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Hoodie Girl

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“Oh my fucking god! Not again! Nuh-uh, no,” Momo said, crossing her arms and glaring at her friends.

“Please, Momo unnie? Come on, please?” Dahyun begged, putting on her best puppy eyes.

“No, no fucking way. Not after what happened last time!”

“Come on, it wasn’t that bad!”

“ ‘It wasn’t that bad’? Are you hearing yourself Dahyun? Jeongyeon almost got into a fist fight with Bambam!”

“Well yeah, he had the audacity to say that Jinyoung oppa had a fatter ass than me!”

“This is exactly why!” Momo hissed. “In no fucking way am I going to that party, and I’m not letting any of you losers go too.” 

“Unnie, please? We’ll behave,” Mina said, pouting.

Momo really wanted to say no, but being the weak, weak woman she was, she couldn’t resist Mina’s pout and sighed defeatedly. “Fucking fine.”

The others cheered and Mina hugged Momo.

“Alright girls, let’s go get ready!” Nayeon shrieked, and Momo let herself be dragged away by them.

Soon, all five of them were all decked up for the party and bouncing with excitement. Well, Momo wasn’t excited, to say the least. She hated partying, and was always roped into them by her friends. They partied hard, and although they’d always tell her to stop worrying so much and join them and have fun, at the end of the day, she was the only one who was responsible enough to handle 4 drunk people.

Soon, the five girls were on their way to the party, which was taking place in Jackson Wang’s house. He was one of the most popular kids in the university; everyone knew him and he knew everyone, and he always threw the wildest parties.

Momo knew this was going to be a long night.

They could already hear the music even though they were at least two blocks away. Nayeon squealed and dragged Dahyun, running towards the huge building. Momo ran behind the others, trying to catch up, cursing at herself for being so whipped for Mina.

It was barely 8:00 pm and the party was already a mess.

Food and drinks spilled here and there, couples making out and dancing without a care, music blasting, an occasional person already throwing up, and she even saw a dude jerking off at the back with another girl. Trying not to gag, Momo turned around to look for her friends.

Jeongyeon and Dahyun were dancing with a girl with pink hair, whom she knew to be was Sana.

Nayeon was sitting with a girl drinking shots and Mina was making out with a short girl. She whistled to herself; Mina would be getting some tonight.

The two other girls were familiar, having seen them at multiple parties before. Her eyes roamed around looking for another girl… Ah! There she was.

She didn’t really know her, except for the fact that she’d seen her helping her friends in the washrooms, akin to herself, and that she’d never seen her in clothes other than a hoodie.

Hoodie Girl was standing at the corner, looking at Nayeon and the other girl with narrowed eyes. Unlike Momo, she was dressed up in a hoodie and sweatpants, round glasses sitting on her nose. She also noticed that Hoodie Girl had short brown hair, instead of the long blonde hair she’d seen her in last time.

A door slammed to her right, and she whipped her head to see what looked like Mina disappearing into it. Oof, she’s definitely getting some.

Just as Momo was about to go up to Hoodie Girl and strike up a conversation, she noticed Hoodie Girl running off to the left. Her eyes followed her and realized she was running towards Nayeon and the other girl, who’s thrown up on the floor.

Raising her eyebrows, she made her way to them.

Now, this was a new record.

Usually, it’d take someone at least an hour to throw up, but it had been what, 20 minutes?

When she finally reached them, Nayeon looked at her with wide eyes and threw up all over her jeans.

“Nayeon! What the fuck?”

Wiping her lips, she smiled sheepishly and croaked out, “Sorry, the smell was a bit too much… Puke, vodka, perfume and sweat is not a good combination.”

Scrunching up her nose, she helped her up and tried not to gag.

The two girls lugged the barely conscious girls with them towards the washroom. Thankfully, Jackson was rich as fuck, and had at least three toilets in each washroom. Why? Momo had no idea.

Catching Nayeon before she fell, Momo helped her sit in front of the toilet bowl before going to clean up her jeans.

