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State Fair

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It had taken months of prep work and planning with Will to get him to go with you. Many of the past years you had attended by yourself, well not always. The pre-Will years as you called them you went with friends and then had moved out of state, missing out on the fair but meeting Will. 


You knew about his past and what had happened in the grocery storeand his ex-fiance. You also knew about the gunshot wound from South America. Now years later and with an extreme amount of therapy Will was comfortable with joining you at the Texas State Fair. 


The day finally came and you couldn't be more excited. You and Will had taken the day off of work and planned to spend the whole day there. A cold front had moved through the night before so instead of blazing one-hundred degree plus weather it was only supposed to get up to seventy-five. 


Purchasing admission at the gate you head inside and stopped at the ticket booth to buy the food, game and ride tickets. Standing in the center under Big Tex you show Will a map. 


"First things first you have to try a Fletcher corn dog. It's almost law here that you have to. After that we can go over to the automotive hall or the animal barns, what do you think?" Asking Will for his opinion sometimes was like asking a stone to give blood but today he was invested in having fun with you. 


Reaching for the map he folds it up in his back pocket and reaches for your hand. "Today is all about enjoyment so let's not make a plan. Let's just go with the flow of things." He offers as he leans down and kisses you. 


You smile into the kiss and grip his hand a little tighter. "Okay but first things first, selfies with Big Tex. It's tradition." You tell him whipping out your camera. He steps in behind you and wraps his arm around you, pulling you in to lean on his chest. Taking your phone he finds the best angle with the camera and takes several photos of you both in front of Big Tex, include one of him giving you a kiss on the cheek while you scrunch your nose up. 


After that, he resumes holding your hand and heads towards the corndog booth. Followed by all the exhibit halls, the animal barns, the midway with all the games and all the foods. Just spending the day with the man you love and he even wins you a stuffed koala at the milk jug toss. 


The day was drawing to a close and the sun was setting painting the sky in gorgeous orange and purples, the temperature getting a little cooler with the setting sun. "One more, let's go on the Star ferris wheel! Please?" You ask, you hadn't been on it in years since the last time you had been out with friends none would join you and riding the ferris wheel alone was not fun. 


Will eyes the ride and looks back at you, while you weren't pulling a puppy dog face you had that hopeful gleam in you eye. Offering you a smile he pulls you in close and presses a kiss to your forehead he agrees and you head towards the entrance. 


Climbing in the ride when your car came available Will ushered you on. Pausing to talk to the ride attendant and shaking his hand for a moment. You were focused on sliding in and missed the whole thing. Excited and thankful for the enclosed bottom so you didn't worry about losing your shoes, you smiled at Will. 


As the car starts riding the temperature dropped even more and you slid closer to Will, the car stopping every so often to let people on and off. "Can we take a photo at the top? The sky would be pretty." You ask hopeful.


"Of course." Will says, a few more stops and you're at the top of the ride, taking a few photos with Will you snuggled into his side even more. 


Resting your head on his shoulder, he reached into his pocket and grabbed the little box he had snuck in without you noticing this morning. You were preparing to get off the ride when the operator just skipped your car all together, your brow creased in confusion. 


"What's going on? He missed us." You tell Will. 


"Well I have something to ask you." He says as the wheel continues around and he shows you the little box in his hand smiling at you the entire time.