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By their third year, Yamaguchi’s spine had strengthened into steel, and as captain, his edicts were delivered with a finality that defied disobedience. So, when he had said that it was time for Tsukishima and Kageyama to finally put aside their differences once and for all, they really had no choice but to listen. 

“Get to know one another,” Yamaguchi had said, giving them both a firm pat on the back. If they had to brace themselves from being propelled forward — well, that was just a sign of Yamaguchi’s seriousness. 

What happened after, then, was really just Yamaguchi’s fault.



As usual, they went to Kageyama’s house after practice on Friday. Ostensibly it was for a weekly tutoring session, but Tsukishima was sure that Yamaguchi and Yachi at least had seen past that facade. Hinata had called their Friday routine “dates” once and gotten smacked hard enough by the both of them that he didn’t dare say it again, at least not if either of them was in earshot. And if any of the underclassmen had time to speculate about the relationship between two of their strictest seniors, then they obviously weren’t practicing hard enough. 

Kageyama’s house was always empty whenever Tsukishima came over, which made it ideal for their purposes. There were a few family photos scattered about that Tsukishima had glanced over once or twice in passing, but no one had ever been in the house or come home while he was there. 

Kageyama seemed used to the emptiness of the house and gave no indication of minding one way or another. Tsukishima didn’t ask either, but sometimes he’d stay a little longer than usual. It wasn’t like he was keeping Kageyama company. There just wasn’t anything better that he had to be doing. 

As always, as soon as the front door closed behind them, Kageyama was crowding Tsukishima up against it to kiss him. 

Tsukishima used to hate that. Being pushed around by Kageyama was annoying even if he was doing something that Tsukishima ostensibly wanted, too. But now he just let himself be pushed and kissed and took his control elsewhere by putting his hand on the back of Kageyama’s neck and tilting his face up to the exact perfect angle. 

It was a habit now, and if you had few enough brain cells to even think the thought, almost like a welcome back kiss. They only ever did this on Fridays, after a full week of classes, practices, and acceptable-to-Yamaguchi levels of bickering. 

Even Tsukishima could admit that it felt good to touch Kageyama like this again after a week of their only physical contact being sometimes grazing each other during practice. He’d be lying if he said that he never wanted Kageyama outside of their Friday meet ups.

It was a good thing that he was a practiced liar, then. 

After a few minutes, Kageyama was the first one to pull away, and Tsukishima didn’t bother trying to bring him back. There would be plenty of time to be close later. It wasn’t like they were likely to get interrupted here. 

“Hmm,” Kageyama hummed, sounding pleased. It was the sound he made when one of their underclassmen successfully pulled off a difficult maneuver during practice. Tsukishima had heard it ten times more often in the front entryway of Kageyama’s house than anywhere else—school, the gym, and even the bedroom. In this at least, the king was easily satisfied. 

“Missed me much?” Tsukishima asked. It came out more gently than he intended. 

“I see you every day,” Kageyama said, rolling his eyes. He still leaned in to give Tsukishima another kiss, though, so the unspoken answer was loud and clear. “Let’s go to my bedroom.”



Practice made perfect, and when you had months of practice, things were easy. The sex they were having now was a far cry from the half-furious fumbles they pushed each other into in the beginning. 

Kageyama ran hot, like there was a banked fire under his skin. Naked, he was like a furnace. In the summer, it had been almost unbearable to do anything intimate with him, but now it was winter, and his warmth was more than welcome. 

“Hurry up,” Kageyama said, nudging at Tsukishima’s side with his knee. “I’m ready.” He was demanding as always, something that somehow both pleased and irritated Tsukishima to no end. 

Just to spite him, Tsukishima slowed down, barely moving his fingers. He focused his attention on gently rubbing against Kageyama’s prostate and was rewarded with a poorly stifled gasp. 

“Tsukishima,” Kageyama hissed out, his eyes narrowed in irritation. The effectiveness of his glare was undercut by the blotchy pink blush spreading down his chest. The kick he aimed at Tsukishima’s stomach was much more convincing.

“Ow,” Tsukishima complained, only half joking. “You get more violent by the day, king. What do I even see in you?” A plastic-wrapped condom hit him in the chest before he could get any farther. Message received.

“Hurry,” Kageyama said again, and Tsukishima could definitely tell that he was irritated. “Please.”