She got most of the stuff off of them, but there was still a huge stain, and she had to hurry up to keep an eye on Dahyun and Jeongyeon.

“Hey, wear this.”

She turned around to see Hoodie Girl holding out a pair of blue sweats.

“Are you sure? You don’t have-”

“Oh shut up, stop trying to be nice. I'm not going to let you walk around with that stain on your jeans. And you smell gross too, so take it.”

Chuckling Momo nodded and changed into the sweats; thankful that Hoodie Girl didn’t take them back. She looked back to see Hoodie Girl holding back the taller girl’s hair, as she emptied the remains of her stomach into the toilet bowl.

“Momo-yah...” A weak voice said. Said girl snorted and held back Nayeon’s hair as she spit some bile into the bowl. She leaned onto Momo and closed her eyes.

Ignoring her, Momo looked at Hoodie Girl who was patting the other girl’s head.

“So, what’s your name?”

“Momo, you?”


When none of them said anything for a few seconds, Momo nodded towards the other girl who was massaging her temple, “Name?”

“Tzuyu,” Jihyo answered for her. “I think I saw my friend drag one of your girls upstairs.”

“Yeah, it was Mina. Was the other girl short with blue and blonde hair?”

Jihyo chuckled, “Mhmm, just don’t call Chaeyoung short in front of her though.”

Momo laughed lightly. She was about to continue the conversation when someone crashed open the door and threw up in the third toilet bowl.

“Yangyang!” Jihyo gasped.

The boy retched and looked up, spit dribbling from his chin.

“Yangyang!” Jihyo said again and helped him wash his face.

“Oh god, thanks. I think someone spiked the drink,” he said. “Did they drink that stuff too?” he asked, pointing his chin towards the girls on the floor. Momo nodded gravely.

Rubbing his forehead, Yangyang bowed his head and said, “Well, take care, I guess. Xiaojun and Lucas are waiting for me.”

“Damn,” Jihyo said and shook her head.

Tzuyu stood up and dragged Nayeon up with her. “We’re going back there,” she said pointing at the door.

Momo put her fists onto her hips and shook her head, “No fucking way are both of you going to drink more.”

Nayeon scoffed, “Come on, Momo! We’re in college, and we’re adults. Also, its barely been 30 minutes. We don’t need you permission all the time.”

“Yeah no,” Momo grunted, “I'm the one who has to deal with four drunk ‘adults’, not you.”

Tzuyu turned to Jihyo, “Unnie, please.”

“What are the chances of you giving up and listening to me?”

“Slim to none.”

“Fine, get out.”

The two girls whooped and ran out the door. Momo looked at Jihyo with a horrified expression, “Hoodie Girl! What the fuck?”

“Oh please, we both know they would’ve gone anyways. Also, Hoodie Girl?”

Momo laughed awkwardly, “Yeah, that’s what I’d call you when I didn’t know your name.”

An eyebrow quirked up and hid itself behind her bangs, “Let’s go then. Gotta keep an eye on our girls.”

Momo nodded and followed her.  


The rest of the party continued without any major incidents, except them finding Dahyun, Sana and Jeongyeon passed out on the floor, some people almost stepping on them. After dragging them to one of the bedrooms upstairs, they came back down to look for Tzuyu and Nayeon who were making out.

“Oh wow, I didn’t know Tzuyu swung that way,” Jihyo mused.

“Tsk, let’s go make sure Mina and Chaeyoung are still conscious and make sure they aren’t passed out naked.”

“You say that like it had happened before.”

“Don’t ask. Mina hooked up with some girl and it was a disaster.”

It took some time to navigate through the large hallways and seemingly endless number of twists and turns, and after walking in on a few couples going at it, they finally managed to find them.

The two were thankfully dressed and were sleeping on the bed, cuddling with each other, though it was pretty obvious what went down, their necks were littered with hickeys and their lips were bleeding.

“Wow, how hard did they go?” Jihyo asked, looking at the mess that was once a bed.

