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The Benefits of Cohabitation

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There are times when having three roommates can be a bit of a struggle.

On the one hand it’s nice because there are four people to help with cooking and cleaning, but on the other hand there are also four people’s messes to contend with. They have to share a single bathroom and with three volleyball players sharing the same schedule it can be a bit of a challenge.

Akaashi’s fridge is filled with chicken breast and vegetables for most of the year and keeping up with three athletes when he lives a largely sedentary life as a manga editor has definitely had its ups and downs.

But then Akaashi starts taking testosterone and he realizes that living with three energetic, muscular men with impressive stamina has plenty of benefits as well.

“Keiji? How did your call with Udai-san go?” Sakusa asks softly when Akaashi enters the room, not even bothering to look up from his phone. That just won’t do and Akaashi steals the phone and drops it on the floor before straddling the taller man’s lap, stark naked and already dripping in anticipation of what he knows lies beneath those unassuming grey sweatpants Sakusa is wearing.

“It went fine. Ended an hour ago though,” he comments, pleased when Sakusa’s dark eyes narrow with interest as they sweep down and up the length of Akaashi’s body. Akaashi doesn’t exactly remember when he started sleeping with his roommates. It had been a casual thing at first, before he started HRT. Something for them all to blow off steam occasionally in a way that felt good and had zero repercussions.

But now Akaashi can’t seem to get enough of them and thankfully they’ve been more than up to the task.

“Oh? So what have you been doing for the last hour?” Sakusa hums, slipping a hand between them so he can glide his fingers between Akaashi’s slick folds. Akaashi sighs agreeably and closes his eyes, rocking his hips slightly as Sakusa thumbs at his engorged clit before easily sliding two fingers inside of him.

“Playing with my new toy,” he admits, arching his back when Sakusa leans down to nip at his chest. “But it doesn’t feel as good as the real thing.”

Sakusa chuckles darkly from between Akaashi’s pectorals, crooking his fingertips inside of Akaashi to massage against his inner walls.

“So you thought you could just wander out here and I’d let you sit on my dick, hm? What if I was busy, Keiji? What if Meian or Inunaki were visiting for lunch and they saw you walk in already sloppy and starving to get fucked?” he growls and Akaashi groans softly, clenching around the fingers inside of him.

Sakusa yanks his fingers out and flips them, pressing Akaashi back into the couch and shoving his thighs apart. There’s still bruises from the last time Atsumu fucked him only a couple days prior and Sakusa digs his fingers into them to freshen them up, making Akaashi squirm with delight.

“You’d like that wouldn’t you, Keiji? You’d let the whole team use you like a whore and that still wouldn’t be enough to satisfy you.” Sakusa’s voice is rough and dark with arousal and when he yanks Akaashi forward by his knees Akaashi swears he almost comes right on the spot.

“Kiyoomi-san, please,” he whines, reaching between his own legs to rub himself off as Sakusa watches him, his eyes full of a hunger that makes Akaashi’s insides squirm with delight.

“Please what?” Sakusa parrots, palming at himself through his sweatpants as he devours the sight of Akaashi rubbing at his clit. “You look like you’re having a good time all on your own.”

A low, needy sob escapes Akaashi and he spreads his legs as wide as they can go, hips twitching as a familiar burn of pleasure starts to swell within his belly. Sakusa must realize because he smirks and digs his thumb into a dark, purplish bruise, his gaze fixed on Akaashi’s face.

“Make yourself come and then I’ll give you what you want.”

Akaashi comes so hard he squirts, a strangled moan tearing its way from his chest as he rubs himself off through his orgasm. Sakusa barely gives him a second to relax before he’s suddenly inside of Akaashi between one breath and the next, immediately starting to fuck into him with brutal, precise snaps of his hips.

His scream is swallowed by Sakusa’s mouth on his own and Akaashi clutches at handfuls of Sakusa’s t-shirt for some kind of tether, lips parting eagerly to allow Sakusa’s tongue to lick its way in.

The way Sakusa fucks him is always so disciplined. Regardless of which hole he might be using, Sakusa’s movements are always tightly controlled. He fucks like how he plays volleyball; with a power and precision that makes Akaashi see stars. His broad, muscular body blankets Akaashi with ease and the way he can just hold Akaashi down and do whatever he wants with him is absolutely part of why Akaashi had sought him out first today.

