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I'm just out here wishing that you would say

Don't be afraid, no

If you start floating away

Hey, I promise you will be fine

Got the universe on your side

When you're out in space

Don't you be afraid, no

If you start floating away


Ground Control by All Time Low


“Anyway, let’s discuss about the baby.”

Atsushi stopped fiddling with his shirt and started to pay attention.

When Atsushi didn't say anything, Dazai continued, "What do you reckon we should do?"

“I… It’s my choice right?” Atsushi asked, unsure.

Dazai nodded. “And I will be here to support you. Whatever it is you choose.”

Atsushi let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. It was reassuring to know his mate is okay with all of this. “Ok let’s measure out the possibilities…” As he said this, his stomach still felt uncomfortable. “Um, first thing, I gotta be honest. I do feel bad for the baby. I kinda want to… keep it in a way.”

Dazai nodded for Atsushi to continue.

“So, basically your father is okay with it right? So far?” Atsushi asked once again, trying to confirm if Dazai’s father isn’t out for their blood.

“He seems fine with it. How do we deal with your father however?” Dazai leaned on a wall and crossed his arms.

“Fuck him. That’s what. He’s going to get arrested pretty soon anyway. Well… hopefully the evidence is enough.”

Dazai nodded once more, agreeing.

“On the other hand… Being parents at our age should be proven to be difficult…” Atsushi rubbed his chin in thought. “We’re too young to be parents. Do you think people will judge us?”

“People will definitely judge us. That I cannot lie. But hey, at least we have each other. And there are support groups for teenagers like us. I’m sure we’re not the only ones who have this issue. So, don’t worry too much.” Dazai brushed off.

“Right…” Atsushi awkwardly nodded. “What else… How do we provide things for the baby?”

“Me. I will help. I will get a part time job if I have to if my father doesn’t give us allowance,” said Dazai confidently.

“Surely your father won’t let his grandchild struggle…” Atsushi raised an eyebrow.

“Ah yeah. You’re right.” Dazai grinned, abashed.

“Well, finances are settled. What do we do with education while taking care of a baby? You’re going to university soon, and I still have a year left…”

“It’s going to be difficult indeed… I’m sure there’s a way around it. Like, the school is mostly in my family’s debt anyway. Surely they can excuse us for once.”

“Yeah you’re right,” said Atsushi. “But bringing a baby would be a bit weird though, can I even handle that myself…” he wondered.

“I can skip University for a year just to be there for you,” said Dazai sincerely.

“That’s reassuring I suppose. But I’m not sure if I’m comfortable with you skipping…”

“It will be fine.”

“If you say so.” Atsushi shrugged. It was Dazai’s choice after all and not his place to comment much. And he voiced that opinion out loud.

“Yeah, it’s my choice and I choose to do whatever I please.” Dazai smirked.

“Good to hear.” Then another wave of nausea washed over Atsushi. “Um, I think my stomach is still unwell…”

Dazai straightened up. “Doctor. Now.”

Atsushi nodded in agreement and followed Dazai out of the room they were sharing.


Once they were in the doctor's office. They were asked a variety of questions. Like when did the vomiting happen, how long has it been and lastly…

“Do you remember eating or drinking anything funny?”

“Oh shit.” Both Dazai and Atsushi cursed.

The fucking alcohol.

Atsushi groaned. “Please, please tell me the baby is okay.”

“What did you guys eat or drink?” The doctor asked once more, suspicion in his eyes.

“Alcohol…” Dazai said guiltily.

Well the doctor was furious. He didn’t shout. Just berated them about the dangers of eating raw fish, drinking alcohol and smoking.

Atsushi and Dazai nodded numbly, getting an earful.

They had a second checkup that day and good thing the baby was fine because it was still in the small development stage where it doesn’t take the full blown effect of alcohol or anything much. Plus, Atsushi only drank a glass. Not the whole bottle.

“Now do you understand?” The doctor crossed his arms as if he was talking to his own children about the dangers of playing with fire.

But in this case, the fire seemed to be large.

“Yes, doctor…” They both nodded and said in unison.

Then they were dismissed.

Once they were outside, Atsushi snapped his attention to Dazai.

He looked furious.

“What was that for?” Asked Atsushi angrily. 

