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The missing piece

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3 days later they all flew to adelaide for feys funeral, it had been a rough few days. there were lots of tears and break downs from everyone, they were all so unsure of what to do with themselves, nicolette did her best to comfort chloe as well as keeping them all fed with the help of elly and piper, the 3 girls worked together to keep this family together and get them through this tough time. today though they were at the airport checking in for the flight, all except nicolette who would arrive on the day of the funeral because they decided as a family they did not want feys body to be flown on its own and non of them felt they could do it. feys body would be flown in 2 days and nicolette would go with her to make sure all goes right, plus nic is a hard ass and would make sure fey is looked after. chloe had her arms wrapped around nicolette



'you are definitely coming up right?



'of course chloe, just 2 days



'i dont know how to be without you, i need you



'babe you have all your family and elly is coming with you as well, therese and paul will be there tonight with sheila, karl and susan. reach out to any of them if you need to



'i just need you.... chloe kissed nicolette on the lips a few times



'you can call me anytime, now is there anything you want me to do on this end?



'no, all the equipment and bed is gone so nothing



'okay, you have a good flight and let me know when you get there



'i will... they shared a few more kisses and hugs than elly took her arm and they went through the terminal with the rest of the group, elly had promised to look after chloe while nic wasnt there and would call if there was any problems, nicolette left the airport and drove back home. chloe had left nic her car to get around which was very helpful. she arrived home and looked around, shit was everywhere because they were all in such a rush to get packed. There was a knock on the door and she opened it



'hey nic



'hi mum, come in



'thanks darling, how did they get off?



'yea okay, chloe was upset i wasnt going but she is okay with the rest of them



'im sure she will be okay, what will you be doing today?



'cleaning up here and making sure everything is organized for when chloe gets back



'well how about i help you? i have nothing else on and than we can maybe go for dinner after?



'sounds good mum, thanks..... nic put some music on and they spent the next couple hours cleaning up and organizing things, they boxed up feys things so chloe and the boys can go through them when they are ready. once finished nic had a shower and they walked to the waterhole for dinner. walking in shane was there serving



'hey girls, sit wherever you want, do you want drinks now?



'ah yes i will have a white wine, mum do you want the same?



'yes please, actually just give us a bottle



'coming right up... they sat at one of the tables and looked through the menus 



'so sweetheart what will happen now when chloe gets back?



'what do you mean?



'well your job was to look after fey but with her passing where does that leave you?



'shit i didnt think about that, i should probably go see if there are any jobs at the hospital



'thats a good idea mum, i need to find a place to live as well



'you wont stay with chloe?



'she needs her house back, i dont think us properly living together so fast is the best thing



'dont stress nicolette, when chloe is back you 2 can have a talk and sort things out together... the redhead nodded



'yea true..... shane came over with a bottle of wine and poured them a glass each



'alright ladies what can i get you to eat?



'i will have the fish and chips with salad please



'sure jane



'i will have the mushroom risotto, a bowl of chips and can we also have garlic bread please



'sure nic, oh how is chloe and the family?



'they left today to fly to adelaide, there doing as best as they can be



'is they every need anything dont hesitate to ask me or dipi



'thanks shane



'alright i will put your order through.... they ate and chatted through out dinner and dessert, since nic came to the street she and jane had been slowly fixing there relationship, after dinner they went back to the street and went there separate ways, nic went inside and it was eerily quiet compared to how it has been the last couple weeks. her phone rang as she sat on the couch seeing it was chloe



'hey babe, how was your flight?



'hey beautiful, it was okay, we got to mums house an hour ago and had some dinner



'how do you feel being there?



'its hard being here when mum isnt, doesnt feel right



'i know baby, just do your best to get through it



'i am, elly is stuck to me like a bad smell and im guessing thats because of you?



'i wanted her to make sure your okay, i dont want you to be alone



'so you allocated a clone?... chloe said and smiled



'something like that, are you mad?



'of course not, thank you but she doesnt hug like you do, maybe  she will snuggle better in bed later... chloe said knowing it would make nic jealous



'if she knows whats good for her she wont be anywhere near you like that... chloe giggled this woman always makes her laugh



'are you jealous nic?



'damn straight i am, i dont share especially with elly



'why not elly?



'umm she is hot so she can stay in another bed



'dont worry she is staying at tyler and pier's place, not enough room for all of us



'makes sense, so what are you guys doing now?



'im going to shower and go to sleep, i miss you



'i miss you too chloe, just 2 days



'2 days, alright i will talk to you tomorrow



'good night beautiful



'good night








nicolette was at the airport ready to fly, she had checked to make sure feys body was was in place and was walking to her gate eating  a sandwich, she boarded the plane and the flight went without any problems, arriving she waited for the funeral home to take feys body



'miss stone we have fey safely and will see you in a few hours



'thank you david... they left and nicolette got her bag walking towards the exit, she saw chloe who ran to her and wrapped her arms around her



'im so happy your here, i missed you so so much



'i missed you too beautiful... she felt chloe kiss her neck 



'you ready to go nic?