“Yes, yes, please,” Akaashi whimpers, back arching as Sakusa bites his way down his throat before sucking a pert brown nipple into his mouth. Sakusa likes his chest and to be honest, Akaashi likes his chest too. He likes the way Sakusa will suck hickeys into the sensitive flesh until they ache, or the way Bokuto will push them together and fuck between them just to torment Akaashi, and how Atsumu will tease his nipples in the shower with his cock between Akaashi’s thighs.

“You’re so loose and sloppy, Keiji… You must have been playing with yourself for quite a while before you came to find me,” Sakusa hisses, slamming himself deep into Akaashi and grinding his pelvis against Akaashi’s cunt. His dick is so long that Akaashi swears he can taste it at the back of his throat and he moans, clenching around it when Sakusa scrapes his teeth against his nipple before biting it harshly.

“Di’n’t wanna b’a bother,” Akaashi slurs, gasping when Sakusa slaps his thigh hard enough to leave a mark. Sakusa pries his mouth open and Akaashi gags when three fingers shove their way inside and press down harshly on his tongue.

“What have we told you about that?” Sakusa growls softly and the dangerous edge to his tone makes Akaashi’s cunt throb miserably. He’s so close to coming he can taste it.

“We told you that you can always come to us when you need it, didn’t we? In fact we warned you that there would be consequences if you didn’t come to us when you need it.”

Akaashi sobs around Sakusa’s fingers, tightening his grip on Sakusa’s shirt to prevent him from pulling away. Luckily Sakusa seems to be in a merciful mood because he doesn’t pull out of Akaashi but he does withdraw his fingers from his mouth, wiping the spit off on Akaashi’s chest as he considers the man beneath him.

“I’ll think of a suitable punishment after I’m done with you… In the meantime, once I’ve finished, I expect you to go find Miya and Bokuto and let them have their turn with your sloppy cunt. See if we can’t fuck the needy brat out of you,” he says finally and Akaashi whimpers, more than willing to agree to those terms if it means Sakusa will start moving again.

Sakusa smirks, then slowly pulls out of Akaashi so he can tease his wet cockhead against Akaashi’s clit.

“What if I just fuck you like this, mm? Just rub off on you and come all over your pussy, Keiji. Leave you needy and dripping for Miya.”

Akaashi shivers and it has nothing to do with feeling cold.

“Kiyoomi, please,” he pleads and Sakusa hums, swiping his thumb through the mess between Akaashi’s thighs before sucking it into his mouth to taste.

“Please what, Keiji? Ask me the right way and I’ll give you what you want.”

Akaashi reaches down between them and spreads himself open, breath hitching as Sakusa’s eyes glance down to watch his wet hole clench around nothing.

“Please, Kiyoomi-san. Please fuck my pussy, I need it so bad.”

Sakusa growls and when he shoves his cock back into Akaashi it’s like a religious experience, ripping a ragged scream from the man beneath him when he curls over him to sink his teeth into a sensitive nipple.

Akaashi draws his knees up to his chest as his pleasure begins to compound upon itself and the wet slap of flesh fills the room with lewd music. Sakusa is covering his chest with fresh hickeys and Akaashi knows he’s going to feel this for days afterwards, relishing the knowledge that he’ll be able to dig his fingers into the bruises and remember this moment.

“Come in me, want your come,” he gasps breathlessly, burying his face in Sakusa’s messy curls as Sakusa’s thrusts get just a little less precise and a little more sloppy. Sakusa crushes their mouths together when he comes and Akaashi sobs into the kiss, so close to his own orgasm but not quite there yet even as Sakusa paints his insides in sticky wet heat.

A choked noise escapes him when Sakusa suddenly pulls out and yanks his lower body upwards, clamping his mouth over his clit and sucking harshly. There are three fingers shoving their way into his body and the brutal massage against his g-spot coupled with the rough way Sakusa is fucking his tongue against his clit are more than enough to make Akaashi come again with a messy gush of slick and come over Sakusa’s fingers.

Sakusa laps at the sticky fluids even as Akaashi’s thighs start to tremble with oversensitivity before finally allowing Akaashi’s body to melt into the couch cushions, looking extremely pleased with himself. Akaashi can’t do much more than offer him a tired but grateful smile in return, hips twitching when Sakusa withdraws his fingers and pops them in his mouth to lick away the come and slick on them.