“What was ‘what’ for?” Dazai asked, taken aback by the sudden fury.

“The drinking!” Shouted Atsushi, not caring if anyone heard them.

Dazai flushed in shame. “I… I forgot.” He tried to explain. He did forget however, the pregnancy wasn’t on his mind a lot because he was currently worried how injured Atsushi was and just wanted to ‘help’.

“You forgot?!” Shouted Atsushi. “How on earth did you forget?! You were supposed to be the top student, you should’ve known better! Especially when we were supposed to be mates for life, not you hitting on someone else!” Once the words were out of Atsushi’s mouth, he regretted them. Because in a way, it was his fault too, that he also forgot.

Dazai probably realized that too.

The older student glared at Atsushi. 

It was the first time Atsushi was glared at by Dazai and it felt wrong. Like it shouldn’t be directed at him.

“Wait I—“ Atsushi was about to say he didn’t mean it. But he couldn’t help feeling this way. It was as if Dazai didn’t care about the baby and only about the sex, the true mates. But never the love.

“Save it. I’m going.” Dazai stormed off, leaving Atsushi in the hallway by the doctor’s office.

Atsushi started to sob.


Dazai wandered the many hallways of the island’s building. Avoiding Atsushi whenever the boy tried to call for him. Eventually, Atsushi left him alone and that almost made Dazai feel bad, because he could hear the boy sobbing lightly. But Dazai trudged on and then stopped…

By Odasaku’s door.

He knew it was his door because the moment he stopped, the door opened to the red-haired man.

Odasaku looked up, surprised to see a person in front of him. And when he realized it was someone familiar, he said, “Oh… Dazai. What’s wrong?”

Apparently when Dazai stopped walking, he started to feel tears on his cheeks. He was crying too.

Well wasn’t that a way to meet his long time friend.

“Uh nothing. Sorry, excuse me,” said Dazai as he tried to leave. He doesn’t want to be seen crying even more in front of his old crush.

“Hey.” Odasaku grabbed up his elbow to stop him. “Wait. Talk to me.”

Dazai couldn’t muster up the courage to reject the offer. So he nodded and followed Odasaku back inside the man’s room.

“Take a seat,” said Odasaku gesturing to a chair by the bedside and a desk.

Dazai took a seat, rubbing hands against his face to wash away the tears. Once he was done, he looked down at his shoes and waited for Odasaku to say something.

Odasaku sighed when he wasn’t getting Dazai to speak first. So, he asked, “What’s wrong? Is it Atsushi?”

Dazai jerked in his seat as if caught red-handed.

Odasaku sighed once more and took a seat on the bed. “What happened with him?”

“I may or may not have given him something I shouldn’t have…?” Dazai said with a question. “And it had the chance to hurt the baby…?”

“What did you give him?” Odasaku asked calmly.

“A…Alcohol…,” said Dazai hesitantly.

“Dazai, I won’t lie to you. That was a dumb move.” Dazai felt even more guilty. “But. I also won’t lie to you both, you are all still teenagers. Teenagers do dumb shit all the time.”

Hearing Odasaku curse in front of him made Dazai crack up a smile for a little bit. “Yeah… we’re both dumb.” He agreed, smiling even more.

“Well try not to worry about it too much,” said Odasaku as he patted Dazai’s knee in comfort. When the hand left, Dazai felt the feeling linger a bit. “Anything else?” The man asked.

“Well… What do you… what do you think I should do?” Asked Dazai, feeling lost once more like back in his childhood days where Odasaku rejected him.

Odasaku looked away, thinking for a moment with a hum rumbling from his throat. Then when he looked back, he asked if he could know more about what was going on.

“Well, we fought. He was angry at me that I gave him a drink. Said I should be smarter and stuff. Does… that suffice?” Dazai sighed out loud.

“Hm… I think both of you should apologize to each other. Whoever goes first doesn’t matter. Apologizing shouldn’t be about who wins and loses first,” explained Odasaku. “I think apologizing is braver than many people think.”

Dazai nodded, taking Odasaku’s words like gospel.

“So… are you going to apologize to Atsushi?” Prompted Odasaku when Dazai said nothing more.

“I think I will. But maybe later. I need time for myself,” the student explained himself.

“That’s good. Very good.” Odasaku nodded. “Is there anything else you wanted to talk about?”