The please had been a nice touch, Tsukishima thought as he gently pulled his fingers out and retrieved the condom. Even a tyrant could be polite every now and then, but he gave in to enough of Kageyama’s whims on the volleyball court. In bed, the king could stand to wait a little. 

Tsukishima clicked his tongue in admonishment, mostly because he knew that it made Kageyama want to throttle him more often than not. “Neediness isn’t a good look, you know. Learn some restraint.” That was a lie actually. It was a great look on Kageyama, and it was a delicate balance to tip him towards desire instead of frustration. He was clearly on the frustration end of the spectrum right now.

Kageyama didn’t say anything, but he did huff out an irritated sigh. Tsukishima had never heard someone who could convey so much disdain in a single breath other than his great-aunt. For someone who was about thirty seconds away from getting fucked, Kageyama really could stand to be less ornery about the whole thing. 

Tsukishima decided not to keep Kageyama waiting for too long, though. Denying Kageyama meant denying himself, and he didn’t have the patience for that kind of game today. He opened the condom and smoothly rolled it down his cock. 

Taking a moment, because not making Kageyama wait too long wasn’t the same as not making him wait at all, Tsukishima considered how he wanted to do things today. There were plenty of options, and each had their own appeal. 

He thought about getting Kageyama on his knees and fucking him like that. The arch of Kageyama’s spine always beckoned him closer, made Tsukishima want to push a hand between his shoulder blades and keep him still so he could fuck into him even deeper. Kageyama was always louder on his knees, especially when Tsukishima kept pulling him up so that he couldn’t muffle his voice in the pillows or sheets. 

Or maybe, he’d roll Kageyama onto his side and plaster them chest to back so that he could feel every shiver and groan that left Kageyama’s body, no matter how repressed or bitten off. That was a different kind of pleasure, covering Kageyama’s body with his own, like Tsukishima could finally overwhelm him. 

Or, he could get Kageyama to do the work, pulling him on top and just laying back. “Lazy,” Kageyama would accuse, but he’d straddle Tsukishima anyway, slowly sinking down on his cock, eyes closed in concentration. Kageyama’s thighs were strong and powerful, and it was heady to watch them work as he took his pleasure from Tsukishima’s body. 

Those were all good options, but in the end, Tsukishima decided that he wanted to keep Kageyama where he was, spread out across the bed. The long stretch of his muscled torso leading down to the cradle of his hips and thighs was a perfect picture, and Tsukishima wanted to look his fill today. 

“Put your legs around me,” Tsukishima said, wrapping a firm hand around one of Kageyama’s thighs to pull him up. 

Kageyama complied without complaint, and his eyes deepened from dark blue to inky black. He knew he was going to get what he wanted.

Lining himself up, Tsukishima pressed forward carefully, but firmly. He had gotten out of the habit of holding his breath during that first push into Kageyama’s body, but that didn’t mean that it wasn’t still overwhelming. I’m never going to forget this , he had thought that first desperate time, and every time after the same feeling came back.

Kageyama was never as loud as he was that first time, which was regrettable in Tsukishima’s opinion, but he still shivered and arched just as he had before. In this position, Tsukishima could see everything: the flex of Kageyama’s muscles, the flush of his cheeks, and the unyielding pleasure in every line of his body. It was heady, and Tsukishima felt powerful. 

This is mine, Tsukishima thought, privately greedy, as he ran a hand up Kageyama’s side to his chest. “Ready?” he asked, hand splayed right over the other boy’s heart. 

“Yes,” Kageyama sighed out. He crossed his legs behind Tsukishima’s back and tugged him even deeper, bossy even without speaking. 

Tsukishima didn’t mind accommodating this desire, at least.

The first thrust was hard enough to shove Kageyama up the bed and dragged a strangled moan from his lips. Good, Tsukishima thought and set a firm, steady pace that knocked any potential complaints out of the other boy’s head before they could even form. 

Tsukishima watched rapt as Kageyama panted under him. His dark hair was mussed against the sheets, and he was flushed pink all the way down his chest. His hard cock jerked every time Tsukishima fucked into him and dripped steadily against his stomach. 

It was a good decision, having Kageyama on his back. Before, Tsukishima honestly hadn’t cared that much about sex, but after starting this thing with Kageyama, he finally got why some people were so obsessed with it. It scratched an itch that he wasn’t even aware that he had, much less needed taken care of. 

Moving so he could brace himself over the other boy’s body, Tsukishima caught Kageyama’s mouth in a kiss. He slowed his pace until he was more grinding into Kageyama than anything else. 