“Remember what I told you to do, Keiji. It’s Miya’s turn, so you better get moving before I get bored and decide to give Hinata, or maybe Wakatoshi a call to come over and have some fun with you first.”

Akaashi shudders and a blurt of fluid squirts out of him when he clenches around nothing after being so full. Sakusa is smirking again and Akaashi struggles to sit up, wincing when the fresh bruises on his chest remind him of their presence.

“I thought you’d like that. I’ll bring you to our next game and introduce you, hm? I bet he’d love a chance to work out some frustration on your slutty ass after the Jackals trounce the Adlers. Maybe even take you to the locker room for the whole team to use.”

Akaashi swallows thickly and he knows he does a poor job disguising how much he likes that idea because Sakusa chuckles darkly before he places a light slap to Akaashi’s thigh.

“Later. Right now it’s Miya’s turn. He’s been waiting so patiently, I’m sure he’s already hard just from listening to all your moaning and begging.”

Akaashi leans in to kiss Sakusa one last time as a thank you and then struggles to his feet, feeling heat flood his face when he hears the way his body squelches wetly with every move. Sakusa’s come is leaking down his thigh by the time he gets to Atsumu’s bedroom and he’s grateful that he barely has to knock before Atsumu is flinging the door open and yanking him inside.

There’s no time wasted on preamble. Atsumu had clearly been listening as Sakusa fucked Akaashi into a near coma and he’s already hard and dripping, not that Akaashi gets a chance to see before he’s bent over the edge of the bed and spread open for Atsumu’s hungry gaze.

“Fucking look at ya,” Atsumu groans, burying his face against Akaashi’s cunt and licking up the fresh mess of slick and Sakusa’s come that has leaked out of him. “Omi-Omi made such a mess out of you I’m wondering if there’s any fun left for me.”

Akaashi curls his fingers into Atsumu’s bedspread and whines as Atsumu fucks his tongue into him, massaging his inner walls with the broad, wet muscle. Atsumu has always been particularly gifted with his mouth and on more than one occasion he’s been happy to slide under the table during dinner and eat Akaashi out while Sakusa and Bokuto watch with thinly veiled interest.

He’s also the worst about never letting Akaashi shower in peace, not that Akaashi is complaining. Who would complain about a gorgeous man like Miya Atsumu bending them over in the shower and fucking them until they’re a quivering, pleading mess?

“Stop looking at me and start fucking me,” Akaashi protests, hips jerking against the edge of the bed when Atsumu finds his still oversensitized clit with his tongue and starts to lap at the swollen organ.

Atsumu huffs out an amused laugh against his cunt but stands anyway, and Akaashi goes boneless when he feels the blunt head of his cock swipe teasingly up his slick folds.

“Ya want it hard today then, you needy little slut?” Atsumu asks and Akaashi widens his stance as far as it’ll go in silent invitation. An invitation that Atsumu enthusiastically accepts.

If Sakusa’s cock is as long as he is tall then Atsumu’s can only be described as being as thick as the rest of him. It splits Akaashi open nicely even after such a thorough fucking from Sakusa and he groans in gratitude, clenching down around the intrusion as Atsumu’s pelvis grinds up against his ass.

“Shit- Yes, fuck me,” Akaashi growls, rocking his hips back as best as he can given his limited range of motion. Atsumu’s bed is just a little too tall for Akaashi to be comfortably flat footed, especially when he’s spread open so wide, and Atsumu knows this. He relishes bending Akaashi over and fucking him until he can’t even keep his toes on the ground anymore.

Akaashi enjoys it too.

“Can’t believe I’m getting Omi’s sloppy seconds,” Atsumu teases him, punctuating the end of the statement with a harsh thrust. “And after I marked yer thighs up so pretty the last time.”

His sac slaps against Akaashi’s cunt and it drags a low moan out of the brunette. The bruises on his thighs burn with the reminder.

“My ass is still plenty tight if you’re already bored with my pussy, Atsumu,” Akaashi shoots back, making Atsumu laugh.

There’s a thumb against his asshole suddenly, rubbing in circles while Atsumu continues to just grind himself into Akaashi’s cunt as if he’s his own personal cock warmer.

“You’ve made such a mess of yourself that I don’t even need more lube. I bet I could slide right in,” he murmurs and when he presses his thumb into him Akaashi can’t stop himself from clenching up. It makes Atsumu chuckle and the noise is low and threatening in his throat.

