Atsushi wondered.

"So, wait. Let me get this straight… he killed your parents, unarrested, kidnapped you to make his own son, used a fake name to sign you up for school so no one noticed. But you sneaked up and found out your true name, thus using it right now? Something's not adding up, and I don't know what it is…" Dazai muttered the last part.

Atsushi sighed once more. "I told you I found my birth certificate. It's real. And as for my fake name previously it's Nakashima Atsushi…"

"But you always wrote your name in Nakajima… thus your public name is Nakajima in school…" Dazai deducted.

"Kinda confusing isn't it? And as to why he wasn't arrested he has members with the cops. I don't want someone like Ryuu to mistakenly call someone from the kidnappers gang…"

"How did you know all this?"

"I've been stalking my 'father' for a while," explained Atsushi. "I know his damn secrets… I kept this informations to myself in case I needed to run away and get help."

"...What made you ask for help?" Dazai crossed his arms.

"I'm pregnant."


"I'm pregnant with your child."

"Holy shit…" Dazai leaned back in his seat, shock overcoming him. "Holy fucking shit."

"Yea I know… sorry I have to tell you like this… it wasn't a planned surprise."

"No that's… that's fine but I need to take it all in for a moment. Give me a few minutes."

"Okay." Atsushi nodded and settled back into his seat, closing his eyes.

Dazai closed his eyes as well. So his mate was a kidnapped child and no one bothered to help him so far because he begged them not to… now that he was pregnant… he needed to expose everything. The bad cops, the cold case of his real parent's death…

When Dazai opened up his eyes he turned to look at the now sleeping Atsushi. Still looking like a wreck. He needed to get the boy a medical emergency soon on his island. He hoped the doctors were still there…

Other than that, it really was dangerous to deal with his 'father' head-on. No one dared to mess with that man.

Dazai needed to pull some strings to get to the bottom of this. He was determined to help his mate.

For now they wait.


As the plane landed, Atsushi was immediately woken up and was settled back to Dazai's personal quarters. "Stay here while I get you some stuff to help with the bruises. I don't think there are any doctors as of now, but tomorrow. Tomorrow we're going to deal with this," said Dazai.

"Thank you… How would I ever repay you?" Asked Atsushi, genuinely thankful for Dazai's help.

"No need. You are my mate. I need to care for you…" Dazai smiled softly. "Now let's get you cleaned up."

Dazai helped Atsushi with his bruises and some other injuries. It made Dazai angry that Atsushi was belted on the back, but Atsushi quickly calmed him down.

"Dazai-senpai… what should we do about the baby…?"

Dazai paused on his work to get in contact with special people and looked Atsushi straight in the eye. "Whatever your choice may be. I will always support you, Atsushi-kun."

Atsushi nodded as he patted his belly. "A baby huh… at my age too…"

Dazai came to Atsushi and hugged his mate. Purring to comfort the young Omega.

"Dazai-senpai. There's one other thing… I want to try a relationship with you."

"Just like my father said, 'You're going to give me a heart attack'."

Atsushi chuckled but then looked at Dazai seriously. "I'm serious though… please let me."

Dazai swallowed and nodded. "But don't push yourself."

"I won't. Let's get this mess out first, then we can talk."

"Yes… for now, let's rest up. Tomorrow's a big day."

Atsushi nodded and yawned. They both slept that night. Comfortably at each other's arms.

Chapter Text

"Can't stay here but ya can't go home"

Did you hear that line somewhere before?

And you look just fine on your own

But we look better in the afterglow


Afterglow by All Time Low


The next morning Atsushi lightly hummed at the feeling of warmth, and the softness of the pillow and blankets, that he snuggled further in and seemed to forget where he was.

For once in his life, he felt extremely at peace. Safe and sound. Like he just died and was reborn once more with a wonderful family.

Like he was sleeping under the sun, on a beautiful day at the flower fields. Somewhere in the forest all alone with butterflies and dragonflies dancing around him.

In his light sleep, he could feel the bright sun shining onto his face. It’s welcoming for once, instead of the blackness that was usually his room.

That was usually his room…

Wait a minute…

Atsushi then lightly made a sound of surprise as he felt arms wrapping around him and a hardness on his backside. He opened his eyes quickly and turned to look behind him. 

Brown hair.

“Mm…” Moaned the figure. “Atsushi-kun…” The hardness moved slightly and that was when Atsushi realized that he slept with Dazai, and his cock was near Atsushi’s ass.

Well not slept exactly in that way but they definitely slept together without the sex part and now… well…

“Uh… um…” Atsushi stuttered not knowing what to do. Should he stop Dazai or let him continue? They’re a couple now right? Also… Is Dazai still asleep?

As if reading his mind, Dazai answered the question as if it was the weather. “Oh, I’m awake. Say, Atsushi-kun… Want to do it?”

“H-huh?” Blushed Atsushi as he turned back to look at the wall and covered his face. “Wha— We can’t just have sex after we just became together!”

“Oh c’mon. It won’t be that bad, I promise,” explained Dazai. “Also, I think I’m horny just thinking about us together now.” He lightly purred at the Omega.

“Oh jeez, calm down. I haven’t even explained—“

“If it’s only because of the baby, please don’t push it.”

Atsushi fell into silence and uncovered his face to turn fully back to Dazai. “Well… I… I’m still not sure about my own feelings, but Dazai-senpai. We have to do this for the baby…”

Dazai sat up suddenly, slight anger in his voice. “You can’t just play my heart like this, Atsushi-kun. I know that being for the baby is important, but I also wanted your love. What was the point of us becoming a family if it’s just a forced relationship?” Atsushi wouldn’t get it. He didn’t want their relationship to be faked and… just unreal to him. Dazai wanted them to be a real family.

“I get what you’re saying, Dazai-senpai. But really, I do want to try things with you. I’m being honest. I swear,” Atsushi softly said, sitting up as well, trying to calm down his true mate. “It’s just that… The baby—“

Dazai let out a breath loudly and turned to Atsushi, looking down onto the boy’s lips. “Can I kiss you? At least?”

Atsushi swallowed and nodded, then closed his eyes when Dazai’s face neared his.

The first touch of lips was cold due to the room air-con, and dry because they hadn’t drank in their sleep. Chapped lips shyly moved, a kiss was then left in its wake.

Dazai continued kissing Atsushi until he slowly pushed the boy back down onto the bed. Their kisses started to get rough and Atsushi wrapped his hands around Dazai’s neck as tongues poked out to glide around each other.

