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-- grimAuxiliatrix [GA] began trolling turntechGodhead [TG] --

GA: Listen Up "Dogg"
TG: oh sweet jesus
GA: Park It On The Parquet While I Peruse The Pages Of My Dossier
GA: Im Delivering A Bouquet Of Risque Dismay And I Fully Intend To Overstay
GA: (My Welcome That Is)
TG: yeah good luck with that
GA: I Will Initiate This Onslaught With Something Formulaic
GA: My Jade Prose Is Eloquent Yet Your Shades Are Barely Prosaic
GA: You Are Outclassed Outsassed Into The Early Archaic
GA: Glue Your Pieces Back Together To Build A Failure Mosaic
GA: A Building Brick Of Thick Verse Casts Though Stained Glass As A Pass Into A Church Of Rhyme Onto The Head Of A Certain Pedophilic Father Time
GA: Your Think Pan Cracks Under The Force Of The Downbeat Whilst My Waning Respect Thieves The Common Courtesy Of A Backseat
GA: I Am Told To Break You In A Strapping Manner Equine
GA: You Will Kneel To Polish The Steel Of My Resolve To A High Mirror Shine
GA: For I Design
GA: The Borders You Watch Me Transgress
GA: I Own The Primate Wrench Caught In The Gears Of Your Success
GA: The Mechanics Of Your Integrity Construct Without Finesse
GA: Your Verse Fails To Impress Instead Failure Coalesce-
GA: -s Into Solid Disgrace Squalid Waste
GA: Waste Of Space That Disgrace Beats Embrace At The Pace Of A
GA: Length Of Lace Apace Defaced With Nary A Trace Of Grace Or Case Of Replacement
GA: If Youre On The Record Tables Prepare For Your Displacement
GA: The Value Of Your Rhyme Is Subject To The Will Of My Debasement
TG: woah
GA: Is This Proper Form
GA: I Mean
GA: Theres No Need For Me To Conform To Your Form
GA: If You Thought I Cared You Have Been
GA: Successfully Misinformed
GA: The Horns Of Your Defeat Are Sounding Offhand
GA: Miracles Of Personal Investment Are Marked Explicit Honktraband While Ive Manned
GA: This Table
GA: But
GA: Its Time To Stitch The Seam And Ditch The Scene After Sewing The Records Shut
GA: You Dont Know Jack In Regards To Picking Up Slack Or Earning The Knack For Talking "Smack"
GA: Im The Fine Alternian Cotton To Your Hideous Burlap Sack
GA: Ive Taken Careful Measurements To Cut You Down On The Spot
GA: Ive Spun It Round And Kicked It Down And Dropped It Like Its Hot
GA: And I Will Not
GA: Be Forgot
GA: (Ten)
GA: I Will Not Fall Contrite To An Egregious Oversight
GA: You Will Fight For Your Time Of Night To Embrace A Race With The Sylph Of Space
GA: Now Pick Up The Pace To Remain In The Chase
GA: Run To Your Lusus To Tend Your Fresh Wounds With
GA: Gauze And Claws And Fangs And Tourniquet
GA: If Your Brain Is Set To Scatter At The Truth Of The Matter
GA: I Highly Suggest You Come To Terms With It
TG: who is this
GA: Er

-- grimAuxiliatrix [GA] ceased trolling turntechGodhead [TG] --

TG: no wait dont go
TG: you were actually pretty chill