“You’ve already opened yer ass up too, ya needy slut. Maybe I’ll call for Bokkun to join us and he can fuck yer cunt while I have fun with yer ass, hmm? So desperate that one cock at a time isn’t good enough for ya, is that it, Keiiiiiiji-kun?”

He pulls his cock and thumb out of Akaashi before twisting the smaller man onto his back and Akaashi only has a second to realize what’s happening before Atsumu is hauling him over his shoulder like he weighs nothing more than a volleyball.

Bokuto is in the kitchen with Sakusa when Atsumu walks by and Akaashi stares helplessly at the pair of them before he’s dumped onto the living room floor, feeling distinctly like a lamb at the slaughter when three pairs of eyes train on his prone form.

“What’s this, TsumTsum? You feel like sharing all of a sudden?” Bokuto asks in a low rumble and Akaashi unconsciously parts his legs, desperate for one or all of them to touch him. Atsumu smirks at the silver haired man and kneels behind Akaashi, gripping his thighs so he can spread him open wider to show Bokuto and Sakusa.

“Poor baby is so needy that one cock just isn’t enough to satisfy him, so I thought I’d fuck his ass while ya take yer turn in his cunt, Bokkun,” Atsumu coos and his mouth is so close to Akaashi’s ear that it makes him shiver. “And of course there’s one hole left if yer not too tired to join us, Omi-Omi…”

Sakusa makes an interested noise and Akaashi’s mouth falls open before anyone even has to ask, already salivating at the idea of being stuffed full from all sides. He allows himself to be manhandled as the three men try to figure out an arrangement that works, and it ends up with Bokuto on his back while Atsumu straddles his thighs behind Akaashi and Sakusa stands beside them, and Akaashi can still smell his own scent on Sakusa when he leans in to nuzzle his face against his hardening cock.

“Look at him. He’s so desperate for it he can’t even wait for Kou and I to get our dicks wet,” Atsumu sneers and Akaashi whimpers, mouthing eagerly at Sakusa’s sac even as Atsumu guides his hips towards Bokuto’s cock.

Bokuto’s cock is the best in Akaashi’s unbiased opinion. It’s got the best of both worlds; long and thick in a way that always fills Akaashi up. When he sinks into Akaashi’s cunt Akaashi groans into Sakusa’s pelvis, shuddering when Sakusa’s hand finds its way into his hair and holds him steady.

“I’m gonna fuck your face, Keiji. Pinch me if you need me to stop but otherwise I’m going to use you like the fuck toy you are, you got that?” Sakusa warns and Akaashi nods hazily, his cunt throbbing as Bokuto bottoms out inside of him while his hands are guided up to grip at Sakusa’s waist. He opens his mouth obediently and Sakusa pushes his cock inside, using the grip he has on his hair to keep Akaashi’s mouth and throat exactly where he wants it to be.

Akaashi gurgles happily around it and he’s almost forgotten about Atsumu until a thick, blunt cockhead is pushing past the loosened ring of his asshole. If Akaashi fingered his ass open before all this began specifically in the hopes he could coax at least two of them into fucking him at the same time like this, then that’s his dirty little secret.

His body strains around the added pressure of fitting Atsumu’s fat cock alongside Bokuto’s and Akaashi gags helplessly around Sakusa’s dick, distracted from keeping his throat relaxed by the burn of being stretched so impossibly wide. True to his word Sakusa pays no mind to his struggling but instead presses his cock in deeper until Akaashi’s nose is buried in the dark curls of pubic hair on his pelvis, then keeps it there while Akaashi chokes.

He’s not sure if it’s the absolute powerlessness of being spitted between them like this or the actual enjoyment of being penetrated but all Bokuto needs to do is give an experimental thrust up against him Akaashi feels himself seize up with a sudden wave of pleasure, throat and body spasming around their cocks as he soaks Bokuto’s hips with come and slick.

Atsumu’s hands are cupping over his chest and the noise that escapes Akaashi can only be described as a squeal when he twists his nipples harshly, biting at the fragile shell of Akaashi’s ear until he’s whimpering.

“Did we give you permission to come?” Bokuto hisses and Akaashi shakes his head as best as he can with a throatful of cock, breathing raggedly through his nose as he trembles with the aftershocks of his orgasm. Bokuto reaches between them and when he lays a sharp spank against Akaashi’s cunt it almost makes him come again; something that does not escape anyone’s notice.

