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under the sea

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Dean's Pov

Dean woke to the sound of someone banging on his door, "Dean wake up you lazy ass!!" yelled none other than his little brother Sam. "Yeah, Hold your mooses Sammy" He yelled back letting out a little chuckle at his own joke,

"It's Sam, you dunderhead. Sammy was a chubby little thirteen year old. Now hurry up we're leaving soon." Sam replayed as he made his way back down the stairs.

Dean slowly got out of bed and grabbed the closest shirt and swimming trunks that were littered around his bedroom floor and walked into the bathroom for a shower.

Twenty minutes later he was ready to go. When walked into the kitchen the family were sitting around the table eating breakfast. "morning guys" he said as he walked over to the empty seat next to Sam, getting a grumble of a morning from each of them. "how did you sleep, hon" Ellen asked as she placed a plate of bacon and eggs in front of him.

"I slept like a baby" he replied

"Yeah a baby that was having a very loud wet dream" Jo chipped in, laughing, thus making Dean's face turn an alarming shade of red "shut up" he growled, glaring at her causing Jo to laugh harder at his embarrassment.

"Were you dreaming about that boy again, you know the one with the dreamy blue eyes?" she said after calming down. The family knew he was gay and for the last month or so Dean kept having the same dream about a boy with ocean blue eyes. "Fuck y-"

"Hey! no swearing in my house" yelled Ellen as she walked towards the kitchen to put away a couple dishes "sorry Ellen, anyways aren't you supposed to be at work by now, Jo".

Jo looked towards the clock hanging on the wall, realizing it was now nine o'clock "shit" she said as she jumped up grabbing her stuff and ran for the door.

Dean sat there with a smug smile on his face while Sam just shook his head finishing the rest of his breakfast, they heard Bobby mutter "idjit" under his breath as he got up to put his dishes in the sink. "we'll be leaving in about twenty minutes so hurry up boys" he said giving Ellen a kiss on the cheek,
"By the way, where are we going?" Dean asked "we are going to the east coast of Mayamitiya Island, apparently there were sitting of the albino dolphin." “ Really?" Sam asked excitedly, making Dean roll his eyes at his little brother.

By the time they left after saying bye to Ellen it was forty minutes past nine, the trip to the island by boat was about an hour. The crew decided to take Mary, Dean's boat, he had named it after his mother who died in a house fire when he was four and Sam was just a couple months old. It wasn't that big, having just a small bedroom with four small bunk beds. Dean, not really up for driving, decided to let Bobby take the wheel while he sat at the back, watching as the Singer's property became smaller and smaller.

About an hour and a bit after they arrived at the east coast of Mayamitiya Island, they started putting on their wetsuits (in this story Bobby is very fit okay) and scuba diving gear. Dean, the first to jump into the crystal clear water, Sam and Bobby following soon after. Dean really had no interest in finding the dolphin as much as Bobby and Sam decided to explore the area instead as they went looking for it.

Cas' Pov

Castiel was so angry at his father, King Chuck, King of the Seven Seas as he swam away from the underwater palace, needing to get away. "Cassie, Cassie, wait up you know I can't swim as fast as you" yelled Gabriel, his twin brother.
Castiel stopped and turned around arm crossed waiting for Gabriel to catch up. All though they were twins, they looked nothing alike Gabriel or Gabe as he liked to be called was shorter with light brown hair, honey coloured eyes and his tail was a shiny gold, while Castiel had black hair and deep blue eyes with a dark blueish black tail. They were the only two within the seven seas with such colours, so as you can tell their hands were well sought after.

"What do you want Gabe?" Cas asked in annoyance when his brother caught up to him.

"are you ok lil bro, dad was being a bit pushy to you back there"

" I'm not ok, why is he always wanting us to marry a mermaid, he knows we like the other sex, he didn't give to shits about his oldest marrying a merman so what's the bloody difference.”