One of Dazai’s hands started to snake around Atsushi’s shirt, but the latter slowly pushed it away. The former tried it again once more, and the hands started to battle dominance as well as their kisses.

“Mm… Not yet.” Atsushi hummed.

“I need it, Atsushi-kun…” Dazai said in a deep low voice as he grinded his hips down onto Atsushi’s crotch.

Atsushi moaned and lifted his head to kiss Dazai more roughly. “Maybe just a little bit…”

Dazai grinned in the kiss and snaked his hands once more to Atsushi’s shirt that was actually Dazai’s that the younger boy borrowed and—

The sliding door to their room opened.

Both boys pulled away from each other, panting as they looked up to their intruder.

“Oh… OH! Oh my God, I’m so, so sorry!” Odasaku apologized as he covered his face to save both of the boy's remaining dignity.

“Odasaku! Uh… Knock before you open the door!” Stuttered Dazai, almost saying ‘It’s not what you think!’, and saying that would be a major error to his loyalty to Atsushi. He needed to get his head out of this damn mess. He no longer liked Odasaku that way. Damn it.

“Yes! I will next time!” Odasaku exclaimed with a blush (guess he’s not the type to be open with sexual stuff…) as both Dazai and Atsushi, got their bearings together and hid their obvious hard on. “Uh… um… Anyways,” still covering his eyes, he cleared his throat and said, “The doctor’s here.”

“Right!” Dazai shouted out and got up, dusting himself off, lending Atsushi a hand to get up as well. “Let’s go meet him.”

“In our shirts? Well, more specifically, your shirt?” Asked Atsushi with raised eyebrows.

“Well no one else was on the island anyway, so let’s go!” Exclaimed Dazai as he dragged Atsushi out.

Atsushi shrugged as he was dragged by his mate out, closely followed by Odasaku as well behind both boys.

They passed through corridors and more corridors till they reached a room that had the sign infirmary in it.

Now, when they entered, Atsushi didn’t expect the room to be large, but it would make sense since they’re on the island made for attraction. So, yes. The room was large enough to have probably one hundred people. But the room wasn’t just big, it was also mostly empty. Except there was one person…

“Oh hello there.” The male doctor greeted them, obvious from the white doctor coat he was wearing. “How can I help you boys?”

“Medical check up I suppose?” Odasaku turned to ask Dazai for confirmation.

“Yes and can you give us space, Odasaku?” Asked Dazai softly.

“Of course. Call me if you need anything, I’ll be waiting outside.” Odasaku bowed and left the infirmary, the people in the room watching him go.

Dazai and Atsushi then turned back to look at the doctor. Both of them starting to talk at once:

“He was injured.”

“I’m pregnant.”

The boys looked at each other with surprise on their faces. 



“The pregnancy is more impor—“

“You were abused!”

“Alright, alright boys. Let’s check both at the same time.” The doctor cut through before a couple-argument could start. “Please take a seat…uh…?” The doctor inquired about Atsushi’s name.

“Atsushi. Nakajima Atsushi.”

“Okay, Atsushi-san please take a seat and let me take a good look at you.” The doctor gestured onto one of the closest hospital beds, and Atsushi lifted himself up and sat on the white boring yet clean sheets.

The doctor started to look at the obvious bruises and small cuts. “Hm… I see, I see… Can you also lift your shirt for me?”

“What? Oh yes! Of course!” Surprised, Atsushi almost wanted to do just that but he saw in the corner of his eyes how Dazai jerked in the way he was standing. “Dazai-san?” He paused in his movement.

The doctor turned to Dazai with a questioning look.

“Oh no, it’s nothing. Just a knee-jerk reaction,” explained Dazai. “He’s my mate.”

The doctor closed his eyes and nodded. Then opened them once more, asking, “I can assume you have consummated a bond, yes? Are you both in heat?”

“Uh no, no.” “No, definitely not.” They both talked at the same time.

“But the bond definitely. Yes.” Dazai ended his explanation.

“Ok good. Because how we usually do things for emergency checks like these on people who are in heat we have to seperate them. Forcefully. A quite painful act I must admit,” explained the doctor about the procedure. “So, do I have permission to help your mate here, Dazai-kun?”

“Dazai-kun? Do you guys know each other?” Atsushi asked. “Also, you don’t own me yet, Dazai-senpai.”

“Oh right, I haven’t told you yet, Atsushi-kun. He is my trusted family doctor,” said Dazai with a bright smile, ignoring the last sentence. “You can trust him.”

“Oh… okay…” Atsushi nodded not knowing what else to say to that and lifted his shirt up slowly.

Dazai hissed when he looked at the bruises but stayed quiet as the doctor took a good look at Atsushi’s clearly beaten up chest and backside.

“We need an x-ray test but you’re pregnant correct?”

“Yes. I think so… I only did one test,” said Atsushi.

“Just to be safe, let’s not do an x-ray and do it manually. Do you feel any pain or any sort? Like chest pains?” The doctor asked, gently poking at Atsushi’s ribs.

“O-ouch… Mm. Yeah I think so. Did I… break a rib?”

“Perhaps… Now let’s check on the child first. Please lay down on the bed,” the doctor said as he moved away to pull at this huge machine that Atsushi recognized to be an ultrasound. “Now I’m going to apply this gel.” The doctor pulled out a medium-sized container. “And it’s going to be cold at first, so that’s the warning you could get and don’t worry, this procedure is not harmful at all.”

“I understand.” Atsushi nodded and let the doctor do his thing and the cold did surprise him a little bit but that was over quickly. After that, the doctor held out an item and placed it on Atsushi’s stomach.

A moving image was then shown on the big screen.

“Wow…,” said Atsushi in surprise.

“Wow, indeed… That small thing is a baby…?” Dazai asked but not actually asking, just stating the fact.

“Yes… And looking quite healthy too,” said the doctor. “We couldn’t know the gender of your child yet because it might take a while. However, your child is safe.”

Atsushi let out a breath he didn’t know he held. “So… what now, doctor?”

“Since your child is safe, there is a chance to get that rib checked using an x-ray. But would you like to check it now or wait for tomorrow to see if anything changes?

“I think I can hold out for a day. The pain wasn’t that bad now that I thought about it…” Atsushi looked away, thinking.

“Well if anything happens, I will still be on this island twenty-four per seven. You may leave now,” said the doctor with a gentle smile.

Atsushi got up from the hospital bed with the help of Dazai and they both thanked the doctor as they left the room. Meeting back up with Odasaku on the outside.