He spanks him a second time and Akaashi sobs, trembling when Atsumu reaches between his thighs and spreads his folds with his fingers. Bokuto smirks at Akaashi and spanks directly over his clit at the same time he thrusts his hips up, and when Akaashi comes again he swears it nearly kills him.

At least Sakusa takes some small amount of pity and withdraws from his mouth so he can catch his breath but the grip he has on Akaashi’s hair is brutal, making his scalp ache as Sakusa grinds himself off against his cheek.

“Incredible. You’re incredible, Keiji,” Bokuto snickers, and when he thumbs at his engorged clit it’s with a far gentler touch than the spanks.

“But you were still a bad boy and came twice now without permission. So we’ll have to punish you.”

Atsumu pinches his nipples and Akaashi whimpers, almost letting go of Sakusa’s hips before a warning noise from Bokuto stops him.

“You wouldn’t want two punishments now would you?” he chuckles and Sakusa’s smirk is almost audible.

“It would be three. He was a naughty, greedy boy earlier too and I told him I’ll punish him later, and I suppose this counts as later, hmm?”

Bokuto makes a thoughtful noise, still circling Akaashi’s clit teasingly with his thumb. Atsumu has started to rock his hips against Akaashi’s ass but the stimulation is too much and not enough all at the same time.

“How about this, then,” Bokuto purrs finally and there’s a dangerous sort of promise in his tone that makes Akaashi’s cunt throb with arousal. “You can come as much as you want Keiji, but for each orgasm you have is a time where one of us gets to use you at a time of our choosing. Even if you’re in the middle of a phone call, if I want to use your cunt then you’ll bend over like a good boy and let me have it. If we want to fuck you in the bathroom before a game then you’ll put your pants around your knees and do as you’re told. You got it? You’re ours to use when and where and as much as we see fit.”

Akaashi nods dazedly, shivering as Bokuto fists his hand in his hair and tugs him in for a harsh, biting kiss. Bokuto is smirking when he breaks it and Akaashi wants to kiss him again, but he’s restrained by the hands in his hair guiding his face back towards Sakusa’s cock.

“And this is a retroactive punishment, so it includes all the orgasms you’ve had until now.”

He spanks Akaashi’s clit one final time before releasing him and leaning back on his palms, and Akaashi watches the muscles in his abdomen ripple with the promise of what’s about to come next.

“Ya ready, Keiji?” Atsumu growls against his ear, replacing Bokuto’s hand on Akaashi’s clit with his own and starting to rub him off. It’s clear he intends to make Akaashi come as many times as possible before they’re finished and Akaashi wonders if it really counts as a punishment if you’re already turned on by the prospect of it.

“Please,” he begs hoarsely, and it’s the last thing he’s able to say before Sakusa’s guiding his cock back between his lips.

If he expected a countdown of some kind then he’s sorely mistaken. Atsumu and Bokuto are as in tune with one another in bed as they are on the court and Akaashi’s body seizes up when they both slam their hips into him at the exact same time.

Sakusa uses his throat with the same brutal efficiency he’d had when fucking him earlier and Akaashi is powerless, limp and boneless between them as they take their pleasure in his body with ease. Atsumu’s skilled setter hands are merciless against his nipples and clit, and when they make Akaashi come again he laughs darkly into Akaashi’s ear, continuing to rub at his clit through his orgasm until one orgasm turns into two.

“That’s four, Keiji. Maybe I’ll drag ya into the locker room after practice and fuck ya in the showers, hmm? Yer so bad at being quiet that everyone would hear ya and know how much of a needy slut ya are. I bet they’d all want a turn after that,” he hisses and Akaashi sobs around Sakusa’s cock, his jaw aching as the taller man fucks down his throat. He’s light headed when Sakusa withdraws just long enough for him to gasp a few breaths before he’s thrusting back into Akaashi’s mouth, filling him so deep that he barely remembers his own name.

“We should try that sometime. Just bend you over one of the benches and let the whole team fuck that needy pussy of yours, and you’d drool for it just like you’re drooling around Kiyoomi’s cock,” Bokuto snarls, and the brutal piston of his hips into Akaashi is enough to make Akaashi see stars on its own nevermind when coupled with Atsumu fucking his ass.