"You know once Lucifer puts his mind to something you couldn't convince him of anything else dad knew he'd be losing the fight if he tried to argue. We however being so sort after can bring Dad a few useful alliances,” Gabe said in distain as Castiel rolled his eyes,

“if only they weren't always mermaids,” Castiel replied,

“I don't know Lady Kali was quite lovely” Gabe smirked

“Says you”

“Hey, why don't we do something to get our minds off it?" Gabe suggested popping a coral candy into his mouth. After a moment's pause Castiel nodded his head, "race you to Angel Cove" Gabe yelled as he swam swiftly away from Castiel. Castiel laughter rang behind him along with the swish of Castiel's tail through the water, of course Castiel being the longer of the two caught up to Gabe easily and soon surpassed him.

"hey!!" Gabe exclaimed as Castiel swam past him.

Too occupied with laughing at his brother Castiel turned the corner and swam right into something hard. Castiel blinked, rubbing his nose looking towards what he had bumped into and came face to face with the greenest eyes he had ever seen, the air thingy had fallen out of the human's mouth and Castiel got a full view of his face, this human was, was the most beautiful creature he has ever set his eyes on in this life. The human’s eyes wide in shock and wonder let the diving mask slip out of his mouth, forgetting he couldn't breath underwater, stared for too long, lost a good amount of oxygen and soon passed out. Castiel, realizing this, grabbed the human without a second thought and started swimming towards the surface. Once above water, Castiel carried the human to the shore of a nearby island that surrounded the mainland where the beautiful human soon started to regain consciousness. And again Castiel locked eyes with the human, once again forgetting everything that surrounded them as he sunk deeper into an everlasting green abyss.

Completely forgotten by his brother, Gabe came around the corner. In wonder watched the exchange and followed his brother from a distance to insure Castiel would not come to harm, watched from a distance as his brother and the human got lost in each other's gaze, and decided to leave them alone. Reminding himself to question his brother about it later, swimming back the way they had come not knowing the same thing was just about to occur to him.

Dean's Pov

Dean was leisurely swimming, enjoying the beauty of the underwater world when something swam into him. At first he thought it was Sammy or Bobby but as he looked towards the body that had run into him, his gaze locked with the bluest eyes he had ever seen. So shocked and lost in those blue eyes, the very same ones that he has seen every night in his dreams for the past couple months, let the snorkel slip from his mouth, unknowingly losing oxygen as he stared and soon passed out.

When he slowly regained consciousness he felt the soft grains of sand beneath his fingers, the sun ray shining upon his face, the feel of water slowly lapping over his legs, he realized that he was on a beach.

The feel of fingers slowly pushing his wet hair away from his face made him snap his head towards his right and was once again meet with sparkling eyes the colour of the sky and the sea, hes throat dry he rasped "Who are you"
Thus causing the mesmerizing creature before him to snap out the trace and jump away from him moving back towards the ocean, before his mind could catch up Dean hand reached out caught the merman by hand, sparks ignited

"Wait" Dean rasped "Don't go, I'm not going to hurt you,” he said slowly, raising his free hand up in surrender “wha--What's your name" he asked in wonder.

The merman's silence though a minute seemed like forever, then as he spoke it was like music had reached his ears, "my name is Castiel" the merman answered

"Hello Castiel, I'm Dean." Castiel blinked and stared at Dean for a while longer, his finned hand still laying softly within Dean's clasp.

"I have to go," Castiel stated, starting to slowly remove his hand and move back further into the waves, “wait” Dean replied, tightening his hold on the mermans hand "will i ever see you again" he asked in a hurry.

Castiel stilled and turned to look back towards Dean "y -you want to see me again" he bubbled, a warm feeling of flutter making itself known within his stomach as he observed Dean turn a shade of pink that outlined the freckles dotting his checks, rubbing the back of his neck shyly with his free hand looking anywhere but at Cas ``yeah, do you know where um- Crystal Cave is" Dean asked looking back towards Castiel. Cas slowly nodded his head, thus causing Dean to smile from ear to ear "meet me there tonight" he asked hopefully.