Kageyama opened up easily under Tsukishima’s tongue, and tiny noises of pleasure escaped him whenever their mouths separated. 

Tsukishima kissed along Kageyama’s neck and jaw, savoring the sound and feel of his panting breaths against his ears. One of his hands moved from Kageyama’s hip to wrap around his back. 

“Ah!” Kageyama startled as Tsukishima lifted him bodily, hands coming to clutch at Tsukishima’s waist as he was moved. 

“Fuck!” Kageyama shuddered as he settled more fully in Tsukishima’s lap, sinking deeper on his cock. “Fuck,” he said again, and his head dipped down to meet Tsukishima’s shoulder. 

“Feeling good, huh?” Tsukishima relished being able to pull reactions like this out of the king.  He thrust up and was rewarded with another shudder and Kageyama clenching tightly around him. He had to catch his breath at that, the feeling briefly overwhelming him. 

“Tsukki,” Kageyama said, voice close to his ear. That name was something Kageyama only called him during sex, when he couldn’t be bothered to string the full syllables of Tsukishima’s name together. It was fucked, hearing that name in the middle of something so intimate, but he’d probably throw Kageyama off him if Kei ever came out of his mouth. Kageyama probably didn’t even remember his first name anyway. 

“You’ve gotten stronger,” Kageyama said. His voice was breathy from exertion, and he sounded pleased. He made his little satisfied humming noise then, which just confirmed it. 

“You think it’s because of you?” Tsukishima asked. Wouldn’t it have been funny if all the strength training he had done over the past few years had solely been to please Kageyama, to be able to manhandle him during sex, the only time he was even willing to be pushed around a little. 

“Don’t be stupid,” Kageyama said. “I just like it.” 

“I know,” Tsukshima said, because it was impossible not to after all these months. Kageyama liked to be picked up during sex and a hand carding through his hair when he was on his knees between Tsukishima’s thighs. If you gave him a hickey anywhere from his chest up, he’d complain, but anywhere below the waist was free game. He had a hundred likes and dislikes, and he didn’t care to hide them. It was easy to know Kageyama here even if he was inscrutable elsewhere. 

In the new position, Tsukishima was able to get even deeper, and every time he thrust up, unerringly aiming for Kageyama’s prostate, he was rewarded with a punched-out gasp in his ear. 

Kageyama’s arms tightened around Tsukishima’s shoulders, pulling them impossibly closer. His cock was trapped between their stomachs, spreading slick wetness against Tsukishima’s tense abs. 

“You’re close, huh?” Kageyama always got clingier right before and after coming. Tsukishima turned his head to nip against the curve of Kageyama’s jaw. “Need a hand, or do you think you can come from this alone?”

He bit Tsukishima in retaliation. It wasn’t gentle. “Stop talking,” Kageyama said, the command made weak by his wavering breath, “and fuck me harder.”

Tsukishima almost wanted to slow down and gentle his pace just to be contrary, but he was getting close, too, and wasn’t sure if he could hold out for much longer. He tightened his hold on Kageyama’s hips and fucked him harder, pulling Kageyama down to meet his cock. 

On one particularly rough thrust, Kageyama jerked and came, body impossibly warm and tight around Tsukishima’s cock. He crushed their bodies together, arms and legs enclosing Tsukishima in a vise as his cock spurted wetly between them. 

Tsukishima breathed in the warm, salty scent of the other boy’s skin and felt the shiver in his limbs as he came down from his high. He ran a hand up and down Kageyama’s still tense back, soothing him until he went lax and boneless in Tsukishima’s arms. 

Post-orgasm, Kageyama moved easily as Tsukishima pushed him back down onto the bed.  Tsukishima tried not to move too much in case Kageyama was too sensitive. Sometimes he got like that and couldn’t bear for Tsukishima to move, much less be in him. 

“You can keep going,” Kageyama said a few moments later. His words were slightly slurred, as if he had just woken from a dream. He pulled Tsukishima down over him, holding him close. “It’s okay.”

“Alright,” Tsukishima said. Ignoring the half-hearted grumble about him moving away, he pushed himself up and gently fucked forward into the warm heat of Kageyama’s pliant body. 

Already close, it only took a few more thrusts before he came, shuddering and body held close by Kageyama’s clutching arms. 

