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Wordless Praise

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Castiel always pointed out that it seemed unfair; that he should be giving as much as he was getting. But Dean would always assure him that he liked to give blow jobs. Cas would still try and make up for the unequal distribution of orgasms in the bedroom, though, by doing as many of Dean's favorites as he could when they were having actual sex, and not just oral. Dean never complained about it, because it made Cas feel better, and also, orgasms with a sexy hot angel. Nobody was losing in that deal. But far more often, it was Dean between Cas' legs than the reverse, which was exactly how Dean liked it.

This time, it started innocently enough, technically, by the two cuddling up on the couch, watching a movie on Netflix. But it's called Netflix and Chill for a reason, and the movie was soon just background noise to the couple making out on the couch.

Dean had started things, with a quick grab of Cas' closest ass cheek through his pj pants. The grab led into a bit of light kneading, and the Netflix portion of the evening had definitely concluded. Cas reached a hand to pull Dean's face close for a kiss, and it only stayed pg-rated for about four seconds, then quickly went pg-13, R, NC-17, and ended somewhere around desperate frottage on what amounted to the family couch.

Dean started to nibble at the lobe of Cas' left ear, knowing full well that it was basically the ultimate shortcut to an extra horny angel of the lord. The keening noise Cas made when he hit just the right spot only once again proved a known fact. Then the hand that snaked down Cas' pj pants to lazily fondle at his testicles sealed the deal.

Cas growled, pouncing onto Dean and pulling him into the raunchiest kiss this side of Hell, and it was Dean's turn to let out a moan. But as enjoyable as getting ravaged by his super-angel boyfriend was, Dean had a different goal in mind.

Dean started to slide down Cas' body, tugging at the drawstring on the angel's pants as he went. He could hear Cas making the nervous noises that he did whenever he felt like he was being too greedy, but Dean knew better on this and thus ignored them.

Cas was already stiff when Dean got his boxers pulled down, and it only took two or three strokes to get the angel's cock fully hard. He looked up at Cas, who was already panting even though Dean's mouth wasn't even near his dick yet. Dean loved that he was able to do that, that it took so little to get his boyfriend to such a state. And knowing that before he was done, Cas would be wrecked beyond words. That, that was always the best part of giving a blow job for Dean.

Dean wanted to start small, wanting the pleasure Cas felt to build slowly, getting him hotter and hotter until he exploded, and not just physically. So he ever so slightly licked the drips of precum that had already gathered in anticipation. Cas' dick always seemed to know when it was going to be properly blown, acting like one of Pavlov's dogs, like it had somehow been trained. Dean smiled at the weird thought, knowing he'd never tell Cas about how obedient his dick was. As a treat for that obedience, though, Dean licked a slow stripe from the head downwards, until he hit pubes, then reversed and came the same way back up again.

He could feel Cas' body shudder in pleasure right as Cas moaned, "Ohh, Dean."

That was the signal that it was time to go to work for real. Blowing Cas' mind while blowing him was Dean's favorite new hobby, and he was definitely getting skilled at it. Taking in just the head of the penis, Dean suckled it, marveling at the mewling noises now coming from the other end of the couch. Playing a tiny bit with the sensitive, special spot underneath, Dean started to suck the rest of Cas' cock into his mouth, slowly, with movements of his tongue only making the sensation more intense.

"God, Dean, yes," Cas murmured, already starting to writhe beneath Dean.

With such beautiful music in his ears, Dean finally made it to the end of the line, his nose now nestled in the hair at the base of Cas' dick. And this, this was when he inhaled all the air from his cheeks, causing a perfect suction that always made Cas gasp.

"So good, oh god, so good Dean," Cas babbled. Dean had only just started and Cas was already having trouble with words.

Dean smiled at this, though with his lips next to Cas' balls, you probably wouldn't have been able to tell. He moved his tongue around in the vacuum he'd created in his mouth, causing the pressure to increase and making Cas let out a whimper of pleasure mixed with a desperate plea.

Dean would just have to do a better job now.

He rippled his tongue along the bottom of the shaft as he let the air back into his mouth, causing Cas to shiver and let out a sigh. Then Dean flattened his tongue and started to bob his head, paying special attention to the sensitive line on the underside. He sucked back and forth a few times, making sure to have plenty of wetness ready, when he pulled almost off. Instead, he went back to suckling the head. By now, Cas was past words, probably past letters completely, because he was expressing himself in moans and whimpers, sighs and the best kinds of groans. This was Dean's favorite music, but he would never want to share it with anyone.

Going back to some slow deepthroating, Dean used his tongue to touch as many happy spots along the way in and back out again. Cas was gasping, writhing in exquisite ecstasy, and Dean couldn't have felt prouder.

Long stripes with his tongue, the very slightest graze of teeth every so often, just like he knew the angel loved. The soundtrack of Cas suffering from the pleasure and the frustration got Dean off more than anything. As he sped up on Cas' cock, going for less tricks now but more pressure and sweet spots hit, the soundtrack sped up as well.

Gasp. Whine. Whimper. Whispered, "Dean," drawn out. A hiss when Dean found just the right spot. Mangled syllables, some maybe intended as words, but all intended as impossible to describe sensations.

Dean hummed in appreciation, adding to the beautiful music all around him.

"Dean, I'm…" Cas begged. "Dean…"

At the same time, Dean could feel the tensing up that could only mean one thing. Smiling on the inside, since his mouth was currently too busy to spare the lip movement, Dean went for the grand finale, speeding up even more, adding in random pressures to destroy Cas' brain cells as he let the angel facefuck him. Seconds before Cas started to come, he screamed Dean's name, then lost all coherence as he shouted his orgasm, his voice tinged with just the slightest hint of angelic power. As Dean swallowed and swallowed, greedy for everything that Cas could give him, the noises Cas was making made him feel as much as Cas if not more.

When Cas finally slumped on the couch, boneless and sated beyond imagining, Dean finally pulled off and licked his lips. Staring up towards Cas, seeing him breathing so hard, pupils blown with lust, hair looking even more fucked out than usual from just a simple blow job, Dean felt proud. When the angel raised his head enough to whisper, "I love you, Dean," the equally satisfied hunter horizontally climbed back up Cas' body, where he was met with lazy, grateful kisses.

"Love you, Cas," Dean managed to fit in between the slow kisses, and Netflix finally came back into play as the two went back to cuddling, though they were only half paying attention at best now.

Dean knew Cas would never understand, but there was something about the sounds he made when Dean was blowing him. He'd probably deny it if asked, but Dean had a praise kink a mile long, and those sounds, those noises, the garbled words, they were the absolute best praise of all.