“How did it go?” Asked Odasaku worriedly. For he too cared for a stranger he just met, but from what he had seen, it was Dazai’s mate and so he started to care for the young silver-haired male as well.

“Eh, so-so. Because we can’t check his ribs yet, but yeah, it was mostly alright so far,” explained Dazai.

“I see…And the baby?”

Dazai raised an eyebrow at that. Why did Odasaku care for the baby? “Um… They’re fine…?” He started to turn to Atsushi.

“Why are you looking at me?” Atsushi asked in a joking way. “Of course the baby’s fine. Anyway I need to speak to you, privately. ” And he started to walk around the corner.

“Oh right. Excuse us for a moment, Odasaku.” Dazai followed Atsushi, and then was pulled into the corner.

“What do we do about the baby?” Atsushi asked quickly, looking all panicky.

“Huh? Wha— oh!” At first Dazai looked at a loss but then he regained his bearings. “As I said before, whatever it is you choose, I will support you.”

“Ok… Ok. But what about your father? What about my father?” The Omega asked desperately.

“Ok those ones, I do not know. Should I tell my father? Agh shit, he’s gonna be so pissed.” Dazai cursed lightly.

“What? Of course you should tell him!” Exclaimed Atsushi in frustration. “If he doesn’t know and knows it later on, we’re both screwed.”

“Right, right.” Dazai nodded. “I… Should call him.” Dazai wasn’t really that afraid of his father however, he was a bit of a rebel anyway. What he was afraid of… Well… maybe his father really-not agreeing to partner up with Atsushi.

He pulled out his phone and searched the contacts for his father’s number.

As the phone was dialed, Dazai tapped one of his feet, impatient at the sound of ringing and when it was answered he immediately said hello.

“Dazai-kun? What’s wrong? You sounded nervous… Did something happen?” Mori asked.

“Uh… Atsushi is… um… pregnant.”


“Dazai-kun, that's… really not funny for your old man here. Surely that was mistake—“

“No—“ Dazai gritted his teeth and rubbed a hand up to his hair. “ No, Dad. ” It had been a long time since he used that word to call his father, it sounded embarrassing to him, but if that caught Mori’s attention, he would do it in a heartbeat. “Atsushi. My true mate . Is pregnant.”

Mori sighed, seemingly tired. “Ok, ok. I’m not very happy about this but what is the situation now?”

“He is very injured but the baby’s fine so far.”

“I’m not that injured,” Atsushi cut in.

“Of course you are! Look at you! We need to make sure you rest a lot and I will help you with that,” said Dazai, still on the phone.

“I can still move.”

“But Atsushi-kun—“

“Alright that’s enough from both of you. Dazai, take care of him, okay?” Then Mori hung up.

Dazai sighed as he pocketed his phone once more. “He hung up on me, I think I’m going to get my ears bitten off. But hey, at least he didn’t tell me to throw you off or anything.” He smiled.

“That still doesn’t make it any better.” Atsushi shook his head. “Did he say keep the baby or anything?”

“No… Not really. I think he was letting us choose.” Dazai walked forward and grabbed one of Atsushi’s hands in a comforting way. “Hey c’mon… Let’s go back to our room to discuss this.”

“Yea… Yea okay.” Atsushi nodded and followed Dazai as the older student led him back to their original corridor.

There they saw Odasaku was still waiting for them, sitting down on the sofa then standing up when the older man saw them both.

“Oh hey.” The man greeted them.

“Odasaku! You’re still here?” Dazai asked him, surprised in his voice. He expected the man to be gone already, leaving the two boys to their own devices.

“I was… hoping I could help with something?” The man asked, seemingly hopeful.

Which Dazai considered a bit strange but then again he could deduce that it has something to do with children.

“Uh… We’re good for now,” said Dazai but then catches himself. “Actually, I haven’t properly introduced you to Atsushi-kun.” He turned to go in between both men. “Atsushi-kun, this is Odasaku, my long-time childhood friend, and Odasaku, this is Atsushi-kun, my true mate.”

“Nice to meet you,” said Odasaku, holding his hand out to Atsushi. “How do you do?”

Atsushi took it without question and they shook hands. “Nice to meet you too. I’ll be in your care.” He smiled.

Dazai however found it awkward. His ex-crush and current crush? Awkward…

“Anyway. We really should get going, right, Atsushi-kun?” Dazai cut through nervously.

“Huh? What? Oh… okay.” Atsushi was looking at him weirdly but followed Dazai when the older student started to walk through the corridor and back to their room. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Dazai simply answered.

“Your nothing is something. Tell me.” Atsushi crossed his arms, waiting for an answer.

Dazai sighed. “He’s my… old childhood crush.”

“That’s it?”

“What do you mean that’s it? It’s awkward!” Exclaimed Dazai, a whine in his voice.

“Well it doesn’t matter now does it?” Atsushi walked around the room to a table that had a kettle and cups. He heated up the water that was already inside the kettle and turned back towards Dazai. “Unless you still like him?”

“No! It’s not like that I swear!” Dazai defended himself.

Atsushi raised an eyebrow, unamused.

Dazai let out a breath of air and drove a hand towards his hair. “Really. It’s nothing. Just surprised he came back to my life after all these years.”

Atsushi turned back again and turned off the kettle when he thought the water was warm already and poured a cup of tea for himself. Looking back towards Dazai, he sipped his cup of tea. Gesturing with his other hand for Dazai to continue.

“Where was he before?”

Dazai sighed and told Atsushi how his crush came to be, Atsushi nodding all the way. When Dazai ended his story, Atsushi took another sip before saying, “Well I gotta be honest, I’m a bit jealous but let’s don’t mind that too much.”

The older student looked up towards Atsushi's eyes and asked with a deadpan voice: "What about you? I want to know more about your relationship with your father."

Atsushi bit his lip. "What do you want to know?"

"Why is he keeping you?"

"Looking through his documents, apparently obedient Omegas sell well." The boy chugged his drink and was about to grab another cup of tea when…

"I have brandy."

"I don't drink alcohol."

"You might need it." Chuckled Dazai as he walked to a cabinet by the window where various drinks were placed. He pulled out a bottle of whiskey and poured it on a glass, then walked back to Atsushi, giving him the drink. "Expensive whiskey. Is in the house."

Atsushi thanked him and took a sip. He grimaced a bit before drinking a bit more. "So yeah, he wanted to sell me to some rich dudes or something… He has clients waiting…"

"Gods…" Dazai rubbed his face. "I'm glad you got out of there."

