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His Human, His Angel

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“Hey, Dean. I think I found us a case. Look, it’s near here. Two dead bodies, both without a heart. That’s worth to look into, right?“ Sam spoke to Dean, meanwhile Dean was sitting at a table, drinking a beer and looking absently forward.

“Huh? Yeah, yeah, sure. That looks too suspicious to be a coincidence,“ Dean nodded and had himself just one more sip.

“Okay, I’ll check our arsenal. Meet me at the car in 10?“

“Yep,“ he approved Sam’s proposal and watched his brother walking away, deeper to bunker‘s interiors.

The one thing Dean didn’t know, was that Sam left on purpose. He knows his brother too well and he could clearly tell that Dean was praying. And the only one he could pray to, was Castiel. So he wanted to give them a little bit of space and privacy, because he just doesn’t have to see or hear everything.

Sam had already knew for a long time that these two just weren’t indifferent to each other. That’s the reason why he was more than happy when they finally got together after all that terror, and openly confessed their love.

To be exact, he doesn’t remember Dean more peaceful and cheerful than now. Happy, in fact. He always carried some enormous problem or upcoming catastrophe on his shoulders, which was sucking even the last bit of will to live out of him. It terrified Sam, every day and every moment. But he couldn’t do anything about it, because he had so many problems himself. The end of the world, hunting monsters, you name it. But even if there wasn’t any of this… What could he possibly do? It’s not like he could somehow help Dean find something that at least remotely resembles happiness.

So now, when he looks at Dean and he doesn’t see only a walking body without life… he is happy too.

“Hello, Dean,“ Cas said when he appeared behind Dean. Dean turned to him and gave him a little nod with a smirk on his lips.

“Hey, Cas,“ he was looking without interruption in Cas‘ heavenly blue eyes. He couldn’t take his eyes off him, just like Cas off Dean. This whole situation was too good to be true. But the best thing was that it really is reality. And no one can ever change that.

After few seconds, Dean stretched out for his angelic kiss and slightly smiled in the process. He couldn’t help himself, he still has to get used to it. He secretly dreamt of this thing for years, even though he never said it out loud or just simply admitted it to himself.

Actually, no man was ever worth of Dean’s feelings. No man was ever worth kissing. No man was worth for Dean to admit his true identity. But also no man pulled him out of Hell. That’s how it all started, but nothing fundamental changed for Dean. John lucidly set his boundaries and Dean knew that having some sort of emotional, deep bond with the same gender (barring Sam, of course), let alone angel, would be the last thing that his father would want to see. Although he is dead for quite a while now, deeply rooted mindset of Dean’s is changing only hardly.

From a young age, John stuffed to his head only women, booze, obstinate obedience of a soldier and that he alone is not important at all. Only a babysitter of his little brother Sammy. Nobody thought anything extra good about Dean, including himself. So what was the deal?

But not Cas. Castiel was different. Angel in every way, celestial being. Dean knew that he feels towards him more than he should, but he didn’t really sweat it. It wouldn’t bring anyone anything good. Cas is an angel of the Lord. How could he feel something to a human? To a human like Dean Winchester? It didn’t make any sense to him. But after all they went through, he fell in love with Cas. Not that it was his choice, but it happened. He felt ashamed, strangely vulnerable.

But there was really nothing to do. He was still denying it and trying to not give it any attention, otherwise he would have to go crazy.

Yet this all changed in that moment when all of them almost died. Dean found out how awfully wrong he was in everything. Castiel loves him. Despite how twisted and corrupted his soul is. Despite his mistakes, traumas and flaws.

No, he loved him because of it. He was proof to Cas of what people are capable of – a representative of the good part of the human population that deserves salvation. Dean showed him how much pain they can endure and still get up every morning and do the right thing, even though it tears them apart. How many times they are brought to their knees, but still can fight for their loved ones. They are terribly broken, but in their own way perfect.

And Dean Winchester is one of the most perfect. For Castiel, he always has been and always will be.

And suddenly here they are. Two boyfriends. Together. And it will be so, until Dean takes his last breath on this Earth. But even then... there is still Heaven. And Cas is an angel. So does it really end here? With death? I don't think so.

“What are you thinking about?“ Castiel asked, with imperceptible smile and eyes full of affection.

“It’s nothing. I just… nothing,“ Dean shrugged his shoulders and stretched his arm over the table just so his and Cas‘ hand could connect. Another sign of intimacy he would never dare. Another little assurance that Dean loves Castiel from all of his heart.

Even though he was sure he could never be able to do such thing at any cost anymore.

"You know I can read your mind, right?" Cas said, smiling even more now.

"What? No. Come on, Cas, don't try to bullshit me again."

"You don't think I can tell you what you're thinking about, right here and right now?"

"No, I don't. You're not an archangel or a seraph, so you can't read minds," Dean replied resolutely. He could finally use all the information on angels from all the lore he had to read in his life.

"I never said I can read all minds."

And that was it. Dean started blushing. This angel knew him so well, he was sure he could actually read his mind by now. Because Cas was his angel. And Dean was his human.

Dean cleared his throat, lowering his eyes for a moment. „Yeah, well... I can read your mind too."

"Oh, really? Is that so?" Cas raised his eyebrows, still bantering with Dean.

"Mhm," Dean nodded with satisfaction.

"Then what are you waiting for? Tell me."

"You first, bee."

"Still with the bee?" Cas looked at him with a slight amusement.

"Hey, it's not my fault you once showed up completely naked, covered in bees!" Dean said in his defense. Yeah, Cas was in that time in a different mental state than now and than is normal, but still. He just has to laugh at it.

Cas smiled and shook his head. „Fine. You were smiling and I know all your smiles. This was the 'I can't believe this' smile, so you were thinking about this. Us."

"You're creepy, you know that?" Dean laughed and Cas joined him. For a few seconds, they just sat there, looking in each other's eyes. So in love.

"Your turn. What am I thinking about?"

"That's easy. It's this," Dean lifted the corners of his mouth to a slight smile and leaned to Cas for the second time today. He grabbed Castiel's cheek gently, holding him close. Their lips connected once again and it was as magical as always. Everything was magical when they were together.

"Oh come on, guys!" Sam appeared on the stairs, interrupting their moment. „Can't you go even 10 minutes without kissing each other?"

"Sounds a bit homophobic, Sammy."

"Oh my god, Dean! Not again," Sam rolled his eyes and threw up his hands incredulously. How many more times, Dean? How many?

"What? Admit it, you just still aren't over the fact that I'm bisexual!"

"Dean, I knew it before you even started to think about it."

"Right," he said, ironically.

"Look," Sam gave up, „I'm just saying that a few people may be in danger, some may be dying, and maybe you could wait a few seconds and kiss in the car."

"Such a drama queen. Am I right, Cas?" Dean turned back to Cas, looking for backup. Cas was smiling a little, but he gave Dean an admonishing look. He still understood that Sam is right. People need to be saved and their kiss can really wait.

"Sure, I am the drama queen... Just shut up and come to the car," Sam gave him a sweep. „You can come too, Cas," he called out additionally.

"Hm, looks like we gotta go save some lives. You coming?" Dean asked Cas.

"Of course, Dean."

Dean smiled warmly. "Let's?"

"Let's," Cas returned the same smile and accepted Dean's hand. They grabbed the duffle bag from the table and went up the stairs, holding each other's hands.

When they walked out of the bunker, still hand in hand, straight to the car and Sam, all three of them realized one thing. This is it. This is the only thing they need. Each other. Their family.

That is all they need.