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the best dad ever!

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1. best memory

Once when Jack was three years old, he and Cas decided to surprise Dean one day with dinner. Jack decided on the meal — he chose mac and cheese — and Cas was the one making it. They made Dean get out of the house for an hour or so to give them some time.

“Alright, well, I’m going now, I guess,” Dean said while standing in the hallway. Jack had all but forced him to get dressed and was currently pressing his little hands against Dean’s legs trying to get him to leave.

“Bye, momma!” Jack said, “Go now!”

Dean laughed, turning around and stepping out the door.

“I’m going, Jack!”

He looked up and locked eyes with Cas. He was leaning against the wall a few steps in, an amused look on his face. Dean gave him a little ‘What the hell’s going on?’ look but he just shrugged innocently.

Jack got up on his toes and grabbed the door handle to pull the door closed.

“Oh, uh, well, I’ll be back soo—” was what Dean managed to get out before Jack closed the door on him.

“Jack,” Cas said disapprovingly, “Closing the door on someone like that isn’t very polite.”

Jack smiled guiltily and said, “Sorry, dada,”, before turning around and opening the door again.

“Momma!” he said and ran over to Dean who had only gotten a few steps away. Dean turned around just in time for Jack to crash into him. “‘M sorry for closing the door.”

Dean crouched down and cupped Jack’s face.

“It’s okay, pumpkin. You’re excited, and you’re allowed to be.”

Jack nodded.

“Give momma a kiss and then you can run inside again,” Dean continued. Jack threw his arms around him and gave him a wet kiss on his cheek, right next to his mouth and then another one on his chin (his shoes slipped).

“Love you, momma.”

“I love you too, baby.”

They waved goodbye and then Jack closed the door again. He tried reaching for the lock, his tongue poking out of his mouth in concentration.


Cas locked the door for him.

“So,” he said, “What do you wanna do first?”

“Mac an’ cheese!” Jack said, clapping his hands and jumping up and down. Cas chuckled.

“Alright, and fix the table after?”

A nod.

Cas whipped the mac and cheese together fairly quickly. He put it in the oven and then picked Jack up and sat him on the counter. He made sure to not seat him too close to where he was with the knife and the cutting board.

Jack started going into a story of one time he and uncle Sammy had played in the sandbox by the playground close to the house. Cas has heard this story before but he let Jack talk, content to listen to his son as he cut up vegetables.

When the story was finished — and he was very out of breath from talking too fast — Jack started swinging his legs back and forth.

“Do you think momma will be surprised?”

“I think he’ll be very surprised,” Cas replied, “And very thankful for his wonderful son.”

He booped Jack’s nose and Jack giggled loudly.

It took another 20 minutes for the mac and cheese to be done and by then there were freshly cut vegetables ready to be served with it. Cas texted Dean that he could come home and started to set the table. Jack got to choose that too and picked the fanciest plates they had and then the three matching frog-shaped plastic glasses they own. He also picked out some special occasions napkins, there were frogs on them too. He was very into frogs at the moment.

When the front door unlocking could be heard from the hall Jack rushed out of the kitchen and jumped into Dean’s arms. Dean wrapped his arms securely around him and spun him around.

“Hi,” he said, “Miss me that much?”

Jack nodded, “We have something to show you!”

“You do?”

“In the kitchen.”

“Okay, well, I’m just gonna take off my shoes.”

Dean put Jack down but, to his surprise, he didn’t run off. He waited until Dean was finished and then held up his arms in a request to be picked up again. Dean did that and moved towards the kitchen.

Cas had just put the form on the table when they stepped in. Dean’s smile faded into wonder.

“What is this?”

“Surprise!” Jack exclaimed.

“We made dinner for you,” Cas expanded.

Dean sent a look Cas’ way before turning his attention to Jack.

“You did all this for me, huh? That’s why you wanted me gone?”

Jack gave him a big nod, his whole body moving with it. Dean pressed a kiss to his forehead, and then his cheek, and then a bunch of them all over his face.

“My wonderful boy.”

2. superpower

“Uncle Sammy, did you know my dad has superpowers?” Jack whispered to Sam one evening. Sam had come over for a surprise visit and had stayed over dinner. Right now Dean and Cas were washing up the dishes while Sam played with Jack.

Sam gasped and Jack hushed him quickly.

“It’s a secret!” he said urgently.

Sam’s mouth made an o shape and he nodded solemnly. He dragged two fingers across his lips in a zipping motion and then threw away the invisible key.

“Your secret is safe with me.”

Jack grinned.

3. a thing that’s been fixed

When Jack was almost three years old, a seam on his favourite stuffed animal loosened and the stuffing was slowly but surely falling out of it. Jack was absolutely devastated.

Thanks to all the time he had at his disposal, Cas decided to look up a few videos on YouTube and go out and buy some thread to fix it. The cashier said something about how he was “such a thoughtful father”. To Cas it was no question.