'sure, are you on your own?



'yes, i hired a car for a few days, i wanted time with you, the funeral starts in 3 hours so maybe we can have something to eat and than go?



'sure babe, come on.... thye held hands and exited the airport getting into the rental car



'what do you feel like eating?



'im not fussed chloe, take me to your favorite place



'okay... they stopped at a nacho place and nic smiled



'is this the place you told me about?



'yes, mum and i used to come here all the time, i want to share it with you..... nic smiled



'great, come on.... they went inside and sat down. 



'there is so much variety, so you decide for me.... nic held chloe's hand and smiled, they had lunch and than left



'im stuffed



'me too, it was great chloe, thanks for sharing that with me



'anytime, alright lets go to the hotel and shower and get dressed






'yes, i couldnt stay at mums, it was too hard



'i get it, thats okay, lets go to the hotel.... they arrived and both showered together and got dressed, nicolette looked over at chloe who was trying hard not to cry, her hands were shacking doing up her buttons on her top



'hey let me help



'thanks.... they finished getting ready and than left the hotel arriving at the church. mark and tyler were outside greeting everyone, they walked hand in hand towards them



'hey sis you doing okay?



'im fine, are there lots of people here?



'its pretty packed, our seats are reserved out the front the others are there, go on in... chloe and nic lit a candle and than walked down the middle to the front, people were giving her condolences and she smiled in thanks. They sat down with the others and nicolette squeezed her hand to let her know she wasnt alone, this was hard for them all but her priority is chloe, she wrapped her arm around the blonde and heled her tight, chloe looked at her and smiled sadly



'i got you, no matter what



'thank you.... the blonde mouthed back, the service was beautiful, paul spoke a little about knowing fey when she was younger, sheila told a story about when she a fey had too much to drink and fell into a pool, aaron, tyler and mark talked about how great there mother was and as a single mother made sure they all had what they needed, chloe struggled but with nics help she got through it sharing a couple stories of her mum, at the end aaron thanked everyone and they all went to the grave sight, her body was lowered down and that was when chloe lost it completely, she collapsed and nicolette and david caught her, she was out



'chloe, hey chloe, what happened david?..... nic said worried



'she is alright, she is in shock, she is breathing just give her a moment, someone get some water, aaron send everyone to the house so chloe can get some air and privacy



'yea of course boo..... aaron and mark directed everyone off leaving chloe in davids capable hands



'baby wake up, david she needs to wake up... nic rubbed her cheek



'its alright nic, here tyler give me that water... david splashed water on her face and chloe flinched before her eyes open and groaned



'what the hell? whats happening?



'baby, you fainted



'really? my head hurts... chloe said trying to get up



'hey baby dont move, just relax for a moment



'where is everyone?



'we sent them with mark and aaron to the house... chloe nodded



'sorry... she said looking at tyler who watched in worry



'dont even chloe, your hurting. its okay let me get you up



'with your strong arms.... he laughed as he helped chloe to her feet and than nicolette



'im okay, i just need to sit down for a moment



'baby come sit here, there is  a bench... chloe sat with nicolette



'hey tyler can you get the car from the car park, its easy for chloe to get in here



'yea sure, i wont be long... tyler returned with the car 



'why dont you guys go ahead and we will follow soon enough



'are you sure nic? what about chloe?



'im sure but if you want david can stay just in case



'okay.... tyler and piper left and david sat down beside the couple



'how do you feel chloe?



'still have a headache but im okay, i feel so stupid



'dont, its normal considering the stress you have been under, you got to take the next couple days easy chloe



'i will, thanks david your a good brother in law



'anytime, should we get going?



'yes... they got in the car and drove to feys house, they went inside where heaps of people were looking at chloe in worry



'nic its all too much right now



'lets go and lay down



'please, come to my room



'okay... they went upstairs and into the last room on the right



'this is so you chloe



'i know, come.. taking nics hand she pulled her towards the bed and they lay down together hugging each other, running her fingers through chloe's hair 



'how do you  feel now?



'tired, should i be down there with everyone?



'you dont have to chloe, you did the main part now its your time to grieve, right now you should have a sleep. your tired and not feeling well



'true, will you stay with me?



