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she-ra watching the show

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The room was pitch black.

The first thing people noticed was- they were definitely not where they were moments ago. To some, it could have possibly been Glimmer's teleportation, but there were no sparkles and it definitely wasn't a place they recognized. 

The second thing was that they were all in chairs, and after moving a bit it seemed like there were walls separating them- not that they could see them.

And then the third was when someone finally decided to say something.


It was Adora's voice, which definitely surprised some. However, before she could say anything else, a voice came through the darkness.

"...Is it working," the voice- it sounded like a girl, was hushed, "I think it's working... wow, this is cool- I can't believe it!" She squealed before clearing her throat. "Right, everyone, you are all here for a reason- and that reason is really just my entertainment."

"Uh... excuse me?" Adora still seemed to be the only one talking, for reasons understandable. Catra was obviously frustrated- but if she was with princesses, she definitely couldn't blow her cover. Especially since Adora seemed really nearby. Glimmer and Adora had just fought- she realized that she had just escaped with Mara's ship to rescue Entrapta. Others just didn't really know what to say.

The voice continued muttering, only some of it comprehensible. "How do I... wait is it... still not sure... aha!"

Suddenly, the room was illuminated with a bright light, and most shielded their eyes until they could see what it was. There was a bright screen in front of them- almost like a cinema, though none of them had ever gone to one of those before. On the screen was a girl who looked slightly younger than them with brown, middle-length hair. She was dressed in relatively simple clothes, though it was in a style that none of them recognized, and seemed to be sitting in front of a desk, nearly radiating with excitement.

Entrapta opened her mouth to squeal and Glimmer tried to say something, but no voice came out.

"Right," the girl sighed, "Now, you can't move or speak right now- but that's just because I don't want you to kill each other and I also want to explain everything first." She grinned, scanning the room. "Alright. I come from a different reality- a reality in which you guys are just a tv show. You probably don't know what a tv show is- that's alright. Anyway, I brought you all here to watch this tv show, named She-Ra and the Princesses of Power." She clicked something on the keyboard in front of her, and a sort of poster popped up right beside her on the screen- showing most of the characters in the room with She-Ra in the front.

"All of you most likely know each other- some of you are friends and some of you are enemies- that's why you can't get out of your chair, seeing as I really don't want violence right now." She took another breath, keeping her eyes focused around the room. "However, in case you don't know yet- I'll be introducing you each and why you're sitting where you are. Good? Good."

The light that came from the screen for some reason hadn't illuminated the other people around them, but it started in the front - now everyone could see Adora right in the center of the light.

"Obviously, we've got our protagonist," said the girl, eyes once again filled with excitement, "Adora, a.k.a. She-Ra! You all know her- anyways, moving on. The front row has the Best Friend Squad, so obviously, next, we have Glimmer and Bow." Two more lights were turned on, showing Glimmer on Adora's right, and Bow next to her. It seemed a bit awkward, but the girl-voice kept talking.

"And we know that you're hitting a bit of a rough patch right now- I chose the moment in the series that probably will have the most tension between all of you! Just because I'd like that- so we'll be starting a while back and then continuing so you get some spoilers of the future. In fact, we're gonna have our first spoiler..." she lowered her voice ominously, though it seemed no one (except for perhaps Bow) was impressed. She cleared her throat. "The last member of the Best Friend Squad... Catra!!"

The last light was shone in the front, and now the whole row was seen by everyone. Catra herself shielded her eyes, scowling. She was shocked, of course, and was definitely confused when the girl- did she have a name? -had first mentioned the 'Best Friend Squad', but there must have been some sort of mistake. Pretty much everyone had gasped- though they could only hear the people that were able to be seen (Adora, Glimmer, and Bow).

Catra sputtered, finally realizing that her voice was once again working. "Wh- you -"

It seemed the others felt the same way.

"How could she-" started Glimmer, but the girl spoke over her.

"Now, now," she smirked, "obviously, as I said, this is a spoiler. It'll be happening in the future. But Catra- yeah, you switch sides and all that jazz, cool isn't it?"


"Moving on," the girl interrupted, looking thoughtful for a moment, "Oh, and you should probably be able to call me something. Well, I actually do have a name- but just call me Lady Noire for now. It's from another show that I like but sounds good anyway- so, the second row! I'm gonna introduce them all at the same time- so we have Mermista, Frosta, Perfuma, Entrapta, and Scorpia- our princesses!"

The second row, with seats slightly smaller than the first, was lit up, and the everyone turned to look at them. Catra's eyes bulged at the sight of Entrapta, ducking down in her seat. Some looked slightly suspicious at the former Horde members, but the girl- Lady Noire was moving on too quickly for them to say anything.

"Obviously, I'll be introducing where we are in the plot in a moment- but we need to continue the introductions right now. The third row has some side characters: some good, some bad, some morally grey- wait, pretty much everyone here is morally grey- you've all done some good and bad stuff. Anyway," she pulled out her remote again, "Swiftwind- you have a chair now! Next to you, we've got Shadow Weaver," the girl narrowed her eyes a bit, but continued, "Spinerella and Netossa, and Sea Hawk."