"Okay," Cas said as Dean gave his hand one last squeeze before releasing it, taking one last look at Dean, returned and slipped back into the ocean. Dean sat there on the beach, watched the waves come in and out in utter wonder, he had just met a real life mermaid. I mean would you need a few moments to process that, a really good looking one too. To think the whole time he’s been dreaming of this person, dreaming of sparkly eyes they were a mermen.

After a while he looked towards his watch, “shit” Dean remembered that Bobby and Sam don't know where he was. He pulled out a waterproof GPS from his side pouch set to always lead him back to the boat which actually wasn't that far away. While Dean swam back to the boat he thought of Castiel, how his hand felt in his, how his eyes shined such a bright blue.

Thinking back to Castiel, Dean marveled on how the merman’s voice sounded so deep and to be frank it was kind of a turn on for him. Oh and how his tail simmered a deep blue as Cas jumped back into the ocean, who would've thought Dean Winchester would have a thing for tails. Dean was so deep in his thoughts that he didn't see Sam swimming towards him until he felt a fist come down on his head. "Where the hell have you been, we were worried sick"
"sorry Sammy, i got lost" he replied
They stared at each other for a second and then burst out into laughter.

"Come on, let's get back to the boat before Bobby kills us" Sam said, swimming back towards the boat, as Dean climbed back onto the boat Bobby punched him in the arm "You Idjit, you had me worried, Ellen would have killed me if something happened to you or Sam. Come on, let’s go home" he said walking toward the wheel.

On their way home all Dean could think about was Castiel, oh how he couldn't wait to see him again later that night. After dinner Dean told the family that he was going for a walk and wouldn't be back for a while, Crystal Cave being just a fifteen minute walk away from the Singer residence.

By the time he had reached the cave the sun was just disappearing over the horizon, just in time to watch as moonlight beams through the holes in the cave top, the cave coming to light with luminescent crystals that glowed a soft blue. Dean slowly followed the path into the cave, the water lapping on the shores close to his bare feet as it reflected the glittering of the crystal and the moon beams.

"Castiel" Dean yelled looking around the further in he went "where are you"

"hello Dean," came a deep voice from his right

"Jesus Christ!!!" Dean yelled, pressing his hand to his chest.

"Castiel, don't do that you scared the hell out of me"

"sorry i did not intend to scare you and please call me Cas" Castiel replied, sliding onto a nearby rock

"hey, it's ok just don't ever do it again Ok"

"Ok" Cas replied sheepishly as Dean slowly waded through the hip deep water towards Cas and sat down beside him "so Cas i like that name, you're a merman" Dean said

"yep" Cas replies slightly awkwardly.

"can i touch your tail, I-I mean if that's ok with you"

"it's fine" Cas said lifting up his tail, the light from the crystals around them reflecting on the dark Blue scales making them shimmer, Dean’s hand slid across the tail in awe, Castiel shivered as Dean's hand glided across his scales towards his fins.

They sat on that rock and talked for hours about anything and everything, forgetting about the time until Dean noticed that the crystals had started to dim, glancing down at his watch he realized that it was one o'clock in the morning.

"shit" Dean exclaimed

"what's wrong" Cas asked in worry

"i have to go" Dean stated as his started to get up, suddenly stopping and turning back to Cas and asked "will you come again tomorrow night"

Cas just smiled and nodded his head

"bye Dean"

"Bye Cas" Dean replied, leaning over to give the other a hug. Dean slowly made his way home along the beach listening to the waves beat against the shore finally just realising how tired he actually was.

Later lying in bed Dean, again he's thoughts moved to Castiel, of his amazing blue eyes, that chiseled chin, that amazing black hair. The more details he remembers the more his heart felt full and his body warm as he let sleep take him.