'im not going anywhere baby



'good..... chloe was dozing off and what slipped from her lips shocked nicolette  'i love you'... the blonde said and fell asleep, nic looked down at chloe's face tucked into her chest, she was surprised to hear those words come from the blonde, nic loves the woman but was worried it was too quick but maybe its not, for now she would hold this woman and be here for her








A few days later they all flew home except for tyler and piper who live there and mark who decided to move to adelaide and start fresh, he had spoken to his therapist at the center and they transported him to one in adelaide, elly, aaron and david offered to pack up his house and get a removalist, he owned the house but had put it on the market and would give half to elly as they shared the home together, he was getting better which was a good thing, they all decided to sell there mums house and the money would be split between them, they each chose a few things to keep as momories and the rest would be donated to charity. 



'hey girls should we share a taxi or do you want your own?



'yea we can share aaron, here is one... they got in and arrived home 45 minutes later. nic and chloe went inside there house and sat on the couch, they hadnt spoken about chloe's whispered words or what there next step in. 



'we should talk chloe... she nodded



'is this about what i said?



'partly, i need to get a job and find a place to live... chloe nodded



'dont go anywhere.... chloe blurted out






'i love you nic, i have fallen madly, deeply in love with you and i want you to move in permanently, i want to share my life with you






'yes nic, i finally found someone who cares for me, who looks after me, you have been my biggest support and i love you so much... nicolette smiled



'i love you too chloe, so much



'yea?... she said smiling



'yes, i definitely wasnt looking for someone but im so great full i found you



'me too nic, now will you officially move in with me? we can redecorate, make the place our own  



'i would love too



'awesome, we can talk about how to decorating later



'yes we can, so i applied for a job at the hospital and i got an email for an interview for tomorrow 



'thats great babe, im so proud of you,  i think we need to celebrate so come to our room



'our room? i like that



'me too, com on i want to make love to my woman in our bed..... nicolette laughed at the cheesy blonde and followed her to there bedroom, they fell into each others arms making love to each other all day long only getting out of bed for some dinner but taking themselves back to bed with some whipped cream making the most of being in each others arms







6 months later



Its been a good 6 months for the girls, nic got a job at the hospital and she loved her job, chloe and nic together decorated there house together. clearing out anything that had to do with pierce. pierce himself spent 3 months in jail and than came out learning his lesson, he gave chloe a divorce and as an agreement paid her out a lump some of his money, she didnt want it as she makes her own money so she put it in an account that would gain interest and she could decide what to do with it later on. today though the girls were at the shelter as they decided to get a dog



'omg nic how cute is this little guy?... chloe said bending down to pat the cute dog



'he is very cute, but babe you said the same about the last 20 we saw, you get to choose one.. chloe pouted



'but i love them all...... nic laughed



'babe you get one, this is your birthday present but still its one 



'fine.... chloe stood up and looked around her eyes fell on a staffy who was black and had a white face



'him, he is beautiful



'are you sure?



'yes, i love him



'okay, let me get the lady to do the paperwork, you just, yep continue doing that... nic rolled her eyes as chloe sat with the dog in his cage and played with him. half an hour later they arrived home with there dog after a stop at the pet shop to get everything for the staffy who has been named spot



'chloe set up his bed in the laundry



'but i want him to sleep in our bed



'no chloe, he is not toilet trained and i dont want a dog in our bed



'fine, come on spot come and see your new bed, i will show you our house... nic shook her head playfully, she turned around to a knock on the door



'aaron, david how are you 2?



'we are very good, where is the dog?



'chloe is showing him around the house



'of course she is, well we came to share some news so call her here



'babe come here.... chloe came inside with spot trotting behind her



'hey guys, this is spot, spot this is uncle david and uncle aaron



'hey buddy, your a little cutie... aaron said patting him



'he is ay



'yea, listen we have news, we just got the phone call and we have been approved to adopt a little boy



'oh guys im so happy for you both, congratulations, you are going to be incredible dads



'thanks chloe



'congrats guys, you deserve this



'thanks nic



'so when do you get him?



'in a week, he is 4 years old and has been in foster care for 1 year, his parents were killed in a robbery and there is no other family, his name is andrew and here is a photo... aaron said showing them the photo



'he is beautiful. im really happy for you both



'thanks girls, how about you 2? is kids on the cards?



'nic and i talked about it and  we both want kids but not right now, maybe in a year or so , we just want to enjoy each other right now



'good idea. well we have to go set up the boys room so see you later for dinner



'okay, bye.... the boys left and chloe picked nicolette up in her arms and kissed her



'i love you



'i love you too chloe. where are you going?



'to our room, i really really want you, its my birthday and i want to open you up... nic giggled as chloe put her on the bed, she turned to close the door



'get out spot, this is not for childrens eyes... once the door was closed she crawled over nics body



'i got so lucky with you nic, i never thought i would find someone like you in my life



'i literally fell for you chloe, i love you more than i can explain



'i love you too, now let me make love to you beautiful... chloe did just that, they enjoyed each other happy to have the other in there lives, sharing a life that made them both happy