Sakusa hisses with pleasure when Akaashi gags, throat spasming around the sensitive head of his cock. He’s suddenly pulling out of Akaashi’s mouth and Akaashi only has an instant to be disappointed before come spatters hotly against his cheek, painting his skin in sticky white stripes that he desperately tries to lick at.

Bokuto laughs even as Sakusa staggers back and sinks down onto the couch, his golden eyes almost glowing with arousal while he watches Akaashi struggle to lick his own face clean.

“Keep your hands down,” he orders when Akaashi reaches up to try and wipe at the come on his cheeks, grabbing Akaashi’s wrists and holding them together even as he and Atsumu continue to fuck him.

Atsumu pinches his clit and the sudden shock of pain is enough to make Akaashi sob through a gut burning orgasm, collapsing forward onto Bokuto’s chest. That gives Atsumu more room to raise his leg and plant his foot on the ground, using the added leverage to pound into Akaashi’s ass with ease. Akaashi is so exhausted by this point that he would have missed Atsumu coming inside of him if not for the sharp, bruising bite he leaves on Akaashi’s shoulder at the same time.

But Atsumu doesn’t leave him until he’s rubbed Akaashi off to one last orgasm, and he’s so sensitive at this point that the orgasm almost doesn’t even feel good.

And then there’s just him and Bokuto after Atsumu goes to join Sakusa on the couch to cool down.

Akaashi is as limp as a noodle while Bokuto manhandles him onto his knees. His upper body collapses downwards into the hardwood and his bones feel like jelly even as Bokuto keeps him ass up with a firm grip around his hips, shuddering when Bokuto presses his cock back into his cunt once more.

The lewd slap of wet flesh is all Akaashi can hear when he starts to thrust but no one complains this time when he runs his fingers through the come on his face and sucks the digits into his mouth to clean them. He can feel Atsumu’s come leaking out of his ass each time his body clenches around Bokuto’s cock and Akaashi starts to tremble when Bokuto curls an arm around his body to start rubbing at his tormented clit.

“No more, no more,” he begs, only to find himself ignored as Bokuto continues to massage against the swollen organ.

“Ya know what ya need t’say to make him stop if ya really wanted that, Keiji,” Atsumu snickers and the breathless growl of Bokuto’s laughter against his back makes Akaashi’s insides squirm.

Akaashi’s final orgasm is a weak one, a nearly painful burning in his belly as Bokuto fucks him with brutal snaps of his hips. His heavy balls slap against Akaashi’s cunt on each thrust and combined with the incessant stimulation to Akaashi’s clit is enough to force him over the edge one last time.

Bokuto’s breathing is harsh against the back of his neck as he reaches his own climax and Akaashi whimpers when he pulls out and comes on his cunt rather than inside of it, painting overheated flesh in white stripes.

And then it’s over. Akaashi collapses onto the floor without Bokuto holding him up and he goes weakly when strong hands guide him onto his back.

“Ya’ve made such a mess of yerself, Keiji,” Atsumu tsks and Akaashi sobs when the blond is suddenly sprawling between his aching thighs and nosing at his cunt. A broad, wet tongue laps at sore flesh and Akaashi is so tired he can’t even muster the energy to try and push him away.

Bokuto grips his chin between strong fingers and twists his face up to steal a rough kiss, licking into his mouth to chase the taste of Sakusa’s come that still lingers there. Sakusa himself has busied himself with mouthing over Akaashi’s chest as if apologizing for all the dark bruises he left there earlier.

He doesn’t manage to come again despite their best efforts. His exhausted body doesn’t have another one in it and it’s with a disappointed huff that Atsumu finally withdraws from between his trembling thighs, his chin and cheeks smeared with Akaashi’s slick.

“Next time I’ll get one more orgasm out of ya if it takes all night,” Atsumu warns with a parting nip at a dark bruise.

He and Sakusa go to clean up and figure out what to do for dinner which leaves Akaashi with Bokuto. Golden eyes study him curiously as Bokuto cradles his palm against his cheek, thumbing at his swollen lips, and Akaashi tiredly notes that Bokuto is still hard despite just coming only a few minutes ago.

“I think I might cash in early on one of those punishment fucks, Keiji. Your mouth looks awfully lonely,” he comments idly and Akaashi offers up a lazy smirk, tongue darting out to lick at the pad of Bokuto’s fingertip.

“You can have this one on the house, Koutarou.”