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Strange addiction

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She had thought about those hands. It was impossible not to when she had already felt them around her neck, sometimes grabbing so strongly that she becomes a little lightheaded, legs trembling as the lights goes down and the crowd screamed their names. She didn't know if Minji was aware of the effect she had on her, how a simple choreography would make Yoohyeon lose her composure and take the double of effort to focus on the next song. It wasn't just the choreography though, it was more because of the woman doing it with her. The one she was in love with for years now, who held her hand through all bad and happy times and promised to never let go. And it was those same hands she was obsessed with.


What Yoohyeon didn't thought was that they were going to end up here today, on this bed, lips on her and all places being touched. Her mouth sightly open letting out little gasps, her own hands lost with so many options to choose, all of them welcoming her with soft and creamy skin. Her shirt on the floor, discarded together with her bra, leaving her chest bare to Minji do whatever she wanted to. And it looked like what she wanted was to drive Yoohyeon mad.


On top of her, Minji was too busy to think of anything else than the way the hard nub felt under her lips. How it would make even more stiff every time she stroked using her mouth, causing Yoohyeon to moan and hold tightly her hair, goosebumps beneath her palms on both sides of her belly, feeling Yoohyeon abs and her own panties getting wetter. She knew the other's underwear was just like hers, she could feel how it was soaking her thigh between Yoohyeon's legs.


"Your mouth is...." She couldn't finish the sentence but Minji figured out what she meant by the sound coming out of her girlfriend's mouth, one that could only be describe as one of the sexiest thing on earth. Minji took that as a sigh to do it harder, so she gently nip her nipple, quickly transforming pleasure into pain and then into pleasure again when she came back to licking, a evil smile on her lips when Yoohyeon whined.


Hands that were on Minji's hair was now on her shoulders, hurrying her to go where it ached the most, where powder met fuse and just a little friction would be enough to set everything on fire. She had been horny for hours now, between the ride home and waiting until everyone was asleep, all she could think about was when they were going to be alone and Minji would finally touch her like she do when is just the two of them. They knew it had been a long day and a long show, if it was in a normal day they would shower and sleep right away. But this wasn't a normal day, both of them being aware how the night was going to end as soon as their eyes met on the backstage at the end of the evening.


Making sure to take her time, Minji went to give attention to her other nipple, one hand pinching the one that wasn't on her mouth. Yoohyeon's hips moving turned Minji's thigh into a soaking mess, warm liquid going through her panties and wetting the other woman skin, not leaving any doubts on how much the leader have an affect her. It was clear how with just a gaze or a small touch Yoohyeon's world would break down. Minji was happy that she was the only one that could do that, that could make her girl this needy with the simplest of things. It was the same with her, she only needed Yoohyeon.


Leaving her chest to kiss her again, she brought one of her hands down her belly, tracing every inch with her fingertips, feeling shivers run through Yoohyeon skin until she reached her underwear, breaking the kiss to take it off of the girl, throwing somewhere on the floor (she would worry about that later). Looking up, eyes now staring into hers, turning her lips on a smile and making them both laugh.


"Wae?" Yoohyeon asked smiling even more, a warm feeling on her chest making her think she could take over the universe with how much love she had for this girl. She had never experience so many good feelings for just one human being. She hoped both of them would last forever. Smile touching smile as Minji bend down to kiss her lips again, not being able to stay even one more second far from them, addicted to Yoohyeon and to every sensation they would cause each other. The kiss becoming more heated as Minji brought her tongue to enter Yoohyeon's mouth, both of them letting out a satisfying sound.


On all fours on top of Yoohyeon, she brought one hand to brush against her pussy, surprising the other one and making her moan into the kiss. With just one finger, she spread Yoohyeon nether lips and she couldn't hold her own moan when her hand became wet with her arousal. Circling her clit, Minji had to seal their lips quickly before murmur against her girlfriend's mouth.


"Shh, baby. I don't want anyone but me hearing you." Voice beside her ear and two fingers going inside was enough for Yoohyeon to crave her nails on Minji's back, who whined from the pain that she was definitely enjoying. Curving against her front wall, her fingers touched that one spot, making Yoohyeon bent her back before a hand pulled her into the mattress again. The smell of sex on the thick air, turning both of them on even more. Slicked sounds being heard with small gasps coming from Yoohyeon's mouth, Minji setting up the pace as she felt her fingers being squeezed by warm and wet walls. She knew she was close.


Wanting to make Yoohyeon more quiet, she brought fingers to close around the sides of her neck, closing slightly the air passage, making the other girl close her eyes and open her mouth a little, but not a single sound coming out of it. Minji smiled. Good, exactly what she wanted. Yoohyeon body feeling light, the hand fucking her adding one more finger as her palms rubbed against her clit. Minji's grip closing more around her neck.


