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By Your Command

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So, for all who are not fond of a writer’s ranting, you shall skip the INTRO 😉




The story was supposed to be called “By Your Command”. After I named her, I noticed another author is naming her story the same way.

I’m still debating with my muse how else to name it … And I came to the conclusion, that I can’t name it any other way.

Sue me.


~ Whiskey & Smoke ~


So, I received a request, which honestly challenged me and my muse …

I have been asked – by an anonymous fangirl – to write a dom/sub alpha/beta/omega story with Dean being a dom!alpha and Sam being a sub!omega (preferably) including BDSM.



Could you write a story with Dean being a dom and Sam being a sub? With A/B/O. including smutty BDSM scenes in a club? With Sam having a dom-mate who is an asshole, and Dean winning his heart? Sam being sick or injured. Maybe an eating-disorder? And a whole lot of smut, smut, smut between the boys?

So, there’s that …

Since I have read/seen some things so far about BDSM and the scene in general, but I have to admit, I did have NO CLUE, and I probably STILL HAVE no clue, I decided to have a closer look into the topic.

And I did a whole lot of research on it, so that I would get a feeling for it and figure out if I swing that way (writing it), or not.

I read some fanfics including BDSM, or Dom/Sub-Dynamics …

I thought: Do people really like that shit? What the fucking hell? That’re abusive relationships they’re writing about …

Then I read some more, because I thought to myself: Holy shit, that can’t be it. If Dom/Sub-Relationships mean that the Sub gets screwed six ways from Sunday, and left to rot in some corner … nope, can’t do that … can’t be the real thing. (Of course, If you like to get screwed over and left to rot in a corner:  Be my guest, knock yourself out. Then it’s cool. But if it doesn’t get your bells ringing, it’s just WRONG.)


And then I found the real stuff (me thinks). Solid stories, with actual plot, explaining things & shit. Stories, in which – even if pretty much hardcore – no one gets abused. In which everything’s consensual and only happens in so-called “scenes”. AND in which the sub can call it off at any time.


Things is … my boyfriend “found” some of my research. And he totally freaked out about it … like REALLY FREAKED OUT – you can’t imagine what mayhem it caused.

The only reason why I agreed to try & write this story is, that my boyfriend FORBID me to do it. I tend to do exactly the opposite, when someone tells me I’m not allowed to do what I am about to do (it’s kinda childish, I know.)


But here I am, TRYING to write a Dom/Sub story about the boys. It probably will turn out … not the way it’s supposed to … and high likely not as it was requested (I’m unsure about the BDSM-part. I probably won’t include it though. I can get my muse to the water, but can’t make her drink).

Will probably turn out to be softcore … or so … no clue …


Yeah, maybe I’m too much of a softy …


You may will hate me anonymous fangirl for what I did with your request … 😉 … but we promised each other to be cool with whatever outcome this story may bears …



DISCLAIMER: I don’t own anything but the plot – which actually doesn’t belong to me either. It belongs to my muse I suppose.


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~ Whiskey & Smoke ~

Showing You My Universe


Once upon a time there was a world of Alphas, Betas and Omegas…

First there are Alphas, who actually represent about forty percent of the world's population.

They are not the hormone-driven beings you probably use to read about. They're pretty regular. NORMAL. Except that they aren't. Alphas are Alphas nonetheless – there's a reason why they are called that way. Because they're strong, protective and do in fact have a knot.

But it's not like they could possibly knock up a Beta or Omega if the Beta or Omega isn't female. It's just like in our universe.

Alphas do protect their family and loved ones at all costs (not that betas or omegas wouldn't. The Alpha’s need to do so is a lot stronger). They're mostly the ones that make the decisions (but not without their beta or omega if they have one, because that'd end pretty bad. Betas and omegas do not do what the alpha says, just because they says so. - They have their own mind, and actually can be pretty stubborn too.)

Alphas do have a way better olfactory organ than betas and omegas. That's why they have the better qualifications to become a hunter, but it's not quite necessary.

When Alphas fall in love, they LOVE. They love with everything they have (yes, actually including their knot). They love even more intensive, when their mate's a so-called soul mate. They can be extremely protective over their mates (no scratch that, they DO get extremely protective over their mates) – not rarely there are deaths because an alpha thought his beta or omega gets checked out by some douchebag. Not to mention when someone dares to touch what’s theirs. Trust me, you can't actually tell what or who the groper was, when the Alpha's done with the idiot who dared to touch what's his.

That's pretty everything you've to know about them for now.

Let's introduce the Betas to you. About fifty-seven percent of the human race are betas. I guess you can call them the most NORMAL beings. A male Beta has indeed a knot. It's just smaller and kind of ... well ... let’s say they can make babies nonetheless. Betas aren't as impulsive as Alphas, but can get indeed possessive when it's about their mates.

What leads us to the Omegas. Omegas are the rarest, most precious things on gods wide earth. Three percent of humanity are omegas.

You surely want to know what does omegas make that special, don’t you?

Well, of course their scent, and the fact that they are self-lubricating (yeah, even male omegas can do that shit. - no one knows WHY ... maybe it's just a freak of nature after all, but they can, and that's pretty weird ... and cool for those who are gay. - They're not wasting money for lube and awkward visits in sex shops, so it has to be cool, huh?).

When an omega goes into heat every couple of months, they are moody and tired, have stomach-cramps and actually feel like shit. Sometimes they've a slight fever. But that's just because their immune-system is in over-drive and practically screams for making babies (and to protect them in order). Stupidly enough, even male omegas do go through that heat, even when they can't get knocked up anyway. But still, male omegas can knock up others (no matter if alpha, beta or another omega).

Maybe, if you're thinking about that ... it's not logic. Some activists actually demonstrate against Omegas. Some of those crazy people honestly think that omegas do exist and made to be some kind of sextoy.

What makes omegas even more special, is their scent, like mentioned above. It's full with pheromones and it's sweet as pie. It smells like your favorite meal and at the same time you can taste it on your tongue.

You gotta be damn lucky to get an omega as mate (female or male doesn't matter).

Other than that, Omegas are pretty regular males and females.

For the BDSM-Part (If I decide to go there): Alpha’s tend to be Doms, Omegas tend to be Subs. Betas tend to be both. But there’s no rule about it. So, Subs can be alphas and Doms can be omegas too …

Another important thing:
People don’t know about monsters.


Then, there are soul-mates:

Thing is, when they meet, they KNOW.

There are no words necessary, or explanations. They know they belong to each other no matter what, no matter how.

There’s one thing to it though: They smell each other. Something in their brains tell them: THAT’S HIM/HER. HE/SHE IS MINE.

Of course, it’s not only the scent. It’s a whole lot of other things too.

But – lets say, if one of the parties is not able to smell – due to an accident, or because they’re born that way, it complicates their love-life. You can imagine its as if you’re missing a limb (Lets see what I’ll do with this).

You can’t break a bond like the one kindred spirits share – not without a cost anyway.


~ Whiskey & Smoke ~

I hope I didn’t forget to explain something.

And that it adds all up …

One more thing: It’s slow going, okay? I’ve to set the scene before we head in for a bumpy ride.


So, onto the story, shall we?