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Little wife

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Rey has always been close to her father. All her friends tell her so. They say that most teenagers hate their parents and that it’s weird for Rey to worship her father.

But Rey doesn’t worship Ben; she thinks he’s the best dad in the whole world.

He’s always here for her, day and night. Ever since Bazine’s death ten years ago, Ben has done his best to make up for her mother’s absence.

Now that she’s eighteen, Rey is so grateful to have such a wonderful dad: he’s patient, understanding, protective.

Despite his own sadness after his wife’s death, he took care of his little girl, giving her all his love and his time.

He could have easily taken another wife: Rey’s friends and mom’s friends are always trying to invite him over to their houses. He’s so tall, so strong, with his wide shoulders, and he smells so good; everywhere he goes, someone tries to hit on him.

And when he comes back from work, with his tee-shirt full of sweat, and his black long hair stuck to his neck, Rey can definitively understand why.

But he never accepts: he always laughs at the invitations, before taking Rey inside his arms and walking away.

There’s nothing that Rey loves more than being in his arms. He’s so strong, and when she rubs her nose inside his neck, his chest vibrates slowly.

Every morning, when she wakes up, she gets out of bed, runs to the kitchen, and jumps in his arms.

Even in the morning, he smells amazing. She stays like that for a few seconds, giving him the time to kiss her head and mumbles ‘good morning’. Then her morning can begin.

During the week, her dad always drops her off in the morning and picks her after school. He has to drive back and forth, just for her, but he refuses to let her take the bus. Once he gets her home, he has to go back to work for a few hours.

To thank him, Rey does most of the chores at home: she cleans the floors, does the laundry, and irons their clothes.

She cooks every evening, and when Ben is home, they eat together: he tells her he loves her cooking more than anything. Jokes that she’s “his little wife.” When he says that, Rey’s stomach feels very hot.

Her favorite time of the week is the weekend; her dad doesn’t work so that they can spend time together. They go grocery shopping, then go to the movies, or the park, or the aquarium. They have so much fun together; Rey hopes that things will stay the same.

Sundays are peaceful. Usually, they watch TV, or they read in the living room.

It’s a Sunday afternoon in December, and they spend two hours clearing the snow from the front yard:  it was freezing, and as soon as she went back inside, Rey went to take a shower.

Once she’s warm and clean, she gets out of the bathroom with a towel around her hips and breast. It’s so cold outside, Rey worries that her dad is still plowing: she goes to the window, trying to see if he’s still out there.

But then, she hears someone getting close behind her.

“Rey, you’re going to catch a cold.” Her dad’s voice is near her ear. Then, as if he wants to check her temperature, his hand reaches her back and grazes her skin.

His palm is so warm, Rey can’t help but close her eyes. He touches her gently, moving his fingers on her shoulder blades.

The glide of his fingers is so slow, so comforting that Rey wobbles backward a little. To hold her straight, her dad has to use both of his hands. “Sorry,” she wines.

“S’alright, honey.” His hands massage her shoulders, kneading her lower neck. ”You’re very tense here, I can feel the knots.”

“Mmmh, yes, it hurts from time to time, there.” Her words are mumbled because his fingers are applying the perfect amount of pressure.

“Why didn’t you tell me? Come here, let me help.”

His hands leave her shoulders, and she wants to groan, but her dad is pulling her to her room. Gently, he pushes her to the bed and goes to closes the curtains.

The room is quiet. Rey is still wearing her towel, watching her father turning on a small light before moving back to her bed.

“Relax, honey, lie down on your stomach.”

His hand pasts her head as she complies, rolling on the bed.

At first, she has trouble relaxing because she’s afraid her towel is not covering her butt, but when her dad’s hands are back on her shoulders, she forgets everything. He probably grabbed some of her lotion because the glide of his fingers is so easy now.

He massages her shoulders, her spine, moving down the towel along the way.

Soon, his hands are all over her back, kneading her muscles. Finally, her towel is completely pushed down. Rey can’t help but moan when his fingers graze her skin lower and lower. Caressing her ass gently.

"You have a perfect butt, honey. I want to bury my head between your cheeks so bad."

Rey presumes he's joking and waits for the chuckle that follows each one of his jokes. But it doesn't come.

Instead, his hands continue to rub her ass. He takes his time there, insisting on her round bottom. Massaging it again and again.

“Honey, I need to massage your front now. Would you roll over?”

Rey rolls on her back and sees her father hovering above. He’s really close, with his dark eyes looking at her. She looks down and sees the towel barely hanging on, her boobs almost showing.

However, before she’s able to pull it up, Ben’s head lowers, his nose findings her neck.

“You smell so good, sweetheart, so fucking good.”

His mouth grazes her neck, leaving a trail from under her ear to her collarbone.

It’s even more intense than his massage because his mouth is hot and insistent.

He pulls back after a few minutes, eyes darker than she has ever seen.

His hands move to her neck, gliding on the saliva there. Then slowly, they move lower.

Until his fingers find her nipple and circle it delicately.

“Dad-“ moans Rey, her head moving from side to side.

Ben doesn’t reply, his attention completely focused on her soft breast. He teases her buds, playing with them, then engulfs her small breast inside his huge palms.

His hands fit perfectly over her tits, kneading them over and over.

Rey's eyes are closed, it feels amazing when her dad touches her like that.

After one last squeeze on her boobs, Ben gives her a quick peck on the lips: "I'll go take a shower too, you can stay in bed a little longer."

He leaves, closing the door quietly behind. Rey's body is covered in cream, she feels relaxed and tense at the same time. Especially between her legs.

After his massage, Ben and Rey get even closer than before. Her father touches her a lot, in the kitchen, in the car, or on the sofa. He likes to squeeze her butt, caressing her arms, and give her little kisses.