"You know what? He was pretty dumb for damaging the goods," said Atsushi clearly a bit drunk for he was a lightweight. "Hey. We need evidence for what he did to me… picture?"

"Pictures and videos." Dazai pulled out his phone and started to record. "You might want to undress again."

"Okay." Atsushi nodded, almost saying 'Oh~ want me to undress again?' but that would be bad on camera. So he started to pull off his shirt and let Dazai do his thing.

The latter also used water as evidence that it wasn't make-up.

"We have police here on the island as well. Are you comfortable with that?"

"With what?"

"Showing it to them…"

"Yeah I'm good." Atsushi nodded, comfortable with the fact he was going to expose his 'father'.

Long story short, Dazai called the guards on the island to come and take a look; confirming Atsushi's abused body. They prodded (to Dazai's annoyance) and did the water trick like Dazai did. When they left with concrete evidence, the two boys stood around in silence.

"What about your fake name?" Dazai suddenly asked. "Such a shame that the school didn't report a clearly missing child."

"It was by my request. I was waiting for… something to expose him further of his crimes… guess that time is now huh."

Dazai looked at Atsushi with hidden pity. "My father would do his best to get this case solved."




Dazai walked over to Atsushi and grabbed the glass in his hand and put it down onto the table behind the boy, then pulled him close and kissed him deeply. 

Atsushi moaned into the kiss and wrapped his hands around Dazai's neck. Still half naked.

They battled over dominance in their kisses and body.

Dazai pushed down Atsushi onto the futon and grinded himself down carefully.

"Lock the doors…," whispered Atsushi into the kiss.

"You had to let me go first," Dazai whispered back. "Also you're not drunk are you?"

"Just a bit. And horny." Atsushi let go of Dazai. "Hurry up."

Dazai never in his life locked the door that fast and came back down onto the futon to continue their make-out session.

This time it was Atsushi's turn to snake his hands up at Dazai's shirt.

Dazai growled into the kiss, pulling away and roughly pulling away his own shirt. Now they both are shirtless, except for Dazai's bandages that still cover his whole torso.

But Atsushi respected that and carefully ran his hands on the bandages causing Dazai to moan and grind down both of their still clothed cock.

Atsushi moaned as well and lifted up his hips, grinding back.

"Are we really doing this?" Asked Dazai.

"Don't make me repeat myself," said Atsushi with a sly look on his face. A smirk on his lips.

Dazai kisses those alluring lips deeply. "I need you. Naked. Now." He pulled away to remove both of their pants. Their cocks jutting out proudly, hard and throbbing.

The older teenager leaned down again but not on top of Atsushi's chest and kissed again. This time their tongues tangled, teeth clacking against each other. Both of their hands wandered at each other, brushing over cocks and nipples.

Dazai moved down to Atsushi's neck, he started to suck and lick as his right hand wandered down giving Atsushi's cock a rough tug that sent the younger teen to growl out loud.

Atsushi retaliated by giving Dazai's well endowed cock a few tugs as well. "Lube," he panted out.

The brown haired teen scrambled to find the lube around his drawers and when he came back, he poured the clear liquid a bit too much.

Atsushi stole some of the lube on Dazai's hand and —still cold— wrapped his hands on Dazai's cock. Making the latter hiss at the sensation.

" That for fucking me in the hot spring."

"Well deserved." Dazai's cock jumped at the memory of it and was eager to be inside his true mate once more. He warmed lube on his hands and wrapped his own hands on Atsushi's cock.

They both started to move each other's hands, making their cocks even harder. Once Dazai felt he had enough he pulled away and pushed Atsushi's hands away too. "Gods, I can't wait to be inside you again without that damn heat in the way of feeling you properly."

"Then come and fuck me." Dazai was starting to like this dominant Atsushi a lot. 

The younger boy spreads his legs, ready to be railed by his Alpha.

Dazai literally jumped onto Atsushi, eager to please his Omega by placing his lubed fingers around the rim of Atsushi's opening, slipping a finger in and curling it at the spot he knows best.

Atsushi moaned out loud and lifted up his hips, asking for more.

Dazai was panting already. They both could took their time fucking and that was a very pleasing thought in his mind.

While Dazai was busy preparing him, Atsushi couldn't help but think that he had won. Won over his father— no. His abuser and just be free to do whatever he wished.

And that one freedom is fucking his true mate.

Dazai inserted one more finger and prodded at Atsushi's sweet spot.

"Ah!" Yelped Atsushi. "Tease!"

Dazai grinned and prodded some more.

"Ah stop! I'm gonna fucking cum if you don't stop doing that!"

Dazai pulled away and lubed his own cock. But before he could do anything Atsushi pushed his hands away.


"I've always wanted to do this…," he said before giving a tentative lick on Dazai's cock.

Dazai jerked back by surprise but then settled his hips back to the original spot and held his place. "Well if you're sure…"

Atsushi smirked and kissed the head of the cock before putting it into his mouth and giving it a small suck, then pulling away again with a popping sound.

"Now who's the tease!" Dazai exclaimed in a protest, stilling himself from fucking Atsushi's mouth.

Atsushi ignored his mate and took the penis into his mouth once more. 

Now, he knew that Dazai had his fair share of lovers and had a blowjob or two, but that doesn't mean that he had been given a blowjob from his true mate before. Thus, probably driving him crazy.

The younger teen thought too soon.

Dazai's hips jerked further into Atsushi's mouth. "Oh fuck! "

"Mm!" Atsushi moaned out in shock, pulling away a bit before bobbing his head up and down at a decent pace.

" Damn that felt so good," Growled Dazai, occasionally moving his hips slightly to feel more of Atsushi's mouth and sometimes the edge of teeth on his foreskin.

Atsushi purred, sending vibrations to Dazai's cock who made the latter's penis throbbed in delight.

Atsushi kept it at that. Licking, sucking and purring. Almost enough to send Dazai to heaven.

Regretfully, Dazai pushed away Atsushi. "Want to cum inside you," he explained.

Atsushi nodded and laid back down gently so as to not hurt his ribs even further. He spread his legs in invitation while Dazai settled between his legs.

Dazai inserted himself inside Atsushi slowly, feeling blissful relief at being inside his mate. It felt so good, like never before he had experienced in his conquest of finding good sex.

Warm, silky-smooth flesh covered his cock in an embrace. Perfect tightness that was only for him.

Only for him .

"Ah… ah… ah… " Atsushi moaned out at every inch of Dazai's cock entering him to the point they stopped at the hilt. "Ngh!"