Dazai looked up towards the ceiling, thinking for a little bit. Well there was a lotta thing he didn’t say or ask about. But there was still one thing on his mind…

“What do you think of me, Odasaku?” He asked the man, turning to look him in the eyes.

In Odasaku’s eyes, Dazai could feel that the man was hesitating and carefully measuring the words he should say next.

“I have to be honest, I used to feel something as well for you back then,” Odasaku said carefully. “But at the same time, I didn’t feel that much love for you in that way. It was as if we’re just brotherly love.”

“I see, I understand…” Dazai closed his eyes for a while, taking the information in before opening them once more.

“And even more you have found your true mate, correct?” Asked Odasaku, already knowing the answer to that.

“Yes…” Dazai nodded. “But… But what if we still don’t fit? I feel like the legends about true mates are lies.” Dazai started to panic a little bit. He did find his true mate, but what if their personalities still clash? What if Atsushi really didn’t like him back that way, just as he said before? Are they really doing this just for the baby?

“Dazai. I can assure you even true mates can have arguments with each other. It’s not the end of the world.” Odasaku shook his head slowly.

“How do you know?” Asked Dazai without heat in it.

“I knew one couple back in my days while I was working at a café. She talks a lot about her mate. The struggle of being true mates in public and in private settings,” Odasaku continued. “Sometimes they have disagreements that they couldn’t show in public. And that stressed her out. But one day, they decide that it’s not worth it hiding their fights and pretend to be happy couples. At first, people are surprised, but they get used to it because it’s normal.”

Dazai nodded along the way and was relieved that it was a normal thing to have. 

“All of these are a lot to take in,” said Dazai. “Thank you Odasaku. You’re the best friend I always needed in life.” He moved to hug Odasaku and pulled away just as quickly, because his heart is now a bit more calmer with the revelations.

“Hey, don’t be a stranger. I can also help you with parenting,” said Odasaku with a small smile.

“You will?! Oh that would be great! Yeah, you becoming my butler in the family will prove to be useful,” said Dazai, excited at the prospect of having his friend to help him. “Thanks again Odasaku. I think I need space now to think these all through…”

“You’re welcome.” Odasaku moved to get up and opened the door for Dazai. “Talk to me anytime if you need something, okay?”

“Yes!” Dazai smiled brightly and was glad to have his friend —or brother— back. He left the room feeling a bit brighter.


Dazai was walking around the building once more and found himself in front of the butterfly indoor garden, and entered the building.

He waved away some butterflies from his favorite seat and took a seat, just admiring the view.

There wasn’t much he was reflecting on, but at the same time there were a lot of things he could reflect on. Especially when he was about to be a grown up pretty soon.

Dazai sighed as he wasn’t ready to meet Atsushi yet. And the boy probably doesn't want to see him for a while either.

On the other hand, Atsushi did call out to him… Maybe to apologize. But Dazai couldn’t handle that right now. He needed time to think.

And think he did.

He thought about their relationship. It started out as Atsushi not wanting to be with a casanova like him, and now he was trying to love Dazai for what he was now.

He promised himself that he was no longer a casanova and he had to keep that promise going. But he might have slipped up a bit when Odasaku came around. So, he needed to apologize for that and try his best for their relationship to continue.

But the question was, does he want it to continue?

Thinking of Atsushi with someone else would break his heart even more. Was that how Atsushi felt when he let his guard down around Odasaku, and maybe even other people? Letting his habits win over him?

That… That would make sense. 

He disappointed Atsushi badly. Especially when he made the boy pregnant with his baby. 

He should be more responsible. How was he this dumb?

Guess scores in exams didn’t have anything in common with basic human decency in his teenage mindset.

The baby…

Yes, they haven’t exactly made a full decision on the baby. But… To be honest, he does want Atsushi to keep it.

There was something primal within him that wished Atsushi would keep breeding babies for him, and be impregnated with almost every year.

Dazai shook his head at that. “One child should be enough right?” It’s not like he wanted Atsushi to suffer more by bearing more children anyway. But he couldn’t help but drool at the thought of breeding Atsushi full of his children after they’re married. And have many children to continue the Dazai lineage.

He shook his head once more. “No. No more children until Atsushi gives his full consent.”

