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-- arachnidsGrip [AG] began trolling gardenGnostic [GG] --

AG: Hello again, Jaaaaaaaade.
GG: hey spinneret!
AG: So I guess today is finally the day you get to go on your 8ig adventure.
GG: :D
GG: yeah!!!
AG: Are you excited?
AG: 8ecause you should 8e excited.
AG: So excited.
GG: definitely!
GG: im a little nervous too...
GG: but i think its because ive been preparing for this a really long time
AG: You have 8een. All that waking up early, peeking into your dream clouds!
AG: You are such a cheater.
GG: am not!!
AG: No, it’s a good thing!
AG: Knowing your way around Prospit puts you leeeeeeeeagues ahead of those friends of yours.
AG: 8ut you really are lucky to have someone as knowledgea8le and excellent as me as your guide.
AG: With your weird future insight and my flawless planning a8ilities, your session is in the 8ag!
GG: hehehehehe i hope so!
GG: i remember you glamorizing a whole bunch of stuff just to get me to talk to you.....
GG: im expecting you to own up to all those promises by the way!!!!
GG: youve been running your mouth about this since as long as i can remember
AG: 8luh, I had no choice 8ut to talk to you so early. There was no telling how much stupid the others infected your timeline with.
AG: Hell, it must have 8een a pretty su8stantial amount! You ignored me for years.
AG: On your end, anyway. Minutes on mine.
AG: 8ut I suppooooooose it was their meddling that got me to graciously save you from their trou8lesome interference in the first place. So that's a good thing.
AG: I guess.
GG: i probably couldve handled them on my own
GG: but thanks for “saving” me oh gracious one :PPP
AG: What’s with the quotes????????
AG: I did nothing less than s8ve you.
AG: You were dangling around helplessly at the end of Karkat’s string of impotent rage, and I set you free. ::::)
GG: so thats his name...
GG: the angry one right??
AG: Yes, the one with the ragged stick up his exit chute, why?
AG: Don’t tell me he’s STILL on your case. ::::\
GG: yeah.....
GG: he wont leave me alone
GG: he keeps saying its a really bad idea for me to keep talking to you
GG: even when HES the one whos screaming and yelling and cursing at me all the damn time!!!!!
AG: Man, what an asshole.
AG: Don't listen to him, he's pro8a8ly just afraid of losing our 8et.
GG: a bet??
GG: what kind of a bet :o
AG: Never mind the 8et!
AG: The fact we've already got him quivering in his cute little turtleneck should 8e more than enough encouragement to push forward.
AG: You have to 8e ready, though! At this r8, you'll 8e the last one in, which means you'll have a lot of experience to cover if you want a chance at 8eating the others.
GG: uhh
AG: What now?
GG: i thought the point of this game was for everyone to work together as a team???
AG: Hahahahahahahaha.
AG: You're adora8le.