Dazai was panting and adjusting himself after he was fully inside.

"Ah! Don't move there!" Mewled Atsushi as he wiggled his hips to move away. "T-too much!"

Submissive Atsushi is good too.

Dazai started to pull away slowly, gliding his cock out, letting Atsushi feel the dick inside of him. Then pushed in slowly again.

Atsushi let out a shaky breath at the teasing. But it felt so good. So good to be alive and have all his pent up emotions be thrown into sex.

"Fuck me harder…," he said in a low voice.

The next time Dazai pulled out, he let the tip of his cock right outside the rim before entering once more in a rougher motion. Deeper than he was before, hitting Atsushi's walls.

Atsushi shivered at the feeling and moved his own hips, fucking himself on Dazai's cock.

The latter started to move more eagerly, the cock rubbing against Atsushi's sweet spot every time they both moved. The former purred in delight, clenching his walls in an attempt to feel more of the delicious rod inside of him.

Dazai cursed under his breath and sped up his movements but also went harder on Atsushi, trying to please his mate.

Atsushi's moan got louder and he came untouched. Spilling cum onto his stomach and Dazai's chest as the cock bounced from the force of their actions. "Hgnh…!!"

When Atsushi came Dazai felt his cock being tightened even more by the fleshy walls. He made one last push before cumming and filling Atsushi up with his cum.

The afterglow after that never felt so good.


The next time they both awake (well more like it was just Dazai on the futon), Dazai heard the sound of retching coming from the bathroom.

The older boy quickly got up and was by Atsushi's side the next moment. "Are you okay?"

"Morning sickness…" groaned Atsushi before retching all over again.

Worried, Dazai didn't know what to do. Since it was a pretty normal thing to have morning sickness when being pregnant.

"This had nothing to do with the sex right?" He asked.

"What? No! Don't get me started on that one. The sex was gre— Ack!" Another round of throwing up. "It was great. Anyway, maybe medications will help?"

"I'll try to find something. Please hang on." Dazai hurriedly put on his clothes and got out of their room. He ran down the hallway and back towards the infirmary. On his way out of the infirmary after talking with the doctor for some morning sickness meds, he met Odasaku.

"Good morning." The older man greeted.

"Oh! Odasaku! G-good morning! How can I help?" Dazai stopped in his tracks to greet his ex-crush.

"How can you help? More like How I can help. I see you're with morning sickness medications. Is Atsushi okay?" He asked worryingly.

"Oh he's gonna be just fine!" Said Dazai, brushing it off. "I have to hurry though…"

"I'll follow."

"Oh… well alright." Surprised, Dazai didn't ask further as they both walked back to Dazai's room. The older student forgot that Atsushi was still naked.

"Whoa!" Yelled Atsushi. "I haven't even worn my pants yet!" He attempted to cover his dignity.

Odasaku covered his eyes with his hand immediately. "Sorry!"

"Dazai-senpai!" Atsushi scolded.

"Sorry as well!" Dazai exclaimed as he grabbed a glass of water and dropped down next to Atsushi with the medication.

"How many pills?" Asked the younger boy.

"Uh… umm…" stuttered Dazai, forgetting to ask the doctor about how many pills he needed to take. "Should be on the box somewhere—"


The teenagers looked up at Odasaku.

"Two pills in the morning and two pills at night," Odasaku confirmed.

"How do you—" started Dazai.

"Thank you." Atsushi thanked the man and took his pills. "I should feel better soon right…?"

"It will lessen the morning sickness but not fully," explained Odasaku.

"How do you know all this?" Dazai asked the man suspiciously.

"Ango's pregnant."


Atsushi looked back and forth between the other two guys with a confused look.

"How… is he?" Dazai asked tentatively. Not really sure how to react about his childhood friends getting it on.

"He's fine. We all should have a meet up to catch up with things," said Odasaku scratching the back of his head. "Y'know me, you, Atsushi and Ango."

"Yeah… yeah that sounds lovely," answered Dazai, unsure on how much awkwardness that would be but it does sound nice that he could show off Atsushi.

"Great. It's a date with us all then. If you need anything, you know where to find me." Odasaku's temporary room. "Nice meeting you again, Atsushi. I shall take my leave." And so he left the room.

Atsushi turned to a stock still Dazai with a raised eyebrow. "Are you really still crushing on him?"

Dazai turned to Atsushi in a snap. "What? No! Of course not! It's been… so long and so much has been going on these past two days…"

"Yeah… I think I can agree with that." Atsushi nodded. "So what's your feeling towards him now? Because I'm one jealous boyfriend."

"Honestly? I don't know. It's awkward. Let's see about it." Dazai finished the current conversation at that, not realizing that Atsushi just admitted to being his boyfriend. "Anyway, let's discuss about the baby."

Chapter Text

I'm just out here wishing that you would say

Don't be afraid, no

If you start floating away

Hey, I promise you will be fine

Got the universe on your side

When you're out in space

Don't you be afraid, no

If you start floating away


Ground Control by All Time Low


“Anyway, let’s discuss about the baby.”

Atsushi stopped fiddling with his shirt and started to pay attention.

When Atsushi didn't say anything, Dazai continued, "What do you reckon we should do?"

“I… It’s my choice right?” Atsushi asked, unsure.

Dazai nodded. “And I will be here to support you. Whatever it is you choose.”

Atsushi let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. It was reassuring to know his mate is okay with all of this. “Ok let’s measure out the possibilities…” As he said this, his stomach still felt uncomfortable. “Um, first thing, I gotta be honest. I do feel bad for the baby. I kinda want to… keep it in a way.”

Dazai nodded for Atsushi to continue.

“So, basically your father is okay with it right? So far?” Atsushi asked once again, trying to confirm if Dazai’s father isn’t out for their blood.

“He seems fine with it. How do we deal with your father however?” Dazai leaned on a wall and crossed his arms.

“Fuck him. That’s what. He’s going to get arrested pretty soon anyway. Well… hopefully the evidence is enough.”

Dazai nodded once more, agreeing.

“On the other hand… Being parents at our age should be proven to be difficult…” Atsushi rubbed his chin in thought. “We’re too young to be parents. Do you think people will judge us?”

“People will definitely judge us. That I cannot lie. But hey, at least we have each other. And there are support groups for teenagers like us. I’m sure we’re not the only ones who have this issue. So, don’t worry too much.” Dazai brushed off.

