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Art for S16 Episode 09: Something To Believe In

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This art-post contains SPOILERS for Frontierland Productions' S16 Episode 09: "Something To Believe In"
- Written by the marvelous locknkey who was an absolute delight to work with ♥

If you haven't read the chapter yet, I highly suggest you do that first - Maybe while you listen to the official Season 16 Playlist on Spotify

Dean’s deep sigh is the only confession that Sam’s going to get. Dean would have been an irritable pain about the whole idea. Normally Dean likes the whole undercover bit, but playing an intellectual has always made him grumpy.
Finished with dressing, Sam stands up and crosses over to where Dean is fumbling with his tie. Sam pushes Dean’s hands away and finishes the knot.

Story-Excerpt from S16 Episode 09: "Something To Believe In"

“So which Sam are we going with?” That quick and the Sam in front of him is gangly limbs and cast off clothes including an almost knee length Van Halen shirt John had picked up for Dean on a hunt. “This is a great Sam for you, isn’t it?”
Story-Excerpt from S16 Episode 09: "Something To Believe In"