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The Moon Is Astonished And So Are The Sheep

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Dean is barely asleep when he feels the bed dip next to him. He blinks the sleep from his eyes and in the low light of the room he just barely makes out Jack paused on the edge of the mattress with his knee pressed into the memory foam.

Cas’s breath softly fans across the back of his neck and if it wasn’t for the small circles he was rubbing into the skin of Dean’s stomach, he would assume he was still asleep.

The cold indent of the metal from his husband’s ring gives him a giddy little thrill. He put that there, that’s his ring on Cas’s hand.

Cas is his husband, god, he will never get tired of that.

“You okay, Jack?” Cas asks quietly, his voice raspy with sleep.

“Bad dream. I didn’t want to be alone.” He admits with a trembling hitch and Dean is struck hard by how young Jack  is despite his appearance.

“C’mere kid.” Dean says and motions for Jack to take up the empty space beside him. With the go ahead, the nephilim quickly lays down. He lays down on his stomach, one arm smacking against Dean’s as he puts it under the pillow and the other dangles off the edge of the mattress from the lack of room.

Cas’s hand leaves Dean’s stomach in favor of rubbing gentle circles into Jack’s back and the action seems to soothe him instantly, the air held in his chest slowly leaving him with a whistling sigh.

“Thank you.” Jack says softly and Dean’s heart soars with affection.

“No problem.” Dean mumbles, quickly falling victim to sleep again. His angel husband may not actually need to sleep and his half angel son may only need a few hours to function properly, but that does not mean that extends to him.

“Goodnight dad.” He says to Cas. Then quieter, more hesitantly, “Goodnight pa.”

Dean does not choke up when he says, “Goodnight kiddo.” His throat is just tight, for totally unrelated reasons.

The three fall back asleep in a tangle of limbs and Dean has never slept quite as well in his life.