“Right…” Atsushi awkwardly nodded. “What else… How do we provide things for the baby?”

“Me. I will help. I will get a part time job if I have to if my father doesn’t give us allowance,” said Dazai confidently.

“Surely your father won’t let his grandchild struggle…” Atsushi raised an eyebrow.

“Ah yeah. You’re right.” Dazai grinned, abashed.

“Well, finances are settled. What do we do with education while taking care of a baby? You’re going to university soon, and I still have a year left…”

“It’s going to be difficult indeed… I’m sure there’s a way around it. Like, the school is mostly in my family’s debt anyway. Surely they can excuse us for once.”

“Yeah you’re right,” said Atsushi. “But bringing a baby would be a bit weird though, can I even handle that myself…” he wondered.

“I can skip University for a year just to be there for you,” said Dazai sincerely.

“That’s reassuring I suppose. But I’m not sure if I’m comfortable with you skipping…”

“It will be fine.”

“If you say so.” Atsushi shrugged. It was Dazai’s choice after all and not his place to comment much. And he voiced that opinion out loud.

“Yeah, it’s my choice and I choose to do whatever I please.” Dazai smirked.

“Good to hear.” Then another wave of nausea washed over Atsushi. “Um, I think my stomach is still unwell…”

Dazai straightened up. “Doctor. Now.”

Atsushi nodded in agreement and followed Dazai out of the room they were sharing.


Once they were in the doctor's office. They were asked a variety of questions. Like when did the vomiting happen, how long has it been and lastly…

“Do you remember eating or drinking anything funny?”

“Oh shit.” Both Dazai and Atsushi cursed.

The fucking alcohol.

Atsushi groaned. “Please, please tell me the baby is okay.”

“What did you guys eat or drink?” The doctor asked once more, suspicion in his eyes.

“Alcohol…” Dazai said guiltily.

Well the doctor was furious. He didn’t shout. Just berated them about the dangers of eating raw fish, drinking alcohol and smoking.

Atsushi and Dazai nodded numbly, getting an earful.

They had a second checkup that day and good thing the baby was fine because it was still in the small development stage where it doesn’t take the full blown effect of alcohol or anything much. Plus, Atsushi only drank a glass. Not the whole bottle.

“Now do you understand?” The doctor crossed his arms as if he was talking to his own children about the dangers of playing with fire.

But in this case, the fire seemed to be large.

“Yes, doctor…” They both nodded and said in unison.

Then they were dismissed.

Once they were outside, Atsushi snapped his attention to Dazai.

He looked furious.

“What was that for?” Asked Atsushi angrily. 

“What was ‘what’ for?” Dazai asked, taken aback by the sudden fury.

“The drinking!” Shouted Atsushi, not caring if anyone heard them.

Dazai flushed in shame. “I… I forgot.” He tried to explain. He did forget however, the pregnancy wasn’t on his mind a lot because he was currently worried how injured Atsushi was and just wanted to ‘help’.

“You forgot?!” Shouted Atsushi. “How on earth did you forget?! You were supposed to be the top student, you should’ve known better! Especially when we were supposed to be mates for life, not you hitting on someone else!” Once the words were out of Atsushi’s mouth, he regretted them. Because in a way, it was his fault too, that he also forgot.

Dazai probably realized that too.

The older student glared at Atsushi. 

It was the first time Atsushi was glared at by Dazai and it felt wrong. Like it shouldn’t be directed at him.

“Wait I—“ Atsushi was about to say he didn’t mean it. But he couldn’t help feeling this way. It was as if Dazai didn’t care about the baby and only about the sex, the true mates. But never the love.

“Save it. I’m going.” Dazai stormed off, leaving Atsushi in the hallway by the doctor’s office.

Atsushi started to sob.


Dazai wandered the many hallways of the island’s building. Avoiding Atsushi whenever the boy tried to call for him. Eventually, Atsushi left him alone and that almost made Dazai feel bad, because he could hear the boy sobbing lightly. But Dazai trudged on and then stopped…

By Odasaku’s door.

He knew it was his door because the moment he stopped, the door opened to the red-haired man.

Odasaku looked up, surprised to see a person in front of him. And when he realized it was someone familiar, he said, “Oh… Dazai. What’s wrong?”

Apparently when Dazai stopped walking, he started to feel tears on his cheeks. He was crying too.

Well wasn’t that a way to meet his long time friend.

“Uh nothing. Sorry, excuse me,” said Dazai as he tried to leave. He doesn’t want to be seen crying even more in front of his old crush.

“Hey.” Odasaku grabbed up his elbow to stop him. “Wait. Talk to me.”

Dazai couldn’t muster up the courage to reject the offer. So he nodded and followed Odasaku back inside the man’s room.

“Take a seat,” said Odasaku gesturing to a chair by the bedside and a desk.

Dazai took a seat, rubbing hands against his face to wash away the tears. Once he was done, he looked down at his shoes and waited for Odasaku to say something.

Odasaku sighed when he wasn’t getting Dazai to speak first. So, he asked, “What’s wrong? Is it Atsushi?”

Dazai jerked in his seat as if caught red-handed.

Odasaku sighed once more and took a seat on the bed. “What happened with him?”

“I may or may not have given him something I shouldn’t have…?” Dazai said with a question. “And it had the chance to hurt the baby…?”

“What did you give him?” Odasaku asked calmly.

“A…Alcohol…,” said Dazai hesitantly.

“Dazai, I won’t lie to you. That was a dumb move.” Dazai felt even more guilty. “But. I also won’t lie to you both, you are all still teenagers. Teenagers do dumb shit all the time.”

Hearing Odasaku curse in front of him made Dazai crack up a smile for a little bit. “Yeah… we’re both dumb.” He agreed, smiling even more.

“Well try not to worry about it too much,” said Odasaku as he patted Dazai’s knee in comfort. When the hand left, Dazai felt the feeling linger a bit. “Anything else?” The man asked.

“Well… What do you… what do you think I should do?” Asked Dazai, feeling lost once more like back in his childhood days where Odasaku rejected him.

Odasaku looked away, thinking for a moment with a hum rumbling from his throat. Then when he looked back, he asked if he could know more about what was going on.

“Well, we fought. He was angry at me that I gave him a drink. Said I should be smarter and stuff. Does… that suffice?” Dazai sighed out loud.

“Hm… I think both of you should apologize to each other. Whoever goes first doesn’t matter. Apologizing shouldn’t be about who wins and loses first,” explained Odasaku. “I think apologizing is braver than many people think.”