A week later, her dad picks her up at school one evening, and it’s raining a lot. As soon as they leave the car, they are drenched. They get inside the house, leaving water everywhere on the floor.

“We need to take off those clothes and warm up, honey. Let’s go take a shower.”

Rey nods and says: “Yes, dad, you can go first, and I’ll go after you.”

His hand moves to her arm, pulling her closer. “There’s no way you’re staying in those clothes, I don’t want you to get sick. Go to the shower, and I’ll join you.”

Rey complies and goes to the bathroom. Her clothes drop on the floor, heavy, and she moves under the warm water. It feels amazing.

She’s in the shower for a few minutes when she hears her father coming in the bathroom as well. Head turned towards the shower wall, she tries to give him as much privacy as possible.

But he doesn’t have the same idea; as soon as he gets in the shower, he puts his hand on her waist and turns her over.

“Come here, honey, no need to be so far.”

Her chest is pushed against his, his hands caressing her back, her butt.

Something very hard is poking her stomach. Her dad’s hands scrub her body, leaving no place untouched.

“You know, I’m a little sad that I didn’t get to have a massage, me too.”

His voice is low. “You think you could give one to me now?”

Rey looks up and sees his expectant face. “Sure, dad, which type of massage?”

“I’ll show you, honey.”

He sits on the shower bench; from her position, Rey can see his whole naked body. His penis is swollen and red. Rey looks elsewhere, her cheeks red. She didn’t know that a penis could be so big.

“Come here,” Ben says. He takes her waist and pushes her back to his chest. Just as she’s about to sit on his lap, his hands grab her hips.

“I want you to massage me here” His penis slide between her thighs, the head poking up. ‘Can you do that?”

His hard shaft is touching her folds.  "I-I think so", she replies.

Guided by his hands, she begins moving up and down, with her father penis rubbing between her legs.

With the soap, it glides very easily. Her dad seems to like it because his hands are clenching around her hips.

She feels him getting harder and harder against her center, and his breathing is loud. Finally, he gently pushes her off his chest. "I loved your massage sweetheart. Let's get out of the shower and continue our special time in my bed."

Rey nods, and after drying herself, she goes to her dad's room. It smells like him in there, masculine and so,so good.

“Do you want me to massage you again?” her dad asks. He's right behind her, his hand caressing her neck.

Rey nods, and this time, Ben doesn’t even pretend to let her keep the towel. He takes it off completely, and pushes her down on the bed, head first.

His hand moves to her butt, fingers grazing her crack.

“You like it when I massage you there?”

She can only moan, overwhelmed by his touch. His fingers go up and down her slit, touching her intimately.


Rey can’t help raise her hips to increase the sensations; her ass is completely open, her whole pussy on display for her father.

“Dad, p-please.”

“You’re so sweet honey, so wet. Here let me help.” He stops his massage, turning her on her back.

Rey wants to growl, she was so close.

“Give your daddy a kiss, would you, honey?” His face is very close, and Rey’s heart melts. He’s so handsome. She reaches and gives him a small peck on the lips. Followed by a shy smile.

“You’re the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, love. Let me kiss you back.”

His kiss is completely different from hers; it’s demanding, his tongue is pushing inside her mouth and exploring. At the same time, his hand begins to caress her ass, grazing her cunt from behind.

Rey is so wet that when he pushes the first finger, it slides in easily. Her father’s mouth muffles her moan.

He kisses her as if he was lost in the desert and she was a bottle of water. It feels so good to have his hand touching her there while kissing him.

He’s thrusting his finger quicker now, fucking her with his hand. A rhythmic squelch follows every thrust, and then, he pushes a second finger inside.

Rey’s leg spams under the intrusion, it feels tight. 

"Oh, my little wife is so tight. Does it hurt her little cunnies?" he asks between two kisses. Rey nods, and for some reason, his fingers thrust inside even quicker than before.

"I'll take of you, honey, I'll massage you nice and deep." 

His fingers pop out from her swollen cunt, and he rolls her on her stomach.

"That's it, lie down and let me take care of you, honey."

Rey feels his penis rubbing her folds, up and down, slowly, spreading her wetness. "Day, w-what kind of massage?" she asks.

The wide head of his cock catches her entrance, and she feels him push inside. But, right away, it feels too large, and she whimpers, "Dad."

Ben continues to push inside slowly, making her take it. Finally, his hips meet her ass. Her pussy is full to the brim.

"D-daddy" Rey says, but she's interrupted in the middle of her sentence because her dad starts thrusting. Deep.

"Daaaaad, dad, wait, please."

"Yes, honey?" he asks, his breathing hard. He's fucking her hard now. Even when he pulls out, his head stays inside her, never completely leaving her tight heat.

"What-we-ah, are we allowed to do that?" She's trying to think, but it's so hard with her father pounding her from behind.

"Yes, of course, honey." His hand moves to her neck, raising her head. "You're my little wife, and this is our bonding time."

Gently, he lowers his head and kisses her.

His cock gets harder and harder inside her, and Rey feels her pleasure increasing with each thrust.

In the midst of her climax, she hears her father snarling: "Yes, that's it, My little wife, taking care of her daddy. Daddy's problem." Rey whines so loudly, completely lost in the moment.

His penis twitches inside, and it feels even better, with her walls clenching around. Spurts of warmth fill her, and her dad finally still, deep inside her.

Absentmindedly, Rey feels him lying down against her, but he doesn't crush her, his arms keeping most of his weight. What a nice daddy.

When he finally pulls out, Rey's cunt is sticky with his cum.

"You were very good, honey. A perfect little wife."

He gives her a gentle peck on the cheek and Rey beams. Now he won't need to find another wife, that's for sure.