That’s how he spent one Friday night. Watching a rerun on tv with Dean after putting Jack to bed, and fixing his toy.

Jack was over the moon when he got it back, and he definitely understood that he needs to be very careful with it or it might need surgery again.

4. favourite activity

Every Thursday Jack and Cas went to the local library in town. It first started with Cas going by himself but then one day Jack was curious to where Cas was going every Thursday and asked to come with. It was a bit of a walk even for Cas so they took the bus, and they brought the stroller with them in case Jack got tired.

The librarian — Charlotte — who always worked the midday shift on Thursdays was more than happy to see a new face. She crouched down in front of them and held out her hand to Jack.

“What’s your name?”

Jack held out his right hand, his left still holding onto Cas’, and shook her hand.


“Hello, Jack. My name is Charlotte. Are you looking for something special today?”

He looked up at Cas.

“We’re here to pick out some bedtime stories,” Cas said, smiling at Jack.

“That’s a great idea.” She got up and pointed to a section a bit into the library, “Children’s section is right in there. Let me know if you need anything.”

“Thank you very much,” Cas said.

He parked the stroller next to the shelves and picked Jack up into his arms so he could see the books. He let him take a look before asking if anything caught his eye. Jack was immediately drawn to the ones with animals and capes on the front. They ended up leaving with seven books, one for each night. After that Jack always came with him and they always made a day out of it.

The times Dean went with them he usually kept to the background, sometimes making a little small talk with Charlotte. But mostly he just watched Jack and Cas. Jack was always very eager to show Dean the collection he picked out, whether that be at home or right after checking them out.

5. an award

Father’s Day was this upcoming Sunday. It would be the fifth Father’s Day since Jack was born, but the second one Jack was actively participating in. Right now Dean and Jack were in his room, making a card for Cas.

“What would you like to write on the card?” Dean asked.

“Hmm,” Jack said, pursing his lips. “‘You are the best dad ever!’”

Dean smiled, “I think he’ll love that very much. Where do you want me to write it?”

Jack opened the card and pointed to the right page, “There. I do the front.”

Dean nodded and did as told. He kept the style clean and simple, so it will be easily understood even after Jack adds his artistic touches to it.

Dean sneaked out of bed a little earlier next morning than he did on most Sundays. He made some breakfast before waking Jack up; some tea, two pancakes (that Cas was most likely gonna give to Jack), and toast. Leaning against the cup was the card they made yesterday.

Jack’s eyes flew open when Dean gently nudged him awake. He only did that when he’s really excited. He rushed out of his room, going straight to Dean and Cas’ bedroom. He jumped up on the bed and landed right on top of Cas.

“Happy Father’s Day, dada!”

Cas groaned but couldn’t help but smile when he was met with Jack’s face as he opened his eyes. Jack pressed his face to his, their noses bumping.

“Wake up,” he said.

“I’m awake,” Cas replied, his voice rough and rumbling from the lack of talking. Jack giggled. He rolled over so Cas could sit up and lean against the headboard.

“Happy Father’s Day, dad,” Dean said, placing the tray in Cas’ lap.

“Thank you, Dean,” he smiled genuinely. He turned and gently grabbed Jack’s face, squeezing it. “And thank you too, my beautiful little boy.”

Jack giggled through his pursed lips and when he couldn’t move them he just giggled even harder. Cas laughed too as he removed his hand.

“Silly boy,” he said quietly, mostly to himself. He looked at Dean for a moment before dropping a finger inside Dean’s collar and pulling him closer, pressing a chaste kiss to his lips.

Jack started climbing up on Cas, and Dean managed to save the tray just in time before it tumbled over.

“You have to be careful, Jack,” he said.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to.”

“I know you didn’t. You just have to be a little extra careful, okay?”

Jack nodded. He turned back to face Cas and Cas immediately saw on him what he climbed up on him for.

“Did you want a kiss too?”

Jack nodded. He pursed his lips just like he saw his parents do and Cas kissed him too. Dean smiled at them and managed to sneak in a picture as well. That’s definitely going on the wall.

Jack slumped down, leaning his head on Cas’ shoulder.

“Open your card now?” he asked.

Cas looked delighted at the mention of a card and his gaze moved to the tray, his eyes lighting up when he spotted it. Jack had decorated it with glitter and sparkles and some feathers too. Cas just about managed to read what it said. Happy Father’s Day! You’re the best dad ever! He choked up a little and wrapped his arms tightly around Jack, pressing his lips to his forehead.

“Thank you so much, honeybee.”

6. admiration

Jack has the best dad ever. A dad who always plays with him. Who always reads him a bedtime story. Who always wakes him up with a kiss to his forehead. Who tickles him under his chin when he laughs. Who — at least attempts to — fixes his toys every time they break so they don’t have to throw them away. Who always picks the same hiding spot every time they play hide and seek (behind momma). Who makes his food into funny shapes. Who, no matter what he’s doing, would drop everything and anything to help him.

Jack has the best dad ever. Everyone agreed on that.