Dazai nodded, taking Odasaku’s words like gospel.

“So… are you going to apologize to Atsushi?” Prompted Odasaku when Dazai said nothing more.

“I think I will. But maybe later. I need time for myself,” the student explained himself.

“That’s good. Very good.” Odasaku nodded. “Is there anything else you wanted to talk about?”

Dazai looked up towards the ceiling, thinking for a little bit. Well there was a lotta thing he didn’t say or ask about. But there was still one thing on his mind…

“What do you think of me, Odasaku?” He asked the man, turning to look him in the eyes.

In Odasaku’s eyes, Dazai could feel that the man was hesitating and carefully measuring the words he should say next.

“I have to be honest, I used to feel something as well for you back then,” Odasaku said carefully. “But at the same time, I didn’t feel that much love for you in that way. It was as if we’re just brotherly love.”

“I see, I understand…” Dazai closed his eyes for a while, taking the information in before opening them once more.

“And even more you have found your true mate, correct?” Asked Odasaku, already knowing the answer to that.

“Yes…” Dazai nodded. “But… But what if we still don’t fit? I feel like the legends about true mates are lies.” Dazai started to panic a little bit. He did find his true mate, but what if their personalities still clash? What if Atsushi really didn’t like him back that way, just as he said before? Are they really doing this just for the baby?

“Dazai. I can assure you even true mates can have arguments with each other. It’s not the end of the world.” Odasaku shook his head slowly.

“How do you know?” Asked Dazai without heat in it.

“I knew one couple back in my days while I was working at a café. She talks a lot about her mate. The struggle of being true mates in public and in private settings,” Odasaku continued. “Sometimes they have disagreements that they couldn’t show in public. And that stressed her out. But one day, they decide that it’s not worth it hiding their fights and pretend to be happy couples. At first, people are surprised, but they get used to it because it’s normal.”

Dazai nodded along the way and was relieved that it was a normal thing to have. 

“All of these are a lot to take in,” said Dazai. “Thank you Odasaku. You’re the best friend I always needed in life.” He moved to hug Odasaku and pulled away just as quickly, because his heart is now a bit more calmer with the revelations.

“Hey, don’t be a stranger. I can also help you with parenting,” said Odasaku with a small smile.

“You will?! Oh that would be great! Yeah, you becoming my butler in the family will prove to be useful,” said Dazai, excited at the prospect of having his friend to help him. “Thanks again Odasaku. I think I need space now to think these all through…”

“You’re welcome.” Odasaku moved to get up and opened the door for Dazai. “Talk to me anytime if you need something, okay?”

“Yes!” Dazai smiled brightly and was glad to have his friend —or brother— back. He left the room feeling a bit brighter.


Dazai was walking around the building once more and found himself in front of the butterfly indoor garden, and entered the building.

He waved away some butterflies from his favorite seat and took a seat, just admiring the view.

There wasn’t much he was reflecting on, but at the same time there were a lot of things he could reflect on. Especially when he was about to be a grown up pretty soon.

Dazai sighed as he wasn’t ready to meet Atsushi yet. And the boy probably doesn't want to see him for a while either.

On the other hand, Atsushi did call out to him… Maybe to apologize. But Dazai couldn’t handle that right now. He needed time to think.

And think he did.

He thought about their relationship. It started out as Atsushi not wanting to be with a casanova like him, and now he was trying to love Dazai for what he was now.

He promised himself that he was no longer a casanova and he had to keep that promise going. But he might have slipped up a bit when Odasaku came around. So, he needed to apologize for that and try his best for their relationship to continue.

But the question was, does he want it to continue?

Thinking of Atsushi with someone else would break his heart even more. Was that how Atsushi felt when he let his guard down around Odasaku, and maybe even other people? Letting his habits win over him?

That… That would make sense. 

He disappointed Atsushi badly. Especially when he made the boy pregnant with his baby. 

He should be more responsible. How was he this dumb?

Guess scores in exams didn’t have anything in common with basic human decency in his teenage mindset.

The baby…

Yes, they haven’t exactly made a full decision on the baby. But… To be honest, he does want Atsushi to keep it.

There was something primal within him that wished Atsushi would keep breeding babies for him, and be impregnated with almost every year.

Dazai shook his head at that. “One child should be enough right?” It’s not like he wanted Atsushi to suffer more by bearing more children anyway. But he couldn’t help but drool at the thought of breeding Atsushi full of his children after they’re married. And have many children to continue the Dazai lineage.

He shook his head once more. “No. No more children until Atsushi gives his full consent.”

Their current situation was already hard enough anyway. With school and university. And people judge them for pregnancy at a young age. They hadn’t even counted the months Atsushi would be in school with a child. Maybe school at home?

He needed to talk about that with Atsushi.

And then marriage . Surely they were going to marry each other right…? Dazai really couldn’t handle the thought of Atsushi with someone else other than him. And that was proof enough that he was still in love with Nakajima Atsushi.

Then there was the boy’s father. A criminal and probably hunting them down after Atsushi escaped his abuse.

An obedient Omega sold at a high price… That was worrying enough already.

How many Omegas were kidnapped and sold each day? Dazai wanted those bastards to get caught and have karma rain upon them.

Actually, now that Dazai thought about it… he could use his money to help with the cause of freeing Omegas and destroy the negative connotation with the word Omegas.

Yes, he now knew what he was going to do in the future. To fight for justice and especially for his mate’s safety.

Another thing was that… He actually barely knew Atsushi. His mind was only thoughts of how perfect Atsushi is as his true mate. But never as a person.

He must fix that.

Resolved with his thoughts, Dazai stood up and trudged back to his room where Atsushi was waiting.


Stopping by the door to his room. Dazai started to knock on it. “Atsushi-kun?”

The door was quickly opened up and Dazai flailed his arms when something crashed onto his chest.

He realized quickly Atsushi was hugging him and he hugged back the boy awkwardly.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean it. Please forgive me. I want you to stay,” said Atsushi as the boy started to blabber. “Don’t leave me.”

The last few words broke Dazai’s heart and he hugged back even more sincerely. He hushed the broken boy in front of him, “Shh… I’m not going anywhere. I just needed a timeout from things. I’m sorry you feel that way, Atsushi-kun.”

“I’m sorry for my words…” Atsushi still muttered in Dazai’s chest. “I didn’t mean it. I swear.”

“It’s okay… It’s okay… I know it’s my fault as well. So, I’m sorry, my love.” Dazai started to pull away, hands on Atsushi’s cheeks and gave him a chaste kiss on the lips. “There, there.” He patted the boy’s head with one of his hands. “Let’s talk inside.”