Their current situation was already hard enough anyway. With school and university. And people judge them for pregnancy at a young age. They hadn’t even counted the months Atsushi would be in school with a child. Maybe school at home?

He needed to talk about that with Atsushi.

And then marriage . Surely they were going to marry each other right…? Dazai really couldn’t handle the thought of Atsushi with someone else other than him. And that was proof enough that he was still in love with Nakajima Atsushi.

Then there was the boy’s father. A criminal and probably hunting them down after Atsushi escaped his abuse.

An obedient Omega sold at a high price… That was worrying enough already.

How many Omegas were kidnapped and sold each day? Dazai wanted those bastards to get caught and have karma rain upon them.

Actually, now that Dazai thought about it… he could use his money to help with the cause of freeing Omegas and destroy the negative connotation with the word Omegas.

Yes, he now knew what he was going to do in the future. To fight for justice and especially for his mate’s safety.

Another thing was that… He actually barely knew Atsushi. His mind was only thoughts of how perfect Atsushi is as his true mate. But never as a person.

He must fix that.

Resolved with his thoughts, Dazai stood up and trudged back to his room where Atsushi was waiting.


Stopping by the door to his room. Dazai started to knock on it. “Atsushi-kun?”

The door was quickly opened up and Dazai flailed his arms when something crashed onto his chest.

He realized quickly Atsushi was hugging him and he hugged back the boy awkwardly.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean it. Please forgive me. I want you to stay,” said Atsushi as the boy started to blabber. “Don’t leave me.”

The last few words broke Dazai’s heart and he hugged back even more sincerely. He hushed the broken boy in front of him, “Shh… I’m not going anywhere. I just needed a timeout from things. I’m sorry you feel that way, Atsushi-kun.”

“I’m sorry for my words…” Atsushi still muttered in Dazai’s chest. “I didn’t mean it. I swear.”

“It’s okay… It’s okay… I know it’s my fault as well. So, I’m sorry, my love.” Dazai started to pull away, hands on Atsushi’s cheeks and gave him a chaste kiss on the lips. “There, there.” He patted the boy’s head with one of his hands. “Let’s talk inside.”

Atsushi carefully dragged Dazai in and pushed him onto the now closed door. Purring at Dazai’s chest once again.

Dazai guessed that this is what pregnancy hormones do to you. 

Dazai kept patting the boy’s head and back with his hands. “Atsushi-kun… I have to say something.” He gulped down. “We definitely have to do this for the baby. But … I’m willing to get to know you better. I want to make this relationship work.”

Atsushi pulled away, but not that far. “Yeah… Okay. Let’s try our best?”

“Let’s try our best.” Dazai confirmed with a nod.

Lips started to smash into each other. The kiss wasn’t soft. It was wild. Full of tongues and teeth clashing one another.

“The sex was amazing though… Let’s do it again,” said Atsushi breathlessly.

“Hell yes. ” Dazai flipped them over on the wall and moved his lips to Atsushi’s neck. Kissing, sucking and biting. He marked his lover’s skin with love bruises.

Atsushi moaned at the feeling. His hands caressing Dazai’s messy hair, as Dazai’s own hands kept him steady by the hips.

The older teen’s lips moved to Atsushi’s collarbones and racked up the boy's shirt upwards, rubbing at hard nipples making the younger male groan in ecstasy.

Dazai quickly took off both of their shirts and mouthed at Atsushi's chest. Licking and suckling at both nipples.

Atsushi pulled at Dazai's hair, pulled the older boy off of his chest and kissed him hard on the mouth. 

Dazai, kissing back just as aggressively. They stayed like that for a while, drinking in each other’s love.

The Alpha then slid down slowly, leaving trails of kisses and stopped at Atsushi’s pants. He slid it down, the young boy’s cock bouncing to attention. Hard and red. It made Dazai drool a bit.

He started to kiss the head of the cock and with his other hand, he gently rolled Atsushi’s balls, causing the younger boy to mewl in pleasure.

“First time?” Asked Dazai with a smirk.

“O-obviously…” stuttered Atsushi. “I don’t think I can handle that long.”

“Gonna cum? Won’t allow it.” Dazai held the boy’s cock by the hilt, not allowing to cum early.

