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-- grimAuxiliatrix [GA] began trolling turntechGodhead [TG] --

GA: Hello
GA: I Have Been Instructed To Antagonize You
GA: Considering My Previous Attempts At Contacting The Other Members Of Your Inane Species Have Ended In Little More Than Bitter Frustration And A Longing Sense Of Regret
GA: And That The Poor Layout Of This Trolling Plan In General Renders It As Pointless As Your Timelines
GA: I Have Decided To Once More Choose An Arbitrary Point At Which To Speak With One Of You While Hoping It Will Bear Some Shadow Of A Result
GA: Wait Why Am I Explaining This To You
GA: The Reiteration Of Temporal Intentions Falls On Your Ears Like A Nightly Wakening Alert System To A Troll With An Aural Canal Disability
TG: you have the wrong window maryam
TG: youre preaching about time to a father clock here
TG: every minutes being tracked under my roman collar while im behind the scenes denying flagrant allegations of second hand molestation
GA: How Do You Know My Name
GA: Have We Spoken Before
TG: few times
TG: havent seen you in a while though
TG: im guessing youve never spoken to me before on your end and that this is the part where you jump right into the middle of my timeline to try hassling me
TG: rude man i couldve been changing
TG: shit i cant even fondle my own hours in peace
TG: whos the time pedophile now
GA: Whats A Pedophile
TG: i think the term in your world is grubfucker
GA: Ew
TG: hahaha
GA: Hmmm
TG: hmmmmmmm
GA: Why Are You Hmmming
TG: what am i not allowed to hmmmmmmm on my own time anymore
TG: can i not call your noise of vague contemplation and raise you four ms
TG: i dont know how this relationship is going to work if you keep suffocating me here maryam
TG: its no fun kissing a dead corpse trust me
GA: Have I Previously Mentioned How Utterly Vacuous This Method Of Communication Is By The Way
GA: Upon First Glance Sarcasm Appears As Some Sort Of Syntactic Code To Dupe Those Not Aware Of Your Linguistic Nuances
GA: But Seeing As Your Entire Culture Seems To Share The Identical Code It Makes The Whole Concept Invalid
TG: woah
GA: Woah What
GA: Also I Am Not Language Policing Please Interpret That As The Sincere Inquiry It Is
TG: this is me interpreting your sincere inquiry about my reaction to you blatantly insulting my home planets language
GA: It Is A Very Stupid Idea
TG: you know whats a stupid idea
TG: barging into the middle of my timeline and mocking a staple of my culture
TG: see me and future you were becoming decent acquaintances before you showed up
TG: about two conversations away from trading friendship bracelets
TG: you were in the middle of making mine out of tweed and rainbow glass beads and dice that spelled out my name
GA: Wait
GA: Really
GA: Is This Another Example Of Your Human Sarcasm Because Im Beginning To Find This Thoroughly Irritating
TG: we cant become friends if you keep bitchslapping away my mad pimpstick of peace like im wiggling a mutant tentacock in your direction
GA: Hold On
GA: I Apologize If What I Said Jeopardized Our Past And Future Friendship In Any Way
GA: Though Sarcasm Is Still Stupid This Was Not My Intention
TG: nope too bad youve crossed the rubicon
TG: the government of strideria is passing legislation on your caesarean officious intermeddling
TG: if youre sticking with the “i didnt mean it” defence well probably just end up charging you with involuntary pimpstickslaughter
GA: This Is Incredibly Silly
GA: I Strongly Doubt Legislation Can Be Passed Based On The Interpreted Offence Of A Single Person
GA: I Also Doubt Your Specific Interpretation Of The Law Reaches Across Paradox Space Making My Pending Sentence Ineffectual
TG: do you really want to take that risk bro
GA: I Have Access To Legal Counsel
TG: look interdimensional immunity might be a thing in your universe but the galactic courts here dont buy into that shit
TG: all im asking is for you to show a little cultural sensitivity
GA: By Taking Sadistic Pleasure In Saying The Exact Opposite Of What I Mean
TG: this is way past making up for your crimes against the art of sarcasm
TG: sarcasms one of several dialects
TG: if you want peace you have to start getting versed in the REAL DEAL
GA: Which Is
TG: what our entire culture is built from duh
TG: the righteous movement that tied us together as a species
TG: the almighty spoken smackdown
TG: the reigning verbal pulse
GA: I Dont Follow
GA: Could You Send Me A Guide To This Language Of Yours
GA: Perhaps A Link To An Online Reference
TG: theres no online reference for a heartbeat man
GA: Actually
TG: no listen
TG: verse has gotta be real
TG: beats have gotta be fresh
TG: take all that laundry piled inside you and hang it up to dry
TG: overburden the line and piss the hell out of your neighbors
GA: Can I At Least Have An Example Of These
GA: Freshly Laundered Beats
TG: oh shit
TG: sure
TG: sure youre new to the game but i wont let it hinder
TG: sick fires that burn christmas morning innocence to a cinder
TG: cinderblock
TG: tick tock
TG: clocks crashing down the timeline
TG: paradox construction cripples buildings from the prime spine
TG: damn girl
TG: cant let your ignorance keep you out the know
TG: stoke the beats til they glow til they grow til they flow
TG: put on a fucking show in the striderian chateau get your motherfucking sew-
TG: -ing needle and throw it on the record tables
TG: cutting out a pattern scratch by scratch with lace and wire and extension cables
TG: turn around
TG: learn the sound from all the shit youre not
TG: spit verses up in curses and fuckin drop it like its hot
GA: Oh My
GA: I Wasnt Aware Human Language Was Based On Ancient Slam Poetry
GA: Or Rather Your Equivalent
TG: damn straight
GA: I Am Not Versed In This Topic
GA: I Will Have To Consult A Few Of The Others For Advice On This Matter
GA: Which In Future Sight Will Not Be The Easiest Conversations Considering The Trolls Who Must Be Involved
GA: But When We Speak Again I Fully Intend To Throw It On The Record Tables And Drop It Like Its Hot
GA: Whatever “It” Refers To Of Course
TG: yes good
TG: run along now maryam
TG: dont come back until you can kick it
GA: Very Well

-- grimAuxiliatrix [GA] ceased trolling turntechGodhead [TG] --