"It feels good, puppy? Do you like the way I fuck you?" Yoohyeon didn't even try to answer as her eyes rolled and her toes curled, warmth spreading through her body, ending on her pussy. She could feel the mess she was making on Minji's hand and her own sheets, and she would be embarassed if Minji wasn't three fingers deep on her now, going in and out, being sure to curve and hit her G-spot. Letting go of her neck only to let her breath a little, she chose her mouth to keep her fingers in, focusing her eyes on the way Yoohyeon lips closed around her fingertips, eyes closed and little hums coming from her.


A single drop of sweat going down Minji's neck as she grinded against Yoohyeon's thigh, not being able to resiste with the vision she had underneath her. Golden hair spread on the pillow, forehead frown in pleasure as she continue to penetrate her, warm liquid wetting her hand making her grind against Yoohyeon even more. Taking her hand out of Yooh's mouth, she bend down again to put her lips against her neck, leaving small kisses and saying naughty things for her to hear.


"Being so good for me, baby. You're making a mess... Guess I will have to clean you up later." As soon Minji stopped talking, Yoohyeon moaned a "Oh my god, Minji" right after. The thought of her mouth licking her clean made Yoohyeon start to meet Minji's hands every time she would enter her again, her legs now shaking. Breath stopping when fingers closed around her throat again, this time being what pushed her of the cliff.


Her open mouth letting out a weak "Baby", legs trembling even more, back arched and pussy pulsating around the talented and greatest fingers on the universe, in her humble opinion. Lungs filling with air again as Minji let go of the grip on her neck, bringing to one side of her face as she watched the woman expressions from the other, lips against her cheek, leaving little pecks while she waited for the other woman to come down from her high. Taking her fingers from inside and gently stroking her clit to help prolong her orgasm, she stopped when Yoohyeon whined and brought her hands to touch her owns, intertwining their fingers and bringing their hands to her mouth, leaving a kiss as she smile big and turned to face Minji.


And there it was, the reason of it all. That smile. Eyes half closing as her cheeks lifted to make it fit on her face, little giggle coming right after as she snuggled on the older woman's neck, rotating her body so she could come closer to Minji, almost as she was trying to make them into one. The leader coudn't help but to smile too. Low "I love you"s being said while Yoohyeon kissed all skin her lips could find, smelling her perfumed skin and becoming drunk in the mix of it with her natural scent. Her body quickly lighting up again, thinking of how Minji would taste right now. And why only imagine when she could taste it herself?!


Taking off Minji's clothes and kissing every peace of skin that was being revealed, she ended up between her legs. Lips inside her thighs, so close to where Yoohyeon was dying to lose herself on the flavor and smell. Looking up, her gaze found eyes paying attention to all little details, anticipating what was to come. Funny how soft eyes could turn into the eyes of the devil, challenging her as warm wet tongue touched her clit, licking-oh, so gently. Going down to enter her pussy and make her tremble when Yoohyeon moaned at the taste, vibrations against her entrance, hands gripping at her skin roughly, marking it red and opening her thighs more to give her better access to the five star meal in front of her.


Hair being pulled, threads around Minji's fingers, which hips going up and down to feel Yoohyeon's tongue, alternating between her clit and penetrating her. Her mouth and chin was already covered with her juices, making Yooh feel sad about the wasting but she continue, knowing it wouldn't it take too long for her girlfriend to hit her climax. Not with the way Minji's moans was escalating followed by a sequence of "Baby, don't stop.". At that point, every one on the dorm, if not on the whole apartament had heard them. Well, she would deal with them later, she was too busy now. She stopped hearing when Minji closed her legs on Yoohyeon's ears, muffing any and all sounds. Nose against her clit as she lap all liquid that would end up on the sheets, the leader's back arching as a second orgasm hited her, being extended as the younger moaned against her pussy.


Her muscles relaxing as she ride out, Yoohyeon coming up kissing her body softly and bringing her blanket, making sure both of them was covered up and warm as she kissed Minji, enjoying the way she was humming at her own taste, cleaning her chin right after and ending with another kiss on her mouth, leaving both of them satisfied. Laying with her body on top of her and her head against her chest, Yoohyeon thought that maybe right here was her favorite place on earth. Safe and sound. Embraced with love.


"You're really into choking, huh?" A sleepy voice taking her out of the almost sleep, Yoohyeon cheeks turning red as she slapped Minji's shoulder, feeling shy hearing that being said out of loud. It wasn't her fault Minji's hands had awakened that hidden kink on her.


"Ya!! Shut up!!" She shouted, turning Minji deaf for a brief moment.


With smile on their faces, they let themself enter dreamworld, feeling each other skin and hearing each other breathing slowly calming down.