Once again, the third row was lit up, but Lady Noire was on a roll. "In the fourth row, it's pretty much the same- we have Hordak," many people gasped at the sight of the villain, "then Double Trouble, Huntara, Castaspella, and- ooh major spoiler here, King Micah!"

The name caused even more gasps than anyone before- even Hordak- though Micah himself didn't seem that surprised, looking around in wonder and attempting to touch the invisible barriers.



"Moving on, moving on, I'll make more complete introductions later. Fifth row: We have Lonnie, Rogelio, and the wonderful, fabulous, highly underappreciated Kyle!" The three were lit up first, Kyle looking more confused than anyone at his introduction.

Well, all of the introductions had left everyone in pure shock.

Lady Noire took her remote again, clicking something that everyone quickly realized took away their function to speak.

"Now," she said with a smile, "I'm giving you a brief introduction to the show. Of course, you will be allowed to talk during it since your reactions are really the only reason I'm doing this- but I'll allow you to ask questions if you click the small button on the side of your chair- NOT YET!" Immediately, nearly everyone had clicked their button. They quickly retracted their hands. 

"So, the show we'll be watching is called She-Ra and the Princesses of Power," the same poster from earlier showed up, "It'll start back when Adora was still in the Horde- when she first finds the sword. It will continue throughout present time until the defeat of Horde Prime."

"Some of you will not be introduced until later in the series- some characters I didn't include simply because I couldn't. Like, for example, Mara and Light Hope are pretty big characters- but Light Hope, well her programming was pretty strong, and, well, Mara's dead. So's Angella- so I couldn't bring them back for this. However-" she saw Glimmer's hopeful look, "-that does mean some characters you thought were dead are alive! A.k.a. Micah."

She cleared her throat again, "One great thing about the series is you pretty much get both sides of everything- and as I said earlier, nearly everyone gets a redemption arc! That includes you, Catra," she winked. Catra glowered. "Yeah, but anyway," Lady Noire continued, "you get different perspectives of everything- so you'll have a few minutes of Adora being a little stupid while running around with her sword and then a few minutes of Catra having a mental breakdown or something."

Everyone looked at the two, who both seemed embarrassed for different reasons.

"Then moving on, I'm briefly just going to say where I brought you all here from - just because it'll make a lot of things make sense." She turned back to the crowd. "I took all of the Princess Alliance, Double Trouble, Shadow Weaver, and Scorpia from Bright Moon. Catra, Hordak, Lonnie, Rogelio, and Kyle came from the Fright Zone. Castaspella was in Mystacore and Huntara was in Crimson Waste. And Micah and Entrapta were taken from Beast Island." The last seemed to bring the most shock, while Catra and Scorpia only grimaced. However, it seemed that the two were happier than almost anyone else- Entrapta was looking around the room with fascination, already tinkering on her chair.

"Okay," Lady Noire took a deep breath, "Now, if you have questions, you may press your button."

It seemed like everyone pressed it at once.

Lady Noire sighed, and squinted at her screen. "Right- Catra, you were first."

Now that Catra had been called on, she seemed to be blank for a moment. Finally, she spoke. "W-what are you even talking about? Why am I sitting here- why am I -"

Lady Noire grinned.

"Well, you may have been the villain for four and half out of five seasons, but really, you're like- almost everyone's favorite character."

Catra faltered.

"Honestly, this show will help a lot of you get perspective!" said Lady Noire cheerfully, "Obviously, Catra here's done a lot of bad things- but you wouldn't have won without her. She's also basically the only reason that the Horde was pretty close to winning, so... Next!"

Catra seemed like she wanted to say more, but Glimmer had been unmuted.

"Wh-" like Catra, she seemed to falter for a moment, "How is my dad..."

"Ohhh, so your dad was technically never dead," Lady Noire summarized, "He was sent to Beast Island and survived all this time. I didn't really want to give you that spoiler, but I thought it'd probably be nice for him to see your adventures and everything... so I brought him here anyway." Not giving Glimmer a chance to respond, Lady Noire called, "Next!"

She squinted again and began scrolling with her mouse. "Ok, so Shadow Weaver- I'm not gonna answer your questions; you may have gotten a redemption arc but you're still one of my least favorite characters. Entrapta- I literally love you so much but I'm afraid that I can't explain how I got this to work, did you have a question that is not about the system?"

Entrapta perked up, but slumped after a moment and shook her head.

Lady Noire chuckled, but continued to scroll. "And Hordak, my guess is that you're gonna ask about Entrapta?" She allowed him to unmute, but it seemed like he paused and nodded. "Well, I'm not gonna give any more spoilers than necessary, but she never betrayed you."

Hordak's glare quickly turned to Catra, but she didn't look back.

It seemed that she had done a relatively decent job of describing everything, so Lady Noire leaned back and clicked another button on the remote.

"Well then, let's begin. The Sword, Part 1."