“Dazai-senpai…” moaned Atsushi. “Please…”

“No. Not yet.” And with that, Dazai put the boy’s cock inside his mouth and started to suck. Bobbing his head back and forth, occasionally swallowing, making Atsushi hiss at the feeling.

His other hand was still playing Atsushi’s balls.

“Please… please, please, please…” Atsushi begged. Wanting to cum down Dazai’s throat. 

Dazai moaned at the dick in his mouth. Shaking his head ‘no’, then pulling out. “Not yet~!” He exclaimed then put it back in, sucking even more vigorously.

Atsushi tried to push and pull Dazai away, but it was futile, he felt his knees buckle. But Dazai quickly put both of his hands up to Atsushi’s waist to stop him from falling.

That did it. Atsushi cummed down Dazai’s mouth and filled it to the brim with his seed. Some spilled out from Dazai’s lips and down onto the wooden floor.

But Dazai didn’t stop there. He swallowed the cum and used the remaining liquid to insert his fingers inside of Atsushi’s opening.

Hypersensitive, the young Omega jerked from his place with a squeak and put his hands on Dazai’s shoulders to keep himself steady.

Once Dazai was done preparing Atsushi, he played with the boy’s cock once more. Getting the hypersensitive cock to go hard once more.

“Mm…! No more!” Atsushi moaned. “I-I can’t!”

“Yes you can…,” said Dazai encouragingly.

“Ngh!” And just like Dazai said; Atsushi did manage to get his cock hard once more. But with the cost of sensitivity to his dick.

Dazai stood up and quickly took off his own pants once he determined Atsushi was fully prepared. His hard cock stood up proudly in the bright light of summer day, while Atsushi’s own cum dripped down from the younger boy’s hole.

“Is it just me or is it bigger?” Asked Atsushi mindlessly when he looked at Dazai’s cock.

Dazai laughed. “What are you talking about? Maybe you didn’t see it properly. But don’t worry.” He started to growl in a low voice. “I’m still a growing boy after all~”

Atsushi blushed. His mind ran towards Dazai with a bigger dick than he was and plunging it inside of him.

It almost made him moan.

The older student lifted Atsushi’s legs and wrapped it around his waist. Once Atsushi settled in nicely, he pushed the boy further up onto the wall and with one of his hands, he guided his cock inside the warm heat.

And it felt like coming home after a tiring day.

“M-move~” Moaned Atsushi, pulling Dazai further in. Deeper with his foot.

Dazai started to snap his hips at a medium pace. Brushing the head of his cock at Atsushi’s prostate everytime he moved, sending the boy to howl out a moan.

“You like that, Atsushi-kun?” Asked Dazai, clearly drunk in sex when it comes to fucking Atsushi.

“Y-yes! Give me more!” And apparently Dazai wasn’t alone in this. Atsushi too, was drunk in sex. 

“Good kitty,” whispered Dazai in Atsushi's ear.

Atsushi clenched his insides at the whisper. 

The hot summer day couldn’t get any hotter than this. Especially when Dazai used Atsushi’s cum as lube.

Dazai sped up his movements, fast and rough like an animal desperate to mate and breed.


Atsushi suddenly knew what would get the Alpha wild.

He whispered back, “Breed me.”

Dazai sucked in a sharp breath and stilled his movements. “W-what?”

“Don’t you want to?” Atsushi pulled back with an innocent look on his face.

“Oh you cheeky little…” Dazai adjusted himself and fucked Atsushi at a slower pace.

“No~! I don’t want it to be slow!”

That is for being a tease.”

“I’m sorry~” Moaned Atsushi when Dazai kept changing his speed.

“Gods you’re so tight! Even after many sex and my knot!” Shouted Dazai.

“I’m gonna cum…! Fuck! I’m going to cum!” Atsushi cursed out loud when he felt the lower stomach clenching.

That too, made his insides clenched around Dazai’s cock. Feeling even more of the warm flesh inside of him.

It sends both to the edge, where they cummed all of the sudden.

Dazai on the inside, deep and his cock still stuttering out spurts of cum while Atsushi’s seed covered both of their stomachs.

Once they got off the high, they slowly moved each other to the futon. Plopping down, exhausted and panting. 

They both turned to look at each other and smiled.

This wasn’t the end for them, they knew that much.

This was the beginning.






Season 2, coming soon…