“I don’t wanna know. Anyways, lets wake them up to keep the other three company. When Nayeon and Tzuyu are done, we can go back.”

“Yeah, that’s a solid plan.”

Momo went ahead first and kicked Mina in the guts, but not hard enough to actually hurt her. Groaning, she woke up, “What the heck do you want unnie?”

“Wake up, you’re gonna go and keep Dahyun, Jeongyeon and Sana company for the rest of the party.”

“What? No-”

“I'm not giving you a choice, so shut up and get going! They’ve probably woken up by now.”

“Ugh fine!” Chaeyoung was already awake due to all the noise and the couple went ahead to the room Jihyo had pointed them to.

Momo and Jihyo quickly made their way downstairs and looked for the last two girls.

They immediately regretted it.

Tzuyu was kissing Nayeon's neck and the other girl had her hands in her shirt.

Jihyo stopped Momo from walking towards them, “Hey, chill out. Let’s leave them to it; at least they're alive. Let’s go and join the others.”

Momo nodded and let herself be pulled towards the center of the dancefloor where all five of the girls were dancing, as if three of them hadn’t just passed out from alcohol.

“Momo-riiing!” Jeongyeon slurred.

Sana squealed, “Unnie, did you know I just saw the prettiest girl in the world just now?”

“Who is it?” Jihyo asked, amused.

“Her- her name was Jeongyeon, but don’t tell her.”

Jeongyeon looked at Sana and giggled, “Oh my god! Really? But it’s okay, I won’t tell her.”

“Okay!” Sana said excitedly and the two laughed hysterically.

Momo snorted and looked around for Dahyun. She was talking to Jackson and another girl, whom she recognized to be Somi.

The night passed quickly, with Momo and Jihyo talking and getting to know each other while the others got drunk off their asses.

Morning came and an elderly lady came to wake everyone up.

“Kids, please wake up.”

Momo opened her eyes and groaned when she felt something soft underneath her. She opened her eyes wearily and realized she was lying on Hoodie Girl’s- no, Jihyo’s lap.

“Fuck,” she cursed when she hit her head on Jihyo’s. This woke her up, and Momo let out a string of apologies which she dismissed with a wave of her hand. The room was soon filled with groans and curses as they all woke up one by one.

A boy with red hair tripped and fell face first onto a girl who was just getting up, sending them both crashing into a puddle of soda.

On the other side of the room, she saw Jackson pushing off Bambam and Jinyoung off his legs and run towards the washroom, where sounds of vomiting filled.

Jeongyeon and Tzuyu were the first to wake up, and helped the other girls wake up too.

As everyone started clearing up, saying their goodbyes to Jackson, Momo and Jihyo dragged their girls out the room, ignoring their whines of wanting to sleep more.

“Shut up, this isn’t your house.”

Jackson offered for them to stay, something about being privileged enough to be close to him, but all he got was Momo flipping him off.

“Alright! No need to be aggressive, jeez.”

Not bothering to say goodbye, Jihyo left, leaving a dumbfounded Momo who pushed her friends into the backseat of the car and started driving.

Jeongyeon and Nayeon fell asleep, and Dahyun listened to some music to help with her headache.

“Are you okay?” Mina’s voice said, “You seem kinda pissed.”

Momo sighed, “Yeah. It’s just that Jihyo and I hit it off last night, but today she seemed kinda off. She left without even saying goodbye.”

“Don’t worry, she’s probably just tired.”

“Yeah… Probably.”


It was 2:00 pm when Jeongyeon and Nayeon finally woke up.



“Since you hit it off with Jihyo, and you’ve been single for more than two years, I managed to get her number because I'm just that awesome.”

“Woah, what?” Momo asked incredulously.

“Yeah. I saw you both talking so I snatched her number from Sana-”

“What? Why the fuck would you do that?”

Now it was Jeongyeon’s turn to be confused. “I though you liked her…?”