A hum, soft and pleased, buzzed against Tsukishima’s ear, and he nearly laughed. Guess it was good that this made the king happy, too. 

“I’m heavy,” Tsukishima said, trying to at least push himself up so that he wasn’t resting his weight completely on Kageyama, but the other boy was having none of it. 

“It’s fine.” Kageyama’s arms held Tsukishima close and tightened their grip whenever he so much as shifted. “I want to be close.” 

The position wasn’t exactly comfortable, but with Kageyama’s iron hold on him, Tsukishima wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. “Alright,” he said. “Just for a bit then.” 



After disposing of the condom and cleaning up as much as they could without taking a shower, Kageyama had, as usual, fallen asleep, face pillowed against the curve of Tsukishima’s shoulder. 

Tsukishima didn’t sleep, but he did close his eyes and listen to Kageyama’s quiet, even breathing. It was comforting in the same way that he usually found music comforting. This was a small intimacy that only he knew. 

Kageyama slept on, peaceful and sated, and Tsukishima didn’t even think about leaving. Months ago, he would have likely already been gone, but he didn’t feel the same need nowadays. Their Fridays had become something to be savored instead of rushed through. 

When Tsukishima opened his eyes again, it was already late evening. Without realizing it, he had actually fallen asleep, something that had never happened at Kageyama’s place before. 

Kageyama was next to him, head still pillowed on his shoulder, but this time, he was awake. 

“Are you hungry?” he asked. His eyes were half lidded and his voice scratchy with sleep. 

While Tsukishima’s usual answer was no, he hadn’t eaten since lunch, and it was now past dinner time. He actually was hungry for once. “I could eat,” he said. 

“Okay,” Kageyama said. He pushed himself up so he could climb over Tsukishima and get off the bed. “Let’s have dinner.”

Tsukishima thought he should have been surprised at the invitation, but he wasn’t. “Do you even have food in the house?” he asked. It was a valid question. Kageyama might have been essentially living alone, but he didn’t look like the type to be into domestic chores like cooking. 

Kageyama gave Tsukishima a look like he was stupid for even asking. “Yes,” he said as he pulled on a pair of shorts from his dresser. “I have food. I have to eat to stay in shape, don’t I?”

“Let me guess,” Tsukishima said, “it’s curry, isn’t it?”

“I have ramen, too, if you’re going to be picky,” Kageyama said. He pulled on a shirt, and Tsukishima privately mourned the fact that Kageyama was covered up again. 

“Curry and ramen,” Tsukishima said with a smirk. “Food fit for a king, I see.” One king at least. 

“You can have curry, ramen, or miso soup and rice. Take your pick,” Kageyama said. 

“Your palate is so diverse,” Tsukishima said. He reached for his uniform, which was draped over Kageyama’s desk chair, and began to get dressed. 

“I have cake, too,” Kageyama said. He sounded weirdly defensive about it, like he was expecting Tsukishima to judge him for buying baked goods. 

“What kind?” Tsukishima wondered if he could get away with just the cake for dinner or if Kageyama would just hold him down and force feed him real food first. 

“It’s strawberry,” he said. “I know you like it.”

It should have been nothing really for Kageyama to have cake, even if it was in a flavor he knew that Tsukishima liked, but he knew that Kageyama didn’t eat sweets much and never seemed to be interested in cakes before. “Huh,” Tsukishima said. “Did you buy that to bribe me to eat?” He pulled on his shirt but left the sweater and jacket off. He was still warm from before. 

“You don’t eat enough,” Kageyama huffed. That wasn’t an answer, but his slowly reddening ears were. 

He bought me cake, Tsukishima thought, and that was weird. They didn’t do things like that. The closest to affection and romance they usually got was kissing in the front entryway. 

“I’ll eat,” Tsukishima said, “but I get to portion things out.” If he allowed Kageyama free rein with the portions, he’d get enough for three. 

Kageyama scowled but didn’t argue. “Fine,” he said. “But no cake until after. You have to eat a full dinner first!”

Tsukishima rolled his eyes. Kageyama was stricter than his own mother when it came to food. “I live to serve, your majesty.”

“Good,” Kageyama said, completely ignoring Tsukishima’s sarcasm. “I’ll get you eating normally yet.”

“I do eat normally,” Tsukishima said, although he wasn’t sure why he bothered. There was no winning this argument. 

As Tsukishima followed Kageyama into the kitchen, he wondered if this too would be the start of a new habit of theirs.