Atsushi carefully dragged Dazai in and pushed him onto the now closed door. Purring at Dazai’s chest once again.

Dazai guessed that this is what pregnancy hormones do to you. 

Dazai kept patting the boy’s head and back with his hands. “Atsushi-kun… I have to say something.” He gulped down. “We definitely have to do this for the baby. But … I’m willing to get to know you better. I want to make this relationship work.”

Atsushi pulled away, but not that far. “Yeah… Okay. Let’s try our best?”

“Let’s try our best.” Dazai confirmed with a nod.

Lips started to smash into each other. The kiss wasn’t soft. It was wild. Full of tongues and teeth clashing one another.

“The sex was amazing though… Let’s do it again,” said Atsushi breathlessly.

“Hell yes. ” Dazai flipped them over on the wall and moved his lips to Atsushi’s neck. Kissing, sucking and biting. He marked his lover’s skin with love bruises.

Atsushi moaned at the feeling. His hands caressing Dazai’s messy hair, as Dazai’s own hands kept him steady by the hips.

The older teen’s lips moved to Atsushi’s collarbones and racked up the boy's shirt upwards, rubbing at hard nipples making the younger male groan in ecstasy.

Dazai quickly took off both of their shirts and mouthed at Atsushi's chest. Licking and suckling at both nipples.

Atsushi pulled at Dazai's hair, pulled the older boy off of his chest and kissed him hard on the mouth. 

Dazai, kissing back just as aggressively. They stayed like that for a while, drinking in each other’s love.

The Alpha then slid down slowly, leaving trails of kisses and stopped at Atsushi’s pants. He slid it down, the young boy’s cock bouncing to attention. Hard and red. It made Dazai drool a bit.

He started to kiss the head of the cock and with his other hand, he gently rolled Atsushi’s balls, causing the younger boy to mewl in pleasure.

“First time?” Asked Dazai with a smirk.

“O-obviously…” stuttered Atsushi. “I don’t think I can handle that long.”

“Gonna cum? Won’t allow it.” Dazai held the boy’s cock by the hilt, not allowing to cum early.

“Dazai-senpai…” moaned Atsushi. “Please…”

“No. Not yet.” And with that, Dazai put the boy’s cock inside his mouth and started to suck. Bobbing his head back and forth, occasionally swallowing, making Atsushi hiss at the feeling.

His other hand was still playing Atsushi’s balls.

“Please… please, please, please…” Atsushi begged. Wanting to cum down Dazai’s throat. 

Dazai moaned at the dick in his mouth. Shaking his head ‘no’, then pulling out. “Not yet~!” He exclaimed then put it back in, sucking even more vigorously.

Atsushi tried to push and pull Dazai away, but it was futile, he felt his knees buckle. But Dazai quickly put both of his hands up to Atsushi’s waist to stop him from falling.

That did it. Atsushi cummed down Dazai’s mouth and filled it to the brim with his seed. Some spilled out from Dazai’s lips and down onto the wooden floor.

But Dazai didn’t stop there. He swallowed the cum and used the remaining liquid to insert his fingers inside of Atsushi’s opening.

Hypersensitive, the young Omega jerked from his place with a squeak and put his hands on Dazai’s shoulders to keep himself steady.

Once Dazai was done preparing Atsushi, he played with the boy’s cock once more. Getting the hypersensitive cock to go hard once more.

“Mm…! No more!” Atsushi moaned. “I-I can’t!”

“Yes you can…,” said Dazai encouragingly.

“Ngh!” And just like Dazai said; Atsushi did manage to get his cock hard once more. But with the cost of sensitivity to his dick.

Dazai stood up and quickly took off his own pants once he determined Atsushi was fully prepared. His hard cock stood up proudly in the bright light of summer day, while Atsushi’s own cum dripped down from the younger boy’s hole.

“Is it just me or is it bigger?” Asked Atsushi mindlessly when he looked at Dazai’s cock.

Dazai laughed. “What are you talking about? Maybe you didn’t see it properly. But don’t worry.” He started to growl in a low voice. “I’m still a growing boy after all~”

Atsushi blushed. His mind ran towards Dazai with a bigger dick than he was and plunging it inside of him.

It almost made him moan.

The older student lifted Atsushi’s legs and wrapped it around his waist. Once Atsushi settled in nicely, he pushed the boy further up onto the wall and with one of his hands, he guided his cock inside the warm heat.

And it felt like coming home after a tiring day.

“M-move~” Moaned Atsushi, pulling Dazai further in. Deeper with his foot.

Dazai started to snap his hips at a medium pace. Brushing the head of his cock at Atsushi’s prostate everytime he moved, sending the boy to howl out a moan.

“You like that, Atsushi-kun?” Asked Dazai, clearly drunk in sex when it comes to fucking Atsushi.

“Y-yes! Give me more!” And apparently Dazai wasn’t alone in this. Atsushi too, was drunk in sex. 

“Good kitty,” whispered Dazai in Atsushi's ear.

Atsushi clenched his insides at the whisper. 

The hot summer day couldn’t get any hotter than this. Especially when Dazai used Atsushi’s cum as lube.

Dazai sped up his movements, fast and rough like an animal desperate to mate and breed.


Atsushi suddenly knew what would get the Alpha wild.

He whispered back, “Breed me.”

Dazai sucked in a sharp breath and stilled his movements. “W-what?”

“Don’t you want to?” Atsushi pulled back with an innocent look on his face.

“Oh you cheeky little…” Dazai adjusted himself and fucked Atsushi at a slower pace.

“No~! I don’t want it to be slow!”

That is for being a tease.”

“I’m sorry~” Moaned Atsushi when Dazai kept changing his speed.

“Gods you’re so tight! Even after many sex and my knot!” Shouted Dazai.

“I’m gonna cum…! Fuck! I’m going to cum!” Atsushi cursed out loud when he felt the lower stomach clenching.

That too, made his insides clenched around Dazai’s cock. Feeling even more of the warm flesh inside of him.

It sends both to the edge, where they cummed all of the sudden.

Dazai on the inside, deep and his cock still stuttering out spurts of cum while Atsushi’s seed covered both of their stomachs.

Once they got off the high, they slowly moved each other to the futon. Plopping down, exhausted and panting. 

They both turned to look at each other and smiled.

This wasn’t the end for them, they knew that much.

This was the beginning.






Season 2, coming soon…