“Well, yeah,” Momo spluttered, “But that doesn’t mean she likes me! And Sana probably told Jihyo and now she’ll think I'm desperate-”

“Yo, calm down,” Jeongyeon said putting her hands on the panicking girl’s shoulders, “Sana probably forgot what happened, we were both drunk as fuck. I only remembered I had her number when I was scrolling through my contacts to ask Sana on a date-”

“A date?”

“-the point is, you have her number, thanks to me, now go and shoot your shot!”

When Momo just stood there with her mouth open, Jeongyeon sighed and closed it gently. “Look, just ask her if she wants to hang out. You don’t have to straight up confess or anything. Just see how things go and maybe drop some hints here and there? Don’t rush it, take you time. But if she hurts you, make sure you tell me. Because if you don’t, I’ll go and kill her for hurting you and then come and kill you for not telling me, yeah?”

The other girl chuckled and nodded, “Sure, just don’t go around killing anyone.”

And that was how Momo was now alone in her dorm contemplating what she should tell Jihyo.

Hey Jihyo!

No, too enthusiastic.

Hello Jihyo.

No, too formal.

Hi Jihyo, wanna hang out?

Ew, I sound like a creep.

Hey Jihyo, it’s me, Momo from Jackson’s party.

What the heck.

Hi Jihyo. It’s me Momo from Jackson's party last night. Do you want to hang out some time?

She sighed.

Should she tell her she got her number from Sana? Or should she not and let her ask? But Jihyo would think she was a stalker if she didn’t mention that. Snorting to herself she quickly sent the message without a second thought and hoped she hadn’t made a fool of herself.


um hello
how’d you get my number

Momo cursed. Was this how Jihyo usually texted? Or was she creeped out? Fuck.

Realizing she hadn’t replied for about a minute, she cursed once again when she saw the other girl was offline. Fuck, now she thinks I'm a jerk who leaves people on read after starting a conversation. Taking a deep breath, she texted back,

Actually I got your number from Sana.
I hope that’s okay though.

lol sure
it’s fine
I’m free at 6 tonight

Oh sure, where do you wanna hang out?

do you want to meet at the local park

Sure, that’s great!
See you tonight.



Momo smiled to herself.

Please don’t fuck this up.


Change contact name to ‘Hoodie Girl’?




Momo waited anxiously as she sat on the park bench, legs bouncing involuntarily.

Her face brightened when she saw Jihyo.

“Hey! I almost thought you stood me up.”

“Sorry, I overslept…”

“No, it’s okay. Don’t worry.”

They talked for a while and learned quite a bit about each other. Like how the first time Jihyo met Tzuyu and Chaeyoung was when she was helping Sana after she threw up all over the two girls, and from then on, she took them under her wing. She learned that Jihyo had a tattoo on her left shoulder, and that she loved reading webtoons, and had several posters of her favorite characters on her bedroom walls.

In return, Momo told her about herself. She enjoyed dancing, and used to be in a dance team back in high school, but had since disbanded. Similarly, she was also on a swim team, but had to leave due to college. She also loves playing Nintendo Switch, and the two agreed to have a Mario Kart battle later.

Soon, two hours had already passed and none of them had realized.

“You know, we should hang out more. I really like spending time with you,” Jihyo said nonchalantly.



The two sat in silence for a while when Momo asked, “Not trying to scare you off or anything, but uh, would like to go on a date with me?” When Jihyo didn’t answer, she panicked, “U-uhm, according to Jeongyeon, you liked girls, so I thought that maybe-”

The other giggled, “Hey, calm down. I was just surprised you even asked me, because I was actually about to ask the same thing as well. I would love  to go on a date with you.”

Momo blinked. “Really?”

“Yeah, really.”

“I- Sure! Uhm I’ll text you the details tonight?”

“Sure, see you later then.”

The two waved at each other, and as Momo turned around, a hand grabbed her arm, spun her around and suddenly she felt lips on her cheek. Jihyo then chuckled at her expression and left, waving once more.

The flustered girl lightly touched her cheek and stifled the urge to scream.

Holy shit, she thought, I’m going on a date with Jihyo and she kissed me.